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Jessica Rabbit Fuck Machine


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Tom3l 2017.09.30
Awsome sex animation and Jessica was super hot, love this game

YuRaina 2017.09.11
i love jessica rabbit so much

D1NGBAT 2017.09.01
Jessica R, always a pleasure!

Rainhard52 2017.08.16
Jessica is alwys fun, but the beginning is hard to grasp without the clues.

LarrySA_01 2017.08.11
Jessica makes it a fun game.

freefaces 2017.08.08
the animations and the graphics were amazingrn

TWM42 2017.08.02
Good Quality,not a bad game. Jessica makes it worth the play.

vinny2112 2017.07.02
Wow! She`s just as gorgeous as ever. Love you Jessica.

bonetom99 2017.06.17
I wish I Jessica Rabbit could be a real person, this game is amazingrn

godley 2017.05.04
jessica rabbit is so sexy very well done


othashit 2017.04.28
i love this game . i wanna fuck

jimdgreen 2017.04.17
Pretty standard game of the type. great for Jessica Rabbit fans

Bear_Hugger 2017.03.28
Jessica.. my child crush.. oh my god.. i love this

ianjames 2017.03.10
jessica rabbit what a sexy girl

kemode 2017.03.09
Good game and not too difficult.

Otha 2017.03.07
Ooooooh! I came in my pants

Getoffmyboardree 2017.02.13
Great game that I would recommend. Lovely animation

d4oor 2017.01.31
Very sexy game I loved it

monkeyman123456 2017.01.05
A very good game to enjoy

Lancelot20 2016.12.14
Nothing special. For first part you really need help what do do

singlevirgin 2016.12.09
Great Game With A Lovely And Busty Woman

icybear21 2016.11.23
Good game! Great implementation of sex toys .

elrik13 2016.11.13
love Jessica,very sexy,game needs more action

mrmusic26 2016.09.30
This one started slow but grew on me...pun intended.

0385 2016.09.23
Jessica Rabbit, always a great gal

SpartinMartin 2016.09.21
everybodys fav red head had so much fun

mrjay09 2016.09.19
jessica rabbit games are always great

hallnnash 2016.09.09
Can never get too much Jessica

Modjo123 2016.07.09
Jessica Rabbit, the best, she is very hot, good game!

bozo1512 2016.05.25
a great game to visualize the fantasy to fuck a lovely slut!

Icefirex 2016.05.11
"I am drawn that way" Awesome graphics! Should have more like this.

user9876 2016.05.05
would love to see her squirt when she cums

skrallja 2016.05.03
jessica rabbit allways sexy always redheaded love it

sexyjazzy98 2016.04.05
good graphics, the animation is good.

noogad 2016.03.24
Jessica Rabbit saved it for me . Funny game

gp1234 2016.03.06
great game and good astetics

nexal749 2016.01.30
great work on the sound and animation

latinagr 2016.01.25
Meet N` Fuck classic and hot as always

singlevirgin 2016.01.24
Jessica Rabbit Is Any Man`s Fantasy

mynk 2016.01.15
game was very tedious.... but nice gameplay

dekobb09 2016.01.06
Jessica rabbit sexy as hell lpved the game a bit to easy

fman66669 2015.12.03
yeah, was an ok game, love the thought of Jessica rabbit in it!!!

BetaTester 2015.11.30
I really like Jessica...She is very hot...the gameplay and graphic was really good...

Randy9802 2015.11.29
I usually only play 3d/virtual games, but this one was good.

Cerenox 2015.11.28
Damn, that Jessica is hot!

Bullseye1 2015.11.27
Always liked Jessica Rabbit.

akku 2015.09.15
not that bad,,,,the background score was very interesting

Tyrian 2015.08.28
Pretty good, if not my cup of tea. Wouldn`t hurt if there were something to indicate the need to add/remove the boob-straps for some steps in the first scene.

robsamhar 2015.08.16
Good one, I liked the traditional art for this one besides the 3D ones.

Kidchaos878 2015.08.09
wow! this really turned me on.

nicce 2015.08.07
Jessica looks great, but there is no gameplay.

kanther 2015.08.06
Its jessica Rabbit. Graphics are ok, but jessica is worth it

invisiblemonsta 2015.08.06
milk machine was funny. very roger rabbit esque, but it wasn`t sexy.

johnnyrotten 2015.07.25
That was..... Shocking. Fun game. Jessica is a hottie.

SebastianJS 2015.07.22
Not really into bondage so personally didn`t care for it but graphics were good still a fun game to try at least once. Just not my type of game.

Jania_Shan 2015.07.15
Great game. Milk machine was awesome.

Boy Of Wonder 2015.07.14
i like this good great graphics

loailee16 2015.06.26
Better than 50 shades of shit jajaj

Jo nathan121 2015.06.25
I am not a fan of Bondage but this game turns me so on

farkas 2015.06.08
J??ssica rabbit is too easy to play.

Sethanos 2015.05.24
Bondage isn`t really my thing, but Jessica Rabbit sure is. Damn hot. Pretty good graphics too.

Qldjace 2015.05.17
I like this game would love to try this for real

tobihoti 2015.05.15
i always wanted to do that

bpcd523433 2015.05.12
yikes the car battery haha

pulla25 2015.05.09
mmmm ..jessica is so hot..i like her

Varek 2015.05.07
good graphic but too easy

cxlifornix 2015.05.02
I love Jessica Rabbit, great game

Edward123456 2015.04.30
Very great game, too simple though. Graphics were okay already

Valletta69 2015.04.26
Good graphics, didn`t like the game that much.

bosseruption 2015.04.25
i have to say, im a succor when it comes to Jessics Rabbit. 10 out of 10

Mesut_Sharper 2015.04.21
tooo short. anyway she is fucking diva and i like her,

john milton 2015.04.19
jessica is soo sexy.. it`s impossible to forget her!

mikelito22 2015.04.18
good graphism but too short

shame1126 2015.04.17
nice game could have used one or two more scenes though

yabi432 2015.04.08
great game needs more things though graphics are nice

mr.horny 2015.04.07
best game ever wish it was real tho

immi26ex 2015.04.06
This game is cool. Love the animation

narutosasuke123 2015.03.31
love the gameplay of this game

grayfox127 2015.03.30
super sexy and very easy to progress

rotccapt 2015.03.25
awesome game gotta love Jessica Rabit

collegeguy002 2015.03.23
i have always dreamed about jessica rabbit like this

joeadam1998 2015.03.17
this is a very good game

Edward1298 2015.03.08
Quite decent, just played this only to look at Jessica Rabbit, so hot!

holystoner 2015.02.28
if you are into the cartoony stuff - this is REALLY for you - if you like it more realistic then it is not

saintnick 2015.02.26
the beginning needs to be developed more. and it needs to be a little shorter, i cumed half way through

Slyyder 2015.02.24
Basic but fun... hell its Jessica! Winning just for that!

jandd 2015.02.22
this really is a bad game i think the people who made this should consider doing something else as a job/hobby

jakey87 2015.02.21
graphics are generally good but the gameplay can be improved

Clouffie 2015.02.17
Jessica Rabbit. One of the sexiest women in animation. Voice work was awesome as always. Very sexy.

jujuzimm 2015.01.31
Fun game but not too exciting either.

markg1991 2015.01.29
like the game the red hair is sexy

TheRealMachine 2015.01.27
Hot woman, Hot body, nice game

gwazz 2015.01.25
Jessica Rabbit has got to be one of the sexist cartoon characters ever drawn great game i loved it

dlat1272 2015.01.25
not much in the sense of gameplay but a good concept

crzydavez 2015.01.20
damn very hot game and wish was a little bit longer love this game

addisonlee 2015.01.18
I really liked this game it made me wet

Broomfondle 2015.01.17
Jessica is really hot and a good puzzle

Syneid 2015.01.11
The idea is good, who wouldn`t want to fck Jessica Rabbit. The face is well done, the body, isn`t, and the voice is not even close. Not fun, they could`ve done a better job with an idea like that one. 30/100

Pigfortune 2015.01.05
It`s hard to dispute that Jessica Rabbit is hot. Giving herself to your perverted desires is an enjoyable novelty. However the music is lame and repetitive and I am really not to sure about milking her breasts.

Dalton34 2014.12.31
GOOD game. I love the graphics and I love jessica

mrmanager 2014.12.15
Way to go! Fun game. The opening takes a bit of time to figure out, but is worth it.

paul walker 2014.12.13
good game but where is the start button to play it ..

RysOnoKon 2014.12.12
a really awesome game, with great animation.. and the fact that it was Jessica Rabbit just seemed to complete it all

ajbuggs73 2014.12.09
A bit on the short side, nice graphically, some more options later would have been nice

moses54 2014.12.06
good parody, great animation with awesome action, could be longer

raven.warrior.eternal 2014.12.03
good game play nice graphic and I love the facial expressions

kunderground 2014.12.03
Good game, always wanted see jessica nude

FuckAllNite 2014.11.16
liked this game, jessica is sexxy

ryanstrike12 2014.11.13
good game but was a little underwhelming

pyanzabraham1980 2014.11.07
really fun game love Jessica rabbit managed to complete the whole game

daveydave 2014.11.04
I liked it great animation here and good sound too

sensualsofia 2014.11.04
fun, bit short wish i looked like jessica rabbit

psg03 2014.10.26
easy liked it great and fun game

rockandroller 2014.10.12
I thought this was good all in all.

Bobbe 2014.10.08
Not too bad, bit on the short side and a shame there was no actual sex scene.

Sawamura87 2014.10.07
Game is fun while it last although the beginning part the gameplay is bad

SexyBeast6 2014.10.06
So sexy and makes me feel hot

alastar87 2014.10.04
good game. wish i was in her position.

smuleman69 2014.10.04
I love Jessica rabbit and this game is awesome.

Oibaf 2014.09.25
Please make one with J??ssica but without this kind of toys. Thanks of this one evn so =)

FuckMePlz 2014.09.20
Damn I wished that rabbit was real so I could fuck the shit out of her.

jamiev 2014.09.10
This is very good! Jessica Rabbit is SO HOT! There should be another game made with this character, preferably with some conversation elements.

esi25 2014.09.07
Ha i like Jessica rabbit. it is good if more game produce for it.

Y2Jericho 2014.09.07
great graphics.....made jessica rabbit the most sexiest girl

Jacko611 2014.09.03
Jessica rabbit fetish so i love this game

cornishdawn 2014.08.18
really fun game love Jessica rabbit managed to complete the whole game aswell woop woop

jonnyquid 2014.08.15
I love cartoon sex and jessica rabbit... so this game is a win win

DaddySpaz82 2014.08.12
Seems like a good game but it wont like me click the right spots

jackhammer665 2014.07.28
Very sexy game and I love the memories

sinan 2014.07.28
It make me remmember a nice old time

ballflappy 2014.07.22
an amazing game i cant stop playing

kirituna 2014.07.21
Jessica rabbit is extremely sexy, and this game has plenty of sex to keep me coming back. great game!

Ms.Phantom 2014.07.06
not bad any game with jessica in it is awesomeeeeeeeee. i love her!!!

TimmyTime21 2014.06.30
I got stuck on some part. i dont even know where cause the hints didnt help. but good game jessica rabbit is so sexy.

Nizam151 2014.06.21
Interesting, it`s easy to play and nice to play it

beastboy99 2014.06.20
wonderful game great graphics and animation as well as sound is superb

ZacharyWaller 2014.06.12
always love any game with the sexy jessica rabbit

Demonzora 2014.06.05
jessica rabbit is always hot

ifuck2 2014.06.03
great game keep it up guys

ixsigmaxi 2014.06.02
too low, but the idea of jessica was good

YouKnowImRockHard 2014.05.28
i like the way she looks but when you start playing it gets repeatative

sexplz 2014.05.26
this is a great game loved playing

docock 2014.05.26
its just so hilarious.... i mean, the evil girl takes her own turn to be tortured! The irony!

CrisR7C 2014.05.25
So hot
So awesome
Great game
Wish it was longer

Trynn 2014.05.24
Silly Rabbit!. Tricks are fun :)

BigDick007 2014.05.21
Jessica Rabbit is always sexy...game is a bit simple but a good starter.

keiranmraine 2014.05.11
This is excellent, totally what boys of the 80s are after. Option to keep the stockings on would be good

titty69er 2014.05.10
This is a very good game that I`ve play on this site. This site is one of the best places I`ve been on.

onebigbird4u 2014.05.09
always like me some jesica

meneerdocent 2014.05.09
I love the way her breasts move in this game

Keegan_crow 2014.05.09
This game seems like it`s going to be fun but gets tiresome after the first few tries of trying to figure out what the next move is.

Tript 2014.05.07
Boring gameplay, but idea od Jessica Rabbit is awesome

Mario16 2014.05.05
would love to be Roger Rabbit

westoy 2014.05.03
nice game. where`s roger rabbit?

Lizzie 2014.05.01
Seriously sexy. Loved this game!!!

nick4126 2014.04.27
Jessica Rabbit is probably one of the best games here

airwaves182 2014.04.24
graphic is ok, sound`s good just dissapointed with the music background

farmboy306 2014.04.23
very arousing and interesting great graphics

jstowell1 2014.04.22
Very hard to win:) Needs a reaaly waiting:)

ak74india 2014.04.19
A good red head hotty
Sexy game
but graphics are okay

bobikow 2014.04.19
Pretty fun game, you can try.

ImagineBreaker 2014.04.18
game is quite simple- too simple.

Needs more content and better art

maskedjackal 2014.04.16
ok game greaat graphics

JayT44 2014.04.16
nice game, great graphics

clenchinsilence 2014.04.15
This is a great game, i`ve nevere wanted to be machine more, graphics are ace.

Liggett78 2014.04.15
I became a even bigger fan of Mrs Rabbitt than I was before

ekotren 2014.04.14
great character that Jessica Rabbit, easy to follow walk-through.
gotta play it at leased once.

alsas1975 2014.04.13
Always liked Jessica Rabbit...nice to know her this intimately! Animation was good if somewhat static.

Ghent 2014.04.13
Personally would have enjoyed it a lot more if it had been made to sound anything like Jessica

sunny598 2014.04.11
jessica rabbit allways sexy always redheaded love it
it is very nice game

GrayTiamat187 2014.04.06
I believe the breast should have been slightly smaller to coincide with the real character, because either way, her breast would have been huge.

GratefulGoddess333 2014.04.04
I truly enjoyed this game and found the graphics very high quality and of an extremely pleasurable nature. Jessica Rabbit is the hottest woman in the world.

juanperezaa 2014.03.26
it`s a good game, if a bit boring

jaymad12 2014.03.21
huge fan of jessica,decent game

Shevexs 2014.03.20
Too simple but it still being a great game

JAC8 2014.03.18
who doesn`t love jessica rabbit

anoos1102 2014.03.15
i love the game and the girl

Alcestis 2014.03.14
Short and sweet, impossible not to enjoy this one.

YasinRahman 2014.03.11
awesome woman ,but machines were not that great

r.kumar 2014.03.09
nice game, with beautiful graphics

sam2000 2014.03.03
its a awesome game jut love it

jmpangelo 2014.02.28
I love this game ever. The great quantity of the time.

jmcdonnell992 2014.02.28
i love this game but its a little boring

TANNY02 2014.02.28

zikas 2014.02.26
Jessica Rabbit i love her and i hope play more games with high graphic of her

WARDOG77 2014.02.25
pretty basic but you cant go wrong with Jessica Rabbit

jeff_leppard 2014.02.25
Like the graphics, a slight challenge to gameplay on first run through.

hanibal194 2014.02.22
nice graphism but too short

Fenix79 2014.02.21
Jessica rabbit was always hot but this game is very repetitive....

Aegis197 2014.02.19
shes really sexy but in the "cum" part, there is no cum animation
good game tho

JCHANK 2014.02.15
The game was easy, and cool

Invictuss814 2014.02.13
not what i thought it would be but as always jessica is hot

timmerman12297 2014.02.12
jessica rabbit is hot, any game with her is fucking epic

omgujust 2014.02.11
really enjoyable, but simple aswell. More could be added though, i hope more will be added

Cacatoes 2014.02.10
Not bad, not great, just an okay game. The first part is a little bit too BDSM for me

wholelottalove12 2014.02.09
Loved the sexy Jessica Rabbit moans with this fucking machine. So hot. Definitely a good one.

PF1awe 2014.02.08
Easy game play, cant beat Jessica Rabbit

shyman44425 2014.02.07
Very simple game, but whats not to love about Jessica Rabbit!

dhaniel 2014.02.06
She is a classic for sure

da388 2014.02.06
great scene, nice tits

xXSamRothXx 2014.02.04
This game is pretty fun, but the fact that it`s Jessica Rabbit is amusing as well.

MilanD 2014.02.04
Jessica Rabbit sex game is enjoy too play

darkpurple 2014.02.04
love redheads especially jessica rabbit

hornyviking 2014.02.04
Great fun game I only wish i was there with Jessica Rabbit.

asiaacocaine 2014.02.03
i;m not sure how to feel about this one. . .

MageKiller 2014.02.01
Jessica Rabbit is a good chick :3

eliis234 2014.01.31
good game and fuck hard

kalbs 2014.01.31
This game was awesome. Very hot

raiderhawks00 2014.01.31
lots of fun and great graphics

bone11780 2014.01.30
always loved Jessica rabbit lol

jcooky69 2014.01.30
sexy character, gameplay isnt too bad... overall fairly good game

kamouloxx7669 2014.01.30
Nice game, Jessica is really hot!

x3killabytes 2014.01.30
just too easy, but the concept is well thought out

meldrick03 2014.01.29
jessie looks too good in this game god damn

mlbdude 2014.01.28
More jessica rabbit games? Maybe?

ilovegames 2014.01.27
good game.........i love it .............good graphics too.....

conone 2014.01.26
good game im stuck though

brit_man33 2014.01.26
Too long, not exciting enough. There`s better out there.

fill ur hole 2014.01.24
not much to it. And i never took Jessica for a kinky freak, but oh well

tsps1977 2014.01.22
graphics are good but play is weak

Stanules 2014.01.22
this is a great site seriously

avfc59 2014.01.22
Well, that was pretty messed up! I guess whatever floats your boat ay?! haha

gharper 2014.01.20
the grafics not bad give it a try

daman95 2014.01.18
i love the great quality!

dougstar64 2014.01.16
very good nice graphics

AppleCiderz 2014.01.16
Jessica rabbit is as hot as usual

Kilopio 2014.01.15
Nice idea but too easy and with boring actions

toriyazaki 2014.01.15
Too great to fuck the gorgeous Jessica Rabbit but the game is too linear

CJ31 2014.01.15
challenging, needs more options

Lucat 2014.01.14
Not really my game, probably one of the few who grew up with Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and didn`t have a crush on Jessica, not to mention torturing girls, no thanks. Would also like them to get some different sound clips occasionally, every single game by this company, the same sounds.

panorama59 2014.01.14
Hot game with sexy girl..

wezel87 2014.01.14
Nice Game!
Looks good but I have seen better games.

posel 2014.01.13
verry gut game and sexi girl

bobbyjoe123 2014.01.13
honestly, mediocre game, not bad but not amazing

mxcmxc03 2014.01.12
Kind of to complicated for me

bolo2 2014.01.11
Not a big fan of this type of game. not much thought required

wandres28 2014.01.11
So good game about Jessica Rabbit and so hot.

silverghost139 2014.01.11

exlerr 2014.01.06
I loooooveeee this game....so freaking sexy...with this type of boobs...who wouldn`t like it??

Exodox 2014.01.06
I wonder what would happen if they extended the game.

begemot9999 2014.01.04
Excellent game, good graphics. Nice endings

Lizzie 2014.01.04
Awesome game!!! Loved the fucking action and those hot sexy tits!!!

BigD17 2014.01.03
The graphics are pretty good.

mattydul 2014.01.02
i think compaird to other games it is not very good

xjaws 2014.01.02
there are a lot thinks to do

RickRack100 2014.01.01
Fantastic game awesome graphics and Jessica Rabit are so sexy

bigdick223 2014.01.01
Jessica Rabbit has to be one of the sexiest cartoon characters ever

yassar81 2014.01.01
Good game. playforceone is the best game site i ve ever seen before...

9sNate 2014.01.01
Love Jessica Rabbit. Good game.

Sam_hood 2013.12.31
Jessica Rabbit is always sexy. I liked it.

jakeryan609 2013.12.30
one of the best games ive played, soo fun

Hotguy22 2013.12.29
Its a nice game but a lil to monotome

reskos 2013.12.27
You got my Ding Dong standing! XD

rockitgood 2013.12.27
the rabbit knows how to have fun for sure woo hoo.

hrx 2013.12.26
realy great and fast game

croner 2013.12.26
nice game but too short

sachinnaik 2013.12.25
i like it, display is good

Yggdrazil 2013.12.25
Very funny game, although being very easy.

TechnoDemon 2013.12.24
Not much gameplay, little variety. Good, but limited options, just advance, advance, advance.

suggar 2013.12.24
hot girl but really boring game

tailboy001 2013.12.24
great game. always loved jessica rabbit

tmchant 2013.12.23
smooth game play man...

Alex_12 2013.12.23

WitchBlade7906 2013.12.23
Beautifull, sexy, big tits, hour glass figure. Makes me wish I was that stupid rabbit. Very cool game! Nursed a hard-on whole time I was playing.

2Throwed1 2013.12.22
You just cant go wrong with Jessica Rabbit! :)

conhard 2013.12.22
amazing game I rate it 8 out of 10

adsl 2013.12.21
graphics goods, a little short.

LastShadow 2013.12.20
Always sexy Jessica Rabbit.

MUES3 2013.12.20
This game is amazing. Jessica rabbit has always been one of my favorite cartoon characters

SexySarahQc 2013.12.19
Who doesn`t like Jessica big bouncy tits. Nice game overall. Could have been a bit longer IMO,

Alex_12 2013.12.19
It`s so fun playing this game

JustJeff722 2013.12.19
It`s a fun little game, I think!

drakenoble 2013.12.17
Great game, very sexy. Wish it were a bit longer with better graphics.

fuckbuddy656 2013.12.17
i loved this game the graphics could have been a little better. And why are her breasts so ridicously large.

joek0 2013.12.16
Always fantasized doing it with Jessica Rabbit. Very Fun!

Krag1733 2013.12.15
Everyone loves Jessica Rabbit ;) a good fun game with a loved character.

pitviper81 2013.12.13
i love J. Rabbit, i would nail her every day if i could ;)

slaker4life 2013.12.13
i love her as a kid but now she great!!

stevenm1988 2013.12.12
lovejessica rabbit and this game is just awesome

aquafifa 2013.12.12
great graphic and nice game.

ionutionut 2013.12.12
good game i like the graphic

hotjack 2013.12.12
it was ok but could be a lot better like add some more sex scenes and not so much time on the toys

Alan20002 2013.12.11
The graphics are nice. Jessica has always been an animated hottie. A little boring though. Typical M & F game.

oranjeboven 2013.12.11
This is a boring game.
The graphics are too simple and so is the whole game.

eospride 2013.12.09
I love jessica rabbit wish she was real so I could fuck her

stratt2 2013.12.09
game wont load. how can i get it to work?

gaspy 2013.12.08
funny cartoon game..just for relax

someone44 2013.12.07
This game was ok, could be better. There is a lot of games like this and it just gets boring.

Covo123 2013.12.07
It is an interesting game - kind of hard to figure out the sequence

arathor 2013.12.07
its a poor game, and the grhaphics could be better

Hornymonkey 2013.12.06
Good copy of the graphics from Jessica

8224cv 2013.12.06
good game with great graphics

kong1971 2013.12.06
a bit more sounds or even few more toys. was good

lovepussy23 2013.12.06
this is a ok game not the best but it`s good

geobee2012 2013.12.05
I wish there was more action

Kurtis_Crowe 2013.12.05
i will completely recommend this game to others an i will keep playing

Ubber1 2013.12.04
Jessica is sexy but this game lack pazz needs more

Savoy 2013.12.04
This was kind of... boring...

youngtxgun 2013.12.03
Great graphics with one of the sexiest cartoons ever BUT could of added more scenes or sections to the game. Would of loved interaction with the captor.

HarrietGarmin 2013.12.03
Got bored very easily even with jessica rabbit

djjohnson1973876 2013.12.01
I Love Games With Busty Sexy Ladies

dicktanner 2013.12.01
The game is nice but was a little too easy. Could have been better.

sperm25 2013.12.01
i would like a little bit more dialog

fuckbuddyissexy 2013.11.30
it was too easy, make it harder next time

peko 2013.11.30
Its so easy why they have made a help function at all is beyond me;)

brink7000 2013.11.30
IT`s not that I`m not into S&M, the game play is just kind of boring.

GregShore 2013.11.30
Not terrible from a technical perspective, but I lost all feeling of it being sexy when I was required to hit her in the shins with a nightstick.

Jessica Rabbit is hot, sadly this game is not.

imiko 2013.11.29
Not really what I was expecting, nothing special

YourRoyal 2013.11.29
I would like a little more chose in dialog. Good game but to easy

farkas 2013.11.29
Sounds Ok and Jessica Rabbits is very sexy. The game is playable but too easy.

thisguyisbored 2013.11.29
Meh i gave it a 50, mostly just because of Jessica Rabbit , ive never really been a big fan of these MNF games. i dont like just pressing the next button. i like a challenge

quadarius13 2013.11.29
I love this game but too easy

stefano71 2013.11.28
quite nice , but nothing special

Q+W+E 2013.11.28
its a better game with fine graphics...wish the punishment should be much longer

derp234 2013.11.28
I love this game because of Jessica rabbit

darkluigi3 2013.11.28
good graphic but too nasty and easy

tayloric 2013.11.27
Decent art, but overly simple

waqs202 2013.11.27
it should be a bit longer game,

Cheetah0104 2013.11.27
Fun and sexy. I love Jessica Rabbit. Best tits ever.

Hotguy29126 2013.11.27

billbo 2013.11.27
loved this game especially the fact that it was jess rabbit

ilmilio 2013.11.27
the first time i see one of this games that is funny, please load other like this one

AnnaRainbow 2013.11.27
Gorgeous graphics and design is not well served by repetitive and limited game play. I love Jessica Rabbit and the ideas here are sexy (except maybe for the car battery shock), but the game losses any little kinky spark pretty quickly. Still, nice to see her here.

w1drng22 2013.11.27
I just love those machines. Wish I had one for my gal.

sheppy 2013.11.27
Graphics are good gameplay isnt

andrewdejean 2013.11.27
the only problem I have with the game is just a point and shoot kindof playstyle. Fair game at best

Badvoc 2013.11.26
at the end of the day someone has gone to the trouble of making the game, the animations are good, there`s never really gonna be a story in a teaser game. I applaud the effort making it, at least the character is recognisable as Jessica Rabbit unlock some other games..

wizardking228 2013.11.26
While Jessica Rabbit makes the game seem appealing, gameplay is rather juvenile. This game could have been better if some thought had been put into an actual storyline.

Kazarian 2013.11.26
to be fair, it`s good for killing 5 mins... but seriously, i question why this was made

TakeshiKawa 2013.11.26
This is a good tease, pretty easy to play through with all the hint. Suit for entertainment anyway.

Silver Cock 2013.11.26
This is a VERY good game!

garonbrown 2013.11.26
not bad, wish the judge could have got some

rakd365 2013.11.26
Jessica Rabit lovelj character but to short game. Game is too easy to play, maby some more toys and outfits. :-)

63ted 2013.11.26
Simple game without any thought required.

kurokagi 2013.11.26
good character choice fun game enjoyed it a lot

wessmith 2013.11.26
decent game just a little too straight forward

lov2eatu 2013.11.26
this game leaves a lot to be desired.

dandydon 2013.11.26
partially saved by the incredibly sexy Jessica Rabbit

Ricoh124 2013.11.25
Nice character but poor story

Tiger21 2013.11.25
Not even the hotness of Jessica Rabbit saves this from being yet another linear "Do these things in this order" game. A solid Meh.

gasitalo 2013.11.25
Jessica Rabbit, the only good reason to hate Roger Rabbit. Very nice funny game and easy to play. Funny to past the time

jcc1985 2013.11.25
pretty good game nice graphics wish judge fucked her

Mmaster 2013.11.25
subject good but game is bad, we are waiting similar subjects

Stathis 2013.11.25
Jessica Rabbit very hot. Nice game.

missingcase76 2013.11.25
Wooo Jessica, reason why I`ll always be jealous of Roger Rabbit!
Fun little game, though I wish they hadn`t used sounds from some Japanese game, the tiny whimpers don`t really fit Jessicas "husky" voice from the movie.

jimmyk 2013.11.25
Jessica Rabbit saved it for me.
Graphics are nice, but there is no real gameplay

Jaaru 2013.11.25
Nice looking new game, liked it.

VeNNoM 2013.11.25
Cant go wrong with Jessica Rabbit, great game, loved it.,

ozorne_6 2013.11.25
great character that Jessica Rabbit, easy to follow walk-through.
gotta play it at leased once.

Boogeyman 2013.11.25
Sound is OK, grafics not too bad....
so if you like a game without real game play :) give it a try

snakebro80 2013.11.25
jessica rabbit allways sexy always redheaded love it

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