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Jedi Concetration


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Domenik 2017.09.26
What a silly little game.

Laelith 2017.07.28
nice gameplay, althogh moving the sword is hard and the game is short.

Tiodor 2017.07.07
A game for starwars fans,

Ryan4990 2017.03.31
Don`t think I`ll be revisiting this one. Has promise, but it`s just not there yet.

KEV_in 2016.06.13
Easy and too boring game for me. I need more action to keep it interesting

sexmen7775 2016.05.22
Is imposible to concentrate mmmm boobs

edgar1942 2016.01.09
The targets are a little hard to spot against the background, on high resolution

ASRollins 2015.04.29
Fun game for a short bit. Didn`t have any issues controlling the lightsaber, just make sure to keep your mouse inside the window.

stevron 2015.04.24
Its a fun and entertaining game :)

Gorgolock 2015.03.17
Great idea. If the screen was a bit bigger, this would be a little easier.


notworthit 2015.01.25
good game but... i can`t enjoyed view when i musst still blocking the object`s

DaManUltimate 2014.11.09
nice gameplay, althogh moving the sword is hard and the game is short. I won`t be coming back 2 this one.....4/10

alastar87 2014.10.04
the quality of this game isnt bad. great game!

dandraft 2014.09.26
its ok i guess,but not that good and moving your ligthsword is pretty hard,not a very smooth game

joeb1974 2014.08.08
not a bad game its pretty decent

Vovk 2014.07.29
Too bad it`s very short, the concept is interesting and could be built upon.

nemesis9999 2014.06.04
funny game, nice animation.
if movement can be controlled from outside of the screen will be much better

cale22 2014.06.04
Is the dark side harder???

Dovic 2014.04.16
it`s difficult to maneuvre but the game is fun

Fandeff 2014.02.02
Kinf of boring, and not really good.. 50/100

afro77a 2013.12.29
ok game needs more to it tho

georgebuchov 2013.12.22
Pretty fun game but still a hard one

kurokagi 2013.11.25
this game is fun had nice furry character

MaxxV2150 2013.11.08
I didn`t understand to well. It was fun enough, but no real...purpose. Maybe if you earned something for doing so many blocks of objects...?

Darkmaiden 2013.11.03
A little easy, but that is to be expected for that type of rating

moller93 2013.09.22
It`s an okay game. A little easy, but with nice animations. It is however too short in my opinion.

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

osiandtrix1 2013.09.15
A good game, but good use a better sotry line

fangs24 2013.09.02
Too hard to control the saber, and it doesn`t seem to register all the blocks.

mibam41 2013.08.11
it was pretty hard to do with a very sensitive touchpad

nivek38 2013.08.01
Not bad but screen is very small and controlling the light saber can be difficult at times.

marck4 2013.07.14
This game is funny. sexy and easy, but the control can become irritating because that the screen is so small.

wayward00 2013.06.16
its an alirght game but the its hard to control the saber

Kevinmaranius 2013.05.17
realy short game, needs more levels

knoll 2013.05.02
fun little game, would have been good to have more level

gwazz 2013.04.17
fun but not worth playing twice

sexygirl12345@@ 2013.03.23
best game already beated it about 20 time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jakeme77 2013.02.26
I think this is The esiest game on the site

firekit 2013.02.20
the only difficult part of the game i found was that i kept running my cursor out of the game window. other then that it was fun and well worth the reward

Elerias 2013.02.17
star wars fan, furry fan...should have been a hit...mouse controls killed it for me

soulkiss 2013.02.01
this game suffers two big issuses, 1 who is it aimed at? ok the star wars stuff is ok...but the character is a purple furry.....??? 2 i really didnt get a sense of achievement from playing it...idk maybe it was the furry...plus the controls are difficult, looseing control of your saber is a nono

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Boored game i didnt even finish the game.

eaglefighter1 2013.01.22
good game but very difficult

oranjeboven 2013.01.12
Where should this game be sexy?
A purple Cat, come on!

BossDuck111999 2012.11.28
I found this game very Challenging.

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Small and fun but has zero replay value.

bigboy73 2012.10.29
very sexy game bit turned on

mmitch88 2012.10.18
its an alirght game but the its hard to control the saber

oranjeboven 2012.10.16
Where should this game be sexy?
A purple Cat, come on!

Jecka02 2012.10.12
Is very uncomfortable to control the light saber

tonybrutality 2012.08.28
this game is definitly hard takes your concentration off when she starts to get naked

BlackPrince 2012.08.16
a bit to easy for me but others might like it

fraja 2012.07.14
this game was to easy but a fun deflection game

jsexstar 2012.07.07
ehhhh its ok but i would not reccomend it the screen is small

funkyhunter117 2012.06.29
the game is good and easy but the control is imprecise

Dragonstrike88 2012.06.26
funny game but the control of the saber is kind of tricky

lovely21600 2012.06.23
the whole time i thought wtf lol but good game.

crysup12 2012.06.04
sexy, and fun. the graphics are good as well

Kemp 2012.06.02
Weird game. Don`t know why she had to be a cat

sshacoo 2012.05.29
I dont know one think...why is that sith cat???

ANGELfromHELL38 2012.05.24
this game makes me go WTF every time i play it.

derda 2012.05.15
yep ...definitely agree ..i would like a larger screen size too

Skysnake 2012.05.14
it`s difficult to block the object, sometime the lightsaber don`t move correctly

bahamut86 2012.05.12
bad graphic and game not good

tithead 2012.05.06
very sexy game not bad loved it wanna see more

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.24
It was a fun enough game, but it is hardly epic in scope. It is a fun timewaster though.

DemonsOfTheNorth 2012.04.07
It is hard at first until you get the feel for it, i like it because it makes me feel like a sith lord.

Kid fancy 2012.04.04
i thought it was fun but the screen was small

Flexxz 2012.03.31
it is difficult to block objects especially with a small screen

lolasaur 2012.03.14
funny game. but the controls are difficult to use.

airforcewun 2012.02.28
didnt like dis one it was a pathetic game

InfamousAzn 2012.02.26
very hard to play and not because of the purple panther. 4/10

buzz20000 2012.02.13
I like the jedi concept but it is very hard to play with a small screen

Phenruss 2012.02.09
Love the theme. Tricky to control with a small screen.

bnbsadzebra01 2012.02.06
It was a fun enough game, but it is hardly epic in scope. It is a fun timewaster though.

tara.dinho-sp 2012.01.28
a game for starwars fans, and more sex!

Pelly 2012.01.13
very nice pics and easy to play, i like

MasterKenob1996 2012.01.10
good game but not so awesome graphic

BallIdiot 2012.01.09
Really hard to control the light saber accurately with the mouse.

zaxtus73 2012.01.08
This is a great game but a little hard for me

geekboy 2012.01.05
Nice idea and kind of cute but the controls are a bit tricky.

pmichelson 2012.01.05
wow that was really hard to control

Taktis 2012.01.04
The controls bugged me from time to time, other than that, good game.

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.01.04
Decent game if you love fur...

st_bro 2012.01.03
good game but it pretty short. may the force be with you

liverpool726 2011.12.30
a very humerus game very humerus

BravoSierraNL 2011.12.28
pretty good game :)
the star wars theme is pretty funny
sometimes the controls can be anoying

mikicostanza 2011.12.24
a funny little game very funny

cooldud123 2011.12.21
i think the screen is to small on this one

lolrules12fuc 2011.11.22
this game is great and it a good star wars parody

Daz_Joker 2011.11.21
great game, pretty easy if u dont get 2 distracted by the stripping:P

maega2011 2011.11.21
the force is strong whith you

blah00 2011.11.20
its ok but it seems like its missing something

lickemlow2000 2011.11.16
ok game didn`t see the point

DaneWolf 2011.11.16
Funny little game. The sound was great.

Rudy4u 2011.11.11
Unfortunately i don`t have jedi concentration, fun game

whitedmn159 2011.10.26
Still one of the most original ideas of a Game I have played well done.

Lednacek 2011.10.22
not a really god game. lacks any point. haven`t there been lightsabres no-one would play it.
trick is to point to block with the top part of the handle. pretty easy. but the reward is lame

The Viking 2011.10.18
A little to easy, and no really reward for making it

ikemaster200 2011.10.08
a classic game for the ages up and above

ikemaster200 2011.10.08
kinda hard to master but still a great game

ikemaster200 2011.10.08
freakin awesome game its great best game ever

darvia294 2011.10.01
good game to start with but other than that i don`t see a reason in playing this

sparticus 2011.09.30
Quick little warm up game. It could use maybe a couple more levels

geminiscorpion 2011.09.13
it is easy to play and does not take to long

zenkiae86 2011.08.30
Simple but fun, no pun ment

Hiwind 2011.08.24
not bad but yes kinda short

busu99 2011.08.24
good but the detection of you blocking can be bad

Herrushingu 2011.08.18
its ok game but nothing specjal

E.Incubus 2011.08.18
real funny game ..... I like it ..

xdukex 2011.08.17
It is very short but not as easy as i thought.

Darusdia 2011.08.15
very irritating but very hot

elo77 2011.08.12
funny game but the saber is hard to control

spokxx 2011.08.04
quite not bad, amusing game but pretty eeasy ;))

shadownanto 2011.07.21
good game, really short but not too bad

pro486ca 2011.07.20
interesting game but to short

naughtynorm 2011.07.12
just over to quick in my opinion

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

hookie89 2011.06.28
fairly easy but kept getting distracted ended up with only 5% concentration when i won:)

jormunguard 2011.06.28
Terrible collision detection, sometimes, even when you block something it says its a miss.

smashhunter 2011.06.23
Nice Game, but very difficult to handle the sword.

kingersteve 2011.06.15
Such a hard game if you are playing with a laptop touch pad

RWW65 2011.06.14
Not challenging enough, Nice concept, Like the star wars theme

twistedjosh 2011.06.13
fun little game, good response timing

CaptainThreepwood 2011.06.10
Always loved this game. There is demand for Dark Jedi stuff, so lets see more in this genre!

TheCin 2011.06.05
my mouse is too slow but funny short game
graphic and animations ok

grazman1980 2011.06.01
it is ok. Also rather a short game could have been made longer.

dragonrb 2011.05.18
decent game, but the lightsaber movement wasn`t so great, half the time i`d hit the objects and it`d count as a miss, also you instantly miss the first one

Skarn62 2011.05.13
The wort game i`ve played on this website. Don`t like animals game.

Ramathorn 2011.05.12
Not terrible, more options for sex acts for her to keep the game going longer would be nice.

MrNunYa 2011.05.05
hard controls but otherwise a very good game.

phantom_hawk 2011.04.27
very hard to control with a mouse looks fun but so hard got discouraged

Bannor 2011.04.18
I`ve always liked this game...good older game. A little laggy when the speeds increase but nothing horrible. Fun game

idrnkslurm 2011.04.15
great game loved the transition tho i thought some of the boxes could have a little more hit radius on them

darkevilguy 2011.04.10
good game and a hot charachter but it needs a bigger screen

Ortchener 2011.04.06
it`s impossible to play with my mouse, but funny.

tristar 2011.04.02
Thats absolutley great!
nice and funny games

platewolf 2011.03.23
the gameplaygood but need better chic

noname23 2011.03.17
nice game and the last action are soo hard

CaptainCumm 2011.03.17
Mindless fun, not much to get off on

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Had few problems with controls, but it quite funny, takes few game go through it all. Worth the few minutes waste for any star wars fan.

SirCummsAlot 2011.03.11
Tough to control but a fun mindless parody game

WolfWarrior 2011.03.08
But with stuff flying at me, I can`t even see, how am I suppose to enjoy her.
Star Wars line parody.

pinned 2011.02.23
very good and very funny game ;]

toddtodd3 2011.02.22
pretty hard game to play but very fun too

zexythang13 2011.02.17
I never like star wars until now

nedlaw 2011.02.17
The key is that the sword handle is your mouse pointer, just block the objects with the handle. But that`s not as cool as using the actual light saber.

ratonius 2011.02.09
Decent old game,the lightsaber, it is too hard to control but its Ok.

thelumpa 2011.02.08
fun game but really hard to get use too

Modemm 2011.02.03
Very hard game. The sword doesn`t move fast enough and the objects come too quickly.

looneytune 2011.01.24
simple game would have been better if it was full size screen

sd45 2011.01.17
cant get past the first level dont understand this game, help!

lukithy 2011.01.14
would be gd if the screen was bigger but all in all its a gd game

theultimate1000 2010.12.29
This game is pretty fun. It is quite challenging not to stare at the furry stripping behind the lightsaber, haha. Great Game

hotel 2010.12.26
funny game but hard to control

JMD 2010.12.20
It was hard to get it down the first couple times.... The scream at the end was funny

vedamte 2010.12.18
really fun but hard to control lightsaber after the master starts masturbate

hanumaan 2010.12.17
good for a star wars fan

balaxD 2010.12.08
As Star Wars Fan it`s kind of fun... like the furry O_O

NickFisher 2010.12.04
ha made me laugh, hard to move around the little screen though

Nergal 2010.11.16
As Star Wars Fan it`s kind of fun... like the furry xD

CheeseWiz 2010.11.13
I like this game alot! They need to make a new one thats a little longer!

Reach 2010.11.10
I liked the animation but just wished you could do more with the girl.

death666life 2010.11.09
the game was alright i guess

DexAppeal 2010.11.09
yep ...definitely agree ..i would like a larger screen size too

wesley2033 2010.11.04
ok that was fun but kinda hard

mike cook 2010.10.31
I agree with the last comment the screen is to small, but otherwise a nice game

jag334455 2010.10.30
I keep taking a hit right as the game starts. Anyone know why or how to block it?

Toboshi 2010.10.30
Short but sweet. Doesn`t last long, but it`s fun while it dose.

gradandrei2006 2010.10.27
this game has some really good endings.

1977gdragon 2010.10.25
would like more furry games

Bloodfenris 2010.10.21
Game was fun all in all.

karthik 2010.10.19
really stupid game....i didn like the animal...

delgoth 2010.10.17
furry fun wonder if theirs more

Shinonin 2010.10.03
Game got harder when her boobs were out. Damn, hard game, furry sex? Nice.

pitufo1302 2010.09.29
Fun, but very difficult to control around the screen.

redwin 2010.09.20
hahaaaa never looked at star wars that way lol

Ekou 2010.09.09
This game is great I simply love it

Fulcrum 2010.09.09
Funny game, different jedi might be nice.

asdfasdasdfsdffasdf 2010.09.07
fantastic game but too smal the arena:)

philie 2010.09.07
Ah love how theyv changed a classic :D

madsea 2010.09.06
Fun game, need to make another.

Nohbdy1 2010.09.06
fun game, the name is apt, i really had to concentrate near the end

QSilver 2010.08.29
This is what really happened in Star Wars.
It`s an older game but it`s good.

Fimirel 2010.08.27
Good game. Unfortunate that it loops here, as I have seen it on other sites with an end animation with a Play again button.

matk1996 2010.08.24
like the star wars theme of it all

Kirdran 2010.08.24
Quite a fresh idea. Well painted.

CameronRoss 2010.08.23
Fun game, need to make another.

mithrand1r 2010.08.20
short game but funny graphics. It took some time to get used to using the mouse to control the saber.

zantetsuken 2010.08.20
hahahahhaha it`s entertaining and kinda funny

badruss 2010.08.20
Fun concept, took a bit to get the hang of it, but fun to play

quaxpl 2010.08.17
This one always was a little hard

noob23 2010.08.09
awesome game
great graphics

aherth 2010.08.08
short game but i like the graphics sometimes the lightsaber wouldn`t move the way i wanted it to

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.06
short, fun game. was better then i was expecting.

jelani 2010.08.05
good game i would make the screen a little larger but other than that it was good

blueeyedangel57 2010.08.05
Great game. Should make another.

themacsho 2010.08.05
difficult game....a little to long

TheHappyChem 2010.07.26
Pretty sexy for a furry... usually not my thing.

timmytan 2010.07.25
really nice game and idea but wish the whole size was just a lot bigger

siantho 2010.07.24
the power of sex is in the dark side

dgs75 2010.07.23
needs to last a lil longer but its a good game

Bryce325 2010.07.07
It was an ok game but i can`t stand the controls

dinte 2010.07.05
little slow but love the furry

DeathDrakon 2010.07.02
Really hard to move the lightsaber where I want it but other then that good.

Kitsune 2010.06.30
pretty good game, though the stuff kept going through the sabre.

Tiggon 2010.06.29
nice game but too short and not enought difficult

squirt2302 2010.06.29
Pretty easy, but sometimes the saber doesn`t move properly.

lucic17 2010.06.28
The lightsaber doesnt move properly, unless its just me. its a shame cuz i really wanted to get her in the nude

jenso 2010.06.28
It´s a funny game but to easy

scannatore 2010.06.26
Maybe it.s me, but too difficulty, and nonsense...

Somewhatoriginal 2010.06.19
Rather short and nothing special.

KoRuMe 2010.06.19
Its fun but its to hard

wowowow 2010.05.27
Very good game good graphics and sounds

ledots 2010.05.26
love this game, fun and challenging, will play again.

t0m1n4t0r 2010.05.14
Great premise for a game, but it is difficult to navigat

gunnar26 2010.05.09
its a cool game needs a bit of space for the mouse but other than that its a pretty cool game

boinky 2010.05.03
fun, but the controls seem a little slow

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Fun, but very difficult to manouvre around the screen.

anthony57 2010.04.30
Pretty cute game, love it!

houseofghost 2010.04.26
i cannot control the lightsaber, it is too hard to control

streetfighterz 2010.04.21
not vary fun to esey to beet not erotic at all

erjishere 2010.04.13
Not really fun at all and screen too small and not worth the time or effort sorry

takeit2themax 2010.04.12
sometime the lightsaber don`t move correctly so its hard to block the objects but once you get it its pretty fun.

bbrandi 2010.04.10
wow she is so fun and sexy!!!

david 2010.04.10
Bad game =( allways having the mouse over the items that appers but still i loose health =/

but still good grafics.

amal 2010.04.09
controls were a lil slow for me

DokGee 2010.04.09
Don`t like the controls for this one...cute furry though

spenracq2 2010.04.08
i did not like the game but others might

13axel 2010.04.07
what is thepiont to blocking itshe strips anyway

Naymenes 2010.04.04
hehe. this game is very funny, and you need to consentrade to get the lightsabre pointing the right direction. the controls could be better but the game is very entertaining anyhow

Blackcatdemon 2010.04.03
It is a very creative game especially hard to keep your eye of the furry while your dodging her attacks. It is just really quite a fun pastime for a short while at least.

chaoscat 2010.04.03
A funny parody game, with simple play mechanics. There is a longer version of it out there that makes it even funnier.

ShooterKO 2010.03.31
Haha.... hilarious but hard to control the lightsaber

aragonth2 2010.03.29
good but the detection of you blocking can be bad

blahblah765432 2010.03.22
Fun game, not too challenging though

rockya 2010.03.21
hard to control at first cuz of the small sreen but passed some time

lexan 2010.03.20
it is a original game, maybe too original, good animation, 80%

Pulse495 2010.03.19
Its a good concept, and plays out well. Shame its so short with no extra options, but is good for what is. Seems to be a small bug at the start where the first object doesn`t actually appear on screen, making it impossible to catch. Might just be me, but it doesn`t detract from the game as a whole.

grom76 2010.03.19
Nice game. where is the sequel.

snoop025 2010.03.09
nice concept. but the game seems difficult at times

oblivion awaits 2010.03.07
great game. The only problem is occasionally the things being thrown at you appear right at the edge of the screen and you cant hit them. like the person above me says, the small screen is the biggest problem.

kaal 2010.02.22
fun but no reward fuck at the end?!!! damn cheap ass sith!

Kigerone 2010.02.17
pretty good game, but because you were so focused on blocking things with the lightsaber, you couldnt really enjoy the show behind it unfortunatly.

Lolburger 2010.02.10
good game but its 2 quick

randy06 2010.02.09
this game is easy and its funny and nice needs more to it tho

mmorais 2010.02.05
Another very addictive game. It`s frustrating sometimes but always funny. Good job.

haiclem 2010.02.05
not interesting at all... would have been better involving true characters from star wars (Amidala...)

Xenocart 2010.02.03
i thot the game was ok, but i dont feel like i had enough control on the light saber

redfox945 2010.02.02
this game is cool and i like it.

reaper87 2010.01.30
good fun game, enjoyable, where parody meets porn lol

Kudzu 2010.01.29
A little wierd. Kinda like those furry porn games.

spatula1 2010.01.29
big fan of this game, great images and good controls

bladz2681 2010.01.26
this is a pretty good game

rjr 2010.01.22
fair game, not into the furry animal.

m0rse 2010.01.08
furry chicks hot... once her top came off i lost concertration lol

joshman369 2009.12.16
this game is fuckin retarted

dada 2009.11.25
old favorite brought back again. yes the lightsaber style opf movement does hinder the gameplay but you cant have these games lasting 2 mins a piece now can we.

nissehult 2009.11.24
this was not mind kind of game

Garcia2829 2009.11.20
Don`t get to distracted when she changes poses. Also, it starts without warning, so be prepared. Fun little game.

Xyzzy 2009.11.17
Didn`t like this game much, but then, I`m not into furry.

drayth 2009.11.06
i think i like star wars now

crankyseb 2009.11.01
Game`s okay, if short. But if, like me, you`re not into furries, there`s not much reason to play it.

thomc 2009.10.29
Love starwars but a bit short

Shadow 2009.10.23
I love Star Wars so I love this game

jasonsmith2099 2009.10.17
good game takes abit of skill to complete but over all its a pretty fun game

Nialis 2009.10.10
Never thought jedi could be so hot

alter_alias 2009.10.09
this was an old classic(from a couple hundred years ago it seams) it had sith and furrys and that
= awsomeness.

fioo 2009.10.03
Funny furry game with good animation and sound. An extra for the Yoda plush ^^

cheese101 2009.09.27
lol,fun,slightly challenging,more chars wud b nice:P

landyman 2009.09.21
Classic game that I seem to remember had a story line version but still good all the same

kez1980 2009.09.19
Ok, but a bit short for my liking... passed a couple of minutes I guess

regularuse 2009.09.18
Challenging, but rewarding. It takes a few times to get through the entire game, but the animation rewards are well done.

Cool Dave 2009.09.16
very fun game...little too diffucult...nice graphic

TobiasDrake 2009.09.16
Ah, a classic. This is a fun and sexy game, as long as you remember to block with the hilt rather than the blade; the hit box doesn`t extend as far as the graphic does.

levis 2009.09.15
quite not bad, amusing game but pretty difficult ;))

wodahSShadow 2009.09.15
Funny old game, too bad you have to concentrate on the game and not on the chick he he

Gawhana 2009.09.15
A fun game, with good animations. I like it very much ^^

Jul 2009.09.15
very funny for an old game

xander 2009.09.15
This game is simple but the controls are no good, is funny

DrStrangelove 2009.09.15
Agreed, fun but a bit hard to move the lightsaber. I thought it was my mouse at first but it seems it keeps sticking on the screen.

englishchips 2009.09.15
A old favorite brought back again. yes the lightsaber style opf movement does hinder the gameplay but you cant have these games lasting 2 mins a piece now can we.

Huzzah 2009.09.15
Raper her you must... hmmmm!

baramunk 2009.09.14
it`s difficult to block the object, sometime the lightsaber don`t move correctly

skuggan 2009.09.14
Great game, the fact that the saber are abit hard to control is great since its so many mistakes u can do before u fail. Fun game, wished it would be longer!

SoulInTear 2009.09.14
The laser saber don`t move correctly, hard to stop object with it!

colinjfrancis 2009.09.14
Fun, but very difficult to manouvre around the screen.

M-C-Lol 2009.09.14
This game is funny. sexy and easy, but the control can become irritating because that the screen is so small.

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