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Inga 2 Bondage


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Domenik 2017.10.17
Easy and short. Nice graphics

bandit04 2017.07.20
The wondefull story more ilke that

planet1453 2017.04.24
this is a vary fun and sexy game.

tino4574 2017.03.13
super sexy but really short

gabe117 2017.01.18
I think maybe some more time in to this game because of bugs

sandingstick 2017.01.10
enjoyed it, but needs more options for the ending; need to be able to whip her back too

Jarzki 2016.11.05
Shame this is so short, there needs to be good BDSM games more...

latinagr 2016.02.29
Old clasick games are always the best.

Vrykolas2k 2016.01.17
This game really needs a sequel; pretty good BDSM.

dekobb09 2016.01.06
nice easy fun game to play whish there was more to do than get a blow job


ladylibertine 2015.09.21
Hot, but I wish there had been more options than just a blowjob. It`s hard to find tough BDSM games like this.

akku 2015.09.15
so fierce and forced,,,,this is better but short one,,,graphics is simple..more over easy to load

nicce 2015.08.07
different scenes, better graphics, a little less force - then it would be great

kanther 2015.08.06
short game but nicely done, never been much into bdsm but i enjoyed it

allroundperv 2015.07.27
It`s rare to find good bdsm inspired games, this one is nice but I wish it had more sex options other than blowjob.

Beren955 2015.05.25
i like seeing sexy girls suck cock mmmm.

lionheart151 2015.04.21
decent game, wish there were more options though

holystoner 2015.02.28
0/10 graphics makes it not enjoyable

smaximus 2015.01.21
story and gameplay is good but graphic is terrible

Broomfondle 2015.01.18
Enjoyable. Get the cock hard with the whipping

Pigfortune 2015.01.13
Easy quick game but too short. Whipping seems a bit harsh but I guess some people dig it.

shys0ul 2014.08.09
This game could be hotter, but it wasn`t that bad I suppose

stoad69 2014.08.04
Simple game with great graphics and images.

Jarhead469 2014.07.31
Not really into whipping, so not much fun for me. Too short and not many options.

altelier 2014.06.17
good i like bondage... and the girl is not that bad

wrestleyou54 2014.06.12
simple and to the point... one of the few of the abduction series with a money shot

Jarhead469 2014.05.09
Very little to this game. After you whip her, your only option is a blowjob. No tit play, no pussy or ass fucking. BORING!

gamegambit 2014.02.20
average game , pretty funny

Fenix79 2014.01.17
A little bit on the easy side and game play does not change, overall ok is guess

Steven1072 2014.01.06
little bit short and easy

TechnoDemon 2013.12.24
This is mistitled. A gang-bang involves several men, not just one forcing a blowjob. The whipping animations were good, but not enough variety. Two main whip-screens would have been better, one with options to whip the front, one the back.

Al_Gi 2013.11.17
Way too short, but very nice woman

csasso 2013.11.12
Short game . Could use a few more places to whip , maybe on the butt angle we could use the handle of the whip in her ass to get her to comply quicker!

iatesatan 2013.11.10
Fun game but I wish you could have her do more.

dickmax 2013.10.17
nice and exciting... i love to whip her and to force her gagging...

boomdyatta 2013.10.14
super sexy but really short

smartsex 2013.09.23
quite short, could use a little more action. but pretty kinky! wish i was inga!

noogad 2013.09.20
Really good. Hot chick. Good graphics.

dickmax 2013.09.06
average game but really intriguing... nice blow job when forced!!!!!

shadowfox18 2013.09.04
damm average game.........more action needed

nunu654321 2013.08.31
Big thumbs up for Inga very nice game

Pauley909 2013.08.30
extremely brutal but funny lol

cococ21 2013.08.19
A little brutal, but it`s still kinda cool.

marck4 2013.07.15
Not that much action, kinda boring

Steven1072 2013.06.15
ok game, could use more action.

63ted 2013.06.05
Average game without much to it.

madmax68 2013.04.26
Great game, love the drama

Mr Loz 2013.04.13
Interesting game, but too short

chesty 2013.01.27
ok game, could use more action.

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game , lost interest quick.

jdevil 2013.01.14
fun game short but i enjoyed it alot.

VeNNoM 2013.01.09
Ahhh Alex M games, good clean wholesome and brutal fun.

pusshound 2013.01.05
Really good. Hot chick. Good graphics. Just too short.

Sexyuk 2012.12.09
It`s Really good but to short

Long Dick 2012.11.24
do like this type of games. need more

dragionms112 2012.11.11
ok game a little short but relly hot good game :)

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Very nice I loved the whipping and the forcing. More characters perhaps? The sound was nice. Also a bit small.

mkus 2012.11.02
Not quite sure what the end goal was, but nice looking game.

hanibal194 2012.10.23
nice to play but too short great animation

Bacon suscker 2012.10.23
Could have been longer, but still fun.

musicluva820 2012.10.17
Could`ve used more length but good overall.

mody1415 2012.10.13
average game.... very nice design though!

pothole 2012.09.06
too short, but kinky. could use some alternatives

shadbow 2012.08.27
short but nice... got excited

WARDOG77 2012.08.24
cant say i like the game. but the sound was great!

Vrykolas2k 2012.08.20
Needed some more options, but pretty good.

stevie 2012.07.20
A little easy, but love the bondage

player023 2012.05.30
how do i whip her on her ass?

bahamut86 2012.05.19
Nice game and good grafic but too short

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.13
it was a bit of shorty but i loved whipping her

vares 2012.05.10
bondage part is a bit too long, but nice end.

K_Pchaos101 2012.05.03
short and to the point the girl was sexy...i like the wicked fantasy being played out in the game...good quality
could have been better if it was longer

dazz3 2012.04.03
Nice amount of kinky evilness in this one. I quite like the stylized look of this series. It`s just a shame there aren`t more people making kinky games like this one.

John G 2012.03.16
Great game-play but like others have said, "It could be longer".

InfamousAzn 2012.02.27
fantastic game, but too short. more animations and more torture devices for the beautiful lady. 7.9/10

joeyboyz 2012.02.20
Sex could be more realistic but no complaints as the girl was gorgeous.

heello 2012.02.04
i really enjoyed this game but could be longer

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice game but could be a bit longer.

oralFetish 2012.01.31
good game nice graps..could be longer..

brit_man33 2012.01.30
Ingas hot. I wish there were more sex acts....Maybe we`ll get Inga 3?

themadscotty 2012.01.26
kinky game, but not to many options with her

John G 2012.01.22
Great game for lovers of different sexual genre.

jithu612 2012.01.11
way too short game and don`t have much of a storyline.

Guillaume 2012.01.05
Good game with great animations, i liked all the options available but i think it was too short

mikicostanza 2011.12.30
funny game the girl is hot too awesome !!!

John G 2011.12.27
Really like the Inga series of games. Fun to play.

TheHuey1 2011.12.12
Fun and fast! Love the garphics.

la sportsman 2011.11.30
Too short, but the plot exites me

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

johnnylush 2011.11.17
To short.....graphics average not great

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
Very short game, but the graphics are very good. Very realistic for 2D.

lazy boy 2011.11.11
it was a little short but overall decent

47darklord 2011.11.06
THis is easy.It should be better!

The Viking 2011.11.04
Good game, hot girl, to short story and to little action, but a greate consept ^^

Melor 2011.10.20
Another idiotic game without any sence

SidAsrani 2011.10.10
what were the thinking when they made this game??

farkas 2011.10.07
Too easy game and very poor graphics. I d´ont like this game.

jameinherr 2011.10.03
I really liked this one. it would be nice to be able to whip her continously with increasing force all over her body and so on. fucking her ass at the end would also be nice. and some other stuff like lashes or needles to give her some more pain.

firion69 2011.09.29
it`s a quick way to let u play out ur inner sadist... :P

bluejedi41 2011.09.21
Great graphic and very hot girl.

sweetgaelle 2011.09.18
this game is a bit short but worth trying once

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Didnt like that much, too cruel.

elo77 2011.08.30
very short game
not funny, but exiting

Joostschook 2011.08.30
This game is too short. It`s too easy and not really exciting.

jeroen-troost 2011.08.29
A little easy, but love the bondage

mesutozil 2011.08.27
loved it u really can play it over again but i could have used some more features

limex 2011.08.20
Is a very short game but i like this game

Herrushingu 2011.08.18
average game.... very nice design though!

xamander 2011.08.14
Action is pretty hot, but I wish it was a little longer.

Silveros 2011.08.07
almost the same as the others

Biessman 2011.08.02
short and with few actions, but technically and grphically nice and pretty hot

spokxx 2011.08.01
too short game and has to few actions

wwf316 2011.07.25
A little too short but it`s a great game.

krzyhaze 2011.07.15
nice design average game too short

okonamaroko2 2011.07.09
this game is too short for me

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

jmmorris1 2011.06.24
wat to short all they had was a bj

DrUnterleib 2011.06.19
way too short only blowjob. graphic ok story ok

twistedjosh 2011.06.13
not a fan of this artist, graphics are pretty crappy 2d

Ravenmadd 2011.06.04
Longer story would be better. Submission came too early. More than just a blow job would be good as well.

dannyboy1234 2011.06.01
nice; but really short. goog graphics

Frenchy44 2011.05.21
You need to make more games like this. its good.

megamad80 2011.05.17
Better game if it wouldn`t be so repetitive... Should be a little easier to beat...

patty23 2011.05.14
jhakaas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great game could have been a little longer

ShadowBear 2011.05.14
Kinky. It was good, and the principle was nice, but more options and a longer plot would have improved it.

jerry74 2011.05.11
this game suck you dont do very much

Skarn62 2011.05.06
I don`t like this one. Bad graphics, bad history.

rangerguy 2011.05.06
This game is very slot and seems like its only one part of a larger game

oasis1 2011.04.30
I think the game needs more content

mer 2011.04.16
to short, but good, enlarge it and it will do

kalbs 2011.04.14
this is a fun and sexy game with good graphics and sound.

tempo3 2011.04.13
good graphics and audio but too short

hentailover85 2011.04.12
much too short, should be more to it

lampu7ahmad 2011.04.10
could be longer than this...others will love to play it many times if its longer

Calm-Air 2011.04.06
where is the first game? isint this number 2?

ksyadav16 2011.03.11
good game but too short....

dragonj 2011.03.11
pretty good game. just wish it had more interactions

duncanland 2011.03.03
nice game but a little bit too short like most of them games

eng551 2011.02.28
longer would be better good though

Stardead456 2011.02.22
Good game, but they need to make it longer, To short but besides that great design

silver12 2011.02.14
Good game if you are into bondage

suli 2011.02.09
awesome game ~!
the design no bad too :$

ratonius 2011.02.07
Too short ,other games like this with more options should be nice.

AGuy 2011.02.01
I love the bondage aspect of this game, it makes it very erotic.

zxSteve 2011.01.31
a little short, but very cool

youngblood 2011.01.14
I loved it ...,. but to short

kalbs 2011.01.12
this is a fun and sexy game with good graphics and sound.

pabloescobar 2011.01.03
i loved the idea but i was to short

JamesonJJameson 2011.01.02
more options for viewing angels and longer please.

jenso 2011.01.01
The graphic is good but it could be longer and more action

smna_nabeel300 2010.12.31
I like the beatings hands down. Gamplay and & graphics are also awesome.

starkiller 2010.12.31
it was a bit of shorty but i loved whipping her

limitlesfury 2010.12.30
It was exciting nice graphics but i think it was to short.

Nalack 2010.12.30
nice bondage but to short game

secblaze 2010.12.27
Nice game and graphic, it would have been nice if it was a bit longer with a bit of story

JFOX 2010.12.26
It´s a realygood Game . A bit longer would be nice

zeretet 2010.12.20
Great graohics. Nice bondage game.

timbuck2 2010.12.20
not a bad game just a bit to short

Xavier47 2010.12.16
pretty good game. just wish it had more interactions

aschwerdtfag 2010.12.11
beautiful graphics, super hot! will play again

Maffe88 2010.12.11
Beutiful graphics in this game. very detailed movement...

long55 2010.12.11
Great graohics. Nice bondage game.love

falcon802619 2010.12.09
too short and only beign able to whip her is limited add a paddle and maybe a cane

orvarth 2010.12.08
a bit rough but very good , other games like this with more options should be nice

rhubarb 2010.12.08
good fun game but short and limited

Bill46 2010.12.07
Cant wait for the next release to come out. Would like to see more options too

Bocado80 2010.12.06
Great graohics. Nice bondage game.

donysabox 2010.12.03
good scene but too short.

ShureFire 2010.12.01
just not enough in this game

GrumbieTheFirst 2010.12.01
the games are good but wwaayyy too short

teijgertje 2010.11.29
boring game, not my cup of tea. ,ore for the perverts

scarabeus 2010.11.28
easy,averige graphic,but exciting

erikef 2010.11.28
Very nice design but too limited options

upelikan 2010.11.27
The game it too short. Needs more interaction.

carmalone 2010.11.25
i like those types of games :)

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

dyeh 2010.11.23
image qulity not bqd

story line good

i love when she get whipped

caliche1985 2010.11.22
Really hot, wish it was longer.

Bahmed 2010.11.21
Way to sort and simple. But I guess that flash games are ment to be so.

bazbadasss 2010.11.21
good looking game with smooth gamplay

SC00PTRX 2010.11.21
Way too short. Would have loved to seen it longer...

chennaite 2010.11.18
Very poor quality game, the girl looks very old and not great looking, whipping is good, sound effects are great when whipping

chumak 2010.11.15
Could have some more interaction.

Malemburgia 2010.11.14
It is to short, but is a nice game

shevec 2010.11.13
is a good game and I recommend it

Phoric 2010.11.13
Hot, but short... Still a decent game.

throg_spelding 2010.11.13
Nice game, but needs more options

Apac20 2010.11.11
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

who90 2010.11.11
Nice game a little bit short could do with some more options

prc100 2010.11.11
it was a little short but overall decent.

Gunstarblue 2010.11.09
I enjoyed it. short, but reletively fun. needs more options though.

Zaldin24 2010.11.07
Simply amazing! Recommended for anyone with rape/bondage fantasies.

DoubleShadow 2010.11.06
nice game with punishment and raping ...

but maybe a little bit to short -.-

write2varun 2010.10.30
it was a very small game but was quite interesting

lasvegas 2010.10.27
great game wouldn`t change a thing

paddywhack 2010.10.27
very good game too short though

flintstoneflop 2010.10.26
Fast simple wish there was more to it

shooter32 2010.10.24
fast and easy good animation though.

Jaxen 2010.10.20
he spelled force wrong "forse" other than that not a bad game

andiyan 2010.10.19
nice games n easy to play!!!!

uspeople 2010.10.18
Love all of the games in this series ,Wish this one was a bit longer like the Abduction games.

Huey200 2010.10.17
I love anything this guy does! He makes the graphics so real!

Jackson7722 2010.10.17
well... ist ... other....

frogger10 2010.10.17
there`s too little options, and more importantly the "options" don`t give you a choice.

you should be able to choose when to whip, suck etc.

a bit violent for my tastes in any case

gardiner 2010.10.16
Nice little game. A facial would have been better.

jstodd23 2010.10.15
classic very fun, one of my favorites.

spida 2010.10.14
not into these games myself, but it was entertaining

rob 2010.10.13
Good game, would like moore options

naughtybbe 2010.10.12
Not very many options and its too short

chumak 2010.10.12
Nice game, would like it to have more choices

douglas300 2010.10.11
very good game but it is very short

jenso 2010.10.11
Good grafic but it is to short

Rob-63 2010.10.09
Good graphics bit too short on gameplay.

viiciiousdolly 2010.10.08
I agree, nice game but could be longer

sameertondon007 2010.10.01
very good game but it is very short

SpiderWeb 2010.09.30
Too short and need more options but overall a nice game.

bobIwanna69 2010.09.29
didn`t really think much about this game, very short and not enough options

ranmagh01 2010.09.24
Fun game. Not much to it though.

minu 2010.09.22
Good game with great animations, i liked all the options available but i think it was too short :(.

bshdaddy1 2010.09.22
good game nice graphics. it is to short as far as the game goes. i think i needs a good training session for all the girl would be doing

Kitty69 2010.09.20
I love the whips but game should be longer and have more action in it.

daw342 2010.09.20
nice game, wish it were longer

mazzy 2010.09.15
pretty good game with ok graphics

sky blue 2010.09.15
ok but needs more action to short

pius 2010.09.14
the its too short :( need more action

Jesus05 2010.09.10
Short but in theme, i like that.

star 2010.09.07
nice little game,too short not much to do.

donutdude 2010.09.06
really short blow job was nice tho also grpahics were alright

Nimrod 2010.09.02
Graphics...eh. If you like dominace I guess it is okay.

TsunamiRyder 2010.08.29
Short game play but good otherwise

bshdaddy1 2010.08.27
nice little game i especially liked the way her tits moved when she was being forced.

lalab 2010.08.26
I love the graphics, too short...

playaguess 2010.08.23
OK. Short, not much to do.

myron98 2010.08.23
good graphics but it is to short

KeKeBaBe 2010.08.22
this game couldve been better

Kurgan 2010.08.21

You can tell this is an older game, but pretty good. Animation was a little short, but it was cool.

Puck25 2010.08.20
Graphics aren`t good here

cungen 2010.08.19
this is way too sick for me

soso30 2010.08.17
good game, but very short; should have more sex options

willaor7 2010.08.16
a little short but a good variation of movements involved wich makes it interesting

madgreek30000 2010.08.14
Good over all bondage game . Short but good

birly 2010.08.14
cruel game... but its erotic

F1Micha13 2010.08.07
fairly boring could use more action

InsidiousWeasel 2010.08.06
Average game. More story/interaction during both the punishment and sex would make it much hotter

silver12 2010.08.04
average game, she is really hot though

lostdog 2010.08.04
a good foundation. i think they could certainly take it further

rjmueller 2010.08.04
the typical bondage game but i like it

Gunshot1 2010.08.03
fairly boring could use more action

johnhook 2010.08.02
i like this game good bj game

crocker 2010.07.28
you should put more games from that page

Turner9 2010.07.26
1. Very good graphics, I hope they make a role play version , that would be awesome!

Cody0330 2010.07.26
great game. not bad graphics .

Defclone 2010.07.25
Good game with great animations, i liked all the options available but i think it was too short :(.

rtw1029 2010.07.23
awesome ga,e it is realy fun

Hanak 2010.07.20
this game is to totally easy

spotdiving 2010.07.20
Love the game but too short. Need more options in the game to make it more interactive.

x33l0v3 2010.07.18
Damnn, the music scared me so much!

NightStalker73au 2010.07.15
great game concepts employed, would love to see more

drfucker 2010.07.14
this game is so totally easy

RustyDoober 2010.07.13
fulling a fantasy through game play is fun, love the graphics

IrishRed 2010.07.13
Good times! I whipped her a LOT longer than I needed to.. hehehhe

dars 2010.07.05
good game....whipping part is great

gerty 2010.07.05
punishment is hot!
great game

Fixman 2010.07.04
great game, great song... 5/5

sonofflagship 2010.07.01
I am a big fan of all the Alex M games. Keep them coming!

tnbknifepro 2010.06.27
good game but its short

sun 2010.06.27
Good game, should have more punishments, more options with more outcomes

scannatore 2010.06.27
Too short, and punishment too easy, not so many options. Not a great game! :-(

mr90 2010.06.26
i like how the user can punish her !

mjgates87 2010.06.22
the game was good but it need to be a little more longer.

pitfall 2010.06.20
did nit like this game its too short and not that much happens

Delmlin 2010.06.19
Aside from being short, the graphics are nice. The overall game play feels life like. Over all id give it a 3 out of 5 would be better if it was a bit longer and some stronger sex scenes.

hojo666 2010.06.18
Wish there where more scenes

lunarhugs 2010.06.16
I generally don`t like the rape games but for some reason I like this one

Turner9 2010.06.14
Good short game, they should make a longer interactiver version.

dpcc 2010.06.13
Fun short game, whipping her ask is great making he arch. Would love to be able to do her in the ass.

BloodDancer6907 2010.06.13
good game love these rape games

Turner9 2010.06.09
1. I know some said its boring , but I like it, wish they would make more just little more indepth. Good graphics! Sound effects, more scenarios, like chasing her, kidnaping etc.

ghostwalker747 2010.06.09
this game is crap and short and very BORING!!!!!!!!

Baree 2010.06.07
a little short this game, but it has its plusses. like the bondage, alittle anal would do more for me

kronos87 2010.06.05
nice little bondage game, a bit short tho

Grant 2010.06.02
Too short, not enough to do.

loogan 2010.05.31
Well made, but pretty short.

Sora55 2010.05.31
I want more of games like this

Arminius01 2010.05.31
nice game but nothing special

musicman21483 2010.05.29
i liked the graphics. alittle short though

wastedaway 2010.05.23
game was pretty good but would have to agree with others that it needs more to it

s@nt!no 2010.05.18
Fun and sexy. A shame no one built on it, would have loved a longer more detailed version.

elbouffono 2010.05.18
a classic! awesome game, good graphic, in fact the whole serie is good

GregShore 2010.05.18
One of my favourite games. It`s simple, to the point and doesn`t outstay it`s welcome.

TroelsHH 2010.05.14
the game is a little too short but anything else is okay

pieter 2010.05.10
the bondage is interesting, like the way it`s drawn

val2062 2010.05.10
I like the bondage in the game, but wish the drawings were beter good

Lucky Frank 2010.05.08
the game was alright but still fun

abyxab 2010.05.07
this game was bad i could me better than this...

lss 2010.05.05
pretty boring game it could be better wwith more actions to do

Kalaam 2010.05.02
The Animation though repetitive was done very well

mr. anderson 2010.05.01
not really my style but good animations

boinky 2010.04.29
Maybe a good game, but Not my kind of genre.

bob2313 2010.04.24
for a tease game it`s pretty good

Riomiain 2010.04.23
looks like a demo. I know the girls music band this is a parody of - a person who made this is good artist

whitemox 2010.04.23
the game is entertaining!

bloob 2010.04.22
it is short but entertaiming

Kwather 2010.04.18
the game is too short and the gaphic isn`t very good.

kmax 2010.04.15
The game starts out with good graphics, concept, and sound, but ends far too quickly and disappoints as a result.

snoopy 2010.04.15
good game short and sweet

argonidas 2010.04.12
could be a little longer but ok

superkalieb11 2010.04.10
Very short game but it is good

ML 2010.04.10
short game, but nice and easy to play :)

Mike51 2010.04.09
good game but could be a lot better

shaorune 2010.04.09
well, coz i love rape + bondage.. i call this game awsome..

but it`s to short!!

1911 2010.04.07
kinda hot game for BND format

peter_d 2010.04.05
i didnt really enjoy this game to short and not enuf optitons!!!!

Joe. 2010.04.03
Sorry but that game could be much more fun with more options and less whiping...

ninjapeacema 2010.04.03
i like it just really short though maybe a little preview form the next one would be a nice thing to look forward to

MarkyM95 2010.04.02
it is a good game but it is too short good aspects are better then bad aspects tho

1lilnic 2010.03.31
so great moans were perfect

Conanian 2010.03.31
I always enjoyed the art style from this author. I always look forward to seeing more of his work.

jacklti 2010.03.31
Wow nice sounds great game.

run4_fun 2010.03.30
Slut deserves a punishment

Matthew MacKrelle 2010.03.30
Yes I have liked this game. There does need to be more seens though.

brodude55 2010.03.30
Decent game, though it could have been a bit longer. Nice design

andy_dk4 2010.03.29
exiting game but a bit short

momosasa 2010.03.29
I like it but I think it is short

Wolfgang826 2010.03.28
I like the animation but there could be more scenes

reven 2010.03.28
this game is to short but is alrite

jambodo 2010.03.27
I like the bondage in the game, but wish the drawings were bettter.

Johnny811 2010.03.27
Great graphics but kinda of short

nxenon13 2010.03.26
Great game, but too short. Needs a sex scene.

Eclissi24 2010.03.26
Ok game; I liked the submissive aspect of the game but it was too short.

piyu 2010.03.25
good punishment. boob blood must be come.

sexy_alli 2010.03.23
This game was alright, still fun.

shane7402 2010.03.22
pretty ok game. alittle short though.

themadscot 2010.03.22
Nice game but pretty short

loogan 2010.03.21
nice actions, but few options... once through was enough for me.

ikketisikke 2010.03.19
nice, but its a bit short and lacks some options

twhaven 2010.03.18
More actions would be better.

denk 2010.03.14
Think must be more endings than force BJ only...

lunarhugs 2010.03.11
Good animation but it was a bit short and mean. But I guess thats the point

halava 2010.03.10
the game was to short and not enuogh control

sunski 2010.03.08
good game it was true bondage

thomc 2010.03.01
This is a great game, a bit short but still really cool. Drawings was ok, the sound likewise ok. I would like to see more of these kinds of games. Felt grreat to be able to let out my inner demon he he

lower5 2010.02.28
the game to short buut nice design.

Zach 2010.02.28
That game kinda sucked. It was too short. And why go through all the trouble of whipping her just for a blowjob.

jimmyiroc 2010.02.25
was a little bit too straight forward, nothing challenging at all, wish the graphics were better too

trunten 2010.02.20
Nice game, would like it to have more choices, but not bad over all.

qwwww 2010.02.19
good game, i really apreciate it

EasyLover81 2010.02.17
the game is too short but nice humility

mcgophish 2010.02.16
Sexy game... I`d like to meet Inga :)

barney200212 2010.02.12
good but it was too short

mithlee555 2010.02.12
enjoyed it. it was a good laugh. a bit short though

Blitzkriegbob 2010.02.10
the non hentai drawing is nice to see. The BDSM is not anyones thing, but ist quite well

CBJoe 2010.02.08
I really liked this submission game inga is hot

karma550 2010.02.05
not that much action, but was ok

justag469 2010.02.04
well done, but i cant take the violence,

cdkck 2010.02.04
this game is ok compared to one but there is not much that has changed

alphabee 2010.02.03
sick concept but still exciting

agone 2010.02.03
simply boring dont like this type of game

bob12345 2010.02.03
that`s all ? just whiping and blowjob ???
i`m a little bit desapointed

mikey 2010.02.03
The Animation though repetitive was done very well

flashist 2010.02.02
the pictures were nice, but not much of a game really :p

Leviathan 2010.02.02
This is more of an animated sequence of events rather than a game. It doesn`t appear to be possible to actually lose this game. The artwork is good though.

cricket 2010.02.01
Nice graphics and concept, but very linear and too short.

snowie 2010.02.01
Kinda game I like! Would like to play Inga 1 or more games of Alex M.

angermanagement 2010.01.29
Needs something more after all that

alexus68 2010.01.28
ok game.. could be longer and a little more complex.why is it only a blow job and not anything else

randy06 2010.01.27
this game is heaps boring needs heps for more things to it

veritasghost 2010.01.27
i like the game its ok cold use some more to it

rotcman 2010.01.26
could be a bit longer. otherwise loved it

rt_bone 2010.01.26
ok game.. could be longer and a little more complex

mike21 2010.01.26
is not a bad game, its a little short.

manartica 2010.01.25
animations good though drawing could be better

Ricoh124 2010.01.25
Painful, perhaps shouldn`t enjoy the game as much

davey 2010.01.24
great game they should however focus on sex and not torture

andy_regresa 2010.01.17
nice game.....hard game....good.

BIG-BEAST 2010.01.09
not much to this game, it`s not realy that exciting.

tongue81 2010.01.08
a little bit hard bit nice drawnn

bigbluem 2010.01.08
this was ok. It was short. good graphics.

pansch 2010.01.06
game is ok, but I`d prefer to have more options like `violence` or `no violence`. A bit short, also.

cowboy_outlaw 2009.12.26
it ok but i have see better game

Thunderbird3 2009.12.26
bit too short really
still quite hot

LeeAmbi 2009.12.21
I love games like this.. where you can control a girl and make her do exactly what you want.. need more games like this..

pwalsh52 2009.12.13
wish you could do more with her

withshark 2009.12.11
game was gd but it was abit to long lol

nissehult 2009.12.10
this game is ok, but its not so good graphics

nillax2k 2009.12.06
pretty boring game it could be better wwith more actions to do

Osteve 2009.12.04
nice female character but hate the violence

svanis 2009.12.03
too simple, very good graphics

KaKinga 2009.12.01
Short game , quite amusing interesting concept

stefan1511 2009.11.29
average game.... very nice design though!

dakota_934 2009.11.29
First time logging in... do not see the game, what am I doing wrong?

dutchman59 2009.11.29
good graphics and love the bondage

Rad 2009.11.29
Is a very short game but i like this game

huey1555 2009.11.25
I like this game. The graphics are very good & the play is easy to do.

nissehult 2009.11.24
this was a very short game, simple and boring, it not good

Faeruun 2009.11.21
A great and simpel game. Too short though, keep up the work^^

johan 2009.11.20
nice game but short but why is it only a blow job

BigDick891 2009.11.19
why is it only a blow job and not anything else

Raizan 2009.11.19
rly too few options what to do ^^ pretty boring content. but the graphics are rly nice xD

SexeiAlisa1992 2009.11.17
Pretty nice but not for everyone

staggerlee 2009.11.16
not for everyone, and the sex was really short. the song threw me off

tarnoss 2009.11.16
pretty nice, nice draw, like it. Add more!

mgcool55 2009.11.15
Average game very good design though!

deathstray 2009.11.15
not to bad of a game but i have to say the song makes me laugh being the song ...one!

dfish_44 2009.11.15
this was ok. It was short. good graphics and sound. No into that kind of thing though

Howie1 2009.11.15
the game was to short and not enuogh control

peet86 2009.11.14
very short game, simple and boring

blablaman 2009.11.14
don`t like it, looks good though.

cheese101 2009.11.12
good game,not that into bondage tho....

santa 2009.11.12
Short, pretty good graphics. Could have some more interaction.

woody 2009.11.12
these games are really very basic not much fun

flayer 2009.11.12
Is a very short game and boring. I don`t like this game

freddydingo 2009.11.11
it was a little short but overall decent

sgtken69 2009.11.11
love this game very exciting

Xyzzy 2009.11.11
Pretty good graphics. The follow on games of this design are better.

sexyman 2009.11.11
this is a vary fun and sexy game

acefan42 2009.11.11
Not that much action, kinda boring

jerryonly83 2009.11.11
average game.... very nice design though!

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