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I love Laura


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fblackfox 2019.05.22
i like the game Please make more games like this.

Badman.SP 2018.12.22
Very good game. Had some problems finding where to use the bottle of wine, guess, i couldn`t find it without the walkthrough. Maybe the glasses on the shelf could be barely visible? Also an idea - in scene with 3 kisses to the cheek, breast and belly, it could be a 4th option to try to remove the skirt, with a malus to opinion f.e.rn

Tron70 2018.11.27
Nice game but graphics must improove very much

bkd 2018.09.23
good but needed multiple scenes

cr7cr7cr 2018.08.13
love this game great animations

FuckiMCFuckfuck 2018.07.22
i like the game hope comes a part 2

fargfcexx 2018.05.09
I would love to cream pie her so much she is so fitrn

Arjen 2018.04.24
takes a while to finish but the end is very rewarding

super1400 2018.03.08
good game but strange to play it

JonSmite 2018.02.20
great game, had so much fun while playing! great story!


thefumu 2018.02.18
what a lovely game very eye catching

cacotrepa 2018.01.28
Nice one. Laura is hot, as Gina also.

76 2018.01.16
I liked the game nice graphic rn

fireball322 2018.01.05
beautiful graphics, i love all the girls

Daplaya 2017.12.30
Endings don`t seem to work anymore but good game.

okdisinteresting 2017.12.10
it is my favorite out of the sex date series

Abtanis 2017.12.10
nice graphics, I miss the sexy sounds, but still fun to play

pilotPF1of4 2017.11.23

Burton12 2017.11.14
Found the majority of endings. Would love to see animated endings in these games.

Twinblast 2017.11.14
Pretty good and easy game

Domenik 2017.11.03
A very hot game. Easy but very hot

SleekFucker 2017.10.29
How do you get all endings? I have only managed to get 2 so far.

Raider22 2017.09.29
the sex scenes in this game are great and the animations along with it

Dagui 2017.09.27
Best game ever I have never seen better graphics and I came to this many times over the past few days

dropgunx4 2017.08.28
These games are always super good. The graphics are great and it`s always a bit of a challenge, so I want to keep playing to try and do better.

lolxdgetrekt 2017.08.27
I would love to see more games like this, incited or those more 2d looking games

jakepaul172 2017.08.11
i find this games animation to be good for its time and the grpahics as well

Hercules 2017.07.18
Very Hot Game with some sexy graphicsrn

KitCarsen 2017.07.11
Really hot girls and steaming sex!!!

SamWal 2017.07.03
a very very nicely designed game and made me horny

Ademix100 2017.07.02
Very nice graphics and I love Laura

Tiodor 2017.06.16
Laura is very hot. I love this game and the sex is amazing

littleGamer 2017.06.07
good stuffrnone of the best painted girls

Tigermaster 2017.04.25
Took a bit of trying but threesome ending was worth it.

ashleyyy_ 2017.04.22
game is soo good! wish it was longer.

damnfuck 2017.04.20
very good a addictive game

mike81685 2017.04.11
game was a bit hard to get through but beautiful girls

even98 2017.03.01
i f-ing over her bedy and the way this game feels

drlongfinger 2017.02.24
very nice game laura is hot

raudi43 2017.02.07
love laura man jeez she smoking

raudi43 2017.02.07
i love laura myself very beautiful and sexy

Lucifer1815 2017.02.07
Really fun game with lots of variables affecting the endings.

Rankor12 2017.01.19
Graphics are still really good, but you can tell they have stepped up their game on the new offerings

shogom 2017.01.14
It is not the most perfect game.It is not a game for everyone.But it is a memorable game for mec.Good Bye For Now..See you soon.

gdlevy 2017.01.14
Not bad. Didnt show enough of the girls though, if you know what i mean

awesomejoe123 2016.12.23
this game was aweomse after i played this i really needed to cum

alphis123 2016.12.09
this is a nice game his graphics are so realistic

bobbobbob3 2016.11.27
I`m stuck at the 4th scene, someone help please

bobbobbob3 2016.11.27
the graphics and choices are great 10/10

parzival 2016.11.24
good game played it multiple times for different endings

vasquitog 2016.11.09
Good game but it`s quite simple.

butler21 2016.10.30
how many people can you have sex wit?

Maurisfloresc 2016.09.16
This has been one of the better games. I would like to see Gina in more games. The sex scene was very good.

yus alice 2016.08.26
Great game but quit difficult - you can´t save the game :-(

WillieJohnson23 2016.08.16
Love Laura. Might be the best game I`ve played on this site

AegisFrost 2016.08.12
10/10! Game was flawless and everything was perfect

Jaxxx Longrider 2016.08.05
Really great game, with nice graphics and a good storyline

stach56 2016.07.20
I realy love this game make me want to play again and again mwahh

1337Leet 2016.07.10
Strage Game fine i guess i like it

hamdan 2016.06.16
Laura is cute girl but Gina more sexy

japjerry 2016.06.16
Girls are hot graphics are great I rate 8 out of 10

KEV_in 2016.06.13
Really like playing it, but it could be much more longer, thought

cookiemonster323 2016.06.12
excellent game with good graphics and story and luara has huge tits

stach56 2016.06.06
Very interesting action and cool graphics. You can play well

Na9a80y 2016.05.22
Stunning girl and overall very good game.

Battkiddxx 2016.05.14
the graphics are great i cant get out the screen.

Dragonslayr 2016.05.02
This game was recommended to me and it looks like a lot of fun, I`m excited to try it.

huy00000 2016.04.05
took me awhile but i got it

huy00000 2016.04.05
its nice, kinda tricky though

wright8282 2016.03.20
game was qlright, needs better interaction scenes

buttlover2169 2016.03.20

sonic234 2016.02.25
great game had to cum bad after this

HankDaPigeon 2016.02.22
i really hate that leopard print frame.

assassina 2016.02.07
simple and easy , good graphics

wantrow 2016.02.03
Great game especially with all the different endings.

charlesbb2 2016.02.02
great game she is so real

jsilva0110 2016.01.30
good story but not one of the better games on the site; room for improvement

11126 2016.01.29
I like the game. I would like the sex scenes to be a little more interactive though. Will still try to play all the other endings.

daedalus123 2016.01.22
awesome game, just got threesome ending with gina :P

ewill 2016.01.16
took awhile but i found all the endings! 8/10

sct2052 2015.12.08
not a bad game, older gameplay, a little slow

Jhodee 2015.12.07
Good graphics and good story. Pretty linear though

ealfa34 2015.11.22
how can i enter to the bungalow?

ealfa34 2015.11.22
why cant i take the keys??

kingsavo 2015.10.29
very fun game very enjoyable

godsebose 2015.10.27
what ever i do i cant convice laura for further somebody help me

Sonicmatrix 2015.10.24
Nice graphics and decent animation

mista0317 2015.09.19
great game needs more woimen

johndowe12345 2015.09.13
This is not too shabby its just older

igandlore55 2015.09.09
good game didn`t like the passion circle tho

ImArchangel 2015.09.04
I REALLY liked this game, good animation and story

WilliamHBonnie2 2015.08.17
Another great game. Laura is beautiful

ArthasMenethil88 2015.08.14
does anyone know how to get all of Ending?

ExoCube 2015.08.08
great game could play it all time

noobie 2015.08.07
another good game with decent graphics

Gosat 2015.08.01
Nice game, though I would have liked more optons with the girls (office girl, cop etc)

alanwake 2015.07.26
crazy plot, sexy chicks, what else you want more...

johnwick 2015.07.22
great graphics love the girls must play

pleazure 2015.06.27
i like games with multiple endings

pleazure 2015.06.27
Even i want laura. coz i got lauda.

dukefan123 2015.06.23
This game has great graphics and story

jaypers204 2015.06.10
Very fun game. big turn on. I love Laura

Davidlow 2015.05.23
Interesting game and good grapics

jediknight91 2015.05.23
i love this game . it not the best I`ve played but certainly good with Laura and the lesbian and threesome scene

TopGun1980 2015.05.14
Not so very good graphic but the i liked the gameplay

SK1TZ5150 2015.05.09
Great game. Really enjoyed it

drunkenmonkey435 2015.05.05
nice game very fun to play

Rapist Geoff 2015.04.29
Excellent game loved the story line, very exiciting

ivanmen 2015.04.23
very good game,i liked it,very good story

rosebabymarie 2015.04.10
best game! I love it and I enjoy playing it all the time.

zeddym789 2015.04.10
great game and just the right length

immi26ex 2015.04.06
This game was awesome! Love the controls and graphics. Great game.

doncrue 2015.04.04
love game and music. laura is fucking sexy....

shaurya18799 2015.04.02
Amazing game. It wud be great if there wer another part.

Zeblast 2015.03.16
good endings but the game its a bit short

lussy.jeba 2015.03.14
great game i also love laura

j3hj3h 2015.03.12
Can tell its one of LOPs earlier games, but still great!

cocomoco 2015.03.11
so pretty no ugly people

kadse 2015.03.06
Great game, nice graphics as well

bigcock444 2015.03.02
Nice story and good graphics considering lesson of passions early ones

AP69ER 2015.02.28
yes I do love laura and gina I want them both I also wants toms sexutary

mehomeho38 2015.02.23
I remember Laura from other game..it`s great to finally fuck her

Healt 2015.02.22
OMG!!! They re really hot

cameronw 2015.02.17
One of the best. Well worth the effort

Clouffie 2015.02.17
I didn`t bother buying anything at the shop. I just saved the money for the threesome for ending 5 lol. Beautiful woman working together. One taking him and one tasking her with a strap on, what could be better?

timb06 2015.02.14
great graphics and nice ending! fun game

EletronicZX 2015.02.02
great game i like all the different endings and good graphics!!!

Tenn1998 2015.01.29
Very good graphics and story for the game

qfsx870901 2015.01.25
im pretty sure LOP really good at making erotic flash games

darksector 2015.01.23
ummmmmm ok i guess but could have done better poa

bigman123456789 2015.01.11
slightly old but still great

xai 2015.01.09
Bit more difficult, but a lot more engaging.

IquiMDP 2015.01.08
Nice game, good graphics, a little easy to play but i´d like

DevilSight 2015.01.07
Game has good grafic and really cool story.

jon234 2015.01.04
good game with good story and graphics took me a while to get all endings

nahid123 2015.01.01
its a good game great girls hot

Stouter96 2014.12.31
I really enjoyed this game. graphics and story were both good

lexiid 2014.12.28
nice game graphics are okay

Bradders_95 2014.12.22
good game with good graphics,, maybe too short

rkimmelerre 2014.12.20
Pretty good game. Laura`s a cutie.

juha1975 2014.12.16
Nice story, nice graphics, nice girl, all the game is nice

Iva_bigun_12 2014.12.15
Great game with a good story lines and sexy girls.

godtehgodliest 2014.12.12
Is there a way to earn more money in this game, I`m a bit short on cash. Also, how do you meet the sexy cop?

inhindsight 2014.12.08
I agree with the title, i definitely LOVE laura

techman007 2014.11.30
I tried to sweet talk the secretary and failed and had to break into the bungalow. That got me ending # 5. Make sure to get the sex pill in the sex store.

RichBCGuy 2014.11.27
some of the best graphics on here. really enjoyable game..... maybe a bit short, but i can live with it!

queenkelsey14 2014.11.23
great game but it ended badly for me i mean i still had sex with her just the girlsdidn`t have sex with each other

Tobi1994 2014.11.23
cool sex Scenes and good Story :D

dadohl 2014.11.22
i love this sex game good graphics

xxChAosFloopyxx 2014.11.04
This game is addicting! I love it!!!

tina2727 2014.10.29
I like this game it is all rigth

Ironman49 2014.10.29
I really enjoy this game, the storyline is great and fast paced. Also the graphics are great.

Multiman 2014.10.19
Good game but needs to release my right hand i can only rub my bird to make it grow and that clicking when on sex not needed so difficult

Swaggy44 2014.10.15
Great game with good music and quality

zwarn 2014.10.12
excellent ! now let`s get these alternate endings everybody`s talking about !!!

rahi50 2014.10.09
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

hempf 2014.09.23
I can Relate to that: " I Love Laura" fantastic game, and really nice plot

hammond2000 2014.09.20
this game is very sexy but it takes to long

simon89 2014.09.18
really awsome game with awesome graphics

Futuros 2014.09.17
Amazing graphics and very interesting story line. Definitely worth it.

artik20 2014.09.16
soooooo sexy i love lesbians and les games

jamiev 2014.09.09
Decent game. The music isn`t good, though - and it lacks a lot in the sound department. As usual, though, the graphics are good.

kingb 2014.08.25
goood game bit not a great chanllge for me but like i love laura and it is a good way to see how i feel about the game but me like what i saw

Evanator120 2014.08.13
awesome game one of the best ive played

shys0ul 2014.08.08
This is definitely one of the best games I`ve ever played!

rudykaez 2014.08.05
this games is most my favourite

rudykaez 2014.08.05
so nice and good graphic

rudykaez 2014.08.05
so awesome games,nice and sexy

rudykaez 2014.08.05
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation so nice

Kyleceleron 2014.08.02
laura is so sexy! my favourite game

bitz94 2014.07.11
I like this game the standard of graphics is quite good.

Synonym 2014.06.26
Pemil,just looking at your pic got my dick hard as hell

Synonym 2014.06.26
Kanett hit me up!Sexy as fuck

drakcorian 2014.06.21
took me a while to get to the true ending. lovely graphics! :D

happy75quacky 2014.06.11
Gina is so sexy. she`s awesome

MovieNightHD 2014.05.28
Great game. Except some of the endings aren`t that good.

Tinkerbeth 2014.05.28
OMG I loved Laura and Gina... very hot

rand09 2014.05.27
i love this game, so awsome!!!

HuhWhatWellOkay 2014.05.27
Dude whoa I love Laura too this is crazy - what a great game

docock 2014.05.26
This game has failed to make me bored :D

TaiSorrow 2014.05.25
Fun and hot. Like the options and limited funds. Gives a bit of a challenge to things. Enjoyed it.

pemil 2014.05.24
Great game, super graphics

xadavia 2014.05.24
nice game very fun to play

markd321 2014.05.22
Lover this game, was great

kSlay 2014.05.21
The graphics are incredible

Deserter69 2014.05.21
Awesome game plus she is making me CCCCUUUMMM!!!

Deserter69 2014.05.20
Amazing game. Had to cum in a bucket after this!

Montrovant 2014.05.20
Laura is the hottest girl ever!!! Love this game

mia.lerico 2014.05.20
I think I would`ve liked this game more if my computer wasn`t acting up. I`ll try again later.

Parwol 2014.05.19
i love this game, it is very realistic and the story isn`t bad either !

grimsigh17 2014.05.17
yeah,, it needs to be longer..

sexybobby 2014.05.14
i love laura but it needs to be longer

deffy duck 2014.05.13
fine game with great graphics

GP69 2014.05.12
LAURA........ What a girl! Hot, Sexy, Passionate, Experimental....... A joy to play with!

Vectra 2014.05.11
very good game with good graphics

rikou 2014.05.10
i love Laura. i love this game.

BverComander 2014.05.08
good game.. a little short but still good

Safsbro 2014.05.08
Good Game and graphics very cool.

vortex82 2014.05.07
nice... i liked the graphics alot... one of my fav games

julio1980 2014.05.07
Great animations and graphics... Nice story

themaster69 2014.05.06
Great game. Laura is very beautyful, good animation

deadpool69 2014.05.06
very cool game love the sexy women in it and felt like the real thing

raulwu22098 2014.05.05
Nice graphics, beautiful girl, great story

sexybob 2014.05.05
awesome graphics and nice animation

sexybob 2014.05.05
nice quality of the game and awesome graphics

sexybob 2014.05.05
awesome gameplay and nice graphics

sexybob 2014.05.05
pretty girls,love this game

Anatik 2014.05.03
awesome... The girls are amazings, but the game is hard a little...

spain884 2014.05.02
I loved this game, all of the endings were worth the repeat plays.

ibored 2014.04.29
wow great story loved it would like to see more

andreaxxx 2014.04.27
I really liked this game though theres a lot of text to read.

LordTrap 2014.04.26
That was a really cool ending, gives so many options

mari0620 2014.04.22
The slutiness of this game is awesome

smithyboy 2014.04.20
Very hot girls and good gameplay :)

thedreamer2000 2014.04.20
Great play, but don`t like one choice of ending for one certain path I took, the others fit well.

Darmondy 2014.04.18
Is there anyway to get Blanca in this? She`s the sexiest by far.

carlos92 2014.04.18
wow, now i love laura too, very good game, think well about what u say

kaniz 2014.04.18
love game and music. laura is fucking sexy....

MegaHam12 2014.04.18
I gotta say this is amazing, the graphics are great, the story line is amazing! Awesome job developing this!

Magic Knight 2014.04.16
Very good graphics and a nice story and nice girl1

flskvnd 2014.04.15
I really enjoyed playing this game. And the graphics are stunning

bigbaus 2014.04.15
this is fantastic!! great game.. but how do you get to ending 5??

Craig05 2014.04.14
A game so fun you wish more girls and more options available.

krb42 2014.04.09
excellent graphics, story line is good

sansoul 2014.04.09
Very nice graphics and game story

jcool8488 2014.04.07
this was an awesome great graphics and good story line.

DrifterLeon 2014.04.05
The Graphics are really good and I like the mood bar that`s on the side it`s really a good game.

db7326 2014.04.02
I love this game! it is so good! great graphics, and amazing, well, everything!

funguy61 2014.03.31
I like the Laura is hot , wish there was more control of the characters but worth playing

wezel87 2014.03.30
Great game!
Very good graphics and a nice story

lordcums 2014.03.30
Definitely buy the dildo and sex pill or get a better deal on the slut.

yohmama 2014.03.29
Following the moving circle makes the game a bit different from others, though I`d suggest using an actual mouse, not the trackpad

danno202 2014.03.28
really enjoy this game. Great storyline, great alternate endings

amanda200 2014.03.28
laura is so a fucking slut and i like it. it turns me on

Amincoy 2014.03.28
Amazing... simple story ... but really give a passion

JCK524 2014.03.26
Great game and great graphics

hackerbate 2014.03.26
This game made me exrtremely horny. I was ready to masterbate

machalix 2014.03.25
nice graphic!! interesting story,, love it

Supercanon 2014.03.24
Very nice graphics and interesting gameplay

never_machine 2014.03.23
the best part of this game is how many times you can play it.
and laura is hot

piebot 2014.03.22
This game is great, good music gameplay and story

starofprono 2014.03.20
it`s look to very nice and funny game

sexydude12 2014.03.18
great games and was really fun

DerFinne 2014.03.15
Great game but quit difficult - you can´t save the game :-(

zSnake 2014.03.13
Just an awesome game. liked it alot

GingerMon 2014.03.12
this game is really good and supper addicting to find all the endings.

kira3895 2014.03.11
i love the gameplay ! great game :D

Reflektor 2014.03.08
She is so attractive great game

Loveroftits2315 2014.03.08
Enjoyable game, decent graphics.

vympel 2014.03.07
good game. love de cinematix

mr_hunter619 2014.03.07
Great game! Nice story line.

motorbebek2010 2014.03.06
Great game. Definitely a favorite.

Unibosspatel 2014.03.01
Laura is very attractive. The graphics are beyond belief. The gameplay could have been a little better and I enjoyed all the ending. good job, keep it up

Rindevar 2014.03.01
Multiple ending, multiple fun! Pretty girls too. I just wish I don`t have to click on that moving circle. You kinda lose your fun, instead focusing on hitting that circle...
Still, nice little game with twists...

savion 2014.02.27
awesome graphics nice different ending

babanica2 2014.02.27
Really awesome graphics and music. i like how there are multiple endings

NickNackH 2014.02.25
one of the better games on this site

benny_boy 2014.02.24
the game was great easy controls, lots of different endings. i cant get ending three or five can someone help. thankyou.

rosit 2014.02.22
Cool game and good graphics

desh 2014.02.20
good game. good music, and good graphics. Thumbs way up. need more like this

Liquidput 2014.02.18
Great game i seriously love the story

jono81 2014.02.17
fantastic game, laura is hot!!

WillyWucky 2014.02.16
Just an awesome game, great job from the editors.

rajpatel1969uk 2014.02.15
love the diffrent endings

NanoTechKid 2014.02.14
Really awesome graphics and music. i like how there are multiple endings for this.

MaddyPatel675 2014.02.10
Awesome game. To bad she doesn`t like the threesome

Hitut 2014.02.02
im thinking to plyaing this everyday, :D

Hitut 2014.02.02
this is my best game now, yeaaaaa

virginman23 2014.01.30
i love this game i will play it over and over again

Ryan810 2014.01.28
really awsome game with awesome graphics

ilovegames 2014.01.28
really great game.i love this....

yairt97 2014.01.26
that game is preety hot and the grafic are sweet

Yonutz92 2014.01.26
LOVING the graphics, awesome gameplay. nice!!!

conone 2014.01.26
love this game so good graphics

renjixxx 2014.01.25
Many choices that`s great. Maybe a little short, but a very good game

madness4eva 2014.01.23
great game. enjoyed every minute

tatanamo 2014.01.22
very interesting game... love it.. great graphics

jaing543 2014.01.20
fun game, got stuck first time round though

Xilthio 2014.01.20
LOVING the graphics, awesome gameplay.

daman95 2014.01.18
i love the really sharp images

cimmeris 2014.01.13
Very nice game. Will come back to it.

kanett 2014.01.12
Nice graphics, and great choices in gameplay :)

jojo111 2014.01.12
i was stuck on some parts but figured them out

jojo111 2014.01.12
the quality is really good

jojo111 2014.01.12
the graphic is pretty boring

amonym 2014.01.12
pretty good graphics and a nice style. GG to say the least

male619 2014.01.09
the story is nice and the graphics is much better

tralala6900 2014.01.09
very good graphics ,good story,nice game.

xxqueenxx 2014.01.04
Great game, great graphics

22sexguy 2014.01.04
great game I like how its story is

Potatocakes 2014.01.03
This is a really great game, love the animation

james1994 2014.01.01
one of the best games on this site

kirazo 2014.01.01
These graphics are amazing as hell.

abrakadabrao 2014.01.01
very good gam, an beauty girls!

auetim 2013.12.31
wonderful game, vary sexy

GangaTacabirba 2013.12.28
my first LOP game: I will love Laura forever, 100/100

pertwee 2013.12.27
Good game, got the ending I wanted, will play again

reskos 2013.12.27
Ooooh! Sexy enough. But could have had a better storyline. Still, succesfully made me horny. :3

jeppblack 2013.12.25
YES: okay this game make me full of sex desire.

skull1997 2013.12.24
i love this game so cool grate job

hakida 2013.12.23
cool game nice ghraphics and hot chigks

georgebuchov 2013.12.22
Damn, this game is amazing!

ilovemyselfalot 2013.12.20
A great game with a great storyline..

sachsex 2013.12.18
the game have a good graphic and gameplay.really nice

dusan 2013.12.14
i like playng one of these ,it`s hot and sexy

rafaspartan117 2013.12.14
love the endings nice game

yoloswaggins 2013.12.14
amazing game play, graphics and animation this is an all round great game

apenb 2013.12.11
I love Laura - a short, but very arousing game. I want to compliment the designers of this game.

Bitches6969 2013.12.10
Cool grafics, can`t stop play this game

teo1193 2013.12.09
Very nice game, it`s easy to play and the history it`s very interesting

borzzz 2013.12.08
really nice game, I like it! good adventure and not too long

etrdkca73 2013.12.07
nice game nice gfx alittle too short

mnguyen 2013.12.07
Fantastic game, graphics very smooth,

Arcanaeus 2013.12.04
Not bad at all. Takes a little bit to get used to, but after that it gets pretty good.

cizar54 2013.12.04
This Game is so cool, and I didn`t even notice, except just now; keep the good work :)

Immortal6996 2013.12.01
Very good game great graphics

sperm25 2013.11.30
i loved the graphycs it looks so real

nilah 2013.11.30
i love the graphics on this game its so cool

Cheetah0104 2013.11.27
I really liked this game. The music is pretty great, and I do love Laura.

bobnim 2013.11.26
great game, it was a bit hard at the start but at was great further on!

Garland1 2013.11.25
good graphics in the game

missingcase76 2013.11.25
Felt more like a story than a game. What a story though.
Had really nice scenes too.

Silver Cock 2013.11.24
Pretty good game. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good adventure game.

getorgeraldo 2013.11.24
love it. so damn good one

Goodguy1990 2013.11.21
Epic game love the graphs

Archand 2013.11.20
Laura is so slutty
love it

rakd365 2013.11.19
Lovely game. Like playing it.

crazynuts62 2013.11.19
I really enjoy the concept and animation in the game

sexman12 2013.11.18
its a very sexy game it looks so real

johndark 2013.11.17
WOW!very very hot game, beutifol graphic and animation very chalenging, very hot

Ricebowl 2013.11.16
Amazing graphics, enjoyed the endings too

jbs 2013.11.15
a very great game. I haven`y enjoyed this way for a long time !

kex899 2013.11.11
Alright game. Was easy after messing up the first 2 times, but the ending gets me a little bit, so i`m not too sure what the whole plot of the game is. It`s a good game though.
great animation and it is so good that im stuck to it(i love laura)

Lamgirl 2013.11.10
this game is fun with great graphics.

archer4593 2013.11.10
good graphics, great game

follow 2013.11.10
The animation is pretty good, like the graphics! The gameplay is good

Coxetto 2013.11.09
Great gameplay, just sad my threesome didn`t happend.

jojo12345 2013.11.09
Great game, love laura :D

cabrera12 2013.11.08
I really love laura she is sexy

emingway 2013.11.07
i love this game
i played it so many times

asdewq85 2013.11.03
Very Nice Beauties. I never see it before.

tmchant 2013.10.28
good game... laura looks HOT!!!

johadino 2013.10.27
i love laura to want to fuck her hard

lopjak 2013.10.22
Here is another title that just feels a bit smaller, lacking in some way compared to some of the other titles. I think that it just feels a bit too linear and confining. It is great to look at as many have said and I will not completely toss it aside, but I will shelf it for now in favor of trying out many others before coming back to give this another go.

ohnoki7 2013.10.20
amazing game needs to be longer and great graphics

boy12678 2013.10.20
i want to be fuck her anymore

studi_jungfrau 2013.10.19
i loved it- it is a great game with beautiful animations-
100 percent

Lomma 2013.10.17
Not a bad game, could have more options, but otherwise 10/10

Daianor 2013.10.17
This in an interesting game.

hfdgdgf 2013.10.16
this is a very hot game and i rlly love it

basho1234567890 2013.10.14
it is pretty good game it is tall

basho1234567890 2013.10.12
Great game.....the graphics were very realistic

robby(rob) 2013.10.09
i love how they fuck each other
great graphic

cizar5 2013.10.09
I failed in the first time hehe, but its a cool game :)

djewing23 2013.10.08
I love this game it is so good

hobboman111 2013.10.08
Long but worth the wait. decent graphics

baddancer 2013.10.07
very well on the graphic. so easy in story, but too easy to control the choices of the game.
thanks a lot.

parona 2013.10.06
Great graphic, great game

abcdefghaiqal 2013.10.06
great game..dfrent ending

luis084 2013.10.05
great game love the graphics

legorian 2013.09.30
i enjoy good stories and good graphics

rocky456 2013.09.29
sucj a good game love the story line

Joshua T 2013.09.26
Great game, super graphics

thomr 2013.09.26
Best of all games here. So much choices, every item bought will determine an other way of playing. And got to love that threesome!

leowjunheng 2013.09.26
best graphics among all!!

sex21334 2013.09.25
a great game,nice graphic high quality little hard ,animation can improve a little

pixiegvo 2013.09.25
Graphics are great. Game is a little unforgiving

bigdido 2013.09.24
Exellent. Nice interaction. Nice ways of choosings. Advice: Be careful with your money.

taoexo 2013.09.24
wow. this game is awesome. i love the graphic

flopper 2013.09.21
good graphics fun to play too

jerald0213 2013.09.21
Oh! I love this game! the graphics are fantastic! the Play force one is great!

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

Hornydonny88 2013.09.19
Challenging game very good graphics very hot

Woggsta 2013.09.15
ove the game....wish if there was more options

iIl boy3 2013.09.14
This game is good and has some good graphics

johnniewalker328 2013.09.14
Another quality game and nice graphics.

cavemanowns 2013.09.13
this game was fun but needs to be longer

lozas 2013.09.10
awesome game but would like to have better ends

lozas 2013.09.10
the gameplay mechanics are a little unclear with some parts being unforgiving and some parts being unclear on if they are unforgiving or not. Pretty fun and the sex scenes are hot.

dazza196 2013.09.09
Brilliant. Trying to get the girls together is amazing!

Michael0 2013.09.09
It takes a long time for me to load but a great game n superb quality

dor24 2013.09.08
great game really loved it

pandey 2013.09.08
wow that was a great game i loved it superb graphics

naqaab123 2013.09.07
Nice game sexy laura tits

MaxDude 2013.09.07
Nice game and great graphics, little hard to get throguh sometimes, but easy to play

runner80 2013.09.06
Nice and easy to play... Good graphic. Laura so hot and sexy. hehe

clandestination 2013.09.06
takes too long to load but worth the wait tho

fauzan kamil 2013.09.04
its good graphic cool

smokinthunder 2013.09.03
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

Jokke 2013.08.28
A very good game from LOP as usual ! Very good graphics and hot girls :-) Recommended!!!

pepperp 2013.08.27
Yeahh I rocked that thang! Haha well that was fun but easy

jmoney$ 2013.08.26
it took me forever to figure out but once i did totally worth it

decodificator 2013.08.26
wow awesome game i love it

dency6 2013.08.23
this is a great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dency6 2013.08.23
i love this game
i played it so many times

Virgin100 2013.08.22
I am stuck for getting the keys.
Any advice?

dr.pangloss 2013.08.20
This one was kind of hard. Just make sure you don`t make any stupid decisions when she asks you shit.

archaeryon 2013.08.18
game was nice, beautiful images, but the spelling is horrible

dannehboy 2013.08.18
Not the greatest game in my opinion, but i liked how there were so many different possibilities to end with :P i don`t know how to get more money though? The option is there for you to buy something fro $800 but you start with $600 and i didn`t find anyway to get more money, maybe i shoulda messed around more i guess :p

akku 2013.08.17
not that exciting
lengthy diaogues tough to read

Luckyman26 2013.08.16
i think this game is great concerning the game play and graphics

vampypassion 2013.08.15
i like this game very much.

homedog19 2013.08.14
this game makes me feel good

homedog19 2013.08.14
i played this game so much times

homedog19 2013.08.14
i love this game it is so good

homedog19 2013.08.13
i just joined and i already love this website

pharris24 2013.08.12
This was a pretty fun game, but I did find it rather challenging. All in all i`d recommend giving this some time though.

stkforlife 2013.08.12
amazing game and graphics I am tempted to keep playing

ranoma1999 2013.08.12
super ,Amazing ,interistnig game

mini810 2013.08.11
nice for the big tits like me

Magic Knight 2013.08.11
the game has great graphics but the gameplay is hard

nightfire2004 2013.08.06
enjoyed game went through a few times to see the different endings

Badvoc 2013.08.04
great game, very simple, not many options you can pick where you won`t get to a good ending

Clive11 2013.08.04
very good game graphics.. this is one of my fav games

hornyboy501 2013.08.01
Enjoyed the game...great graphics and scenes

burhan5253 2013.07.31
I Love This Game.... this game is awesome...it feels pleasure while playing

AmberRose 2013.07.30
Nice animations I love it!

ekyng 2013.07.30
great game , and i love this game

Einhornwal 2013.07.30
nice graphics this game makes me so horny

skyrope 2013.07.28
Aint best here. but still. Alot of game on dis site deserves to be played.

Skafti 2013.07.28
Grate game I like it 9/10

Dimismann 2013.07.28
I so happy!
Super game!

ad1021 2013.07.28
playing this game again and again
laura is so sexy

ad1021 2013.07.28
really hot and arousing game
loved the graphics

greenlightxx 2013.07.27
This game makes we keep coming back. It has stunning graphics and is so damn hot!

Mmhr 2013.07.25
I enjoyed looking for all the endings.

Axcel67 2013.07.23
the map part is a unique feature i love it

sanketg300 2013.07.22
The secretary needs to be more of player here! hottest girl

ares1 2013.07.22
great graphics. would have made it easier to obtain items

smartsex 2013.07.22
enjoyed the twists and turns, also the map part is a unique feature

chris_97 2013.07.20
great game I loved the graphics and Laura is so hot

fuckmeharder101 2013.07.20
good gameplay, graphic, animation

HamHard95 2013.07.20
i wish that there was more movement within the game

mcgeekyle39 2013.07.19
game is very hard not the best

hHurb 2013.07.18
does Laura love me just kidding

jhorny10493 2013.07.16
Game is very addicting and hot as hell.

Big *O 2013.07.15
i love this game one of the best yet

Paddy668 2013.07.14
What a great game.
I like tze story, its pretty funny.

Zangeton 2013.07.12
I love Laura too she`s nice

lope 2013.07.11
Very nice game,well done.

heymeetdeath 2013.07.11
Very good game. Very sexy!

Appien 2013.07.09
Great game so far, however the quictime-event is quite hard to do. (Almost not possible)

dazza201 2013.07.07
one off my favourite games on this site

yolo12 2013.07.05
Oh my god Laura is so hot

phoenix1998 2013.07.05
I stuck at toms office,please help

highend 2013.07.05
Good game and decent graphics. I didn`t mind the limited interactivity, but wish more was shown.

killer123! 2013.07.03
nice game and cool graphics and stick in 3 level

killer123! 2013.07.03
cool game and graphics good

bigal112 2013.07.03
Really enjoyed and well layed out impressed with the graphics better than I thought it was going to be

fuckme420 2013.07.02
Great game beautiful girls and nice gameplay

suee314 2013.07.02
Really nice game, could use a bit more action from the player

elchachie 2013.06.30
Good game. A little short but overall good.

Elaith 2013.06.26
Pretty nice game, a little short though

normi 2013.06.24
one of my favorites game here

Miki1098 2013.06.20
Great game,loved it,need more scenes

quarter86 2013.06.20
not what i expected sry but the sex scenery is reachedd way to fast

iliyadahlia 2013.06.19
this game really awesome n makes me wet again n again, i felt horny everytime i play this game, i need dick..

ajed472 2013.06.19
Any chance Gina can get her own game? That would be a great one

emanuello81 2013.06.18
Perfect game! Has great graphics and all the niceness of it.

zxcvbb 2013.06.17
i could play this game again and again

smartie002 2013.06.17
i really like the game and graphics it was really fun and the graphics made me feel like i was actually talking to laura

Avatar4400 2013.06.14
Awesome game! love the graphics.

mishal_devil 2013.06.14
i would love get in the game

sexgirl14 2013.06.12
One of the best games ever

ldjlkjlsakjldskj 2013.06.10
i like this game but i wish there was more to it

asslover2345 2013.06.09
love the game....wish if there was more options

Lautrec 2013.06.09
Awesome. Having alot of fun!

Lautrec 2013.06.09
Perfect game! Has great graphics and all the niceness of it.

billythekid283 2013.06.08
hi im newbee and enjoy the game

shaggy629 2013.06.07
this is one of my fave games

atze1977 2013.06.07
i`m stuck i don`t know how to get in the house

tyguyrocks 2013.06.05
girls are hot in this game, graphics are awesome

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

hxpsk0 2013.06.02
awesome game....please put more graphics...

uicha37 2013.06.02
Cool game and good graphics

socrat207 2013.06.02
great game, ending 4 is the best

SaucyMinx 2013.06.01
The 3rd ending is the funniest.

DrkoKralj 2013.05.31
i`m stuck i don`t know how to get in the house

aaa3641292 2013.05.31
Hot game. basic gameplay though.I like it.

Romeo87 2013.05.28
Nice Game, good quality. Nice Endings :D

thunderfucker 2013.05.27
I love this game and so this website! :)

planetkillerxi 2013.05.27
Very good game if a bit simple. enjoy the graphics!!

trochustephh 2013.05.26
Hot girls, various endings, maybe more graphic sex but all in all a great game.

kave22 2013.05.24
This is a great game !!!!!!

saad76 2013.05.24
its a really good game love the graphics

Alper Tunga 2013.05.24
Its a good game which is not easy and not so dificult . I like games like that it has secrets and you have to be clever for the answers to reach what you want to see

sexybitch300 2013.05.23
i love thi sgame hot ass girls

63ted 2013.05.23
Good game enjoyed various endings.

jsmoove123 2013.05.23
Very nice game, nice graphics as well

PFO180 2013.05.23
Love the game. Begining to end. Wonderful

lilly654 2013.05.22
this game is cool. ill play it again

kasbro 2013.05.22
Love this game. grat gameplay

Zoey:D 2013.05.21
This game may just be my fav

ncubrilovic 2013.05.20
One of the greatest of all games. Love it

night.mare56 2013.05.20
this one was amazing. loved the way Laura surprised.

pussyLOVER101 2013.05.18
i wish i could eat gina and laura`s cunts like a dinner

pussyLOVER101 2013.05.18
I love laura is one of my all time fav games I LOVE IT

newguy21 2013.05.16
i played this game it was great

Kristal2222 2013.05.16
Great Game nice Graphics.

Weegie91 2013.05.16
A pretty good game I`m sure I`ll be playing over and over!

cameroncg 2013.05.15
swesome gameplay with sexy ladies

Alwan 2013.05.13
it was a fun game to play

bionu.org 2013.05.13
great game with hot girls

ice3105 2013.05.12
good game, nice pictures.

nsajay 2013.05.11
passed level but from reading comments i may have to come back... on to part 2 for now.. only thing about this game was that there were a couple spelling mishaps

xxrandoxx 2013.05.09
Sexy game............. Laura is Sexy

gwazz 2013.05.08
love this game but I cant seem to get the threesome even though I paid for it

kirosakiichigo 2013.05.06
Cool game and good graphics

snowdogz28 2013.05.02
exceptionnaly great game. epic threesome

Torresso 2013.05.02
Great game with nice graphics, i like the story!

jedi4242 2013.05.02
Can`t get past the forth page.

Ilovetatas55 2013.05.01
I like it but I don`t understand how to get the best ending.

gwazz 2013.05.01
i really like this game sexy women says it all

Guybrush_4 2013.04.30
Great game. Ending 4 is my favourite. I also like how different characters come back in different games. :)

lord_brutius 2013.04.28
loved the game ... thank you for the walk though

loda2010_lol2000 2013.04.28
amazinggggggggggggggggg game very nice

Nuke1927 2013.04.27
Nice Game good graphics.

arturo.m1497 2013.04.26
great game and great graphics like the high school romance game

FunkyBuddha1 2013.04.25
Great game, well worth a few play throughs

Johnny13 2013.04.25
Awsome game and graphics.. but i cant get enough money for the threesome :/

vinuforyou2012 2013.04.25
Loved this game, good graphics....

sexgod123 2013.04.23
one of the best games ever

Logbijin 2013.04.23
This game have nice graphic and great animation.

Bimon 2013.04.21
LOVE THIS GAME, ending #1 sucks

j5f8k 2013.04.21
Amazing game, I loved it, is there any more?

Rogie1 2013.04.21
Great game. Love the music

Mamaz89 2013.04.21
amazing game, easy and fun to play

kaw_kaw 2013.04.20
i like those stories at the end too^^

klypsa 2013.04.20
Great game as always from these guys :D

Kudo 2013.04.17
I like it ..... what a threesome !
Laura sure is sexy

jdmid 2013.04.16
I love lauran is a great game and has plenty of potential

john13 2013.04.15
amazing game, easy and fun to play

Shaquoya 2013.04.14
great game awesome graphics

ErkkiPena 2013.04.13
i love this game! good graphics too

O00O 2013.04.11
super games,graphic,endings

yahiko_es 2013.04.09
Great game... looking for all the endings.

rodmichael 2013.04.07
i hate that there`s no way to get it on with the secretary... or is there one? :O

AntoSerr 2013.04.07
Great game, nice graphics as well

erotic gamer 2013.04.07
Laura and Gina are both sexy and the graphics are good

dedrat0 2013.04.07
i really do love laura noww

flyer10 2013.04.06
very nice game. hard to keep the cursor in the circle at times tho

Noizekickz 2013.04.05
this is my nmmr 1 favorite ! i love it !!

gartal 2013.04.03
Excellent graphics. Interesting storyline, and the multiple ending possibilities is a great hook.

§ 2013.03.31
the gameshave a good grafic and the story is good

dogmean5 2013.03.31
Love the game. Begining to end. Wonderful

jamalhussain 2013.03.30
1. The Beginning
Go through the dialog with Laura and give her the painpills that she asks for. You can??t really mess this part up. Once she goes to work you will call Tom and ask if you can use his bungalow.

2. Tom??s Office
Once the phone call disconnects, you will be taken to the map. From here go to Tom??s Office and talk to his assistant, Blanca. Tell her that you are Tom??s friend and he said you could use the bungalow for a party and you are there for the keys. She will tell you that maybe you should find another place because she is not giving out the key, but her mood will increase. Press continue. Tell her to ask herself and give him a call. At this point she will deflect again and say she had already tried to reach him, press continue. Ask her why she can??t just trust people, press continue. Her mood should be around 70% now. If you weren??t paying attention, Tom??s girl??s name is Carry. Answer correctly and her mood will increase to 80%, press continue. Choose ??How about that: you give me the keys and I??ll return them tomorrow.? Her mood will drop, press continue. Tell her there is nothing valuable in the bungalow and that you have been there before, press continue. Voila! She will give you the key now. Click on the key and you will be taken back to the map.

3. Sex Shop
Now, go to the sex shop. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING! Ask the shop keeper for advice, ask about aphrodisiacs AND about toys. After that, she will tell you about the Strip Club where you can find a girl that will fit your needs. Take the card she gives you and leave the shop.

4. Strip Club
Go to the strip club and talk to the barmaid FIRST by clicking on her. Tell her you are looking to find a girl for a party. DO NOT BUY DRINKS. She will tell you to talk to the girl standing in front of her, Gina. Click on Gina and ask her if she is working, the next few steps are very important. She will tell you that she is a hooker. She will ask if you want to have fun, tell here ??I do want to have some fun?. Press continue and tell her you have an unusual request, press continue. Choose ??It??s not for me, but for my beloved girlfriend?, continue. Tell her that you want to surprise your girl and that she has always wanted to be with a woman. Now she will give you her pricing. If you messed up, she will want to charge you $800 for a threesome and you will not be able to afford it. If you did everything correctly so far, she will think you are a sweet guy and will only charge you $600 for the threesome. Choose threesome for $600 and leave.

5. The Bungalow Pt1.
Now go back to the bungalow and prepare. USE THE KEY! Do not break the window or the cops will end your fun. Just click the key, then click ??Enter?. Everything is prepared, press ??Leave?

6. The Gas Station
Visit Laura at the gas station and invite her to the bungalow. When it takes you back to the map, go to the bungalow again.

7. The Bungalow Pt2.
Laura is now here with you at the bungalow. Continue through the dialog until she returns from the shower in a sexy outfit. You can choose to tell her either option. Then turn the music on, her temptation will increase. Now give her drinks. Then click on Laura and tease her. First rub her elbow on the arm she has lifted, then move to the feet, then the thigh, the breasts, and finally the panties. You are gradually building the ??passion bar? as you do this until it hits 100%.

Now Gina will arrive. Laura seems upset, do not worry. Tell her to calm down and that this is her surprise. Continue through the dialog and the girls will begin to make out and touch each other. Eventually you will come a choice, choose ??That??s enough. Now it??s time to satisfy my needs?. Laura will begin to perform an act on you. Now turn her around.

A bouncing circle will appear and you will need to control your thrusts with this. Simply click and hold the left mouse button and try to keep the cursor inside the circle as it moves.
This will continue until the passion bar reaches 100% again. Now watch the girls play.

You will come to a choice again after some more scenes. It all comes down to this. Suggest a threesome. Laura is hesitant. Choose ??I??ll be gentle?. Then choose to do Laura together. Another passion circle will appear. After you reach 100% passion, you can choose to finish on Laura??s face or Gina??s Face. Either way makes no difference.

Congratulations! You??ve successfully seduced your girl into a threesome and unlocked ending 4 of I love laura (the best ending!). There are 4 other endings which we will be covering soon.

Krush 2013.03.30
great game, one of my fav

JimTB1010 2013.03.29
Love the game but isn`t it a reflection on high school romance but good graphics looks so real

ymailsuresh 2013.03.29
excellent story ...i love its ending

Joshua008 2013.03.28
Very hot woman, but a bit hard to get at good ending

GhostShadow 2013.03.27
love the graphics beautiful ladies

4queijos 2013.03.26
This graphics are adorable, pls I want more!

sriramsahu26 2013.03.26
Laura is looking very beautiful !

nico2099 2013.03.26
still trying to get all endings great game though

sprk692 2013.03.25
Very interesting game with great animation!!!

g1megrelidze 2013.03.25
nice game love it, but dissapointed with ending did sio much to pleasure her and she was lesbian FUF

nicky14723 2013.03.24
that was really something to talk about

raiders1150 2013.03.24
The graphics are amazing, i think this is the best website for gaming ever.

GaryMisson 2013.03.24
very well on the graphic. so easy in story, but too easy to control the choices of the game.
thanks a lot.

Dave719 2013.03.24
A bit easy and didn`t hold my interest for long

jakeshadow 2013.03.19
what an addictive story and endless ending!!

chrisa 2013.03.18
Great game, one of my favorites

triskel92 2013.03.17
I love this one, very good graphics and gameplay!

fg_imisfit 2013.03.16
this is a great game, love the ending

Universe1 2013.03.16
great game love the amount of endings especially the cheating option!!!!!
Outstanding, the endings are so different. I love that thanks for this one for sure.
My favorite game from all at this time

glukos37 2013.03.15
very interesting lovable game........ addictive.....love playing it.

AdlianNurbhakti 2013.03.14
very good graphic & so many different ending
I like it

vagsbeat21 2013.03.14
I love the graphics but i do dislike to many diffrent endings

Josh Carter 2013.03.10
Fun game. Loved that there were multiple endings!

Animeniac 2013.03.09
A pretty fun game, I must say. The moving cursor thing was kinda odd but not difficult to follow. Good job!

Username2603 2013.03.08
Very nice game, good story, not short and nice pics as always

duckray69 2013.03.08
Really good game, love it

MariaSexyhardik 2013.03.05
fucking hot game nice graphics

dephunk 2013.03.05
the multiple endings realyl give this one a high replay value

troyfizzle 2013.03.04
damn laura is fuckin hot

Babelover100 2013.03.04
Loved the great graphics and variation of endings

ubernova 2013.03.03
fun gameplay and very good

blackluffy 2013.03.02
great game love the amount of endings especially the cheating option!!!!!

Anreel 2013.03.01
Nice game,very interesting

Sir_Loins 2013.03.01
Outstanding, the endings are so different. I love that thanks for this one for sure.

Jumbo666 2013.03.01
Good game ,great graphics and story!!!!!!!

nitroxmonster 2013.02.27
Great Game... I`am a total addict to this game now!!!

Petuharius 2013.02.26
My favorite game from all at this time

DavidBoy6 2013.02.25
Great game with great graphics
Bianca is a real thing of beauty..
Love it :D

Buddah1000 2013.02.21
I like this game alot, a nice easy game with good graphics

azzadrood 2013.02.20
Very nice game, good graphic and hapy endings:))

firekit 2013.02.20
loved the game. great graphics and nice story line.

shivers1 2013.02.19
Very nice game, looks good like all games I know from leonizer.
I only couldn`t find ending 2, how can I reach this? thnx

UniverseKing 2013.02.19
Nice graphics and gameplay.

arland_2004 2013.02.19
i like this game she is hottt

sexyguy46 2013.02.19
Very hot when the girls bang each other.

dreanged jarhead 2013.02.17
This game is really i really like it

naotochan 2013.02.16
this game is great and one of my favorite so far

great graphics ( the girls are hot) and the fact the mini games are more easy in second plathrough is good

bjornerik 2013.02.16
I loved this game!! So much fun!

dreanged jarhead 2013.02.16
Damn i really wish that she were my girlfriend

heyjb28 2013.02.16
Great classic game. Amazing graphics and VERY sexy/

jackme42 2013.02.12
A little bit simple, but ok

southwjr01 2013.02.12
This is an excellent game, the graphics are very good, and I love the story line. I hope they come out with more like this

Dullknifex 2013.02.11
Very good game, nice graphics and music!

bigkane29 2013.02.10
im loving this game the females r so damn sexy

coilar 2013.02.10
Great game,awesome sound and graphics

akrenes 2013.02.10
awsome game, i like this type games

asslover3425 2013.02.10
very sexy and nice graphics

wandres25 2013.02.10
Wow, a very sexy game. That was so good and the chick is so damn hot.

hotzack 2013.02.09
ooooh this game is killing me the graphic is awsome

leon9145 2013.02.09
Love the game the gamme is good lots of boobs

leon9145 2013.02.09
very enjoyable game, will be playing it again to try and get the other endings.

Teine 2013.02.09
One of the more simpler games, but with a great ending, if you get to the right one.

FendarPlus 2013.02.07
Great game, I love it, I get all finals, its a bit easy

milany 2013.02.06
very good story. one of my favorites. :)

Ickmal 2013.02.06
The girl is really hot but the gameplay is still limited a bit. Too bad !

lucky88jack 2013.02.06
glad i got to play this one. no regrets

vaivin 2013.02.05
great game with all needed features

leon201 2013.02.04
nice game laura is a fuckin hot

leon201 2013.02.04
really nice game with awesome graphics

DarkAngel5 2013.02.03
How exactly do you make the guy happy at the end? Great game though.

Leodred312 2013.02.03
great storyline, average graphics, fun to play

woody56 2013.02.02
This game is awesome. Another great game from Play Force One.

natural_born_G 2013.02.02
really nice game with awesome graphics

NeilKaBob 2013.01.31
The English was so horrible I almost stopped playing 30 seconds into it!!

stanleeleon 2013.01.29
nice game but i want little long

taker3345 2013.01.29
nice game laura is a fuckin hottie

joey25986 2013.01.28
the passion just keeps getting greater and greater!!!

tarmizzey 2013.01.28
im stuck in the game after deal with a girl

bmanjayhawk 2013.01.27
Great game. Wish you could get the assitant involved too....

bigzaddyy 2013.01.27
this game has nice graphics

Tobie 2013.01.27
good graphics and characters

angrypussy 2013.01.26
Ugh! I`m fucking soaking wet. I want to fuck right now.

Gordn3 2013.01.24
Its really a good game , very good graphic.

KIiD 2013.01.24
very interesting game... i find myself playing many times to get the many endings

akash0414 2013.01.24
its really a good game i like to play this game again and again

nash72 2013.01.24
they should allow more money, it gives more options

nash72 2013.01.23
This is a great game, but they should have included the sexy cop

joeden 2013.01.23
its nice but i come me so littel exciting

aceelvin09 2013.01.23
Nice game....pretty girl....

ZoeBug 2013.01.22
I loved this game!! So much fun!

OMTOR10 2013.01.21
This game my favourite. i just love playing it.

ClarkCosta 2013.01.19
Abseloutely awesome, I loved it!

VeNNoM 2013.01.19
Good game very entertaining

chesty 2013.01.18
Great game with several enjoyable endings.

krillik1 2013.01.18
Thanks for the walkthroughs. they are very helpful. Great game!

sriharia161 2013.01.18
beautiful game amazing graphics nice to play

sriharia161 2013.01.17
great game, beautiful graphics

Force danny 2013.01.17
great game loved the graphic it very nice and loved the ending too!!!!!!!

yusuk 2013.01.16
I loved the qame. It was erotic and qot me wet! I love qames that have an effect on me like that:) I think the qraphics were relistic and very stimulatinq.

yusuk 2013.01.15
great game, great bodies, great story. i love it :)

mrinapropri8 2013.01.14
yet another great game, hard to not play again and again as i want to keep seeing different things!

Esme 2013.01.13
Really good game, enjoyed it..

Zee850 2013.01.10
Pretty good game. It`s nice that they make you replay it to unlock more options.

Moimoi14 2013.01.10
Good game and goods graphics, but it`s a little short

NAWTYLEON 2013.01.10

sinfulleagle 2013.01.09
love tghe game really fun

Vego Clicker 2013.01.09
Really really good game ! Very exciting ! One of my favorite !

pericka 2013.01.08
i really2x love this game ...its so sexy!!!

DrDiegore 2013.01.08
Great game. Just to bad im stuck. Lovely graphics and the story is very interestimg.

blipif 2013.01.08
awsome game but not long enough

CB54 2013.01.06
Awesome game; great graphics and animation.

jit 2013.01.05
nice game, Laura is so hot!

forrest 2013.01.03
good graphics great fun and sexy

jurben 2013.01.03
nice game with really good graphics

balelaz 2013.01.03
very interesting and hot game with diverse endigs

mor j 2013.01.01
It`s really good game with great graphics.

legion145 2012.12.31
one of the best games ever

Joebee 2012.12.30
YEAHHH. This is so good! Love you Laura.

DOD83 2012.12.29
It`s okay, but a little bit drawn out for my tastes.

Germantiger 2012.12.29
hot game, nice graphics, many ways to compete!

xxxwer 2012.12.28
its was cool love laura body

serenity69 2012.12.27
Nice gaphics, good walkthrough

serenity69 2012.12.27
Nice graphics but reaching dead end soon

Docklander 2012.12.27
Great fun, good graphics, plenty of options :-)

gman3399 2012.12.26
good short game. could be more options

shevamilan 2012.12.26
nice game...laura is very sexy

nap000 2012.12.24
Pretty good game. looks good as usual, but its abit short in my opinion.

pussy121 2012.12.24
great game really enjoyed it

bsbsanders 2012.12.23
this is a cool and fun game.

Sammie_1 2012.12.22
Can anyone help me get the other endings I saw 2 and 3....

carlo428566 2012.12.22
great game,great graphics and im looking for ending 4

CaptainHammer 2012.12.18
It would be pretty amazing if this actually happened past a computer screen! Great game, great concept, great graphics!
Challenging but very hot!

TheTrollDude 2012.12.18
this is a great game
really nice graphics and the variation endings are great

waqas111 2012.12.17
incredible game, highly recommended to everyone whos eager for lust and sexual expierence :)

waqas111 2012.12.17
Pretty good game, but fairly short

EmerikQ 2012.12.17
Nice game, but not so interesting style for playing this game.... but I like graphic and complete story

jessie25 2012.12.16
This game is so sexy. But i cant get the bungalow keys from the woman and i dont have enough money for a lock picker device. what should i do?

Chrisojj88 2012.12.16
The writing for this game is particulary good , the endings are good aswell.

itsmylife 2012.12.16
great game really like the feel of realism involved with the money system

sele81 2012.12.15
very nice outfits & attractive babes

t00nie123 2012.12.14
i really2x love this game thanks for making it hehee

t00nie123 2012.12.14
nc game and awesome characters good job :D

buu123 2012.12.13
very great game and good graphics too

CalebIronside 2012.12.11
Enjoyed the game very well, graphics and animation done very well. I also liked the hidden avenues.

Sprtan137 2012.12.11
this was a fun game. and the girls are hotness!

zerotr1 2012.12.10
great game sexy and smart make u horny

Jack224 2012.12.10
This game has a good gameplay,a lot of secrets to be unlocked and big fun playing it-it`s addictive. Animations are pretty good too,same as for graphics. I love playing it.

Mr. Magic 2012.12.10
I must be missing something. I`m following the walkthrough but the prices from the girl in the strip club don`t match any of the prices indicated in the walkthroughs. Any help?

mohmoh 2012.12.07
i love laura too ..... great game great graphic great end

thugdaddy 2012.12.07
Great game great graphics and great laura

thugdaddy 2012.12.07
Nice graphics and game :)

mrguy 2012.12.07
Wow this was so hot, man wish there was a sequel featuring Laura

monkeyhunter42 2012.12.06
Great game love the endings

markjun balugabobo 2012.12.06
nice for the big tits like me

warpedwiseman 2012.12.05
Great game, but I cannot figure out how to get ending 4. Everything I see requires you to buy the dildo ($250) and pay for the 3-some ($600) Since you only have $600 this isn`t possible.

Besides that, very good.

Dosha 2012.12.03
very very good and sexy game like other games in Play Force One

ethos85 2012.12.02
fun game could do with a movie scene or 2

darknez 2012.12.02
Good game, great 3d quality, needs some work on the fluidity of the story and the typographical errors .

sidem 2012.12.01
great game, really fun too. good story

thebluecow 2012.11.30
this game is the real deal, for sure!

babygirl6462 2012.11.30
this game is really awesome and the chicks were HOT

ryukin 2012.11.29
TThis is hot. Good game and great endings

Karolingas 2012.11.28
Haven`t played game awesome as this in a long time. :) outstanding graphics and physics :)

Shadow1345 2012.11.28
i loved the ending where you got busted by the cop

kdogg1 2012.11.26
The gameplay was great and gaphics were great

redfoxx 2012.11.26
bring back Laura. We miss her!

brookeishornny 2012.11.24
that chick is so fucking funny i have such a hard on

Act132 2012.11.24
A very nice game really fun to play

stalker96 2012.11.24
Great game, good graphics too, but can someone tell me how do I get the police woman shown in the extra content?

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


alaine 2012.11.22
nice graphics and controls

abhi156 2012.11.22
Wow Can Do any thing for love and sex ..................... Nice Graphic love the game

loloxx 2012.11.21
nice game, Laura is so hot!

stevic 2012.11.20
brilliant game, laura is so hot

Bajuba 2012.11.19
Very good storyline and graphics with a lot of endings. Laura is very hot.

revol 2012.11.19
This is probably one of my favorite games.

Malethikus 2012.11.16
Fun Game, with a good story, great to play

Theosopher 2012.11.15
Better with the moaning sounds of the girls!

lockwood1 2012.11.15
I really enjoyed the game. It was challenging but not difficult. I only wish there were more options for the other girl, like any of the other girls in the game could have been bought or talked into it.

rroory 2012.11.15
Good game interesting endings and very good graphics :)

asdf34 2012.11.14
great game, loved the story.

hitsushi 2012.11.11
Hot girls, much endings, with sound, this game is awesome. Top score 100

Horgretor 2012.11.11
Top notch game. Super liked the situation and the girls, the sex could be more involving. Generally good.

nr47 2012.11.09
Girls are hot and graphics are good, 5/5!

futureyankeepg 2012.11.08
this game is nice to play!

dappy9 2012.11.07
AWESOME GAME! Quality is perfect.

ganjahtreu 2012.11.06
really hot and sexy girls!!!
very hot game!!!!
sooo hot and nasty bitches!!!

voynar88 2012.11.05
Like this geme, maybe bit more talkin options would be nice.

funchevyman502 2012.11.05
Pretty hot game. Great graphics. I`ll have to try for some more endings :)

krasskk 2012.11.05
wow i yould love to see more of her

Cloans 2012.11.02
Excellent game! Love the threesome actions! Definitely one to play again and again

PlayFOne 2012.11.01
I really wanted the cop, hopefully we will see her in a next game

Kudos5 2012.10.29
I was impressed by the music and graphics. Good story. Grammar could have been better. 8/10

Ceaxy 2012.10.29
good game...nice graphics

OFP 2012.10.28
Favorite game ;) love it

sau01 2012.10.27
I liked this game, sorry that the police officer did not join us
Use google translator

freak3425 2012.10.25
like the options in the game, she is sexy too.

Djule 2012.10.25
great game, nice graphics

strassasin69 2012.10.24
i think i should play again cause didnt really get a good ending

zymuthh 2012.10.24
very sexy game really enjoyed it

djsquad 2012.10.23
my favourite game, just awesome gameplay with variation

Bacon suscker 2012.10.23
I love this game, soo sexy.

shlomi606 2012.10.22
laura is reallly nice awesome game

razvan 2012.10.22
nice girl nice grafic nice game is lovel game y like

malice4 2012.10.21
I love the game Laura is at hot as fuck

boris3005 2012.10.20
Sexy game, but the sound lets it down at the end. I enjoyed it, though.

jlmerry11 2012.10.18
hot game it really turned me on

dante58 2012.10.17
quite enjoyable game.......great work with different endings......!!!!! :D

biggrk 2012.10.14
Great game , good graphics , great endings

loveulikesg 2012.10.13
love this game great graphics

loveulikesg 2012.10.13
awsome graphics and awsome story love ts game

bluetick 2012.10.12
Great options great grahpics..what can I say, great

banzai95 2012.10.11
Very well done game with plenty of options, good job.

Faqui 2012.10.11
loved the game and the grapics

bastoc 2012.10.10
Another fun game with great graphics from Lesson of Passion. This one does have some awkwardly clunky dialog to it though

hoppster 2012.10.09
What an awesome game really enjoyed that

blackfoxs2 2012.10.08
i love the animation great game

Snoman 2012.10.07
Laura is so hot in this game great graphics

Bro121 2012.10.07
Very good graphic. love playing it!

russian1 2012.10.06
great game and endings, nice one

BitSpyder 2012.10.06
very nice, kept plying till i found all the endings

Jarney 2012.10.05
lovely game ! It`s so hot and cool

nolifer 2012.10.04
fun game my fav is threesome the was a typo when i played not major but still a typo where enstead of that`s its tha`ts just to let people know.

kedy1man 2012.10.03
great game but the story line is too short

MitchShell16 2012.10.03
Great game, love the LOP series, not the best but one of my favourites

Fummie 2012.10.03
Really enjoyed the graphics, but gameplay was distracting!

boilermaker99 2012.09.29
awesome graphics and sexy girls

zorgthesexy45 2012.09.28
all games in site are awsome and cool

omega809 2012.09.27
very interesting game love this game very addictive

Jokke1 2012.09.25
Hot game with very good graphics and sexy ladys

erpoly 2012.09.23
so hot game....the best graphic,sound and gameplay....so hot...love it

Toddy123 2012.09.22
This game is amazing, I love it and it is now my favorite game!

jakewyatts 2012.09.18
Nice story and addictive. 100 rating

livinglifesince1998 2012.09.17
this is a great game with a good story line

Vaginete 2012.09.16
I loved it, the game has a pretty cool story, now I`ll play continued. Addictive.

Jokke1 2012.09.16
Early "Passion" game, but very nice game. The ladyes really hot and the gameplay is ok !

nanou_ds 2012.09.15
very interesting game, and its addicting...but i love playing it.....

omega809 2012.09.15
fun game very addictive love playing this game

dangibney 2012.09.13
Awesome. I think I got the best ending first try: ending up in a relationship with both gorgeous girls, Laura and Gina! Both stunning. Gameplay`s simple and fun. Great game.

worldkiller99 2012.09.12
Wonderful game I just love it Laura is so Sexy Hot. Graphics are amazing love who ever made the game.

129 2012.09.11

ricardo1422 2012.09.10
good story,great endings nice game

jakir 2012.09.08
love the story and the girls look great

ernestos 2012.09.07
nice... but not very easy... but sexy...

debonairdeviant 2012.09.07
Not bad. I got the wedding ending. The interactive portion was different than other games and can`t say I didn`t like it.

MiroMasry 2012.09.05
very nice game with excellent graphics

mystic_m 2012.09.03
took me a while and lots of replays but finally managed to get to all 5 endings.
Ending no.1 seemed to be the hardest for me to get... lol

mystic_m 2012.09.03
love the threesome ending

portalhome 2012.09.02
when i play this game, it makes me feel good

Francois 2012.09.01
Very good and sexy games!! I loved it!!

eaglestrike98 2012.08.31
really good game, but pretty easy haha

LPDUB01 2012.08.30
this is a great game, wish more were like these

cool3190 2012.08.29
A very great game...great graphics and gameplay.. how do i get ending 4

bodog 2012.08.29
nice face, wush there was more

harmsedition 2012.08.28
this is a great story i really like this one

tidekeeper 2012.08.28
a very good game enjoyed it

FIXYUSRB 2012.08.28
I love LAura,so sexy...btv there could be more scens :D :) :D

zr77z 2012.08.27
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics, worth replaying for the endings.

passionate87 2012.08.26
omg the girl in this game looks so sexy and hot it was a lot of fun teasing her

sexyman0121 2012.08.25
amazing storyline and options keep it up!

Cupcake1234 2012.08.23
when i play this game, it makes me feel good

archer2012 2012.08.22
this game is pretty good. decent gameplay and extra hot chicks.

mearnax2 2012.08.21
This is my favorite game on the site so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spikez 2012.08.20
this game is great im addicted to it in a way haha:D

Twiddis 2012.08.19
Pretty fun game. Laura is soo damn hot.

The only thing that really bugged me was the grammar. It kinda killed it for me, lol.

s04421 2012.08.19
those graphics are just fabulous

kkkk9903 2012.08.19
good game enjoyed it a lot and i loved the chicks

Alex101 2012.08.18
Not Bad Love playing it Very Interesting

Jeti 2012.08.17
Quite interesting. The discussions could be more complex though

Flux 2012.08.16
Oh I love this game so much, I am so addicted to it (=

zafara 2012.08.14
Very neet game, and for once the music isn`t so bad that I have to mute it. Not a great deal of conversation options but it has its moments.

Rass 2012.08.14
Very interesting game, and good grapichs.

Savoy 2012.08.14
A little to "pink", if you understand, but one of my favorites nonetheless.

satelitic 2012.08.14
is this laura the same from the other games?

satelitic 2012.08.14
strong game, but you have to pay a lot of attention to what she likes so that money isn`t wasted

Big2823 2012.08.12
Wish i figure out a way to get more money, 600 isnt enough

dhruboPassion 2012.08.12
Great game...my first on LOP....Waiting to play more...Loved the girl,Laura....Got Ending 4 & i loved it....:)

aidenko 2012.08.12
very cool game! beautiful girls. played many times

Swordfish 2012.08.11
There some really nice endings...

blahblohbleh 2012.08.10
short game, but nice game with lots of endings

luckyjarhead 2012.08.10
Like the graphics and content, will play again

zr77z 2012.08.10
This games is very attractive by the graphic and the animation .

curan 2012.08.09
The game is very good and the girls are all super cute. One thing that bugged me though were the wrong spellings. They are very frequent and this kind of kill the mood. Sounds (moaning, etc.) would have been welcome as well.

starless 2012.08.09
Cool game, nice graphics. I didn`t do so well though, will have to try again.

flamered 2012.08.09
Good game, laura is so cute

luka v. 2012.08.08
great game and great endings

kevin4550 2012.08.07
i like this game, it has a good gameplay and a good story.

pharlap27 2012.08.06
really enjoyed this game one of my favourites

aresa 2012.08.05
very interesting games and no so easy !

Lament 2012.08.02
Great game especially with all the different endings.

cuppa007 2012.08.02
Love the music, great story, just wish it was longer !

WUWowner 2012.07.31
I love laura and this game, graphics was great and the ring part isn`t too hard to get pass.

lesbolover4567 2012.07.31
i love all of the endings!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

BigD63 2012.07.30
very good game, as expected by LOP

bigcock15 2012.07.29
good graphics, and sexy plot

uthsh 2012.07.29
a great game. the graphics was good

rskibbe 2012.07.28
I really liked that one it was good

ayushk45 2012.07.26
One of the best games here, very beautiful, tender, with a good undirect storyline&ending logic

LCPLSmarty 2012.07.26
Yeah, I love Laura. Damn she was smoking hot. I liked the story too.

badb0ys009 2012.07.26
i really enjoyed this game. Very interesting lovable game

Ninja7 2012.07.25
Great game but i wish there was a little more animation but other than that it was amazing.

MasamuneZeroX 2012.07.24
awesome game it is very hot

updown66 2012.07.22
This game was petty good, i really like it.

billah913 2012.07.22
i really enjoyed this game. i hope there are more exciting games to play

kalaunni 2012.07.22
yesterday only i signed in and i like this site and games in it these are very attractive by giving options to select and interact with girls . wish little more interaction should be there..... :)

msbunny1221 2012.07.22
It was pretty good. I think more animated characters instead of still graphics would be better but it was alright. :)

KAHDAPHY 2012.07.20
fantastic storyline..what a wonderful girl.,i like it

lilrapist 2012.07.19
really hot and awesome game love it addict fully

sam5 2012.07.17
nice game! love playing it

sventhecoward 2012.07.16
Laura is absolutely gorgeous......I don`t even have to move forward in the game, I could just check out the pose at the beginning, where she is wearing nothing but the thigh-high stockings.....absolutely gorgeous.....

acdffdca 2012.07.15
i think designers of the game should countinue this series!

Planb 2012.07.15
Outstanding....well done.

kuydster 2012.07.14
The endings were pretty weird, but it was a great game

dance406 2012.07.13
Some of the endings are werid but overall good game

white woolf 2012.07.12

kasap84 2012.07.12
it is a great game i think. İ played it several times.

asdedali4 2012.07.12
i really like playing this game

Echnaton 2012.07.11
Great game I had a lot of fun i try to search for more ends

timotimo12 2012.07.11
pretty nice game i like it

crugh2112 2012.07.08
Freakin` HOT! Fun to run through all of the possibilities.

Reppo 2012.07.07
Good game! Great graphics and nice story

basdren 2012.07.07
Amazing girls,great graphics and awesome endings.Thanks PF1

Abring 2012.07.06
Good game! Great graphics and nice story line.

shiathzu 2012.07.05
Seriously awesome game, love the graphics. That girl-on-girl scene with Gina was so good!

chairman066 2012.07.04
i like this game, the girls are really sexy and its a fun interface...

sfalke 2012.07.04
This game is very hot. I like to fuck Laura in her ass.

J_BALLS_J 2012.07.04
game is quite buff and laura is sexy

robd_7 2012.07.04
awesome game, graphics and gameplay are great

angel91devil 2012.07.03
I loved the qame. It was erotic and qot me wet! I love qames that have an effect on me like that:) I think the qraphics were relistic and very stimulatinq.

bigjdizzle78 2012.07.03
This game is so addictive and really captivated me. Hope there will be a follow-up.

mememe91 2012.07.03
this game is sexy very addictive

stealthyotter 2012.07.01
good game. ending 4 is the best

mamacake88 2012.07.01
this is great game and have a good sex sence

akramkok5 2012.06.29
An interesting game. There is a story and the ability to change. good graphics and beautiful girls, but wish for more options like threesome with cop

madmij 2012.06.29
a great game with an amazing ending

maddaCH 2012.06.28
really nice game with great graphics

ZurDa 2012.06.26
Muy bueno!! lindas chicas!

fezginge 2012.06.26
awesome game, graphics and gameplay are great

kyai 2012.06.25
Nice 1, i enjoyed the storylines & the graphics :)
Thx & G`Day

nrg 2012.06.25
That was a very good game and good sex scene.

Allfather88 2012.06.24
really great game well done all round

17dvldog75 2012.06.22
Great game. Love the different endings.

dance303 2012.06.21
i wish that some of the scenes would have been longer but together good

sharkoutofwater 2012.06.21
need more interaction, but still enjoyable

NeaTriciahna 2012.06.19
This game was fucking awesome.... i`m gonna play it again!

Didou 2012.06.17
Loved the game great variation of endings

joseph1 2012.06.16
this games pretty awesome

Hitcher 2012.06.15
An interesting game. There is a story and the ability to change. Not a bad graphic!

Agreatfucker 2012.06.15
Ah! Great Graphics.
I Wish it was more long

punchomie 2012.06.14
very intersting game loved playing it

wolfgang916 2012.06.13
In fact, it`s so good, I`m commenting twice. I loved it.

wolfgang916 2012.06.13
Epic game. Love the graphics, great story. Just a fun, fun game.

wewe123 2012.06.12
this is the best game ever

Tiamatty 2012.06.11
Lesbian sex is awesome. Some grinding would`ve been a nice touch. Ah well.

hoptita 2012.06.10
very good game...very hot

antisa 2012.06.09
this hame is very cool. and the best thing about the game is that it has tips and tricks

darkwow 2012.06.08
Hah! i turned her lesbian, i gotta try those other endings, this is definitly the most challenging one ive played yet

xxxoxxx 2012.06.08
i like it, very nice game, beautiful graphics

kiva_bat 2012.06.08
cool games & Its so great

sli228 2012.06.07
THis is a good game, but it is really hard sinc eif you do something wrong, the place dissapears...Good Game though!

DrTonyLynx 2012.06.06
This game is sooo HOT! I got the threesome ending, but I went back for the lesbian ending

deneisha01 2012.06.03
This game is awesome, please make another.

therodfather 2012.06.03
good game with exellent graphics really like that there is variation on endings to give more challenge

xxksgxx 2012.06.03
Was a pretty good game, I think more endings could/should have been done.

BIG__DICK 2012.06.02
nice game it was awesome i love laura too

dj_bimbo2001 2012.06.02
good gameplay extra animations!

jpsacrey 2012.06.02
great game good story line

Kemp 2012.06.02
Awesome game. To bad she doesn`t like the threesome

dj_bimbo2001 2012.06.01
it was fun playing this game

elluu 2012.05.30
Very, very nice job with the game. This is what we wanted. Thank you!

kurtrussell 2012.05.30
Laura is gorgeous and the game is amazing.

Tyomanator 2012.05.29
One of the best games here, very beautiful, tender, with a good undirect storyline&ending logic. Not a "take everything you can and win" type.

castilho 2012.05.28
Love this game... trying to get different endings

DrJPayne 2012.05.28
It really makes me want to unlock all the endings.

chrisDel 2012.05.28
this game is the best I have played so far

Littlegrandpa 2012.05.25
In my opinion the storyline is not the best - and there is not much erotic in the game

jackman2011 2012.05.22
great game good story line

bahamut86 2012.05.22
Very good game and grafic, good gameplay

ichiiis 2012.05.22
I love the game! Except Gameplay

boobies621 2012.05.21
very good game, very sexy

history 2012.05.21
it is a good game nice and easy to complete it is a nice good game i love laura is a good game

ReinoGol 2012.05.20
>At the end i marreidn her. What a game was that:))

Arowwe 2012.05.19
Amazing game and I love Laura. Great graphics

Arowwe 2012.05.19
this game was awesome and I love laura

ghost20 2012.05.19
the graphic was good much better than some other games

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.19
great game good story line

sittingduck58 2012.05.17
Who needs a threesome? Laura is hot by herself

bolt19 2012.05.17
i got the 3rd ending and love this game!

Mr.Man19 2012.05.14
I dont how to do full sex with my girl in this game

marcrin 2012.05.14
loving these games, they are just so darn good!

Beto07 2012.05.13
realy great game, great history and images

rubinr 2012.05.11
Is there a way to include the office girl?

inamo 2012.05.09
The secretary needs to be more of player here! hottest girl

boychucha45 2012.05.08
Very good game. Had some problems finding where to use the bottle of wine, guess, i couldn`t find it without the walkthrough. Maybe the glasses on the shelf could be barely visible? Also an idea - in scene with 3 kisses to the cheek, breast and belly, it could be a 4th option to try to remove the skirt, with a malus to opinion f.e.

Reposting the walkthrough with a small addition of mine:

Begin Date
Go shopping
(Disc, rose and bottle of wine) - give rose, keep the rest
(Dildo and rose) give rose, keep dildo. (if give the dildo as gift - bad ending 01
(Bear and Rose and wine) give bear and rose, hold onto wine.
(Chocalte - Wine or Rose) If get the wine, hold on to it.

Say hello to Megan.

If you used all dialogs /stay in the yellow or red, bad ending 02

Start off with some small talk.
I`m glad you came today, you look great.
It`s so peacefull in this park, don`t you think.
I actually come to this park to relax.

Gossip about your friends.
I heard the girls are treating you like royalty.
Is your famly taking care ofy ou? since giovanni.
Have the guys been after you, now that you`re single.

Ask about megan and what she likes.
Your offit is quite sexy, is it new?
So.. what do you look for in a guy?
what do you want as a women?

Talk about love & past relatonships.
I`m suprised you aggreed to start dating soon.
Do you ever think you`ll find true love.

Give her a kiss

Ask her to make out with you.

In Apartment -
After kiss, use both wrong dialogs, then end the dialog and cup a feel twice - bad ending 03.
Use all four dialogs, cup a feel once, ask to remove, evict teddy bear, do the kiss, attempt to remove skirt - Bad ending 04.

Click on cubbard in the back (Offer glass of wine, only if you got the wine bottle)

Kiss megan on her cheek.

You know..l`ve always liked you.
I`m gload we got this time togther.
End Dialog.

Asked Megan if she wants to remove her vest.
(if having a disc) - use disc on PC > autogo to next dialog
I love your tits. (mouse over tits)
talk about eyes > bad ending AFAIR

Kiss Megans lower back. or (smack her ass)
(click in the kicthen area.)
Rub thights, remove shoes, remove socks, then remove skirt.
auto up stairs in room. Skip below to sex stuff.
(Click on feet to take back to floor pillow area.)
Unzip pants and expose your @@@@@
Cum in mouth or not, cum in mouth is Bad Ending 05
Do not and it be upstairs right at remove skirt / below.

(If you gave the teady bear as gift and did not use the wine)

I really wish I could be him right now. (mouse over lips)

after some more dialog, choose kiss her body,
Click on the rotating circle, cheek, breast, belly button, in that order.

Try to remvoe her bra
Invite to bedroom
remove her shoes.
remove her socks

God damn you got a great body
Is there anything special you like.
End Dialog

Remove megan`s skirt.
Rub her thigh, stomach then breast.
Remove panties

`Sex stuff`

Click on pussy to lick, or Kiss megan`s breast. `breast have no effect`

(If you got the dildo it will be there, use it first, otherwise it goes away.)

Options 1 - two choices.
head ( ask megan to suck your @@@@) - does not give a choice not to cum in mouth. - Option 2
rear (spread megan`s legs and take her) 2

option 2
right arm area (push her legs up)
pussy (let megan ride you)

option 3
boob (try another position)
ass (play with megan`s ass) - sort of leads to bad ending.

If click on ass, you can click on boobs after the first couple dialogs "applogize" if not, Bad Ending 09
Goes to reverse cowgirl.

Two options, (try other positon which is Reveser Cow girl) or click on her butt to play with ass.
Play with ass is a bad ending. (9)

Third is reverse cowgirl ride,
Cum on tits. (mouse over tits). Good Ending
Cum on face - Good Endind 06
If you choose cum in pussy, it be a Bad Ending. 07
Cum on tits, Good Endinng 08.
Take Her butt - Bad Ending 09.

altair744 2012.05.06
great game, nice graphics

indra2012 2012.05.05
I realy love this game make me want to play again and again mwahh

lilbear 2012.05.05
great game good story line

y2curry 2012.05.03
Very good game; Laura is gorgeous. Too bad we couldn`t seduce the secretary though!

I gave it a 95.

dudebhim 2012.05.01
awesome game i ever played

Nekro 2012.05.01
good quality graphics nice game could play this all night

Zulkarnine 2012.04.30
This is a very interesting game, But it needs to be a bit erotic

zolo513 2012.04.30
This game was totally awesome. The graphics were good, the style was good, and it was fun.

kellylovefucker69 2012.04.29
very good game. I rated it 97 for amazing graphics, various endings, and beautiful girls. The sex toys and aphrodisiacs that could be purchased provided some neat twists and there were different ways to do anything in the game. Only reasons I did not give 100 was I wished the game could have been slightly longer and that all characters could be used, like the girl at the office and the police woman. Otherwise, extraordinary game, keep it up!

sodomanie 2012.04.28
very interesting lovable game........ addictive.....love playing it.

Pilot101 2012.04.27
The work of a genius, delightful.

domo098 2012.04.27
is there any way to get the police woman?

marmarluv 2012.04.26
very interesting lovable game i love playing it

sodomanie 2012.04.26
i love this one, very good

kabayan 2012.04.25
Great gameplay with various ending, make you want to play again

xiilove 2012.04.22
great game I love games were you can do same stuf by diferent ways)

lionman3 2012.04.21
Great game with mutiple endings. well worth the time to play

harrywibowo 2012.04.20
The very first erotic flash game i played ... :)

zgoregeek 2012.04.19
great game awesome gameplay, like the variety in choices, hot girls too

smokeweed411 2012.04.18
great ending and graphics, im addicted

MONK117 2012.04.17
good game, graphics are ok

winterpilot 2012.04.17
Played it many times! Hot girls and even a nice romantic ending. Good variety of things to do with the different items you can get at the shop.

phantommenace 2012.04.15
This game is great. Laura is smokin

Racot 2012.04.15
the graphics on this game is very good! I like the storyline, very hot!!

John G 2012.04.14
Great scenario game. Every choice leads to an interesting ending.

Gray Warden 2012.04.13
great game like graphics and animation

donutburger 2012.04.13
Nice game, very fun and these games look very nice

pu74m4dr3 2012.04.13
great game with good graphic and danm there is 5 endnings nice

ben763070 2012.04.12
im stuck in this game help

Dom4400 2012.04.12
Great game. Awesome graphics, so realistic.

benaiah05 2012.04.10
so realistic with the graphics!!!!!!

keshakat79 2012.04.09
i like the endings but i keep getting the same one

keshakat79 2012.04.09
vey nie game but took my awhile to get the keys

Bryson12345 2012.04.08
good gameplay. has good graphics and animations.

Richard20 2012.04.08
its very addictive after u play it once

kate14 2012.04.08

bigguyami 2012.04.08
Great game. It has the best graphics I`ve seen yet....and a very fun plot. God this has got me all hot n bothered. ;) Have fun, my friends. Play well.

Fastnick 2012.04.08
Great game, graphics and sfx, nice work....keep going

treepoopmom 2012.04.06
love to find out all the endings

BustyLesbian22 2012.04.06
I had sum trouble at first, but i got it and luv the game.

bobytt 2012.04.06
I loved that one. Got me really excited....

kkk94 2012.04.05
not as good as other games i playedbut its still a very good game

majstor_lale 2012.04.05
nice graphics, awesome game....

Helican 2012.04.05
Anyone else having trouble loading?

akp_007 2012.04.03
This game is awesome. I love this game... I played more than 5 times...

heyyy101 2012.03.31
I can never get past when the stripper comes to the bungalow.

heyyy101 2012.03.31
I can`t figure out how to do this!!!

alumah56 2012.03.28
A very nice game, good ending.

oneone 2012.03.27
one of the best game interessting story, exiting endindgs... i love this game

manbarber 2012.03.26
Fantastic game with plenty of great endings

anavic23 2012.03.26
i like the game and its very cool!

John G 2012.03.24
Really like the way choices make all the difference in the outcome.

AlexDelta 2012.03.24
very addictive and very fun

ivfehegasu 2012.03.24
it is a great game and have very good options

toboi1345 2012.03.22
Lots of fun. one ending down more to go

brother_hafeez 2012.03.21
not so bad....i wish u make game like this anymore.......but i hope have threesome........

XenoFAPS 2012.03.20
I loved this game so much I don`t even have single complaint

Indra67 2012.03.19
very exiting and enjoyable game i love it and will be playing it again again .

mercksrule 2012.03.19
This is the dream of every man in a relationship. LOVE IT!

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