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Hot wife story


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elisaavalonia 2019.05.12
2 hours playing, awesome :v

felicia1 2018.12.17
this is better then any game I ever played made by this company best game ever.

Badman.SP 2018.12.16
Interesting game, the girl is really hot, the graphics good and the ending where she gets double-teamed is so hot.rnFinished END 5 and Michell`s satisfatcion 7185

Luis Otavio 2018.09.26
The camara is perry bad sometimes

cr7cr7cr 2018.08.13
cool animations fun to Play LOP best

peaches 2018.07.24
Nice game, though I wish there was more movement and visibility in some of the scenes.

bianca29 2018.07.09
Hot Game, easy to play, and nice threesome

mostergrand 2018.06.28
Great game with good story and choises.

supertrucker 2018.05.02
great game good graphics nice game play not to hard but not mindless

BSlick 2018.04.27
Oldie but good. I prefer the role-play route over the 3some. Michelle is hot.


pancakeman29 2018.04.26
basic game without many options, pretty easyrnrnolder one but still fun

flypilot 2018.04.23
solid storyline but the sex scenes are dull. wish there was more diversity in the movements and expressions

hammertime44 2018.03.26
solid choices good graphics and good story line. enjoyed this game and several choices to make worth a play.

JordiPlayz484 2018.03.09
BEST GAME SO FAR its really a great game gameplay amazing aswell and the graphics plus animation oooooooooh

Peglynn 2018.02.28
Not one of faces. Jerky movements

JonSmite 2018.02.21
Not Bad, but maybe more choices and story

76 2018.01.26
Pretty good graphics and hot characters

cacotrepa 2018.01.15
good graphics, but not so hot.

vertigob 2018.01.08
the game could be more smooth in the actions. action scenes were choppy

jatark117 2017.12.17
Really fun game. Wife is super hot.

Tom3l 2017.09.30
Awsome sex animation and gameplay was great too..rn

BengerBang 2017.09.18
Really liked this game! Another solid one from LoP, but I don`t know if it`s my browser or something with the pages themselves but when I clicked the links for both my ending (ending 5) and the bonus gallery (my score was over 5000) it kept sending me to "Page Not Found" pages, even when I copied the URL and put it in manually. Other than that it was great. Hate to not have seen my ending or bonus gallery though...

Zeroic 2017.09.11
Nice graphics, fun game to play and i like the different paths you can take

D1NGBAT 2017.09.09
Very good, even what seems the wrong answer can lead to great fun. Try all the answers for a great time.

linkin890 2017.09.08
Absolutly love this game it kept me playing it for hours

tluciotti74 2017.09.05
another excellent game. Not a ton of options but enough to make it playable a few times

willymnmn 2017.08.23
The ending where she gets double-teamed is so hot.rnlove the back door

CoolApple 2017.08.21
Great Graphics. Great Story

MaxRay 2017.08.21
nice game! god grafics and not to difficult!!

Servus 2017.08.06
Great game but found that it was too easy.

sexismyneed 2017.08.02
good graphic of this game

bigeye55 2017.07.29
nice game. the story `s original

lolasaurusrex 2017.07.27
Great game -- there really needs to be more cuckold-style games out there and this one really hits on all notes.

auaeus17 2017.07.21
Nice game, liked the graphics and great idea to do for real

littleGamer 2017.07.14
nice game with a hot girl - story a bit to strait

mememo 2017.07.11
Intresting game, more games like this one.rn

memeforce 2017.06.21
One of my favorite games! This one is one of the best, just needs to be a little longer in my opinion.

tmramorniy 2017.06.18
Remember that I forget to rate this game last time I played it! Such a nice game, especially part with the pool, you know :)

koop55555 2017.06.08
Solid game, good play with little effort

Tiodor 2017.05.30
This game was very nice, I love the endings

rocksimo 2017.04.26
This game is giving me ideas.

Chenz15 2017.04.20
Sexy and hot wife, great graphics and great game

Poisoned 2017.04.18
I enjoyed this game. It could have had better/smoother graphics.

DzChAoX 2017.04.17
beautiful as usual.. The best

mike81685 2017.04.13
this one is hardest by far.

Fearket 2017.03.25
this game is great and i love everything about it good graphic

sgaara 2017.03.23
Usual grapics and very stupid animation. Short and stupid stioryline.

htdck 2017.03.22
nice game! like to play it

master2000 2017.03.11
i liked this game very much

ianjames 2017.03.08
sexy wife and great graphics

Sexy_Jackie 2017.02.25
Amazing game with fair graphics and excellent storyline.

drtroy 2017.02.24
excellent game, great ending, she took it hard!

Dolphyn 2017.02.24
I loved this, These games are always great. The graphics are good, the audio is good, there`s only 2 things.. I wish there were voiceovers, and that we could change the lense view.

jacob2141 2017.02.21
It is so vivid it feels like I am really fucking her.

mattz1410 2017.02.17
it was really hot. Loved this game

sawfield 2017.02.03
i expected a worse game, but isn`t bad at all
is not like the best game ever made, but if you decide very well, you get a nice and hot

moun10man 2017.01.13
love this one....very sexy

mania3212 2017.01.08
Very sexy game.... Great quality

panga 2017.01.04
It is a good game to have a great score and unlock in the gallery.

stressrelief28 2017.01.03
I love that this is a husband and wife game! also its a very hot role playing game!

Dater2000 2016.12.19
The game is very could but the gameplay could have been longer.

fakkuthrowaway 2016.12.14
As someone with this fetish, this game is amazing. Graphics are great and the premise fits me.

jaazten 2016.11.24
I love the gameplay and graphics too

SuperBat 2016.11.23
I love the gameplay and graphics. I wish there were more sex scenes

StormTrooper12345 2016.10.19
Nice game but wish that there were more options for sex and sex postions

vule123 2016.10.18
Very good game, good story and great graphics

Scipio42 2016.10.01
I wish there were more chicks, but this game did have good graphics.

Scipio42 2016.10.01
Who in hell allows another guy to come inside his wife?

nohartz 2016.09.25
well if it was me ill invite other girls not other guys

john10smith 2016.09.25
surprising richard let another guy cum inside his wife

whiskey 2016.09.22
nice game with so many lovely scenes

jadegoon 2016.09.04
i like this sort of games. The graphics are really good

SwaggyP123 2016.08.19
Great graphics, a decent storyline, really enjoyed this

elpro1234 2016.07.31
More games like thissssss

stach56 2016.07.19
very nice game . enjoyed the pool scene

l_billy_l 2016.06.30
great game great grapics story is brilliant. Lessons of Passion team have done it again another hit

tomkno 2016.06.26
i love that one... story is great.. she is hot. every mens dream

xxnoxx123 2016.06.04
Hottest sex in any of the games so far, made me really excited.

MrGermany 2016.05.31
Good graphics and storyline. Many different endings... i like.

cjlive11 2016.05.15
good game could be longer so hot though

brettymac38 2016.04.28
Okay Game, could have been longer. The Graphics were awesome

jellealmere 2016.04.27
Fun game. Going to try to get 5/5 for sure. Takes some time but damn hot

joebob6778 2016.04.17
graphics are bad but story makes it better than more recent games

MeeP 2016.04.16
good graphics just need a little bit more of photos. All in all great game

Myzz 2016.03.30
a hot game with nice graphics!

Predator-X 2016.03.15
Got to see all endings, very nice game and i enjoyed sound effects. Very good game!

Lucifer1@ 2016.03.01
great graphicas
massive story
fucking massive sex

niniglo363 2016.02.29
Now that is a game I can enjoy!

Ryantc 2016.02.27
really hot nice girl nice graphics

AjaxVenom 2016.02.26
Looks good,love the girls.

bull cock 2016.02.23
it was a quite big game but It was very interesting i am playing it many times . it has a unbelievable graphics too and Great story, stunning girl outfit.

pilot07 2016.02.17
so good although i got bad ending

Dr_Joe 2016.02.01
Cheating is hot but teasing and seducing are more

Sinful777 2016.01.27
Great! Truly interesting fetish!

LordOrion61 2016.01.10
Plane and nice development, nice and simple graphic, exciting plot. Not the best, but one of the best for sure.

critical21 2015.12.30
this is a good game the wife is hot

tododoto 2015.12.29
great game. one of my favourites. raunchy and very sexy. animations were very cool

naughtysam00 2015.12.14
Love this one and Lake party

kshetty235 2015.12.03
nice touch of cuckhold different story & really hot wife

AZSxsmoke12x 2015.11.28
Great game, good animation, cant get all endings though

katrinaqq 2015.11.26
cant say why is this game good..

bossofawsome 2015.11.21
The wife is awmazing i wish i was the husband

fwm1213 2015.11.19
awesome game with great graphics

Scissors 2015.11.16
awesome great hot interesting games

Scissors 2015.11.14
this is great. can`t wait for more

davecrow 2015.11.09
Straightforward. I enjoyed the graphics.

Raynor225 2015.11.05
Very hot and fun game good graphics and nice story

nickhecox715 2015.11.05
This is a nice game to play with, I really find the lady in the game extremely gorgeous.

bollek 2015.11.02
Nice and Funny Story. I really like the Animations

Masal 2015.11.01
One of the hottest game around here

TheMikeymac13 2015.10.28
This is one of the best games on this site

Berowulff 2015.10.25
As with most LOP games: great graphics, lots of choices without being too complex and fun entertainment.

guy moon 2015.10.22
interesting story,goodgame i have ever played

fuckballs 2015.10.13
I`m not sure, this game made me sad. It reminded me of the part where I don`t have a wife. Forever alone! haha.

soltero43 2015.09.28
A very hot and erotic game. I really enjoyed playing and getting all 5 endings!!

TurboAyy 2015.09.20
Good game, but short. I could go for it being a bit longer

ruby0309 2015.09.13
Wish i had a wife like this

DESOUSA 2015.09.09
nice gameplay and amazing graphics

JD0304 2015.09.07
Pretty cool game, i liked the mechanics :)
but the endings where kinda weird

Mandrew 2015.08.30
Really nice game, good quality overall

dono1234 2015.08.23
nice graphic and animation but the gameplay is too short

jaxed44 2015.08.16
The ending where she gets double-teamed is so hot.

ISexual 2015.07.26
Amazing game with such beautiful girl

Kira1970 2015.07.23
awesome game nice sex scenes

chengren168 2015.07.05
The graphics should be better!

pleazure 2015.06.27
The game is really exciting

pleazure 2015.06.27
Excellent game really enjoyed it to the core

mechai 2015.06.13
Nice looking new game liked it much

tymag 2015.06.09
awesome i truly loved everythingg

Speedy1977 2015.06.03
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Britania69 2015.05.29
very good game hot all way througth

SK1TZ5150 2015.05.17
Pretty intense game with lots of direction. Not bad at all!!!

pilot1234 2015.05.16
some of the best graphics ive seen on here

ostater69 2015.05.02
Fantasic story and scenes

grontbil 2015.04.23
Almost the best one there !!

john milton 2015.04.19
one of the most beautifoul girls you`ve made, she is awesome!

minion69 2015.04.10
great story and characters

shaurya18799 2015.04.02
omg!! i love this site!!! i love the game play of all these games.

Zeblast 2015.04.02
A nice story with good graphics and characters

Mr tingle 2015.03.22
Great Game Greay graphics love threesome

bomonde 2015.03.20
good gameplay , but the animation could be better!

vipmonkey2 2015.03.17
interesting story line. I liked this game a lot

incognito1594 2015.03.14
awesome game great graphics

pulz 2015.03.14
Great story line. Love the various possibilities; and as always, the graphics are great. i would like to play this game very much. thanks for give us a good games

j3hj3h 2015.03.12
Interesting premise but not too many options or interactivity

saintnick 2015.02.25
i am stuck i cant fuck the whore

Zeeno 2015.02.25
interesting role play...like the various endings

lionfool1957 2015.02.25
great graphics, cool game made me horny.

karim2015 2015.02.17
Great game with good story line and graphics

cambridge4453 2015.02.06
If you think a wife will be turned on by being fucked by a drug pusher she has just met while her husband looks on while being stoned on drugs then enjoy. Otherwise don`t go to the pool.

jaybay 2015.02.03
it was a pretty standard game. Nothing spectacular but very good and fappable> Ill see what the seqal has in store for me

EletronicZX 2015.02.02
great graphics and interesting role play sex game!!!

udfgs 2015.02.01
Very good game with great graphics

darksector 2015.02.01
great game keep um cumming! pfo forever

a_nanny_mouse 2015.01.25
great game. sexy girls and good graphics

saavudaa 2015.01.20
girl is too hot not so interesting

Ivan42 2015.01.14
At last a MMF threesome. Great!

sex-ayback 2015.01.07
Cool game!
Got all the endings!!

Beedge69 2015.01.03
I could play this one over for each of the story endings

nahid123 2014.12.30
great game will be playing again

hollow11 2014.12.30
great graphics nice story well done

johnrico 2014.12.23
Good Graphics and all the best story
i love those girls

Cristiano R 2014.12.18
Such lovely endings. I have become a fan of the game.

glen280452 2014.12.05
this game was brilliant the graphics were great and the animated characters were fit as fuck

nemeris 2014.12.02
Omg, hotwife is the best, SO HOOOOOT, adore both parts, especially 2-nd

za96 2014.11.27
My favorite game of all time. Awesome graphics

Heracles1321 2014.11.23
Good game, I think that could be better but is goo

Brockleslar 2014.11.16
very cool and sexy game i liked it

Petri33 2014.11.15
234 Points and nothing went bad :)
nice game! need some attemps to find the right path

MKHacks 2014.11.11
wow that game was acctually really fun

smartcool 2014.11.08
very surprising game, i never thought it would have been this fun

deathsniper 2014.11.01
another girl sharing. hoping so much that the other successfully breed her

FuckAllNite 2014.10.30
it was interesting but sexy

noob18 2014.10.07
the girl is too hot XD good game btw

jonnypb 2014.10.04
very nice game, graphics were good, well done pfo!

akhilesh9765298034 2014.10.02
it cool dood ,nice graphic

goldendick 2014.10.02
love these passion games fun and totally sexy

domee37 2014.09.20
very cool and sexy game. I liked it very much.

baggie96 2014.09.18
cool people cool graphics

baggie96 2014.09.18
very good graphics and features

pobre 2014.09.18
one of the best sex games ever in lesson of passion

Futuros 2014.09.16
I believe that this storyline makes sense and enjoyed the twists. Graphics quality acceptable.

fcmetro 2014.09.12
this is one of my favorite versions of this game

Phoebe 2014.09.02
Nice graphics and very unique story lines.

ds246 2014.09.01
love this game. one of the best that there are

Simon85 2014.08.31
Really good game, love the grapics and great story, love roleplaying ones which I had a wife like that

aldion 2014.08.27
loved this game and the graphics were awesome

fucksuck 2014.08.27
Awesome graphics and she is sexy..

Captainyolo117 2014.08.25
graphic seems good..., gameplay good, got some more xp for that ;)

jenggotapi 2014.08.13
great,,, and i really enjoy it

Bsash1 2014.08.08
Although this game has a beautiful girl in it, it lacks on the adventure side.

Iva_bigun_12 2014.07.25
Nice game with good graphics

DieNowLeavEarth 2014.07.22
Nice quick game. Very good

qwertyu123456789 2014.07.21
great graphics and gameplay

jerbz 2014.07.19
Hottest game yet, really enjoyed it

butch84 2014.07.18
Great variety of endings.

ZaijunLai 2014.07.15
Quite a great game before sleep! I like it!

w1drng22 2014.07.13
I really liked the story line. The sex was great.

bitz94 2014.07.11
I just love this game a lot.

bitz94 2014.07.11
I just loved it. What a graphics man.

alfalf 2014.07.10
very nice game, and the story is one of my favourite.. (i`ve banged a few friends` wives, one of them while husband was looking, it was very erotic experience)

theawesomenator 2014.07.08
great story, and awesome graphics with good animation

sclong 2014.07.05
I like it, but the dating sims with keeley and Christina are better

raiha024 2014.07.04
nice game! great graphics!!!...

sensei 2014.07.01
I add it to my fav. list its fantastic

porner99 2014.06.28
best game i have played good graphics good sexy girl

Auxerrois87 2014.06.19
Beautiful characters, very good game and endings

Benny_boy21 2014.06.15
Brilliant story! Awesome graphics. Awesome game overall!

igandlore55 2014.06.14
I loved the pool scene great game to play

Almeho 2014.06.13
Pretty decent with the role playing between Michelle and Richard but I guess it wasn`t for me. I did get an interesting ending with them becoming 420 friendly in their sex lives. I did like the gallery bonus since I scored over 4k points (nearly 5k).

abecs 2014.06.13
very nice game . enjoyed the pool scene

beralt 2014.06.11
liked the pool scene

deadlyhunter253 2014.06.10
Another great quality game, one of the best to date.

Alsian 2014.06.08
Very well done. Good graphics and nice gameplay.

ayush98 2014.06.08
I agree the pool part was the best

ajjuman 2014.06.08
good graphics i like it but it was a little short

ajjuman 2014.06.08
the pool was the best part

superman0422 2014.06.08
the music in this game is phenomenal]

superman0422 2014.06.08
the game wont load for me

Endryn 2014.06.07
A good game with good graphics and sound, but the drugs and 2nd guy didn`t do much for me. Other than that, I liked it!

emlaga 2014.06.03
Excellent game. Great graphics and story.

emlaga 2014.06.03
very sexy, needs more close up.

Mrak666 2014.06.02
Amazing story!Great game!

Tinkerbeth 2014.05.28
mmmm two hard cocks....lovely!

HuhWhatWellOkay 2014.05.27
I really enjoyed this game, it was a lot of fun - good job!

HornyTravolta 2014.05.26
Good physics, great graphics, interesting story. 7/10

docock 2014.05.26
so realistic, i lost track of reality

docock 2014.05.26
All I can say is "Hats off for this game!!!"

rickhunter1 2014.05.25
Gameplay story was good and so was the animation. I enjoyed the game

TaiSorrow 2014.05.25
Good fun. Hot girl. Really enjoyed the threesome but found the position a little bit wierd. Didn`t really make any sense.

shan77 2014.05.22
game play good, graphics great, animations great

Safsbro 2014.05.22
it is a decent game , Graphics could be a little better but all in all it was good.

mewsigma 2014.05.22
This game was fun. I got all 5 endings. It just takes a little thinking. It`s pretty cool.

elliot26 2014.05.12
Great graphics - looks amazing. good story line too - spice up your marriage!

Tonno 2014.05.11
i would like to have a wife that sexy i just want a girl :)

omardicko 2014.05.11
amazing game.michelle was so hot and sexy .the game is awesome

themaster69 2014.05.10
Good game, good graphics with a sexy girl

mahendraadipradana 2014.05.09
its very hot and interesting

raulwu22098 2014.05.05
Nice graphics, beautiful girl, great story

the7ghost 2014.05.05
very fun...sexy story, good graphics

planlos2002 2014.05.04
great action and endings. had some fun.

worsley 2014.05.04
great game loved the endings great story

generalcdj 2014.05.03
Horrible game, no closeups, moderate story and no great sex

SerenaThea 2014.05.02
Hmmm, I like this game and the graphics too. It`s cool.

sausageb88 2014.04.30
great graphics.....hot girl .....real fun

miskas 2014.04.30
Like the game pretty good graphics liked the actions and the endings.

kwita 2014.04.29
Very good game but a little short, good graphics, nice wife in action;)

undeadzombie 2014.04.28
Nice game just to quick if you caught my drift lol

funguy61 2014.04.20
this ones ok the graphics are pretty good. I personally only go far the ending as a couple cause I could not stand sharing or whoring my wife with another guy. That`s just my taste we all got them I wouldn`t push for my girl into including another girl either unless she wanted it so I am not hypocritical but in the game don`t piss her off and its up to you where it goes at the pool part.

Libree 2014.04.19
woo its ana amazing sex game

katiesmiling 2014.04.17
This was a fantastic game! different ending and was full of surprises! i didn`t expect a few of those ending!

savber6 2014.04.17
nice game,i not enjoyed it but i REALLY enjoyed it..

Dvader0116 2014.04.17
This is such an amazing game.

Senjin 2014.04.15
Great game with good story line and graphics

Czerwiol 2014.04.15
Wow, this game is awesome, but i only managed to reach ending No.1

central62 2014.04.14
Good game, needed more views of the pussy

bigtony2934 2014.04.14
i really injoyed the game pool side was awesome

matth421s 2014.04.14
nice gameplay and graphics

Nobil20 2014.04.13
I want anice woman to fuck her like that

Nobil20 2014.04.13
Oh.I can not hold myself.
I am coming out

Nobil20 2014.04.13
OMG what an amazing game

Nobil20 2014.04.13
This game is too hot and sexy

sunny598 2014.04.11
tooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot game i love the ending

an8246 2014.04.08
nice graphics and gameplay

alltimelow 2014.04.07
good graphics and a great story. Ii really enjoyed it

Joke366 2014.04.06
Great game, will be coming back for sure

blue2510 2014.04.04
a very good game, i really enjoyed this one

fuckingcock 2014.04.04
a very gud nite wid a gud wife!!!! awesome game

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
very nice story! good graphics. decent endings

haal 2014.03.31
It`s a good game, and it can get better if there was sounds to it.

ohaily 2014.03.30
Some of the animations were too simplified, but overall good.

Assurbanipal 2014.03.28
Good game, good story and very good playability, graphic images, the animation is a bit static, many ends, 100

amanda200 2014.03.28
thats a sexy bitch for a wife it makes me soooo fucking horny

trose 2014.03.27
a pretty cool game liked the part when the blonde dude came

doctorx 2014.03.27
gud game, but than i like the animation to be more active beside the chracter waving left to right.

batmanbeman 2014.03.26
the graphics of this game are amazing!!! playforceone is the best!!

Supercanon 2014.03.24
Great game, great graphics and beautiful character.

pitexs 2014.03.23
like the game hard at first but keep your mouse moving over everything looking in the comments i see a couple new things and so hoot play this game

DinoSaur13579 2014.03.22
I was a little disappointing actually

joy vedanta 2014.03.15
the girl is really hot..enjoyed playing the game

stat3425 2014.03.14
soooooo erotic my gf fucked me as soon as this game was finished

Moedaddy 2014.03.10
Really loved the story, nothing beats having someone`s wife being watched by her husband.

rqwe 2014.03.08
Very goood graphics and animation.

mr_hunter619 2014.03.07
Amazing. Great story line. Hot girls.

Rindevar 2014.03.01
As expected quality game: graphics, story, user friendly. Multiple endings also make you play it again... and again...

ghetto_bwoy 2014.02.28
i like this game) interesting)

pulixo 2014.02.28
very good game hot all way througth

BigFishcake666 2014.02.27
very hot, easy to play with one hand

zikas 2014.02.25
what a wonderful game with high graphic and easy to commit

sexyboy33 2014.02.25
this is like kamasutra. almost made me cum

benny_boy 2014.02.24
great game. lots of different endings. i like it

MaccaMan 2014.02.24
A bottle of wine and away she goes . . . .ride it girl!!

rosit 2014.02.22
Nice looking new game, liked it.

TheBeast4295 2014.02.20
Awesome game, great graphics, and amazing storyline.

baylilboy890 2014.02.16
love the game i played it before my girl came and got busy

sexbabevagina 2014.02.13
wow what a horny game.........on seeing this I started fucking

graciecute 2014.02.11
i love this game and i wish i could jump in the game and fuck too

MaddyPatel675 2014.02.10
Best passion of love game! easy and fun

shixblix 2014.02.10
was ok. story is kind of short

glen69 2014.02.05
another quality product guys

navelos 2014.01.29
Enjoyable game, although it could`ve used better animations (just a tad). Thumbs Up!

korkor 2014.01.29
that girl was so beautiful

korkor 2014.01.29
good game,but too bad graphics

fighter0304 2014.01.29
Very good gameplay, nice different endings, great graphics! I love it!

akatar 2014.01.27
great graphics on this game! loved the story.

ellisparnell564 2014.01.25
i really enjoyed this game

renjixxx 2014.01.25
I realy enjoy this game it`s fantastic

Djora9 2014.01.22
I want a wife like that, great game

madfam 2014.01.21
Great game graphic is good and the wife is hot

amit654 2014.01.18
Great game, with wonderful gameplay, graphic animation.

rikyrat 2014.01.17
Great game! Love the graphics.

Anony 2014.01.17
As usual, great graphics and great gameplay

kinky1230 2014.01.14
Really loved that game as it`s quite easy .

hotstuff67 2014.01.14
it was ok but ive played better

valentinodp 2014.01.12
i really enjoy game like this

sexylesbian_girl 2014.01.11
This is the hottest game I have ever played

tairporn 2014.01.06
Really loved that game as it`s quite easy but very worthy :)

Plunderer12 2014.01.01
Amazing graphics and nearly everything I loved it.

hugolopes 2013.12.31
I want a wife like that :)

TheHunter1983 2013.12.30
I love the graphics and game play it keep me "busy" and very entertained;so realistic made me actually feel my role of my character.

zxcvbnm123456789 2013.12.30
i really like this game,wasnt too sure about the girls though

Fuckher21 2013.12.29
Very good game and nice graphic . But i think it`s to short . But I must say very fantastic game . :)

tonscorpio06 2013.12.27
The game is great, gameplay has great sex scenes and the are very close to reality.

rockitgood 2013.12.26
very nice game like the way its played.

reskos 2013.12.24
Though the game should have been a little long. Always dig a lovely long enjoyment. ;)

reskos 2013.12.24
The game is great. Turns you on and gives you a good fantasy idea. :D Love the graphics and the hotness of the wife. Well enjoyed! :)

thebestcrapule 2013.12.23
The graphics are exceptional ! Love this one !

ThenMust 2013.12.22
Oh my god!!! It`s very-very sexy make me horny...... Great a game

ired 2013.12.21
Simply stunning!everything is very well made.

Architext 2013.12.20
Great animation, good game, but a bit short

JuggaloPat69 2013.12.20
good game, great graphics

X.man 2013.12.18
oh my god . this game is just amazing !

secretadmirer100 2013.12.17
nice game,i not enjoyed it but i REALLY enjoyed it..

herokyh 2013.12.15
awesome game and nice story line love it so much

Craig28 2013.12.14
This is an addictin game. I LOVE IT.

Dick_King 2013.12.14
I really enjoyed the game

Justin37 2013.12.10
I mean a good way to meet your wife, like a stranger for a hookup.

davelee 2013.12.08
i love this game it get a 10/10

someone44 2013.12.07
Great game, like the plot. Good graphics.

lovepussy23 2013.12.06
this game is very good and sexy

derangedjarhead 2013.12.03
Nice game with good graphics

Knuckle55 2013.12.03
great game. really loved the ending!

SLOWFCUK 2013.12.03
nice graphics, story and animations!! more please...

Goromon 2013.12.03
wish there was a bit more interaction though

wolffi 2013.12.01
nice game a bit short but realy impresive still

u02bgs 2013.11.29
Awesome Awesome Game! Really great graphics! Score!

Knuckle55 2013.11.28
This was a great game! Real sexy!

GameFreak041 2013.11.27
Good game but the animations could be better

adityajust4sex 2013.11.27
nice work really passionate liked it ;]

edisonace 2013.11.26
good game but I expect that more characters will be more and make the story more complicated

spanico 2013.11.25
Good game , I am in love with Michelle ...

matteov 2013.11.22
good story, the interactions could be a little better, but overall awesome game.

trebor611 2013.11.21
help I`m stuck on this games it hard

meldick033 2013.11.21
nice quality game, i like it

demongamer68 2013.11.20
One of my favourite games, one of the few games with a dp in it.

knucklez741 2013.11.19
Cool game, alluring and addictive!

firstdelta 2013.11.17
awesome game awesome graphic in 3d

MaxxV2150 2013.11.15
Wonderfully intense and sexy game. A plausibly real scenario on some levels, too. Very well done, guys and gals!

jbs 2013.11.15
a very great game. I haven`y enjoyed this way for a long time !

tsunayim31 2013.11.11
very hot story of game and the graphics are so real....enjoyed playing....

James27049 2013.11.10
Nice gameplay and love the different endings.

yanki 2013.11.07
Pool is great and graphics awesome

nippy2566 2013.11.07
awesome game!! want another version

Razgri88 2013.11.05
really good game god story and graphics

aaabbbaaa 2013.10.30
really good game with awesome story and gameplay

tmchant 2013.10.28
awesome game... loved the scenario...

Kman180 2013.10.27
Great Graphics and great story line.

Artemygi 2013.10.27
Excellent game. Great graphics and story.

tintin2013 2013.10.26
wow! what an idea to rekindle marital relations!!

thewiz101 2013.10.25
Good graphics! and nice story

venku 2013.10.23
good game i got a pretty good ending

bigbellend7 2013.10.23
Very enjoyable with interesting varied endings

stud055x 2013.10.19
very nice was easy to easy

doecke83 2013.10.18
Beautiful game with a great story line. Wouldn`t mind trying this out in real life one day.

Sidhelord 2013.10.13
The first round was pretty hot...

ghost1021 2013.10.13
great game i really enjoy it

MarriedBiUK 2013.10.09
The pool really should be visited .... good game

robby(rob) 2013.10.09
I love this game so much . but still dont get how to play tho

evoace05 2013.10.08
very fun game love the endings

hardcock69 2013.10.08
i wish i could have threesome with her

anthonycrean 2013.10.06
this game has awesome graphics!!

luis084 2013.10.05
great graphics nice story

nomidada 2013.10.05
great game, it has really nice graphics

lolli_molli 2013.10.05
great graphics. hard not to see the fun :)

ryonardo 2013.09.30
the graphics in this game are awesome

Anonymously 2013.09.28
Michelle is soo damn hot i love this!

sam1680 2013.09.27
by the way I am horny.

noogad 2013.09.24
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

frulpo 2013.09.22
Cool game, nice graphics wana see more like it...

Kirche 2013.09.17
nice graphics and nice game, i really like it

whore123 2013.09.16
Brilliant game, grafics are great, overall love this game

DannyFries 2013.09.16
I really like it nice game, more games like that please

gamersaddiction 2013.09.15
great game good graphics loved it

gamersaddiction 2013.09.15
love this game amazing graphics too awesome

iIl boy3 2013.09.14
This game is awesome and has some great graphics

Akoolomonch 2013.09.13
this game has some amazing graphics, but it could be a bit longer.

colhan3 2013.09.11
great game. The graphics were decent enough. Overall it was good

oldfart40871 2013.09.10
great game, had fun playing it

drksmg 2013.09.10
Very good game, excelent graphics

farbatosz 2013.09.09
Very goood graphics and animation.

naqaab123 2013.09.09
nice and cool game hot sexy wife game nice grafics

dor24 2013.09.08
great game realy loved it!

blomman007 2013.09.08
a really nice game, I scored 4344

dman1515 2013.09.08
Interesting story. So full of love.

runner80 2013.09.07
This really hot and sexy. Good job. Thanks alot.

GangstaCooL08 2013.09.06
i so enjoyed of this game

DickChu 2013.09.05
really nice story
will try other endings.

mmmJassy1 2013.09.02
Loved the build up. The Chemistry Beside Them being in a relationship was great. Good Game.

Azume 2013.09.02
ah , make me want want and want !

pradish 2013.09.01
precious time i`ve spent to see and masturbate myself.........why don`t these come to my home in reality to having sex.................OMG...........now i barely need a pussy right now.........

pradish 2013.09.01
god damn it,,,,,,,,,,,,i can,t wear my underwear.......its always wet while playing this kind of game

maklksh 2013.09.01
cool game with good graphics

chaos0121 2013.08.31
cool game wana see more like it

johlut91 2013.08.31
holy mother of god! this game made my panties soaking wet!

beansta 2013.08.31
the sex scenes get laggy for me not sure if its my computer or not but overall good game

lastcowboyscout 2013.08.30
Great graphics, nice story, but needs more interaction

stridertyagi 2013.08.29
real nice game.. intresting story line n good animations too

Nicksron 2013.08.28
AWESOME Graphics, Great Gameplay an d Cool Animations

vampbite 2013.08.28
Interesting story, easy to follow, pretty nice :-)

ipromallow11 2013.08.26
this game is the best i have seen in a long time and would recommend it to anyone

love_sexy 2013.08.25
awesome fucking sexy game....but animation is not too good...and just live the sexy babe

Djbeowulf 2013.08.24
great game ,, great graphics,, could be a little bit longer though

Milanovic 2013.08.22
Amazing gameplay, creators myst be proud!

sweetheart6462 2013.08.21
i did not like this game it could have been more realistic

Troubadour 2013.08.21
that game is very hot.. i liked it.

dannehboy 2013.08.19
I find it kinda dumb that you start out with a whore lol, the reason that i think the games are fun to play is that you gotta do the right thing to get the girls :p whatever though, was still a sexy game lol.

precisionkiller 2013.08.17
I always love these games but you guys need to add more endings to them!

ParaDewata 2013.08.17
great game and i like it...

Lizzie 2013.08.15
Was ok. Was not overly impressed though.

vampypassion 2013.08.15
i liked this game very much.

SolidJoker 2013.08.13
Great game, great wife.

This really makes me want to try the sequel.
Fantastic overall, story, graphics, no complaints here.

mini810 2013.08.11
Very cool and interesting game. Can`t get 3/5 tho.

ghgaud 2013.08.10
Great game, love the story. Wanna play through a couple more times.

Dramen01 2013.08.09
Great game. Need to play a few more times to see what different endings I can get. One of the better games where the dialogue was very well thought out.

Hipnotizer 2013.08.09
Love this game! Got the ending with both guys and... DAMN!

dmbers90 2013.08.09
dodgy story good game tho enjoyed it

tammyperez13 2013.08.08
i masturbated to this game

dozier79 2013.08.08
GAme play was easy and quick grapics and story line was plausable

liltannerh 2013.08.06
i like the game style the best

Nicksron 2013.08.06
Good graphic and
great animation

MonkeyJer 2013.08.04
Just started playing these games now i cant get enough

JackH 2013.08.04
definetely one of my favorite games, the noises make the difference, should consider applying them in other games

megs 2013.08.03
A good, sexy game with an intriguing story. Got 3 endings so far

john2059a 2013.07.30
hot wife two is even better but I still play this one

ad1021 2013.07.30
really hot game
i just lovd it
looking forward to more such games

greenlightxx 2013.07.27
the threesome was simply amazing! try to find it if you haven`t!

greenlightxx 2013.07.27
Love how interactive it was!

Mmhr 2013.07.25
Nice role playing! I enjoyed the threesome addition.

w1drng22 2013.07.25
I stumbled into ending #2. This story was incredible. I love the animation and especially the storyline. The phrases are realistic. Between the soft, medium, and hard movements near the end they don`t put stupid phrases in like "I`m bored" that you see on some games. She helps him into the next intensity. I rated it a 97.

noogad 2013.07.24
Shame its not animated but great story and photos. I`ll enjoy playing this more.

riddle 2013.07.24
great story awsome graphics realy sexy

grimes 2013.07.23
amazing! very interactive and pleasing.

smartsex 2013.07.22
husband and wife story line is sexy!

rockmaiden1 2013.07.22
i enjoyed the game great graphics

ares1 2013.07.22
liked this game a lot. great graphics

VectorSlip 2013.07.22
it was a pretty standard game. Nothing spectacular but very good and fappable> Ill see what the seqal has in store for me

Alvandra 2013.07.21
i love this game.. nice grapich

farkas 2013.07.20
Very interactive game, good story and very enjoyed game. I wait the sequel.

DCKing 2013.07.18
cool graphics, awesome storyline

passion100 2013.07.17
awesome game
awesome graphics
awesome story line

itsnotenough 2013.07.16
great game I love the graphics and the ending was awesome

aion1 2013.07.16
good game great graphics solid gameplay

monsterhigh 2013.07.16
the graphics are great , really hot game. and i loved the concept great game

Andrea81 2013.07.14
Very hot storyline. I don`t normally feel the need to see every possible ending, but I had to with this one. This was really well done, I just wish I could choose the wife instead of defaulting to the husband.

LexiBoo 2013.07.13
There`s a lot of great detail and this story is very intriguing.

grazr28 2013.07.10
i love this multiple choice games

Horselover888 2013.07.10
excellent game with good graphics

iBEATMYPP 2013.07.09
i love these games as are a bit hard.

georgesanders 2013.07.08
This is an outstanding game, especially because of its duration of quite exciting action scenes and really quite intelligent dialogue.

Username4321 2013.07.06
Real good, am almost tempted to get premium to see the second part

eliteeagle 2013.07.04
Well, the game is really nice, but i´d like it to be a Little bit longer

teedeelsie 2013.07.02
Fascinating game, extraordinary graphics and situations...

suee314 2013.07.02
Really nice game, could use a bit more action from the player

Sam2013 2013.07.01
Generally good graphics and story. Maybe a bit better sounds and more detailed graphics of sex acts and cum shot.

dasuperdino 2013.06.30
I can only get ending 1

cacaliki3 2013.06.28
it a really good game great graphics but the sounds could be better

kane22 2013.06.28
great, not too easy or difficult, really nice graphs

63ted 2013.06.27
Good graphics and game play. Not hard to make right decisions.

jackhunter2211 2013.06.26
great game. great graphics

Vladimir1974 2013.06.26
Great game! Beautiful graphics! Very beautiful girl in the game!

Zero_21xx 2013.06.25
a great game to enjoy however I`m disappointed that the second game is a pay to play :

jumbo63 2013.06.20
great game, play it and you will enjoy it

Gwent 2013.06.20
Really good game with good graphic

believer 2013.06.19
amazing hot - hot persons - wow

CRNight 2013.06.16
sound quality was really good, very enjoyable to play

iceyjames3 2013.06.15
I like this game because very creative idea

junuih 2013.06.14
The gameplay and the Story line is First rate, Art and Graphic also good

ne0365 2013.06.14
Visually pleasing but it felt a bit stiff, no pun intended. Maybe more flexibility in some of the requests (ie a or b) and Michelle`s satisfaction seemed a given once you slipped her the wine and chocolates.

jdelgado4 2013.06.13
i really like this game eventhough i didnt understand it much it was still fun playing

gjovanni76 2013.06.10
good game and great graphics

Boss2000 2013.06.10
Good graphic and gameplay, more endings would`ve been nice

nikki74 2013.06.09
great game, love the graphics

sukurboobs 2013.06.08
Nice game with nice graphics.

farcey13 2013.06.07
awesome graphics, the love is so hot, very sexy

dunder 2013.06.07
great story great gameplay and great graphics

rsp615 2013.06.07
Really good game with excellent graphics.

ivioo313 2013.06.07
love the graphics. really made me horny

TheDon782 2013.06.06
Gabriel`s reactions were extremely funny. When he saw them at the pool, i lost it. XD Funny and good game.

Belgram 2013.06.05
good game, nice grafic, awesome threesome

Pauley909 2013.06.05
best sex game for a dude xd make more please if you want more fans laterz bro

tyguyrocks 2013.06.05
Animation is nice, but the graphics could be better

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

eldestroyer 2013.06.03
good game, nice story line , great graphics

eldestroyer 2013.06.03
i can play this game all night

johndoole 2013.06.03
what a wonderful game scene

skykul3 2013.06.03
good graphics. good story but if the husband finds out its his wife that one guy is doomed

pedro3151 2013.06.02
in my opinion the game was good, the graphic was good too, but I think they need to make it harder.

akb7525 2013.06.02
the wife in this is very hot
almost t the point that you really want to do her

spmarty 2013.05.31
love this game it is awesome

jake99 2013.05.31
raphic seems good..., gameplay good, got some more xp for that

Thorgoden 2013.05.31
Great game with good story and choises.

wolfshadow 2013.05.30
good game, nice story line , great graphics

SexPanther 2013.05.29
very good loved the endings and the role play and real good story

qxqxs 2013.05.29
Not bad better graphics than most, good fun

sooperboy6 2013.05.29
excellent game.just wished that storyline was longer.good graphics

Grumpy01 2013.05.27
Good game, I enjoyed playing it.

fish121 2013.05.24
Lets me live out a fantasy i love it

kave22 2013.05.24
This is a great game !!!!!!

neroic 2013.05.23
Nice looking new game, liked it.

derda 2013.05.23
sexy, awesome and great graphics! splendid game!

Rain-- 2013.05.23
Graphics are good and game is really fun.

CARISSIMO 2013.05.21
I stop all ending!, nice!

parthalld 2013.05.20
very hot story of game and the graphics are so real....enjoyed playing....

timeline 2013.05.18
great game, going to have to see the other ending

carl0831 2013.05.18
animation rocks haha wife is ho as hell

J_Dymo 2013.05.17
great game play and graphics

choo 2013.05.16
Interesting story, easy to follow, pretty nice :-)

newguy21 2013.05.15
this game is good the graphics are good

vinuforyou2012 2013.05.15
wonderful game wish the second part also was a free one

soniasaupin 2013.05.14
the game is very hot. great personalities and i will play it again, it`s so good

soniasaupin 2013.05.14
excellent storyline. really enjoyed the game

Amit59 2013.05.12
Top story likewise action

aeronai 2013.05.11
great graphics and story i enjoyed the game

63ted 2013.05.10
Good graphics and story line. But where are wife`s like this found?

a715jjr5 2013.05.10
love the story line -- plays nice and easy with very nice grpahics

49fp 2013.05.10
Wife is hot and straight forward game play. Part 2 is in pay gold section. Bummer.

freezck 2013.05.10
one of the best so far!!!

99rd 2013.05.09
nic game...........grt graphics
n hot girl

dark-minded 2013.05.09
very good game, nice story and graphics

sanket2200 2013.05.08
loved the girl, game though is too straight forward

sanket2200 2013.05.08
hot!! could have a better gameplay though....too straight forward

MancLion 2013.05.08
great graphics and DP ending was awesome

getsomeman 2013.05.08
Amazing the more games I play the more I love this website!

rizzo 2013.05.07
great game with good graphics

shakti123 2013.05.07
sex sex the guy is so hot one of my fave

fffback 2013.05.05
great story and great graphic i really enjoyed this game

gwazz 2013.05.04
a very enjoyable gamewill play again

Catitus 2013.05.02
Another awesome game with a hot girl and story. Great design too.

3afterthird 2013.05.02

Supersss192 2013.05.02
The gameplay and graphics were amazing, and i loved the different endings.

St3fan123 2013.05.01
nice game, i really enjoy it

snowdogz28 2013.04.30
Amazing game. michelle is incredibly hot. great graphics

DEiO 2013.04.30
recommend you play it great game

1311teddybear 2013.04.30
great game with good graphic and sound was clearly

stelsen 2013.04.30
This is a good game. As expected from LOP.

lontong 2013.04.30

lontong 2013.04.30

lynerbarsett32 2013.04.28
yeah.. it makes me turn on from the first i played it..great!

Diletant 2013.04.28
o yeah. Turnon from the scene one.

ghostdick 2013.04.27
this game is damn good awesome graphics

Dammit777 2013.04.25
I Loved It. Michelle is so hot, wish she was real

Oblivion_Blade_0 2013.04.25
This game was pretty easy, am I the only one confused with how there are 5 endings considering that this game seems nearly foolproof?

xxDAxFREEKxx 2013.04.25
Man, this game has fantastic graphics! A little short, but worth every second!

madmax68 2013.04.24
Great game but graphics could be better

hyugaryuji 2013.04.24
yeahhh.....its a great game man...

nlprocks 2013.04.24
A nice story line and gooood graphics

DiegoJAyala 2013.04.23
Nice game. My record: 7425 points.

mika17 2013.04.22
great game i got the ending 1,5 so far

fapmaster 2013.04.22
The gameplay and the Story line is First rate, Art and Graphic also good

JccJ 2013.04.21
Good picture! and I really enjoyed playing this game! But I think it can be more vividly while they are fucking

Chili 2013.04.21
Cool game with a nice story

Mamaz89 2013.04.20
I really like these games

crooney7 2013.04.18
Really good graphics. Can`t wait for more.

shishkabob 2013.04.18
Good story line. The art and game play are also quite good.

HornyBlondiex 2013.04.17
really goood gamee, LOVED the graphics!!!

dave1490 2013.04.16
great game and very good graphics

jory1234 2013.04.16
graet game, its looks really

farh200 2013.04.16
good game freezes sometimes on my pc

Askeon 2013.04.15
Nice Game,with very Good Graphics,makes Fun to see more.

jakehammer 2013.04.14
i liked this game and i loved very second of it

andotrota 2013.04.13
Very nice game, good graphics, but lacks of story quality

SluutyMan345 2013.04.13
I Loved It!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Michelle is so hot, wish she was real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bob222222 2013.04.11
Great game like the ease of the first ending but should pick up a girl instead of a guy

dutchmarine 2013.04.11
great game good graphics hot girl nice endings

erotic gamer 2013.04.08
Amazing game! Got me really horny

SecretDdi 2013.04.07
7300 my best score. Can be improved?

It`s quite an easy game, but this is what makes it good :)

fleefools 2013.04.07
A huge thank you to those who posted walkthroughs

12gg3 2013.04.03
I really enjoyed this game, a bit of a different story line, but its a great game.

yolazzy 2013.04.02
Really nice game and a good story..

chrisc4 2013.03.30
love the twists in this game , especially by the pool

hunted 2013.03.29
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

hunted 2013.03.29
An excellent addition with great sex scenes!

mackshayster 2013.03.29
The graphics of this game are very impressive
i wish it had more endings though

Joshua008 2013.03.28
Great game but can you have a threesome with the other boy?

RExLOADxED 2013.03.26
Wow, what a story! Interesting night out on the town!

electrolite 2013.03.26
nice threesome and sandwich. As always hot chick an superb graphics. Thanx!

shadowfriend 2013.03.26
great game and very good graphics

Dave719 2013.03.23
Love the story and the girl...hot, hot , hot.

shyrosie 2013.03.23
Great graphics and a great story line

gartal 2013.03.21
In the photo section: simply pull up her top on the right side, to show her tits

Abebackot 2013.03.21
Nice girl, nice game.
Really good.

dorksidejason 2013.03.21
such a cool game! glad i found this site!

Sir_Loins 2013.03.20
great game, perhaps over too quick. but it works.

happ388 2013.03.18
game is a little boring. I wish more intense action in foreplay

Pumba30 2013.03.18
Really nice game. I liked it all: graphics, animation, and endings! LOP games are getting better and better! Way to go!

triskel92 2013.03.17
great game good graphics

jbobs200 2013.03.16
great game ending is great

fg_imisfit 2013.03.16
great game, love the ending

Howler81 2013.03.16
Really good. Luv that u can role play and make it spicy. just wish Gabrial was female otherwise great

warbrood 2013.03.15
Cool game with a nice story und happy ending :)

AndreStoa 2013.03.11
Wow.. the pool was worth the visit.... drugs, double banger... sweet.I am in Love...

north262 2013.03.05
Really good new game, easy to play, really hot chick

LexArturo 2013.03.04
Point values are approximate with a meaningless range of accuracy.

1. a) Nothing, I just wondered if you liked... velvet roses.: +0
b) Damn, that getup is astounding Michelle! Everybody is looking at you.: +0

2. a) Bottle of wine: +217
b) Chocolates: +202
c) Bible: -116
d) Black purse: -119
e) Table clock: -107
f) Order some food: +246
For this set of options you get three choices, then it advances.

3. a) Sorry, I left my monopoly money back home.: drop to zero, end game ==> Ending #1: So long, and thanks for all the gifts.
b) Of course, I think we agreed on 1000$, didn`t we?: +236

4. a) Play with her pussy: +301
b) Touch her body: +344
c) Play with her boobs: +305
d) Play with her ass: +349
e) Ask her to masturbate:
i. I was... mesmerized.: +0
ii. I didn`t expect so much. Not yet, anyways.: +0

5. a) I think we need to cool off, by the pool. Naked.: +0
b) I just can`t wait any longer: I need you.: +2079, end game ==> Ending #2: Never confuse sex and love. Just mix them.

6. a) Play with her pussy: +323
b) Kiss her boobs: +340
c) Underwater, with your mouth?: -236
d) Make you play with mine as I did with yours?: +0, advance

7. a) As a atter of fact, maybe we could get some service around here.: +313
b) I think I`d rather keep my whore behind closed doors, no offense.: advance to indoor sex scene, end game ==> Ending #2: Never confuse sex and love. Just mix them.

8. a) How about we just get some drinks? I think he has already seen enough.: advance to sex scene, end game ==> Ending #3: The exuberance of love.
b) I don`t know, maybe if her provided us with something... "extra"?: +0

9. a) ... I think you`d better smoke it with us, just in case...: +a lot
b) I`ll take your word for it. Thanks, and goodbye!: advance to sex scene, end game ==> Ending #4: Take me to a higher love.

10. a) Fuck, yes, make him cum with that tight pussy of yours!: +a whole bunch
b) Hold him right there. I want you to use him for all he`s worth.: +2500 or more
Both choices let you advance, end game ==> Ending #5: Two`s company, three`s... really exhausting fun?

There`s a point system, yes, but the only benefit is if you get over 4000, not very difficult, you can achieve it on every ending except #1, you get to see a bunch o pictures of Michelle in various articles of lingerie.

Babelover100 2013.03.04
Good new game, I liked it

pruha07 2013.02.28
great game, play it and you will enjoy it. 6783 point

pruha07 2013.02.28
Excellent game. Great graphics and story.

Partypulver 2013.02.27
Omg i just got one ending and i thought it was awesome! Dream come true... so jealous.

cool_sandeepp 2013.02.26
what a fucking game....its awesome....i almost cum here...

samboob007 2013.02.26
i love this game very much

63ted 2013.02.26
Interesting game but would like to know what points earmed during game mean?

simodido 2013.02.25
nice game but less option in the storyline

Bombaazhul 2013.02.25
Nice, but animations are not on top.

BigC2679 2013.02.25
This was a hot game to play

busu99 2013.02.24
Good game , nice graphic.

sagalkxy 2013.02.24
this is so fun,I hope more!

MI6killer 2013.02.24
great game with qualtiy animation and really hot women

Jarlaxle69 2013.02.21
Interesting game, not really a fan of the whole cuckold theme in the threeway, but I can see the appeal to some. Fairly easy to find.

UniverseKing 2013.02.19
Great game and graphics.

Papi Jater 2013.02.19
the story is very good. I like it so much. I wish I were him

Sogen 2013.02.19
An excellent game, would definitely play more like it

arland_2004 2013.02.18
i like this game she was hottt

kalsoom900 2013.02.17
I think the graphics could be better.

hotties4u007 2013.02.16
this game is awesome i love it of course very good graphic

hotties4u007 2013.02.16
Very hot. Definately one of the best games I`ve played

jacky sherin 2013.02.16
excellent graphics........and excellent game

a715jjr5 2013.02.15
very nice -- wide is hot and there are many ways to play this out

BigJoe_1987 2013.02.15
The graphics were great, the gameplay was awesome. The entire game was sexy! Loved it!

zankro 2013.02.15
i like it verry much
sexy game

S.Muntzer 2013.02.14
The game is very hot.
Michelle is so cute.
Richard knows how to please a women

Steve41982 2013.02.14
This game has great graphics.

NFraunhofer 2013.02.11
great game, play it and you will enjoy it

AngelStorm747 2013.02.11
Good graphics, but seen better ones in "Lesson of Pashion". Anyway nice gameplay.

minikingy43 2013.02.10
this game was the best game ive played in a while

PlayForce00 2013.02.09
This one gets a pass but not the best LOP game. Michelle is a hot character.

carbonman 2013.02.09
that was a great game. i had a lot of fun playing

leon9145 2013.02.09
the graphics` nice but the story runs a bit slow...

hjebby 2013.02.09
graphics are great, realistic, liked the storyline too

Teine 2013.02.09
Surprisingly a very nice game, if you are willing to figure out how to get the best ending.

6623626 2013.02.08
surprisng graphics and good game to play

rajreeset 2013.02.07
hot game gives you dp experience

rajreeset 2013.02.07
hot game with dp experience

gartal 2013.02.06
I think if, more of us guys did this there would be less distressing and more loving. As far as relationships.

acedouble 2013.02.06
Nice game with threesome ending

akash0414 2013.02.06
this is a great gamei lkie it it is the best game i have ever played

lucky88jack 2013.02.06
think this one got me more raging then the last one

kpjr278 2013.02.06
Wow, what a story! Interesting night out on the town!

estong 2013.02.04
nice game with very good graphics. very arousing indeed.

opopmand 2013.02.03
Great game good storyline and good personalities

killa12345 2013.02.02
awsome game and cool graphics

natural_born_G 2013.02.02
amazing graphics and good game to play

giantomnisquid 2013.02.02
The ending where she gets double-teamed is so hot.

vash_27 2013.02.02
i`m really stuck wiht this game help !!

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.02
This was a well thought out game. Great stuff. It could happen.

ck-pasta 2013.02.01
Very hot. Definately one of the best games I`ve played

AbleToFly 2013.01.31
nice gameplay and amazing graphics

runawayfive 2013.01.29
a bit simple i ecxpected better

vgvet 2013.01.29
good game. i didnt think the husband would be a cuckold, but whatever.

taker3345 2013.01.29
great game aagain loved it and another great hottie

winz 2013.01.29
yet again, another good game with a hottie

alphanew99 2013.01.28
ThisThiis game has nice graphics. good game

alphanew99 2013.01.28
i liked the graphics and detail. the game also realistic

basu 2013.01.28
i like it verry much
sexy game

basu 2013.01.28
it is great i like this game graphic is good and i enjoy a lot

joey25986 2013.01.28
naughtier!!!for sure...lighting up the passions inside!!

wooddesk94 2013.01.28
descent game,ejoyed very much

Baronen 2013.01.28
Awesome game, really good!

esoderna 2013.01.27
i loved the game, but couldn`t get to ending 5

PatRay 2013.01.27
Absolutely love these stories.

bigzaddyy 2013.01.27
ThisThiis game has nice graphics. good game

man199418 2013.01.26
This game is awesome. The wife`s really sexy.

angrypussy 2013.01.26
i`m fully naked now. i want to have some threesome sex.

chavecito 2013.01.26
Looking forward to other endings.

Ace-Nut 2013.01.25
I think if, more of us guys did this there would be less distressing and more loving. As far as relationships.

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Very nice game , i really enjoyed this game.

devil.dave 2013.01.24
great game great grapics story is brilliant. Lessons of Passion team have done it again another hit

sexeractive 2013.01.24
it`s ok. i think it was so deterministic. too ridgit in the choices

tagawa 2013.01.24
Awesome game, hot wife, hot sex

mannertt 2013.01.24
Again a really nice game. Good graphics as well. You can count on the lesson of passion team

Bernard012 2013.01.24
A fantastic story, just one little embarrasing moment when she moved her hand to and fro her face like that, it broke the mood.

pilas1 2013.01.23
one of the best games in here we love it my wife loved it

coolboyypro 2013.01.22
nice game enjoyed it realy good

Belugacccc 2013.01.22
really great game, hope to see more endings soon

killer9477 2013.01.22
awesome gaming ... nice sound effects

Barnsy 2013.01.21
loved this game, it was really great

itsme2010 2013.01.21
nice one good graphic cool story

qwerty1121 2013.01.21
good game, good graphics as always

king5 2013.01.20
Great game, reached all ending

jdango 2013.01.18
great game, pleasure to play !! Enjoy it

arrayjumper 2013.01.18
Nice gameplay and premise.

egane 2013.01.17
i like this geme
wery exsidet
like thresome wery much

gamerpro 2013.01.17
great game, play it and you will enjoy it

Force danny 2013.01.17
great game loved the ending of the game

easygoing 2013.01.16
very nice, good graphics, easy to navigate.

yogamonster 2013.01.16
A game with a lot of graphics

Dylantheworldclassfucker 2013.01.16
Also extremly good graphics I am so impressed

Dylantheworldclassfucker 2013.01.16
Fucking great game it is sort of easy though but still a fucking great game

hoppy60 2013.01.15
nice game with good graphics

ab tak 56 2013.01.15
a great great website i have used ever loved it
extremely realistic and mind blowing games.......

katakana132 2013.01.14
this game is so replayable, definitely one of the best. Would love more stories with Michelle and Richard.
Would also love if the Gabe encounter where she finishes him off led to an ending where she beins experimenting without Richard.

rumxes 2013.01.13
Its one of the most beautiful game i`ve played in this site...

asslover342 2013.01.13
one of the best games i played love it

biggsreddy 2013.01.13
Just love this game .....sex scenes need to be more animated

sosos 2013.01.12
i love this game its awesome

kjdehn 2013.01.12
were is Kelly wish she was my wife and we fucked all time

Bestest_01 2013.01.12
nice games nice graffics and so hot.....................

megalita 2013.01.12
I love, love, love this game it is up beat and up to speed with this society.

NAWTYLEON 2013.01.10

nettox7 2013.01.10
very great game, I enjoyed this game

assasinber 2013.01.09
hot game I love the scene good graphics & i really enjoyed this game

derda 2013.01.09
I really like this game. Maybe a little bit short but the Quality makes up for it,

neogogeta 2013.01.09
the graphic should be better

Mr.Biq 2013.01.08
sexy game i really enjoyed

xavom 2013.01.08
very great game, I enjoyed this game

sex seven 2013.01.08
This game heated me up for more

grba1 2013.01.08
like always another good game from lop.
Very cool,game...Lot of cool scenes

babymustache 2013.01.08
the graphics are totally awesome. i really enjoyed this game. animation also cool

numnuts11 2013.01.08
i love this game its awesome

call1114 2013.01.08
Top quality game, good graphics, good sounds and awesome gameplay

ionion2733 2013.01.07
5th end ... a 3way... really good !!! Congratulations guys....

ionion2733 2013.01.07
4th ending they do it in the pool

ionion2733 2013.01.07
third ending idiscovered,he ain t get s any pussy :)

ionion2733 2013.01.07
I already descovered the second ending,but i m really impressed of the high graphic quality !

ionion2733 2013.01.07
michelle s ass got me really hot !

ionion2733 2013.01.07
i love this game ! good graphic,and sexy girls

fuzzy88 2013.01.06
This is def one of the best games here

nightcock 2013.01.06
oh so sexy and all the endings nice.

CB54 2013.01.06
Fantastic game; I recommend it totally.

ytu.yaya 2013.01.05
excellent game. very enjoyable

Sparklex 2013.01.05
this game is pretty decent, just had to reload a couple of times

wladi 2013.01.05
this game is awesome i love it of course very good graphic

natalyasvensson 2013.01.05
i lova all of these games with such good graphic and sexy girls

wetandwildpussy 2013.01.04
this game was awesome loved it!!

gemini14 2013.01.04
another great game on this site :D awesome

jurben 2013.01.03
Really nice game with good graphics

kotokkotok 2013.01.03
what a hot girl, love this game so much :D

superslayer 2013.01.03
gd game, could have been a bit longer

dovaking 2013.01.03
hot game I love the dp scene good graphis

livada 2013.01.02
Very nice game,few of the best games this site has to offer

leroydidit 2013.01.02
good graphics and love the story line

wsy19770727 2013.01.02
how to play the game,it`s ldiffcult for me

Lupus20 2013.01.02
I like the game nice story great graphic

potin 2013.01.02
liked the graphics story and everything else

Sumptuous 2013.01.01
Nice story and good graphics!

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.01
great game... i liked...

00northrup 2013.01.01
very origenal game. fun too

marek015 2013.01.01
great game. i loved the girl in it. she was really pretty

myrmedon09 2013.01.01
It was nice game, more than i expect

Hieblan 2013.01.01
just love it, very hot, awesome graphics, Iliked the 2 guys 1 girl ending

tyler mcghee 2012.12.31
Amazing games so sensual such amazing graphics same there isn`t more

Hnight 2012.12.31
good game play,great graphics ,great animations.~

iwantfun87 2012.12.31
great game, great grafic... a lot of fun

jenso 2012.12.31
this game was awesome, very creative. O enjoyed it very much

veleno72 2012.12.30
Beautiful chick, I`m in love for her!
I`ve seen only one ending... but it was great!

detrewfd 2012.12.30
Good game i really enjoyed this game

ilovepeanuts911000 2012.12.30
great game. i loved the girl in it. she was really pretty

Mads1997 2012.12.30
Litlle short but nice .. I as always love their graphics and gameplay :D they could maybe make it a little longer

milesnai 2012.12.29
love the idea, interface is one dimensional

dragoon1976 2012.12.29
this is a fun game i still have only seen 1 ending

katakana132 2012.12.28
One of my favorites, would love an expansion to include more encounters and possibly some infidelity from Michelle if Richard doesn`t do everything right.

JamesRyan 2012.12.28
I don`t know who creates these games but he`s a pure GENIUS! Those games are so amazing :D

itsme332013 2012.12.28
the graphics are brilliant

hunted 2012.12.28
Great game as usual from LOP, great graphics. The mouse click sex in this one is not as good as some of the others, no skill required, just press the mouse at the right time.

wolfpredator855 2012.12.27
This game`s graphics alone make it pretty impressive

USMCICEMAN 2012.12.27
Good Game, graphics not to bad

Roedebard 2012.12.26
I would prefer, if at some times the graphics might allow a more intimate view. sort of zoomin in or turning into a better peeking position.

kbkbkhbhjb 2012.12.25
this game is awesome,enjoyed it a lot!!!

kbkbkhbhjb 2012.12.25
this game is awesome,enjoyed it so much

kbkbkhbhjb 2012.12.25
great game,playing it everyday

giomaniacio 2012.12.25
this game was awesome, very creative. O enjoyed it very much

swamperjeep 2012.12.25
grat game found one ending being nice now t try beig ass.

davidhussey123 2012.12.24
reli njoyed playing this!

Trav68 2012.12.24
Fun game. Not too difficult to find the endings. The pool twist is nice.

shivers1 2012.12.24
just making a comment to score now i gotta reload the game aaarrgghh

im3xbuck 2012.12.23
really natural game..like it

silky 2012.12.23
wonderful animation i enjoyed

ayesha 2012.12.23
i really enjoye this game

Lynn11 2012.12.22
This game heated me up for more

sskthedevil 2012.12.22
this game was cool wonder if the is another versin

Damiano666 2012.12.21
Graphic is great and the story, the best! Keep it coming! :)

Lucky.chang 2012.12.21
The game is good as expected from LOP...

bvash26 2012.12.21
amazing game. loved all the scenes and endings. realistic and fun. a game worth playing.

emosiana 2012.12.20
i like the graphics and story.But sometimes the movement of the mouse is not in sync with the movement of the artist.

BFLP 2012.12.20
loved the game,
the graphics n music were great

zoostorm33 2012.12.20
A very good game.Really enjoyed it. good grapics

Mangrove 2012.12.19
A nice angle with including another male, only thing would have made it better would been with more options, persons and ending!
Txs for a good game!

marmarmar 2012.12.19
nice game nice grafics too short thanks hotttt

scopeman 2012.12.19
Nice graphics & nice story. Could have use a little kick though

mrbiggstuff 2012.12.19
The graphics are so real! Great quality. Love it

sinsear1071 2012.12.19
This is so hot and erotic. LOP has outdone themselves, I really enjoyed the game and scored well over 4000 easily. Looking forward to unlocking all five endings...Wonder if there will be a part two?

Hibernius 2012.12.19
This game was epic and I liked it.

nigga23 2012.12.18
really hot game...beautiful wife

HIMI 2012.12.18
Graphics of the game looks good. Want to have more versions of the game.

Anotherone 2012.12.17
A very good game.Really enjoyed it.

Cunt Banger 2012.12.17
I really like the graphics of the game and a I really enjoyed playing with the hot chick.

samarth19 2012.12.17
i would love to fuck that woman

AKB 2012.12.17
This game is very sexy and HOTT
I was almost in the situation Gabe was in a few years back

fimpefar 2012.12.17
Good game i really enjoyed this game

kouloya 2012.12.16
nice game nice grafics too short thanks

gartal 2012.12.16
the graphics are great and strong story and hot girl

divox 2012.12.16
The game is very nice indeed!

barry23 2012.12.15
ameizing game great graphick good story i like it very much

zerotr1 2012.12.14
coll game nice story and a guy who thinks he can get your wife

LoP123 2012.12.14
Amazing game, incredible graphic :)

EmerikQ 2012.12.14
I like it... specially when her both holes was filed up with sperm and after dropping out...
Good game and graphic too.... in range with Kelly

alvin510 2012.12.14
This game was very fun. I really love it

Playraj 2012.12.13
Awesome graphics and sounding. I`m just lovin it

grofter 2012.12.12
enjoyed playing. was very fun

big99999 2012.12.12
This game was very fun. I enjoyed it.

asdf951 2012.12.11
Good game. Loved the graphics

twointheclip 2012.12.11
good game good grafics. very hot and horny.

Long Dick 2012.12.11
very good game. keeps you interested and moves at a good speed.

Archangel1962 2012.12.11
Great game but needs more options

Sprtan137 2012.12.11
good game. wish it had sound effects and not just music tho.

sumitplay 2012.12.10
hey.....i liked the game....
thought little tough

luciferclit 2012.12.10
amazing graphics sound quality also amazing

Mr. Magic 2012.12.10
Loved ending number 5. Michelle is a dirty little whore isn`t she?

sexysushi 2012.12.09
Very good game, I loved the story and the different possibilities

glenwid 2012.12.09
this game has nice animation and fun

Lix66 2012.12.09
This game is great the quality lags my computer a little bit but that didn`t make this game less amazing

SingerNS 2012.12.09
great idea must try it with my gf =)

HighWildAndFree 2012.12.08
really great graphics here and i love the game play although my favorite operating way is hitting the triangles plus you can choose between being sweet or just rude. :]

theking24 2012.12.07
great graphics and love the endings

sexslave53825645 2012.12.07
Such a sexy game this is!

amazingchili 2012.12.07
That was quite...enjoyable :)

Diablos 2012.12.07
Damn talk about spicing out your bored love life and getting your moneys worth.

Messer13 2012.12.06
Nice hot wife story.......

jackal1345 2012.12.06
very hot and sensual. although would be nice for her facial expression to change when you increase the intensity like to passionate. good idea for a story though

monkeyhunter42 2012.12.06
Great game really good graphics and animation but i would like it if it was a little longer

-UnionJack- 2012.12.06
Not too bad, some great pictures!

wsfhary 2012.12.06
crazy and extremly sexy love it

d1v9d_k 2012.12.05
Thanks a lot to one who posted for help it was very useful.

Techischiz 2012.12.05
Nice game. Graphics are great.

roundtheworld 2012.12.04
This one did it, This game is FLAWLESS

katakana132 2012.12.03
scored 7372, awesome game. Would love an ending where Michelle decides to go find gabe if richard chooses the wrong prompts after the pool.

Dosha 2012.12.03
Good story and perfect graphics

exavio 2012.12.03
good gameplay love the quality

idontcarereally 2012.12.03
Several different endings... great little game. Played it through several times.

cristiano7ronaldo 2012.12.02
Awesome game but gameplay was bad

darknez 2012.12.02
One of the best games on this site. The interface is responsive and intuitive

fucker123@ 2012.12.01
nice game ,graphic,noise its very horny

ShadowRyku 2012.12.01
good graphic and animations, but the story was to odd and the game to easy

a67chevelle 2012.12.01
this game rocks. the graphics were cool, but i thought it was a little to easy. id like to see more games like this.

hitsushi 2012.11.30
Nice game. Good animations and sound though the music a bit boring.. But worth to play more than once.. It`s very nice to have a wife like that.. :D

CGAsya 2012.11.30
it`s really cool.a real sex game.i`m searching it for a really long time

ksexscene 2012.11.30
great game......loved it.....

Tusher 2012.11.30
this game is really different then other games . love this game .

appleat 2012.11.29
i love this game i would fuck that girl so had

Akrasjel 2012.11.28
I really like it nice game, more games like that

h-life7 2012.11.28
wow.i wanna be instead of gabriellllllllllllllllllll

Richie33 2012.11.27
I want to be in Richards position, I would love to double up

xes9960 2012.11.27
nice game, more games like that

VeNNoM 2012.11.27
Another winner, well done LoP.

Caldroidian 2012.11.27
Several different endings... great little game. Played it through several times.

iram 2012.11.26
very nice game and very nice girl

Gurich72 2012.11.26
I Really Enjoyed This Game

kdogg1 2012.11.26
The gameplay was great and graphics were great

Telos377 2012.11.26
Very good game, worth taking your time

redfoxx 2012.11.26
Great game. I was dissapointed that the threesome was MMF but stuill a nice addition!

shivers1 2012.11.25
i like the story....animationleaves a lot to be desired

StefanW 2012.11.25
the graphics of this game are great

alexireaper 2012.11.25
love it. wewt!!! ermm but graphics could be a bit better :O

Stallerpanzer07 2012.11.24
Very cool I really like it and its very fun

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
Not bad, but would have liked better animation. Enjoyed it though.

Dante0919 2012.11.20
I Really Enjoyed This Game

teranderson 2012.11.20
good game, added to favs

rock21799 2012.11.20
i really enjoyed the gamme

xpepicekx 2012.11.19
good game, but too few choices

yzenginoglu 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


vadei 2012.11.18
great game nice girl and great graphics

jimbob1995 2012.11.18
great game and good graphics

suki39 2012.11.17
great game and story,wish i was the bloke in it

hotsexyfuckinglady 2012.11.16
wow!This game is pretty cool, you know

arjun agarwal 2012.11.16
An excellent addition with great sex scenes!

Malethikus 2012.11.16
Fun Game, with a good story, great to play

Bossian 2012.11.16
it`s an ok game not tooo good ya no?

Ayushank 2012.11.15
Love this game...its not the best but it sure gave me an erection..... :D

Drachenritter 2012.11.15
A good game, with good graphics

trpdnhcktwn 2012.11.15
good game enjoyed the story and graphics

allcaps8 2012.11.14
i loved it and want more of it and more of a girl than i have now any one in?

leezl 2012.11.14
the game was quite good and the graphics rocks

adamblackstone 2012.11.14
awesome game loved the graphics

number101 2012.11.13
Really like the graphics, hope there`ll be a second.

casillasvvbb 2012.11.13
nice game and nice graphics

Blesshand 2012.11.12
The girl is nasty and I know I like it. But the storyline is a bit short though.

Shefali16 2012.11.12
i love this game the graphics are great

noti 2012.11.11
An excellent addition with great sex scenes!

jetlim26 2012.11.11
Good game, hot chicks. What`s not to like?

Hunter99004 2012.11.10
I enjoyed this one more than a few of the others, will give it a 7/10

spencerth5 2012.11.10
good game, awesome graphics

domebitch12 2012.11.10
Best passion of love game! easy and fun

shamtastic 2012.11.09
First play was really good. Looking forward to other endings.

andy_regresa 2012.11.09
great game, play it and you will enjoy it

jiawei95 2012.11.09
Loved the graphig, story wasnt that good thou.

pabloD12 2012.11.08
nice little twists and turns

Dragonfire91 2012.11.08
good sex scenes and neat endings

lovebunny 2012.11.07
loved it
it made me very horny

dcooper 2012.11.07
this is a great game. gets me going everytime

ganjahtreu 2012.11.06
very nice and horny game!!!
i like the hot and dirty bitches!!
nice one!!!

krasskk 2012.11.05
everyone needs a wife like her

voynar88 2012.11.04
Really good game, maybe something in face expression could be improved, but keep up the good work!

pfiffie 2012.11.04
great game, play it and you will enjoy it

jasont89 2012.11.04
Nicely done. The graphics were great and the storyline was enjoyable.

pat08 2012.11.04
everything came together nicely in this one

zilver63 2012.11.03
I will give this 7/10 for great interactivity, but the story is a bit slim.

scuba123 2012.11.03
great game wish there was a 2nd woman

derajkceb 2012.11.02
i really love this game it is amazing

jana1 2012.11.02
i really enjoyed this game

Empiq 2012.11.02
Wine, food, and chocolates to set the mood.

pusshound 2012.11.02
Great game. The 5 endings aren`t too hard to find and there are plenty of good sex scenes. The dialog is not bad and the continuity is pretty good. Love the threesome.

PlayFOne 2012.11.01
Nice, easy game. Could have been longer.

ankush65 2012.11.01
love lop games, this is very good indeed!!

alfred riedl 2012.11.01
a very great game, i wanna play it more

zman1394 2012.11.01
hot busty wife. they`re so tender. lol

zman1394 2012.11.01
really hot boobs and pussy

zman1394 2012.11.01
excelent chick really hot. pretty dull on the graphics part

chairman066 2012.11.01
yep, still hot n sexy, nice possibilities

giacomo004 2012.11.01
nice graphic, and i really liked it. Good work.

david101 2012.10.31
great story.the threesome was the best.i liked the graphics.

david101 2012.10.31
this was a really great game.the graphics were terrefic.i really enjoyed this..the sound effects were good too.looking forward to play more games like this.

jeffrson831 2012.10.31
Wish my wife was like this. The wife in the game is so naughty

Jim1973 2012.10.30
So where can I get a wife like that?

geblek 2012.10.30
It`s cool when the game have a lot of possible ways. I like yhe story. good graphic

scrubby 2012.10.30
Great game, graphics great, but the animations arn`t so fluid. It`s cool when the game have a lot of possible ways. I like yhe story.

collins 2012.10.30
would be nice to add a maid, you know room service so the husband, Richard could get a little 3-way action too. Maybe even have a 4-way with the waiter guy

shuvobd 2012.10.29
Extra ordinary game. Very nice graphics also.

twilight14 2012.10.28
I love this Game. I love the Graphic. The animation is Amazing Also!

jafo69 2012.10.28
Good story...graphics were ok but still kind of choppy imho

Raiko 2012.10.28
This game is awesome, loved the threesome scene

robinkelsick2012 2012.10.27
i stand corrected this is extra hot

robinkelsick2012 2012.10.27
this game is pretty sexy

busu99 2012.10.27
i love this game the graphics are great

londo 2012.10.27
137 Points and nothing went bad :)
nice game! need some attemps to find the right path

vince46 2012.10.27
this game rlly awesome and sexy wish they made more

castilho 2012.10.26
One of the best games I`ve ever played, hands down.

Cj2k 2012.10.26
Very good game enjoyed every minute

lordviperion 2012.10.26
Great game, nice pictures and interesting plots

Djule 2012.10.25
Great game, nice graphics

Emper0rr 2012.10.25
Nice Game, I found all the ending too!!
very very hot girl indeed

SuryaLunna 2012.10.24
I really loved this game, the graphics are very good .

Kelly-Lover 2012.10.24
If my wife would be so hot and sexy, i would have done such evenings every weekend!! Very nice game, fantastic graphics! More games like that!

boggin 2012.10.24
I wish my wife and I had some evenings like this

flintstoneflop 2012.10.23
Great game, love the use of sound in this one.

deadlymayhem 2012.10.23
game never gets boring :D

james_bond 2012.10.23
this game is so great it`s full of passion and mistery

hanibal194 2012.10.22
so hot and many ending a very goog one

DickieDo 2012.10.22
thought the graphics were good game play was boring

DjoleKG 2012.10.22
This game is awesome, i love he.

dgkesquire 2012.10.22
One of my favorite LoP games to date! Great storyline, involved game play, and of course sexy graphics...a definite keeper.

jagear69 2012.10.21
well the gameplay was good so were the graphics

blackwolferz 2012.10.21
really enjoyed this game alot. hope for more great games in future

hjhjhjhjhj 2012.10.21
The graphic is brilliant!

Ryderz 2012.10.21
like a tattoo woohoooo teen top shinee ryderz wooooohoooo

wateshito 2012.10.20
graphic is good, more like is welcome

jason21142 2012.10.20
This game is quite diffictult. Far more difficult than others here. Keely is hot though.

Davyroo 2012.10.19
One of the best games I`ve ever played, hands down.

Jomsviking_Thorkell 2012.10.19
Good gameplay, i really enjoy the multiple endings.

franckcastle 2012.10.19
the plot is among one of the best of this game serie

hotty123 2012.10.19
1 heck of a good game. I loved michelle ....SOO Hot. plus the threesome was great. :p

scarface2473 2012.10.19
Great game. LoP always has great games and stories

Armour 2012.10.19
The roleplay angle was interesting. Another good LoP game with typically good graphics.

abelgar 2012.10.18
Mmm nice threesome ! I need to see other endings ...

Nikita1113 2012.10.18
this is the best game ever i just love it!!

ozorne_6 2012.10.18
I Play all Games in here some are better than others, this is a better one.
I prefer quality to size to increase size have more parts to it ie have every ending as a new game.
love your work
ty all

jlmerry11 2012.10.18
oh my god this game is amazing!!!

derda 2012.10.17
i really enjoyed this game

postor 2012.10.17
i really liked the graphics and detail. the game itself was alright

spammer73 2012.10.17
Very good game. i like games with threesomes

piggy 2012.10.17
superb game hav played 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000times

luvtoplay 2012.10.17
its ok but i like the quality

iamgoingawol 2012.10.16
Quite literally the hottest game you have done yet. Love the mmf threesome possibility. More games with that scenario or a gangbang would be amazing.

xxdragonxx 2012.10.16
very nice game and graphics but story needs to be longe tho.

Fugubob1 2012.10.16
decent gameplay, awful animations. boring story

Fugubob1 2012.10.16
Nice game. Ends bit oddly. But usual sharks-lagoon quality.

sokomo 2012.10.16
i feel really fucking her

conbron 2012.10.16
nice short-story - game with very good graphics, but to short...

sparksy 2012.10.16
very hot game
love the threesome

thinspiration 2012.10.16
interesting game! the girl is really hot, the graphics good!

chris o 1 2012.10.15
the best game ever is so good to play i play it all the time and all day so good best

jimmyk 2012.10.15
One of the best games here. Great story and great graphics plus really hot endings. So a perfect score.

il_farmacista 2012.10.15
Nice game!! Will play it a lot!!

saidar 2012.10.15
nice game, not to hard, nice endings

zylasty13 2012.10.14
Got all 5 endings. Very good game - good graphics ans plot.

chr24sziie 2012.10.14
very nice games. i enjoyed it a lot. its so hot and sexy

emetiel 2012.10.14
I like it. Its a funny litle game and I realy love that kind of games

csok 2012.10.14
the graphic is good, more like is welcome

biggrk 2012.10.14
Great game , cant wait for all the endings

randy8888 2012.10.13
nice game ..needs more twists

dickerotto 2012.10.13
nice game and nice story and i really enjoyed this gam

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