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Hot meal


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theoxxx 2019.09.10
raphics are nice but there is only one endin

billK 2019.09.06
very funny game...exelent sex animations....

Robb11e 2019.08.04
10/10 game, amazing graphics, and love love love the endings.

draco65 2019.07.28
having played this and its predecessor, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that these were designed by someone who loathes men and is using these as a catharsis. The logical inconsistencies are jarring - for example, ANY male, hell any person, who is aware enough to request assistance is not going to be oblivious to the witch suddenly leering at them while topless. This is just one instance of many that just don`t make any sense. I don`t know why the originator of this....game... has such innate contempt for men, but it definitely finds its expression here.rnif you are into belittling males and find idiocy amusing this game is for you.rndon`t think for a moment that anything in here is even remotely possible. if you are that oblivious to blatant seduction then you would not have the slightest inkling to ask for help so as to be a seducer.rnhard not to find this offensive & off putting on multiple levels, but after it is just a game.rni certainly hope the originator found this outlet therapeutic for their biases.

w1drng22 2019.07.27
The graphics were great. The story line too.I was wondering if there was any other ending other than her walking off to make lunch. Do I have to have something different going on at the beginning?

EricFan 2019.07.13
the graphic are not bad, animation pretty good too

Anakin27 2019.07.08
The story, the quality and the graphics are amazingrn

harimahesh 2019.07.04
graphics are nice but there is only one ending

HornySasquatch 2019.06.24
Interesting game, just wish there were more options.

Shevexs21 2019.06.22
i enjoyed the story but it only has one ending


rainandshine 2019.06.02
A quick and fun game. I like the erotic scene and the quizes was funny.

moroeli 2019.05.31
such a big yummy meal ;) :P

ChawkiDarkSide 2019.05.23
wow nice work i like this game

blueberry 2019.05.15
This was a very good game but it was way to short,

ILoveKellySoMuck 2019.05.13
OMG I need so loong to get throu XD

johnbubbles 2019.05.10
nice game like the storyline

denme 2019.05.08
how to play full version of the game ?? i am only able to play demo.rn

TEX TIGER 2019.05.01
The stupid game and boring for play.

HiddeObs 2019.04.25
Excellent graphics, great game.

zangyuki 2019.04.13
the story itself was very pleasing

Nikhilpk2345 2019.04.12
Damn! I finally fucked her uwu

MountieMan 2019.03.11
one of many of my favorites in the series

Andrew123456 2019.03.09
good game n brilliant graphics

Dragutin89 2019.03.06
Funny and greate sex in this game i like it rn

Dragoslav 2019.03.06
Greate sex game i like this one a lot

manred 2019.02.26
good quality is what makes a game in my opinion clear care has been spent in this game

summonses 2019.02.10
i like the fact that this is the sequel of another game, the graphic`s awesome, Sunny is even hotter than Zenny haha

evilbob12345 2019.01.29
Good game I liked the different endings

null123 2019.01.28
good game ,the graphics in this game is so nice

bamdad1381 2019.01.09
the game looks good but everytime i start the quiz she suddenly says it got chilly and goes away please fix this problemrn

Matty9745 2019.01.08
Interesting game and pretty good graphics

hangyphil 2019.01.07
great game fast paced pictures could be better but itll do

brownbag 2019.01.07
I lost the quiz, i`v won the quiz what did I do wrong?

sukddik 2019.01.01
awesome with good graphicsrn

pahalpati 2018.12.31
Nice game The graphics were good It was a nice adventure

d121 2018.12.27
fun game cant wait for more like this.

ACapella95 2018.12.24
Very good action, beautiful girls, good graphics!

lelele 2018.12.22
Really good game that also needs you to think a bit. I loved the reference to an earlier game:)

jlf460 2018.12.19
ive said everything different and won riddles and then read a comment saying if you lost shed have sex with you and see always gets cold and leaves. what gives??? walkthrough?? or just broken?rn

vandon 2018.12.18
i found this very very difficult... too difficult and no walk through!

felicia1 2018.12.18
hi great game needs more sex to comic like wow super double thumbs up one the girls boobs and vagina.

GP69 2018.12.12
Good game, nice graphics and again a hot witch! Pity the game is over quickly though! Could have been a bit more choice and action to it!!!

g2gru 2018.12.12
nice game, graphics could be better but fun anyways

Geoff77 2018.12.09
Wow such a really sexy game

w1drng22 2018.12.07
It was pretty good. I like the graphics. Realistic.

Semc64 2018.12.05
Fun, simple game with a great graphics and good voice acting.

randy1 2018.11.29
Fun game , with a good story line , but could be a little more to it

exarmy1986 2018.11.25
Very Hot game with very good graphics.

shyman44425 2018.11.23
Long action ending with great graphics. Loved it.

drk1998 2018.11.22
it was so fun Very complex and a lot of playable scenarios,would be better to not have to do so much boring stuffrn

AnnaRainbow 2018.11.21
This is part 2 in the Bungler series, after "Bungler and the Witch", and like that game, it`s a lot of fun. Full of humour, great graphic design, very likable characters (including the Bungler). Also like the previous game, it`s not as easy as you might think... Choose wisely!

noblesse30 2018.11.20
i enjoyed this one. great game

GEPilot 2018.11.17
very nice graphic and funny short gamern

chris78500 2018.11.17
even when i do my best to lose all the riddles, once i`m naked, the one ridle she asks me (tax collector or lock) always ends it here with her telling me she has to go make lunch.

Dazzler197 2018.11.17
Not a very long game but it`s not bad

Peglynn 2018.11.16
Just found this game. I like it and got the 1st Achievement. Will play more for sure

Flex69 2018.11.15
Very short game. Would be fun with more characters.

thumbrub 2018.11.14
Would be nicer with more characters

supertrucker 2018.11.12
good game kinda quick fairly easy

Blitzkriegbob 2018.11.12
gameplaywise its not groundbreaking, but the graphics are nice. While it could need a little more depth its wuite fun to play.

willtry 2018.11.11
Lose the riddle contest for "Letting her win" and bang the brunette. Get the hairpin and give it to the blonde witch after banging for "A lucky man" ending.

lughbelenos 2018.11.10
You have to lose the riddles to win the girl but I need to find how to get the other two achievements.

chris78500 2018.11.09
How the hell do you get endings other than her just leaving to prepare lunch?

GP69 2018.11.08
Quite good! Enjoyed the games within the game

bianca29 2018.11.07
Nice Graphics, but only one endingrn

Poisoned 2018.11.07
I am really enjoying these "Bungler" games. Graphics are great, but more choices would be nice.rnI am looking forward to the next installment.

stach56 2018.11.07
nice game - good graphics

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