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Holiday Trip


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Domenik 2017.10.25
Very short and easy game. Not the best

viko25 2016.09.02
O i thimk it a great gtaffic and also a good game

pberke 2016.04.26
Very short and no real challenge, BUT cool graphics

ceaser 2016.02.25
nice sexy girls. love the game and the graphics

alanwake 2015.07.26
cute chicks, easy 2 handle...

Nobel2112 2015.05.22
n ice game, but to simple

Alorine 2014.12.12
shorty game, whith a strange gameplay

LazyTiger 2014.12.04
Very good art style, but the actual playing part of this game is quite bad.

noogad 2013.09.20
Great game... girls are hot!!!! WOW

wessmith 2013.06.18
short game, no challenge; don`t like game where they look like little girls


chuby 2013.06.14
not one of my favorite games but it was good

abxz11 2013.05.21
this game has good graphics, good gameplay and is very simple

ziopaul 2013.05.19
great graphic, but game is too easy and short

bilbily 2013.05.12

gwazz 2013.04.20
short and sweet the way i like it

Loner8488 2013.03.27
A bit short but I love it

Robbyro 2013.01.29
nice games as if it`s very to finish

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Kind of funny , but way too short and simple.

Trav68 2012.12.31
Not bad game. I don`t think there are any wrong answers.

gartal 2012.12.16
good graphics
ht girls
and classic game

Jokke1 2012.11.01
A simple game with medium graphics ! Not a favorit of mine !!!

sorr08 2012.10.28
Amazing game and amazing girls

wezel87 2012.10.04
Good animation.. Good game but to short!

Riddler 2012.09.30
this has pretty cool animation

dddyyy 2012.09.13
i hate giving up comments

bahamut86 2012.05.21
Nice game,good grafic and gameplay

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.17
Nice little game but really easy.

cybertron12 2012.05.10
way too eay to fuck with a girl i dont like it

Messer13 2012.04.26
Not too good and not too bad either....................Were less actions...........

glukos37 2012.03.14
Any answer would`ve got you through the game. No interaction in the sex scenes

j3ssie 2012.02.20
sweet graphics.
excelent animation.
sweet game.
like to see more
this girl is purely hot and nasty...
i`ll dream she all the night...
you should play immediately...
it`s hot hot hot

Gnomon 2012.02.07
What the heck is a "conspectus"? And what did it have to do with anything in this game?

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice little game but really easy.

bandit001 2012.01.07
Good game but easier than most.

Guillaume 2012.01.06
Fun little game, but not challenging

mikicostanza 2012.01.04
not very cool game but its ok

kagomesexy123 2011.12.28
i loved the game want to play it again.

squilliam913 2011.12.07
easy game, cafe manager is the hottest

zenginoglu 2011.11.17
This is great game... I like it very much...

BallIdiot 2011.11.10
Any answer would`ve got you through the game. No interaction in the sex scenes.

kinell 2011.11.10
Great graphics on the girls, sexy game

darkgelap 2011.11.10
good and good i love your pussy

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice game, meaby little short.

erzerz 2011.08.02
a very good game which i like :D

Mr.Ven 2011.07.26
nice clean gameplay and horny girls

souza111188 2011.07.14
this game is pretty good, really simple though

TheGuyWithItAll 2011.06.25
the sex phrases need to be better and longer

m4t0n 2011.05.22
hots girls makes this game superb

shakezulla17 2011.05.14
3 hot girls with decent conversation. Not bad at all

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.30
This game is very good and i like it...

likaboss21 2011.04.12
pretty good game. could have been alot longer, but still pretty good

lampu7ahmad 2011.04.10
nice game,nice graphic...a little bit boring during their sex time...

Skarn62 2011.04.07
Nice girls, but not interresting game. No interactions...

zembot 2011.03.29
rather boring, and too easy

DeaconFrost 2011.03.16
in the straight line of Christmas trip, same company.
Too easy and short, trio of girls to see and the plot could not be more simple... Random clicks through sex scene is working, I guess you have to pick the right answers this time which is.. A Progress still...
Will take a few minutes to run through it all, very average.

silver12 2011.02.28
very nice and easy great girls too

AlecWasha 2011.02.21
fast and easy i like it

TMAN81 2011.02.20
A game with sweet innocent looking girls... i like

Awar 2011.02.10
Good graphic and anime girl. Good game

ghost981 2011.02.05
ok/....but don t like the story

Nick2 2011.02.05
Hot and good game, I like it.

eagerone 2011.02.04
nice game, but not quite challenging...

kalbs 2011.01.11
to short and a litle boring.

Futurus 2010.12.28
not a really bad game, but graphics and story are not that good.

st jimmy99 2010.12.25
good choice of girls but could of been longer

Cena91 2010.12.24
Nice girls, like this game very much

punyu 2010.12.24
this game is really short..

mick149 2010.12.17
this is very boring and should not be on here

HotSpot 2010.12.15
Good game but i think its a little bit to short

probie 2010.12.10
its a good game could of been longer an more quest would like to see another

ahclem 2010.12.02
The animations are very simplistic but the girls are nicely drawn. A variety of positions and or penetration (ass, mouth) would be nice as well

dsvjr19 2010.11.27
Pretty good game but it could have been longer

DonsonJohnson 2010.11.26
The game is a little too short, but the graphics are pretty good. Decent animation, but it could be better.

Dogaphone 2010.11.16
I thought this was a good game, but it got boring at times for me anyway.

starracer0101 2010.11.15
awesome game, like the graphics and the gameplay

justo01 2010.11.11
I like this game, it has awesome graphics and i like the mini game, but is too short.

Moki 2010.11.07
pretty good game but too short

superman09 2010.10.18
really boring game but the graphics were good

Kazarian 2010.10.14
not much of a challenge... i guess it`s ok if u got 5 mins to waste

chumak 2010.10.14
nice little game but i like more of a challenge

Hottie_StaceyXxX 2010.09.21
thes game is awsomw and i love it

Jada 2010.09.15
Just too easy read the cards and go with the most likely reply good graphics half decent story lacking imagination though still good action and tricky meter working has ups and downs.

pipatwatt 2010.09.08
Not a bad game, but is too short

Chosen_Chaos 2010.09.04
Not a bad game, but it could be longer

nurlisyah 2010.09.02
i love it!!!!!!very interesting games....

kdogg 2010.08.24
gamplay was great, graphics were great and animation was great.

jerfo 2010.08.22
nice game to bad its so static

ColonelIce 2010.08.16
nice game , but simple and action is a little bit weak

Fastdraw44 2010.08.15
ok graphics, but action of sex is weak.

2fast4u1992 2010.08.06
good game but way 2 short

Shrek_tastical 2010.07.29
not a bad game but too short

Nami-18 2010.07.25
I really like this kind of games, are a lot of girls, and they are too pretty, this make my hot... @_@


bored 2010.07.23
nice game with sexy girls!

MaxRider 2010.07.17
Cool game with nice pictures and smooth animation. The only downside is that it`s a very short game.

Drantag 2010.07.17
Nothing special... Thought that`ll be more interesting.

nameit 2010.07.11
nice animation, nice graphics, no story and it`s easy

fred4959 2010.07.03
good graphics, really short

ghostweed 2010.07.02
Nice game could be i liek the girls :D

Ekinx 2010.07.02
short fun game with nice graphic

adityam1996 2010.06.29
good graphics and a good game

Yumi ;3 2010.06.26
Fine history and that, but a little bit too short.

dreadwolf 2010.06.24
game play, graphic, animation fare nice game could be longer

cjcj 2010.06.14
fun game needs to be longer

christyna tan 2010.06.14
nice it got a good story i like it

dkkiddo200 2010.06.13
the game is too easy and short

scannatore 2010.06.11
8 minutes to end cause i answered my phone... Too easy, too short!

Elling 2010.06.10
nice little game, like the idea of forwarding in the act

SofM 2010.05.31
That gamewas extremely short.

Outlaw James 2010.05.28
This game has a good speed to it. Corny music for the most part but nice graphics

XXx123 2010.05.09
nice game!!!!!! but i like ocean cruise bett

wlwlvr 2010.05.08
I find the method of getting through the sex scenes rather irritating.

Kalaam 2010.05.03
Too easy, and the pics could be a bit better

Motherfucker 2010.05.02
graphic is good the animation is great the metor is a little distracting

macmac277 2010.04.28
i hate these kind of games! their a rip off to MNF!

thedoofus 2010.04.26
not very entertaining. Too simple.

supermaster1190 2010.04.26
fun game not to good on the story side though

dargor89 2010.04.26
the graphic is good, but for me this game is too short..

LadyLierin 2010.04.26
it was a good game, to short and easy, hope their will be another one after this

biggsreddy 2010.04.25
Nice game good graphics but too short

DanishD 2010.04.13
Quite a good game but i would like to have some more animation and moaning!

tafnam 2010.04.12
a bit short but i liked it

argonidas 2010.04.09
its not so bad game, but it is too easy

bloodshot 2010.04.08
really good game to short but still fun

Amber 2010.04.06
Pretty game, much variations, nice girls

woollybobcat 2010.04.05
Wish there were more scenes but good game all in all.

Zlatan_X 2010.04.05
not bad game but is too easy

haplo 2010.04.04
love those hentai girls, but the game is lame

barcone21 2010.04.02
This game is very strange. The metering is odd and the interactions are too strange.

1lilnic 2010.04.01
stupid game. horrible sex and it was jsut plan boring

newsatan 2010.03.29
Could be better, but seems too easy

escipio 2010.03.27
I don`t like it, too obvious and small tits; I prefer them big :-)

jazkaz111 2010.03.26
such a dumb game ... jus a crap...

shadowworrior 2010.03.25
game could be alittle more exciting

bud823 2010.03.25
the game was okay but i did not like the metering

pro2210 2010.03.23
good and sooooooo sexy if anyone is interested in stuff like dat mailme at pro.pn2210!!!!!!!!!! and i can get ya diggin!!!!!!!!

chesley1 2010.03.22
not bad, interaction and rpg could be better

Bathers 2010.03.22
This is one awesome game! Love it!

travis 2010.03.20
cool i weird but cool game

HornyBitch 2010.03.19
good game but too short coould be longer 4 more fun

Nemru 2010.03.17
The game was very short, but nice drawings for the ladies.

antp 2010.03.17
A MnF ripoff, but far too short. Really great graphics, though. The sex with Gina is really hot.

maclever 2010.03.13
strange game, way too short but good

a_dude 2010.03.05
well the game has god graphic but it is low action

lower5 2010.02.28
a preatty cool game,good animation

Asimov13 2010.02.27
nice game however the system for progressing is a little sticky and hard to operate

docrx1991 2010.02.24
ok game, but others are better

nara90 2010.02.19
Pretty game, much variations, nice girls

bajs 2010.02.19
a try to make a MnF game but it wasnt bad

sfox 2010.02.18
this game i wird. the story line is wack

drok 2010.02.17
once you work out what to do its far to easy & repetative

riddick09 2010.02.17
what the hell? the screen`s too small!

pixxel 2010.02.17
Pretty game, much variations, nice girls

hardon 2010.02.16
Pretty lame. I started to doze off for a minute.

sfox 2010.02.14
this game has asome action in it

pyrax72 2010.02.13
nice little game but i like more of a challenge

poor wandering two 2010.02.13
Fun little game, but not challenging

BlackEvil 2010.02.12
quite short but great animations!

Lolburger 2010.02.10
good game but the music is a bit annoying

Mortiis 2010.02.10
normal grpahic lame story i have seens better

brylan 2010.02.09
I agree nice game but to short

AnyBloke 2010.02.07
Fun little game, but not challenging.

david17901 2010.02.06
this is a good game i like it

Radoo 2010.02.05
this game is gorgeous you might play...
wonderful action...
it have a lot of nasty girls...absolutely it make me hot at all....

playa555 2010.02.04
a very good game which i like :D

oshi60 2010.02.04
it`s repetitive and bad action

lonelygoatherd 2010.02.03
Pretty lame game. No skill required at all. No suspense.

TantalEyes 2010.02.03
Everything works (doesn`t really matter what you click). Girls are okay. Tired gameplay

bob247 2010.02.03
this is a decent game harder than others

seee3000 2010.02.03
awesome awesome game love it!!

Flakint 2010.02.03
Basically a set of interactive clips in an somewhat interactive scenario; the art is good, and the animation is decent considering it`s probably edited from a visual novel to be used in clips. It`s also nonlinear and you can choose the order of girls you want to see; there are some English translation issues, but overall it`s decent remake of pictures to animations and a scenario.

jjskyline 2010.02.03
thanks love the games a little more diffcult than someother

spitsie 2010.02.03
this hot hot hot hot hot

makkara 2010.02.03
this is great game i play always this i like it.

splayforce 2010.02.02
Repetitive and the controls are a little flaky

permaneospiritus 2010.02.02
It`s okay wish it was more interactive

krivak 2010.02.02
Not bad game (nice graphic) but interface give too low option, just clicking in right time. Could be better

princechaz18 2010.02.02
this was very intertaining

countryhick101 2010.02.02
very great game is it so much fun and enjoyable.

rocks85 2010.02.02
It`s ok...I think too easy...not a lot to do..

arc2010 2010.02.02
It`s a very good graffics but maybe more poses and it would be realy good, and sounds are a little bad

harry72023 2010.02.02
I liked it alot but not enough action

laurizis 2010.02.01
very good graffics but maybe more poses and it would be realy good, and sounds are bad ;/

Shawtydf 2010.01.31
Wish I didnt have to constantly click

Migeil 2010.01.31
overall it was good, but the clicking system made it kind of a turn off.

hornyaf 2010.01.30
animation needed improvement but good game

BOSS2009 2010.01.30
It`s a good game !! not bad

hellsvail 2010.01.30
that was fun and had really nice graphics hot chicks

assrapist 2010.01.30
Brother of christmas trip, they share the same caracteristics. Nice, easy to play, funny but damn too short

BigTim123 2010.01.27
that was very BORING...not hard at all

roflcatdod 2010.01.27
boring and really lame game.

smith 2010.01.27
very simple, feels like it was leading somewhere but didn`t. dissapoining.

SevereArc 2010.01.26
Not a bad game, graphics were good it would have been better if it was like an actual adventure game. Music at the end was the best, kinda wish I had it.

detrevni 2010.01.26
ok game but i liked the first half of it better

magnum3000 2010.01.26
the girls arent that bad but the graphics could be better

robinho 2010.01.26
My fingers still hurt with this kind games

kinky69 2010.01.26
nice girl, boring and really lame game. played only 1 girl - did not feel like wasting time for another 2. please, do not put games like this one here

beishiznit 2010.01.25
The game is a little too slow and boring. Also, it seems the easiest way to fill the guage is to rapidly click the pleasure bar when the guage is empty. Hope this helps somebody.

ks 2010.01.25
the game is really not good. its too cumbersome and boring.

lothar_ab 2010.01.25
I don`t really like these types of games.
Graphics not bad but could be much better.
And those girls looking like kids...

godot 2010.01.25
Too easy, and the art could be a bit better

J-HIZZY 2010.01.25
that was fun and had really nice graphics hot chicks and bot to hard

Grolf8387 2010.01.25
yeah it`s short and girls are too much look alike in the sexplay

rodneydudels 2010.01.24
It was pretty short . BUt the girls did look pretty good . I would say a little more interaction would be nice . hands and kisses , etc .

scorpax 2010.01.24
nice but its to short as gameplay4 out of 10

sexme 2010.01.23
way to simple but gotta love anime

xxxducati 2010.01.20
ok game, too short though

Cool Dave 2010.01.20
funny game but too simple

andy_regresa 2010.01.19
nice girls but very limited play.........is ok

harry72023 2010.01.18
I like this one but ther could have been more to it

sudclawer 2010.01.17
cute girls but more animation

PuckNut 2010.01.17
Not too bad, but could have been better animated.

catdog 2010.01.17
Not very hard i prefer more interaction with real looking girls

ba ghost 2010.01.17
this is way too easy but it is good animation

boyo111 2010.01.16
Not that tough and not much challenge, the English also needs some checking

Flash301 2010.01.16
I agree with you Xyzzy. Better English and having the different choices actually lead to different outcomes would have helped.

im2smart4u 2010.01.15
This game isn`t anything new or interesting.

defenseor 2010.01.14
Limited play, and really need to work on the English

randy06 2010.01.14
its ok game prefer the meet and fuck ones if u can play some

ronnyponny 2010.01.14
Not much variations in this game.

cheese101 2010.01.14
nice girls,but click anything you want and u get em...

jerryonly83 2010.01.14
nice girls but very limited play.... and please improve that english!

WARDOG77 2010.01.14

Candy Ramos 2010.01.14
Not much variations in this game.

Kathole 2010.01.13
nice girls but stupid gameplay

nissehult 2010.01.13
What a booring game, nothing i like to play

timewaster 2010.01.13
I agree with you Xyzzy. Better English and having the different choices actually lead to different outcomes would have helped.

Xyzzy 2010.01.13
Another fairly poor attempt to imitate the MnF series.

zilver63 2010.01.13
Not much variations in this game.

RatedR12586 2010.01.13
This is a pretty cool game i like it.

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