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High school romance


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colle 2017.08.30
yeehaawwwwww... finnaly confused how to get all ... btw, its realy good game, good grafik, soo smoooth.. thx creator.. ;)rn

HiddeObs 2017.08.17
Nice game. Could do with better endings.

1fucker 2017.08.11
Really sexy, i love her outfit!!

Tommyb 2017.07.23
Awsome game and graphics and stuff like that and story was great.

SithiusVarick 2017.06.15
great game, great graphics ... just avoid taking the girls # not where you want to go in the game O:-)

GoTo@bmn-lpg.gq 2017.05.12
Great game. BTW this not my acc. I found it on google. Peace.

sexybeast57 2017.02.05
FYI the very first iphone was made in 2007 not 2003.

Alucardthefirst 2017.01.21
this game is abit confusing because it does not give clear directions

Pederespen 2016.12.10
Enjoyed the graphics, hated the quicktime event thingies

fuckoff1010 2016.11.26
Great game a little hard to read but injoyable


nbrahul 2016.11.15
great game, i really enjoyed it! Really would like some games with feet in them, but still really enjoyed this.

connor123q 2016.08.27
Brilliant game, amazing graphics and i`m loving the excitment of find all the endings.

SwaggyP123 2016.08.21
Very fun! Only wish this game was longer, keep it up

abcd774 2016.08.18
great game, maybe a little short but alot of fun!

xVeNNoMx 2016.08.10
You guys are something else, All these hot young girls you come up with are amazing.

praisia33 2016.07.30
awesome graphics this is my favorite one

alexander70 2016.07.28
My second favorite game before zoey and vince.

caja 2016.07.19
Great game, with really nice graphics!

lilskipy 2016.07.06
great graphics great game all and all it`s great would play again

suzhaku 2016.07.06
very good and hot game,graphics were awesome

zorrie 2016.06.25
storie is a bit short and sex scenes noreally revealing...but fair game

stach56 2016.06.06
I played a couple of times and at the end of this cooler fun. Graphics could be better to

Aaron2345 2016.04.27
This game is hot played multiple times for all endings

Marx69 2016.04.24
Not a bad game but with sound and better animations it would be much better

bob12345678901 2016.04.08
nice game, really good graphics

Spidi 2016.03.20
Sam is so cute! I just wish there were more options sometime...

bull cock 2016.02.23
it was a quite big game but It was very interesting i am playing it many . it has a unbelievable graphics . A very easy game

pilot07 2016.02.17
such a great game though i got a bad ending

nyancat9004 2016.02.14
This is game is nice and ok.

yesrandomnsfw 2015.12.20
Game is short and gets to the point. It`s great.

ben_aughty 2015.11.25
Short, tedious and not hot.

fwm1213 2015.11.20
awesome game and great graphics, an old classic

FaizanBhatti 2015.11.18
great graphic`s game , cute grils i like the game love games on school life and college life..

guy moon 2015.10.22
very great game i have played,great graphics

fuckballs 2015.10.13
I mean, girl`s cute and all, but high school? That is like, very underaged. eww.

DESOUSA 2015.09.04
great graphic`s game , cute grils i like the game

dono1234 2015.08.23
nice game play , the graphics is fine but improve the animation pls

twotouch 2015.08.16
great graphic`s game play a bit slow for me. nice school wish it was mine

ish_kuffs_kash 2015.08.04
this was the first game i ever played on this website good game overall

ariez 2015.07.26
WOW very steamy. Loved it.

alanwake 2015.07.26
schooldays showdown, nice plot, pretty choice of chicks...

LordSlima 2015.07.16
2 things is high school and HIS DICK

phins55 2015.06.03
Good graphics, not a lot of user interaction.

jediknight91 2015.05.29
amazing game really good I choose carpi because she sexy then your girlfriend in the game in all ten out of ten

PlayboyBD 2015.05.22
Amazing gameplay!!!!!!!!! Loved it!!!!

Dude8919 2015.05.22
the game was really buggy and I couldnt do anything with the oil which was disappointing

dhfghfhf 2015.05.17
Good gambe but i wanted it o last a little longer maybe a little more scenes would be great

pilot1234 2015.05.16
these graphics and story were the best on here

Firekiss 2015.04.25
good story but the graphic coud be a lilte bit better

minion69 2015.04.10
great characters and awesome girls to fuck

sirwatkins 2015.04.04
this has to be the best one of these i have yet played, the tits are perfect and the multiple choices are awesome

Zeblast 2015.03.31
A very nice game and levely girls! Loved it

j3hj3h 2015.03.20
Another game that makes me want to see all 5 endings. Good job.

mina ise kh 2015.02.28
great story and cute girls

Zeeno 2015.02.25
I love this game and it is sooo much fun

Nick009 2015.02.08
Its really awesome game...

bensniper8 2015.02.06
Awesome Game. I Love how you can choose what happens. Awesome character models.

darksector 2015.02.01
good game no sound though? that was a major downfall

a_nanny_mouse 2015.01.25
hot girls and good graphics

xslayermkdx 2015.01.23
nice girls good graphic definitely need another episode from this

adityabh21 2015.01.21
my school is not like this wish it was would be so horny

Sportkissen 2015.01.20
nice and naughty - have to play it again later

frank37 2015.01.13
this is awwsomeee graphics really good the a threesome with the other girl would be perfect

Felipe56 2015.01.08
For the people who ask where to meet the other girl, she is in the gas station ;)

warrior65 2015.01.07
Looking forward to the other endings

JakeA217 2014.12.22
First time playing this game and I loved it. Went the route with Sam, but plan on playing it again going a different route. Great game!

LazyTiger 2014.12.04
I love this game.
This is the one that introduced me to LOP, and i couldn`t have had a better introduction.

techman007 2014.11.30
Not too many options to choose from. You either stay with your girlfriend or go for the new girl.

queenkelsey14 2014.11.23
the game was awesome but i messed up I`ll try again sometime later

Petri33 2014.11.15
This game is really hard to play :(

pieffepi 2014.11.09
Not a bad game, but could definitely be imporved with better sex scenes and less mouse hovering

Multiman 2014.10.08
Nice and simple not much movement of the mouse through every scene only when to say something.

stingroadhouse 2014.09.30
this game is so much fun

YouNeverWin 2014.09.26
this game was bad i don`t like it

Futuros 2014.09.17
Too much of a tease to have a character but not pursue the story line with her. Also, a lot of grammar mistakes.

cuttz99 2014.09.10
the graphics are very nice

JameslskMitchell 2014.09.03
awesome game but i can`t decide which girl is my favorite

khlsea 2014.08.24
love game enjoyed every game

gusballard 2014.08.22
Graphics are good. could use better sex sounds

rufo37 2014.08.01
short and enjoyable. easy to finish with pretty average graphics. I give it 5 out of 10

addy13 2014.07.30
its gonna be my fav games

jerbz 2014.07.24
awesome game good story awesome graphics as usual

bitz94 2014.07.15
Story is nice as well as the quality of the graphics.

hantuklo 2014.07.08
one my favourite game NICE

DrKink 2014.07.06
Slutty Naugthy Skool Girls Are the BEST!!!

porner99 2014.06.28
one of my favourite stories

Sandrena 2014.06.27
very nice and interesting game. I couldn`t believe that my ending ended with she cheating on me, but a great game enjoyed playing it.

Auxerrois87 2014.06.19
This erotic game is very interesting thanks of its different endings

Benny_boy21 2014.06.15
Lots of sexy girls! Love the multiple endings! Awesome game!

Almeho 2014.06.13
The non-linear play made it interesting though the actual text needs some work. I only played once (being faithful to Sammy) and the other choices are going to have me try again.

thekingofthehillpgporn 2014.06.06
This game is very creative and fun

bb12b 2014.06.04
i enjoined every sec i playing it very nice graphics

frank1974 2014.06.02
The girl is hot,good storyline, great graphics, but gameplay is kind of simple.

sillybilly456 2014.05.29
LOP are consistently the best games on the site.

char1234 2014.05.28
it is a great game with a god storyline

rand09 2014.05.28
i liked the story line, and how much sex it was. love high school

rocky007 2014.05.28
great game with nice graphics and screenplay

MovieNightHD 2014.05.27
Great game as well, this one. Quite hard decisions though. Otherwise all great.

HuhWhatWellOkay 2014.05.27
Wow, what an in-depth and interesting game. Really made me think about life.

redrunner 2014.05.27
I liked the sex scenes, but this game would`ve been better with music...

HornyTravolta 2014.05.26
The storyline is awesome. I did it with girl in toilet station and with gf. This is huge!

HalimMega1 2014.05.25
great game I enjoyed it very much

live1live 2014.05.24
A great game. Will play it again.

killer1234 2014.05.22
nice game,my favourite :-)

lol20080 2014.05.21
soo good game, nice graphic

zappy22 2014.05.21
man this game took me back....ahhhh good times, good times.and the graphics are the shit

ivanman 2014.05.18
l like this girl so much!!

sevyn 2014.05.17
this game is truly amazing. the graphics are epic

KleeLeHorgen 2014.05.16
It`s a shame that the fucking is censored. I was hoping for more penetration. The reply choices were good though.

uniquegirl2511 2014.05.13
Reminds me of my high school sex with my fucking hot girlfriend! awesome boobs she`s got. hot girls! certainly very sexual and my favourite SO FAR!
KEEP GOING LOP !!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOUR GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GP69 2014.05.12
Lovely hot girls!! Like the whole school thing!

flare442 2014.05.12
One of the better games. I wish there were more scenes though

triveni 2014.05.11
ver nice gels lo

love the graphics too good
play it

omardicko 2014.05.11
cool graphics.hot girls.amazing story.keep it up

sarutabubanget 2014.05.11
nice story and interesting game...

maxtron135 2014.05.10
Nice Game, good design and the storyline was interesting.

makakofalvi 2014.05.08
One of the classics, however the only problem, which isn`t really a problem, but a long time wish from me, is the missing fluent animations... it would make this all more lifelike, unlike this stationary puppet fuck.
Still ike it, anyway :)

thehelp 2014.05.08
Great quality and gameplay, one of my favorites

julio1980 2014.05.07
Nice game. Good story and girls are hot. Great graphics.

mystery87 2014.05.06
just how many endings are there?

daguy9 2014.05.06
i really loved this game... so sexy

raulwu22098 2014.05.05
Good game good quality good hot girl

sexybob 2014.05.05
nice gameplay and graphics,keep it up

worsley 2014.05.04
not a bad game i didn`t like the quick time event but it really made me want to find all the ending

goldg 2014.05.03
it was ok, but other games on the site are better

willchill 2014.05.02
Amazing game! Probably one of the best games I`ve tried on here.

Mashin 2014.04.30
I wanna try to cheat too, Sam is hot but other girls look great too.

steven.wijesinghe 2014.04.30
really a good game and quality girls. being addicted to this

Malia635 2014.04.29
Great graphics I love LOP games

Sparky411 2014.04.28
great game, nice animation and quite enthralling storyline.

timmytwoshoes 2014.04.27
I love the detail put into the game good job

expatinthesouth 2014.04.26
Amazing pictures, and very nice sensibility ... I need more.

roonilwazlib 2014.04.25
One of my favorite games, I find myself playing it again and again. Great graphics, fun story, everything good in a game.

bonehead101 2014.04.23
awesome main character she is so hot

This_is_MicrO 2014.04.22
Those girls, so great!!!

jakefromstatefarm11 2014.04.22
I love these games, great gameplay

baronaut 2014.04.20
The graphics are great but I cant seem to hit the circle fast enough =p

PoisonedMorgue 2014.04.18
Loved the gameplay and characters. One of my favorites

kaniz 2014.04.18
i love the graphics and the music

hops25 2014.04.18
Interesting game. Pretty fun.

Damann2323 2014.04.16
Not bad. I enjoyed it. The graphics were great and the story was okay.

bigbaus 2014.04.15
nice game!! can`t decide which girl is my fav haha

shahaf 2014.04.13
great animation and gameplay

ojuego 2014.04.11
Beautiful Girl and good Story - liked it very much!

fap69 2014.04.10
this game is awesome love the graphics

sxybst 2014.04.08
nice gaphics and amazing gameplay

LopLover 2014.04.08
Sam is really hot. I like this game

Aliyah1 2014.04.07
These games are sooo fun and I love them. keep up the good woirk

Aliyah1 2014.04.07
YOLO so play these games whilst u can

Aliyah1 2014.04.07

Aliyah1 2014.04.07

a1xyz 2014.04.06
Good game and graphics could have a few more stories, teacher and other students.

shadowtiger 2014.04.06
this game remind me about high school

amin 1818 2014.04.02
This game is awesome!!!

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
visually good - 1 or 2 strange dead ends and a bit short

GoofyThot 2014.04.01
Yeah this site is freaking awesome! I can`t believe how detailed the games are and for Free?! Unheard of! BRAVO!

funguy61 2014.03.31
like this ok to wish you could se more action in the sex scenes but the stores not bad like the ending if you stay with the girlfriend and tip if you stick with her and sleep with her where you cum can change the ending. So keep it in mind

lordcums 2014.03.30
Pool side is the way to go.

danno202 2014.03.28
failed the first few times playing this, but really is a great game once you hit the right buttons

amanda200 2014.03.28
this game is telling the truth about some high schools. but the game was fucking awesome

crazy8s17 2014.03.27
It was a decent game, awesome grapics and such, but I did not understand the mood meter in the top right. Did that effect anything, or is it something for the future, or what?

JCK524 2014.03.26
Cool game and good graphics!

harrypotter123 2014.03.23
great graphics and boobs

farfallaz 2014.03.23
i played it more than one time and i love this game so much.

DinoSaur13579 2014.03.22
pretty good I guess, I had an issue at first, but I fixed it

KidWhisky 2014.03.22
This is not my favorite but it is not bad! A little short but definatly fun!

logan985 2014.03.22
the story is good but very short

lemfrog18 2014.03.20
i love to play this game several times. female characters are all hot and high school romance is one of my favorite now next to life with keeley. play force one rules!

sexydude12 2014.03.18
this had some really good graphics

Holmes009 2014.03.17
This game doesn`t work on my iPad please help me

KIERAN95 2014.03.16
the game was brilliant and the ending was awesome. Nice Game!!!!!!!!!

thor20 2014.03.16
Great game, with some awesome graphic and story

technoclement 2014.03.16
I like this game so much !

blackstar66 2014.03.16
good game but would be better with more alternatives!

stat3425 2014.03.14
a really very erotic and sexy game

ItzBrody 2014.03.13
Really well thought out game!

ninjafreak335 2014.03.13

Well, I like it when Samantha was nude, and you fuck her in the pool, then cum on her.

kira3895 2014.03.12
the graphic was amazing :D love this game

Prank 2014.03.10
Graphics are really great. Girls are fucking beauty. But its a short game. Storyline is awesome

Reflektor 2014.03.08
Great game, im stuck on how to get laura ending someone please help me?

Sonic01 2014.03.07
great game, with awesome graphics. Also, its upto the point

mr_hunter619 2014.03.07
Great graphics && nice storyline!

flinstone24 2014.03.05
It is really amazing. One of my favorite sex games in PF1.

marinoo sis 2014.03.04
its feel like real life. just love it so much!!

Baronen26 2014.03.04
A fantastic game. Great graphics

wardk88 2014.03.03
vey hot great game his girl firend is super hot reminds me of my highschool crush

Jake1222 2014.03.02
This game is so great

Unibosspatel 2014.03.01
It reminds me of my time in high school. This is a great game. Amazing graphics and I lve how the player can control the ending. Terrific and amazing game

Rindevar 2014.03.01
If real life, this would be a torrid one! Kinda short though.. I wish there is a way to get them all girls.. or maybe I haven`t found it yet.. Gotta play it a few more times....

strider6i9 2014.02.27
Good graphics in the game, did seem to be quite short though.

lester008 2014.02.25
good graphics. hope for more of this kind of game

NickNackH 2014.02.25
good gameplay and excellent graphics

MaccaMan 2014.02.24
great game those college girls need a good fucking!

alright234 2014.02.24
I enjoyed playing the game. It has a good story line to it. The girls are hot. Great gaphics too.

chandan33 2014.02.24
this is the best game ever

darkaztic 2014.02.23
the game is good, Best game ever!!! Amazing graphics and I easily pick this game every day.

782453 2014.02.21
good game great graphics hot girls

Gogs 2014.02.18
Great game ,graphics are great.

Duclong 2014.02.17
this game have a great graphic

WillyWucky 2014.02.16
Very nice game, good story and good graphic! :-)

sexybassist 2014.02.16
I liked the storyline a lot, and the graphics made it look really hot.

NanoTechKid 2014.02.14
Great storyline. i really liked it.

mohamed_big_hard_cock 2014.02.12
it was so nice, the graphics could be better and the animation was awesome!
i think this game make me very hot

dam00008 2014.02.09
Nice game, short gameplay

ukraina 2014.02.09
nice awesome game makes me horny

darrenleong124 2014.02.08
if this game have sound.is the best game!!!!!!!!

DaGama 2014.02.07
The game was pretty fun, but a bit confusing at some parts.

Annika 2014.02.03
Yea is was ok game I like the way it played out graphic are great but would be sound nice

nspagna255 2014.02.03
great gameplay and girls

BigD4U 2014.02.03
Very Good Graphics. Great story too.

Davidgustave 2014.02.03
Good game just a little short and would have liked a close look at the tits

hagop 2014.02.02
good game buy the storyline is short

MadFlame 2014.02.02
Found a few spelling mistakes, but still, gr* game.

john_cena 2014.02.01
i love this game , this funny

Anarchy19 2014.01.31
This game graphics is so amazing!

raiderhawks00 2014.01.31
love this game , fun to play and very hot

shitlord101 2014.01.30
this game was really good especially the graphics

virginman23 2014.01.30
good game brings me back to my high school days

leocosta00fb 2014.01.29
A little bit too short, but still fun!

Ryan810 2014.01.28
pretty straight forward but entertaining nontheless.

fill ur hole 2014.01.27
good graphics, needs sound or at least aterante endings or getting caught

cloudleonheart 2014.01.27
its good very good but it doesnt live up to my standerds

Muzsucker 2014.01.26
Great game and Great cutscenes.

cetiop 2014.01.25
Graphics was ok ...I think it should me more adventure

lovegamesss 2014.01.23
this game is little bit difficult than any other......

cww 2014.01.23
good game and picture will play again shame that there was no sound

sara123 2014.01.21
grafics are exellent i can play all day

jaing543 2014.01.21
great graphics and story and mechanics

nala121 2014.01.20
one of the best games i have ever played

Xilthio 2014.01.20
Great storyline and decisions. must play!

gnosh95 2014.01.18
The game was alright, a bit repetitive, however the graphics were well done.

brianleung123 2014.01.17
Great game! I really liked the music

Dy56gay 2014.01.16
Once again, gorgeous graphics, an interesting story, and choices to make, that despite being glamorized, is very real indeed.

ballflappy 2014.01.14
amazing game i came over and over again

hotstuff67 2014.01.14
pretty good game over all

amonym 2014.01.12
I have to say that this is a pretty good game, enjoyed it.

kanett 2014.01.12
I love the gameplay story, and impressive graphics :)

Pankaj1107 2014.01.11
Definetaly an excellent game...... great graphics and great story plot..... i will definately play it again......

pasion45 2014.01.11
i find it very hard to do well

dandraft 2014.01.09
Sam is very,very nice and capriz just blows me away,coudent there be another game just with that sexy,classy dame?,i never get whos at the door though

jongreeneyez 2014.01.09
Only played once so far - pretty easy to navigate

brunette&redheadlover 2014.01.07
it was a good game but it could have been better

ppd_607 2014.01.06
Excellent graphics and nice game. Expecting more games in future

Exodox 2014.01.06
anyone know how to get ending #1?

Amser 2014.01.04
Easy and hot but it`s not good for positions and others. More harder next time !

Huskerfan 2014.01.03
The girls in this game are so hot!

Potatocakes 2014.01.03
This was a really great game, love the animation

BranCk93 2014.01.03
Great game, great animation, needs a chance to branch out to different girls
(Unless I missed something?)

james1994 2014.01.01
how many endings are there? good game played it a few times now

kirazo 2014.01.01
This gameplay is rich stuff.

hugolopes 2013.12.31
This game is very fun and sexy.

jammer 2013.12.31
good game with an easy flow, although wtf with the cleaning the garage

Twerx 2013.12.30
Dayum, great game. Nice graphics too

zxcvbnm123456789 2013.12.30
i really like this game,wasnt too sure about the girls though

Will.Daws13 2013.12.29
This was one of the first PF1 games I ever played and it`s still one of my favourites. Hot girls, fun story, decent game mechanics, overall one of the best games on the site!

tallguy69 2013.12.29
Good game, good graphics. Would have liked it better if the sex scenes were a bit more interactive.

tonscorpio06 2013.12.27
Awesome game, it has really good graphics and the story is good, the animation is very lifelike.

ReFLeXGoD 2013.12.27
I wish you could have sex with that girl in the toilets where you could ask her phone number and maybe continue with her? Would be a cool option ! Anyhow great game

jeppblack 2013.12.25
YES: fuck mine getting harder.

TechnoDemon 2013.12.24
Good for the render quality and the (limited) options. Bad for the writing, grammar, spelling, and absolutely horrible for the "3D" aspect. Having the screen slide around when the mouse moves is just distracting, and doesn`t do a thing for the visual appeal.

suggar 2013.12.24
the quick actions arn`t easy :p

reskos 2013.12.24
Oh didn`t I mention the sexy ass graphics?? :P Too good!!!

reskos 2013.12.24
I played this game again and again... So turned me on! Nailed it.

scooter91hot 2013.12.24
Samantha is one sexy godess

scooter91hot 2013.12.24
awesome choices keep em coming

katelynw1234 2013.12.23
the graphics in this game are great i had fun choosing what to say i like this game

HeyyBitch 2013.12.23
i love this game it is truly awesome!
im going to play it later also!!!

Arkent 2013.12.23
Good game and Graphic .I like this game so much

georgebuchov 2013.12.22
Easy game and the girl looks so hot in it

caporalu 2013.12.21
This game was a really good one. I loved it!!!!!

JuggaloPat69 2013.12.19
great game, good graphics

artyomkass 2013.12.19
excellent game. maybe even one of the best. thanks for that

XauzzieXx 2013.12.17
such a great game so many endings and graphics are awesome

seattlerain 2013.12.17
great graphics and liked the options to choose your own ending

DJJunHao 2013.12.16

rafaspartan117 2013.12.14
awsome graphics nice music love it

Fandeff 2013.12.14
Oh My God ! I love that game ! Graphism are awesome !

sida988 2013.12.13
its a bit confusing but its hot

pristine13 2013.12.12
This game is to confusing you need to change it?

aljohn22 2013.12.12
Amazing game, with very hot girls and great animation

apenb 2013.12.11
A story we`d all like to be a part of!

Gonkus123 2013.12.09
Milfs rule. Love the story.

Gonkus123 2013.12.09
Nice game. I love blondes.

teo1193 2013.12.09
I want a one like her it`s so hot and so beautiful and amazing

jasjor18 2013.12.07
the gameplay was very interesting

jasjor18 2013.12.07
the animation was mind blowing

TheSexPRO 2013.12.06
WOW... this game was just amazing!

SLOWFCUK 2013.12.04
Nice storyline, good graphics. i can relate to it somehow..

kaydubs 2013.12.01
i definitely need to play this about 100 more times until i find out who those other girls that arent the main girlfriend are... pretty awesome game

natethegreat 2013.11.30
This is so sexy! The graphics are AMAZING.

dieyson 2013.11.28
Great game, great history.

blody 2013.11.26
Nice game, it`s quite realistic. on the other hand the story had a bit too few choices

XxJenxX 2013.11.25
Wow! This game is so good and in the end I got Sam`s mood in `in love` this game is my favourite!

antaras1 2013.11.25
how many games has this page, this is the best!! really the best!!

Goodguy1990 2013.11.24
Epic game with epic graphs

rambo20155 2013.11.24
Good graphics good story good game

pfcrazor 2013.11.22
The game play is good. It is a long game witch is also good.

Whitebazar 2013.11.21
This game is pretty realistic, making this game very challenging. Love it.

trebor611 2013.11.20
This games is really fun, great gameplay but can be kinda hard in some places

poopieshead 2013.11.20
was a rather interesting game, fun and exciting.

henblue6 2013.11.20
The game was very well developed the animations were very High Definition. It`s obvious time was taken in the development of the game. The game play really relates to the dramatization of high school fantasies.

Archand 2013.11.20
I love blondies
Great game

jaskunt 2013.11.18
Good graphics, but there were not to many choises in the soryline

johndark 2013.11.17
very very hot game, beutifol graphic and animation very chalenging

Shoimi 2013.11.17
Great game and graphics though the screen moving with the mouse was a little too much

skr369 2013.11.17
good college game..graphics are great

akhildhonironaldo 2013.11.17
I guess I`m pretty new to LoP games, but it`s nice to see that they don`t all follow the same formula. I think I still enjoy the slightly more non-linear RPG`s a bit more (e.g. Jordan 500) but this was still a fun play.

br3ttm 2013.11.17
This game was a really good one. I loved it!!!!!

Azexes 2013.11.16
Very great game, even if more options will be good.

irock162 2013.11.15
Im surprised that she hated me at the end I thought I did it right

irock162 2013.11.15
If you take her in the bathroom in the beginning be quick to close the door so Laura doesn`t come in.

jbs 2013.11.15
a very great game. I haven`y enjoyed this way for a long time !

Kyosuke96 2013.11.10
oh and also the greatest game of my life.....this game just teach me how to treat girls better

Kyosuke96 2013.11.10
this game is awesome.....romance of high school
the animation....it looks almost real....the character...also almost real
and the graphic is excellent.....love it

cassandrew12345 2013.11.09
good game very nice graphics i want lots of booby babes

cassandrew12345 2013.11.09
im stuck at the first level can someone help

cassandrew12345 2013.11.09
im stuck at the first level

jojo12345 2013.11.09
This game is lots of fun, has amazing graphics, and really sexy, love it!

anip20 2013.11.07
Not a bad game, could have more options, but otherwise 10/10

emingway 2013.11.07
amazing one I like the idea

A1teiseN 2013.11.06
These grapichs are great, but need more animation in sex escenes.

swingingmonk 2013.11.06
No threesome scene? Also, how can you have sex with the teacher or the other hot slut?

thinker77 2013.11.05
Great game, great animation, needs a chance to branch out to different girls
(Unless I missed something?)

Staliza 2013.11.03
Amazing game, maybe you could improve with some sound, or maybe that was just my pc

jonmida 2013.11.03
Amazing game really nice one

Riecan 2013.11.02
nice graphics but game is short or maybe i messed up :)

cde1993 2013.11.01
wow this game is simply fucking awesome

cal319 2013.11.01
game is great could add some more difficulty and more options

letsdoit231 2013.10.31
I got ending 4 and if your wondering how to hold the door, click in and hold in the circle and click out of the circle and I can`t seem to put this game in my favorites....

kool4dudes 2013.10.30
wow it was hot, would play again

wickedomen 2013.10.29
great game, i like how you can go to the other girl and fuck them both

foscatalli 2013.10.27
The graphics were amazing, though it seemed like the game wasn`t so much a game

Divinity 2013.10.26
Fun, but outdated and outmatched by the newer titles

kex899 2013.10.25
good grapics good story pretty short but

Tima333 2013.10.24
great game with good action

Mlprocks 2013.10.24
Love the game still need some diff endings though

venku 2013.10.23
good game with good graphics

BlackBR 2013.10.23
This is really a good game!

ippon99 2013.10.22
Good Game with Good Graphic

Kaallyx 2013.10.20
This is a very interesting game. I like it.

nahid 2013.10.19
the brunette girl is so good looking

Ajeje84 2013.10.19
Good quality. Beautiful game

berandal 2013.10.17
Very nice graphics. I ld prefer more animated scenes

hfdgdgf 2013.10.16
this is a very hot game and i rlly love it

vavoom1 2013.10.13
Play all the variations. There is a lot of content in this game.

beythilla 2013.10.08
nice game..but i dont know how to play..

anthonycrean 2013.10.06
the story is good but i think that the sex animations need to be improved

SexyLady99 2013.10.06
Great game, brilliant animations and graphics!

PabloPablo 2013.10.06
Good game, but not too many options available.

Tai2098 2013.10.03
this is my favorite game of all time, great graphics and a great storyline

khanhkevin 2013.10.03
I always like shool girls.Awesome.Thx !!

fijianguy87 2013.10.03
awesome game. great graphics

Swagingdick36 2013.10.02
Wish it would last longer

legorian 2013.09.30
good story of teenage sex

Blackwood 2013.09.30
I really like this game. This is the one that initially brought me to PF1.

shuriik 2013.09.30
Fun game. Graphics are good, but too bad no sound. It`s a game to play a few times over and over again.

Thestar 2013.09.28
This game is way too short, but the graphics are good and they story is ok

olympiakos 2013.09.28
good game goods graphics!!!

Ben Harper 2013.09.28
Its a brilliant game lovely Girls

thomr 2013.09.26
Grapics r good. the animation of it is bad though. Same as the context of text.

katiebug 2013.09.26
this game was okay but not all that great

yourang20 2013.09.25
are therre any quests for kelly after the velvet bar?

bigdido 2013.09.24
Great grafics. The story is short. it is nice that there are more than one ending.

HornyBitch6 2013.09.22
Great game and great graphics. Super sexy!

nadrzenec 2013.09.21
gameplay - 1
graphic - 1
animation - 1

omegasui 2013.09.20
Awesome game, very fun to play

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

DeDuder 2013.09.20
Graphics are awesome, but I wish the player had more choices.

parinay 2013.09.20
sexiest game i have ever played

Dregon84 2013.09.20
Great game and nice looking graphics. Some typos there but they didn`t really bother me

ang2309 2013.09.19
The Best Simulator ever!!!

vloggy 2013.09.18
a fun game, and very stimulating

necr0000 2013.09.17
amazing graphics, great animations, very enjoyable game overall

Dharun007 2013.09.17
amzaing game !!!!! WOOW what a graphics it is the best game i have ever played

whites 2013.09.17
What the fuck story,make me feel HOTT!!,wonderfull..I like It.

Hornydonny88 2013.09.16
It`s a decent game. A little bit low on the interactive part. Graphics were good. THe sexual activities a bit to shy and soft. but overall decent game

vadkan21 2013.09.16
Sexy graphics, sexy girl, nice story!

kenbaboolal 2013.09.15
i like this game, great quality

Shomy 2013.09.15
Awesome game completed all the endings

Tesao9339 2013.09.14
the game and the graphics is amazing

XTheRapeManX 2013.09.14
awesome game i love it its the best game ever

johnniewalker328 2013.09.14
This is a great game. It is very sexy.

nosa 2013.09.11
Very good game, excelent graphics

Polis212 2013.09.09
nice game,my favourite :-)

naqaab123 2013.09.09
awsem game with good grafics

Xetoera 2013.09.09
nice graphics, fun game, and can be pretty funny

azlan.block 2013.09.09
I don`t understand how to hold the door.

azlan.block 2013.09.09
The graphic is f****** great!

um23202382scdrid 2013.09.08
Very Nice graphics and gameplay

dor24 2013.09.08
great game realy loved it!

IEMOZ 2013.09.07
good game i can see why a lot of people play it.

IEMOZ 2013.09.07
The graphics look good but it is a bit blurry, is that just my computer or can anyone else see it?

Halpino 2013.09.04
Game is decent, quite funny but i rate other games on the site much higher..more options better sex scenes and graphics

F0SM 2013.09.03
nice little game, but didnt like the grafics too much... and if she freaks out about a shot in the mouth, she`s sure not my type of girl ;-)

mmmJassy1 2013.09.03
Lol Great Game, Played A Few Times For A New Ending Before.

tarjei 2013.09.02
I really like game graphics and dialogs. Also story is full of passion as always ! Good job.

johlut91 2013.08.31
wow! such a good game! i love the quality and graphics.

smokiee_mcpot 2013.08.29
good game, i cant find the last item to clean from the garage tho.

quassia 2013.08.29
most of d games r pussy wetting

quassia 2013.08.29
wat will b next in passion hotel

quassia 2013.08.29
passion hotel.. found the first part suberb..

supermegamanbob 2013.08.27
Good game but the animation was a little underdone and it was a little too linear.

baxtorious 2013.08.26
pretty linear story line, but it was ok

asinble 2013.08.25
this very sexy romance feelings here

asdf1212 2013.08.24
very good graphis....... enjoyed the game

jackingoff559 2013.08.24
do they have jr high skool............. haaa love this game

KatherineKat 2013.08.22
Damn...not a hard decision to make between Samantha and waht was the other girl...Laura?

Nuke1927 2013.08.22
Great game and the girls are beautiful

Sean935 2013.08.20
great game graphics are nice to

boom360 2013.08.19
i love this game amazing graphics

sotercortez 2013.08.19
nicely done very good grhapics but I don`t now how to keep the door of the toilet close can someone help me

cococ21 2013.08.19
Great Graphics.! The dialogue was a little weird but it was still pretty cool.

LovR 2013.08.18
this game is amazing and i love playing it. Keep the games comin` guys!

dannehboy 2013.08.18
Good game the graphics are rediculous. These games are awesome!!! This would be so hawt to do with my gurlfriend

bob24727 2013.08.17
awesome game with sweet graphics

satguna 2013.08.16
the game is too good to play.awesome graphics work.i love it

kavez 2013.08.16
cant belive that girls dont like facials

lonewolf22 2013.08.16
amazing graphics if u ask me :)

prince123 2013.08.15
high skool romance playforce rocks again

hydester 2013.08.15
wow, amazing game with some excellent graphics. made me very hot

mdhrk 2013.08.14
is there any way to have a three way?

cakewantmore 2013.08.13
One of the best games on website

kalbs 2013.08.13
absolutely fantastic game, lov it!!

anthony21397 2013.08.13
extremly good game. good job guys! keep the good work comin!

eugenelzx 2013.08.12
The graphic is really good.Think about sex everyday

simonqaz 2013.08.11
great game, best one on this website

Magic Knight 2013.08.11
the game has great graphics but the gameplay is hard

richard_akiki 2013.08.10
nice gaphics and amazing gameplay

chairav 2013.08.10
superb game, cant find better

chairav 2013.08.10
absolutely fantastic game, lov it!!

ghgaud 2013.08.10
Fun game, cool graphics. Could use some more situations/endings

rkm12345 2013.08.09
cvery passionate game.. lovin it

rkm12345 2013.08.09
love this game.... graphics

rkm12345 2013.08.09
i love this game for all it has so interesting

KingLethul 2013.08.09
Like the Graphics and the girl hope you can make more beautiful girls like Alice and Kelly.

leafo 2013.08.08
I like the graphics and multiple ways to play.

nat36090 2013.08.07
This is an amazing game really fun

sirdd69 2013.08.06
great game .. hot, hooter, hottest

ahparparr 2013.08.06
simple game but graphic is very good. I love it

sexy1999 2013.08.05
Sexy game. Play Force One Is Fucking Awesome

szk 2013.08.05
god game, i have some endings to get

giant32 2013.08.04
i like the story...great game

JackH 2013.08.04
Cool game but I think there should have been an ending with Laura

Valentino039 2013.08.03
Awesome game. :)
I like it.

scaletta 2013.08.03
nice game but cant find one of the endings

picbru 2013.08.02
great game, good graphics

hornyboy501 2013.07.31
Pretty hard stuff, the sex scenes are pretty good... i just have a hard time at the quick reaction part

Einhornwal 2013.07.30
nice graphics and good gameplay the animation are very nice so very nice game

RoberrtC 2013.07.30
Loved this game, hot girls and great graphics.

Muppet_LIPS 2013.07.30
a really interesting game with great graphics. I`ll definitely try other endings

Zachattack 2013.07.29
good game i got all 5 endings

zwelmii_ 2013.07.29
Keep playing untill now. very nice game

zwelmii_ 2013.07.29
Good game and nice graphics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clash66 2013.07.28
very good pictures, a good story, i love it

ad1021 2013.07.28
just loved it
playing it again and again

ad1021 2013.07.28
fabulous game with awesome graphics

torltototo 2013.07.27
Wow what a good game, nice graphics and gameplay, maybe a bit easy but btw it`s so good !

greenlightxx 2013.07.27
This fulfilled all of the highschool fantasies I`ve ever had.

ijn 2013.07.26
really nice game, gonna be hard to beat this one

swimmerboy299 2013.07.26
Great game. The girl was absolutely stunning and the storyline was very erotic.

thekillergreece 2013.07.25
Wish we could able to fuck her without need to fall in love :P

Mmhr 2013.07.24
Short, was ok, but quite predictable. Entertaining, but not engaging enough for me. Hope you find this truthful and useful.

Axcel67 2013.07.23
really great game i love it

saltedtorsk 2013.07.23
i`m just posting for exp

thesniper13 2013.07.22
very good game love that chick, soo hot and sexy

thesniper13 2013.07.22
all LOP games have good graphics hot chicks and are hot

thesniper13 2013.07.22
good graphics, hot chick, the game ran really well

Hephaestus 2013.07.22
Great game, hot girls, but a bit hard with the bj at the start.

smartsex 2013.07.22
love the different story paths, sexy graphics

irk2 2013.07.22
Very sexy game ! One of the best !

tavish 2013.07.21
very sexy game. loved it. didnt like the quick react portion though.

pokemonevil 2013.07.20
no comment..absolutely game!

ScoleyXD 2013.07.19
All arouInd a very interesting game and very good ! Love it

nanosa12s 2013.07.19
this game is so fun kelly is great i love this site

badboy91 2013.07.19
love the story and the graphics

eddick_kross 2013.07.18
I love this games. Keep this great work.

loubegas 2013.07.16
Great game with a nice story !

powerranger123 2013.07.16
really nice game i chose carpi every time she hot then i think

jhorny10493 2013.07.16
The game itself was great but the quantity of it was lacking extremely.

frnmel573 2013.07.15
Great Game and grate graphics

cbailly95 2013.07.15
the context kind of annoyed me

gzaldi 2013.07.14
sorry i mean yellow circle.. it turn green if you success..

gzaldi 2013.07.14
hint at the toilet.. click and hold green circle, drag to outside green cirlce....

gzaldi 2013.07.14
oughh.. very nice game,, wanna back to school or college... hahaha

conman29 2013.07.13
one of the bbest lop games out there

lope 2013.07.11
Nicely done. Grapichs is very good and nice women.

Marcolius 2013.07.11
great graphics and play a little hard to follow some of the lines due to grammatical errors

jari1998 2013.07.10
this game is perfect, has nice ggraphics aswell .definatly my favourite game

georgesanders 2013.07.08
The way that Samantha is drawn rates as perhaps the most sexy that I`ve seen, even though close-up art isn`t even involved too much. The dialogue is really poor, both in vocabulary and grammar. Even though my digital usage is not superior, I`ve never managed to activate the delay circle quickly enough, so I don`t know what I am missing. This is reasonably frustrating for this context.

bored1234 2013.07.06
it is a very hot and cool game
i like it
one of my faves

bored1234 2013.07.06
short, but AWESOME graphics,

skyguy98 2013.07.06
This game, oh my... It was so amazing!

Username4321 2013.07.06
My favourite sofar, would like to see a second part

hHurb 2013.07.04
I cant find another ending on that roxy game

cliffypaul 2013.07.04
Decent game but the ending was a bit poor, would have liked it to continue don`y know how but it would have been nice if it lasted longer

DelilahO 2013.07.04
Really good game, could have more interaction and better build up to sex, but hot none-the-less

lozaz 2013.07.03
i love it ! it was a good game :D

hapciiii 2013.07.03
That third girl was pretty sexy too you could made ending with her too after the toilet accident but great game

p.s.a. 2013.07.02
awesome game with great graphics

d-man951 2013.07.01
Really good game. I loved it

dcph 2013.06.30
great graphics and awesome game, besides the two girls are sexy

tovgoho 2013.06.30
great game with great graphics

elchachie 2013.06.30
great graphics and good gamplay

Nickiy2 2013.06.29
nice game? nice graphics and sometimes hard to play

blahblahblah10 2013.06.29
Great game, nice concept, 9/10

duudde 2013.06.28
not that bad of a game good graphics,I give it a 8/10

63ted 2013.06.27
Nice graphics and game play. Good to have a forgiving girlfriend.

RyanT333 2013.06.26
I wish that I could go to that High School...

jucka 2013.06.25
very good game with hot girls

SexyBoobsAss 2013.06.23
This is the coolest game ever!

horneyforlust 2013.06.23
great game with amazing graphics

Andrew Jackson 2013.06.22
I want to fuck in the high school, too.

Andrew Jackson 2013.06.22
It feels good.
I think she is so fascinating

Andrew Jackson 2013.06.22
I like her.
She is so sexy.
I want to fuck her.

N7Defender 2013.06.20
Vince looks really crepy

hornyhorny12 2013.06.19
really good game cant wait for more

drats666 2013.06.19
another good game, worth at least one playthrough. i wasn`t too thrilled with all the endings but i still liked the option of different playthroughs.

ChrisCums 2013.06.19
I loved the quality of the graphics and the inclusion of the girls feelings while playing helped to gauge the choices

ajed472 2013.06.19
Sexy girl. Love the graphics. Found all five endings

mssgppd 2013.06.18
wow .. is so great game !

CRNight 2013.06.16
graphics are awesome, plus good story

nikolait 2013.06.16
It`s quite a nice game, but a little bit short I think. Not that much szenes, either.

Principessa 2013.06.15
Fun little game, I love it!

bond8000 2013.06.15
great gameplay i want more!

DarKzWhite 2013.06.15
I love this game, its nice graphics, and looks fun.

ultimatesex 2013.06.14
Sam is really hot! I Enjoyed a lot

Eyeseeker333 2013.06.13
This one was sweet. Rather cute. And I loved the artwork, as always.

moudibeirut 2013.06.13
Excellent game. Graphics really good

chairav 2013.06.12
the game graphics were ok but the story was superb though short

nikki74 2013.06.12
I really enjoy this game storyline

Radoo5 2013.06.11
Great attitude! Such nice girls! I love all so far!

Radoo5 2013.06.11
It reminds me of highschool! beautoiful girl....i love her!

fmeyen 2013.06.10
Very good game, I loved it.

Mac007 2013.06.10
It is too dam straight forward sex in just statements.......................

I felt kind of bored in it however the chick was good

keiths 2013.06.09
decent game good endings capri is hot 9/10

demon16182 2013.06.09
Good easy game, the blonde was hot too.

sukurboobs 2013.06.09
nice graphics with nice storyline

Lautrec 2013.06.09
Awesome game. Loved it, had a bit of trouble with the quick time events though.

DarthRic 2013.06.09
Great game! I loved how many options there were in the story. Cheated on the main girl and still got action from her later! Good stuff!

LM_Foto 2013.06.08
Good game. can`t say much else about it. just amazing. worth playing again

opt 2013.06.08
amazing one I like the idea

dazber7579 2013.06.08
graphic were good the game was to short

socrat207 2013.06.08
great game i enjoyed playing it..

dunder 2013.06.07
great story great gameplay and great graphics

rsp615 2013.06.07
Pretty easy with ok graphics. Not bad overall.

ivioo313 2013.06.07
graphics are delicious. It is a bit easy but still worth it

farcey13 2013.06.06
great graphics, very fun, and verypassionate i love it

TheDon782 2013.06.06
This game is pretty fun. I prefer a little more interactivity like in Coffee for Keisha but its no slouch. :)

jasonstat4 2013.06.06
nice game with good grapics

arsenalperfetto 2013.06.06
hmm , so amazing
graphic should be repair ..
but no problem , nice game

shafadXD 2013.06.04
cool animation little to easy

th3gh0st 2013.06.04
I wish you could hook up with that girl that you guy your number to...

karthik7557 2013.06.04
all the stories are gud!1

karthik7557 2013.06.04
the animations are awrsome!!

JOBBB 2013.06.03
really enjoyed this game, great graphics and animation, took several plays to get the endings for each girl doing everything

CFW87 2013.06.03
Good game, a bit too easy though.

typpopwp 2013.06.01
i have played this game so may times but i don`t just get tired of playing it.

typpopwp 2013.06.01
i really love this game

bigcock39 2013.06.01
good graphics, good storyline, and overall good game

shaggy629 2013.05.29
i really like this game , cool

SexPanther 2013.05.29
good game babes are real hot but not enough options

gigiolo69 2013.05.29
love this game really nice graphics ,another awesome game

SexyRawwr 2013.05.29
wow .. is so great game ;) :))

rollbob33 2013.05.29
well done game. very sexy

samsoni21 2013.05.29
Hot girl however there was too much dialouge really, The graphics are well done

KentAllen83 2013.05.27
great game, girls are very life like. gameplay is very simple.

thunderfucker 2013.05.27
loved it when i he fucked them both

pokefan 2013.05.26
great game, i was not disapointed.

nzdavid 2013.05.26
Good game, great graphics. Would`ve been better if it were longer.

yapahitaza 2013.05.25
This game is awesome!! Just like the other lessons of passion games

UraiFen 2013.05.24
Lesson of Passion games are great ^^ This one is no exception :D

kave22 2013.05.24
This is a great game !!!!!!

kave22 2013.05.24
I think this game is easier than any others and coolest one

hahahorny2 2013.05.24
Nice gameplay and love the endings-- the chick is so hot

jsmoove123 2013.05.23
nice gameplay and graphics

PFO180 2013.05.23
Love the game. Begining to end. Wonderful

playless1 2013.05.22
love this game really nice graphics ,another awesome game

bigdark 2013.05.22
love this game! it has a great theme! i played it 3 times!

jsmoove123 2013.05.21
Great game, really nice graphics

Zoey:D 2013.05.21
I love the game but in my opinion i think the guys should look sexier :) It turns me on

brianwhitely 2013.05.20
One of the best games ive played, nice graphics

lfp6 2013.05.19
I do like this and the interactivity that is involved; my only issue is the `quick action` buttons....or it may be just me being a slow-poke :)

Tyler09726 2013.05.19

Ilkay 2013.05.19
over all ok, the surprise end, was not to my tastes

Fujiwara 2013.05.18
Amazing makes me so horny!

katakana132 2013.05.17
Still love this game. I often wonder what the point is of the girl having to answer the door, seems like there should be a scenario there where she doesn`t return and he finds her with another guy or with the girl from the gas station

gwazz 2013.05.16
great game and still more endings to fiind

rence17 2013.05.16
Nice Store,game I like it so well

frz2012 2013.05.16
graphic and other thing are awesome

mats000111 2013.05.13
i like this game my favorite

Weegie91 2013.05.12
Pretty good game and hot graphics. Text in it doesn`t make sense all the time though.

ice3105 2013.05.12
good game, nice pictures.

great game very life like

sandukan 2013.05.09
The graphics are so realistic

reerwer 2013.05.09
wow this game is nice
realy cant wait to go to college

deathslacker 2013.05.08
surprisingly cool game... made me want to try to get all endings.

someguywholovessex 2013.05.08
great game and fun and so realistic

sergant11 2013.05.07
one of the best games i`ve played
and great graphics

face42 2013.05.05
One of my favorite games!

Patrick62 2013.05.05
great game, but need to be longer

Override 2013.05.04
Great game nice girls I enjoyed the different directions it went

spaceboy 281 2013.05.02
nice gameplay and fun girls

twaz 2013.04.30
this game was pretty good

falcrion 2013.04.30
great game but needs to be more interactive

SoulEater821 2013.04.28
very hot and a big turn on

Jake0324 2013.04.28
Great game, one of my favorites

gwazz 2013.04.27
every time i try to stop the toilet door ifail any hints

Diletant 2013.04.27
Great game. I love multiple options although they are sometimes frustratingly hard to find.
Or am I just too simple. :)
Anyway I love challenge and it is a game I will play for more than dozen times.

gwazz 2013.04.27
cute girls good grapics just got to find two more endings

Nuke1927 2013.04.27
This is definitely one of my favorites. Awesome Game.

FunkyBuddha1 2013.04.25
Great game, well worth a few play throughs

Dammit777 2013.04.25
Awesome game with awesome graphic

vinuforyou2012 2013.04.25
Awesome game love playing it, nice graphics

arturo.m1497 2013.04.25
great graphocs, great girls, great game

xXSamRothXx 2013.04.24
Damn the girls are fiiiine ;)

raiha024 2013.04.24
i agree.. it should have had a better ending

raiha024 2013.04.24
like this game.... good graphics too....

hyugaryuji 2013.04.24
nice game,but i hope more interesting ending

Gagguy 2013.04.22
This has got to be one of my favourite games.

LickmeKissme101 2013.04.21
Great game and perfect graphic

ShadowDrake69 2013.04.19
this game is great one of my favs

blademaster1 2013.04.19
nice graphic but i didnt get to push the door in the toilet

amor5555 2013.04.19
it was so nice, the graphics could be better and the animation was awesome!

Jonny91Z 2013.04.17
The art style from these games always amaze me. Another brilliant title.

ngwetoe 2013.04.17
it is difficult for me. but i am vergin

addaxe115 2013.04.15
I love it, sexy hot and fucking amazing

Tman683 2013.04.14
great game. bad grammar tho-_-

SinaBakh_44 2013.04.13
nice game but circle games are a little hard

SinaBakh_44 2013.04.13
nice game.
the story could be more interactive.

andotrota 2013.04.13
good graphics, but it`s difficult sometimes make the actions requested

SluutyMan345 2013.04.13
I love it, sexy hot and fucking amazing

nativeguy69 2013.04.10
Pretty good game, not the best I`ve played tho.

Daddyluv1982 2013.04.10
I love pf1 games they always get me hot and this one is no exception

heniek 2013.04.09
this game is great fun and so interesting

craigeeboy 2013.04.09
pretty good, could be better tho.

yahiko_es 2013.04.09
The game works very well for me. It´s a very good game, with a good plot.

leggadon 2013.04.09
if only high school was like this for me lol :)

yahiko_es 2013.04.09
Great game. The first final i´ve discovered is very cool. Very recommended.

erotic gamer 2013.04.08
Hot game and great graphics

rodmichael 2013.04.07
enjoyable game, sad i cant make it happen with laura

nuhaok 2013.04.07
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

T1995 2013.04.07
Damn this game was very stimulating I enjoyed it alot .

Decker 2013.04.06
For a highschool game, its preetty good. Nto waht my highschool was like, unfortunately!

Noizekickz 2013.04.05
My Favirte !! it was hard but i menaged it !

steven_littrell1978 2013.04.03
good game, i like the moral implications from some of the choices

pornogod 2013.03.31
oh very intresting game also on my top porn games

Yatin 2013.03.31
Wish i could really fuck her

kingdoom98 2013.03.30
damn toooo good graphics i want some more girls in game!

kingdoom98 2013.03.30
damn goooooood graphics love it a lot!!!!

kingdoom98 2013.03.30
why cant i have sex with that another girl??? shez hot toooo!! great graphics love it

kingdoom98 2013.03.30
loved the graphics a lotttttttttttttttttttttt great graphics man

kingdoom98 2013.03.30
now its the third time m playing it!!!! now i really wanna fuck samantha!!!!!!! great grapghics!!!!!

kingdoom98 2013.03.30
m playing it twice now!!!!!!!!! still it seduces me a lot n alot n alot!! loved the graphics!

kingdoom98 2013.03.30
wow damn good awesome graphics!!!!!!!! samantha is much better than two other girl s graphics!!!! loved this game a lotttttt

Tranish76 2013.03.30
great game..lovely graphics

chrisc4 2013.03.30
great game, i like how you can go to other girl

Krush 2013.03.30
nice chick, you can get horny with this, rly mad

MagnusTide 2013.03.29
good game..
i love it :D

fachrozi espada 2013.03.29
i like the story. and seriously enjoy it

onlyurs 2013.03.28
game looks great i am gonna play it right away

JimTB1010 2013.03.28
this is one of the best games i have played but i got stuck on some parts of the game

zoosboy 2013.03.27
was ok, but i thought the ending was abrubt

doe boi 2013.03.26
not only can i never keep the girl from busting in but in the garage my mouse starts actin up and i cant click on the x box or the poster below it

RExLOADxED 2013.03.26
pretty good but nothing special. Graphics are very good, mostly story text and few choices

shadowfriend 2013.03.26
nice game
one of my favorite game

mech 2013.03.26
i enjoy the options on all the games i have seen so far

g1megrelidze 2013.03.25
i like game,. graphics very good , gameplay interesting animation nice, girl hot, well pl;aged

mehito 2013.03.24
great game, excellent graphics....

ymailsuresh 2013.03.24
great ending but , if i was able to fuck the teacher along with the girl it will be aswome

codie25craft 2013.03.22
awesome game i love the graphics

generic99 2013.03.22
great game but the dialog could use a little work (grammar and stuff)

messanger3 2013.03.21
Story doesnt give too many options.

gggg1234 2013.03.20
can anyone stop the girl from busting in

bballandsoccerrock 2013.03.18
Great game...the graphics were pretty good and had a good storyline.

talkingplus81 2013.03.18
I live the graphics and options

SVC 2013.03.17
Great game, one of my favorites

fg_imisfit 2013.03.16
great game, love the ending

Anastasia99 2013.03.16
yes. im in to love with this game its my favorite links to play adult game

sexymanjuni123 2013.03.15
it is a very hot and cool game
i like it
one of my faves

fmeyen 2013.03.13
The game is very hot, very good graphics and endings.

PooForYou 2013.03.11
I don`t get the circle thing... Like when the other girl comes i the toilets & you have to keep the door closed

dada6517769 2013.03.10
really the game is hot i loved it

gallente 2013.03.10
a good game but could do with a bit of reworking

Josh Carter 2013.03.10
Really interesting game to play. My only issue with it is the language; it doesn`t sound natural at all, and some parts give me a headache because of the bad grammar. Otherwise, great game!

Animeniac 2013.03.09
A pretty good game. A bit more straight-forward than others but still quite enjoyable. Good times!

shazam 2013.03.09
great game, I think... Everyone`s highschool should have been like this!

Username2603 2013.03.08
Interesting game I like the graphics and the interaction

yogaa 2013.03.08
The graphics are the best ithink its awesome

ogmonster 2013.03.08
Fun game, like the amount of choices

Tonaxitron 2013.03.05
Great game
Sexy girls too would love to have this happen to me

CriouSly 2013.03.04
wow this game was amazing and i really liked the graphics

ubernova 2013.03.03
this is my favorite game!

Sir_Loins 2013.03.02
Very nice to play, the girls are beautiful, I personally prefer when the action is a bit more graphic, but I will play this again for the sheer beauty of it.

tommm123456789-4 2013.03.02
The graphics are the best ithink its awesome

shico 2013.03.02
it takes long time to load dunno why while i got a fast connection.. i`m enthused to play .. waiting !!

nitroxmonster 2013.02.28
Oh God... She makes me feel so horny....

nitroxmonster 2013.02.28
The girl is hot... The game is awesome.. Overall - I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

DrSalat 2013.02.28
one of best sim games I ever played considering the graphics but the sex control is not so good

simodido 2013.02.26
very bad toilet trap but good graphic

cool_sandeepp 2013.02.26
this game has good story and graphics, but no control over sex play......only control was with interactions.

49fp 2013.02.26
Enjoyed chance to have a clean up before the fun.

mouta12 2013.02.26
good game but a lot of hard part

MMMM...yeah this is a badass game the ckicks got nice tits

moluflame 2013.02.25
she makes me fell so horny

DavidBoy6 2013.02.25
Wh-whoah! She`s a stunner! Killer story too :D

witchhunter12 2013.02.24
I love the game but some of the part of the game are difficult to understand because you dont know what she want.

vikasv 2013.02.24
wow what a game.. cool graphics and so enjoyable things best game ever i love it,...

kelhus 2013.02.23
good game just needs a spell check

prime-x 2013.02.22
one of the best I`ve ever played

Jamesmoore 2013.02.22
Sp when I do loys og nmfgoifjf I get mo game?

dafy 2013.02.21
One u head but dont cum in her mouth.

Walker50000 2013.02.21
Only thing I dont like is that it seems you can only end up with your girlfriend.

ta1inst3a1th88 2013.02.20
i think this game is going to rock my world.

LexArturo 2013.02.20
I agree with a previous commenter in that getting a threesome ending would have been stellar, but overall a very pleasant game. Wish I had more control over the sex interactions, but eh. :)

harry007s 2013.02.19
love that game really nice one ,,

bosvansa 2013.02.19
Oh, I liked it very much! Rather fantastic game)))

a715jjr5 2013.02.18
great games -- lots of endings and very hot girls

asslover447 2013.02.17
i love this this fucking game

AsianFTW 2013.02.17
the game was great if got sound

jacky sherin 2013.02.16
graphics and story are very good....
i am stuck in the game where her beauty.........

monkey12 2013.02.15
a good game good graphics but sex could of been better

mr_randallie 2013.02.15
very sexy and nice graphics

HannibalKat 2013.02.15
For some strange reason, I was unable to click the xbox in the lower-right corner of the garage; after trying for several minutes, I eventually gave up. Until that point, however, I liked the game.

aadugowda 2013.02.14
game is fantastic,graphics is also good

Vanquish2k12 2013.02.13
Amazing graphics and gorgeous girls

AsianFTW 2013.02.12
Graphic is awesome but can`t play it again T.T

Halberdier 2013.02.12
Great game, great models and great graphics

Dullknifex 2013.02.11
Great game, very sexy models!

bigkane29 2013.02.10
the girls are so damn sexy made me so hard

orbit 2013.02.10
great game, some of the best graphics i have seen yet

asslover3425 2013.02.10
very sexy and nice graphics

6623626 2013.02.08
its so easy and its a lot of fun to play.Ithink so

acedouble 2013.02.08
this is extraordinary awesome nice game

mariemassacre 2013.02.08
i wish i would`ve clicked cum in her legs, i wonder what would`ve happened..

samlove 2013.02.07
it is good to play more than once.love the multiple endings.

Medic3510 2013.02.06
The graphics were good and the whole school things turns me on but little more realistic movement would be nice

kpjr278 2013.02.06
I liked how the choices changed the emoticon. Pretty hot action.

marksmanx25 2013.02.05
A bit lacking on player interaction but a good game nonetheless.

patellove 2013.02.04
Wow...!! What a awesome game I ever had play... I love Sam.. I love this site.. It`s just awesome..:)

scarface123456 2013.02.04
the graphic is good but it`s kinda hard and please help me i`m stuck at someone house, i don`t know her name

Airo 2013.02.02
This game is a bit hard at the beginnig

vash_27 2013.02.02
whoaa ! this is my first time here and its fucking awesome ^_^
the graphics are good but too short hope this could have a part 2 or rather a more long good game ..

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.02
The grammar is terrible on this game. It takes away from it so badly you cannot enjoy it. Some of us like to actually read the story line.

fabio.bravim 2013.02.01
the graphics of this game is really nice , i´m like !

AbleToFly 2013.01.31
Amazing graphics and an even better gameplay

jack9th 2013.01.31
good game every one should play iy

taker3345 2013.01.29
one of my fav games ever i love it

joey25986 2013.01.29
kinky...reminds me of my college romance!!

slayer_008 2013.01.28
great game , amazing graphics , very good animations , and wonderful girl !!

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic but way too short.

davy3158 2013.01.27
this is super graphic but great game

Klassass 2013.01.27
Yeah!! So beauty.. I like this

bigzaddyy 2013.01.27
this game has great graphics. good game

forwarduntodawn 2013.01.26
love the multiple endings. it is good to play more than once

deviltrigger 2013.01.26
One of the best games!!!!!

kintorey 2013.01.26
one of the hottest game I ever played!

mariemassacre 2013.01.26
This game is really great, it makes you actually try to fuck her, not just the hey wanna fuck kinda thing. i`m wet ;]

akash0414 2013.01.24
i like this game too much it is one of my favourite

tagawa 2013.01.24
Not bad! Graphics are so awesome???

nash72 2013.01.23
This is such a great game i played it 20 times

pilas1 2013.01.23
nice game remind me pf my days in high school thumbs up

SameyaHellaSmoov1234 2013.01.23
This game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vgvet 2013.01.22
good game but not enough choices. i also accidentally came in her mouth.

Creatura 2013.01.21
Very cool. Like the `choose your own adventure` aspect.

SlipKnoT555666 2013.01.20
Great game, loved playing it!

sexdosex 2013.01.19
Its a really gret game like all of the lession of passion games.

the only thing that could be improved in this one would be the sex-action and animation,
theres barely anything to do execpt for clicking through dialogs and two reaction tests,
i really liked the minigames through the sex scenes in the last few games.
the camera should definitly be positioned closer to the couple,
it felt like the sex was happening somewhere in the corner of the far side of the room.

but it`s still fun to play and the graphics are still some of the best in the flash games i know.
im already excited and waiting for the next one :D

this game is very, very buggy. Must be some sort of beta version they released. I cant do anything with the massage oil (I click on it and it goes to a scene where she is mad) when I get the number from that other slut the game ends after saying sorry. the only fuck scene I could get was the one with capri

weatherman91 2013.01.18
It was awesome telling her to stay and it felt so riskay. Mhmm.

Jackson231 2013.01.18
No joke probably the best game I have ever played!

JulianVoss 2013.01.18
Really good premise, but I feel like there could have been a lot more expanded on. Maybe a 2.0 release?

ab tak 56 2013.01.16
wow awsome game loved it what a graphics its really really a great game

yogamonster 2013.01.16
very fucking game to be liken by anybody

kasmir98 2013.01.15
love this. this is so hot

rick1929 2013.01.15
great game the girls are hot

godot_1256 2013.01.15
i can see why this is an editors choice, it`s a good quality game, really liked it

pericka 2013.01.14
Awsome game, good graphics!!!

mrinapropri8 2013.01.14
awesome love the fact that you can bang multiple girls in the one game :)

hoppy60 2013.01.13
Great game
Great graphics !!!

Esme 2013.01.13
Great game..more like these plz..

Slappdog 2013.01.13
Love this game its jsut like my life

Dogpie 2013.01.13
This game is great. Im fucking horny as hell now

sosos 2013.01.12
great game nice graphic really nice for play i liked the storyline

MR.I 2013.01.11
hot game , one of my favorite

MR.I 2013.01.11
i love this game nice story too

MR.I 2013.01.11
amazing game i loved it

MR.I 2013.01.11
really good game, nice story too

sriharia161 2013.01.11
great game,
looking for more happy endings

dirtyhornysecrets 2013.01.10
Like he sspeak, but need more sexual graphics

znirre 2013.01.09
Nice :D i liked it very mutch :D

sex seven 2013.01.08
i really wanna be steve in that game

tito_me 2013.01.07
what a marvelous game and the slut is so good

tito_me 2013.01.07
very good game i felt so horny playing it

dovaking 2013.01.07
great game more games of this slut

ionion2733 2013.01.07
great game. love the graphics

nightcock 2013.01.06
This is such a sexy game.

kotokkotok 2013.01.06
two hot girl and good story love it :D

jit 2013.01.05
great graphics
this is my favourate game

Sparklex 2013.01.05
this game is now my favourite so hot

katakana132 2013.01.04
Good game, but needs more. Action with the other blonde, who was at the door? More story between the girlfriend and girl at gas station etc.

sexy dude 01 2013.01.04
good graphics and a good game

Faizanbhatti18 2013.01.04
Game play is good graphics are great i think i will play it again

sinfulx 2013.01.03
this one def needs a sequel

saix63 2013.01.03
graphics of this game was outstanding the animation was very well done kinda short of a game but ok. Thank you.

Maurice92 2013.01.03
Good game. It just needs more endings or a sequel to be great!

codytall 2013.01.03
I love this game it`s sexy

DarKnight2698 2013.01.03
very great game but could last longer

jeisenjan 2013.01.03
no wonder this is everyones favorite site.
nice game

jeisenjan 2013.01.03
nice game. is there any part 2

jeisenjan 2013.01.03
wow this is extraordinary. awesome nice game

jeisenjan 2013.01.03
this is so exciting and fun. what do you know?

BobbyT 2013.01.02
Love the game could be longer tho. great Graphics.

00northrup 2013.01.02
great game. love the graphics

marek015 2013.01.01
really awesome game. great graphics.

Hieblan 2013.01.01
love it, great graphics, good story, but I think this game needs more endings

02sunspot9ny 2012.12.30
this game one of my top 10s real nice

ilovepeanuts911000 2012.12.30
the girl was really hot. i loved the game

superslayer 2012.12.29
really fun interesting game! Great graphics

superslayer 2012.12.29
truly awesome game, good graphics and good story!

Germantiger 2012.12.28
nice game, I like the idea with quick action parts, though it makes it a bit harder as usual

itsme332013 2012.12.28
nice game... good animation great story

ahmedboy123 2012.12.27
a very great game and i love the graphics and the gameplay in it

Docklander 2012.12.27
Good fun, some hot action thanks

OW91 2012.12.26
Great game ! good story and grhapics ! thank you !

ultimatestewie 2012.12.26
too romantic... need more close up sex, but a hot sexy game :)

lilykeai 2012.12.26
ohh please it sucha good game me horny now...

lilykeai 2012.12.26
fuck it is best evergame that i play it before love this game so much and it make me more..more..more.. horny baby

giomaniacio 2012.12.25
a really interesting game with great graphics. I`ll definitely try other endings

bsbsanders 2012.12.23
this game is real fun and interesting to play.

ranger995 2012.12.21
nice game good graphics i wish my high school could have been lik this....by the way girls are hot in the game

rkm1234567890 2012.12.20
it is an amazing game. everyone must play

rkm1234567890 2012.12.20
splendid game
i jst love this game. its awesome

bvash26 2012.12.20
really awesome game. great graphics.

rkm1234567890 2012.12.19
great graphics and gameplay nd surely great story

sexybarbie55 2012.12.19
its so easy and its a lot of fun to play

sexybarbie55 2012.12.19
why would he want to be with someone else i mean really

sexybarbie55 2012.12.19
i love high school romance i keep unlocking great endings

wild211 2012.12.19
great game, very nice I like a sex in the bathroom

laker77 2012.12.19
it is very good i liked the sex in the bathroom

CaptainHammer 2012.12.18
This is a fantastic game. Very sexy. Everyone`s highschool should have been like this!

VeNNoM 2012.12.18
What can I say, HOT, HOT, HOT!

djohnguy 2012.12.18
this is the best game on the whole site!

MDona 2012.12.17
Great game. Nice Graphics too.

sarahh9110 2012.12.17
Good graphics ... Good storyline . Really enjoyed this game 9/10 x

waqas111 2012.12.17
incredible game, highly recommended to everyone whos eager for lust and sexual expierence :)

EmerikQ 2012.12.17
Good game and good graphic.... interesting

itsmylife 2012.12.17
great game too bad i couldnt find out how to get with the second blonde girl

whocares 2012.12.16
I had fun ... this is a great game

whocares 2012.12.16
I love it so sexy 8 of 10

BlackPlague 2012.12.16
they use a lot of pet names. xD its cute. good game.

dominator137 2012.12.15
average game, not really realistic at all but i guess none of these games are, not origional at all

troyandabed1 2012.12.13
all time favorite! More like this one.

xxshaggyxx1 2012.12.13
this game is very, very buggy. Must be some sort of beta version they released. I cant do anything with the massage oil (I click on it and it goes to a scene where she is mad) when I get the number from that other slut the game ends after saying sorry. the only fuck scene I could get was the one with capri

Mr. Magic 2012.12.12
Pretty cool game. Samantha is totally hot.

vincevinny 2012.12.12
looks great can`t figure out how to get capri

luciferclit 2012.12.10
this game has brilliant graphics the quick action parts are a bit tricky

F_C_Devil 2012.12.09
A really good games with good graphics, but I saw some writting errors, like a my that dosent have is place in the discution.

Kelvin02 2012.12.09
Great game. Nice Graphics too.

mrbeanzer 2012.12.09
An absolutely awesome game. So many choices, a true gem.

Long Dick 2012.12.08
Great game.You should play it.

sexyboyluvkelly123 2012.12.08
best game eversam such a good slut andit felt like a great expierence and also great graphis

skullzfreak30 2012.12.08
yeah its awesome now I wanna fuck someone!

Biffyz4 2012.12.08
That was a great game, loved the grafix

ivcosic3 2012.12.08
Love it, multiple endings and graphics

mohmoh 2012.12.07
i give 8 of ten to this game ... nice

Diablos 2012.12.07
Love this game especially having to hide under the bed, how often have we guys been in that situation.

Diablos 2012.12.07
I like this game as it makes you think about your choices and the graphics are great.

ToxicWheelz 2012.12.06
Short game, but the graphics were amazing

katakana132 2012.12.04
Such a hot game. Needs a sequence where she answers the door and it ends with a 3some with the blonde, or she answers the door and doesnt come back and the guy finds her fucking someone else by the pool.

farabi 2012.12.04
aww yeah this game is so great with the quality of it its perfect

markjun balugabobo 2012.12.04
its very nice girls and boobs i realy like big boobss

bossykaos13 2012.12.02
Not that challenging, really enjobale

bossykaos13 2012.12.02
Great game sexy girl and graphics

PhilyUSA 2012.12.01
fun game but wish it was higher detail

wadester234 2012.12.01
great game play and story but graphics could be more detailed.

cadozac 2012.12.01
Love this game, but wish it would have more of a story to it

harry.kistler 2012.11.30
The graphics of this game was outstanding the animation was very well done kinda short of a game but ok. Thank you.

gork 2012.11.28
good graphics and gameplay

gork 2012.11.28
good graphics and animations

bobhoenig 2012.11.25
Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ending was amazing!!!!!!!!!!

delore 2012.11.24
two thumbs up for whoever is the person who made this game

supper 2012.11.23
sexy animations, one of my favorites.

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
Thoroughly enjoyed this one!

bigpeet92 2012.11.22
played this game a lot! still one of the best!

tr3k3r 2012.11.22
best game on this site ever,
maybe excluding the 500 series

stevic 2012.11.20
wow great game love the graphics and animation

thechosen122 2012.11.20
Great game ! and I like the fact that you can turn the story up side down it`s great !

thechosen122 2012.11.20
What I really like those graphic are fantastic really ! the details are pretty clear and that what we need in such games !

sexiemama 2012.11.20
i like the graphics and ability to choose direction in the game.

smarcs58 2012.11.19
cool i like it a lot more than other ones

blackwex 2012.11.19
i`m playing this game for a long time...

Wile E 2012.11.19
Good looking character design. OK story. Needs better sex animations.

Malethikus 2012.11.16
Fun Game, with a good story, great to play

lordmark7 2012.11.16
this game is one of the best i have ever played

alex15021985 2012.11.14
Great graphics and interesting story

jaketheman 2012.11.14
aww man! good game but i always get stuck at the blowing part

blackmailerz 2012.11.14
haven`t finished the game yet.. it hanged... hopefully i will.. great tho!

qwerty10101 2012.11.13
endings were pretty good

smittymanmenjenson2 2012.11.13
wow this reminds me of my high school heh great game

hitsushi 2012.11.13
Makes me remember of my high school.. Hahaha.. Nice pics

katakana132 2012.11.12
So hot! this game needs multiple parts and updates soon. Its really well done

labmunky 2012.11.11
great game reminds me of my old girlfriend in school

BobHope 2012.11.11
Great game! I wish i"d met a hot chick like this when I was in high school!

mellows92 2012.11.09
love it, lots of options and great animations

jterha7 2012.11.09
A pretty good game nice choices

jterha7 2012.11.09
Hot girls but it needs better endings

futureyankeepg 2012.11.08
super game! Nice endings!

zchs1988 2012.11.08
It was an ok storyline I liked the graphics, It could be a little bit more interactive. Overall I thought it was entertaining.

lovebunny 2012.11.07
I wish those girls lived in my neighborhood if they did i would fuck them all day long

RawrQC 2012.11.07
the game is.. interesting. animations are good but the story line.. is too obvious

El flacooo 2012.11.07
can you make at threesome

Sennin713 2012.11.07
a great game very fun to play

Blesshand 2012.11.06
I just the love the choice to have some happy endings. The bath scene thingy add a great flavor to the whole deal.

mitzzuki 2012.11.06
This game has a good storyline.

kukki 2012.11.06
Whoa, what a great game. Would really have appreciated a threesome though. Next time!

ddog978 2012.11.06
this was an amazing game and probably made my day. my wife and i love it!

champ2 2012.11.04
AMAZing game with cool graphics

shahnawaz 2012.11.04
great game
i like it and add it to my favorite

rossmcgolf 2012.11.04
Excellent game. Graphics really good

crzyca151 2012.11.03
i love this website it soo awesome

Walkingcock 2012.11.03
Game was awesome, good graphics! hot!

Empiq 2012.11.02
Very nice but Why i can`t with third girl sex :(

albeit 2012.11.02
What a great game. Capri is so hot !!

ankush65 2012.11.01
this is a very nice game, i love it, sexy girls, great story,

alfred riedl 2012.11.01
a very great game, i wanna play it more

UrHot578 2012.11.01
graphics are good but the story should have been longer

10of79 2012.11.01
good game, I am too slow to hold the toliet door though and got caught, will have to try again :(

jeffrson831 2012.10.31
I wish this happened when I was in High School.

rayllove 2012.10.30
Very Goog Game Good Graphics and Good Girls :D

Seralinda 2012.10.29
I really really love this website so great!!

Raiko 2012.10.29
this game is great, specially Capri

CactusZack2 2012.10.29
Capri is so sexy! There should be another game about her.

bastid2006 2012.10.28
My second favorite game before zoey and vince.

MB78 2012.10.26
mental note... dont cum in her mouth! she will go from love to hate! its actually kinda funny

f1rstt1mer 2012.10.26
alternate endings are interesting but would have enjoyed more animations

suferdude49 2012.10.25
awesome game love the graphics

dieguit0000 2012.10.24
Great game, wished i got an ending where they stayed together

zymuthh 2012.10.24
Excellent game very exciting

chrisnebeker 2012.10.23
its an amusing game they need to make it a little more amusing though

djsquad 2012.10.23
awesome game, nice endings

deadlymayhem 2012.10.23
a lovely game and easy to play well thought out

Davyroo 2012.10.19
Love this game, all the different possibilities and with wonderful graphics.

ravengal 2012.10.19
this game is awesone i want this

Schanell 2012.10.19
I love the game..it would be nice to have more of these games

strassasin69 2012.10.19
it was okay but should have been longer.

Bigmyth 2012.10.18
Short game, but fun nonetheless!

johnnyrocks999 2012.10.18
very sexy game
il love it
this is my favourite game

codycoyote 2012.10.15
mental note... dont cum in her mouth! she will go from love to hate! its actually kinda funny.

ch4mpagne 2012.10.14
Big thumbs up to whoever created this! A lot of fun

california2vegas 2012.10.14
very excellent graphics. Even better girls.

boinga 2012.10.13
These games by Lesson of Passion are alway so hot!

gmdan 2012.10.13
finished 1`st play and did not answer the door. Going for 2`nd time to see who it is.

shimul61 2012.10.13
great graphics those mens are pros

bluetick 2012.10.12
Okay...let me run this back one more time. Great game...all these games are great

Arcanis24 2012.10.12
this game ha excellent graphics but the story is weak

sweethearts 2012.10.11
love this game really nice graphics

dante godhand 2012.10.11
I like this girl. great graphics, hope they will release another part of this game!

banzai95 2012.10.11
Very nice game, love the dark chick

NK240 2012.10.11
Like this game good graphic!

NK240 2012.10.11
Damn the fark haired girl is perfect

Babydragon 2012.10.09
Just started the game, giving me super hot sexy action :)

Babydragon 2012.10.09
Love the animation and the graphics for the game, stories awesome too

qces2 2012.10.09
@topos1999: you can have both girls ;)
nice game btw ;)

vivis 2012.10.09
wll i didn`t saw the final, but i think it`s a great game!!

asr 2012.10.08
amazing graphics and game play

Snoman 2012.10.07
girls are so hot in this game a little short but still good

Arcanis 2012.10.07
good gameplay and nice visuals

anonymous9 2012.10.07
Passion" does it again, but not the best of "Passion", they have done better before. God graphics as always and hot girls !!!

shantanu 2012.10.07
the graphics are and but story is short

russian1 2012.10.06
the brunette girl is so good looking

moltres 2012.10.06
great game with high quality

steven12345 2012.10.05
This games graphics are good and the gameplay is intresting.

ffhiwfhiuew 2012.10.05
Awesome game love fucking birds.

topos1999 2012.10.05
Good game, but i wish i can fuck other chick too..

AussieDevil1966 2012.10.04
just started in this game slightly stuck need some help great graphics

wezel87 2012.10.04
Great story and very nice graphics! And very hot girls..

kedy1man 2012.10.03
great graphic and story line

tzay 2012.10.03
Beautifull 3d game, i wonder with wich soft you make it ?

derda 2012.10.01
I like it for content. I`ve liked other LOP games more but this ones ok.

macmo619 2012.09.30
Great game but it won`t let me play it again.

lolimhot 2012.09.30
great game i enjoyed playing it

gabon 2012.09.30
It could be a little longer but i really enyoed this one

Iandude 2012.09.29
Awesome game, should explain how to get the other two girls after you beat the game once, maybe.

cypher0298 2012.09.28
game seems to freeze while saying wait for today`s evening

RowdyRod 2012.09.28
I like this one... lots of differnt options.

Hornyman122 2012.09.28
There both hot idk which i should take

marchixxx 2012.09.26
it ok .... graphics it good but the story nop very good.

MagnusXXX 2012.09.26
one of the best game i have ever played. both girls r hot

101Adrianz_x 2012.09.26
cool i guess but it would be better if the whole game was on.

lakshmi 2012.09.22
nice game one of the best games

steven123023 2012.09.21
i cant belive this game only got a 85 average when this is one of the best games

gavial 2012.09.21
I love these games. Always so many different endings

lucifer lucy 2012.09.21
what a lovely hot game and a sexy blondie

starwarsfan1001 2012.09.20
Great game, wished i got an ending where they stayed together :P

Feetguy 2012.09.20
great game, i really enjoyed it! Really would like some games with feet in them, but still really enjoyed this.

sanfran 2012.09.20
I really loved the variety of choices.. grapjics were great, good game A+

stoopid 2012.09.19
i realy like the animation

qw73 2012.09.18
excellent game, perfect graphic...

arijit 2012.09.18
extremely hot girl
nice graphics

fall3n 2012.09.17
Really sexy, i love her outfit!!

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