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High Tail Hall


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Tiodor 2017.10.06
Not really my scene, but could be improved with better graphics.

KitCarsen 2017.09.26
Not my kind of thing really...very strange game.

SongLing 2017.09.23
You don`t even have to work for anything in this game. You just say hi and they fuck you.

AFeadatPex 2017.08.22
Four to five associated with this veggie juice should be consumed every week to obtain the desired result. Use these circumspectly however, while they may lower blood sugar levels, which can be an unsatisfactory effect that face men whose blood sugar levels are properly balanced.

ianjames 2017.03.18
very strange game unless your into strange animal sex

jeeep69 2017.03.07
I`m not getting any sound.

Lucifer1815 2017.02.27
Limited choices, but decent graphics and OK sex scenes.

xXHelloXx 2017.02.18
I`m stuck. I dont relly know how to play this game
But I saw the top right. It said some guests names.

Corgath 2017.01.07
pretty good. music gets pretty repetitive. Characters are hot

fiftypez 2016.11.21
not really into furrys but i admit some of them were kinda hot


lasertroyd79 2016.09.19
dont know what it is about this game but i just love it

JonSnowKnows 2016.08.14
HTH sure has come a long way since the NG days. Great improvement to the game. Can`t wait for the final version.

ruben94 2016.06.14
bella is my favorite one so far

gundamexia34 2016.06.05
Loved it, but the only drawback for me is the sounds. The music and Rio`s voice pre-sex are good, but the sounds in sex are lame because they are mostly just breathing and even then that is cut off abruptly and put on loop. Get that fixed and you get a 100 from me, otherwise you get a 75.

Greatness12 2016.05.08
Honestly, this was terrible. No challenge, no effort, no plot. And the sex was meh.

lievelust 2015.08.27
good game for a fury sexy 2

twotouch 2015.08.16
slow load, not a bad, game play ok

Cumslut225 2015.05.11
Good game.Not much but good.

Saaainc 2015.04.24
Don`t really know how this game works. What do you need to do to get to level 2?

SlionZ 2015.04.12
i like furry games but i think this game isnt complete

NudeNoodle 2015.03.19
Really nice game, though not enough gameplay imo :P

Johnny195 2015.02.03
a very nice game an great story

mavgunnery21 2014.12.22
There needs to be more to do

LazyTiger 2014.12.04
One of the best furry-games of them all. Recommended for all who likes furry.

bubba97 2014.10.24
The girls in the game are really hot but it does have its flaws and is not a complete game

lillyana78 2014.09.14
Good game. I like the gameplay and I love furries.

stoad69 2014.08.03
Good graphics and you can get right to the sex in this one.

hello2003 2014.02.17
it would be great if they could finish this game, but other than that its pretty good

military76 2014.01.21
really love furries, would love to see more updates

Hornydonny88 2013.09.22
Kind of a weird game. average quality graphics and not very exciting.

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

Spoonish 2013.04.24
I love the way it`s voice acted. Too bad most games don`t have that. Too bad the only game that does have it is a furry. I`m not really into that. Still, very good effort!

gwazz 2013.04.15
game looks incomplete bbut what therwas i enjoyed

BigC2679 2013.02.27
I enjoy the game but when is it going to be finished

gartal 2013.02.25
nice and very hot game!!really good!! :-)

HoldenManutz 2013.02.24
Fun game hope it gets finished soon.

ashleymassey59 2013.02.15
a really funny game to play but abit to short for me

SummoningDark 2013.02.11
Love furries... Decent game. The benchmark for furry action.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Kind of funny , but way too short and simple.

pusshound 2013.01.06
OK if you`re a fan of furries. It lacks any real purpose and seems dated.

jcm0824 2012.12.08
Really just sort of strange. Not to sure animal/people work.

FearThePink 2012.12.05
Oh my god. i Love furries. i also love the High tail hall series.

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


redangel7 2012.10.28
I don`t like this game. Too poor and i hate the idea of animals with human stature. Not cool...

bigbubba97 2012.10.03
I love rio. She is the best furry in the game.

bigbubba97 2012.10.03
This game is my favorite game on this website.

deontrix 2012.09.25
gotta love them furries

fireswind 2012.09.17
not bad but kinda glitchy

Lacey23 2012.09.10
I didnt like it the whole animal thing is kinda strange

grave 2012.08.21
Is there any way to unlock the other locations?

lichkitten 2012.08.19
oh i was hoping it would be the finished by now, pity.

steeve 2012.08.16
wolves, rabbits, tigers, even a parott having hot sex. awkward but sexy

Salander 2012.08.14
where is the full version ?

kldxxx 2012.07.31
Gotta say, this is pretty damn good. I`m itching to see the full version. Hell, I`d PAY for a copy of the full version. Plus, for some reason, I can`t get that club tune from the Glass Room out of my head.

Jeanmarit 2012.07.19
One of my favorite games. Amazing game i wish i can play the full version Hot and Sexy

fucker564 2012.06.15
it`s a nice game but it`s with animals hehe...better with humans

chris_avril 2012.06.10
it wasnt that bad. it was ok. some human girls would have been better.

hornyphil79 2012.06.04
what a great game love it

WantsToPlay 2012.05.26
cool game...little slow but fun

bahamut86 2012.05.22
Weird game and bad grafic

Sammichzor 2012.05.22
Pretty long load time.... It was worth it for..me>_> hehe X)

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.18
Not bad but little weird, And to simple

trey526 2012.04.01
Bad oad time, good content, wish they would add more to game though.

jr0426 2012.03.25
game is good but needsto be expanded a little

Hotness19 2012.03.25
make the hall be place to chat with animal creatures

GHOSTx 2012.03.01
Love this game. Animation and graphics are good. Hope they finish this soon.

bigbubba97 2012.02.11
I really love this game. I love furries

tempest1 2012.02.03
good game wish the new one wasnt taking so long

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice but weird game, could finish it.

Lolwuthvgjh 2012.01.13
Good game but there seemed to be a few glitches.

woody22 2012.01.12
very good furry game i loved it!

regis95 2012.01.10
nice furry game i think it have very good graphic

marc84p 2012.01.09
nice game, it is funny

Guillaume 2012.01.06
Not bad but lil wierd, And to simple

mikicostanza 2012.01.04
this game is a little weird but funny

reinhart11 2011.12.24
wish there was more to this game

pornguy85 2011.12.21
Always good when it has furries in it. A very good game.

whatcha 2011.12.14
i love this game it is amazing i will always be a fan of the creator because this is the best so far involving furries

obelisk2049 2011.12.06
Gotta say, this is pretty damn good. I`m itching to see the full version. Hell, I`d PAY for a copy of the full version. Plus, for some reason, I can`t get that club tune from the Glass Room out of my head.

_swizzzle_ 2011.12.04
liked this,but it was confusing.

lazy boy 2011.11.27
very good ... i like it .

SuperSwordman01 2011.11.23
I love all the High Tail Halls. But this one the most.

Krueger 2011.11.18
A bit boring but funny. Good game.

CallmeSir1 2011.11.17
to me i would love to see all ne characters in this game.

zenginoglu 2011.11.17
This is great game... I like it very much...

Rudy4u 2011.11.11
Simple but funny game, nice to play

thatguy1704 2011.11.08
pretty fun game, graphics are pretty good, sounds could have been better...

bman15 2011.11.06
good gameplay good graphic

Tokuro Kawamura 2011.10.28
nice game, quick and easy

kquan 2011.10.28
Decent, but it`s only a demo ):

bauerpower 2011.10.12
i dont know which one i loke more the fox like one or the polar bear but bother are god dam sexy

ikaruichijoe 2011.10.07
this would be pretty good if they ever got around to finishing it

Symbolisch 2011.10.06
I liked the polar bear :)

Symbolisch 2011.10.06
Better storyline needed, but good game overall

snake10in 2011.10.02
I really just wish some of the other areas were open the glass room gets old after awhile

DreamTim 2011.09.25
very average game. i`m not fond of...

Cas88 2011.09.16
That`s very exciting and strange, but awful animations, aww >.

bechat 2011.09.14
That jsut a demo for fuul game you need to go on
HTH Studio But that a very good game

nakama 2011.09.12
just the one i needed to get bored off

SlyFan01 2011.09.05
I really hope this game gets finished soon. I love furries.

JOHNRKO007 2011.09.04
this game just keeps getting better and better. I hope this will be 100% complete soon

letmeinthedoor 2011.09.04
this is a super hot and sexy game

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Don`t like furries, so didnt like this.

Stereoman11 2011.08.29
Very original premis, a little too easy though.

Xentosia 2011.08.23
pretty good game not the best one outher butt good anny way

Megaforce 2011.08.18
Pretty OK game it could have been much better, not as good as others

MRAH 2011.08.17
Not much to do, but if your into furry stuff i guess this is the game for you.

Morrison_J 2011.08.15
I love this game and could play it over and over again :)

vincentvalentine14 2011.08.15
Furries are always exotic

pandagio 2011.08.11
thers a new vwrsion of this game

dodag 2011.08.11
There seems to be no point to this game

TANMAN1969 2011.08.03
i love this game it was so good

Delpino 2011.08.03
Great game! Even though I`m not a big fan of furry I really enjoyed it

Zlojeb 2011.07.23
not a bad game and furries are always exotic

genocidefire 2011.07.15
good animations, but still unfinished. More sound would be good.

Redewd 2011.07.13
not my fav stuff but they did good with it, good job

9r35t0 2011.07.11
pretty good scenes and good story

JudgeMental 2011.07.11
The sex scenes and graphics are great, but there`s not many and there`s no plot.

sanjva21 2011.07.10
i like the way the game is made

Moax 2011.07.07
I love HTH so very much, furry all the way

reaperpoy 2011.06.26
this is such an awesome game i like the white wolf especially

SoloDrifter 2011.06.24
interesting twist...little on the exotic side

dsvallance 2011.06.18
Amazing game, I can`t get enough of it

BallIdiot 2011.06.10
I find the concept disturbing; not my cup of tea...

chris2564 2011.06.06
it could do better on sounds

m4t0n 2011.05.27
hots girls makes this game superb

kalbs 2011.05.20
very hot game i love furries

reader1219 2011.05.15
I like how there were different girls but it didnt seem as if there was a point to the game

shakezulla17 2011.05.14
Like this game but can`t get out of the first place

Kujikums 2011.05.14
Hentai is always good, and who doesn`t love furries on occasion?

MrNunYa 2011.05.05
Good characters.
Dont much get the story though.

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.30
This game is very good and i like it...

Skarn62 2011.04.30
sorry, this game is not for me

ski9072 2011.04.21
I saw this a long time ago, so when I saw it here, was hoping it would be the final version. Unfortunately it wasn`t, but I still enjoyed it again. Would love to see some new areas though.

bubba001 2011.04.17
nice cartoon game graphic could be better ... some time stuck in the same room

Talimew 2011.04.15
Nice game. Sad though that it wasn`t finished. Could have used a couple more choices instead of only faster, slower and cum.

nbones 2011.04.14
awesome game,can`t wait till they add more

UnKn0Wn3D 2011.04.12
Been watching for this game for awhile now sadly the Creator gave up on making it...it has the potential to make it better, Other than that its a easy and interesting game i really wanted to see the finished product though...

bbb123 2011.04.11
good grapics and real fun game

mic1111 2011.04.11
the one thing i hate is the bad loop for some people

Spirit123 2011.04.08
seems as furry is not my style

bobonmycock 2011.04.04
it takes for ever to load that sucks

Naythone 2011.04.04
I have always been a fan of furry porn but this is excilent

amannas 2011.04.02
If they oculd build in more story it would be great, but the furry is hot

redcobra 2011.04.01
Been watching this game change for a while, and its getting closer to being great, but the creators seemed to give up on it. Real potential, its a shame to see it fall

CommanderKot 2011.04.01
i love this furry games :) good like ever

Greatman 2011.04.01
Really amazing game if only it was longer

tubs 2011.03.25
its a good game. too short though

roysteek 2011.03.23
it`s still a great game, but need more sex rooms

holyblades 2011.03.20
very strange concept still ok

bigdickbandit 2011.03.18
very sexy girls and a good game but needs more rooms for sex

Shooterboi 2011.03.18
pretty good game but could do with some sort of plot.

da_guy23 2011.03.12
it was a good game the animatoin was good

kot1468 2011.03.11
Great Game, Sex is a little too short, but, fun. How do you get to the other areas?

deathz 2011.03.05
A very good game and awesome graphics

6768 2011.03.05
heh... it intresting game

brink7000 2011.02.21
Would love access to the extended game. Can`t find it anywhere. But pretty hot, love the furry stuff.

Awar 2011.02.07
I love this game. Great video and charakters. great game

Luis4x 2011.02.05
this game is nice but it need to be more better

Luis4x 2011.02.05
how can i find the other girl and how do u go onthe other side.The game is awsome and the graphics.

Sharath 2011.02.02
i have to say, i played the first one, and the graphics are much better in this one.

AnnaRainbow 2011.02.02
I like the designs, very creative. And some real surprises! I mean, a parrot woman?? But there doesn`t seem to be much to do. I will ask this - is it wrong to find Rio very sexy? Laugh

randy06 2011.02.01
great game more animals and different charters to suck fuck and more n

old_ironside78 2011.01.30
Kinda weird furry game, but this makes it special! It´s different to othrt games ´cause ya fuck furry "girls"!

bael 2011.01.28

adejean1221 2011.01.28
I must say that the load time is really slow. But about the game, well I feel really weird playing it. But is also limited in what you can do.

shadeaod 2011.01.28
not a furry. but always loved the art . glad the original still has some fans

sunschayn 2011.01.24
good graphic but the gameplay are not very developed

iQQso0 2011.01.13
still not finished, probably never will, poor graphics.

eroticraider 2011.01.11
great animation, i like the voice overs, but the sound effects are lacking

kalbs 2011.01.11
nice game but really poor graphics...

andrew12mccabe3 2011.01.08
cool game i really enjoyed it

theultimate1000 2010.12.29
I like this game. The graphics are good and the characters are amazing. I jsut wish there were more things to do and more actions. Can`t wait until the next update!

Futurus 2010.12.29
nice idea, but at all its not as good as other games around here.

rexfighter 2010.12.27
great game but needs to be updated

riz 2010.12.26
great game could be better

punyu 2010.12.21
what a game..
but not my fav..

WARDOG77 2010.12.21
a good game but like the 1st HTH not a compete game :(

Razzle 2010.12.17
a good game but the graphics could have been better and it was a little two easy.

mick149 2010.12.17
this is a very horrible game and should not be played

marckkleo 2010.12.15
slow loading realy slow but kind a weird hehehe

GratefulGrey 2010.12.06
It was fun, but could have had more. This was a great game, you go around talking to people, but I wish it had more options. What I was hoping for in this, was for more things to do, not just to "get it on" every so often. This game could have had tasks and for completing each task, you get a reward. It could have also introduced more characters.

The layout and graphics were rather nicely done. But, the gameplay lacks a bit. I enjoyed this regardless.

superjack 2010.12.06
this game has great graphics

zeretet 2010.12.05
its a good game nice graphics

Eddie Roc 2010.12.03
Even though it incomplete, it`s a good game.

wolfy boy 2010.12.03

supercum 2010.11.28
graphics not good at all very good game though

mendohighlander 2010.11.28
I think this one has potential. Needs work on commands and sound. Characters should be more interactive.

adejean1221 2010.11.27
yes great furry sex and ok graphics

Benjamen 2010.11.25
still not finished, probably never will, poor graphics.

teijgertje 2010.11.25
poor graphics, but lots of sexual action. weird settings with all those animals.

123mad1 2010.11.23
The fact of 2008 being last update doesnot bode well for the completion of the other stages. Pity.

jesman 2010.11.21
unfinished game. graphics are lacking.

smoerf 2010.11.19
i absolutly love it :D:D:D:D

Apac20 2010.11.17
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

almonde2009 2010.11.14
will there be any update? i mean this game is not complete

CheeseWiz 2010.11.12
Love this game SO much! I love furies!

ultimaporn 2010.11.10
this game is great wish the load was better but hey good game

Guataso 2010.11.08
i`ts good. but ithink it`s a pity that is too short but is great

knux6666 2010.11.08
awsome game... wish more games were like this... cant wait till thers an update for it XD

thehomicidal1 2010.10.26
Long load time i`d like to see the finshed copy

spida 2010.10.26
this gane is stupid with no point to it

xxxlonelyxxx 2010.10.25
very good game...loved the interface(i guess youd call it that) hope ya make more of these

billgill 2010.10.24
weird game interesting though sex with animals

boomdocker7 2010.10.20
Way too easy. Graphics are plain. Entertaining concept

karthik 2010.10.15
taking time for loading.... but ok..

chumak 2010.10.14
well, I`ve never had a dream pf doing a bird before ;), but I liked that they could talk

gamerdamer 2010.10.13
it was fun while it lasted. i wish the full version is out so i can play it

Jaxen 2010.10.13
a different game for sure but over all i enjoyed it.

dadofmatthew 2010.10.12
love these games when they gonna finnish it tho

Hollow124 2010.10.06
Animation is great but it geats abit boring wonder when they will release the full version

iceflametiger 2010.10.03
this game was a little to boring infact it almost put me to sleep but i did like the polar bear

amlutias 2010.09.25
Always been one of my favorite games, don`t know why its so hot to me ;)

paul72002 2010.09.23
nice. better if it was finished

bshdaddy1 2010.09.22
this is an older game, still graphics are sadly lacking, this is also this game is hth2 not the first. in the first you have to unlock the secrets around the different rooms, and it had different characters. if the game ever gets finished it will be alot more fun and interesting.

Budala 2010.09.18
this game is good and have great graphic

KennethS 2010.09.18
Gives a whole new meaning to animal sex.

TheChancelor 2010.09.18
You should be allowed in the other sections

CheatyMcCheatCheat 2010.09.18
The game needs to be completed.

tophe35 2010.09.16

YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

fooy8 2010.09.15
needlessly complicated but sexy over all

RobSutherland 2010.09.12
This game really needs to be completed. There is a huge amount of potential for this game, but it`s just been sitting here collecting dust.

sheepdog 2010.09.07
feels incomplete, probably is. if so I can`t wait for more to be added

footballman 2010.09.06
getting bored of the same characters open the next part and

clearin 2010.09.06
so far the most boring game I have played here

taco 2010.09.06
wish it had a story line but beggers cant be chosers

ahoskie16 2010.09.03
needs to be a sequel. good classic game

dspeed 2010.08.31
Load time is slow. Is this the finished version? Animation seems broken in places

max29 2010.08.30
I love these HTH games the only thing i still find is that some part a bit glitchy other than that it is well made and i hope to see more

F-1 pilote 2010.08.30
Verry strange game, don`t like animal sex and the graffics aren`t that good eather

T M 2010.08.28
Great art, but this one never really reached its top potential. Virtually no story except that you are in some sort of club where you can screw everything that moves after saying hello.

magnetiquenorth 2010.08.28
the load time is ridiculous, but worth the wait. its a shame this never got finished.

rx743 2010.08.27
not a fan of all animals but a good game

aikwang15 2010.08.27
short games but it`s interesting

XReaperhobo 2010.08.27
love these HTH games cant wait for the next update and soon

humptypkt 2010.08.24
I feel like there should be more places than this lets us go to.

matk1996 2010.08.24
love these games especially this one but why give us all the options but never reveal the rest of the places

klincben 2010.08.22
quite short but it`s fun to play none the less

darkking777 2010.08.21
I love these HTH games the only thing i still find is that some part a bit glitchy other than that it is well made and i hope to see more

CameronRoss 2010.08.21
This game is awesome, can`t stop playing it ;)

leuciuc 2010.08.20
Too bad only the glass room is online . Fun nontheles .

MolemanTux 2010.08.18
A little short, but interesting...

souza111188 2010.08.18
great game, a little short though

none 2010.08.18
Too bad the sequel isn`t out yet, a real shame.

I really hope it comes out because this is pretty interesting

blueeyedangel57 2010.08.18
Great furry gme. Can`t wait to see the next areas.

Grable 2010.08.17
Another great game wish it would get finished though

soso30 2010.08.17
interesting choice of characters

bloodbaron 2010.08.17
The game was really funny i enjoyed it

freeees 2010.08.17
if you are a furry fancier then DONATE at the tip jar at the bartender

AntonyJ 2010.08.16
unfinished game. furry sex, nothing else.

m_hart15 2010.08.16
Decent game, seems like there should be more content though

kidd91 2010.08.14
great game but there should be more to do

Joske123 2010.08.12
Would be nice of the other area`s were finished

Alcar98027 2010.08.10
Great furry game found two bugs. But I would love what they do next with it.

donpot 2010.08.10
i like furries, so i think this is a nice game, nice to fuck the girls :D haha i love fucking horny girls :D

BDUB510 2010.08.09
I have always been a huge fan of HTH!!!

unnotice 2010.08.09
Its a classic. who doesnt like this game?

esayre 2010.08.09
Always a favorite. Haven`t played the new characters yet. Still love it. :)

johndewayne53 2010.08.09
it is like hot shit i ;ike it

dylano364 2010.08.07
im stuck at sex but graphics are goood

Jim Hardwood 2010.08.06
I love the 2 High Tail Hall but they are not enough challlenging

CDPII 2010.08.06
Played this last time it was updated. I liked it better before the update. I reckon the project is pretty much dead now.

jelani 2010.08.05
i agree that normally fury porn isnt my scene but they pull it off on this one very nice

Anawolver 2010.08.05
Normally I`m not into furry porn, but this isn`t too bad.

crespo 2010.08.05
this game is good and have great graphic

fuckboy 2010.08.04
graphics need improvement and need more of a gameplay with more naughty chicks

NickyJ101 2010.08.04
A good game, cant wait until it is finished

RustyDoober 2010.08.02
I love the fur but the story isn`t that exciting

Matrixmatt 2010.07.31
okay I guess, not extremely much to it

gerty 2010.07.29
hot sex scenes, but i dont understand the story...

Synne 2010.07.28
This has been a favorite of mine for awhile. I just wish they would finish it , I love the artwork.

dizzyspoon 2010.07.28
not bad bit it could improve

greatestinthestl 2010.07.27
Good game. I wish they would update it though.

AdamWest100 2010.07.27
It was a good game but it just needs to be updated so you can interact with more characters

videoboy95 2010.07.26
gat gam sound needs to be fixed and wonder when they will get updated game

timmytan 2010.07.25
not into this stuff but dam this was very good art work and gameplay. one of the best games iv played here

ZeroWolf 2010.07.25
this is a very good game i like it very much

moneymike567 2010.07.24
this game is the best game
i played

rmac502 2010.07.24
Different but intresting...nice graphics though.

ironfist137 2010.07.24
Im not into this stuff, but this was a really good game

matt23211 2010.07.23
Really enjoyed this game. Just wish they would get around to finishing it.

awesome-o 2010.07.23
the load time is way to long

Xelrith 2010.07.23
are there any updates to this game so far?

hardcock666 2010.07.23
high tail hall erotic is different but still it is a great sex game i give it a score of 100

Jkay 2010.07.23
Kinda weird, but i still enjoyed it though

tubs 2010.07.22
its a ok game i guess. nice artwork

arheru 2010.07.22
Great graphics, and furrryyyy :3 . But still waiting for the end version of it. :(

Dude817 2010.07.21
the graphics in the game were hot

J Creezy 2010.07.21
Highly unfortunate that the game is unfinished, but the quality of the sex scenes is amazing.

Shadow307 2010.07.20
a lot of fun and great graphics

Kileroy 2010.07.19
Meh, the animation get cut in every scene and one of it finish itself, if the game get finish and those "lag" arrange, the game will be very good.

Rantfarmer 2010.07.19
they need to finish this game :)

difool20 2010.07.18
Somebody can tel me how to finish this game!

Immortalking 2010.07.17
It would be nice if this game got finished at some point.

234234 2010.07.15
goood idea for a game but yet still ...od

Kezamet 2010.07.15
How come the other rooms at the lobby are offline?

demaisja 2010.07.13
nice animations of the animals and the clothes of making real person like

Dragon062593 2010.07.13
whats with the offline two building and can you somehow unlock them?

bcfclee 2010.07.11
fantastic game love it i want the rest of the game too some hot hot hot characters in this game omg hahahahahahahah.

Gemman67 2010.07.11
Not bad but lil wierd, And to simple.

Vern 2010.07.10
best furry game on the net. Very exiting scenes

Scappy220 2010.07.10
Funny game! Quality could be better. Pretty easy though

hornybastard 2010.07.09
Very hot and the graphics are amazing

mercury505 2010.07.09
takes a long time to load and nice furry action, but i think its a bit konfusing

shadowofman 2010.07.07
takes a long time to load

dinte 2010.07.05
good furry game but really needs a full version

RenColthar 2010.07.05
there needs to be a full version of this game

Gunshot1 2010.07.05
Games load speed is waaaay to long but is an amazing game overall

Pwlkane 2010.07.04
Anyone know where the full version can be found ?
Good game but seems to have been neglected ?
Can`t find the full version, but there is lots of other versions.
Is there a full version ?

fred4959 2010.07.03
I can`t figure it out. I think I got every furry in the first space but no more spaces ever open up, it just keeps repeating

squall23 2010.07.02
jolie graphismes,mais trop facile

coolmanjohn_2000_1999_2000 2010.07.01
decent game and decent graphics

kitty_k 2010.07.01
i dont understand the game.. i fuck the furries and than so ... ? what is next

n1veau 2010.07.01
Much better than the new versions. :)

faris 2010.06.30
by far the greatest furry game i have ever played please please please please continue this gaaaame!!!

forthehordmg 2010.06.30
fun game. I would like to play the full game tho.

SynCity 2010.06.30
Good game as usual with the High Tail Hall series, but also as usual, it could`ve been longer, had more places to go, more things and girls to do. But overall still pretty good.

serioussam 2010.06.30
oh my gosh what a sexxyy gameee

serioussam 2010.06.30
a sexy gamee that ? loveeeeeeee

tiggertron70 2010.06.30
its somewhat of a good gawe but it repeats it self to much

sexyanus 2010.06.29
i love this game wonder if there will be any sequals

squirt2302 2010.06.29
It`s awesome, I do wonder when it will be updated. It`s been around for forever

kazamalord1 2010.06.29
i dont care what anyone says furry porn games are hot like heck we need more.

mistery 2010.06.26
I love the quality of this game. but not to many zones

ungjente 2010.06.25
This game is great. Especially love the graphics, but a few more endings would be better.

moh888 2010.06.23
good game and nice graphics

Inuyasha2005 2010.06.22
This game is intense. I love how it`s done, but there are a few errors I hope will be corrected when the final version comes out.

hermie 2010.06.22
strange. loads slowly. furry...

komax155 2010.06.21
I like dating games , but it is nice but shortly

mocao123 2010.06.20
I don`t like furry ,this one is a good one

Warseed 2010.06.20
Bit boring rather quickly, but lovely for furries :)

Pwlkane 2010.06.20
Is It only the glass room at the moment?
Can`t get any further.
Any body know ?

Delmlin 2010.06.19
Good game, the graphics are nice, but it has been in the demo stage for a long time. Have played this demo on many different sites. Any idea on when the full version is gonna be made live, if ever?

alex-pele-slim 2010.06.19
nice game but really poor graphics. very hot game

Yumi ;3 2010.06.19
I think its kinda boring.
I love the adventure-things more..

darksareth 2010.06.19
someone needs to finish this good game

mckinley13 2010.06.18

jakau 2010.06.18
does anybody know if there is a full version of this game?

FrozenDream 2010.06.17
Someone should really finish this game !!

hojo666 2010.06.17
This game would be voted a 100 if it ever gets finished. So much un used potential

Shadow_Yeti 2010.06.17
Excellent game love furry porn

verras 2010.06.17
hey where can we found the phone to call the girl ???

papa2418 2010.06.17
this is a bad game, it have not any adventure at all

sezth 2010.06.17
rly nice game, to bad this isnt whole game

smg2010 2010.06.16
I am a BIG furr fan and I thought this was one fo the BEST high tail hall games I have ever played, it was superb, and it was very interactive, although it could have been a tad bit longer it still kick butt!!

rolebo1 2010.06.16
is this the full game? i can`t get any further

jhnjhn 2010.06.16
didn`t really like this game. didn`t care for the carecters

Arieswarrior 2010.06.15
nice graphics and not bad animation

George69 2010.06.14
Nice graphics but no clear ending.

brdkk 2010.06.13
Good scenes, lacks ending

Brinks2011 2010.06.13
game takes a long time to load.i did not know when it was over?no clear ending.

gamerhell 2010.06.12
nice furry game, i really like it :d

Sweet 2010.06.10
the game is good but there is no ending i fink

mthate77 2010.06.09
Not a lot to do, but still pretty sexy

adams112 2010.06.09
really ugly game imo, not at all a fan of this, try to expanse it a bit more 2, feels shallow

markl94 2010.06.08
the game should make some updates to where u can go

tonymanslayer1 2010.06.06
this game has really good graphics

Mirri 2010.06.06
HTH1 was my first favourite game of this kind, HTH2 looks promising, but sadly it looks as if Crowchild wouldn`t finish it either...

tziyong 2010.06.05
Great graphics and great game

slamdancerex 2010.06.03
i wish this game would be finished and we could play it. anyone know any other furry games that are good?

KillerKittensKlub 2010.06.02
I wish this game would be finished, other than the lack of girls, it`s great.

kevinos 2010.06.01
loved the first edition way back :) cant wait wait for this one to be finished

TheMile 2010.06.01
Nice update, can`t wait till they finish it.

palle4ever 2010.06.01
i look forward to the game is finished. that will be nice.

Gunshot1 2010.06.01
The game has yet to be finished completely but i hear company is finishing it now

Sora55 2010.05.31
Where are all the secrets in this game, help

King Marius 2010.05.31
this game is really great

hellyeah 2010.05.31
interresting game tho i would prefer it the characters to be human....

Nob1n 2010.05.31
this Game has Promise, but there just so much left unfinished that it doesn`t seem like its not game but a teaser.

wolfpire 2010.05.31
not bad would love to see this game a lil bit more complete. Any ideals on when the rest will be open up would love to see it all.

val2062 2010.05.29
nice game, but too slow for loading...

nmartino 2010.05.24
wow, i live how the girls talk back to you

senel24 2010.05.23
great game!! fun to play, nice grapics and animations

adamdrex 2010.05.23
I`m not big on the furry animal stuff. I would rather it be normal models.

fsmmaniac 2010.05.21
love furries. Good graphics, smooth gameplay, and nice audio too.

ryan1415 2010.05.18
Loved it! well draw. some more variation in characters would have been nice, but i still enjoyed this.

ryan1415 2010.05.18
Very sexy game. i never knew i was into these cat girls until just now. excellent!

ZeroG 2010.05.18
I don`t like this one as the one before this one.

GregShore 2010.05.17
Not so much a game as a sequence of medium quality yiff sequences.

echo12mm 2010.05.14
Great game, lots of nice scenes and beautiful animation, and plenty of furrs

escmax 2010.05.14
thats a beauty and I enjoy played that game!!

Papa2123 2010.05.13
this game is amazing!
and a bit freak too xD

musicalcrepitus 2010.05.12
It`s come a long way from it`s beginnings... but it`d be better if there was some kind of plot involved

babylonx 2010.05.12
it still needs much of work ...

chipman4 2010.05.12
No Ending 4 dis game or wat???????

flying_circus 2010.05.10
I am definitively not fan of those style of graphism.

haan141519 2010.05.10
no plot and seems a bit unfinished too. i was a really disappointed

darkhelix 2010.05.09
game is fun, but music gets kind of repetitive

brittanyp798 2010.05.09
This ganes is th ebest and i LOVE IT

vllad 2010.05.09
great game but the sound track and noise need work

Kain0025 2010.05.09
Very nice game. arts pretty good too. Kinda wish it was finished though...

gunnar26 2010.05.08
this game did not hit my interest zone but for those who are into it might like it the graphic is ok but could be better but i must say the sound in the game is very bad i rated this game 25 of 100

Lezefu 2010.05.08
Graphics could be nicer on videos.

mdnaal 2010.05.08
I cant wait till this is finished

wlwlvr 2010.05.08
Very hot. Better than the first version. Too bad its not finished.

romeo01 2010.05.08
great game, im loving tis game alot

plak999 2010.05.07
the loading is so goddamn slow...
but the game is fun....

jker209 2010.05.07
Although I`m not that interested in furries this is the best game I`ve ever played. (That has furries anyways :D) I love this particular furry game. 4/5

ethanxxx 2010.05.07
god game, better graphics would have been nice

Shimakaze 2010.05.07
Very good game, but there are some weirds graphics per momment

bronti 2010.05.06
all in all pretty cool, but bit long to load

Marrol 2010.05.06
Nice game, the only bad thing is that the animation is jerky.

toxinette 2010.05.06
jeu bizarre,avec des animaux pourtant avec de belles formes

sexstar2010 2010.05.06
sooooo good a reallt astonishing game

gettingwarmone 2010.05.05
Prefer the real look games.

budnum88 2010.05.05
not bad need more to do though

rameteb 2010.05.04
Good game, cant wait to see other areas.

kinkyboyxx 2010.05.03
its a ok game too short to play.

nbcman 2010.05.03
Not really my type of game. Also when will the developers complete the game?

diggyzero 2010.05.03
Its a good game, but there still seems to be alot of things not complete

hellome 2010.05.03
graphics are good same with the story

ethanlew22 2010.05.03
good game but dont like the furry

jarret 2010.05.03
Albiet an old game, it still gets me all hard. So guys, don`t hate on the old graphics, it`s an old game created in 2005/2006 after all (if my memory serves me right). The author of this game doesn`t seem like he is continuing the series so I guess there`s no way of opening the other rooms.

Kalaam 2010.05.03
Intresting game, liked that there were voices, but overall the animations seamed a bit, lacking.

pete23 2010.05.02
this game is so good the art is so hot and makes me hard as hell

Jefferson 2010.05.02
i lke this game but graphics could be bether

HottyGirl111 2010.05.02
Good game although ok graphics

fred4280 2010.05.02
awesome game! really liked it

miki25g 2010.05.02
very interesting and sexy game but takes time to load

keurseul 2010.05.01
this is not the great game that i can see here

Sexyspartan101 2010.05.01

Good game, however it needs more sex scenes but i love the graphics

formorii15 2010.05.01
good game, love the graphics

eskimo 2010.04.30
this game is so good the art is so hot and makes me hard as hell

Kerberos 2010.04.29
Intersting game, although i am not fond of this kind, needs to be finished

djkakkis 2010.04.29
Good game, still not all the way done looking foward to more

Blinky 2010.04.29
I want to visit the others maps, but how? :(

sexmachine 2010.04.28
does anyone know if the other rooms wil open?

hv0606 2010.04.28
it is a pretty good game if you like this stuff. but i dont really care for it.

joexxxus 2010.04.28
This game needs to be a little more interactive,but I like this type of game.

BUGSY033 2010.04.27

rapacious8 2010.04.27
If this game were finished it would have been great. HTH2 is also unfinished but has more of the same stuff. Check it out.

jojo23 2010.04.27
I love the furry action in this game, but how can we get to the other zones?

Bob1267 2010.04.27
Ok, not very interactive. Has the potential to become good. Takes too long to load and is slow. but if the company contunes on with the game, it could become better

tarminator 2010.04.27
it`s a different type of game, furry is interesting but i preffer girls :S

Microb 2010.04.27
for it`s graphics takes too long to load. furthermore it develops too fast and there is no reward for doing all the furry bitches.

Macho 2010.04.27
It is inusuall but I do not like it

mychalpickle 2010.04.27
it was a fun game though didn`t seem to have a point.

elmes50 2010.04.26
Good game. needs to be finished

dargor89 2010.04.26
The game is good, but is poor of content, This had a great potencially that is must be used..

Riccie 2010.04.26
different genre, not really my thing
needs work on the load time

torcid 2010.04.26
maybe in the next part they could include people

torcid 2010.04.26
not bad bit it could improve

garba 2010.04.24
Not bad but i prefere games with storyline.

karcius 2010.04.22
Nice game but really needs to have more zones to play in.

Eldestfire 2010.04.22
Hopefully the developers will get their butts in gear and release more rooms. But otherwise an average game.

Raptor Talon 2010.04.21
Does not seem to have a point.

shishkabob 2010.04.21
Do the other rooms ever open?

nicnac2088 2010.04.19
Not really into this kinda thing but not bad

kinkyboyxx 2010.04.19
i think this game is intresting wishin it was a little faster loading

chris123 2010.04.18
i think i was at the zoo or something

alexus68 2010.04.17
medium class graphics and repetitive action

zoomba 2010.04.17
It`s intereesting, I`ll give you that. I feel, however that not you need to refine your concept. You`ve got all the potential to make a great game here. Keep at it

pyrotom 2010.04.16
the BJ part with Rio is glitchy and the music is disjointed. Like the concept, needs refinement.

naedhc 2010.04.16
i think its a bit konfusing, nice game but really poor graphics

shigami 2010.04.15
I would like to play the full version of this, too short right now

Kwather 2010.04.15
P.S The grafick wasn`t good i think was stupid

Kwather 2010.04.15
It`s too short but very funny!!

rockafella13 2010.04.15
hot furry babes :)))) .. hope soon there´ll be more, sad that i finished it so quick!

blackwolfzer 2010.04.13
good game home they finish it soon

elmerfudd2345 2010.04.13
really good game it just needs more content added cant wait till they add more

Radar7003 2010.04.12
fun game if you like animals

badbitch24 2010.04.12
Good game, still not all the way done looking foward to more

Kotun 2010.04.12
not too shabby. will there be another?

pyratemime 2010.04.11
Furry porn is not generally my forte but that was a pretty fun little game. It is a shame that there is nothing more to it at the moment.

darthal101 2010.04.11
Good game, still not all the way done, but an obvious improvement over the first one

skratsch 2010.04.11
dos any 1 know when the full version is comming out?
and i just love the black/purple haired fox she is hot

skar388 2010.04.11
the game is great but the load takes forever but the graphics could be a little better

vitormiguelinc 2010.04.11
the graphics need some improvements

jollyrancher 2010.04.11
i dont really lik this game

drebones 2010.04.10
Some new content finally! Still an alright game but takes the medal for longest development

rathryott 2010.04.10
the game doesn`t seem to be worth the load...

dark_killer5 2010.04.10
I love furries! Too bad you can`t do more with Jezel...

Bizzle 2010.04.10
Cant wait to see more. Good game now, could be awesome. Can`t wait to see the other areas.

Jambo 2010.04.10
Nice game, with nice expansions from previous versions. I will be glad to see the rest of the areas open up. It`s too limited right now. Play is too short.

Mroutgoing1985 2010.04.09
Yes: Gameplay is great, Graphics are a little ok, animation,and sound is great.

Mroutgoing1985 2010.04.09
Yes I love High Tail High, but I would like it to be upated once a week I say.

amal 2010.04.09
wouldnt mind seeing this being updated ethier

johny172 2010.04.09
good game, but they really need to update this. it`s been the same for a long time.

Ciusu 2010.04.09
great game but needs updating

beubzz 2010.04.09
one of my favorite, sexy and funny !!

IronLion84 2010.04.09
I may have missed something, but is there a way to move beyond the glass area? I can see other points on the map, but clicking on them does nothing.

YAKMAN38 2010.04.08
I really like this game. it is a shame that it will never be finished. great graphics

13axel13 2010.04.08
the tail is easy to chase here and lot of crop its fun looks of sex

rolebo1667 2010.04.08
i liked the game, nice girls but realy short.

kendallphoenix 2010.04.08
Really wish they would update this--it has so much potential!

13axel 2010.04.07
the game was easy to get girls but alittle laging ok grafices

jackylegs2 2010.04.07
great game. graphic is great and animation was also great.

slapchop 2010.04.07
Just plain weird really. Nice animation though.

Frosch666 2010.04.07
Not bad, but not difficult at all.

dennis 2010.04.06
the game is very short but enjoyable

eggnogspecial 2010.04.05
Pretty quick, but I enjoyed it.

isawaboy 2010.04.05
Definitely has potential. Almost everything needs improving, though.

oldnewguy 2010.04.05
Okay , but not any real game play here.

Delta04 2010.04.04
Graphics are ok, but the animation is too choppy to really enjoy. Oh well, hopefully the author will address that later on.

chaoscat 2010.04.03
Actually if I remember correctly this is HTH2 which IS getting updates, while the first HTH is not because of the building fire. I am be wrong though, but I thought that was how it was going.

If it is getting updated still, its not that very interactive right now. Just mostly movies.

Joaker 2010.04.03
I would like more of this, but the creator`s house burned with all this data :(

nul172 2010.04.02
Should be more interactive, interested to see complete version.

eldiablo11 2010.04.02
furry ftw ^_^, shame they didn`t finish it tho.

ganicom 2010.04.02
this game is good i like it

Hotfly 2010.04.02
The only place i can be is the lobby and the glass room. Main Hall and the Walk are offline. Do I need to do or collect something to get there? Otherwise a nice game with a lot of fucking and blowing. Go ahead.

Eircman 2010.04.02
i don`t think they`ll be upgrading this game anymore, sorry guys. I think the building that held all their data caught fire or something.

guyfade 2010.04.01
It`s really good, but it needs more rooms. 9/10

Darhedel 2010.04.01
Pretty nice game, hopefully they will finish it soon so we can explore all zones and watch all stuff =)

jckiller32 2010.04.01
i wish there could be more of content

sjw01 2010.04.01
this game is nice to play!

Damianos 2010.04.01
Very good looking game. Special, but that can be appreciated.

Chaegrim 2010.03.31
better than the origional!

character111 2010.03.31
I really like the game any one know if there gonna come out with new rooms

mykel1 2010.03.31
this game isint that good

rossp11 2010.03.31
not a bad game, although a bit weird for my liking

jaxie2552 2010.03.30
Not a bad game...just a little wierd for my tastes. That said, it`s very well done, and I`m sure a lot of people will get just what they`re looking for.

Gottek 2010.03.30
Love the furries in this game best part is up stairs in the jucuzzi

DaddyStuff 2010.03.30
Could use better graphics and more options.

rhynodjk 2010.03.30
great game for me i like animal ones but graphics could have been a lot better

SilverLynx 2010.03.30
Good game, just wish all of the series was completed

spider-jim 2010.03.30
this game you mussed be played because its a focking awsome game!!!

mistermatrix24 2010.03.30
not so much into furry`s but i have to say this one is very well done

bjabjabja 2010.03.29
Well, I certainly enjoyed this game, but it would be better if it was the full version. All the same, I`d prefer they take their time and keep the game good rather than rush and ruin it.

Leif98 2010.03.29
it`s nice but i would still like to see it update to the full version

Kierkes 2010.03.29
Shame this game hasn`t been updated in over a year.

photonet1780 2010.03.29
i just cant wait till the other parts come out

kohi 2010.03.29
Pretty average game. But then again I`m not really into furry games, so it could be an unfair judgment.

kick_me 2010.03.29
nice game but really poor graphics

tobivip1 2010.03.28
really good furrygame but iam sad that the other 3 areas never opened

guitarnerd111 2010.03.28
This is probably the best furry game out there

slipstone 2010.03.28
not really my scene - but could be improved with better graphics. Not much gameplay.

yiffablehorsie 2010.03.28
This new one isn`t as good as the original- choppy graphics, bad sex scenes... i want more of the original, something furry that flows well!

david 2010.03.28
Nice game, but i hope they will complete it, so i can play full version.

starwarsgeek210 2010.03.28
Great game, I love furry stuff, but it definitely needs to be finished.

SurferKieran 2010.03.28
Bad Grpahics it would be a whole lot better if the graphix were better

MegalenT 2010.03.28
This game could be so much better, just needs more effort.

JeepMan612 2010.03.28
Not a fan of animal games in the slightest and detailing could be better

sirzapix 2010.03.28
i wish they would complete the game it sucks that u r stuck in that 1 area

SgtoSunshine 2010.03.28
Have they finished this game yet?

z7master 2010.03.28
The graphics really aren`t that great

clerap 2010.03.28
nice game but really poor graphics

clerap 2010.03.28
Wow this is my favorite one so far. Anyone know when it`ll be finished?

lexi66 2010.03.28
ive played hole floor an i still cant to the others

lathier 2010.03.28
it`s a good game and i would like to see if it goes further and if so what type of characters will be added and it would also be nice to see some more interaction with the ones that are there.

while i was playing i noticed sometimes the faster and slower a cum buttons did always work don`t know if it was just my connection or something wrong with the game it`s self but i thought i would bring it up just in-case

fireneko78 2010.03.27
game would be great if it was finished. unfortunately, it hasn`t been updated since 2008, i doubt its ever gonna get done

Titanius 2010.03.27
nice game , has o.k graphics

Odd777 2010.03.27
hightail is always good. I love the furries xD

Tubbs8970 2010.03.27
Don`t care much for animals...

bruzewskis 2010.03.27
alot of sex+alot od animals= gold

jambodo 2010.03.27
Wow this is my favorite one so far. Anyone know when it`ll be finished?

andepete 2010.03.27
Loading in this game takes a while but after that it is great .. good graphics aswell

nayickuvat 2010.03.27
Good game, loading is a little slow though. It`s fun and easy.

menzi 2010.03.27
this is a funny game to play i like it

rendel 2010.03.27
the graphic`s are very low but it`s kind of funy

asasa 2010.03.27
poor game but i like it :D

az89 2010.03.27
the sex scene got a low@poor quality

lxlanayalxl 2010.03.27
Nice looking, but the graphics are repetitive

Anti-material 2010.03.27
Loading is a little slow...But the animation is great! The gameplay is quite easy, but ya` know, its only a beta.

Izard21 2010.03.26
has some glitches, but otherwise good game

vwolf2 2010.03.26
A little glitchy and slow to load, but otherwise great game.

Eclissi24 2010.03.26
fantastic game, great graphics, sexy furries, can`t wait until the game is completed

sjw05 2010.03.26
the graphics in this game are very good!

wacker3000 2010.03.26
this really needs to be finished

dannythemanny 2010.03.26
the graphics can be good and bad in this game

bluefish 2010.03.26
slow to load, dont careto do any more animals

21CDB 2010.03.25
Hmmm... That`s all I can say.

warlock79707 2010.03.25
nice one waiting for another type of this game i like to first one in the bar

Rammstein 2010.03.25
Cool game but it needs some work.

alexys100 2010.03.25
nice one waiting for another type of this game

bud823 2010.03.25
it was a good game but it needs some work to be a great game.

hammie360 2010.03.25
its nice could use some work tho

TXJedi13 2010.03.24
Not a bad game, but it`s still incomplete in that the other areas have "been in development" for months.

lierde 2010.03.24
is a very good game but long loading time

SEXYGIRL123 2010.03.23
didn`t seem to have a point but a good game none the less

Xanitos 2010.03.23
Is there a goal to this one? Doesn`t seem to end.

RHashiba 2010.03.23
not a bad furry, needs work though

Hellraizan 2010.03.23
HTH is a pretty old serie already ^^ it got a pretty long loading time which also is kinda taking the fun... but for everyone who loves furry-things this is just best ^^

reude 2010.03.23
Average one.
Is there a way to the other zones?

lobo2453 2010.03.23
I have plated a version of this game where you can use the elevator and go to different floors. I jsut don`t remember where I played it.

biggsreddy 2010.03.23
Not so good I expected somthing better

az89 2010.03.23
i can`t get any where except the glass room
is this game doesn`t have it`s end?

mooncutter147 2010.03.23
has slow load but worth playing it a bit

draginass1968 2010.03.22
Not really my style but not that bad of a game

Riney 2010.03.22
Intresting game, liked that there were voices, but overall the animations seamed a bit, lacking.

escipio 2010.03.22
This game is hot, but graphs should be better though

blacksanji 2010.03.22
the game is ok but it is to easy to get the girls

Butio 2010.03.22
is a very good game but to short and to easy

ManifestChaos 2010.03.22
Never been much of a furry fan, but still a fun game nonetheless. I`d play a sequel.

tonton 2010.03.22
a bit confusing but a lot to work with. could be a really good game

kokep 2010.03.22
i love the furry action here, although some scenes suffered from poor graphic, pretty nice game though

sicnarfj 2010.03.22
This was a great game. The graphics quality is incredible.

ruasinner 2010.03.22
gotta love the variety of girls if not the positions and commands

kinky69 2010.03.22
Long load time, limited play, poor graphics, and I`m not into fur. How `bout shaving it ?

JJ121993 2010.03.21
its a great game, there really needs to be more added to it soon though!

barry23 2010.03.21
is a very good game but to short and to easy

AmericanDream23 2010.03.21
great game. im loving this game alot

loogan 2010.03.21
Has lots of potential, but little polish. Meh.

Snoopfrogg 2010.03.20
Is this game like finished? There seems to be alot of stuff that is there but you can`t get to. ^^ hope to see a 2.0 sometime

kelsoe 2010.03.20
the game pretty good. and the graphics was not bad

podge3000 2010.03.20
not a bad game, not one of the best but can still play for hours.

ZeroStar777 2010.03.20
Good game, you don`t see a lot of furry games out there, was a little laggy, but the art was good

chi-78 2010.03.20
nice but its a weird game.

kadir123456 2010.03.20
i played the first one and this one`s great tooo

muscle1956 2010.03.20
I love to fuck sexy lassie girl. BUT WOW renl sexy one.

bob1234561 2010.03.20
interesting, but really not much to do. Hope the a update will happen soon so you can do more

lexan 2010.03.20
this game is really old-fashionned but it is a nive fury game

Rosco 2010.03.20
Medium graphics. Good dimamycs. Avarage game.

Lays0206 2010.03.20
okay game but i didnt get to finish it :(

coldare10 2010.03.20
Great game. Wish there was more.

snow369 2010.03.20
i love the furry action here, although some scenes suffered from poor graphic, pretty nice game though

kbcd 2010.03.20
I love this game, and the animations are great

shotglass28 2010.03.19
Great game, but it could do with more zones than just the Lobby and a few more animals to interact with.

Morbius42 2010.03.19
OK, imaginative creatures but could do with a bit more challenge

EvilSoul 2010.03.19
Love it or hate it u gotta enjoy it!

EvilSoul 2010.03.19
Love this game sexy animals!

EvilSoul 2010.03.19
I liked the game very much, gr8 animals

MrZip 2010.03.19
There isn`t nothing to solve indeed but i can keep and keep playing it. It is just so original...

tendeep20 2010.03.19
i just dont get it. is there something that we`re suppose to be solving?

Bazarf 2010.03.19
little limited in what you do only a small amount of control

bigdoglucky 2010.03.19
i cant wait for them to open the other rooms

bigdoglucky 2010.03.19
this game i alot of fun. i wish you could have sex with all the characters

speed88 2010.03.19
It was a good game but wish it was completed.

Darkus 2010.03.18
I like the game but I hope they make the catgirl playable again in the next update.

patriotcowboy28 2010.03.18
would like to see the rest of the areas opened up and allow more to do with the other chars

13loki13 2010.03.18
The game was a little to stright forword for me. but the game was game good.

Arconian 2010.03.18
When will the new parts be added for this?

mazik765 2010.03.18
Hopefully they will add more

source217 2010.03.18
Not a bad game, a few bugs but a good solid game.

ryno777 2010.03.18
A little odd, but not too bad.

Sudman1 2010.03.18
I have played this game before one of my fav games

Salutkikoo 2010.03.18
the loading is kinda long and there could be more content, but overall, it`s pretty good

djfonzie 2010.03.17
Load time is too long!!

Not really my thing

mrcheeky 2010.03.17
too long load time, otherwise okay..

ut1stgear 2010.03.17
Thought this might be interesting but it`s really only a way to get money from people by the designers.

Lenmel 2010.03.17
think they need to get a few mroe options in

markenmac 2010.03.16
Kinda strange and not my thing

boinky 2010.03.16
Not a bad game, but not my cup of tea.

kirubha4489 2010.03.15
nice game, but too slow for loading...

baseballwiz755 2010.03.15
it took a while to load, but definately worth the wait

sonic gold 2010.03.15
this game is slightly wrong haha yet im still playing it

LoLB 2010.03.15
what`s the purpose of this game? it`s not bad but I don`t know what to do

renshi 2010.03.15
do not see any point to this game

yannick69 2010.03.14
it is aq fun game but its not my tipe butt stil a good game

xubix 2010.03.13
When y go to the duck on the table witht he 2 doose the game is stuck, cannot clikc ont he back button

sexykitty 2010.03.13
I`m not sure if i like this game or not

Menfu 2010.03.12
I don´t like very much this furry game

7z9 2010.03.12
the load time is really slow, but about the game, well I feel really weird playing it. But is also limited in what you can do.

erik.moore 2010.03.10
one of my favorite games to date lol

malkybob 2010.03.10
OK graphics but a bit boring and I`m not that into animals and feathered birds. Won`t be using it again..

jack14 2010.03.10
This game is too short and should be more difficult

noxes 2010.03.10
nice sexy action i like it

octospidr 2010.03.10
I don`t know if I like the furry stuff so much.

Jaysinn 2010.03.09
I wish I knew how to unlock the other area. Does anyone have any clues about that?

flugal 2010.03.09
this isnt a great game, not my liking

sneglen 2010.03.09
next arear you have to buy the game

turtlebarr 2010.03.09
Starts off good - not sure how to get to the next area.

snoop025 2010.03.09
they need to add more to this game. alot more

spenracq2 2010.03.09
too easy but not my type of game

immense 2010.03.09
average graphics, good & easy game, will these "offline" rooms be added?

Fafhrd 2010.03.09
medium class graphics and repetitive action

bbaaoohhaann 2010.03.09
alright game seen better though

tincanman 2010.03.09
Wish the game is more difficult.

blaze996 2010.03.08
bad load times. Pretty lame game play. Clean it up and expan and it would be pretty good.

lowerider007 2010.03.08
Not the greatest game I have ever seen. Could use some work on more sense.

tincanman 2010.03.08
Loading is very slow. Game is too easy.

der 2010.03.08
Not real impressed by this game. Not much too it

Hunter99004 2010.03.07
Game is ok but would prefer women versus animals....

Quinn_Bower 2010.03.07
Pretty good game but its too choppy to enjoy properly

zatanaslover 2010.03.07
Ah, fun little game. Not much to it, but hey, it`s kewel!

Sueyc1 2010.03.07
Not real impressed by this game. Not much too it.

billcusa 2010.03.07
I hope this group continues to produce these type games. Very enjoyable

amazinglauro 2010.03.07
The loading is long, and I don`t really like furry. I think it is too limited.

newbix 2010.03.06
i love the fury games wouldnt mind seeing more of them

rocko 2010.03.06
Long load times, graphics are choppy, and sound cuts in and out. disappointing as it seems like a good game.

jackcab007 2010.03.06
Long load time, limited play, pretty poor graphics, plus I`m not really into furry. I must say that the load time is really slow. But about the game, well I feel really weird playing it. But is also limited in what you can do.

sheffie 2010.03.06
wonderfull game.. :) loved it

JeiJei 2010.03.06
I dont like sex with animals

stranded 2010.03.06
different and not bad. not difficult.

danilo 2010.03.05
i love this fame is funny , and furry so sexy

mcgophish 2010.03.05
It`s not really that bad of a game. I`m not into furries, but it was kinda fun. Yeah, the graphics were grainy and the sound was off, but lay off...

raleus 2010.03.05
i love the furry action here, although some scenes suffered from poor graphic, pretty nice game though

capro 2010.03.05
oh! It`s not nice. Poor graphism with animals ! Beark

cheddarmike 2010.03.04
Long load time and the sound effects are choppy. Not the best animation.

spatula1 2010.03.04
interesting game, played the first one and enjoyed it, enjoy this one as well. loads really really long

shaiulud 2010.03.04
I` ve been playing it since its creation and appart from more sex scenes you still can` t reach the others levels. Guess it takes time to improve the game !

Rockafella69 2010.03.04
nice steamy scenes and quite good graphics, but short.. should be updated with more scenes

eagleata 2010.03.04
it`s alright but i don`t like it very much. i like dating games ;)

ajhalo 2010.03.04
i love the furry action here, although some scenes suffered from poor graphic, nice game though

darkstone 2010.03.04
damn this is very interesting this is a good game

slippy 2010.03.04
game is alwright but it should be a newer version

trastarin 2010.03.04
he game is greta should have some animals to have sex with on every floor and every room and all kind of things to do as well

Chobitz 2010.03.04
This game hasn`t been significantly updated in a little over a year. I stopped playing it after a while, as it gets worse with every update.

derek69 2010.03.04
something about these games are fun

scotman87 2010.03.04
i like this it is very good

cloudy68 2010.03.04
furry animals ....lol
not bad but needs more to do

a_dude 2010.03.04
dette spillet er meget god, men jeg dont vite hvor ?? komme til andre placec eller baser

sentaiblue 2010.03.04
a pretty cool game nice ferry anam. will it was a little longer

forest 2010.03.04
Nice game but needs to have more zones to play in.

boyo111 2010.03.04
Ok if you like furries, though its preetty slow progression

randy06 2010.03.03
the game is greta should have some animals to have sex with on every floor and every room and all kind of things to do as well

Primo 2010.03.03
This is a great game. Its a little hard to understand. What exactly so we have to do in this game. How do we beat it? Please help. Can someone put a guide plaese. Thanks.

Ricoh124 2010.03.03
Like others I find the game not as enjoyable as similar ones, lacks direction and purpose for me.

nissehult 2010.03.03
This was really boring, this game is old and slow

cheese101 2010.03.03
its an old game,really laggy,and im not that into furries,so i dont like it

ronnyponny 2010.03.03
Slow to load and not into animal furry games.

Luzi 2010.03.03
not really interesting that game

chris123 2010.03.03
way too long to load not worth it

jay50 2010.03.03
the load time is really slow, but about the game, well I feel really weird playing it. But is also limited in what you can do.

timewaster 2010.03.03
Old and buggy game. Leave the furry stuff to other sites, unless something truly new and impressive comes out.

dx61005 2010.03.03
poor graphics and poor theme...

lower5 2010.03.03
long load time .but game is good.

paranoid 2010.03.03
... not really my thing. With animals and stuff... the talk seems kinds useless. too bad actually because the designs itself could have been nice. The black dress of rio on a real girl could have been very nice.

chiefton 2010.03.03
Slow to load and not into animal furry games.

spindel 2010.03.03
loading screen takes forever and its a weird game

ianuk42 2010.03.03
not a good game slow with animals

Berem 2010.03.03
Interesting but a bit sluggish

arch12345 2010.03.03
game needs to be updated, HTH1 did too but it never really happened disappointing really

LoLB 2010.03.03
not bad, but what`s the meaning of this game

harry72023 2010.03.03
uh to be honest less im mestaken and Im pretty sure im not this is acually quite an old one guess your haveing trouble getting new material course this isnt really my thing anyway

bestia99rom 2010.03.03
nice game but really poor graphics

jerryonly83 2010.03.03
hmmmm not my thing really....

WWE123 2010.03.03
great game would love to play it again

jj26 2010.03.03
not a bad game just took way to long to load

Starforge 2010.03.02
This game hasn`t been significantly updated in a little over a year. I stopped playing it after a while, as it gets worse with every update.

godfrey684 2010.03.02
took forever to load and amimals aren`t really my thing but it`s not to bad

blove329 2010.03.02
Nice game but really needs to have more zones to play in.

skeletor6662001 2010.03.02
graphics are good, abit slow at times but overall a very good furry game

tycanor 2010.03.02
very hot game i love furries

Xyzzy 2010.03.02
Long load time, limited play, pretty poor graphics, plus I`m not really into furry.

stevej 2010.03.02
nice game but really poor graphics

ryuzokin 2010.03.02
glad they updated it but the graphics seem to have diminished

ba ghost 2010.03.02
is there any way to get to the other zones?

Blitzkriegbob 2010.03.02
nice furry action, but i think its a bit konfusing

Chiron723 2010.03.02
I must say that the load time is really slow. But about the game, well I feel really weird playing it. But is also limited in what you can do.

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