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Haunted Island: episode 2


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shahrukh 2017.10.11
i love the game. it made me cum so muchrn

Sl1der 2017.10.01
THx for the great game. A lot sexier than the first episode

RADOST89 2017.05.26
Interesting game and hot babes

JohnnyT 2017.02.27
looking forward for more parts

kaftos 2016.08.27
I play all 3 episodes and only this the 2nd is good

biffjohnson28 2016.08.22
i liked this game a lot it was a huge turn on

tomkno 2016.06.20
really anice and funny game...

MikeyH74 2016.05.22
A vast improvement on the first installment. Looking forward to episode 3

ashketchum 2016.04.09
i liked the game very much good story and good sex scenes

vulcanofcapriano 2016.04.03
Good continuation, I like the storyline so far but I got stuck in the game


cambridge4453 2016.02.19
Part One never worked properly; part two does, and it was really frustrating to find out what I had missed. There`s not much to this episode and the sex isn`t very good but the characters are well drawn and the story is interesting enough to make you want to do the next chapter.

kushman101 2015.12.25
good game. I like the storyline

play40 2015.10.11
one of he top series , possitives : graphics,story,controll

GOLF-3-VR6 2015.08.16
nice game and verry good

Mike82 2015.07.25
The girls are funny and really good-looking, BUT there are still bugs and freezes... Really annoying without saves.

nutz104 2015.06.27
Liking this game. want to see what happens next.

vitali 2015.06.14
I love this game. Good graphics, nice ladies, action scenes.

absporty2013 2015.06.10
The quality is pretty good. Love the scenes

funinderby 2015.06.09
too much talknig and dont spend enough time on the sex hope 3rd episode is better

pakrat1967 2015.05.31
Good Graphics, good storyline, and not to hard, but not too easy

kjkbbk 2015.05.22
Great Game! Love the graphics

bilbily 2015.05.22
the next episode, amazing girls and an interesting storyline!!
i enjoyed the graphics

ahmed2001nael 2015.05.21
nice game she is so hot

mrcoolerz 2015.05.12
Great game, but it would be better to have a guide

eskelet 2015.05.05
wowwww........ great graphic. looking forward to it.

fergal 2015.04.30
Good game, some really good graphics!

Damnsexxer 2015.04.26
Great graphics and what a sex scene.

camox777 2015.04.24
what an awesome game could be better in some aspectss

john milton 2015.04.19
looking forward to the next episode, amazing girls and an interesting storyline!!
i enjoyed the graphics much

heymitch 2015.04.18
gameplay is good enough graphic well

1970southwind 2015.04.18
looking forward to the next one.

Blitzkriegbob 2015.04.06
Even better than the first part because of less pixel hunting. When the series goes on I forsee a bright future.

Ernest20 2015.04.03
I struggled with this one but maybe it was my browser

punchfacechamps 2015.03.29
looking forward to part 3!!

raaj29 2015.03.25
cant play teach me how to play please

Sikkor 2015.03.23
The continuation is cool, the girls look pretty hot as well.

nobo3000 2015.03.21
good game but its a little bit slow at parts

MasterO 2015.03.21
good game ,,, so fat its nice

LelaMarkov 2015.03.21
Good game, just a bit boring in some parts

Zoshier 2015.03.18
Pretty good game. It was a little unresponsive to my mouse but other than that i had no issues.

danny192 2015.03.11
nice animation and a good game

january34 2015.03.10
I tried to play this on my phone and i couldn`t get though the dialogue which sucks cause it looked interesting

stefw 2015.03.10
nice story but a bit on the short size

MacPau 2015.03.03
Gosh, nice story. I wanna more Amy... LOL

RamanS21 2015.02.26
I couldn`t get the game to replay for the bonus content. it was a average game not my type

DRS 2015.02.21
im stuck how will i do her

sexbeast40 2015.02.19
hope 3rd one comes out soon

polishtango 2015.02.16
was a fun hot game but progressed really slow but still hot.

mommar 2015.02.16
Pretty nice game, would have liked keyboard controls

Cagny 2015.02.14
Good game play and scenes.

jr5000 2015.02.13
This is some good programing, I wish the hot spots were a little more clear. Ok game.

shyman44425 2015.02.10
Surprisingly fun game. Very acceptable graphics. Lots of dialogue but nice action scenes.

bob247 2015.02.02
this game is good but it has a few bugs

mannertt 2015.02.01
I like the main character. And the 1st mini game was ok. But the jetski ruined for me, always got wipe out. The instructions for the jet ski game were to quick, could read them before the disappeared.

karljaeger 2015.01.31
i don`t like to have to go off-site. but still has good quality

cameronw 2015.01.29
Absolutely great game. Really enjoyed playing it.

jonnescion 2015.01.26
hot game but too slow for loading

anggelina81 2015.01.21
Really like this Part 2, i also really liked Part 1 .. sweet greaat 2 all

adityabh21 2015.01.21
got a little bit scared at a moment but a truely a hot game

biogeek 2015.01.20
Story`s kinda short but still good graphic despite how it looks!

reykivat 2015.01.15
the game have a few bugs

Hiddendeath 2015.01.15
its not good but its not exactly bad either

Ivan42 2015.01.14
Many bugs in this game. It`s sad...

bigman123456789 2015.01.10
great game just a bit slow

winner22 2015.01.10
good game with good graphics

Varlt 2015.01.09
minigames were a bit difficult at times

infamous 2015.01.09
really hot, but hard to play

satano13 2015.01.09
i cant play teach me how to play please...

darksde11 2015.01.08
i like that game !!! so awesome

rorobobo 2015.01.05
cool game and many things to do!

tarataris087 2015.01.05
The art for this game is simple but quality, the mini games are challenging between scenes but during they are simple enough that you can focus on the action.

luv2drinku 2015.01.04
when "hunted island 3" will be available ?

irishlad9292 2015.01.03
Graphics are top notch. Brilliant game 8/10

sanogol 2015.01.02
The worse of the game is having to wait for the 3rd part, it says it all. Great history and nice graphics.

STMahlberg 2015.01.02
On an additional note... I couldn`t get the game to replay for the bonus content.

STMahlberg 2015.01.02
I definitely enjoyed Haunted Island 2 and looking forward to additional installments of the game.

fkf,fq 2015.01.02
the game is too easy, but the grapich are okay. not long enough

hunted 2015.01.02
Great game.... Looking forward for Part 3

monerick 2015.01.01
Sorry but i found it all a little boring. So more text and so few action.

dishman2 2014.12.31
wow, best sex date you ever made. This should be minigame inside LOP GOLD Eleanor game ! Love the extending kevin & eleanor plot, hope you are not done with it.

One minus: pussy and dick in anal scene is acting really weird.

garonbrown 2014.12.31
nice effort...remember to pull the man up drag and drop style

opy1130 2014.12.30
games seems good however could not get passed first sex sense, used crome and firefox....

possum62 2014.12.30
Sorry but i found it all a little boring.

bitz94 2014.12.29
Average Game. Don`t like it.

acecards14 2014.12.29
a little too easy but reaaly nice graphics

hendryanto 2014.12.29
nice story and good graphis...

steelfish 2014.12.28
Fun game, just the right mixture of challenge and sex to keep it interesting. Well done.

naix12345 2014.12.27
good graphics nice animation

pusshound 2014.12.26
Hot girls. Decent story line. The gameplay is a little clunky but it is great to see them using HTML5. Definitely worth playing.

Iva_bigun_12 2014.12.26
Great game, good graphics

Eraserhead 2014.12.26
Good story and fantastic art work.
Unfortunately a bit clunky on the mechanical side of things, but something that can hopefully be improved in future episodes, and I really admire the effort to move away from Flash to HTML5.

roscminni 2014.12.25
How can a second part in a series be a rip-off of the first part? Actually secnd part, in terms of coding, number and size of animations and use of physics - is far superior to first.

zantha 2014.12.25
I got stuck, but aside from that I wasn`t very impressed. IT seemed like a cheap rip-off of the first one. Maybe they rushed it?

knoll 2014.12.25
Chrome works with no issues for this, story coming along nicely.

johnyrocker 2014.12.25
Hello i used google chrome it worked think there must be a bug in the game. Few people have reported this issue.

TheMole 2014.12.25
Enjoyable game, good graphics well done to the makers.

roscminni 2014.12.24
You need to drag the man upwards and then let go of the mouse. This doesn`t work in every browser/operating system combination. This is not a flash game, it relies on browsers and systems to support various HTML5 features. If you are having real problems getting past this scene there is now a link on the help page of my website that will allow you to skip to the next scene.

johnyrocker 2014.12.24
Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the game which you can`t get the man into the house, Its very annoying seems a good game up to that point. I use firefox but will try chrome and report back.

pieffepi 2014.12.24
Very nice story... look forward to more of it

Marakuya 2014.12.24
quien sabe si valla aver parte 4.........

dandraft 2014.12.24
promising game,the aunt is beyond hot and so is the blonde,cant wait for part three 8/10 forthis one.

oranjeboven 2014.12.24
Nice start, but it Needs more to have a game.

tcco 2014.12.23
a real fun but er is a bug

zikas 2014.12.23
great game and great girls but need more action

ujuju 2014.12.23
Unfortunately there appears to be a bug in this game which prevents the man from being taken into the house after his first sex scene with Hannah. I`ve tried three times to get this to work, all without success. A pity, as this has an intriguing beginning.

jcc1985 2014.12.23
fun game a little short wish there was more

eeepc 2014.12.23
comment faire se lever lhomme

Jaaru 2014.12.23
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Belgram 2014.12.23
nice story and good graphis...

harrywibowo 2014.12.23
Darn, i love these one. Added to one of many my favorite in Playforceone. BTW where is Kelly newest episode, its already so long no update.

Mr. bond 2014.12.23
if there was analingus or anal sex it would be better but good game

badsanta 2014.12.23
I really liked the continued story , looking forward to more !

ujuju 2014.12.23
Can`t get the man to come into the house after the first sex scene, either there is an Internet issue or a software bug. I appreciate this is a relatively new release but a review might be worthwhile as this aside I enjoy this game.

HarrietGarmin 2014.12.22
Really like this Part 2, i also really liked Part 1. There interesting fun and sexy well done :D

gimmino77 2014.12.22
Fine history and good graphis...

wldsxwizz 2014.12.22
good game slow play great girls

C.C. 2014.12.22
Really hot game. Love all the ladies. Maybe too much talk and not enough action. Looking forward to more.

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