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Haruhara Haruko


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Domenik 2017.10.15
Nice game with good gameplay and sexy girls

farkas 2017.04.30
Very simple game width por graphics. I give 2/10 points.

ianjames 2017.03.10
to short graphics not that good

hachii12 2017.02.17
this game is not hot enought for me

evilfangorn 2016.11.20
Fun little game if you are familiar with FLCL.

theldras 2016.02.24
a rather average game, a bit on the wearder side if you dont know the anime and the characters.

bigdog76786 2015.11.20
it was a great exciting anme

kanther 2015.08.06
not really my game. not bad at all, but i dont know the charakters so i cant really judge it

Pervy-hermit 2015.06.19
Ah, Fooly Cooly... Rule 34 got to you to. Wish there was a story, though

holystoner 2015.02.28
lol LOVE it - 10/10 with biker birl reiko


Broomfondle 2015.01.19
Hot exciting game with a lot of variety

dgkesquire 2014.10.12
Finally a full version of this game! Great graphics and animation, sexy Haruka, and our hero doesn`t get cheated out of a good time!!! Love it!

RashinRayne 2014.09.05
This is a great game. The girl is so sexy. I loved the animation, it was great.

jackhammer665 2014.07.28
Ok so very hot and exciting game and will play it again

tkp1974 2014.06.29
The game is no as hot as others but quiet funny

psychdoc76 2014.06.26
Like to see more positions with this one.

782453 2014.02.21
great game the girl is so hot

vzzz 2013.12.10
Nothing more than average game...

Silver Cock 2013.11.27
I found this to be a really good game, especially since it`s based off of one of my favorite animes.

manta6 2013.11.02
Short, but FLCL, so it`s a win.

lopjak 2013.10.23
Damn. What do you get when you mix Zone-sama and Fooly Cooly? Besides win-win? Pure fucking unadulterated awesome.

I want MORE.
I want it ALL.
I want it NOW.

noogad 2013.09.20
Really good. Hot chick. Good graphics.

ecchiboy 2013.08.16
nice game anyway, but kinda trolling with the robot is shooting the jizz

JUUHUUU 2013.07.15
this is sooo fantasticcc i loveee it . pleasseee giveee as moreee

schoone18 2013.07.02
ohhh this game is so hotttttt i wish this was real

AzarathianMage 2013.06.29
Isn`t the song Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden?

Chicagigiboo 2013.06.24
good game bout would like more actions to do

gwazz 2013.04.21
very short and easy to play

Loner8488 2013.03.27
This game is good to play

stashio78 2013.03.11
its a great pradox but it was alittle boring

goldyarts 2013.02.26
nice paradox funny transformation

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game i didnt even finish the game.

oscar500 2013.01.21
the gameplay was so awesome i love flcl

farkas 2013.01.02
Too short game and very simple graphics.

newbuddy 2012.12.13
wow, that was unexpected. This game is twisted

drakkev 2012.12.08
i love this game it was very well done, and flcl is awsome wich made it a bonus

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Very nice game. I loved the surprise of the robot and all the stances, the on/off for music and the sound effects. Very nice albeit a bit short.

scrubby 2012.11.06
Very good game! i like so much this anime games.

pyrotech12 2012.10.30
ok game could have been better

Shadoe 2012.10.06
Pretty cool game. Anyone know what the cartoon is?

NCC2184 2012.09.26
very hot wished it was on the show.

nordmatti 2012.09.08
pretty good game, ok graphics.. strange sounds :p

canth25 2012.08.12
that game has good graphics

mario78 2012.08.01
The grafics are nice but the game is too easy and short!

chap74 2012.07.21
Hot game from a hot anime. Still creepy that a 19 yo wants a 10 yo though.

azile0 2012.07.19
Anime`s called FLCL. I like this game. xD

santwan12 2012.07.06
that was so cool and sexy like her

Nic-Nac32 2012.06.24
This zone game was very exciting to watch ... now I`m curious if this is an actual anime show I can watch!

MadnessUK 2012.06.04
These interactive sex videos are kinda intresting. This one is OK, but I prefer funnier ones.

sshacoo 2012.05.29
sooo good i love this anime games

bahamut86 2012.05.19
Funny game and nice girl, good grafic

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.13
Nice little game, I loved the bj scene.

krompir 2012.05.12
the fill up meters are getting boring

Arabeske 2012.04.19
liked her moaning good grafics but too short

dolyd 2012.04.13
awesome game with good graphics

silentxxemoxx 2012.04.10
fun and entertaining mostly. could have more story to it and more actions but these games are fun. Loved the moans

DemonsOfTheNorth 2012.04.07
Fun and funny i wish there was more games based on Fooly Cooly tv series maybe a longer adventure version.

NeoMalley 2012.03.28
Not surprising that, as a Zone game, it is very good.

120489 2012.03.24
Im always surprise on how good Zone could make there look alot like the show

uber50 2012.03.13
her facial expressions were great pretty weird game though

glukos37 2012.03.05
really good game could have been better

farkas 2012.03.04
Very stupid and boring game. Poor graphics. I give 2/10.

Korres1885 2012.02.10
I like this style: simple, nothing complicated...just select what you want to see.

stordan 2012.02.10
this girl looks so cute while she have that driller inside. very good game!!

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice little game, I loved the bj scene.

johnnylush 2012.02.01
different situations was fun to see

rahulroy1n2 2012.02.01
really good game could have been better

keoskaroman 2012.01.30
nice job, i saw the cartoons so its always better if you can related to the toons

badmofo06 2012.01.30
animation was great.graphics was fair.but was slow and boring.

ViewtifulMichael 2012.01.17
Extremely peculiar, but for a zone sama game, I think it deserves at least an 80.

Gnomon 2012.01.06
Japanese people are weird.

jadak09 2012.01.05
that`s what i call a drill in the ass

Guillaume 2012.01.04
animation is ok, but needs more options maybe even more positions

Grukilo 2012.01.02
Now that is what double teaming is all about.

mikicostanza 2011.12.30
a nice little game funny animation

frozenparody 2011.12.18
It`s pretty short, I also believed it was pretty weird as well.

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
Short and to the point. The weird machine isn`t really all that appealing.

lazy boy 2011.11.11
loved this show but the game didnt have the same charm

wally98 2011.10.22
A bit brief. More & different scenes would be nice.

Miladiou 2011.10.20
nice threesom a girl, a boy and one robot

Shadowzechoz 2011.10.19
very average game. graphics not to bad but game play is very simple still not bad though

helmet420 2011.10.14
i really enjoy these game but this one is just strange

Avi0411 2011.10.05
Hope they make more of this games I enjoy playing this kind of games xD

Daddy314 2011.10.05
this game helped me live a dream! great gameplay

robsta109 2011.10.05
Pretty interesting. I always liked the show.

Hobgoblin67 2011.09.05
pretty average game to be honest

macee 2011.09.01
it was ok but not enough variety

dragonight 2011.08.27
very cool and fun game, but with diferent situations, could be better...

bamaphant 2011.08.23
Pretty funny game from the tv show

anonimo201 2011.08.07
a great game of a grater anime

Silveros 2011.08.07
almost the same as the others

spokxx 2011.08.01
Okay, but way too brief. More situations would be welcome.

jafetgx 2011.07.27
pretty cool game, a bit short though.

temlek 2011.07.13
loved this show but the game didnt have the same charm

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

twistedjosh 2011.06.13
usual options, but pretty boring. interesting finger tho

razo94 2011.06.12
quiet an average game - not to hot

fuckerboy 2011.06.07
nice to look but not so hot for me

dannyboy1234 2011.06.01
cute girl, fun game. good graphics creepy robot

Smyxter 2011.05.31
Very funny game, graphics and animation not the best

armagedon 2011.05.29
Do you think we should invite her along?

loredofbunnyz 2011.05.24
great!! i like how they used parts of the show

shakezulla17 2011.05.17
Short and sweet, still a lot of fun though

rawr_monsterz 2011.05.14
omg I love the anime and the game was totaly awesome

mendragor 2011.05.13
I Have seen better games from zone archive.

Z-MAN 2011.05.08
loved the game ,but too short and too easy for my liking.thanks guys at pf1

Skarn62 2011.05.06
this was just sexy and weird

XAXA 2011.04.18
awsome game. very ammusing way to finger some one.

kalbs 2011.04.14
a very funny sex game.. loved it!!

jmanscanlon 2011.04.11
game was simple but very sexy

Nixsen 2011.03.17
hot girl
not hot robot... love the girl...
might even check out the show :P

soad909 2011.03.16
i really liked this game cuz its takes a long time and it has good graphics

airdrais 2011.03.11
very funny and sexy game.... they always make great games

pussypump 2011.03.10
great graphics and great animation

pussypump 2011.03.10
great game very sexy 5 stars

wndl07 2011.03.06
a very funny sex game.. loved it!!

6768 2011.03.05
great graphics but not many action/ it bad

silver12 2011.02.14
nice hardcore game, the girl is pretty hot too

ratonius 2011.02.07
More options and situations would be welcome ,nice graphics, no gameplay.

O.A.C. 2011.02.06
HAHAHA i watched the show when it came out 11 years ago in japanese the game is ok nothing could be like the show the game should have comic strip parts around the time the hand comes out of Naota`s head and climax...

DragonSRH 2011.01.30
i remember the actual show to this and this is a good game to take after it.

rayloren1948 2011.01.30
Hot game from a hot anime. Still creepy that a 19 yo wants a 10 yo though.

yy2 2011.01.19
I don`t get the robot or the arm growing out of the guys head. A little to weird. Otherwise, fairly fun.

davidutch 2011.01.07
Okay, but way too brief. More situations and options would be welcome.

pabloescobar 2011.01.03
great animation but to litle choices

omgwtfhaxerz 2010.12.28
good game, I wish there was a little more options

Slout 2010.12.15
nice. would like a more interaction please

schrottie 2010.12.09
i think it was good not great but good.

donysabox 2010.12.03
ahaha i think the face of that boy is funny . .

carmalone 2010.11.25
good game because of hentaikey :)):

wickey2012 2010.11.24
this game is 1 of my favs, i thas great graphics and its really sexy

chennaite 2010.11.18
Normal game only, only the fiction part double penetration was good. Not great graphics

conker11 2010.11.17
liked the animation, good show flcl

Nergal 2010.11.14
These games are kind of boring. nothing to do at all...

cerebus 2010.11.02
kinda average all u need is patience 2 finish this

1977gdragon 2010.10.24
nice. would like a more interaction please

kenn7176 2010.10.19
I really didn`t like this game,it has good graphics but theres no plot,and its to short.

zayl00 2010.10.14
awsome game. very ammusing way to finger some one.

dadofmatthew 2010.10.12
well funny would be handy to be able to do that

sazi 2010.10.11
funny game, cool animation

datrumaniac 2010.09.27
i find that these hentai key games are interesting but not a fan of loops

n0tc 2010.09.27
the gameplay was so awesome i love flcl

Kitty69 2010.09.23
I love the graphics and robot.

kanzi67 2010.09.17
what a nice game...the story is cool!!!

dfuqua92 2010.09.10
i think it was good not great but good.

Nimrod 2010.09.08
Wow, I did not know untill today that robots can cum.

drag0 2010.09.03
was alot of fun . really enjoyed the graffics.

darkking777 2010.08.21
this is a good game especially how they animate the changes in actions

ThatsWhatSheSaid 2010.08.20
I like how there are different climaxs depending on the position

reecespieses 2010.08.20
it was a nice game but way way to short

AntonyJ 2010.08.17
robot love. not my cup of tea

justalonery 2010.08.08
i`m too lazy to play this game, this is boring game,, , ,

Tocoslayer 2010.08.04
its a pretty good game with good graphics and animation, and i love the show xD too bad it was so short tho

args2 2010.07.30
Its ok but could have been better

grieve04u 2010.07.29
animation is ok, but needs more options maybe even more positions

crazyfly 2010.07.27
Seen the show turned me on XD! Graphics were okay movement was awesome.

BrandonMars 2010.07.26
quiet an average game - not to hot

blackvegas 2010.07.25
Okay game, but gets points because I loved the show.

MAGICALskillet 2010.07.23
eh that was so so there are definatly etter ones

th3c4rd 2010.07.20
Not bad, the robot was nice, and fun for a short diversion.

Hanak 2010.07.20
great game but this robot thingi must hurt:(

philiplynx 2010.07.18
so so game nothing great about the grafix or effects. and yet it still gets the job done

dubidu 2010.07.11
yeahhh this is fucking great, like it ;D

vipsky 2010.07.02
this game realy sucks.. i hate the caracters and the hole thing

kamper 2010.06.29
nice game but needs more but i have to say i like the music

tybo 2010.06.29
Nice animations. But only a middle of the road game.

mjgates87 2010.06.22
nice game but need more action

turtletat2it 2010.06.21
great game, love the chick, the robot thing was a nice touch

gp78 2010.06.20
some unexpected turns, cool

sezth 2010.06.17
heh i rly dont like the sound in this game , but the animations are quite ok

BloodDancer6907 2010.06.13
nice game the only problem with these games is there too short

Knightmare92 2010.06.09
the games are very good of course what else can you expect from hentaikey.

elbouffono 2010.05.31
amazing game from hentai key, as usual! every time they make a game, it as amazing graphics and pretty sexy girls!

King Marius 2010.05.31
the animation is great in this game

hsheen 2010.05.15
this game play makes me want to do dp on a girl

eldiablo 2010.05.14
awesome game the robot was cool the chick is hot

echo12mm 2010.05.14
great game, love the chick, the robot thing was a nice touch

TroelsHH 2010.05.14
the type of game have been seen before nothing suprising there but the graphic is okay and gameplay is nice

bigman1127 2010.05.13
this was just sexy and weird

Quami 2010.05.06
Enjoyable, I liked the multiple endings and I am a fan of FLCL so this made the game better

johnnyrockers 2010.05.04
felt there could have been more to it, but decent nonetheless

Kon555 2010.05.04
Over all not a half bad game.

ROB83073 2010.05.03
ordinary game not enough imagination

uknowuwantit 2010.05.03
i loved this show so this was nice

stevie 2010.05.03
actually kinda hot fun game

Kalaam 2010.05.02
this game is not very good

boinky 2010.04.25
funny and a little bit disturbing at the same time

libkjet12 2010.04.21
This game is pretty funny actually.

redenmity 2010.04.21
what the crap? this is hilarious. not exactly what i imagined at all.

Karu 2010.04.17
I like the idea but its just not hot

jooona 2010.04.14
OK game. girl is looking good...hope there is more positions-

elmerfudd2345 2010.04.13
was an alright game but the thing is most of there games are the same thing reskinned

alowan 2010.04.12
for me no interest on this game

TheLizard 2010.04.09
well. it is not the best but

shaorune 2010.04.09
just average.. nothing great.. but quite good for loosing some times :)

elmejodegiacomo 2010.04.07
It`s a funny and very sexy game

alethiar 2010.04.04
Nice game by zone, loved because everything FLCL is cool!

durddon 2010.04.02
i loved the show and she is hot

gekoc 2010.03.29
no so bad, yet quite an old fashioned jux click and auto-doing everything

menzi 2010.03.29
i like this game it`s easy to play but to fast but good

Johnny811 2010.03.27
great graphics. i didn`t like this game to much

BigBear69 2010.03.26
Great animation. Definately did FLCL justice.

bulldog40 2010.03.24
her facial expressions were great pretty weird game though

monfan1 2010.03.23
that seemed fun and the animation is good but the robot thing coming out of his head is a little werid

bobsaggot 2010.03.21
i loved the show fooli cooli, and i was searching for some fl hentai. GREAT!

karlderkaese 2010.03.21
good graphics, but boring!

yellit 2010.03.14
Wasn`t impressed at all just clicking on different choices & why was robot there anyway?

Jacobman19 2010.03.03
wow the music is super addicting

blove329 2010.03.02
The graphics look good but the game is too weird for me.

a_dude 2010.03.01
this game had god graphic

Zach 2010.02.28
it was an ok game, not a lot to do.

xx76 2010.02.23
Hentai Key gets it right as always

portend 2010.02.22
that`s just a little bit too wierd for my liking.

drok 2010.02.21
that is just toooo weird! the kid under neath just doesnt look like he is enjoying it!

DARKROS 2010.02.18
this game kool but robot hmmmm,..?

thomc 2010.02.14
This is too wirred.. What the f*** is that robot doing comming out of his head?! to creepy

kldxxx 2010.02.13
not good game its boring and not fun at all

Blitzkriegbob 2010.02.10
This guy irritates me and makes the art a bit disgusting.

General516 2010.02.04
Hentai Key gets it right as always

agone 2010.02.03
simply boring dont like this type of game

oldcwbyhat 2010.02.03
Fun to see, but do real character play.

gabu 2010.02.02
cool ... but no action, bye!

cheshire 2010.02.01
now that`s a cool blowjob!)

amazinggeo 2010.01.29
its a great game , kind of creepy but hot, double penetration its awesome XD

Lizard890 2010.01.29
cool...the hentaikey games are really beautiful

alexus68 2010.01.28
this game is not very good

andy_regresa 2010.01.17
this game is not hot.......not i like.

dew501 2010.01.12
most boring game i have played the sound is also bad

cypruslt 2010.01.10
I never saw a hentai game painted better than this one. But I did not really liked the game itself.

Al 2010.01.10
just fun, that`s all ! without the robot.....it wouldn`t be !

bigbluem 2010.01.08
my first thought was: oh no... not another click through thing (don`t call it game). but the robo made the difference and i clicked to the end

Nexys 2009.12.21
oh my god ... the EVIL Robot sex slave ???

Luca 2009.12.21
this game is not very good

jah89 2009.12.17
good but really really random

nillax2k 2009.12.12
not good at all girl isnt very good looking and whats with the finger thing out of the head?

sierra 2009.12.10
there is nothing to do and the girl is an ugly one. the robot is losing its coolingfluid at the end.not so healthy i guess ;-)

ponder7564 2009.12.06
i like the fact that there isnt much to do, keeps my hands free for other things ;)

Osteve 2009.12.05
just a bit of fun here - at least the girl is cute

denisdel 2009.12.02
No, defintively not good at all

nissehult 2009.11.29
this game is not very good

Awsomecock 2009.11.26
fun little game, it has some great animations in it.

sexlover88 2009.11.22
that robot sure is scary! the music fits the game though ;-)

Bluesy 2009.11.20
thought it was pretty boring after first few minutes

heerokazuma 2009.11.19
i agree theres not much to do but like it cuz i use to watch the show to i give it a 6

wolfman76 2009.11.18
Way too short and not much to do.

John117 2009.11.17
it´s good but the robot kinda scary me ^^

PaychecksDK 2009.11.16
well can`t say I am very impressed... seen better

staggerlee 2009.11.16
the hand thing is creepy

jmiket 2009.11.16
Nothing much to do... a little disappointing

SmexyBenny 2009.11.14
didnt like this game at all,

dfish_44 2009.11.13
boring, not much to do. Didn`t get the hand coming out of his head.

Quami719 2009.11.12
I really enjoyed the fact that it had multiple ending options.

joker 2009.11.12
this game was kind of boring because there was no good action

brymarta 2009.11.11
this is a fucking great game

coolstuff2 2009.11.11
interesting story line, easy game play

Wolfed77 2009.11.11
slow loading, slow play, and not really there.

nevells016 2009.11.10
Seen better from zone archive.

lojo2 2009.11.10
not much of an ending, makes the rewards aspect of it seem anti-climactic for lack of a better word lol.

woody 2009.11.10
its ok there are worse games out there

Mandrab 2009.11.10
quite tipical tease game, tho dont know about the comic or show so i guess there my not understanding

chris123 2009.11.10
definetly played worse not that great though

dx61005 2009.11.10
it`s definitely another boring game of its kind...

RatedR12586 2009.11.10
Lame, No story line and never seen the show so whatever....

b3d0w 2009.11.10
what the? haha, real weird. nice graphics, no gameplay, could do with more scenes.

Dropkick 2009.11.09
This is just a bad game. Its boring, has bad graphics, and just isn`t fun.

deathstray 2009.11.09
ok but i used to think the show was weird as well needs story

randy06 2009.11.09
its ok needs story line to it and more action to all charcters

dw4l1n 2009.11.09
horrible and boring game as always

Xyzzy 2009.11.09
Ehhh.....boring game, only marginal graphics. And as always with Hentai Key, What`s the POINT?!?!

cheese101 2009.11.09
another of these "games"
only 1 pic,only a few choices,not great graphics

santa 2009.11.09
Boring as are most of this genre. No skill need, just patience.

jerryonly83 2009.11.09
hentaikey games are always a bit boring.... very limited actions avaiable...

michlc 2009.11.09
quiet an average game - not to hot

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