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HALC Sexy Witch Ed


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Domenik 2017.10.15
I didn t like ita very much it is a very boring game

Laelith 2017.07.28
Patience game, boring, no interrest

LordBigDick 2017.07.24
SUPER borring, I could find all of these and better pictures onlinern

draconis0719 2016.10.09
very boring no interaction only played a few mins

KEV_in 2016.06.13
Boring, dont want to play it more than few seconds

latinagr 2016.02.28
So boaring and with no interesting at all.

vympel9 2015.07.22
this game is so nace and the tematic is VERY hot

xsin 2015.06.28
a little too boring for my taste

omgheyderrr 2015.05.09
this game is different not a fan

scuicidedager 2015.05.05
complicated game won`t play again due to this


ebolajesus1 2015.04.30
it would be good if it wasnt so boring

Gorgolock 2015.03.17
Great pictures, easy mechanics, but way to easy.

Agonoize 2015.02.22
it`s a simpel game with good graphics

CowKilla 2015.02.01
Its an okay game , not worth getting off to,though.

gwazz 2015.01.26
a pretty good game with good graphics

xai 2015.01.09
It`s an OK slot machine, takes a bit to get the first one but then they start rolling in and it gets more enjoyable.

SKknight 2014.12.27
good game but this is all about jack pot basically.

tcco 2014.12.16
boring no fun i like a game with more action

SpaceGhost53 2014.12.06
This is a good game if you are a Manga fan.Nice variety of artwork.

flufy 2014.11.15
Graphics need a lot of improvement. Wouldn`t play more than once

nick333 2014.11.04
repetitive game, but really well worth the reward

jordantech29 2014.10.31
game was not terrible but it did get borring really fast

Nopema 2014.10.28
Nice game but I couldn`t get the slideshow to stop lol

yauto 2014.10.01
godd gameplay and graphic is good

IDontMatter 2014.09.27
Amazing girls, felt like I could jerk all day. I love HALC games

dandraft 2014.09.26
not much fun ,it gets boring very quickly,and the pics ...well you can see those kid allover the place
2/10 for this one

DanielRH0333 2014.08.30
Good fun game lots of good pictures nice slot machine little confusing controls but very fun game

xxRyanxx 2014.08.20
Great artwork and a very nice gallery but it isnt a game

alucard2014 2014.06.28
Pics are great...but could use a different game other than slots.

berndfrucht 2014.06.08
good graphics, but game??lay is a bit boring

cloakas 2014.06.08
some decent art but otherwise fairly lackluster

l.countach2 2014.06.06
great pictures, slot machine games not my favs but i love the pics of this one

tymeris 2014.05.24
it was fun to play this game

Seiryu 2014.05.13
HALC games always have great pics, love them :D

laynax 2014.05.05
Nice artwork, but gameplay was too repetitive

goldg 2014.05.03
nice pics, but the gameplay is too repetitive

yahiko610 2014.04.28
Lots of great pictures! I love it!

Djshuks 2014.04.23
Typical slot machine game, but the pics were well drawn and nice to look at.

danhock 2014.04.17
Nice pics, but a little borring!

mackput 2014.04.07
nice graphics but very bore game,

dirtydan69 2014.03.30
Fun game with sexy pictures of anime girls! gets a little boring after a while but the pictures are amazing.

jamesRams 2014.03.02
great pics but music is kinda dull

yanto101 2014.01.21
Really awesome animations.

yaynoas 2014.01.17
my god how many small tittied little girls can you fit in a game.

lordin 2014.01.03
an ok game but a bit boring

shadowforce666 2013.12.27
love this game simple and exciting

bubbaj222 2013.12.27
good pacing, but no good reward with it

mees 2013.12.18
Great pictures easy game top win

stevenm1988 2013.12.12
wish i had ound all these games ages ago omg what have i been missing out on

Zeids 2013.11.11
Game was quite easy and the pics are great! worth it!

blazerghost 2013.10.31
I`ve never had much luck at slots, but this time luck was on my side, thank you for this awesome game :D

Another23 2013.10.12
A pretty decent game, liked the simple controls and awesome pics

iwillfucku123 2013.10.10
it gets boring quick but the girls are really hot

albertofm 2013.10.09
Pretty good game, girl was hot!

teddy0123 2013.09.28
Cool and interesting game!

noogad 2013.09.20
Really good. Hot chick. Good graphics.

Blackwood 2013.09.16
The pics are cool, but it takes too long really get anything.

fangs24 2013.09.02
Nice pics, but boring after a litle while-

skippy212 2013.08.30
games ok good really good pictures just gets boring after about 70 pages

Knorti 2013.08.13
Kinda boring, but the pics are great.

SadekEl 2013.08.07
I Really Love Those Picture Of Halloween

moose1996163 2013.08.01
good pitures but not a much good game

faranar 2013.07.09
is this even considered a game?

girlxxx1993 2013.06.30
just clicking and clicking......so boring

Loitny 2013.06.20
Quite not challenging and and bit boring.

MrMCM 2013.06.08
Can`t really lose this game. Cute anime pics too.

SUMMONER 2013.05.27
Love it all the pic`s in the game

cecilyang01 2013.05.27
Knew from previous HALC slots that it isn`t meant to be hard, just to display decent anime-style art. That being said, there`ve been better, there`ve been worse.

Marek115 2013.05.26
Intressting Pictures, intressting Game, but not enough action

beruga 2013.05.24
Bad Game with bad graphics

flaming 2013.05.12
great game but needs better pictures

nathantoko 2013.05.05
Really decevant pictures

Moozey88 2013.04.26
very nice anime drawn pics

gwazz 2013.04.11
gave up after a few goes its very boring

waxall 2013.03.26
sheesh, you could get these pics faster with a google search.

gJ9sEj8x 2013.03.24
always just clicking...

gartal 2013.03.19
poor game... a bit boring... average pics.... halc used to give us much more satisfactions!

matthewt9731 2013.03.15
Bad Game with bad graphics

DrgH 2013.03.08
not a bad pic in this game, sad thing the game is to boring

gikumcgiq 2013.03.08
Lovely witches. Nice game.

ed71c 2013.02.25
nice pics,game a little slow

ddking 2013.02.22
not a bad pic in this game i like

willrf 2013.02.20
good pics alright gameplay

zankro 2013.02.14
like the way Ideas get put into practise.
For what it is , it`s good.

jamalhussain 2013.02.11
not so good but not so bad

Gordn3 2013.01.25
That game is too bored but nice pics.

Doom Eclipse 2013.01.22
pictures are good...but thats about it slow click happy gameplay

gartal 2013.01.17
great pics wiht good graphics but too much clicking required

Jade333 2013.01.14
Good game despite the fact I am not a huge fan of chance games. Pictures were good :)

oranjeboven 2013.01.12
Not really a game.
Too easy. Just push the buttons.
Pics not all that sexy

pusshound 2013.01.05
Can`t lose. Slow play. Slot too small. Some decent pics.

bloodguardxj9 2012.12.27
Well, to be fair, Im not a big fan of games of chance like this. I am a big fan of anime though, so I thought Id give it a try. I found the slot machine to be too small, and the credit requirements for the pics to be a bit too much.

jhonbryan 2012.12.06
always win is impossible to lose in this game

mrdicky 2012.12.05
a very funny game with this girl

shadicolor 2012.11.17
They could have made the pages require less credits because it`s a very long game to see all the pages.

jackjones 2012.11.16
103 premium pictures, but the slot is difficult

leoking 2012.11.14
it`s a good game but i didn`t like the gameplay

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Hm nice pictures. It needs a bit working the slot bigger moveable perhaps etc.

pingguin 2012.10.31
The game is fun at start, but there is no extra add to the game. To bad, would make it more interesting.

bigboy73 2012.10.29
very weak not the best game ive played

TheLastLord22 2012.10.25
This is a fun game, my favorite page is page 31!

tiedyeguy 2012.10.18
Awesome pics, but the gameplay got kind of boring after a while.

ShadowDCW 2012.09.30
I like this this game and the other HALC that I have played, but I wouldnt mind if u(playforceone)had more HALC, the pic`s of the sexy girls are done so nicely

deontrix 2012.09.25
needs more to it kind of a downer in all respects

killman737 2012.09.22
this is an easy game but i don`t understand the game : why a slot machine? and a slut machine?!

amrilim 2012.09.17
The nurse looks great. The story is usual and graphics was good

shadowplayer 2012.09.16
Exeleny pics:D I love it :D

jyaire 2012.09.03
awesome pictures but the gamplay itself sucked ass

jerryblaine 2012.08.30
it gets boring way too fast needs something to change things up

fuzz 2012.08.24
its a good game but i think they could of add better rewards

wolfman 2012.08.08
an ok game you have to earn your way to the pay id say,but fair is fair and the reward is nice enough

Crushonius 2012.07.27
it was fun for a few minutes but became boring pretty quickly nice graphics but it need a lot of work before it becomes a really good game it has potential though

arie26 2012.06.25
Very good graphics, and good game how is normal, in this tipe of games!

DoubleShadow 2012.06.25
nice but not the best pics ... there was more possible to do =)

Titan721 2012.06.16
I love these games. My gripes are these though, 1) Sometimes they can get pretty repetitive and 2) I wish there was a way to download the images as a .zip or something. I like some of the images they find, and would like to add them to my personal collection.

fatw 2012.05.20
nice pictures but a bit boring

bahamut86 2012.05.19
Very hot picks! nice grafic

ozorne_6 2012.05.14
Love the pics, Game has no challenges.

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.13
i like it raise the bet and watch pics.cool way

Bin12 2012.04.30
great pics wiht good graphics but too much clicking required

Jones94 2012.04.21
nice graphics and good game

Karayla 2012.04.01
Nice picks but tooeasy to win

stordan 2012.03.29
very sexy pictures. game is not very exciting, but its ok for getting this hot pics.

uber50 2012.03.19
Yet another game which basically amounts to hitting the same button to see a handful of images lifted off Google.

comando46 2012.03.18
A bit boring but otherwise good images

arthurwa 2012.03.11
just amazing......graphics bit poor but can be worked out...

DarkChapel 2012.03.04
could use a few more pictures but it was pretty good

nrogara 2012.03.01
dull game with great pictures!

airforcewun 2012.02.28
this was a nice game all u have to do is click on go

stefano71 2012.02.10
quire nice game but not good graphic

Zezkhril 2012.02.09
Quite a few good pics among these ...

CoMIYC69 2012.02.06
Very cool! Easy is a good thing here ;)

officer_hess 2012.02.04
I think this slot is slow and impossible to lose at which takes the excitement out of playing the game.

Moor 2012.02.04
very easy game, bet 5 everytime

Alectra 2012.02.03
Nice game, perhaps, a bit too much loli centered, but nice graphics in there!

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
The pictures are nice but the game itself is boring, they are much better sexy casino style than this one...

KnowingEyes 2012.01.31
Easy games sometimes quell the desire. :)

kylew24 2012.01.29
great animation and graphics

tara.dinho-sp 2012.01.28
This game for a good luck to play

TheSakatagin1 2012.01.22
Not Bad not Bad at all i say and who knew if they improve this game instead of just like a casino game this coud be a HIT!!!

geekboy 2012.01.09
I don`t understand why you would make this game. Very tedious.

Guillaume 2012.01.04
Boring, and does take a long time to go through it

chrono1985 2012.01.03
booooooring game...I don`t like it

st_bro 2012.01.03
its so boooring. i hate this game

mikicostanza 2011.12.29
funny little game but not very hot

Zagothal 2011.12.28
This game is boring, but pictures are nice.

selena101321 2011.12.24
this game is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tgfrench 2011.12.23
poor quality game. graphics are very cartoonish.

aliercukaak 2011.12.17
i like it raise the bet and watch pics.cool way

sewerman 2011.12.14
too cartoony not much in the way of sexy

Fenian95 2011.12.04
Simple game but great pics!

Danbe 2011.12.03
a good game but didn`t get me horny and it need`s a tinsy winsy bit of adjustement

Lizzie 2011.11.28
Nice graphics, but no actual game play. However i wouldn`t mind owing a book like that :)

seria 2011.11.27
nice art but seriously boring

Marco1924 2011.11.25
Nice pics but boring game

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

johnnylush 2011.11.13
Lost interest very quickly...boring

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
Interesting for the first little bit, but got boring very fast.

2be.not2be 2011.11.03
Pardon, Scynge ? Was that even a comment ?
Anyways, it is the first time I have played a game such as this one. Also, the album has a fair and nice collection of pictures - play the slot and discover each - it`s fun and easy !

Also, if you are interested in this kind of art, you have everything to gain and learn by playing .

Scynge 2011.11.02
Nice game, seemed pretty simple to figure out which was nice.

ron57 2011.11.02
could be a bit more exciting

darknesslight43 2011.10.30
this is a really good game

xonder 2011.10.27
no challenge at all, better give a download link of the photobooks rather than doing slots

Faun 2011.10.26
a nice game if you are tired and want to watch only... no challenge

Rinzler23 2011.10.26
It was an awsome game, loved the pics. it had a lot of characters that i knew from games

Lednacek 2011.10.22
more of a Halloween thing than nudity. i could really live without those censored pictures.

Naio13 2011.10.15
Good game but not enough nudity

mattbro 2011.10.06
I love the halloween hentai! great pics!

Snador 2011.10.04
T`was rather good. Maybe a bit too long? xD

txcowboy0026 2011.09.27
not a bad game like the graphics for this one been a long time since i have played alot of the older games here

akado 2011.09.19
I`ve always enjoyed the HALC games. Although it takes so long to unlock everything, but its well worth it in the end.

alsawyer 2011.09.13
the pictures are nice but the game is soo long

gater9999 2011.09.12
like the pics but kinda boring

grondoll 2011.09.09

lala999 2011.09.03
good but little bit boring

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Boring game, still playable though.

david thule 2011.08.30
good game but for me it`s a little bit boring.

midget_overlord 2011.08.29
the page before last is the best

biglizzle 2011.08.26
cool comic book, but could use some work.

kokumoon 2011.08.25
Great pics but the slot machine hurts my eyes

bpnj84 2011.08.20
slot too small, kind of boring

Rajsters 2011.08.20
good magazine but too many pages

Yurotas 2011.08.16
unfortunately there`s not really that much for the time it takes.

Frozenhollow 2011.08.13
The game is fun at start, but there is no extra add to the game. To bad, would make it more interesting.

farkas 2011.08.11
prety girls but too booring game

spokxx 2011.08.04
stupid not interesting short slot game

TANMAN1969 2011.08.03
it was ok i wo;d only play it one time

Soiuku 2011.07.27
Easy to beat but a big reward.

mai73 2011.07.20
Nice artwork, but a bit limited on the gameplay

11inches 2011.07.20
it was too easy to finish the game

ozorne_6 2011.07.14
I love the pictures and the Book Idea, but I wouldn`t call it a game.

pawan2modi 2011.07.13
Good game but they are not actually the witch but night sex dreamer

J3T 2011.07.11
its a pretty good game if i might say so.

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

JesterJoker 2011.07.04
ots okay but the slots is annoying

lol757 2011.06.30
Graphics were decent but boring

Trone01 2011.06.28
this game was boring and to easy

jormunguard 2011.06.27
Nice artwork, but a bit limited on the gameplay

WhiteWolf04 2011.06.20
Needs somethings more.....an okay click through though

fio 2011.06.19
well, not very innovative

SoloDrifter 2011.06.17
bit boring...art was cool

crzyone 2011.06.10
Click, click, click, bah boring. Another clickthrough that can put me to sleep

cheapis 2011.06.07
pretty good magazine of witches! I love cartoons! )

sex_killer88 2011.05.28
It could use more sexy girls. The more the merrier.

Darth Rinoa 2011.05.26
alright game, a bit boring

amznjr 2011.05.23
nice mag, but game seems like it drags on. Some pictures could be better quality

Gotriey 2011.05.23
Nice little magazine with witches, but it`s kinda short for me

maxipesfik 2011.05.18
nice magazine, but too long for me

spikerer777 2011.05.17
pretty good magazine of witches! I love cartoons! )

KiroyashiSanada 2011.05.16
The slot thing kinda sucks.but overall is ok.

Skarn62 2011.05.13
Ok for the graphism (unfortunately too soft). Boring gameplay.

dj2011 2011.05.13
Boring to me because still pics just dont do it for me. Maybe short animations?

Murdock15 2011.05.04
Pictures need to be higher resolution, and more interaction with the slot machine (bet higher, bonuses, etc).

bigdickbandit 2011.04.24
hot and sexy girls great pictures just need some sex pictures

Breasts=) 2011.04.22
great pictures, needs action though.

Opp123 2011.04.21
has this game an end? how many pages are there?

boredashell 2011.04.18
really fun idea of a game i enjoyed it

Zerodein 2011.04.15
weak. graphics are poor, and so are the rewards.

kalbs 2011.04.14
There were quite a few good pics but overall the game was boring

judrick24 2011.04.14
ok graphics not verry good,, but it also drive me nuts

Smyxter 2011.04.02
Cute pictures. No skill required to play game. Wish all slots were that easy.

redcobra 2011.04.01
The game is ok, but the play is boring. Just sit there holding space. Good pictures though

platewolf 2011.03.23
gets boring after a while, and with bet limit of 5 it takes some time

areuwithme 2011.03.17
graphics are pretty boring

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Some nice hentai images, 103 pages to discover, bit too easy since you will barely lose money and will fasten the process hitting few jackpots. 10 mins play to anyone is curious to take a look at the whole magazine, still not bad at all.
Just a slot machine, nothing more nothing less.

wikidwayne 2011.03.13
could have been better pictures but good nonetheless :D

pussypump 2011.03.10
nice game even though its a slot game

Hookie24 2011.03.06
good pics, boring having to unlock them takes soo long and soo many

Lulz 2011.03.04
ehrlich gesagt sau langweilig

ski9072 2011.03.03
Some very good pics, gets boring pretty quick though. I`d give it a C+

evo6997 2011.02.27
I love all the pictures, very sexy and great quality

jbhawaiisc 2011.02.24
There were quite a few good pics but overall the game was boring

arathor 2011.02.18
always the same with this games, it was interesting the first version but after that its boring

Carnedringh 2011.02.17
If you have a gambling addiction u will love this game ... Anyways, i like all those HALC-games. Though i wish a Sound-off button

silver12 2011.02.14
I don`t like these gambling games to see just pictures, i like more animated games

sleepdeprivedkoala 2011.02.13
the pics were ok but the slot was pretty irritating
all in all an ok game to play if u have the time

xtatic 2011.02.10
not my fav game. the slot machine is boring.

ratonius 2011.02.09
The graphics are decent,game not worth the time and effort,a little bit boring.

frits1977 2011.02.06
boring, and the pictures are not that amazing..

idk12321 2011.01.30
I loved all pics and the game wasn`t too difficult to achieve

lostsoul 2011.01.30
Loved it, just wish after getting the amount of tokens to view the pages you could turn the gamble thing off

DarkRay 2011.01.28
Good game indeed. like it alot.

nevaring 2011.01.28
Nice girls, nice outfits, a bit bored, but it`s ok.

Justfux420 2011.01.26
Sweet artwork...funny, cute and erotic.

smilinjym 2011.01.25
This game is a lot of fun. It is a great way to watch a gallery.

Digger_1959 2011.01.23
Boy, talk about "loose slots!"

tonito 2011.01.18
it seems very simple and not enough entertaining

Mervault 2011.01.16
boring, and the pictures are not that amazing..

jaguarty 2011.01.13
a very simple slot machine , not boring but it can be better

DeMenTuh 2011.01.13
this is too easy, too simple

supergebster 2011.01.06
very sexy pics but the game was easy and boring still i love witches

mick149 2011.01.04
this game is a bit boring and not very good

vagbangr69 2010.12.28
I like the graphics, but there are better games on the site to play.

JeanMarc 2010.12.26
graphics are poor,game not worth the time and effort

bossman5 2010.12.25
um this was kinda boring but it was cool

thenny 2010.12.12
what a great game love it

hooldero 2010.12.11
I lovee the gamee :B cuarenta pagas me mande viendo las fotoss

long55 2010.12.11
great game,hight quality,much ends, lovely

dracomuseveni 2010.12.11
Decent enough graphics, great art... but I`ve never understood the apeal of slot machines

jenso 2010.12.06
In this game are some nice pictures

butterfinger 2010.12.05
Ok pretty easy but quite nice pics

hirokiri 2010.12.03
Pics were very hit-or-miss. Not the best HALC slot.

Ihatlaggs 2010.12.02
This game is hysterical and so much fun to play. A sequel would be great and maybe next time sound and music could be added.

Gevatter 2010.11.29
Its not a realy good game. But some nice pics are on it. Had fun for a while.

shaydat 2010.11.27
lub dis game it be dhe best

weldingcrow 2010.11.24
the art work could be better and the game too

mattyrey 2010.11.23
nice magazine game would like to see more of this

prats 2010.11.18
awesome combination of hot n cute girls in erotic poses.....

arathor 2010.11.15
some repetitive the games but the girls are just pretty.

am_sam 2010.11.13
I do like these, just wish that they where more interactive.

cowboybud 2010.11.11
kind of boring really. older graphics and all.

Korns 2010.11.07
I really like the HALC series, they make slot games not terrible.

Abby 2010.11.07
graphics are poor,game not worth the time and effort.there is like 103 pages!

devil_666 2010.11.05
the graphics aren`t too bad bad could use improvement but the rewards are weak.

xtotalchaosx187 2010.11.05
i love the art in this one.

juliolugo 2010.11.04
Ya this one is definitely lacking. The other ones have way more features with bonus games and videos. This is just tedious.

Toboshi 2010.10.30
Ether love it or hate it I guess... Me, I love it.

m2surf 2010.10.28
Not sure, if this is a "game" in the classic sense. If it was called a book, I would better understand

jay50 2010.10.24
It`s a boring game, to simply. I`m not interesting by this type of game.

1977gdragon 2010.10.24
I do like these, just wish that they where more interactive.

ac124 2010.10.21
Yeah this is just pretty much a tedious way to reveal a picture slideshow.

andiyan 2010.10.19
this games make me boring!!but nice to play!!!

karthik 2010.10.17
super slot game... it`s rewards r good.. and the graphics are very nice...

bradley12 2010.10.15
simply game, but good for the graphics. Like the reward concept with the pics.

elopezjr 2010.10.14
great game, wonderful graphics, but does get boring after a while.

hyparkantos 2010.10.13
graphics are poor,game not worth the time and effort

kpyrinikos 2010.10.01
Good for a slow day, nice pics.

Delorn 2010.09.30
that was a bit of fun! some nice pics in there...

jamieedwards 2010.09.29
not great very boring good images

Osyluth 2010.09.29
Don`t know why, but I really like page 35.
Good for a slow day, nice pics.

robert15 2010.09.29
are.! such a kawaii animations

wojciech_35 2010.09.28
It is not really a game. As it says in a title is an art book that requires you to click several times before getting more images. But the graphics are quite interesting to go through once.

Aladin 2010.09.28
Long Gameplay but nice Pictures.

rovanerns 2010.09.27
It takes too long to load ... but the pictures are great.

tashadream 2010.09.25
Graphics on pictures were high quality. Gameplay was boring need to do something else besides spin

Darcyen 2010.09.22
Pretty decent nice game good grapics abit repetitive

Madelene 2010.09.22
What I love about this site is that they got such variety of games, also ranging in difficulty. This game was easy to get to the end in - perhaps a bit to fast - but for me that is all OK. If I feel like taking on a harder game, then there is such as well as this for the moments I want something to just play with. I love this one. Thank you so much! :-)

jfirecap 2010.09.20
It`s a boring game, to simply. I`m not interesting by this type of game.

blackout 2010.09.17
Boring game, no skill involved totally depends on luck

Nijoul 2010.09.16
Easy little slot machine with some nice pics.. get pretty boring rather quick tho

tankie1995 2010.09.15
simply but fun game with good graphics

football4lif 2010.09.13
great pictures in this game

Xennon 2010.09.09
yet again a perfect Halc Game!!!

angel6666 2010.09.09
asome mag i love hollowen

pipatwatt 2010.09.07
Game is normal, But Pictures is very great

Eroticon4 2010.09.01
Excellent images, but the game part is pointless with no real sense of accomplishment.

Axx 2010.08.31
Nifty lil slot machine. I wish all of them won as often as this one.

Chewbee 2010.08.31
I like this kind of game, it`s not the best of them.

Beurk 2010.08.25
This game is hysterical and so much fun to play. A sequel would be great and maybe next time sound and music could be added.

Greasemonkey84 2010.08.25
There are some really great pics in this game.
I like this one

mickeymouse 2010.08.23
Love HALC games! They are so good! Make more!

TonyStarkZ 2010.08.23
I like thos HALC games. It always feature some nice artwork.

sidad 2010.08.19
you only have to hold the cross and fire at the right moment, then it tooks only a few minutes to come to the end

AragornI 2010.08.16
I wish slot in casino can be as hot as this one!

shake001 2010.08.14
not very good but great pics

fellamee 2010.08.13
Sexy Witches, who knew such a think existed, amazing what goes on in some peoples heads!! fun though!

CJW 2010.08.13
Very boring, a few decent pics but most are mediocre at best

toy4grrls 2010.08.12
Nice pictures. Wish there were links to sources, Would love to see more.

unnotice 2010.08.09
I like the pictures. they are all good.

justalonery 2010.08.08
to play this game without bore, better you use cheat engine, i really love picture on this game, , ,

lapine 2010.08.08
better to put some 3d pictures, at least a bit boring to play.

Alpha X 2010.08.07
The pictures are okay but the game was pretty boring. It`s just a slot machine that rewards you with pictures. Unless you really love slot machines, you`d probably find it to be a fairly mediocre game.

kenn4eyes 2010.08.05
the pictures were average but they should have added music that suits the mood

Xianco 2010.08.03
honestly it is boring. however I do like some of the art work.

kulu141 2010.08.03
Boring gam, i don`t like this game

joszim 2010.07.31
I wish there were more betting options

Ammo 2010.07.26
becomes boring after quite little time but the pictures are very nice, the game is very easy, no challenge, the fun part is that the random gains from the machine slot unveil from zero to a lot a of picture each round, i put 50% rating.

TheHappyChem 2010.07.26
Didn`t really find this very interesting...

th3c4rd 2010.07.20
Nice art, and you cant lose, so enjoy!

samiam 2010.07.20
A Christmas and maybe other holidays game would be interesting to see also

nameit 2010.07.09
Nice picture, the slot machine was quite borin but is better than Space Slut Slim

Freddie1331 2010.07.07
Nice game. A little simple, I don`t think you can possibly lose.

Of course, the pictures are the main objective.

My favorite pics: 1 (Cover), 4-8/9, 14/15, 19-24, 30, 35, 38/39, 43, 45, 57-61, 65, 74-76, 80/81, & 86-88.

leo9981 2010.07.07
this was great. there are a lot of pics and it is wicked easy to play:D

mortel2 2010.07.03
tis game is great but is too long for have a picture

vipsky 2010.07.03
nice but it gets realy boring...

AgentCroque 2010.06.30
unfortunately very repetitive...

SynCity 2010.06.30
Some good pictures, but gets boring pretty quickly.

DocSpoon 2010.06.30
game play is boring and repetitive just to look through a picture gallery. Granted some of the pics are hot but, this type of game is just boring.

Drears 2010.06.29
it needed some nudity and girls getting fucked

lucic17 2010.06.28
always liked the slot machine games, great pictures!

facess 2010.06.28
the game itself is very easy and the pictures are fine. but it should have been more to it

abadguy 2010.06.27
Just another collection of pictures, not really a game at all

Lupercal 2010.06.22
Good quality pics, strange game

mocao123 2010.06.20
nice graphics but gameplay is not so good

Somewhatoriginal 2010.06.19
Well it`s pretty much just a bunch of pictures.

dreamcatcher232 2010.06.18
only to click no action. some graphics are good

jakau 2010.06.18
good quality pictures like that

alejo_01 2010.06.18
nice graphics but gameplay is boring

zardoz 2010.06.18
c`est un peu longuet pour tourner les pages et sans vraiment un grand interet, je m`attendais a mieux pour la galery

Zerostriker 2010.06.17
Very nice game, there are some very very good pictures in there

Bob1s 2010.06.14
Very nice game, there are some very very good pictures in there but the slot machine i did not like

angel_Heart 2010.06.12
Nice game with lots of pics too bad not enough action in it. u just click and that`s it. takes a long time to get to the last one.

scannatore 2010.06.10
Good images but gameplay too easy. I win every time i click!

wrench 2010.06.10
nice pix, but takes way too long

fictionalized 2010.06.03
Nice pictures, but way too long and random.

GregShore 2010.05.17
Yet another game which basically amounts to hitting the same button to see a handful of images lifted off Google.

crossfitxlr8 2010.05.15
one of the best game ive ever played

nyknn 2010.05.11

drewster25 2010.05.10
limited game play but the artist and graphics are pretty good

vllad 2010.05.09
cute pics and the artists are great!!!

reaper613 2010.05.07
ok game could use a little jazzing up but still pretty good

gettingwarmone 2010.05.05
not up to usual standards

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Nice cutie pics - but game play rather limited.......

rparadis 2010.04.27
this game takes a very long time, the pictures are great!

fitta 2010.04.21
good pictures but thw game got abit boring after a while

kmokhtar79 2010.04.13
Like it. As a pic-game good

david 2010.04.10
nice pics but still boring in the length.

shishkabob 2010.04.09
nothing to decide, you just bet. graphics don`t do much for me

robert_tm 2010.04.09
this game is great an sexy

astregos 2010.04.04
It is really annoying to obtain those pictures... wait wait and wait. And i wish I could turn off the bloody music

Chemxial 2010.04.03
loved the pics, but to easy.
also does any one know were i cab find the pics or downloud this game?

nolan 2010.04.02
so boring, DO NOT PLAY it takes ages

cryspy 2010.03.29
the good message: 103 pages of hentai, the bad one: most of them are rather boring, just a few hot pics.

sbray99 2010.03.28
Not crazy about HALC games, but sim dates are fantastic.

Killgore32 2010.03.27
The HALC games always have the greatest pics.

medmarine2 2010.03.26
not bad....I think ?t would be better

comagain 2010.03.26
how many pages there are?

stevey 2010.03.22
is there an option to tirm the music on and off? that would make this game much more barable

battousai890 2010.03.21
good game, great pictures

Saz123 2010.03.20
uh, the games ok, bit boring

shotglass28 2010.03.19
poor game, poor graphics...would be a little bit better and less boring maybe if the pictures were of pornstars

SSNate88 2010.03.19
Not as great as I thought but cute for the holiday season.

megablue5 2010.03.19
this game is great an sexy

steelcitykid5 2010.03.18
almost to easy and not a huge turn on. didn`t do much for me

sonicemd 2010.03.10
looove it, great pics, nice and easy

snoop025 2010.03.09
i like it. great game. really fun and easy to play

posen 2010.03.08
go girly go gir??y seems nice

lower5 2010.02.28
little bit boring buut nice pictures.

Megas2point0 2010.02.27
Hmm....Lot of content, but kinda...easy.

gwood114 2010.02.19
I love the HALC games. Tons of content, very enjoyable.

Kigerone 2010.02.17
Simple and fun: the way games should be made. and seeing pics of hot anime is always a bonus.

Chobitz 2010.02.14
Little bit boring but nice pictures

ulty is chaos 2010.02.13
needs improvements on graphics..kinda boring to

tomb_sexedme 2010.02.08
kinda boring but yet fun everyone shou;d play

mummy28 2010.02.05
Little bit boring but nice pictures and funny gameplay

General516 2010.02.04
Loved this game all the witches very sexy

aberation 2010.02.04
Not really challenging, its mostly a matter of keep clicking the button to spin the slot machine wheels.

think 2010.02.03
verry nice game whit verry nice picturs of halloween girls.

cdkck 2010.02.03
some of the pics were very well drawn it was okay but i would call it a gallery not a game

justag469 2010.02.02
takes a while, but i like it

hornyaf 2010.02.02
could of been faster but still good pics

wacher32 2010.02.02
i didn;t like it... too long

joeyop 2010.02.02
really great art but a random game that long is boring

sam1baxter 2010.01.30
with the slot comic game it is another half-ok game. add an animation with a girl having sex with the character who is playing the slots in the end ... full-ok game:)

Omega33 2010.01.29
Wow there are alot of spins in this game. The art work seems like it never ends. Some of the art is realy detaled.

alexus68 2010.01.28
boring, but the comic isalright. Hentai girls are just as sexy as always.

Sehviss 2010.01.26
Some nice artwork, but the game does get boring after a few times. The slots would work better inside of another game.

Bigbizous 2010.01.24
nice pictures but boring game...

boinky 2010.01.23
I really like the artwork there are some nice pictures. But the game is somewhat repetitive

andy_regresa 2010.01.19
Nice graphics, beautiful girls, bot only the slot moves. What a pity!

draco668 2010.01.17
could be way better common

maciek.mk 2010.01.07
boring, weak, there could be better

darkreaper 2010.01.04
another boring slots game...... yay?

Geilt 2009.12.31
Decent game... would be much better in a larger format

vampchick25 2009.12.22
good game very nice pics

ertolia 2009.12.18
i love this games, it`s a good graphics and its tricky to find the hotspots

xPhorce 2009.12.17
the game was good but...it gets old fast

nintendofilo 2009.12.13
game pretty much plays itself, has great artworks but just not fun at all

Fernando47 2009.12.12
Nice graphics, beautiful girls, bot only the slot moves. What a pity!

CandyMan87 2009.12.06
dis is an ok game for me

tony41 2009.12.01
boring, but the comic isalright. Hentai girls are just as sexy as always.

nissehult 2009.11.24
This is a very boring game

boyo111 2009.11.22
Boring, and does take a long time to go through it

Faeruun 2009.11.21
As for a porn game.... not good at all. The sound is annoying and its too "easy" to progress.

Omega963 2009.11.21
Too much pics. I got bored quickly

staggerlee 2009.11.16
weak...not a turnon at all

seprium 2009.11.16
nice pics but boring game

slipstone 2009.11.15
Nice cutie pics - but game play rather limited.......

Dreamwillow 2009.11.15
Not really into Hentai images but there is a lot there if you are.

dfish_44 2009.11.13
Pictures are good. Its a shame you have to play the slot machine to look at them.

bd582@scn.org 2009.11.13
Not much here... I`d prefer my witches more mature...

Mandrab 2009.11.13
great pictures, slot machine games not my favs but i love the pics of this one

tweety 2009.11.12
there is no game really here, just a simple slot that u cant really lose with, although on the plus side theres quite alot of nice artwork if u like anime etc :D

ronnyponny 2009.11.12
strange game, also a little bit boring, graphics okay

joker 2009.11.12
just button pushing not that much action going on no movments

nalasttop 2009.11.11
not v intresting to play. just button clicking for so so pics.

moi 2009.11.11
Great artwork and a very nice gallery but it isnt a game. Either make a real game with the pages as a reward or just gives us the pages, this way it is very boring and slow

keno85 2009.11.10
really good game good grapichs i hope there will be more of this

NOOBSAUR 2009.11.10
Eh, I mean, It`s kinda good, but boring, but the art never stops! there is like 103 pages!

snoopy666 2009.11.10
strange game, also a little bit boring, graphics okay

woody 2009.11.10
lame game not worth the time and effort

b3d0w 2009.11.10
long time, but boring, excellent images.

Xyzzy 2009.11.09
boring "game"....but outstanding artwork!

cheese101 2009.11.09
boring and take aaages,good graphics tho:D

aj8810 2009.11.09
cool game nice graohic hope it move nextime i mean like 3d or 2d

santa 2009.11.09
Graphics need a lot of improvement. Wouldn`t play more than once.

jerryonly83 2009.11.09
poor game... a bit boring... average pics.... halc used to give us much more satisfactions!

rahnkev 2009.11.09
weak. graphics are poor, and so are the rewards.

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