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Glory hole RPG


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cistobzv 2017.08.21
This game is sooo fun to play, you wont regret it if you lose few minutes on it.

Trokkar 2017.07.25
A little rep over and over, but a good game. Keeps you stiff and you move through the levels.

bandit04 2017.07.20
The story about new univerity good thing

curan 2017.07.15
Too repetitive and not enough moves, but fun.

KitCarsen 2017.06.26
A bit repetitive but fun.

dann999999 2017.06.24
Love RPGs, plus erotic game - fantastic

planet1453 2017.04.24
This a simple game but fun.

Ke 2017.04.23
Ok game, very repetitive though

omglookatherbutt44 2017.04.23
Hot graphics and addicting gameplay

185771 2017.04.17
oh this game is the best my third playrn


fuzzypikkle85 2017.04.14
While not the best game it is really cool love me glory holes

Raynex 2017.03.19
fun but needs more unlocks

bigtim89 2017.03.12
not bad, just too repetitive

ianjames 2017.03.10
nice graphics but a bit repeticius

Graindesable 2017.03.10
The game is simple but funny

SeraphinCeleste 2017.03.06
Absolutely amazing game. I wish people made more games like this. Also wish they would expand on this game, more than just blowjobs, add character creation/customization, better graphics. Would be truly incredible.

Fam10222 2017.01.17
relly sexy and a allround good game

Devil69 2017.01.15
simple, but a really nice one

Madno 2016.12.30
Animations are good, but the span of game is short. Nice game to learn working through difficult ones.

Corgath 2016.12.22
very easy but pretty good

feoh 2016.11.17
the gameplay is just too short

fiftypez 2016.11.17
not bad...not good but worth playing

jspencer506 2016.10.21
would not like a glory hole lmao

Maady Drox 2016.10.11
easy game with funny ending

jb998 2016.09.23
not really much depth, but not the worst game on here

Gt-Rapture 2016.09.22
imagine this game but with graphics from the guys at games of desire

mrjay09 2016.09.19
really good game had a funny ending

mogwhy100 2016.09.06
i always come back to this game, its really great and i love the build up to the end

lyfeforce1 2016.08.23
i love the graphics for this game. i keep coming back to play it. sometimes it glitches out with the credits though but it doesnt really matter tbh.

AndyPandaETRR 2016.08.22
very funny game, one of the best.

Smooth17 2016.07.25
Really funny ending. Good for quick play

stach56 2016.07.14
Pretty boring unless you are into sucking cock.

hfighfidndhdid 2016.07.13
good game now you need to make one of a girl licking another girl

Zippy98 2016.07.09
Has anybody made it to the perfect blowjob?

bigdog1124 2016.06.23
would be nice if they made a game where we could eat pussy like this. nice animations

Xan6666 2016.06.16
a quickie game.. not much fun later on

Halfelf12 2016.06.14
like some of the other comments a good game just wish there was more options

Necrodreams 2016.06.02
Could have variety animation and also variety of sounds, otherwise good game

girlygirl12 2016.06.01
the graphic in this game are good

Pl9yer 2016.05.20
pretty basic but still can`t fault it! enjoyed it

user9876 2016.05.05
funny but no replay value

leo76 2016.04.27
funny game too easy fore mee

alexanderdane77 2016.04.25
Simplistic but fun little game. Kinda boring after a while

bigbroom 2016.04.07
ifqvp 2011.02.01
very repetitive game, funny but boring at last

archit24 2016.03.29
superb game. love the girls strength to swallow the cock . make a more hotter this game.

adim 2016.03.23
another `move the mouse and nothing else` game... not really ineresting

trshep 2016.03.15
very nice and good game. i wish they add this game more options :)

bhposphate 2016.02.26
Fun RPG, ended up wanting more from it.

quinny420 2016.02.19
this was a funny one made me laugh.

NaverNoob 2016.02.07
Too easy, also lag in final

Fadekiller 2016.01.23
Ok game. Was fun to play. Ended up wanting more game when it ended

Vrykolas2k 2016.01.17
Interesting way to pay through college.

Satyric 2016.01.01
Awesome game but kind a simple.The graphic is ok too, really enjoyed this game :3

bobslay 2015.12.22
this a super gammes all good

JohnGinx 2015.12.03
Not a very long lasting game, sorry but not too great neither

artieruther 2015.11.25
i always found this game entertaining and funny. i`ve played it before and become the BJ queen!

Shubiu 2015.11.17
Really funny very simple and funny game. some prize-picture is so unexpected. need more rounds.

twazoih 2015.11.16
Simple but fun game. Hope they`ll make a sequel!

SUPERTARP 2015.11.13
great,its neeeds more stuff though

Montelino2905 2015.10.18
What really good fun that was! MOre

drakesmith169 2015.10.17
They should add titty fuck

DerInteressierte 2015.10.13
Not that deep but i would like to get one of these BJs

Sexguy1 2015.10.02
free blow jobs yea fuck this is good

Ner0 2015.08.29
no good graphics animation is okay

Tyrian 2015.08.28
Nice game, though it gets a little repetitive. Upgrade descriptions are a touch vague, but that isn`t an issue.

Anonymouz1248 2015.08.25
Wow. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwow wow. But need to improve graphics. but awesome

twotouch 2015.08.19
it has been a long time since i have played this game, it was fun then and still fun now

alanwake 2015.08.16
ambitiously teasing, enjoyable to play...

Dan the Man 2015.08.01
It`s a simple game that I keep coming back to.

Triple D 2015.07.23
It`s not SuperDeepThroat, but it`s good in its own right :)

andrewhyk 2015.07.18
The graphic and story line of this game is good and at first you will think its a normal and simple game. after playing for awhile more. it gets addictive.

Peanuts2563 2015.07.10
the animation could be better with more choices maybe

xsin 2015.06.28
Over all not bad. could use a little bit more diversity in graphics.

Oobik 2015.06.26
At first you think this is a too simple game, but after 3 minutes you can`t stop untill the end

mikey416 2015.06.04
good game, very simple yet great animation

pedrobrandt 2015.06.03
cool game the graphics are nice 18 days till the end for me haha

Sthyll 2015.05.31
This game is just awesome ! I think this is one you don`t want to finish !

MasterPlg 2015.05.27
nice game but imo should be more developed

bybob30 2015.05.17
great game, just wish it was longer and looked better

Qldjace 2015.05.17
Kind of difficult but a good game overall

bpcd523433 2015.05.12
I forgot she wanted college

sfrost858 2015.05.10
nice simple game. could be longer with a better story and different views of the girl. but otherwise a good game

spartanlock616 2015.05.04
love to see it with some qulity animation

LadyNaomi1313 2015.04.18
16 days to get into DSU

narutosasuke123 2015.03.31
love the animation of this blowjob rpg

grayfox127 2015.03.30
really good game. one of the better blow job simulators

grayfox127 2015.03.30
very sexy and straight to the point

lawislaw 2015.03.25
this make fun.. the animation is simple but ok.. the moving of the mouse is also ok..
little skill system makes fun...
changing optics through game also..

85 Points :)

42Firehawk 2015.03.24
Good game, could include many more options after finish, but still good.

Zoshier 2015.03.18
Nice game, perfectly executed, just wish it had a better art style.

de_master 2015.03.14
A good but short game. Could be a little but longer maybe with some challanges.

ghost rider 2015.03.13
its anice game and agood story

Kel-Johnnie 2015.03.11
i think the game was too simple for me

Eddcerv 2015.03.03
it´s a nice game to pass the time

holystoner 2015.02.28
very linear - but strangely enticing! wish there were more options and more levels - and bigger dicks

atlas991234 2015.02.26
In my oppinion not worth of the time, RPG part pretty weak

m.browne88 2015.02.21
fun for what it is. not overly complicated once you upgrade the skill set

Steeljore93 2015.02.13
Its an ok game. Not the best, but a good game.

jeevesfsw 2015.02.11
fun way to pass the time, easy to play

manolete 2015.02.06
its was a fun way to pass the time. Not as great as other games, but i guess thats why i found it under TEASE.

Nizodk14 2015.02.05
Great game. also the Graphics were smooth.

markg1991 2015.01.30
simple but a fun game i do like gloryholes

Madganer 2015.01.28
Great game. Funny ending. also the Graphics were smooth.

jtk666 2015.01.26
absolutely amazing game i love how u can upgrade

dlat1272 2015.01.25
simple yet fun game to pass the time with

schmi17 2015.01.23
a Little bit too linear but Action and technic it was good

gwazz 2015.01.21
to repetitious seemed pretty boring

playforcej 2015.01.21
Kind of repetitive after a few days. TLDP (Too long, didn`t play) all the way at least. Unexpected amount of story from the beginning.

7514698 2015.01.16
Another simple game but really like the animation. Simple, yet enjoyable.

belcebusex69 2015.01.16
Beautiful Game , simple and nice

Pigfortune 2015.01.04
This girl is a fast learning. Her talents can be built up quickly. It`s a little frustrating at first as she learns to overcome the gag reflex and keeping a good rhythm on the shaft. The credits start rolling in with experience. After five or six turns she`s making semen flow like persecco on ladies night.

ocholoco 2015.01.01
very good simple game,nice graphics

karaprens 2014.12.24
simple but good rpg. Too easy and you are doing same things again and again.

My rating: 60 / 100

mavgunnery21 2014.12.22
wish there was more than just bj on this game

rkimmelerre 2014.12.19
A lot of fun, especially considering how simple it is. It`d be very interesting if there were more options and possibilities.

mrmanager 2014.12.15
It was pretty easy but actually kinda fun.

Alorine 2014.12.13
Very funny game, but a little bit short

leco888 2014.12.08
good idea, but a little short

SpaceGhost53 2014.12.06
great game .Always nice to help a student work their way through collage.

moses54 2014.12.06
interesting idea, but the animation is a little bit static

hapo 2014.11.28
These are some relly grreat games and i love how they loom real. They r also real funny and i like them.

katisnota 2014.11.17
kinda wish there was more you had to do in this game but it was fun

katisnota 2014.11.17
graphics were great and interactions were awesome

katisnota 2014.11.17
not bad would be better if there were more actual abilities

katisnota 2014.11.17
A bukkakke option would be wonderful

Kiproll 2014.11.09
used to love this game, even if it was simple. still looks good and plays well

daveydave 2014.11.04
This is my first blow job game and I found the range of moves and choices to be quite impressive, the animation quality perfectly suits the action and the sound effects are fitting and good too. Thanks for a fun game.

Lola_Watts 2014.10.16
Really liked the.. but it`s too short :)

AstroMachine 2014.10.05
Finally a good blow job game. Wish there were more to upgrade. Also, graphics and animation could be better especially when gagging. Hope to find a sequel.

artik20 2014.09.16
didn`t like it as much too slow and not that good

Zefreemen 2014.09.15
really fantastic game but it was fast and to quick

parkerb93 2014.09.14
need to give the option of bukkake

esi25 2014.09.07
this game is only for filling time. not more.

Subtleginge 2014.09.07
the game is quick to complete, but it is one of my favorites

okkosan 2014.08.31
easy but easy to enjoy
swallowing missing

DanielRH0333 2014.08.30
Great game love it medium graphs perhaps it would be better if it was longer and had more upgrades but i like it very much

SeamusWalker 2014.08.30
it was ok i guess if the prices went down instead of 200 for a lvl 1 upgrade

sterlo 2014.08.16
It`s like this game very much.

rickrolleer 2014.08.11
85 would be 100 if she swallowed the cum

Kyleceleron 2014.08.02
i completely forgot she was working to go to college lol

Iva_bigun_12 2014.07.23
A good game, easy to play

dmckay 2014.07.19
More fun than it has any right to be.

MikeyH74 2014.07.19
no good reason why i should like this game but I do1

frank202 2014.07.15
A hot girl and a funny ending

R3ader63 2014.07.15
i loved this game jut it was really easy

alfalf 2014.07.10
kinda simple and repetitive game

ultimatenightmare 2014.07.08
this is the best game i have ever played, i`d play it again.

psychdoc76 2014.06.24
Great game. Played well beyond the tuition.

iamnoob11 2014.06.12
Easy game but very entertaining, even though content doesnt change still multiple playthroughs.

Copenhagen12 2014.06.11
I really enjoy this game, simple but very good. Sound, appearance, all good.

vendiyz 2014.06.08
it was kinda fun not really my kinda game still rhough ill give it a thumbs up

hunters23 2014.06.07
not a huge fan, felt weird with the weird looking cocks at the beginning. decent game but I won`t be playing again.

allujena 2014.06.06
Nace game. Goods Graphics. Some repetitive.

AOK-CB 2014.06.04
okay i really love this game it gives me the sexual energy to fuck my wife.

Light_Obsidian 2014.06.03
I enjoyed this game. A sequel would be great. Character design or selection would be a good addition. Possibly expansion in other areas as well such as positions.

ladiesman420 2014.05.29
enjoyable......although felt weird at times.....
still fun game.....
nyc graphics.....
happy cumming...!!!!

CrisR7C 2014.05.26
Nice game but too short!! Still good

BverComander 2014.05.16
interesting game.... too short

keiranmraine 2014.05.11
Great, your get kind of fixated on trying to fill the pleasure bar before the orgasm though

judytabooty 2014.05.10
Love this game. I wish there was a college one where she would need to continue for tuition.

meneerdocent 2014.05.09
Weird but also fun at the same time. Not gonna play it again thou

loobalou 2014.04.26
good simple graphics,gets boring very quickly

Borsuk15 2014.04.23
typical arcade game, but girl is nice.

Cashy99 2014.04.23
Average, probably wouldnt bother with this game again.

bobikow 2014.04.19
hehehe you need to tune the car and She later see the effects.

katiesmiling 2014.04.17
This is a fun little game to play... once you get rich its easy mode to play. i recommend trying it

d_ahat 2014.04.11
Simple, but funny and relaxing.Good quality.

drakex 2014.04.04
Good game, nice animations, but little repetitive.

conner129 2014.03.31
good and fun she is to perfect

jlo 2014.03.27
Quick and fun. Nothing too difficult about it

bondagebabe 2014.03.25
this is awesome wish i was her!

rennarenna 2014.03.24
yeah !1 i`m graduate ... oral passion

Shevexs 2014.03.20
Very simple but a great game. I recommend it

apilot 2014.03.01
nice game, a turn on bt orgasm comes faster

WARDOG77 2014.02.25
not a lot of replay value but good the first time

littlecletus 2014.02.18
fun game the first time but got board after a few plays

Sleeepy 2014.02.15
RPG + Sex Games = Perfect combination!

sexymuktanilakhe 2014.02.13
i think it`s a great game: glory hole
nice graphics and gameplay.

Invictuss814 2014.02.13
it wasnt a bad game the graphics were good the game play was really simple though I guess id go maybe 4 out of 10

xXSamRothXx 2014.02.04
It`s fun and hilarious, great game.

wet harmonica 2014.01.21
I like the game especially with all upgrades

TheOne678 2014.01.18
Great game, very addictive

jongreeneyez 2014.01.11
Fun game - a way to save would be a good feature.

xjaws 2014.01.02
funny and simple game nice job

alexa132 2013.12.28
that was a real different game, havent seen this 1 before

bubbaj222 2013.12.27
This is one of the most addicting games out there. It`s simple, yet satosfying

reskos 2013.12.27
He he! This was fun. Need more like this.

rockitgood 2013.12.27
what a way to make money for school...great game.

TechnoDemon 2013.12.24
Not bad. Slow to start, but once you can afford upgrades it progresses quickly. It would be better with different cumshots - the more pleasure, the greater the load, for example. Also, be nice if there was an option where she swallowed - and got more money for that.

conando98 2013.12.23
Good game but it ends very fast

watermancable 2013.12.20
great game, such a cute girl to play as

Zucifer 2013.12.20
nice game...amazing graphics

CelestiaRun 2013.12.19
I wish this game could last a little longer. But over all it was enjoyable.

Gamemaster1213 2013.12.16
funny, simple and nice game

kkillllllller 2013.12.12
Its a bit scary how fast those guys can get it off

vzzz 2013.12.10
Interesting concept, nice animation

nick4iezos 2013.12.02
Fun game. Odd to be working on the girl end - anyway, thought there could have been some sort of sexy ending like getting banged in college or something, as a reward for the people who worked through the RPG. Just my two cents.

Regret83 2013.12.01
really simple game and really easy to understand

fuckbuddyissexy 2013.11.30
gets a little boring after a while

thisguyisbored 2013.11.29
i like these kinda games for when you just wanna relax and not want to do much but still think you are doing something

missingcase76 2013.11.25
Can`t believe I wondered what a "tease" game is. Meh it was ok but obviously a little short. Do prefeer the sims more.

knucklez741 2013.11.19
Cool game, alluring and addictive!

bp8 2013.11.18
great. if only it were longer.....

Fabricant 2013.11.11
This game is simple but I love it anyway. I find it incredibly hot.

doublejk200 2013.11.11
is it possible to get pleasure to 100%?

brandondrake 2013.11.10
nice game good graphics

Staliza 2013.11.03
Great game and Animations!!

Martos68 2013.11.03
Fun, simple game. I would like more variety in graphics and gameplay. Fun end

Badvoc 2013.11.03
quite fun that one, no real challenge and the pay scales rise quite dramatically

bobem2534 2013.10.23
Great game. Though it was a bit annoying that of the vanity options, stripping her naked was the most expensive.

Ziemniaki 2013.10.20
Love this game, make more of that

TheLegitTaco 2013.10.10
That ending was pretty funny.

albertofm 2013.10.09
Pretty good game, girl was hot!

FEARWOLF 2013.10.05
Very fun game, has amazing graphics, and the girl is very hot.

teddy0123 2013.10.04
Very interesting and amazing game

steele 2013.10.01
difficulty scales nicely, ease of gameplay not too steep a learning curve

slutmaja 2013.09.23
great gameplay with fine graphics

noreania12 2013.09.22
I like this game quite a bit, but it just takes so long to get the girl good enough to get a lot of money quickly.

diamondboy76 2013.09.20
kinda boring. Hot girl though.

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

shyman44425 2013.09.15
Fun, simple game. Funny ending.

franksm2118 2013.09.15
not bad a little short though

PlayForce0ne 2013.09.01
Good game but needs more options and a better plots

Fadrahk 2013.08.29
boring, repetitive.... wait, why did i play it to the end. :P

pepperp 2013.08.27
Very orally fixated game...

tbone357 2013.08.27
Not bad, but the game froze up on me.

awesomealec75 2013.08.24
Interesting game, but it`s too repetitive to be worth it.

saintvolks 2013.08.23
One of my old favorites. Erotci and fun

bigbird1024 2013.08.22
great quick game. love these games! keep them coming!

money907 2013.08.20
this game was really lame

iloveyou12 2013.08.18
The game has some good graphics , animation is good too, overall the game is quite good.

stkforlife 2013.08.15
simple yet genius I love it

Dirk8000 2013.08.13
Nice to go for the blow job from the other side

sexy.kevin 2013.08.07
hot mouth on big dicks, just how it should be

dungo 2013.08.05
this game is quite short and easy, but it`s so hot and i played it more then once. really like her tits too, maybe next idea, tit job university?

runningfromlions 2013.08.03
Haha, `deepthroat university.`

I love the music at the end. And the best upgrade, is the one for no gross dicks.

vanity.suicide 2013.07.31
funny little game good for killing time.

no real quality other than that...

M.Aurelius 2013.07.31
This one`s very simply, but so fucking hot.

smartsex 2013.07.25
simple and the concept of building attributes makes it more interesting

jack665 2013.07.25
Absolutely beautiful game not very hard but still very fun

drgnflame 2013.07.24
good game good graphics too i love

saltedtorsk 2013.07.23
hot mouth on big dicks, just how it should be

SummoningDark 2013.07.22
Love the simplicity, the text, the attention to detail... brilliant.

Procamper 2013.07.22
Funny, but could be more difficult.

warpedbullet 2013.07.18
Awesome game but could include some pussy.

hornin 2013.07.17
this was a awesome game it has good quality and graphics

LexiBoo 2013.07.15
Very good, I enjoyed this game.

Andrea81 2013.07.14
God this game is pretty hot. The animations and sound effects were excellent and this will get the juices flowing if you`re into it like I am. If there were more to it, I`d rate it even higher but as is, it`s a solid 85 for me.

lok14 2013.07.11
Too much repetition, it was too simple in my opinion.

suee314 2013.07.09
Got me going. This game is hot! Made me want the real thing bad

nickolas997 2013.07.08
this is a great game i really like it

totto0675 2013.07.07
to short, but really nice game :)

yolo12 2013.07.05
Very fast type of game, but very fun

schoone18 2013.07.02
wow that game totes rocked i love the way the motion swayed

rockhard1985 2013.07.01
I remember playing this one a while back very sexy, love a dirty girl getting money for a sexy glory hole blow job.

dannygten 2013.06.28
This is one of the best games I have played.

somedude0 2013.06.27
Solid idea, bad execution. It could be intriguing to see something similar with some actual work put into it.

JUUHUUU 2013.06.26

josephcarli 2013.06.24
good game, but way too short

Spacesoul 2013.06.23
this game was kinda fun to play

girlxxx1993 2013.06.22
nice and easy game. and a really sluty girl

happygilmore 2013.06.21
Got me going. This game is hot! Made me want the real thing bad

Alessanda 2013.06.20
nice game... i really want more

DeadSnake91 2013.06.20
I really loved this game! Really need a sequel or something similar.

swilcox17 2013.06.19
The ending is actualy quite ironic

tl-morteza-tl 2013.06.13
Wow RPG sex games this could be a revolution !!!!!

william0125 2013.06.10
really good game I really injoy the upgrades

jameskan 2013.06.09
New nice looking game, liked it

bigolr 2013.06.09
Good game, for basic game play but it can be upgraded.

VisionOfDeadDesire1 2013.06.08
The game needs more variety

listener 2013.06.06
Not a bad little game. Worth a try.

wotism 2013.06.05
Surprised by how much i enjoyed this simple but fun game

this is a good time waster wish they would make a glory hole were you can blowjob in the university

champion1980 2013.05.31
cool game bu need improvment cause all the same pattern

Lazzern 2013.05.31
One of my favourites. I love graphic and gameplay. It makes me hard.

Angelus88 2013.05.27
It wasn`t the longest of RPG`s but I still enjoyed it.

pokefan 2013.05.26
I tought the ending was kinda funny. it was a good game.

hahahorny2 2013.05.24
hot girl but slightly difficult to master and too simple

gman3 2013.05.23
great game love the ending will never forget that ending man

waasig 2013.05.19
nice game, with a good ending

xpress79 2013.05.16
ok game but not much to it

peedie 2013.05.13
i liked it. girl looks hot. the sound of her deeptroathing makes my cock get hard.

trollality 2013.05.11
It could have been better, but more over very decent gaming exp.

49fp 2013.05.11
Fun game to help girl get tuition.

sanket2200 2013.05.08
actually a good game!! easy and simple but fun

sanket2200 2013.05.08
not a great game!! disappointing...repetitive and also boring!

growlands 2013.05.06
Very easy game with a pretty memorable ending and awesome upgrades.

thelew 2013.05.01
great game. simple and easy to use. i love the upgrades. perhaps a sequel with more girls?

griffin123 2013.05.01
Crafty, very crafty indeed

twaz 2013.04.30
this game was kinda fun to play

delfman4 2013.04.30
just a average cum tycoon

Diletant 2013.04.27
bit linear. nice idea but I did not manage to finish it up

leroiyohan 2013.04.18
well no big challenge here but fun enough

raignarock 2013.04.14
It is a ok game when you are bored but its a time spender

Mr Loz 2013.04.13
Good animation, I prefer games that are a little more difficult

mrgentlesir 2013.04.12
amazing game, brilliant and hot animations (came twice in one playing ;)

neonx 2013.04.11
reali nice game, I injoy it, good job :)

gwazz 2013.04.10
good once you get going nice graphics

ezio666 2013.04.10
this game had good graphics and was fun to play

matt9001 2013.04.09
I enjoyed the game and the graphics. I just wish there had been more to actually do when you`ve been building up skills. Like some new challenge or something.

AntoSerr 2013.04.07
Great game, found it pretty cool how you could upgrade stats

SecretDdi 2013.04.07
I didn`t stop when I had 10000 :D

Dottomesso 2013.04.05
awesome! great graphic, very funny game and real interesting to upgrade skills! I love this game!

camfraser11 2013.04.04
decent game, graphics looking good and takes up a bit of time

gartal 2013.04.03
funny little game good for killing time.

no real quality other then that

chandra1986 2013.04.02
Funny game..
The girls look like under 19yo

pornogod 2013.03.31
very nice and the ending is humoreous i rate it 7 dicks

MrHandcock 2013.03.30
Very hot game, made me really hard.

coopchase 2013.03.26
The graphics are very nice.

electrolite 2013.03.26
great game, nice chick. Next competitions would be two or more gloryholes :-)

egnalc 2013.03.23
Pretty boring. The girl looks like a kid, and I`m not interested in small girls.

darkrogue 2013.03.17
alright game but could see some more action

fireman19 2013.03.14
great game with good animations

JohnW123 2013.03.10
great game need to find out how to get her arousal up though !

manmulcahey420 2013.03.10
Awesome game. Played it a bunch of times

DrgH 2013.03.08
Good game with nice animation

sadsad741 2013.03.06
awesome game the girl is cute

crazycuda 2013.03.02
silly game, never managed to get teh pleasure meter pegged

Rainbowstoy 2013.03.01
One of my favorite games, it`s good to see a game that can still be silly.

grzymek 2013.03.01
Realy funny game I like Manga and Anime girls

JarheadHME 2013.02.20
Nice game, i like the graphics, they`re not bad, and although the animations were kinda meh, i still like the game, the ending is funny.

priah 2013.02.18
love this game it was one of the first ones I`ve ever played

wafel123 2013.02.17
Good game with nice animation

schnuik 2013.02.17
nice quick game, made it on day 18
boring animation after all :(

Elerias 2013.02.17
i like the dating games better. but this was decent for its type

SummoningDark 2013.02.12
Love this game. Great story.

schoone96 2013.02.09
WOW so F*** sexy i love it

Bolt98 2013.02.09
love the grapics and the story is great

patellove 2013.02.05
Amazing Game !!! I love it mannn..... I want this game Part 2... What a wonderful blowjobs....:)

tb14 2013.02.04
this game was funny but messed up at the same time but i enjoyed it it`s a cool game

soulkiss 2013.02.02
this game is simple and easy to plat, graphichs are nice, a little more action could only help gameplay though

cgraham 2013.01.29
The gameplay is really easy.

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game i didnt even finish the game.

MasterBear 2013.01.24
this game was not fun at all there is nothing to really do

Yousuf 2013.01.24
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

Doom Eclipse 2013.01.22
it was alright but to simple and the animation was a little weak

stalemate7 2013.01.13
This game is pretty original! Not bad

Messer13 2013.01.12
A very good game. Loved it.

sharky187 2013.01.10
funny ending to a great game

znirre 2013.01.09
great game need to find out how to get her arousal up though !

znirre 2013.01.09
the best game ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not ty 4 xp

gartal 2013.01.07
it may be a bit too simple. but fun at all =)
i love the girl wearing the uniform more than being nude

wallywrld34 2013.01.05
cool, maybe in the next game (after deep throat college) she can fuck through the glory hole

jflood 2013.01.05
not to bad could be better but still not bad

natalyasvensson 2013.01.05
great game, love the graphics and the girls

dannyritter 2013.01.03
Lol, took a little bit to figure it out. decent game though.

veleno72 2012.12.31
Funny girl! :D
I`ll have to give it a try sometimes....

ballsac 2012.12.30
This game may very well change the world. It may not, as well. Likely not. It`s ok, though.

ultimatestewie 2012.12.28
love it!!! so nice, very sexual and satisfying

BulleT208 2012.12.24
Simple yet entertaining game

im3xbuck 2012.12.23
good game, gets a little boring though..

silky 2012.12.23
a silly game but it is ok

Jangli Sex 2012.12.21
it is not funny i expected more.

tenderpapa 2012.12.18
nice game, but a bit to samely

mrwackonator 2012.12.15
a nice game, anyone know if there is a sequel?

newbuddy 2012.12.13
The red bumps on some of them, aren`t needed

sanfoora 2012.12.11
fun game ,, but i think it`s need something to make it more hot

sexysushi 2012.12.09
A simply funny game but there could be something "after", at university

MV2150 2012.12.07
A good game. Straight-forward, no confusions or complications. That makes it one of my higher choices easily, by simple definition. XD

mrdicky 2012.12.05
a very funny game with this girl

wsfhary 2012.12.05
awesome should be more after love it

moaning 2012.11.27
the game was okay ,its only a game for passing the time

Long Dick 2012.11.24
like this game,would like to have seen the sperm build on her tits and and been able to play with her tits along with the blow job.

Sevensyn007 2012.11.24
good game want to see more

Act132 2012.11.23
Fun game and nice graphics

vllad 2012.11.23
good game, but i`m kinda dissapointed

h-life7 2012.11.21
it was awsoooooooooome.find me a whole like that i want to put it in it:@:@

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


Fmwarloc 2012.11.11
thats is some deepthroating she can do

BloodyRomeo 2012.11.11
Sexy, Easy & Erotic
Luv it

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Very nice game. More and better sound effects and characters would be appreciated. Liked the progression, need some more rewarding I think.

baalooos 2012.11.08
this is a weird game but i found it really fun ;)

dcooper 2012.11.07
fun game once u have full stats game is to easy

scrubby 2012.11.06
Very good game. Not enough developed but very funny. I like it a lot.

Kudos5 2012.10.29
This game is not very special at all. Repetitive and boring. Needs more RPG element. 3/10

Yenga 2012.10.29
i like this game, very good gfx

DanWestcoast 2012.10.25
Not fun at all, kind of boring

Gr3cx 2012.10.22
My personal favorite, Loved it

badboyz 2012.10.17
good animation. very cleaver

morgano 2012.10.16
this game is awesome i like it alot

biggsreddy 2012.10.16
Kind of repetative Not my type

SexyFreind#1 2012.10.15
i thot the game was entertaining
something bttr thn just sitting around watching porn

love7612 2012.10.15
This game was great . I wish she could have done more tricks .

lolcake2 2012.10.09
nice game, but a bit to samely

icebox363 2012.10.06
games is to easy but its still good

rexzilla 2012.10.02
great game an easy to play

neofingzt 2012.09.29
The game didn`t give me a boner, boring.

RowdyRod 2012.09.28
23 days to get to college.... better get sucking!!!

iFuckedYourHoe 2012.09.27
taught my girl how to suck my dick better

harrywibowo 2012.09.26
Funny games, but definitely not my talent to do blowjob :D

MagnusXXX 2012.09.26
Good game, for basic game play but it can be upgraded.

thnrfvi1 2012.09.22
like this game, but i couldent make the pleasure bar reach max

drakki 2012.09.21
I really enjoyed playing this game, it`s made me horny!

Paige_Elodie84 2012.09.21
I enjoyed myself; this is a good game to play when bored.

TayeDinero 2012.09.19
pretty good i like the fact you can customize your cock sucking skills as you progress. great game to play when you are bored

dangibney 2012.09.12
Not a bad little timewaster. Gets a little repetitive, but the graphics are pretty decent, gameplay`s all right and some of the descriptions of the upgrades had good humour. When I first saw how much you needed to go to college I was worried, but after all of the upgrades it was pretty quick and easy.

Lena4 2012.09.09
It`s quite boring. Every day the same thing.

nordmatti 2012.09.08
good game, gets a little boring though..

ssmith 2012.09.07
nice double your sliding idea

jyaire 2012.09.03
so fucking boring but i luved it

pablo13 2012.08.29
the game was good but really boring i got tired.

Ahawk03 2012.08.26
Like the simplicity of the game, it was still a great game though.

Aket133 2012.08.25
This is just a fantastic game i like the RPG elements in it.
The game felt a bit weird to control first but when i got the hang of it it was alot of fun!

kawsrob 2012.08.25
Storyline is simple and quite repetitive, it quite fun

Wallace99 2012.08.25
Suprisingly very entertaining game for such a simple game

Ruffy091297 2012.08.21
this game was awsome its the third time i play and i keep getting a boner

Vrykolas2k 2012.08.19
Well... it could be more interesting.

jahe 2012.08.18
she really know what she`s doing
the "gag" was just amazing..would try that kind of throat

jimbo090 2012.08.17
good game but slighty repetitive need more expansion

Sam115256 2012.08.14
not one of my favourite games, but if it was improved that would be better

randy06 2012.08.12
a silly game and its not much to do it needs more action and more excitment involed

reempie 2012.08.12
very nice gameplay, hot to see this girl with the dicks...

rickroll24 2012.08.12
Quality concept, if you were to expand it to further detail for upgrades and provide better graphics / more options it would be fantastic.

michael136 2012.08.12
very entertaining game, would love to see more like it.

Westi 2012.08.11
Very funny, but also a great challenge!

oXDarkEyesXo 2012.08.11
Fun game a bit short but good!

katie61357 2012.08.05
a fun game i guess and too short i think

Dane1988 2012.08.05
A Good rpg that gets right to the point, good graphics

Troyking11 2012.08.05
Better version of this game called Super Deepthroat although there`s no story like this game.

AdidasGirl 2012.08.04
Nice dicks on the rpg ;)!!

MarcoXXL2245 2012.08.03
this game its not really good

groky 2012.08.02
nice game, but a bit short in my opinion

crazyblade23 2012.08.02
It isn`t the best game on here, but it isn`t the worst either.

whathefuck 2012.07.29
i love games likes these but it does get annoying after a while

MasamuneZeroX 2012.07.24
I absolutely love this game

updown66 2012.07.23
It`s petty good but i don`t like how you the same thing over and over again.

BigMike81 2012.07.22
Interesting game. Very turned on now.

iloveanal4 2012.07.21
very simple and short but i like it

Fuckmehard2012 2012.07.21
A good game but iits tha sme thing over n over

maikel1986 2012.07.18
very funny game to play, and is something else than the other games

pepeillo 2012.07.18
it wwill be good if you can change the point of view

lngbrdr22 2012.07.17
Good graphics and fun. kind of short tho

wittbo 2012.07.14
A really simple game, but decent enough. If there was a time limit, that would make it better.

hellokitty10238 2012.07.14
I like this game it has gret graphics

master1v 2012.07.11
the game itReally quite fun, quick leveling up. Only criticism is it isn`t that sexy, more just fun, though the concept is quite arousing.

Joe23TX 2012.07.11
Fun game but could use more than just the same thing over and over

coolman1706 2012.07.10
I love the graphics of this game, find them very good!!!
I would like it to be longer...

Tallahassee 2012.07.09
poor graphics but entertaining game, at first. But got boring doing the same thing over and over

rafik112 2012.07.07
would have been nice to see more of the girl as you level up .

nastybaby 2012.07.05
Interesting spin on an old concept. Fun enough.

dannieru 2012.07.05
I really liked the game, would recommend unlocking everything ;D

chris8833p 2012.07.03
where was this in my school

bigdick97 2012.07.03
this was really fun....weird....im not gay

James007007 2012.07.02
Really quite fun, quick leveling up. Only criticism is it isn`t that sexy, more just fun, though the concept is quite arousing.

matrix123 2012.07.02
nice gameplay and graphics

austin123 2012.06.30
A truly wonderful game would love to play it again

archane24 2012.06.28
good game with good graphics but kinda repetitive

arie26 2012.06.25
Very good graphics, and good game how is normal, in this tipe of games!

bestia99rom 2012.06.18
The game was alright but gets old very quick.

hillcat21 2012.06.16
wish there was more to suck dick for.

mauskis 2012.06.09
need more girls and more scenes this need to continue

MadnessUK 2012.06.05
Simple game... oddly compelling. Just need to teach my GF to give head like this ;)

Nezerith2 2012.06.01
would have been nice to see more of the girl as you level up .

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.01
a very funny game with this girl

elluu 2012.05.30
Nice game and good job! awesome

Soul Assassin 2012.05.29
pretty basic game,it needs a little more woman,good just too repetitive,

ifuckyourmom7 2012.05.27
funny game. keep up the good work

Billy_77 2012.05.26
silly little game, but fun to play more variety would make it better

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Very funny game! Nice grafic and story :)

XxassassinxX 2012.05.22
great game is there a sequal or another game like it?

hell19 2012.05.20
altough stiryline is not so nice it is a worth try

bob247 2012.05.20
simple game but has potential overall

harveyzee 2012.05.18
Sex asian girl but not much skill to it

nms2899 2012.05.16
Interesting game a nice change from the other games.

Toggboy 2012.05.14
A really simple game, but decent enough. If there was a time limit, that would make it better.

m3992010 2012.05.13
I really enjoyed playing this. Made me horny!

bigbellend7 2012.05.05
A nice little game linked to some nice graphics and hot looking cocks. Wish I was there.

husboy 2012.05.01
I like the girl!I want ti visit her!

sodomanie 2012.04.29
this game was not fun at all there is nothing to really do

Johnmcgregor79 2012.04.25
Very enjoyable game,nice anime graphic babe.

beckem007 2012.04.23
graphics could use a lil work

giantofny 2012.04.23
The game was ok. A little too boring and easy and not the greatest grahics but still not too bad.

Justforthis 2012.04.21
This game is really good. This is the first game ie played that has a gloryhole in it. Great idea!

Tammoul 2012.04.18
Really simple and basic, but very nice. I enjoyed it a lot!

superhole 2012.04.15
simple but i really like this game

bmc1997 2012.04.12
it could be better say if they made ot 3-d and not 2-d overall good game

ballsdeep 2012.04.11
i like this game alot it makes me hard just playing it

Dimastiy 2012.04.11
nice game, but a little short

ushxxxpm 2012.04.11
great game, simple but stimulating

wolfyboy 2012.04.11
best site to play this game all the other make it seem like its not as good

lastgasp 2012.04.10
pretty good, ths skill levels actually make a difference

sideswift 2012.04.10
i really enjoyed that although the game is really simple

sideswift 2012.04.10
Ha its pretty easy but its still awesome. Need more games like this....

sideswift 2012.04.10
one of the BEST games i played...

LukeC 2012.04.08
I think this is very addicting with the upgrades, and funny at the end, I played this twice

knoll 2012.04.08
Nicely done game, quite horny

Pac_Man115 2012.04.08
Dont know why but this turned out to be one of the BEST games i played,

really turned me on

mihaiA2008 2012.03.30
best blowjob game i have played. grafics is ok, so is the sound

icearrow 2012.03.28
good game play once through for kicks, funny story line lol

ladysjoy 2012.03.28
the game made me so fucking horny

120489 2012.03.24
Simple and easy just the way i like it

vergil165 2012.03.20
simple, yet still enjoyable though. Very little waiting time

John G 2012.03.20
No bad for a game with not-state-of-the-art animation.

halohunter1368 2012.03.19
this game had me going for a while. i loved it! lots of fun

ECRIDER 2012.03.18
Good simply graphics, the game is easy to play.

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

tacobell123 2012.03.16
game is too easy but overall not bad

uber50 2012.03.13
This is a nice game. Good Idea, easy gameplay. A little to short

locs 2012.03.13
like the plot pretty fun at first but then gets boring until you get her to the gag point

wassup481 2012.03.11
A great plot with good animation to match, but the playing can soon get repetitive and boring.

LOLman23lord 2012.03.11
game was decent but it was a bit too repetitive and boring in places.

sherwoodsucker 2012.03.11
Not really my type, but all right. It`s just a little repetitive

Givain 2012.03.08
Great game. Kind of drags on at points though.

robotswarms 2012.03.04
Fun, but no reason to play it twice.

kergeller 2012.02.27
to simple and very very boring

wateshito 2012.02.25
este juego esta muy largo para como termina con un grafico feo, deberia haber termiando de una forma mas interesante.

Thumper_1 2012.02.23
Game was pretty straight forward, kinda short and repetitive.

Casgo 2012.02.18
At least she get`s to go to school, graphics could have been a bit better, but quick game overall

nefarious1098 2012.02.16
Surprizingly fun, OK a bit basic, but still quite intriging

thyssen 2012.02.15
simple, yet still enjoyable though. Very little waiting/wasting time

Ricardo919 2012.02.14
Fun and exciting game. It was fun to control the action and sexy too. This type of animation can be really hot. Not a frustrating game, trying to figure it out all time. Just enjoyable fun.

justin19862 2012.02.13
this game is ok like they all said its to repetative and there should be at least some other actions than just sucking and licking

Clouding 2012.02.13
Simple and fun game... could have some variant but its fine

madmanmoe64 2012.02.12
Game worked fine for a while, then the bar disappeared and it became none responsive, not good enough to warrant me starting over

Darloman 2012.02.11
Although fairly simple, I really enjoyed this game.

DyaDya 2012.02.10
lmfao...i can`t beleive i had fun sucking cocks..over and over again...i"m not gay

SamSudin 2012.02.07
Nice game,bit short though.
Upgrade choice is nice.

Lloyd1104 2012.02.05
Was fun to play the use of upgrades stopped it from getting boring after the first couple of days

sammyshambles 2012.02.04
not challenging but a nice change from the usual henari games

DerJenige83 2012.02.03
This is a nice game. Good Idea, easy gameplay. A little to short

heello 2012.02.03
adverage graphics but o like the idea

killer37 2012.02.02
fun but just a little too repetative

betelgeuse49 2012.02.01
Fairly repetative, but some fun progressions and nice slurping sounds.

oralFetish 2012.01.31
not bad graphics..could have even more options and story..

Ryoxxx 2012.01.31
Good game with nice animation

bigman456 2012.01.31
really good game love the point of it

agram97 2012.01.30
Funny game but not that interesting.

keoskaroman 2012.01.30
nice game, always love to option to upgrade with new things, even if it is cleaning the bathroom stall lol

pussypussy 2012.01.29
it was allright and a good idea

VentusLau 2012.01.29
it may be a bit too simple. but fun at all =)
i love the girl wearing the uniform more than being nude

double t 2012.01.28
Good game, though need more options like several dicks to suck at the same time (alternate) between them.

ben_500 2012.01.26
pretty boring game but is ok, just 4 the gloryhole idea, i love them

lesP 2012.01.26
Not that exciting, found it repetitive.

Zweibein 2012.01.23
Pretty boring game, just the same over and over again, it would be nicer if there were various girls instead of just one.

ViewtifulMichael 2012.01.18
Played this one on NG before. Pretty simple well put together idea.

banes 2012.01.17
Good game, though need more options like several dicks to suck at the same time (alternate) between them.

reicos 2012.01.16
kinda interesting, easy way to pass a few minutes of time

TickleBear 2012.01.15
Not bad game to play, fun and easy

jush 2012.01.14
amazing game nice graphics!!

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
a very funny game with this girl

Ghem67 2012.01.13
good game, interesting that it has up options.

Pelly 2012.01.13
Not bad, a little simple

Lizzie 2012.01.10
randy little whore. didn`t really like this game, no nudity.

Flubbs 2012.01.10
I like the game but do think pleasure should go up while i have the cock stuffed up my throat.

Carmen92 2012.01.10
Game could use some more options or diversity...

brunz 2012.01.10
simple game, but a little boring, but nice game

Lizzie 2012.01.09
its ok, but nothing really special

Guillaume 2012.01.09
Quite a cool game, a bit repetitive though

rooterman007 2012.01.07
simple game , same moves over and over

oxx 2012.01.04
Pretty boring unless you are into sucking cock.

steven miller 2012.01.04
this game is my favorite i would recomend it to all playeers

Angel Heart 2012.01.02
Nit bad.. not bad at all. could be a little longer though..

i am sexy and i now it 2012.01.01
goodgame but not enough challenge and the graphics could better

Dugorf 2012.01.01
Fun game, not much of a challenge though. Also graphics could have been better.

Lippi1983 2011.12.28
Nice game but not at all challenging... Very easy and predictable..The game was alright but gets old very quick.

Triton400 2011.12.27
Nice game but could have a few different scenes. Kind of short too.

Shadows Desire 2011.12.27
not a bad game would of been good for more options though

kremey 2011.12.25
Quick the interesting twist on a role-playing game... Too short, however...

Akira D Hellson 2011.12.23
does her mother know what is is doing.......... ;D i hope not

fonzarelli 2011.12.22
Could use a better ending to the game, or at least a better graphic.

Abelkay 2011.12.21
nice and funnyyy but booring at last

Abelkay 2011.12.21
beautifull funny and easy

cosmic 2011.12.14
It is a fun game and I highly recommend it for all players

aldyboy 2011.12.14
Fun games, Great simple stories, great games.

PyMpmYsTR 2011.12.13
It`s a little too repetitive, and the actions are too difficult

landrider1 2011.12.12
lol funny little game, though it should be boring it was strangely addictive

sander01 2011.12.12
great game love the chooses you can get.

rahul007 2011.12.11
ok game nt dat great bt gud for pasing time

rex79 2011.12.11
oh what a horny game....

rockstar1026 2011.12.10
good game nice animations but ends quickly.......:)

tomb213 2011.12.07
brilliant game, i kept going didnt realise i had 100k in the bank just loved watching her go at it

TFHOA 2011.12.06
silly game but it´s not bad

Spud 2011.12.06
By far the best game I have played yet! Awesome!!

_swizzzle_ 2011.12.04
very easy and simple game,liked it.

rumxes 2011.12.03
A good and simple game, i like it

dragonwoman82 2011.12.02
I like the game it was easy to play

facefister 2011.12.02
its a very well made and good game but it needs more variety.

deepikanair 2011.11.30
Nice game but not at all challenging... Very easy and predictable... No Variety....

CrimsonDown 2011.11.29
Animations are very smooth, the ending cracked me up and its so addicting i actually hit replay

dylan5437 2011.11.29
sexy and really weird, funny ending

Grukilo 2011.11.28
This game is really fun to play.

ice360 2011.11.28
brilliant game funny ending

lizzie278 2011.11.26
I find this game very interesting and the graphics to be great

crazie45 2011.11.26
i find great humor in this game

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

kldxxx 2011.11.24
I didn`t expect much, and I wasn`t disappointed. The art is good, the plot is simple, the options are limited, and the gameplay is predictable. This is one that is fine for whiling away a little time if you`re easily distracted.

likimeya 2011.11.23
quite repetitive, but fun and quick enough

liverpool726 2011.11.23
Fun game, good animations but really repetitive

higados 2011.11.21
Very funny game, simple but different. Makes me laugh

Krueger 2011.11.20
It made me laugh LOL - I like it xD

Krueger 2011.11.20
Glory Hole xD - Great game

andreas10111 2011.11.18
I love the idea about this game, and the girl is really hot! it`s great

Horny69 2011.11.18
this game was fun and made me laugh

giancarlo005 2011.11.17
I`ll give triple the money if she was with me :)

Reinhart 2011.11.17
Definitely enjoyed this one! Was straightforward but worth playing through

Jan4all 2011.11.15
Well well, after 2 weeks she went happily to college!

justin_rhodes 2011.11.15
Kept me entertained for how long it took to play. Animation was nice except for the breasts. Would like to see something else like it in the future.

Blackstone 2011.11.15
I didn`t expect much, and I wasn`t disappointed. The art is good, the plot is simple, the options are limited, and the gameplay is predictable. This is one that is fine for whiling away a little time if you`re easily distracted.

medjai 2011.11.14
gameplay not so varius tbh but nice idea

Lizzie 2011.11.10
Awesome watching improve her skills and get faster and better.

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

Cons69 2011.11.09
always liked the idea of getting head from a stranger as long as you know its a girl lol

HALOMAN91 2011.11.09
Easily one of my favorites! ;)

tommo2085 2011.11.08
Great game. Very sexy wish you could do more very good.

josvos 2011.11.08
i like it, but indeed to repetitive..

howhow 2011.11.07
Interesting concept but it is repetitive. Changing the graphics after getting new level would make it more entertaining.

ShadowClaw 2011.11.06
nice game, but it gets boring quickly

Atyone 2011.11.06
This game is to repetitive and focuses mostly on penis 6/10

Purger 2011.11.06
cool game but too short and too simple, that at least there is still some action in college

shyadam89 2011.11.06
Love it, wish there were bigger cum shots though...

draxx 2011.11.06
Wonderful game! I like it.. college.. after become a cocksucking queen?

kwal 2011.11.05
Nice game but very short.

webtastec 2011.11.04
great game was fun made me want a blow job from girl friend

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.03
very boring and repetitive game

brightboi 2011.11.03
LOL Click her at the end for a surprise

gunstarred 2011.11.02
Though Repetitive, it`s amusing and keeps you busy for a little while. the "power ups" are a nice touch as well.

hobbit 2011.10.31
pleasant game, nice concept, but a little boring.

waynebzr 2011.10.31
Need more variation, it`s quite boring as it is.

mordicus 2011.10.31
nice graphics blonde girl would be better

sasso 2011.10.29
funny games..easy to play :)

kroyw 2011.10.25
This game is awesome and very hot.

Bloody-Cherry 2011.10.22
wow!! that made me drool for a cock.... lol!!! anyway, i put this into my fav..

bobbobb13 2011.10.22
This game was short but pretty good anyway.

electronz 2011.10.21
this is such a hot game. wish it was longer with more actions though

Tygafifty 2011.10.21
this was cute but yeah the guy before me is right, comment option on the top of the page please.

clonehunter2 2011.10.19
i only have 1 complaint on this site.... have a comment option on the top of the page!

ali_ercu 2011.10.19
i like it.nice story and happy end

jimiren 2011.10.17
Good game,but poor graphic!!!

Blourock 2011.10.16
fun game, but short of options and not so good graphics

Slice 2011.10.15
really good game for such a short one

fian9 2011.10.15
better game than i expected

Paulyp1993 2011.10.14
Amazing game :D Love it 11/10 :D

Duckii 2011.10.13
i do not whant to go to collage :P

pfouse 2011.10.12
Obviously the game is repetitive. It could require maybe a little more story or different places to make it a little more appealing. There is unfortunately a lack of replayability here.

rocknrollguy27 2011.10.09
i love this game I could play it all day long

zabrina73 2011.10.08
her naked in the last scene would cap this game off very well

lita2extremeladder 2011.10.07
fun and simple. nice game

Symbolisch 2011.10.06
I like this game a lot. It`s well made

Gulli 2011.10.06
This game was ok... don`t really see why you should buy the vanity points though, only makes you take longer to go to blowjob school or whatever it is called...

eshesh19 2011.10.05
i expected much of this.. penetration should be present..

rbish640 2011.10.05
alot better game than i expected,

Baal7734 2011.10.05
pretty fun, little too short.

zekezypt 2011.10.03
game might be easy, but is fun, and fully mastering the skill is not that easy. With the collage part it might be more fun, but it is more than playable

doddi 2011.10.03
a silly game but it is ok

somfawa 2011.10.03
Addictive game even though it`s pretty basic

Hot Head 2011.10.02
too easy the game should have extended to collage

bloodonmycock 2011.10.01
I don`t know what it is about this game. it`s overly simple and the graphics are about as basic as possible, yet for some reason I enjoy this one. Maybe it`s the RPG aspect. Not really sure.

Astrolabio 2011.10.01
fun game, but short of options and not so good graphics

dsmason22 2011.10.01
I love the game play, keep up the good work!

Elmoe11 2011.09.29
Very intresting i liked it but maybe you should add more things to do for her to get into collage

DarthRock 2011.09.29
nice quick game, nice anime style graphics, could be better with more complex controls and different looking ...you know lol

Bruce_D 2011.09.26
SExy and fun--especially when you get faster and deeper.

bonecyco 2011.09.26
Fun little game, not a lot to it, but I like the upgrades

fawkes88 2011.09.24
very funny game:-) but it´s to easy

j_wat1 2011.09.24
i upgrade her vanity(no mmore nasty dicks) & Reputation(More money)!

starbanger 2011.09.19
Too repetitive, gets boring quickly.

the_clanless 2011.09.19
I really liked it, it is simple and short, but suprisingly erotic for all of that.

musicace2 2011.09.18
Fairly easy to play and achieve your target, graphics only okay, but not a bad game

dragonstar 2011.09.18
loved the speed of progrssion hope thry make a second one with more features to earn

belcrum 2011.09.17
cool game wish we had something like that back here

agone33 2011.09.17
bof c`est pas ma tasse de th??

Cas88 2011.09.16
One of the best quick games ever!!

amilama 2011.09.12
Good game. It was a little bit repetetive. I would still play again

nightrider 2011.09.11
Very funny games...lol...

mibiz 2011.09.10
SExy and fun--especially when you get faster and deeper.

mibiz 2011.09.10
One of my favorite games!

bigdick2012 2011.09.10
It was a very intresting game that i would play again

Nyuki1478 2011.09.10
It`s a funny game, but repetitive.

no2all 2011.09.09
Would have like it more if the slurping sounds we louder, otherwise pretty good.

mikone 2011.09.08
hot girl, could have made more noise

AmazonQueen 2011.09.06
Game would be much more amusing with sound. Definitely see room for additional options/perks too.

medar 2011.09.06
The game was alright but gets old very quick.

avrage graphics n aniamtion

darkestnight 2011.09.05
More upgrades would be nice. Otherwise, highly entertaining and well put together.

Aleytha 2011.09.05
Pretty good game allthough a little bit easy, the idea it`s great, hope you improve it with more options or posibilities!

Chop2010 2011.09.05
A bit repetitive but still fun

Melimelo 2011.09.04
Good little game, repetitive but a good one to relax time to time.

letmeinthedoor 2011.09.04
this was a time consuming game. but it has it pros and cons.

smackal 2011.09.02
Great games I love rpg but I wish they were more upgrades.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice little game, i liked it.

danm189 2011.09.01
Fun little game with quick goals/rewards

midget_overlord 2011.08.29
This was a fun game, liked it overall, kind of wish there were more upgrades

underworldon 2011.08.28
idea is not bad, but could have done better

jonnyjinma 2011.08.25
More entertaining that I thought it would be.
Simple fun.

Sagres 2011.08.25
I really enjoyed this game

perheiro 2011.08.25
I enjoyed this game alot. I play it quite alot just to try for a better score.

JustSeph 2011.08.25
decent game but got a bit repetetive after the first few goes :/ overall good way to kill spare time

Nashnashization 2011.08.24
hehe i like the game ;) its interesting m:D

Sedric 2011.08.24
actually a really fun game. I always forget to save money for school though

chandraagus88 2011.08.23
nice game... want to try it again and again

jjhayes79 2011.08.22
Good game to short and not enough to do.

Daerc 2011.08.20
Easy game, but pretty fun for the short time it lasted.

Day_Man 2011.08.19
a great game with nice graphics and a funny end

sirdoesnt 2011.08.16
It was nice but there should be more options :S

elo77 2011.08.16
funny girl
but quite long and boring

ski9072 2011.08.16
Fun little game, not a lot to it, but I like the upgrades

xamander 2011.08.14
Pretty fun little game. A little repetitive, but the levels you can buy make it pretty hot.

dopey1377 2011.08.13
game was alright needs a little more to do though

Hardroad 2011.08.13
Fun little game with quick goals/rewards

farkas 2011.08.11
too easy game and simple graphics.

sexydrkgrl88 2011.08.09
This was actually a pretty fun game...to try and get all the upgrades and suck them off lol

malko90 2011.08.07
good game, got boring after a while though

pornomab 2011.08.07
I think that is a little boring..
my vote is 60/100

TheAshigaru 2011.08.07
I love how you can customize it so much!

Megaforce 2011.08.06
It`s a good game, but need more to do

HornyPorny 2011.08.04
i dont like these glory-hole games so much.

bob_500000 2011.08.04
Ha its pretty easy but its still awesome. Need more games like this.

rawr35 2011.08.03
gotta love this game best one out there

twilight1fan 2011.08.01
it is not has great as i thought it would be

spokxx 2011.07.30
simple and funny game but very short

MC388 2011.07.29
The game is ok, but it is very easy

koobly 2011.07.29
OMG AWESOME! Odd how the quality is different throughout the game, but still good nonetheless.

Joshfatninja 2011.07.28
Funny Game, Trying To Get To College, Liked The Reference To Heather Brooke She`s One Of The Best!!!

jenso 2011.07.28
silly game and boring game but the idea is not bad

matthewjacobsutton 2011.07.27
Not too bad. I`d play again

jamjoe 2011.07.27
Gameplay was good but graphics could be better

Sataniszcze 2011.07.26
its ok could use some better graphics

plotter 2011.07.23
did not like the game same thing happened

capfriend 2011.07.22
Graphics are average, game is fun for what it is

bobirdsell 2011.07.22
very fun game. nice order of unlocks. ver good replay value

shadownanto 2011.07.22
very fun game to play, nice upgrades and good graphics

badboy_4578 2011.07.21
hahaha easy did well :D :D

fonix 2011.07.20
It`s pretty simple, but a good game.

Andr237 2011.07.20
good rpg, this game is ok

pro486ca 2011.07.19
i just wish she was a blonde

origami_kandi 2011.07.19
Boring at first, but now that I look back, it got quite addicting. Got to college, and new player, be aware:
There are some nasty cocks she has to suck.

Gaiking 2011.07.18
I like manga girl but gameplay not good

pawan2modi 2011.07.13
good concept but animation sucks, make it more lively in future, please

Vins 2011.07.12
Poor gameplay and poor graphic

naughtynorm 2011.07.12
not overly impressed. it lacks details with poor graphics and is just too repetative with nothing to keep the player interested.

pravesh139 2011.07.12
some more options will be better

nfad 2011.07.10
es un buen juego pero necesita mas opciones

odinschosen1 2011.07.09
good game but could use better graphics

JoeDiet 2011.07.09
Good foundation for a game, but it would be better if it were more in depth.

chiefton 2011.07.08
I hope they add to the game and make it longer.

gnomo951 2011.07.08
nice game, but I would love if it was longer

ikziejwel 2011.07.07
i like the manga style girl

arthur92 2011.07.07
A great game! One of my faves!

Fofally 2011.07.07
There`s not much to this game. Maybe with some more options, it might seem less repetitive. The sucking through the hole is kind of hot though.

ryanjrothmans 2011.07.06
takes alot to get to the end and doesn#t get more interesting as you go on

straley84 2011.07.04
its ok could use some better graphics

azza5551 2011.07.04
its a vary short game and it needs a new make over verdict not vary good at all

Moax 2011.07.03
A great game! One of my faves!

matos91 2011.07.03
simple. i would be better with more graphics

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

banes 2011.07.03
Nice game. Need some more cum dripping on her breasts.

jolien 2011.07.01
nice game , just nox exiting enough

cisse 2011.06.29
This game is too long, and it isnt obvious whats the goal of this game

urgnisten 2011.06.27
nice game, like the way you "upgrade" your skills, would be great with more options though, but maybe in a sequal

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Girl looks kinda young for my taste, not for me.

hentaibitch 2011.06.25
very difficult but great game. i love it :)

goodnite 2011.06.25
bad game...but graphic not bad...simple game

Roskabouter 2011.06.25
Graphics were kinda bland.
And the gameplay was very repetitive.
Still had to finish the game

SoloDrifter 2011.06.24
done one you`ve done them all...no chalenge

worriorc 2011.06.24
It was okay, though the graphics weren`t superb.

paulrulz 2011.06.24
good, but could be better

aniceguy22 2011.06.23
was a little corny but still had to finish it

djokerzt 2011.06.23
not to bad but its not interest me

snakeman5 2011.06.22
I did not really like this game. Seemed kinda stupid. Graphics were crappy

ravenk36 2011.06.21
A simple game though it was fun

Ananas 2011.06.20
nice game, graphics are good, but needs better `evolutions`.

quasib 2011.06.20
good game but was repetitive

DrUnterleib 2011.06.19
way too easy and short! more options please and a hotter girl maybe ...

Nightspiral2k 2011.06.19
i suppose it whiles away the time...

Abuksu 2011.06.18
it`s a good game but it`s too easy.

chrischaos 2011.06.18
The game was not enjoyable and the girl was way too cartoony looking.

turktom 2011.06.17
easy and quite quirky! filled in 5 minutes

LoJo 2011.06.16
Pretty good concept, although it needs a bit more options and it gets repetitive. Maybe you could add costumes or more actions.Good Graphics nice Looking Girl

abazayimulan 2011.06.14
it`s a good game but it`s too easy.

twistedjosh 2011.06.13
not that great of a game, but it passed time

JohnC 2011.06.12
Short game, although good time filler if you need to fill in time

Celirton 2011.06.12
Really great game. Short, hot and simple. Doesn`t need anymore than that.

Feldenor 2011.06.11
A decent game. It gets repetitive towards the end. Enjoyable enough to play once or twice.

sexibitch26 2011.06.10
I like the abilities that this game had but I wish there was more than just deep throat. It would be even better if the option was there to fuck.

sincubus 2011.06.10
Very repetitive. No replayablility. Sex game is uninteresting and easy. Story is weak. Graphics are weak.

GrabbaTheButt 2011.06.10
very repetive , but doenst take too long to play, can`t say i`d come back to it

bigtone 2011.06.09
good game fun but kind of repetative

dragonman1961 2011.06.08
pretty good game..could use better graphics on sex scenes and body parts..thanks

chiefton 2011.06.07
Would like to see more scenes built off this game. like the idea and would like more scenes.

SEXYONE 2011.06.06
good game needed abit more to it tho

BallIdiot 2011.06.06
Simplistic game play that is really repetitive... I suppose the game is kind of funny...

alexis.russell 2011.06.06
Surprisingly fun. It was worth the 15 minutes

ps3 2011.06.05
the graphics can be improved on, but great game overall

mole 2011.06.05
game is repeating itself, could have had more variety and stuff. wasnt that time consuming though so its a good game

b3ru4ng 2011.06.03
it was fun game after all

bigman1822 2011.06.03
The graphics were decent but it was just the same thing over and over again. got boring after a while.

petar32 2011.06.02
i really enjoyed that although the game is really simple

herysan 2011.06.02
the game need more improvement, but its a better game

kinshar 2011.06.01
Cute. A bit on the fast side. Simple concept. Would have been better with a full view of the girl.

sunnyweekend 2011.05.30
Dont like this game .Dont publish them.

Ravenmadd 2011.05.28
Kind of monotonous at times, but at least there is some challenge in it. Enjoyable.

gentleman1236 2011.05.27
Really fun game i enjoy it

freakout981 2011.05.27
ok game. not fantastic though, needs a little more diversity.

theamazingfred 2011.05.26
the games rather short, but still quite fun. graphics not great but you get the idea

MoRkO 2011.05.26

silverstar21 2011.05.26
not bad, but after a while, rather than being fun, it became almost like work.

Freyr 2011.05.26
funny game, but it`s to short

tmac09 2011.05.24
entertaining but a little long...

l_morefudd 2011.05.23
fun game really enjoyed it

partee777 2011.05.21
I actually really liked this game. It was simple and quick

pavithran98 2011.05.21
Good game ,but;it needs a little more woman nudity in it though

pitbull1981 2011.05.21
good game overall.

A little too easy for my taste.

Frenchy44 2011.05.21
This game is awesome, it made me cum FAST

kieranl 2011.05.20
could do to be abit faster

babaabi 2011.05.20
fuunny and nice game !! but too short !

omegastrane 2011.05.20
Could use better work and upgrade to fuck school

dannyboy1234 2011.05.20
entertaining but it takes a while

gensai34 2011.05.19
Great concept for the game however the actions were a little too repetitious.

bigwilks 2011.05.17
pretty cool but could do with more actions like titjobs n fucking

asterakisasteras 2011.05.16
A Little Boring Game Always The Same Moves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mathias1981 2011.05.15
this game isn´t exiting for me

lucky19 2011.05.14
this game is fun, i really like the graphics

patty23 2011.05.14
had lot of fun playing it nice

Viperon 2011.05.12
Can`t say its a good game other than its abit boring and repetive.. but its okay

shakezulla17 2011.05.12
Lots of fun. I have a played a game similar to this one before but this is a good one. Repetitive for a while but stick with it

Schwalbe 2011.05.11
Not my game, just counting points, no variations

aceleon001 2011.05.09
it was nice but a little simple! If possible I want them to add some more feature that would make it a better game!

leobruto 2011.05.08
este game e mito legal recomendo a todos

mawkishmarina 2011.05.08
alright I suppose, interesting at first but gets boring quickly.

theawsumdude 2011.05.08
It needs more actions. It gets old too fast.

jagmonkey 2011.05.08
i had fun but it got boring fast.

speedballz_21 2011.05.07
love this game. may be i love to get my cock sucked too

poisonflash 2011.05.06
This game is too stupid imo.

speedballz_21 2011.05.06
best game of the day for me. what a start to morning

Skarn62 2011.05.06
Not interresteed by this one

Chia 2011.05.05
Great game! i like it but it very easy though.

zapp 2011.05.02
silly little game to master the bj :-)

sufre2510 2011.05.02
a very good service to put in the public toilets

sexboy05 2011.05.02
its a fun little game for teaching women what to do

laura1990 2011.05.02
this is a nice game . i like it

Kiba6824 2011.05.01
good game little monotonous though

ramirezl12 2011.05.01
Great game! Something else tho maybe tits

hardkym 2011.04.30
glory hole wasnt that good

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

sefman2 2011.04.29
great game i love it its alot of fun

nielynator 2011.04.27
wish my girl could blow like that! ??

dean123 2011.04.26
silly game and very boring, but ok.

aurieldul 2011.04.26
this game needs more action is very repetitive

wabbithunta 2011.04.25
game is ok, but....
repetitive and not much action really. could do with a variation.. for a glory hole why not fuck as well?

stanky 2011.04.25
Looks pretty good but gets old very fast.

jameskan 2011.04.24
the game was not fun but it was entertaining

nsfr23 2011.04.24
This game was fun...a little tedious but good none-the-less

deadrabbit 2011.04.23
fun at first, I guess. Got pretty old pretty quick, though.

Alloy347 2011.04.22
Pretty good concept, although it needs a bit more options and it gets repetitive. Maybe you could add costumes or more actions.

jamieberry 2011.04.22
boring game, should be longer

greydart 2011.04.21
Simple and fun:D But the sound was creepy:(

Ayven023 2011.04.21
simple game. but it´s funny

dman1324 2011.04.20
simple, decent graphics, and yet a bit dull

tintin7401 2011.04.19
the game was fun and funny

xenon956 2011.04.18
the game was not fun but it was entertaining

reddeep 2011.04.18
Repetitive but that`s a vicious pleasure to manipulate this new little prostitute. Maybe more bonus to win, when you get all the options enable ?

Bannor 2011.04.18
Not a bad little game. Liked the upgrade system. Could have used a bit more variety...but not bad

zenonx 2011.04.17
Well a little short game but the idea was good. Maybe if it had more "moves" it could last a little longer.

rich0507 2011.04.17
short game but very very sexy defiantly enjoyable

tufstuf86 2011.04.17
This game would be awesome if you could customize your girl`s looks.

R_bOnEz 2011.04.16
i think because of experience that this game is right on the money ,a different variety of cocks an cum shot scenes would spice it up,also how about a gay gloryhole in future

marle123456789 2011.04.16
a good game but it needs more options and its only fun at the beginning

Rated-R5r 2011.04.16
I love the fact that we`re acting as a professional Whore! sucking cock then getting up and upgrading :))

jessicaneilson 2011.04.15
Seems like a game that had a lot of potential to be made into a really amazing game, if a bit more variety was put into it, as well as more skills and such. But as it was, it was entertaining while it lasted.

sa1177 2011.04.14
A fun, quick and dirty game. Made me laugh

brook11 2011.04.14
great game with the idea of improving skills but only one dick it`s boring let`s put a bbc or something just change a little thx

ilkar 2011.04.14
original and funny game. I like it well

pike32 2011.04.14
ok game first time not worth playing over

h1r0 2011.04.13
good game nice idea and gameplay

suzembachi 2011.04.13
Great game wish there was more of it

karlthenoob 2011.04.13
good game bit short could do with a bit more upgrades

gauravei 2011.04.12

lil mario 2011.04.12
a quick way to kill time

kanf 2011.04.11
Nice RPG. Grapics are only average but the rpg side of the game makes up for it

lampu7ahmad 2011.04.11
i love this game...super deep throat...

jmdharper 2011.04.10
I love this game. Finally an RPG porn game. it brought tears to my eyes. the sucking got a little repetitive but I still loved it. Maybe expand on the actions.

rcastle23 2011.04.09
good game but could use bigger screen

peteriris 2011.04.09
This game has a lot a fun....another people must try this!!

Mecki112 2011.04.08
it is an easy, simple, but sexy game.

Angelegh 2011.04.08
good game wish there was more to it

Alubob 2011.04.08
Awesome game! simple yet really fun to play. If someone developed on this it could be amazing!

1978Woops 2011.04.06
a simple but enjoyable game.

nick.bburn 2011.04.06
this is a nice game, fun to upgrade and great graphics

salmon 2011.04.05
a bit short but well worth playing.

zetronx 2011.04.05
this is a great little game. it could do with some expanding, that would make it one of my all time favorites!

Kleiner1507 2011.04.03
good game, just not so hard to play

alphasage1 2011.04.03
Needs a bigger screen other then that great game

LoJo 2011.04.02
I like this game, very good
more games like this please

hentai1337 2011.04.01
surprisingly fun game, wish it had more action

Wisp4420 2011.04.01
I loved the glory-hole part just not the game play

Dezmar 2011.04.01
Very well done for such a short game.

RemoWilliams 2011.04.01
Although fairly simple, I really enjoyed this game.

WSCH 2011.04.01
Good game ,but;it needs a little more woman nudity in it though.

poopsnoop 2011.03.31
pretty good game, not to difficult which is good. I liked the rpg factor

jtjt 2011.03.31
Just silly, not enjoyable for me. I need something more in depth. Do not care for the cartoon graphics either.

Pudge515 2011.03.31
Nice graphics and role play. Intersting aspects to game.

AragornI 2011.03.30
Funny game but will be better with more options

MarkG_VA 2011.03.29
fun and quick, good concept ... some sound effects from the men would make it better ... and bit more detail/higher graphics for the girls face ...

Enthrall 2011.03.27
This game is nice=) I like RPG-style

balmung8 2011.03.27
The game is good , but i have the way plesure depends not on how you do it but on how much you speed and skills are!

blacklab23 2011.03.26
Good game but not much to do so can get boring fast.

jmaster87 2011.03.26
culdve used a couple more features/animations other than that tho its pretty good game

Zeus69 2011.03.26
I didn`t enjoying... Very boring...

gbear3 2011.03.25
solid game. I applaud the upgrade system and the graphics. well done

dragonmaster 2011.03.25
this game is very fun, the graphics are nice and the game is very funny

yoko12 2011.03.25
great game I love glory hole

bambi123 2011.03.24
Simple but not bad. Graphics are also pretty good.

Jabuka 2011.03.23
+ qick
- only 1 function

angelor 2011.03.22
Very fun gameplay. I didn`t know I was a "cocksucker" lol

angel66610 2011.03.22
very fun good for a quick game.

Stylianos 2011.03.22
The graphics can be better but the gameplay was pretty nice

heca 2011.03.20
Nice and funny, but a bit short

crazy_alan1988 2011.03.19
This game does leave me wanting a little more. The only thing is anything I could think of to add to it kind of leaves the original scope of the game.

Nightwiss 2011.03.18
Short game and a lil bit boring

affenmett 2011.03.18
this game is a little bit short

supermario123 2011.03.18
needs to go into sex and mroe stuff

TheGame0512 2011.03.18
I like the premise, but not big on how this game was executed

Dirter 2011.03.18
Could feature more in the way of skill. Pretty good though - I like the upgrade options.

tomswan 2011.03.17
interesting, repetitive, ending could have involved penetration

Nixsen 2011.03.17
short but strangly saticefying :)
A bit more than blowjobs would`ve been nice

Gracerus 2011.03.17
Awesome if your into BJs and Hentai. The sound effects are quite good.

Thanatos0042 2011.03.16
Not a bad game. A bit limited overall, but it moves along pretty quickly. Easy is always a plus however you look at it.

soad909 2011.03.15
i loved it i just wish it was more to it

chris2569 2011.03.15
not that good not much happens

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Good concept, could be a bit longer, still fun to play through it.

redteeler 2011.03.13
fun gameplay smooth and very entertaining

Khaonia 2011.03.12
I love this game. It`s very hot with a cute girl.

trey9wli 2011.03.12
simple, yet mildly entertaining

silver12 2011.03.11
I wish the ending would include some vaginal sex after all that oral

M0RGAN 2011.03.11
soo much fun goin in the favs. :)

chiefwaha 2011.03.10
Pretty simple game, mostly funny, but a little hot.

wiinzj 2011.03.10
Fun idea to put an rpg with an erotic flavour

RatedR12586 2011.03.10
it took me 10 days to buy everything and complete it.

der_biElEr 2011.03.09
yamyam i like the fantasy of glory hole!

Lois_Voom 2011.03.08
Ha this game is funny. But it does take a long time to get the money up.

pavel203 2011.03.07
Love this funny little game

Robee05 2011.03.07
short,but fun. in the end gets a little boring

Cody 2011.03.06
I love gloryhole games but this one wasnt that good.

angel_of_chaotix 2011.03.05
short, but fun game gets alittle boring though as your close to getting the rest of the upgrades. could be much longer and more fun.

nathanxx 2011.03.05
this game make me boring, but if this game not do same move ithink different

dragonlordess 2011.03.05
i sort of wish that it had more rpg or story behind it. also i wish that the clots got cum stains and it was more then blow jobs and stuff.

dragonlordess 2011.03.04
she is going to get perfects in all her exams.

chesika 2011.03.04
i find this one very boring

GentleG 2011.03.04
Great game! Would really like to see a sequel, with better graphics and a different girls. Continue doing games that include Rpg.

nathanael 2011.03.04
the graphic of the game is the best

ryuxo 2011.03.03
The game is short and sweet, fun for what it is.

leslieboy 2011.03.03
_I love it, its simple fun!

redwolf2106 2011.03.03
simple but fun, needs more options.

duncanland 2011.03.03
It was a fine game but finished a bit too soon

Zombiejon 2011.03.02
The game is OK with a good story line but is too simple.

Kotton24 2011.03.02
very good game cant wait for the second one

bananababy 2011.03.02
i love gloryholes!
and the games okay too i guess
very quick game

He_xu 2011.03.01
Little too simple an too small idea. But gooder than nothing. I can`t do even this good.

schmakkes 2011.03.01
kind of a nice game, but becomes quit boring, getting into college is always hard^^

goldenerik 2011.02.28
Not too bad, although it can get kind of boring. Just glad they added the "turn off ugly dicks" button.

cpayne807 2011.02.28
the game is nice. had fun playing

zeretet 2011.02.27
Good graphics , but very short game...

golfbot 2011.02.27
Simple game but would be better if there were additional optios after reaching college or something where she fucks for money

quam 2011.02.26
good game needs a time limit

gorky 2011.02.26
really bad game graphics are not good

Alucardo 2011.02.25
This is a great game wish there were more options however

Shantres 2011.02.25
Cool game. Very very cool!

roudrosk 2011.02.25
takes too long to play, fun game though

TheeDragon 2011.02.24
What happens if her pleasure bar is filled?

kanf 2011.02.24
Simple game, yet funny :)

bjamesd 2011.02.24
the game is a little long

shotkalla22 2011.02.24
i wish i could find a glory hole spot where i could get my dicsucked theres none here in vegas

willsee 2011.02.23
Kind of a fun game..need time frame though

ranmagh01 2011.02.23
That was pretty cute. Simple and fun. Not much to it.

09mike 2011.02.23
This game is to easy to beat plus it gets boring really quick

chet-17 2011.02.23
gets boring after a while

Shea88 2011.02.22
funny and easy game...but not good graphic

hdwb 2011.02.22
Entertaining for one play through, but doesn`t have any replay value.

hunted 2011.02.22
Not too fun way to repetive , but i guess it was ok. Could be made much much more interesting by introducing interactions

dragonj 2011.02.22
nice game. just the graphics are a little low

Faaen 2011.02.22
It`s a pretty good game the first time, but it`s not as fun the second time

coldvians 2011.02.22
My fav game but i hope that the upgrades will be less limited and there would be more next time!

Nightfire 2011.02.21
bit repetitive but was very worth playing

Titansteel 2011.02.21
Cool game! Nice idea! A way to easy

kwinkwin 2011.02.21
this great , a good game, but as longer we will feed up .... too long yes

torque 2011.02.21
wish the game was automated easier 2 enjoy

leumas1122 2011.02.20
its kinda a really boring game

jonneyd68 2011.02.20
kind of funny but after a while it got borring

blaz 2011.02.20
Good game was quite entertaining. Maybe a bit to long overall.

jokeybrd 2011.02.19
Entertaining. Tit fuck would have been nice

i_letit_be_known 2011.02.19
graphics are aight but game could be better

Reggie77 2011.02.19
funny the way i like it. to hot

BaddibuPF1 2011.02.18
this is what i call a hot BJ

alex0412 2011.02.18
A good voice would enhance, pretty good otherwise

jack25 2011.02.18
i love this game so much. i will tell everyone to play!!

Argosax87 2011.02.18
great game but it is to short and the graphic ist ok

sutty 2011.02.17
nice job lol ,would be better if carries on at college.

rafeek97 2011.02.16
great game could have more nudity or scenes though

kahrahzay 2011.02.16
some how such a simple idea is so much fun. really makes me want my own bj.

jcanay 2011.02.16
a bit repetitive and too innocent

alecs00 2011.02.15
few option ! girl is so innocence :)

erik1337 2011.02.14
Would have been nice with some more action, but hentai is always nice

bountyxx 2011.02.14
it`s a vey good game, very exciting. If all girls do the same thing.....

ferlon 2011.02.13
this game is lame always the same and not lots of options

daxamgrave 2011.02.13
Old school game.......bit repetitive, decent graphics. Not boring, but not that fun either.

Darkkakashi188 2011.02.12
Nice game but i wish there were more skills.

goglicious 2011.02.12
nice game, the rpg type is a good idea, but a bit repetitive

Wishes 2011.02.12
old school game, I love it :)

015510 2011.02.12
graphics were decent, though the game play was quite repetitive it was still enjoyable

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