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Trokkar 2017.11.11
The game is good, nice graphics. Love it, just a tad slow, but very nice

KitCarsen 2017.09.16
Extremely hot game...loved it!

Jimbo44 2017.07.27
couldn`t get hot spot to work very wellrn

HiddeObs 2017.06.22
Nice graphics, good gameplay. I liked it a lot.

Poisoned 2017.04.18
It was ok. Seems like an earlier production in progress. Hard to find the right spots to hit. The payoff was well worth the search.

dgkesquire 2017.01.30
A really great pusooy game. I enjoy the idea of switching back and forth between two story lines. The graphics are gorgeous.

stach56 2016.06.08
An interesting game and good graphics. Animation is cut

BriBriMonette12 2016.06.01
how do you play this game

Ladiesman127 2016.02.29
I like the story of this game. It had great grapics in it,,, Nice

evalyosheh 2016.01.15
Okay game. I got stuck in the forest. The hint didn`t help at all.


coolspain 2016.01.10
Extremly hot game. Good graphics and stories, but the controls are quite tough.

edwardsmith70 2015.09.17
i want more kelly jst passing the time n its getting boring.

twotouch 2015.08.14
this is a good game, takes a long time to play and i found the controls a bit slow

j3hj3h 2015.03.25
Like other people have said, this is a long one, but the story is intriguing. Some of the controls are clunky but once you get the hang of it, it`s easy to work out what order to do things.

James80 2015.03.20
Good Game but scenes are too long..
It turns you on but then turns you off because you are waiting too long for the next scene too come..
Also a shame that the girls always have little titties, i love big boobs!

timb06 2015.02.14
the girls are nice, but the graphics aren`t that good

Manlee 2015.02.09
There is another part you may have been referring to in the Library were she sits next to him and he masturbates. after 3 times that she looks back and tells him it is all clear for him to cont. you then move her hand to pull up her skirt then have her rub herself. Dont assume the game is glitched, if the game is not progressing you need to something different. Have fun.

Manlee 2015.02.09
Very enjoyable game. Most games are way to easy and short. And the girls all have huge boobs, (I prefer smaller boobs) I had no problem in the library. After she exposes her panties she has to look him (you have to be quick) She moves closer and closer to him each time. After you do this several times she is right next to him and bends over. Here she doesn`t look at him, but gyrates her hips till the red bar fills and the next scene starts. Have fun!

ujuju 2014.12.23
Unfortunately this game still freezes in the library scene after the man masturbates in front of the woman for the third time, can this bug be fixed please as it`s spoiling a good game. Thanks.

pieffepi 2014.11.16
Very sexy and enjoyable game. The story is intriguing and animations are reasonably understandable. I enjoyed it a lot

flash_21 2014.11.10
I got stuck few times and didn`t know wht to do coz the game won`t progress

sausageb88 2014.10.25
Good game.......little difficult to get the hang of......when you do its pretty hot.

wolfphoenix 2014.09.03
Hot game. But as always finding the trigger points is too difficult for convenience.

rohitkumar12220 2014.07.16
it is very good and best game of a girlfriend

bitz94 2014.07.15
Graphic quality is very nice.

grasshoppapron 2014.06.22
Not really a bad game, but more obvious controls and maybe some bgm would make it really good.

randy06 2014.06.09
yes its long but a good one only a bit into it but keep trying and see what happens

frank1974 2014.06.07
It`s a very long game, with game controls difficult to manage. Great graphics and two hot girls.

Nazgul62 2014.06.05
Nice game. Sometimes a bit difficult. It had nice graphics.
Enjoyed the game

garvit 2014.05.30
very nice game
after a long played a great game

REEESES 2014.05.10
It was a very well made game and it had a great story line and superb graphics.

bobikow 2014.04.19
very cool, but way too long, the plot as cool.

machalix 2014.04.01
cool game cool graphic but its too long story

Assurbanipal 2014.03.21
Vote: full 100, Graphic,animation,girls, very very good , another great game by pusooy.net, final scene double threesome. :-)
password: cute

dgkesquire 2014.02.23
Long game, with game controls difficult to manage. Nevertheless, gorgeous graphics and nice sound quality make up for those qualities.

Snakester96 2014.01.27
The controls are a little hard to figure out.

Woods24 2013.12.15
COOL game. Love the graphics.

wdelement1 2013.11.10
best game here to play controls not so easy go but with little efforts was able to complete

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

noogad 2013.09.05
Great game, nice graphics

w1drng22 2013.07.26
I`m stuck on the train. Armand can`t get the girls` bras off.

Sam2013 2013.07.18
Graphics good. Story promising. Stuck in woods trying to find the exact spots to click. Come back when I have loads of time to kill.

Asherash 2013.06.25
Average game with poor controls

torand 2013.06.05
I like it though i think it could use more work like for the models and stuff. Other than that, i had a boner for quite a while

gwazz 2013.05.22
is there a control problem with this game hit the htspot[as per hint ]nothing hsppens

gwazz 2013.04.23
great graphics cute girl controls a biit of a problem

madmax68 2013.04.21
Excellent game - two very horny girls

SGST 2013.04.13
Awesome Game but the controls are awkward.

Stevanized 2013.04.13
Love it but it`s sometimes hard to find what you need to do.

dexgrif14 2013.02.27
I love this game but it could be better.

CB54 2013.02.16
Awesome; really hot girls; fantastic action. One of the best.

egane 2013.02.02
i ,like this game
think stori ist wery hot

TalEWakker 2013.02.02
How do I get past Scene 8? The only action I can get it to do is when I go over her mouth with my courser, it has the two dream-guys shooting into her mouth. What do I do to get to Scene 9?

dgkesquire 2013.01.30
Takes some extra effort to work the controls correctly, but the graphics and animation make the extra work worth it.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

lmilevoj 2013.01.17
was an interesting game, but it was kinda hard to control

vikrai 2013.01.17
Good game but controls could be better

oscar500 2013.01.15
This game is difficult at first, but later it turns alright.

numnuts11 2013.01.03
i love the game its awesome

xxxwer 2012.12.28
good game but graphics is not enough

xxxwer 2012.12.28
i like this game graet graphic and animation.

xxxwer 2012.12.28
The controls for these games is always so poor and unintuitive and the game play plods alon

pemuda 2012.12.26
i`m stuck in this game,please help me

pemuda 2012.12.26
how start playing in scene 5 etc..? i can`t play this game but this game very good and hot grils

Long Dick 2012.12.08
Very nice game. A bit long but worth the time spent.

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
Excellent, although I did get stuck on the subway.

bobtotempole 2012.11.21
The game is great, but I can`t get past the damn park scene

dgkesquire 2012.11.19
I like the option of being able to play with two characters. Nice graphics.

Swick 2012.11.06
Liked the story line wish there was more

kalle813 2012.11.04
well liked the game style but controls could work better. wish more games was this long so you kill some time playing them.

Empiq 2012.11.03
The graphis are great! Sometimes way too slow

pabloescobar 2012.10.25
nice grapics a bit to short tought

aidenko 2012.10.25
amazing game! very sexy and hot girls

derrabe77 2012.10.21
nice and very hot game!!really good!! :-)

Hebus 2012.10.18
I love the scene 9 and 10

seawasp35 2012.09.22
very hard game to play but very hot

Vrykolas2k 2012.09.18
Good graphics, nicely done... sometimes the hints don`t show though

Jokke1 2012.09.16
Pretty hot gamewith god graphics and tow hot girls.

Zalbar 2012.09.16
A good game, little hard to figure out at first, all the moving of the mouse, finding all the spots to touch

UnShoCkaBle 2012.09.09
This game have really good graphics but i don`t like the gameplay in sex scenes : "click here" is just bad.

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.09
One of the Longest Games...a lot Action, enough to do.
Keep going and have Fun....i like it ;))

yoda 2012.09.06
was fun, sometimes hard to find the right action, but not overly hard

Wallace99 2012.08.25
Great game,i like games when they are hardcore, i want more

zr77z 2012.08.21
very nice, complete, girls are very hot
sometimes difficult but nothing impossible

robd_7 2012.08.17
This game worth every minute! Simply awesome!

randy06 2012.08.08
this is a great game done half way want o finsh and want to see all sex scenes and want no 2 or more of it

ImrtlWolf 2012.08.02
I do so like these games they are very well done

badb0ys009 2012.08.01
My favorite one butI still don`t like the controls in these games, but they r fucking awesome!! good graphics.

iloveboobs92 2012.07.26
Good game, the controls are a bit off at times though.

Wael90 2012.07.24
This game worth every minute! Simply awesome!

MidgetNL 2012.07.23
played it 5 times alrdy and still is alot of fun

menotyou 2012.07.14
Controls are weird at times, but I found it completely worth the troubles

choco7 2012.06.26
very great game!! a little hard, but it worth for a try

jcm0824 2012.06.26
Not a waste of time, but game was to long. Horrible controls. 1/2 the time not sure if I was or was not controlling the action. Some what boring unless you are really into bukkae.

cewj1967 2012.06.21
It is a nice game. Good graphics and playtime. With a little work or a part 2, this could be a better game. Controls are a bit wacked. But it is still good.

niranjani.akka 2012.06.20
good them about girlfriends great game

hpl 2012.06.18
My favorite one. I just admire every single part of this game. Its perfectly in my taste ;)

loik7795 2012.06.16
Great game,i like games when they are hardcore, i want more

maruli 2012.05.30
the game is telling about the sexy exhibitionist chicks..this game like at much

pusshound 2012.05.30
Great game. Hot girls. Good story line. Great sex graphics and scenes. Sometimes difficult but worth the effort.

bahamut86 2012.05.22
Very nice game! Horny girls and beautiful grafic

marlin 2012.05.16
nice game - talking part is a bit too long

valderama2012 2012.05.14
great game and storey and really good fraphics, will play again

sexitanal 2012.05.04
nice game and good graphics.............
i hope a game of rape scenes and blowjobs and with these type of graphic will launch soon

Bufniboss 2012.04.29
very nice, complete, girls are very hot
sometimes difficult but nothing impossible

harami112 2012.04.23
talking part is very very boring

harami112 2012.04.23
d I really like the elevator scene. Wonderfull !!!!

harami112 2012.04.23
If you like Farmers daughter and Mummy´s love, you will like this one too. Nice skin tectures as usual. Keep up the good work!

harami112 2012.04.23
girls are complete hot
difficult at times

harami112 2012.04.23
good game with nice graphics but controls should have worked smoothly

csaszi1 2012.04.09
This is my favorite game! I hope there will be another episode.

tcorbett 2012.03.27
Amazing game, though hard to figure out at times. And a bit too long.

slitplayer 2012.03.26
A real chalengging game to look for hot spots.

femjessie 2012.03.23
nice game..... i really like it and great graphics too.... :)

lovelyme 2012.03.18
They talk to damn much in game .. but the graphics are EXCELLENT !

batmancum 2012.03.04
nice game love the story. cant what to see more games

T0Ni.[454] 2012.02.24
easily one of my favourite play force 1 games

MadGab 2012.02.24
This game is so very good, the graphics are just awesome

mharvey 2012.02.18
great game great graphics

klf 2012.02.13
great game, maybe a little slow, but cool anyway

impruneta 2012.02.13
Good graphics and good story! One of the best games

stalle 2012.02.09
Love this game!!! The controlls arnt that hard to get and I really like the elevator scen. Wonderfull

sammyshambles 2012.02.07
these guy`s are the don! not a bad game yet! little hard to find the points... but hey we`re used to that by now!

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Really good game with great graphics ans an original gameplay.

Matt91 2012.01.26
very nice, complete, girls are very hot
sometimes difficult but nothing impossible

jwd4201 2012.01.23
that was one of the best games i played in along time.

beblbrox 2012.01.14
Girl friends was highly stimulating and enjoyable to play. Want more like this, with the outfits!!!

Obeaux 2012.01.13
Not one of my favorites. Pusoy games are an acquired taste.

balls550 2012.01.11
cool graphics! i would like to see more of there games!

Guillaume 2012.01.07
Game is good, great graphic, but control is not so easy

mikicostanza 2012.01.06
very hot game with this 2 hot girls

snow01 2011.12.21
Great game! The best so far. Excelent grafics and many endings.

Suave Adz 2011.11.28
very good game and excellent graphics

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

zenginoglu 2011.11.17
This is great game... I like it very much...

medjai 2011.11.16
Great game with well done graphics, good job :)

lin143 2011.11.14
nice game , graphics are great

Rudy4u 2011.11.11
Took quite a lot of time to play the game, but it is wonderful, great

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.10
best game here to play controls not so easy go but with little efforts was able to complete game

stefano71 2011.11.08
very nice game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AngelStorm747 2011.11.03
Very nice idea!Always love the design of the girls from poosynet. If you like Farmers daughter and Mummy´s love, you will like this one too. Nice skin tectures as usual. Keep up the good work!

StevLevTheRev 2011.11.01
Nice game, good graphics, controls are iffy, screens take too long

chasen1213 2011.10.31
im really not so great at these games

Veshiy 2011.10.30
i`m stuck in this game where the the man is trying to remove her undies!!, please help me

zelkin 2011.10.29
I should probably also add that the `hint` system broke roughly halfway through the game.

zelkin 2011.10.29
It`s all right...my biggest complaint is THAT THE STATIC SCREENS TAKE FOR BLEEPING EVER TO GO AWAY. There`s no way to fast forward these things (if there is it`s not marked or noted anywhere).
This dude has been kissing her hand for literally the past 5 minutes..and the screen FINALLY changed. :|

tdaynis 2011.10.27
OK game......OK graphics........but sure do play once!

EAGLES420 2011.10.26
great game. little long load though

shadowfox73 2011.10.23
Interesting game. Kinda hot

fill ur hole 2011.10.20
good game, nice story, have made it up to the train so far

juanbeltran2009 2011.10.12
facebook me at juanbeltran

bodli3 2011.10.09
I love school girls. When they are wearing school uniforms, they are so sexy and cute. Holding them in my arm, I get high.

pepsitwist1 2011.10.05
a good one from all points of view

alex270274 2011.09.16
This is soooooooo Hot!!! OMG!!! I love it, Thanks!

johnnyfive 2011.09.16
I would like to say that this is a great game with great graphics and hot sex! however I keep getting logged out automatically every time I post. It`s happened twice now, its frustrating, but the games great

Melimelo 2011.09.11
very very hot and enjoyable game, Puso`s last games are really hot !
Girls are cute and fucking hot ! they are reallistic

Alanan 2011.09.05
Its a good game a lot better than the usual rub and meter fill up games but graphics arent very good

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Ok game, but seen better ones.

grvlohia 2011.09.01
Its a great game must play for every one

jossieros 2011.08.31
Looks very realistic and is an very hot game to play ,great story

flakeydiver 2011.08.29
Takes a while but alot of fun

kikiqueen1 2011.08.29
nice game. i totally loved it.

legendkiller060 2011.08.27
Great graphics, but a lot of BJ and Hj

ndoy 2011.08.26
Not bad at all,but too much click...

jmeoff 2011.08.24
WOW! First time I have enjoyed a game on this site and I REALLY enjoyed it!

bongobongo 2011.08.21
nice, many scenes but sometimes hard to control, really liked the two girls

mouselee 2011.08.21
I love school girls. When they are wearing school uniforms, they are so sexy and cute. Holding them in my arm, I get high.

dodag 2011.08.20
excelent game but rather time consuming

Megaforce 2011.08.18
Pretty good game it could have been better, not as good as others

lagom 2011.08.13
very nice and beautiful lesb chicks, had fun to play through this

hobbe69 2011.08.12
Great game, but I wwas stuck and there was some bug in the game that made it freeze. But then I tried again and it worked. Nice game.

mortadelo76 2011.08.11
First time I played a lesbian game and the experience was nice.

kkuubb 2011.08.10
Great game. Awesome graphics and interaction

morebelrose 2011.08.10
sexy game mabe i should dress up like a school girl lol

malko90 2011.08.07
sexy game very good graphics

malko90 2011.08.07
fun game, really enjoyed it

chap74 2011.08.06
i like this game it is one of the best around here

mariov1978 2011.08.02
wery cool game,but it could be beter!

shagrat1313 2011.08.02
this game is one of my favorites. i love the graphix too

liggumz 2011.08.02
definitely a favorite! Great graphix!

Serg1 2011.07.26
It`s nice girls. I like girls.

liggumz 2011.07.23
hard but fun to try. good graphix

zucriy 2011.07.21
I always feel disappointed when i`m redirected to this site. The games are typically way to drawn out and the sex scenes aren`t much to be desired. This game was no exception.

zelda813204 2011.07.19
sexy game very good graphics

essemje 2011.07.17
Great game. Awesome graphics and interaction

beez1717 2011.07.11
This is a very good game but is quite hard at times. I have noticed that some of the trigger locations are very very hard to find. I might do better if I used a mouse instead of my computer`s trackpad. Who knows? I thought that both girls were quite cute and sexy, and I did love the schoolgirl outfits a lot :)

gb2466mp 2011.07.10
good game, love the graphics

death6227 2011.07.10
great and fun game with great sex parts

Rickey986 2011.07.09
very good graphics on this game gj mate

edman101 2011.07.06
hmmm.. school girls in a game... let me think. Your gonna get a few guys going with that cause thats what a lot of guys like to see. Great Visuals and idea

snow01 2011.07.03
this game is slow to load

besogrone 2011.07.01
i cann`t go ahead when the girl is watching the boy masturbating

marfanmarcus 2011.06.27
I loved how all the animation justed blended together. Two thumbs up ;)

street50 2011.06.26
i love the way this game looks like

Jirri 2011.06.24
Good game, nice animation

Jirri 2011.06.24
Good game. One of the best

tempo3 2011.06.21
another great game by puso. the train scene is best ever

chip chipperson 2011.06.17
12 years of catholic school pretty much garantees i will love this

ken12 2011.06.16
i liked that game it was fun playing it

nikooktarin 2011.06.13
i like this game graet graphic and animation.

kikimoneyy 2011.06.11
i like the graphics but in the woods i was so close to passing but i didnt kno wat 2 do next

vinci1243 2011.06.09
its one of da good games.... played it twice..

BallIdiot 2011.06.09
Pusooy makes great games and this one is no except. However, I`m stuck at the last scene where the girls` shirt/collar needs to be remove. I`ve been going about the `hint` area for 15+ minutes with no results.

jordan3478 2011.06.06
it`s a nice game but i have a lot of time to finish it...

misselmde 2011.05.30
I love the train ride. mmm so sexy. I want more

KellyKans 2011.05.28
gotta love the quality of this game

pzzylkr 2011.05.27
Really liked the story line and graphics

m4t0n 2011.05.27
hots girls makes this game superb

Grom 2011.05.25
I found that controls are pretty hard... too bad cause the game is awsome otherwise

misse 2011.05.22
"The" hottest game I ever played - Only I would have loved a little more girl/girl action

sajrd 2011.05.21
good game. great animation, controls are terrible.

MrMister71007 2011.05.20
great game... loved it from start to finish... well especially the finish lol...

Asghan 2011.05.19
Awesome game! Hot girls in so many ways

Kormag 2011.05.16
difficult controls but good game

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

shakezulla17 2011.05.16
Awesome game! Hot girls in so many ways ;) One of my very favs

zombiedude 2011.05.11
great game. graphics are pretty good and the girls are hot

numbmonster 2011.05.06
I like this game, nice graphic

McT750 2011.05.01
Great game. Controls take some getting used to though

mrtye 2011.04.30
Super flipping hot, but the controls are kinda hard. but worth the struggle

jameskan 2011.04.28
Good concept, but the controls can be better. Interesting story too

schbob 2011.04.26
The libraryscene is one of the best in Pusooy`s work

fcbrugesboy 2011.04.26
OMG, this game takes forever! Or is it me? Am i doing something wrong?

Ubber1 2011.04.25
Excellent game, great graphics and playing time.

josueo 2011.04.24
great game, exellent graphics. Just One ending short you getting them all, but will hopefully get it soon. Good Work

wabbithunta 2011.04.23
I don`t know if this will be a "double post" as for some reason I keep getting logged out.
This is a good game.. well worth the time and patience, as you will need it, the hotspots are tricky to find and also you then have to work out what to do to progress in the scene. Great animations and graphics as well. As this says it is a beta version it may be that they`ll have a fully working game out, with bugs ironed out.
I got to the end and there were credits onscreen.. along with a code..
The codeword I got was: Cute
May well be worth trying that out at some point.. maybe it works if you complete it and it lets you skip to a scenario of your choice. 10/10 for me on this game.

kyle01 2011.04.21
OH man,,,THAT is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it

TheIncubus 2011.04.19
6 of 10.. Controls are a bit sticky.. Great graphics and great game play!! :)

manowar 2011.04.18
Graphics are good and the storylines really work....i`m just not sure that i have as much patience as is required with the controls, trying to find, then activate hot spots can be real frustrating.

monoxes 2011.04.17
amazing game, with good graphics and sexy girls

alexchai78 2011.04.16
I like this game, nice graphic

jmeoff 2011.04.14
Looked interesting but absolutely useless controls.

Armour 2011.04.13
Another great game from Pusooy. Loved the storyline and the models were chosen well.

badboy2k12.mr 2011.04.11
loved this game still play this game every now and then.............

PCSexGamer 2011.04.10
its okay, but im stuck at the part with the dude at the park

hijack007 2011.04.08
great game controls need inprov

andy1009 2011.04.05
loved it keep them coming great job

conbron 2011.04.03
pretty girls in good graphics. sometimes to much blowjobs :-)

frabago71 2011.04.02
i dont like controls, but nice girls and graphics

LoJo 2011.04.02
I drive now only with Train :-))))
This game is very good, brilliant Story, great Graphics and it makes horny

niross123 2011.04.02
i like this game, but it can be much more long

jack93940 2011.04.01
Good concept, but the controls can be better. Interesting story too!

stroke13 2011.03.29
this game was good i enjoyed it very much.

loveme123 2011.03.25
not a bad game look boring but very good

SkylineR34GTR 2011.03.23
Ok, finally got it to work, Fucking great game. Very hot indeed.

SkylineR34GTR 2011.03.23
Meh, game got stuck at the park scene with them in the woods. Hot spot would`nt work. But it started out cool.

kalbs 2011.03.22
Relly fun game, good story, nothing to be bored!

Nice work!!

truelad12 2011.03.20
Yeah, not bad, not a fan of the controls though...

UrbanMarksman 2011.03.19
game was meh, controls were wierd and took a while

mikeypoo69 2011.03.18
Good graphics. Great game in general.

robk 2011.03.18
Great game, sexy as hell.

Smyxter 2011.03.17
One of the best games on playforce! Excellent graphics an animation! Controls take getting used to. Hint play with sound on listen for the moans or watch the fingers on the hand.Don`t bang away like porn star you only hurt your wrist and wear out your mouse.

lordsilver 2011.03.17
Really sexy girl.

The schoolgirl outfits are awesome. Although I have with the actions for this type of game.

They are very difficult.

DeaconFrost 2011.03.15
Another pearl from one of the best author if not the best I ever played flash games from, Pusooy.
This one is one more must have of the kind, lot of scenes, most fantasies are covered around the cosplay theme, very sensual sometimes and quite hardcore at others.
Very well balanced, one of the hottest game around I guess.
I really do appreciate the "Resume Old Game" button along with the usual "Start New Game", that saved me from replaying it all when the game got stuck at the beginning of the subway train.
As usual the code will given after the first completion will allow you to skip/choose scene as you wish.
Really excellent. going into fav.

Vincent8745 2011.03.14
i am stuck plz help me i cant get past the library part where the girl and guy starts masterbating

samluv13 2011.03.14
classic game.nice graphics

DarthC 2011.03.12
very nice game worth a play.

samdefcon4 2011.03.11
i like this game very much,nice one

jonnyfever 2011.03.09
controls iffy , but great game overall

angel_of_chaotix 2011.03.05
Another classic in my honest opinion.

fameasser 2011.03.05
nice game.probably one of my favorite

sex123 2011.03.03
great game really fun to play

treilly 2011.03.02
The graphics are fantastic, but the controls can use a little work. A few in game hints now and again might not be such a bad idea either.

klevs 2011.03.02
good in a way, but controls should be improved

adock2112 2011.02.28
great game...love the graphics and play...but it`s called girlfriends and they don`t hook up? That should be in this game.

He_xu 2011.02.26
Another wonderful masterpiece, good job.

rob 2011.02.26
Finally finished all scenes. Great game

Edward1967 2011.02.25
I couldn`t get past where the guy stands close to the girl, the controls wouldnt work or it froze even when i clicked on HINT.

yarus 2011.02.24
great game really fun to play

thetbman 2011.02.24
Simply the BEST... editor`s choice... definitely my choice...

fritosorlays 2011.02.24
The pictures were really cute.

dajasand 2011.02.23
Neat game but controls are a bit difficult....other then that good game. Keep it up guys and gals!!

jessbry2 2011.02.22
i odnt get it i got stuck when that guy was like he liked pig tails uhave to find hot spot

antib 2011.02.22
i love this game and Very hot girls... amazing!

crowboy1983 2011.02.21
this is an awesome game mainly becuase the divercity and the asian factor its major problem is the control they should be a bit more visable and responed better when they are actully touched

Dmoney29 2011.02.17
fun game,and a interesting story to it

iainmasterton 2011.02.17
best one ever. love every scene. hope the girls come again, and again.
one small complaint though. we could do with some indian and black girls in future games please. then it would be truely international.

r_o1_s 2011.02.17
i love this game and Very hot girls... amazing!

alex0412 2011.02.17
Hot girls are always, but not one of the best games.

Colvin 2011.02.14
It`s a good game. good graphics.

coolash 2011.02.13
was an interesting game, but it was kinda hard to control

h0rny117 2011.02.11
Hot girls are always, but not one of the best games.

Tiger21 2011.02.11
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow. I got bored early on.

dzikmen 2011.02.10
seriously awsome game. constant boner :D
it was a little easier than mummy love and i liked it that way.
Scenes even greater than mummy love, especially the train

belcro 2011.02.09
buen juego ta entretenido

Houngan 2011.02.09
This is the game they got right. The controls are a bit puzzling, but not impossible. In the Mummy series, there are sections where I just can`t do anything at all.

This was hot. Very hot.

sgj007 2011.02.07
this game is one of the best games out there

yeeh1299 2011.02.07
Awesome game. Controls are a little tough to get, but worth the wait

marcelino21 2011.02.07
i love this game but it could be better

Mando66 2011.02.06
Prbly one of the worst games on the site fyi.

sanjuro94 2011.02.05
Not bad! but the hotspots were hard to find...

okaaya 2011.02.05
i like this game it is one of the best around here

Nick2 2011.02.05
Very amazing game, I like this one.

dman515 2011.02.04
weird controls but hey pretty good gaming

wankingbastard 2011.02.03
Very good game, but the controls are way to hard

Boykoff 2011.02.02
grate!!! grate game... maby little short, but steel grate.... I like it very much

Tiger23 2011.02.01
great game cant wait for more keep up the good work

randy06 2011.02.01
lookis good stuck in woods when guy plays with self an gilfrreind got bra ans panties still on

ratonius 2011.01.31
This is interesting game, but it was kinda hard to control.Girls look great.

izizi 2011.01.28
good game but hard to find right spots

randy06 2011.01.28
good game need help in parts

nobody2011 2011.01.28
hard to control, the hints are not realy hintfull

thedeadjester 2011.01.23
not a bad game i enjoyed it for the most part hope they have more.

thedeadjester 2011.01.23
not a bad game could be better

p-toons 2011.01.23
ten levels .. wow. great game and so much fun.


burdus 2011.01.21
was a good game once you get into it nice graphics

satan2u 2011.01.20
greatgame good animations

asd123f4 2011.01.19
Nice graphics. Loved this game

The Alchemist 2011.01.17
Hard to control and find right spots, but the game is extremely hot! Good job!

mr mills 2011.01.16
great game nice graphics

bijibersemi 2011.01.14
brilliant game, awesome pussy

awesomeness 2011.01.13
great game but the controls suck

palmdad49 2011.01.13
Seems like a good game. I am stuck in the woods. I got her bra off and started to push her down but that was it. Controls need to be easier.

winoman 2011.01.13
great game, awesome graphics, controls are a little wonky on train part 2. Would love to see more from this developer

lvcvcb 2011.01.11
ok game, like the stroy, but controls are a royal pain.

kalbs 2011.01.10
great graphics and good story, but the control is very dificult

windscar54 2011.01.09
was an interesting game, but it was kinda hard to control

natsuki 2011.01.06
the controls are bit difficult though but good game.

davson 2011.01.04
. The control is very dificult but fun. Hot girl...

Liyah 2010.12.31
controls can be a bit jerky at times,but otherwise brilliant game,great graphics

Bocado80 2010.12.31
Fantastic game. The control is very dificult but fun. Hot girl...

s.s101 2010.12.31
I think that it gets hard but its fun game

habsfan1990 2010.12.30
awesome game love the different scenes and gameplay

Futurus 2010.12.29
game is ok, but i can`t call it great. i know better ones.

darrenwee92 2010.12.28
nice... but graphics can be better...

yummychika 2010.12.27
i`m stuck in this game where the the man is trying to remove her undies!!, please help me

Chelsea 2010.12.27
That`s what icall a girlfriend

HiddenOps 2010.12.27
i love this game but it can be better

luluhornygal 2010.12.27
It`s alright i guess, I`ve seen worse

cc6789a 2010.12.26
this is a great game nice and long

Red1988 2010.12.26
good game, need more like it.

syndro 2010.12.26
great game, great graphics. loved it 85 from me

Nightshade 2010.12.25
Another hot game score:100 no doubt.

laceygee415 2010.12.25
Good game, but stuck at the office scene for a while now

jackalshit 2010.12.23
It`s so sexy and hot game make me want to play again

PCGamer4LIFE 2010.12.22
These games are the best because you get to control the action. The only thing that sucked was that it would glitch on me for no reason. Still good though

punyu 2010.12.21
great game...
so hard...

Greywolf38 2010.12.20
Great game but the hints dissapear

long55 2010.12.20
good game but graphics is not enough, love it

firstup 2010.12.19
Real jerky don`t like this one as much

chennaite 2010.12.18
Very slow game, not great graphics

komada23 2010.12.18
It`s an okay game, there are some better ones on this site, but it is still playable.

mick149 2010.12.18
the link is broken or very slow why is it not on this site? :(

Sciakal 2010.12.17
I can`t pass library scene. Help?

weromont 2010.12.17
i like this game.. very interesting...

666fox 2010.12.16
after finding right way to control, great game.. maybe some sequences too long

alfredbeni 2010.12.14
good game but graphics is not enough.

Kinkyboy43 2010.12.13
I`ve played better....
The graphics arnt the best and the stories not that good...

valer 2010.12.13
brilliant game,one of the best

Nadin 2010.12.09
Great game nice graphics

mcdxcom 2010.12.09
my second fav game so far. abit slow to play but hot scenes and good graphics.

deathstray 2010.12.07
really hot game i find myself allways comeing back to play this one

Ranma 2010.12.07
Well, the game had it`s moments, but it was more frustrating than anything else. I wasted more time trying to hit the exact points to move things along than actually playing. That is a problem that many have already made known at the game`s forums.

It is an ongoing thing with all of that site`s games, including The Farmer`s Daughter. I`ve played, or tried to play that game as well rather a while before I signed up here.

What to do about the cursor deal, I`ve no idea, since I`m not a programmer.

Bill46 2010.12.06
Kind of a "It`s a wild time" game... fantasy game at it`s best

wmrbest007 2010.12.06
awesome.. i like this game.. very interesting... keep going

dirtsurfer 2010.12.06
Would love a pair of girlfriends like this, excellent

dirtsurfer 2010.12.06
Great game nice graphics kept me goin

ozorne_6 2010.12.06
The best Game yet, what can I say, I just love it.

freezrick 2010.12.04
Again, same comment, could we have a clothing option for the game prior to start.. this could spice things up a bit more... Thank you

acpreston13 2010.12.04
OK game - controls are a little slow

davson 2010.12.03
this game is my favotite

csandhmech 2010.12.02
Fun game! Good quality, not to hard to figure out.

AzureEdge 2010.12.02
amazing absolutly amazing

teodorzdzislaw 2010.12.02
good game... nice to play it.

fapable 2010.12.02
i could play it over and over again. really sexy game

zeretet 2010.11.29
good game... nice to play and so so hot

bbguhh 2010.11.29
Great animations could have done woth bigger tits on the girls though

rissabean 2010.11.28
Another one of these wretched games. The controls are ridiculously persnickety; you`ll spend forever waving the hand around trying to find the right spot -- and even when you do, that`s only a second of action before you have to go searching again. Total waste of time.

rissabean 2010.11.28
awsome game hope to see more like this. thumbs up if you like this game.

hanazawarui07 2010.11.27
very horny after playing this game

x-ChaosGirl-x 2010.11.27
good game but im stuck when in the woods i dont know what to do?

mathamagician 2010.11.26
Well now I have RSI but it was worth it...

Damn those girls are hot!!!

macmax 2010.11.26
Finally a game that last for a bit! Fun game, awesome graphics

varkis 2010.11.25
nice game, the graphics are lovely

MR.DEEDS 2010.11.24
i`ve played this game several times, very enjoyable

twitter 2010.11.24
amazing game with great graphics loved it again and again but it hangs at a spot before that elevator

ItsMe123 2010.11.24
game was ok could`ve been a little better. over all it was nice

pcpc 2010.11.22
Great game, but kinda sluggish controls, was stuck in the library quite some time till I figured it out.

juan123456 2010.11.21
the graphics were pretty good but the controls were hard

maxxxy 2010.11.19
Another one of these wretched games. The controls are ridiculously persnickety; you`ll spend forever waving the hand around trying to find the right spot -- and even when you do, that`s only a second of action before you have to go searching again. Total waste of time.

Dimir88 2010.11.17
Great game play and animation but the story could have used a bit more work.

kurosakiz 2010.11.16
poor game for me , you can never find the hot spots despite the hints .

HadesOPA 2010.11.15
i love this game ,,,,,, hot hot hot

stringfellow 2010.11.15
good game, nice graphics and great scenes.

davduckie 2010.11.10
nice animation would reccomend

bakayaro 2010.11.08
oberall this is good game

knux6666 2010.11.08
good game, enjoyed it XD

dennot 2010.11.07
Great game and some excellent graphics.

xtotalchaosx187 2010.11.05
very good game enjoyed it

nobody69 2010.11.02
good game abit hard to find hot spots on time

samluv13 2010.11.01
this is a nice game. graphics is awesome..

Lork 2010.11.01
This is a good game with beautyful graphic and animation, good jod !

NaZi34 2010.11.01
Good graphics. I like it.

kingpin626 2010.11.01
great graphics , good gameplay , but too long game reactions

bakayaro 2010.10.31
sorry,but i cant play the its expired or somethin

sutty 2010.10.30
hot hot hot ,two horny school girls havin sexy fun ,good story easy to use ,you `ll enjoy this one.

boxerspot 2010.10.30
Nice game! Very hot girls...

badgurl23 2010.10.30
This game is so sexy and fun

esanchez13 2010.10.27
this game is fucking sexy

thundergod 2010.10.26
A little bit of a bukkake-fetish fest, but that`s OK with me. ;-) Long, involved, pretty awesome. Slight looping bug after the morning coffee scene, though.

sexylilmama0101 2010.10.25
this game was graet i loved it

gentleplayer1 2010.10.25
i love this game but it can be better

Fizban 2010.10.25
where can I use the secret pw wich I get at the end of the game?

Fizban 2010.10.25
a very nice game with good graphic and animations. only the controls are a bit tricky sometimes

kjdehn 2010.10.23
wish i had girlfriends like these very sexy and hot

mr. anderson 2010.10.23
there are too many dicks and to less pussies

cueball 2010.10.23
Good game girls could have had bigger tits

royro2010 2010.10.23
I didn`t like this game... sorry to boring

lughbelenos 2010.10.21
Not the best one from puso but very good, just the dream sequence are a little weird.

Zilos 2010.10.20
Very sexy game, takes abit to get used to the controls tho

pietje119 2010.10.20
i like teh game en it is fun to play

ljacques 2010.10.19
Cool graphics how can i change my avator pic

elgrancesar 2010.10.18
really nice game all the scenes are just really good, first for the titlei thoug it was a lesbian game but boy o boy i was wrong, the last scene with the gang bang will make you cum for real

Boognish 2010.10.18
more of em pls....its one of the best sexgames. cuuuuuuute actors :D

freddy791 2010.10.18
This is a really nice game.

tarantela 2010.10.18
The game is pretty good

but having problems with controls, but I really like the graphics

keko 2010.10.17
so nice when you play it for the 2nd time

travie 2010.10.17
nice graphics and nice game to play plus the storyline was great

1235 2010.10.16
i enjoyed this game alot thank you!!!

cyber409 2010.10.15
Great game, with lots of scenarios. Graphics are nice and the girls are cute.

Blizzinam 2010.10.15
The controls are sluggish, but the game is still ridicolously good. Pure gold in my book.

lannoy 2010.10.14
good game. very pretty girls. would like to see same girls go on lesbian adventure in pt.2.

Bassa 2010.10.14
nice game, although sometimes to drawn out and complicated in terms of control

Marcox 2010.10.14
great game but controls can be a bit jerky

Jaxen 2010.10.13
long loading time but over all a very great game :)

shooter32 2010.10.13
best game by far best graphics and def the hottest

gouldee25 2010.10.12
really enjoyed this one!!!!!

sosfa 2010.10.11
it is very hot and nice graphic. but it is bit slow.

james98000 2010.10.11
nice game .but took awhile too get into the game

Texas613 2010.10.07
great game
Hot Girls, 10 scene and you can start directly at the last current scene. Especially the part in the elevator is cooooooooooooool

Only the control is a bit annoying, but the hot story and the pictures are great . . .

jambtwo 2010.10.06
game got stuck in the office scene.

ferretsteve 2010.10.06
i was really looking foward to this game i like these kinds of games but it wouldnt load for me :(

pondscum007 2010.10.03
i must not be very good at these games - didn`t get very far :/

iilovemybabii 2010.10.02
i liked the game it had really nice graphics

Elecman687 2010.10.01
Great game too much text though

jeanmimel 2010.10.01
g8 game just a little too long to load

trueguy1964 2010.09.30
Nice game! Very hot girls...

needleinahaystack 2010.09.30
Love this game. It`s got the right balance of play and fun.

kakorus 2010.09.29
game has some ok grapics

UnhallowedDeceit 2010.09.28
Interesting concept and great graphics but controls are jerky and finding hotspots can be frustrating, especially when the hints don`t always point them out.

P_Raider 2010.09.28
great graphics, but actions are slow and you can gey stuck too easy....(hot spots cant be found with hint)

bustlover38 2010.09.28
is it me or does this game stick at times?

lazysteven 2010.09.27
this is a realli nice game with nice graphics..i recommend mummy fuck as well

joe782 2010.09.27
This is a really nice game.

Mitchy2010 2010.09.27
one of the hottest game ever, very fun scenes and beautiful graphics, and very fun gameplay, Quality and Quantity

John Hawk 2010.09.27
one of the hottest game ever

shaggydad1976 2010.09.27
great graphics. hot women, slow game.

Aladin 2010.09.27
Nice game but low Graphics.

hayden1 2010.09.26
controls can be a bit jerky at times,but otherwise brilliant game,great graphics

tigoreon 2010.09.25
graphics are great but the controls semm to be near impossible to work at some points in the game

harveyark 2010.09.25
game is good the animation are good

pyanz80 2010.09.25
very good game for mek..i like it..very2 much..hehehe

Wild_Card 2010.09.24
The game is pretty good, and the graphics are great, but the controls are a bit choppy, and the hint button never works. At least it doesn`t for me...

dc11297 2010.09.24
great game that has alot of interactive fitures

gizmo001 2010.09.24
great game keep going with this kind of games

rokyuo 2010.09.23
Good Game but tends to stick a lot and good graphics

SeeMeCumming 2010.09.23
yeah fun animation, difficult to find the correct mouse positions...

4nik8 2010.09.22
Great game but it was hard finding the right spots and getting it to work.

sexychik9091 2010.09.21
i am stuck on the park bit of this game though the bits ive seen are hot hot hot and make me wet

chynaboi25 2010.09.21
I got stuck in this game A LOT!

iaiag 2010.09.20
wesome game, only downside was it took a while for some of the events

dragonhaert 2010.09.20
great game buth the controls ar bad

Cpt Tightpants 2010.09.19
Good game even though it does tend to stick on occasion

pinkfloyd13 2010.09.18
Good game, but the controls were a bit "iffy"... it wouldn`t hurt to add a bit more sound affects..

greatest421 2010.09.18
Great cosplay game i enjoyed switching between the two girls

Bad J 2010.09.17
This game is great - different and challenging methods to action - story portions are a bit slow though

SurvivalistX 2010.09.16
this is a nice game one of my faves

joedude1029 2010.09.16
Game was spoilt a bit by the controls but still worth a look

Helen2010 2010.09.16
The best game, the excellent scenario, very much raises

the-game1964 2010.09.14
im stuck in the woods anybody help please thx .

Dojakt 2010.09.13
one of the best i`ve seen so far
slugish controls and high difficulty slow the game down quite a bit
but still recommended for a playtrough

tophe35 2010.09.13

YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

kersaniman 2010.09.13
good game....this game was to difficult to control needs better development

RobSutherland 2010.09.12
This game is very good. The controls took a bit to get used to, but overall very good.

RobSutherland 2010.09.12
This is a very good game. Only a few quirks, but that`s manageable. I thoroughly enjoyed this game.

mirko 2010.09.11
Nice game! Very hot girls... amazing!

marlboro77 2010.09.11
i love this game hot girls amazing

yrobot 2010.09.10
awesome game, only downside was it took a while for some of the events

esanchez13 2010.09.09
excelent graphics, good storyboard

bobgeorge 2010.09.08
Alot of thought went into developing this one, great graphics...

sheepdog 2010.09.07
awesome game, only downside was it took a while for some of the events

adam5 2010.09.07
i donot like lesbian games

Gerrad 2010.09.07
got stuck after the cafe, but nice graphics

bigmn 2010.09.06
great game with great graphics love it

madsea 2010.09.06
Nice game! Very hot girls... amazing!

Nohbdy1 2010.09.06
Good game, wish it had some music, but that`s my only complaint

MUFC999999999 2010.09.06
great game with cool graphics but could be improved

mcobb450 2010.09.06
A little tedious but well drawn

bobobbed 2010.09.06
this is a pretty good game but could do with better controls

Benson1982 2010.09.06
This game ist hot! :-) Cute girls, very good graphics. Sometimes the hot spots are difficult to hit. More of those games. Perhaps with ffm action? ;-)

lunkan741 2010.09.05
this game i realy like good grafics and good story

puma420 2010.09.05
great game... too slow though

unup91 2010.09.04
I keep getting stuck at the find the hotspot parts

snahonrop 2010.09.04
great idear but takes forever

FlyBoy88 2010.09.04
Loved the game but the breakfast scene was a bit un needed and the hot spots were to precise at times and not obvious enough to keep the game flowing!

Dr-Nuke 2010.09.04
Not bad, wish it was longer.

theforsaken 2010.09.03
good game but a bit too long.

hittitking 2010.09.03
kind of slow, maybe make it advance by click?

arnold99 2010.09.03
very hot game, but a bit longer

slipknotfan223 2010.09.02
these games r hard and they need hotter ppl but its ok i suppose

hersh2450 2010.09.02
OVer all I thought that the game was good. The controls took me a little bit getting used to, and they seemed sort of sensitive. Graphics could have been better, but like I said over all it as good.

you01 2010.09.02
great game with good graphics but could be better

SiJohn 2010.09.02
Excellent graphics and animation.

Controls need refining though. The whole pixel hunting thing is annoying.

asddsa161 2010.09.02
Haha, game and animation really impressed me. It was a bit hard to control at the end in the train, but overall good story.

layban 2010.09.01
great game i like it tons

Re7766 2010.09.01
very nice animation. luv the asian

beatpoet 2010.09.01
Haha, game and animation really impressed me. It was a bit hard to control at the end in the train, but overall good story.

jumponmynutz 2010.09.01
Controls were a bit off, but so were my pants, so what can I say? Very good game.

gumby111 2010.09.01
graet game, good graphics

ranmagh01 2010.09.01
Awesome game. Nice animation.

kimkhun 2010.09.01
Nice Game, excellent with guide ^-^

Bulweif 2010.09.01
That`s a good game, but the controlls are difficult

JOHN DX 2010.09.01
it could have been easier if controls were a little bit easy otherwise its a fantastic game

planetl1 2010.09.01
controls were a little hard otherwise a great game!

skeletor22 2010.08.31
I am not really a fan of this game....controls a jerky at best and it could use a make over

mich90 2010.08.31
some aspects could be improved, but graphics are really good and overall is a good game

casvardin 2010.08.31
The graphics were great but the gameplay itself could use some improving.

kiaha 2010.08.31
Good game, but sometimes it`s difficult to know what to do.

Driver 2010.08.31
Controls were hard for me but great graphics atleast

morphumax3985 2010.08.31
good game, little buggy in places, slow paced, but solid, graphics are good

michel45 2010.08.31
I love this game and graphics are very good

Gunner 2010.08.30
Was pretty fun to play, debug mode was great, skipping back to where i had left off was even better.

MerciAngel 2010.08.30
Great game, why dont these people exist in real life?

T M 2010.08.30
Takes a long time to load, but pretty good all around.

bluenoser 2010.08.30
OMG what a wicked game.... loved the story and graphics

pakpak0312 2010.08.30
very good game i have not play before

McOneTape 2010.08.29
Great game, great graphics.
Ab bit hard to handle at first, but its definitly worth ist!

kissessa 2010.08.29
What a f...ing HOT game !!!

MerciAngel 2010.08.29
Not bad, wish it was longer.

ace7 2010.08.28
better loading time, and pixel pointing is needed

SQUENCHY 2010.08.28

meowmage 2010.08.28
the controls are very sticky but great graphics

fuck5196 2010.08.28
even though the graphics is good the storyline itself dont really make sense

svtdriver86 2010.08.28
Interesting game. Pausing it and going to other programs at the same time affects the game though, which is frustrating.

Dantei 2010.08.27
great game lots of variatons and amazing visuals.Odd controls

holyman9999 2010.08.26
it started out kinda slow but turned out to be really good

daken 2010.08.26
controls are little weird,but it is a fun game

sirtilt 2010.08.26
very fun game but abit awkward with the controls

marwan 2010.08.25
slow game but it was really good

sinsear1071 2010.08.25
A very erotic game. Alernating between the two girlfriends was alot of fun as both were hot, sexy and very naughty.

hotpotk18 2010.08.25
It`s a good game. Quite hot I might add.
The catch is that it`s hard to pinpoint the sensitive "spots". :D

Bouleeek 2010.08.25
I love this game but a bit slow to progress

lupo 2010.08.25
great game but slow , i love this game but it can be

Nice game!

DigBick 2010.08.25
Excellent game, very entertaining

hooman7272 2010.08.25
Excellent game. Really fun to play

rvbapocalypse 2010.08.24
the girls looked too young and it didn`t really interest me al lthat much, though the graphics were nice.

humptypkt 2010.08.24
fun game, but i got stuck a few times and couldn`t figure it out.

nilmerith 2010.08.24
one of the best games I ever played

messmatt1123 2010.08.24
great game, but it got stuck on the train. the hot spot would not work.

Kirdran 2010.08.24
Agree with someone - not bad but can be better

gp16593 2010.08.23
alright graphics, gameplay and girls

capt_dick 2010.08.23
the title didn`t sound interesting at all but the game was nice! didnt know i cud have more than one gf!

TonyStarkZ 2010.08.23
Cool game, the storyline is good, but it`s too hard sometimes... Too much pixelhunting.

astroman 2010.08.22
The girls look WAY too young, almost like kiddie porn...

Nicholasman 2010.08.22
This game has good graphics

PhoenixLord 2010.08.22
the girls are really hot-couldnt find some of the places to click on the girl-good game otherwise

catrembut 2010.08.21
the graphic and the storyline is pretty good

Ivan0089 2010.08.21
Ok game with good graphics, i really liked just was wat too long!

Jacks 2010.08.20
sometimes pretty hard to find out what you have to do, but still one of the best games!!

max29 2010.08.20
lovee that game, one of the best

iluffme24 2010.08.20
it took me a bi to get it but this is a GOOD game

GroovyGromit 2010.08.20
quality game - can`t wait for more

MadMonk33 2010.08.20
gamplay was good, graphics were good and animation was good but controls were a bit off, still, good game though.

Endless 2010.08.19
cant wait for the new game...

one of your best games!!!

bigpapalatino 2010.08.18
nice game love the graphics

jimmymack 2010.08.18
very good game,need to have a sequel.

djsquad 2010.08.18
game and details are good, but the controls can be better

loucooley 2010.08.18
great story for the game
controls are a bit confusing and the game speed seemed to be slow compared to the length of the game
nice graphics great girls
overall likeable game

kdogg 2010.08.17
gamplay was good, graphics were good and animation was good.

tannoch 2010.08.16
Great game, really liked it although hard in places

omid_mhp 2010.08.16
The graphis are great! Sometimes way too slow

AragornI 2010.08.16
Once again a great game, I can`t stop playing it!

kanten 2010.08.15
This really is a great game!
Playforceone is the best!

Alekz14 2010.08.15
brilliant game good graphics but it take years to load

marines216 2010.08.14
great game but very hard to get to the ending

mjb203 2010.08.14
gameplay is not good. clicking the mouse does not move dialog, but running the mouse over the dialog does. graphics are also not as good as the thumbnail made it seem.

energy01 2010.08.14
controls - bad
gameplay - bad
graphic - could be better
overall - waste of time

Nando_wise 2010.08.14
What a marvelous game! I loved it! So sexy and funny. It makes me horny.

welljackson 2010.08.14
Controls can get a bit annoying, still good graphics.

alibaba1988 2010.08.14
i don`t play but i know that gonna be good;-p

rawrnagarx 2010.08.12
Takes long to load, but very good game.

jansch83 2010.08.12
The graphis are great! Sometimes way too slow...but the girls are realy hot!

lopin 2010.08.12
it is a good game but the loading is time is slow

toby3672 2010.08.11
Cracking game, fun to play

smd69 2010.08.11
takes a while but its not a bad game

paragon117 2010.08.11
I really enjoyed playing this game alot!!

lovesan_exe 2010.08.11
very cute game nice animations but the controls shold be better

Kdren 2010.08.11
Love that game ! Fun and really perveted. :)

Freduardo 2010.08.11
Too hard, got stuck on the second scene.

reinyse 2010.08.10
good game but it takes ages lol

lapine 2010.08.10
good game with good graphics, i really liked !

caeserg 2010.08.10
Good game, but pretty herky jerky with the controls.

unnotice 2010.08.09
good game. needs better clues to as what you are supposed to click.

willie66 2010.08.09
takes awhile too load and get going but graphics are pretty good

bob321 2010.08.09
game just to play one time

hollister1893 2010.08.09
i liked but got syuck early in woods. even with hints

mace88 2010.08.08
Great game except controls are bit stupid & that gets annoying.

colourcrew 2010.08.08
it was a good game though the graphics could of been smoother

john37 2010.08.08
cant play this game!! why theres a remote control like wii in the screen? Can anyone help me out??

kinderpinguy 2010.08.08
This game heve a good graphics but to slow to load

bigpapa777 2010.08.07
Scene 8 is overkill. The rest was fun

Allan14st 2010.08.07
good game hit to nice girls

omgitsivan 2010.08.06
erm.... controls response are slow and jerky. would still prefer the other games over this though

CDPII 2010.08.06
Absolutely awesome game. I cant wait for more.

Yumi ;3 2010.08.06
Good game, but the controls can be cheating.

bc_uga 2010.08.05
Best game ever. Can`t wait for the next one from these guys. Amazing.

waterloo 2010.08.04
Relly fun game, good story, nothing to be bored!

Nice work!!

sire 2010.08.03
nice game and good graphics.

ElDomeo1 2010.08.02
the graphics were great and the gameplay was good ..................it is really addictive and brilliant

hdp247 2010.08.01
very hot game best i`ve ever played very very good controls and animations phenominal

Peeroo 2010.08.01
good enough game but i like the LOP original games much more than this......better graphics than these games

Bernie 2010.08.01
Nice game with good graphics

Gabriel the white 2010.08.01
Very nice game, with good graphics.
Sometimes hotspot are too much hidden.

Lucien 2010.08.01
I liked the story line and graphics the only things that I would change is 1. speed up the dialog, or allow us to skip it, and make the hotspots a little more noticeable. Otherwise I like the interaction.

BLAZER$$ 2010.08.01
it was kinda confusing

brilliance 2010.07.31
Very nice graphics and quite a good story, but the text is unbearably slow. Like a slow thing that`s really slow. Really really slow.

dragoon1993 2010.07.31
the game is moving too slow...

dtmscan 2010.07.30
really nice game `specially the graphics, had some problems at scene10 with the controls but figured it out in the end

lliw 2010.07.30
Pussoy games are great. I find the game really immersive

Superedd 2010.07.30
Girls looked a little young. Long intro..

MrMystic 2010.07.30
Great game, but redefining the controls would be nice.

fuckboy 2010.07.29
a good and erotic game with lusty babe

jamesjame 2010.07.28

dizzyjab 2010.07.28
nice game w/ good graphics

river 2010.07.28
a lot of scenes. the dp is sweet

Howe24 2010.07.28
good game, but the controls are a bit hard. it was a little too long though

d119v8 2010.07.28
The game sticks in the woods and I can`t get passed that

dizzyspoon 2010.07.28
I enjoyed this game but it can be better

conquer1000 2010.07.27
the controls could be improve

HornyUncle 2010.07.27
I really enjoyed this game schoolgirl fantasies are alway hot

siccarith 2010.07.26
Fun game, though i think i prefer the Schoolgirl Train game

avenger2007 2010.07.26
great game,awesome grafiks,nice.

SamTheAwesome 2010.07.25
I enjoyed this one, can get annoying at times, but otherwise good.

Slider 2010.07.25
Pusooy`s games are great. Anxiously awaiting the next one.

bruteoger 2010.07.24
Very good, really enjoyed it, but I do agree that the controls need some work, even with hint it would take while sometimes.

kpyrinikos 2010.07.24
hard to control the action, good graphics, but farmer`s dougter is more better

BDC 2010.07.24
Poor controles realy let this game down big time. It could have been enjoyable but the poor controles just handicap it way to much

mekan11 2010.07.24
slow to upload and controls are difficult

Zalbar 2010.07.24
Good game but tricky to control.

KirbyJo 2010.07.23
Good Game, but i wish i could accelerate discussion... It`s too slow and you have the time to cool down.

figeater 2010.07.23
I wish that I could save the game in some points. Otherwise it requires planning ahead to ensure that you have adequate time to finish it. Brilliant

mrwillthrowit18 2010.07.23
these controls are too hard couldnt get past scene 2

kelvinsimenr 2010.07.22
good game . nice graphics nice chics

beck 2010.07.22
tricky controls but i pulled through!! :D

YfBtR 2010.07.22
Awesome!! Best hardcore cosplay fetish game yet.

maxfire007 2010.07.21
this game seems real great graphics mor games like this one plz

righto 2010.07.21
The pusooy and shark games are really the best out there...this one in particular is one of my faves

ryofo 2010.07.21
I really enjoyed this game

sex619 2010.07.21
one of the great games...

Mortheous 2010.07.21
chicks are pretty cute but its hard to figure it out in the beginning.

CactusZ 2010.07.20
Amazing! It took forever to play, but that was half the fun!

axelswat 2010.07.19
I really love this game... So sexy and hot... GReat quality. Pity i can`t finish cause on the train the game is blocked...

sllim 2010.07.19
an interesting but awkward game

Kernlawyer 2010.07.19
Not a big fan of the controls and the art is a little pixelated, but otherwise the game was good.

drillsteel 2010.07.18
Not a bad game. Controls a little hard then game froze during the last train scene.

Reemster 2010.07.18
I really liked this game, the controls are a bit dodgy, but that makes it all the more fullfilling when you finish it

difool20 2010.07.18
System of hint hard to use.

x33l0v3 2010.07.18
Couldn`t get past the woods with filling the bar red :(

Immortalking 2010.07.17
Games takes awhile to get all the way through. The hotspots are sometimes hard to find but they are there.

MaxRider 2010.07.17
I cant get pass the hotspot find part in the woods....other than that, the gameplay is nice and the rendering is great. Though a better hint system would be apriciated.

NeverMoreDragon 2010.07.15
I keep getting stuck at the find the hotspot parts.

fabio_81 2010.07.15
I can`t hug here in the park!!!whi????????????

fabio_81 2010.07.15
it`s a fantastic game. I lost at the and, but I have to try again

badrobot 2010.07.14
Some kind of hint system would be useful, to improve gameplay, but the rendering is excellent, and the game as a whole is very erotic.

An option to skip the speeches, especially the scenes which are entirely speech would be nice (although you can do this if you know the cheat code).

On the whole, excellent, 4.5 out of five.

cptnutra 2010.07.14
controls aren`t the best, great game good rendering of scenes

justsomeguy 2010.07.14
Utterly brilliant, if a little long. Can be tricky in places, but it`s worth sticking with it!

xXDirtyGooberXx 2010.07.14
its slow but you start to get the hang of it good game

agarasta 2010.07.14
great game but sometimes you have to wait to long

blackcat402 2010.07.14
good game but too long to wait

Fimsen 2010.07.14
Not the best. Their farmer girl is better. Hoping for a sequal

misterzim 2010.07.13
I didn;t even get through the whole game, I enjoy dialog and story building but that was a bit TOO MUCH.

Slue 2010.07.13
really great game!! control is a bit hard to understand but very good graphics and nice story!!

HellBunnii 2010.07.13
That was really cute and sexii

HeyImMexican 2010.07.12
Excellent game. Really fun to play

wow21sexy 2010.07.12
Controls are a bit quirky, but good gome anyway.

kazzukii 2010.07.11
this game like a real make me wanna burn...

UnoFpsJoe 2010.07.11
good game,good graphics but gameplay is sometimes boring

Daveman3080 2010.07.10
This game was very sexy, helps to get your imagination going

raindance 2010.07.10
Hmm pretty hard to control for the first time but good game!

mycael006 2010.07.10
Great graphics and game play. Work on voices but great job.

kapo 2010.07.10
good game and also good characters

MJ 2010.07.10
Very nice graphics. Controls can be a real pain. I still can`t figure out the last scene on the train.

dymatice 2010.07.10
im 4,
i love this website

dizmukes99 2010.07.10
the graphics are good, but this is more like a story than a game

joemontana5 2010.07.09
love the concept. execution is poor. control platform needs tweaking

Scappy220 2010.07.09
This game is a little long and it`s very hard to find the certain areas. very time comsuming

bigbear86 2010.07.09
that`s a good one as well, but i do not succeed in the elevator

kaimana11 2010.07.09
good game, always good idea to have school girl outfits!!!

bdubrous 2010.07.09
I like the game, even if it`s a little long and slow sometimes ... but a lot of fun LOL !

igotthefunny 2010.07.09
good game sexy and a good time waster

legoman369 2010.07.09
This game is good quality but there are some minor bugs. Other than that ,really great game

defiance 2010.07.08
Great game but the controls really could use some work.

ODarras123 2010.07.08
Fun Game But Would Be More fun If You could skip scenes

loco666 2010.07.08
this game was goos but weird controls

smoke443 2010.07.08
the graphics onthis game r great

Snejan 2010.07.08
To hard to control, thats makes the game boring very fast.

etch 2010.07.08
This is a fun gaem. Sometimes it seems to move a little slow, but I liked it

kmerdigjt 2010.07.08
It`s an interesting game. Not really my cup of tea though.

kay56 2010.07.08
this is one of the greatest games ever

vinou 2010.07.08
Hmm pretty hard to control for the first time but good game!

ThuqqPrince 2010.07.08
qewd qame. hard tew control tho

Luthorcrow 2010.07.07
Very long, very intuitive controls. This what games like Desire and Submission try to be but fail.

Great game.

AnamCara 2010.07.07
Game freezes in the library following third masturbation scene

playgame 2010.07.07
I love this game but it can be better

playgame 2010.07.07
This bame is so hot, excellent game

William87 2010.07.07
can be a little triky at the beggining but it is an excellent game, one of the best ever...

LCHS1992 2010.07.07
Good game, just hard to work the hot spots

Jocker26 2010.07.07
nice game but a little hard to control but luv this game

PUSSYEATER 2010.07.07

rambobob 2010.07.06
Enjoyable game, but hard to control.

gnolruf 2010.07.06
control a bit hard to work out but good game

Cumshot91 2010.07.06
i`m stuck in the part where they show their panties in the train,please help me

loopxp 2010.07.06
i like the game but it has to much action

xerojustice 2010.07.06
The concept and artwork are good, but the execution was terrible. It needs a more intuitive interface.

blazekw 2010.07.05
Would be a decent game if the hotspots were easier to figure out

atrum_luna 2010.07.05
interesting game the last scene is a little glittchy

RenColthar 2010.07.05
IT`s quite a long game with limited control

c76 2010.07.05
good game. hard to move hotspots tho

Yopheid 2010.07.04
I had some problems in finding the hotspots, eventhough I got the hints

francky2202 2010.07.04
j`ai adore ce jeu, tres exitant

sirphon 2010.07.04
this is an awesome game mainly becuase the divercity and the asian factor its major problem is the control they should be a bit more visable and responed better when they are actully touched

atg4 2010.07.04
The game was too slow, I got bored

Luthorcrow 2010.07.03
Could have been fun if the game controls weren`t so poor.

gypaete 2010.07.03
Great game, sexy as hell. Controls may be a little hard to guess sometimes, but well, you get used to.

zedek 2010.07.03
took a while to develop, but it was interesting.

sexyprince 2010.07.02
overall a good game, good graphics.

Pnorg 2010.07.01
A really bad game, if you ask me.

madwolf86 2010.07.01
nice game but iam stuck at the part in the woods

Blood shot 2010.07.01
can anyone help with with the elevator part where the hotspot point at the balls?

Blood shot 2010.07.01
great game n awesome graphics

jackhaze1211 2010.07.01
i love these games! they always deliver. but there so hard to do without cheats

cambag87 2010.07.01
Great game, really enjoyed playing it. Love all the games on this website!!!

jseb 2010.06.30
Great game, but I`m stuck in the forest with the guys hand where does it go!?

Dona 2010.06.30
great graphics a bit difficult

AgentCroque 2010.06.30
unnecessarily long at times, but very nicely made

DocSpoon 2010.06.30
Can only play the full version at another website. controls aren`t too bad but the instructions for what to do are not really good.

Shawnr79 2010.06.29
uhg just keeps going to a broken link for me this sucks big time.

chsbgl 2010.06.29
graphics are good controls are little off

jack00 2010.06.29
the sotries is good but control make frustration

Dona 2010.06.29
i enjoyed it, the concept was very fun. Controls are a bit difficult.

TziGaNuUu 2010.06.29
it`s a very nice game....there is a problem with those controls but the game is nice:P

krezin 2010.06.28
really nice game, i especially love the asian factor :)

lfro15 2010.06.28
nice, but it will be better if it was easier to control

TIR 2010.06.28
Story not logical, control - not easy and slow

sam1101 2010.06.28
It was hard to control but good game. Is there anyway you could brng the game so it wasn`t a link

najnick 2010.06.27
i enjoyed it, the concept was very fun.

NotVenom 2010.06.27
Controls can be very temperamental. Good concept, though.

spinex 2010.06.27
Don`t like the controls and somehow this game very slow

jolan 2010.06.27
nice graphic but still the control is really hard... i`m stuck at the wood after move the man`s hand and don`t know what to do next... they should give a better hint

me 2010.06.27
nicely made, but no girl/girl action!
And that game is called "GIRLFRIENDS"!

Styngetier 2010.06.27
Don`t like the controls and it is somehow suuuuper slow...

devals 2010.06.26
not the biggest fan of this game controls were hard

lekid jean 2010.06.26
love the game nice gameplay..
keep it up..

ungjente 2010.06.25
This game is great. Especially love the graphics, but a few more endings would be better.

Exiodia87 2010.06.25
game is cool, really hot chicks but controlling in the game is not so good, i waiting fir part 2

Lightaz 2010.06.24
in the park scene i cannot get past grabbing the mans arm, could anyone help

indianaboner 2010.06.24
good game, but can be much better

joshy135 2010.06.24
was a good game once you get into it nice graphics

silver12 2010.06.24
this game was a little hard to manipulate and to figure out during the sex scenes. Very hot girls though

Chop2009 2010.06.24
Can someone please tell me how to get out of the woods the help thing shows an arrow behind kate`s friend I don`t get what I have to do

gbed 2010.06.23
This is one of the best I have ever seen. Keep them coming

shark101 2010.06.22
Great game. Loved the characters.

daniboy 2010.06.22
very nice game hope for part2

camham1 2010.06.22
it is nice that it can be played in differents languages ! nice game but could be better

electrogirl1988 2010.06.22
good game, but the controls are awful though and really spoil it

haiclem 2010.06.22
The game is a bit slow, but has the really interesting advantage to be playable in several languages. The french version is not so bad !!

thespaceman 2010.06.21
great game, but the controls are very hard to get, i couldnt make it to the end

bcdance 2010.06.21
the beginning is too slow paced for my taste.

mocao123 2010.06.20
brilliant game,great graphics.unfortunely the controls are not so good

bknhrtz 2010.06.20
pusooy makes some really great games and they just get better and better. Love this game!

Pwlkane 2010.06.20
Great game, A bit slow to run, Probably because of the file size?
But well worth the wait.

TheOriginalSyn 2010.06.20
Controls are near impossible in places,unique, and fun when they work. graphics are good, story line is decent. some glitches with facials, i.e. phones shooting out of hands and stuff hanging in mid-air.

sexy dick 2010.06.19
The controls were n`t all that great and the hints barely did much. A lot of guessing is needed. Took me a while to realize you could progress the story faster by moving the cursor over chat bubbles.. This game kinda needs to be tuned a bit more..

Eyeseeker3 2010.06.19
Really good game, beautifully drawn, but it sorta glitched out on my computer. I could skip ahead, but the chapters wouldn`t work right. I`m not sure why. And it takes hela time to load. But it`s worth it.

darksareth 2010.06.19
good game. very good animation

viksfan00 2010.06.18
fun game but can not get passed library scene.

king85 2010.06.18
Difficult at the start and the controls are off

simson235 2010.06.18
one of the best games on this site.

simson235 2010.06.18
wow i was really enjoying this one. really really exciting

f11081986 2010.06.18
it`s fantastic..... very gooD!!!

borris 2010.06.18
great game - a bit slow , but that only makes it better

FrozenDream 2010.06.17
Great graphics and movement.. not so great with gameplay.. no always easy to get mouse where game needs it

gossipgirl 2010.06.17
i enjoy this game so much
please help me with the library scene

gossipgirl 2010.06.17
i cant stop playing this game
im loving it

Shadow_Yeti 2010.06.17
A little difficult, but has good graphics and good history

biatch 2010.06.17
this game is cool with great graphics

arefin3d 2010.06.17
The game is very cool and very sexy

hornysex32 2010.06.17
Difficult at the start but its easy in the end .

Daman 2010.06.16
I keep trying to play, but every time it loads it locks up at 30% and even during the game it does it! =(

jckiller32 2010.06.16
thus game was nice and funny to play :P

Raiha24 2010.06.16
this was a nice game... great graphics too

zainab 2010.06.16
Great graphics, but the controls probably need to be explained a bit more clearly (although once you get used to them they are fine).

yesmam 2010.06.16
excellent game...was hoping for more foreplay though between the two girls ^^

fred4280 2010.06.15
awesome game! really liked it

benm14 2010.06.15
the story is ok the graphic is very nice

evileyeee 2010.06.15
Controls are a problem, likewise all games of this house.

allerum 2010.06.15
good game but lacked the variety i crave

l4sj 2010.06.15
great animations, controls took getting used to

wallstreet212 2010.06.14
Awesome graphics. Controls take some getting used to, and the facials go a little overboard in the middle section, but overall one of the best.

bullet1289 2010.06.14
this game could be much better. I found some areas too hard to pass and grafics arn`t too good either. still good game.

jaidenjun 2010.06.14
the game`s okay but the controls are wierd. Awesome graphics (I guess that`s why it takes a while to load)

kingkaes 2010.06.14
great game. the story is ok the graphic is very nice

cjcj 2010.06.13
I believe this is one of the best games you have. Add more like this.

chiefton 2010.06.13
Good game once you get the controls down, like to see more from them

chiefton 2010.06.13
Had a real tough time with the controls adn getting started.

aku 2010.06.13
controls can be a bit at time but otherwise brilliant game great graphics

11lol2 2010.06.13
It is at the beginning dificult but later ist easy, i like it

blupje 2010.06.12
Good game, but i didn`t like the ending.

Zune 2010.06.12
Good graphics and neat game play but i think it could have been longer + at times ir rendered really slowly.

italianoe1 2010.06.11
This game is difficult at first, but later it turns alright.

taco123 2010.06.10
Interesting game. Weird though.

dkkiddo200 2010.06.10
nice game to play........quite fun

xion01 2010.06.10
Graphics were nice. The controls weren`t all that great and the hints barely did much. A lot of guessing is needed. Took me a while to realize you could progress the story faster by moving the cursor over chat bubbles.. This game kinda needs to be tuned a bit more..

mthate77 2010.06.09
Decent game but its hard to figure out what to do in some situations. controls are odd

rader 2010.06.09
grate game but the controls need a little bit more work on.

bastard 2010.06.09
it is really to slow makes it boring

bagman4 2010.06.08
the story was pretty good, but controls could use some real improvement

darnell_13 2010.06.08
I need help. She just keeps playing with his balls in the elevator.

Joshmofo1 2010.06.08
Keep making games like this one.

chris123 2010.06.08
great game thats how its supossed to be made great job

Slagg 2010.06.08
The story is nice and the scenes are good. But the control is really bad.

137877 2010.06.08
actually i dont know how to control some sense
but great game!!

Netsplit 2010.06.08
Good graphics. Hotspots sometimes awkward, especially in the library.

rj212 2010.06.07
the graphic is average but its story is very good

scannatore 2010.06.07
Controls are a problem, likewise all games of this house.

wpowder 2010.06.07
Super game, great graphics, one of my favourites, gals are hot, great story line, controls can be abit dodgey but overall great.

taskmaster 2010.06.06
Long game, kinda hard to realize what to do at the begining but after a few scenes u know what to do, it should include a tutorial

des14 2010.06.06
Quite long for a story but not much game play value. Graphics are very good.

BigKahuna 2010.06.06
Animations are nice in this game. Me likey.

rob63 2010.06.06
I enjoyed the game, controls could be better.

maywh 2010.06.05
Awkward controls, but apart from that it`s so/so.

jjk2 2010.06.05
good game although the way its controlled makes it a bit difficult to do stuff in one go

VascoF 2010.06.05
controls are crap not only a little

hickle84 2010.06.04
good graphic and great game play

hornyashell 2010.06.04
very fun game but abit awkward with the controls

Turner9 2010.06.04
Glade they made this game as long as they did. Awesome graphics as always. Very well done.
It would be nice if they added more interaction points and made it more like a RPG . Similiar to virtual dating girls or Arian B etc. It would be awesome if they dared tried to tackle something that complicated while using their flash interaction. I believe if they could pull it off, people might pay for it.

Crowley 2010.06.03
The graphics are great all around and at some points incredible. Quite long for a interactive story but not much game play value.

adzmppf 2010.06.02
Great graphics but the actions are hard/time consuming.

Grant 2010.06.02
Great game, fantastic graphics... controls a little confusing at times, but well worth the frustration.

forzaviola 2010.06.02
Game is good, great graphic, but control is not so easy

zeretet 2010.06.02
The game is very cool and very sexy

tobias17 2010.06.02
it has some problems with the clicking areas.not so great game

Joe. 2010.06.02
a bit difficult to find that shitty hotspots!

fivegodd01 2010.06.01
how do you suppose to move the guy closer to the girl in the first sence? it`s hard to control

borktheimpaler 2010.06.01
This is a fantastic game with hot animation i came 3 times!

hopen 2010.06.01
interesting game - the controls were a bit weird though

Kazarian 2010.06.01
interesting enough game if u have a spare 5 mins or so

TheMile 2010.06.01
A great new game from pusooy! Nice job! And with a lot fuck scenes too!

Sir Phoenix 2010.06.01
The game is excellent, like pusooy`s other games, but I thought the bukkake was fairly overdone. The kitchen scene should be taken out.

Spottie 2010.06.01
Very nice, lots of entertainment!

amonthegod 2010.06.01
good graphics in here but the controls are a bit off

senkoukuro 2010.06.01
good game and good graphics but the controls were very poor (i got stuck in a few scenes)

limmies1 2010.06.01
not quite so easy to play

mania1234 2010.06.01
good game but too short, and needs actual voice acting

hoostanaiven 2010.05.31
its the best game ive played so far. the animation and graphics are brilliant.

capfriend 2010.05.31
great game very good graphics dual action scenes are excellent hot hot hot

chiefton 2010.05.31
The game only starts every other time for me with slow game play.

SofM 2010.05.31
For some reason the game won`t finish loading. It always stops at 27%,

givermcliam 2010.05.30
hey sorry to bother but i cant seem to get the game to start, can anyone help me?

lmy1988 2010.05.30
very hot girl i like this game

stoffel1be 2010.05.30
great stories, bad controls

mightynight 2010.05.30
a little jerky at some points in the game but still fun

lanifnori 2010.05.29
sexy game i agree controls could be better.

just_me 2010.05.29
I never can get these types of controls to work

schneid3r 2010.05.29
nice game but too slow pace?

fer1973 2010.05.28
nice game.. rikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

sornage 2010.05.28
I hate controls and similar actions for whole game but graphics is nice

sepiax 2010.05.28
Controls are a little jerky, though I think that might just be the sensitive of the mouse to this game. Great Game though, good graphics and easy.

Cezar87 2010.05.28
Mot an easy game, good graphic good story.

shadow2001 2010.05.28
loved it, great story, sceens, and it wasnt oerly easy.

wowowow 2010.05.27
Very good game good graphics and sounds

Nick2 2010.05.27
Very good story and fine game!

Bebo12344321 2010.05.27
didnt like the game too much, but still better then most other games

yourmom.. 2010.05.26
i like this game, but at around scene 6 it froze.

Dude1 2010.05.25
I got stuck in the forest.

shakeandbake278 2010.05.25
this game was good it had good points to it and should consider 2 nd part

Terryporkins 2010.05.25
The controls are really annoying D:

doomsday0001 2010.05.25
am stuck in the park i see the hotspot marked her boobs but nothing happens when i click with left mouse am i using wrong controls? nice game hh

nalasttop 2010.05.25
much better than the last one like this. good to be able to click on the writing to hurry it along.
seems to get stuck when you re-play it though.

jose0007 2010.05.24
i think this is an awsome game

jsec 2010.05.24
Graphics are good and the idea of the game and controls is very good but needs to be much further refined. Got stuck on the woods.

lawnutt 2010.05.24
great game, took me a few tries to get it to load fully though...

KsEagle 2010.05.24
The graphics are excellent and the game play is extremely good.

chitale_kash 2010.05.24
graphics are really good but i got struck in the woods so please help me out

spenracq2 2010.05.24
truly a great game fantastic fuck scenes wish it had more scenes

darius 2010.05.24
Very nice game! Great graphics and good story!

alowan 2010.05.24
Jeu tres sympa assez dur pour donner de l`interet et envie de continuer

kekimu 2010.05.23
wasn`t to bad but it is a pretty cool way to way to work a game though

adamgob 2010.05.23
ok game. Alot of senseless waiting and watching. slow connection means slow game.

nbcman 2010.05.23
pretty silly controls; not worth the time

alexus68 2010.05.23
Excellent game and graphics, almost seems real.

rebel_54 2010.05.23
good game, good graphics, the controls kinda suck but other then that lots of fun.

senel24 2010.05.23
fun game, hard to control tho

Curtis615 2010.05.23
is a god game i start now

Dragonforce92 2010.05.23
Interesting games i liked it

jerryonly83 2010.05.22
very very good game though controls are inda tricky!

MeatyMikey 2010.05.22
Very nice game! Great graphics and good story!

sexy101 2010.05.22
Good game but bad controls
Hard to find hotspots.

ratje 2010.05.21
Great game sometimes dificull to find hot spots

Evil 2010.05.21
overall good game scope for improvement

Evil 2010.05.21
Great game but bad controls

jojo23 2010.05.21
good but the controls can be better

mantis84 2010.05.21
It`s a good game sometimes difficult to find interaction spots

1q2w3e4r5t6y7u8i9o0p 2010.05.21
nice game could have been batter

Rororor 2010.05.21
Hot game. I wish there are more games like this! 2 thumbs up.

hotman145 2010.05.20
loved it but need more forplay

grimboy777 2010.05.20
controls are weird but a good game

obidos 2010.05.20
love this game one of the best :))))))))))))))))

help78 2010.05.20
How can i play this game... there`s a controler that didn`t let me play...

dittynz 2010.05.19
This is not cool wanted to play but unable to get through. on broadband and not a slow one either but they reckon it is to slow..... whats the deal???

Hunter99004 2010.05.19
Good game, little slow but that may have been my connection??

slapchop 2010.05.19
Yet another busted link. Come on playforce!!! I really like this site but these link errors need to get sorted.

diego99 2010.05.19
the game sends me to another screen and it doesnt work, any one can help me?

dooodles 2010.05.19
excellent game...was hoping for more foreplay though between the two girls ^^

DeepNight 2010.05.19
in generl not bad, i`v seen better. The last part it`s really hot and the graphics is always very good!

MrRight 2010.05.19
Good game, nice graphics, wish the controls were a bit more refined.

rava1991 2010.05.19
decent game,making money takes ages though...good sex scenes

boxershorts03 2010.05.18
its a wonderful graphic and gameplay

Motherfucker 2010.05.18
Hot game. Like to meet those girls. fucking took to long. to many wankers HOT HOT HOT girls.

ancienthydra 2010.05.18
Very nice game, but mouse controls were really annoying.

overt1 2010.05.18
awesome game but it`s hard to target stuff sometimes and mouse movement is quite annoying

ryan1415 2010.05.18
Good game. finally found a minority girl. love em` hehe

jerryonly83 2010.05.18
nice game! good graphs i love schoolgirls! it`s a bit tricky but always better than before!

jj26 2010.05.18
took to long to load for me, or maybe its my peice of crap pc

rdubbs96 2010.05.18
This game sets a great standard for future games. Excellant interaction and life-like characters

thesexybest 2010.05.18
this game was relly insaine but took long to get up

tazz2892 2010.05.18
i like the game, but it needs sound.

Sionife 2010.05.18
Pretty cool game would like to see more of it.

vwolf2 2010.05.18
very good, and interactive game. Hope to see more like it.

smutlord 2010.05.18
really liked this game good

Blackthorne89 2010.05.18
excellent game, but the controls don`t always respond right

boxershorts03 2010.05.18
this game graphic i like very much. the gameplay is generally good, sometimes boring

Snejbjerg 2010.05.18
This is one of the best games .. Really good

shishkabob 2010.05.18
Wow, this is the best game on the site.

warriorofgod13 2010.05.17
I love this game! It`s one of the best one here!

Tfrank 2010.05.17
This is an outstandingly erotic game, with very good graphics and excellent interactivity. My only complaint is that it is so long and really needs a password or key to return to the later parts of the game rather than having to doing the whole game at once.

ralphhm47 2010.05.17
fun game very erotic controls could be easier take time to make it all the way through

hottiechick 2010.05.17
but took a long time to load

hottiechick 2010.05.17
i love this games its great

rebthaz 2010.05.17
For some reason this game wont load past 64%

Kedar 2010.05.17
Yeap. The game is great, what I like.

aslanparcasi 2010.05.17
great graphics.. weak control

fakebakerake 2010.05.17
I dont know why but i cant seem to play it.

mago99 2010.05.17
Great game. Just wish the control weren`t quite so fussy

wwhho 2010.05.17
I think these games are the best on here!

ammy 2010.05.17
good to play class game happy time memories

gp78 2010.05.17
what`s with the controls?

zhuo2525 2010.05.17
great game. buggy controls tohugh

boinky 2010.05.17
excellent game, but the controls don`t always respond right

GenkiElite 2010.05.17
not bad but could use better sound fx

chris18 2010.05.16
really good game, but almost too hard to find the right spots sometimes

barney200212 2010.05.16
excellent game a little long at times but perfect over all

kjedi 2010.05.16
Great game, but you better have time to spend on it. I played it for an
hour, and didn`t get to the end yet.

Xanitos 2010.05.16
Great game, controls are still a little iffy but over all very nice.

LoLB 2010.05.16
good game, but the controls are a bit difficult

woody12 2010.05.16
Excellent game and graphics, almost seems real.

mikey2much 2010.05.16
its a great game! not easy though

Ricoh124 2010.05.15
Tough game, progresses well but difficult to master the requirements

david 2010.05.15
Nice game! i like it. keep going with them :)

chikita 2010.05.15
its really good game loll

slapchop 2010.05.15
not a bad game but needs a lot more nudity

miniboris 2010.05.15
stuck by the tree when looking for the dog, but nice game!

bob12345 2010.05.15
puso did it well one again. great again.
can`t wait to see what he`s going to do next

Mucsy 2010.05.15
It`s a good hot game, but a bit slow

BigP 2010.05.15
A little tedious at times. Some spots hard to work/control. Much better graphics than earlier games. Has great potential.

irbis96 2010.05.15
hard to control game,i would like to see more girls in it lol

PhenxMKM 2010.05.15
Lots of good action. I would like the a similar game with hotter women!

Damirel 2010.05.15
nice game with good grafic but poor control

syameenah 2010.05.15
its fun but need some improment on graphic though

LariatQ 2010.05.14
I was told that I already commented on this game, but I see no comment of mine displayed.

jpmedic 2010.05.14
this game was to difficult to control needs better development

danilo 2010.05.14
is a good game in all scenes
although it would be better if there were many
problems with control of the

monty911 2010.05.14
Hard to control, and sometimes the loading stops at 70% for me

monty911 2010.05.14
loading duration is very long, I don`t know why

monty911 2010.05.14
nice game w/ good graphics

rjcool55 2010.05.14
good but long would have liked to see more girl on girl action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paglia 2010.05.14
really good game,simple and funny with good screenplay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elbouffono 2010.05.14
I really think this is my favorite game! it is really awesome, particularly the elevator, the breakfast and the train! Too bad there is no lesbian actions though...

blah21 2010.05.14
good game, can be better and load time takes a while. other than that, not bad

warriorofgod13 2010.05.14
I thought it was a fun game. Nice graphics

7z9 2010.05.14
Plus Ultra,and real graphics

samyboii 2010.05.14
not an easy game, good graphic good story

samyboii 2010.05.14
it takes to long to load but nice game...

aaaa1111 2010.05.14
game itS GREAT, i like it

escmax 2010.05.14
thats a beauty and I enjoy played that game!!

Riomiain 2010.05.14
nice one from pusooy - much better drawing than before

way2tall123 2010.05.13
Was ok controls did not wirk well for me.

Apac20 2010.05.13
These games are the best on here! ^_^

masuss1227 2010.05.13
it takes to long to load but nice game...

alowan 2010.05.13
Jeux vraiment tres sympa et de bonne qualit??

punkedge 2010.05.13
great game although you cant play with all pages

Charista 2010.05.13
good game until it froze during the train scene.

sugar__25 2010.05.13
This is a really nice game. good graphics.

pieter 2010.05.13
great game,, cool graphics, sometimes controls are a pain.

Stuhl77 2010.05.13
Great Game with real Graphics

Macho 2010.05.13
Plus Ultra,and real graphics

jmarsh7691 2010.05.13
amazing graphics and realism. good gameplay.

twardy88 2010.05.13
Great games with good text , super.

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