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Gilligans Long Island


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Domenik 2017.09.26
What kind of game is this? Poor concept

Tiodor 2017.07.07
Not very high quality, poor graphics but interesting story.

klr461 2017.06.18
The starting not the best ,to short animation was good

robbie2801 2017.01.25
Too much clicking. Graphics are okay.

GinnyDFleur 2015.08.25
Liked the premise of using Gilligan`s Isaland but the image quality, even for a spoof, left a lot to be desired.

stoad69 2014.08.03
Neat graphics and story line. Enjoyed the sex scenes too.

Ramses93 2014.07.03
I like this sexy Game , with the sexy girls

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

gwazz 2013.04.17
hated th origanall gilligan and this game didnt change my opinion

kpjr278 2013.02.06
This could do with a remake with better interaction, and graphics


UkSteve 2013.02.04
Seems a bit dated, but a good basic cartoon

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Boored game i didnt even finish the game.

gartal 2013.01.27
What we wanted to see on the show..... lol. Interesting consept.

shyman44425 2013.01.24
funny game with cute charactures of the original cast.

oscar500 2013.01.19
too simple, very old style, but funny story

RomeoHeat 2012.11.24
Funny as hell, but not that sexy.

kryptkeepr 2012.10.28
was different look at the lost voyage

bradee27 2012.06.27
i like to do many descisions really.

awesome116 2012.05.24
a fun but very wierd game, not very well made

derda 2012.05.15
bed graphics, not so interesting :-(

Skysnake 2012.05.14
there are funnier charlies

bahamut86 2012.05.12
old style, bad graphic but good story :)

farkas 2012.05.05
Very old style hot girls game. Not bad the story but the end is too poor.

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.24
Old and not too pretty - I know better games

SamSudin 2012.02.07
Old thing but still hillarious

tara.dinho-sp 2012.01.31
too simple, very old style, but funny story

ponal 2012.01.11
graphic very simple, but game is funny (not more)

BallIdiot 2012.01.09
Boring game play and poor graphics...

zaxtus73 2012.01.08
i did not like this game it is boring

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.01.04
Well, it was a great game some years ago... I miss the Charlies series

Guillaume 2012.01.01
Story is fun but poor graphics

mikicostanza 2011.12.24
a little pornholio game interresting

rumxes 2011.12.10
Nice game with good story line. But, the graphics could have been better.

Zokah 2011.11.23
It`s an ok game, but I agree that the quality sucks.

lazy boy 2011.11.20
funny games .. graphics not good ..

bluejedi41 2011.09.24
Cheesy graphics and story.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
These are funny little games.

busu99 2011.08.24
its a funny game..with some old graphics

banes 2011.08.18
terrible animation and lousy story line.

zzzzzzzzzzzz 2011.08.16
i didnt like this game bad graphics ..

vastorelorde 2011.08.13
graphic and animation not goog story quite good

tman29 2011.07.31
not to good of graphics but still pretty good.

Jman 2011.06.11
Not very high quality, poor graphics but interesting story.

TheCin 2011.06.05
interesting story but the graphic and the animations are not so good

m4t0n 2011.04.28
funny game a too short history

zie_knight 2011.04.12
Bad graphic, weird story and bad sound

C. C. 2011.04.06
A lot of potential in the idea. Maybe someone can go with it.

Skarn62 2011.04.06
really awful graphics. Not interesting scenar

conbron 2011.04.05
bed graphics, not so interesting :-(

DeaconFrost 2011.03.20
Old fashioned cartoon like, quite short but the plot is funny. Nothing amazing on the sex scene side but particular attention was given to the sound part, just average sample of voices and still it is rare enough to be noticed, this isn`t a textual adventure.
Makes it a change with common anime like games we see very ofen now, this one is pretty much an oldy since I have played it years ago.
Worth the short fun running it once.

TMAN81 2011.02.20
just like watching cartoon....

Nick2 2011.02.19
Hot and amazing game!!!
Very nice game!!!
I like it!

devilsman 2011.01.23
It` s very fun game as like as all games from pornohouli (or something like that)...

callmebast 2011.01.23
awful game, it really was.

ocandela 2011.01.14
This game was kinda boring. I don`t think that the graphics are very good at all.

kalbs 2011.01.11
stupid game and boring also

Futurus 2010.12.16
graphic is not as good as in other games. not one of the top games.

mick149 2010.12.16
this is a rubbish game that is terrible

haiclem 2010.11.11
I don`t think this game breaks the cut to be available on PF1. BY the way, when does kelly come back from Japan ?

paddywhack 2010.11.09
not the best agme ive ever played

spida 2010.10.31
enjoyable game, but it does get repetative

Chaos_Warlord 2010.10.29
Same mechanics as Tokes of Hazzard I believe, but too many clicks required.

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending

andiyan 2010.10.21
it`s funny games..n nice to play!!!

flamez 2010.10.13
Refreashed old memories! not the bet of the series but still a good reminder of the `glorious` past!

Vio 2010.10.10
always same pattern getting quickly boring

larry.237 2010.09.04
it`s a fun game could use better grafix

kpyrinikos 2010.08.28
no bad game, just funny, it needs better gfx

Kirdran 2010.08.24
Old and not too pretty - I know better games

valkyra 2010.08.22
basic graphics, low gameplay

bshdaddy1 2010.08.17
always loved mary ann this is a very funny game. loved it

marines216 2010.08.14
not a bad game needs better grapichs

bcfclee 2010.06.28
not a bad game good fun and would play again hehehehehehehe

bc 2010.06.18
game is a little dated... basic graphics

gliph13 2010.05.22
as they say, you can`t beat the classic games

Macho 2010.05.08
Good story but the game is basic

boinky 2010.05.04
I always liked the Holio cartoons, basic art, but effective

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Funny game with prehistorian graphic.

LoLB 2010.04.19
bad graphics, but a funny game

spenracq2 2010.04.08
never guessed the ending

carhosan 2010.03.21
not good game the cartoons are not very develop

robert23 2010.03.10
its a funny game..with some old graphics

Barack 2010.02.09
it`s to old, but the graphics are fun, another category...

dragonkitty20 2010.02.07
The game seems pretty old so good for it`s age but not what I`m used to.

bandit79 2010.01.30
What we wanted to see on the show..... lol. Interesting consept.

Ricoh124 2010.01.25
Seems a bit dated, but a good basic cartoon.

BIG-BEAST 2010.01.13
very funny little game, very enjoyable.

woofa 2010.01.02
Old graphic quality, fun story, but needs some work

Mandrab 2009.11.10
not good, the graphcs are fun but not as sexy as they should

Xyzzy 2009.11.05
One of the early Charlie games. The got better as time went on.

Blacko69 2009.11.04
Not so good. The graphic is weak.

nate 2009.10.31
i didn`t enjoy this game at all

Tfrank 2009.10.25
This game is crude and simple-minded, but sometimes that is sufficient.

kaiserxiv 2009.10.22
humorous game, but outdated graphics

johnlocke 2009.10.09
its a funny game..with some old graphics

Gason 2009.10.06
lol this is great. i like that there is length to it. could have a few more options though.

cheese101 2009.10.02
average graphics,bad game and story,wouldnt reccomend it

wariotpl 2009.09.24
This game is very old, the new adventures of Charlie looks better.

Ignitioner 2009.09.23
Bad game, destroyer of mouse...

Cool Dave 2009.09.22
poor graphic but good story

6anut4 2009.09.20
agree with the poor graphics, wont play this one again

santa 2009.09.18
OK but graphics are very poor. Not challenging.

tuupke1 2009.09.16
there are funnier charlies

TheStark 2009.09.15
Not my style. There are many better games on the web

Pitt 2009.09.14
too simple, very old style

elven_steve 2009.09.14
There are a bunch of these Charlie games. Maybe put more up.

cogi69 2009.09.14
i agree, old and boring game..

bibistrocel 2009.09.14
i didn`t enjoy this game

piconman 2009.09.14
old fashioned game, not hte better of the serie

bajarliom 2009.09.14
did not enjoy the art style and production values

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