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Get me pregnant


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spanner 2017.10.14
Good game but not long enough

D1NGBAT 2017.10.05
Short, sharp and enjoyable. Good graphics and variable story line. Worth a play or three.

Tom3l 2017.09.29
Nice gameplay, the story could be longerrn

champ909 2017.09.19
Kinda dissapointing. I felt it was way too short, almost rushed even. So much more could have been done, like more positions.

hdjeep93 2017.09.11
very nice girl and graphics, the game is nice to playrn

_beJ 2017.09.10
Great game, love the fact that you can play as both the man and the woman.

Joester 2017.08.30
i would get her pregnant anytime...rn

marcus747 2017.08.26
I found the game to be short and I disliked the whole premise. Girl was hot, although generic. It didn`t capture my interest.

zorgocrypton 2017.08.26
Can`t click the "Click to Start" button.

tnt2 2017.08.16
too short great graphics nice game


ghostjar 2017.08.06
it was really simple, needed better optionsrn

Jimbo44 2017.07.29
great go to game, chick is awesomern

tac404 2017.07.28
this game ending was great

smentoma 2017.07.20
Really easy game but great graphics. Its very short and almost no choice.

alexlev19 2017.07.20
Easy game, low interaaction, and he display is too big for my screenrn

hien 2017.07.16
Great game , I love itrnrn

KitCarsen 2017.07.05
Great graphics but no difficult gameplay.....felt like going to watch a fuck show it was that easy.

raycis 2017.06.30
The graphics are great! Animation is top notch

carl1068 2017.06.30
very nice graphics and story choices are mind blowing

littleGamer 2017.06.26
nice girl, good graphicsrna bit more story would be great

jonakos87 2017.06.14
simple game with some nice graphics and scenario.

AJ@2 2017.06.14
Short Game, Got4/8 Endingsrn

kemode 2017.06.07
Really short game but easy to play and VERY VERY HOT girl!

dogg3000 2017.05.06
Great game with good graphics.

JoeMan 2017.05.05
Amazing game best one yet

matiksonnn 2017.04.23
Great game, virtual date games are all really nice.

sR. ridZ 2017.04.22
totally easy and short. it should be more and more

FranklinMac 2017.04.19
Super fun, but a little short. However, for the time involved, it`s super hot and sexy. Love the various outcomes.

purplefangs23 2017.04.19
Game Is Very Nice. Like The Story.rnGraphic Is Also Satisfying.rnAnd Next time please add zoom mode too while playing.

lobo64 2017.04.07
Graphics are great, as is the format. I think the game should be longer.

dr_zaisu 2017.04.07
Too short but entertaining

SmokeyBacon 2017.04.02
Very good game, great graphics. maybe a few different suggestions

dzh93 2017.03.30
nice game, nice graphics, love it

VaultTecRepresentative 2017.03.30
Great game, only downside for me is how short it is. However, the graphics are very amazing (probably the best I`ve seen on this site).

DGCBadger 2017.03.22
short but gets to the point pretty quicck

cbarb1788 2017.03.20
awesome game great graphics

Ducati 2017.03.20
Game Is Very Nice. Like The Story.
Graphic Is Also Satisfying.
And Next time please add zoom mode too while playing.

gunneren98 2017.03.18
this game was breathtaking

HighlanderBD 2017.03.15
verry funny but i dont found all endings

IAmGreat24 2017.03.15
This one was different then what ive played before

SithiusVarick 2017.03.14
super sexy chick, game could be longer , i like the format and graphics though!

uasr79 2017.03.12
Graphics nice and a good game to play

kemode 2017.03.09
WOW!!! this girl is beautiful! Very sexy. Easy game and quick too.

ianjames 2017.03.08
georgeous girl and very easy to play

akhilgupta31 2017.03.08
a very small but amazing fck game with good graphics.

kemode 2017.03.07
This is a great quick game and a VERY gorgeous girl!

atrain116 2017.03.06
this game have nice gameplay

zorthonx 2017.03.02
It was an alright game, decent graphics

EmeraldChic14 2017.02.28
My game won`t load, I don`t know why none of them do :(
Does anybody else have the same problem?

ar87 2017.02.26
The art work / graphics look very well done. A game with a good story behind it would be awesome.

lasha296 2017.02.26
this is a very great game. graphycs are very cool and I love this

Sexy_Jackie 2017.02.24
The game seems too short, a sequel of some kind would be great.

Spookyboo 2017.02.23
new here hope this game is good

noomglol 2017.02.21
Awesome looking graphics!

jacob2141 2017.02.21
interesting story plot. I like it

ZarMolinsky 2017.02.19
Interesting game,but a bit short but i like it

harry12 2017.02.01
This was honestly a really nice game.

pdiceman 2017.01.31
Shorter game but still fun to play

paul197678 2017.01.29
This is a fun game but its to short

kinou21 2017.01.28
Very nice and funny games

fallen_angxl 2017.01.27
This was honestly a really nice game.

tspextreme 1 2017.01.24
nice and sexy game but it will be better with a plot

dhxf130973 2017.01.22
Very nice graphics. Simple and fun.

YTheLastMan 2017.01.20
Nice, short, simple, but with many endings. Thanks LoP team for the game.

turner16 2017.01.20
wow the graphics in this game are incredible

bilovegr 2017.01.19
great graphics but way to short

meowmeow69 2017.01.17
one of my favs, great graphics and so many endings love it

ch1220 2017.01.14
Not bad but not great. She should have been used as a little slave.

tlcspook 2017.01.13
Great game if you want to finish fast

Instagram 2017.01.13
Great game. I would have appreciated some endings

CartoonFan 2017.01.11
Nice, short and to the point. Love the different endings. Another Hit LOP.

DucaDalba 2017.01.09
Good graphic, boring plot

mania3212 2017.01.08
This is a great game.....Nice details and scenes

sexplayer111 2017.01.07
Gosh that girl is so hot, awesome game

mage92 2017.01.06
an amazing game with even better graphics. I hope to find more like this one.

vssuarez10 2017.01.06
Short and it takes to much time to load... Still, great graphics

peteanders82 2017.01.06
Excellent graphics, but maybe a little on the short side.

Paxton04 2017.01.04
Loved the graphics and the game play. The choice to choose between characters was an exceptional decision by the production team. The story line was creative.

HD 2017.01.04
the character is amazingly hot but there is no storyline to it..the game would be much more interesting if there was a good storyline

wiids 2017.01.02
I like this one. graphics look very well done. Need more adventure to the game.

dudefromupstairs 2017.01.01
Graphics look good! great game!

lobo4512 2016.12.31
The graphical content for this was surprisingly very well done and the gameplay was enjoyable. All in all, I would recommend this to any who read this. Enough endings to make one want to play it again and again.

kevi12 2016.12.30
Great gameplay nice graphic

Jerem8P 2016.12.27
she is sexy and tgood graphics

ken2016 2016.12.20
unique game and very sexy love it

halt99 2016.12.19
first time to play game really enjoyed it. graphics really good

DantheBaked 2016.12.13
I loved this game. I also enjoyed getting all the endings. It was well worth my time.

Ace A 2016.12.11
It could be better, but its cool and entertaining

strider2038 2016.12.10
Really short game, easy to get through all endings. Pretty sexy too

appu123 2016.12.10
great fucks but no adventure
good game great graphics but the story couldve used some more sex scenes

appu123 2016.12.10
great graphics, great fucks but no adventure

coolw 2016.12.06
Lovely graphics, gameplay was good and the animation was neat. The story is lacking but decent.

cpyro 2016.11.27
Enjoyable game if short on time.

pornpanda11 2016.11.23
Very hot girl ! pretty good grafics , great fucks , but short game ! Thanks LOP

jaazten 2016.11.23
Great graphics good gameplay

nbrahul 2016.11.16
what a great game, Love the story line and gil. LoP, you are great

mikey416hr 2016.11.14
straight to the point, i like it

bodlatmata 2016.11.14
this makes me so good that im feeling nice

bodlatmata 2016.11.14
this is perfect and very hot

MrJD 2016.11.13
A very simple game, easy to play.

vel119 2016.11.09
pretty good grafics.
the history develops without so much preamble

Synbridge 2016.11.04
Very short, but very dynamic storyline. Excellent graphics and animations.
Average characters, story is ultrashort but so contrastic. Especially in the endings.

thatttguyy 2016.10.27
stuck on 4 endings for some reason?

Teaser6xx 2016.10.25
The game is okayish .Not upto the mark.Well but the graphics are good.Screenplay is just awesome but only thing is that the game is too short. Its not even a game its just a scene.If the story can be stretched then i am sure that the game will get good ratings

ssbbssc 2016.10.22
thats how sex should end
with crempie

wiggy 2016.10.21
not the best game on the site bit to short

kingdavidlee89 2016.10.20
very good graphics and game

Sola_KMT 2016.10.20
an enjoyable game to play even tho it is very short. Graphics and animation are awesome

vule123 2016.10.18
Not bad
Different line story

RicV 2016.10.17
cool game. nice graphics . Even though it was a short story, it is enjoyable.

Crusader_1 2016.10.16
I agree with many others. Too short and unusual for a non gamer like me to say, too easy. Not much of a game to it.

pimp_C 2016.10.15
Easy game with many endings very good graphics

Roedebard 2016.10.13
the graphics might be wider but less highg. nice and fast game, unfortunately the intro lasts longer than the game itself.

abulhabul5 2016.10.12
very very erotic one, very nice animation as well as graphics,easy to play

keilso0 2016.10.06
Nice game, great graphics. More interaction maybe?

xXxVeNoMxXx 2016.10.03
Well, that was one hot woman. great game.

mrmusic26 2016.09.30
I like this one. It gets right down to business and so so sexy!!

jupa1985 2016.09.29
not one of mi favourites buts it an ok game

ladiesguy 2016.09.27
i love this game great game

sasuke220 2016.09.25
LoP team delivers again. Managed to get all endings after some work-arounds. The trick is to fill the "meter" ie add stars either guilt or angry but don`t overdo it so that, in the end, you`ll have both options available. This way, each option will lead to a different ending (you can get 4 endings with each one, think it`s obvious but letting it out anyways). If I remember correctly, 3 stars will do it. Btw, imagine Patricia`s husband seeing the child growing up and thinking to himself "It doesn`t look like he/she took from me, hmmm.." (even thinking about having a DNA test) lol.

ladyhunter 2016.09.25
I enjoy this game, you all ways get some good sex with this game

pisu 2016.09.24
its not the best game but its interestin its not bad

umair115 2016.09.19
great graphics but not that much great story

sirchommy 2016.09.19
game was good I liked the graphics really sexy girl too

Victor_Frankenstein1 2016.09.17
Great graphics, cool game!!

gttt 2016.09.17
A nice short game, good to pass a short amount of time

leon.ken 2016.09.17
Great story, good diversity of story lines. Great images. My only problem is there doesn`t seem to be any way to save the game and return to your saved point. That would help a lot.

w1drng22 2016.09.17
Not bad. It was quick and fun and a variety of endings.

jnat 2016.09.16
It`s a great game but it`s too short and end too quickly

harbinger117 2016.09.15
This was a good game, I liked how it had multiple endings. the graphics looked amazing. one of the best I`ve played in a while.

LostTemplar 2016.09.13
Love this game. Its a bit short but amazing graphics

wolffeman19 2016.09.13
Awesome game, like it really much

julio$$ 2016.09.10
very good game, I like It..

Steveywonder 2016.09.09
Fun game. Going to try to get all endings.

davedave416 2016.09.08
Good but limited gameplay

jadegoon 2016.09.04
the graphics are really good but the game is to short

frulpo 2016.09.03
Nice gameplay, graphics are great.

Austin00 2016.09.02
Good Graphics, goog game,its entretaining

Maximus4400 2016.09.02
Nice game, great graphics too.Wish the game was longer though.

mrtoms 2016.08.29
Very sexy game, but a little longer would be good

phoenixflame 2016.08.29
Love filling her full of cum

FreestylerXXX 2016.08.27
Gr8 grahics, game is a little short and ye Patricia is rlly hot :)

Aztetos 2016.08.26
Found my missing ending, it was the one were you play as Patricia and get guilty enough that you regret it but Tim won`t stop fucking you.

Aztetos 2016.08.26
A bit short but nice game, could do with a sequel thought.

Got 7/8 endings, someone knows of all 8 and know how to get them?
Can`t remember which endings I have got so I`m just clicking my way forward randomly now.

misterj 2016.08.26
Great game. Graphics a pretty good. Continuation maybe?

kaftos 2016.08.26
The game was awesome!!!I love to see part two or onother game with Patricia..Patricia is very hot

adliyaboyz 2016.08.25
WOW! this is one hot game! really simple and very sexual, 5 stars!

xVeNNoMx 2016.08.23
Interesting game, Beautiful graphics, and I really liked how you can play 2 sides. Keep it up.

Freestyler9310 2016.08.22
I like about this game that u can actually pick 2 sides and see how it will go each way ....and at all is one of my most fav games on this side

Bossfiend 2016.08.20
Game was simply too short. The large ammount of endings would have been more enjoyable with slightly longer gameplay in each one

abcd774 2016.08.18
great graphics but way to short

StickInYou 2016.08.17
cool graphic and straight to the point. nice for a short little game.

Tazzman37 2016.08.13
Nice gameplay, graphics are great.

Atreyusan 2016.08.13
never thought it would be this fun getting a chick pregnant!

celeHree666 2016.08.12
this game is very good for me

Asbethe 2016.08.12
Easy but nice graphic, loved it

GERMA 2016.08.11
its just a wonderful game, i like the story

cobras81 2016.08.11
Good Game, could be a little longer, good graphics

ggnore123 2016.08.11
Pretty short game, animation`s ok, the artworks pretty good too but the no buildup and linear plot almost. Hope they make some sort of a spinoff from these characters or a similar game to this but with stat building and more scenes

jboy214 2016.08.09
nice little story with so many ways to play

Nialel 2016.08.08
This is one of my favorite games

pfo.com 2016.08.08
Kind Story, but emotional.

adubarex 2016.08.07
Love this game, great graphics and gameplay

XXXJadya 2016.08.04
Short and sweet game. I got 3 endings. Loved the options of chasing to play as a male or female.

anoniem93 2016.08.03
way to short, and to easy in my opinion. if it was a longer game it will be a nice game

xxlradu 2016.08.01
its a nice and easy game, great graphics, but its too short

elpro1234 2016.07.31
I need a walkthrough pleaseee

joboda 2016.07.29
This game is very funny, have great graphic and an hot mayn character

praisia33 2016.07.29
love the graphics it was also a good game

jakjakd6969 2016.07.28
YES: Awesome graphics and awesome game

mariusosaure 2016.07.27
The game is a little short but easy to play and it have a good look.

Smooth17 2016.07.26
Only got 7/8 endings but still a great game

redridinghood69 2016.07.24
got her pregnent for sure lolzzz

BondGwick 2016.07.23
i like light games like this
and to think that it has 2 different perspectives, i like it more :P

HennyMa123 2016.07.22
i think these graphics of great! the experience was so real

declankingg 2016.07.21
fun. really has sendings you wouldnt expect

WolfSpittexCZ 2016.07.20
This game have a really awesome graphic, sad is that game is very short.....

EyalAndOmer 2016.07.19
girl is very sexyyyy
graphics great

gokudera143 2016.07.18
lol done finished all the endings its not that hard

hotgirl20 2016.07.17
the girl is soooooooooooo sexy

ozzy934201 2016.07.17
Hot girl & sexy text too :)

elturrero 2016.07.15
It was OK: Patricia is hot as hell, great job with the modeling. But the scenes are just a few and it get quite boring to look for all the endings.

punjabi 2016.07.15
i like that game. I make her pregnant for many times and i would do it again

Piccolo2 2016.07.12
oh, really great game and girl. rsrs

1337Leet 2016.07.10
Strange Game not bad i like its fine

mattjr 2016.07.09
its hard to get all the ending , but its quite fun to try

lilskipy 2016.07.06
hot as fucking hell omfg this has great graphics and animations LOVE IT

patb 2016.07.06
graphis are good but a liitle bit too short.

gugibg 2016.07.06
nice,too fast make a sex :)

Tusher 2016.07.05
like the game and the story awesome

zoomzoom 2016.07.05
Love everything about this game.

JasonPhoenix 2016.07.04
Great graphics, but a bit too short. Seems like it`s going to lead to something good though.

billthornton6996 2016.07.03
A little too short for my liking

LegendarE 2016.06.30
great graophic,nice storyline n such, great gam,e love dat pussy.

Marek3107 2016.06.28
The best game I ever played! Beautiful graphics, nice endings!

guypenny67 2016.06.28
great game nice graphics easy to play a bit short

ltworf1 2016.06.26
very interesting.. the fact you can play as both sexes gives it a high replay value.... keep up the good work...

Wolf_of_fate 2016.06.25
Nice choices and good make.

mafs 2016.06.24
really good game thank you

haremmaster4 2016.06.24
This game was great, graphics were amazing and the endings were interesting

KellyIsBae 2016.06.23
Not one of the best games by LOP but it was alright

bigdog1124 2016.06.23
i love the options i like being able to choose who i want to be. i will get her pregnant any day

mclovin3209 2016.06.22
Its alright, kinda short and nothing special

chabagutor 2016.06.22
Good game, graphic and animation. a bit short

queenofgoofiness 2016.06.21
Love This Game! I Play it like twice every two weeks!

bullet8530 2016.06.19
alsome game loved all the endings and that you could choose who you wanted to be

dragonwarrio2262 2016.06.16
Could use some work on the graphics.

I like the different endings.

coolbrz 2016.06.14
a lot of endings really enjoyed

iperte72 2016.06.13
The game is very short, but I spent a very pleasant time

shaneg15 2016.06.12
good game could have more in it

RoosterPV25 2016.06.09
Good Game, could be a little longer, good graphics

polop06 2016.06.08
good game great graphics but the story could`ve be more interesting

imprettysecret 2016.06.07
Good game , but its really short

JimKill 2016.06.07
Storyline was small
Gameplay and graphics were top of the line
Good job, LoP
We want more!!

peloso 2016.06.06
I love the animations ad the graphic its` fantasctic.I love this game!

stach56 2016.06.06
Very realistic graphics and great scene.
Lovely girl and very sexy

inhindsight97 2016.06.03
This is definitely my biggest fetish. Wish i could do this in real life aha.

suli560 2016.06.01
very good game best graphics so far on this website

sportzboy 2016.05.31
interesting game. great graphics

Sucks911 2016.05.30
short game but good graphic

jt5151 2016.05.29
like that you can play as either character adds to the game

edujara 2016.05.28
a very interesting and sexy game i love it

JimKill 2016.05.27
We all would like it if there were more storylines in these type of games...

blackleaf69 2016.05.26
i liked the game sooo much it was soo good that hurts

mspjamesme 2016.05.26
Nice game. but pretty short story. the graphics were great. Just wish there was more to it.

bozo1512 2016.05.25
Too good to be true storyline and the dialogues can be improvised. Great animation and graphics.

MineRules 2016.05.24
Very nice game.it seems like they know what they are doing,great job developers

pjjeremy 2016.05.24
too small story but still good girls and graphics

iivailoo85 2016.05.22
Nice looking new game, liked it.

highlander1597 2016.05.22
Good game. but very short gameplay. reached 6 out of 8 endings.

barksdalee 2016.05.21
sweet, I can play both genders

ThatDude 2016.05.21
Nice graphics, it`s an okay storyline.

Pl9yer 2016.05.20
Graphics much better but could do with extending the gameplay

Disorder 2016.05.20
Too short and not like the other great games of lop

bluedevilcindy 2016.05.20
This game is okay. It is very sort but the girl is very sexy.

cpiersall3129 2016.05.20
The game was a little abrupt. Could have used a few extra options for sexual position.

lifetimehacker 2016.05.19
No gameplay, just a sex scene

Marek3107 2016.05.18
Really nice game! Graphics are awesome and 8 different endings! I really enjoyed this game

forceiser7 2016.05.18
Awfully Short. No gameplay, just a sex scene

iamshy 2016.05.17
Good game but a bit short on content, Greath gaphics tho

Runner97 2016.05.16
Wish there were a few more options...

jotacharro8 2016.05.15
great game simple and sexy, good animations and hot girl, overall a pretty good game

erock31 2016.05.15
great graphics and well done

cjlive11 2016.05.15
good game too short not enough choices with characters overall pretty good game

pac82 2016.05.14
short but sweet fun to play

hiolust 2016.05.12
it was good i liked the graphics

Zeefuik 2016.05.11
Good graphics and a good game!

harlequin84 2016.05.11
nice graphics with nice choices. enjoyed the game.

bobtrevor 2016.05.09
game is too short but the graphics are good improvement from previous games

richman3 2016.05.08
First of all Patricia is hot. I really like the graphics on this one and the element of cheating is nice too for the story. It is just a little short for me. However as I said the graphics are nice so all in all not a bad game. Thanks guys.

shauryas 2016.05.07
great game short but fun specially all 8 scenes will make you blowwwww

Hoswell 2016.05.07
Great game almost to easy to get the endings

philliplemus 2016.05.05
good girl and has lots of special things that are exciting

sausageb88 2016.05.03
sexy girl...pretty hot game.....just a little short

cantorsjw 2016.05.02
Good graphics but way to short and not really interesting.

HiImTable 2016.05.02
what a great game, Love the story line and gil. LoP, you are great

lulea 2016.04.30
Not much of a challenge but alright.

MCbuttertits 2016.04.29
good game with a good looking girl.

esteban69 2016.04.29
short but interesting. I would the real game and this could be teaser or something

DOMINATE2332 2016.04.27
Good graphics, quality and storyline. Could be a bit more elaborate.

aybrk54 2016.04.27
Very good game! I love the way they implement different endings in those games nowadays!

jellealmere 2016.04.27
soo hot. Being able to play with both genders makes this a fun difference from the other games

Aaron2345 2016.04.27
It was a nice game, very short and simple.

whyhello 2016.04.27
good graphics and good gameplay short sweet simple and to the point

tmk995 2016.04.27
Overall a really good game would reccomend. great graphics

Jlexa-aJlexa 2016.04.26
Need more adventure to the game.

warpdavis 2016.04.25
Pretty boring, honestly. Would LOVE a full game with these high quality animations though. The cock sucking animation is GREAT!

jtatec69 2016.04.25
Getting to play both character is fun.

lord_dragon 2016.04.24
this game was fun but when i first started i had no clue what to do

waffl3 2016.04.21
Great idea of a story and love how it lets you play both parts of people

fergthedon 2016.04.19
great grapichs and story great game altogether

DigBick69 2016.04.17
This game is quite basic, could be improved with more male talents....

knight09 2016.04.17
Graphics are great, just that it really doesn`t have a story line and it`s way too short.

Whitemane 2016.04.16
The game was not so beatiful.I played another games and enjoyed much with them

jin2990 2016.04.16
i like the game ok thanks

Impressssive 2016.04.16
great graphic but story is too short

izrale1175 2016.04.16
fun game a little short but still good

Maddog82486 2016.04.15
i love that you get to play with both characters and it has multiple endings. Great graphics cant wait for more like it.

5mokey 2016.04.14
the graphics are awesome , the story is great to but could be better
i like this game :)

xdiorixd 2016.04.14
Great Graphic, but story not that fun

fuckerfenil 2016.04.13
Fucking loved it!! The animation and story line are so perfect! Looks real and Patricia is hot and sexy as hell

jackshaw7 2016.04.13
Very nice graphics and I love the rolling screen feature, a little short but overall very well presented.

nonamer 2016.04.11
beauty girl, but short game

PlayForceOne9705 2016.04.11
Nice but very short game wish it was a little longer

preacher_nz 2016.04.09
Cute little game, though a little short for my taste.

studlyhornylover 2016.04.09
Its a great game hands down!!

masodesmati 2016.04.08
nice graphics, the game is short, kind of pointless and it lacks a good story.
but it makes up for it by enabling you to play both sides.
its good to have the females perspective from time to time.

steakpie99 2016.04.07
A bit to random for my taste. There doesn`t seem to be much of a story.

bigbroom 2016.04.07
Not bad.
It`s a differrent linear story.
Graphics a pretty good (

rstev666 2016.04.06
this was like nicole meets roxy very good

GP69 2016.04.06
Could do with a bit more motion graphics, otherwise not too bad

huy00000 2016.04.05
it was alright, a lil too easy

rex90 2016.04.05
Good graphics but a little too short

Chairman1966 2016.04.05
interesting take on the storyline,
nice to be able to play both sides too.
graphics are awesome

xslayermkdx 2016.04.04
but the concept to play both characters its something new i like it you can use it on other games in future i hope will be nice!

xslayermkdx 2016.04.04
could be longer more days maybe like divided heart more characters more places or rooms everything happening really fast, girl its cute though

darrenwee92 2016.04.04
interesting game... would definetely recommen..

AshleighBound 2016.04.04
Loved the girl, but I can agree that I`d love more variation.

Esp loved playing both sides!

lievelust2 2016.04.04
nice and sexy game but ok kinda short keep up the good work

CobraCom 2016.04.03
Good graphic, but very minimalistic.

RamanS21 2016.04.03
nice game i like it very much especially the girl .. she is so hot

vulcanofcapriano 2016.04.03
The game was great, but I wish it would have been longer

Pussyeateryum 2016.04.03
The girl was so sexy. Nice graphics by the way.

sharif123 2016.04.02
i feel like they could have made this a bit longer

pribalt 2016.04.01
Nicee game , Rissian boys and girls like the s game !

pussyslayer69 2016.04.01
I love the fact that there is no way to screw this game up, very good and very sexy

Waterbhoy67 2016.03.30
game was good but i wish it could have been longer looks too good to be a short game with such good graphicsstill enjoyed it though

genius96 2016.03.30
this was an amazing game really good graphics :D

crestos 2016.03.29
She is so HOT, I think is one my fav games

fiut123 2016.03.29
Great graphics, hot girls but it could be a bit longer

goofballz777 2016.03.29
Great graphics and animations with a really hot girl

naeryus 2016.03.26
great graphic but a bit short

ShepMM 2016.03.25
Good Graphics not many options though

cambridge4453 2016.03.24
Its really short and not a great story but the graphics are the best part

xyarizx 2016.03.24
rly, hot game. I like it.they should have more of these games

thetoyfoxer 2016.03.23
the quality is great and so are the graphics

brink7000 2016.03.23
Give me lesbians or give me nothing. This was still pretty hot.

jpb811 2016.03.22
maybe the best graphics i have seen! not a bad game short but sweet

grumpie 2016.03.22
impressive graphic but the story is to simple.

PLATEROVM 2016.03.22
Great game kinda predicable though , but sexy

iowaboy1844 2016.03.21
easy to get a few endings but takes a little while to find all 8. Decent but repetitive.

secretb15 2016.03.21
The quality is great makes the tits look fantastic

Mondoblasto 2016.03.21
Immediately impressed that the player can play as either character. Could be the start of a new thing.

ridman64 2016.03.21
Simple game, good graphics

Mikom5ota 2016.03.20
A Little short but good game

drtyguy82 2016.03.20
good game and graphics just short and ends quick

kitsuneko 2016.03.19
Needs to be a bit more challenging, great game regardless!

sauros 2016.03.19
nice games..the graphics are good and girl is stunning....

HornyAdult316 2016.03.18
This game is sexy, and I love this game.

heroman 2016.03.18
I`ve gotten most of the endings, but I can`t seem to figure out how to get the last one: could someone maybe post a walkthrough?

LordOrion61 2016.03.17
Graphic is great and realistic, but the storyboard is so poor that almost denies the game value.

sexygamer22 2016.03.16
get me pregnet is awesome

nuaze 2016.03.16
graphics are good but not so much fun

oranjeboven 2016.03.15
Great idea, more of this.
Hot graphics.

Ubber1 2016.03.14
Love the graphics and game style. Would like it a little longer.

doctorwho9927 2016.03.13
the graphics in this game are some of the best ive seen.

notsleeping 2016.03.13
Sexy animations for the most part, if rather `back and forth` simple. I`m not a fan of abusive dialogue and without much time spent on story that`s how it comes across when you go down certain routes.

Good for a quick fix only.

CRiiS_Mv 2016.03.13
nice game. nice graphics but is short

DOMINATE23 2016.03.12
Good gameplay, graphics are great.
A bit short though.

Matty2072 2016.03.12
good game but too short

Baz1 2016.03.12
really good erotic game, maybe a little too short

Zarky 2016.03.11
Hmm, naah, not that good!

Naughtydad 2016.03.11
Good game great graphics, just a bit short

oranjeboven 2016.03.11
top graphics. Nice idea with the short story and multple endings.

skylerbronze 2016.03.09
wow. I love all the endings- pregnant or not. She is sweet and passionate

Petro28 2016.03.08
the game is short yes, yet I liked the story.

Olek97 2016.03.07
Good gameplay, Very good that you can choose to play either as man or woman. Good animation and good graphics

cheldee 2016.03.07
The game has really great graphics, but it is WAY too short and too easy.

johnnyrotten 2016.03.07
Really nice graphics. Straight and to the point... Let`s do this! I liked the how short it was. I didn`t hvae to spend a lot of time getting the different endings.

dankporn6 2016.03.06
Amazing graphics and amazing girl

jhordan001 2016.03.06
it´s a really good game, is too funny

leggey 2016.03.06
GREAT graphics these days on these sites...
Mouse inter-action seemed very touch-and-go, couldn`t seem to get it in the right spot
every time to keep the meter running...

AnnaRainbow 2016.03.06
The art and design are good, as always with these, but there`s really no story and very little game-play, just a few choices. The morality is pretty questionable, although I know that`s not the point to these things. Still, makes it less fun.

Chloe32198 2016.03.04
So hot. Girl is so sexy

Wakit 2016.03.04
could have been a little longer, but it was still good

aNullisGood 2016.03.04
Short game. It needs more story

iluvpussy696 2016.03.04
well the game was pretty fun but i wish you could have done more things like play a mini game or something.

bangbangman 2016.03.03
Good game. Was thoroughly amused trying to get all 8 endings.

dreadwolf 2016.03.03
gameplay short , graphics are good and , animations are good

rickilesh 2016.03.03
The graphics were great and the girl is just super hot. This seems to be a demo version of something coming soon I guess... judging from the version 0.9!=)).
I must say that the number of possible outcomes from this short game shows that in future games there could be an infinite number of ENDINGS, which would make the games really playable hundred of times. I enjoyed it a lot just like other LOP games. Keep the good job on guys. You are the best.
P.S. Iksanabot you`ve always been my favourite. Great visuals Astaroth

DEADPOOL11914 2016.03.03
great game amazing graphics fun to play 5/8 ending for me first time playing

DEADPOOL11914 2016.03.03
the girl is ammazing,i m dripping ri8 now

DEADPOOL11914 2016.03.03
beautiful game i really like it ,but make it a bit longer the game was a bit shrt to get a gud experience

DEADPOOL11914 2016.03.03
great graphics i love this game ,i hv nvr played sch a nice graphical gamebefore on any site ,i expext u guys would come up with more of these games

Stud84 2016.03.03
Best graphics I`ve seen in a Lesson of Passion game, hands down. The characters look so realistic and their movements are so natural. I like the variety too and the ability to play as both of the characters. I`m honestly surprised it`s rated this way, as I think it deserves to be much higher. Looking forward to more games like this from you guys!


farkas 2016.03.03

Good story variations and endings, nice graphics, stunnig blonde girl and apropriate music.

CDKelly 2016.03.02
Nice to play a game from the female perspective for once, a broader spectrum in story and options would make the game better.

all4me 2016.03.02
Sexy graphics, sexy girl, love the Idea of forbidden fruit

CapnMorgan 2016.03.01
this is meh. Interesting premise, but the choices are too limited. Still, the graphics are pretty tight. Hopefully this can be expanded down the road to have more choices

bluedevilcindy 2016.03.01
This is and interesting game. Need more adventure and choices. Good sex.

tiqris00 2016.03.01
Good game, I really enjoyed it. Nice gameplay and graphics.

longp390 2016.03.01
Sexy girl............. Use her more....... Game was a bit small

lughbelenos 2016.03.01
Good quick pace but too short. and why is the guy balled again? I know you can do hair and are they siblings cause they look so much alike. could of varied the color of the eyes at least.

Ralphie12 2016.03.01
Love the girl, it is a shame that it is so short, feature her in another game!

crankyx3 2016.03.01
The graphics of this game was great although it was a short one.

niniglo363 2016.02.29
Pretty fast paste game, good if you have just a liimited amount of time.

gary1179 2016.02.29
Game was alright would of been nice if longer graphics were pretty good, Liked the girl

yoyohoneysingh 2016.02.29
Amazing game its awsme best game ever great work guys

Ladiesman127 2016.02.29
I liked the game a lot. It had nice theme music and a awsome graphic. It would have been great if they could make the game a bit longer.

50shadesofforce 2016.02.29
It has an okay storyline and great graphics, altough I would like more diverse endings and more free choice. Not to mention it could be longer, to deepen the storyline, Maybe a sequel would be good?

shepard408 2016.02.29
good graphics,good sex scene but a short story

pusshound 2016.02.28
Good graphics. Hot girl. Too short. Worth playing once. No anal-bummer.

Stormyqq 2016.02.28
not really happy with the game, it`s so short.

kohtet 2016.02.28
good game great graphics but the story could`ve used some more sex scenes

ScottS69 2016.02.28
Short game but she`s sexy with an amazing body and game has great sex scenes.

Loppster 2016.02.28
Awsome artwork and I also like that you can play both sides. I hope we will see a big game with a similar concept and art in one of the paysites in the future.

kaleb306 2016.02.28
Nice graphics, short gameplay, ending are little boring...

Belemur 2016.02.28
It is a nice appetizer, not more. No walkthrough needed. The Text is nicely done, but the visuals are really good, I hope we will see more of Astaroth though it is possible I have allready missed it.

aulia5ek412 2016.02.28
i like both side of the story

raman 2016.02.28
game is excellent.But a shot game.
Don`t mind until a pussy is there to fuck

Marcus Crassus 2016.02.28
Excellent graphics. Story is short. But I liked it anyway.

reflexian 2016.02.28
It sucks, way to short and nothing to do in it .... Skip it people, there are better games to play.

bimbobaggins 2016.02.28
a bit too short but its ok

Ripperd 2016.02.27
Nice Graphics, but pretty short got 7/8 so far.

angarf1 2016.02.27
Great graphics, but too short, no adventure at all!

mrcave 2016.02.27
I like the dynamic, for me its better then the whole "search for hotzone" sex scenes and far better then the "go over this area" with your mouse scenes.

elishacuthbert 2016.02.27
Maximum you can call this a scene but not a game! - Actually I`m really disappointed ...
And the Scene itself?
To get a woman pregnant, without the knowledge of her husband, and sex only for becoming pregnant (like a 1-time stand) isn`t a phantasy of many guys ...
Most "Kuckucks-Childs" are created with a cheating-phase of the woman with the same man and not with a 1-n8.stand to become pregnant!
Also most of those childs are in the world, even though their mother used contraception-items! - Mostly those children are unexpected and to often "unwished"!

cyrus2016 2016.02.27
Pretty good game,nice graphics but,too short!Thanks LOP,any way!

allroundperv 2016.02.27
Clever concept and well executed, I liked the all the different variations and the ability of playing from the perspective of each character ( a feature that I think should be considered more often for future games). The graphics are really nice as usual, just not a fan of the vertical frame, could also use some voice acting.

VeNNoM 2016.02.27
Very hot, good game but it was on the short side.

geunie 2016.02.27
Not the best game ever! And defenitly to short!
I did not like ik that much.

markus7759 2016.02.27
great graphic wonderful art not a bad game

Pedrodelacrosa 2016.02.27
Very hot and nice game with 3d qualition, i like it :)

yashar 2016.02.27
This game is awesome, great graphics...

JohnHancock 2016.02.27
Nice graphics and animations, shame that its that short.Continuation maybe? I`ve got only 7/8 endings :/

Blitzkriegbob 2016.02.27
nice, thats a huge leap forward. Woudn`t have expected that but I`m pleased nonetheless.

lohhik 2016.02.27
Gotta agree that this game wasn`t anything special, graphics are great as always from you, but no story and just meet`n`fuck made it pretty boring, still entertaining tho.

Also some guy said that this game is "just a scene", well if you load up the game, it does say LOADING SCENE m8.

robraven 2016.02.27
great game amazing graphics fun to play 5/8 ending for me first time playing

OldCuteBoy 2016.02.26
The better name for this game would be: "Kuckuckskind" - sorry but that`s not my kind of phantasy ...

The rendering is great, as always at the LOP-Games, but with NO STORY, NO CHALLENGE, NO Other ACTIONS, it is just a simple "MEET`N`FUCK"-Game with different Endings ...
Sorry LOP-Team, but that`s not the usual standards you always took care of!
Maximum you can call this a scene but not a game! - Actually I`m really disappointed ...
And the Scene itself?
To get a woman pregnant, without the knowledge of her husband, and sex only for becoming pregnant (like a 1-time stand) isn`t a phantasy of many guys ...
Most "Kuckucks-Childs" are created with a cheating-phase of the woman with the same man and not with a 1-n8.stand to become pregnant!
Also most of those childs are in the world, even though their mother used contraception-items! - Mostly those children are unexpected and to often "unwished"!

In my eyes a bad storyline in a desperate scene!

Best regards

luchador2008 2016.02.26
Great graphics..i managed to get 8/8 endings..wish it was longer though

bigguy686 2016.02.26
got 3 endings so far, good game, great graphics as always. wish it was a bit longer though

AkhilG 2016.02.26
The game is just simply good...

C.C. 2016.02.26
A lot of potential but I can only get two endings. I`ll keep trying

karrek 2016.02.26
I`m stuck at 7/8 endings, and I`m pretty sure the one I`m missing is playing as the girl (I have 4 as the guy and only 3 as the girl). I`ve got the one where you feel too guilty and finish him with your mouth, the one where you get too carried away and finish him with your mouth, and the one where you have him cum inside, but can`t find the 4th. Any help?

Kedar 2016.02.26
hmmmmm, i discovered just 7 endings :(

androsjy 2016.02.26
Get all 8 endings after several trials... I think there will be more to come with expansion ?

hornsfan35 2016.02.26
Need more adventure to the game. A little too straight to the point. I didn`t feel the need to play it multiple times.

Axle082 2016.02.26
The game has a great look. The art work / graphics look very well done, but it`s just a straight to the point game no adventure. A game with this look and a good story behind it would be awesome.

ludwig 2016.02.26
great graphics, great fucks but no adventure

pberke 2016.02.26
Amazing graphics, cool game!!

Jaaru 2016.02.26
Nice looking new game, liked it.

ceaser 2016.02.26
good game great graphics but the story couldve used some more sex scenes

toto45 2016.02.26
Not bad.
It`s a differrent linear story.
Graphics a pretty good (

Stathis 2016.02.26
LoP team delivers again. Managed to get all endings after some work-arounds. The trick is to fill the "meter" ie add stars either guilt or angry but don`t overdo it so that, in the end, you`ll have both options available. This way, each option will lead to a different ending (you can get 4 endings with each one, think it`s obvious but letting it out anyways). If I remember correctly, 3 stars will do it. Btw, imagine Patricia`s husband seeing the child growing up and thinking to himself "It doesn`t look like he/she took from me, hmmm.." (even thinking about having a DNA test) lol.

And I will say it once more- PLEASE MOAR KELLY LoP team :3

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