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Fuck Town: Thai Paradise


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fiftypez 2016.11.16
a little challenging but keeping it fun..play it

yian71 2016.03.25
nice game with awsome babes, very cool

velvet0011 2016.01.21
quick game overall, loving these girls

brian110 2016.01.14
Great story and nice graphics, very good game.

saitama101 2015.11.24
Long gameplay but girl is worth it

delaymyjuly 2015.11.02
More complicated than the rest of the FuckTown games, and the art looks better too. I guess it`s worth a play or two.

kuroko10 2015.05.29
nice movings acts in game

Wolfie31 2015.02.04
Very hot game, great girl. Sequel would be great.

valumiere88 2015.01.21
This was a great game i recommend it to everyone

jettrojettro 2014.11.17
this game is easy and fun


dizzy1188 2014.10.12
wish life was as easy as this game

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
Great vacation. Good action. Hard enough to be worth it.

Matthew.Mellison 2014.08.09
I could use a walk-through on this one.

Matthew.Mellison 2014.08.07
I got to the Hotel, cafe, and atm and that`s all.

Leonheart22 2014.07.30
Good game overall, short and sweet. I thought the girl was gonna be a ladyboy, kinda bummed she wasn`t lol

stoad69 2014.07.22
Great graphics and imagery. Really enjoyed playing this game.

bitz94 2014.07.11
The Game is Okay for me but not the graphics.

princeasynjax 2014.04.29
yws nice game taht im stuk in it

Tomski3211 2014.04.20
i love the fuck town game series.

teo1193 2013.12.09
A good game with a good history, but too short

DaniPerfectXD 2013.12.07
love this game it is so good ... nice and short is always awesome

gazza1298 2013.11.23
Long story but the back and forth to the atm was so boring

Joshuaguy 2013.09.29
I got bored in the middle of the game, there should be more than one girl

noogad 2013.09.24
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

zelda81 2013.08.27
wow very nice love the story hot game i enjoyed

memek123 2013.08.18
I love how she suddenly puts her dress back on during the party sex.

arsenalperfetto 2013.08.03
nice game , one of best i ever play

sasol 2013.07.25
its hard to play it has lots of reading to do and no action

sanketg300 2013.07.22
man that was hot!! great story and graphics too!

apm00 2013.07.18
I like this game love the graphics and a lot more

qwerdsa 2013.07.15
best game on this site and all in all a good game
its a nice game, but nothing special

marck4 2013.07.14
wonderful game, i will try it again

bobnoodle 2013.07.13
the game was pretty good i just wish it was longer

max slayer 2013.06.10
best game on this site i just love the story line the objectives and the graphics, the girl is really sexy i wish she was real

63ted 2013.06.04
Short game with good graphics/

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

Spoonish 2013.05.31
I love how she suddenly puts her dress back on during the party sex.

VBadBoy 2013.05.25
Great game. Cool animation.

nybtm86 2013.05.21
Great game good sex scenes, worth the play

Alwan 2013.05.13
it was a fun game to play

xmaua 2013.05.13
very hot n great game :3

hyugaryuji 2013.04.24
such a great game....nice graphics

Logbijin 2013.04.23
Great game. Cool animation.

Hotguy29126 2013.04.22
splendid game!! animation is good!

NoMySql 2013.04.11
It was a nice game but it would of been better if you could of had sex with more people.

heat_alucard666 2013.04.07
Fuck-a-ton for a FT nice one

PereLeux 2013.04.06
nice game but too bad you can`t fuck the other girls :/

jamieoga123 2013.03.10
its an amazing game fuck ton thai paradise

63ted 2013.03.08
Did not like this game. Short and travel agent looks like better date.

LinTaylor84 2013.02.28
Correct sequence for the theater:
Part 1 - Take hand, hand on knee, pat knee
Part 2 - Arm around shoulder, kiss cheek, kiss lips
Part 3 - Fondle breasts, push feet, stroke pussy

Someone_92 2013.02.27
I enjoy this game, it`s so great.

priah 2013.02.18
love the game had me waiting for each new bit

kripple 2013.02.16
nice loved the animation along with the graphics

bweek 2013.02.12
The graphics were alright. I really liked how different it was from some of the other games i`ve played though. That Pamela :)

oozami 2013.02.11
very cool and hot game....
i like it a lot....

lonesttarr 2013.02.10
not bad, would have prefered to go with the travel agent tho

Lady Dawn 2013.02.08
great little game , she`s so cute

gartal 2013.02.07
i didn`t like this game.. story is very short

bashflear 2013.02.06
i love this game very mush.it`s was a very nice game.

Xoxo44 2013.02.06
The bank part should be removed, it slows the game too much down!

marksmanx25 2013.02.05
One of the better FT games I`ve played. Deviates from the normal M.O.

lazenby 2013.01.31
i think this game is marvelous

Robbyro 2013.01.30
nice game not more, so easy to win..

tyford24 2013.01.27
Story is too short for me.

stalemate7 2013.01.25
Haha why bring sand to a beach? Why go all the way to Thailand to do something you can do at home? makes no sense...

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Nice graphics, but the game is too simple.

yogamonster 2013.01.16
mos fucking game i have ever played
this game shows that how to fuck a girl, we dont know

gentlyporking 2013.01.12
Pretty average game. Not too bad.

gengenx 2013.01.09
Just the type of game i like. Keep up the good work.

gartal 2013.01.07
it is good and funny game .
it has good and short story too

markfred 2013.01.05
awesome game enjoyed a lot..

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.01
great game. i loved much...

bakuryu14 2012.12.31
love the story of this game (y)

gaul 2012.12.31
yes: i enjoy this game.

riggerhaha 2012.12.26
Will be great if Brian gets to make out with the other acquaintances as well!

anton_r1 2012.12.17
i didn`t like this game.. story is very short

Mr. Magic 2012.12.15
This game was better than most of the other FT games.

ralfbear 2012.12.11
Good graphics. Fun storyline.

Sexfreak25 2012.12.11
This game was ok. Better than some of the other outside games that Playforce bring in sometimes.

d1v9d_k 2012.12.06
A long yet superb story, enjoyed a lot.

Tusher 2012.12.05
i enjoyed the game a lot and nice story

Long Dick 2012.12.03
I enjoyed this game a lot.

bossykaos13 2012.12.02
should get straight to the sex it takes long some times

bossykaos13 2012.12.02
Awsome game good graphics and story

gemienator 2012.11.30
Nyc game play and graphics

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
Great game-play, but it left me feeling a bit cheated.

nitay12345 2012.11.20
This is sooooo hot. This game is awesome. The graphics are good too. But not as good as the other ones

120489 2012.11.19
This is ok there alot beeter game then this 1

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


Act132 2012.11.19
great game an cool graphics

putradewa 2012.11.18
very good game, i like this game...

Kirgie9 2012.11.17
The game was only average and the graphics were okay.

Horgretor 2012.11.13
Nice gameplay generally. Only one girl though and it ate too much time for too little a reward.

vezmous 2012.11.08
Nice Game! :D Yet contains a short story...

dappy9 2012.11.08
This is sooooo hot. This game is awesome. The graphics are good too. But not as good as the other ones

qweasd111 2012.11.07
Great game, good quality, nice graphics. Fun.

zman1394 2012.11.01
sexy, bust, hot thai fuck.

geblek 2012.10.31
good story and graphic i always try again

busu99 2012.10.27
very short funny cute game

SScorpionn31 2012.10.27
Just the type of game i like. Keep up the good work.

arnoild168 2012.10.24
oh,my god ,why i can not to play anyone game ,have a change than before

hanibal194 2012.10.22
good animation but too much long to get to the end

kgplant110 2012.10.19
needs more action, but had fun playing this game

DickieDo 2012.10.19
I really enjoyed this game

Irrixiatdowne 2012.10.18
I like that this game lets you spend some time with Pamela, rather than just meeting her and getting straight to bed. It`s like one of the Lesson of Passion games, just as a 2-D manga-style scene.

jokerseba 2012.10.16
it´s dificult found games good like this

Stese 2012.10.12
This is vergodd hentai adventure.. i liked it.

rung83 2012.10.08
Great game, i will try it again

vampiresvswolf 2012.09.30
i want more adventure games

mudkip81 2012.09.27
really good graphics and cute girl. could have made it a bit more difficult

KeithWWatson 2012.09.23
Prity good game but her eyes at time are freaky

DaFool 2012.09.22
i mainly picked this game because the chick advertised on the link was sexier than the other FT games but im still impressed good graphics and animation

holy fuck 2012.09.22
Best game of the whole series

holy fuck 2012.09.22
excellent graphics and gameplay. should have more of these games

dushyant24 2012.09.19
nice scenes good animation,graphics and game love it

rocky anto 2012.09.17
what a game!!! love this game.

fall3n 2012.09.17
I don`t usually play these types of games, but this was pretty good

Huhwell 2012.09.17
Great game, good quality, nice graphics. Fun.

mystic_m 2012.09.17
nice short story.. graphics just ok.

Grangerr 2012.09.15
Stuck at the beach. Suntan oil bar is full. Body only partially covered. Now what?

jonibravo 2012.09.10
great game with great graphics

theboy1 2012.09.09
average graphics, story was too short

St.JoMi 2012.09.08
nice game!! Hot girls and easy

ACERT 2012.09.07

Messer13 2012.09.07
Good gaming experience...............that guy is hell lucky.

ElitePanda 2012.09.07
Story is too short and I expected to have sex with everyone.

jellyman1103 2012.09.07
No chance to reset the scene when you make a mistake.

pothole 2012.09.07
pretty pointless after the first run through

pothole 2012.09.07
pretty straight forward, not much of a game or a puzzle. sex is very basic

Krory 2012.09.06
A little linear, but fun.

king gova 2012.09.05
very nice so far but im stuck on the part after the movie when i need to purchase a souvenir and the atm doesnt work

MiroMasry 2012.09.05
regular sexhotgames game.. long but nice

rocco4a 2012.09.05
sweet game....i love the thai girls...looking hot

wbailey 2012.09.04
wonderful game, good artwork and animation, but the story and the finale should be longer, thanxs:-)

asasasas 2012.09.04
it was ok wish u could do more with the other girls

potato0000 2012.09.04
great game with great graphics

Esiu 2012.09.04
Great game with nice graphics and sexy girls. I like it

drvwghia 2012.09.03
Cool game. My only gripe is the dialogue sucked. the translation made it worse, but it`s hentai, what do you expect.

minhdo 2012.09.02
so short :( but still love it ;)

Francois 2012.09.01
Was really fun and sexy!!

bethany1601 2012.09.01
Its definantly a great game! soo sexy! i love it!

BusterKill19 2012.09.01
Nice looking new game, liked it.

394806980 2012.08.31
pretty interesting but story needed to be longer

sam1cool1shah 2012.08.31
superb graphics guys play it

portalhome 2012.08.30
gameplay good
graphics quite good
all in all a fun little game

Steakpie 2012.08.28
The bank part should be removed, it slows the game too much down!

Bigbossy 2012.08.26
nice game, easy to play, but short story

Xhaka 2012.08.26
really good, and easy to play

naigbabes 2012.08.25
another great game by ft good work!

anthonywow 2012.08.24
I love the girl who left her Cellphone in beach

FriendlyFriendForce1 2012.08.24
Sexy lady and fun game, but I feel like the dialogue came across very forced. The "fuck me gentle" etc, messages were hard to read in a couple of the backgrounds, and during the dressing room scene the girls text bubble was right in front of her boobs, and it would have felt more natural to be off to the side.

sweetkeene 2012.08.23
i think this game is so cool

tdaynis 2012.08.23
as the name says fuck town....u fuck in the town.... nice graphics..nice girl...fucking hot sex!!! all in 1

WARDOG77 2012.08.23
I`m not useally a fan of these type of games but i really enjoyed the story on this one. thumbs up!

Thermorium 2012.08.21
Great game, good quality, nice graphics

chiwai 2012.08.21
Great game, i will try it again

kimmiro09 2012.08.20
fun game just a little short
lots to do, but running back and forth to the ATM really slowed it down. Wish there was better dialogue and more interaction with the other girls

sjfghk 2012.08.19
fun game just a little short

boinky 2012.08.17
lots to do, but running back and forth to the ATM really slowed it down. Wish there was better dialogue and more interaction with the other girls

lovemasternn 2012.08.16
such a long and listless finale ...

pilky19! 2012.08.15
the graphics are briiliant

satelitic 2012.08.15
I want to go to thailand now

kingjones2112 2012.08.14
good game great graphics love the series

lily8455 2012.08.13
i liked this game a lot but it was hard

Suddenreal 2012.08.12
I remember quest games like this, but those had a sex scene with the "quest giver" when you finished them. Would like to have seen something like that in here.

coolguy4life 2012.08.11
great quality game still needs help butits nothing like point an


andywe 2012.08.11
Good game, but it would be better if you can have sex with the others women

Rasha 2012.08.10
Game takes a bit of work, some of the options make no sense and the story confused the hell out of me.

wesemboh 2012.08.10
good game but its too short

love33333 2012.08.10
i like dis games....it is vry intrestng

Jaiyah 2012.08.09
i like this game. what with the music though?

INCORS 2012.08.08
I really like this game !!!

cokey55 2012.08.08
Nice game. looking for next one.

franko123 2012.08.08
Hell of a town, can`t believe htat`s real.

sailorjae82 2012.08.07
Very good game, definitely a adventure game. Good to hear Will Smith - Getting Jiggy Wit It!

sammwisee 2012.08.06
wonderful game, good artwork and animation, but the story and the finale should be longer

bags 2012.08.06
nice game, but go to Thailand to do a hometown girl? really?

disturbedkid 2012.08.05
Love the anime styling on this one, god, how are all these games so good? =P

HAku1989 2012.08.05
excellent game great graphics gameplay and dialogues

Aether1098 2012.08.03
wonderful game but its easy.
maybe if there were more girls.

link0505 2012.08.01
Decent game, with plenty of girls, though only for looks. Personally, I would have liked some better grammar, and a bit more rational situations - complimenting a girl on all her body parts on the first date? And assuming that the couple met in the home country, would Pamela`s number still be static in Thai?

The endless journeys to the ATM was also a huge pain, and it would have been more convenient to be able to withdraw as much as I want.

cobra1347 2012.08.01
good game have hard on but need more longer version

407LG 2012.07.31
good game, but the repeating walk to the bank wasnt the best

As34an789a100 2012.07.29
Game was good. It had a little bit of challenge. Would have liked a chance to go at some of the other girls in the game, also. Overall, I enjoyed it.I liked the game, some nice adventures to get the sex. could get some more sexpositions and actions.

nordeus 2012.07.29
it`s good enough, but the story is very short! decent game.

mankind224 2012.07.29
It was a nice game but it would of been better if you could of had sex with more people.

sigler758 2012.07.29
one game i will play again

jokerx 2012.07.29
Good game, but it would be better if you can have sex with the others girls

Zero Loveless 2012.07.29
This was an amusing game. I liked it.

reaper194 2012.07.28
It was an average game, the graphics weren`t bad but it was lacking in content.

Satans Angel 2012.07.28
Great story.. .though would be better if there were more sexual interactions with all the other girls!!!

bladium 2012.07.26
this game was kind of lame to me

sumplkrum 2012.07.24
the translation crack me up :)

chief007 2012.07.23
i love the game....wished that storyline could be more lengthy.

derda 2012.07.22
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

gauravshahu 2012.07.22
good flash game & nice animation also....

Drinkas 2012.07.21
i wanna find my thai paradise

starblade123 2012.07.21
the graphic is good, but the game is a little short

pietje119 2012.07.19
i liked it most of the time good game

xLegionx 2012.07.19
I enjoyed this game, but i wish there was more story or build up... it`s just kind of BOOM sex and then there aren`t other options to sex up some of the store clerks.

swagnific 2012.07.19
really liked this one the graphic really cool

grim1997 2012.07.18
the game was great with some good graphics

rony yasso 2012.07.18
cool game . i love this website so much . keep it up

nbcman 2012.07.17
Short game but pretty good

67857799 2012.07.17
not bad. but hoped for more

HeartcoreRemo 2012.07.15
very short game but i like it...

AnonG 2012.07.15
Not bad at all an litle short but other than that its ok

junglemidgett 2012.07.13
Fun game. Was not as short as everyone else has said IMO.

Bigman163 2012.07.12
wow fun game but it needs to be longer.

dimanchik 2012.07.11
good game play, graphic, animation

busu99 2012.07.10
I wouldn`t call this one more than just ok

Satans Angel 2012.07.10
Great game!! though i wish there was more interaction with the other female characters

barty201 2012.07.10
decent game, not bad... although it is a little short!The bank thing is kind of annoying though...

kalypzo35 2012.07.09
Its a descent game . All the visits to the bank does it abit repetable

ayushk45 2012.07.08
good game.....but could have more scenes.

Sawyer909 2012.07.08
Ok Game, if bored may play again.

kaitokid1990 2012.07.07
wow... longer than expected, but i enjoyed it

Lizard300 2012.07.06
Nice game, too shalow. I like it. It`s nice to pass the time.

musesx 2012.07.06
good game just wish more interaction with girls

jacob123great 2012.07.06
too short and bad graphics

BallIdiot 2012.07.06
Longer than expected. The game play is interesting where one can fail to get all the scenes.

rahulkrishna1234 2012.07.05
nice game and nice graphix

ski9072 2012.07.05
I wouldn`t call this one more than just ok

shackles 2012.07.04
Not a bad game. Seemed like it took a long time to get through it. Content was decent.

chairman066 2012.07.04
i did enjoy this one, things to do etc, could be more sex though

nobodyspecial1027 2012.07.04
Very hot. Plenty to do, and easy to follow.

SmilesGB 2012.07.02
Good game, but a little short story! More Girls:)

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.30
I liked the game, some nice adventures to get the sex. could get some more sexpositions and actions. not just slow, fast, hard etc.

taybabexx 2012.06.30
This game is pretty good, i enjoyed it.

gary241 2012.06.30
Pretty short story and too easy

txccxt4 2012.06.29
An ok game some decent looking girls, weak story and not good fucking

rumxes 2012.06.29
A simple and beautiful game. Enjoyed a lot

randy06 2012.06.28
another great game love the girl and more sex scenes

fated4more 2012.06.27
I love this game. Definitely worth playing.

eminem2 2012.06.27
this game is nice good gripces

drewmeekis99 2012.06.27
the breathing effects made it great

Gss 2012.06.27
well done game. The breathing effect is something that makes the game seem a lot more real

arie26 2012.06.25
Very good graphics, and good game how is normal, in this tipe of games!

andy_regresa 2012.06.25
good gameplay, nice secenes and animations

DarkogeiD 2012.06.25
i didn`t like this game....i dont know why but i think because the story is very short

techtonictech 2012.06.24
this game is really good i really liked the art but i wish it were longer or at least had a sequal

mt57 2012.06.24
Really simple point and click but somehow, I really like it.

funcrazycreator 2012.06.23
story short, more girls please this are good games

kalbs 2012.06.23
nice game, no surprise, pleasant-maybe it needs more action.

Arquel 2012.06.22
Good game, but it would be better if you can have sex with the others girls

smuggler 2012.06.21
i love this game . love the graphic too

niranjani.akka 2012.06.20
really good game . it would be nice if it could fuck the other girls

gary666 2012.06.19
good game and graphics good to

adamginger519 2012.06.19
hot love boobs and vaginas

Axel Pindragon 2012.06.18
story is allittle short but other then that its a good game

timaeus0 2012.06.18
im a bit stuck on where u go to the gift shop to get a gift n u go to the atm n its temporarily down

fardreamer01 2012.06.18
Maybe a bit long, but it still manages to keep it interesting. Highly enjoyable

dragonj 2012.06.18
nice game. it`s long enough to enjoy it.

clint122 2012.06.18
did it again , some bugs but nice

clint122 2012.06.18
Nice game bit short hough

inmortal914 2012.06.17
too short, but good nevertheless. Story could use some work, i will try it again

Whitney 2012.06.16
good gameplay, nice secenes and animations

seikouchan 2012.06.16
Is it my computer or the screen do not show where i can get the tickets from. I am stuck...help pls

pjw5328 2012.06.16
Good entry in the F.T. series. Pamela`s a cute girl, and the adventure is interesting. Points off for the poor translations, which caused me to make a few mistakes the first time through ("Pull her feet"? Seriously?)

fucker539 2012.06.16
Fuck this game make me horny imma go fuck someone now

nicolaas81 2012.06.15
they have to make these games longer

hemi 2012.06.15
very short funny cute game

mcskrillex 2012.06.14
Very fun and sexy! good game

cocomicrob 2012.06.14
is it me, or is she a gold digger?! the sex scene order should be a little diferent... in 1st scene she`s naked and in the 2nd one she`s dressed...

uhspsxcfhnd 2012.06.13
nice game nice sex scenes

hanzo508 2012.06.13
I guess these are the new MNF games... disappointing.

gimmino77 2012.06.13
really funny game, with nice graphic

killera 2012.06.13
too short, but good nevertheless. Story could use some work

jmeoff 2012.06.12
For a ticket to Thailand, I expect a BJ in the plane`s Loo!

opy1130 2012.06.12
ok game, needs for choices and better graphics, worth a once over. Not a bad plot line. 3/5

omygion 2012.06.12
Really nice but more scenes were good

lss 2012.06.12
The game was really nice...... but there should have been more scenes.

greenbullfrog2002 2012.06.12
this is an excellent game. i give it 8/10

regisherb 2012.06.12
Meh, could have been a lot nicer

41064105 2012.06.12
I think i like japanese cartoon more, girls are cute

fan86 2012.06.11
Decent artwork, but boring gameplay.

walcolo 2012.06.11
Too easy, I didn`t made any mistake the first try. Could use another character

Nappo 2012.06.11
A wonderful game, but very easy gameplay. I finished very fast.

jojofish 2012.06.10
More games like this please !

jpsacrey 2012.06.10
We need more from Kelly after Velvet Bar!

dragon1886 2012.06.10
The scenes are really nice and the girl is really cute, maybe an option to hook up with one of the other girls might be a nice touch:)

Myself 2012.06.10
having to go to the bank every time isn`t a very good idea

bomma 2012.06.09
awesome graphics, hot girls

Pallapollo 2012.06.09
I didn`t realize 100% in all scenes, wonder what I did wrong.

Vallheruh 2012.06.08
We need more from Kelly after Velvet Bar! (Or do i miss points to see more?)

Funny game btw

tsarin 2012.06.08
I like the game but only 1 girl to meet can sometimes be boring

DubSteppin 2012.06.07
Good Game however it is one of the slower ones

jk1024 2012.06.07
Is there another way to get other girls?

chook2109 2012.06.07
really good game but the constent trips to the atm annoy me

jk1024 2012.06.07
GREAT!!! Like the different type of story

mikicostanza 2012.06.06
very good game with hot girls that`s awesome

umbrella 2012.06.06
what a great game love it

dennis8137259 2012.06.06
very good game very nice image but not that easy to get it. need a few try. enjoy.

Toggboy 2012.06.06
Loved the overall story arc

namildog 2012.06.06
Game plays well, with interesting story line. Enjoyed this a lot.

1179g 2012.06.05
Pretty good takes along time to go thru the sex sequence interesting game otherwise

sex_ira143 2012.06.05
i love the girl she was so beautiful

aardvark47 2012.06.05
What is the sequence for success at the cimena?

hersh2450 2012.06.04
Great game, the graphics were top notch. The scenes from the party were propbably the best ones. I would highly recommend this game to anyone.

cashmanbashman 2012.06.04
The Bank thing was messy, too tedious and not long enough (zing).

big_meat7 2012.06.04
it was a goood fuck games

charmed.by.you 2012.06.04
Her Boobs look awesome in the Hotel Sex scene....hats off the graphic designer...though the moaning sounds could be far better.....Sound plays a major role in turning on.....

hornyphil79 2012.06.04
what a great game love it

Selando 2012.06.04
Game seemed a bit to linear

deneisha01 2012.06.03
Fun game I want more similar to it

schbob 2012.06.03
Would have liked some more options to seduce the other ladies, but i enjoyed it very much

Sevirath 2012.06.03
This games is wonderful! I love it! shame his too short

Hunter99004 2012.06.02
Pretty good game, kind of predictable but needs more sex with different and multiple women. he shouldn`t have to try so hard with pamela

rosita19n 2012.06.02
I loved it this game rules

eliaa 2012.06.02
cool game i love this site

jpsacrey 2012.06.02
Great game and nice graphic!!!

Snedde 2012.06.02
Love it! This is how it should be! Multiple sex scenes and alot of detail! 10/10

Thoughts though:
- It would be great if there was some option to fuck other girls aswell, like the shopkeep or something.
- Also I don`t understand why she puts her clothes on in the middle of sex only take them off again?

sex_ira143 2012.06.02
this really good game hentai versions are so good i like it hope tosee more of this

gegelicious 2012.06.02
awesome grphics really really hot girls

redrick123 2012.06.02
this game is really exciting..

toni_84 2012.06.01
good graphics, but a to slow game. It`s requires so much time to have something interesting.

ivor biggin 2012.06.01
poor game-too much bacvk and forth fetching stuff-especially money-who goes on holiday without any money then only gets exact amount at ATM!?ha

troy1998 2012.06.01
awesome grphics really really hot girls

troy1998 2012.06.01
this is gr8 very nice grphics really really hot girl

stefano71 2012.06.01
Great game and nice graphic!!!

Roler 2012.06.01
I like all the games of this type like adventures and stuff, however I would like some better Graphics...

karmaXkiller 2012.05.31
Thanks devs. I slept well...

vikingdemon 2012.05.31
not a bad game. not the best in the series, but nowhere near the worst. not bad, just too much back and forth fetch missons.

mick149 2012.05.31
good game, interactive story play but can be quite boring and dull during sex scenes :)

kaner 2012.05.31
If you fail the Cinema, the game just stops ?
No options for anything after that ?

supermat93 2012.05.31
I really like this game, the girl, animations... I hope will be others of this kind!

Savoy 2012.05.31
Quite repetitive, with boring quests sending you to the same atm over and over... ^^
Sex scenes are as usual.

petrik.vitek 2012.05.31
I like this game, graphic is good but this girl has different size of tits in different scenes :D That`s funny

branknock 2012.05.31
not a bad game, shame it`s only one girl, would be fun with say two more

rot 2012.05.31
I`m stuck looking for sunglasses. Locations available: cosmetics, bank, hotel, beach, cafe. None of them seem right for the sunglasses.

warrioraddict 2012.05.31
cool game...kina wish there was a chapter option on some parts

Joker016 2012.05.31
Very good game but too long

lov2eatu 2012.05.31
fun games but you have to do a lot for a few good spoots.

yoda 2012.05.30
nice short game with a little challenge, but not hard to complete 100%

Nimrod 2012.05.30
Overall I liked it. I think different animations for the different speeds would be nice. Did anyone else notice that her breast size changes, and cum came from her hip in one scene.

DreamTim 2012.05.30
nice game. it`s long enough to enjoy it.

MrPhil 2012.05.30
The most sophisticated and polished "Fuck Town" to date. Well done.

bestia99rom 2012.05.30
Not too bad. Not as challenging as some.

jcc1985 2012.05.30
good game nice graphics i like that you get three times to have sex with the girl

long55 2012.05.30
not to short, just ok , nice too

werddj 2012.05.30
Anyone know how to do the movie theater correctly?

Nic-Nac32 2012.05.30
Very nice on all criteria what surprised me the most was the fact that I have never seen the mouths move when they speak, no other game has ever done this, Bravo!

1NT0X 2012.05.30
nice game, would be better if you could have the other girls as well

elluu 2012.05.30
This game is very good.. Good job, thanks!

elluu 2012.05.30
This game is a very good example of a wellmade flash-game! Good job, thanks..

Flasher1 2012.05.30
I liked the game, some nice adventures to get the sex. could get some more sexpositions and actions.

ynot 2012.05.30
ummm...... couldn`t do anything with the tanning oil. had to restart the game and try again...

C.C. 2012.05.30
Not too bad. Not as challenging as some.

garonbrown 2012.05.30
played it on another site yesterday. Pretty good, but wish there were more options for interacting with the other charachters. Some of them look hotter.

randy06 2012.05.29
yes its another great game as usal

DarkRanta 2012.05.29
good and funny game. worth playing it!

ozzie123 2012.05.29
I liked the game, some nice adventures to get the sex. could get some more sexpositions and actions. not just slow, fast, hard etc.

glukos37 2012.05.29
waiting for more games of this kind...with good storyline..

Xyzzy 2012.05.29
Pretty decent 2D artwork, but nothing like the work Leon and his team produces. Story could have taken place at almost any beach resort on the planet, so why pick Thailand? And where are the Thai people? All of the characters look like generic Western Europeans. Story was slightly complex, would have liked to get reasonable amounts of cash from the ATM, but I do understand that it was done to make the maze a bit more interesting.

McCluff 2012.05.29
woww... great game, great girl, great graphics.

weedsmoker1st 2012.05.29
really hot and sexy game...with a sexy chick..

az89 2012.05.29
there`re a few unsatisfied in this game. during sex in the hotel, the girl looks like some kind of 3D or character from some kind of visual novel. it`s kind of weird when at the party she change from just naked then wearing back her clothes

Bothead 2012.05.29
It is not a bad game but it took a while to get there.

prats 2012.05.29
waiting for more games of this kind...with good storyline..

prats 2012.05.29
really hot and sexy game...with a sexy chick..

Reggie77 2012.05.29
great game. there`s such a great story. fantastic

derda 2012.05.29
the graphics on this game are amazing and so is the gameplay

ocandela 2012.05.29
Game was good. It had a little bit of challenge. Would have liked a chance to go at some of the other girls in the game, also. Overall, I enjoyed it.

dhaifan hafizh 2012.05.29
the game was nice, but I really want to meet kelly soon

kjdehn 2012.05.29
great game but wish kelly was here

Soul Assassin 2012.05.29
really a good game, lots of options and things to do, good sex parts

Jaaru 2012.05.29
New nice looking game, liked it.

chairman066 2012.05.29
nice game, would be better if you could have the other girls as well

soundclub 2012.05.29
it could need more action, its a nice game, but nothing special

ozorne_6 2012.05.29
Gave up have way through the game, the girl is too demanding/expensive.

Loslobos 2012.05.29
Not bad but not as good as other games on play force one

jeanmimel 2012.05.29
nice game, no surprise, pleasant-maybe it needs more action.

Tyomanator 2012.05.29
The game is nice, but i guess it could be a little one-time sex missions with the girl personell at cafe, shops etc. Such a little Thai cheats :)
The thing with ATM seemed pointless at first, but then it became funny when the bank went out of duty.
Liked a tan lotion minigame, but it could be a bit more interactive when touching breasts, like in Illusion`s Sexy Beach f.e.

dreadwolf 2012.05.29
game play, graphic, animation ok

voodooacidboy 2012.05.29
all in all a good game, but repeated visits to the bank are a chore.

Thepi 2012.05.29
wonderful game, i will try it again

kustucak 2012.05.29
i didn`t like this game.. story is very short

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