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Fuck Town: Pensive Promoter


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KitCarsen 2017.09.13
Quite nice but a little too short.

D1NGBAT 2017.09.06
Bad English and rather simple, but not all bad.

Tiodor 2017.06.24
Cute little quick game. Good graphics and girl.

sexking23 2017.06.19
this game is awesome make some more

koop55555 2017.06.09
Pretty good game, simple and fun

cambridge4453 2017.02.04
It starts... it stops. Quicker than ateenage wank. The English is poor, too.

ZombieAge3 2017.02.04
Nice Game! like the freaking graphics but shot, but anyway it is still great!

dgkesquire 2017.01.30
Short, basic game. Some pretty, some sexy...over too quick.

secretive 2016.12.04
it`s short but still nice

coolbest 2016.07.07
gameplay was abit dull in my opinion there was verry little tease effect in it.
graphics wise seen better seen worse.


cambridge4453 2016.06.12
Love the girl; great game; very short and simple but one of the best of its type

yian71 2016.03.25
nice story but short game,must have more choises

a74classic 2016.02.01
Not too bad but it was kinda short and too easy. Wrong answers were not punished.

saxoften72 2016.01.24
Good game, too short though

allmysenses 2015.10.23
Quite short, but I really recomend that toilet scene!

alanwake 2015.08.16
it is short, they should have more employees waiting for promotion...

USkiller 2015.07.08
game pretty short, nothing to do at all

complice72 2015.07.03
sympathetic story but too short

tfklinda11 2015.06.07
This game is too short. But graphics is good.

moebus 2015.04.07
to short, no enought questions

anggelina81 2015.01.23
This game is short. Has a nice girl in it, though. Good graphics

boche 2015.01.23
Easy with possibilities to correct mistakes in conversations. Though, very kinky scenario. positive grade for this one.

RomanticWanker 2014.11.16
Simple, fast and nice. Calll it a "quick shot" ;)

core88 2014.11.15
Short game, but the animation is good. The game is a little poorly translated, but not too bad

hump8047 2014.11.14
Cute little quick game. Good graphics. Just like the rest of the series

joooona 2014.09.09
YES: nice game. with nice graphic but too short

zenday 2014.01.20
this game is good but alittle boring in my opion

Klopper 2013.12.01
it was relly a bit short but the animations were ok

shadowmarine13 2013.10.28
wouldn`t let me do anything from main screen

Another23 2013.10.12
A fun game with great animations, I recommend it.

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

cavemanowns 2013.09.13
was ok but needs to be longer

madmax68 2013.09.03
way too short, but gfreat animations

ShadowRyukage 2013.08.23
i would say that this game was good though it would be better with some more story and maybe diffrent choices

charlie44 2013.08.14
short easy graphics ok needed more of a story

Magic Knight 2013.07.21
Good game, a really highlight.

max slayer 2013.06.15
great game i love all the fuck town games

william0125 2013.06.10
great game to awile to load but it was pretty good could be longer thouh

Arok_BE 2013.06.05
poor game, no gameplay whatsoever, very short, and not my kind of content

titanic1415 2013.05.29
a simple game but needs more interactions

coolestlover 2013.05.24
a bit short, but still coo

oyesohno 2013.05.19
I played this game two moths ago, in anothers web pages, and this game is very bad

madmax68 2013.04.26
easy to play and not too difficult to get thru

gwazz 2013.04.20
nice game good graphics but to short

AlexMuller 2013.03.29
I have never plays this game before...but this game very nice!!!

Keira19 2013.03.07
It is simple, easy, and short. I wish it will be more wild. Haha!

Tomo2401 2013.02.04
I think it`s to short and to easy, also graphics could be improved little bit, but it`s alright

omerrefik 2013.01.30
Love the girl but it was boring and easy

lonesttarr 2013.01.29
wow! another fuck town failure! why do they even keep trying these pisspoor games?

TYSONCOOL 2013.01.26
great game but the talkings were long nd the girl was so hot

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Nice game , but way too short and simple.

Duke63 2013.01.18
Not really impressed with the game. No variety and no real options for the wrong answer or different endings.

gartal 2013.01.08
very interesting but little bit short

soko 2013.01.05
this is amazing graphic...i love the games.....

TYSONKING 2012.12.21
experssion on that girl face can be improved

einrudelgurken 2012.12.15
Great anime graphics but too short

nmosha 2012.12.08
yes its too short and need some force

wildman20 2012.12.06
the girl was really cute, but the game was way to short and it was not even a challenge

bank1n 2012.11.27
hmm did anyone else reach a point when both parties just kept muttering `undefined`? i got stuck there it seems

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


champ2 2012.11.04
Amazing game with cool graphics

binks 2012.10.16
this game is fun but slow

CrimeofLoL 2012.10.07
Nice Game! I Liked it very much. great pictrues and graphics.

MagnusXXX 2012.09.26
good game and sound but too short need more sex scene

Cyraxel 2012.09.23
Little short nut not too bad

vandeventer 2012.09.10
graphics and animation are good a little to short

marak1 2012.08.31
short game other than that it`s pretty good.

pablo13 2012.08.29
the game is short but fun.

Swordfish 2012.08.18
Ok hope that game will be good...

randy06 2012.08.08
love this game great ation and want more sex scenes and more like it

rockingstars12 2012.08.01
it was a very good game with the mourning sound of the girl

grimfandago 2012.07.27
Not the greatest of games.

diary 2012.07.26
nothing special at all unfortunately

Nastycookie 2012.07.22
a bit short, but still cool

Fuckmehard2012 2012.07.21
Good game...iwiish iit culd happen to me

SteveStryker 2012.07.17
Really Cool nice grafics!

Sternenstaubdrache5 2012.07.14
the graphik is okay and the story too

PeterK 2012.07.09
I like the girl but it was way to short and our decisions were rare.

MindstormXL 2012.07.02
Girl was cute and everything but the game was way too short.

gamiaskavliaris 2012.06.22
it was too short and i hope there would be a little more

thedoob 2012.06.11
ok game just a bit too short

elishacuthbert 2012.06.10
Fun but the gameplay is far too simplistic

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.01
good graphics, but game too short

godrocks153 2012.05.31
this game was amazingly sexy

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Nice game, good grafic but too short

sodomanie 2012.04.29
this is game is not new!? what is going on here?

Macmuffin 2012.04.24
This game is far to short. other than that it`s pretty good.

Killij117 2012.04.24
To short, but otherwise really good.

jessie55 2012.04.22
game was short it needs to be longer

choco7 2012.04.18
this game is too short.. I hope there is something more

Kira17 2012.04.06
hot secenes very good game

iulian1963 2012.03.25
nice game,graphic good ,animation good ,to short

Drakonor 2012.03.22
to short and and only click work :/

glukos37 2012.03.18
good game hot girl little short but entertaining

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

KyuubiShadow1 2012.03.07
I have played this game on other sites

dgkesquire 2012.03.05
Basic game...nice graphics, not much variation in animation, pretty straight-forward gameplay. Good, but not great.

rod6114 2012.02.29
good game hot girl little short but entertaining

slitplayer 2012.02.28
Good game a bit short and simple

420stickyleaf 2012.02.28
really fun game and great graphics

j3ssie 2012.02.20
sweet graphics.excelent animation.sweet game.like to see more

Bruno46 2012.02.15
good game but a short one...

Sanvitch 2012.02.13
hot girl, not difficult. a really good game

edoardo12 2012.02.12
short game but it makes me really horny

cfritz5 2012.02.10
decent game wish it was longer

kharterbwouy 2012.02.05
nice game. cool graphics but too short

klf 2012.02.02
hot chick but too easy and short game

firefighter122 2012.01.27
Nice and simple game, but short

lobster4321 2012.01.18
The game is alright but the girl isn`t sexy enough and it just too short

OklahomaRedneck 2012.01.15
the game play is fairly inactive.. the grafics are ok

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
a nice little game but not enough hot

Guillaume 2012.01.10
Not much of a game is it, just a click & tell story

dshehan0 2012.01.09
it is a good all around game

zomalagasy 2012.01.08
not so interesting game! so short! and so easy!!! but nice graphics

elishacuthbert 2012.01.07
it`s ok game. graphics good. but too short.

cjoyner77 2011.12.30
Very nice game liked it a lot

DUX94 2011.12.29
Very nice games and greate graphic and story...

braveheart2012 2011.12.29
very hot girl this game is awesome

Marzbar05 2011.12.28
Good Game but to short needs to be longer and a bit harder

11235813 2011.12.24
great graphic! really like it

iluzky 2011.12.22
Preety short, but the graphics are nice

Thyger 2011.12.21
I really liked the graphics, although the dialouges seem a bit rushed. Was this meant as a test or something?

stannerz 2011.12.20
i love the animation on games like this however the oragasms leave something to be desired

ballz 2011.12.16
Too short and boring. Animation was pretty lame too.

bsalover47 2011.12.10
short and swet but still a good game

oooooooooooooooop 2011.12.09
they could have made it longer

btsom 2011.12.09
it was good but a little to short.

ilafantoma 2011.12.09
Wow that`s amazing we need something like that more!

pfone2011 2011.12.09
it`s a short and simple game i didn`t like it very much

uglybeast1 2011.12.07
I love anime, but this one is too short...

EagleAce 2011.12.06
Cute girl....kind of dull

angad63 2011.12.04
very good and nice job for a lady

tedibear1 2011.12.04
great game , and good animation

DaGhoztReaper 2011.12.01
good graphics, but game too short

deepikanair 2011.11.30
Game is good... Hentai graphics an animation are good but the game is too short...

eijikinoshita 2011.11.26
it seems its a nice and great game but wish if was lil longer

Shin312 2011.11.26
Is a nice game, pretty short tough, i kinda like it, but it is really short and pretty simple.

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

jimbo385 2011.11.24
Way too short needed to allow for more clothing removal and needed harder to get girls

m36418o 2011.11.23
woot anime girls!! I like anime girls

hockey star 2011.11.22
very good game... story is my dream

T-Dawg 2011.11.21
Nice graphics, but the game was very simple and way to short.

hcb36 2011.11.20
Could have been a very interesting story with several options for branches

chaoslegion1804 2011.11.16
the girl is pretty but the game itself was boring and too simple

hoopsracer 2011.11.14
Kinda of boring. Way too short and nothing but a click through.

btsom 2011.11.12
pretty average and way too short

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

zoostorm33 2011.11.07
played this game very nice and fun to play, beautiful babes

zet84 2011.11.07
it was good but a little to short.

gin 2011.11.06
quite a nice game, but too short...

47darklord 2011.11.06
that was awesome!!!!!!!!!I love sex games!!!!!!!!!!!!!

princessjessica 2011.11.05
very nice and fun to play, beautiful babes

Everesto 2011.11.05
Wish this girl was featured in Lesson of Passion!

zero1417 2011.11.04
wasn`t bad just short ...ound could be better

goosemam 2011.11.02
Good game but its too easy and short.

coachedwin 2011.11.02
game of high video quality but not great story, nice but seen better.

ruth1995 2011.11.02
a good game but too short

moshew71 2011.11.01
Nice little game. Could have been longer with more options.

armyofme 2011.10.30
good but its a short game

Tokuro Kawamura 2011.10.30
nice game and nice animation

duke#3 2011.10.29
really like the promotion she gets

garfield11 2011.10.28
game was over all to fast, not the best

bananaphone 2011.10.28
good game but a quite short !

jaja0625 2011.10.25
really a cute girl to fuck, daydreaming staff, i like it

kmaxx 2011.10.25
nice game, with good graphics

Blourock 2011.10.21
Great anime graphics but a bit too short

gemba 2011.10.20
game play was good graphics were good

pundai 2011.10.19
nice game but similar to others

Dark_Legend 2011.10.15
nice game, with good graphics quality and storyline

bedebah 2011.10.13
her sound so seductive he he he

jazmaster101 2011.10.11
i loe all theses kind of games

kypill21 2011.10.11
I love all of these fuck town games! Short and sweet

ozzy72 2011.10.08
nice game but similar to others

lita2extremeladder 2011.10.07
Nice simple fuck game. I like it

SidAsrani 2011.10.06
nyce game.. games should be more realistic

Avi0411 2011.10.06
Nice game but short story

pepsitwist1 2011.10.05
good graphic but gameplay a little exagerated

doddi 2011.10.04
WAY too easy and WAY too short

amanaman 2011.10.02
Great story line and graphics

ahclem 2011.10.02
Nice graphics, but it was WAY too easy and WAY too short

Tubbs2385 2011.10.02
great graphics, but could last longer with more sexual scenes.

Gurneyhal 2011.10.01
Pretty short, needs to be longer. Not much mouvement in the scenes. Audio was good.

SuperStegol 2011.09.28
Great story line and graphics

denson 2011.09.27
the viginity part is not so smooth.

fw190pilot 2011.09.27
pretty average and way too short.

soakingfingers 2011.09.27
hot but still a bit tedious

Bruce_D 2011.09.26
nice graphics but a little short

j_wat1 2011.09.26
???Is that it??? Yikes that was a quick one!!

bigbubba97 2011.09.26
This game was really good and funny story line

GrayBack 2011.09.25
Great story line and graphics

serioja 2011.09.21
it`s not an interresting game...

DreamTim 2011.09.18
this game is not very interesting...

Obirah 2011.09.17
fast game again but not so bad

Chelsea 2011.09.16
This game is to simple and short to play

D3nh1s 2011.09.15
I play better it is not very horny she is not very good and only 2 poses. No

blimey 2011.09.12
very bad game - short, poor graphics, terrible music

natewind 2011.09.12
very good game and nice graphics but too short

sharmaavish 2011.09.11
this game has a acceptable quality of grphics

xzfabian 2011.09.10
Compared to many other games of here, this is not too good.

huydinh2205 2011.09.10
i think it the shortest game i ever play

thekazer88 2011.09.09

AmazonQueen 2011.09.08
Definitely not the best of this series. Both basic and in-game options would revitalize a rather stale pattern .... turn music off without losing voice track, better translation, variant endings, player choice of positions. High quality, replayable games would ease pressure to get something rushed out finished or not.

05 2011.09.06
Too short, and quality was terrible.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Im liking these games a lot.

miha95 2011.09.01
the game is very easy but i liked the scenes

speedy10 2011.08.26
it was a good game. i like the graphics

TBG1972 2011.08.25
This game was too short and not very interactive in my opinion.

zeze12 2011.08.24
The story isn`t that good,Way too much dialog to fast foreward thru

wcNoOb 2011.08.21
some of the answer is so weird and doesn`t make sense

bloodkeys 2011.08.19
good game, nice graphics

Hyourinmaru 2011.08.19
Meh, not bad. Once you`ve played one you`ve played them all.

horny929 2011.08.16
nice graphics and sexy game

jasonrues 2011.08.16
it have good graphics but the story should have been longer

chams1789 2011.08.14
too short and very easy but good graphics

hobbe69 2011.08.12
Easy and one of the shortest game ever? :)

thalionmel 2011.08.12
too short but interesting game

sexyanus 2011.08.11
the graphics are cool but the game is way too short

cuscus 2011.08.09
easy and short could use more animations

elmo021 2011.08.09
not so good game, rly short

spokxx 2011.08.09
game was too short and easy. nothing much to do in this one

overhead12345 2011.08.08
great game, good graphics, great series

kain_404 2011.08.05
It was alittle easy and short but still a good game

Grayrya 2011.07.30
this game is very nice but short

lordshifu 2011.07.26
Such a straightforward game.

snow01 2011.07.21
game was a little to short

skarnska 2011.07.19
It was okay, much better games on here though

stingmaster 2011.07.18
the game was ok but there was no real plot.... and no real story to it as well....

CleriC 2011.07.17
nothing special and way too short

rambo1234567 2011.07.16
pretty mediocre game. . . . . .i personally didnt like it

JackB1708 2011.07.15
I personaly feel that the interactive part ofthe game was too short and too easy

Kallion 2011.07.15
Nice and simple, works for a quick turn on i think

c33c33 2011.07.15
it was kind of easy for A game..!!!

max1230 2011.07.12
nice game great graphics

Cruachan12 2011.07.12
fairly bogstandard stuff nothing to be excited by!

val4161 2011.07.11
the game was good but it was a little short and the grephic was okay but the gameplay was a little boring

sanjva21 2011.07.10
nice game and nice girl but a little short

milliee 2011.07.10
game was too short and easy. nothing much to do in this one

Lippi1983 2011.07.09
nice game the girl is pretty but too short

benlou52 2011.07.05
great animation but it`s verry short

skn 2011.07.04
not so exciting as other PF1 games.

krado 2011.06.29
The game is too simple for my taste, and it does not deliver that certain feeling i get from these games

poisonflash 2011.06.28
Too basic and graphics not good.

Nightspiral2k 2011.06.24
could have been longer, but an alright game

SoloDrifter 2011.06.22
wow...really short and easy. no challenge but good graphics.

ravenk36 2011.06.21
Nice game too short though. Could have had a bit more to it

dirkyboy 2011.06.21
Hot chick, but the game is way too short

boblee 2011.06.20
too short but good graphic

bmammoli 2011.06.18
nice game the girl is pretty but too short though

Abuksu 2011.06.18
the game was good , but do somthing abt the voice, the quality is bad

tedibear 2011.06.18
game too short but good graphic

chrischaos 2011.06.18
This game was fair. The girl wasn`t even pretty.

jdogpkka 2011.06.15
This game is old and very bad

ArnoKid 2011.06.13
this game is a little bit short, nice graphics though...

darksouls 2011.06.10
i liked the game
the graphics was particular different than others and that`s what I like

SetoPendragon 2011.06.10
This game is good, but it could have more to it

qnofstage 2011.06.09
Great anime graphics but a bit too short

m4t0n 2011.06.09
hots girls makes this game superb

ramlak 2011.06.08
Its too sexy and eagrly waiting for chance like the same

pat123 2011.06.08
the game was good , but do somthing abt the voice, the quality isbad

kesar 2011.06.07
not bad, but this game is easy play

cmoney 2011.06.06
i have to agree with jis2 this is average but not good

JjS2 2011.06.06
average,but not a bad game..

BallIdiot 2011.06.06
Extremely short game. Mediocre graphics and animations.

DanteNero666 2011.06.05
Not a bad game, a little average, doesn`t really have a point.

Skylink 2011.06.04
not too bad but wish u could turn off the music

jaaam 2011.06.04
greaat story linee bit confusing at timees

Garius 2011.06.03
way to short gameplay, and not so good graphics

b3ru4ng 2011.06.03
the graphic is fine, the story just too short

Brandfire 2011.06.01
Game isn`t that good, and also quite old.

mannylopez1 2011.05.31
Nice game graphics but just like the last game the story was too short.

MCkemper 2011.05.29
it`s good game. graphics good. but too short...

MattR 2011.05.29
Goood Game and Gaphic but it`s too Short

Montanapanda9 2011.05.29

Monkey1162 2011.05.27
God graphics but the storyline should be longer

firion69 2011.05.26
its a nice game, but it seems to start getting quite repetitive...
and most of the series similar to this seem to be getting shorter as well

MattR 2011.05.25
Nice graphic but the game is a bit short

vks_143 2011.05.23
tooooooo short..................... bt i like it....................hehehehe

banes 2011.05.21
Nice graphics and cute girl. Game is too short and needs more sex scenes.

Freddybojangles 2011.05.21
good game but its way to short, really like the animation of the girl though

harsh09 2011.05.21
ok game

good scenes....

.. but it was very short

ctstc29 2011.05.21
Very bad dialoge, not bad though

MrMister71007 2011.05.19
way too short... sex scenes not erotic enough.. dialogue very amateuristic..

StaBlazed 2011.05.19
good scenes but it was very short

asterakisasteras 2011.05.16
Good Game But Very Short!!!!!!!!!!!!

ustayrys 2011.05.16
Not really anything new or good. Plus, the story is really cheap and short.

rawr_monsterz 2011.05.15
good game, interesting and casual sex story.... but really good

patty23 2011.05.14
an okay game positions were nice though.........

AxelHoughton 2011.05.13
Animation was good, game play was great

diamonds 2011.05.12
Nice game but a little bit short

shakezulla17 2011.05.11
Sure it was a little short, but still fun and a super hot girl in a couple positions. Good game overall

4nd178 2011.05.09
Yeah I think it`s to short
And I think that guy has premature ejaculation

fabrid 2011.05.08
this game is really good though i guess!

Bakane 2011.05.07
good concept but too short

Ash721 2011.05.07
good game a bit too short but not bad

Daddoo62 2011.05.06
Better than I expected. quick game

zips 2011.05.06
I found this game surprisingly hot. A cut above other games of this type.

Monkey1162 2011.05.06
Nice game, good graphics, one of my favorites

Skarn62 2011.05.04
it`s good game. graphics good. but too short...

KenMasters28 2011.05.03
this game was a lot of fun...great quality

hugedick.88 2011.05.03
I think the game is to short but it is a nice game

mbahbd 2011.05.02
awesome! & I though this game would be new?

smallbucket 2011.05.01
The story isn`t that good, but for a single play it is okay I guess

tuxboy 2011.05.01
Simple game...decent graphics

skoolastic91 2011.04.30
a basic game and basic graphic

mrtye 2011.04.30
Never understood how you can call these games, its a step by step comic. and not a very good one at that.

JesseTheKid 2011.04.30
This is an old game I played t a few month ago.

dieguito@13 2011.04.30
good game and graphics but too easy

Kiba6824 2011.04.30
it was a little short but all in all a good game

arulegong 2011.04.28
The graphic are way awesome! & I though this game would be new? :/

mcgil14 2011.04.28
Good little game...easy and short

stanky 2011.04.27
Pretty boring. Graphics not great, story not great.

panosfg 2011.04.25
nice game...could have been better

meyo 2011.04.24
its way too short imo, and graphics is not that good either

sophia2435 2011.04.23
i like this game i just add it to my fav. even though it isn`t that long i still like that it get`s to the point because some games just take forever to get to the point :)

fuckbuddy 2011.04.23
it is avery easy game and good graphics

cherubim 2011.04.23
Game was fine, but very very short...

pdim 2011.04.22
the game is not interesting at all............

dman1324 2011.04.20
nice game with a decent storyline but a lottle to short

lugae90 2011.04.18
god game and graphics are good too

qaz123 2011.04.15
the game was good but short

George_sAlterEgo 2011.04.15
not something special I am afraid

Gewoontje 2011.04.14
very short and easy game was hoping for more

mendragor 2011.04.13
much too short and easy, boring at all

Raeven 2011.04.13
I liked it got me all hot, a little short though.

KireiKitten 2011.04.12
Not bad but could definitely be better

xXTacoJonezXx 2011.04.11
Eh, I`ve played better. It was way too short and the animation sucked.

slv 2011.04.11
Rather short for my tastes. Needs to be more of a challenge.

Tudedude 2011.04.11
Very easy game also very short

hentailover85 2011.04.10
I thought this game was pretty good, but I didn`t like the fact that she took off her entire uniform for the 2nd sex scene.

damanboy 2011.04.10
This game is kinda bad, it`s too old

kangaroo 2011.04.10
nice graphics but very too short

gagoaq 2011.04.09
nice game, but not really that amusing

C. C. 2011.04.08
Not hard, but fun anyway.

YvonneStyle 2011.04.08
I luv dis games it meakes me wet yet wanna play it again n again!!

jetpack9 2011.04.08
I love the sound in these games, so hot!

vic6155 2011.04.08
a good game, but should be more diversified!
I like it!

jesssex 2011.04.08
its a nice game but the time is too short...should mAke this game longer..

marcgenesis 2011.04.07
a little bit short and alittle bit common most games are like this

kushandhentai 2011.04.07
OK game only problem is its too short and the animations couldve been better like mor positions and such

3rdson 2011.04.06
waaayyy too short and poor story. i wouldnt play it again.

Innocent 2011.04.06
i like this game, i like the style of it:D

lizfogarty 2011.04.04
I didn`t like the action part, it isn`t so action. Overall, nice game! 5/10

frabago71 2011.04.02
nice story, nice music but very short

efcadsfceszs 2011.04.02
i like the game, nice story and nice sounds

Zardoz2112 2011.04.01
Very boring and way too short. Should have stayed in the restroom.

Tiege 2011.03.31
Rather boring, just hit the answers to get laid.

Ratking 2011.03.31
Good quality throughout the game but unfortunatly a bit short.

wellhung12 2011.03.31
not the longest but still entertaining

smooth69 2011.03.30
Good game could be longer, and have more to do.

kahi1287 2011.03.30
the gameplay could have been longer.

ilovenakedgirls 2011.03.28
the graphics and animation were awesome.

yurious959 2011.03.28
little bit short, but not bad

juinor29 2011.03.28
Great game with good animation but too short.

warchant34 2011.03.27
Ok game.....too short though

devind21 2011.03.26
it was too short need more girls but good game

gammorob000 2011.03.26
This game was HOT, love hentai:D

kendricka 2011.03.26
Very nice concept and great animation good games:)

poisonsynite 2011.03.26
ummmmm ok a good time pass

tubs 2011.03.25
nothing special about this game. ok i guess

Zeus69 2011.03.24
To short and nothing special...

angelor 2011.03.22
A little bit too short...

racata21 2011.03.21
very average, need more interaction!!

faraonflorin 2011.03.21
nothing new, nothing interesting

cidermeister 2011.03.21
not the best game on site. to straight forward and cetainly to short

cacadoo 2011.03.20
this game is very good but to short for me

Joel Drimakus 2011.03.20
The simple and short of the game is better any moment of playing.

quinton19 2011.03.19
very short game could of been longer

Thanatos0042 2011.03.18
Very short and simple, it almost would have been better with no text lol

loverboy117 2011.03.17
good but could of hav been longer

thundercockz 2011.03.16
this game is very good but to short for me

tomswan 2011.03.16
nice art, format is a little tired

Eddie Roc 2011.03.16
Quick game. I think the "Fuck me or your fired" bit is quite funny. Just wish that there was more of a biuld up to the sex sences.

bbombwor 2011.03.15
sshort game but ehh it was hella sexxi !!! (X

Skylink 2011.03.15
good graphics and easy tpo play

DeaconFrost 2011.03.15
Practically the same gameplay as MFN First Date Sex, same straight way to click to go through the whole story, very shorter even.
Still quite amusing to go through, the author paid attention to music in the background in this one, I concede that since it is the only thing really noticeable.
Still decent graphically and cute hostess. Worth the short fun.

howsthis14u 2011.03.14
game very short, need to add more next time.

Gewoontje 2011.03.14
Good start but expected more options during the game and way too short

Chia 2011.03.14
Great animation! I like that girl! But the game is too short.

huuuub 2011.03.13
this game was short and to the point.

jmuck 2011.03.13
good game over all but to short

rocker1 2011.03.13
Too short, no real choices, and animation is horrible

worzi2 2011.03.13
pretty pics. a nice short game, could be a bit more interactive.

redteeler 2011.03.13
good game decent graphics a bit too short my my taste but still a all around good game worth playing

Pascal2187 2011.03.11
Bit short, but well done

nax14 2011.03.10
this game is wonderful. i enjoyed every bit of it

fadikhan 2011.03.10
this game is good ,has nice animations ,,,it should have more to play

speedballz_21 2011.03.09
did nt like it much ......

SamTeFourre 2011.03.08
The guy`s an asshole! And I wished the fuck scenes were longer.

Lois_Voom 2011.03.07
I don`t think the dialog was great. It could been better and the game could have had better potions also

lobao 2011.03.07
Short game. But very sexy!

blindcat 2011.03.07
can you make more seductive? it would be great

Robee05 2011.03.07
good game but a bit small.but the graphic is cool

bhenchodmadarchod 2011.03.06
it is really a small game.....
it is a bit boring to....

wolfinn2 2011.03.05
easy to go through and great graphics

redneckz 2011.03.05
this was a really fun game

SAMahler17 2011.03.05
great game really simple yet fun

DonJuan 2011.03.05
this game was alot of fun

nathanael 2011.03.04
the best game ever , but should add more scene

Docter_PeP 2011.03.04
good but short, maybe add a little more scenes

Mowmow924 2011.03.04
Not bad. But it was far too short, too few scenes

bronzecin69 2011.03.04
Not much into the sex if you don`t have to work for it. Needs more of a challenge

dragonj 2011.03.03
nice game but kind of short though but i recommend it!

badboy63us0218 2011.03.03
very nice game wish that would happen in real life

Bigbudha50 2011.03.03
simple game but my favourite one

bananababy 2011.03.02
pretty simple game
girl looks pretty hot though :)

HolySex 2011.03.02
quick fuck in this game, so soon over horny.......

hookupman123 2011.03.01
Okay game, cute girl but the dialog was lame and not a long of interaction. No build up just right into it.

hasil 2011.03.01
I love this game. This game is the graphics so good and I enjoyed it

ski9072 2011.02.28
Far, far from the best of the type, nothing to it really.

Jaredbrant54 2011.02.28
ok good but only one pussy in it that suck ass why do we only have one pussy in it

Bigbudha50 2011.02.28
very interesting but little bit short

toja112 2011.02.28
very nice, but it`s too short..

funnydoc2 2011.02.27
I think I played this game before.

Thundercock 2011.02.27
I think the game was pretty easy not even hard at all.

rohitsingla 2011.02.25
game is too short but gets to point straight that is good

roudrosk 2011.02.25
this was all right, not much of a game but fun, okay graphics and animation..... at least it gets straight to the point

lie1441 2011.02.24
great game could be longer

lomiydo 2011.02.24
this game lacks substance and meaning, disappointing.

Bionic23 2011.02.24
Decent game. Its a bit slow on some parts, but graphics are nice

wildcard 2011.02.24
Interesting game, but too short to play.

thizdik2011 2011.02.24
nice game but kind of short though but i recommend it!

rashmodan 2011.02.24
I approve of this game, but short. I`d recommend it though

kanf 2011.02.24
Nice game, but limited in interaction...

deathfather 2011.02.24
short game, but good overall

aroakshay 2011.02.24
short but very nice, liked it

vvlvitor 2011.02.24
this is game is not new!? what is going on here?

getrou 2011.02.24
QUITE interresting and great music lol

wads21 2011.02.23
not a bad point and click games, but could be better

aroakshay 2011.02.23
realy liked the game, would have been a lot better if it was longer, but still good. TY

nishuv 2011.02.23
this game has something new

nishuv 2011.02.23
short game but very nice!

benwit54 2011.02.23
Game ok, but only one way possible

ppcoyo 2011.02.23
nice graphics, simple and short

maffemich 2011.02.22
short but very nice, liked it

Stardead456 2011.02.22
Decent game, I liked it overall. Found it to easy and would like it to be abit more challenging.

Shea88 2011.02.22
nice game but too simple and short i think

appuyer 2011.02.22
Too simple and too straight at the end, quite disappointing

Brownkr79 2011.02.22
Not a fan, 2 scenes are just hit the button after waiting. No challenge

SPACKEN PRO 2011.02.22
Interesting game but too short to be really aroussed

aukai87 2011.02.21
i`m having trouble playing this game.

dunckjosh 2011.02.21
not much interaction in this one and pretty short

r_jay 2011.02.21
A bit lame of a game. Great if you are 13 years old.

Super69natural 2011.02.21
I want to be more hard to seduce a girl

jonneyd68 2011.02.20
not bad, but to straight in the end

chap74 2011.02.20
a huge game with nice graphics

jrob2685 2011.02.19
nice graphic and gameplay, a little short

dkzdick 2011.02.19
Nice graphic and animation, a good story but it was too short

pr3dator 2011.02.18
the game was way too short

BaddibuPF1 2011.02.18
hot but tooooooo short i think

thapieroxx 2011.02.18
Interesting game but too short to be really aroussed, even if the girl is gorgeous

Jess123 2011.02.17
good game bit short though

Jess123 2011.02.17
graet game and good graphics

coolclide123456 2011.02.16
this is a good game to play

Aeolus 2011.02.16
mm, it was quite the game, but not my cup of tea: way too short, and no good story

qwaszx 2011.02.15
good game hot babe nice graphics

lalesbo92 2011.02.15
Game`s good but graphic could be improved... nice music

Wulfy711 2011.02.15
way too short, starts off as a really good game though

Tiger21 2011.02.15
Not much of a game is it, just a click & tell story. Not bad though.

great98 2011.02.14
nice game could be longer

maddog20111 2011.02.14
awesome game with good graphics but its too short

eng551 2011.02.13
good graphics short game be longer

darrytan 2011.02.13
very short game but the girl is cute

darkmist172 2011.02.13
really fun game, good graphics, hot girls.

Umran 2011.02.12
Interesting game but too short to be really aroussed, even if the girl is gorgeous

mmpsy 2011.02.12
Really liked it, but it was a bit too short

redchi 2011.02.12
this game was kinda fun ^^

r_o1_s 2011.02.11
nice game and good graphics thou

jenso 2011.02.11
This is a nice game but it is to short

boxer200 2011.02.11
great game i hope you make more games like this ..

cash10101 2011.02.10
good game but really short

Borderman 2011.02.10
i like these games, good story though

sliceitup 2011.02.10
it was a nice game but too short
btw i enjoyed it though

Caveman123497 2011.02.10
nice graphics but sex could have been better and the game could have been longer.

ken3ma 2011.02.10
It was okay very short game graphics or okay

jrat 2011.02.09
is it me or was the game a little short?

van plur 2011.02.09
very good game....
i`m very happy play this game..................

Ravensamurai 2011.02.09
if you ask me i give 5/10. it too short you know

Mando66 2011.02.08
Typical Japanese styled graphics. I give it a 6/10

mktus 2011.02.08
the game is a little short.

I agree no, VERY short

mik201 2011.02.08
this game needs more of a sotry line it was way to easy and it definatly needs a bj scene

Leavingschool 2011.02.08
It`s a nice game with nice sex scence

Death6God 2011.02.07
This game is awesome but it is not long enough. And the sex was kind of dumb because it did not feel right. It was way to soft. But all in all, i still liked it.

John18856 2011.02.07
Too short, too easy and with bad dialog. I don`t like it.

NoWhereMan 2011.02.07
very short and not interesting... won`t play again

sxiren 2011.02.07
Very well, I will shoot to inadvertently her inside.

redcobra 2011.02.07
This was very short, and didn`t really give the same feeling as a game, more like just a clip from a movie.

ddkmail 2011.02.06
the game is a little short.

ants66 2011.02.06
not a very good game!!!!!!!!!! to short.

marcelino21 2011.02.06
a huge game with nice graphics

paoseland 2011.02.06
75%, very stiff flash, poor traslation, and almost no options. Very well drawn, though!

Luis4x 2011.02.05
It is nice game, but very short Unfortunately.

tbpoodle7 2011.02.05
this game has sexy graphics

KrissyLynn 2011.02.05
It`s a nice game but overall too simple for my tastes

djviking1 2011.02.05
this game is awesome! the girl is beautiful.

maniaka53 2011.02.05
this is game is not bad at all

m4lv1n 2011.02.05
i loved this game, very amazing and interesting !!!

rtyhd 2011.02.05
simple game and nice graphic

dman515 2011.02.04
very bad =[ way too short and no interactions

Nick2 2011.02.04
It is nice game, but very short!!! Unfortunately!!!

Szentii 2011.02.04
Really enjoyed this game... :D I like hentai games, and this one was good. :D

warburton19 2011.02.03
amazing game cant wait till the next one

cburchett98 2011.02.03
not good,boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

jker210 2011.02.03
Omfg wtf is up with the animation, they barely move! I swear this is un realistic and sucks.

gojoblo 2011.02.03
short game, but effective!

buddha24 2011.02.03
it eas a good game but need to make it longer, and add some anal action.

Dunedane 2011.02.03
I love this game, its great

Violasoul 2011.02.03
Simple game, but too short

foskett 2011.02.03
game was good in idea but lacked real length... i dont think its new though

torand 2011.02.03
this kinda sucks compared to Meet n fuck but its not demos like theres so im happy for that but the way it moves kinda sucks

Shadow085 2011.02.02
nice game with great quality and graphics

demonmike 2011.02.02
good game! with nice graphics

islandchick268 2011.02.02
game play was good graphics were good

Ollie 2011.02.02
Nice game but far too short, some other posistions would have been good

Darco666 2011.02.02
i`m so sick of thest kind of games

arpe 2011.02.02
too short and boring.. :/

sweettooth 2011.02.02
this game was a little simple for my liking but the girl is cute

randy_21 2011.02.02
this is game is not new!? what is going on here?

Snake XZ 2011.02.01
Boring game, not that interesting.

kid3008 2011.02.01
nice graphic but the player had not thing to do expect click on the button, I wish it had more interesting thing to do.

randy06 2011.02.01
great game nice and love to play more and more action in them

khelanos 2011.02.01
Very easy game, but have a cute girl.

pankas09 2011.02.01
Nice game, good graphics, nice to play.

gpghonest 2011.02.01
nothing happens - needs some instructions to play

Tiger23 2011.01.31
the gameplay was really good and the animations was great

gazlad 2011.01.31
This game is pretty Hot, the quality of the game as a whole is very good

siliuyt 2011.01.31
not good,boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

lostsoul 2011.01.30
sex scenes were blah~ but other then that the girl was rather good lucking and gave me a stiffy

JDogg 2011.01.30
It was a good game but the sex scenes were too blah and there was almost no movement.

randomdude9090 2011.01.29
The game wasn`t long enough, it was easy as hell, the girl was cute though.

Sovereign 2011.01.29
this game is alright, needs more actions and postions, graphics are okay

DMC 2011.01.29
I really liked that one, the girl was cute.

khalidakhtar 2011.01.28
game was very short must contain more actionss

nosrej08 2011.01.28
I really love this game...

baggyboy7 2011.01.28
It was pretty poor, not amazing graphics and was too easy

lithium39 2011.01.28
its like in real life nice story

nobody2011 2011.01.28
nice anime graphics, but not really challenging

xzebx 2011.01.28
boring game....Tooo easy..No Good Story :S

cabolyholy2 2011.01.27
this game is hot. i like it

Xavier47 2011.01.27
it was an ok game the graphics culd b improved and it was too short tho

PrInCeSs011 2011.01.27
Graphics are good...but a more involving story would have been better!!

darkinc 2011.01.27
hmm this game was really short. but it has nice graphics

looner 2011.01.26
easy game, nothing much to do... stright forward, and boring

richardlt 2011.01.26
the story was good and the graphic was good

mekstiu 2011.01.26
i really guess this game cool, the girl is very pretty

thir02 2011.01.26
nice game which good graphic!! i loved it

paolo13 2011.01.26
Well, a good game if you have little time, and the girl herself is a cutie, but this really isn`t up to LOP standards. Or even MNF. A distraction more than a game.

magic2hr 2011.01.25
realy nice game play graphics are real good and all round its a realy good game

Pornoholic 2011.01.25
Pretty easy but a hot game anyway =)

amy666 2011.01.25
The gameplay could have been better. There could have been more option too choose as a player

Apac20 2011.01.24
Nice graphics but the dialogue choicesis are kept to a minimum and they are irrilevant.
Too short, it is a good game if you have only few minutes to play

gabitoxxx 2011.01.24
yeah good draws :D but will be better if they put more velocity to the fuck , the fuck really slowly

chris101 2011.01.24
The graphics and gameplay are good

The_Guy 2011.01.23
actual scanario is arousing as hell, but I kind of wish the animation was better

callmebast 2011.01.23
Great game... kinda fast though...

snoopy666 2011.01.23
nice game, could be a little bit more difficult at last

deepu 2011.01.23
nice graphics i love them

figcfig 2011.01.22
marketing aienate originaly simulcast incorrectness

bootypirate72 2011.01.22
It was a nice game, but short and not all that hard.

Pdaddy 2011.01.22
I really liked this game shame it was so short.

kurtis002 2011.01.21
fun but too short. Should`ve been longer

Analterminator 2011.01.21
Great game loved the story

arathor 2011.01.20
too short game, and the quality wasn`t the best

ayeyee 2011.01.20
The game was not great. Graphics were alright. I prefer better gameplay

king2pm 2011.01.20
i loved this game, so amazing, cool

pietje119 2011.01.20
this game is fun but a little bit short

jawel 2011.01.19
This is an excellent game!

xxxPeanutxxx 2011.01.18
Not even a game, it`s just a bad story, with badly translated dialogue, I`m not a big fan of these games to begin with but this is a huge step backwards, sorry....

wolfy30 2011.01.18
the graphics are ok, the loopin music is annoying, enjoyable game, could be longer though

lobao 2011.01.17
I played this game two moths ago, in anothers web pages, and this game is very bad

mick6502 2011.01.17
Decent quality, too predictable story-line.

iso344 2011.01.17
Absolutely no choice in this game, and graphics could be improved.

tomlovesanal 2011.01.16
great gameplay good graphics and good storyline

hobbe69 2011.01.16
Im sorry, but this was kind of dull. Little action and the buttons are really not necessary...

vincs72 2011.01.16
a bit too much the same thing everytime

godzwig 2011.01.16
To short, not so god as it could be

vflforever 2011.01.16
cool game, but why so short?

hersh2450 2011.01.15
Loved the game, I just wish it was longer. I can`t wait for another one like it

lauber 2011.01.15
very simpel game but kinda hot

AntonyJ 2011.01.15
not into the blackmail for sex game.

drock03 2011.01.15
Not much to say about this one, kinda lame. No options in the game

Silveralpha 2011.01.15
pretty boring in terms of storytelling and action

iddp 2011.01.15
Nice graphics but the dialogue choicesis are kept to a minimum and they are irrilevant.
Too short, it is a good game if you have only few minutes to play

lcisne55 2011.01.14
seen these type of games before not a great story plot

namor1 2011.01.14
Great anime graphics but a bit too short, can be longer

gauravei 2011.01.14
nice game but it is very short game

pilou 2011.01.13
this game is very short but not bad at all

arcedon 2011.01.13
nice game but too short like what they said

John 12 2011.01.13
Quite short and too easy but graphics are okay

rohit goyal 2011.01.13
not tooo good .....i am no goood play

simbag 2011.01.13
Graphics are good...but a more involving story would have been better!!

scrip 2011.01.13
good game, good graphics, too short

the dragon 2011.01.13
it`s a cool game, but in most of the time i didn`t understand the text

woops1978 2011.01.13
good game, good graphics and good sound.
A bit short tho.

snozzo 2011.01.13
pretty basic and the text didn`t make much sense most of the time. again with the easy normal crap just play the flash, the buttons aren`t needed.

kasun1987 2011.01.12
Graphics are good.. but the game is too short

4nik8 2011.01.12
Could have been a lot better. Way too easy and short.

planter 2011.01.12
good game but way to short

JeffersOne 2011.01.12
Enjoyable game but it is rather short, could be made longer. The music could be changed or be able to switch it on and off.

mbe32405 2011.01.12
Good game. Short but sweet.

bLLizer23 2011.01.12
good game, i liked the graphics... if only it was a bit longer, i mean thers only 2 scens

razerus 2011.01.12
Very simple game but a bit too wordy. I love the sound effect when the guy cums in that girl. Wow....makes me want to go into sales. Hahaha.

m4t0n 2011.01.12
this game is old but the gameplay is still verygood

geronimo65 2011.01.11
Great graphic but too short

lucasohara 2011.01.11
its a old game but its very gold

TheBigCheese 2011.01.11
This was small and easy, but the graphics were good enough to make up for it

BDC 2011.01.11
so so animation and a bit to short for my likeing

ninjahunt11 2011.01.11
it`s got great animation and all, but it`s a bit too short.

Morpheus 2011.01.11
a little short but still a fun game

ahclem 2011.01.11
Nice but WAY TOO SHORT & needs more options & positions

Madelene 2011.01.11
Cute looks of the game, a little short but enjoyable. I like the whole idea of day dreaming. :-)

samluv13 2011.01.11
Too short, too simple & not enough content or gameplay.

generaltao 2011.01.11
too simplistic.... not much effort put into this game....its like watching a video....no control

SECXIIKILLA 2011.01.11
nice game, but too short.

rontoo 2011.01.11
interesting game , but need to work on the story______ it is very short

C.zeni 2011.01.11
animation is great , short but nice

softdevil 2011.01.10
A new nice game in the fucktown series, hope there will have some more.

HermanM 2011.01.10
nice game but too short. But just right for a small break from work.^^

Zouzounis 2011.01.10
nice one but nothing exciting

tky3k 2011.01.10
too linear, poor graphics, boring story. Played once, but neer again..

dewamps 2011.01.09
having a problem with it loading

Kuppz90 2011.01.09
Not new , but it was ok , very short tho

bossman5 2011.01.09
the game is cool and easy it was kinda short too

onloone 2011.01.09
really good game, decent graphics but could be a bit longer with a little more challenge with the story line

wongacock 2011.01.09
really good game, decent graphics but could be a bit longer

cheese101 2011.01.09
not really challenging in the slightest,as usual good graphics though

dragon69 2011.01.09
quick fun some interaction yet enjoyable

tamer 2011.01.09
very of the 4 endings a very good, played the game several days before

tamer 2011.01.09
very of the 4 endings a very good, played the game several days before
if you copy the url from the opened window into your browser, you can control the game much better

xiaojin 2011.01.09
like this game so much~so enjoy to play~

paddywhack 2011.01.09
i dont think this is one of the greatest but it will do

sverige84 2011.01.09
it`s ok game. graphics good. but too short.

IamBri 2011.01.09
I think maybe they ended up losing their translator part way throuogh =) Kind of short and rough around the edges...

R_bOnEz 2011.01.09
a little short but good ,with good graphics

gleakin 2011.01.08
good graphics too easy gameplay not at all challenging

sire 2011.01.08
i dont like thise game and bored too

NoPlastics 2011.01.08
Boring game holds your hand all the way through, click click click.

cicciociccio 2011.01.08
It`s a bored game, not very intresting

qwertyb 2011.01.08
Eh, the animation is crude, play control is simplistic,

ihavlust 2011.01.08
Bored with these kind of games...

JamesonJJameson 2011.01.08
Eh, the animation is crude, play control is simplistic, no story and short as well...I`m not a fan. If I were looking for something that took no thought at all I still wouldn`t come looking for this one.

andrew12mccabe3 2011.01.08
good graphics really cool game

sexyanus 2011.01.08
This game is really graphic i love it

rob 2011.01.08
Goog game, should be longer

netherto 2011.01.08
i really enjoyed this game

Niemy 2011.01.08
Good Game, not a bad way to pass the time, and decent graphics and such, hope to see more.

Armour 2011.01.07
Fun but the gameplay is far too simplistic

Elfe 2011.01.07
This game is no more than OK game... Sex scenes are not really good while the girl is sexy. The story is not challenging in decision making...

david_villa 2011.01.07
The sex scenes were OK but the game was too short and no storyline whatsoever

rosie 2011.01.07
this game was okbut a bit short on content and not very challenging

bsco26 2011.01.07
Needs to be longer other than that pretty good

Mslooj 2011.01.07
Too short, too simple & not enough content or gameplay.

navnuc 2011.01.07
liked her daydream then that you fullfill it

biggunlover 2011.01.07
I think a big improvement on the game would be a little more lead up to the finally maybe more 4-play!

pilou 2011.01.07
This game is too easy, too short and the graphics are not exceptionnal but a good game

m3r0 2011.01.07
real simple gameplay, normal graphics but iits to short...

adman147 2011.01.07
way too short, but good animations

hayden1 2011.01.07
i agree with everyone else the game was way to short.

Stewby 2011.01.07
Way too short to be classed as a game. Needs a lot more interaction

golfbot 2011.01.07
Have only one thing to say about this game.......BORING

ruth 2011.01.07
Easy game play and short.

Tafari24 2011.01.06
Needs more sex, better positions not enough foreplay. way to short, needs anal action, and better game play. not nearly as fun as other games posted on this site.

hardcoreharry 2011.01.06
thought it would be longer according to the name..

the_s_man 2011.01.06
great game but not so good as i thought

lvcvcb 2011.01.06
This is like a short meet & fuck game

sauljr 2011.01.06
this game is too short. it needs more options 2 it

dragonguardian13 2011.01.06
i agree with everyone else the game was way to short.

bennyrvhul 2011.01.06
Easy game. It needs more options in it.
But a quick and okay game.

Reyson 2011.01.06
expected something better, though is a good game and nice graphics, but too short

dominator 2011.01.06
good game but too easy and to short

alok1996 2011.01.06
Great game only that is to short

lenman 2011.01.06
Easy game play. The game could have been a lot longer and more engaging.

sam8040 2011.01.06
simple story, good grahic and nice game

ryuki 2011.01.06
Nice game but this game is abit too short and hav little scene but it still can be improve .

skeletor22 2011.01.06
to easy, very cut and paste style...needs something original

sauljr 2011.01.05
there was no motion in the sex scene

PhallicHero 2011.01.05
it`s a good game but could be a bit longer...i would put a blowjob scene in

syndro 2011.01.05
threat part is questionable, a little short imo

castilho 2011.01.05
Need more scenes..............the threat part was not a good idea!!!!!!!!!!!

wangyl 2011.01.05
the storyline is a little bit boring, i don`t know y u can be gentle to the girl at first and then y just threat her

Dovla 2011.01.05
Too short, but the sex scenes are very interesting!

laurajones 2011.01.05
The sex scenes were OK but the game was too short and no storyline whatsoever

itohen5 2011.01.05
the game is too short, there could be a game play in the working time

fmeyen 2011.01.05
Not a very interesting game, sorry!

Maldo 2011.01.05
nice hentaigame, but very short and far too easy.

NotAnAmerican 2011.01.05
Nice game but a bit too short and easy. They could update it and make it a bit longer..

Andi202 2011.01.05
This Game had a nice optic, but it is sooooo easy too play.So it is a little bit boring. Some hotspots to take off her clothes and a little bit more action will good for it. And it must be longer not with such an rapid Ending

Patmatticus 2011.01.05
Way too easy and too short. I played a second time and tried to fail, you win no matter what.

Joe is the King 2011.01.05
Very easy game, it wasnt to bad though. More interaction maybe.w

sturmo 2011.01.05
this game could be longer and more difficult i think

bertiebassett 2011.01.05
enjoyable but more interaction would be nice!

erised 2011.01.05
too easy as a game. this should be ramped up a bit.

prats 2011.01.05
very cute girl but a very very short game.....

dajasand 2011.01.05
a neat little game though i dont play these types very often....too easy.

Thundercracker 2011.01.05
Needs more interaction and more sex scenes. A simple point-and-click game. Graphics are average.

mitroi 2011.01.05
Not bad but needs to be longer with more interaction

draconian4 2011.01.05
nice game, too short though

anab 2011.01.05
The game is short but still worth playing.

star 2011.01.04
simple story, good grahic and nice game.

woody 2011.01.04
dad`nt like it first time i played it still dont

haannaa 2011.01.04
nice game, but it`s too short

TPatricio 2011.01.04
The graphics are not bad the storyline should be longer and gameplay are good

silver12 2011.01.04
Very short game with a really hot girl and good animation, I really liked this one

Bassa 2011.01.04
pretty boring in terms of storytelling and action

ws2499 2011.01.04
very short game with short story an not great graphic.

T M 2011.01.04
about the same as all MnF games, decent graphics but only one path to take and only one ending.

pabloescobar 2011.01.04
not very good made and to boring

Dailn 2011.01.04
Good graphics, a simple story and a bit short. But still a good game.

andy_regresa 2011.01.04
It is a game too short. More scenes or interacion to be a good game...

kjdehn 2011.01.04
love these sexy games but miss my kelly

arkaniss 2011.01.04
simple and easy game but good one

mike cook 2011.01.04
A very poor game. No game play or difficulty.

robert_tm 2011.01.04
it`s ok game. graphics good. but too short.

eralph67 2011.01.04
improved autio. not much of a plot.

sweetcum 2011.01.04
the graphics were ok bu the game needs to be alot longer

boinky 2011.01.04
Not good, I thought SHG were improving. Very short and no story at all, just clicking through the text

waltzdragon 2011.01.04
the graphic is ok, the game on other hand pretty short..

unicorn 2011.01.04
nice game, but very short

tommynl 2011.01.04
Very good game but way too short!

Antvar 2011.01.04
Good game but very short.

jerryonly83 2011.01.04
hmmmm... they did so much better at sexyhotgames.... hope they put out st like swim team rpg again

prats 2011.01.04
pretty girl but a very short game.....

davson 2011.01.03
girl is pretty hot, but the game is too short!!!!!

conbron 2011.01.03
nice graphics, but very short story, not so pretty girl

dgkesquire 2011.01.03
Short but straightforward game with nice graphics. Would have been interesting to see how the action could have shifted if the person interrupting could possibly have entered and caught you in the act.

Sinclaire 2011.01.03
Not bad but needs to be longer with more interaction

paul72002 2011.01.03
gameplay is to linear not enough choices to make

branknock 2011.01.03
not bad graphics for an easy game, but a bit slow.

popcorn2002 2011.01.03
it`s ok game. graphics good. but too short...

mjwm54 2011.01.03
Not bad, but definitely not great. The dialogue wasn`t very good, and the sex scenes were lame.

defenseor 2011.01.03
dumb dialog and a rather boring game overall

Towy 2011.01.03
great game needs to be a bit longer thou

maxxxy 2011.01.03
I`m actually insulted by this game. This is the dumbest dialog ever.

cowboy2190 2011.01.03
good but disappointed poor graphics could be alot better

66Ryan 2011.01.03
played it on another site it was really hott

shazixx 2011.01.03
short but worth it lolz shoud be longer with a better story line

qwer_i 2011.01.03
really not so interesting, very simply and minimum action... bored

raven47172 2011.01.03
Nothing much here not even really a game.

bshdaddy1 2011.01.03
i`am sorry to say that this game was far below the expected quality that we are used to from this site. very poor quality animation and action they need to step up their games for more popularity.

stefano71 2011.01.03
girl is pretty hot, but the game is too short!!!!!

hugo19791 2011.01.03
game is too short, girl is pretty hot

unknown_1994 2011.01.03
very short and straight forward game , MNF series is much better

Blitzkriegbob 2011.01.03
no new game. Simple and nice like the mnf series is. Nothing special but a high standard.

R_bOnEz 2011.01.03
wasnt bad alittle to easy ,but exciting lets see more

Nimrod 2011.01.03
These games are a little old, need something new and this one was way too short.

MrSeven 2011.01.03
This game has been out for a while now.. I`d like to play new games when I come on here.

lughbelenos 2011.01.03
Way too short and pls could someone who can write in english proof read these dialogues.

RESSAT 2011.01.03
Verry funny and simple game with nice story

randy06 2011.01.03
yes a good game bit short more action and girls

sex_surfer 2011.01.03
awsome game, shame it isn`t longer

Xyzzy 2011.01.03
Looks like sexhotgames is trying to develop story line in their newer games, which is okay I guess, but hey, we`re here for the sex, right? And the sex scenes in this game are typical for sexhotgames, just plain boring. After all the text, it looks like they ran out of time to develop a hotter sex scene. And what`s the obsession with the name Claire (or Clair, or Clare, make up your mind how you`re going to spell it)? Grammar and syntax are poor, too.

OTP 2011.01.03
nice but should be long and more interactive

gimmino77 2011.01.03
A little bit simple, but fun. Much linear the sequence of story

ranmagh01 2011.01.03
One of the lamest games I have played in a while. At least the girl was cute.

az89 2011.01.03
nice game, wish it can be longer than this

Ricoh124 2011.01.03
Worth a go, a little too easy.

Stevie B 2011.01.03
ok good but only one pussy in it that suck ass why do we only have one pussy in it

killer_kella 2011.01.03
nice game quality animation

clador 2011.01.03
game is too short, girl is pretty hot

ligmartos 2011.01.03
It is a game too short. More scenes or interacion to be a good game...

Original99 2011.01.03
Great anime graphics but a bit too short

slipknot666 2011.01.03
its a ok game but its to short

max29 2011.01.03
it`s ok game. graphics good. but too short...

spirek 2011.01.03
The game is short but still worth playing.

kage5243 2011.01.03
it`s very simple but fun, i like it

gomnek 2011.01.03
isn`t the best game i play

Luzi 2011.01.03
i dont really like it, its much too short and there are not much interactions :(

eagleata 2011.01.03
it`s ok game. graphics good. but too short...

paranoid 2011.01.03
quite a bit silly talk towards the end and the common scenes we already know. So all in all only average...

teteine 2011.01.03
l like it like all this kind of games but could be a bit longer !! good graphics thou

ronnyponny 2011.01.03
a good game butt it can be longer

Stevie B 2011.01.03
it ok game but just to short we need a longer games

bugs1959 2011.01.03
very similar to a lot of ather games

spdrman808 2011.01.03
Way too much dialog to fast foreward thru

barce 2011.01.03
A simple and nice game, but it is not new!

Achilleshiel 2011.01.03
it`s very simple but fun, i like it

anab 2011.01.03
very great graphics
awsum games

s@nt!no 2011.01.03
This is not a game. It`s an interactive comics. And a bad one at that.

clouseau 2011.01.03
These sexhotgames are getting a bit old now. A bit of meaningless text bubbles to click through and then a sex scene with a girl that look quite different. Not really bad, just meh.

bobag 2011.01.03
Isn`t really a new game. I played this one before somewhere else also the "game" was over very quickly.

sentaiblue 2011.01.03
a good game butt it can be longer

sauce 2011.01.03
I personaly feel that the interactive part ofthe game was too short and too easy

Mrverynaughty 2011.01.03
Hmmm wish some othis one was long otherwise a great game

kpyrinikos 2011.01.03
realy liked the game, would have been a lot better if it was longer,

Mrverynaughty 2011.01.03
realy liked the game, would have been a lot better if it was longer, but still good. TY

kirov 2011.01.03

nice game but too short and with few scenes

Longay 2011.01.03
Great anime graphics but a bit too short

themoda 2011.01.03
I played this game two moths ago, in anothers web pages, and this game is very bad

dubidu 2011.01.03
this is game is not new!? what is going on here?

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