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Fuck Town Library Debt


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tnt2 2017.08.27
very easy game but a good one

Tiodor 2017.06.23
Hot sweet girl and nice sex animation. Good game=

ianjames 2017.03.17
a boring game with poor gameplay

cambridge4453 2017.01.27
standard stuff; very similar to the hospital one (sex therapy) and the swimming pool one., but less interesting to play

viko25 2016.08.30
This game i think its great game

ggbb 2016.05.15
i really had liked the story, keep up the gud work

ggbb 2016.05.15
not bad, game play could use some work

ggbb 2016.05.15
wow, graphicwise, its great, gameplay is i guess good

ggbb 2016.05.15
i really liked the graphics, the gameplay could be better

redskull9450 2016.04.23
I love the sex in these game


megabee 2016.04.05
i love this game but i would have done more

singlevirgin 2016.01.31
nice sexy woman with a sexy body

jaxed44 2015.08.17
not a good gameplay but nice graphics

Road Ninja 2014.11.14
Makes you work for it a little bit but worth it in the end.

RomanticWanker 2014.10.05
The game is short and the graphics appreciable, I liked it.

smmccoy8838 2014.08.13
Solid game. A little short for my taste. Good graphics.

Anony 2014.01.20
The girl is very cute and great graphics

SKELTONIO74 2014.01.01
I cant believe this game has so low a rating it is quite entertaining

djjohnson1973876 2013.12.03
great game with a very sexy woman

Nandan 2013.11.28
this game is good but all the games take a lot of time to load

IMTHEBOSS 2013.11.07
nice graphics..but not my favorite game

mannmeister 2013.10.19
This game was a little too simple for my taste

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

ImrtlWolf 2013.09.08
I enjoy these FT games very much and the quality is consistent

madmax68 2013.08.31
good game overall, i like the questions. Easy and funny

JK03 2013.08.27
Too short, and the dialogue could`ve been clearer. But I guess it was okay

rangealone 2013.06.14
the plot game is ok, but the graphic is good

tahj_3 2013.06.07
i love all the FT games this one is a favorite and i love the graphics

titanic1415 2013.05.28
would have liked a bit more to this game. like an oral perhaps

vllad 2013.05.23
the graphics could be better, in the second part all you see of the guy is his dick and nothing else, i mean it isn`t attached to anything!!!

madmax68 2013.04.18
Loved it, must visit the library soon!

say911 2013.04.15
I love these graphics cant get better than that

gwazz 2013.04.13
good graphics but very similar to other games [i liked the ending]

senji 2013.04.13
nice game.ill play it all over again

toporopo 2013.03.31
I think this was the first fuck town game I played.

rkay 2013.03.24
pretty good but lacked very orginal game play

yogesh83 2013.03.15
nice game but intereaction is not that good could have been better

jamaica 2013.03.09
Keep up the good work on making these games

Jamesmoore 2013.02.17
Every time I get to the frame where the arrow is pointing to the library nothing will happen...

Jamesmoore 2013.02.17
nice game it was freakky good

coolsex 2013.02.15
it was good gameplay and i love reading books.

oozami 2013.02.11
cool game...its so hot to play cuz i really love reading books

ua tom 2013.01.27
nothing make this game good to play

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Nice story and grafic , good game but way to short.

gartal 2013.01.24
I`m still waiting for the "diamond in the raw" every now and than we get one, too bad this one was not it. Thanks for the effort I love all games of this kind, but.

yogamonster 2013.01.16
very fucking game and sexy also

markfred 2013.01.08
best game and awesome graphics...great platform for seducing girls

dwj197662 2013.01.05
no doubt i love this game

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.03
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.

thking 2012.12.18
pretty good liked the quiz,would like a longer storyline though

koei 2012.11.21
Cool game with the questions...

Act132 2012.11.20
Fun game but way to short

qweasd111 2012.11.07
Good game and nice graphics

mudkip81 2012.09.27
good graphics and nice scenes but short game

hias 2012.09.12
funny staff with nice graphics

henry4545 2012.09.12
looks the same as others

Froizmann 2012.09.11
this a good game but too short(((

Tages 2012.09.09
I just followed the on-screen prompts - hardly taxing, interesting story that could have been developed fully with more complexity.

sooperdog 2012.08.27
The main girl is very hot with very nice boobs

mr perv 2012.08.27
im stuck at the beggining

yayay 2012.08.26
Not very bad! Could have better story and interaction!

santinho 2012.08.07
Nice game , good graphics , story was a little short .

sveinn1 2012.08.07
Good game and nice graphics

auroragold21 2012.07.22
good game but the sex scenes and the graphics could have been better

jhase433 2012.07.21
it is a very sexy game awesome

YahMuddah242 2012.07.17
Awesome Game.. it should have been longer but its awesome

frenzy198405 2012.07.16
good game..!hope for better story and longer story

drowndinfish 2012.07.10
The game was great, the girl was hot!
The quality was great, short and sweet.

PeterK 2012.07.06
I was expecting more,especially from intereaction.It was averege...

ayane66flame 2012.07.05
this game is awesome it has great anime graphics and the game over all is cool

whitedradon613 2012.07.01
have to remember movies and book authers but it was good

Zalbar 2012.06.29
I liked it, it could have been a tad longer,

rocketgeek13 2012.06.27
it`s an ok game... but still, i liked it...

dscali 2012.06.23
More characters would be great but overall is ok.

proc71 2012.06.21
pretty cool-I should spend more time at the Library:)

smurphy 2012.06.16
it was pretty fun and he animation was good

maykkis 2012.06.11
good game. but we need more quality games.

elishacuthbert 2012.06.10
good game, easy playing, nice animation

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.09
Great graphics and smooth gameplay

Norp 2012.06.09
MNF has great games, but this one is too short.

Soul Assassin 2012.06.05
nice graphics..but not my favorite game in the site

shadov69 2012.06.05
not that bad.. it could have been better.

KeepGuessing 2012.05.31
This game was alot of fun but just a lil bit too short

sam1992 2012.05.31
awesome game and back-story... :D

stevi8950 2012.05.26
the game is very good with nice graphics and a pretty woman and good sounds. i really like it

bahamut86 2012.05.25
Good game, nice grafic and story

prtorresv 2012.05.24
dibujos gratos historia divertida y sexy

Kevin1972 2012.05.24
nice game to educate your book knowledge.
afther making a few mistakes, easy to play.

hafizh dhaifan 2012.05.09
I really want to know more about librarian, maybe the girl same with this game

gone23 2012.05.07
Librarian is really hot.....

hippy 2012.05.04
an allright game kinda slow though

mdreamwell 2012.05.04
pretty decent seen better a little glitchy on my comp

dyl1570 2012.05.03
Not a bad game, a little short but good sound and graphics

joshua198526 2012.04.30
This was a ok game. Sound was great. Graphics need more work. And they need to have better game play. it get 6 out of 10.

andyeee 2012.04.30
good game to play when horny

freakout 2012.04.25
Not bad game, Typical M&F game though. The action scene was kind of boring

shadshad99 2012.04.24
cool game and high defintion

mike cook 2012.04.17
Quite a good game..not very difficult.

kinou21 2012.04.12
another good fucktown game i really like these very enjoyable

mdobre29 2012.03.31
this is a really good game i wish it was longer.

colela1 2012.03.27
good amimation ok graphics overall a good game

alexbig75 2012.03.24
its a good game an i can play it over and over again

alexbig75 2012.03.24
it was pretty fun and he animation was good

alexbig75 2012.03.24
it was a nice game.everything was good besides answering the questions

zachwaller101 2012.03.23
i like the game could use a quit bit better graphics but pretty good

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

RickyCindahood 2012.03.16
very nice game needs better story though

soulstoneking 2012.03.13
this is a really good game i wish it was longer.

ihatewhenulie 2012.03.12
sexy game and quick game. i like it

Ricardo919 2012.03.11
Fun game. I like adjusting the speeds to what the girl wants. Makes it hotter.

PervertedOne 2012.03.03
The Game Was Very good but plz add a bit better graphics

hornyviking69 2012.03.02
the game was great and so was the game play. very interactive

WEGAS 2012.03.01
Definitely one of the best game sites i`ve ever seen...thanks

rod6114 2012.02.29
another good fucktown game i really like these very enjoyable

kaushik04 2012.02.29
Not very bad! but girl is not up to the mark

fill ur hole 2012.02.26
Good graphics, very short game fairly starightforward hard to mess up in

numberone01 2012.02.23
great game,great graphics,great girls

Corpseman311 2012.02.23
Good graphics, good animation, like the scenario in the lit is a nice short game, the gameplay is good too.

Rick7752 2012.02.22
Not bad...nice graphics and sound...characters could be more real.!!

j3ssie 2012.02.20
sweet graphics.excelent animation.sweet game.like to see more

dylan42 2012.02.20
good game but not perfect. good sex scene but graphics suck a little

carsbest_01 2012.02.18
its a great game
wish there were more positions though

kluy 2012.02.18
good gameplay and a good end result

chinnusamala 2012.02.18
the girl looks very sexy

Thumper_1 2012.02.17
IF you take it for what it is it`s a good game. Graphics are nice.

killer123 2012.02.17
love the game nice graphics

Eddie Roc 2012.02.15
Standard game but decent.

elche1 2012.02.13

Nemo2222 2012.02.12
Simple, but not too dull.

klf 2012.02.12
monotonous, simple, easy. chick is cool but graphics not so much

spungkada 2012.02.11
that was fucking awesome..

DevilDST 2012.02.10
nice easy game. sometimes too easy but overall nice graphics

Roguery7492 2012.02.05
simple and mildly entertaining

killer37 2012.02.02
fairly simple but still rather entertaining

betelgeuse49 2012.02.01
Agree the sounds make thi sgame. Style of graphics don`t do it for me - too simplistic. And a real shame the guy seems to have detached his cock for the last scene!

james22 2012.01.31
alsome graphics and alsome game

chuckwillis1 2012.01.30
good game but it is a little short girl is hot.

Medicine017 2012.01.29
Too plain and typical but still, simple is the best.

jackman2011 2012.01.26
cool game and great graphics

rookie73 2012.01.26
good game but not my favorite

jackee88888 2012.01.24
gameplay, graphics, animations are good

gassx13 2012.01.24
Good short game with good graphics and a great girl

m3992010 2012.01.23
It`s a little buggy but the girl is cute.

gamboy 2012.01.23
Gameplay and endings are usual.

banes 2012.01.20
Good intellectual game. Hot libraian. Could have had one more sex position.

bobby1171 2012.01.19
i thought this was a good game nice pics

xpiorixp 2012.01.17
question a little hard and too short, ending not good!

Adur 2012.01.16
gameplay 3: graphic 3: animation 4. Not tha best game. Short story.

AmandaJones 2012.01.15
love the game nice graphics

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
a good little game with nice girl

ingooo 2012.01.13
Great graphics and smooth gameplay

bigge12 2012.01.12
i like the game but its kinda weird seeing a penis with no body.. but overall easy to play and figure out

mac99 2012.01.12
game was just alright, it wasn`t long enough.

kkaa69 2012.01.12
Good graphics, the girl is awesome and she deserves a longer game. the pennis needs a body.

Guillaume 2012.01.11
I like questions and fucking system

andresote23 2012.01.11
nice and easy games, love it!

noname1986 2012.01.10
good game! with alot of action and sexy girls

Forent 2012.01.09
This games could be better but it` good.

haydenfloyd1 2012.01.06
this game could be much much better

Zinzinbadio 2012.01.04
good game maybe they could make one a bit rougher

oxx 2012.01.04
I hate games which you can not turn off sound when it has nothing to do with game - I have other things to do where I need sound alerts.

Pretty bad to spell education "erudition" in a game testing your education!

Initial arrow thing is non-intuitive.

Sam Prekop 2012.01.04
The scenario is hot, but the disembodied penis is a little offputting!

rk9fantasti 2012.01.03
Absolutely love the Fuck town Games, good gtraphics good story, and good variety.

bandit001 2011.12.29
Nice graphics and overall good game was fun to play.

dynamiteOP22 2011.12.29
Easy game, but good graphics

pornguy85 2011.12.24
very fun and interesting game to play.

dunmer 2011.12.23
it was an ok game, however she asked me 3 times in a row to fuck her gentle (nothing else inbetween) so could be better

Thyger 2011.12.23
I like how it emphasizes on an intelligent girl, and the quiz had a very interesting choice of questions. I don`t really like the random change of pace in the sex scene though, it kinda ruins the sex. I ike the gradually accelereting method used in other games.

cowboyonfire55 2011.12.23
NOt the best game on this site. but fun to play once not a whole lot of action

adow_sha 2011.12.23
good game with cute girl i like it

vanessavanilaboo 2011.12.21
having sex with this girl is amazing

penesas 2011.12.21
Quick and good. I liked it.

playboy1982 2011.12.17
This game is average at best.

mike1282 2011.12.15
not very hard, but i do love games like this.

uglybeast1 2011.12.13
the game is a bit difficult at the beginning, but not a very good end.

GoliathOnline 2011.12.11
Always fun to see the translations to English. Great game, but a bit too short.

rumxes 2011.12.11
Another simple and beautiful game from Play force one. Thanks

kuzya.petrov2012 2011.12.05
Not bad, good graphics and idea.

smartass18 2011.12.02
really good just too short

Ripsnarl 2011.12.01
Not bad, good graphics and idea. Perhaps a better lead up to the sex, and some more choice would have made it better

jamez69 2011.11.30
GREAT game! hentai girls are hot... its good

seria 2011.11.29
fun game hope there are more like it

mike97 2011.11.29
This game is fun. I want to play more fuck games

nick70785 2011.11.28
pretty good. Good graphics

Lizzie 2011.11.26
Nice graphics and the chick was real hot!

nastynk 2011.11.22
Fast, but wonderful graphics and positions.

hendryanto 2011.11.22
nice game and great graphic

johnnylush 2011.11.21
Simple short game.....not very interesting

ratmeat 2011.11.21
Very short game. Quite easy to finish too. Content is good.

creature 2011.11.20
was good game needed to be more challange to it

angelo144 2011.11.17
Simply great game, should be more longer story

nicole506 2011.11.17
the game was too short but good.

mshenzi 2011.11.14
Questions should make you restart the game. A bit too easy

mutrommi 2011.11.13
Very typical old style game. It was too easy. At least the Engrish is always fun to read.

btsom 2011.11.13
It was ok but there are better gamnes out there

Waedy 2011.11.12
nice and easy, but graphics could be better

kuiop 2011.11.12
this a good game but too short :c

ZAguy 2011.11.11
the game was ok it just lacked a bit of substance

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

Decidedly Fishy 2011.11.09
Nice game even if a little short and easy.

ravimehta1912 2011.11.09
nice game however not that great

cobi_q 2011.11.08
hmm... some more action would be O.K?

praztyo 2011.11.07
good gameplay and a good end result
Not very bad!

Felxio99 2011.11.07
The graphics are quite nice, animation is very good though. But the gameplay is a bit to easy.

Clugg 2011.11.04
Fuck Town is a funny but great series

castilho 2011.11.04
usual stuff pretty good gameplay and a good end result
Not very bad! Could have better story and interaction!

webtastec 2011.11.03
ok game got more exciting as it went along cheers

ruth1995 2011.11.02
It was ok but there are better gamnes out there

johnylee 2011.11.01
Not so bad, but very short and easy...

ryan1101 2011.10.31
I spent half of my time playing this guessing trivia... I suck at trivia...

marvin.berger 2011.10.31
a bit to short and not so good

beezzeeb 2011.10.30
i can pay my late fee with dick...is that okay?

Gebbo 2011.10.30
I must read more books, if there are those beautiful girls.

Yarnil 2011.10.29
The game has not many options. Its easy to comlete. But the pictures are still good.

Dt1526 2011.10.28
good game overall, i like the questions. Easy and funny

pantywhiped 2011.10.28
short sweet and too the pouint but still fun

Ices96 2011.10.27
kinda hard at first but get used to it

tdaynis 2011.10.27
cartoon porn......nothing special!

AngelStorm747 2011.10.26
Short, funny, nice fantasy

cowabunga 2011.10.26
gameplay was too easy. yet nice graphics though. but still i don`t like the story, it`s too simple

l2ataku 2011.10.25
short but good game, love the fantasy chosen for this one. now if only this happened IRL

hellojohnn 2011.10.25
weird sound effects, but lovely little girl. interesting quiz too if you like to read

Valquath 2011.10.23
Decent game with nice graphics but a kind of simple story and interaction.

Arvynder 2011.10.21
Pretty standard fare for this series. While I noticed some new direction it still feels like the same game as the last one.

phoenixknight 2011.10.20
very nice.. gameplay was arlright. girl was so hot though

mord-seed 2011.10.20
I didn`t like. Too short, too boring. There`re a lot of more interesting games here

Shadowzechoz 2011.10.18
simple gameplay storyline was a little short but the hentai girl was hot

hardly106 2011.10.17
very predictable, although the literature quiz was a nice twist

sanzomalaya 2011.10.17
need more action only 2 interactive event only

dri 2011.10.16
nice game, but a bit short

rlt6547 2011.10.15
not the best game i have played on here

edizzle 2011.10.15
animation getting better and better good game

bert123 2011.10.13
really great game but a little short

das77 2011.10.13
graphics good, loved it but too short game.

anony_mous54 2011.10.12
Nice game, but kinda short. Very easy too.

dwight 2011.10.11
its an okay game, kinda simple tho

ratonius 2011.10.11
Very easy to understand,,,graphics not bad but...... not good

raymus22 2011.10.11
nice graphics but story could be better

hugeant 2011.10.10
love the game but can you make the guys dick connected to something right now its just a floating fleshy dildo. The questions are nice difficuty as well.

samm1234 2011.10.10
Wow. I really like this game! :D

kevinboyz1234 2011.10.09
it nice.i hope it happen to me.

kevinboyz1234 2011.10.09
amazing games i like very much.it easy to play and its fun.

xanthian 2011.10.09
Like all Fuck Town games, you navigate your way through a conversation by picking choices from a menu, answer some questions on the topic of the day, and then you get to fuck a girl. In this game, the conversation and questions had a couple of translation issues, but were put together well. The fucking animations were okay, but not great. All-in-all, a very average game.

marcus99 2011.10.08
this game was good, it wasnt that long like most, but it could have been a little longer. maybe another sex scene lol

VaultExile 2011.10.07
great game easy to understand

Avi0411 2011.10.06
Nice game but hope they improve the sex scene

SidAsrani 2011.10.06
Nyce game could have been better

katzenkacke 2011.10.05
nice game but sadly very short

sanzomalaya 2011.10.05
great games..but quite short, graphics good..please have more of these games available. cheers

DBK00 2011.10.05
Seemed promising at first, but got boring

joskev 2011.10.04
Great game, love gameplay

hushter 2011.10.04
I would like more graphics. It was fun.

ptvptv 2011.10.03
Nice, but must be better...

Kiddblaze486 2011.10.02
`I kinda dislike short games but it passes.

ahclem 2011.10.02
I wish paying for overdue books could be this much fun in MY town

mcdoomsday 2011.10.01
Standard gameplay. Graphics were good but it was a little short. fun though

gendut 2011.10.01
not bad games...but is interisting

EagleAce 2011.09.30
nice game...not too difficult

kergeller 2011.09.30
too easy only a bit more than mouse shaking

kofer 2011.09.29
sound in this game makes it good

pipsickle 2011.09.29
Graphics are average. Story is below average. Difficulty is low. But sound effects are a winner here.

mfitzh01 2011.09.29
Fun game, was easy to play and was quick also which was good

elopezjr1978 2011.09.29
nice graphics, good game, but need better story.

sexy_bitch 2011.09.29
rlly nice game sexy girls

tighill01 2011.09.27
I enjoyed this game. Titilating and teasing. Not a favourite but fun xx

Moebaby 2011.09.27
It was ok. some funny typos...she says goog at one point. the questions were kind of wrong, on the mark twain one, all three would have been correct. good thing you can keep trying.

Last_Virgin16 2011.09.27
Weird game but, Nice Anime And graphic..I like it..I wanna play it again.

remedy 2011.09.27
quite a quick and easy game fun though

burba1 2011.09.26
ok but the same old stuff. no variety

CamoNinja26 2011.09.26
Great game, good graphics, music not bad either

Izzy_II 2011.09.25
fantastic game. great graphics and good quality xD

Elmoe11 2011.09.25
This game was outstanding i like the cartoon graphix the most i cant wait to play some more

Nordfalke 2011.09.25
its a shitty game with the only good thing was the quiz, but it dosnt fit in there

puchi 2011.09.25
i``ts not my favorite game . to bad story und bad interaction

VijayC 2011.09.24
Simple, short game. I don`t think there`s actually a way to lose. Could do with being a bit more in depth.

sir.valoroso 2011.09.23
interesting graphics but ? really like this girl ? want to be there but ? cant maybe someday

twostepper48m 2011.09.23
nice fun game with good graphics

ScottMcMiller 2011.09.23
Not bad at all, I like the graphics :) But the story is kinda flimsy.

blaster274 2011.09.23
the story could have been better, but in the end its a decent game

ccrawford19 2011.09.22
Great game fun and exciting LOADS of fun

rick57 2011.09.22
great game, pretty good animations and nice plot :)

heartz21 2011.09.22
fun game..easy to play..gives good results!........

heartz21 2011.09.22
How could you set up questions like this and not know that both Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer were characters in Twain novels? So so overall, a lot of games just like it......

88Gomez88 2011.09.21
The history is good and the graphics is wery good

rohan2021 2011.09.21

good quality and nice gameplay..

baleine 2011.09.21
Gentle story with a gentle girl. Gentle animations. Maybe too gentle...

threesquare 2011.09.21
i like this one only knock wish there were more positions but still cool

hcroft01 2011.09.21
i love the fuck town games

vonquote 2011.09.21
Kinda lame on the story on how easy she is. good graphics though

avada 2011.09.20
nice graphics but otherwise just okay game.. not much action, just a literary quiz

jovi 2011.09.20
really hot girls , love to fuck them

qaz22 2011.09.20
good game, short and good graphics

Rosenberg 2011.09.19
sexy girls, nice game, i like it

Joens 2011.09.19
good game but a little bit boring

4nik8 2011.09.19
Good game but same old same old

sweet_fucker69 2011.09.19
good quality and nice gameplay...

dang12394 2011.09.18
this is a really great game

devinrocket10 2011.09.18
nice game a great way to waste time

h2p012 2011.09.18
the last question both Huck fin and Sawyer were in Twains novels, but only Sawyer is the correct answer

eelskulldragon 2011.09.18
Typical of a Meet and Fuck Game. Good graphics.

ace5903 2011.09.17
good graphics and game play

sweet_fucker69 2011.09.17
good graphic and gameplay...

gardner 2011.09.16
Hollow characters, poor translation, but decent graphics, decent game play.

pafren2010 2011.09.16
very good storyline. I like the graphics and sound.

piskerg 2011.09.15
basic graphic, easy to play ... not my favorite

william61 2011.09.15
fun game..easy to play..gives good results!

peoria 2011.09.15
fine, but not my favorite

ArbiterVX 2011.09.14
good game, short and good graphics

wbailey 2011.09.14
short and sweet, luv the fuck town games

kool4dudes 2011.09.14
short and sweet game could have been better

bigbo1 2011.09.14
Great game in concept. Graphics aren`t all that great

alyster1 2011.09.13
this is a great game fun to play nice graphics

TagawaSuzuno 2011.09.12
That is proved that I read alot.....

dednik 2011.09.12
good game but not my favorite

dodgiehobo 2011.09.11
it wa s okay graphics good animation awesome

rellik13 2011.09.11
very good game but could be longer

bitvypr 2011.09.11
Another pop quiz game? They really need to inject some originality into these things.

Galfuris 2011.09.11
good game with the Book Questions, Story ok

pkripper37 2011.09.10
It`s ok, not bad but easy. ok graphics

PFrush52 2011.09.10
Not the best Fuck Town but interesting in its own way

no2all 2011.09.09
Nothing spectacular or challenging...just ok

lixxa 2011.09.09
good game with the Book Questions, Story ok

rockymaxton 2011.09.09
Not very bad! Could have better story and interaction!

SurrealSadi 2011.09.09
Graphics are kinda lacking...

57chevy 2011.09.08
very good game but could be longer

mhtsos 2011.09.07
the most ineresting games of this kind

ella 2011.09.07
the ouestions were hard but the game was easy

Booh 2011.09.07
Raaaawr...I love dis Fuck Town games..:D Fun fun

ubbdt 2011.09.07
Normal game. Normal graphics, with a nice gameplay.

Reyson 2011.09.07
not bad, could have better gameplay though

aerdna1901 2011.09.06
normal game, too less scens...

luciferpride 2011.09.06
YAY more fuck town games!!

acek 2011.09.06
im stuck in the early parts. nice music but medium graphic

Melimelo 2011.09.05
a game like many others, not better not worst.
Some dialog with an easy quizz about litterature and the hot chicks lets you fuck her ;)
(after saying she doesn`t discuss sex for a first date, she does it before the first date lol)
Caress same pattern as usual and fuck also ^^
Worth the 5 or 10 minutes you`ll spend playing nothing more.

rudolfalex 2011.09.05
The game is just satisfactory, wish for better installments from Fuck Town!

Chop2010 2011.09.05
Not bad...But her face looks two different colors

stinkypinky 2011.09.05
this is a really great game

yoko01 2011.09.05
Not bad but the story should be more developped

SUNDARA 2011.09.05
So Nice, my favourite one

KptAnt 2011.09.05
Nice game, but I prefer other ones.

Zeused 2011.09.04
Great game i love the animations

wewntcake 2011.09.04
Meh. it`s okay. nothing special.

windchester 2011.09.04
this game is easy and straight forward, alittle bit of research for the answers and you got it good.

Saniiro 2011.09.04
ive played worse but its fun

rockyrin 2011.09.04
short game, not anything, i give the graphics were 6 out of 10

Godot15 2011.09.03
Not a bad game, Great Graphics!

txcowboy0026 2011.09.03
not a bad game would like options for position rather than predetermined positions

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice looking game, liking it.

subseven 2011.09.01
not much of a challenge though apart from the questions part!

anub1s1018 2011.09.01
the game is alright
nedds some work

Forum 2011.09.01
yeah it is an alright game, not to exiting, nice graphics though

warriorman108 2011.09.01
quality, girls are petty hot

violentj 2011.09.01
this is a great game fun to play nice graphics

bigcron 2011.08.31
great graphics a bit long

danilipe 2011.08.31
nice storie, nice animations

cox,coccis 2011.08.31
very good game and great graphic

jason12 2011.08.31
the quality was amazing and the game

zg14 2011.08.31
quality, girls are petty hot

Hobgoblin67 2011.08.31
nice game,if a little on the short side

dogvscat 2011.08.30
beautiful girl. anyway, the game might be longer an harder.

lamepuff 2011.08.30
Easy straight, forward but some fun for what it is.

bludychipmunk 2011.08.30
is it just me or are these games getting shorter and shorter and duller and duller?

gandalf_the_white_42 2011.08.30
Game was ok but not as high of quality of graphics

killer_bee83 2011.08.29
it`s quite short, but i enjoyed the show,,

pkripper37 2011.08.29
Meh. it`s okay. nothing special.

speedy10 2011.08.29
this game was wonderful i liked alot

orlandoo0 2011.08.29
hot anime. very nice game

tanwbenn 2011.08.29
could have been much better

Bakane82 2011.08.29
Could be longer but good graphics

midget_overlord 2011.08.29
it was pretty short... but fun while it lasted

cogitom 2011.08.28
This kind of game could be fun 10 years ago.

DarkRanta 2011.08.28
nice graphics but could be longer

jfaust68 2011.08.28
Her reactions could be better but a good game overall

botaku 2011.08.28
Pretty entertaining, not this best graphics and the story is a little short.

Silvas 2011.08.28
a bit too short and also graphics aren`t that good. could be better

nakay 2011.08.28
I would like to play more games like this.

mesutozil 2011.08.27
not too great graphics were pretty bad needs work

legendkiller060 2011.08.27
Yes, easy game and very short

vhelmut 2011.08.27
eazy game but there could be more.

steflonk 2011.08.27
very nice animation nice game favorite

ham511 2011.08.27
Makes me wish there were hot librarians at my library.

Terragon32 2011.08.27
nice graphics would like more scenes

Pepe1980 2011.08.26
funny game not only for people with an libarycard! 8)

nonchip 2011.08.26
nice, but could have better story, it`s a bit short...

bugs1959 2011.08.26
learned on writers at the same time

GruntRage 2011.08.26
Nice game but graphics are not too good

jc644 2011.08.26
I love the library. It`s awesome

perheiro 2011.08.25
Not a great game but certainly worth the time.

vitoasu 2011.08.25
good game. need some improvement on graphics

Sexy_slut 2011.08.25
i learned some stuff about books while playing that game.

Witcher666 2011.08.25
wow!After that I will go library some more!

Aladin 2011.08.25
Nice Game with a sweet Girl.. But a little Boring.

korokosan 2011.08.24
Ok game,played worse needs more spice.

jacktheripper 2011.08.24
Stuck again at the curvy arrow lol

marutu 2011.08.23
Very nice and funny game with very hot girl!!!

csg 2011.08.23
nice graphics...
need more scenes and difficulty

lamtung77 2011.08.22
Could do a few more scenes, but better then the previous games.

octopuss 2011.08.22
it would be better if it were a bit harder

sexy735 2011.08.22
good game but could be longer and more charicters

JohnApple 2011.08.21
this game is funny and fun at the same time

mee716 2011.08.21
this game is funny and fun at the same time

cukimay 2011.08.20
its short game, but i like it

raynestorm 2011.08.20
i feel the graphics left a lot to be desired but overall an ok game

lynnette23 2011.08.20
This was an ok game. The graphics were so-s-

kapo 2011.08.20
the game is ok, could have make a story line longer

Day_Man 2011.08.19
i know bedder games vut it was ok

invincible.hero 2011.08.19
mind blowing game ... !!!

j_wat1 2011.08.18
Definitely one of the best game sites i`ve ever seen...thanks

mihir0buddy 2011.08.18
it is an awesome gameplay and it concludes awesome graphics and animations this is an awesome game

limex 2011.08.17
perfect graphics, this game is damn HOT!

Bi_Love_01 2011.08.17
I Liked This A Lot. Very Smart And A Lot Of Fun!

mmcrazy 2011.08.17
not really a unique game but good animation and graphics

jonnyjinma 2011.08.16
Easy straight, forward but some fun for what it is.

glopglop 2011.08.16
very easy and not very original game, don`t like it much

mariobioondic 2011.08.16
good game still it needs some improvment

EdgarMontijo 2011.08.16
game is a little short but good overall really nice gameplay

dongunda 2011.08.16
nice game but too short. could`ve had more variations and more characters.

Energy66 2011.08.16
A good game with sympathic story and graphics =)
The only bad thing is that this game is too short ^^

But really good game good job ;)

brattydude2001 2011.08.15
not bad at all, good graphics, good gameplay... just thought it was a littleshort

Berserko 2011.08.15
The literary questions were tricky because two questions I saw had multiple questions: Roald Dahl wrote both Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which were both adapted into film. Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer were both Mark Twain characters, so either answer should have been correct.

hunted 2011.08.15
good game, easy playing, nice animation

JTex 2011.08.15
average game poor animation

amber14 2011.08.15
i think it will be better if we can actually see the guy

stitcherz 2011.08.15
Not bad, very cliche compared to most games of it`s catagory.

ximdis12 2011.08.14
fun game. if would be fun if that really happend

hiouuu 2011.08.14
i love this game but i would have done more

zzzzzzzzzzzz 2011.08.14
nice game really hot girls..

poudy 2011.08.14
good graphic good story this game is really cool, i love it

Jonlee 2011.08.13
questions were boring, but after was hot

SelenaGomez 2011.08.13
Very cool game! Girl not to much!

spacewolf 2011.08.12
very good game and grafics beatufully

skidmarkone 2011.08.11
Nicely made as one of the previous comments you have to remeber certain key parts to progress overall good game although sex scences seem to be repatative

benj123 2011.08.11
not bad, could have better gameplay though

xITozz_Legend 2011.08.10
I like the way you have to pay attention to her needs rather than just mindless clicking.

powerjohn12 2011.08.10
saex is great in this game and in life

powerjohn12 2011.08.10
very good game i liked it alot made me hard

drdream 2011.08.10
interesting,too short though but funy :)

morebelrose 2011.08.09
good game but i agree it was easy

farkas 2011.08.09
Good story but to easy game

krompir 2011.08.08
The gameplay isn`t that great but the graphics are nice

overhead12345 2011.08.08
a great series of games, this is one of my favess :)

joniad 2011.08.07
Great game, congratulations.

b17777777 2011.08.06
nice game and good pictures

muper2 2011.08.06
quick good and easy game

icemanrian 2011.08.05
was very easy and simple but not bad for someone new

kiraking55 2011.08.05
nice game like the pictures but too short

JohnC501 2011.08.05
Pretty good, not to difficult, hot little animated chick

spokxx 2011.08.05
funny game with good graphics but too short

MC388 2011.08.05
i liked it, but it could be better

richman420 2011.08.05
the game graphic are nice give it a 9/10

HornyPorny 2011.08.04
very nice game. it has some great features in it.

Onur 2011.08.04
Story is nice but sex scenes is realy hot my cock is realy hard now :)

frrvalle 2011.08.04
those anime games are strange to me

Randyfck 2011.08.04
cool game, i liked it, but it could be better

Willy10 2011.08.04
those anime games are strange to me

chris1990 2011.08.04
Enjoyable game, could be longer.

kanf 2011.08.03
Overall nice game, with enjoyable grpahics. Could be a little longer.

MrPresident 2011.08.03
Nice graphics, nice animation, nice game.

Thehotest 2011.08.03
I hated the quiz but good game. Their was a part where the creator was too lazy to make a body so when ever you fucked her hard it was just a flooding dick.. 60%

CrazyFreak 2011.08.03
Nice graphics, nice animation, nice game. Way too short

jer1981 2011.08.03
Not much to this game, the floating penis is kinda creepy. Not a bad game though.

js26969 2011.08.03
great game for the genre you gotta love the naughty librarian

mariov1978 2011.08.02
nice game,pretty girl,need a little beter graphic!

Sturmo1 2011.08.02
i like games with longer story but pictures are nice

Flinstone 2011.08.02
good game but to short and easy

TMAN81 2011.08.01
Not bad at all but animation is a little old day

penmancubs 2011.07.31
It`s good but should have nicer music.

bdb696 2011.07.31
good game. wish i had librarians that hot

tigerwoods 2011.07.31
not mush story, but the graphics are well done

sanchit 2011.07.31
this game is good but i`s too short

shingo85 2011.07.29
Nice sex scenes, but girl wasnt hot enough.

Dontheirrestible 2011.07.29
The gameplay was very sexy Any more gamepls like this will be very appreiated.

butthead99 2011.07.29
Good in the genre, not all that inventive or interesting. Not enough options

Peetches 2011.07.29
this game is good but i`s too short

cocatiel 2011.07.29
not a good gameplay but nice graphics

Maniac018 2011.07.28
Not bad game but it`s to shortly..hope to have next part :)

ajash 2011.07.28
amazing game but could do with being easier

blabla232 2011.07.28
Not too bad. But should have a longer story. It was too short. sex scenes was nice though

skydive01 2011.07.28
A great game, lots of fun

ski9072 2011.07.28
Not too bad at all, I quite enjoyed it. A little more choice in the final scenes would have been nice though.

dan3falcon 2011.07.27
good game with a hot girl

SirMarhalt 2011.07.27
Game doesn`t fit properly on this site. Can`t get past the first screen.

1337P337 2011.07.27
This game was fun, but a little short.

xxmidoxx 2011.07.27
cool game , smart too , i like it .

rsca78 2011.07.26
cool game story could be better

Hockey_Man_2 2011.07.26
really hot girl and fun game

ejldude 2011.07.26
Need to tweak the Roald Dahl question. Matilda was also made into a movie.

pawan2modi 2011.07.25
very easy but good with sex work, appreciate you

krypteria 2011.07.25
this is very cool game and interesting

mydick 2011.07.25
fun game but was too short - animation was good

rawr35 2011.07.24
this is a very nice game proboly the best on the site

lovesandyyy 2011.07.24
the game is preety good but more can be done

ssg52054 2011.07.24
Good game needs more options

Guisir 2011.07.23
this is not the best game on the site

Energy69 2011.07.23
Not a bad game, bit easy. and the floating dildo not good

edstafa 2011.07.22
nice concept, the artwork could be better. Her body was under detailed

elo77 2011.07.22
too short game and very simple
this game looks like the other game, not better

firefreak 2011.07.21
great game but bit old in drawings i think. u can with modern technology create better pictures of girls and women

fra1110 2011.07.21
usual stuff pretty good gameplay and a good end resultCould have better story and interaction!

Not very bad! The history is good but the graphics are very basic

cumshot 2011.07.21
this is a very nice game

shadownanto 2011.07.21
Very good game, i really like the quizes lol, good graphics and sexy scenes

noOne19 2011.07.20
great game makes me want more

riseabovecheese 2011.07.20
Hot scenes, great animation, great story. Needs to be longer!

dani18bg 2011.07.20
Nice animation, not much of story but sexy.

Daanepaan 2011.07.20
nice game with good graphics

SantanicoPandemonium 2011.07.20
was okay but not my favorite game, tho the graphics were good

shaytan 2011.07.20
Nice game, but quite similar to many others. still nice to play.

DaCok 2011.07.19
Good game, but should`ve been longer!

crazyspartan 2011.07.19
This game is very high quality. Graphics are superb and the sex scenes are hot. I love fucktown series.

Mandiiboobie 2011.07.19
it waz ok bt the game waz too short

dukenorris 2011.07.18
It was a good game up untill the quiz where i got stuck. but it shows than i dont read much lol

JasonB516 2011.07.18
fun game, but very easy to beat in 5 mins or less

abruze 2011.07.18
coolllllllllll little girl

4nik8 2011.07.18
Nothing special but worth trying.

GloN 2011.07.17
nice simple game - questions in this game are easy to solve

mrfixit500 2011.07.17
game needs better interaction and harder questions

Chairman 2011.07.17
nice simple game, could be better, but enjoyable anyway...
maybe too easy to get her naked

SexyKen 2011.07.16
wish i had these in school

long55 2011.07.15
Great game awesome ending , nice

krzyhaze 2011.07.15
great game could use more girls and positions

nstar247 2011.07.15
Haha I failed most of the questions, but i finaly beat it... nice animation, with a bit of interation. Pretty good

c33c33 2011.07.15
this is an alright gaME

asymonds998 2011.07.14
simple and best...litlle low on graphics

htetthu 2011.07.14
i like this game. great game

dragonguardian13 2011.07.13
Not bad, good story and nice graphics.

photu 2011.07.13
excellent game cool graphics

becca 2011.07.13
my first game and it was fun i love the look of the girl and the sound effects

nandu_naik01 2011.07.12
i like it i want some new story

sithh 2011.07.12
Really good game , could have better interaction.

glopglop 2011.07.12
quick game nearly classical, could be better

izat1005 2011.07.12
very nice game.i like it!!!

Cruachan12 2011.07.12
not terrible but not that great

wuste81 2011.07.12
Not bad! One of the better Fuck town games

Djin 2011.07.11
Little waek.... but interesting

triple 2011.07.11
it`s too easy......
but quite interesting in graphic....

fonix 2011.07.11
It`s a little short, but I really liked that she told me what to do :D I mean how fast to do :P

deevospitsflows 2011.07.11
Pretty good game but same graphics for all the games, very little animations

Mikemo 2011.07.10
Wish i could do this to get out of a debt...

Grin 2011.07.10
very good game love to play

mahoney 2011.07.09
why cant this game be real so damn hot

richieyoung93 2011.07.09
This game is quite hot! Wish there was a facial though.

PGhost 2011.07.09
A typical MnF game. The variation of speeds does add a pleasant little bit of interaction though.

johnroel 2011.07.09
this cant be nice game but it nice game

johnroel 2011.07.09
very good but not so bad i love it

NickX 2011.07.09
a classical mnf story, a bit short but good

suckmemore 2011.07.09
short story i want more more more more more more

achubbykid 2011.07.09
kind of short good story line though

mrgills1993 2011.07.08
Good game, but it was way too short. Also, why were there so many double answers for the questions, I spent most of the time doing her quiz...

KherManiram 2011.07.08
i wish my local library was like this

ctl1980 2011.07.08
graphics still not good but overall not a bad game

jpsacrey 2011.07.07
Not too bad it could of been bit longer

chestcat28 2011.07.07
I totally love these sexy adventures

Finnick 2011.07.07
It wouldn`t start at my computer. xc

fckrlvr 2011.07.07
loved the game, great scenes but alittle to short

mortalone 2011.07.07
nice hentai game with cool imaginative story.

sean06388 2011.07.06
nice graphic but this game really short

roosable 2011.07.06
This game is great. A little short, but still good.

WobbaDoo 2011.07.06
Great game i like graphics

africame15 2011.07.06
sexy could do with more sex scenes

Nairelav 2011.07.05
A bit short but the art was great and the woman was very beautiful! Only downside was the poor localization.

flyguyx 2011.07.05
a bit boring - very simpole game, with no real pitfalls

Weebacca 2011.07.05
Not bad but not very hot. Fuckable girl by the way

venom1989 2011.07.04
Not very interesting. Too short and too easy.

Kijek 2011.07.04
I like games like this - I don`t have to do any stupid things, only one riddle (8 simple questions) and very nice girl.

Madelene 2011.07.04
These types of games are always fun, even tho they tend to be pretty much the same. I still enjoy them but wish they were more adventure based to do more things before actually getting to the "point". :-P Thank you for sharing it. :-)

garrxxtim 2011.07.04
Nice way to pay a fine for an over due book

azza5551 2011.07.04
Not too bad it could of been bit longer tho

tomassko61 2011.07.03
ooh..sexy girls good grafic...nice :D

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

dgkesquire 2011.07.02
Good basic game, could have been longer.

zansarr 2011.07.01
a bit low quality game, not really recommended

Mawwste 2011.07.01
Really the warming woman part is getting old and the graphics are not impressive as many of lesson of passion games. Also I saw once when he was fucking that girl only his penis float in mid-air. Not good. Also that guy is so faceless. I like the character to have faces. 3/10

no_one13 2011.06.30
really good game just wish it was longer

djwcdj 2011.06.30
quite good graphics were ok bit short otherwise good game

ShawnO 2011.06.29
This Is A Realy Good Game

dan1987 2011.06.29
it`s like another game.... but interesting enough

xaolindragon 2011.06.28
A little bit too short and not much action really. Kinda disappointed there was only one girl.

flayer 2011.06.28
The game in a little boring

SoloDrifter 2011.06.27
Easy to Play - Simple fun game

runninemcrazy 2011.06.27
this game is amazingly good

chocolateboo1234 2011.06.27
very good game love to play

nobuddy 2011.06.27
all your games are amazing :)

mendragor 2011.06.26
good game, easy playing, nice animation

thatoneguy000 2011.06.26
the graphics are the same or worse than the meet and f... games but story are always rushed

111speed 2011.06.26
good graaphice but game was too easy

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
A good oldie from the hentai vault.

zelda813204 2011.06.26
very good game questions are a little but in all very well played

gigi91mi 2011.06.26
very good story and interaction

ilolat69 2011.06.26
Good animation, but too easy

jackysy 2011.06.26
simple story, nice game,the graphics are not so good

fisherino 2011.06.26
Enjoyable but a little too short.

perverted101 2011.06.25
nice game. but seems to be similar to other game. short story. and not that bad for the animation

perverted101 2011.06.25
nice animation.. not bad for the storyline and interaction. cute girl..

thom962 2011.06.25
This is a bit too much like Meet N` Fuck

Sgarrista 2011.06.25
It`s okay. But it could have been a lot better storywise.

utizun 2011.06.24
Collect all fuck town games, you`ll find a meet`n`fuck game. Too short and easy. But, scenes aren`t too bad.

ssss3ee 2011.06.24
that girl is sooo cute, really hot to.

BlueGold 2011.06.24
very easy game. But I like it!!

konabiker083 2011.06.24
good game. maybe too easy.

diavolo69 2011.06.24
this game is just like `meet n fuck`, just a diff storyline

Jirri 2011.06.24
Nice animation, more realistic will be more fun

chap74 2011.06.24
good game, easy playing, nice animation

samo0 2011.06.24
A little too easy, nice animation though

tedi 2011.06.23
great game, great animation

toastytoine 2011.06.23
nice game, but a bit simple and easy, although for some quick action its nice

thorvelt 2011.06.23
i dont know y but i really liked it

kunejo 2011.06.23
nice but needs better graphics

canhtoan 2011.06.23
too simple.but great,hmm...i like it.

alexrol 2011.06.22
Now , i will go often to the library

lukin 2011.06.22
simple but lovely, i love this kind of games

thwmadjoker 2011.06.22
I think this game was pretty good but the graphic could have been better.

cullan10 2011.06.22
animation was good but graphics could be better

Cameltoe 2011.06.22
Not very bad! Could have better story and interaction!

Thanatos0042 2011.06.22
It was a bit above average for this kind of game. I really liked the girl.

hornyboy123 2011.06.22
i love that intereation very hot babe

123ben 2011.06.21
cool game and great graphics

Djole 2011.06.21
its ok, but it could be better

cparks247 2011.06.21
grls in the game look great but its jst too shrt

walkerboh 2011.06.21
Hentai girls aren`t really my thing, but the game`s not bad.

argalouz 2011.06.21
not bad, but quite simple, and not original

Willsie 2011.06.20
Not bad. Pretty much the same as everything else though.

fluxisx55 2011.06.20
Great game awesome ending

boblee 2011.06.20
this game is very funny with lots of hot girls!..the graphics were great i deff recommend this game

sexyginger 2011.06.19
this game is very funny with lots of hot girls!

ws2499 2011.06.19
the game is nothing of special. It could be more interesting with more girls

thehittite 2011.06.19
the most hilarious premise yet

doej 2011.06.18
I liked the game and graphics, but the sex scenes in these games are always the same and without much interaction.

Pimpswick90 2011.06.18
i liked that the girl told you how fast to fuck them then you just keep going up in level she told you what she wanted

jokapi777 2011.06.18
mathilda was also made in to a movie and the english needs to be better

Abuksu 2011.06.18
Not bad at all. but we need more quality games.

vincentvalentine14 2011.06.18
This game is cool. Like the toilet scene

scycekiller 2011.06.18
i don`t care if this comment gets removed or my acc gets blocked but they need to make more scenes with kelly!

jackmcin 2011.06.18
good game but it could have better graphics

vinci1243 2011.06.17
khub bhalo hoyechhe.., chumu .. chumu chumu

lurbanci98 2011.06.17
graphics okay, but nothin special

Phoenixuk 2011.06.17
good but could of been longer

rlyrandom 2011.06.17
Slightly odd story, but one of the better of the series

thatguy964 2011.06.17
it made me horny i loved it

Orange69 2011.06.17
These game are easy but it would be much more interesting with a longer scene

kirakage 2011.06.17
nice girl, but mathilda was also made in to a movie and the english needs to be better so its possible to understand your conversationchoises

ayeshi 2011.06.16
story of this game can be improved along with its graphics but its a nice game.

prophet1511 2011.06.16
very good game, but quite short....animations and graphics quite good as for me :)

snow01 2011.06.16
i like the changing directions

bry1987 2011.06.16
not my favorite game but is good

arty3325 2011.06.16
decent game needs better graphics

shackles 2011.06.16
Not bad but the graphics are kind of plain. Much better games on this site.

YeahhiTzRyan 2011.06.16
The story could be better but it is good

lazy784 2011.06.15
Nice game, but very much the same as most of the other, some variation would be lovely

freeees 2011.06.15
didn`t need to google any of those question if that`s the easy you are referring to, then fine with me. It`s a meet`n fuck game there is no challenge in this ffs

demonssail 2011.06.15
where is the challange easy and short

1fun2 2011.06.15
short and sweet. Shaved Pussy prefer some fur. Worth playing. They had a interesting idea of telling you how to fuck her but they did not use it effectively. You could move around on your own and it would be just as good.

bigpoppa56 2011.06.15
Pretty classic game - similar to the meet n fuck series, but still a winner.

christd 2011.06.15
great game for the length. goes through quick but the quiz makes it fun!

wolfman9112 2011.06.14
great game. the quiz was fun and accurate and the sex scene was well made

gonrad 2011.06.14
Questions were good, though this type of game gets right to the point.

chrischaos 2011.06.14
Just like the bank episode, it was too short.

RWW65 2011.06.13
not challenging enough, too short

Lokii0229 2011.06.13
this game was ... interesting

tk3230 2011.06.13
this game is a little lame, could be better

andre7 2011.06.13
Very simple, but still good..

antonkos 2011.06.13
games cool but there is room for improvement on graphics

umair271 2011.06.13
nice game and a really exxelent ending lol!!!!!!

kedank 2011.06.13

umair271 2011.06.12
i like the game but too short

Bongotrolden 2011.06.12
good game but a bit sort, great ending through

bronzecin69 2011.06.12
Short and lacking options for the story to proceed with more complexity

Celirton 2011.06.12
A bit short but a good basic idea with the sex, makes you have to pay attention. Could use some polishing though.

lickylicky 2011.06.11
games good but there is room for improvement on graphics

SEZAR-H 2011.06.11

Relmagan 2011.06.11
The quiz thing is ridiculously overused... A mediocre game in general, there isn`t really anything to make it stand out.

Felixieo 2011.06.11
nice and short, but still fun

Feldenor 2011.06.11
A fun if short diversion. With more time it really could have been better.

scandal44 2011.06.11
The game was ok, but only one charakter ...

Moshool 2011.06.11
Awesome game but i think it was a bit too straightforward

sincubus 2011.06.10
Good graphics. Best part is the literacy questionaire. Sex game is trivial and without imagination. No replayablility.

GrabbaTheButt 2011.06.10
like the graphics but would be better if you could actully fail and have to start over

cumwithme 2011.06.10

MIKEM93 2011.06.10
good game, easy playing, nice animation

dimi999 2011.06.10
Another game up to their usual standard

Soozuo 2011.06.10
I found the questions to be fairly easy to answer and straightforward. The actual gameplay was fairly simple and linear. Decent game. The one problem that I see, is though the animation is pleasing to the eye, the rubbing and caressing becomes a little formulaic.

bestia99rom 2011.06.09
Nice & short game with good graphics and great game play.

ningunawalk 2011.06.09
usual stuff pretty good gameplay and a good end result

saywhat 2011.06.09
Nice graphics but a bit easy and short!

kinou21 2011.06.09
It is a pretty game I like it

icebruin 2011.06.09
fun for an easy time out. Not very challenging

gensai34 2011.06.08
Nice graphics however the game was too straight forward.

sexy monkey 2011.06.08
loved this game it was awsome.

deegee69 2011.06.08
i like the game but to short not enough to do.

lotscum 2011.06.08
standard for me and awesome story for me..

sirlicksalot 2011.06.08
good game, easy playing, nice animation

drbong 2011.06.08
pictures lacked depth i know this is anime but needs more charicter

ramlak 2011.06.08
I just feel like that i myself fucking hard

Ronalien 2011.06.08
Good game! Only missed more girls and longer story!

szzzs 2011.06.08
Nice game, nice animation

ptalgh 2011.06.08
quite nice, not that bad

weedsmoker1st 2011.06.08
Good Game, nice animation!

bob247 2011.06.08
more of the same with this one

Archiemendez 2011.06.07
I can`t get pass ed the very beginning for some reason

derda 2011.06.07
Nice & short game with good graphics and great game play.

kesar 2011.06.07
not good game, but i like red pussy

kennethlaw 2011.06.07
the gameplay is good. the animation is nicely done

69times69 2011.06.07
Predictable game with usual challenges

snoopy666 2011.06.06
sorry not a really good game at all!

ningunawalk 2011.06.06
Didn`t really like this one.

Dolgar1 2011.06.06
bit boring - been done to death :(

brink7000 2011.06.06
Meh. Nothing to it, only one character. Worth one play I guess, but not amazing.

mole 2011.06.06
pretty average game, not bad though

cmoney 2011.06.06
this is a pretty good game a 8 out of 10

SEXYONE 2011.06.06
It was ok not the best game i have played on here needs to be more challenging

thomascox23 2011.06.06
Not my favorite. It just seems this producer has stopped trying with these games.

fbc 2011.06.05
esse jogo ?? mas ou menos mas eu gostei

DanteNero666 2011.06.05
I`m not usually one for dismembered cocks, but I liked this game, it did it for me

pyrochris 2011.06.05
Good Game, nice animation!

sunshine98 2011.06.05

whitemox 2011.06.05
Very boring game! No fun at all!!!

MfG MOX :)

Allanon 2011.06.05
Well... Graphics is so so, story is too similar to others... But I like questions and fucking system!

senct 2011.06.05
not bad but it will be better if girl was sexy

maxsugarz 2011.06.05
nice work easy and simple to play but too short

goldpuppy101 2011.06.05
how do u even get past the start. where do u click?

atapattu 2011.06.05
Short sex scenes but animations are good.

atapattu 2011.06.05
Great game. Short and sexy

chuck360 2011.06.04
Pretty decent game but a little too short.

Hunter99004 2011.06.04
Liked the graphics and the main story line but I think it needed more like maybe different things for the amount of the fine and maybe multiple girls??

bakamon 2011.06.04
I like the part where she undresses

bakamon 2011.06.04
Nice graphics. I like the secretary

Skylink 2011.06.04
not bad but both tom sawyer and huck finn are by twain

star 2011.06.04
guess it is a good game,but too short.

jesssex 2011.06.04
is anice game but abit too fast..

netman 2011.06.04
Game had good interaction but graphics could have been better.

Niemy 2011.06.04
Usual fare. These are getting a bit monotonous.

BallIdiot 2011.06.04
Nice & short game with good graphics and great game play.

chargers_502 2011.06.04
luv this game it was awesome!!!!!

m4lv1n 2011.06.04
Good game, only it was very short..!!

Mslooj 2011.06.04
Usual fare. These are getting a bit monotonous.

davet25 2011.06.03
Good game, could of had a few more options

NADOSH 2011.06.03
nice gaaaaame
i like it ...

blahblahx 2011.06.03
The game was alright, but the grammar was horrid.

tommynl 2011.06.03
Very fun game as allways!!

dsvjr19 2011.06.03
The game was ok but a little short

mjwm54 2011.06.03
Not bad. I like the randomness of the sex speed.

alexis.russell 2011.06.03
Predictable. It is a MNF game with typical MNF graphics. Its good and very nice visuals, but not in depth

yorkiebar470 2011.06.03
it was great normal size but story line was bad

yorkiebar470 2011.06.03
very fun good grafics and the difficulty in normal

hardlad 2011.06.02
the game was too much like all the others. way too predictable

moltack 2011.06.02
good game overall, but graphics could be better

rudiwowor 2011.06.02
the game was too short. and so predictable.

Garrocks 2011.06.02
not bad too much like all the others need more selection of girls, different ending

Ebonv2 2011.06.02
Nice game, but very much the same as most of the other, some varyiation would be lovely

mendragor 2011.06.01
Nice game. Too easy though!

Patmatticus 2011.06.01
These games have become predictable. It is nice that the girls change but story variation would be nice

StarWoner 2011.06.01
Not bad at all, it was to short for me

C.C. 2011.06.01
I like the way you have to pay attention to her needs rather than just mindless clicking.

Wowen 2011.06.01
Good game but i know more good games with better graphics.

Texean 2011.06.01
Its all been said here before as I went through the reviews. High score for graphics, low points on story line.

nightsky 2011.05.31
good game cud be longer to short

Sgtjoao 2011.05.31
very good command and staff that game so cotinuen

Zouzounis 2011.05.31
good graphics,
small story,
thats it

roundroom 2011.05.31
nice game but needs more action

RESSAT 2011.05.31
hot girl but game should have a better story with more girls and questions

sroy1986 2011.05.31
This is a nice game. I enjoyed it.

hayden1 2011.05.31
not much of a good game, needs improvements

Guisir 2011.05.31
Bad graphics and simple mind story

jrpm37 2011.05.30
Nice game. Too easy though!

Baril04 2011.05.30
A nice game :) but i prefer lessonofpassion game

tommi77 2011.05.30
i should go to library more often

emetiel 2011.05.30
I like that kind of games. They are so easy :)

dracultrojan 2011.05.30
not much of a good game, needs improvements

Smyxter 2011.05.30
Very average game, answer some questions to get to a boring sex scene.

prats 2011.05.30
hot girl but game should have a better story.....n more sex...

lenman 2011.05.30
The game is nice. It`s too quick but I guess this genre of games are like that. Overall, I think more graphical sex games are lacking. The sex should be more realistic and erotic. A call to the makers for more `DIRTY` games. Those are a real turn on.

jeanmimel 2011.05.30
always . . . same thing ... no surprise :(

Snakeyes 2011.05.30
bekanntes prinzip aber ok:)

DIm0nIKyS 2011.05.30
not bad, not good, short game

daxamgrave 2011.05.30
Crappy quiz with multiple correct answers.

sunnyweekend 2011.05.30
Please dont put games like this on the board,its no good games

i0017985 2011.05.30
Not very bad ,the quiz is so hard.

Narjahanam 2011.05.30
I agree it was quite easy but decent though.

ICE Dude 2011.05.30
this game was not good but not bad but its to easy

Sirius228 2011.05.30
Quiz games like this are fun. Id like to see a little longer and a few more choices though.

marucho 2011.05.30
I thoght the graphics could be better, like the girls at the end...

randy06 2011.05.30
average game but like others need more story lines and more action

winsley 2011.05.29
this was a good game! graphics up!

nw300 2011.05.29
not bad, a bit short and repititious of many games

Tiger21 2011.05.29
average game and average gameplay. More interaction would be better.

Luzi 2011.05.29
Nice game, but like te most of this games: much too short

greengatedave 2011.05.29
Was all over a bit quickly, but quality of animation good!

twacked96 2011.05.29
it was a nice xute story, could have been longer though the animation wasn`t bad could have had more to do though

MattR 2011.05.29
Good game but story could of been better

janpeter32 2011.05.29
too bad it`s a very short game, pritty nice though

suzie_sweetie 2011.05.29
Simple game - good graphics but only will play once

hunted 2011.05.29
Average game..... didnt like his much

Garius 2011.05.29
too short and not the best graphic :(..some choices would be nice

old_ironside78 2011.05.29
Nice, but i´ve senn and played better ones.

Montanapanda9 2011.05.29

timcrwc 2011.05.29
Fun game. Always glad to see new ones.Could have had more plot, but nice story line.

AD8 2011.05.29
Not bad a little more interaction would have been good.

vitali 2011.05.28
the same as I have seen several times. why not comming with new idea or new moves ?

JonnyBee 2011.05.28
Not very bad! But too easy, to short

wtcjrusa 2011.05.28
Iv`ed played several like this one, ok game not great

armagedon 2011.05.28
This has got to be the worst game ever posted on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cheese101 2011.05.28
like the librarian,wish they made a longer game with more work involved to the lead up,and more pics of the girl

qwaserdfty 2011.05.28
good game, but it needs to be longer!

Ifrit 2011.05.28
matilda was also made into a film but nevermind...

Arbaal 2011.05.28
Way too short and easy game for this style of game

joepie 2011.05.28
just a bit to short and easy

Skarn62 2011.05.28
funny. Nice graphic, cute game.

speedballz21 2011.05.28
Nice looking girls, but the game is far to shor

golfbot 2011.05.28
Game is pretty lame. Well below your normal standards!

soulbrother 2011.05.28
the graphic is good but not my favorite

hash19 2011.05.27
Pretty much a standard game, decent graphics.

Nimrod 2011.05.27
More of the same, the only difference is the subject of the questions. I would like to see more origanallity.

conbron 2011.05.27
nice game, but not so interessting, easy graphics & sex scenes

andy_regresa 2011.05.27
Good game, only it was very short

ozorne_6 2011.05.27
I`m still waiting for the "diamond in the raw" every now and than we get one, too bad this one was not it. Thanks for the effort I love all games of this kind, but.

MrMister71007 2011.05.27
not that bad of a game.. simple to play... easy to get to the end...

Chelsea 2011.05.27
playing this make remember when i f*ck my sister in law

zebzeppelin 2011.05.27
this game was fun, i came hard ;)

biggsreddy 2011.05.27
kind of nice but needs more interaction

Arbaal 2011.05.27
These r nice games at their graphix and stories. But r starting to repeat themselves too much.

boinky 2011.05.27
no challenge at all, game needs a spell check

sex_killer88 2011.05.27
This is a pretty good game. Though it may be low graphics, the story itself is good.

lughbelenos 2011.05.27
again with other sites stuff, dont mind its good but this is just passable.

speedballz21 2011.05.27
nothing new i guess. this game is same as others

Gemman67 2011.05.27
I kinda of enjoyed this one easy and fun.

1NT0X 2011.05.27
usual stuff pretty good gameplay and a good end result

Zeusrui 2011.05.27
simple and a easy hentay game!

timewaster 2011.05.27
Sadly I have to agree with many of the comments here. Undoubtly a lot of hard work has gone into making these games, but alas, they are all very much the same now. Some new challenges are in order. And they still need much better Enlish.

Reggie77 2011.05.27
pleasant but not into my prefered games.

MrSeven 2011.05.27
Didn`t like it much especially since it`s been out for at least a month now on some other websites.

probie 2011.05.27
great game to short tho hope to see another soon

banes 2011.05.27
I fully agree with Mordep. Also too short.

bshdaddy1 2011.05.27
average game for the net not the greatest but it does well

bigbuck11 2011.05.27
this game is a little too old, and really short.

hersh2450 2011.05.27
This game was ok, the graphic weren`t terrible but weren`t great either. Game play was too short though.

monerick 2011.05.26
Not very bad! Could have better story and interaction!

mike cook 2011.05.26
A bit old hat now. The graphics should be improved.

pzzylkr 2011.05.26
Cartoonie but not bad. :-)

AnnaRainbow 2011.05.26
As an avid reader, I really like the theme of this game, and found the questions fun. But for this series, this is a particularly simple and "basic" entry. There is plenty of room for expanding the concept. Nice art and design though, as always.

eagleata 2011.05.26
i don`t like this game, model are not great and gameplay is bad. it`s ok game...

repuindy 2011.05.26
i don`t like this game, model are not great and gameplay is poor

jamark10 2011.05.26
not bad! Could have better story and interaction!

ltworf1 2011.05.26
A decent game, but little replay value.

Original99 2011.05.26
Not very bad! Could have better story and interaction!

DarkRanta 2011.05.26
just average...the story is boring and the girl is not pretty

colinjfrancis 2011.05.26
Sadly I have to agree with many of the comments here. Undoubtly a lot of hard work has gone into making these games, but alas, they are all very much the same now. Some new challenges are in order.

allstar 2011.05.26
Graphics are not great,a lot of games just like it.

Cios 2011.05.26
Pretty much a standard game, decent graphics

J1995s 2011.05.26
I love the eyes!!! Nicely done!

Xyzzy 2011.05.26
Everything about this game is just so-so. Graphics are not great, story is mediocre, questions are too easy. sex is uninspired. This game only gets a 50 because the other one posted to this site at the same time was just soooo terrible!

Houngan 2011.05.26
How could you set up questions like this and not know that both Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer were characters in Twain novels? So so overall, a lot of games just like it.

Taavi Kosonen 2011.05.26
too easy game, but was nice

tenukkiut 2011.05.26
Oh god, the girl`s dead eyes. It`s like trying to seduce a zombie O.o

adrianonn 2011.05.26
Superb game, but its kinda short. The girl looks ugly though.

dreadwolf 2011.05.26
game play, graphic, animation are nice

Armour 2011.05.26
Fun but gameplay is too simple

looner 2011.05.26
very simple game, nothing much there

mitroi 2011.05.26
Nice graphics, nice animation, nice game....but not my favorite game

kalbs 2011.05.26
pretty decent game, just a little easy

dannyboy1234 2011.05.26
good game funny animations

Ricoh124 2011.05.26
Nothing new here, we need some variety to take it to a new level.

Kevv19 2011.05.26
Good game, only it was very short

ancoli 2011.05.26
It`s like other games... no news !
Good game... graphics not bad but not good...

tmp 2011.05.26
The questions in this game are easy to solve

paddywhack 2011.05.26
usual stuff pretty good gameplay and a good end result

themoda 2011.05.26
The history is good but the graphics are very basic

gimmino77 2011.05.26
nice graphics..but not my favorite game

Mordep 2011.05.26
Not very bad! Could have better story and interaction!

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