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Fuck Town Banking Secretary


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Biofreak 2017.11.10
Not too much interaction and short game.

Tiodor 2017.10.05
Fast and very nice but could been longer and have any other girl

arnorich11 2017.09.04
The game is easy but funny and sexy.

KitCarsen 2017.08.21
A simple but great fun game.

ianjames 2017.03.17
such a simple game but so much fun

fiftypez 2016.11.21
the graphix are not bad...but its one of those games. but still a good one

fiftypez 2016.11.17
not long enough needs more

scythe41 2016.11.01
hard to get my head around at first but I got the hang of it good game.

cambridge4453 2016.06.12
Short and different; the bodies at the end looked like they were made of wood though. More too it than most 0f the short games so not bad at all overall.

Fatalinho 2016.04.09
I like this game. It is very interesting.


megabee 2016.04.05
this arrow to the next scene is weird. why add that?

Tinhorse1000 2016.02.17
cool...wish that would happen in my Bank........liked it alot !! Thumbs up !!

a74classic 2016.02.01
Game froze up when applying soap a second time.

singlevirgin 2016.01.25
The Woman In This Game Is So Sexy

fundip 2016.01.05
Good storyline, overall and good game.

nbrockz 2015.12.10
Very easy game with great animation. But short.

coldfireknight 2015.07.18
She`s pretty, but the overall game isn`t very good. Poor dialogue, not much content, and WHO SHOWERS WITH A SWIMSUIT ON?? lol

Sexwomen99 2015.02.27
OMG this game is so fucking awesome!

bg97434 2015.01.19
Great game but what is the surname ?

roro_qween 2015.01.16
short game but good loved it but please make it longer

dave1995 2015.01.12
I dont like somthing liek hentai, but this game was awesome.

ptxerror 2014.10.27
such amazing graphics. this is certainly a good game

ptxerror 2014.10.27
such a good game but it was too fast.
need more actions.

pokpokpok 2014.10.13
nice game, but they`ve made better

Futuros 2014.09.24
A little too simple for my taste.

sevarg 2014.09.10
for those of you with client name log in its just Morrison not Mr morrison.

Matthew.Mellison 2014.09.04

smmccoy8838 2014.08.13
Solid game. Should be longer, more girls. Locker room scene is awesome.

bitz94 2014.07.12
Very bad game. The game is very problematic & the graphics quality is very very poor. Probably worst game in Playforceone.

Xandinaril 2014.06.17
Very good graphics, I enjoyed playing this game

rafial 2014.06.05
too much of conversation part.

rafial 2014.06.05
good game! but quite small

rudrapratap96 2014.03.27
the game is gorgeous and good graphic quality

vegetajr17 2014.03.14
Awesome game. Nice graphics too, I just wish there was more...

Snakester96 2014.01.27
Pretty good! But too short.

dgkesquire 2014.01.25
Some of the best gameplay I`ve seen from FT games!

Ultra123 2014.01.17
This game is great! But sometimes i dont like the sounds

Pacizi 2013.11.12
nice story and good animation

tim45 2013.10.27
need to fix the game i enter is name nothing happpnes

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

johlut91 2013.09.04
a easy game but good graphics. i liked it

4Finger 2013.08.24
More of this game... I love game like this......

airgear123 2013.08.13
nice games and good graphic

noogad 2013.08.06
Great game , nice story and grafic.

georgesanders 2013.07.21
Even though this game is too short lasting, the dialogue is reasonably interesting, the lathering scene is somewhat imaginative, but the sex game play by rigidly formatted commands is really boring.

bilbily 2013.07.01
I entered on computer mr Morrison that wants to get his

freezerwarrior 2013.06.16
I entered on computer mr Morrison but nothing happened and that is the mans name that wants to get his money out

Arok_BE 2013.06.05
Poor gameplay, poor animations

killer007007 2013.05.31
Classic game good graphics

Blink101 2013.05.01
this game is so hot and tense

Hotguy29126 2013.04.24
Love this game!! great graphics and the chick is as sexy as hell!

nightwing86 2013.04.15
please make this longer game for me thank you.

doe boi 2013.04.04
good game but way too short

Grizzly321 2013.03.28
Great game a little short though give it 9out of 10

ymailsuresh 2013.03.27
good ending and i like it

AndreStoa 2013.03.11
I wish this was my secretary.I would do her all day...

Keira19 2013.03.07
That was hot! I like it very much. :D

CriouSly 2013.03.04
this is far by my most favorite fuck town dating sim right now

sorry 2013.02.13
amazing game
graphics are good but the game is to short

oozami 2013.02.11
i love this game...nice

shadow8 2013.01.31
good game easy to play , fast

rlh2429 2013.01.30
the graphics were good and the girl was hot. storyline was lacking.

BlackShadow 2013.01.28
Nice game but short great graphics

suzhaku88 2013.01.25
Some of them were quite specific and tricky, I must say
Lots of different sex scenes, which I liked, a lot

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Nice game , but way too short and simple.

akash0414 2013.01.21
someone please help me tel me how can i get out from here

akash0414 2013.01.21
how can i get out of here help me

ardhie00 2013.01.17
great game. no doubt it. but sure the game is so quick.........

wezel87 2013.01.13
Very nice game!! I like it but to short

gengenx 2013.01.09
The Gameplay is great and the animation too i like the game

markfred 2013.01.08
good game but came be more interesting if some more character and adventure is increased

gartal 2013.01.07
Some of them were quite specific and tricky, I must say
Lots of different sex scenes, which I liked, a lot

dwj197662 2013.01.05
i love this game the girl is sexy

HIMI 2012.12.18
the game contains nice actions, artistic endings

Long Dick 2012.12.08
Its o.k,to much like the other games here. someone took an idea and just changed the girl.

rwood1001 2012.12.04
pretty easy game but fun. will definately pay again

Winterfox213 2012.12.04
good graphics and the chicks werre hot

locknloaded83 2012.11.20
was pretty fun, hot chick,

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


droopy1988 2012.11.14
great game awesome graphics would love to play this game all day long.

Polli-brr 2012.11.10
The game was great, like the other Fuck Town games, excep that it was short and the sex escenes were too "diferent" in comparison with the other Ft games, but it was great, in aniway.

vezmous 2012.11.09
This one is a good game. Nice graphics.

jrolfeman 2012.11.07
its got good gameplay and i would play this game aqain

Blesshand 2012.11.07
I lost myself in the figure of the girl that I don`t remember the name of the main guy. Thank goodness it turn out to be okay.

Cloans 2012.11.02
Really short but good graphics and a hot girl.

Ruben_ 2012.10.25
good graphiks hot scenes but a a litle bit short

Jack Cracker 2012.10.04
Had trouble with moving around but finally got the hang of it. This one will go to my favorites!:):):)

boob13 2012.09.21
the game is great and enjoyable

Jokke1 2012.09.16
Far from the best game, medium graphics

mazeda 2012.09.11
Amazing game, we need more like it. Leaves little to be desired.

chikamaru 2012.09.08
nice quality games..and the girl so cute and horny

paolo13 2012.09.04
Like the game. There`s a common finish for all, but the setup is enough different that the games seem fresh

LoP1793 2012.09.01
OMG! Miss Fletcher has such great tits! Good game!

LPDUB01 2012.08.30
okay game i still enjoyed it

pablo13 2012.08.29
the game was fun i like it alot the girls were really cute

johnjohnjohn 2012.08.19
Very nice games, graphic are good and it is very entertaining

fuckpounder 2012.08.08
game was nice to play and fast

najam 2012.08.08
nice game
nice music theme

santinho 2012.08.07
Good game and good graphics .

vince45 2012.08.06
this game is soo hot i love the woman i wish i was there in that game

cobra1347 2012.08.01
short of a kind but easy to play.

diary 2012.07.27
cute lil game,liked it,espeially that ur able to choose at the end

Nastycookie 2012.07.25
good graphics but a bit short

stevie 2012.07.18
Nice game. Very funny.
To bad is so short I would love to go further with this.

ritika 2012.07.11
this arrow to the next scene is weird. why add that?

babugee 2012.07.08
gameplay needs to improve

PeterK 2012.07.06
It could have been better but still its ok!

ayane66flame 2012.07.05
Need help wat is the surname of the client?

ayane66flame 2012.07.05
another awesome game it was really cool

17dvldog75 2012.07.01
Great game for a quickie.

Jake Raw 2012.06.30
the graphics was great and nice i loved it so much

sexyone1 2012.06.24
very nice game. it is hot

pjw5328 2012.06.23
Cute girl and nice game, if a bit short. The first time I played the game locked up on me when I went to refill the soap (the "soap" bar wouldn`t fill up again). The second time I refilled the soap before it went all the way down to zero and it worked fine.

smurphy 2012.06.21
Nice game and good grafic, but could be longerNice game and good grafic, but could be longer

jettoalasroban 2012.06.13
nice graphics,great game,good story

elishacuthbert 2012.06.10
nice graphics,great game.

ahsan_zkk 2012.06.06
gud graphics and best story enjoy the story

ahsan_zkk 2012.06.06
whoa enjoy alot....story is gud....animation is also awsom

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.04
Not Bad At All. I love the Animation.

Flasher1 2012.05.31
very good game it was awsome thanks for the game really nice game

Soul Assassin 2012.05.28
Game is over to quickly, more interaction and options needed.

bahamut86 2012.05.25
Nice game and good grafic, but could be longer

history 2012.05.21
it is a good game nice and bit hard though

history 2012.05.21
IT IS A GOOD GAME with good graphics and a good story to the game

wadetofade 2012.05.18
what`s the the client`s surename ?

cybertron12 2012.05.10
The Gameplay is great and the animation too i like the game

sexyladies 2012.05.10
LOve The GAME Love The SEcreTary YEAAAHHghhhhh..

gone23 2012.05.07
The secretery is really hot

the_666 2012.05.06
very good, easy, fun and exiting

pusshound 2012.04.30
Game is a quick play. Very average graphics. I do like the story line and the girl is attractive. The interface for sex is somewhat old and overused.

Opalidius 2012.04.23
good game but a little short, not too short though

Papinene 2012.04.22
Does anyone know what to put in the account name?

Erik2000 2012.04.17
Nice, but a little short.

parias 2012.04.14
a good game would like a little bit more content

wolfyboy 2012.04.11
games as good as all the others and i hope they keep making more

keshakat79 2012.04.09
hot girl and amazing plot. makes u soo want to be there

silentxxemoxx 2012.04.09
Great game. I love the Fuck Town series along with other hentai games like it. Can`t wait to play more.

pao1555 2012.04.04
very good game it was awsome thanks for the game really nice game

VD13 2012.03.31
another case of been there, done that.
this game it almost a carbon copy of other titles that were slightly more enjoyable.
Whoever makes these specific hentai games need to find some innovation somewhere, because this form of gaming is dying out fast

MrSPARTAN117 2012.03.30
hentai are the best! nice one ^^

Ben2mine 2012.03.29
Great game
Fast and nice

TacticalSpy7 2012.03.24
Quick, easy, erotic fun game! Well done! Sexy!

CoMIYC69 2012.03.23
I guess I`m spoiled with the more realistic 3D but the artwork here is excellent.
Not my thing but a well done game if you like this kind of thing...

unitysteve138 2012.03.22
Nice game. Very funny.Nice game. Very funny.

canematto 2012.03.19
would like a little more quality but still a good game. thanks

glukos37 2012.03.18
Nice game. Very funny.
To bad is so short I would love to go further with this.

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

ihatewhenulie 2012.03.12
good game, nice girl, i hope that i was that man

horny31 2012.03.07
I like this game, good animations

dgkesquire 2012.03.05
A little better than Pensive Promoter as far as gameplay and animation. Same great quality of graphics and characterization.

sexyBBW 2012.03.02
It was an awesome game,loved the graphics, wish there were mre options tho.

coffinroad 2012.03.01
An okay game, I wish there were more sex options.

macky14 2012.02.28
pretty good game with a pretty hentai girl...easy gameplay with really good graphics to match the hentai style

420stickyleaf 2012.02.28
game is real fun and good story line

gemmert 2012.02.25
Nice game. Very funny.
To bad is so short I would love to go further with this.

Johnw 2012.02.22
Movement methods kinda confusing.

gixmo443 2012.02.19
interesting story, and a different way to walk to places

mharvey 2012.02.18
typical of the series but still a great game and good animation

fucker0000 2012.02.16
How do I finish the locker room? I can`t seem to finish it.

leobert 2012.02.15
hey guys chheck out ocean cruise so sexy

shankytudeshwar 2012.02.10
very hot game will play once more

1poop1 2012.02.09
Pretty nice girl..but ok game

Zezkhril 2012.02.09
Pretty nice game. However a bit too short and too easy to complete ...

surip ketip 2012.02.06
Very hot game..Got me excited

KennyXhighwind 2012.02.06
I really like this game the graphics are awesome and the navigation arrow are intriguing*sp* to me
wish it was a bit longer

LilMissDirty 2012.02.05
I really like this game, great graphics

abel1234 2012.02.04
One of my favourite games.

adam111 2012.01.30
totally linear, no challenge at all, below average graphics

Devilson 2012.01.28
A nice and easy little game but fun to play.

difazio 2012.01.26
Would be nice if it teased you a little more!

difazio 2012.01.26
good game, liked the story

difazio 2012.01.26
good game, very sexy girl

donnymag 2012.01.25
Pretty nice game, although I`m not too big a fan of ``f` me hard` scenarios...

domuham 2012.01.23
the game was obviously nice with cool graphics

illig12 2012.01.19
good game, nut needs some improvement, and make the girls have bigger boobs.

xpiorixp 2012.01.17
too short! but girl is nice! system is freash!

jayrjay101 2012.01.14
Im stuck at the part where I touch her body after the shower at the pool. It seems like iv`e touched her body all over and she still can`t get on!!!!

Larry Joe Bob Jr II 2012.01.14
Nice game. Needed to be longer. Maybe more to the story line.

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
a short but very cool game its funny

ingooo 2012.01.14
Very great artwork, love it!

snakeman 2012.01.13
too predictable... if you`ve played any games like this they are all the same. same order and everything. still pretty hot though.

balls550 2012.01.11
i am stuck at this game at the beggining pls help!

Guillaume 2012.01.11
The game is short but good, more interactions would be great

nandan46 2012.01.09
Easy game with good girls

zomalagasy 2012.01.09
fast and fun to play! nice game!!

bandit001 2012.01.08
A nice and easy little game but fun to play.

aardbei 2012.01.07
Could have been longer and graphic improvements would be cool.

haydenfloyd1 2012.01.06
really reaalyy good game, i like the music

Thyger 2012.01.02
I don`t really like how the girls face does not change when you fuck her, as they do in the meet and fuck games.

dlehdcks 2012.01.02
game was a bit too fast, but still good

janhay 2011.12.30
good art work, liking the interactive arrows

raznag2001 2011.12.30
On the positive side, I like the music on this one, not much else to offer, your run of the mill meet `n fuck.....

mike97 2011.12.24
I love this. This game is hottest

speedy21 2011.12.22
nice graphics,but too short

hunterVHS 2011.12.22
funny game but a little short and you need too remember te name in the begining

Akrasjel 2011.12.21
Nice game but tha grafics could be beter.

ravenyer 2011.12.19
Very great artwork, love it!

DarkArtz27 2011.12.16
Liked the scenes, could`ve been longer though.

jenso 2011.12.15
This game was fun,but too short

mike1282 2011.12.15
really like the series of games, but the graphics could definatley be better.

TheHuey1 2011.12.12
Fun Game. Love the audio.

angad63 2011.12.03
its good and very complicated .in game u must remmber

flame-haze 2011.12.02
quick game...kinda complicated...but still enjoyed it

Daroax!x!x 2011.11.29
I like it. could have made it longer :D

hendryanto 2011.11.28
Fast game but nice to play

Gnomon 2011.11.27
Can`t seem to finish the game. Same with some of these other FuckTown games. Is there something I have to unlock by paying money? Because the game *isn`t* good enough for that.

seria 2011.11.27

Zero_frosta 2011.11.26
This fast and a good game.

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

bigjeff1 2011.11.24
it was ok little short but graphics not bad

stangdriver44 2011.11.23
Decent game with ok graphics. Sound was pretty good.

hockey star 2011.11.22
great game.. graphis are greaat

harvey261 2011.11.21
Sweet game, too short though

Keeler 2011.11.21
Game is nice, but its much too short. Thanks.

Xantara619 2011.11.20
really nice game could be a little longer

dwj1976 2011.11.20
this girl had a beautiful pair of breast

kalva 2011.11.18
a bit short but very good

henriquedaniel 2011.11.18
a fast game....also good,maybe longer is better

nicole506 2011.11.17
its an ok game but too short.

Lizzie 2011.11.16
Nice graphics and such a sexy body on the girl.

elishacuthbert 2011.11.15
I couldnt get past the part where it says to enter your surname

aque 2011.11.15
the picture was average quality not so human like..

EdFree1 2011.11.14
This game was fun, but complicated.

medjai 2011.11.14
Gameplay was usual but nice as always _)

Snake2905 2011.11.13
I love those blackmail scenes... :)

Ramillies 2011.11.12
Maybe a tad on the short side, but it was much better than I thought it would be.

kidback 2011.11.11
not bad i like this game,good animation but it s to short .

SexyKitten 2011.11.10
This is a great game with good graphics, which turned me on.

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

ichiiixD1 2011.11.08
Great graphics and ending. Love it

mike69 2011.11.08
Absolutely great game play. definately not your usual interaction

james222 2011.11.08
very nice game very good graphic and fast too play

LL12 2011.11.08
Not a bad game over too quick

castilho 2011.11.07
good game. would like a little more quality but still a good game. thanks

Sterbon 2011.11.07
The secretary is very demanding during the fondling and sex scenes.

xoxolove234 2011.11.07
weird how u have to remember your name at the beginning

camhappy 2011.11.06
slightly confusing opening, you have to remember your name!

Clugg 2011.11.04
Its great the way the game gives you a choice on where to bang her

jay2050 2011.11.04
simplicity can be fun to play like this game is

dongunda 2011.11.03
good game and great graphics but the storyline or the gameplay could`ve been a little longer with many options.

bluedevilcindy 2011.11.03
nice game...can we get with the receptionist

Ops123 2011.11.03
that was a nice save from the bank...

kinell 2011.11.03
Great game and storyline is also good.

Waaghi 2011.10.31
its very easy but it makes fun.

Yarnil 2011.10.30
Its an easy game, but the pics make up for it

duke#3 2011.10.29
one of the best fuck town and pretty easy

razvanm 2011.10.27
nice try on this 1 but kinda slow and boring

throbnhood 2011.10.26
I could not get anything to work on this game at all

l2ataku 2011.10.26
I love the art in fuck towns, this one is no different. It does tend to go lower during the animated scenes but i can understand why. Great game.

T-Dawg 2011.10.26
Good praphics, but not very challenging and no real verity

Eddie Roc 2011.10.25
Time for me to change my bank.

irwan sex 2011.10.22
this game are awesome!! give me more! :D

gung17637 2011.10.21
Not Bad At All. I love the Animation.

RobtheLegend85 2011.10.20
Awesome Graphic, Awesome animation, and a nice storyline.

dri 2011.10.20
Good game, but more action needed

Shadowzechoz 2011.10.18
one thumb up on this i wish the women at my bank were this way

wahyu75 2011.10.18
how to open Bank Management Service

ml09 2011.10.15
good scenes but far too simple i would want better lead up and more graphical

VertaMoon 2011.10.14
Good game, good graphics, too easy though.

NightStalker73au 2011.10.13
awesome gameplay and graphics

mortimerduke 2011.10.13
This game is fun. really liked it.

mrcrow 2011.10.13
way to simple and the graphic is just normal....the girl is hot though...but it can be a much better game...need more action....and hot scene

mrcrow 2011.10.13
good graphic...nice game....a lil bit fast

NovemberOSL 2011.10.11
Short, but sweet. Gotta love it :3

VaultExile 2011.10.10
short but easy game to play and learn - great graphics

kldxxx 2011.10.10
Short and easy but worth the (short) time you need to play it.
No need to play it a second time though.

jaralddorrel 2011.10.09
this game i got stuck in it

duggie101 2011.10.09
good game could be better quality

totalcheese57 2011.10.08
Good game... I think it needs more, though. The girl was HOT, but the animations were slow.

SidAsrani 2011.10.06
should be more realistic..

Gamefinder2000 2011.10.06
this game is good...and short.. gameplay

Dickster31 2011.10.05
Not bad at all,but these games are a bit repetitive,so you will have that same old moves like any other game like this 1

ilduro 2011.10.03
Pretty nice game, although i like the ones where your actions actually influence the storyline much more. But getting to do a hot blonde twice is a good game in any case :)

demonansa 2011.10.03
Not that bad of a game pretty good in fact

Very good Gameplay and graphics

mcdoomsday 2011.10.01
Nice Graphics and fun gameplay.

cannon84 2011.10.01
game was cool, pretty easy could have been a little longer

dangerzonekrakow 2011.09.30
this one is kind of short. i`ve enjoyed a longer game

homesucks 2011.09.28
the game`s very good, the girl`s awesome, but the curving arrows are a bit messed up

mamalel 2011.09.26
had good graphics but a little short

mfitzh 2011.09.26
Game was ok, would be better if it was longer and it was pretty easy

terry1126 2011.09.25
A marvellous game with detailed graphics.

Edschiedam 2011.09.24
Great game , not to difficult but worth playing

NightStalker73au 2011.09.24
awesome gameplay and graphics

mafiacookies 2011.09.24
I love the gameplay. Great pictures too.

88Gomez88 2011.09.21
This was hot. This is one of the best games on here.

buchany 2011.09.20
I really didn`t enjoy this one, after a while it gets a bit boring.

Boa1154 2011.09.19
that was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bigbubba97 2011.09.16
This was hot. This is one of the best games on here.

mordo 2011.09.15
sexy girl but be alot more hotter

decodingamer 2011.09.14
nice girl, but a little too simple

Pedrodelacrosa 2011.09.13
This is very good maked animation sex-games!!!

scipio 2011.09.12
A proven concept, but a very nice girl.

Taio 2011.09.12
oh my gosh this girl is real hot

Dark-schneider 2011.09.08
Short but good game, enjoyed it and the graphics are nice enough

Revan-Ghost 2011.09.07
Quite good but nothing new accept the soap ;)

loldog 2011.09.06
Nice game. Could be longer tho

Robert1990 2011.09.05
great game th animation was awesome

kieran0958 2011.09.05
nice game... could use a bit more detail though

EdgarMontijo 2011.09.05
Game was fast and nice to play good animation

Melimelo 2011.09.05
Short and easy but worth the (short) time you need to play it.
No need to play it a second time though.

windchester 2011.09.05
well this is an incredibly short game. there`s no need to replay after u chosen a scene as u`ll get both in the end. nice game though

Kaffe_Rajd 2011.09.05
nice game. a bit short but still good.

ttoonnyy54321 2011.09.04
Good game Needs to be longer though Nice chicks to

mattyowen2121 2011.09.03
a great game with a nrelly hot sexy woman

shishkabob 2011.09.03
Quick and easy, bot the game and Emily

toto25 2011.09.03
I don`t know who thought it was a good idea to made that walking arrow

joeblow1960 2011.09.02
A little predictable and easy. Prefer more of a challenge.

yodawg2323 2011.09.01
fucking hot girl amazing game

Dave Maxim 2011.09.01
Quick game but there are too many games like this. It`s kinda boring.

buddhahye 2011.09.01
fun game...and had good graphics!

crazy45 2011.09.01
got stuck at the beginning with the curved arrow

1flaguy 2011.08.31
cool and fun game great graphics

tastycakes817 2011.08.31
pretty good game, gameplay could be a little more complex

Terragon32 2011.08.31
great game. nice graohics.

TomRyan 2011.08.29
el juego esta lindo y divertido. Me encanta :) Los GFX molan :)

Busterncleo 2011.08.28
Same old stuff need to come up with better ideas. To contrived.

legendkiller060 2011.08.27
Short game, but interesting.

empire 2011.08.26
very good game hope there`s more to come

mr.playa 2011.08.24
its pretty good but it could use some work

wcNoOb 2011.08.21
hmmm good game overall but still need some improvement

sauhard. 2011.08.18
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

glopglop 2011.08.16
not original at all, seems that a lot of game are the same

mariobioondic 2011.08.16
Good graphics,its really sexy game

jasonrues 2011.08.16
Its short but its still a great game

sirdoesnt 2011.08.15
Should be a little bit longer and more detailed graphics. otherwise it was a great game :D

XCHARGER 2011.08.14
they should make the game longer

vastorelorde 2011.08.13
this was a good game but not a great game still a good one must play

kurac 2011.08.13
The game is very sexy. :)))

jeje777 2011.08.12
very good game but too short

skidmarkone 2011.08.11
short but well made i love of the "fuck" games

DimS 2011.08.10
Nice ideas especially the soap at shower part, but too short and linear gameplay

badb457 2011.08.10
so fun i got to play again

Drifter11 2011.08.10
Game is too short, plot is too thin, but nice game overall

overhead12345 2011.08.08
great gamee butt is a bit short, i love the artwork though

spokxx 2011.08.08
good game but very too short

chefsegers 2011.08.05
game is too short.but nice to play

chefsegers 2011.08.05
Good game but a bit short and easy

tuyanh 2011.08.05
Shower sence is so funny, but game is too short.

westiah 2011.08.05
It was a good game. It was a little to easy though.

Onur 2011.08.04
I love you ms.fletcher i want fuck you :D

Herrushingu 2011.08.04
Good game but a bit short and easy

shadow707 2011.08.04
a really nice game. pretty simple thouh

Gregar 2011.08.04
the game was okay to play but weird story

Willy10 2011.08.04
those anime games are strange to me

chris1990 2011.08.04
Good game but a bit short.

MrPresident 2011.08.03
Classic game good graphics

MrPresident 2011.08.03
this Game was fast and nice to play

sombusuraj 2011.08.03
very good game its easy to play

Thehotest 2011.08.03
Classic game but it needs a little more effort put into it. Good graphics.

danm2 2011.08.02
a really nice game. pretty simple thouh

marcel123456789 2011.08.02
cool good 2d graphic but a little bit confusing,too

paerarru 2011.08.02
Very short and simple but worth a play, leaves you wanting more, not less.

Alandre 2011.08.02
very good game but very simple, still worth playing once

eduardo28rocha 2011.08.01
a Little bit too simple, but still nice

bandelpol 2011.08.01
Simple, very easy but nice.

bum999 2011.08.01
Good graphics, decent storyline, gameplay was sub-par everything else amazing

wtruew 2011.07.31
Good game. Liked the graphics

muscatlondon 2011.07.31
very very good game, i could be happy if it have more

zimo 2011.07.31
poor animations short game

koekerk29 2011.07.31
It is a very Nice Game, Looks very good.

Mmaster 2011.07.31
very very good game, i could be happy if it can be longer.

silenthawk 2011.07.30
it wasn`t half bad, but its just another meet and fuck with nothing new or special about it.

seb5454 2011.07.29
good game, some of the movements require trying it several times

hellfyre 2011.07.29
interesting game.. Could be longer though

ajash 2011.07.27
this is a great game could do with bieng longer

Funnygecko1435 2011.07.27
really awesome game it was cool and had nice graphics

arathor 2011.07.26
nice girl, nice music, but there is a bug, if you grab the saop with the swap the game stuck

6MrRage9 2011.07.26
great and gorgeous game but a little fast

MystCat 2011.07.26
great game makes me wish my bank account was that big

tman29 2011.07.26
great graphics need some more like this.

SecretLife 2011.07.26
didnt like the game. it was very fast with very few choices to make.

payneaaron 2011.07.26
Way to short, but very fun.. just wish it was longer.

DroxanjVII 2011.07.26
Hot chick XD Third time playing this

Hockey_Man_2 2011.07.26
Good game but kind of short

Darksareth44 2011.07.25
this was a great game but short.. good animation

krypteria 2011.07.25
the game is so nice i like it

giroro1 2011.07.25
I like the storyline, hot!

kingsize 2011.07.24
Really good game! nice graphics!

lenman 2011.07.24
The gameplay is relatively simple. Graphics are the same for a game of this type. The game should be longer and more interactive but I guess games of this genre are generally like this. Any addition would make it like the `Lazy Afternoon` nanny kind of game, which is different.

ssg52054 2011.07.24
Alright graphics, should have a better storyline

mjw2011 2011.07.23
Good graphics and game but ending was n`t great

souleater 2011.07.23
great game fast and nice to play

Guisir 2011.07.23
simple game, not the best graphics

ihavsomcock 2011.07.23
good graphics and a nice game

bceltsau 2011.07.22
very nice characters, great storyline 5/5

dani18bg 2011.07.21
nice game nice animations very sexy

cumshot 2011.07.21
that was a really good game i love it

Liltommytucker 2011.07.20
Cracking game just needs more girls

Daanepaan 2011.07.20
nice positions and graphics

Angary 2011.07.19
so fun i got to play again

uk1muppet 2011.07.19
good game though not sure on the whole follow the srrow thing

Attashe 2011.07.19
would be better if you had other choices

shadownanto 2011.07.19
Really good game, graphics were great. Highly enjoyable

pro486ca 2011.07.19
good game very short but enjoyable

dtm90 2011.07.19
an ok game, found t a little boring

austyman 2011.07.18
cool game but it was too short

Bigg27 2011.07.18
great game but it was a little short

JasonB516 2011.07.18
would be better if you had other choices

JudgeMental 2011.07.18
Very classy, but rather short. I thought the arrows were a nice touch and the plot was orginal.

cyclop 2011.07.17
Its a nice game, but the story are a little bit short, graphic is not bad

qmoney4lif 2011.07.17
game was simple and easy to play, thanks!

kgnz0r 2011.07.17
Nice graphic,gameplay but it is too short.

tgp 2011.07.17
A bit to short :( otherwise its a great game :)

claude145 2011.07.17
the story was great but it was too short

Surfer69 2011.07.16
Interesting game, but average quality.

SexyKen 2011.07.16
if only my bank is this good

moneytoblow907 2011.07.16
the game was great i loved it alot

snowpavvs 2011.07.16
Nice to play and awsome graphics. The arrow thing was kind of hard to deal with a laptop however, same with the soaping. It should have been right/left "arm" not leg, but whatever very good game.

krzyhaze 2011.07.15
ok game could use more girls and more options

vetzan 2011.07.14
this game is a reason why I love hentai

Markony1000 2011.07.13
good game, but is very basic

dadykid 2011.07.12
hot game, i like the gameplay. the graphics are good.

sudhsaddicted 2011.07.12
It was the standard game of attempting a few tricks before getting it right. The right portions were how the girl was quite hot. The scenes of rubbing soap were a bit exciting and I wish some more of such foreplay was involved before the eventual act. Seemed too easy at the end.

Djin 2011.07.12
Nice history and good quality , but its to short

Cruachan12 2011.07.12
enjoyed it better than the other fucktown flash

darrelq 2011.07.11
the graphic is ok but its too short

R12T0 2011.07.11
very nice game but sadly so short.

Dexpo 2011.07.11
I can`t seem to get past the first screen, I click the arrow, but go nowhere.

deevospitsflows 2011.07.11
pretty fun i like overall good job!

richieyoung93 2011.07.09
Had to play it twice as I forgot his name haha. Great game though. Multiple directions gives way to more replay value!

SophieBieber 2011.07.09
Short but very good! enjoyed this!

bigdeek23 2011.07.09
not too excited about this one...

coltpowder 2011.07.09
very fun to play, good concept

Neversman 2011.07.09
Nice game, but unfortinately is short.

suckmemore 2011.07.09
great graphics , nice story , beautiful game ... love it

suzie_sweetie 2011.07.08
the girl was so cute. Game was fast and nice to play

chestcat28 2011.07.07
logging into play force one and playing these adventures was so totally worth the wait

ikziejwel 2011.07.07
nice game but it took me a while to notice the arrows xD

mrmot 2011.07.07
Good game, like the interactivity.

mortalone 2011.07.07
this game is short but the story is nice, the secretary is hot also.

bulass 2011.07.07
excellent game the chick is super hot and the game is easy to play except for the part of the soap

korgpa80 2011.07.06
OMG!....those BOOBIES!!!!

jacobmosher32 2011.07.06
One of my favorite games on the entire site!

superkralik 2011.07.05
very nice game,girl is very nice and fuckable

morgoth 2011.07.05
just your standard part of the series but it isnt bad(like all other parts of the series

Kijek 2011.07.04
Nothing special, I mean - girl is nice, story is good, graphic is nice, but... That`s all. Nothing special. But quite entertaining.

shenji 2011.07.04
Rlly good game! Check it out!

desta 2011.07.04
a very nice game, i love the story

buckshot0604 2011.07.04
the game was quick and i liked it

wts2000 2011.07.03
I`m so glad that they continued with this girl

Tammy347901 2011.07.03
Music was really annoying, but the sex was good, fun game

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

dy8i8 2011.07.02
nice game! better graphics would be nice

khlav 2011.07.02
Very nice graphics quality to this game.

Tammy347901 2011.07.02
Good game, easy to play and fun

tut 2011.07.02
good gameplay great animation

Mawwste 2011.07.01
Fuck Towns are really similar. All same comments and really how that secretary let him touch her like that... Too easy at that poin for me. Always same sweet spots, same text... These games are nothing new anymore :( And he remains faceless... 3/10

primus21 2011.06.30
I thought this game was fun. but to short

xxx222 2011.06.30
if you dont watch out during the schower, the game will lag

GKSE01 2011.06.30
This game has a good pace and a good story

ShawnO 2011.06.29
An Excellent Game I Can`t wait For the Others

Squashy 2011.06.29
great game was quite short but a good game non the lese

Trone01 2011.06.28
game needs more girls like the first one you meet

reaperpoy 2011.06.28
awesome game except soap stopped workin 4 me and i had to start again

shamburg12 2011.06.27
nice game forgot the name the first time though and had to start agian

groove90 2011.06.27
Great game. I really enjoyed playing!

Durpa 2011.06.27
Great game. Arrows are kind of annoying, but still good!

111speed 2011.06.26
i love this game, aside from the arrow things

perverted101 2011.06.26
the girl was so cute. has a little trouble with the arrow.. but its was great. but also short story

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Love the music in this one, more to come.

xvidda 2011.06.25
this game was fast and sexy

Jacko222 2011.06.25
it`s a great game indeed, really turn me on

babygrl 2011.06.25
that was a gud game

ety501 2011.06.24
good gameplay and graphics

ssss3ee 2011.06.24
nice girls they are sexy

ban446 2011.06.24
Surname to enter into computer is Morrison

jmmorris1 2011.06.24
game was good dont like the controlls

loneriderca2000 2011.06.24
don,t like this game, no challenge

puru 2011.06.24
the graphic of the game were nice

Jirri 2011.06.24
Short, unrealistic, animaton ... not very impressive

tornado man 2011.06.23
the game is very good and the girls are very nice

zybaxos1 2011.06.23
Remember your name! No way to go back if you forget it, and you *will* need it...

PRDX4 2011.06.23
short, unrealistic and bad graphics

Jorden-500 2011.06.23
she just a hot blonde slut

danidave 2011.06.23
the secretary is sexy than hell it also had very nice graphics

alexrol 2011.06.22
Damn i like the banking sistem and the graphics are really cool

corsaru 2011.06.22
Good graphics like the makers of Meet n ..... games.
Nice story line , but it would have been better if it was an achievement base game , like jordan 500 and the employee had to seduce him or attempt to , to get him to stay, this game could have easily have been something greater than it was, but so much for the imagination and itellectual properties.

LovelyShara 2011.06.22
This Game Was Beyond Great ! I Enjoyed It .

nach08 2011.06.21
WOW, it the game i ever know good graphic, good animaton :)

123ben 2011.06.21
game was good but need to be longer

derda 2011.06.21
wasnt bad.. not challenging.. would have been nice for some more options

bbb22 2011.06.20
I love it, it is a very good game

chip chipperson 2011.06.19
i cant figure it out. must have put my dumb hat on today

salbador 2011.06.19
this game game is like the mnf games awesome

nadav318 2011.06.19
nice game although it could be better

plewis197928 2011.06.19
the secretary is hottter than hell it also had very nice graphics

SoloDrifter 2011.06.19
stuck on the first screen with the arrow pointing to the building....

thehittite 2011.06.19
simple quick time waster, not much else to say

LordAsgarath 2011.06.18
This is a fast and easy game

Nightspiral2k 2011.06.18
not the best, not the worst

big_dick17 2011.06.18
the game was very nice, it was fast

bmammoli 2011.06.18
quick and nice game but it should have more girls, the first you meet is really hot

alsen_99 2011.06.18
very nice game good graphic i love this game

snow01 2011.06.18
I thought if I picked different answers i could get a better ending but there is only one option

arkyasa 2011.06.17
decent game, but it`s kind of boring. and more storyline or interaction would be good for improvement.

just-1 2011.06.16
I didn`t like the game because we seduce just one girl i prefer when there is 4 ou 5 girls

ayeshi 2011.06.16
nice game but the story is too short and there is no proper ending.

shinjisan 2011.06.16
The game is short but good, more interactions would be great

pally123 2011.06.14
the game was alright but bad graphics

alexpettyferlove 2011.06.14
Fuck good, blondes and brunettes wait for me!!!

chrischaos 2011.06.14
I enjoyed the game, but it was too short.

antonkos 2011.06.13
The game was very fastest and cool to play

SEZAR-H 2011.06.13
sexiest and hotest game over the time

umair271 2011.06.13
game was fast and nice to play.

hottie2045 2011.06.11
I Love it. The game was fast thought>

Relmagan 2011.06.11
The arrows were a bit annoying, and it took me a while to figure out the first one. I think I was annoyed by the grammar at times as well. Pretty average game overall.

Feldenor 2011.06.11
A nice quick diversion. Having to remember things was oh so hard.

Felixieo 2011.06.11
the game was fast and fun to play

Moshool 2011.06.11
Great game with great graphics,but i don`t really like the arrows..

hagelmand 2011.06.10
The one thing I don`t like about these games is the bad grammar.

cumwithme 2011.06.10
nice girl and a great theme.i like it

Soozuo 2011.06.09
Requires a little bit more attention than most of the games. Still fairly easy. Nice graphics.

Silas51 2011.06.09
hot girl, good cenaries and good song

gensai34 2011.06.08
The premise of the game was good however this game was just too linear for my taste.

lotscum 2011.06.08
this games just make me sleepy...

sirlicksalot 2011.06.08
great graphics, nice gameplay with nice sexy scenes.

bigoneforyou45 2011.06.08
the secretary is hottter than hell it also had very nice graphics

Ronalien 2011.06.08
Thought it would be boring. I didn`t like the arrows! Going to the swimming pool changed everything! Great gameplay!

Soloak 2011.06.08
I thought the gam was fun.The graphics are good.

sexy monkey 2011.06.08
Good game good graphix really short but hot girl

kennethlaw 2011.06.07
the gameplay is good. the animation is nicely done

ningunawalk 2011.06.06
Decent animation, but the game was a little too easy, even for this type of game.

cletos 2011.06.06
this game is way much hot than i think before!

stukovm1g 2011.06.06
Maybe you should have another one on the girl at the counter, but good all the same

pyrochris 2011.06.06
Good Game, nice animation!

kaboutertje88 2011.06.06
nice animation! but fast and easy

dudewho loves sex 2011.06.05
it was an okay game and was nice to play

4nik8 2011.06.05
Good game but it is too short

goldpuppy101 2011.06.05
mechanics of this game stink where do you even click on the arrow to start

bazzmeister 2011.06.05
nice anumation, good story enjoyable game

atapattu 2011.06.05
Great game quick and sexy

DeathOfLuggage 2011.06.04
hmmmmm, this game is way to standard and simplistic to be really fun

castilho 2011.06.04
like to fuck that whore!!!!!!!!!!!

nice game!!!!!!!

Hunter99004 2011.06.04
Overall a good game, but was too short and I hated the arrows

shadowfox79 2011.06.04
very good game and good endings

BallIdiot 2011.06.04
Amazing game play! Best I have played on Play Force One so far. Especially during the sex scenes where different actions need to be performed according to the woman.

BBooth 2011.06.04
Game Is Easy To Do and fun

davet25 2011.06.03
very good game and good endings

Garius 2011.06.03
not bad..graphics ok,storyline middel

b3ru4ng 2011.06.03
nice game overall, nice animation, but kinda short story

bigman1822 2011.06.03
good graphics could have been a little longer. overall good game though.

lovelygodess 2011.06.03
amazing...fast and great graphics.nice characters. solid 100!

Ebonv2 2011.06.02
Nice game, the arrows in the beinging were a bit annoying though, took me 5 minutes to figure them out

smokeye123 2011.06.02
Good graphics and the Name is "Morrison"

Lec 2011.06.01
A little confusing, and could use better instruction

kinshar 2011.06.01
Got stuck with the computer. Not interesting enough to figure out what the right surname is supposed to be.

emerydog94 2011.06.01
decent game. very good fun and animation wasn`t too bad

jake1706 2011.06.01
overall nice game, but im not really digging the arrows in the start, and i`d prefer more options.

Hotspiks 2011.05.31
Awesome game ! Love it , too realistic graphism, and great role play

EgyptianOsiris 2011.05.31
How do you move in this game?

Thund3rhawk 2011.05.31
game has niec simple graphics that well drawn. Also the gameplay of the game is nice and simple

mannylopez1 2011.05.31
I`m stuck in this game. What`s the correct surname? I tried all the names in the computer but nothing just says error!

VaultExile 2011.05.31
not bad but not great .... she was hot though

fordaboiz 2011.05.30
how do you add to your favourites

fordaboiz 2011.05.30
that was a really good game

timcrwc 2011.05.30
definintly in the top 10. Great graphics, good story, kept you on edge, great finish. Would have like to seen them swim together. Would have been sexy. Keep it going.

shogokakashi 2011.05.30
game has niec simple graphics that well drawn. Also the gameplay of the game is nice and simple

pryce 2011.05.29
not bad but not great .... she was hot though

grunt2 2011.05.29
Exactly what we have come to expect from the fuck series... Could hve more challenge and additional girls, and length to improve

Sawyer909 2011.05.29
Simple, Easy, good graphics, like the variations not just follow the speed.

Sexyboy1 2011.05.29
can you help me with the surname please

Montanapanda9 2011.05.29

needinsex 2011.05.29
It`s a bit weird trying to play it, but it`s hot!

sex_killer88 2011.05.28
The controls are hard to use but sexy girl.

EMOBoy 2011.05.28
gameplay play mechanics were nice and sooth aking the gae uch sexier

I wish there were more than just one set of options and different scenarios.

kyle1233 2011.05.28
a bit too one-dimensional.. other wise great graphics

madeinyuc 2011.05.28
Great game, excellent babe.

gilang 2011.05.26
good game for teaching make girl horny

racer9111 2011.05.26
the game was good but needs beter discriptions

jamark10 2011.05.26
Game was fast and nice to play

scycekiller 2011.05.26
good game but needs clearer instructions

sinoda 2011.05.26
It was starting to get interesting, but the game playing is very straight forward without much alternative choices from the player. And the rubbing seems to be a bit dull after a while.

satannarok 2011.05.26
nice game copuld be longer

sirprice 2011.05.26
Controls are not so good, graphics ok.

silverstar21 2011.05.26
nice graphics, clean, but i cant get past the beginning. what am i supposed to do? i see an arrow but i can`t click it or anything.

johndellsman 2011.05.26
fast and very nice but could been longer

dean1129 2011.05.25
a nice game with a good story

ExEdge 2011.05.25
too short game but nice, ms. fletcher is really beautiful.

deathgodace 2011.05.25
good function but story jumped around a bit and needed some work

player 1 2011.05.25
what are you supposed to put in the bank management system

warted 2011.05.25
nice game copuld be longer

NguyenX2 2011.05.24
good game. could have used more time on it but still good

gerald82 2011.05.24
good game... the name things was a little much for me

hardlad 2011.05.22
good but it looks like her pussy is only an inch deep

gol123 2011.05.22
Good game with good story

jenso 2011.05.22
Animation and Grammar were poor, but the sex scenes were ok

netherto 2011.05.22
graphics are really good but the arrows were annoying

allmybase 2011.05.22
pretty good, arrows were annoying

kmrounds 2011.05.21
a good game... the name things was a little much for me

smithy128 2011.05.21
its a good game but abit short to be honest

astroman 2011.05.21
The arrow system very quickly caused me to lose interest. If I`m getting frustrated with the basic controls, then the game needs a lot of work. 1 out of 10

misterA 2011.05.21
a rather frustrsting game, due to low entertaiment level and bad controls. Overall, 6/10

emaznboy 2011.05.21
The whole arrow movement system was rather frustrating. I did like the setup and the attention to detail required for the intro, as well as the whole soap applying/shower bit. Will say that the graphics below the belt were subpar, though.

peacehunter 2011.05.21
Nice and enjoyable game.but not as i played before.still fun 2 play

iceman426 2011.05.21
I liked the game but it should have more options

gooooo 2011.05.21
pretty, but a bit boring

SpiderWeb 2011.05.21
nice graphics but not my type of game

Frenchy44 2011.05.21
I think it needs ALOT more oral

siwn88 2011.05.20
Good graphics and the Name is "Morrison"

babaabi 2011.05.20
nice game but i dont get the name ??
can somebody help me ?

timg582 2011.05.20
good game overall. needed to play twice to get name

bakabon 2011.05.19
too easy. i got bored easily on this one

jandorie8888 2011.05.19
They have way better games than this

mik3y 2011.05.19
nice game but the graphics are a bit blend though...

Sunlordx4x 2011.05.19
Slow Game, although it was enjoyable

Seiko 2011.05.18
could be a little bit longer

chumak 2011.05.17
damn, when her swimsuit is removed her legs look very-very wrong

thorain 2011.05.17
this game is good. could of had more things to do

TFearz 2011.05.17
wasnt bad.. not challenging.. would have been nice for some more options

pelican 2011.05.17
Pretty good, amusing story

zain123 2011.05.17
nice graphics,great game.

brk_1 2011.05.16
this game is good and very hot but need more actions

natas 2011.05.16
loved the game, however it could be bigger.

Firefoxwizard 2011.05.16
Could have been a bit more of the sex scenes, but at least they were not to bad

rdnik 2011.05.16
good game, but not too much variation and a bit easy too

Asghan 2011.05.15
good graphics, but more action needet

kayzee7 2011.05.15
i like this game. good graphics and it`s better with the movement system but too short.

SecondDayLove 2011.05.15
they should make more games like this one

photofan 2011.05.15
i like sounds..and emiliy is so h?t..generally i like that game..

tastimanLH 2011.05.15
...eh, game is kinda short. Not to mention I don`t like having to memorize anything for this kind of game.

oreo31 2011.05.15
this game is ok. could of had more things to do

Kinorey 2011.05.14
Good Grapics, but the gamplay was boring. I`m kinda sick of games where all you do is massage a girl...

Kujikums 2011.05.14
i always wish for more with these kinds of games

NADOSH 2011.05.14
BUT very easy

fletch818 2011.05.14
Not too bad alittle short though

adrianonn 2011.05.14
Nice game and I like the thrill intercourse. Thumbs up!

AxelHoughton 2011.05.13
Game play was good the graphics was also good

nicbag 2011.05.13
nice good. kinda quick though

Rawripop 2011.05.13
Nice gameplay! Need a little work on the nude scene though!

winninghabbitual 2011.05.13
A good game bot a longer one was expected

rahulkrishna1234 2011.05.13
Nice moves and sound but poor graphic and too short!

dinnin 2011.05.12
nice, but to short and there is only one girl to meet

silver12 2011.05.12
This game wasn`t working for me

Kuppz90 2011.05.12
Not too good but ok , very fast and easy tho

kdogg 2011.05.12
Gameplay was great, graphics were good and animation was good.

cell 2011.05.12
good game but a little short

Terastios 2011.05.11
Too short for my liking, graphics were oke

JohnnyCartoon 2011.05.11
Game was rather short and easy, but the graphics were good.

Serg1 2011.05.11
good game. very good site.

dr.dirty 2011.05.11
it was an allright game, it is just a bit to easy an simple but the pictures is good

thewombat06 2011.05.11
another quick one but easy at least. fun to play

punu90 2011.05.11
nice game maybe a little more quality and more actions.
I like the game

tisch23 2011.05.10
good not too easy great graphic

rickymelo1 2011.05.10
awsome game!!! grafics so good

dewamps 2011.05.10
great game, good graphics. always liked this kind of game

Deathfather0 2011.05.09
good game but seems to be a bit short

dragonajay 2011.05.09
the graphics are good and the storyline is awesome

Innocent 2011.05.09
superb game! that girl is amazing

aceleon001 2011.05.09
Nice gameplay! Need a little work on the nude scene though!

PhantomStorm 2011.05.09
like the others said the game could be longer but it is great ;)

Marrick 2011.05.09
Altogether a bit dull, not impressed

justin#1 2011.05.09
this game is awesome the girl is sexy

leobruto 2011.05.08
este game e mito legal recomendo a todos

biggsreddy 2011.05.08
nice game I liked the variety with the buttons

biggiej 2011.05.08
nice game but more action would be apreciated

randy06 2011.05.08
another great game need more girls and more action

Rednaskelo 2011.05.08
Game was fast and nice to play

Bakane 2011.05.07
Great game wasn`t long enough

Bakane 2011.05.07
great game but a little too short

bob247 2011.05.07
nice game could`ve been longer

es 2011.05.07
it`s fun but a bit too short

pike11777 2011.05.07
good game but it was pretty easy

Theguy12 2011.05.07
Nice. Just my type of game! I like the graphics.

zips 2011.05.06
Nothing terribly new or exciting, but long enough to be fun, and still short enough to be, well, short. Still good though.

speedballz_21 2011.05.06
game was fast . nothing new but always pleasant

forcefire001 2011.05.06
game is a little short for me

McToastette 2011.05.06
eh it was okay, i would play again, need sex option in the office though.

rangerguy 2011.05.06
Game seemed a little to short

eralph67 2011.05.06
Good enough diversion. Could have had more questions to answer later in the garme to get to first base withthe secretary which wold have made it more intersting.

menzi 2011.05.06
good game a bit too easy tho

duxn 2011.05.05
70% good story more sex options needed.

Seriousness 2011.05.05
im stuck when she ask for head help?

denkur 2011.05.05
Good graphic and enyojable minigames. It was not bad.

miedema30 2011.05.05
game is very fun and has a nice storyline to it

Lone_wolf814 2011.05.05
game was quick but not bad

1NT0X 2011.05.05
a bit on the short side but it looks good

north262 2011.05.05
Good game, but could do with being a little more challanging

randy06 2011.05.05
yes another great game more woman tho

Thogar 2011.05.04
too short game and it doesn`t turn u on a lot

Lilimi 2011.05.04
It was a good game, but too short.

Sm00thtalkr 2011.05.04
interestin that game requierd one NOT to hold mouse key down in shower

equus271 2011.05.04
very good game!!!!!!! and i love secretary

rishabhdev3337 2011.05.04
Nice game.........but very easy

andy_regresa 2011.05.04
Good game but a little to short i think.

boinky 2011.05.04
good game, girl is nice, but the story is too simple. Also needs more characters to interact with.

xevros 2011.05.04
It`s okay...but not great.

kenn7176 2011.05.04
Graphics are good but the game is to short,it would better with more sex scenes.

hugedick.88 2011.05.04
The game was fast but lots of sexual activity

MikeRob 2011.05.04
Your name is Morrison. Her user name is user01, and her password is pass10.

This is a great game.

ancoli 2011.05.03
A little short and easy but nice graphics !

KenMasters28 2011.05.03
Completely amazing....I love these types of games.

Danny King 2011.05.03
Pretty straightforward game and not really any sort of challenge. It looks good but overall it`s not up to the standard that I usually expect on here.

jasher 2011.05.03
ok game could do with being longer!

sean7 2011.05.03
a great game! great graphics,awsome sex scences

Chelsea 2011.05.03
this secretary remind me to my ex

soulhuntre 2011.05.03
great game and nice graphics

ddavee 2011.05.03
It was ok need better graphics.

nerzul 2011.05.03
this is an interesting game, too bad that the origina meet n fuck series are now a paid website, but anyways this copies are making their way up to where the quality one expected from the origina meet n fuck games

safff 2011.05.02
game was short, didnt have much variety. Great graphics though@

looner 2011.05.02
this game is very straight forward, easy, and bad greaphics

negroseven 2011.05.02
nice game, a little different than the other ones of this kind, enjoyed it

bobman! 2011.05.02
great game hot girl. amazing graphics

leparty1 2011.05.02
the game was quick nothing amazing nor was it terrible just average

pavel203 2011.05.02
Not a very good game, just my opinion

UraiFen 2011.05.02
Fast, Easy, But worthwhile.

rw79 2011.05.02
Ok not too much variation

dannyboy1234 2011.05.02
great game hot girl. amazing graphics

conbron 2011.05.02
nice game & graphics, but too fast ending

SkylineR34GTR 2011.05.02
Seemed too familiar. But otherwise was entertaining

ski9072 2011.05.02
The shower scene was a nice little extra, but otherwise, you could pretty much interchange this with all of the recent ones.

emetiel 2011.05.01
as usual a little funny game nice graphics

IamBri 2011.05.01
Finished a little too fast. Interesting with back and forth during the sex scenes. Unigue in that way

bellarox 2011.05.01
Secratarys always fuck people thats why im quiting my job and going to b a secratary

lukey1235 2011.05.01
this is the best game ive played

lukey1235 2011.05.01
who else loves this game because i do

lukey1235 2011.05.01
i just cant get enough of this game

lukey1235 2011.05.01
great game more of these should be made

antib 2011.05.01
Pretty straight forward however it was put together well.

jerryonly83 2011.05.01
usual thing from sexhotgames.... not bad but nothing that new!

hunted 2011.05.01
Too short and too easy. Any alternate ending ?

davson1 2011.05.01
Ok game not too much variation

hersh2450 2011.05.01
This game had really good graphics. Too bad you couldnt do both the restroom and the hottub scene in the same game play

meyo 2011.05.01
nice graphics, but i would want to be able to fuck that receptionist aswell :(

blackmail 2011.05.01
Can`t find the name that I have to enter in the computer

Ricoh124 2011.05.01
Good game but not different from other versions and not too demanding

Mslooj 2011.04.30
It was okay, but a little limited. Graphics could have been better.

gensai34 2011.04.30
Pretty straight forward however it was put together well.

Whatru 2011.04.30
This game has very impressive graphics

long55 2011.04.30
Nice Game but very simply. good graphics. OK...

skoolastic91 2011.04.30
nice graphic and nice story

jpsacrey 2011.04.30
Ok game not too much variation

nunder 2011.04.30
Kinda idiotic.
Graphics are ok, but it doesn`t make much sense. Plus, if you don`t remember the name, you get stuck.

az89 2011.04.30
just so-so except the soap and shower part

Skylink 2011.04.30
ok gamw w/ ok graphics but simple and easy once u know the name

Patmatticus 2011.04.30
This was ok; I found it on other sites a while back. Usually this site is ahead of others.

Smyxter 2011.04.30
Poor graphics,gameplay too easy and who showers with their swimsuit on???

cidermeister 2011.04.30
Game is over to quickly, more interaction and options needed.

warlike9 2011.04.30
Ok game not too much variation

gp78 2011.04.30
an okay game, not too much variation and a bit easy too

Arbaal 2011.04.30
Nice game, as usual. But bit short and uneventfull.

Bikie81 2011.04.30
pretty poor ending scene,

Skarn62 2011.04.30
It miss more interaction, other girls.
No difference between the 2 scenes.

oblicok 2011.04.30
Interesting at the beginnig, but then ... there we go again, all the same.

medo29 2011.04.30
good graphics, i liked the game...

Pwlkane 2011.04.30
Nothing new except the shower and soap scene, then it get`s a little hard ( no pun intended )
But nothing new or different !
Still a good game though !
Just above average, But for here ? Below average !
Sorry !

gimmino77 2011.04.30
Nice Game but very simply. good graphics

hummer81 2011.04.30
lousy game i can not do anything she likes

sky13 2011.04.30
Nice game but a little short.

hunted 2011.04.30
Too bad to see such a poor game in here. Didn`t like it at all

Elfe 2011.04.30
I don`t really like such kind of game. It is too simple and easy. It miss interaction. The graphics are not the best. Need to be improved.

jason1 2011.04.30
very nice game please bring more!

bobdoll 2011.04.30
this game was nice to play.

reader1219 2011.04.30
I couldnt get past the part where it says to enter your surname

gotpwned 2011.04.30
nice game, cool gameplay, good graphics

r12456 2011.04.30
Animation and Grammar were poor, but the sex scenes were ok

thesphinx 2011.04.30
Hot girl, nice quicky, but I`ll have to check out the alternate ending.

lahnalampi 2011.04.30
good game, very fun and fast

belcro 2011.04.30
no esta mal esta entretenido

Original99 2011.04.29
i like the concept they did for this one making it more interactive with the movement in the beginning

dreadwolf 2011.04.29
gameplay, graphic, animation good ok game

romeo11 2011.04.29
halt ein game fuer zwischenduch

vitali 2011.04.29
too simple, to easy, static graphics. my scoring was 50%

dwolve 2011.04.29
Simple game.could use more interactivity.

cherubim 2011.04.29
Thats all? I hope it had more...

jbhawaiisc 2011.04.29
It`s a Ok game. hot women but not much to the game.

gradandrei2006 2011.04.29
two options is a good idea!!!

mjwm54 2011.04.29
Great game, but way too short.

star 2011.04.29
it is a simple game,but interesting.

Benoit07 2011.04.29
two options is a good idea

Madelene 2011.04.29
This was somewhat different from most meet type games I played. More twists in the form of having to find numbers and names to proceed. It was however a short game with to few "puzzles" to solve, but still a good game and I hope we get to see more of this type in the future. :-)

vinci1243 2011.04.29
an average game... but i enjoyed playing it..

prats 2011.04.29
hot girl but a little short....should have been longer wth more sex scenes...

C.C. 2011.04.29
Good animation. Good looking girl. Not bad action. More effort by more girls in the bank to keep the account would have been good and made the game a little longer.

Turner9 2011.04.29
Not bad game, some very cool interactive flash tools, like the laptop, shower switch etc.
Good graphics like the makers of Meet n ..... games.
Nice story line , but it would have been better if it was an achievement base game , like jordan 500 and the employee had to seduce him or attempt to , to get him to stay, this game could have easily have been something greater than it was, but so much for the imagination and itellectual properties.

storm 2011.04.29
wow so intresting game....
nice to play

jmeoff 2011.04.29
Morrison with a capital M

sarmad 2011.04.29
wht is the sir name?????

branknock 2011.04.29
nice game,graphic`s ok but to echo the rest, the game is too short

kalbs 2011.04.29
it`s not bad, but it would be better if it was longer.

Thepi 2011.04.29
Really nice game, but toooo short

mitroi 2011.04.29
Nice game but a little short.

studlypinoy 2011.04.29
Its a straight forward game. Secretary would have been a nice add on.

ltworf1 2011.04.29
enjoyable little game. graphic okay

jason1 2011.04.29
wonderful game but short please keep longer!

maxxxy 2011.04.29
Decent animation and graphics. Not challenging, but quick enough to make for a decent time.

lughbelenos 2011.04.29
too simplistic for my taste.

Zeusrui 2011.04.29
Not my type of game, but... I play!

Reggie77 2011.04.29
Not a bad game but a little short...

MrSeven 2011.04.29
This game is amazing. Very well done!

bshdaddy1 2011.04.29
not a bad game, but not a great game. still it was easy and not a bad looking girl. could do better. keep working on the games

peko 2011.04.29
I didnt fell asleep but its far from exiting to play, to easy

Baril04 2011.04.29
That`s a nice game
But i would have wanted to also fuck the secretary

cheese101 2011.04.29
enjoyable game,very easy,glad to see the site updated again,but wish kelly was back

winsley 2011.04.29
Really good game! nice graphics!

dranael77 2011.04.29
Enjoyable game. Wish my bank had that kind of service. Meets the standard game of having 3 choices to choose from and one being the correct way of advancing it.

Xanitos 2011.04.28
Could have been longer with, animation was pretty good.

Gemman67 2011.04.28
Not my type of game.More of a story . No options for you to work though.

DarkRanta 2011.04.28
good new possibilities in the game. great work

ifqvp 2011.04.28
quick game, can be more and more longer to be so nice

aj8494 2011.04.28
Fun game put it was very short

Latinguy10550 2011.04.28
I liked it, it was kind of a quick game that didn`t drag on though I kind of wish there was more depth to it. But oh well, Keep them coming.

William_m 2011.04.28
Good game but a little to short i think.

RingTime 2011.04.28
Game was fast, I did have a little challenge remembering his name LOL

Tarkan 2011.04.28
Nice game but a little short.

Xyzzy 2011.04.28
Typical SexHotGames formula game. Graphics are not terrible, language needs a lot of help, mildly interesting for a short while.

haiclem 2011.04.28
I did not get the point of fucking her as she asks... does it provide a different ending?

LoJo 2011.04.28
Good game, maybe a little more quality and more actions.
I like the game play......

VY 2011.04.28
That was nice game but poor animations

tamagnum 2011.04.28
just so short, 2/5. good animation.

romancer101 2011.04.28
i like the concept they did for this one making it more interactive with the movement in the beginning

colinjfrancis 2011.04.28
Nothing new here I`m afraid.

stanky 2011.04.28
Use Morrison to get access to the computer account.

Tudedude 2011.04.28
Average game very easy and fast.

Pedro delacrosa 2011.04.28
Good game, but more action needet (:

themoda 2011.04.28
poor game, very basic and bad animations

adj197 2011.04.28
good game. would like a little more quality but still a good game. thanks

tom90 2011.04.28
the game was quick nothing amazing nor was it terrible just average

ptalgh 2011.04.28
Game was fast and nice to play

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