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Fuck Akina


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RegisNex346 2017.09.02
Took me 2 hours to figure out how to play this game on a flash site

Turin1 2017.07.30
Another Japanese guessing game.

TMAMA 2017.05.04
Very difficult to get into but it was alright to play

robbie2801 2017.01.05
Good game but hard to remove underwear.

robbie2801 2016.12.30
I can`t get the hang of this game at all.

happaa 2016.10.27
This is one of my favorite gamess

JimKill 2016.05.31
Old games like this one need to be remastered and released

alexanderdane77 2016.04.25
Strange game but I really enjoyed it

tyriba2000 2016.03.14
older game but i still love it

Draxius 2016.02.28
The oldies are the goldies animation graphics are awesome


Jfk1 2016.02.24
Nope didn`t work for me

Tinhorse 2016.02.18
cool game....really liked it......lots

latinagr 2016.01.27
I can`t get a clue what you have to do

Zoro86 2015.09.18
This is a bit challenging game,nice grafic of the girl and bad for the man, but the difficulty of the walkthorugt make it a very good game.

hxxxsmoker 2015.08.27
It`s kinda confusing and graphics are poor.

twotouch 2015.08.17
i give 4/10 bid not get on with this game

tyriba2000 2015.04.20
i have always loved this game

Gorgolock 2015.01.07
Pretty decent game overall, just wishing for some translation.

townboy94 2014.11.26
Good Idea, poor execution. I played without sound because it was in Japanese. But when you actually get to the most interesting part, it ends. 4/10

wonderboy001 2014.11.12
Wish it had english subtitles but overall its okay.

dandraft 2014.09.29
interresting game witha cute girl,its a shame its in japanese though,but you have to get her naked and aroused before theres any action,with that green dude its hard to see what is happening, i dont really know if i got to fuck her,but i think i did? 5/10 for this one

jaimz 2014.08.31
I can`t seem to remove her panties. What am i doing wrong?

Voidspot 2014.08.08
This game is too hard when you have no idea what is going on, someone needs to go and put english translations in the game as a subtitle

Ramses93 2014.07.03
hmm.. the graphics bad the gamplay bad

Floortile 2014.05.25
I`m not sure if I "won" or not as winning is less entertaining than continuing to try.

Mashin 2014.05.02
Best thing about japanese are the moans. God they`re hot.
It`s difficult though. Should have at least subs.

Assurbanipal 2014.03.23
nice, bit difficult, nice manga

Khairil 2014.01.03
its very difficult without translation

Svastik23 2013.12.28
really nice game although a translation would help a lot i had no idea what i was doing

ilmilio 2013.11.22
good, but every time there is something that crash the game

AliceC33 2013.11.22
i love this game, very funny n.n

Badvoc 2013.11.03
desperately needs a translation, i had no idea what was going on, haven`t seen a green wire frame character since punch out

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

yuksha 2013.09.07
Interesting game, a little different that most click and watch type games in this genre actually have to think about actions a bit. Language doesn`t make much of a barrier. Not sure if sound is an issue as I haven`t listened to it.

Thinman 2013.08.27
Excellent game..but a little difficult.

4Finger 2013.08.24
This is very hard, but fun....

M.Aurelius 2013.07.31
Fun game, but if it weren`t in Japanese, that would help...

FineCut18 2013.07.25
wow not seen this game in ages either wow its still gud

XxSirTazxX 2013.07.14
Very challenging game. The toughest of this type I`ve played. Still fun to play, and made me really want to keep going so I could see what happened next.

huseyingk 2013.06.19
Its looking like a nice game but some kinda hard :)

Quill 2013.06.16
didn`t know i`m a green fly. Funny

zaz87 2013.06.02
i think that`s a woderful game, with some possibility i never find before, i like it so much, if that idea be expanded it`s possible make an very nice game. that game have a great potential

Grorm 2013.05.23
Hard to understand what to do. I tried but didnt get far

bilbily 2013.05.19
his not easy, english would have been better

j5f8k 2013.04.21
Cool game. I wish it had more options though.

gwazz 2013.04.17
graphics good but hard to follow

imiko 2013.03.19
pointless, huge waste of time

gartal 2013.03.06
Difficult to understand what steps are needed to progress

simodido 2013.03.03
so bad that no english is involved i cant get it up

jrjr567 2013.02.19
the green wire dude isn`t very entertaining..

ashleymassey59 2013.02.17
wow not seen this game in ages either wow its still gud

Elerias 2013.02.17
Non-english, no clue what is being said. I like being able to understand

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game , lost interest quick.

Wolvesbane 2012.12.29
the game was a good one it made me think about what i had to do

pusshound 2012.12.27
Not bad for a tease game. Girl is attractive. Getting her naked is fun. Kinda odd but worth trying.

shyman44425 2012.12.26
I could not figure this one out. I think I was insulted in Japanese.

infinis 2012.12.23
realy hard too understand

Jack224 2012.12.10
Strange,but still pretty cool. Graphics are decent,animations are good and gameplay is good too.

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


Dinker 2012.11.08
not easy, english would have been better

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Needs part of it translated in english. Generally good enough, hard to understand exactly what to do.

kierka 2012.10.31
Strange game... but I liked it... Too bad I do not know Japanese...

meowio94 2012.10.25
difficult for me, but nice

oranjeboven 2012.10.05
For a tease game, it is fun. It actually has game like actions.
The girl is hot as well.

shyman44425 2012.09.25
I have no idea what you are supposed to do. I must have done something well.

talarahirn 2012.09.14
not the best game. girl is hot a little non understandable. like to see more with better quality.

brit_man33 2012.09.14
The girl is cute, can`t understand a word do I`m not sure if I`m doing okay...

thomascox84 2012.08.27
Challenging, but a good payoff in the end.

Daiki00 2012.08.26
One the 1st games I played, good but a little hard

Swordfish 2012.08.19
this was one of my first games i played, i love it

oranjeboven 2012.08.10
Cute girl, story is as usual. Nothing new

allxspsc 2012.08.03
I don`t mind the green thing, but game play is a bit tough, because whatever I do he cum!

BRASFAS 2012.06.23
i dont like it and i dont have paitience for it

Soul Assassin 2012.06.06
Not so easy, you have to undress her before she blows you out, then you can fuck her.

Skysnake 2012.05.14
I don`t like it. a girl which tease a green polygon is not my favorite

bahamut86 2012.05.08
There is not fuck scene :(

bahamut86 2012.05.08
nice game good quality for the girl but bad for the man!

justme99 2012.05.08
Not bad. Takes getting used to. Difficult in Japanese.

K_Pchaos101 2012.05.03
challenging game I liked it, the graphics weren`t bad and it took some patience to beat the game
goood game

shadee 2012.04.26
Not so easy, you have to undress her before she blows you out

buhbuh 2012.04.03
i like this game. funny graphic

gui133 2012.04.03
Great game, nice girl and nice graphics. Damn, the green lines are special...

[BY]WEGAS 2012.03.30
Hard to proceed when you can`t understand what she`s saying.

teufel 2012.03.30
Gameplay quite well. not the best graphics

Mad Hunter 2012.03.27
Gameplay quite well. bad graphics.

lydia 2012.03.24
I really don`t get what she says

danielsyd2 2012.03.17
good challenge, sexy girl

uber50 2012.03.13
this little fuck story is nice but the "green" man destroy all :/

deek 2012.03.04
i quite liked this game pretty good

sorethumb07 2012.03.01
this games not too bad but its a little boring

samcor1982 2012.02.24
Cute girl, but a bit boring game. And that male character? Came from TRON or what?

wateshito 2012.02.22
In English to know what`s going on and to give it a proper evaluation.

percyb 2012.01.29
i had no idea what was going on but its easy to figure out ??

bigone2289 2012.01.26
this is a fun and sexy game

BallIdiot 2012.01.11
Hard to proceed when you can`t understand what she`s saying.

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.01.02
Nice one, but a bit boring when you dont know japanese.

Guillaume 2011.12.31
Not bad but my japanese is too poor.

mikicostanza 2011.12.24
i dont like this game to bad

Gnomon 2011.12.10
Not bad, but I need it in English to know what`s going on and to give it a proper evaluation.

ratmeat 2011.11.19
Games not bad Difficult to work out what is going on at times :)

wateshito 2011.11.17
Great game!!!!! the bad thing its the pussy is censored...

garrenfield 2011.11.08
she`s hot but i don`t understand what she says.

hoopsracer 2011.10.30
Difficult to figure out the first screen. Given that it`s Japanese or something, can`t read the end to know the outcome.

wally98 2011.10.23
Good game. It would be much better with some English so you had an idea about what was going on.

whitewolfofskye 2011.10.22
difficult too play and bad graphic -.-

radman1264 2011.10.21
Not an easy game to play and not satisfying!

valo_or 2011.10.15
awesome game, the girl is uber sexy. only thing is that its hard to beat. and the fact that it is in japanese :/

nniffar 2011.10.15
a nice game, but the graphics should have been better

Kracker4402 2011.10.09
nice game i liked the choices.the sex was hot too

GrayBack 2011.09.27
Pretty good game agree needs to be improved though

farkas 2011.09.24
Good graphics and japaneese speaks is very eroticus. The game is not too easy to play but is turn the game interesting. New sequel width new geisha girls waiting.

christofolos 2011.09.19
good game, not as easy as it first looked

hakans 2011.09.15
not easy,sexy girl.good game

BuddhaMaster 2011.09.13
not easy, but really addictive, great game

ysr6581 2011.09.08
it`s a great game and i like it...

AmazonQueen 2011.09.08
I can`t believe that some of these games are still around untranslated and unimproved. At least better sound effects... Not worth the time to play at all

yoko01 2011.09.05
Not really bad... Need to be more developped

busu99 2011.08.23
Great game, but not the easiest one aroune

jer1981 2011.08.21
I think I won but i don`t speak the language to know if i did or not...Also I don`t know why the character you are is a waireframe, but it takes away from the game

Razhja 2011.08.20
Great game but could it be translated to english plz

gumby111 2011.08.20
I really like this game. the girl is sexy and it is challenging

spokxx 2011.08.01
very funny but very hard to get to the end
and in japeneessssss.............

Soiuku 2011.07.27
Fun but a little hard to win.

raflebi 2011.07.12
it could be longer and have better graphic but at all it`s not bad. I give it 7/10

Kelvinmac 2011.07.09
i quite liked this game pretty good

Moax 2011.07.04
Quite a tough game, however very fun and very replayable

Batthory 2011.07.03
fun game, it is tough tho

chrischaos 2011.07.03
I did not enjoy this game at all.

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

guydude64 2011.07.01
nice i guess, could be longer, could have better graphics

bjorn0011 2011.06.28
poor gameplay.the green lines are annoying

AK-47 2011.06.27
not bad interactive game. thumbups...

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
This game always used to piss me off.

xxxxxxxx 2011.06.20
Nice, but a little boring, great quality ;)

bob247 2011.06.08
this game is really really hard

demanderx 2011.06.07
interesting game just don`t like the japanese voice

deltaman 2011.06.06
not so good grapichs as i woluld wish

TheCin 2011.06.05
not my favourite game but ok
Graphic and sound ok

b3ru4ng 2011.06.03
need english, don`t understand what she said

allmybase 2011.05.22
Weird game, needs english

siwn88 2011.05.20
Need to have english subtitles.. challenge is to undress her before she blow you out

EroticMoaner 2011.05.19
it was ok but a little slow

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

waldmichel 2011.05.11
Nice little game to take a break...

Skarn62 2011.05.07
did not understand gameplay...

C.C. 2011.04.20
Not a bad little game. Keeps you working at it which is good.

shikanara00 2011.04.17
YES: the best game i played,, i love this game

kppatient 2011.04.16
I love these invisible green outlines.

roflbear 2011.04.16
very good game idea, could use a little work but still good

killa_bsting 2011.04.09
Somewhat of a nice teaser but still rather basic, and has been around for a long time. Still, better activity then some, however not as close as Orgasm girl and OG2.

nenke 2011.04.08
very good, i hope there will be a complete version

ahmadiranga 2011.04.06
I like the zoom arrow idea

zie_knight 2011.04.06
Can`t get the game mean, but good graphic

Haidere9 2011.03.31
You gotta be kinda fast to beat it... Its an ok game tho

bnayz 2011.03.22
bad game cant understand the language

Nixsen 2011.03.21
hot chick
good graphics
but the wireguy? come on...

brian1962 2011.03.19
great game but took some working out

Gracerus 2011.03.19
Really hard game, animations were quite worth it though.

ongteng 2011.03.01
nice game , how to get full game

Xavier47 2011.02.27
great game. but keeps freezing up

Lithiafaith 2011.02.22
been ages since i played this

Nick2 2011.02.20
Very, very hot and amazing game!!!
I like it!!!

Bela1 2011.02.16
need some training but is Ok

HardExp 2011.02.07
ahh great game! I jsut wish it wasnt a demo -.-

Whimper61 2011.02.06
Took a couple of try to figer out how to play, but was a good game. Could have been in English to hel understand a little better.

ikke2 2011.02.03
fun game took a while to find out the clou

Exorcist101 2011.02.02
i think this game could be better its still fun tho i wish it was in english

lazyone 2011.02.02
akina is but a smaal portion of its original akina game,
but still good as a demo and interesting in every way.

randy_21 2011.02.02
Not so easy, you have to undress her before she blows you out, then you can fuck her.

1NT0X 2011.01.31
Short and to the point. Takes a little skill but was fun.

presley 2011.01.27
I can never beat this game, but she`s so hot.

ocandela 2011.01.24
Interesting game once you get the hang of it. wasn`t sure if blowing the load on her face or in her mouth meant that you lost the game, but once you get her panties off, you can fuck her.

Bigvoltron33 2011.01.21
A difficult game at first, given the lack of clear directions or instructions but the graphics are good, animations are solid for a toon, and it has a good replay value with a rewarding learning curve. All in all, a nice game.

dragonguardian13 2011.01.21
interesting game. nice graphics. game froze on me tho was licking her pantied crotch when it happened couldnt do anything else except choose between lick and rub and move the camera up and down.

ratonius 2011.01.21
need some training but is Ok but more options would be appreciated.

ecock 2011.01.20
not a bad game but it was a little difficult and needs to be in english.

Storvirk 2011.01.17
LOL Bidda Bidda Bidda Doah Don`t give up so quick. Man people need instant gradification these days

Hitomaro 2011.01.15
a very interesting game, i like all the actions

crazypants83 2011.01.09
Is there anyway to not have her back to the starting position everytime?

JamesonJJameson 2011.01.02
The wire frame was a bit odd but I understand why it was done that way, and if loosing means getting a blowjob...I`ll be a loser any day!

JeanMarc 2010.12.27
fun game, not too easy. wish I could understand her

lucianodpa72 2010.12.02
that game are good, but the virtual man... I´m not sure !!!!

Elfe 2010.11.27
Good game but a little bit too easy

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

chumak 2010.11.15
I don`t get it.... Whats the point??

Kyrozen 2010.11.10
More girls would be great with a bit more step to go.

dfish_44 2010.11.10
very booring game, it´s just like nothing.

DoubleShadow 2010.11.06
hmm ok, its a little bit funny but nothing more

Misterrr 2010.11.03
Great game, but not the easiest one aroune

steve1112 2010.10.29
Nice ending, good graphics. Game flows well.

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending

hkeefer 2010.09.30
Its a fun but difficult game.

Silverorochi 2010.09.16
a very interesting game, i like all the actions, i just kinda wish they had separate ecstasy gauges.

angel6666 2010.09.09
nice but a little difficalt

ErickXXX 2010.09.08
its kinda hard but when u get it, its realy good

thezephyus 2010.09.06
The game is very fun but hard to understand at first

NickC 2010.09.01
not my kind of game either, this dude cant stand enough ... i could take her dress off, panties and 1 shoe but i have no idea what to do with her right leg (the one at the left side of the screen) once she is wide open.. also its irritating that she blows u off in randomly times

asdsadsad 2010.08.27
I personally didntlike the game, didnt really understand what was going on diffcult to contol

rasp23 2010.08.21
I really liked it and it`s quite interactive... more ogf these kind would be good :D

dariusthethird 2010.07.20
this game could use more action...

jenso 2010.07.13
Nice game but it could be more action

rob63 2010.07.12
Love the game but wish they would improve it with the wire guy and stop the censoring.

Baddibu 2010.07.11
the game is toooo easy. every king can do it to her orgasm and his cum haha :D

itachi1393 2010.06.16
this game was alright. they should have added more actions

yesmam 2010.06.16
Short and to the point. Takes a little skill but was fun.

fullgor 2010.06.15
Took a few tries to get it right. Not really my kind of game, but interesting

wahooman48 2010.06.11
wish i understood japanese nice

Turner9 2010.06.10
Very good, very challenging, good graphics

Ricoh124 2010.05.25
Not my type of game, too complicated and unreal

themuslim7 2010.05.20
huh this is really hard i dont know what to do

rovanerns 2010.05.08
I really have fun with all these games ...

Kalaam 2010.05.02
It`s quite fun but could have more options.

mr. anderson 2010.05.01
this game is special. need some training but is awesome. especially level 2 and 3

ROB83073 2010.04.28
it was an okay game but I didn`t understand it

boinky 2010.04.26
fun game, not too easy. wish I could understand her

onnicky 2010.04.23
I don`t know what to do in this game, so it doesn`t interest me

argonidas 2010.04.22
i don´t know what is necessary

paultease 2010.04.22
When she gives youhead do not grab her head. If you cum that is the end. Keep your passions down and you will make it through all the endings.

chris123 2010.04.18
just speak english so i know what the hell you want

ynnekynnek 2010.04.14
i cant do this before she sucks me off n i cum in her mouth ;o(

jillis 2010.04.04
This was the first "sex game" i playd and i still like it

tennisteve 2010.04.03
the girls voice sounds manly and the game sounds are funny

Johnny811 2010.03.31
great game. if the male was real then it might be better. thanks

widoman 2010.03.29
nice game interesting,unfortunately this is where the game ends.

lampasey 2010.03.28
Butiful game an very sexy i loved.

fireneko78 2010.03.28
i remember the first time i played this, i thought it was so hard, now its a piece of cake, but i still like it

aaturkan 2010.03.21
Not so easy, you have to undress her before she blows you out, then you can fuck her.

Kedar 2010.03.17
Very nice game. This game is too easy.

ut1stgear 2010.03.17
Short and to the point. Takes a little skill but was fun.

whitemox 2010.03.15
nice game, but please stop this censoring!

rich2779 2010.03.10
Nice game, not sure about the green man flapping like a demented bird tho

sinner666 2010.03.03
i love hentay
this game is cool
but i can fuck her hehehe

a_dude 2010.02.28
god graphic but i didnt understanded what they sad

ryanj87 2010.02.27
i quite liked this game pretty good

Luzi 2010.02.07
is quite easy but nice graphics..

justag469 2010.02.02
akina is great, anyone have her number?

vano60 2010.02.02
nice girl, decent controls. but her voice freaks me out :S

oshi60 2010.01.30
it`s a good games but very short

nissehult 2009.12.20
very booring game, it´s just like nothing.

Xyzzy 2009.12.11
Good sound effects. Girl is drawn well. But what`s with the green outline guy?

Mandrab 2009.11.18
nice game, but agree with slipstone, the green wire guy bit sux

anthony41 2009.11.10
easy game with awesome graphics. enjoyed it very much.

king_matthias 2009.11.07
This is a fun game but more options would be appreciated.

rtully36 2009.11.04
not a bad game alll around, the little green wire guy is kinda strange though.

Jaystone2000 2009.10.21
it is odd with the wireframe guy....but all in all an ok game

CaptAdama 2009.10.18
Get so far only for the game to end...kind of disappointing

sigdelequa 2009.10.15
I thought it was a somewat good game, just needed more... toys.. .ways to mess wit her... and more cum?

iDiesel 2009.10.14
I don`t get it.... Whats the point??

slipstone 2009.10.05
really don`t like the wire-frame green fella

cheese101 2009.09.27
english wud make it a lot easier!!!

bendover 2009.09.24
Difficult to understand what steps are needed to progress

enos 2009.09.22
very challenging game but cool all around

Angel86 2009.09.21
Butiful game an very sexy i loved.

Zanatan 2009.09.20
Simple but nice graphics, light weight file, not straight forward. I like games by this japanese company.

classypolice 2009.09.19
silly game it makes feel assleep

regularuse 2009.09.18
Very challenging game. The toughest of this type I`ve played. Still fun to play, and made me really want to keep going so I could see what happened next.

Bobby_1980 2009.09.15
You have to tease her enough until she turns her head sideways in order to pull off her underpants. Then you can lie on her and win the game...unfortunately this is where the game ends.

wodahSShadow 2009.09.15
It`s quite nice but could have more options.

magelan 2009.09.14
not one of my favorites, but funny

jt101 2009.09.14
nice game interesting , not to easy

bibber 2009.09.14
Tough game, but well worth it.

rudiehj 2009.09.14
nice on only a bit too hard

orphed 2009.09.14
Not so easy, you have to undress her before she blows you out, then you can fuck her.

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