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Forced Strip - Up The Wahzoo


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Smoovtiger 2017.11.11
still a great game. graphics could use an upgrade.

KitCarsen 2017.11.06
Excellent game and very funny.

Domenik 2017.10.19
Difficult games with sexy girl and nice graphics

humanbutt 2017.09.21
it is a very funny game with a perfect graphics

Slapone 2017.09.19
I remember this game. I love it! Wish there were more games like this

teamtuba 2017.09.17
That was the most entertaning gane that i have played at all

HOTTOMMY85 2017.08.16
Great game, it is simple and hot, and fun.

Chevy 2017.08.14
Funny as hell. If we could so something like that, some companies will not make fun of their customers XD

marcus747 2017.08.13
Nice, funny game, with lots of imagination. I would play more of these, but they`re hard to find.

Poisoned 2017.05.05
Now this was something different and funny. I would like to have teased her a bit longer. But all in all, good game.


Tiodor 2017.05.04
Sweet and very funny game.

Imogen 2017.05.02
Fun and sexy, but could be quite difficult to find the right cursor points!

zelda3869 2017.04.19
Decent quality, I enjoyed the game more than I thought I would, would play again.

asasjo33 2017.04.13
It is very funny but it dosent look so new as other games.

tino4574 2017.03.11
loved this game hope this could be real !!!!!

dgkesquire 2017.01.28
Great, satisfying storyline (revenge on the online techs that make us feel stupid for dealing with them online), gorgeous graphics, nice and simple gameplay. It`s sexy, it`s funny...a nice diversion, as always.

robbie2801 2016.12.29
The game was very funny. The story was comical.

Christophsexo 2016.12.23
Surprisingly good game. The graphics are decent and teh Story is funny. It could have been a bit easier to paly.

singlevirgin 2016.12.10
This Game Is Fun And Funny

sexy dude 16 2016.10.23
I thought this game was funny and fun to play

Sola_KMT 2016.10.22
Very funny game. I loved it

MikeyH74 2016.10.21
A very fun game. Sexy girl and amusing story.

raven.warrior.eternal 2016.10.18
this is the highest rating I have ever giving a game I just love the dark humor here LOL

farkas 2016.10.08
Nice graphics, stunning secretary but too easy game.

fantasyabuse 2016.10.07
This was not a very good game. Boring, obtuse, and not good to look at. I`ll stick to things with a higher quality.

uglyjoint 2016.10.04
Mildly Humorous....they could have done more with it

xXxVeNoMxXx 2016.10.03
Haha, now that was funny, good job guys

LooneyDude 2016.09.28
Its is an OK game. Not very interesting though. There are better games out there. The interface is not user friendly.

KiddyG 2016.09.07
i havent played this game in years, but this is the 1`st time i`ve finished it. tht ending is hilarious! XD

joki123 2016.09.04
the graphic is not that great, but gameplay is good

spidermonkey7 2016.08.27
The game was interesting and fun. Very commical.

vaggi 2016.07.12
So hot! I love seeing stripping

zorrie 2016.06.29
very disappointing game....no action...sorry

stach56 2016.06.17
Anyone know if there are more like this one because it was bloody brilliant.

ironman7614 2016.06.16
very funny, would also like to see more of those

Masseur323 2016.05.17
This game is HILARIOUS!!!!!! Very well done!

FisherjmanA1 2016.05.15
I love this game! This is the first sex game i ever played. Its how i found pf1 nd y i got into these games. It will always b my fav!

kar92 2016.05.05
Super game
Simple yet funny :D

thewhiterider27 2016.04.25
This is a classic! Glad pf1 picked it up. And really, someone`s gotta do a sequel!

Vrykolas2k 2016.01.17
This game needs some sort of sequel. Very funny and sexy.

evalyosheh 2016.01.15
Quite an odd game. There`s some backstory that could`ve been developed though.

brian110 2016.01.15
Awesome game, very good idea with banana.

trery 2016.01.10
i like this game it`s funny and i could play it again lol

jetguard 2015.12.22
quick easy and fun to play.

nomnom789 2015.11.12
Definitely a favorite of mine. Quick and easy, not to mention the hot girl

dgkesquire 2015.11.08
Simple gameplay, good graphics, funny storyline...just wish I could have seen her sans panties for longer than a second.

Vishesh 2015.10.03
Sexiest game....
great quality and graphics

wabbithunta 2015.09.30
10/10 for this one! I remember playing this game years ago. It`s still hilarious every-time I play this game. They really need to do a newer/updated version of this, with more choices and outcomes. If not then use this girl in another similar situation, work-wise... and have her thinking it must be a case of dejavue.. as she wonders if it`s the same "User" stripping her and playing with her.

Sumguy 2015.09.10
very funny, would also like to see more of those

twotouch 2015.08.13
that was fun, hope they made more like this

carlos1291 2015.08.07
Love this game easily one of my favorites

MSK 2015.08.02
There are some times I wish I could mess with the Net provider. :)

hornygeek85 2015.07.30
This is one of my favorite games, love the storyline, and I think there should be a second one.

Latvian 2015.07.25
By far one of my most favorite games on this site

germanico2 2015.07.04
Why awesome games haven`t continuation or more episodes

name-123 2015.06.17
loved this game hope this could be real !!!!!

Nobel2112 2015.05.22
nice story.
more like this!

tony4309 2015.04.24
great game. make some more like this.

Agonoize 2015.03.13
it`s a funny game and the humor is very good. nice game

thirstttt 2015.02.20
this game was funny. needed to be longer or maybe a sequel

Froodoo 2015.02.15
A really nice game with a refreshing strategy

Asaakira 2015.01.27
Funny game with sexy girl

ixeatxpeoplex10 2015.01.25
Such a simple game, but I love it

nirt10101 2015.01.13
more funny then erotic, then again its kinda refreshing

curiousone 2015.01.01
Fun quick game. Graphics could be made a bit more realistic.

luv2drinku 2014.12.13
nice but need more actions... I`m sure you can come up with something more

timmytim1234 2014.12.07
really need more games like this

Lakindu 2014.11.28
very funny game
i enjoyed it alot

Ironman1165 2014.10.23
the game only wish it was more realistic.

drive04 2014.09.08
good n funny striper games.

BowserJr92 2014.08.29
Really Humorous I Loved It

bklan1 2014.08.29
a lot of humor
very nice game
sexy model

sclong 2014.08.27
this was funny I really enjoyed it

Iva_bigun_12 2014.08.22
Mmmm yeah! I really liked this game.

graciejames 2014.08.10
love this game its my fave defo always makes me wet

Beachcomber321 2014.07.30
Great fun...hope for more with her.

freez00 2014.07.22
sexy sweet fine chick very entertaining now need get it with live chick the animation was fantastic liked playing this game

CrisR7C 2014.07.22

stoad69 2014.07.21
Good game with good graphics. Wish there was more you could do with the game but it`s still fun.

NickH 2014.07.16
Really good, lots of fun and lots of character

bitz94 2014.07.15
Its a poor game according to me. Might be I`m wrong but I don`t like it at all.

morpeus 2014.07.13
very good game very funny

Boobiesareamazing 2014.07.07
Pretty good game,nice graphics!

omie 2014.07.05
love it, if only my computer could do that LOL

stefanos13 2014.06.19
its very good game but i agree with first comment need to be longer

matty2125 2014.06.18
this is a fun game but needs to be longer

BverComander 2014.06.09
great game.. great graphics... very funny

gugulu 2014.06.09
hahahahaha... This is very farjjii game.. :P

Hichigo 2014.05.27
This game was amazing, the facial expressions were so great

Wolfxiii 2014.05.25
Its a good game really funny

angkelroslee 2014.05.21
good n funny striper games.

lovestogodown25 2014.05.19
One of the funniest and fun games i have played, great job!

GP69 2014.05.19
Absolutely brilliant! Must be the funniest game I`ve played. If only we could have an actual live version!!! I bet everyone would be logging on and trying it out!1

sammas1960 2014.05.18
Clever! Can sypathize with her

55c 2014.05.17
Funny game, Should be more like this.

koudog 2014.05.11
So goofy. Its like being in a Benny Hill skit.

dheezzz 2014.05.07
haha,, it was funny games, can`t wait for the new episode

dgkesquire 2014.04.25
Sexy and funny!! I just wish I had more opportunities to interact with her (especially once she`s fully nude).

LordTrap 2014.04.24
Interesting game to say the least.

savber6 2014.04.17
nice game,i not enjoyed it but i REALLY enjoyed it..

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
a good laugh - short, simple and funny

wasdd 2014.03.29
This game was fun but a kind of short.

Abraxis 2014.03.22
This game is very funny, as well as very hot! Needs a sex bit at the end though. It has a great system o which I am sure other great games could be made

dgkesquire 2014.02.23
Gorgeous graphics. LOVE the humor in this one. Would have given it a 100 score if they had lingered longer on the last bit of nudity.

rider00 2014.02.14
good but it srucks some time

da388 2014.02.06
good structure, wish their would be more

Haseo365 2014.01.30
This game was funny when it first came out, I wish there was a second one.

BOGWAN 2014.01.11
Awesome game loved everything about it

kaladrumer 2014.01.01
Very nice concept and absolute fun........

reaper45 2013.12.27
So Funny And REALLY Sexy !

georgebuchov 2013.12.23
What a good game with a hot girl

63ted 2013.11.21
Good game play and what you feel like with some help lines.

JoMan248 2013.11.03
sexy game, hilarious plot. it just need more pussy action. maybe a SEQUEL!!!!!!

some_dude 2013.10.30
Oh, that was a funny one. I was laughing out loud.

troddios 2013.10.28
its easy, but it`s so funny....

bigbellend7 2013.10.21
Interesting game but needs to go a little further. Love the comedy lines to Morty.

MonaWolf 2013.10.18
very funny game should have been longer

Rivey 2013.10.17
Love this game, kinda reminds me of some computer services but with better customer service.

noogad 2013.09.20
Great game... girls are hot!!!! WOW

noogad 2013.09.13
Funny game. Needs to last longer

colhan3 2013.09.12
Liked the game. Very good design. Wished it lasted longer or had a sex scene

dcvoltman 2013.09.04
pretty good game...would have been better with some kind of sex scene......maybe for the next version

madmax68 2013.08.31
I stuck at first but it turns out to be okay. Really great game. One ofmy favs

Pauley909 2013.08.30
please make a game with her getting fucked

audioking 2013.08.25
love this game, the idea is actually pretty genius.

rames44a 2013.08.23
Very imaginative. I love the expressions on her face.

Larsie22 2013.08.13
funny game, but more options would have been nicer

Pauley909 2013.08.09
Best Game here ever please make more its the best

Uruz753 2013.08.07
Awesome there will be another one?

Pauley909 2013.07.27
best game on play force one who ever made this please make more i was laughing so hard excellent game! 100 stars!

SummoningDark 2013.07.22
Comical... just not very good.

steelfish 2013.07.20
Love the irony, sorta makes you wish that it could happen in real life sometimes.

ANPL1069 2013.07.19
Funny game. Needs to last longer

XxSirTazxX 2013.07.14
love the game wish there were more of it

LexiBoo 2013.07.13
That was hilarious and sexy. I was laughing the whole time!!!

pieface12 2013.07.08
Really great game, funny too. Love the woman, and I like how you can interact with the environment.

Sam2013 2013.07.02
One of my favouriites. If only all call centres were this good

Nickiy2 2013.06.29
funny game in i ever played

Ruffy091297 2013.06.20
this game is amazing, it always makes me though if someday something like that will be created and normaly used.

Yassineop 2013.06.17
Different then most, still love the way the game runs.

Bortan 2013.06.07
This was a awesome and funny game.

johndoole 2013.06.07
it`s very funny game,and very entertain...hahaha

shaggy629 2013.06.05
good quality , fun game to play

zaz87 2013.06.03
I love this game, wonderful, it`s realy funny, and it`s a genius the man who make a game like that

Mumboman 2013.06.02
Very good model, but I wish I could have used the banana more.

Deafprevet 2013.06.01
Good game and Lady look pretty and i laugh with Her look when she learn that that is nothing she can do.

GrimRipper 2013.05.28
LOL This game is soooooooooooooooooooo funny. I was laughing my ass off while playing!!! Congratz

pornlover623 2013.05.28
Loved this game...super gratifying

gman3 2013.05.23
love the game but hate that there is no hints in the game and hard to find click areas

pussyLOVER101 2013.05.18
i wish i really could fuck this chick

pussyLOVER101 2013.05.18
can you make a seaual to this game please?!

pussyLOVER101 2013.05.18

fuck me till i bleed 2013.05.17
reali nice game......wish i cud get online help ;ike that

ivansessin 2013.05.14
One of my favourites. I love the humor

Shukuyou 2013.05.12
Not excactly an erotic game, but very fun to play.

bbkenia 2013.05.11
great and nice game I wish I had a girl with that tipe of body

kohtet 2013.05.06
great game! very entertaining. Hope to see more of this kind of game!!

ahahaha0 2013.05.03
Really a good idea!! Had great fun :D

madmax68 2013.04.26
Loved the game, great to see something different

rowue 2013.04.23
Strange but interesting story - enough for the five minutes break

LickmeKissme101 2013.04.21
Grapic are perfect plus game is very funny

aubreybeardsley 2013.04.13
My fave game yet. Funny,smart and sexy. Will there be a sequel?

D20_Master 2013.04.08
funny and that bitch is pretty sexy

themoronic1 2013.04.05
LOL, I love the sarcasm over the so-called customer services

ajax90 2013.04.01
The banana stuff is awesome..the animations and the gameplay is good

Teine 2013.03.31
Cute little game, always fun to play once in awhile to pass the time. Great sense of humour the developer has.

Grizzly321 2013.03.28
Funny game one of my faves got to love the internet lol
Give this game a 10 out of 10

cool_sandeepp 2013.03.23
nice game.... it was fun and very easy to play........

imiko 2013.03.15
After all the games on this site, this is still one of my favorites

Subripper 2013.03.12
I can`t find a site for "Moses" to see if there are any more games of this superb calibre.

Imskel 2013.03.10
Great game found it a while back glad its here really fun and don`t you wish sometimes you could do this to some of them so called support staff when you have a problem.

zarathos 2013.03.09
Now that was actually really funny.

SellyGomez 2013.03.05
I so wish this could happen in real life too :3

bigtits77 2013.03.03
Hilarious game! I wish there was more stuff to do and damn I never knew how hot a fake person could be.

geertjan45 2013.02.27
i wish i can do this in real life lol

bigbellend7 2013.02.22
A different concept for a game. It could almost be real. A great idea for an online help system. This game would lend itself to a number of different endings

bbw lesbian woman 2013.02.17
girls who had fb acc tybe it for me

stanleeleon 2013.02.16
It was very funny but there could be more to do.

ashleymassey59 2013.02.15
wow i havent seen this game in ages still funny and good and the graphics are still the best

kpjr278 2013.02.09
This has to be one of the funniest games I have played.

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.09
This game is hallarious. I"ve never seen one anything like it. :0)

n00bporno45 2013.02.04
The crap did i just play wierd but hilarious

vampireking 2013.02.04
It was very funny but there could be more to do.

chicann7 2013.02.03
Hilarious! This is great!

KyleRayner 2013.01.28
very hilarious; great game

VeNNoM 2013.01.27
Hahaq Great game very entertaining

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Boored game , lost interest quick.

dgkesquire 2013.01.18
Sexy and funny...a definite winner

sweettea 2013.01.17
haha, short game. but very funny storyline. enjoyed playing

pein82 2013.01.13
this game is so cool and funny.....i really love the ending part!!

chipscotty22 2013.01.12
this is a great game. kind of short though

derek96 2013.01.12
what an exciting game.wish it could happen in real life

joebobjones 2013.01.06
simply the best game on here

RFPJMAIL 2013.01.06
This was a fun game. It was easy to play and as sexy.

budmctoken 2013.01.04
great game besides the loading

germang19981 2013.01.01
funny game and funny ending

Docklander 2012.12.27
Cute and quite a different approach with some clever humour, thanks

OW91 2012.12.27
awesome game ! very funny !

Yoshi_w1 2012.12.24
haha enjoyed this game quite a bit, funny storyline.

fubar108 2012.12.23
Lots of fun. I`d like to see more games, using this programing and graphics.

paintlinig 2012.12.22
great game and very funny lol

yoshi92 2012.12.15
i really enjoyed this game it was fun and entertaining and i would definately play it again

busu34 2012.12.15
It was funny, could have used a little more in the sex department and maybe a little more graphic with penetration.

dgkesquire 2012.12.13
Never stops being funny. Just wish it had more erotic content and longer full nudity.

Sevensyn007 2012.11.24
try wahzoo u ll love their srevice :)

ionutionut 2012.11.22
wtf...i like this game its awesome

sexyback2068 2012.11.10
This game is hilarious! Love the fuzzy kittens ad

Hexyl_K 2012.11.07
It was simple to use. It had great graphics. It was funny as hell! Especially that bit with the banana.

Blesshand 2012.11.07
I stuck at first but it turns out to be okay. Really nice game. One of the all time favorites.

domebitch12 2012.11.07
Best Game EVER!! super funny and the banana is genuis super orginal

rafaelcosta 2012.11.06
very nice game, good graghtis

lordstriker01 2012.11.05
Great game. Lots of fun.

f1rstt1mer 2012.11.03
enjoyable and very funny game. I actually got stuck at first until I figured out that the right icon woud be identified by a tone.

pankusy 2012.10.27
Funny game good graphic :)

postor 2012.10.24
loved this game! so amusing

marshhyboy 2012.10.23
Amazing games, Shame it cant happen in real life

dgkesquire 2012.10.22
I keep finding this game on several sites...and it keeps getting funnier, every single time I play it! Great graphics...but I would like to have more than a brief second of the telemarketer in full nude.

thinspiration 2012.10.21
LOL this game is hilarious!!! LOve it!!

tristenino13 2012.10.14
sexy ass game right i like it

sonni22 2012.10.13
lol haha that was the funniest game i had ever played

coolsingh786 2012.10.05
Best game for forced strip...... Love it :p

wezel87 2012.10.04
Very funny game! Simple but a lot of fun :)

Twister19 2012.10.03
so simple - so very funny lol

juicylucy89 2012.09.30
Great graphics and gameplay. Totally original game too.

ChicoF 2012.09.27
Ah, Ah! Such a funny little game with an original plot!

DaFool 2012.09.24
that HUUUUH at the beginning is just great this is an awesome game

Jokke1 2012.09.16
A really funny hot litle game :-)

Groxxx 2012.09.14
that WAS funny!! kekeke.. love it..

Lacey23 2012.09.10
it was basic but very funny

Karvakamu 2012.09.09
Well it was nice game!!! I shurely liked it

rr272 2012.09.06
I love the game! It has sexy humor I wish more games had.

dtzroxx 2012.09.03
Well done, they need to make more like this one...

ruiverson 2012.09.02
I loved this game :) great graphincs and great girl :) funny and sexy

squeekyam 2012.08.31
this game is realy entertaining grafics are good too

hias 2012.08.28
lol - what a funny game! Will your site alsoturn out likethis?!? :-)

Rjpowner 2012.08.28
good gameplay imagine actually doing that in real life

Wallace99 2012.08.25
Funny and sexy, got me going the girl was sexy

babydoll69 2012.08.25
This game was quite enjoyable. I definitely was aroused by it. Very sexy woman.

Dipakk 2012.08.24
Lol!! Nice funny strip game:)

zr77z 2012.08.21
Lol fun game, could use a little more to it tho like maybe actual feel up or something i think a sequal is in order :)

Vrykolas2k 2012.08.20
Definately my favourite game so far! Great graphics and funny.

jpsacrey 2012.08.19
I love this game. Plus, the chick is hot!!!

randy06 2012.08.12
good game nedds more actoin like fucking her and all sex secenec like pussy and ase and all love to her

andywe 2012.08.11
Good game, but it would be better if you can have sex with the others women

bags 2012.08.10
really funny bring some more like this!

dsterteen97 2012.08.07
this is such a funny and awesome game

dudelebowski 2012.08.03
haha, short game good for a laugh or two.

samarkand66 2012.07.26
why does this not work in real life?

kitopshisubnida 2012.07.23
Graphics could use a little work but great game. A little short though

Tana 2012.07.21
Great Game but I think she gets taken away way too fast before the real fun begins ;)

spitfire93 2012.07.20
very funny game
i love it

Brian0704 2012.07.20
realy funny not erotic but something to rofl...

bingfan 2012.07.18
Love this little game, it`s hillarious!

sventhecoward 2012.07.18
Great little game.....wonderful for what it is, the humor is great....and she looks good....

mikemalone9 2012.07.17
I love this game and the girls large boobs. The graphics were good to

ynot 2012.07.17
fun game but very short. i think a Whazoo 2 needs to be created if it hasn`t already.

Wardog013 2012.07.15
game play graphic and animation were just amazing well done man

Just1SF 2012.07.13
Funny game. With better graphism it would be surrely one of the best game

xxxbunny 2012.07.07
that was very funny and entertaining

whitedradon613 2012.07.01
the controls are kind of blocky but it was fun if only in real life could do that to them

farkas 2012.06.30
Very nice and hot girl, but the story istoo easy and linear. I give 8/10 points.

fredastaire 2012.06.29
This game is really a lot of fun, being able to get perverze revenge against a customer service representative. In my IE 9 browser, there were a couple of times when the action didn`t advance correctly, but the glitches didn`t block completion of the game. The woman is very sexy, and even undressing her in a comic contextis moderately arousing. The sound effects were welcome, but they could have been expanded more to keep me more interested. The use of the bananas is quite amusing, especially the loud belch. I wish that there were several more opportunities to play uniquely clever games such as this one.

Killa00 2012.06.26
A very well crafted game with a big replay value.

Destracto 2012.06.20
really fun game, would be fun to do

Norp 2012.06.20
Absolutely hilarious, the humor makes the game

smurphy 2012.06.16
the game should have been longer but still enjoyed every bit of it

fucker564 2012.06.15
nice game but it`s short

valar51 2012.06.14
good game,excellent for a point and click game

chris_avril 2012.06.11
it wasn`t that great but was fun.

ozzie123 2012.06.08
funny game, but could get naughtier....

MadnessUK 2012.06.06
Quite funny and quite good. The humour really makes it!

Eduados 2012.06.06
a funny game and a funny end

God of Pron 2012.06.02
That was pretty interesting. Especially the bananas)

WantsToPlay 2012.05.26
Good Laugh and easy to play

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

redd 2012.05.22
Please make the sequel FAST!

I`ll pay the Whazoo whatever it takes me.

Great game!

bahamut86 2012.05.21
Very funny and cool game! Very good grafic!

bossman325 2012.05.16
This was actually really funny. And pretty hot too.

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.16
its a good game kinda funny

roni@cox 2012.05.13
Haha, it was a funny game, not as kinky as what I thought with the title. Cheers to you!

adejean12211221 2012.05.07
ha she looses her panties in the end

freddie74 2012.05.05
Ha, ha, ha, nice ending, excelent game

dtztrixx 2012.04.24
What a cool game. I loved it so much I put it in my top ten nine times.

kinkystuff 2012.04.22
the game should have been longer but still enjoyed every bit of it

loveisfunn 2012.04.21
made me laugh like hell i like it

notnafire2 2012.04.12
the grapsh and the history make it in my opinion one of the betters force one games

greybadger40 2012.04.11
great game loved it more like this please

0wler 2012.04.09
Love this game! got me so horny ;)

macegunray 2012.04.06
Really funny game, a little jittery

MrSpecial 2012.04.06
haha so funny, very great game, i love it

jinzo3199 2012.04.05
its a good game kinda funny

Hotness19 2012.03.25
the techniquan be your quide on the help you will need

John G 2012.03.24
Would really like to see a sequel to this one.

Moondragon77 2012.03.21
Took me several tries and a couple of hours to get all the way through past freezes, but after reading the other reviews, I kept trying. I am so glad I did! I can`t remember the last time I laughed that hard! Priceless! I agree with the others, make more!!

stub24 2012.03.20
Still has to be one of the best games on here. Such a shame that no second game has been made of this.

zero k22 2012.03.20
nice boobs and funny ending

MrBond 2012.03.20
What a great game, funny , sexy, well designed.

vaxhacker 2012.03.17
Extreme silliness. Actually makes it softcore.

Pyro100 2012.03.13
A very good game and the end is funny

glukos37 2012.03.13
Just too funny. Too bad all customer service isn`t like this!

Dansama92 2012.03.09
This game is awesome too bad there aren`t more like it. Only thing that could have been better was actual sex in the game

WolfXII 2012.03.08
great game really funny need more games like it

Dansama92 2012.03.07
This game was hilarious and I wish there were more like it

John G 2012.03.05
Just too funny. Too bad all customer service isn`t like this!

Solren12 2012.02.28
This game is funny and sexy.

John G 2012.02.28
Great way to raise ones spirits on a cold morning.

John G 2012.02.27
Totally hilarious. Great stress reliever.

seffrons 2012.02.26
If that were the way it really was.

slitplayer 2012.02.25
Good and funny game love the expression of girl in distress

1955wayne 2012.02.24
i loved the way the girl helping looks

Piticu 2012.02.24
this is a really funny game

DDupont 2012.02.23
nice game, funny and exciting

mrbluenova 2012.02.23
very funny! well thought-out storyline! when will there be a sequel?

John G 2012.02.23
Hilarious game. Even got my wife to giggle at it.

trias 2012.02.21
it`s really funny cool game.good geaphics

sexysexy101 2012.02.20
this is one of the best games on here, there should be more games like this.

sexysexy101 2012.02.18
the game was great and really interesting.

mtguy34 2012.02.18
I liked that game good graphics

dnicolas2 2012.02.15
haha such a funny game, great sense of humor, please continue making the next parts

conner99x 2012.02.13
This was mildly entertaining, I appreciate the sense of humor.

klf 2012.02.13
awesome! still laughing, need part two

impruneta 2012.02.12
the best game ever played! Please add more like this!

metallica#1 2012.02.10
what are you supposed to do after she yells at morty?

Spinnaker 2012.02.08
funniest game ever played so far...

murdo_mac 2012.02.07
They should make this into a series, took a whie to load though

CoMIYC69 2012.02.05
Funniest game ever...the 3D MODELING IS SPECTACULAR...can`t wait to see more of this one!

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice little game, this one is really funny.

Ryoxxx 2012.01.31
A good game with good animation!

adam111 2012.01.30
simple to play, but a very funny concept

Matt91 2012.01.26
definitely the funnier I played :D
too easy :/

dangtx92 2012.01.26
This games graphics are fine cant fault the game atall

thestudsbro 2012.01.26
amazing game!!!! but how to get her panties out?

lkjhgf911 2012.01.25
Game was good but better grapics and maybe another girl would have been amazing.

Wyatt 2012.01.24
It was kinda funny, entertaining, neat idea. This would be fun if it was a little longer and more sexual, but it did get me started. try it out for sure!!!

John G 2012.01.21
Great Humorous way to kill a few moments when time is short.

John G 2012.01.20
Too bad customer service isn`t really like this.

Hornygirl23 2012.01.16
Very very entertaining and really funny

betelgeuse49 2012.01.15
Great little game. fantastic humour and the expressions on the girl`s face are priceless. If you get stuck for what to do, make sure you press the acknowledge sign below the text area if it is there, make sure you mouse around everywhere and spot when the pointer changes to the hand to pick up the next hotspot to click.

electro*** 2012.01.15

Larry Joe Bob Jr II 2012.01.14
I love this game it`s funny along with arrousing. could be longer but i`m not complaining...

popo003 2012.01.14
Dam good game. But cant fuck that girl at last!

athom1100 2012.01.14
Awesome game, funny girl. banana lol!

snakeman 2012.01.13
awesome game. froze on me alot of times but other than that great game

vanzjr 2012.01.13
hot game :D
i love the girl
she got nice boobs :D

imthemaster 2012.01.13
I loved this game! Fun, hot, it was great!

athom1100 2012.01.11
Awesome game. Very hot girl.

zefol 2012.01.10
it is a very hot and easy game. i recommended it

Guillaume 2012.01.06
It`s a fun game, great way to pass the time. plus she`s pretty sexy!

mafsuas-3 2012.01.04
Short, but very funny. I like it.

mikicostanza 2011.12.30
amazing game i love to strip this girl

brit_man33 2011.12.30
That is the funniest game ever...Totally love it, will play again.

kremey 2011.12.25
Hilarious!!! If all tech support were like this then we would all want to call up these help services...

qrraass 2011.12.23
Pretty and funny game :) i would like to play such game more often

iluzky 2011.12.22
Awesome game, allways makes me leagh

snow01 2011.12.22
Awesome game as most LOP games. Girls looks good and story is fine.

jb31N 2011.12.21
Such a funny game, quite creative ha ha

xKxMxDx 2011.12.19
Hot, very creative too. good job

Buganda 2011.12.15
This game soo awesomme could play it over and over again. The graphic is great. I love sort of games like this!!

rockstar1026 2011.12.13
good game just loved it fill like playing over and over again

Lucretia 2011.12.12
Such a funny game, I LOED it! Will be playing it over and over agai

John G 2011.12.10
Really hilarious. Hope there`s some kind of sequel.

uglybeast1 2011.12.09
awesome game, can`t wait for the sequel. Always care for a revisit.

John G 2011.12.08
Still an hilarious precursor to the serious games.

BatFlight 2011.12.07
Very nice and funny. But no parallel options.

soswist 2011.12.06
As someone already noticed, it`s a bit too linear. Apart from that, very nice and funny.

natsubrand 2011.12.06
Love this game, really quirky

bigguy686 2011.12.05
fun funny and good graphics

george.b90 2011.12.05
this game is epic i wish it was real

steven0392 2011.12.04
id like that on my computer

KriegerIke 2011.12.04
haha i like this game, it is so epic :D

Raingod 2011.12.04
I like this game for those of you who got stuck use your other tools or click in other places. You shouls be able to finish this game. Very funny wish you could do more anohter game like this would be good.

tedibear1 2011.12.04
great game, great animation

subliminal_assassin 2011.12.04
Hahahhahaha this game is EPIC!! I have never seen anything like this, absolutely hilarious game

Dude07 2011.12.04
That was a funny game. A lot of interaction.

katalen 2011.12.03
best part after "logging on" : "ahhh?"

katalen 2011.12.03
this is a great game. needs 2nd part

jpsacrey 2011.12.03
Sexy tech rep. love this game.

forceman 2011.12.03
gal is great ; good graphis ; need second part

ambot101 2011.12.03
hahahah its so verry funny game

ksama 2011.12.02
Well that was mildly entertaining :P Interesting idea for a series if it wasn`t so linear.

xcoolplayz 2011.12.02
Excellent looking, great visuals as always!

Grukilo 2011.12.01
Wow!!! If only this game was reality. Two Thumbs Up!

JJ A 2011.12.01
Very nice funny games,i really appreciate it!!short but very simple and playable..

asueper3 2011.11.30
It`s very funny game, I loud a much time. I play once

la sportsman 2011.11.30
Sexy tech rep. love this game.

ryand 2011.11.29
good game but i stuck when pop up ie logo

vist 2011.11.29
Excellent game, everyone should try it

limitlesfury 2011.11.29
I love this game i hope yall make a part two

galio 2011.11.29
not very good. seems to be a joke. poor

CrimsonDown 2011.11.29
Had a few tough spots untill you figure out alll the options. Good quality game 80:)

fada 2011.11.29
very nice game, I like it

dylan5437 2011.11.29
omg that is a fantastic game
i bet i would like other games just like this one

molock_v 2011.11.28
Is a funny game but without options, only few minutes fun

jack12345 2011.11.28
That was a fun game, I certainly would like to be able to strip telemarketers.

Raiha24 2011.11.28
I like this game.. nice gameplay, and ver y funny.. and yeah the girl was really sexy...

brownkaty 2011.11.28
I`m stuck somewhere! to be precise, i don`t know what to do after she calls morty angrily! she does not respond to what ever I do! Someone help me

castilho 2011.11.27
fun game to play. would lovfe to see more of this kind of game

zeldon 2011.11.27
Haha, really great game, and so funny xD

sysrq123 2011.11.27
that was great, in a fnny way

crazie45 2011.11.27
I always get stuck right after she says morty

kursat 2011.11.27
if this was real i did this every day

Coponeinthenuts 2011.11.26
Excellent game, enjoyed the story and the sound effects.

Tydusss 2011.11.26
great game!!!!!!!!!! the end his funny

facebookorton 2011.11.25
HA HA HA! The best comedy game I ever played! The climax was hilarious!

molock_v 2011.11.25
this game is quite lineal, it has really few options.

andy_regresa 2011.11.24
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, awesome

Hornyme14 2011.11.24
ONEof my favorite game! =)) but i hope it has more action =))

hixzladiie232 2011.11.24

liverpool726 2011.11.24
so simple couldnt taake it seriously

nicoma 2011.11.23
i like this game it`s funny and i could play it again lol

Aeok 2011.11.23
very hot girl.. nice tits. i wanna meet her!

creature 2011.11.23
alot of fun always wanted to do that to some online LOL

lazy boy 2011.11.23
very funny games ... .

keeven 2011.11.23
verry nice..sexy girl.. and good idear

SuperSwordman01 2011.11.23
This is an interesting game

jonboy6 2011.11.22
Very funny and sexy at the same time. MAde the time go by quick.

blackworld90 2011.11.22
good so perfect picture i like that

kam0620 2011.11.22
I love this game i can play it over and over again

rb813 2011.11.22
I certainly liked the concept of it, but what I didn`t like was how linear it was. All of the tools basically did the same thing, but you could only select one of them at a time. Maybe it would`ve been more interesting if you could`ve selected any of them, but only one moved things forward. As it was, it might as well have just been a video, since the only participation you have is moving the mouse around until it turned into the pointer. It was still fun, it just could`ve been better.

112233q 2011.11.21
I`d prefer a little longer, maybe a sequel

Phreek 2011.11.21
interesting concept but I would like more to do

ratmeat 2011.11.20
Very Simple Game but very fun to play :) Nice

heers 2011.11.20
This game was so simply yet so fun, it would be great if there was a bit more you could do to her.

vonofthedawnX1 2011.11.20
haha really funny game. would suck to have happon in real life

Lolikuhrtd 2011.11.20
Mine keeps stopping when she yells at morty to get off his break and try to fix it.

Lolikuhrtd 2011.11.20
LOVED this game! Id love to see more strip games!

jayson2786 2011.11.20
really funny and really good

ceasar.123 2011.11.20
This is a great game. I really enjoyed it, and i hope more like it come soon

alan451 2011.11.20
i love how the interaction tools actually relate to other computer terms such as unzip :p

gamingtool 2011.11.20
Very funny and... strange. But still a great game.

username12345 2011.11.19
really good game with fun gameplay and sexy animations

moncerious 2011.11.19
loved this game, very hot avatar

Azurite 2011.11.19
more fun than hot but a great experience

camaro97 2011.11.19
Very funny! Great graphics

Dawn1 2011.11.19
saw one similar to this but this one far better, most girls will probably be offended, but it is funny

Vleergon 2011.11.18
Somethimes very confusing where to click, but it was a good game and I like the idea very much

zenginoglu 2011.11.18
This is great game... I like it very much...

mjc1130 2011.11.17
Really funny game, made me laugh

ctl1980 2011.11.17
Funny as hell...too bad it ended only with the girl being stripped....could use more of these kinda games

hickstorm 2011.11.17
haha hilariously fun. i want more like this

chowder0440 2011.11.17
would be a 10 if it were a little longer.

miyuf 2011.11.17
fany and fun game, she was hot, i really enjoyed it. i wanted to do more but i think this game can be improved:)

bigjeff1 2011.11.17
Very funny and lots of different things to do liked it a lot

Soliderity 2011.11.16
Hilarious game, lots of fun

waikapuboy 2011.11.16
i`m stuck on the load page

king joe 2011.11.16
funny and sexy a great combo

wycowby 2011.11.16
game kept freezing but seems funny

gfg0083 2011.11.15
I like this game, funny girl, no so hot, do.

justin_rhodes 2011.11.15
This game was funny. Not very sexy, but I had fun.

illa 2011.11.15
a funny game eseay to play

kronnos 2011.11.15
Fun to play and dcent graphics

John G 2011.11.15
Still a huge hoot to play. Looking forward to a sequel.

weezle 2011.11.15
finally a way to get back at these tellemarketers

vicious500 2011.11.14
Haha great game, i can play this all day

geppetto17 2011.11.14
lo! Sooooooooo funny! The girl is nerdy, but effing hot ;)

Megan Holmes 2011.11.13
Game is brilliant. Graphics are amazing, story line is average at best though :c

InNnI 2011.11.13
Clever game. Good mix of humour and sexiness.

Jhonnychan 2011.11.13
great game & i am waiting next episode.........

24AWSOMEDUDE 2011.11.12
It was very entertaining to do this to someone who just screwed you over.

Alkillholic 2011.11.12
Very fun game with excellent humor

johnnylush 2011.11.11
Good Humor..nice graphics.....ran through this twice because it was entertaining. Thumbs up.

maspencer 2011.11.11
Best Game ever. I love how she keeps yelling for Marty her tech support guy for help.

alexitah 2011.11.11
i always get stuck when i pull her earring and she calls out for morty

kuiop 2011.11.11
this game is so funny! xddd

troylee 2011.11.10
great game. very funny. i love it

bowsyr 2011.11.10
Fun to play and dcent graphics

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.09
very nice game enoyable to strip the girl

Ebo2 2011.11.09
Very funny game, want more of them :D

vx_wars 2011.11.09
like the game , the cursor should of change more to stand out when above an action area

josvos 2011.11.09
i really like this game, its fun and hot!! its really something different

speedy10 2011.11.09
one of my favorite games. actually the best because of the gameplay, the graphics and the animation

rjones115 2011.11.09
awesome games not hard at all recommended

mike69 2011.11.08
I hope one day to make this game a reality

Otterman 2011.11.07
I like it funny and beautiful game.

mortimerduke 2011.11.07
great game. very funny. i love it

Blackstone 2011.11.07
I love this game! I`ve played it several times, and even though I know what`s coming, the humor of the situation and the way the designers handle it keeps me coming back. The girl is beautiful, and the idea is quirky and fun. Great job!

Shishio 2011.11.07
I like this game, it`s funny and the girl is sexy. Wish there were more like this.

mick149 2011.11.07
this game is still as good as the first time!... :)

cobi_q 2011.11.07
fun game! haha never saw somthing like this, do they hate wahzoo?

Altivo 2011.11.06
An easy to play game, but very fun and entertaining. Hope to see more like it.

DaneWolf 2011.11.06
Never laughed so mutch. It was fun AND sexy. The graphics were okay. The music was fitting and the sound fx was awesome to.

SCOTTYDAWG 2011.11.06

JRib70 2011.11.05
Funny game, great graphics! Enjoyed it!

Ruller 2011.11.05
This game is great. It`s fun to play time to time

iza 2011.11.04
This is just so much fun that is definitely a favorite!

sugar4me 2011.11.04
really really funny! fuzzy kittens xDD

poopyburgers 2011.11.03
wow i like the graphics very cool

Geroes96 2011.11.02
very funny nice gameplay and good graphic

LostLord1992 2011.11.02
great game, really like how you do things in it

hallzy2011 2011.11.02
lol this game is quite funny i really enjoyed it good game

twistedsmile343 2011.11.02
the game was really awsome need more scenarios though.

spunge7 2011.11.02
Funny and Sexy, would like to be able to do more though

ruth1995 2011.11.02
I love this game! Graphics are brill!!!!!!!!!!

hocking3 2011.11.01
this makes me laugh evertime

DragomirR 2011.11.01
This game i like it the graphic is nice but the animation i think shoould be better

SexyFuckingWhore 2011.11.01
I love this game. It is so awesome. I am going to try to play this everyday. Oh, man! It is so good!! :)

smevil 2011.11.01
The game was nicely put together with quality graphics tasteful nudity and and a nice naughty joke

Artis 2011.11.01
Awesome game, very positive. A good idea. ..

eheyder 2011.10.31
That sexy girl is very very very awesome, she have big tits!!

eheyder 2011.10.31
Very sexy woman, i love her tits, more sex games with more sexy girls

kmoney44 2011.10.31
funny game. only way it would have been better is if she got into it at some point, and went with the flow.

Terax 2011.10.31
I think there should be a similar game for AOL, Windows, and Best Buy. :)

samarsavla 2011.10.31
this game is super funn i like it really very very much

armydude1992 2011.10.31
this game was definitely worth it. sexy and funny are two combinations that i love. hope to see more!

kilr159 2011.10.31
The game is funny and entertaining

Sensei0ne 2011.10.31
Hehe what a funny game. Nice graphic and nice idea lol

zxcvbnmqwertyuiop 2011.10.30
This game was very funny n hot, the banana part was hilarious

beezzeeb 2011.10.30
haha this game is the best!!!

orionwolf 2011.10.30
very cute game, made me chukle

TWG8 2011.10.30
god shes so hot i just want to fuck the shit out of her anyone else agree?

peersahab 2011.10.30
absolutely brilliant....
great sense of humor shown by the developers

benoitb11 2011.10.29
oufff very good game
fun to play , graphic very good

knoll 2011.10.29
funny and sexy, hope there will be a sequel.

jonygame 2011.10.29
is very easy and the girls is pretty

kydonuts 2011.10.28
love this game good interaction and simple

sah49 2011.10.28
hilarious.. so much fun HA

xDragoonx 2011.10.28
Decent game wish they gave more options .

Dt1526 2011.10.28
Nice game it made me laugh and it has good graphics.

Lightpino 2011.10.28
Awwh, I wish it had some more sex, not only a banana which we can`t see her pussy yet.

diamonddog 2011.10.27
a good game that made me laugh

Cswoope29 2011.10.27
this game is fun but they shuld make u put the bannana up her ass

q246810 2011.10.27
the story is funny as hell. definately one of the best games in the site

razvanm 2011.10.27
that was hot.. would like to see more games like this

Kinkyboy69 2011.10.26
Grea game!
Cant get enough, been playing it for years now...

reddevil07utd 2011.10.26
Nice game and very funny, would defo like to see more of these :)

glorf99 2011.10.26
It would have been fun to go farther, but not as funny.

Ops123 2011.10.26
that was "interesting" in a funny way but yet hot...

ottomobile92 2011.10.26
I have played this game before on other sites and I thoroughly enjoy it. Was grateful to find it here.

zozo123 2011.10.26
Great graphic and gameplay

kurle123 2011.10.26
Never seen like this before. Verry interesting but too short.

lshone501 2011.10.26
hilarious game and good graphics

s123 2011.10.26
very funny game, hopefully another one will be made

Lucretia 2011.10.26
Very funny game, will play it again!

whitedmn159 2011.10.26
This game was extremely funny and entertaining, I enjoyed it a whole bunch. =)

noname89 2011.10.25
a new concept of sex game, its amazing! very funny maybe with more choices to interact it should be a lot more fun

jman0222 2011.10.25
this game is funny simply and sexy a+

nicomaarcand 2011.10.23
i like this game it was funny

JackBower 2011.10.22
really hot wish there were more like this game

Bodysnatcher 2011.10.22
Have not laughed so hard in years very funny lol

ladypassion 2011.10.22
yeah!! it`s really funny game this site should hv the real one it would be nice!!

Bloody-Cherry 2011.10.22
This is a funny game! hahaha!! i couldn`t stop laughing!!! i love it! i love it! the graphic is a little good.... it`s a good idea using the internet as a game for this game.. wait... i quite didn`t get that.. but anyway, i`ll give the graphic a 7/10..... and the game, i`ll give it 8/10.. :D i`m making this as my favourite..

guy4949 2011.10.22
this is a really fun quick game

xRafiki1996x 2011.10.21
probably on of my favourites

electronz 2011.10.21
great game. need more like this, but with more action

charborlau 2011.10.21
The game is funny and entertaining, but the graphics was not very good

rexwantsex 2011.10.21
awesome girl lols what a stuped girl..
bt i like that fucking banana....

Arvynder 2011.10.21
LOL. Now that was pretty funny.

Redundant I know

johncoombes77 2011.10.21
such a funny game well worth a go

flash.90210 2011.10.20
Played this a million times but it stays good!!

sluggrj10 2011.10.20
Great game just wish there was more content with the girl, she was hot!

LeslieBond007 2011.10.20
Its little strange game, but good for a little "free time" :-)

AngelStorm747 2011.10.20
OMG, PLAY IT !!!!!!! If you need a GOOD uagh, just play it! ROFL

NightStalker73au 2011.10.19
awesome gameplay and graphics

iambobalex 2011.10.19
this is funny and sexy wierd XD

jony_be 2011.10.19
great game. needs a sequel :D

Noramil 2011.10.19
I laughed so hard when I played this! It was just to hilarious to fap to XD

Shadowzechoz 2011.10.18
Game-play is very simple but the chick is definitely cute and the storyline is more than amusing

eflon29 2011.10.17
best game ever i loved it so much

vefor23 2011.10.17
a funny game, got confuse where to click but got it now

John G 2011.10.17
Still the funniest game on the site!

arial1 2011.10.17
Funny game , liked the ending

czechger 2011.10.16
i really love this game

AlecQuarg 2011.10.16
Believable character (though extraordinary circumstances ;)) made this even better. Funny too.

outrage 2011.10.16
not bad, quite decent graphics, a bit difficult to find where to click howeevr

Yowhzie 2011.10.16
it was a funny game... graphics kinda outdated, easy gameplay, animation was good...

jidan 2011.10.15
absolutly fatastic. i must have played a hundred times.
u gotta make a series out of this one.

broadway57 2011.10.15
best game i have played on this website in a long time :)

jackinoffnow 2011.10.15
i absolutely love this game!

Tygafifty 2011.10.15
Definitely agree with kimmut. this game was hilarious.

kimmut 2011.10.14
Would definitely like to see more games like this. Very funny interaction.
great game! very entertaining. Hope to see more of this kind of game!!

kimmut 2011.10.14
i`m the first that play the game i think great as always

InsomAniac 2011.10.14
I can`t tell if this was made by a person who was frustrated with IT or fantasizing about them.

Paulyp1993 2011.10.14
This game makes me Lol Everytime i play it. It`s Soo Funny and Amazing :D

teju 2011.10.14
the graphics were amazing

rb1610 2011.10.14
I loved the game very fun and sexy, they should take a second to see what happened to the secretary: D

Ballan 2011.10.12
Stupendiosly sexy way of combining comedy and erotic elements of being the one to really strip the clothes of that frigid clerk and making her a total nymph! Keep it up! Looking forward to the sequels!!!!

spicysnectar69 2011.10.12
graphics where ok it could use more of a story to it :)

Aragog64 2011.10.12
Very funny. I like the sense of humor.

jehz 2011.10.11
stupid, and the whole forced thing is mildly offensive and not hot at all...kills what little humor is there

NovemberOSL 2011.10.11
Haha...Ok, that was very entertaining.
Funny and to the point :3

kiyuragood 2011.10.11
this game has always been great another version of it like updated with more things would make it that much better

kelley15 2011.10.10

SidAsrani 2011.10.10
hahaha!! nyce and funny. ending should be more interesting

t3gtman 2011.10.10
very Funny,great game! Need more like this!enjoyed it.

jcoelho67 2011.10.10
extremley funny keep up the good work

wessel 2011.10.09
awsome game really easy to play and good looking gaphics

kevinboyz1234 2011.10.09
good games.it is nice and easy to play.

heplay 2011.10.09
This game is really funny for me, is there other games like this?

kxtqf0 2011.10.08
Really like this game but it freezes sometimes

dent4l 2011.10.08
Finally something new. Very good idea, graphics are okay as well. Quite confusing in the beginning, though :D

kerkzoo 2011.10.08
Was a funny point and click game.

timmoe 2011.10.08
short one but surely a good one :>

Aluc 2011.10.08
very intersting and funny game. Was a pleasure to play

lita2extremeladder 2011.10.07
very caustic and fun. like it a lot. come out with a couple more like that

kyllerz 2011.10.07
cant continue the game kept hanging how sad the game looks interesting though

kyllerz 2011.10.07
please.. got stuck after removing the tie.. :(

huvuna 2011.10.07
Ha very funny. Great game. Love that it also comments on how crap internet companies are with their services.

dds123 2011.10.06
unique game
fun to play, techno story for intro is a great plot
the graphic is great too,


Ironman365 2011.10.06
Good graphics.
Game play good
Very funny

smoke32 2011.10.06
good easy to play funny ass game there needs to be more like this one

rockman 2011.10.06
funny game could be better nice graphics like it

bubblecake20 2011.10.06
good game, easy,and addicting

Voyagerinc 2011.10.05
lol, ist this funny. wish to become real

rlt6547 2011.10.04
very funny game. worth a tryy

Lord Hadj 2011.10.04
Anyone know if there are more like this one because it was bloody brilliant.

Iloveu1 2011.10.04
Not bad girl, great boobs, good animation, and funny.

ilduro 2011.10.04
Too bad you dont really get to strip her all the way and when you do the game ends, but it`s so f***ing hilarious I didn`t even mind one bit :)

misShae 2011.10.03
Very funny game. Good graphics too. My only problem was that sometimes it seemed to be lagging, so I got stuck on some parts since my "cursor" didn`t do anything.

somfawa 2011.10.03
I love this game.. wish you could really do this to some tech support reps

madmikenmolly 2011.10.03
Great game...humorous, but at the same time, sexy....I would have liked some more grabbing action though...those gorgeous tits are just waiting to be grabbed!

jameinherr 2011.10.03
second try brought some more fun. but i think i made it crash or something. will try again to see what i can do to this arrogant slut.

jameinherr 2011.10.03
cant play this one. tech problems? i dont understand this.

leecho42 2011.10.02
Nice gameplay, maybe the future will be like this

Angelwing 2011.10.02
Funny, but short game. Good for a laugh. All hail the power of the "interwebs"!

gideon2000jura 2011.10.02
funny stuff love morty realy funny

archange06 2011.10.02
Maybe the internet future will lead to that, just a dream... Very funny I just liked this one

Kiddblaze486 2011.10.02
I love this game it is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jpsacrey 2011.10.01
a good and very funny game, good idea and nice pics

inglow 2011.10.01
I had fun running through this one, but I would like to advance beyond or extended help if you will.

minimgf 2011.10.01
i need more like this. urgently.

Philip1980 2011.10.01
Haha, verry funny, shame you didn`t see the banana going in

dsmason22 2011.09.30
I love this game, I hope they make a similar one!

blackfox 2011.09.30
the graphics are very good but it is a very short game

Miladiou 2011.09.30
a good and very funny game, good idea and nice pics

mostlynormal 2011.09.29
really good funny and hot and the banana brings back memories ;)

dgkesquire 2011.09.29
Funny, nice graphics, decent animation...I enjoyed the virtual controls

Simon Hunt 2011.09.28
one of the funniest games I`ve played, wish creator would make more!

Highlife1366 2011.09.28
That was easy and funny but moved a bit slow. Not quite dirty enough to make it worth the time. Decent graphics.

Dauphyn 2011.09.27
I like this... funny and sexy... needs to have a sequel

Bruce_D 2011.09.26
funny game! just need to be a little bit longer

awt67 2011.09.26
love this game almost feel sorry for her

markusman99 2011.09.26
Pretty good game, though I wish you could do more with the banana.

CamoNinja26 2011.09.26
Great game but it was kind of short, if only that program was in real life

trainman 2011.09.25
love this game played it may ties still makes me lol

VijayC 2011.09.25
Well, that`s one way to get your own back on tech support...

Slipmeister 2011.09.25
nice game but no real variety

ballon4747 2011.09.25
Nice girl and the interesting game...I like this game.

jo67 2011.09.25
can we have more games like this

Pepsiboy 2011.09.24
Nice game. Can we have more games like this.

yotitan 2011.09.24
It was great finding ways to make her strip...try moving ur mouse all over the screen until you here a click...it will make the game alot easier

eshesh19 2011.09.24
lol... funny.. entertaining..

michoacano 2011.09.24
is the nice game i wan to play more the this games

frogzilla 2011.09.24
definately add a sequel or just make it longer

blaster274 2011.09.24
really good game, and the story was interesting

Nordfalke 2011.09.24
its mega funny and i want more^^

fuckyfuck 2011.09.23
This is a great game confusing a bit but great

NightStalker73au 2011.09.23
awesome animations, would love to see a sequel

herpaderpz 2011.09.23
It was fun to find ways to take of all her clothes.

twostepper48m 2011.09.23
that was a funny game wished it was longer and more involved

nlpcb 2011.09.23
I love this game, is very funny

dcjrwil 2011.09.23
One of the best Adult Games

rob2555 2011.09.23
This is a very amusing game.

ramlak 2011.09.23
i would like to have any online support like this from you.

thickcuala 2011.09.23
vere veree cool i like this game

darsan 2011.09.23
She is so sexy. How could we get more of her?

sexybitch564 2011.09.23
extremley funny keep up the good work

Adriananna 2011.09.22
Not a very good game overall, but it was funny. Can`t deny that.

shonb130 2011.09.22
not a very good game hoped for better

Kronus 2011.09.22
I actually love this game, its soo funny, and its quite sexy too ;)

james02 2011.09.22
Love d game... but its too short!!!!!
and may be we can have more games like this

Mikheas 2011.09.22
The graphics are great and the plot too, maybe a sequel where to have sex with her. A quite larger plot too. Cool one.

Wolf213 2011.09.22
Fun game, could have been longer.
The graphics were okay.

NightStalker73au 2011.09.22
A sequel where we get to fuck her would be awesome.

NightStalker73au 2011.09.22
One funny game, definitely a favorite.

Reyson 2011.09.21
no fucking (sex), but undressing the employer was very worth it, we just outsmarted websites who try to control us

vanir00 2011.09.21
This is truly a unique game. Excellent gameplay - very simplistic but very effective. A sequel would have been nice...

TBear9877 2011.09.21
I found that to be a very great game.

ruippo 2011.09.21
One of funniest games i`ve played

ianswns19 2011.09.21
Great game however it could have been a little longer or at least have a sequel

NightStalker73au 2011.09.21
awesome gameplay and graphics

DreamTim 2011.09.20
it`s a funny game. I like it.

NiceSarah 2011.09.20
haha, this game was kinda funny :P

jovi 2011.09.20
not in virtual , but sound is not good

ThaLlama 2011.09.20
pretty fun game only if it had actual options

mangaman1234 2011.09.20
Great game, wish it was longer.

jack977 2011.09.19
sexy and nice animation. Huge potential to grow with different storylines and interactions. post more like this!

KReight 2011.09.19
haha entertaining game, definitely worth playing

salman1010101 2011.09.19
funny game,
could have been more sexy, but good

Artibor 2011.09.19
A kind of a great game, so everything becomes interesting. .. And what`s next for her clothes. ..

vonquote 2011.09.19
Outstanding, love the banter. It seems to freeze quite a bit though.

kk77 2011.09.18
this game is one of the best oness lol

nellykayden 2011.09.18
Are there any other games made by the same person? The graphics are awesome on this game. More action would be preferred

nicolegrace 2011.09.18
this game is HOT and Sexy

devinrocket10 2011.09.18
this is a game you play when your mad its a great game and one of my favorites

djyadigg 2011.09.18
good funny game freezes a little but good game

Rugger 2011.09.18
Very fun game, I think I`ve played at least 10 times.

Quadralisk 2011.09.17
I loved that game, but it`s true : it`s really too short. Some other games like this one would be great

newjjman 2011.09.17
hehe what a game funny and fast

ajipungkasan 2011.09.17
funny game, is there other game like this one, i really enjoy play it

stef85 2011.09.17
Good game, funny and entertaining.

MikeGuardino 2011.09.17
This game is simple, fun, amusing and sexy!

agone33 2011.09.17
i love this game very nice :)

kekse1975 2011.09.17
Really good Game nice idea. Easy and sexy.

arthur101980 2011.09.16
enjoyable linear and quite amusing 7/10

kk13 2011.09.16
Fun game.Could be longer though.

pafren2010 2011.09.16
I LOVED this game. funny, easy and sexy.

alex270274 2011.09.15
Great game!!! One of my favorite only too bad that is too short :(

123pfone 2011.09.15
it`s a funny game but it keeps freezing up on me :(

Manisha 2011.09.15
love the graphics should of had more sexual interaction

Echo24 2011.09.15
This game was great! Graphics, story, everything!

max77 2011.09.15
that was awesome i did no expected that banana get finish betwen her tits

nenik 2011.09.14
Hhahahah made me laugh and enjoy the view :)

LightningFistAce 2011.09.14
ok game, too short could use some more action but it was good

a2zact 2011.09.14
game is gud....the idea is very innovative.....n girl is sexy....

deadsnake 2011.09.14
yeah I really enjoy this game

Schmalen 2011.09.13
I just love the idea of the game!! Great!!

PwnsGuitar 2011.09.13
Fantastic game. super sexy

pajamahammer 2011.09.13
absolutley hillarious, although lets not forget what we came here for..... the banana scene should be sans panties. still a great game

JokerJester 2011.09.13
Haha thats hot and funny.

dednik 2011.09.13
ha,ha, very funny i am thinking it is real

Decstarr 2011.09.13
one of the most entertaining games ever. more of that please. I laughed a lot playing it

junior3 2011.09.12
Very, very funny! I highly recommend it!

blackdeath92 2011.09.12
Very funny! Little more action would be appreciated.

amilama 2011.09.12
One of my favorites! Well done and very creative. Too funny!

natewind 2011.09.12
hated this game so stupid

lordofdeath 2011.09.12
amazing game and funny too

nvr4787 2011.09.12
Creative and pretty funny. The graphics were pretty good too. Solid game.

Guggit 2011.09.12
Man, I was pissing myself laughing. Well observed parody and one of the funniest things I`ve seen online this week. Smashing.

reegard 2011.09.12
The gameplay was great I really liked the idea of using cursors! That banana was awfully clever too

trickydicky718 2011.09.12
quite a weird game i hope it decides to load this millennium

Dick20 2011.09.12
hahaha.. it is one of the funniest games i have ever played.Remember the customer is always right!

Hellsracer 2011.09.11
i think this game should be in real lige as well as here it is very good game

player663 2011.09.11
Cool game, loved the gr8 graphics

Hotdaddy 2011.09.11
loved that one,gr8 graphics,funny gameplay

colher 2011.09.11
Very funny game!
The girl is awesome! Gameplay is very easy! A shame that it is too short, I could go for some pantieless sections!

1chocolate_dick 2011.09.11
this was a great game, maybe do a sequel?

jpsacrey 2011.09.11
the girl really very very sexy

Merlash 2011.09.10
Great game, but to short.

drubie4 2011.09.10
pretty easy, but fun, to short

steven1990 2011.09.10
Good game, relatively easy though

kujikumming 2011.09.10
Do whatever you want to a helpless sexy woman. we`ve all had this fantasy, funny take on it, very hot.

ODW8915 2011.09.10
I seem to be having the same freezing issue that others are having when it comes to panty removal, other than that, a nice fun little game

dandrik 2011.09.10
Was ok , very straight forward

rated 2011.09.09
This game is funny. If all help was like this perhaps my urge to yell at the screen would be less?

icefall 2011.09.09
hahahahaha! very great game :D

slytherin42 2011.09.09
simple but still quite sexy and funny

Eoline 2011.09.09
great game! very entertaining. Hope to see more of this kind of game!!

avirup94 2011.09.09
the girl really very very sexy

Hamed Khaz 2011.09.09
Loved the last part when her employer gets in on the action!!!

maverick23 2011.09.09
it`s a very nice game...and the model`s strip is very nice

GreyWolfIA 2011.09.09
very sexy game except that it freezes up once in a while wonder if being able to take her panties off would be too much ;)

dsbboo 2011.09.09
Seriously on the best games ever. The only bad part is it freezes every once and a while.

dsbboo 2011.09.09
It was a simple game and I liked it. But there were times the game froze for a little while.

lrdraptor 2011.09.09
Does this game freeze on anyone else right after you pull off her earring and she yells at Morty after he says he`s on his break?

ncsuluvr 2011.09.08
funny game but tad boring

Erickson11 2011.09.08
Hot and hilarious game. Added it to my favorites.

pxuser 2011.09.08
Best strip ever! I love it

lee11971 2011.09.08
nice game, but the customer should allow to do more on the chick

Roko95 2011.09.08
This was funny and sexy :D

messi10 2011.09.08
GOOD GAME but also a good game to good

57chevy 2011.09.08
i like the game but could not finish it cause it will not go past removing the ear rings

travestyAU 2011.09.08
This made me laugh, very sexy

dennyjc 2011.09.08
I really like this game. It is a lot of fun.

bloodd 2011.09.07
really fun game, good graphics

maxxx69 2011.09.07
very silly and funny game. nothing to do except clicking around.

Jaymz29 2011.09.07
Got to be one of the most fun and laid back games I`ve played

AmazonQueen 2011.09.07
Love this "game"... I SO wish there would be a follow up with her. Amazing that a game with so little sex can be so sexy and popular.

Daemonshadows 2011.09.07
they should make another game like this one. but with multiple women.

wazzaralla 2011.09.07
the idea of an interactive online help is wonderful
great game, very humourous and comical at the end

Melimelo 2011.09.07
Like others said : hilarious !
a very good one !

Revan-Ghost 2011.09.07
That was different, funny and creative, 9/10.

miller0811 2011.09.06
great game more games like this would be cool

wilseifert 2011.09.06
Great graphics... Interesting story line... banana was a good insert...

tholar 2011.09.06
Great game, we need more with this character.

benzilla 2011.09.06
just werent her day lolol

Muzzum 2011.09.06
HAHAHA hilarious and sexy, my favorite part was the banana. 10/10 for being creative, hilarious, sexy, and fun. :)

Kurtt 2011.09.06
Nice and funny interactive story! The models looked really nice as well. I wouldn`t mind seeing more of these.

John G 2011.09.06
I don`t care who you are . . . that`s funny.

Fat Freddy 2011.09.06
That was a nice twist. It was nice to see something a little different.

thexcpl 2011.09.06
Wow, Its a mad game, I highly liked the graphics and not to mention naked girl :P

GrimReaper309 2011.09.05
Good game. I liked the humor and the graphics were really nice. Too bad you didn`t get to see more of her with her panties off

malditoko 2011.09.05
Atleast you can call it a game seems to me pretty new a little.

mmsecure 2011.09.05
I`m Please crwekind of disappointed that I didn`t get to play with her with her panties off. Please create more games like this - the graphics were very good. More explicit, please!

rkpol 2011.09.05
Funny storyline! graphics are good, but too bad it wasn`t animated

rudolfalex 2011.09.05
I really love this game. Cool graphics, cool storyline.

Monkey8265 2011.09.05
great game more games like this would be good

MrV 2011.09.05
pretty good game, hope to see more like this... also would be better if there were more options.

mikewasauski 2011.09.05
I like the game, but i think is too short and too direct, i mean, there is no alternative, but still excelent

crisdenom 2011.09.05
great game! very entertaining. Hope to see more

jackandn 2011.09.05
these games can get irritating after a while ...... but still i play them

nedkoes 2011.09.05
i looove those graphics amake more pls :P

simon819 2011.09.05
i really love this game, great gameplay and story and good graphic 9/10

Zeused 2011.09.04
it keeps freezing so i cant play but it looks like a good game

zelda813204 2011.09.04
very cool i like the game hope u make more

JOHNRKO007 2011.09.04
that game was awesome, i wish there was tech support like that.

camged11 2011.09.04
i like this game i hope they make more like this

maishey82 2011.09.04
the graphics in this game are great

Ninjaben88 2011.09.04
Haha, this game is so funny! I love it!

ASAP 2011.09.04
This game is just amazing.

yoshi1118 2011.09.04
Very fun a little to short also very funny and a creative idea for a game.

raeme 2011.09.03
kept freezing couldnt finish it so its crap

skwiddz 2011.09.03
Great game.
Sexy, funny and overall entertaining.

burkt 2011.09.03
Interesting, funny and sexy, what else do you want

srusnak102 2011.09.03
Fun game. The graphics where nice, but the animation was a little spotty.

quesoboy88 2011.09.03
More games like this would be awesome! I laughed so hard at this and enjoyed removing every article.

2000918 2011.09.03
it keeps freezing when she yells morty

Karack 2011.09.03
I have played this game a number of times and never get tired of it.

maishey82 2011.09.03
What do you do when she asks you to buy something?

yaris 9867 2011.09.03
diferent game from others but very nice

ashnguyen011 2011.09.02
The graphics arnt very good in this game

fireflash 2011.09.02
Lol that was very hilarious i enjoyed it

---horn--- 2011.09.02
this was the best game
the banana was funny

joeblow1960 2011.09.02
Love this game. Sexy and funny.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
This is really nice and funny game, more like this.

tndge 2011.09.02
more like this would be amazing!

prosportsforums 2011.09.02
Great concept with nearly unlimited potential. Would definitely like to see a longer, more detailed, more expansive version, perhaps with numerous pitfalls that don`t always allow for the "happy ending." Wouldn`t be out of bounds to have a more X-rated version as an option either. Perhaps a few more tool options once the poor, unsuspecting girl is nude. Objects from her desk, whatever. Again, nearly limitless potential. Hope to see the next chapter soon.

frudge 2011.09.02
like this game but you have no choices in what you do, if you could it could be the best game here

MiniDestruct 2011.09.02
Great Game . Sweet Ending.. could do more of these games

dcsnoone 2011.09.02
great game, would have liked to have options to the game play. different scenarios

subseven 2011.09.01
haha well fun game, should be more of these kind of games

Big Dog 63 2011.09.01
Simple, but a lot of fun!

grvlohia 2011.09.01
Funny ending nothin could be better than that

grvlohia 2011.09.01
great idea of creator v really need more of them

darthktempus 2011.09.01
Through out the whole game I couldn`t stop laughing, though the girl didn`t have a beautiful face but her body just wow

keffer 2011.09.01
really funny, always laughing when i play it

bill1411 2011.09.01
I love this game. I laugh every time I play it.

bitvypr 2011.09.01
I`ve played this one before on other sites, but it still makes me giggle.

Zairious 2011.09.01
Funny, but I wish it had just a tad more action in it.

nyguy27 2011.08.31
pretty good game fun to play

Hobgoblin67 2011.08.31
funny as fuck!!,and the girl was pretty hot too

5word5aint 2011.08.31
funny game and mostly hot girl. Her face is kinda funky but she`s got nice tits

spamham 2011.08.31
this game is kinda hard but its good

blackburn5368 2011.08.31
very nice and very sexy funny game

l4rry2811 2011.08.31
great game i played it for ages best game on the site i recommend

marmaduke 2011.08.30
played it several times still enjoy

grt1994 2011.08.30
this is one o0f best games i ever seen

SecretJ 2011.08.30
The girl`s reactions are perfect

danilipe 2011.08.30
very cool game. too short though

Alex54 2011.08.30
great game and hot girl,too bad it`s so short

Ravenknight7 2011.08.30
Very Funny,would like to see more like this

sora1991 2011.08.30
game nya buagus bngetzzzz
saking kurang pnjang

gamer009 2011.08.30
haha, that was quite entertaining

Tharsos 2011.08.29
This is a great Game, I wish there was more from the same creator

Pringi 2011.08.29
Ah ah ah! Very funny and simple game!

TerrorKiller 2011.08.29
It`s a funny and sexy game.

mesutozil 2011.08.29
i love it simple and sexy its kinda funny how good it is

dragonpainter 2011.08.29
Very funny. Still amuses me after repeated playing.

Fly ForOne 2011.08.29
Suprized me that her own company got her out of her panties when I couldn`t.

Elric1623 2011.08.28
this is a very funny game but i couldnt get passed certain parts because it kept freezing on me. other then that i like it! ^_^

RedMarx1784 2011.08.28
amazing game! sexy and naughty!

jedidave 2011.08.28
Excellet game, fun and sexy.

benjak 2011.08.27
this game is simply fantastic

okeydoke 2011.08.27
This is awesome definately do more of these sort of games

evilous 2011.08.27
a funny game. hope to c more this games

kaden 2011.08.27
It may be old but its definetly one of the best here

suckmerealgood 2011.08.27
the game was funny aand so was the bit with the bananer

Lestan 2011.08.26
Excellent game, funny and hot

lesbogirl 2011.08.26
this is a great game for the office...really liked it!

lesbogirl 2011.08.26
the girl is really funny and hot! I really liked it!

Priam 2011.08.26
This was a good fun game.

poppa 2011.08.26
ahh this was great fun really a good help system although i feel sorry for her getting fired

thecorruptpriest 2011.08.26
omg this game was fun, after having to deal with "cutomer service reps." you can`t help but love this game

flakeydiver 2011.08.26
Ive always loved this game

NerdyBoy 2011.08.26
very entertaining :) worth a few minutes to play

ham511 2011.08.26
If only dealing with customer service was really like that.

anotherguy21 2011.08.25
i like the game its funny alright

pkripper37 2011.08.25
I enjoyed this game, I found it quite funny.

say12222 2011.08.25
I want to be that costumer

Sexy_slut 2011.08.25
fun! i wish all customer service are like that!

kokumoon 2011.08.25
Awesome and best game i`ve ever played. way wicked

astuttle46 2011.08.25
Fun game dont you wish that all customer service was like that!!!

korokosan 2011.08.24
funny game my server never looks like this

paddym 2011.08.24
Love this game, really quirky

fucking.you 2011.08.24
Short one But a Nice and Funny Game, Graphics Looked so Alive,I liked it Very Much.Wish it would br more longer

zeze12 2011.08.24
Great game..Wish it was longer and that you could play with the tech more.

MrBabu 2011.08.23
It`s a nice variation from the common games. A nice parody: it`s relieving laughing playing some sexy game:)

bmdarklord 2011.08.23
wow that was fun,,,,,,
ive gut a boner

Nick88 2011.08.23
perfect graphics thanks !

Packz 2011.08.22
It was one of the lamer games on the site =/

jpsacrey 2011.08.22
this game is funny and fun at the same time

tsael 2011.08.22
nice game i really like it

KR1996 2011.08.22
Fun game, you gotta love the banana.

Phoenix274 2011.08.22
loved it great game good graphics good story very funny

bigred1 2011.08.22
very funny game but it nice game to

JohnApple 2011.08.21
this game is funny and fun at the same time

baleine 2011.08.21
Oh, I love this game ! I`ve laughed so much ! What a cruel caricature of the paying web sites !

mee716 2011.08.21
this game is funny and fun at the same time

geogood 2011.08.21
nice game.good graphics and pretty entertaining

willisb_rad 2011.08.21
A really fun game, and the girl is really hot as well!

willisb_rad 2011.08.21
I thought this was a fun game. It`s easy, straightforward, and sexy at the same time.

bobodoh 2011.08.21
hahaha..what a funny game..it`s easy too...i bet everybody love this game..

maxamillion11 2011.08.21
this game was simple yet awesome and sexy

jakeman35 2011.08.20
hahah great games defs needs to be another

Mike03 2011.08.20
This was a funny game, but it lacked the sexual content associated with most of the games on this site.

ApolloWBC 2011.08.20
Ahhh i cant wait until they really invent that

Horunda 2011.08.19
One of the funniest game played :D
Sexy bitch and hilarious storyline, great!!!

realycrazydude 2011.08.19
I like the game but i think it drags on a bit. if only there was a shorter version.

evaplavalaguna 2011.08.19
This one is really good. I mean, graphics are amazing, the girl is hot and animations just stunning!

benmccallion1234 2011.08.19
very good game, good graphics and animation very good

Slimtastic 2011.08.18
Love this game, definately should be another.

amarekp 2011.08.18
Great fun, bat responnse is a little slowy

goldgriffon 2011.08.18
The ending is so hilarious, awesome game

Megaforce 2011.08.18
Pretty good game it could have been better if it didn`t freez

E.Incubus 2011.08.18
cool game .. but still little lame :)

vladimovil 2011.08.17
This is my favourite game in the site!!

Benji-79 2011.08.17
Great graphics and beautiful girl - but way to simple and short.

JBxxx 2011.08.17
Amazing game, best I ever played. :)

rk2k11 2011.08.16
haha lol that was amazing pls make more games like this amazing gameplay and everything

jonnyjinma 2011.08.16
graphics are good and content is funny but the "game" play is too linear

forthephins 2011.08.16
I still need more tech help!!!!!!

grumplo 2011.08.16
You start feeling sorry for her after a while xD

grumplo 2011.08.16
A funny, alright little game. :P

John G 2011.08.16
Always amusing to fantasize that this could really happen in the future.

Berserko 2011.08.16
The art overall could have been better, but it was a fun game and had pretty decent humor to it too. It froze on me a couple times however, forcing me to annoyingly start the game over.

macee 2011.08.16
this game should have a little more to do but graphics were nice

Yurotas 2011.08.16
Good, but not enough action.

cas26 2011.08.15
graphics and animation are great , the game is fun dont you just wish they all did that

Busterncleo 2011.08.15
It`s ok but not much action

ahmednajeeb 2011.08.15
a funny and sexy game.....good graphics and good expression of the girl

daplaya069 2011.08.15
graphics and animation are made very well but gameplay is too simple.
There should have been more options. still good game.

anNOEnymous 2011.08.15
it was funny and good game, nice one

abaza 2011.08.15
Very entertaining game. Multiple choice games are the best. Waiting for more like this game.

gpgt003 2011.08.15
love this game, was fun to play. love the banana

Arkaide 2011.08.15
xD that was a nice one. wazoo!. well made with great sarcasm for flavor. the babe was the cherry on the icing.

tomken 2011.08.14
overall.... good game N very erotic !!!

Aren 2011.08.14
Fun little parodi! Simplisic but enjoyable

haaspockets 2011.08.14
great game if only it could be longer

xamander 2011.08.14
Fun game, but it ended too soon. should have seen where that banana was going.

Jonlee 2011.08.14
amazing, very hot and funny

htowngul 2011.08.13
Its a fun game but the quality could have been better

23416 2011.08.13
This was a hilarious game. The animations were somewhat 1990`s though.


Seriously though, I like this game and would like to see more like this.

Ashley1992 2011.08.12
Hot, sexy and very funny!!! I love this game, in fact, I may find myself in need of her online help again!!! lol ;)

GetKevinShea 2011.08.12
Something about this being hilarious and clever makes it sexier, too. More games in this vein would be appreciated--simple but good.

lam_chops 2011.08.12
This game was very funny especially when the guy would not help her! very entertaining

mbig 2011.08.11
Great game..Wish it was longer and that you could play with the tech more..Like grab her

tomtom1121 2011.08.11
This is the best game every. So funny and awesome plot. The girl is so sexy.

Dude23 2011.08.11
Great game not to long or hard

AvengingDemon 2011.08.11
LOLOL Just a totally funny game, really interesting concept! Shame that we don`t get to have any action with the girl! :P

stonecold 2011.08.10
very sexy and funny game could be mor action though

lightfingers 2011.08.10
I wish more games were like this. A lot of fun

dark4wolf 2011.08.10
haha....wish real online help was like that!!!

venkman 2011.08.10
I think the best way to discribe this is wow it`s not good and it`s bad just wow...

cuscus 2011.08.10
very funny and sexy but it could use more actions

luvstotease 2011.08.09
very funny game, would definitely hope there`s more of these

ck121 2011.08.09
I loves this game because it is sexy and got humor in it.. this is one of the great game i have played so far.

smokeyy69 2011.08.09
funny game was quite entertaining and well animated

sj99999 2011.08.09
Extremely funny.

Rather unique, too.

shitonyou 2011.08.09
took me forever to finish. soo sexy though

qwertyytrewq 2011.08.08
the end was funny, did not expect it

thalionmel 2011.08.08
to short but nice and funy

thalionmel 2011.08.08
nice and funy but too short

Greedz 2011.08.08
Very nice game, the graphics are decent, the gameplay is okay but there should be more nudity

bcg123483 2011.08.07
loved this game. wish there was a sequel!

Umbra Dio 2011.08.07
very good game great graphics would love to see more by these guys

timidou 2011.08.06
A different, but nice concept. The graphics are good, but i think they could be even better
Great game overall

Nottravis 2011.08.06
Looks promising but keeps freezing at the tie stage.....

Redfalcondud21 2011.08.06
the game is wickedly comical and nice graphics too

Gewoontje 2011.08.06
Nice game had a good laugh

boule4000 2011.08.06
It was nice graphics,easy to play,well done game.Should be good to have more different happy endings.

mars67 2011.08.06
Simply game but very funny.

icebruin 2011.08.06
Love the game, great graphics, sound, and fun fun fun fun. What a hotty

Schwalbe 2011.08.06
It`s very amusing, hope you get more of these. Most games are a bit serious.
And maybe one will hear more of Morty...

Kartarasha 2011.08.06
Heh, this game was comical...something a sex game usually can`t do. Dialogue was amusing...Wahzoo is awesome.

John G 2011.08.06
Still always amusing to play.

muper2 2011.08.06
this game is very funny

JohnC501 2011.08.05
game gets stuck for me when she yells MORTY

chefsegers 2011.08.05
Hilarious concept. Hott girl! Great Game! Keep it up

Hong Gil Dong 2011.08.05
I like this game and it`s really fun to play.!!!!

Megaforce 2011.08.05
i`m stuck in this game When she yells at Morty, it keeps freezing, Please help me.

chaneblade 2011.08.05
hahahaha, hella funny ass game, good graphics and great plot

salami69 2011.08.04
Nice idea but too short game.

bob_500000 2011.08.04
I love the look of the girl. I just wish that there was more you could do with her.

thedoob 2011.08.04
I like this one...I usually start off playing this game...The girl is super hot and its fun to undress her to see the nice body underneath!! Fun little play with good graphics!!!!

k22288 2011.08.04
Hilarious concept. Hott girl! Great Game! Keep it up

Renaud1 2011.08.03
A really fun game, and the girl is really hot as well!

Eniram 2011.08.03
LOL a very funny game great animation and a brilliant concept.

tunemusa 2011.08.03
Love the animation in this game and it was hilarious.

www.alex 2011.08.03
Definitely the funnies and the most original one of these games

Exsidous 2011.08.03
awesome game and great animations

Delpino 2011.08.03
I love this game! Such hot animation and funny scripts... We all have had problems with "Whazoo" ;D

minemovich 2011.08.02
it got stuck many times for me. I dunno if it was because my computer but other games do not get stuck.

spheric12 2011.08.02
funny, easy, good graphics... but not a lot to it. hope there`s a new one

Biessman 2011.08.02
This is so amazingly stupid in a funny way, that I cant quite find words for it

t0ady 2011.08.02
Great game... pity she had to go just when it got interesting

Alandre 2011.08.02
very funny storyline, also great girl

iop 2011.08.02
extremly funny and addicting

erzerz 2011.08.02
totally funny :D:D
I love this game

acartnoris 2011.08.01
as always, graphics were amazing! The story was hilarious!

therawberry 2011.08.01
i loved the storyline development, but ended too quickly

Atlas500 2011.08.01
Sexy girl, animation slightly choppy but overall no major complaints! :D Great job. Made me laugh too, which I did not expect.

M_vrhrn 2011.08.01
excellent ! Nothing to add really, except for a small hint to get the game started.

bdb696 2011.07.31
loved the game. especially ripping her clothes off

ngocphuc100570 2011.07.31
toi rat thich cac tro choi tren trang web nay boigi hinh anh cua no rat dep!

yoyoblack 2011.07.31
I loved the creative uses of the tools and how the girls was abandoned

tigerwoods 2011.07.31
this game is hilarious, it never gets old

Chrisc78 2011.07.31
funny and sexy game but the end much be better!!

dreampro 2011.07.31
this game is really terrific

tophatgrendel 2011.07.31
Game seems to freeze on me about halfway through. Anyone else have that problem?

Themrman 2011.07.31
The ending could`ve been better but I still liked it :P

Chalten 2011.07.31
Great and funny game. Very cathartic ;-)

asdfghyu 2011.07.30
very good gameplay and graphics!

chickenwire 2011.07.30
nice game great graphics

grutz 2011.07.30
Fantastic game. Loved forcing her to strip. Great graphics!

baleine 2011.07.30
I love this game ! Original, funny story with nice pictures.

dfish_44 2011.07.30
Awesome game, love the gameplay and graphics. Also like the storyline

shingo85 2011.07.30
haha, really entertaining game, id play it again for sure

bartinkopl 2011.07.29
Very nice game, professional work with it, my dick is hard now :D

davesweden 2011.07.29
A very funny and sexy game :) Been playing it many times.

Randyfck 2011.07.29
such a good game, it is funny but sexy too..... great game (:

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