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Find and Fuck Adele


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Midna 2017.11.18
was pretty rubbish, pictures are too small, but if you spend a bit of time with it you get to memorise where stuff is, then you get a crappy animation at the end. Would be great if the picture were bigger, but is crap currently.

Smoovtiger 2017.11.10
A good find it game. Chick is hot.

mhoffman213 2017.11.04
A short and easy game, the girl is hot though.

Sl1der 2017.10.07
wish it was full screen. otherwise a fun game

Organtoxic 2017.09.19
it has a good story and pictures , great

Bomber93 2017.08.07
really bad sex animation, game not original

Laelith 2017.07.28
Last animation is very, very bad

Tiodor 2017.07.03
Very short but a fair game, I like hidden pictures.

KitCarsen 2017.06.30
Not very time consuming and too small a picture.

Marreck 2017.06.14
After a few rounds finding all the items is pretty simple.


JoeMan 2017.05.05
Thank you was not hard at all

TMAMA 2017.05.04
seek, find and fuck! Seems like a good combination

Poisoned 2017.05.03
Fun game. But the screen is to small. I had to put on reading glasses to find the small items.

ChaseMe 2017.04.02
pretty cool game. love to beat the clock

StarRook 2017.03.26
Better resolution would be nice. Also not really hard. Could have more levels.

Raziel1911 2017.03.20
This game could be harder and have more levels

ianjames 2017.03.19
small picture makes it hard to find objects for those of us with poor eyesite

kemode 2017.03.09
REALLY difficult to see all the stuff...needs to be better rwesolution

salsa76 2017.02.11
took two attempts. you have better ones here

Vikram123 2017.02.04
A good game . requires good eyes

panga 2017.01.04
A bit difficult but in the end I succeeded.

robbie2801 2016.12.30
The game needs to be full screen. Very hard to see anything.

Corgath 2016.12.11
its ok. a little short though

b00kwyrm 2016.12.11
Very simple hidden object game. Only one girl. But she is sexy!

gimpopotomus 2016.11.18
Standard hidden object fare, would be nice if it had more levels/girls.

wiggy0369 2016.11.16
good game but way to short for me should be more girls and levels

alextrack10 2016.10.01
very quick.. but the girl is nice

shade-assula 2016.09.11
fun fro a very short time but it took me less that 40 secs to complete.

matt74656 2016.09.05
quick game bit of an eye test. but she`s sexy and the pics are hot nice little reward at the end

HugoS 2016.08.18
That one is too easy and over very quickly...

JapanSeven 2016.07.19
To a old game, its quite funny

sauron666 2016.06.22
Mediocre at best. The final animation is outright pathetic.

RoosterPV25 2016.06.09
short but fun game. the contrast in the picture makes it tough to find everything but the hints help

franckdc 2016.06.08
it` easy i have win the first time

MikeyH74 2016.05.23
Bit of a silly game and the mini game at the end is rather annoying.

crypticedge 2016.05.21
A start, hot girl meets find the object. Could use a bit more though

erock31 2016.05.15
really love the idea. the ending was great. mouse control was a bit off.

rckhrd69 2016.05.12
That was a quick game. Would have been better if it had different rounds but it was fun overall.

masodesmati 2016.04.08
I cannot believe she put the Crown in her bag right next to the body oil and dildo...

gjd4040 2016.04.02
Very short but a fair game, I like hidden pictures.

hman05 2016.03.20
just an ok game, could have more too it

pberke 2016.03.14
Forgettable game, nice babe.

leggey 2016.03.09
Graphics were way too small in a frame to see properly...

taken1337 2016.02.29
Should have a slightly bigger picture..

Fadekiller 2016.01.23
Basic find item game. Really short should have to find more than 12 or so items then game is done

swordslasher27 2015.12.30
I feel that it needed more content but I thought the end was rewarding

pussyeater1993 2015.12.07
again this game was too short, and while it was nice seeing her naked it body, I feel would have been better if it was animated

Expendable00 2015.12.03
not very interesting this game,

MajinSetoKaiba 2015.11.26
A short fairly easy game. Can be a little hard to see the objects. nice looking girl

adiiancu 2015.11.21
Cute game...you need good visual memory!

marco_mat 2015.11.20
very nice game it`s hard to find things

jjkb91 2015.11.19
Good for a short and simple game

romeokton 2015.10.07
Beated from the first time, i never knew that the seek games can be so funny.

soltero43 2015.10.05
I haven`t played this game in a long time and it`s still fun to play. Simple enough requests and good hand to eye coordination make this game a nice way to kill time.

kellykopoi 2015.10.04
was easy, but was not the great game, at least ending could have been lot better.

bleen89 2015.09.23
very easy game for training your vision. keep the vision in tone.

Erickcastillo1977 2015.09.22
it`s short and sexy game, but the some things are pretty hard to find

Zoro86 2015.09.18
She is a very hot girl, the game is not really simple but it`s funny. Look at her while searching items is hard, it could be a gallery at the end for enjoy her but at the end is a good game.

Ri73 2015.09.14
It`s pretty basic, but you can have som fun for a while

Mouws 2015.09.13
Pretty old but not too hard

rlc4luv 2015.09.03
I like it, but It would be a better game if it was a little longer and items a little bigger.

DESOUSA 2015.09.02
too hard to find objects, good quality pictures.

Fanatik79 2015.08.28
Game seen and reviewed with poor quality graphics

bluedevilcindy 2015.08.27
This game is simple, fun and sexy and I liked it.

hxxxsmoker 2015.08.26
OK, that was funny. Not much hot, but funny.

theskycraftian 2015.08.20
i wonder if that comment is going to be accepted.

Dogtoffee47 2015.08.19
nice concept and nice model

mediaboy81 2015.08.10
It was good, but could be better if 1) time is added for each item deposited in the purse, and 2) add more levels.

Shepherd1945 2015.08.03
Quite good. Still, if could viewing the pics after finishing the game would be awesome. It`s too fast during the game to enjoy the pics.

Songe 2015.08.03
Way too easy, and the pictures are low quality

Blaze74 2015.08.03
Fun game, I love the girl

Phil Anselmo 2015.07.27
You need a better ending for this game

Peanuts2563 2015.07.13
OK Game, could of used better graphics

xsin 2015.06.28
Small picture but it was a fun game

dpcooper704 2015.06.20
without hints it would be even more difficult

Gabron 2015.06.14
best game of logical , wow!!

TBear9877 2015.05.22
ok game needs bigger screen to better see items.

Wolfy40 2015.05.19
Nice little hidden object game. A little hard to see things but,not to difficult.

bladesmanlou 2015.05.16
Need to be bigger screen difficult to see the items

scuicidedager 2015.05.05
Boring Game, won`t play again

Anatik 2015.04.22
Too short, too easy, but she is great!

Zeblast 2015.03.24
Very simple game, but a nice girl to play

momxy 2015.03.24
A little too simple to play

MountainMan 2015.03.09
short and easy nice chick

asmasb 2015.02.28
bad game ever................on PF1

CaptCaveman 2015.02.15
This was a little hard couldn`t see most of the items

cooldude132 2015.02.09
Challenging but not very rewarding

yzeew 2015.02.06
nice when the game isn`t super difficult but when the game isn`t able to be beat instantly.

Hanger27 2015.02.01
hard to find the objects, nice girl

dlat1272 2015.01.25
a bit pointless if some objects are in plain view

waminator 2015.01.21
Not the brightest and challenging of games. The picture is very dim and its hard to see. Once you have located the items your practically set.

gwazz 2015.01.21
a very sexy lady hidden objects pretty easy to find

kazkum 2015.01.15
Nice, I really enjoy click and find games. Would love to see more levels, though the ending was nice.

Shuller 2015.01.10
The ending looked like a still photograph with two moving parts. The search and find concept was ingenious, however, the picture was hard to see.

pusshound 2014.12.26
The girl is hot, but these games are sometimes very difficult with lower quality graphics. Worth playing.

reaper35 2014.12.26
Nice game, hot girl, picture could have been bigger.

Voidkom 2014.12.20
I like these kind of games, however with this one the difficulty lies in the low quality of the picture and not being able to identify the objects very well rather than finding them quickly.

ajbuggs73 2014.12.10
Very nice puzzle type game, maybe a larger picture and some other levels might improve it

RichBCGuy 2014.11.27
The pictures are better than the ending. It was a good laugh though

Doodie 2014.11.26
It was okay, but the ending was not really worth it!

townboy94 2014.11.26
Nice twist on a classic hidden treasure game. I liked it and I usually don`t like hidden treasure games.

wonderboy001 2014.11.11
Not to bad fairly easy to complete but the girl is hot.

mad_dog_be 2014.11.08
little to easy, and short

paoseland 2014.11.08
needs to be a bigger screen with more girls and levels, though the money shot at the end was nice.

dICK ME CUNT 2014.10.17

Iva_bigun_12 2014.10.16
beautiful woman, even though the game is fairly easy

Magic Knight 2014.10.09
Great game but a little bit short.

pieffepi 2014.10.05
Honestly, very basic and repetitive

wezel87 2014.09.28
To easy..
One of the worst if you ask me!

INT3RACT0R 2014.09.25
Game was too easy, it should have rearranged the objects each time you played it to make it harder to find. Graphics and images are OK.

Zottel 2014.09.22
one of the worst games I`ve ever played!

jaimz 2014.08.31
I enjoyed the hidden object aspect, but the ending was rather anticlimactic.

jeremylemings 2014.08.31
fun game, some of the objects blend in a little too well in my opinion. 7/10

geohowler 2014.08.30
interesting game makes u thinl

imppub 2014.08.24
Adult take on where`s waldo

xxRyanxx 2014.08.20
You are so busy finding the objects that you don`t have the time to look at the beautiful girl stripping

judittak1 2014.08.18
interesting idea, funny to play

stoad69 2014.08.04
Challenging game but worth it in the end.

The Beast Man 2014.07.18
took me a while to find everything, too much graphics on the screen

BlackSteel 2014.07.17
She is hot. Need different girls or another room

aqasa 2014.07.04
graphics looks almost real, need more games like this , Thumbs up

sexycrystal1980 2014.06.24
that was great game very awesome

iamnoob11 2014.06.12
This game was just a bit too short, overall graphics were not that bad.

Demonzora 2014.06.10
ok game alittle difficult but doabloe

kukubesi 2014.06.10
good game. real girl but the picture to small. i can`t find ice cream

WesReck 2014.06.10
The hint feature helps a lot.

MercenaryD 2014.05.27
Unexpected sex at the end of the game)

braizencry 2014.05.15
relatively easy game with a relatively small reward

simson122 2014.05.12
damn , im stucked at the first stage, is every round same? i need answers

gapesix 2014.05.07
quick game, but nice
pictures are fine

zappo06 2014.05.03
great game but a little bit short

ziko2510 2014.04.24
bad game very low rating game ..

katiesmiling 2014.04.17
Very fun and easy game... wish there were more stages then the one.

mackput 2014.04.07
nice game but little longer would enjoy

w1drng22 2014.04.05
Nice quick and easy. Thanks.

Jabob 2014.04.04
Nice! Good for keenness :)

CrySeeker 2014.04.02
Oh god, I find hatefull these games xD

faron1 2014.03.29
nice game but a little bit short

johniebaby 2014.03.26
great girl, game could be a bit better

Mr_Untouchable 2014.03.14
Nice game with a hot girl but it should be longer

r.kumar 2014.03.09
game should be a bit more lengthy and hard

slavianodin 2014.02.23
too easy game but hot chic

Gogs 2014.02.18
Yeah nice game,bit easy though.

Surfershark 2014.01.22
This game lacks a challenge as all the items are pretty easy to find, nice game if you are looking for something quick to play.

wizardking228 2014.01.08
Better than "Where`s Waldo" by miles. Could still have been better with more options, though. ;)

Galyenko 2014.01.08
Nice pics but way to easy and short

bone13daddy 2014.01.04
fun game but could be better

marcellusi7 2013.12.29
nice pics, too short imo, could be more intense

croner 2013.12.26
cute but too short game

georgebuchov 2013.12.22
Fairly easy game
Nonetheless fun

Vendavel 2013.12.19
hot pics; too bad it`s a bit easy and short

gamer9 2013.12.11
Way to easy... nice pics though

clan 2013.11.28
Some of them is hard to find it but after 3-4 try it is easy and simple

lucky313131 2013.11.26
Not much of a reward when many of the objects are trick-finds...

ramarra 2013.11.25
bit too easy to play, pictures were alright though

Master Bill 2013.11.08
Not too bad maybe biger pic to see everything needed to find lol

KyleJ94 2013.10.30
little bit short and easy

studi_jungfrau 2013.10.19
hot girls and its quote fun, because of the time limit.
but it is still a very simple game

herbert69 2013.10.17
great game and animation

hfdgdgf 2013.10.16
this is a very hot game and i rlly love it

boomdyatta 2013.10.14
very hot but a little unusual

deathproof 2013.10.09
Good Game. It was easy and short though. however the sex could have been a little more realistic

sharmajack79 2013.10.02
hide and seek is fun, but that mouse shaking mini game at the end is a little annoying.

dio92105 2013.09.20
easy when you know where 2 look

nmraber 2013.09.19
great concept id like to see more of these

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

KellyDunn 2013.09.15
fun game, but some of the items are harder to find, eg sunglasses

Tommiiee94 2013.09.10
This game was quite easy, nothing was hidden that well.

drksmg 2013.09.10
Very good game, excelent graphics

feierabend 2013.09.07
was it just me or on the cum scene the mouse had to be moved left/right and not up/down?
Using a trackball here, anyway

F0SM 2013.09.03
nice lady, but the screen is way to small to make the game itself enjoyable

dracide 2013.08.25
Interesting, but should be more interactive.

tommo1966 2013.08.23
very good game. I love this sort of thing

lantern 2013.08.21
Challenging but not very rewarding

kapilguj 2013.08.20
nice game would have been better with more time and larger game screen

dr.pangloss 2013.08.20
Damn, I wish this was a little longer. Then it would have been perfect.

Chipking 2013.08.09
game needs to have a interactive porn star not a picture.

ilham90 2013.08.07
nice one,,but the game is too short..

get some 2013.08.05
nice game but needs a better ending.

burhan5253 2013.07.31
help me.... i am stuck in this game

burhan5253 2013.07.31
good game.....had a nice pleasure

BamCogan 2013.07.31
lol.... i can`t find anything at this game

M.Aurelius 2013.07.29
This game is very easy, but a lot of fun. I don`t understand why there isn`t a gallery and what the point of the last "fuck" scene is.

irk2 2013.07.22
Very funny but too short...

hornin 2013.07.17
the game was fun but a little to easy

Sineater 2013.07.03
Well the game is a bit to easy. No new objects the second time you play it either...

Mesmeriser 2013.07.01
I concur with other users that videos would have made this game even better (or at least, animations). However, the game is more challenging than others of its age, so bonus points for that.

sk1761 2013.07.01
I thought this game was very boring.

Sam2013 2013.06.28
Ok but too busy looking for the items to appreciate the girl

somedude0 2013.06.27
The gameplay is rather unintriguing and simplistic. At minimum, you`d expect the items to be scattered randomly. Oh well.

network22 2013.06.25
Very easy game and the graphics aren`t that great. She`s not a real beauty either.

Ig 2013.06.22
not bad, but you cant see her much when you looking for hidden objects

Quill 2013.06.16
sexy version of "where is walter". Cool :)

dennyjc 2013.06.11
It`s okay , but maybe a more positions would be nice.

Jazzer 2013.06.08
the game`s okay..but i would be nice different girls

Pauley909 2013.06.06
awesome game vadimgod keep it up always will be your fan

63ted 2013.05.31
Quick game just hunt and pick.

unforgiven69 2013.05.29
a good point and click game, the timer keeps you on your toes, pity there is no options for a photo album.

zyx4321a 2013.05.27
Good game, takes a while to find everything

droopy1988 2013.05.27
awesome game some objects hard to find. love adele

Grorm 2013.05.23
The game is pretty bnoring, although the model is quite nice! Would like to see more of her

KJones 2013.05.22
decent game but too easy and short

LoganW 2013.05.19
Easy game.. But so great...

rave1988 2013.05.15
I love the girl but i want it to be more interactive rather tan find and click, of course its worthwide just so see the pics

ghostterds 2013.05.08
Good Game. It was easy and short though.

Kadercore 2013.05.02
nice game,think I`ve seen the model before

sammyd89 2013.04.26
the part where the sex happens could be made more real..

adr1964 2013.04.26
Very problematic to find items.

Noeil 2013.04.23
Jeu simple et facile apres quelques tentatives

gwazz 2013.04.16
beautiful girl but you need good eyesite to find items

neonx 2013.04.11
not bad, but you cant see her much when you looking for hidden objects

e-monk 2013.04.10
some objects are hard to find, nice girl...

farkas 2013.04.04
Beautiful girl but very easy game.

bestia99rom 2013.03.24
Nice game but not very creative in my opinion

azuza 2013.03.23
Timed games should always have a gallery. This did not and was boring.

Sradsix 2013.03.20
Good looking game but too easy and short

imiko 2013.03.19
Very short, very easy, not worth the ending

RowdyRod 2013.03.16
Haha... love someones comment about Where`s Waldo! nice one! it`s great to play these old ones and see how far the new ones have come.

Beaver666 2013.03.15
sun glasses difficult to find

Paul239 2013.03.14
It`s an okay game, but maybe a longer time is nice, still good though.

bignate83 2013.03.09
Adele is hot but could use more choices of women and but overall its a good game with good graphics

simodido 2013.03.03
well be good to have more girls in this game

49fp 2013.02.28
Girl makes you want to complete game and gets your attention.

jrjr567 2013.02.18
wow that was lame, nohing to it

Elerias 2013.02.17
very very nice game. adele is hawt

akmagicfingers 2013.02.16
Had more fun looking through a where`s Waldo book.

Duke63 2013.02.16
Liked the game OK, would like to have a few more levels.

eric johnson 2013.02.12
could be more interesting with many levels

gaford 2013.02.10
Great model, search area is small and crowded making it very difficult to identify items.

soulkiss 2013.01.31
this is a fun fast paced game, two thing would make it more enjoyable, a photo album to see he pics after completeion and a large screen is a must cuz some its blend to well in the small screens

Gordn3 2013.01.26
That game is too bored but nice pics.

ResidentZipfl 2013.01.19
stupid gameplay, nice pics but all in all its ok

oscar500 2013.01.19
simple and easy to play. it`s a good game.

vikrai 2013.01.15
its realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy borrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!

MATTCOULL 2013.01.02
okay game have played much better ones

veleno72 2012.12.30
Not so easy at first.... But items are always at same place...
A 2sec bonus time to look at the chick would be appreciated!

shyman44425 2012.12.26
Took a couple of tries to get the hang of it. Pretty lady.

Darkside0105 2012.12.23
Some of the objects are, like, v. hard to find, but i guess mayb that`s the point

Foxhound777 2012.12.19
Nice game but not very creative in my opinion

romarin 2012.12.14
Very short, it could be more comprehensive.

thejedi 2012.12.12
Short but fun and simple... I liked this one as well

ArcType 2012.12.10
This is a difficult game only because the picture window is very small.

thking 2012.12.09
not to bad if you like searching games

Superbones 2012.12.05
Game window needs to be bigger as objects are hard to see.

Long Dick 2012.11.24
its an o.k game,needs work

IsabellaRain 2012.11.21
new to the site...but must be an early game because graphics and skills and gameplay have gotten much better with time...

yurgaites35 2012.11.20
Pretty ridiculous, very difficult to see all of the items

xpepicekx 2012.11.19
quite short game, finished on second try.
The game should offer more levels than this.

droopy1988 2012.11.13
great game. amazing graphics. love to play you will want to play all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

knodde123 2012.11.10
very fun game, best hide and seek i`ve ever seen

Horgretor 2012.11.07
Interesting a bit hard, the rewards could be better. The picture is small and quite difficult to make out the items.

garonbrown 2012.11.06
Good Game...girl on girl...even better

scrubby 2012.11.06
Simple and short game. Not my prefered.

cockout 2012.11.05
very fun game with cool reward

dakillamilla 2012.10.31
This game I found to be quit boring, but the pictures were nice.

magnumhot888 2012.10.29
hahahahaha...very nice have to chase the time so can f... her...horny me.

phillipspaerker 2012.10.28
Ok game. A little boring for me. Not enough action

meowio94 2012.10.25
More Different girls~~ easy game

Nasenhaar 2012.10.25
the game is easy
the chick hot like hell - hope there will be more from her

chrisnebeker 2012.10.23
it was an interesting game to play but i did enjoy this game very much and hope to see more of these kind of game in the future

Pedromalone 2012.10.22
Would have liked a bit more time, I was able to get some of the items with out hints, yet did use them up befor the end.

Lizzie 2012.10.17
Enjoy the game for the challenge of finding the hidden objects.

oranjeboven 2012.09.26
nothing that keeps me interestede very long

Riddler 2012.09.25
would like to see more of these games with different girls

Feetguy 2012.09.20
didnt really enjoy this game if im honest

biochm98 2012.09.15
like the hidden object and seeing the pics

Souls at Zero 2012.09.14
Objects are kinda hard to see, but I guess that`s the point ... took me 3 tries ... ending was lame ...

worldkiller99 2012.09.12
really great game love it. i like the challenge to find the items. Sexy girl. the play was very nice good graphics.

corbarian1 2012.09.08
Pretty ridiculous, very difficult to see all of the items

supragen 2012.09.05
Not so easy to find somes objects

bigboyjoe 2012.09.05
i liked this game it waz kind of hard to find some of the objects but all and all great game

Sexy_Bunny 2012.08.24
really interesting game enjoyed my self

busu99 2012.08.19
Good game but could do with some animation

elishacuthbert 2012.08.16
Too long game. But good pictures

oranjeboven 2012.08.10
simple game. but still fun to play.
After a while it is too easy

cleevo 2012.08.09
good game...unfortunately, i have playedthis one so often on other sites, I know where everything is...

7Gomez1 2012.08.08
No difficult and easy game...Nothing extra...

ddbaj2 2012.08.07
really good game nice pictures but it a bit easy

sam6415 2012.08.06
Nice game...but somewhat short

wankstar 2012.08.06
way too short. Good idea, could have been a much better game.

extremist101 2012.08.06
it was ok. the time limit sucks though

Raziel83 2012.08.06
easy game but nice pictures

wolfman 2012.08.03
fun enough firt time you play it,but it gets qickley tideus.The objects are in the same spot every time,so its not that hard

Daniel_Martin 2012.08.02
It was pretty short, so I wish there was at least two girls to go through the game with.

It also should have been slightly interactive, I want to find the object and then see her using it.

But it wasn`t bad otherwise. Like I said, pretty short, but it`s easy enough to find everything. I used two hints when I started getting lazy towards the end.

cobra1347 2012.07.29
It`s really a bit tiring game. but good for once.

diary 2012.07.24
ok,too bad it only has that one final picture

stevie 2012.07.23
actually wish there were more games like this on this site

jafo69 2012.07.23
good game...ntb...definitely better games followed

Fuckmehard2012 2012.07.21
Good game...needs more pics

Tana 2012.07.21
Hard game but very sexy girl so it`s worth it

farkas 2012.07.21
Very easy to find the objects but Adele Sthepens photo and sexy positions is good.

gr0mek 2012.07.20
simple yet pleasurable game with some great pics

scozman 2012.07.20
Good game but could do with some animation

babugee 2012.07.14
nice game but animation needs improvement

hopehopefull 2012.07.04
an easy game with simple anime

Minnie2012 2012.06.28
I didn`t have any issues locating any of the items except the vibrator. I wish the game could have been a little longer with different levels and different difficulty options. Also maybe the reward being two girls loving one another. lol who doesn`t like two girls loving on eachother? lol :)

Fly_ForOne 2012.06.25
Got it my first time through...only had 10 seconds left but I did it. Not any real incentive to play a second time.

DoubleShadow 2012.06.25
could be more interesting and with better pics

Delagnus 2012.06.21
There should be more levels

17dvldog75 2012.06.17
not bad. some itms hard to see.

chris_avril 2012.06.10
the timer was very short. it should have been longer.

BigKK 2012.06.08
It is a good game, but a bit short. Some of the items were a little blurry however.

kurtrussell 2012.05.30
Not great but a very pretty model

eighthsin 2012.05.25
She`s got a great body but the game was boring.

awesome116 2012.05.24
great game but was just too short and very easy!

bendu45 2012.05.16
Good game even if it`s too short and the graphics are quite basic

Skysnake 2012.05.14
Nice game but it need more level i think.

cookienuk 2012.05.09
the game was alright the graphics could of been better. Had fun playin

bahamut86 2012.05.08
i like this kind of games :) Hot girl!

justme99 2012.05.04
Would be good to have additional models/scenes. Decent start to what could be more.

K_Pchaos101 2012.05.03
It`s an alright game, I had some difficulties finding some items and I used a lot of hints, the ending is pretty funny but overall decent game I wouldn`t play it more than once though

BonesMD 2012.04.25
Nice eye candy, though a little short and skimpy on the animation.

Johnmcgregor79 2012.04.24
Game is a bit short,Good model choice,fun to play.

DAN24 2012.04.17
I think they could add more scenes to it to make it longer

0wler 2012.04.10
A hard game as some of the items are difficult to find, but fun!

macegunray 2012.04.06
pretty good game, short and simple

Karlton Milos 2012.04.05
She`s one hot model the fucking at the end was okay but the animation could have been better seemed a little stiff.

gui133 2012.04.03
Easy the first time but the second one is the good one.

andrewbutcher8599 2012.03.30
easy at first then more difficult

iulian1963 2012.03.24
too short! very easy but nice

Luketea101 2012.03.18
the game is easy but the items are camofloged in the backround

danielsyd2 2012.03.17
easssy game but time is ticking.

uber50 2012.03.13
Easy game with a hot woman stripping,what more could you ask for!!

vaxhacker 2012.03.12
Fun game play, but poor payoff... :(

xxx-man 2012.03.05
this game is awkwardly fun...atill needs to be longer but fun

deek 2012.03.04
very nice game, i love adele she is amazing

rvrwolf 2012.03.03
love find it games but needs to be longer

111spartan 2012.03.01
good graphics....picture needs to be LARGER so u can see better, but the girl is worth it, and the reward mini game is great if short

sorethumb07 2012.03.01
not a fan of search games, not my fav

Hobgoblin67 2012.03.01
Easy game with a hot woman stripping,what more could you ask for!!

kergeller 2012.02.28
boring too simple definitely far from the best

120489 2012.02.27
It was fun up inteal the last part the animation was not good to look at

airforcewun 2012.02.24
ita a nice game but da screen does not get big nd its hard to c things

stud2025 2012.02.24
Find and seek games are OK. Can be difficult but fun.

Thumper_1 2012.02.23
Nice having a real girl but should have levels instead of just one board then bang.

samcor1982 2012.02.23
Not recommended for playing at night with light off... Took me several tries to find`em all.

jbuk 2012.02.21
kind of enjoyed it - but odd to be looking close at boring pics when better pics are showing on the other side

JBROPER 2012.02.18
Very hard to find some object lost my attention.

schbob 2012.02.18
for as we have nothing else to do nice idea

griffithsr 2012.02.18
Hidden item section is too garish and hurts the eyes. Would be better served by a gallery of the poses as a victory bonus, since you`re too busy searching to watch the strip show.

surip ketip 2012.02.12
love the game! but way too short!

legend69 2012.02.11
That was fun. Wish it had better resolution pictures.

stefano71 2012.02.10
quite nice game, beautiful girl!!

avtrainer69 2012.02.09
Hard to find the objects in crappy picture. Hot girl though

dragonj 2012.02.08
Cool enough. Just too short really.

Lord_Orion 2012.02.08
Nice and easy to spend few mins. Vote: 7

danny7560 2012.02.07
Good game the chick was hot

belselut 2012.02.06
Didn`t like the low quality of the picture where you had to find the objects. Girl is beautiful and pictures are erotic though.

chivastas123 2012.02.06
great n sexy games ever

DRROXX 2012.02.05
played it once. I will play it again for sure.

MatCool 2012.01.30
i love the girl...she`s so hot..nice game..

lydia 2012.01.30
yayyyyyy I won. love this game

Ryoxxx 2012.01.29
Simple game with beautiful pic

Peter22 2012.01.27
A good-looking model, but I prefer soft-core.

dfish_44 2012.01.27
Simple and pretty east but still enjoyable.

mapleman2001 2012.01.22
this a very good game. it confused me a little

John G 2012.01.21
Kind of hard to find some of the items.

the namek 2012.01.16
not the best but entertaining

BallIdiot 2012.01.12
The picture where the items are located is very blurry. It made finding items more difficult.

Dr1nk3rc1d3r 2012.01.10
I underestimated this game... its rather fun, actually

brit_man33 2012.01.09
Okay, I thought it was too easy, if you make a wrong click it should speed up the timer.

jrjr567 2012.01.08
that had some good pics, but it was really short

blackninja 2012.01.06
it was a really is game but it was good

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.01.02
Good game, but somes of the objects are really hard to find.

insomniac 2012.01.01
not a bad game a bit too easy

fallgirl 2012.01.01
fun game hot chick good challenge

Guillaume 2011.12.31
Easy game. I also wish I could review back all the pictures at the end of the game. The girl is so pretty.

JD351 2011.12.30
more levels would be cool, overall a good game

ponal 2011.12.30
nice quick game,
i like Adele

John G 2011.12.27
Kind of hard to find all objects for me with a small screen but good game.

kremey 2011.12.25
Would have been better if it was longer... Maybe more puzzles afterwards...

mikicostanza 2011.12.24
a little game, to short but nice girl

amir1444 2011.12.23
have too keep much more interesting thing

pornguy85 2011.12.22
very fun game and very good graphics.

Danyolivier 2011.12.16
Very easy. You do it twice and that is all.

lexxxluck 2011.12.11
Just had to get my eyes used to the picture

lexxxluck 2011.12.11
Could you cram a few more things in the picture?

baard2re 2011.12.10
Really a bad bad game. bad ending and no sex action to mention

John G 2011.12.05
Fair game but needs to be produced in a larger format.

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

lazy boy 2011.11.18
i like it .. not more funny .. but is good anyway..

Chunkylover 2011.11.16
nice looking girl but it`s not really much of a game

oODexyOo 2011.11.09
short, easy and a bit boring

rellu 2011.11.02
not really good game but still im weak for hot blondes

pezboy 2011.11.01
fun game. no problems at all.

genghis 2011.10.31
simple game, nice and quick. and the girl... she`s not crazy hot but i just wanna mmmmm get down to business really get messy

hoopsracer 2011.10.30
Very simple game, but fun to play.

Danyboy33234 2011.10.27
the game is simple and very easy

lshone501 2011.10.26
very difficult game
cant search and look at pictures

Infernal 2011.10.21
to easy to finsh it is ok game

194u 2011.10.20
Nice graphic. But the ending scene is not good enough

richard1 2011.10.20
Graphics and animation ok

REIVAJ311 2011.10.19
JA JA JA is fun, but sexy? I do not think lol

laffinboy 2011.10.17
i like these games the picture coulf be a little bigger though but not bad 7 out of 10 for a little fun 5 mins

ivandoe 2011.10.17
ok good graphics could of been better

nniffar 2011.10.15
a little funny, but "oldfashioned"

yorkshireblue25 2011.10.15
dont like it - you dont really get chance to look at the girl stripping due to the time limit, and the pay off at the end is WEAK

Paulyp1993 2011.10.14
The game was alright...not the best game on here tho for sure but a good game in it`s own right

bellboy216 2011.10.11
really easy, advice to others: if you don`t see it almost immediately use your hints, some of the things just don`t look like what they`re supposed to be, easiest way to win

twostepper48m 2011.10.08
game was easy graphics were good last scene was a let down

mcdoomsday 2011.10.01
The game was too easy and the scene at the end was kind of lame.

kergeller 2011.09.29
too easy poor ending wouldn`t play it again

DarthRock 2011.09.29
excellent point and click game, beautiful model and good animated ending, difficulty is raised bu the small sceen however

j_wat1 2011.09.25
Hidden picture with a special bonus prize...yeeeaaahh!!

PiratesComes 2011.09.25
Nice game .. with confusing arrangement of objects...

anon667 2011.09.22
I actually wish there were more games like this on this site.

bluejedi41 2011.09.21
Very easy game and boring.

(Kate) 2011.09.20
good game, although somewhat easy

pipsickle 2011.09.19
Fun. Excellent pics and encouragements along the way.

christofolos 2011.09.18
lot harder than it initially looked, nice extra at the end too

andy007 2011.09.16
not a very intresting game

amilama 2011.09.13
Well that was pretty easy. Good short one

thinlwin 2011.09.12
easssy game but time is ticking.

ysr6581 2011.09.07
this is great game and i like it...

Hobgoblin67 2011.09.05
nice game,think I`ve seen the model before

cmoi24 2011.09.03
Even if you cannot find all items the first time, they still remain at the same place for the next games, so it doesn`t take a lot a tries to get it done. Very bad ending though... Not worth playing

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Ok game, don`t like time limits.

TomRyan 2011.08.31
Entertaining but a bit rush rush.

farkas 2011.08.25
Easy game and nice model. Need more models to be interesting.

busu99 2011.08.23
not bad. need more models

TBG1972 2011.08.22
Too easy. Pretty boring.

rikscu 2011.08.21
Good Game, nice little filler

bobodoh 2011.08.18
too easy...i think my grandma can win this....

goldgriffon 2011.08.18
This game is pretty good, the girl is hot, pretty bad sex scene though

alcatel521 2011.08.17
Nice game...gets a bit difficult at times though.

synallday 2011.08.14
could be a lot better. Maybe different girls will help

Jello 2011.08.13
The game is very easy. Not really that fun at all.

With a bit more work it has potential though.

elo77 2011.08.11
funny and easy game
good for a little moment

Schwalbe 2011.08.11
Gimme more of these hot girls and more games to play!

satanic_pixie 2011.08.10
love to see more of these games with different girls.

gamemaster1997 2011.08.10
Good game. Much easier if you play twice.

pasat 2011.08.10
lady is hot but very simple game...hope for more option

rhodes3855 2011.08.08
wish the game could of been more challenging

icemanrian 2011.08.06
lady is hot but very simple game.. thumbs up

Randyfck 2011.08.05
this girl is so hot i like this game| a lot

spokxx 2011.08.02
not funny game and poor graphics

plotter 2011.08.02
it was alright needs a bit more and it was hard to see the pictures but overrall it was a game that made time fly

Jakala 2011.08.02
did not find it hard to get the stuff that was needed

blumouf17 2011.07.28
liked the game, adele is hot

jer1981 2011.07.26
The girl is very hot! The picture is hard to see and find a few items in. But a nice take on find and seek games.

kain_404 2011.07.25
A little short but still fun

Shaco 2011.07.25
not bad but too small window

mchoudhu 2011.07.25
So easy, and with a babe so hot?

pro486ca 2011.07.24
picture is to small for a blind man like me

mai73 2011.07.20
hots girls makes this game superb

GoldenGamer 2011.07.19
Amazed I did that first time, thought it would be much harder. Still, needs more to it, and the scene at the end was pretty poor.

fernicus 2011.07.19
Quick game. Needs to be bigger to find the stuff.

dukenorris 2011.07.18
Its a hard game i got stuck at the sunglases

chivalrousepyon 2011.07.18
very fun game, best hide and seek i`ve ever seen

atulluta 2011.07.17
it is very fast game but very much exiting

netoru 2011.07.17
nice quick game. gives you a challenge but isn`t too hard.

weezy88 2011.07.17
almost failed it but what a good ending

fckrlvr 2011.07.16
hard at first but then it gets really easy

flex1987 2011.07.13
its a nice game but alil bit to short

brink7000 2011.07.12
meh. Sex isn`t even hot.

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

ZfGJonesey 2011.07.09
awesome game and the graphics are amazing, was a bit short though

kolo77777 2011.07.07
The girl is amazing and Haha it was kind of tricky to find all of the things! but the end result was all worth it ;)

EddieIV 2011.07.07
graphic and gamplay ok but too small pic

Montana99 2011.07.07

sean06388 2011.07.06
average quality, nice gameplay, not really good graphic though

matos91 2011.07.03
not bad. need more models

chrischaos 2011.07.03
The only good quality about this game is that Adele is super fucking hot.

kjdehn 2011.07.02
love find but love kelly more

doniastawan 2011.06.30
it`s fun game, the graphic is not bad, and adele is a pretty one

Shadow Viper 2011.06.29
Good simple game, love Adele

LUTHER 2011.06.26
nice game, but so simple!

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
I love puzzle games that mix in sex.

jormunguard 2011.06.24
Better graphics would have made the game better, but not too bad.

zybaxos1 2011.06.23
Would have been nice to have a "pause to look at pix" option.

Tinuswouters 2011.06.18
prerequisite for this game is a pair of good eyes, cuz the graphs are a bit low in quality. Would have been fun to have more models to choose from too.

torbkkahne 2011.06.18
not that attractive of a model

shinjisan 2011.06.14
As others have pointed out, poor graphics, but it was fun while it lasted.

twistedjosh 2011.06.13
the usual game options, shaking mouse is tough

majkl 2011.06.13
Graphics were bad and game was too easy and boring

icebruin 2011.06.09
picture is too small but the girl is hot

TheCin 2011.06.07
not bad
graphic and gamplay ok but too small pic

Serg1 2011.06.06
it`s a good game. it`s nice.

b3ru4ng 2011.06.05
the grapich in the game just a litle bit hard to find

bdawg 2011.06.05
this game takes some good eyes to beat it

jpsacrey 2011.06.05
Nice concept but a bit boring, good to kill a few minutes

jemmi 2011.06.05
just an okay game but girl is hot

viperdja 2011.06.05
its ok but things like sun glasses are hard to see

devilkeat 2011.06.02
is good games but hard to find

eneko 2011.05.31
juego divertido y entretenido, todo un reto de rapided visual

johndellsman 2011.05.30
loike the graphic but could be longer

greengatedave 2011.05.29
Short game - too small to see things clearly in picture!

cantu57 2011.05.28
Nice concept but a bit boring, good to kill a few minutes

speedballz21 2011.05.22
not a big fan of this game

emaznboy 2011.05.21
this game was kinda boring. i felt like i was rushed to find the next item instead of looking at the photos.

Sarge121212 2011.05.18
the item finding part was OK
the end was very disapointing however

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

tacotacotaco 2011.05.16
graphics are good game was fun and the animations were nice

colemixer 2011.05.14
i agree nice game,attractive girl,but short

mendragor 2011.05.13
nice game,attractive girl,but short

Kuppz90 2011.05.11
Pretty cool , wish it had more girls tho :D

Skarn62 2011.05.11
Not interesting game. Boring...

biloulecoon 2011.05.09
It`s pretty boring to find the objects and the last anim` is not very good

FFFighter 2011.05.06
To me, I just wish that this game had more girls than this one. I`m not too fond of just 1 level.

C.C. 2011.05.05
I agree...picture too small to make some things out very well. But not a bad game.

TTboy 2011.05.05
Items were a little hard to make out at times

lilone6426 2011.05.02
its way simple but an alrite game

adj197 2011.04.27
not too bad. pretty easy

shawn07 2011.04.24
ok game,a little easy though

theviper1976 2011.04.21
Way to simple of a game for me.

holesboyz 2011.04.19
great game love the ending get to cum all over her ass :D

Bannor 2011.04.18
A couple of those were hard to find. Overall, pretty easy game, though. Some good pics, got a little distracting

ddavee 2011.04.17
little boring but good ending

pfdoej 2011.04.16
Nice pics, but some of the items are almost too hard to find...

gronize 2011.04.15
the game is ok but to short and the ending need some sound.

BiggyRich 2011.04.11
Items aren`t very well hidden, but the time limit does deplete the quality of the game, as you get next to no time to really look at the pictures you recieve

dannyboy1234 2011.04.11
fun game. a tad short, and time limit ruined the chance to enjoy pics

jada4 2011.04.08
nice game,attractive girl,but short

Toddagen 2011.04.08
Time limit meant little time to enjoy the pics

sexACE 2011.04.03
Not bad could use other women

redcobra 2011.04.01
Its alright. Biggest issue is that some items are too much of a pain to find, and there should be more girls to add longevity of gameplay

hentai1337 2011.04.01
hot girl, would be more fun if the items were easier to find and more girls

gazelle37 2011.03.30
more girls and more stages and I´m back

baron01 2011.03.28
Different girls and stages would be nice. The game is fun, though.

Khaonia 2011.03.26
This one`s kinda fun but way easy. Beautiful girl though.

F16 Fighter 2011.03.26
simple and easy to play. it`s a good game.

angelor 2011.03.23
some stuff were hard to see.
A bit short

mystymay 2011.03.23
fun but the sounds were anoyying

yehwenn 2011.03.21
I love this game. Quick to play, easy to understand.

r3d3y3 2011.03.21
good game but needs more levels and more of a challange

IronCobra 2011.03.20
Graphics are rather unclear but the girl is good quality! =)

brian1962 2011.03.19
great game graphics could be better

katterz 2011.03.19
the finding stuff was fun but the mini game at the end was kinda stupid

quinton19 2011.03.19
graphis were good but not that fun

supermario123 2011.03.18
annoying game, needs more hints and better quality

privateer615 2011.03.18
hide and seek is fun, but that mouse shaking mini game at the end is a little annoying.

surn 2011.03.14
A nice classic porn, a tad easy and fast, but the result is about on par, glad the maker used photos of a real woman though!

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Not challenging, average ending, graphically bad when that comes to items we are supposed to find for most... Gladly, it doesn`t take long to run through this one.

ksyadav16 2011.03.11
comparitively boring game.....

SirCummsAlot 2011.03.11
Quick, fun game, not really too much of a challenge, but hey you get to see naked women

marcelino21 2011.03.09
some of the subjects are, like, v. hard to find, but i guess mayb that`a the point

month 2011.03.09
A game that needs to become a little better to stand up to the other great games in here.

jcarden88 2011.03.08
good search game. thought there would be multiple levels

rukai 2011.03.08
I love search games and Adele is such a sweetheart!

sonofthesouth3 2011.03.05
short and stupid i think

dragonj 2011.03.01
Quite Easy. Searching is easy and quite poor ending in my opinion

reepa 2011.03.01
very sexy girl but game was way too easy to finish.

evo6997 2011.02.27
game was a little too easy, but the girl is hot

He_xu 2011.02.26
Usually same type game like lots of others.

J1995s 2011.02.25
The problem with this game is the fast clicking - 10secs thing. Its really annoying

Cios 2011.02.25
Nice short game, would be better to have more girls to choose from

WolfWarrior 2011.02.25
It was to short and too easy, needs more women in my opinion.

chainxxx 2011.02.23
that was easy
Good graphics although the end could have been better

thetbman 2011.02.22
Gameplay: good , graphic: good , animation: great
Overall: GOOD , a lil short n needs more level to be exciting...

maxy35 2011.02.21
good game took a couple of goes to get them all.

mw6453 2011.02.20
not too bad for a hidden item search.

ady86sheran 2011.02.18
an easy game to play. adele is a hot girl

MFSpidey 2011.02.18
Addicting : )
Could use a better end animation

silver12 2011.02.14
adele is definitely hot, just wish the animation were better, possibly with audio

junglemonkee 2011.02.12
an easy game to play, and very short. I gave this game a high rating of 85 only because Adele is a very beautiful woman to have her strip.

LordHammer 2011.02.11
Wow, it´s harder then it looks.

ratonius 2011.02.08
Decent game but very short. Fun style of game though,a little more challenging could help.

randy06 2011.02.07
good game but needs moer action

Nick2 2011.02.07
Hot game, but very simple one.

atldc9 2011.02.07
Short and easy, ok for what it is.

paoseland 2011.02.04
I kind ofexpected more from a M+F game...

Avenged 2011.02.03
Quite interesting but Graphic is bad and could be much better.
The animation at finish are horrrible

lazyone 2011.02.02
fun game but bad graphs
it`s one of the early games of the desire
and the last scene
i laughed my ass of becuose of it
shaking tits damn it!

Cube 2011.02.01
Not much fun here - way too short and not really any time to admire Adele because you`re hurrying to find the objects.

illopy 2011.02.01
Nice game with good quality pics

1NT0X 2011.01.31
LOL! great game :P not the graphics or the "story" but i love having the hint option and it was short enough. also the ending is fun

prince asher 2011.01.29
game was easy have to know where to look and the hint can help nice ending

qqwerty 2011.01.29
Easy game with a good ending.

nobody2011 2011.01.28
nice game, but it needs some more girls

krean 2011.01.25
Haha, makes me sad how hard it is to get her to cum.

SilentStriker 2011.01.24
good game, but a bit easy once you start to see where everything is, great tits tho :)

Darkvador 2011.01.24
A not very interesting game :(

popcorn2002 2011.01.15
interresting game a lite bit strong

youngblood 2011.01.14
too hard to see the objects

snozzo 2011.01.13
hard to find crap in that cluttered mess and graphics basic as can be, can`t say it was a good game short game but not good.

DARKMOUNT 2011.01.11
quite good, - her bag must be huuuuge

speed buggy 2011.01.11
not too bad but definatly too easy

namildog 2011.01.11
I like the idea but it was quite easy to get to the goal.

kalbs 2011.01.11
easy , to easy... but is nice.

ws 2011.01.10
In my firefox 3.6.13 i cannot push the Start Game button. Any help?

Pietr Vlaminsky 2011.01.09
a nice game and a pretty girl.

hugo19791 2011.01.09
this game is really nice but some pieces are hard to find

daveyeah 2011.01.08
The res. is a bit too low, but you will manage by repeating 1 or twice

adman147 2011.01.07
easy game, but too hard on cummin part

Pikelivan 2011.01.07
not bad. screen needs to be bigger in order to see everything.

kakaruto 2011.01.04
this game makes me more careful, graph is average , no anmination

dunckjosh 2011.01.03
hard to find stuff, but you can remember where they were for the next try

badgerbuddy 2011.01.02
too small of a screen to find everything

krabster92 2011.01.01
waaaaaay to easy.. woulda liked to have seen some better clip or scene at the end.. very good girl gameplay was too easy

doomedman 2011.01.01
fun game could be better though.

chewie 2010.12.31
nice girl but game isn`t very good

Blirt1966 2010.12.30
very pretty girl, but my eyesight meant had to play it two or three times to get through

arcedon 2010.12.28
i like this game but its too easy, but the girl is hot

Liuck55 2010.12.28
too hard to find objects as graphics aint clear enoug

yummychika 2010.12.27
love this game..... enjoying and at the same time making me horny....

stefano71 2010.12.26
good game but its a bit dissapointing at the end!!!!!

themoda 2010.12.23
I gamed in very best games that this

boohoo2 2010.12.21
Too easy for a finding game, objects were obvious

matt1234 2010.12.16
good game but its a bit dissapointing at the end. I wanted a bit more

ozorne_6 2010.12.16
This game must be old? hundred of search and find games out there just not in the adult category
graphics are, well I would like to see one modernised any chance in that?

ptalgh 2010.12.15
so many help and so very easy

Zangetsu117 2010.12.14
THis game was fun, just wish it was a little longer

LeslieBond007 2010.12.11
I agree with isntthisfun.
Why is there not more game like this? The search and find games is cool. Now its better:-D

isntthisfun 2010.12.11
I really liked the gameplay... Can we get more of these?

Erik_romance 2010.12.08
so many help and so very easy

freylex 2010.12.07
adele stephens is so seexy

dirtsurfer 2010.12.06
Basic but nice looking girl

peer265 2010.12.03
nice game but to short love the girl

zeretet 2010.12.01
Game simplistic.. graphics very very hott!

grangeman731959 2010.12.01
A little bit too short and easy

fangsclaw 2010.11.30
Awesome game! Iv`e played it too many times. Adele is so hot.

Saintly66 2010.11.29
Some objects hard to find but that makes it better, cant be to easy, could be a better finish though

skindog21 2010.11.29
fairly easy but adele stevens is very hot.

bshaw133 2010.11.28
very good pictures in the game

macmax 2010.11.26
Great game! Kiind of difficult to see the desired objects though!

teijgertje 2010.11.25
good pictures, but searching is rather difficult

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

TMAN81 2010.11.21
Games good and girl is hot

mcgwier 2010.11.17
Not a bad game. Some of the things were hard to find . The sex could have been a little better though.

ishumishra90 2010.11.17
good images, but some things were hard to find

conbron 2010.11.17
Nice game, but a little bit more sex pls :-)

tarqy 2010.11.13
always like this game, adele is sooo sexy

rotsilberschwarz 2010.11.13
a bit too easy, but nice to play

weldingcrow 2010.11.13
The game was good,but they should of made harder.

Ojad01 2010.11.12
not really an interesting game

Kyrozen 2010.11.10
You dont really look at the girl in this game. Yet I had to play all the way and see the final wich was disapointing...

gabodk 2010.11.09
excellent game, very good quality, I love

zliks 2010.11.09
damn she`s good looking, love em hairy

drac6969 2010.11.09
onteresting but theres no real point:(

kjdehn 2010.11.07
nice find and have sex game

appointments 2010.11.07
a gallery would be good & one you could enlarge

Silverorochi 2010.11.05
Chick`s hot, i just wish there were a gallery or something at the end since you dont really get time in game to look at her

SilverCheshire 2010.11.05
Quick and dirty, just what the doctor ordered. Hints definitely useful.

sutty 2010.11.03
good but short ,find the objects fuck her simple`s.

2Twin2 2010.11.02
When they say bracelet look for a bejeweled ring. Its large in the picture but if it were the size of a bracelet she`d never be able to lift her arm. ;oP

Charles1981 2010.11.01
The girl is hot, but the prospect of searching through Oxfam for second hand cardigans and old china spoils it for me!

sexxatron5 2010.10.26
nice girl, nice image, but realy to easy

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending

manutd2772 2010.10.23
great game girl is hot but a little bit on the easy side

KaiMgarth 2010.10.20
boring, fast and disappointing. it`s too easy to remember where everything is if you dont find it n the first play, and then you get rewarded with a badly drawn cock penetrating a photo of a woman.

ocirvine13 2010.10.20
Not a great game - the games that use real-girl photos to strip, like a lot of the poker games, are boring.

mnadam 2010.10.18
Great game but very short. Fun style of game though.

freddy791 2010.10.18
Cool enough. Just too short really.

deekrueger00 2010.10.17
this game is fun/boring, and its to short :-(

Masterious 2010.10.15
To quick on the fly by pics

chrisgrinch 2010.10.15
fun game but it doesnt really stay fun gets boring

johnnyk 2010.10.14
too short game...i think it was better with more pictures as levels... but...good job anyway

chumak 2010.10.12
nice, simple and shexy ;)

Magnanimus 2010.10.11
I love that girl, it`s a great game

PF1_User 2010.10.11
this game is very boring and is too quick

spoiledsundew 2010.10.10
objects are really hard to find in 2 min, can we have some big items

Bertyboi 2010.10.10
Cool enough. Just too short really.

kevbar91 2010.10.08
Easy to find the items, but still get rewarded with the pictures. awesome!

wingrob14 2010.10.06
A little boring to be honest

SpiderWeb 2010.10.05
Easy game too bad i didnt have the time enjoy the pictures

joynesy 2010.10.04
didn`t really like this game much a little boring to be honest

lacasera 2010.09.29
definitely a fun hidden object game, different levels and more girls would be an added bonus

wojciech_35 2010.09.28
Nice game but nothing great. You should play this only if you like this sort of games (spot a object on a messy picture).

sodibadru 2010.09.28
No skill needed to find the obvious items. Plus there is no real good point to stop and enjoy the images that are displayed.

P_Raider 2010.09.28
good graphics....picture needs to be LARGER so u can see better, but the girl is worth it, and the reward mini game is great if short

mwwl 2010.09.26
Good game, Adele is definately worth playing with

tashadream 2010.09.21
Nice little game, just hard to see objects with screen so small. Graphics were high quality, Adele very hot.

nandoa 2010.09.21
we can pass some time with this game

tophe35 2010.09.15

YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

dantevalletta 2010.09.12
nice little game. Adele Stephens has always been hot.

harzek 2010.09.12
good point and click game with nice photos

colt55 2010.09.12
pretty good point and click type of game

1qa2ws 2010.09.09
found this quite easy, but good photos

mackaie 2010.09.07
Fairly quick, a fair challenge though screen a tad small for it. Would have altered the ending a bit but good fun

madsea 2010.09.06
Too short...
But cute girl

beatpoet 2010.09.06
Yeah, some stuff were hard to see. Game is too short. Cute girl tho.

steadymo 2010.09.06
Nice game, some items very hard to find..

ralle 2010.09.04
Good game but too short. The girl is very hot but the "action" is badly animated

danamite 2010.09.03
i guess it was a good game. i think it could have used more pics

NickC 2010.09.01
it was ok, we should have more time and more pics to watch of the girl, the end could b better

devilkid7 2010.08.31
this is the best game ever

bluenoser 2010.08.31
Too short...
But cute girl

nigahiga101 2010.08.29
this game was pretty good. graphics were great. it could have been longer though.

wuttt 2010.08.28
quick and simple, not very interesting though. Girl was hot.

The Dude 72 2010.08.28
some items were hard to find but after playing once it was easier

fedexguy 2010.08.27
Quick easy and fun. I like it

Bluehue. 2010.08.27
nice game, some of the objects were hard to spot

DigBick 2010.08.27
I honestly don`t like this game, I kept losing because I couldn`t keep my eyes off her =/

Supergoof 2010.08.26
The objects are really hard to find. The picture is perhaps too small for this.

montyburns 2010.08.25
regular game....very nice girl

prash3unni3 2010.08.25
very nice game ... it does take u time to get things rite fast..

beastmachine 2010.08.24
pretty easy, ending was kinda lame tho in my opinion

milesp 2010.08.24
quite a boring game - a little too easy to cheat with the TAB key

sinsear1071 2010.08.23
Simple and pretty east but still enjoyable.

shyguy06 2010.08.23
Easy, but effective. Objects window could be a little larger though.

vad05 2010.08.23
Too simple & easy.
Not challenging at all.

playoneforce 2010.08.22
beautiful woman, even though the game is fairly easy

harto 2010.08.22
Very easy... just press the tab button to find the objekts

wierdninja 2010.08.21
I thought that the game was pretty good.

MolemanTux 2010.08.16
Nice game... simple and easy :p

LordRichard 2010.08.15
very quick game , too easy

Fimirel 2010.08.14
This is an older game but it shows how important quality was for the maker.

donpot 2010.08.10
not the best game, it easy, its to fast to win, so not my favory

Gypsyhunter09 2010.08.10
easy game, could have done with a better ending animation

chocolate657 2010.08.09
not very hard could do with more girls

camelot1985 2010.08.07
It`s a fun game, the girl is very sexy but it should be more challenging

Dexter_Morgan 2010.08.01
i really like this game ..it`s easy and full of sex :D

Caine1379 2010.07.29
difficult, i wish they gave more hints

fangsclaw 2010.07.28
the objects were so easy to find. adele was HOT

m4dness 2010.07.26
i liked the game but a little short

TheHappyChem 2010.07.26
Very hot game, chick is smokin`.

Ronaldo56 2010.07.24
Simple game, but nice playing

Triggerheart 2010.07.23
NO: Game is short, boring, sound was annoying

IamBri 2010.07.22
Fun little memory game. I wish there was more than one scene for the ending, but eh, it`s free.

sneglen 2010.07.22
it is a very poor game that is hard but noy satisfying when completed

pippo67 2010.07.22
very good game....beatiful !!!!!

th3c4rd 2010.07.21
Not bad, if a little short. a choice of different girls, or being able to go back and look through the different pics you unlocked

Stretchball 2010.07.21
A simple game, yet quite satisfying. Me likey.

lenman 2010.07.19
Simple and nice game. Difficult to find the items though. The gameplay is normal. Adele is the best.

highlands 2010.07.15
really makes you concentrate

NightStalker73au 2010.07.15
very quick but challenging game. nice gameplay engine.

sexwithme 2010.07.15
cool game.... but kinda with the stuff you need to find...

tht1guy 2010.07.12
good images, but some things were hard to find

capfriend 2010.07.11
not a bad game would like to see the pics longer

lucasneil 2010.07.11
I like this game, but her hole looks really fake!!

circlebox 2010.07.11
The game is good but the final scene is frustrating.

Baddibu 2010.07.11
too easy, no story and a horrible end!

laurajones 2010.07.08
The actual game wasn`t terrible but I expected a better scene at the end

freakyfarmboy 2010.07.07
not very difficult, the images were quite good though

craig_ka 2010.07.05
the items are not very distinguishable which is all that makes the game difficult

gerty 2010.07.05
very easy, but not bad.
hot sex scene at the end

unknown2519 2010.07.04
this game is really nice but some pieces are hard to find

durandal 2010.07.03
This game didn`t have much of a point. Some of the objects were very well hidden. Overall I wasn`t a huge fan of this one.

Dona 2010.07.02
I don`t like it
Didn`t care much for this one.

Stenno 2010.07.01
a very good find and seek game, ok graphics and just the right amount of difficulty- but a little unsure what the aim was?

chrissi90 2010.06.30
interresting game a lite bit strong

duke51 2010.06.30
too difficult for my eyes ...

Sootz 2010.06.30
a little difficult but great job....

The Al3 2010.06.29
good idea for game, but I don`t like

lucic17 2010.06.28
great pictures, items werent too easy to find easy, very fun!

Malchor 2010.06.28
Fun and kinda challenging. The hunt for things games make my eyes hurt, but they are pretty fun

Zippo 2010.06.28
the game should have more levels or more girls its to easy and you cant play it more then 2 or 3 times :( it became to repetitive

sam1101 2010.06.28
Awesome game maybe just a slideshow at the end of the game

Duncan3010 2010.06.27
The picture you have to find objects in could be a little bit bigger, but overall not a bad if easyish game

silver12 2010.06.24
This game was quick and okay, could be nice with more sex positions and better girls

borris 2010.06.22
boring game - and details not so clear

Baldr 2010.06.22
this game is waaaaaaaaaay to easy ^^ graphics ..are ..mhmm ..okish ...gameplay too ..2/4

alacore 2010.06.22
This is such a crapy deal 2 points a comment but they can`t be short

Lupercal 2010.06.22
Hard the first time, easy the second

dall8178 2010.06.21
its fun the first time but its not the kind of game you can play more than once

quietstorm77 2010.06.20
pretty repetitive, plus the superimposed sex act on the still photo is always strange.

Luzi 2010.06.20
that game is just too easy, but that girl is sexy

qwerty69 2010.06.20
i like the girl and the game is so short

biatch 2010.06.17
this is a good game. needs a little more time

LuigiLuca 2010.06.16
its isnt a good game its short and very less action

Gamble 2010.06.15
its not a bad game some items are hard to find and a very hot chick

chefmike05 2010.06.15
very easy game with a very hot chick

mamba 2010.06.13
a very good find and seek game, ok graphics and just the right amount of differculty

Knightmare92 2010.06.09
Very good game. I just love seeking games.

startabus 2010.06.06
This game was to easy and also to short.

wpowder 2010.06.06
Hard to concentrate on the gal when the clock is ticking...gal is hot

hornyashell 2010.06.04
good idea to start with and love the girl but maybe a leveling system would have given more of a challenge and allow more time to see the pics.

pablo07 2010.06.03
I think it`s a little boring, but, concerning the objective of the game, it`s ok.

juicy1940 2010.06.03
really easy game. but i finishd it on another site :p

RedRover 2010.06.01
Goes way too quick, can`t even look at the girl if you want to finish.

mania1234 2010.06.01
good game but too short, and needs actual voice acting

goseebananafish 2010.05.30
not that great of a game, but I chuckle at the climax

Gold405 2010.05.25
Game wasn`t too hard, the chick was hot, the final part was probably the worst section.

danielle 2010.05.25
Sexy and fun! Makes you pay attention too!

shakeandbake278 2010.05.25
this game was good she is so hot

BadTazz75 2010.05.25
always liked hidden object games just wish for more time and a list.

WmMBeck 2010.05.25
Nice photos need more time to see each one

chitale_kash 2010.05.25
small game but graphics are really good

joshuaone65 2010.05.24
needs more levels, with more women. was fun for a min.

Cherrylover 2010.05.24
Luckly theres a nice chick that keeps you interested.

wastedaway 2010.05.24
a little hard to find a couple items but all and all not a bad little game

donovan907 2010.05.21
that was really easy but fun, i dont like the games that have the shake the mouse parts at the end, my mousepad is weird and i lost my mouse so its pretty difficult

wahooman48 2010.05.18
too much crap on the screen

alanna 2010.05.15
this game is da bomb it is so much fun to play

Silver_Wolf5636 2010.05.12
not very good at all better quality is needed badly

Holyman 2010.05.10
It`s too easy and too short

ursel 2010.05.09
This is really lame imo, cant even find the items, u should be able to to enlarge it someway

rovanerns 2010.05.09
Very hot, sexy, where I find it?

cordonbob 2010.05.08
decent game very sexy girl

bored120 2010.05.07
there should be multiple levels

STOWA 2010.05.07
Well the pictures were so lovely that i had a hard time focusing on the task at hand and not spending too much time looking at them ;).. thought that the items were good hidden, still though, short and not my style

broowar 2010.05.07
a bit too easy, but ending is really nice

gettingwarmone 2010.05.06
This is a little lame, and needs to be at least big enough to see the items.

dark_devil168 2010.05.06
the game is to easy.but love it.

megan 2010.05.05
i luv this game it is so easy

Fizzter 2010.05.05
Not very hard, most of the items are fairly easy to notice.

RacingAce 2010.05.05
Nice Game!! But it is too easy Also a bit more animation will be good

pontoride 2010.05.04
the game is made not bad, but it needs really improvements in the search area

Riptide 2010.05.04
Not a bad find-it game and, of course, Adele is hot.

a123b 2010.05.03
got exactly three items hard enough to use the hints.

big8797 2010.05.03
very sexy girl and sexy photo`s

Kalaam 2010.05.02
It`s a good game, would love to see more of these games with different girls.

man781 2010.05.01
i loved this game. and the babe that`s in it too

shawn12 2010.05.01
babe was hot game was not

JR 2010.05.01
please let us have more games like this

formorii15 2010.05.01
fun game, objects r easy to find tho

jakefucku 2010.04.29
i very much like this game she is beautiful

benjuelos 2010.04.29
Not that fun. Wish they could somehow incorporate the objects.

chris123 2010.04.28
it a good game and adele is so hot

LP83 2010.04.28
Got it after playing it 2ice. The girl is HOT

hart114 2010.04.28
could hide the objects better

rparadis 2010.04.27
this game is very hard, need just a little bit more time to find the items

Kraus 2010.04.26
not bad is a quickly game

satyro620 2010.04.25
the game is way too easy...but is fun

N3rdStoner 2010.04.25
real easy game but chick is hot

DeepNight 2010.04.25
real east game but damn, she`s reaaaaaaaally HOT

tsartes 2010.04.24
the girl is really hot,, but the game is way too easy

flaithawk 2010.04.22
need mor items, but interesting game.

progassman 2010.04.22
Its a good game, but its really easy.

argonidas 2010.04.22
great girl items are easy

Lupusrex 2010.04.21
I suppose it would have been more enjoyable if I didn`t absolutely loathe find the object games.

Jazz Man 2010.04.20
The game was okay, but Adele is hot.

Darkshadow 2010.04.20
adele is hot, but game´s to easy

ajbuggsuk 2010.04.19
Fairly easy, but nice little game

darpul28 2010.04.18
this gameis sweet i like playing it

mbc 2010.04.16
kinda easy but nice photos

leahB 2010.04.15
quite boring, very easy game. Not brilliant

rockafella13 2010.04.15
very easy, and nothing special, but nice ending scene!

ROB83073 2010.04.14
this was slow paced but very easy

SatinJackson 2010.04.14
Pretty easy game, but I liked it.

boinky 2010.04.13
nice, but not really my cup of tea. great looking girl

goldger 2010.04.12
good logical game entertaiment:)

Kiristo 2010.04.12
Adele is hot, good stuff.

bn1087 2010.04.08
this game is really really borrring

slm_jng 2010.04.08
nothing special. pretty boring point and click type of gam

Bennydong 2010.04.06
very short game kind of easy

dalrock123 2010.04.06
Wish there were more games like this. It was fun, easy, and sexy. Wouldn`t mind seeing more of the woman too.

testingtesting 2010.04.06
beautiful girl, simple and quick game

pyratemime 2010.04.06
Pretty girl and all but that mess you are supposed to be searching is just to jumbled up for me!

21CDB 2010.04.06
Not bad. Too short though.

buneylan 2010.04.01
Its just a game.nothing special

az89 2010.04.01
nice one. test your sight looking for what she want

biggsreddy 2010.04.01
Wow the room was a real mess although Adele was worth it

Johnny811 2010.03.31
nice game but there should of been more rounds

nonono 2010.03.31
This game is nice, but has the same items to look for every time and has the same layout - it gets easy really fast

Deuces 2010.03.31
The game is pretty decent. It would be better if the item locations were randomized. It got easier on repeated plays because I knew where the items were.

horned 2010.03.31
that was kinda fun. all always liked those games of desire

DaddyStuff 2010.03.30
Not a bad game. I think vids of her stripping would have been better though.

sal1965 2010.03.30
its hard but fun too bad they dont make this anymore

momosasa 2010.03.30
very interesting Ilove this kind of games

vendicarte 2010.03.29
it was really a short game, but its a good game if you can notice things fast. some things like the whip and such was hard to find. But its a game that`s good if you want to play something quick :)

merki 2010.03.29
too much short and with poor graphic

widoman 2010.03.29
I like the game,it is a little too short

gbenki 2010.03.28
It would be better with a larger picture - a little hard to see everything. Use hints cautiously but remember the time limit.

BigE42 2010.03.28
This was a nice game but a little short

sjw05 2010.03.28
this game is very nice to play!

zeropjroe 2010.03.28
just hit tab and itll highlight the objects

uijuijbnyuhj7yu 2010.03.27
Good game but was kinda short

elrod 2010.03.27
kinda simple.. just have to remember where things are and play it a couple of times to get to the ending

Nick Greene 2010.03.27
While I like the game, it is a little too short for my taste.

anibourne 2010.03.26
simplistic game and only the whip gave me any trouble. maybe rendomize the locations next time for multiplay?

biggsreddy 2010.03.26
nice game to pass time but gets boring if u play more than twice

lierde 2010.03.24
that game is so easy to play, awesome!

vladtheimpaler 2010.03.23
You must have good eyes for this one. It`s OK. The babe is great!

shane7402 2010.03.23
short and quick game,but well done. Nice ending.

Kedar 2010.03.22
like usually too short, too easy.

jordi150 2010.03.22
per passar l`estona, res del altre mon

Thundercracker 2010.03.20
Fun to pass time. I was not that impressed

ikketisikke 2010.03.19
gets a bit to easy the second time, since the items stay at the same place

blackzero 2010.03.19
very nice game, i love adele she is amazing

Worm3mango 2010.03.18
Tough game but she got naked for me. I just had to find one more thing for her to lose the bra all the way. Everything else was off.

Worm3mango 2010.03.18
not that bad but also not that great.

Worm3mango 2010.03.18
just to pass time. but nice

Worm3mango 2010.03.18
Fun game, but it would be great if it varied more.

Darkus 2010.03.18
It`s a fun game but the sex animation is not all that good.

timsim44 2010.03.18
nice game , but too short

twhaven 2010.03.18
This game takes some practice.

13loki13 2010.03.18
To easy of a game. All you have to do is find the items and have sex. thats it.

Dracojen_233 2010.03.18
Way to easy and the end was stupid/ need to be harder and better

ivebeenalittlenaughty 2010.03.18
easy game, gets easier after one fail, pictures hardly worth playing the game

frendlyy 2010.03.17
this game is real short but aweesome

patbeau19 2010.03.16
godd idea, but a little short, nice girl whit big tits

renshi 2010.03.15
certainly makes you think

jack14 2010.03.10
it`s very short game, but the some things are pretty hard to find

saginaw21 2010.03.09
EEhh! it was an ok game. Hot girl though.

The_Bard 2010.03.09
woww soo sexy girl... but I can`t find anything! I only viwe their boops....^^

kmrounds 2010.03.09
this game is ok...good for a quick play

tribefan2427 2010.03.08
not that bad but also not that great.

King dingeling 2010.03.08
not so bad but it could be better i mean more animations

jaxturner 2010.03.07
great game. i loved the cum shot at the end, but i think there should be more positions and not just one

gaalor 2010.03.07
It´s a funny game very simple

poop35 2010.03.06
Fun game, but it would be great if it varied more.

zion37 2010.03.06
A good game with hot pictures.

Jacobman19 2010.03.03
Simple and got old pretty fast. Could be fun if you`re a perfectionist though

lower5 2010.02.28
i dont now maby a litle boring.some objects hart to find but thats the point.

Lameth 2010.02.26
simple game but nice pictures

rob020 2010.02.24
nice game too bad it isn`t full-screen...(4 easier searching)

jpsn77 2010.02.24
It`s sort of an easy game, but it`s fun, the girl, is super hot, it makes it worth to play the game

Quinn_Bower 2010.02.23
Good game.. Could have had more stages with more pics though

Raiha24 2010.02.22
not bad...
but i like to play this game just too pass time

zioteschio 2010.02.22
just to pass time. but nice

DoctorKev419 2010.02.21
Fun Game! challenging but it really keeps you going to see more sexy poses

Panse 2010.02.19
It´s a good game very simple

7z9 2010.02.19
one of the old "meet`n fuck" -> very nice, good pics

k75strider 2010.02.18
Tough game but she got naked for me. I just had to find one more thing for her to lose the bra all the way. Everything else was off.

sqwerty123 2010.02.18
did not reallylike this game its a bit boring

fireballs29 2010.02.17
Fun little search game, girl was pretty hot as well.

sjstroman 2010.02.17
game is ok, too short, at least the girl is hot

joebob 2010.02.17
this game isn`t that hard, so it makes sense that the ending isn`t that great

Ploki 2010.02.17
not very callenging. but she is hot.

dingdong 2010.02.15
a bit short and easy. but i suppose its ok.

LMarcy8 2010.02.15
i spy the striping version. its addicting

pyrax72 2010.02.13
not too bad but definatly too easy

Raiha24 2010.02.13
this is a nice game but the graphics aren"t that good

nine0ball 2010.02.11
Cool game. Adelle is stunning and i like the format

usherxz5 2010.02.10
this game is really too easy but is funny and really sexy (she`s HOT!!!). Mark: 7

esehorny 2010.02.09
ok but its too fast. nice though

spartans1 2010.02.08
Not too bad. used a couple hints

LG 2010.02.08
Interesting but after you`ve done it one its a little old

Joshay 2010.02.08
Is Adele a german name? She is so sweet and pretty.

GameTime 2010.02.07
Quite Easy. Searching is easy and quite poor ending in my opinion

JDraven 2010.02.07
very easy, especially with the hints, if you lose once just remember where the stuff was

Radoo 2010.02.05
a little bit easy but it has a funny story...

justag469 2010.02.04
was fun the first 3 times, but well? too easy.

tegge 2010.02.04
the game is made not bad, but it needs really improvements in the search area

rommie 2010.02.04
like it but not as much as the other game

7z9 2010.02.03
The game is not what i expect...its really bored i think, but the others are really good.. :)

oldcwbyhat 2010.02.03
Fun little game, not a bad goal to get to

jjskyline 2010.02.03
thannks had hard time finding whip

flashist 2010.02.02
nice pictures, bit too easy and the fucking part was kind of dull

Minuteman 2010.02.02
Good for 1 play only Should mix it up a little

dodge21211 2010.01.31
fun game, would like to see choice of several girls but nice as is

Dengar 2010.01.31
Fun game if graphically a little poor

l1 2010.01.30
it is a good game to play

playa555 2010.01.30
i think there should me more scenarios like this

boobie23 2010.01.29
Hot game, more like this one

a_dub 2010.01.29
could be longer with more girls and different search places

ram1990 2010.01.28
some good pics but you dont really get time to see them as you got to find the other items there should be a gallery after the game

Wonsky 2010.01.28
Very simple game but very plassure

cpt_hook 2010.01.26
This would be better if it had a progression of stages.

Sehviss 2010.01.26
Not bad, but gets old quick. Worth one play, but that`s about it.

bigdog999 2010.01.26
Not a bad game. A bit predictable

jack1183 2010.01.25
I am not a big fan of timed games

kimtoxta 2010.01.25
Gameplay might be tricky in big resolution. Also not alot of time to see pictures and limited action

knightnight 2010.01.25
Hard to find items if your resolution is too high

derek69 2010.01.25
a good game i love these kind

evinrude 2010.01.25
this game is very funny and nice but it`s a litle bit easy...

RavenDark256 2010.01.25
Challenging game with Great looking girl. Shame you don`t unlock the gallery to view after though.

quelani 2010.01.24
I thought she was supposed to cum?

wek 2010.01.21
I love the gameplay and the search. The woman is very hot and striking!

funlvncwby 2010.01.20
Game is pretty fun, kind of a cheesey ending, but at least you get the girl

andy_regresa 2010.01.19
nice game......pretty girl and the final is awesome

tongue81 2010.01.08
a quite short one but funny

ayaroht 2010.01.03
I really love the real model. vidoes would spruce it up.

dew501 2010.01.01
cute chick worth the time ..i did it in third chance

slone229 2009.12.30
I love the gameplay and the search. The woman is very hot and striking!

8titulos 2009.12.29
good game, and tasty full bush, orray for full bush

Ciddic 2009.12.26
Is a basic game, some things are hard to find ......... Average game.

BigDick891 2009.12.21
one of the boring games that ive played on here

Fucker20 2009.12.19
It is the best game I`ve ever played!

nogard 2009.12.18
a good game. somewhat challenging and fun to play.

sierra 2009.12.10
only 1 sex scene? very lame. finding the sunglasses was very hard when all 3 hints were already used.

imtheone 2009.12.08
nice game with some basic eye challenges it was hard to find things while keeping eyes off her

Klynmaer 2009.12.07
Good pictures, difficulty of some of the objects was well done, and graphics were very nice.

vikings1234 2009.12.07
to easy and need better ending

Xyzzy 2009.12.02
Im soooooo glad Games of Desire got away from this style of game.

memphs 2009.11.23
She is very sexy but what is her name real name

ddziubala 2009.11.20
Adele is pretty and has a lovely sexy furry puss!! The seeking can be a little difficult though!!!

BesiGo 2009.11.20
Is a basic game, some things are hard to find ......... Average game.

deathstray 2009.11.19
the game was ok played it before but it still is easy though it would be harder on here

Sleepy89 2009.11.19
Adele is a beauty, but the game was a little too easy.
Oh btw the vibrator is the only thing hard to find.

rikyrat 2009.11.18
I liked the images but the game was pretty easy.

galieo 2009.11.17
It`s a easy game but the girl is hot and last scene is good

Dreamwillow 2009.11.15
Ok but could do with some more challenges

forbes 2009.11.12
not a good game not much of a challenge and a bit rough

vheemskerk 2009.11.11
Nice game but a bit hard sometimes

gazza118 2009.11.09
is it just me or are they really hard too find?

king_matthias 2009.11.07
Game was fun but too short. More girls or scenes would have been nice.

soso1234 2009.11.06
great game to easy and nice one

dimabilly 2009.11.05
The game was alright. The ending could be better.

rtully36 2009.11.04
pretty easy, and the last little bit wasnt worth it really

Mandrab 2009.11.04
fun and easy, very sexy girl, agree with the people saying would be nice to look back to all the pics

tnerrot 2009.11.02
Pretty good, but I wish I could review back all the pictures after I finished the game.

nebbster 2009.11.02
some things are hard to find but after a while you soon get used to finding things

chris123 2009.11.02
couldnt find anything to busy looking at the naked girl on yhe right

sahabjee 2009.10.30
I love the girl but i want it to be more interactive games

pizzanut 2009.10.30
this is a good game. needs a little more time

thomc 2009.10.29
Nothing special but a nice game

legolas86 2009.10.28
nice. simple and satisfying

steven1 2009.10.28
ok but was easy to find most of the items

geass 2009.10.25
its great how you lose time for fast clicking

Blacko 2009.10.24
Nothing special but a nice game.

weromont 2009.10.24
Amusing play,only belongings illegible are prodrawn(

Chewy85 2009.10.23
interesting concept but kinda dull.

tgreenez2 2009.10.19
Game is fast thinking keeps you on your toes.

nottswg 2009.10.17
interesting concept, agree it would be nice to have more settings

damienb1 2009.10.17
sweet cool games alright

Dragon65 2009.10.15
the mouse shaking at the end was annoying and the game was too short but over all good game

Tom3560 2009.10.15
decent game some of the items were hard t find though

bestia99rom 2009.10.14
Quite good game not so hard and good quality pictures.

ks 2009.10.14
the game is really easy but the girl is really hot.

neoviper1007 2009.10.13
the game was easy and very boring

bateri 2009.10.13
Cool game and different. I liked it

gaf 2009.10.12
this is is really hard i give up lol

bateri 2009.10.12
I love the girl but i want it to be more interactive rather tan find and click, of course its worthwide just so see the pics. I`d would love to see more of these games with different girls

JustM3 2009.10.12
the mouse shaking at the end was really annoying the animatian was nasty and was pretty simple to find the objects with TAB

EdgarsConcussion 2009.10.12
Slightly above average: rough quality, but it did get the job done (so to speak).

I`d play it again, if it weren`t for the larger collection of quality amassed on this very site.

Alendril 2009.10.11
cool game, but it would be better to show other places with other objects to find. And other pics would be cool too.

mudnut72 2009.10.11
Cool game and different. I liked it.

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