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Fate Sex Night


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thumbrub 2018.12.14
not my thing at all, not sure about the 80`s game in game

jamesRe 2018.10.16
good little game good graphics

supertrucker 2018.09.20

FalisityR 2018.08.03
Good game.rnLove the art style rn

raven.warrior.eternal 2018.06.07
I enjoyed this game decent graphics and good mish mash of mechanics

supertrucker 2018.04.24
I had a hard time with the hearts and the bombs

smvtgr21 2018.02.02
Decent gameplay. Awesome graphics

Bigbangbanger 2018.01.28
a nice game not to challenging

GEPilot 2018.01.26
funny short game good aniamations for this kind of game

cmelrod72 2018.01.06
great game it ended way too soon in my opinion. Needs a better story linern


Smoovtiger 2017.12.12
Good mix up of game play. Nice graphics

Midna 2017.12.03
quite enjoyed the variety of gameplay during this one, was a nice surprise that brought a genuine smile to my face :)

Darksoul_5674 2017.12.01
I really liked this game. The games mechanics are original not just the click click click. Well done!

TEX TIGER 2017.11.19
The game is not bad for play.

Dan the Man 2017.11.08
A nice cute little game. Not too taxing for what it is.

TheLoveApple 2017.10.23
Awesome gameplay, keeps me very entertained. Definitely love it.

Nini.Glo 2017.07.25
Not oo bad. Grapics are good but the game itself seems a little boring

Trokkar 2017.07.22
Good game and graphics. Towards the end the mazes became redundant and seemed to find me concentrating getting to the goal than getting to the desired goal. Decent game though.

DRAGONBORN123 2017.04.29
The minigame portions are what make this game fun. I love the anime graphics as well.

Jablko998 2017.04.09
At start it looked very easy, but it was hard than I tought

ninetailsjinchuricki 2017.04.05
Game was okay, I personally think that it was much harder than I want it to be. I would`ve also like it if the game was a little less animated.

pingobling421 2017.03.14
It would be better without the mouse mazes

mesobeso 2017.03.11
love this episode like me

ianjames 2017.03.09
could not even remove the armour i must be slow

dracowhitefire 2017.02.23
Actually somewhat entertaining gameplay. A bit challenging even.

mykel4445 2017.01.18
58 rating my but I like like it

BentleyBro5 2017.01.08
I liked playing this. This babe was sexy! (And for those of you that didn`t like going through the maze, there`s a trick for that, if you right click, you can move out of the maze and go either to the end, or closer to the end)

I give it 10/5! :)

icybear21 2016.11.23
I like this game. I it was not the best, but pretty goody gameplay.

Doru 2016.11.10
It would be better without the mouse mazes

lvr 2016.11.08
Dang, anime graphics are great, and really sexy too!

drae1987 2016.11.01
quick and easy, the mazes require some focus though

kaftos 2016.10.31
Annoying maze system..I didnt like this game

jspencer506 2016.10.21
wow the puzzles are confusing

shade-assula 2016.09.11
not bad, kinda fun, a little short though.

samuel1154 2016.07.26
the maze minigames are pretty annoying...

DjCobaltBlueDragon 2016.07.21
I am well pleased with this game graphics animation and gameplay were on top so I would consider making more like this

JohnSephiros 2016.07.20
the minigames remind me guitar hero lol

JohnSephiros 2016.07.20
This game is very good! I really like Fate Stay Night, I would like to play a game with Rin and Saber together.

masdogg11 2016.07.09
Sorry for a third comment, but altogether this game was decent

masdogg11 2016.07.09
The mazes get kinda annoying, but the rest of the game is awesome

masdogg11 2016.07.09
I like fate stay night, and this is awesome

Elsarin 2016.06.14
I think the game is just too silly. Not a true challenge. Just need to go easy with the mouse.

KEV_in 2016.06.10
Nice and simple. Game voices and background events can be the cause of reason why failure on the maze, thought..

HarlanPED 2016.05.25
awesome!! this game turned me on so bad

thegrim 2016.05.25
one of the great games. nice story nice everything

Frogmin 2016.05.22
kind of odd but well animated with surprisingly more than one game

Runner97 2016.05.16
Easy way through the maze parts, alt-tab, then hover the mouse where the end of the maze is, and alt tab again

gary1998 2016.05.15
the game and graphics both were good

Hoswell 2016.05.08
the sex scenes werent that bad but getting to them was a bit tedious

bats1010 2016.05.06
great storyline as well as art style

tomh02 2016.04.21
waste of time.. storyline is non existing and pretty much the same goes for gameplay.. all and all.. not really worth the few minutes it takes to play it through.

verylongjohn 2016.04.06
I don`t like those mini games

Y19991 2016.03.31
It was a fun and sexy game.

nfamos1 2016.03.31
Terrible game. Way too repetitive.

Natcl25 2016.03.29
that a nice concept but still somethings to change like the story can begin a better way

Dadie 2016.03.25
It`s amazing game. Very good game!

tatertot101 2016.03.09
the graphics are amazing

ExtremeAidan 2016.03.02
Good game. just the part at the beginning is annoying.

braden 2016.02.20
that was awesome definitly play it

inkedout84 2016.02.19
good game, a little tricky, but good

akku 2016.02.02
i am really fond of this kind of games, i wish if the graphics was a little more better

bitchy asshole 2016.01.29
this is my type of game thanks

mynk 2016.01.15
boring gameplay, cool graphics

BabbeN 2016.01.10
I like it although it`s kind of short

obeylegend69 2016.01.10
its a great game the grapics are great it also has great gameplay to better then most games

Adelfos 2015.12.22
Okay, I was worried this would be a crappy game as I read the comments, but I must say: Don`t listen to them. If you play ANY real games that require even a modicum of precision or even patience, you`ll do fine. The margin for error is huge, and even if you do screw up, you aren`t set back that far. Just relax and enjoy the (unique) game.

SebasIsa 2015.12.18
Challenging but not really worth it.

di14 2015.12.13
cool game! again great graphics, very interactive! lovely tits!

gullwing 2015.12.02
The guitar hero part was nice but i had trouble with the lines minigame, got through it tho, nice fate game.

HentaiShad 2015.12.01
Frustrating but at least it can kill time i guess

jil1234 2015.12.01
when will i ll be able tol play other games

artieruther 2015.11.26
typical dialogue... doesn`t translate in any sort of sensible manner. not a game to play unless you are really bored and have pin-point precision with your arm and finger movements.

temporakes 2015.11.23
i don`t like such disreal games. 5/10

MoparScotsman 2015.11.22
Something different, but that doesnt mean its good... 6/10

Mainwolf 2015.11.20
got a little repetitive, but overall good game

Julio123 2015.11.19
A bit too fiddly, otherwise good

um123 2015.11.17
Game is a little too long, not too good graphics.

manlyman13 2015.11.16
Good puzzles but.... it was missing something

scannatore 2015.11.16
Not bad, but too challenging

will1939 2015.11.15
nice game but a little hard to enjoy

ski9072 2015.11.09
Ok, a bit frustrating at times, but I did like the puzzles.

georgesanders 2015.11.08
I am in my 60`s, with significant visual processing and reaction time limitations, so this game was much too difficult for me to play.

nocturna 2015.11.07
i li.ked this game not bad

longp390 2015.11.07
It takes concentration to hit the right buttons.......
Loved it totally

Angelicalove56 2015.11.07
great story I love the game

blazenero 2015.11.03
Another Meet and F game. Really waiting for something like this. And also it is from a Fantasy Animation Theme Cartoon. Really Amazing,

allmysenses 2015.11.03
II found it quite good. I like blondies :)

FireGuy 2015.11.03
Great idea, but it was too short and I didn`t like the complex "puzzles" and minigames.

OldCuteBoy 2015.10.31
Again ...
Not my kind of game ...
0 points

mojotatt 2015.10.19
is anyone else doing this for points?

oranjeboven 2015.10.19
Dont like these asian warriors and all that too much

Venom2323 2015.10.17
Good Game,Good Puzzles But My Mouse Caused Me To Fail Some Times,Make The Lines Bigger So When Peoples Mouses Glitch It Dosen`t Make You Fail

SelectLOL 2015.10.17
nice game... but its short

giloke 2015.10.10
Verry good game, sure of playing it again somethimes

TempusxX22 2015.10.10
I played this and for what it was I liked it and I liked the maze part of the game like a game inside of a game. Though I did like it I think it could have been better

ktphoto 2015.10.06
This game is a lot of fun with all the mazes. Pretty easy game to beat.

legend7 2015.10.04
this game has great graphics i want more

badboy0815 2015.10.03
Fun Fact: In the Stripping Game you put off her sockings. In the First Sex Scene she wears her sockings again. In the Second Sex Scene she doesn`t wear her sockings. Plus if you turn off the sound it could be that you have some sound again later then you have to activate the sound again and turn it off again.

tkdjinkix 2015.10.02
nice game .. but its kinda short .

Carlyle 2015.09.22
The in-games are good, but the grafics are not that great. I guess that I am not a Games of desire fan.

Emiya Shirou 2015.09.20
It is rather irritating due to the sheer amount of things I must do before bedding Saber.

cheldee 2015.09.18
Not my kind of game. Too cartoon-ish.

Heretic1139 2015.09.16
some interesting ideas, but the game isn`t that great, ok for a few minutes

andyharrypotterfan 2015.09.15
fun game nice sexy scenes loved playin it to the core

Xavy_AWSM 2015.09.11
Needs more scenes... puzzle is too hard and too much time wasted

ackowacko 2015.09.11
good game could have been harder

jessica4223 2015.09.11
Not the sexiest game out there, but at least a game and not a click-to-read-the-next-bit "game".

Magic Knight 2015.09.09
a good game with a interesting story.

1mplus 2015.09.01
enjoyable game, but take too much time

Rizen 2015.09.01
Love the scenes, games were fun and simple, great game.

bigcal 2015.08.30
awesome game wish it wasn`t arcade style

sirxhacker 2015.08.29
I dont like that you gotta focus on the arcade game instead of enjoynig the scenes

Tyrian 2015.08.28
Decent drawing, but having to focus the arcade games got in the way of paying attention to the art.

Roedebard 2015.08.28
the new tasks are a nice idea but they distract the attention to much from the cartoon. The balance betwenn cartoon action and tasks also the positioning of the tasks might be changed.

duckray69 2015.08.27
very good game but graphics could be better

123muhammad 2015.08.26
very good game but graphics are not that good

pixie_styx69 2015.08.25
i was cute the amount of clothes on her peeved me abit but it was good

luv2drinku 2015.08.20
good game a bit annoying but good and simple

Goron 2015.08.18
Nice gameplay, but no storyline and the drawings are really mediocre...

CoolDude473 2015.08.17
sexy game and desires me to get people to my bed...... awesome graphics and animation is cool too

TheBeastishere 2015.08.17
It was boooring, it´s sample but it takes much effort

eagleata 2015.08.16
Nice looking game. i like it

twotouch 2015.08.15
it`s has been a long time since i had to fight a game, not to bad

bluedevilcindy 2015.08.14
This is a fun game. I like all the puzzles.

Shakma 2015.08.14
Nice game, good graphics, just that it needs a lof of effort to progress.
Great job tho, thumbs up ;)

steven922315 2015.08.13
fun game liked the mini games

Novvy 2015.08.12
Not to bad of a game. I found some humor in it. Loved the confusion on his face at the beginning.

Tyger1950 2015.08.12
game was alot of boredom.

ShjanGhor 2015.08.11
Sexy character but too much effort and time to enjoy her

Raven2103 2015.08.10
For those struggling with the mazes, you can right click, hover over the goal and then left click to easily solve.

Shepherd1945 2015.08.10
Nice animation. Still, it takes really lots of efforts to enjoy it.

BigDave699 2015.08.10
Great game but slightly short. if only it was longer!

purplefangs23 2015.08.09
Nice looking new game, IT WAS FUN.

Schwalbe 2015.08.08
I deifintely don`t like that manga-stuff. And there is no challenge, too.

zgyshjsvj 2015.08.08
wow this game was the best awesome gameplay

Simple Man 2015.08.07
For me, this game wasn`t even exciting...

jhon.zz1 2015.08.06
this game is really awesome.. love it

pornihuana 2015.08.06
That`s a nice new game, sexy and funny.

ragy84 2015.08.06
well at least its not it has greater window span for hiting the buttons some other games are realy strict and almost imposible to play but stil arturia as a calgirl :)

nutz104 2015.08.05
Crazy random fun. guideline puzzles can get a little annoying but on the whole quite entertaining

willbear48 2015.08.05
the maze portions are pretty easy on a laptop but you have to have a lot of patience.

smilenow 2015.08.05
Nice Gaming. Hot Babe. PErfect 4 short breaks at work ;-)

bsod620 2015.08.04
The "maze" aspect of the game is not fun on a laptop.

jesper 2015.08.04
het is wel een oke game beetje langdradig met de maze games maar overal wel oke om te spelen tochspeel ik liever de 3d games

VeNNoM 2015.08.03
Can`t go wrong with M-n-F. Nice one.

Songe 2015.08.03
Nice one, love the maze game

angarf1 2015.08.02
Not bad, it is another form of gambling but for the same purpose which is to give pleasure to the girl, but rather mini-games related to the plot of sex, not solve that kind of mazes.

glukos37 2015.08.02
it s not my sort of type games

sexyfrank 2015.08.01
nice looking game and the mechanics were nice

holdslucy 2015.07.31
Great effort. easy gameplay. overall 7/10

hotboyy 2015.07.31
i want to be her master too XD

Guy1nab0x 2015.07.30
not a huge fan of arcade games that have nothing to do with what`s happening, but I liked this one anyway.

KerbaxSiltero 2015.07.30
it did implore tactics I don`t typically utilize in others sex games, although it could definitely be improved, I did like that deviation from other play styles that pre-dominate sites throughout. Perhaps responsive input and more correlation between girl and game could be implemented.

on a side note... How can a guy get a chick that easily and yet his view om sex is practically puzzled
no pun untended

oranjeboven 2015.07.29
Good for an arcade game.
A bit easy maybe. Let´s see what Comes next.

possum62 2015.07.29
Annoying and frustrating game. I dont like it.

chrischaos 2015.07.29
Ridiculously dumb. Too much work for too little of a payoff.

lurking 2015.07.29
Now this is one frustrating game. :(

MadPAM 2015.07.28
Pretty stupid - although the "riddles" are OK.

adragon707 2015.07.28
Ok game. I like the new mini games but needs more stiory. I gave it 52/100

doecke83 2015.07.28
Fun, light hearted game. Some different controls which seem quite interesting

brink7000 2015.07.28
This is actually just kind of a fun, simple game. Hot girl, decent sex scenes. I always prefer stuff with lesbian action, but this was kind of fun. More like this. But with the lesbians.

Dersonrn 2015.07.28
it s not my sort of type games, not good

goldendicck242 2015.07.27
fun and but i had a little trouble with te mouse parts

Ki11erMonkey23 2015.07.27
I enjoy it, the "stoyline" could be better

seppoprkl 2015.07.27
waste of time.. storyline is non existing and pretty much the same goes for gameplay.. all and all.. not really worth the few minutes it takes to play it through.

C.C. 2015.07.27
O.K. game. Good for killing a little time.

shyman44425 2015.07.27
Much more effort than it was worth

elDona 2015.07.27
it s not my sort of type games

Jaaru 2015.07.27
Nice looking new game, liked it.

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