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Farmer`s daughter 2


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Trokkar 2017.08.29
Good game, great graphics, just so slow.

kemode 2017.08.19
Great game but toooooo slow. Things need to speed up

KitCarsen 2017.06.29
Cute farmers daughter getting it from all angles...loved it!

Lucifer1815 2017.02.26
Fun game but difficult to progress with just a touch pad, but great graphics and game play over all.

TheFrozenEX 2017.02.20
The graphics leave much to be desired, but the game is fun and brings pleasure

kemode 2017.02.03
Wow...I`d like to meet this Farmers Daughter. hotspots can be tough to find.

shogom 2017.01.21
Wow those are some crazy moves!! Definitely the first time I`ve seen anything like that. I wonder if my dick could be harder somehow...

Artmes 2017.01.11
Well, the guy seemed a lot like a dick

Dater2000 2016.12.19
The graphics and gameplay is very good but the game is hard to control.

fiftypez 2016.11.21
great graphix but waaaay to long.and those controlls


shucky 2016.10.12
very nice graphic I love this game

NegrofeoC5 2016.08.22
The graphics are fantastic, so smooth compared to the other games I have played here.

JonSnowKnows 2016.08.14
Not really into these type of games. Good story but the animation can be improved. Overall, liked it.

MadMike21 2016.04.14
great game. very naughty

Tinhorse1000 2016.02.17
I didnt really get the hang of it....but cool !!

Vrykolas2k 2016.01.17
I liked the inclusion of the BDSM, but too much male masturbation.

Dersonrn 2015.06.15
Nice game, but too short imho

Jack0888 2015.03.03
it was a fantastic game!!!!!!!!!!!! it was realy hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow

cambridge4453 2015.02.02
Dark, abusive and not at all like the first one; worth giving a miss and waiting for part three. The graphics are improved but it is slow, long and there is far too much male masturbation.

tcco 2014.12.20
this is a fun game but the first one is bether

jankowski 2014.12.14
computer graphic is going in right direction that game is astonoshing

luv2drinku 2014.12.09
the part 1 was better I hope the third will be good like the first

Iva_bigun_12 2014.12.03
Awesome game, great graphics, can`t wait for the next one

kloberg 2014.11.22
Really great game, good graphic

wolfphoenix 2014.09.02
Awesome. One of my favorites. Only the triggerpoints are too small.

Shadowpurity 2014.08.25
a very good game, the graphics are quite high even for my expectations, animations were a little lazy however the plot is good enough to attract my attention.

wampire 2014.08.17
hi,nice game but it takes too long to get to the point

Sasu2 2014.08.08
She`s soooo cute! Wish the game was longer, reaaaally good game

maxa 2014.08.03
Very nice sexy games,with nice character and story!

cccloud88 2014.07.23
Great game like the story line

bitz94 2014.07.12
Lot of room for improvement in this game. The graphics isn`t good like it should be,the game is short etc etc.

awtg ase vtg 2014.05.29
I didn`t like the art style, but other than that, it was a OK game.

Loppster 2014.05.07
The game mechanics still has room for improvement both in precision in where to point to make things happen and also it`s painfully slow.
With that wining out of the way I just love the great story of Farmgirl and her sweet innocent look. Awsome work on both story and graphics.

ibored 2014.05.04
great game would love to se more like it

rivofisher 2014.05.02
Very nice game. Can`t wait part 3.

Tony1209 2014.04.20
nice game with great graphics

Amincoy 2014.03.25
I very like this game till I dream play with her

Assurbanipal 2014.03.21
What a GREAT game. Fantastic graphics but it is teh animation and sound that really makes it stand out from the others. As some have said, a bit hard to fathom out what to do at times but persist and it is well worth it. Storyline is a bit disjointed but the quality of teh scenes more than compensates.
one of the BEST GRAPHIC 100, SENSUALITY 100, ANIMATION DETAILS 200, great stereo sound,

motorbebek2010 2014.03.15
great graphics very realistic

paradj 2014.03.09
this shoots me to another site that does not let me play!
aaaWWwwww MAnnn!
SWIPER NO Swiping!!!!!

shixblix 2014.03.05
great graphics, but the interaction is still off. While the hotspots were easier to find in this one, the motions are still very sensitive.

jfab 2014.03.03
I wasn`t overly impressed with this game. The flash froze up often and the interaction was a bit weak.

guyver01 2014.02.23
i like these types of games

w1drng22 2014.02.21
The pictures and animation on these stories is simply incredible.

mta19 2014.01.21
I really like these types of games.

yoyo350796669 2013.11.18
The graphic is pretty good although faster progress will be better

TPhantomOE 2013.11.17
I would play on but I keep getting stuck on some parts. Does anyone know what I should do?

rotten501 2013.11.04
really sexy game and girl

pincopallo 2013.10.15
The girl is so sexy! One of the best of all time

boomdyatta 2013.10.14
at some points slow but good game

ghost1021 2013.10.13
great game and an sexy ending

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

kenbaboolal 2013.09.15
A little funny game. Maybe too sick cause the girl is just too inocent...

mikie477 2013.09.10
love this game!!! but the controls can be better.

noogad 2013.07.31
a pretty girl but very slow in some parts

w1drng22 2013.07.25
The POV with Rebecca from behind was incredible. I thought I was actually doing it with her. The graphics are fantastic, so smooth compared to the other games I have played here. I want to see parts 3 and 4. Thanks PlayForceOne for giving us these first two parts.

crashbang 2013.07.18
Not my favorite, but still a good game

Hyozanryu 2013.07.08
Well the controll of some interactions are troublesome

Matt2565 2013.07.05
It was good, but not the best I`ve played.

shaker 2013.07.01
Very nice. Cute daughter. Unfortunately very straightforward story, but those positions on the role were unbelievable. Goooood game!

felexan 2013.06.01
god I love this game alot

poisonlabor91 2013.05.30
its really slow just couldn`t get into it

freaky220 2013.05.18
havent played the first but this one was pretty good 86 rate

lyricnote19 2013.05.04
Awesome game, wish there was another episode

gwazz 2013.05.02
a pretty girl but very slow in some parts

heyimafunkadil 2013.05.02
This was really hard to pull off & eventually I got frustrated

jordine 2013.04.30
not pretend this game have sequel. love this game so much

sj13 2013.04.25
very good graphics excellent game loved it

dallastime 2013.04.24
Great game. Very erotic. I enjoyed it very much and the graphics were excellent.

madmax68 2013.04.20
very erotic game - the Farmer`s daughter is HOT!

a715jjr5 2013.04.19
nice game but it takes too long to get to the point

neonx 2013.04.11
I love this one, great game

harold08 2013.04.01
GREAT GAME 3:D good graphics :D
The game is sexy, but is way to slow and the controls are very hard to get.

pornogod 2013.03.31
this make me so horny forever hahaaha

bestia99rom 2013.03.27
not bad at all worth the effort

poler4 2013.03.16
farmer girls are sexy as hell

bbbrich9 2013.03.11
I love the theme farmers daughter.

Sir_Loins 2013.03.04
Very cute girl very slow game.

mal705 2013.02.26
one sentence: she is hot

iainmasterton 2013.02.26
great game. pity games 3 and 4 are not on playforce.

CB54 2013.02.14
Hottest game yet. This is one AWESOME girl. Fantastic game.

pericka 2013.02.13
The game is sexy...amazing

nickatina13 2013.02.05
I dont know how to use the secret unlock code????? This game was fun...

lonesttarr 2013.01.29
maybe i missed something but i thought the game was boring, slow, and cumbersome. not a game i would recommend

gartal 2013.01.27
It is a slow game and a bit jumping one episode to the other .the graphics are good and navigation is much more better than part 1

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Good game , nice graphic.

minhaj 2013.01.20
that is a nice game with nice animation love to play it

jimbo493 2013.01.17
just search around until you find the sweet spot for the action - took me a while in some spots

Jajerjack 2013.01.13
Fairly good game, though some of the CG was a little shoddy.

JulianVoss 2013.01.11
Thanks for sharing, liked it better than part 1

gartal 2013.01.07
Not the hottest chick. More pain that pleasure.

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.02
great game... i liked very much...

Ancient Mariner 2012.12.29
game is pretty good..Graphic is normal,animation too

Ancient Mariner 2012.12.29
really sexy girl, great graphics

Ancient Mariner 2012.12.29
The first one was defenetly better. But i missed these games

Ancient Mariner 2012.12.29
This game is a bit hard because the functions are not easy to find

Ancient Mariner 2012.12.29
Awesome graphics but game is way too slow

hp95 2012.12.24
Nice graphic, but sometimes a bit to long

xes9960 2012.12.12
nice game... love both parts of it.

Tusher 2012.12.11
i like it i enjoy it the game is awesome

iram 2012.11.25
it` a good game and nice story

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
It doesn`t get much better than these.

bigpeet92 2012.11.22
it`s a good game, not high quality but the story is nice

sexiemama 2012.11.20
i like how the farmer`s daughter is so innocent.....

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


hunterbonx 2012.11.06
hot girl and great graphics

icknichdu 2012.11.02
it needs waaaaaay tooooo long loading time.. at least if you re surfing mobil

brucelee753 2012.10.29
Great game great graphics

Madelene 2012.10.29
I remember trying both this and the 1st part a long time ago and liked it very much. Thank you for sharing it with us here. I so hope there will be more of this to come. :)

NK240 2012.10.28
fantastic game, cool girl!!

roughrider 2012.10.27
nice theme but i would like the game to be lomger

Anatik 2012.10.25
great game, nice graphic, good story (like) :)

DickieDo 2012.10.24
really sexy girl, great graphics

rahulcurrent 2012.10.21
Awesome... helped me cum :)

Sojourn69 2012.10.21
i thought the game play was a little tricky but otherwise it was fun

derrabe77 2012.10.17
really nice girls and situations!!!very hot!!

ex1led 2012.10.06
nice game, but sometimes slow action

iamashisno 2012.10.05
Nice hot blonde but could use a little more of a guide on what to do and the range of the mouse movement.

oranjeboven 2012.10.05
This girl is the hottest ever!
she turns me on like hell.

D34c0n 2012.09.28
Nice game. Very hot girl!

Marjan 2012.09.25
I love every game made by Play Force One but the moust perfect thing I like it are the story

LEON51 2012.09.21
very cool game nice graphics excellent story line

ezraver 2012.09.18
cant get it to work. any ideas?

alex1990 2012.09.10
stuck in a part when she wakes up and he rubs her tits and arms I do it for an eternity and nothing happens...

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.08
Really sexy this Girl......
and the first Part was slow...ok, but now...!!!!
And the Gift at the End....com`on....Turbo ;)
Thank you....

kreigan 2012.09.05
Great Game. Graphics are awesome and gameplay

rocking1991 2012.08.21
Sexy girl, but the game was slow and hard to understand

prettyboishah 2012.08.18
played the first 1 loved it but the second one is good to

biggray 2012.08.14
the graphics are good, I enjoyed the game

strangerxy07 2012.08.12
VERY sexy game.
Only drawback: Some lengthy scenes inside, but anyway: 90% from me!

wolfman 2012.08.10
now theres a funny farm!,hot litlle pesant just acts a bit slow at times but shes hot so it dont matter

sveinn1 2012.08.07
Good game and nice graphics

MasamuneZeroX 2012.07.24
loved the game it was awesome

white 2012.07.19
interesting pictures and stories that make me be in the story and make themselves very aroused.

Smil 2012.07.18
This game is a bit hard because the functions are not easy to find

stevie 2012.07.18
The controls of this game can be quite awkward at times. It isn`t always easy to figure out just how often you must click and such.

Nastycookie 2012.07.15
cool game with good graphics, a bit slow by the way

ledondon 2012.07.15
One of my favorites game, sexy story

chap74 2012.07.15
very great game one of the best i played

dance406 2012.07.14
fun game i really liked it. great graphics

MacPau 2012.07.13
For me game is to long a bit. But has nice graphic.

crugh2112 2012.07.08
So, this is the way to make a rape fantasy work in a game. Better graphics than the 1st game. Just be ready for it to be dark in tone.

rickw9999 2012.07.07
Great Game. Graphics are awesome and gameplay is just challengeing enough to be fun.

abnsmith 2012.07.06
its ok, its a bit simple but hot

MorbidDark 2012.07.06
Awesome game. The artwork is fantastic. Love the view angle during this game as well. There`s just something about the innocence of a farm girl. ;P The controls are a little confusing though. =/ Aside from the controls no complaints.

robd_7 2012.07.04
awesome game, graphics and gameplay are great

branknock 2012.07.03
this is a nice game, good graphic`s game play not bad. can not wait for the next one

SmilesGB 2012.07.02
Amazing game!, So great graphics and great story!

snowdoan 2012.06.27
awsome! it`s fantastic game

Ed67 2012.06.26
Now this one was a great turn on and easy to play!

P-Man 2012.06.26
woooh awesome.
you must play it often

Downola 2012.06.21
It`s shivers down my neck.

clint122 2012.06.20
good graphs good length nice

hpl 2012.06.18
The first part was way better. I don`t like those all BDSM stuff...

17dvldog75 2012.06.18
They improved on some of the things from the first, god this farmers daughter is hot!!

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.12
Nice! 3D graphics are the best :D
And the game`s pretty hot too

Nappo 2012.06.11
best game i ever played. looking for fd3

hectorazo5 2012.06.10
This is a great game. godd historie and so horny

funguy1686 2012.06.05
good game, but a little slow

ElricGordon 2012.06.02
don`t get it to hard to get work could not get past the first seen

Soul Assassin 2012.05.30
Graphics good but story a little bit poor. The girl looks too much like a young teen. Story is slow. You can do better.

Criptomax 2012.05.29
Nice game, and a good sequel, but really slow at points.

prtorresv 2012.05.28

Reaper117 2012.05.28
For some reason now i want a farmers daughter. :)

bodile 2012.05.18
graphic was sooo cool....nice...sexy...n hot

***lover 2012.05.14
HORIBLY SLOW, and it doesnt have the best looking girls

rommelsarmiento 2012.05.12
even do i like pusooy games this one is nice but there are some scenes in where is a little boring because the excitement bar fills up too slow like when she is hang from the ropes and the guy is licking her thats too slow and yeah is anal sex would have been a better game too

Graks 2012.05.01
great game, top graphics, but sometimes a little confusing whithout hints

bdenra 2012.04.30
I really like this game except its really slow.

Bibobobu 2012.04.27
nice game. better than the first part

lilrascal 2012.04.26
good game lagged a bit tho

spinterpol 2012.04.26
amazing game with great graphics

MrE81 2012.04.22
Nice graphics but gameplay is a bit slow and boring.

lolabapey 2012.04.22
amazing graphics hope there will be another one

harrywibowo 2012.04.21
Definitely make me squirt, the quality graph supported with hot babes .... Must try !? ^^

Ben18 2012.04.21
It was a good game, awespme graphics

MONK117 2012.04.19
awesome game , its verry good

daddybadboy 2012.04.14
Awesome game really loved it, and well worth my time

bitchesluv 2012.04.13
I really like this game, graphics are beautiful, but having to screw with your mouse during gameplay is just annoying.

fuckingehhh 2012.04.09
i loved he game and the graphics made i seem real

DUGUK 2012.04.09
i love story and graphic is good

Bryson12345 2012.04.08
little confusing but it has a amazing graphics. looks realistic

lolabapey 2012.04.06
love the game and love the graphics :)

bobytt 2012.04.05
I love the story. very exciting

akp_007 2012.04.04
Very good game, the way you can integrate with other things is awesome

akp_007 2012.04.03
awesome graphics! but kinda slow...

jr1971 2012.04.03
The End ist a little bit abrupt - Cliffhanger Part 3 - but at all it is a nice game

howsthis14u 2012.04.01
I can`t wait for part 3 to come out. Great game.

Brentxxx 2012.03.31
Wonderful graphics....I enjoyed this game

Flexxz 2012.03.31
very cool graphics, i loved the game

Fastnick 2012.03.30
very nice graphics, hope for a sequel

johnandjohnful 2012.03.30
This is a very nice game !! thanks again PF1 for entertaining us with this games :]

ami-chan 2012.03.30
why this game do not work

johnny3 2012.03.29
very good game, love the story line!

kaiserc 2012.03.25
very addictive - loved it

jmrem1 2012.03.25
that chick is so hot i could do her all day

jak01 2012.03.25
i love these games with a passion. not the first time iv played either

Punisherroach 2012.03.24
cool game.. so fun .. and arosing

John G 2012.03.19
Really like games with multiple endings.

Simon Hunt 2012.03.18
First easy ending done 4 more to go

bobes 2012.03.18
very nice girl and very nice game

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

Raven68 2012.03.17
Got 4 endings how i get ending 3 ?
beside good graphs and nice girl liked 8 out of 10

freakx 2012.03.16
Wove nice game: nice graphics! Its the my fourth time or so!

Ubber1 2012.03.15
Love the game, excellent idea of a card shark.

im000123 2012.03.15
old plot but wothy to be played!
gorgeous woman...
perfect game!

NezY 2012.03.13
Very good game, the way you can integrate with other things is awesome

gspot93 2012.03.13
love this game series, but this sequel`s plot was not as great as the first

opeeto1 2012.03.12
not bad not bad, good graphics and animations, go ahead

fearlessdeath 2012.03.11
great graphics... not a bad story either

sagauchiha 2012.03.10
ohhhhh excelente juego siempre espere por la segunda parte

str8ridr 2012.03.10
What a great game...graphics are fantastic, gameplay is interesting

chrisa 2012.03.09
dont like it that much but great graphics

kofchamp 2012.03.08
if i was given 1 word to discribe the game.. it will be "awesome"

nice graphices and sounds

haleycummings 2012.03.08
even do i like pusooy games this one is nice but there are some scenes in where is a little boring because the excitement bar fills up too slow like when she is hang from the ropes and the guy is licking her thats too slow and yeah is anal sex would have been a better game too

haleycummings 2012.03.08
the controls are a bit difficult to master but once done the game rocks!!!! great 3d graphics hot sex great game all around!!!

shark101 2012.03.08
Nice games shark, i love the cheerleader party game format.

dsterteen 2012.03.07
this was an impressive game i have to admit

udyr 2012.03.05
solid game, kinda easy to get most of the endings but i still very much appreciated it!

glukos37 2012.03.05
Absolutely amazing game
well done whoever created this

Dunfion 2012.03.05
Awesome game...nice graphics, and fun story. Control can be difficult to figure out at times

kaig 2012.03.04
this so fun , girls are sexy

davo2k12 2012.03.03
Absolutely amazing game
well done whoever created this

noirceur 2012.03.03
great game love it but to easy

unlimited 2012.03.02
graphic is so la la, very slow and not enough action

giantofnylifeguards 2012.03.02
Pretty decent game. Wish story was longer

ddcool 2012.03.01
this game is great!! the girl is so hot and innocent

111spartan 2012.03.01
This game has always been one of my favorites. Unexpected characters, and a fun mechanic.

aradada 2012.02.29
I can`t even make it work.. Someone help me please?

WEGAS 2012.02.29
beautiful girl, but too much oral and masturbate...

Arny 2012.02.29
This game is really grate.
It`s awesome.

neoanderson 2012.02.29
These guys are great... I like this one and the Mummy game...

dk47 2012.02.29
i wish it was a little faster between slides

LineKK 2012.02.28
it`s a very hot game! I like the quality. It`s so realistic.

shinnok 2012.02.28
stuck at the shoulder rub....throughout the game it gets a bit confusing as to what the next step should be..

kythe 2012.02.28
The controls of this game can be quite awkward at times. It isn`t always easy to figure out just how often you must click and such.

ALFA MIKE 2012.02.27

servan 2012.02.25
this game is great!! the girl is so hot and innocent!

jimbornk 2012.02.24
it is nice, a little slow and repeating but nice, i enjoy it a lot

vtheghost 2012.02.24
Great looking game. I appreciate the deep story and multiple dialogue options,

Thumper_1 2012.02.24
Girl is extra yummy, game play is slow. Be nice if you had some options instead of just moving the mouse. Ended the game before it finished.

Rauhe 2012.02.22
Girl is so hot, would like to see more of her

yody11 2012.02.20
its a little slow but the girl is awesome!

maxblade 2012.02.20
But control sometimes is under control..

mr4 2012.02.19
great graphics and has the whole school girl thing going for it

oopsyoudied3 2012.02.19
Love this game, really wish they would hurry up and add more sequels. Fun game-play and great story line.

djromzki335 2012.02.19
well i love this game!!! even though its very slow but still it`s very enjoyable.....

mharvey 2012.02.18
amazing game with great graphics

Celestia 2012.02.18
Wow, I...this is good, great actually.

jchatfieldpolo 2012.02.17
Really weird game, not one of my favorites.

stijntje 2012.02.17
graet graphic`s beautifull girl and good story want more of it

hornyjay1 2012.02.16
Great Game, really fun, just like the first one, first game I played, cant wait for more now

AhmedZain 2012.02.16
Nice animation but the story could use a bit more tweaking.

standy983 2012.02.15
now that´s some fantasy!great game concept!

flyguy 2012.02.15
OK graphics, but game is rather slow and gameplay quickly becomes tedious

lolonsex 2012.02.15
very nice game..we want more like this game..

Steelswan 2012.02.14
a very good game - very sexy indeed; however, difficult at times to manipulate the actions with limbs

Kiolas 2012.02.14
Really great game, sexy girls and different endings. Loved it!

Jeadye 2012.02.14
ok but controlls a little tricky at times

impruneta 2012.02.12
really great game as usual the graphics are great well done! Waiting for next one

darama3 2012.02.12
nice graphic and nice game. i wish they will make 3rd part very soon. i want it

canada2010 2012.02.12
nice graphics terrible controls

chrisa 2012.02.12
nice game..really great grafics.

Stan74 2012.02.11
Great game, cant wait for 3rd part!!

borntochat123 2012.02.11
state of the art graphics, need some patience, but it`s worth the effort. Really sexy !!

chkboris 2012.02.11
interesting, but difficult game, i like the 3d graphics

Vampirechick 2012.02.11
good game awesome graphics really fun

zerocool14 2012.02.11
great graphics and hot girl

mikeydrew 2012.02.10
A little slow but the graphics are incredible! Wish there was a little more interactive play but again, the graphics overcome a lot!

edisonj 2012.02.10
great animation but a little bit hard to control

shubh17 2012.02.10
sexy game but lil slow...

gorex 2012.02.09
great and sexy games with good graphics

njake874 2012.02.08
not bad a game, but controls are a little sensitive..realistic and good.

sausageb 2012.02.08
wow.....great game....can`t wait for part 3 lol.

bombomxp 2012.02.07
good game , good graphic , not difficult to play

freyes676 2012.02.05
not that fast............... thats a problem

peter42 2012.02.04
Great game..waiting for Part 3 and 4 which is already in Pussoy.net

ShivamJ 2012.02.03
Nice game! better than the first part

horny123 2012.02.03
this game really turn me on!

horny123 2012.02.03
would have been good if it wasnt so slowly working

Valenna 2012.02.03
Controls are hard to get at times, but I liked the graphic and scenes. One of the more slower and calmer games, though.

mick149 2012.02.02
ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!!!! it is boring, dull, long and irritating - i got so far,very bored and now have an aching finger!!!!!!!!!........

0904038 2012.02.01
didn`t really like this game. It`s also a bit old I think

glaggabuc 2012.01.31
Fantastic gameplay and beautiful models. I didn`t like the story as much, though. Still, one of best on this site.

dgkpeter 2012.01.31
some of these games are really hard lol

oralFetish 2012.01.31
good graphics...pretty difficult gameplay tho...

John G 2012.01.30
Good game-play but harder than the first one.

h3dshot 2012.01.29
awesome game, kept me entertained throughout, very nice graphics, a little short on the story line imo but the girl was smoking hot

Freedomcis 2012.01.28
Would been great if it was not so slow.

ted1234 2012.01.28
Great game. The graphics were awesome and so was the game play.

lazy boy 2012.01.28
nice game .. i love it .

nandi 2012.01.27
This game is awesome! but takes a bit long to load.

ocandela 2012.01.27
hot girl, but difficult gameplay. I don`t want a game that`s too easy, but too hard is worse.

lionarslan 2012.01.27
A good game, but there`s too many places to stuck just beacause of non-obvious mouse movements

jain222 2012.01.27
took time but definetly worth it, good game.

lobegrinder 2012.01.25
very difficult and i got stuck :S graphics good though

bachferguson97 2012.01.24
control is slow, but gud graphics

imthebest69 2012.01.24
the graphic is quite alright, not a 9, but at least a 7, animation is a little stiff though, and the controls could definitely use a touch up

Matt91 2012.01.24
Once u get it that`s a very pleasant game

Wyatt 2012.01.23
I love this game!! the girls are insanely hot!!! I can`t get enough

israfeli 2012.01.23
Great gameplay and a very attractive girl.

crossfire2000 2012.01.23
not so great... but nice effort

dennn 2012.01.22
graphics are great, lovely woman

dennn 2012.01.22
The 3D is really awesome. Very hot game

freddysaenz 2012.01.21
is a good game I like to see moreadult woman in these game

dementeddd 2012.01.21
Very good graphics, but difficult to figure out.

xpeeksaboo1 2012.01.21
it`s not have a hint.difficult game.goodanimation.i think it a good game.

torrex 2012.01.21
one of the best games there is

xxmetalbxx 2012.01.20
Short, but perfect the thought of fucking her is amazing

user40618 2012.01.20
This game is really well done. The quality of the artwork is amazing.

dudedude1234 2012.01.20
This gameplay is very difficult and slow and they dont teach you how to play

Renath 2012.01.19
wonderful game i like much pusooy games and this one is very hot!!!

gonzoone 2012.01.19
Rather slow but graphics were good

jaska4 2012.01.18
Nice game, but too slow. Nice graphics n stuff

Supaflyjay 2012.01.17
I will say this: the graphics are amazing, as always.

Supaflyjay 2012.01.17
This game was way too slow for me, but it`s okay I suppose

xue0001 2012.01.17
Great game, awesome graphics

betelgeuse49 2012.01.17
Just back to say that I`m looking forward to part 3 - and a suggestion from me that some facial animation now would really bring the scenes to life and push the bar for everyone else to the max.

betelgeuse49 2012.01.17
What a GREAT game. Fantastic graphics but it is teh animation and sound that really makes it stand out from the others. As some have said, a bit hard to fathom out what to do at times but persist and it is well worth it. Storyline is a bit disjointed but the quality of teh scenes more than compensates.

Hint for those struggling in the bedroom scene - don`t fret if nothing appears to be happening. Keep alternating the position of the guys hands on her body. There`s a subtle difference each time that will give you the clue to keep going.

Site owners - really tedious getting timed out of the site, especially as you appear from the header to still be logged in. A lot of my comments have had to be retyped (although I am now in the habit of copying to the clipboard first, just in case).

dcurious 2012.01.16
The 3D is really awesome. Very hot game

hornyman199 2012.01.16
I love the graphics and really enjoyed the 3d hotness!

Adur 2012.01.16
gameplay 7: graphic 6: animation 9. excellent story.

andy_regresa 2012.01.16
very good game and good graphics

Dr_Jekkyl 2012.01.16
The loading stops at 50% for me.. Not able to play the game :(

zucriy 2012.01.15
Ridiculously slow paced, will spend 10 minutes on the first scene alone waiting for an arrow prompt.

Boss666111 2012.01.15
It`s hard to find spots, but the result worth it, believe me!!!!

Gold_Lightning 2012.01.15
From what I`ve read the game is great, but I`m still waiting on the game to load.
Also it would be much easier if the game would be posted on THIS site, Instead of a link


Merleno 2012.01.14
I liked the first one better

maseyka 2012.01.14
Too long, as for me. Espesially in a moment where she is waking up and dreaming. So so, as a conclusion.

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
a very hot game with this hot girl

Guillaume 2012.01.13
Little bit slow but it is a great game, many features and scenes.

8Tom 2012.01.12
really hot girl. the game is slow

mrcmzl 2012.01.12
Really great graphics, plot, really hot scenes. Too slow. Waiting for part 3...

saca 2012.01.12
I like the gameplay of those games. Interesting story and graphics as well.

chook2109 2012.01.12
is there a walk-through to help cause im lost

ukbigfoot 2012.01.11
This is by far the best game on this site. It has been superbly crafted with exceptional graphics and excellent user involvement. I take my hat off to the writer/designer WELL DONE!!! and more please!!!

pietpompies2006 2012.01.11
I have always had such a fantacy!

mbuxbom 2012.01.11
This is a great game! Even if it is a bit long

siddharthchauhan 2012.01.11
girl is too hot....nice animation

Drink 2012.01.11
Danm that girl is too hot

layne16 2012.01.10
Good game but it is tough to control.

newone 2012.01.10
hard to figure out the correct sequence in the bedroom scene

luiza1000 2012.01.10
i like the graphics is prety good

bulletfast 2012.01.10
very hot, but actually quite hard to find the right spots...

gorex 2012.01.10
really great game ang very hot

suki37 2012.01.10
Good game,i like the plot,who wouldnt want to do the farmers daughter LOL

punkcs87 2012.01.10
Great graphics and gameplay, just takes way too log to get through, wouldn`t be bad if you could save and continue later.

zclawer 2012.01.09
the girl is cute.. hope can find some at real world

jrjr567 2012.01.09
great graphics, weird story though

Forent 2012.01.09
Good graphics. A game complete.

Cerberus2290 2012.01.08
hot game great grafics and an overall good story hope for more

johnmunner 2012.01.08
yeah! i like this game so much..it cool

rahoold30 2012.01.08
great graphics ........>

staticecho 2012.01.07
awesome graphics and it was a pretty good game

S0uCe3 2012.01.07
Great game and awesome graphics !!

cholita 2012.01.07
Nice Game But Too Sloww To Play

sexydragon64 2012.01.06
im stuck where ur rubbing her chest polease help plus great game with real like graphix

hamxa 2012.01.06
nice gameplay and animation

hamxa 2012.01.06
nice game and the girl is really sexy

cool1234 2012.01.06
i think the game was okay

55555xd 2012.01.06
THIS game has good graphics but slow story

imthemaster 2012.01.06
Good story, but too slow and unclear.

daddo89 2012.01.05
The game is sexy, but is way to slow and the controls are very hard to get

hamxa 2012.01.05
nice graphic and animation

delhibelly 2012.01.05
Good game but found it was a little hard to get started.

delhibelly 2012.01.05
Loved #1, Love #2. Awesome job

monferno 2012.01.05
wow this game is awsome

urtweak123 2012.01.05
awesome graphics! but kinda slow...

lenni61 2012.01.04
this is a very hot game with good graphik and so reel

pdaa 2012.01.04
I`m stuck on rubbing her chest. How do i move on?

shakezulla17 2012.01.03
Good sequel. I liked the first one a little better but this still had the same great quality. Some parts still tricky to figure out but it is a game after all!

killera 2012.01.03
really hot game, love this gamestyle

MadCHE 2012.01.03
Very good game! Passion Games is still so great for that king of games. The sound, the graphics, the chat, the difficulty, nothing to say more.

pdaa 2012.01.03
Graphics are some of the best I`ve seen online compared to other sex game sites

Nanaky 2012.01.02
Realy nice game. Good graphics.

turk 2012.01.02
Like these kind of games. Challenging and hot. Would love to play the third installment.

Bmlk 2012.01.01
awesome graphics.. great game

Dugorf 2012.01.01
Good graphics, good time, great game.

ben381360 2011.12.31

overall it was a very long game, but very rewarding, my favorite game, love the graphics(looked really realistic) ;D

james12great 2011.12.31
its pretty good, but it takes a while

stush124 2011.12.30
Just awesome graphics, I loved the game.

pfwuan 2011.12.30
It took some time to display the graphics... slow story... more sex action

LuckyOne1 2011.12.29
Great game and awesome graphics !!

raznag2001 2011.12.29
great game, love the animated motion in this series, it really gets you excited. Can get a bit slow some times, I guess when it`s loading the animations. This is also a little darker than Part 1 in tone... all and all, one of my favorites.

karang2000 2011.12.29
nice game but ending could have been real with farmer`s daughter

HBK_KING 2011.12.28
Good Game! excellent graphic :)

jstoner102392 2011.12.28
i dont know how to get past the first part

brit_man33 2011.12.28
Girl is so hot, would like to see more of her

Julio219 2011.12.27
this game is so good especially the graphics!!!!

Alanano1 2011.12.27
this is the best game i ever played

Kracker70 2011.12.27
I loved playing FD1 and FD2.Can`t wait for FD3 to come out to the general public.LOVED THE GRAPHICS!!!!! Can`t get it to come back up though.why?

Darren Tran 2011.12.27
good game but a bit slow if you asked me

John G 2011.12.26
Good game-play but the first one is still my favorite.

emaznboy 2011.12.24
the images were hot and all, but the storyline and the gameplay was pretty mediocre. :/

PioG 2011.12.24
Nice Job with the Graphic, keep on the good work !

kwlmisu 2011.12.24
u guys are a legends at 3d sex games

unamaximus 2011.12.24
This one was a little slow, great graphics though

sam1baxter 2011.12.23
I see that the mouse is a recommended way of playing this game... in the beginning it starts slow but when u get into it , it has its good parts but to be honest... the fuctions of this game is a little slow , and if u had never played these kinds of games before, u would get confused on how to play it.

Sabre8 2011.12.23
A good enough game but slow and difficult to control

lostdog709 2011.12.23
i havent played the whole game but think the girl is very spunky and would be nice to see a game with her in solo scenes too

rk9fantasti 2011.12.23
not too impressed, it is slow going.

ninjacow77 2011.12.23
Good Graphics. Bad load time. Hot scenes. Pretty hard though

Akira D Hellson 2011.12.23
good but a little slow for me. I don`t get me wrong like the game it`s self but slow.

hundsgemeini 2011.12.22
Part 3 will be out in jan. beta testing now

fuckinghot!! 2011.12.22
THis game was fucking hotttt

jarredvc101 2011.12.22
This is much better than the first one!

Evilcandi 2011.12.22
one of my faves, she is great

luo 2011.12.22
This is SO much better than the first one! Amazing Job Once Again!

cowboyonfire55 2011.12.22
girls hot, controls are hard to master and it moves slow

TeachMeHowToLive 2011.12.21
Great game, i loved the story line

PAL1 2011.12.21

thatrandomjester 2011.12.21
this game was fairly good but took way too much time to get to another scene and had no real story behind it.

aahaa 2011.12.21
well tbh the animation could be better

Goschlong 2011.12.20
Good game but found it was a little hard to get started.

sangoku 2011.12.20
good 3d graphics + good gameplay

Homersimpson 2011.12.19
Awesome graphics but game is way too slow

arefin3d 2011.12.19
i am quite disappoint with the game.

vincentvalentine14 2011.12.19
Damn this is even better than the first one. Great job guys

Abel2124 2011.12.18
I was a bit dissapointed by the game.

wyatturpnz 2011.12.18
Great game good graphics and game play

John G 2011.12.18
Good game but sound effects would greatly be appreciated.

Ranma 2011.12.17
Good enough game, but the lack of defined controls leave it wanting. The autoplay at certain points is fine. Replay value is not all that great either. I know this is a single man job, but this needs more than what it has.

Eugenebert 2011.12.17
Very sexy and super graphics, hope the next once comes soon, so far my favorite game!

clive_singer 2011.12.16
Excellent game. Can`t wait for the next one

redlight 2011.12.16
Love the Game when are the new chapters being released?

pornguy85 2011.12.16
Great game but it`s just a little too slow.

tigerpirro 2011.12.15
Just does not "stroke my clover", to slow.

ohayoyo 2011.12.15
The game is sexy, but is way to slow

Payito16 2011.12.15
Very Good Game, nice gameplay

3mo0or 2011.12.15
nice game i got really crazy at this game it is the best of the best and.............:)

Riesen 2011.12.15
Pusooy must be the most realistic game productor for the moment... keep on going

polito000 2011.12.15
i think is a good game for the graphics and the girl in these

diesel69 2011.12.14
Awesome game but too long

urmom112 2011.12.13
Great game the plot was also very amazing

axemilia 2011.12.12
very good graphics wow good job

loveDP 2011.12.12
This game was so boring, actually...

sander01 2011.12.12
This is a really great game

dajasand 2011.12.11
the controls are a bit difficult to master but once done the game rocks!!!! great 3d graphics hot sex great game all around!!!

firefire 2011.12.11
state of the art graphics, need some patience the controls are very hard to get.

cj78 2011.12.11
This game looks terrible.

landrider1 2011.12.11
Nice game, an improvement over the first version, good scenes with plenty of interaction.

knightrider 2011.12.10
i love this game it is amazing i wish i could really do this it is incredible amazing gameplay!!!!!!!

haha1234 2011.12.10
good game with great graphics and animations

madcor 2011.12.10
love the graphics and gameplay another good one, nice story

spbba121 2011.12.09
This is a cool A-Game to me.must play it!!

dognut 2011.12.09
cool graphics and cool sounds

John G 2011.12.08
Great graphics but sometimes hard to get the correct motion.

melver 2011.12.08
good game and good graphics.

andy_regresa 2011.12.08
As always Puso delivers, It has good game play, excellent graphics, just good adult fun.

ANinja 2011.12.07
Very fiddly controls, but worth the effort.

ponal 2011.12.06
very hot game, beautyfull graphic, but for my taste a little to young girl. Farmers wife much like better.

TheDoRon 2011.12.06
Really enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to playing the next chapter

unup91 2011.12.05
real hot animations...i like this game

Alcyone 2011.12.05
Great game I just don`t like how long it takes to progress in the story.

Les 2011.12.05
This is my favorite. Great story deveolpment. Great graphics. Once in a while the cursor hangs up a bit but is generally not a problem.

AN0nYmoS 2011.12.05
Didn`t load for me, looked good too :/

Hroft8888 2011.12.05
real hot animations...i like this game

S0rcy 2011.12.05
game play, graphics, animations are nice

valerious 2011.12.04
great game and story but I think the transition between scenes could be faster

KriegerIke 2011.12.04
best game in this site with good graphics, animation and so on

_swizzzle_ 2011.12.04
very good ngame, liked it alot.

cbruno 2011.12.03
Very very horny game.. thoroughly enjoyed it thought.. Kinky!

elishacuthbert 2011.12.02
Ok...Good game,nice graphic and...good animation

xcoolplayz 2011.12.02
Excellent looking, great visuals as always!

VinceVega03 2011.12.01
i liked the gameplay and the graphics....sometimes a little bit slow but entertaining.

REIVAJ311 2011.11.30
wow wow wow, I want to be a farmer, and have a nice cowgirl to eat well of by myself

John G 2011.11.30
Fun fdollow=up to the first "Farmers Daughter".

Tiger367 2011.11.29
love a good barn scene :)

juliaa2 2011.11.29
mhh nice but i can do a better blowjob ;) ^^

fada 2011.11.29
very nice game, I like it

cu3121 2011.11.29
This is by far the best game on the site, with wonderful graphics and animation. :D

tennispro2010 2011.11.28
very good game, what a graphics

AngelStorm747 2011.11.28
Played it several times, and just realized havent commentent it yet... So here we go. Poosy.net does a good job again, good graphics, the animations are getting even better. Thinking its easier to find the hot spots in this game, a bit more intuitive then in previous games from poosy.net production, but still hard enough! :)

jpsacrey 2011.11.28
Ok...Good game,nice graphic and...good animation

forsakenacolyte 2011.11.28
great game. girl is really hot im very horny ;)

polobenny 2011.11.27
that`s is wat called sexy,love it!!

zeldon 2011.11.27
Awesome game! I like that it makes you "work" a little harder for it :P

KillerKillz 2011.11.27
Love the graphic and the gameplay but the controls are quite poor.

Bruneinho 2011.11.27
Good Graphics... I like to play here!
It was a lilttle difficult at start, but after was great!!!

forget 2011.11.27
The graphic is the best among so many game!
But then... the game is too slow... and hard to play.....

magnosmago 2011.11.26
i love the story but the girl is not pretty

meanmachine1234 2011.11.26
Great game, amazing graphics, defiantly going to play again

facebookorton 2011.11.25
Why ddoes`nt this game work? How to play this game?

d0ra123 2011.11.25
Ok...Good game,nice graphic and...good animation

lovesandyyy 2011.11.25
erotic hot and slutty babe

meister 2011.11.25
AmazingGame ^_____________^

andy_regresa 2011.11.24
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, awesome

kldxxx 2011.11.24
Phenominal game. Pusooy takes real pride in these games and it shows.
recommended a lot

Aeok 2011.11.24
real hot animations...i like this game

kjcallday51 2011.11.24
great game. girl is really hot im very horny ;)

canocano 2011.11.23
Very nice.Best job.Like it so much.

Mysik86 2011.11.23
She`s so dumb and naive... and why she`s so hot!!!
Great game!

mcee 2011.11.23
Great game really enjoyed it

dman98 2011.11.23
good everyone should play it true virgin

matix87 2011.11.23
im stuck i cant get past the breast scene

timdench 2011.11.23
good game liked the first one better

stangdriver44 2011.11.23
great game with great graphics

pratik0803 2011.11.22
good game but a bit slow................u will enjoy it...

TheDoRon 2011.11.22
good game, but seems to be stuck at the guy the girls shoulders

notes1 2011.11.22
fantastic gameplay... nice ghraphics ...very good job

ballon2424 2011.11.22
Good game I recommend to all

kkuubb 2011.11.21
game play, graphic, animation are good

playgman 2011.11.21
This game is realy good :D the graphics are ok

heers 2011.11.21
Al I want is to become a farmer now, haha.

MathewsMedina 2011.11.21
Good game, better than the first, I recommend to all

jtaiwaijin 2011.11.21
nice sequel to the first one... great overall

rofe01 2011.11.21
Great game, love to play this. rather hard to play but good graphics and animations.

schbob 2011.11.21
can`t wait untill numer three comes out in public

gamingtool 2011.11.20
loved it, can`t wait to see what comes next

a1b2 2011.11.19
very nice graphics, hope for a sequel

Azurite 2011.11.19
nice game but the spots are hard to find

wrnyhuise 2011.11.19
loves these games just wish they could be paused

iammonkey 2011.11.18
yeah it may be a little slow but i liked it still and i liked the first one too

lilie235 2011.11.18
I am stuck, please help.

randyniehaus 2011.11.17
the game is good but took some time to figure out

alexanderelkins 2011.11.17
this game is very slow. It isn`t very fun or entertaining. Try it out if you want but I wouldn`t wast my time playing it

stockofwine 2011.11.17
This one of the best 3d games I have ever play.

unknow222 2011.11.17
excelent game, good graphics, story and gameplay :) i just want more games like this :)

Davidafyfe 2011.11.17
Phenominal game. Pusooy takes real pride in these games and it shows.
recommended a lot

Daniel90 2011.11.16
the graphics and the animations are good but I miss the story

HarSlan 2011.11.16
great game and graphics i like it :)

Soliderity 2011.11.16
Sketchy graphics, but great game

John G 2011.11.16
Great sequel to the first "Farmers Daughter". These would all be better with sound, though.

bigjeff1 2011.11.16
Graphics very good but controls not explained enough. So I got stuck right at the end I think. Going to try the first in the series got good reviews

Reinhart 2011.11.16
Very nice graphics but the game moves so slowly..

dada21 2011.11.16
The graphics were marvelous

band_fan82 2011.11.16
this game takes forever and doesn`t go anywhere. I found the controls difficult and the general game play to slow.

Jan4all 2011.11.15
Well well, I want to become a farmer now!

yared01 2011.11.15
bonito juego me a gustado

tim82 2011.11.15
great quality but way to slow and drawn out

John G 2011.11.15
Great follow-up to the first Farmers Daughter game.

d1v9d 2011.11.15
Man!! These many comments I must check it out

aque 2011.11.15
Nice picture like a real one.. but why i stuck after the girl met the boy at the bed?

riglef 2011.11.14
kind of annoying that we have to go to a different site to play it

shona 2011.11.14
a good game. nice graphics and animation. i would love to play its next part...

geppetto17 2011.11.14
Too slow, lame graphics... I don`t like this kind of games

chikara 2011.11.14
Awesome game but it´s too slow

Thickmeat05 2011.11.13
very nice graphics, but slow

jonki 2011.11.13
Fantastic game! The girl is real hot and the graphic is awesome

des14 2011.11.13
Great game... I loved it... want next part of it....

Faetter_BR 2011.11.13
Great game!!! ... good animations and a nice plot

Daikyu 2011.11.12
Adding basic instructions on how to play wouldn`t detract from the style of storytelling and impressive animations.

wycowby 2011.11.12
fun game with a cute girl

abraxis012 2011.11.12
A nice and interactive game.

btsom 2011.11.12
awesome game, very nice graphics

Lippi1983 2011.11.12
This is great game... I like it very much... GREAT GAME

leonandvibin 2011.11.11
awsum graphic i really liked the girl

habborabbo 2011.11.11
one of the better games great animation

Kline 2011.11.11
its a lil slow goin but its cool

sexyguy774 2011.11.11
Great game... I loved it... want next part of it....

kuiop 2011.11.11
good graphic, i love that girl :z

HornyPorny 2011.11.10
Very horny game. Its what u expect from them. Cant wait to see more!

hersh2450 2011.11.10
Game was a little hard to get the hang of, however so was the first one as well. Overall the game play was very similar to the first and I would recommend it to other people

slowcrimson 2011.11.10
good graphics no instructions and slow

oik01 2011.11.10
very difficult and i got stuck :S

oik01 2011.11.10
great game ... excellent graphics ... please keep them coming guys

Chairman 2011.11.09
very nice graphics, but slow though.
it`s fun

drakerock 2011.11.09
was pretty hot graphics were great

BallIdiot 2011.11.09
Game play is a little slow and the movements are a bit awkward. However, the graphics are a lot better.

zenginoglu 2011.11.09
This is great game... I like it very much...

petep11 2011.11.09
the pacing is a little slow. if you`re not using a mouse it can get tiresome also

speedy10 2011.11.09
this game was good it had good graphics and animation

kaergaard35 2011.11.08
good game like the graphics little hard to figrue out sometimes

darkswat1 2011.11.08
This Game Is So Cool ,,, Loved it.

ichiiixD1 2011.11.08
Very addictive game, love the graphics!

hunterfury8 2011.11.08
awsome game lol its great

bricey12 2011.11.08
This is a very addicting game it also is very detailed and has very excelent graphics

pafren2010 2011.11.08
awesome graphics, horrible plot

spunge7 2011.11.07
good gameplay and sexy graphics

thatguy1704 2011.11.07
not a bad game, graphics are decent, a little bit drawn out at times though

WEclipse 2011.11.07
Slow moving but still a good game

thinlwin 2011.11.07
every time i`m play this game,it`s a good.animation is i like very much.

livinglegend1 2011.11.06
game takes far too long to complete, graphics are good but i got bored trying to complete the last scene where she`s tied up so i gave up

thelostone 2011.11.06
a short but good game. i liked the graphics

maniu 2011.11.06
very good graphics, i hope the 3st

dri 2011.11.06
best game 3 D very interesting for playing.

camhappy 2011.11.06
Incredible game play, probably the best linear story on hear. Also very good graphics.

Purger 2011.11.06
The game is good, good graphics, but after a while get bored, some parts are too slow

lennert0345 2011.11.06
i like the game and you guys should play this one too. me like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jpsacrey 2011.11.06
really great game, i loved the first part, and i love the second just as much

draxx 2011.11.05
Thanks for it! Fun game - nice graphics!

kwal 2011.11.05
too much work for me to play the game.

Greed319 2011.11.05
took to long to load and was to slow of pace

vibez14 2011.11.05
good but could be perfect if they improved it a bit more

certainsomeone 2011.11.05
Personally she just doesnt sell it, and ever overseeing the long wait, the game is also slow, the history slow. And while it is interactive, it just doesnt feel as good as other games around here.

chfeu 2011.11.04
Good graphics and sexy farmer daughter. Up for part 3 !

Spartalord66 2011.11.04
this game is fun but gets hard and boring after a while

Jake Austen 2011.11.04
really great game, i loved the first part, and i love the second just as much

Ilovetitties! 2011.11.04
games ok i gues but takess agees to load!!!

rock_star_258 2011.11.04
Great game...............

blackworld90 2011.11.03
best game 3 D very interesting for playing.

PeterJorer1 2011.11.03
not bad. worth while. good game

sexisfun 2011.11.03
The game is sexy, but is way to slow and the controls are very hard to get.

gouldy 2011.11.03
im stuck in the first part i cant find the sweet spot

castilho 2011.11.03
Very nice game with good grahics (especially the Close-ups of sex-scenes). Like in the last game of "pusooy.net" to childlike modells with to small tits.. :-)

rparadis 2011.11.03
is not to bad, it is a little long.

kinell 2011.11.03
Average game, worth a play

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.02
Great game so exciting ,girl is too sexy and innocent

LostLord1992 2011.11.02
really great game, i loved the first part, and i love the second just as much

gunstarred 2011.11.02
not a bad game. decent art, graphics and story... but the fact that we have to go to another website to play it really bothers me...

hobbit 2011.11.01
excellent graphics, but game play tedious, no choices, just got to figure out how to unlock story

TheDopeydo 2011.11.01
I do wish the controls were clearer :/
Otherwise, awesome (graphics, animation) :)

eheyder 2011.10.31
Wooooooow, very sexy, why she`s not my daughter?

chasen1213 2011.10.31
great game but it takes a while

kanf 2011.10.31
Very nice graphics but a slow game pace.

simenh 2011.10.30
i think this game was kinda boring. but the graphics are good.

maddog52 2011.10.30
Great graphics! Very sexy! Needs better sound.

mrloversss 2011.10.30
this game was really hot 5 star

Gebbo 2011.10.30
This is a great game!! I like this beautiful girl.

montyx 2011.10.30
Good game, thanks for pusooy!

emetiel 2011.10.29
I Love that kind of games. It`s once a gain a great one

pornguy 2011.10.29
Great game. These games just seem to get better and better

eman8717 2011.10.29
When does the next the come out??

rogerpoger 2011.10.29
I love the farmers daugther series. Waiting for the next release!

mutrommi 2011.10.29
I love these series. Very hot.

Akkyshan 2011.10.28
not really interactive but still nice

kydonuts 2011.10.28
interesting game needs faster pace

Denz12000 2011.10.28
The game is too long, and it also feels like an interactive show rather than a game. Not for casual players.

lover 2011.10.27
I really enjoyed the first one, and this one is even better! Continue the good job!

cjdee81 2011.10.27
good game, but could be a lot smoother. Controls are tricky

craig20 2011.10.27
can sum one please tell me how to play this one?

q246810 2011.10.27
characters look sexy, but i dont like the control. it was kinda hard to figure out the mouse movement

bananaphone 2011.10.27
Really good Game, good graphism and gameplay. AWESOME !!

jeroen1256 2011.10.26
the first game is better than this game and it is a slow game

crzyone 2011.10.26
Very cool game, I liked the first one better but this is also very well done. Keep them coming, they are very enjoyable.

throbnhood 2011.10.26
I enjoyed this one a lot better after figuring out the mouse movements

reddevil07utd 2011.10.26
Enjoyed the first one better but looking forward to the 3rd

mrblahblah 2011.10.26
This game is too slow :( needs to happen faster

SatYr84 2011.10.26
did not really like it a lot.. too tedious for me :)

Spigot 2011.10.26
Surprising the farmers daughter isn`t in with the animals

thinlwin 2011.10.26
it`s not have a hint.difficult game.goodanimation.i think it a good game.

shuvobd 2011.10.25
it`s a mind blowing game. Graphics r really very good but take time to load the game

nightbird 2011.10.25
i love gameplay and girl is so realistic

Willie77 2011.10.25
Not so much a game as an interactive movie. nicely spicey

ruston 2011.10.25
Good graphics, but it needs more instructions.

noname89 2011.10.25
a bit one-way only with choices but an impressive video quality

kroyw 2011.10.25
The farmer`s daughter is really hot

lshone501 2011.10.25
fun to play needs more options

XXProfas 2011.10.25
nice game but loads slowly

schwefumbler 2011.10.23
a lot of the actions are tedious and distract from a quality game

danny572006 2011.10.23
Great game. Good graphics and interaction. I can`t wait for the next one.

Taishair 2011.10.22
bleh couldnt get past the arm rubbing bit game wasnt explained at all im not happy here...

connor0397 2011.10.22
graphics are really good . good game and took time BUT IT WAS SO FUN

pieter129 2011.10.22
Not bad but it`s very slow in progress.

ozorne_6 2011.10.22
Any Game from Pusooy is great and this one is no exception.

LamboRoscoe 2011.10.22
Good Storyline and good graphics as well perfect game.

cowabunga 2011.10.22
well.... i don`t know.... this game is really something. it really made me horny all of a sudden. enjoyable gameplay and really nice graphics would make almost anybody imagine things... if you know what i mean

AnthonyM3 2011.10.22
graphics are really good . good game

2be.not2be 2011.10.22
is it even playable ? it does not load oO .. weird

whitemox 2011.10.22
Very annoying game- the first part of Farmer´s Daughter was much better...

MfG Mox

Bodysnatcher 2011.10.22
Good game until the last scene in the barn tied up which takes far to long to play and is a pain

thepawnking 2011.10.22
really great but unuals graffix still sexy tho

roxana 2011.10.21
awesome game love how it is so realistic

macgivred 2011.10.21
very exciting and innocent little girls.....

RustyNail 2011.10.21
i really like this game! very hot and sexy!

johncoombes77 2011.10.21
great graphics very realistic

Arvynder 2011.10.21
A bit slow, but overall not a bad game. The load time was bit long, but then again it might be my crappy internet.

cocomicrob 2011.10.21
nice graphic. it unfolds a little too slow and the control is triky sometimes.

lexthunder2007 2011.10.21
I liked the first and third scene. Good graphics and cute girls/

carnalvex 2011.10.21
controls can be iffy and it sometimes freezes

Opalm 2011.10.21
it was a good sequel, but first one was better i think

TheLyconoar 2011.10.20
Exciting game, I really like the graphics style chosen for this line of games.

Whitney 2011.10.20
good game, hot scenes, sexy gameplay

pleasurechloe 2011.10.20
great graphics and hot game play, prefer the first one if im honest but im looking forward to the third one

pietje119 2011.10.20
i loved the first one but this is even better!!

laski123 2011.10.20
i played and finished the game. great storyline... love it

James Adrian 2011.10.20
It`s really AWESOME!! But difficult to play

tazzy1983 2011.10.19
great game. she is so innecent but yet so sexy

babtiser 2011.10.19
Wish there was more stuff like this...farmers doughters!

Orion9161 2011.10.19
good graphics, kinda slow though

delta1017 2011.10.18
Fun game to play took a little long (slow) but fun.

firion69 2011.10.18
the graphic is great! looks really realistic :P

...the downside is that the controls aren`t at all explained nor clear, and the "hint" should be shown throughout most of the interactive parts :

5x4t9 2011.10.18
If you get stuck where you can either rub her arms or breasts keep going back and forth between the two.

5x4t9 2011.10.18
REALLY hot, but hard to figure out.


lucik93 2011.10.18
i like the game it`s so exciting

juice25 2011.10.18
cinda slow but it was a nice game

kingersteve 2011.10.18
tis a fun game with some decent graphics

SidAsrani 2011.10.17
Nyce gameplay.. it was a fun game

canoglul 2011.10.17
very good game and good graphics

arial1 2011.10.17
great graphics fun to play

Blourock 2011.10.17
Great game, but it seems a little slow.

charborlau 2011.10.16
This game is worth playing. Storyline is quite to guess.

Yowhzie 2011.10.16
I`m stuck at the part where the girl is dreaming (I think) and the guy is touching her, and when you move your mouse, his hands go from her shoulders to her breasts... please help me

aion 2011.10.16
i can`t go ahead from the moment when the girl is dreaming

torque2802 2011.10.15
can`t get her to move past the point of looking at him masturbating
should have just made it a video rather than interactive

triballik 2011.10.15
i can`t go ahead from the moment when the girl is dreaming and the man is touching her arms and so

ThePunch 2011.10.15
These games are annoying to play

ptalgh 2011.10.15
great graphics fun to play

DG6621 2011.10.15
Quite good but not that clear when going though the game.

snizzyboy 2011.10.14
oh, what an amazing game!!! loved it!

wetfred 2011.10.14
Sexy graphics. Slow though

BloodLSD 2011.10.14
great graphics but the story is very very bad .

pr0n 2011.10.13
i didn`t like this game so much. the graphics are good like in the first farmer`s daughter, but i`m not so into the story this time. it may be me, but i just didn`t get that "involved" like other times.

mimixxx 2011.10.13
the game is much too slow in progress!

cmorineau 2011.10.13
I hope more for the second party, more tiits more fuck.

daadennis 2011.10.12
what a great game cannot wait for part 3

nictan12345 2011.10.12
i like the blow jobbing part

nictan12345 2011.10.12
great graphics fucking fun to play

pkjgoo 2011.10.12
The game felt great the first 5 minutes... The gameplay was very tedious. The story flashing forward and backwards into endless time frame is what made me finish it, but it took forever... The controls were annoying and what to do wasn`t clearly as explicit as the game. I don`t think i`ll play the prequel or followup adventures.. It was also too long.. I know that`s a weird complaint, but yeah.

bert123 2011.10.11
I have enjoined this game the girl looks great

Aragog64 2011.10.11
It`s a good game. a little bit slower but ok.

wessel 2011.10.11
nice game but the horspots are really difficult to find

LordOfThePussy 2011.10.11
I thought the game a bit slow, and some of the points were hard to find. Other than that it was enjoyable

lmw2011 2011.10.11
good game good graphics...

2082renault 2011.10.11
great story and good graphics

hersh2450 2011.10.10
I have been waiting on this one for a while now. Nothing short of what I was expecting. Some parts were a little flustrating though

chunli 2011.10.10
great quality graphics and a good game so give it a try

lochaber 2011.10.10
Great Game Very easy to play,good graphics.

zilly 2011.10.10
really very hot. the number one of game.

detcry 2011.10.10
good game but a bit slow in the start

bobgershwin 2011.10.09
Great game, but it seems a little slow.

rocknrollguy27 2011.10.09
this game is very different from what im used to

Ally 2011.10.09
I think the first Part is better, The girl may be a little bit too young and innocent, the story is a little to flat....

Ally 2011.10.09
I thought the first part was alot better !!

hubi 2011.10.09
good game but storry is to loong and spots not easy to find

marco99 2011.10.09
best looking girl ever.

xanthian 2011.10.08
This is a `find the hotspot` game, which aren`t my favorite. Given that, I found the graphics to be really good, and I like the mouseover text progression. This is a rather difficult game, so much so that I didn`t end up completing it. However, I did like the fact that if you got stuck in an area, the game gave you hints.

Kuppz90 2011.10.08
nice Graphics and great game ;D abit hard but

Ice_Lord 2011.10.08
Nice! 3D graphics are the best :D
And the game`s pretty hot too

wtcjrusa 2011.10.08
As always Puso delivers, It has good game play, excellent graphics, just good adult fun.

ShadowFury 2011.10.08
good game with good graphics and story...

Anasjin93 2011.10.08
Amazing truly amazing. these are totaly awesome games. good job

castilho 2011.10.08
The game is sexy, but is way to slow and the controls are hard to get.

lazybones22 2011.10.08
Interesting sequel. Difficult game still and the controls are still odd.

keitoman 2011.10.08
Great game, I really liked the graphics and story.

z3r0c00l 2011.10.07
nicely put together as expected from the last one,good graphics and animation 9/10

pundai 2011.10.07
GREAT GAME 3:D good graphics :D

sasdy 2011.10.07
cool game nice graphics :)

huvuna 2011.10.07
Game is very slow. But other than that the graphics are good.

Sweatyballs69 2011.10.06
A great game, a bit slow for my tastes, but overall as good in quality as anything on this site!

norian 2011.10.05
As good as the first part. I love this game.

RickyBalboa 2011.10.05
Good graphics and the heroine is so cute....

Wulf1976 2011.10.05
Nice sequel. I like this series

Wulf1976 2011.10.05
Fun game. The bondage was a bit much though

Allie1404 2011.10.05
Not a bad game, graphics a bit disappointing but other than that I enjoyed it>

BPender3 2011.10.05
Very nicely put together, graphics could be a little better but all in all a good game!

rockman 2011.10.05
the daughter fucks hardcore amazing game graphics are good

DBK00 2011.10.05
Gorgeous game but really tedious

tarfoot 2011.10.05
game is to easy no fun no challenge very easy to easy need more harder game play

misShae 2011.10.04
Once you get the hang of the hot spots, this game is amazingly interactive! FD1 and 2 are very different, and I can`t decide which I like better. Obviously, this one was more expensively produced and is edgier and darker (ala panty-sniffing/stalkering) while the original was more fun and comedic. Both offers the nearest thing to a pedo game here.

Jinxed 2011.10.04
Is there any way to play without redirect?

TheSkrilla 2011.10.04
too long. lost interest before the game was over.

kes51 2011.10.04
Control is improving.. Overall gameplay is pretty good, but the number of "click to continue" type pages was disappointing.

wabbithunta 2011.10.04
Great game, but takes patience and time to find the hotspots and then make them work. Some of the scenes could do with shortening maybe as they are basically cut scenes and they tend to be long and slow at times.. Good graphics, but the sound levels are really low, as I have to turn my sound way up high to hear anything and then watch out as sound blasts out of my speakers from another opened window, or musicplayer I may have open, this means having to turn them off or mute them.
Waiting for Part3 to come out.. first two parts were good. I can see this running for a while as the characters become more involved and interlinked within the games. Easy to see how at least one pairing could/should work out... as they seem well suited within the game itself. More options to bring other characters in to get in the way and put up stumbling blocks along the way to "happiness" maybe?

fasinf 2011.10.04
very good game but the first chapter was better

Snador 2011.10.04
Nice! 3D graphics are the best :D
And the game`s pretty hot too

no2all 2011.10.04
slow but great graphics

maverick23 2011.10.04
very slow game...and girl in the game is very small with tiny tits

Tomsworld10 2011.10.04
Really bad game, graphics were ok but the gameplay was hard! I tried so many times to get out of the first part but couldn`t. 2/5 stars.

Iloveu1 2011.10.04
Awsome! almost underaged slut fuck!

Chuky 2011.10.04
its too short. part 1 was better

kalbs 2011.10.03
The game is sexy, but is way to slow and the controls are very hard to get.

arkaniss 2011.10.03
very good game but the first chapter was better

Really good animation and graphics :)

alimta1968 2011.10.02
Very good sex game. Beautiful body of young girl and lots of fantacy sex play. The sound is better than many other similar games. However, have to wait for autopilot and conversation...looking forward to the part 3.

negativeimpact 2011.10.02
not my favorite series but nonethe less one of the better games from them, i give it like 6/10

John G 2011.10.02
Great sequel to the first one.

bobo23 2011.10.01
really waiting for the next part, should be good

veselqku 2011.10.01
nice game, Ilike it. Good graphics.

bloodonmycock 2011.10.01
Overall this is a good game, but two problems make it less than it could be: the controls need work and the pace is too slow. That said, I hope there is a part 3.

dsmason22 2011.10.01
Great game, I cant wait for the second part!

hak3r 2011.09.30
Well the game is pretty good..Graphic is normal,animation too ... but the one thing i didnt like was that u had to wait so damn long lol .. ;d

sanzomalaya 2011.09.30
we want more of these. control too slow.

wildman6969 2011.09.30
Great game hoping for a part 3. Did move VERY slow though.

mostlynormal 2011.09.29
really nice graphic even nicer than the first!

Yagi 2011.09.29
GREAT GAME 3:D good graphics ;)

busu99 2011.09.29
this game must have a 3rd part its amazing

wraith7670 2011.09.29
not a bad game, the graphics are nice but the controls are a bit slow and clunky

Mado 2011.09.29
not bad a little long but I always did like interactive

Ubber1 2011.09.29
This is an excellent game, with excellent graphics and game play.

Mado 2011.09.29
It does seem fairly long let`s hope it`s good P:

Videye 2011.09.28
I really like the story, as far someone want to speak about something like that.
The graphics are nice. At least the controls and interactivity needs improvement. It feels kinda slow sometimes...

Bughder 2011.09.28
A long game and a bit jerky. Graphics nice

bondy9999 2011.09.28
good game but i prefer number 1

Simon Hunt 2011.09.28
I love these games even if the gameplay does take long. Awesome graphics

clador 2011.09.28
great game, loved graphics and cant wait until the next installment

Highlife1366 2011.09.28
Controls are tricky to figure out and the girl has a dead doll look on her face. Still got my dick hard!

Gurneyhal 2011.09.28
Interesting game, good graphics, controls not obvious and a little slow.

wingrob14 2011.09.28
It was pretty short and easy, I thought the first part was alot better

mbig 2011.09.27
Very Nice...Wouldn`t mind a farmers daughter right now

tenacious 2011.09.27
Good game, decent graphics. But still it felt too slow especially in autopilot mode.

sith.ari 2011.09.27
i love the games of this site. been waiting for a long time.

Last_Virgin16 2011.09.27
This game so nice and awesome.. it makes me have the strength to do it .. give me a special satisfaction enough.

ozpaqm 2011.09.27
nice game, but overall it seems slow and choppy

joeyword 2011.09.27
i`m 18 - I search for a girl for sex

Sandman22 2011.09.27
its an ok game just not to my liking

derda 2011.09.27
very nice graphic, but very hard to get know how to play

batista_john_cena2000 2011.09.26
The game is marvelous. If required i will like to post my sketches on the same position.

ShinMasato 2011.09.26
Game is AWESOME! Both girls are really cute!

e8msgt 2011.09.26
Sweet graphics Great Game

chaz42 2011.09.26
Graphics are great, I wish the gameplay wasn`t so bland though

Scarpia 2011.09.26
Still good, just a little more kinky...

alphamalebravo 2011.09.26
I liked it, but the pacing is, as everyone has said, slow. Also it is difficult not in a challenging way, but a frustrating way. I got stuck on her dream sequence, and after a few minutes gave up. That being said, the scenes are hot.

hobbe69 2011.09.25
Great graphics, but a little to slow... More action please. :)

beneathuk 2011.09.25
Great artwork and some good scenes but gameplay is a little awkward.

Silveralpha 2011.09.25
nice graphics, but poor gameplay and storyline... the next one will be better

jb69 2011.09.25
i`m stuck in this game whit the chair please help me

ballon4747 2011.09.25
Im stuck at the part that you are on the chair with the red hair girl.

gp78 2011.09.25
another great game, maybe the gameplay is a lil slow tho

bangbangman 2011.09.25
good quality game. great sequel to the first game

The_Who 2011.09.25
Quite a fun game, but don`t become impatient too early.

Serg1 2011.09.25
It"s good game. It"s nice girl"s.

pfiffie 2011.09.25
this game must have a 3rd part its amazing

bonecyco 2011.09.25
Nice enough game, looks good.

kppatient 2011.09.25
I remember my sister doing something like this...

puchi 2011.09.25
best game ever !!! i love it ;)

spicysnectar69 2011.09.25
this game is one of the best yet love it ;)

JohnDorianJD 2011.09.24
its a realy good game, good grafic and good artwork, very well done!

stifreg 2011.09.24
Great game as always from pussoy,but some places it takes too long to get further. I can`t wait for Farmers daughter 3. She is really,really HOT. It would be something to meet a girl lik that:-)

dicklow 2011.09.24
the gameplay is awesome and love the graphic

vlad01 2011.09.24
Great graphics... But yes, too slow for my taste. Controls don`t seem to work consistently either, but maybe it`s just me.

johhnyy 2011.09.24
Very Nice and hot game. loved it all

eternity00 2011.09.23
The Farmers Daughter is very hot.

ScottMcMiller 2011.09.23
Quality of the images is great, but the games moves way to slow.
Been a chore to finish this game ...

Wolf213 2011.09.23
The game is great, the graphics are good.

ruben10111 2011.09.23
Man, this game is better than anyone else!

Aslam12 2011.09.22
Amzing game, good story and nice graphics

joeyword 2011.09.22
i`m 18 - I search for a girl for sex

shonb130 2011.09.22
damn. fucking sexy. play this game!

Gasolinie 2011.09.22
Gameplay is much better than the first episode

anonimo 2011.09.22
this game must have a 3rd part...its amazing

anonimo 2011.09.22
WOW....This game is amazing...Really real&good graphics and a very good story...

weekendpoker 2011.09.22
another perfect game. great graphics and lots of fun

KaiChuck 2011.09.22
to skip scenes type "bind"

jason1 2011.09.22
very slow please change the lag

ccrawford19 2011.09.22
Good game fun to kill a few minutes

fox_says_ken 2011.09.22
I love the Pusooy games, specially the Farmers Daughter and Mummy series. Farmers Daughter is easier to play then the Mummy 2 and 3. Great animations. I specially like the one of Slick`s childhood friend riding him and the bondage fantasy. More creampie shots would be nice!

ogdih 2011.09.22
really like the game good graphics

Skarn62 2011.09.22
Good game. There is some poetic in this one.
Missing some musics.

darsan 2011.09.21
With Mummy love this is the sexiest game in internet. Some scenes are too slow, but worth going through.

jigten 2011.09.21
its....kinda cool............but needs some more actions.....but it was fun...

Naughty.Physician 2011.09.21
all pusooy games are great but it sometimes be little slow .. at least I like it

Mike5000 2011.09.21
Little bit slow but it is a great game, many features and scenes. :)

andy_regresa 2011.09.21
i really like this game the story and the graphics are very good

bartolomeo 2011.09.21
great game very intresting i`m waiting for next game

Wohlstandskind 2011.09.21
I thought new parts would be published only in the private area of pusooy

kool4dudes 2011.09.20
the game is not upto the mark. very slow and boring one

edwardsmith70 2011.09.20
awesome game and good link also

bentens 2011.09.20
Kelly is good. The game is wonderful, there is no need for more detailed comments, the game is clear. .

the_clanless 2011.09.20
I liked it, but the pacing is, as everyone has said, slow. Also it is difficult not in a challenging way, but a frustrating way. I got stuck on her dream sequence, and after a few minutes gave up. That being said, the scenes are hot.

waxall 2011.09.20
Upgrade to part one. Better graphics. Fewer sticking points. Far tom much mouse waving to advance scenes. Slow pace but good story line.

qaz22 2011.09.20
Bit hard to get used to the controls, but good game once you get used to it.

california432 2011.09.20
Far too long to get to the end to be very good.

Arttee 2011.09.20
Awesome game, beautiful, interesting, with plush characters. ..!

grnlwn 2011.09.19
Great game, excellent graphics, but way to slow.

Rosenberg 2011.09.19
super hot, keep up the work

mobster80 2011.09.19
very nice graphic, but very hard to get know how to play...

vonquote 2011.09.19
Story line needs work, but the graphics and action are quite well done.

glopglop 2011.09.19
really exciting game, simple and nice, i like it

txcowboy0026 2011.09.19
a most excellent game indeed, one of my top favorites now

Icandoit 2011.09.19
I would like to force everyone to play that game, because it is so hot.

julianjames 2011.09.19
great game! the daughter is just gorgeous

dFallen 2011.09.19
Great game, but hard to find the hot spot

Percy Jackson 2011.09.19
Very exciting game, but the "cange position" that restarts everything is kinda lame >.

NightStalker73au 2011.09.19
awesome gameplay and graphics

Brendan 2011.09.19
Bit hard to get used to the controls, but good game once you get used to it.

randy06 2011.09.19
another great game of famers daughter great scenes again but stuck half way when she is in bed dreaming

joejoe666 2011.09.19
Good game. Looking forward to the next part!!

eagleata 2011.09.18
i like this game too much. i like this fantasies and girls. thanks pfo.

bestfx 2011.09.18
Technically great game, good game mechanics, but I must admit I don`t really like the stroyline and background. Doesn`t finish it yet, and no hurry at all to play again. I hope to see another game of Pussoy soon, though.

Rob-63 2011.09.18
Have to agree with most people, the game is slow to play but overall the graphics are top notch well done pusoy.

jer1981 2011.09.18
This is perhaps the slowest playing game on the site. It really needed to be a little more up tempo.

1NT0X 2011.09.18
really great game as usual the graphics are great well done

dang12394 2011.09.18
very sexy! love the theme

DreamTim 2011.09.18
nice game. not the best but enjoyable

meowmage 2011.09.18
I have to say I`m a little disappointed with this one. The first was great but this seems to be slowed down so much compared to the other...

maverick23 2011.09.18
it is a very beautifull game...i like that girl

costerke 2011.09.18
I`ve played better ones

DoubleShadow 2011.09.18
A very bad game i have to say.
Bad graphics and gameplay cause it inteerrupts to much! :(

Pls correct that!

nalasttop 2011.09.18
can`t even be bothered to play these through to the end now. It`s so slow and there is so much time spent just watching that it shouldn`t count as a game. There are no choices, to chance, no decisions to make.

h2p012 2011.09.18
nice game, but overall it seems slow and choppy

tekken663 2011.09.18
very sexy! love the theme

kidback 2011.09.18
it`s a good 3d game but it`s very slow and poor control :P

kaspajones 2011.09.18
For sure its a bit slow and the handling is sometimes a bit complicated and tyring, but the graphics are all worth it. Very sexy. Cant wait for part three.

farkas 2011.09.18
Very good graphics, nice story but loading time too slowly. I wait Farmer`s Daughter 3 sequel.

mendragor 2011.09.17
graphics and story is really good

Jello 2011.09.17
It is very, very slow.

Not so good.


eaglesix 2011.09.17
Very Nice, game ! And it is great that there are a German and Frecnch translation

garonbrown 2011.09.17
eh....good, but not great. Still like the first one better.

mick149 2011.09.17
its good but its too long which kinda makes it boring... :(

adrianonn 2011.09.17
Great game,thumbs up for it. I really love the sex scenes.

georgefilipe 2011.09.17
like it a lot the ending war far better then the biggening!!

newjjman 2011.09.17
not bad not bad good graphic and good story

stef85 2011.09.17
Great game, the graphics are gerat too.

itsmods 2011.09.17
not so great... but nice effort

Jirri 2011.09.17
long game, great animations... but could use a little bit more of intuitivity for controls

calotaionut 2011.09.17
the game is nice but graphic is awesome

peer268 2011.09.17
not a good game....VERY !!!!!!!

Danny33 2011.09.17
other than the graphics, this one disappointed me a lot.
not much of a story and way too much autoplay sequences.
the first one was way better.

icebruin 2011.09.17
The game is sexy, but is way to slow and the controls are poor.

nashnwo0 2011.09.17
Very slow pass game. Good games would give it a barely pass because of the graphics.

Winzigweich 2011.09.16
Best graphics I`ve seen so far.
As always too slow and bad controls though.

durmil 2011.09.16
lovely game with lots of fun

blackdeath92 2011.09.16
Good grapichs and a pretty good game. Could be a it easier controlls in it.

jack977 2011.09.16
nice graphics, but poor gameplay and storyline... the next one will be better

Bill12 2011.09.16
not a good game....VERY SLOW!!!

chrischaos 2011.09.16
I got bored of this game rather quickly. It moved too slow and the controls were very unintuitive.

jerryonly83 2011.09.16
long game, great animations... but could use a little bit more of intuitivity for controls

atakan22 2011.09.16
graphics and story is really good

Chelsea 2011.09.16
i really like this game the story and the graphics are very good

r12456 2011.09.16
good game was excited after having played the first one

wonderingsoul 2011.09.16
The controls weren`t all that good and the game was slow, I actually closed out from boredom before finishing the game. Really nice graphics though.

tigerwoo 2011.09.16
Although the graphics are good, the game is too slow and the controls are hard to control. 6/10

deadsnake 2011.09.15
nice game, good graphics

Ruza 2011.09.15
Good game. I like the graphics and the scenes look good.
Goes slower then most other games and controls are iffy.
I think my game might have bugged out, bar got stuck and wouldn`t allow me to proceed....

vitali 2011.09.15
well made. like this sort of games. also graphics gets better compared the very first of pusooy.net games.

alex270274 2011.09.15
the story and graphics are greatand sexy as usual

amilama 2011.09.15
Fantastic graphics. This designer is my favorite of all the virtual games

flintstoneflop 2011.09.15
Very slow and didn`t like the girl.

crzyone 2011.09.15
Another great game guys. Keep them coming. ;)

Sedric 2011.09.15
good graphics i like how every one fantasizes about the same thing

barry23 2011.09.15
best thing in this game is graphick

branknock 2011.09.15
a great game as always. Very good graphic`s, but some of the actions are a bit slow. I look forward to the next part

Herrushingu 2011.09.15
great game as allways, hotty girls and nice gameplay but slowly and hard :P

birkhenrik 2011.09.15
Fine game, a little slow, but not bad at all

Elfe 2011.09.15
Graphics good but story a little bit poor. The girl looks too much like a young teen. Story is slow. You can do better.

useme 2011.09.15
all i get is a white screen

Ruller 2011.09.15
The first one was defenetly better. But i missed these games

Baril04 2011.09.15
That`S a nice game and the graphics are good
but it`s too slow and the action is difficult to control

kkuubb 2011.09.15
to much bj"s.1st was better

MartinezF*ck 2011.09.15
the graphic aren´t so god and the controls are poor

Arbaal 2011.09.14
Great graphix, slow play/story flow, not clearest controls

messmatt1123 2011.09.14
Great graphics, chick is hot! However game play can sometimes drag on to long and/or be to slow on all of the mummy and farmers daughter games.

Nimrod 2011.09.14
I thought it was okay, not has good as the first though.

1flaguy 2011.09.14
Great graphics and scenes are fun to play love what you have done.

1flaguy 2011.09.14
Great graphics and fun to play

Gabriel the white 2011.09.14
Pusooy games are really good! Good story and great graph!

jbaker1677 2011.09.14
Crappy ending! Hopefully they will make up for it in the 3rd Farmers Daughter

John G 2011.09.14
Really liked the first one. I hope this one is as good.

dodag 2011.09.14
Great graphics but I found the story lacking. Kind of dull and uninteresting, it didn`t really go anywhere, no emotion from the characters..

lagom 2011.09.14
better than part 1 and very nice game. cant wait for part 3! nice!

bitvypr 2011.09.14
Fun game, but damn! The story is getting more twisted by the minute!

genai 2011.09.14
great game, tho i hope she is old enough :D

elo77 2011.09.14
great graphics but very long and boring game

magic2hr 2011.09.14
Great game. Possibly a new favorite of mine. Graphics are great as always.

lobao 2011.09.14
yeah man! Great mother fucker game. Fuck you all!

baleine 2011.09.14
The part 1 was great, but this one is better. The animations are sophisticated with several controls in this same time. I really liked it.

gardner 2011.09.14
Got stuck after cutting off the panties. Can`t get the bar all the way up. help?

Unbelivable 2011.09.14
Yeah, controls are problematic....It would be good to add some ingame tips (text)

benj123 2011.09.14
Nice game, great graphics, just a little short.

Zeusrui 2011.09.14
I play the other games of pusooy, in this case i thing this une are not the best of is games.

Ricoh124 2011.09.14
Another interesting game, takes some time to master the controls but quite easy if you keep at it

drubie4 2011.09.14
game lacks something of a story just blowjob scenes

Guggit 2011.09.14
Both this and Farmers Daughter 2 are my favourites, hands down. I love the art style, the animation is much better than other games I have played, and I really liked the way the sex scenes were animated; as we say in my part of the world, "beezer!"

bigbo1 2011.09.14
Graphics aren`t that great, but good game none the less

nstnst 2011.09.14
game is ok but do not like end. also so much dreaming.

PS. Please continue with the Kelly saga, her texts keep asking if i want to join

0341misfit 2011.09.14
good game, more like video. a little long but still good.

drizz 2011.09.14
Good graphics, better game than the first, needa patience to play, but all in all a good game

barney_61 2011.09.13
great story but worst graphic

antib 2011.09.13
even do i like pusooy games this one is nice but there are some scenes in where is a little boring because the excitement bar fills up too slow like when she is hang from the ropes and the guy is licking her thats too slow and yeah is anal sex would have been a better game too

por 2011.09.13
Pusooys games are great, still waiting for something more. Are these games if you have to just move your mouse? Easter eggs and allternative endings give games more lifetime...

joepie 2011.09.13
the game looks nice, but controling could be better

_me_ 2011.09.13
The most tricky part is to find out how the controls work. There is mostly no feedback about where to search.

TBG1972 2011.09.13
I still prefer the Mummy series to the Farmer`s Daughter Part 1 & 2. Still looking forward to Part 3 though.

Erickson11 2011.09.13
Great game. Possibly a new favorite of mine. Graphics are great as always.

elgrancesar 2011.09.13
even do i like pusooy games this one is nice but there are some scenes in where is a little boring because the excitement bar fills up too slow like when she is hang from the ropes and the guy is licking her thats too slow and yeah is anal sex would have been a better game too

C.C. 2011.09.13
Love the farmer`s daughter. One of my favorites. IMO too much dreaming. Also not into bondage that much but hired hand isn`t too bad. Looking forward to next story hopefully with less dreaming and bondage.

gottagettit 2011.09.13
great game. could use a little more help in getting movements simplified

borisbrown77 2011.09.13
A good game indeed. Maybe next game could be more interesting than this game. I hope.

hd79 2011.09.13
great game, as usual.
Now waiting for the third part

vikingdemon 2011.09.13
not bad. not as good as the first game. a little short

Tiger21 2011.09.13
Excellent graphics, really cute girl, but not so impressed by the game play or the story.

crackerjack42 2011.09.13
i LOVED THIS GAME,FD3 is going to be hotter than FD1 or FD2 my friends say.I cant wait to see it come out.

CleriC 2011.09.13
nice game, good graphics, but a little short

Silwen 2011.09.13
amazing! and rly well detailed

bRon 2011.09.13
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics.

oblicok 2011.09.13
Starts a bit boring, than things are getting more interesting, still was I couldn`t play it for too long.

storm 2011.09.13
wow wow wow nice game, very good and nice to play

mrcoolerz 2011.09.13
the story and graphics are great as usual, however the story is abit short. Looking forward to the sequel. SPOILER ALERT: `bind` is the word to key if u wish to skip scenes.

sunnyweekend 2011.09.13
Thanks again for a good game

19D 2011.09.13
its a great game, i loved it

bradpout 2011.09.13
I love this game..waiting for farmers 3

misterzim 2011.09.13
Pusooy games are always great but this one takes the cake!

The sex scenes were just TOP NOTCH, I like how it changed viewing angles during the sex scenes.
The story as always HOT AND NAUGHTY!

Glad Pusooy used more mouse wiggling in this one instead of hot spots.

PwnsGuitar 2011.09.13
damn. fucking sexy. play this game!!

peter42 2011.09.13
very good..waiting for farmers 3

dram 2011.09.13
Diiisssapointed!! Too easy, too short. The story was bad, bondage rape and clamydia is a big turn-off.
Sorry, Pusooy. :(

Schniebel 2011.09.13
great game and realy nice graphics i like pusooys games a lot.
for those who stuck onn some scenes just enter @ the title screen the word "bind" than u can switch between scenes

lov2eatu 2011.09.13
This is one of the best games yet from pussoy. good job all!

Jola 2011.09.13
Not good. Only nice farmers girl.

Smyxter 2011.09.13
Did not like this game. Very slow moving,terrible control,no story very few hints. Animation and graphics xcelent. never finished it too boring.

kjdehn 2011.09.13
nice farmers girl can kelly be a farmer

Maxim3190 2011.09.13
The game seems a little monotonous in places, and it froze up for me part way through. The graphics are quite nice, though.

edwin4483 2011.09.13
good game nice graphics

humptypkt 2011.09.13
good game. It is a little long.

yfgckim 2011.09.13
This game is good I am stuck in it

stefano71 2011.09.13
one of the best games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

primus21 2011.09.13
I love all the game he puts out. I loved Farmers daughter 1 and even though I have not finished this game yet from what I have played of it I like

blumouf17 2011.09.13
Good game, controls eaisier on the hand and less frustrating than the mummy series

Bit slow though

derda 2011.09.13
really great game as usual the graphics are great well done

alyster1 2011.09.13
wow, took time but worth it

AjejeB26 2011.09.12
it`s a fantastic game... i`m waiting for 3° episode!!

hornsfan35 2011.09.12
Can`t open it. When I click the photo it takes me to the pusooy site, but it is just a blank white box.

ronnyponny 2011.09.12
Considering the immense amount of work that goes into even a simple game, I think he`s doing a fantastic job.

durmil 2011.09.12
It is a slow game and a bit jumping one episode to the other .the graphics are good and navigation is much more better than part 1

DarkRanta 2011.09.12
great game and the graphics are awesome

scipio 2011.09.12
Once again a very good game. Gameplay is much better than the first episode. Looking forward to the next part!

long55 2011.09.12
its a grt game i loved it, good job

jmeoff 2011.09.12
Thought I was in a bind, but figured it out. Looking forward to part 3!

masterchief_Max 2011.09.12
A little funny game. Maybe too sick cause the girl is just too inocent...

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