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Farmer`s Daugther


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BBandika 2017.10.15
Nice game with very pretty little girl!:)))

Domenik 2017.10.14
One of the best games. But need save points and modern grapchics

kemode 2017.08.19
My oh my... that`s a cute farmers daughter!

KitCarsen 2017.06.29
A bit tricky but who wouldn`t mind a roll in the hay with this chick!

HiddeObs 2017.06.23
Great game, excellent graphics.

Poisoned 2017.04.18
This is the first of the Farmers Daughters series. Each one gets better and better. You need to start here on number 1.

IncubusMango 2017.03.09
if not for the bad controls i wold love this game

emanuelciuhan 2017.02.11
i got stuck in the barn. any advices?

BOOMBOOM3x 2016.11.10
difficult to play but a good game and just a bit long you get a little impatient.

shucky 2016.10.12
that game is one of my favorits


stach56 2016.08.24
Indeed the gameplay is a little bit too slowly sometimes. There is one scene (after milking the cows, when giving a handjob) where I can`t make any progress... :-(

NegrofeoC5 2016.08.22
An excellent game, with some nice detail within the game

zorrie 2016.06.27
Great game...beautifull lassy and great sex scenes

stach56 2016.06.09
Awesome Game, only too slow with loading. Hotspots could be bigger.Great game!!!

crypticedge 2016.05.21
Cute CGI girls, stiff animation.

Luv2cumnympho 2016.05.05
I`m in love with this blonde babe! Great game!

latinagr 2016.02.10
Take under cosidaretion games from the same developer that one is better, easier to controm and more interesting

Pedrodelacrosa 2016.02.05
This is one of best movie game, just need use mouse only a little. good easy game.

Vrykolas2k 2016.01.17
This is a very sexy game, I love how they made the girl so cute.

Rapist Geoff 2016.01.14
Greta game totally love it

katsan 2015.11.29
Graphics are ok but it is sooooo slow.

kingsavo 2015.10.29
fanatastic game with really cute girl

MikeyH74 2015.10.21
Definitely one of my favourite games! The girl is so very sexy.

play40 2015.10.11
Best game ever so far !!!

wabbithunta 2015.09.30
10/10 for this one from me.
An excellent game, with some nice detail within the game. This type of game I like as it takes time and patience to play them and it keeps you "hooked" as you play the game as well.
My one gripe is that the sound level is really low on these games, a shame really as it would be useful to have it a higher volume as the sounds in a way act like hints when playing. Without wishing to upset the site operators.. you should go to the website that actually has this game and play their other games as they have all the parts of this story (4 parts if I recall correctly)
Please get the other parts of this game on here, if you can. I notice you have some other games of theirs and they`re great too.

jaxed44 2015.08.20
good graphics will play again

twotouch 2015.08.15
take`s time to load good game when it started bit hard to find the hot spot`s

Dan the Man 2015.07.25
This is one of my favourite game so far, although there are some bits that are a little hard to work out the first time I played it and it can be a little sticky at times the storyline is original.

poyohvc 2015.06.27
yes:one of my faves from pusooy so far!

mitchjobeurk 2015.05.08
nice game, but quite slow and a little lack of control

ste_91 2015.04.14
game play is slow but overall a good game

j3hj3h 2015.03.16
Some of the mouse movements take some practice and the dialog parts can be slow to progress, but overall a nice game!

bigbenn76 2015.02.26
very slow to start with, but ok once it is going

cambridge4453 2015.02.02
Not really a game but a great story and great girl; can be a bit slow at times and the farmyard noises are loud and repetitive but the overall impression is that it has the wow factor

jabbyxd 2015.01.24
i really really love this game. great game...nice work...:)

lillianaire69 2015.01.01
Too slow and doesn`t respond to my actions

zansteps 2014.12.28
This is an excellent game but can take while to go through. I wish some parts I could skip so I can play again easier

tcco 2014.12.16
great game but how do i get te penty`s of the girl

WEENER 2014.12.09
Realy nice game, great graphics

timmytim1234 2014.12.06
this was a really fun game to p;ay

gamblor178 2014.11.04
great game main reason i remembered this site and began using it, fantastic game

Futuros 2014.09.25
I thought it was a very pleasurable experience.

wolfphoenix 2014.09.02
Awesome Game, only too slow with loading. Hotspots could be bigger.

Iva_bigun_12 2014.08.22
Mmmm yeah! I really liked this game.

MikeyH74 2014.07.26
Great game! Very sexy and definitely got me aroused! Some bits are a bit slow but tht is more than made up for in the beautifully rendered graphics and attention to detail. Currently stuck on the first tit play in the hayloft. Can anyone help?

cccloud88 2014.07.23
The girl is sexy love this game

w1drng22 2014.07.14
The best graphics and action that I have ever seen.

morpeus 2014.07.09
not the best game the lack of control ruins it.

pjames 2014.06.13
To get past the handjob you have to touch the balls.

Endryn 2014.06.11
Fun game, but don`t like the long pauses and lack of control of the speed of the game. Good action sequences though

kgunnars 2014.06.06
the game is alright but to long its a ok game

Floortile 2014.05.25
The story is a little twisted but the animation is hot.

Assurbanipal 2014.03.21
THE best vote 100, on all line, Graphic, animation details, stereo sound, sensuality, exciting,

shixblix 2014.03.03
good but controls are way too touchy. hard to find the hot spots sometimes

guyver01 2014.02.23
this game is a bit slow, but i like it

guyver01 2014.02.23
i really like this game

guyver01 2014.02.23
this is a really good game

blokhuis 2014.01.30
Not really my kind of game. The graphics are okay, but it takes way too long to start up

waqs202 2013.11.26
game is slow to load .otherwise it"s great

BalthazarBlake 2013.11.06
this game wouldn`t load on my computer.
it will work for a few seconds then an error pops up.
tired it three times

troddios 2013.10.28
In some scene i`ts a bit slow, but i love it

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

w1drng22 2013.07.25
I just gave this one a 100. I loved the story line, even though some of her remarks were a bit simple. The graphics were wonderful. I can`t wait to do the next one in the series. The title has the word daughter spelled wrong though.

rames44a 2013.07.07
Excellent graphics. Not so much a game as a story, however.

GrimRipper 2013.05.28
Hrmmm dont like small breasted girls........so didnt finish the game

Spenc044 2013.05.20
I love the graphics but I couldn`t get past the part with the fly.

freaky220 2013.05.18
great game they need more of these

majicflute 2013.04.29
I really enjoyed playing this game, great story line (perhaps a bit corny) and decent graphics. Working through some of the scenes was pretty frustrating at points. Perhaps it would help if you could save and return to the same point in the game.

Tyrchon74 2013.04.18
Probably my all time favorite game on here. Graphics, story and gameplay are all good. It is long, though.

gwazz 2013.04.16
slow in parts could not get past the hadjob in the barn

D20_Master 2013.04.08
Great graphics. Wish the animations were better. Also wish there was a skip button this game took forever and there wasnt much to actually do.

bestia99rom 2013.03.25
takes a bit long but has outstanding graphics

generic99 2013.03.23
great game, nice story, but kinda slow at times and unresponsive.

Subripper 2013.03.12
I found the game hard to play with just a mouse, and i don`t have a controller. Does the controller make it easier to play?

Username1977 2013.03.10
I agree, that it`s a good game with decent graphics but it is too slow and not interactive enough.

rephnox 2013.03.10
This game is amazing, story, sex, just the image quality could be better

ironrod 2013.03.09
the idea of the game is not bad, but its too slow and should be more interactive

troyfizzle 2013.03.04
nice graphics for a computer game

CB54 2013.02.16
What a sexy girl! Only drawback is the slow pace of the dialogue. But still an awesome game, one of the best.

chdima1 2013.02.15
Fun to get to the final scene but a lot of time needed

NFraunhofer 2013.02.12
Good graphics and good scenes.
A very good game!

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Great game , nice story and grafic.

sexdosex 2013.01.23
I found the loading fine particularly for the level of graphic which were nicely done but the long cut scenes were more tedious than tantalising. Also the "Lolita-esc" story (a potentially nice touch) was somewhat squandered due to a lack of development- Greater interactivity and work on the storyline/writing could of made this a really gem

ballsac 2012.12.25
I want to move to the country. Sweet game. Cute, naive girl. Great role-play inspiration.

fuck_buddy 2012.12.19
the game is excellent like other games of this site or i hope to see more like this

xes9960 2012.12.12
nice game..... cant wait 2 play second part.

pika999 2012.12.08
this game is awesome but it will be perfect with more voise ...

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
Some of the best games I have ever played, seriously.

droopy1988 2012.11.13
great game nice scenes wants to jmake you come back for more and more

pankusy 2012.10.28
great graphic and animations

Ruben_ 2012.10.25
Good graphics and good scenes.
A very good game!

markus.delaney 2012.10.03
what a brilliant game. Very sexy. Shame it takes a long time to load

Lurch92 2012.09.21
One of the best games i really love to play it

pfol0v3r 2012.09.20
loads at a snails pace, other than that, good gameplay

dddyyy 2012.09.13
feel commentet stupid playforce

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.08
Yes....its slow. But what a Fantasy. Really Amazing.
And now the second Part....

ruiverson 2012.09.02
she is so sexy and naive that it`s impossible not to love it

paramecium100 2012.08.29
great game, lots of fun, nice graphic. I love this babe.

tdaynis 2012.08.28
cute girl there...... nice pics.....good game...fun 2 play

Wallace99 2012.08.25
A very enjoyable game. Difficult at times, but great all together

WARDOG77 2012.08.24
great story and graphics... but i thought the difficulty in finding the right spot to click made it tiresome.

manyk85 2012.08.19
A little slow paced, but an awesome game. Girls were beautiful!

oranjeboven 2012.08.11
Great game. Awesome animation. Really innocent country girl. Very hot

greatbot 2012.08.08
loading is slow and unrisponsive

KAHDAPHY 2012.07.20
fantastic storyline..what a wonderful girl.,i like it

sunneil 2012.07.19
good game interesting fantacy with farmer girl is good do it sex with her

sventhecoward 2012.07.18
Process is a little slower than I`d like......and not as much control as I`d like either......

17dvldog75 2012.06.18
LOVE THIS GAME. In my fav`s.

nightmare036 2012.06.14
Graphics are solid, every thing else about the game progresses too damned slow.

bahamut86 2012.05.18
Nice girl and good grafic!!!!

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.30
great game, lots of fun, nice graphic. I love this babe.

Mirza97 2012.04.23
wowww farmer has a nice douther nice nice

John G 2012.04.14
Great game overall. Some of the actions take time to figure out.

csaszi1 2012.04.09
A very enjoyable game. Difficult at times, but great all together.

chanandlerbong 2012.03.12
Would have liked more control. But it was a very solid game. Very hot.

noirceur 2012.03.04
big game but slow to load

John G 2012.03.01
Exciting game for all who have had the fantasy of "The Farmers Daughter".

bigchris93 2012.02.26
Great game, very good graphics, can`t wait to try the next one

MadGab 2012.02.24
Good graphics, I like the autopilot on some parts (nice for the wrist)

John G 2012.02.23
Very cute and inexperienced girl (who looks a bit young) but really great game play.

tdwrzombie 2012.02.21
Alright game, hot nice girl

gorex 2012.02.09
great and sexy game with wonderful graphics

DRROXX 2012.02.05
I think this game ROXX!!!

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Really, really good game, great graphics, an erotic scenario and lot of interactivities.

John G 2012.01.28
Fun the delve into the world of fantasy.

sammyshambles 2012.01.28
beautiful game. these game are my favouties

John G 2012.01.21
Really like this better than the sequel. Good game-play.

betelgeuse49 2012.01.20
Agree a little slow in places, mainly in the non-interactive stuff - some way of forcing the next dialog or action would help but still more erotic than most flash adult games due to the quality of graphics, animation and collision detection (although there is one very odd moment when the girl falls asleep in the hayloft and you control where the fly lands - depending where the cursor is as the scene starts her arm can be at a very funny angle and it disjointed at the elbow).
But that is the only minor gripe. Have played Farmer`s Daughter part two as well and eagerly await the third instalment.

jrjr567 2012.01.09
wow is it possible for someone to be that innocent?

elishacuthbert 2012.01.07
alright I don`t know if anyone can help me with this game but I`m stuck on the hand job part and I cant figure out what to do..nothing is working could anyone plz help me? would be much appreciated..and I just found this game and already love it

jodownik 2011.12.31
great game, lots of fun, nice graphic. I love this babe.

raznag2001 2011.12.29
got to say this is a great game, good story and love the animation. can we have characters rendered today have the motion this one had? a bit tricky some times to do the interactive part.

John G 2011.12.28
Great game but the "Farmers Daughter" looks to be about 14.

mikicostanza 2011.12.28
very hot girl this game is awesome

John G 2011.12.26
Actually still likje this version better than the sequel.

John G 2011.12.12
Fun to get to the final scene.

John G 2011.12.08
I still like this one better than the second one.

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

bacflash 2011.11.23
she is so pretty its unbeliavable

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

lazy boy 2011.11.20
good game .

Saber1 2011.11.20
Fun game! Good grafics. Some hot spots are hard to locate and very sensitive.

bigjeff1 2011.11.17
Very good really liked the graphics and controls were not bad played 1 and 2 now both good

T-Dawg 2011.11.11
Excellent graphics, very realist. I loved the game.

viperattack100 2011.11.07
how do you get pass the blowjob in the barn?

coolin 2011.11.06
Excellent and very realistic!! I loved it!!

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.04
very good game but hotspots are hard to find ,sensitivity is too much

cobi_q 2011.11.03
good game, but i know better ones.

coachedwin 2011.11.01
great fantasy for those enjoying but not my kind

dark_empty_soldier 2011.10.29
cant get the game to load so yeah

tdaynis 2011.10.27
just an ordinary game.......graphic is just OK as u all can c.............just.....FINE 2 play.....nothing else!

Bodysnatcher 2011.10.22
Fantastic game once you get the hang of it ,great graphics and storyline
cant wait to try the other two in the series

Melor 2011.10.20
Cool game, intresting story. Moment with fly is great

csox 2011.10.19
Great game, good animation

AngelStorm747 2011.10.19
Slow? Yes! Hard to handle? Yes! Worth the time? DEFINITELY!!! Especially if you are in skinny girls and very fine drawn animations. Hope part two will be as good!

MaxSim 2011.10.18
Drawn well. Would a choice in the storyline and speed control

jidan 2011.10.14
too slow...
pick up the pace. have a option to speed up the story a bit

2082renault 2011.10.11
love this game, great graphics

elchaslo 2011.10.05
is no bad only need to improve the control

wabbithunta 2011.10.04
Good game.. another one that takes time and patience. why people call these dull and boring I don`t know. Maybe it`s because they don`t have the patience to see flash games like these through to the end. Good graphics but the sound level is really low, as it is in Part 2 of this game. Nice to see an innocent girl being taken in hand as it were and shown how to "play and have fun" with a nice bit of seduction thrown in.

Iloveu1 2011.10.04
Awesome slut girl. What a sexy underage bitch! How is this great game legal?

elo2man 2011.10.03
The story is kind of sicko. The graphs are ok. The controls suck.

madmikenmolly 2011.10.03
OK...I found this game a little creepy.....it was a tad deviant....not my type...

Scarpia 2011.09.26
Fun and horny... Liked it. On to 2 :)

anonimo 2011.09.22
What a game...I waited for a game like this for a very long time....this game is really good....and the part2 too

SLOWFUN 2011.09.17
Slow but good ... like me :)

farkas 2011.09.13
Good game story, good graphics but too slow loading.

57chevy 2011.09.11
very well done the girl is so realistic

cheesy 2011.09.11
a few quirks but overall fun game.

estong 2011.09.09
nice graphics but tend to be boring at times.

fuckyoubabe 2011.09.08
Awesome game. Super graphics.

Saniiro 2011.09.06
what fun its a farmers duaghter

malditoko 2011.09.05
its a little long game but it is fun and interesting.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice game, but seen better ones.

onemonkeysrage 2011.08.27
Very creative but it moves along a little slow.

mouselee 2011.08.25
She is so beautiful. I want I have a girl like her and have sex with her in her farm or just beside pigs.

onewytboy 2011.08.20
a little too slow for my liking, still good though

pack_ard12345 2011.08.20
think the game is ok . nice

nestorandres01 2011.08.19
Longer but great, the most fun game

john 25 2011.08.17
this is the best game on here i love it.

sophia 2011.08.16
realy sexy game
i love it

lagom 2011.08.13
one of the best games here...so cute...more of this!!

pasat 2011.08.11
It is a good and hot game.

OhioBaller 2011.08.09
I love this game..it`s awesome and cant wait to play the second one when it comes out..hope it`s as good as this one

OhioBaller 2011.08.09
alright I don`t know if anyone can help me with this game but I`m stuck on the hand job part and I cant figure out what to do..nothing is working could anyone plz help me? would be much appreciated..and I just found this game and already love it

John G 2011.08.08
Interesting game with good graphics but I still feel sorry for poor little Rebecca.

John G 2011.08.01
Still feel sorry for poor little Rebecca.

hash19 2011.08.01
graphics are some of the best I`ve seen, would like to see more of this farmers daughter in upcoming games

MrChance 2011.07.31
One of my favorites so far. Took a bit of getting used to, but once I figured it out A+.

tman29 2011.07.31
i got stuck at one of the anitmations.

snow01 2011.07.29
this game was too slow. great action when you get to it. graphics are wonderful

toracoxroe 2011.07.20

sindon 2011.07.15
really really nice game with good sc??nnario

saumus 2011.07.14
a lil slow but it was great

minimg 2011.07.11
a bit slow, but great graphics. and hot girls.

John G 2011.07.08
Great adventure to get to the end.

chrischaos 2011.07.06
I couldn`t get it to load past 85%. What a waste.

John G 2011.06.27
Figured out that you have to be a very persistent traveling salesman!

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Every Southern Man`s Fantasy!

John G 2011.06.24
Very entertaining and challenging game.

chip chipperson 2011.06.21
so hot. damn i think the farmers daughter has a future in porn. love a girl who can squirt

hornyguy5 2011.06.17
love it nice graphics and wonderful animations i loved the game

DavidLFC 2011.06.17
oh, little slut!!! I like it, great game...

gonrad 2011.06.15
Another fun pusooy.net game

BallIdiot 2011.06.10
Yet another great Pusooy game. Great graphics & animations with engaging game play. It makes me what to keep playing and hoping it will never end!

Wowen 2011.06.01
A very long load but worth it.

bookie_boo 2011.05.31
Not a bad game very nice i like to see penis now i feel horny!

timwise300 2011.05.30
This type of game can be glitchy. I sometimes have to reload, to get it to work.

bigtone 2011.05.29
good game and nice graphics

johndellsman 2011.05.27
I finally finish this game it was tricky but fun...nice graphic ,but to short cant wait fro part II

u7i8o9p0 2011.05.25
Really a good game, give more fun.

white 2011.05.23
fantastic storyline..what a wonderful girl.,i like it

BartsMorning2 2011.05.23
hard in the beg. but gets easier

shakezulla17 2011.05.22
No loading problems for me. Good game just a little hard to figure out what to do at times but still a lot of fun

sajrd 2011.05.19
excellent game! a real hottie

Asghan 2011.05.19
This game is very good and i like it...

ramp187 2011.05.17
Controls suck, and the game can move slow.

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

theimpaler 2011.05.16
Love the game, but some of the scenes could be less drawn out.

darkchocolate 2011.05.15
this game is very good everybody sould play it!

m4t0n 2011.05.15
hots girls makes this game superb

jeb123456789123 2011.05.14
this game has always sucked i thought it was a different game but same ol gay game

Craig4565 2011.05.13
Controls suck, and the game can move slow.

chepondrev 2011.05.12
Good game, but slow, very slow

xanadax 2011.05.11
think the game is okey . nice

jappienova 2011.05.07
Like all Pusooy games, great graphics but terrible gameplay and controls.

Ash721 2011.05.06
this is an ok game pretty short though but nice

Jay Johnson 2011.05.05
i love the gamme nice graphics. story etc. big up.

womanizer2000 2011.04.27
this is an ok game pretty short though maybe a litle boring but nice

ddavee 2011.04.26
nice I enjoyed it very much

josueo 2011.04.25
Really good game. I like that now when my girlfriend want to watch twilight or something i can just think back to this amassing game

firekid18 2011.04.24
Again a great game by puso. Hot girls and great graphics. I loved the storyline. Only thing that it needed was allow you to make the comments go faster like in the mummy love series where you can put your mouse over the comment box and it will go away. Other than that it was a great game. So far most of your games have turned me on and most other games don`t.

fameasser 2011.04.16
the graphics are excellent. The cutscenes take too long, but this is a hot game.

BigAuto 2011.04.15
it was alright nothing great about it

tempo3 2011.04.13
silly story but well done

vtheghost 2011.04.13
Good game, except for the censoring

zrtp 2011.04.11
slow game and weird controls, but great graphics and animation

mom0m0 2011.04.11
i really think that this game takes a little too long to load

round 96 2011.04.08
the graphics are excellent. The cutscenes take too long, but this is a hot game.

alexchai78 2011.04.08
the game quite slow, but the graphics & story was awesome.

Skarn62 2011.04.07
It`s like a movie.
Really great.

hungry789 2011.04.02
For everyone who`s stuck on kissing the pussy part, right before the part where you have to start all that kissing again, move your mouse horizontally to trigger a lick...enjoy!

hentai1337 2011.04.01
slow game and controls are strange, but awesome graphics and animation, fav!

abdoellah 2011.03.30
one of my biggest fantasies comes true (A)

cidermeister 2011.03.26
good game which could have been great. The girl is a bit toooo innocent and its sometimes off putting.

magda 2011.03.19
nice game.....really like this type of game

Thanatos0042 2011.03.16
This one is a long one and with the slow response and long lag in cut scenes, it can be a bit difficult to commit to finishing. The graphics were nice and the girl is lovely though and how naive she is adds to the atmosphere of the game.

ronathena 2011.03.16
One of the best games, the girl is lovely

fameasser 2011.03.13
best game..its hot naa..yummy

DarthC 2011.03.12
good game terrible controls, nuff said

ducaling 2011.03.03
I love this game, but too slow to load

fameasser 2011.03.03
i loved this game..awesome..game cud be better but its nyce

darkRAJON 2011.02.28
Absolutely amazing game. Hottest story ever.

dragonj 2011.02.27
great game. nice characthers. liked to play it.

coop45 2011.02.23
didnt get to play the game an this is the fastest computer i have wats up

jessbry2 2011.02.22
game is very slow. wish it wa squicker

thechamp24 2011.02.21
gameplay is to slow and load is long

branson1 2011.02.20
oneof my favariot games fell in love with the farm girl

karrek 2011.02.20
Good game, but I can`t get over how she didn`t know what the pigs were doing. Farm kids always know about sex from when they`re way young.

LoLB 2011.02.19
still one of the best games!!

scorpionback 2011.02.19
very nice game good graphics

alex0412 2011.02.18
A good voice would enhance, pretty good otherwise

randy06 2011.02.17
finally finshed it great grapihcs and yes good story as well but cant wait to see more of the same and and more actoin like anal or when see grows up yea ha

kimmi 2011.02.12
LOVE THIS GAME, good graphics, but it`s pretty long

twitter 2011.02.08
one of my best game played ever, will love it forever, amazing story

njthegreat 2011.02.07
sexy little poor farmer`s daughter................nice concept..............really erotic...........full time fav game

NoWhereMan 2011.02.07
slow loading .. not very good game..needs help

Mando66 2011.02.06
This game takes to long to get going.

Nick2 2011.02.05
It is a good and hot game.

evilelf562 2011.02.03
it was alright, but it wasn`t all that great

dman515 2011.02.02
great game sexy and fun, i really liked this game love farmer;s daughters=]

inman 2011.02.01
have some trouble with the controls, but for me thats rather normal on these games

randy06 2011.02.01
yes great game and like it a lot but get stuck always half way through them all need more imorfation in the games as well nad then great games

poopypants 2011.01.31
interesting game, but too slow to load.

phile30 2011.01.30
that is really nicely done... thanks for uploading and to the game developers

Dark Grievous 2011.01.29
the game was cool and sexy

killalldjs 2011.01.25
this was a great game. Hot girl too!

jonpt 2011.01.23
didnt find it realy that exicting

thedeadjester 2011.01.23
game was ok could be better in several areas.

wayne762005 2011.01.23
response is too sensitive..good graphics..i liked the flashbacks

tdenny59 2011.01.20
This one is just okay. There are so many other great stories and graphics in the virtual games. Fun, but could be better.

Gordo67 2011.01.20
gameplay was goo,animation was good

looner 2011.01.16
i got stuck at the blowjob, don`t know how to continue

ratonius 2011.01.14
Good game,I dislike the interaction,,nice story and nice graphics

HermanM 2011.01.10
very nice game but I had to figure out what to do sometimes

audiominer 2011.01.09
becky the "farmer`s daughter" is one the sexiest charactors on this site!!!

edwin4483 2011.01.09
fun game nice girl and good graphics

pabloescobar 2011.01.09
great game and great grapics

edward99 2011.01.01
I think this is the best game of it`s kind on the internet. Pussoy`s others are a little slower, and more frustratingly hard to play, but this one is almost perfect. I do think it is still a little slow though - I wish Pussoy would allow the player to speed up the game if they want.

mountain 2010.12.29
Great game but a really long one.

Gemman67 2010.12.28
As close to perfect 10 as you can get , more of a story with activity but just as perfect as you can get .. love it..

dimi999 2010.12.27
Really nice game - good storyline and great graphics

matthew1000 2010.12.21
this games is fun wish they had more

Glencannon 2010.12.19
One of the all time best!

jeanmimel 2010.12.18
always nice graphics but need more action

weromont 2010.12.17
Great game, can we get this hot girl to feature any other of the games? Good graphics!

pablo 2010.12.16
If your on a laptop, forget it controls wont work

ptalgh 2010.12.15
great game sexy and fun, i really liked this game

666fox 2010.12.15
nice story.. but too less self-doing during the game..

Melvin_H 2010.12.13
be patient when playing this game, that`s all really

arthas 2010.12.11
the farm girl idea is original ! fantastic !! its a little slow but more than compensates for it !! way to go

stush124 2010.12.09
This game rocks, for those of you who think it is too slow, learn some contro:-)

timbuck2 2010.12.09
great game sexy and fun cant wait for part 2

MrAlan 2010.12.07
i love the farm girl idea
But the graphics could be better

mogul_kc 2010.12.07
I loved this game. especially the fly part.

aboodas 2010.12.07
eh bit hard but worth is

altres 2010.12.07
nice game
hope to see more games like this

jdog0120 2010.12.06
Its a great game but i think it is to short.. Maybe make another version or something

ozorne_6 2010.12.06
Very good game it is on my top ten list great graphics and good storyline.

flameablex 2010.12.06
the graphic was amazing. very very good story line. i wish i got to have that kind of experience once in my life too.

himan12 2010.12.05
Pretty good game, but it would be nice if it was sped up just a little bit

SpiderWeb 2010.12.05
great story and graphics, i loved it.

nellmell 2010.12.03
Takes time to load too slow

zeretet 2010.12.03
this game was really awsome

Patmatticus 2010.12.02
Love the game. Such a fantasy. Hopefully there is a sequel. Hopefullly the next is a little more playable.

gntlgn 2010.12.02
Reaction time slow...but content and graphics r great

zeretet 2010.12.01
Game simplistic.. graphics very very hott!

Pedro delacrosa 2010.11.30
Why this page jumping my eyes? i try write here So amazing game!!!
and not work..

achapli 2010.11.29
the graphics are great, but there`s just not enough game

ahclem 2010.11.29
A quick word if warning to anyone who feels that puso has drawn either of these girls too young, STAY AWAY from "Mummy Love". Personally, both of these look 18 to me

Macster 2010.11.28
Most enjoyable game. It has that innocense that most flash games don`t have. Would like to see more of this. Thanks for sharing this flash.

ania_F 2010.11.28
I like country girls, and this game

mendohighlander 2010.11.28
I really liked this one. good graphics. slow with the controls response though.

wirenut 2010.11.28
A very interesting game a little slow at times but overall fun congrats

m4lv1n 2010.11.28
game that make me can`t look other game

freddxl 2010.11.26
very exiciting game,someday i wanna go to farm too xD

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

goalscorer20 2010.11.23
really slow moving... Not sure I really liked it

venom89 2010.11.23
Not bad! But some scenes are too long, I think.

badboy2196 2010.11.21
wow! i really liked this but think it sometimes takes a while to get to the action.

Bonnierider 2010.11.17
Amazing game!!! very good

heiner 2010.11.16
it´s the best game i see ever

blndpolarbear1 2010.11.14
nice graphics. actions are not always intuitive and sensitive. can make it frustrating and hard to get through

Kramtitude 2010.11.13
Pretty nice. An "ok" game overall.

Apac20 2010.11.12
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

Toonlover 2010.11.11
Great storyline, bit of slow gameplay. Didn`t like the auto-pilot parts, like watchin` a movie while I want interaction.
But a great game anyway, thanks!

HOTCHRISTO1980 2010.11.10
i like the game it just takes too long to load

godenfisher 2010.11.10
great!i want to fuck her,too.

edss1569 2010.11.09
i was stuck at the milking scene, needs more help instructions

jjjjj 2010.11.09
I couldnt get the game to start

The Heart Break Kid 2010.11.09
nice game
I liked the graphics

sociantes 2010.11.08
entertaining, hot graphics

vikingdemon 2010.11.08
good have been better, but not a bad game

conbron 2010.11.05
A very beautiful girl and very good graphics. Interesting story. Please continue!

MrSharkus 2010.11.04
From now on I like farmers, especially hot girls from countryside

mirageshiva 2010.11.04
nice game, gives a unique twist to suburban living...

venkopld 2010.11.03
this game is very hot and nice sex graphics..

sgj007 2010.11.03
this game is very hot and nice sex graphics... i am stuck where she gets the nightgown off please help

wtfdling 2010.11.03
good graphics but slow and long

DoubleShadow 2010.11.01
nice game, but it is quiet long -.-

popcorn2002 2010.10.31
good game, but takes way too long

Sandman_20 2010.10.31
Really a great game, beautifull graphics

gareth 2010.10.31
Best games o far just a little too slow

rdp1954 2010.10.30
Loved the game. Great Graphic and action with a surprise ending.

Cios 2010.10.30
Could have been an awesome game if it didn`t take soooo long.

jag334455 2010.10.30
I wish there was a way to skip dialog, I read quicker than the words can disappear. Just some sort of advance button.

north262 2010.10.27
very enjoyable but a bit long at times

MadmanXXX 2010.10.26
Game was really good, but tricky to figure out in places. It was also pretty long

irmschrz 2010.10.23
game that make me can`t look other game

karthik 2010.10.22
good contact game.. i liked it a lot...

otooney 2010.10.21
Enjoyed the game as well but got stuck on the dick stroking too.

dongos 2010.10.21
great game needs sequel soon.

aaaaaa6 2010.10.19
This is a good game, so far, but i got stuck could someone help me i got stuck at the part where you have to stoke the guy`s dick.

abunai 2010.10.19
game is good, but soo long

lughbelenos 2010.10.18
By far my favorite from Pusooy, this game is so nice and ho so original.
I also love this type of game play, u got to work at it just enough to keep you in it.

Rossco 2010.10.18
that was ok.....took some time loading but worth it :)

irmschrz 2010.10.18
really annoying by changing other window by clicking the game

deathangel1977 2010.10.16
I like this game and hope it will be a part 2 from it.

meowmage 2010.10.16
these games seem to be very hard to control maybe if the creator made it a little easier to find the hot spots

frostee 2010.10.15
i love them cute! just like this game right here

simple, cute and worth playing


orgout 2010.10.15
cancled early, boring and to much dude

critter9400 2010.10.15
this game was ok I would have liked more of the changing outfits scene even though it didnt really fit in with the story

chumak 2010.10.14
good game, but takes way too long

tactac 2010.10.12
great graphics , great story lines and hot innocent cute girl

so hornyy

spida 2010.10.09
great game, the girl is realy sexy

keko 2010.10.09
the story is great and how i play is more

mpssg76 2010.10.08
This can was easy to use and the characters were good looking too.

dannybiohazard0 2010.10.06
StoneCold said so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

corn 2010.10.06
i enjoyed the game. it was cool.

mjschoff 2010.10.04
good quality needsome help or guide

wojciech_35 2010.10.01
This is the best game I played in a while. It is a bit tricky at times to figure out what you need to do to advance the story but it is intriguing enough that you keep trying and finally when you get it it is quite satisfying.

You should definitely try it!

do2nero 2010.09.29
I love farmer`s daughters

hayden1 2010.09.26
good game wish it was faster

memnoch343 2010.09.26
good game but a little slow

redbeard69ffx 2010.09.23
great story and god graphics. It would be better to be able to click on the dialog to speed things along.

king2pm 2010.09.22
that game is one of my favorits

houyee3 2010.09.22
Nice graphics also nice interaction as well.. overall a great game

Zack123 2010.09.18
game was great but wish it was faster

Linzy 2010.09.17
reale nice game...........
like it......

jingstir 2010.09.17
good game wish it was faster

zebco1253 2010.09.17
long game. wish it was faster

Jada 2010.09.16
It`s a really good game overall yes sometimes it does take a bit to get going (hint use the H key) sometimes but best part of it it really does make you think some parts are quite tricky needing 2 or even 3 contact points when you move around some to get to the next scene otherwise you get stuck. When that happens take it slow and work the arm or whatever you are moveing slow sometimes you need to slide back or up as well to boost the meter. Well worth playing around on though and is a good story although kinda Cliche` still nice work bringing the fantasy to life.

Tom.C 2010.09.15
This is a nice game to play, but sometimes slow to load.

dmxi 2010.09.14
a okay game though some parts slowed it down due to lack of interaktion

yasarzenginoglu 2010.09.13
This is great game...i love it...

glumac 2010.09.12
love it,make me hottttttt................

Javlo 2010.09.10
I got stuck at some point in the game and was forced to quit. The game was not responding to the actions. Shame realy. looked like a nice game

illogical 2010.09.07
A good storyline, but the game overall was a bit too slow in moving the story forward.

kasaruukii 2010.09.03
Another quality game as usual. Can`t wait for more of the same.

saifty1 2010.09.03
Slow to load, but good game otherwise

arnold99 2010.09.03
it is a good game, but too long

layban 2010.09.01
good game but could be better

ElBigBoss 2010.09.01
Slow Loading , but still a nice game ( epecially thedaughter O.O ) :p

Re7766 2010.09.01
one of the hottest girls i have seen on this game

ranmagh01 2010.09.01
I loved this game. I cannot wait until the sequel!

skeletor22 2010.08.31
controls were scratchy but a very good game overall

danamite 2010.08.30
good game. slow to load tho

newshoes4youtx 2010.08.30
It took me awhile to beat the game, but I did. Some scenes are slow, but that last scene is exciting.

luckykid2000 2010.08.30
This game has awesome graphics, gameplay is ok and could have added more attractive girls :]

pakpak0312 2010.08.30
it is not a good game ,loading very slow

saprakap 2010.08.29
The graphics are good, but the game play is very slow.

gstrawn 2010.08.29
Game is too slow for fast readers but the graphics are great.

ace7 2010.08.28
sexy snd best, but could offer more variety of girls..

Uzumaki101 2010.08.27
God, I love these types of games

fmelo 2010.08.27
this is a good game, the graphics are excellent, and the daughter is wonderful

maklas 2010.08.26
good game,especially the daughter

maklas 2010.08.26
good game,especially the daughter,she is very hot girl

kpyrinikos 2010.08.26
I liked this game, found it amusing. She was a little too "innocent" but that is what made it funny for me. I think there should be more lolita style games

Liger450 2010.08.25
it has too much scenes it could be a litle bit shorter

Liger450 2010.08.25
it would be great to continue the game

Nimrod 2010.08.25
I liked this game, found it amusing. Yeah she was a little too "innocent" but that is what made it funny for me. I think there should be more lolita style games, it is just a game.

alaquin12 2010.08.24
kind of long but very sexy.. i wish that i knew a farmer with a duaghter like that xDD.. the graphics were nice but again it took a while 2 load.. overall good game >:)

Limbo4ever 2010.08.24
nice storyline but should move up the pace

t3ac23 2010.08.24
the game can be very hard to figure out but the quality of the graphic is absolutely amazing

linla 2010.08.24
one of the best game of this editor. Nice drawings, nice history.

coolguy456 2010.08.23
I didn`t like this game very much. Many of the animations took too long to complete, even though they were pretty good. If you really want to play, start the animation and look at something else while it goes.

capt_dick 2010.08.22
wow! what a hot fantasy. that is what a farmers daughter should look like!

mickeyw1989 2010.08.20
Need to be able to skip through the text and minigames, takes way too long, and some of the uncontrolled sections are too long as well. Great otherwise though.

max29 2010.08.20
great gamee, lovee everything bout it

Rhaker 2010.08.20
good game and good quality

none 2010.08.18
I really liked it, it was great

hornyboy77s 2010.08.17
Great game but lasted to long

humptypkt 2010.08.16
good game but takes way to long

katie916 2010.08.16
loved this game was kinda slow but great graphics and fun

omid_mhp 2010.08.16
this is a great graphic game

gougou87 2010.08.14
takes long time to get to good parts

Scappy220 2010.08.13
Would like a little more control. Other than that...great game

bullray38 2010.08.12
love the game, cool graphics too

dexy122 2010.08.11
hot graphics, Gameplay so-so! Like it

CarneyStud 2010.08.11
Love this game but what do you do with the codes?

tentacles9 2010.08.11
kinda slow but it`s pretty hot

donpot 2010.08.10
one of the best of the kind! i wait for more games like this :D i love it

caeserg 2010.08.10
Slow game, but pretty good. Enjoyable.

justalonery 2010.08.08
why don`t u use a big chessed girl, why u use flat one? i was disapointed

moh888 2010.08.08
great graphics needs to be a way to faster

thochter81 2010.08.07
very nice game. pure fun to play it like all games from pusooy

silver12 2010.08.07
I wish the talking/text wasn`t so slow, really good animation though

kqftw 2010.08.06
controls are bad but game is decent

Ol4iks 2010.08.06
great graphics,but i didn`t like the gameplay

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.05
great graphics but there needs to be a way to fast forward through the slow dialog

blueeyedangel57 2010.08.05
great game. I like the farmer`s daugther.

Tocoslayer 2010.08.05
not that bad graphics could have been better though

plak 2010.08.04
Great, great game.
Very nice story and graphics

sicnarfj 2010.08.03
Great game, pretty great graphics as well

Towy 2010.08.03
Dam I wish the farm girls I grew up with were this good looking

king85 2010.08.03
very good game, but too slow

readyforfun6960 2010.08.02
very nice plot and good graphics!
even fairly challenging!
it`s a pity is sooo long

princecharming 2010.08.01
nice graphocs...good game..

nemesisnerd 2010.07.30
great game. super erotic. high graphics. upload more games like this

alantor 2010.07.29
i like this game. good gameplay

AlexKeith23 2010.07.28
its slow moving, but i like it. the graphics are good. hope to see more fromt his developer

Seizemon 2010.07.27
The graphic was awesome.If it have sond or music maybe it can be so much cooler.

Caine1379 2010.07.27
cool game enjoyed it alot, great graphics

SuperRichie 2010.07.26
great game. graphics are very hot :P

hellaz 2010.07.25
the game is a bit slow to load but it a good wating time

Satans Angel 2010.07.25
Sperb game... graphics could have been better though

animwatz 2010.07.25
game was to slow but besides that great game

FrAb 2010.07.25
Indeed the gameplay is a little bit too slowly sometimes. There is one scene (after milking the cows, when giving a handjob) where I can`t make any progress... :-(

sllim 2010.07.24
ok game but very slow and awkward controls

goodwork 2010.07.24
Good but id like more interaction

ironfist137 2010.07.24
great graphics and the story is good too

Nick1990 2010.07.24
good game graphics could be better

Bock4u 2010.07.23
great game very realistic and fun to play

panzerv 2010.07.23
This game have a cheat... just finish it. And u will see ... :) :)

Newguy 2010.07.22
Too much text for it to be considered a game, more like an interactive movie.

noodles123 2010.07.22
Liked this game i suggest Jordan 500c too!

pablo76 2010.07.22
I couldn`t get this one to load.

CactusZ 2010.07.21
Boring until you get to the barn. Worth it if you can wait that long.

n33gri10nu 2010.07.20
this girl is wery sexxxy in this game

ccmf89 2010.07.19
Very interactive but too slow.

Reemster 2010.07.18
Looks ok, lots of slow storyline but the gameplay parts are fun to do

juunge 2010.07.18
could be a nice game if it would be a little bit faster and if no stupid little scenes would take so much time and prevent a fast finish.

Immortalking 2010.07.17
The games is slow but overall decent graphics/story/gameplay.

shinu123 2010.07.17
it was okay but romantic

malekcrownin 2010.07.15
really slow and and slow load but a good game

Slue 2010.07.14
The best game on this page!!!! really great but a bit long to get to the best parts

GhostyTuna17 2010.07.13
good game but not really worth the wait

lesboluvr00 2010.07.12
Great game with great sex. The hot chick made me laugh with her sex phrases

lucasneil 2010.07.11
good game, but not worth the ages it takes to load

firttd 2010.07.09
great game but took a while to load

Jocker26 2010.07.08
luv this one play it a lot of time

mick138 2010.07.08
this game is good but takes a long time to load

Jocker26 2010.07.07
perfect luv this one make me climax

Anonyman 2010.07.06
Erm... `daugther`? Apart from that, I was somewhat irritated by the long loading time, and the gameplay was slow.

vitali 2010.07.05
very good game, but lasting in animations and sometimes too fast in conversation

WahooPunch45 2010.07.05
Game is slow but the gameplay overall is really fun and interactive.

jjbb1234 2010.07.04
not to bad good graphics and ideas just annoying to control and find hot spots keep working on it

Fixman 2010.07.04
This game is very interactive... it is very good

drillsteel 2010.07.04
It is ok but slow. Girl got nice tits.

Simen 2010.07.03
I really enjoyed that.
Let`s hope for a followup :)
He has more "city stuff" to teach her, right??

jeroldtan 2010.07.03
this game is kinda slow and tough =(

DeathDrakon 2010.07.02
Really good but gets boring after while.

madwolf86 2010.07.01
the game is excellent like other games of this site or i hope to see more like this

wimLOD 2010.07.01
very nice game, good gameplay

AgentCroque 2010.06.30
very pretty game, but way too slow paced.

jack00 2010.06.30
the game very slow but nice gameplay

duke51 2010.06.30
fantastic game, one of the niciest I ever seen, all my time for this one since today

Shibbster 2010.06.29
Alright game, but not that great...

sam1101 2010.06.28
GOod game just make it go by a little faster next time

mr90 2010.06.26
i found that the game is too slow ,i like the girl but she is so stupid!!

teddybear420 2010.06.25
It was alright but not the best

Vageryn 2010.06.25
Longer than I expected and a bot slow paced. The story is decent but the interactivity appears to be lacking. Not bad but not to good either. Still I applaud your efforts.

mr.ghassan 2010.06.19
The game is too slow to load, not responsive

fe 2010.06.18
good game but it deserves a lot to load.

miztervodka 2010.06.18
It was full of lag and very boring. I didnt like it very much.

rob63 2010.06.18
Gameplay a bit too long but overall enjoyable.

fuchsd 2010.06.17
good game but not really worth the wait

scannatore 2010.06.17
Good game but too long without a save game, or a division in capitols...

coc121 2010.06.16
Great game, great graphics

bradpout 2010.06.16
the game is excellent like other games of this site

greghunter 2010.06.14
Very fast load time fun to play.

Brinks2011 2010.06.14
The game is fun to play. It takes patients but worth your time.

Bond69 2010.06.14
wow wow wow Farmers Girls is really very sexy it`s really great fun

gamerhell 2010.06.12
old school game ... really nice and all, but it lacks in interactions

JRjab 2010.06.10
Kind of boring, not enough interaction, and interaction present is awkward

superman88 2010.06.10
Pretty good story, good game

habs3297 2010.06.09
Storyline was pretty decent, graphics and action scenes were nice. Would have liked to have been able to skip through the dialogue a little faster, I finished reading `em long before the scene moved on. Over all, I`d say it ranks way up there on the best games I`ve played

bagman4 2010.06.08
could use a quite a bit of work, but it was alright

geobush1 2010.06.08
The farmer`s daughter is really cute and she has a hot bod. The story is a bit too innocent, however. It is slow and there should be some options to jump some scenes to speed it up.

rjcool55 2010.06.07
nice idea, game however needs mor interaction

habs3297 2010.06.07
Nice conception and grphical and contents story really the better game

Cooper3322 2010.06.05
Slow game play but good game.

hickle84 2010.06.04
love the graphics and the chicks are hot

aslanparcasi 2010.06.02
toooo slow good graphics, but boring

RedRover 2010.06.02
Kissing down the belly and then a quick horizontal lick. Didn`t think I`d ever figure that one out!

zeretet 2010.06.02
The game is very cool and very sexy

Sammet 2010.06.01
encantador juego, pasa a mis favoritos

madeforu 2010.06.01
the control is to difficult on the laptop with the touchpad to bad . bud it`s verry nice game with nice graphics

Eric I 2010.05.31
Nice game, with good graphics and storyline. A bit on the slow side in terms of loading.

dmc11011988 2010.05.31
i`m stuck in this game the kissing the pussey

Reborn777 2010.05.31
I love this game....can we have more games like this?

testbob 2010.05.28
Amazing game, graphics and animations are impressive. No problems loading at all

squall23 2010.05.27
pas mal,mais trop court,dommage

danielle 2010.05.24
This is such a sweet game...good story..lot`s of horniness ;)

3clawes 2010.05.23
good could be better, the graphices need work

wakkospace 2010.05.20
enjoyed this but it`s more like a movie than a game. great artwork and story though. got a little frustrated with figuring out some scenes.

elbouffono 2010.05.18
really good game, Pussoy is gifted! Very cute girl and just enough difficult to be fun!

woody12 2010.05.16
Awesome adventure game almost seems real.

val2062 2010.05.11
Woooo elle m`excite grave cette petite fermiere !!

sornage 2010.05.10
It is very entertaining, but a bit slow, want to have more action

haan141519 2010.05.10
great game. theres a new one similar to this on the same site

buzzman 2010.05.10
Now this is a great game to play and boy would i like to play with her myself, the actions are good great grafics, the only thing that lets it down is a lame story line,now saying that please get more like this one.pppplllleeeaaaassssseeeee.

smiley5567 2010.05.10
Way too slow but very nice graphics.

cheezmonky 2010.05.10
Tough load times, slow gameplay, but very nice visuals.

heser98 2010.05.09
dang i thought there was going to be a horse in it

rovanerns 2010.05.08
The Pussoy games are also very good, very sexy.

paddy1994 2010.05.07
the story was good and the graphics were great

hardnhorny 2010.05.06
game takes way too long to long didnt even play it

boinky 2010.05.06
great game, too bad it loads slow. You really have to take your time to play it

sexonlegs385 2010.05.05
Really enjoyed this game, but got stuck and didn`t get to an ending!

gringoG 2010.05.03
best graphics i`ve seen until now

Dr cueball 2010.05.03
good game long cut sequences though

Kalaam 2010.05.02
i like it its like a movie more than a game in of the best

kjedi 2010.04.30
This is a great game. It took me a long time to get through it. But it was worth

LP83 2010.04.28
Maybe a little slow, but Awesome game nontheless!
Very HOT. Can`t wait for a sequel

hv0606 2010.04.28
fantastic graphics and a good story, a little slow though.

wlwlvr 2010.04.27
Hot graphics and story but, like everyone else, I thought the gameplay was a bit slow.

wess1818 2010.04.26
great graqphics and awesome gameplay i loved it

Raider1471 2010.04.26
A little slow, as far as the game goes. Nevertheless, a very nice game!

Williman 2010.04.26
Nice to have a little bit of an idea behind the beginning. A little tricky to get the control part at first, but not too bad.

glue2305 2010.04.25
takes long to load but over all very fun game

ContactL 2010.04.25
a bit akward to play but decent enough

jackjimmy 2010.04.23
its too time consuming and so slow to load it ,

alphonse 2010.04.23
great graphics and a greats triy!

trashb7 2010.04.21
Although Extremely spaced out between dialog it was still a great game.

lioodas 2010.04.20
i just loved this one. verry pretty girl.

bunnyboo648 2010.04.19
a bit slow...cant get past the part in the barn when he showz her his dick..but still a good game

eclipseman 2010.04.19
i really enjoyed this game

eclipseman 2010.04.19
i hope that they realease a faster version of this game.

eclipseman 2010.04.19
they could have tried to make this game a little faster and it would have been a good game.

eclipseman 2010.04.19
this game is a little slow but its ok

astro 2010.04.19
The game is slow to load but overall not to bad

sorriso 2010.04.18
It a nice game, but a bit slow in the sequence.

cjfwbvld 2010.04.17
Awesome game can`t wait for the next one

tafnam 2010.04.12
had trouble getting it working but ok

rghmopars 2010.04.12
Loads slow. Good graphics.

Kotun 2010.04.12
Rather slow. But overall, not bad.

LOVEUDEAR 2010.04.08
too slow game but I enjoyed it...

wantsome 2010.04.07
Boring. Too slow, music`s depressing. A good concept, but it should be a bit faster.

Iemo31 2010.04.07
pretty interesting cowgirl you have here hey

neall07 2010.04.07
if you type in "farm" you can skip to different parts of the game

aldnath 2010.04.06
good game bit ricky at times and the cut scenes take an age but apart from that top marks

gordonfan48 2010.04.05
damn cowgirl knows how to get down

runninrandy 2010.04.05
One of my fave games on here, there were some looooong cutscenes though...

grifmaster 2010.04.05
ahhh the farmers daughter, always a favorite fantasy

beachbum434343 2010.04.04
Pretty fun and interesting.

Benvolio12162 2010.04.04
Rebecca is hot, but it`s so hard to control the game.

Damianos 2010.04.03
Nice semi-interactive movie/game story.

cobra152535 2010.04.02
Very nice game, was just a little long, i enjoy getting down to the good stuff quicker

theman100 2010.04.01
Really good, have hints if you couldnt find the spots.

eddied1 2010.04.01
i wish she was real and i could meet her like that

b11490 2010.03.31
gerat game kind slow would be nice to skip some of the more useless parts though.

dragonfly 2010.03.31
i love it, it is a great game

Al 2010.03.30
this game is really exciting ! with the blond babe so innocent and pure !
many thanks pussoy games !

LoLB 2010.03.30
nice game, nice graphics, but a bit slow

trunksan 2010.03.30
This gam is too hard to play. And its graffic should be better

agragr 2010.03.30
Simple game but funny and sexy

abcdefg 2010.03.29
i cant get past the nightgown seen in the bedroom. someone please explain how

aust09 2010.03.29
i love the graphics pluss the gameplay

gekoc 2010.03.29
that is really nicely done... thanks for uploading and to the game developers

Eladarion 2010.03.28
nice new idea but sometimes a little bit tricky

sjw05 2010.03.28
this game is very nice to play!

gh0zt 2010.03.28
great game! very entertaining

bored2010 2010.03.28
A nice game with nice graphics, and a pretty cool story. More interaction would be nice. It should be more difficult.

Muchos 2010.03.27
Loading is to long but it kinda is worth the wait :)

elven_steve 2010.03.27
Really great game. Shark and pussoy are the best. I cannot get past the nightgown scene. You move the hand around her breasts and the excitement bar rises and then it fills up and is replaced by a shorter empty line. What do you do then. I tried rubbing all over fast and slow. Tried removing clothes. Nothing. Can anybody help me?

nxenon13 2010.03.26
Really long cutscenes and hard to get the perfect angle on interactive objects, but otherwise an awesome game.

nxenon13 2010.03.26
the initial load was long and the game lacked interaction, but other that that, great game.

Eclissi24 2010.03.26
An overall good game with great graphics, but the long cut scenes were irritaing.

shadowgo 2010.03.26
cool Graphics ,nice game

Dude213 2010.03.24
The only real complaint I have is that this game takes forever to finish. Otherwise it`s A+

spoor61 2010.03.24
great game nice graphics bit slow

JaJaJaa 2010.03.24
omg pussoy games are so fucking hot i could play them all day any day

lierde 2010.03.24
really nice game. the graphic is awesome

sterraven1 2010.03.24
great game a little to slow

jordi150 2010.03.23
tarda moltissim en cargar-se

Doug19 2010.03.23
this game is too slow to load

malnova 2010.03.22
This is one of my favorite games.

ManifestChaos 2010.03.22
Takes a little while to get into action, but very good graphics and even story line. Hot!

dcech 2010.03.22
Interesting. Hope this is as good as it seems.

shalimar 2010.03.22
nice game a litlle diferent than others

bigmule 2010.03.21
great game, good graphics

jim186 2010.03.21
kinda slow but exciting enough though.

tylenol04 2010.03.20
i just cant seem to play the game? firefox maybe?

rockya 2010.03.20
kinda long load but overall great game

kbcd 2010.03.20
i really like this game: the animations are good, and there story is also interesting

zedek 2010.03.20
decent game - took time to develop

13loki13 2010.03.19
I had problems on geting the game to load. but it was ok.

vanillaflava 2010.03.19
Cool game, maybe a bit glitchy. Cut scenes a little too long

sean13 2010.03.18
something is wrong with game, it is not working

essemje 2010.03.18
Too slow, more of a movie than a game.

Beast10 2010.03.18
it takes a ridiculously long time to load

madmaxxlr 2010.03.18
its a pretty good game.IMO

justag469 2010.03.17
my apologies, Pussuy and shark are my heroes, thanks Pussoy !!

justag469 2010.03.17
shark hac come a long way, from great to even greater, thanks shark!!

shyghost 2010.03.17
A nice game with nice graphics, and a pretty cool story. More interaction would be nice. It should be more difficult.

michael-two-big 2010.03.16
That girl is enormous. Cute, sweet, one of my fav. But no anal.


pyrax72 2010.03.15
This game is very interactive I loved it and want to play it over and over again

operalish 2010.03.15
This is the best Game on this site i love playing it over and over the graphics are great but some times i get stuck and am not sure how to continue?
found the loading fine particularly for the level of graphic which were nicely done but the long cut scenes were more tedious than tantalising. Also the "Lolita-esc" story (a potentially nice touch) was somewhat squandered due to a lack of development- Greater interactivity and work on the storyline/writing could of made this a really gem

fuzzion731 2010.03.12
this is one of my favorite games on here if you can find more like this that would be great

micle42 2010.03.11
The game is too slow to load

batmanwelds1 2010.03.10
This game is great waiting for part 2

rich2779 2010.03.10
Great game lovely graphics good interaction

saginaw21 2010.03.10
Good looking chick but the game is too slow

saginaw21 2010.03.10
just a little too slow for me

weagleweagle 2010.03.10
very slow download...would love a part two!

jack14 2010.03.10
takes a long time to load but it`s a good game

rengo 2010.03.09
This is one of my favorites, I love the farm girl she is sexy

shaydroverllyx 2010.03.09
Wow i wish there were more games like this I love the interactive kind such as this one Please make more like this one

shaydroverllyx 2010.03.09
This is the best Game on this site i love playing it over and over the graphics are great but some times i get stuck and am not sure how to continue?

shaydroverllyx 2010.03.09
I wish i had more time to play this game cause the graphics are awesome and so realistic

shaydroverllyx 2010.03.09
This game is very interactive I loved it and want to play it over and over again

shaydroverllyx 2010.03.09
this game was so awesome it made me cum in my pants. It totally Rocks

6768 2010.03.09
game is great. super girl. but downloading is a very long time

udanQ 2010.03.09
a nice game with nice graphics, and a pretty cool story
i like those kind of games :)

ShaggyMonkey 2010.03.08
got to agree about the loading time, but well worth it once it`s done

tom-gae 2010.03.08
pretty good game, but it takes to long to get the thing rollin`

jayjmc1616 2010.03.08
loading time took forever,but over all a good game once loaded

hubi 2010.03.08
grat game good animations but to slow

alessandro 2010.03.08
its too late loading game its true??

crowe666 2010.03.08
this game is great but it is so slow

wickeddeuce 2010.03.07
ok game but a little slow

Evil Dave 2010.03.05
A pretty good game overall. Ive played other games made by this developer so I expected the long runtime and quirky controls (which I dont actually mind much). Its fun and has its moments, but I felt the storyline really did drag much too long for how little the reward ended up being. Also, it got annoying how ignorant the girl was. It`s fine to make her ditzy, but most of her dialogue was borderline toddler level. It was almost like seducing a mentally handicapped person, which to me, is none too sexy. The "Cheerleader Party Part 2" by this same developer is far superior to this entry. Still, this is a very well crafted game that is worth checking out if u have a lot of time to kill.

darkstone 2010.03.04
this game is hot i wished i could have been there man she is hot

Berem 2010.03.02
Great game and a few very warm and attractive girls, I am charmed with it

Dengar 2010.02.28
What a great game and a very hot girl

punkyvince 2010.02.28
man, are there still such innocent girls nowadays :)) if there are, i can`t wait to meet one :D

gmene 2010.02.27
the red dot doesn`t work for me. Anyway very good graphics

pikaposty 2010.02.27
good game but it deserves a lot to load

Gonebiking18 2010.02.27
It`s a good game, but a little long and unresponsive at times.

barney200212 2010.02.26
excellent graphic but is more of a slow movie than anything

TapOut 2010.02.24
Little too long and the storyline isn`t that great. Still playable with nice action, but not Puso`s best by any means.

des14 2010.02.24
Great game! Can`t wait until a sequel appears next. Great job on this one.

sham 2010.02.24
good story line, nice girl....

stakaman 2010.02.23
its to slow loading but its a great game... One of my favorite

nissehult 2010.02.23
great game, like the gameplay and what a girl

alexmahler2000 2010.02.21
wow its one of my favorites, nice game, is there any saquel?

chaktie 2010.02.21
This one of my favorite..., look that innocent girl...! I`ll wait for the next chapter...

djmad 2010.02.21
awesome game... simply loved it. its too good

amujan1 2010.02.18
great game though a little slow

steve_0ooo69 2010.02.17
graphics are some of the best I`ve seen, would like to see more of this farmers daughter in upcoming games.

devildog 2010.02.16
pretty awesome layout and the graphics are off the wall

drok 2010.02.14
bit slow, not much interaction. lot of waiting & watching

Jokke 2010.02.14
Great game with a HOT girl !!!

damien1234 2010.02.13
simpley the best game i have ever played

hillwp30 2010.02.12
a very good game has some nice interactive parts and the story was good to. I also like how long the game is.

kldxxx 2010.02.10
its to slow loding but its good game and i liked it

notsocrazy 2010.02.10
Loading is too slow,but grafics is good

Chibi 2010.02.09
yeah!! long game and very good graphic

CBJoe 2010.02.09
I really like this game graphics are so awesome the story is great i like playing this game over over so more

7z9 2010.02.09
too slow and boring - not very interactive

deeray20 2010.02.08
this game is reallyt slow to load, not responsive

Johnnyscene 2010.02.07
decent game long story that i didnt really like but the idea was there two thumbs up

fresh 2010.02.07
great game for the style of play, challenging but fun

k75strider 2010.02.05
Hot game although a bit slow. I wish there was a way to skip the fantasies...

wesleydwes 2010.02.05
hot game but im kinda stuck when she`s lying in the hay stack.

Diego 2010.02.04
really good game..pretty slow though..got bored at parts

Stewby 2010.02.04
Very slow in parts but great game

kiko100 2010.02.04
The graphics are great animation could use a little more

wesley_duke 2010.02.04
awesom and a very addicting game

TantalEyes 2010.02.03
Great game. Takes a while to get through everything, and isn`t particularly interactive, but story-telling and graphics makes up for that

bechoux 2010.02.03
Great game. Better she has got one sister. The girl look nice.

Minuteman 2010.02.02
Nice Pusooy game. Challenging an fun

Luzi 2010.02.02
A VERY nice game, amazing storyline and animations! The best game here so far!

Sehviss 2010.02.02
Nice enough. Great graphics, but waaay too slow. I got bored before the end of it. I do hope to see more like this, provided that the gameplay moves a little quicker.

bob12345 2010.01.31
pusooy is the man. his games are the best i`ve ever played. can`t wait for the next one

reaper87 2010.01.31
i agree with the face that it should have been a faster flow to the whole game

studlypinoy 2010.01.30
for some reason... this game is slow to me

northpole 2010.01.29
great game. make a series out of this one

1simen1 2010.01.29
To slow and lacking in real interactivity.

boobie23 2010.01.29
best game ever. can`t get enough

Omegathrasher 2010.01.29
good game, good graphics, kinda slow though.

Ricoh124 2010.01.28
Long game, perhaps with more hints and help. Not easy mind but if done well should help you with similar games.

Darwin 2010.01.28
i cant wait to see part 2. i hope they keep making more games

alexus68 2010.01.28
Good game, can`t wait until part two comes out. Hope there is a part two

veritasghost 2010.01.27
it was a ok game little long though

Haggis 2010.01.27
Another quality game as usual. Can`t wait for more of the same.

SMACKDOWN 2010.01.27
great game excellent graphics

flashgamer 2010.01.27
WOW..simply amazing...wat a game..!!!

Ricoh124 2010.01.26
good game rewards for effort, quite easy and simple to complete if you apply yourself.

cambuse 2010.01.26
a nice game with nice graphics, and a pretty cool story
i like those kind of games :)

taltul 2010.01.25
best game so far on this site if you ask me plenty action and all

bertolucci 2010.01.25
I cant waint to play the second parte of this amazing game

sentaiblue 2010.01.25
i like it its like a movie more than a game in of the best

dar 2010.01.25
Good game, can`t wait until part two comes out. Hope there is a part two

scorpax 2010.01.24
best game so far on this site if you ask me plenty action and all

buaws10 2010.01.24
different from the others...it`s a good game, dislike the interaction

angelo8414 2010.01.24

hellsreaper 2010.01.24
great game but seems very long at times

wtcjrusa 2010.01.17
this sexy game by pusooy is one of the best there is ,absolutely perfect !

yidshark 2010.01.17
amazing game very realistic!

paranoid 2010.01.11
wow ... once you get used to the controls (which indeed are enoying) this game is one of the BEST!!
Really nice graphics, fun story ("you brought a rooster? but I didn`t see any chickens in your car" xD) and sweet girls. The auto-pilot option could appear a little more often maybe...

omanko 2010.01.10
one of the best games i have ever played!!!!!!

Al 2010.01.10
very, very exciting ! the farmer`s daughter is really hot and so pretty ! thanks to pussoy for this nice game

fuzzyt 2010.01.07
These pusooy games are super good!

pronsander 2010.01.07
horny graphics.. Horny girls..

destroyer 2010.01.03
Realy great game. Would like to see a series of the Farmer`s Daughter.

8titulos 2009.12.30
very good game, very horny, excellent graphics

BIG-BEAST 2009.12.27
good game, but needs women not little girls

whitemox 2009.12.21
Good game, although it takes some time! I´d like to see more stories with da farmers daughther!

negro 2009.12.18
this game is really good i like this kind of games, nice job keep it up guys hehe

kvs5150 2009.12.15
Great game. Need another story fro the farm Girl!

ballisticsgel 2009.12.13
Omg...I love these games so much...keep adding more!

zim1 2009.12.08
Brilliant game - Pusoy really puts thought into his games

sscare25 2009.12.06
nice game but a short timr to play

birdog37 2009.12.05
great game very involved though takes a long time

Tfrank 2009.12.04
This is super erotic. Be warned though that it takes at least two hours to complete.

Tyrchon 2009.12.04
The game was so good it ALMOST made up for the long slow actions. Almost....

Osteve 2009.12.04
i love this game - someome is really thinking here - but if you get halfway thru and something goes wrong (error on page etc) its hard to want to try again - fantastic story and idea - i think your onto something here!

Houserocka78 2009.12.03
Graphics on highest level..but for me also much too slow and longtimes nothing to play,just looking!

Garth 2009.12.02
Takes time to play this one. You can`t be in a hurry.

stefan1511 2009.11.30
The game is too slow to load, not responsive.

Primo 2009.11.29
I like this game but i need help on the part where she is laying on the hay.

radar 2009.11.28
One of the best bishoujo I have found. True, some of the Controls are a bit too clumsy, but the reward is for the patient player ;-)

dakwing 2009.11.28
nice storyline, & good graphics

Dumbledore 2009.11.27
the game is god, god graphics, but bit to long

WARDOG77 2009.11.25

nissehult 2009.11.24
great games, i liked it from start to finish, and what a girl

obidos 2009.11.24
it was a alrihht game but culd have been better and more sexier

RubUdown 2009.11.22
Game`s nice.. as the writer below me said.. it`s not as good as the Cheerleader game. But still enjoyable, 75% for me.

armande.arkuj 2009.11.21
Great game! Not as great as Cheerleader party, but still very good and entertaining.

Tdog 2009.11.21
loved playing it .. it just was a little long with no interaction

Bluesy 2009.11.20
This game was awesome .... loved every minute!

eveready077 2009.11.16
a fantastic game wish it was longer

konrad 2009.11.16
VERY slow pace, but the action scenes are fun. A bit too drawn out for my taste, but that`s mostly because you can`t speed things up.

cschamel 2009.11.15
Game is SLOW in response and progress, "control actions" available are LIMITED, and graphics are NOT the greatest, but other than that, seems like a fine game.

Xyzzy 2009.11.15
Loved this game. It`s nearly perfect!

Dreamwillow 2009.11.14
Very good graphics & tantalising. Scenes could be a bit shorter.

itunes 2009.11.13
kinda confusing but still fun

quentinre 2009.11.13
It takes awhile to figure certain things out, but definitely worth it

marbun 2009.11.12
Very good but too long scenes

sexyman 2009.11.11

vheemskerk 2009.11.11
Great game, looks good, but red dot part is difficult

assman 2009.11.10
she is fuc ing hot dam right

thetheif 2009.11.10
i really liked this game but took far too long to load

bossman2880 2009.11.09
alright i guess takes to long though

surfbo 2009.11.09
it takes too long to get thing going. needs to move with more rythm

Banzai3141 2009.11.08
This game took far too long to load

Laow 2009.11.06
could of used more stoyry but awesome game

storm 2009.11.06
great game maybe the best game i have played

drayth 2009.11.06
good but very busy at moments

yk zuvr 2009.11.06
great game love to see more like this one

soulblack 2009.11.05
very good but the facing is slow

matthewb918 2009.11.05
great game ok quality needs more interaction and this was a very long storyline

icedragon4 2009.11.05
one of the best games that i have played in a long time.

BigDick891 2009.11.04
this is maybe the best game i have played so far on this whole websiyte

rikyrat 2009.11.04
I love the Pusooy games. Great graphics and very original.

ianuk42 2009.11.04
good game could have bin more interaction though

LoLB 2009.11.04
very nice graphics and good story

bert 2009.11.04
like this game
its really cool

emmely 2009.11.03
sweet girls in a funny game cool

eagalborn 2009.11.03
great game the graphics were great hope they make another

Kryostasis 2009.11.03
Storyline was pretty decent, graphics and action scenes were nice. Would have liked to have been able to skip through the dialogue a little faster, I finished reading `em long before the scene moved on. Over all, I`d say it ranks way up there on the best games I`ve played.

b3d0w 2009.11.03
very long game but excellent graphics and new ideas, i loved the fly scene. this game is one of the best on this site.

thomc 2009.11.02
did not like way to much hand motion

bossman09 2009.11.02
Great game.. Love their games.. :)

dyne22 2009.11.02
good game not enough action though

chris123 2009.11.02
great graphics well played a little long for loading though

robert95g 2009.11.02
Mithra clcik on the star on left of GAME RATING and this game is added to favorites...

robert95g 2009.11.02
the game dont loading, whats the problem? loading at 35-50% and stop.....

fronz 2009.11.02
great story line, really nice game...i liked it

JesusIsMagic 2009.11.01
thought the redhead was amazingly attractive

Mithra 2009.11.01
how do i put this in my "favourites"?

spirek 2009.11.01
The girl is a doll, such a preety face she has and body too...

zestie 2009.11.01
one of the girls looks too young.

Freed0m 2009.11.01
long loading time but the waiting is worth it
hot girl

nate 2009.10.31
did not like way to much hand motion

wunderseun 2009.10.31
Good graphics, story needs a bit more expansion

walrus13 2009.10.31
Pussooy always makes great interactive games

sahabjee 2009.10.30
I`m a country boy, and I think this game is one of the best games i`ve ever played!

chaos19 2009.10.30
great story line, great looking girl too

jmonke 2009.10.30
a lot of sitting time. need to be able to control the speed of the game.

deadbrain 2009.10.30
nice story, but sometimes it takes to long to load, but in the end a good game!

tbmvcal 2009.10.29
very good graphics the opening scene is hot got bored with the fly

hol 2009.10.29
great story not short at all just awesome

sairemo 2009.10.29
this game takes hours to load...

r2043man 2009.10.28
it is a very hot and horny game

jerryonly83 2009.10.28
very very good game... though i`d like a little bit more of player action!

kissoto 2009.10.28
I like it. What a good game

Dropkick 2009.10.28
What a great games, i liked it from start to finish

trayter 2009.10.27
I`m a country boy, and I think this game is one of the best games i`ve ever played!

jessy 2009.10.27
too long too little to do

krealis 2009.10.27
It`s long, but a lot of fun. very very sexy.

christophe67170 2009.10.26
verry hot game i love lif at the farm

cagan 2009.10.26
this game is very very good awesome

magryl 2009.10.26
its a great game to bad is loads so slowly

dabk 2009.10.26
more interaction would be nice. It should be more difficult. Stilll an excellent game

kyo 2009.10.26
this game is awesome but it will be perfect with more voise

necromancer 2009.10.26
it is a great game..but it is also very big..i would give 4 stars

mgd12 2009.10.25
good game but long and could be more interactive

blairsp 2009.10.25
Nice graphics - Decent content

I3rutal 2009.10.25
the games from pusooy are great.
and they keep getting better and better.
big thumbs up keep it going.

lohan 2009.10.25
may be funny if it wouldn`t need hours to load...

fmnow 2009.10.24
great graphics but the game moves too slowly and the storyline is a little creepy.

matt0424 2009.10.24
i absolutely loved this game

projgo 2009.10.24
Really , a long time to load.But the game is fine !

SUNPEAKS 2009.10.23
Enjoyed the different settings and the amount as well

weromont 2009.10.23
The Amusing play.Long waited leaving the play.

culnrowe 2009.10.23
I really like this game, beautiful graphics and slower pace works for me.

markus101 2009.10.23
i can`t seem to load this game

Smooth David 2009.10.23
I`m having trouble loading this game.

metalsmurf 2009.10.22
i always look forward to games by these guys and this one doesnt dissapoint

BeRotten 2009.10.22
Awesome game! Slow to load, but worth the wait!

moondog_213 2009.10.22
I like the interaction, but this game moves at the same speed as a glacier, kills the entertainment value

chess_mat 2009.10.22
great game! i`m waiting for a new like this

kaiserxiv 2009.10.22
nice game very porn styled

snoopy129 2009.10.21
Excellent game. Best I have seen from this writer.

DeepCore 2009.10.21
Too slow! Nice graphics, and a fun story but it takes too long to play

Twentyoner 2009.10.21
that game is one of my favorits

satanas 2009.10.21
good game . i like pusooy .

jescotto 2009.10.21
It takes too long to load

silentshadw7 2009.10.20
It was fun but needs faster loading times

marmar 2009.10.20
game is slow....:/ graphics are good though!

sexywomen9990 2009.10.20
Fun i guess but its preety slow at loading

abrk90 2009.10.20
great game,it would have been better if was auto all the time...

grixxx 2009.10.20
Game is little bit too slow.

franky135 2009.10.20
i think its a little bit pervert to fuck those little girls!
and even the game is slow and not really funny...

tgreenez2 2009.10.19
Game Is slow seems like a good one if they speed it up.

randy06 2009.10.19
grteat game love it hope there is more like this one

xpertcunilingus 2009.10.19
it`s like playing porno but at least the endings are quite good.

Selrac 2009.10.19
...... sadly, I`m realy not turned on.

ronnyponny 2009.10.19
had be much better had it been faster and not so complicated.

woody 2009.10.19
good game from pussoy read somewere its like a watching a porno rather than playing a game have to agree

JustM3 2009.10.19
good gameplay and awesome animation the story is great and the final is really funny:))

matt 2009.10.19
some scens a bit long, other then that this has to be one of the best yet.

sairemo 2009.10.19
there is no proper response in the game it is too slow..

santa 2009.10.19
Nice game. Too much automated action and takes too long to do manual actions. Great graphics. Character comments drag out game.

bikercoppia 2009.10.19
good game, but with too much automatic actions...

kannon 2009.10.19
To slow at loading, i cant play. But it have good look

Cool Dave 2009.10.19
The game is too slow to load, but after it`s a very good game nice story and nice graphic

ks 2009.10.19
it had be much better had it been faster and not so complicated.

Dropkick 2009.10.19
This game is not bad, the graphics are cool

lojo2 2009.10.19
looks like i will have to set aside some time to enjoy this one :)

sprungfire87 2009.10.19
takes a bit long but has outstanding graphics

velloo 2009.10.19
one of my faves from pusooy so far!

chaos999 2009.10.19
i really liked this game, but it was a little long for me

johndoejohn 2009.10.19
too slow and boring - not very interactive

cheese101 2009.10.19
so boring its unreal...amazing graphics,but takes waaaaay 2 long for even the simplest of things...

bill98661 2009.10.19
First time tried to load it stalled out, then the next time it worked just fine. Good game.

charlie38 2009.10.18
good game but it deserves a lot to load

HAL6000 2009.10.18
I found the loading fine particularly for the level of graphic which were nicely done but the long cut scenes were more tedious than tantalising. Also the "Lolita-esc" story (a potentially nice touch) was somewhat squandered due to a lack of development- Greater interactivity and work on the storyline/writing could of made this a really gem

dx61005 2009.10.18
The game is too slow to load, not responsive.

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