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Farm Stories


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BackBone07 2019.09.07
I just love these games from L O P how do you get the mom

Vinzieee 2019.09.03
good game with alot to do in game

cosaque52 2019.08.04
Great sex, hot women. Good game

christian369 2019.07.15
tutorial sorted me out. sharon was definitely the best

harimahesh 2019.07.04
graphics are great...really simple game

SpicyNova 2019.04.10
This game is one of my favorite though out this website i can always came back and have a good time with it.

fblackfox 2019.04.09
i enjoy playing farming sex gamesrn

MountieManyer 2019.03.28
great game with beautiful sexy girls and nice graphics

brstreet2 2019.03.21
i like the story, but needs more animation.

maethor90 2019.03.18
Great Game! I love Trixie.


BackBone07 2019.02.25
Go to Trixie`s farmrnScare her horses (click near barn)rnSay she looks greatrnAsk when parents are coming backrnGently massage her calf (click on her left leg, to your right)rnSay it`s super hot today - receive a quest to bring her ice creamrnTrixie`s barnrnClick on black rope that`s near the middle of the screenrnBack to maprnGo to gas stationrnAsk about her new jobrnAsk her about her relationship with TerencernBAD: Tell her that she looks amazing in black - Achievement "Like a dumbass trucker", lose points with herrnHelp with the pump - receive quest to bring her weedrnIf you want to get with Trixie, buy ice cream.rnGo to maprnTerence`s housernAsk him about week for WendyrnBack to maprnGas stationrnPass her a jointrnKiss her from behind (click around her head)rnAsk her if she could take a breakrnAsk if she is available or notrnAsk what she does after work - Achievement "BDSM fantasies"rnAsk her about Trixie - Achievement "Secret romance"rnTie Wendy to the bar on the ceiling (click on rope)rnTake a photo of herrnIf you want to get with Trixie, untie her and move to Trixie`s sectionrnTry to tease herrnTry to put your hand under her panties (click around crotch area)rnRaise her skirt a little (click on skirt)rnGrab her boobsrnTake another picture of her (click near face)rnRemove her top and untie her (click near boobs)rnIf you want to get with Sharon, refuse and move to Sharon`s section (Achievement: It isn`t my thing).rnYou can continue from here. Achievement "Extra Thrills"rnrnrnTrixiernrnTrixie`s farmrnClick on ice creamrnAsk her if she wants to get naughtyrnTouch her boobsrnTalk about WendyrnClick on the photo of a topless Wendy (when did you take her shirt off?)rnTell her to take her bra off (click boobs area)rnMassage her belly (click near navel)rnLower her pants (you can guess where you need to click)rnTurn her around (click near shoulder)rnTouch her ass (left butt-cheek)rnRemove her pantsrnYou can continue from here. Achievement: Friends with BenefitsrnrnrnSharonrnrnYou must have a naked and horny Wendy before beginning; see Wendy`s section.rnrnGo to Terence`s housernTell him that Wendy got a surprise for himrnEnterrnAsk her if you`re not interruptingrnSay that she looks amazingrnGently caress her armrnGive her a bottle of wine (click on wine)rnTry to flirt with herrnKiss her (click on head)rnKeep her in your arms and kiss her more passionatelyrnCompliment her beautiful smilernAsk her to play with her boobs for you (click on boobs)rnPlay with her pussyrnMove closer and start to lick her. Achievement: Servicing the princessrnCaress her calves (click on her right leg, the higher one)rnAsk her to turn around (click around her left shoulder, to your right)rnTouch her assrnRelease thong from her sexy assrnAsk her to finger herselfrnAsk her to suck her fingerrnYou can continue from here. Achievement: Behind my buddy`s back.rnrnrnAnd that`s all.

fans 2019.02.19
really awesome and wonderful game loved it

Krestov 2019.02.12
pretty bad sex scenes btwrn

slinsol 2019.01.19
Yeah the lesson of passion games are good but would be better with more sound if You know what I mean??

Badman.SP 2019.01.16
I liked this game, I have tried it several times, but it did not have a great ending yet. I will persist as it is good fun trying to work it out. Graphics and story line are good and well writen.

schuhzifer 2019.01.06
Great, finaly some BDSM stuff

Tron70 2018.12.16
Nice and short, but sex scenes are not very good

sgt_kidd 2018.11.30
Great game, nice graphics, and story.

dkr 2018.11.29
A very nice game! one of my favorite. The girls are amazing, and the animations are simple but very, very hot!

Wowwwwww 2018.10.21
great game and funny video......nice companyrn

mrbigdixxx 2018.10.08
PRetty simpel game, with ok story, could be more intense, though, missing some story lines back and fourth.

UnknownNull 2018.10.06
Really simple game with decent scenes and great graphics! Was hoping that you could catch the guy and Wendy fucking when he told him that Wendy`s waiting!

analytic7 2018.10.05
God such a crazy amazing game. I could play this one for hours

GogiSan 2018.09.20
Great game with really nice girls!

CumLikeAHose 2018.09.17
Lesson of passion games are the best

Perv1234 2018.09.13
great animation and very straightforward

namalengkap 2018.09.05
this game is so hot.. supported with good graphics

Matty9745 2018.09.04
Awesome game with gorgeous girls. Really cool graphics also

james.daws 2018.08.30
Excellent graphics, great fun story, and very pretty girls.

henrylover90 2018.08.21
Good idea and very nice graphicrn

BigAnt 2018.08.16
Really good game, good quality and girls too

cr7cr7cr 2018.08.13
Cool game i like it very muchrn

rastapista 2018.07.31
Really simple game with decent scenes and great graphics! Was hoping that you could catch the guy and Wendy fucking when he told him that Wendy`s rn

lukerage121 2018.07.28
Really simple game with decent scenes and great graphics! Was hoping that you could catch the guy and Wendy fucking

jankes 2018.07.23
nice game but a little chaotic

Samson24 2018.07.19
Great game! One of my favourites on this site!

TrionD 2018.07.18
Super nice game!! I like the story telling and the different story endings

drk1998 2018.07.06
sexy girls, hard but easy to restart and pick up and choose different options

PaloDildo 2018.06.27
really good game, I liked it :D

bianca29 2018.06.20
Such good gfx and nice dialogs

bigbellend7 2018.05.31
A really good game with excellent detailed graphics. I would love an ending to have each girl in turn, or a threesome with two of them

ganon420 2018.05.30
Dear gosh the girls in this game are so hot!!!rn

Faraday 2018.05.30
Rather interesting game I got a lot of fun!

vectorvonmag 2018.05.25
This one is my favorite. I love it, the graphics, and the options

mostergrand 2018.05.11
Great game with really nice girls.

cr7cr7cr 2018.04.28
Like all Lesson of passion games: Hot as Hell Fun to play

Grandma Leonardo Squidmilk 2018.04.24
sexy game, love the graphics

supertrucker 2018.04.24
I loved this game. I highly recommend playing.

kimak23 2018.04.24
good game . good graphic , i really enjoyed it

acabDD 2018.04.23
gameplay was ok but it would have been good if the characters were expanded

l7ostshepherd 2018.04.23
I always love the graphics for the lesson of passion games. this is no excpetionrn

Diosmialo 2018.04.21
I love this game for its simplicity and re play value! Great girls.

hammertime44 2018.04.03
good variety nice graphics, easy to restart when you make a wrong move, enjoyable and worth the play

Himhim321 2018.04.02
Love this game very fun to playrn

Veltsu87 2018.03.20
Great gameplay little hard

lolol963 2018.03.16
This game is awesome, the graphics are realisticrn

Emp3r0rr 2018.03.14
Short but engaging game, the girl and graphiocs are hot

jumpr009 2018.03.10
Excellent game with different endings. Having two of the women at one time would have been even better. Great story and graphics. Getting the mom is the best adventure!

ksenia123 2018.03.08
Needs an abridged edition

sexylover90 2018.03.02
nice game and a good graphic

lucas0057 2018.02.24
Well grat game for the time i seern

X-26 2018.02.21
The mom is so hot. My favorite ending.

EWRTY 2018.02.21
like this game, but nothing special

evilraze 2018.02.20
i really like this game but i keep getting punched when i try for the momrn

lucas0057 2018.02.18
Interactions are perfect ! Wendy`s graphics perfectrn

OdinsGate 2018.02.15
Really enjoyed the interlacing storyline. Nice!rn

gintaras231 2018.02.15
Impresive graphics sexy girls

yuga 2018.02.11
this is a great game 10 out of 10

rev7990 2018.02.10
Its really awesome, enjoyed it

lecreep911 2018.02.10
i love this game and the fact that you can fuck the mom of your friendrn

Donny1900 2018.02.09
loved this game, played it over and over for lots of times

torres213 2018.02.09
Loved all endings, mostly Wendy`s love a little kinkiness lol

super1400 2018.02.08
great game with a good skrip

christttt 2018.02.06
nice game interesting story

volcano1234 2018.01.31
Decent graphics. Really easy game to play.

DeeKay82 2018.01.27
My favorite game on this site so far. I mean, who wouldnt dream of seducing an older woman? :)

greg1234234 2018.01.27
It`s not that difficult to avoid Ending1 (which is bad-bad). I wonder what is necessary to avoid Ending2. I`ve got passion of almost 600 (a bit less) & still got Ending2.

AngelosIV 2018.01.26
good gameplay and great graphics

dhanushj 2018.01.25
Awesome graphics i love itrn

joe_b 2018.01.23
First LOP game I played here and it was great. Had some trouble with Sharon ending but I managed to get it after a while

seanblazer21 2018.01.20
felt like getting mom was way easier

probadora 2018.01.19
Of all endings I prefer the mom ending.

DarkSkiff1961 2018.01.18
Very smart game, but short and complicated story.

GreenKA 2018.01.17
All three women are beautiful

ibrahim288 2018.01.07
One oc the most satisfaising game ever omg I loved it sooooo mucu 10 out of 10 amazing .

bill ivy 2018.01.06
like all the ending in this game

jasseplayer 2018.01.04
love the ending with the mom, pretty hot!

gekodude8 2018.01.02
From what I figure the guy is her father and the destroyed item may have cleared his record. Maybe he saw him with his daughter and had him arrested to avoid paying and keeping him quiet in the process. I can`t get Sin`s ending without his money.rn

JotaFPR 2018.01.01
Loved the game, good story and grafics

77777899 2018.01.01
I ts a simple game nice graphics

GaGoBoKo 2017.12.25
Nice game, hot girls and one of the best games

xrawex 2017.12.24
Just love these game. Can you get a threesome in it?

connorArnold 2017.12.23
it was good has replayabiltyrnrn

WeeLadMad 2017.12.20
Superb game. Hope to see some of these characters in future games!

Imjinscout 2017.12.18
this was an entertaining game that had a lot to offer, loved it!rn

seder2 2017.12.16
really nice endings, loved it :)

MoonlightPussy 2017.12.15
i love these types of games the graphics are good and i love the different ending to play for

loiklo 2017.12.14
best game i played , really enjoyed it!

KH4L1D 2017.12.12
Game is kinda fun but kinda boring graphics are good

jatark117 2017.12.08
I highly recommend going for the Milf. She`s so hot and flirting with her is actually fun. She`s my favorite to hook up with.

lht89 2017.12.07
Like the game and like the multiple endingsrnrnThe girls are very sexy!

dixiedude1921 2017.12.03
1 problem with these games take too long to load

Wereworld1 2017.12.02
Is there a way to do it with trixie? I haven`t seen any way to do it.

Badger 2017.12.01
simple game but great graphics expansion on the story maybe?

dante15 2017.11.29
nice game really awesomern

Raskal 2017.11.25
The first and best game i played! Really enjoyed it! Had fun. I love game with good stories, but graphics is a necessity.

lolkidmaster55 2017.11.24
The graphic and the animation looks good

The big Daddy 2017.11.21
Nice game ...... great graphicsrn

Lequit 2017.11.20
Nice story, funny that u can fuck mom of your best friend...

chico642 2017.11.20
Nice game and HOT girls 10/10

Oconner 2017.11.20
That was some pretty nice story.Doing friend`s mom and girlfriend was off the hook

tairex 2017.11.19
i had to replay many times to get the scene i wanted but it was worth itrn

KingsS 2017.11.18
One of the best that i have played

Burton12 2017.11.13
Not a bad game, could expand on it to make it longer

Bloodbath2 2017.11.13
Great game. Found all achievements due to the person in the comments (Thanks). Keep up the good work

cafs71 2017.11.13
Excellent graphics and good storyline

Sl1der 2017.11.09
Great game. Found all achievements. Keep up the good work

mitchc187 2017.11.09
Sexy game.. Got all the endings and achievements

Grahamb 2017.11.08
Loved this game, super sexy great animations!

jazzjess 2017.11.06
i enjoyed the look of this game. the women are super sexy.

leprechaun90 2017.10.29
This is a great game with great graphics. While I was playing this I thought about me being the guy instead.

archer295 2017.10.26
quite simple story but awesome girlsrn

DeeKay82 2017.10.23
Very fun game. All 3 girls are hot although I prefer Sharon over the rest

kingtut8910 2017.10.23
Amazing game with 3 secy girls. On my first play through I went after Wendy and I still want to play again for the other 2 girls.

marcos20xds 2017.10.15
Nice looking new game, liked it.

spanner 2017.10.14
Good graphics decent story line

johnlang321 2017.10.13
This is by far the best game on the website. It has so many routes, all the girls are super hot, and its not to difficult to get all the endings..

Tom3l 2017.10.11
Nice girls and gameplay, grapgic was great too..rn

Tiodor 2017.10.09
One of the best games on the site

beast69 2017.10.07
good game i will have to get use to it

BillyScranner 2017.09.24
awesome sex scenes, solid animations and graphics

taso 2017.09.22
nice game.is there any other ending with terence mom?

devil123456789 2017.09.21
Trixie is so hot dame. I love this game

BengerBang 2017.09.20
Super short but super fun game! Animations and visuals were awesome, and models were amazing looking. The different scenarios so good it made me play enough to get all five endings, and since each playthrough didn`t take too long I never got bored, plus the endings were not links this time so so actually got to see them. Wish all of LoP`s games were like that. Another two thumbs LoP!

SongLing 2017.09.19
It is a great game with many scenarios. Will play again sometime.

TEX TIGER 2017.09.19
Excellent story and nice and handsome figures girls.rn

Everton83 2017.09.16
Excelllent game anda awesome graphics

devil123456789 2017.09.16
good game and asome sex scenes

The right nipple 2017.09.15
Trixie is easily my favourite girl in the game. Good graphics.

energee51 2017.09.13
good game, good graph, good

sakuri 2017.09.12
i like this story.it is very fascinating

bango 2017.09.11
i liked the story of the game and the graphics i very good and this game is really hotrn

gapatole 2017.09.11
so cool game,great graphics

sallen 2017.09.08
Really nice game, It took me quite a few tries to figure out all of the good paths, only wished the sex scenes were a little bit faster instead of looking choppy when going slow.

prabhaa 2017.09.07
Great game loved so much. ....

legalass 2017.09.01
very hot game, character design is great.rn

Charr 2017.08.29
nice girls and good graphic. Godd gamplay and happy ending.

Trokkar 2017.08.28
A lot of endings for a little repeat play, got to get all the girls.

dropgunx4 2017.08.27
Great game. Lots of different endings with very sexy girls.

bullsextra 2017.08.26
Nice step by step game sequence. Erotic scenes are superb.

HOTTOMMY85 2017.08.25
I like this game, there is just something about farm girls I can`t get enough of

dedech 2017.08.23
really nice endings, loved it

Anton2234 2017.08.22
Beste Game i habe ever Player... so sexy ans Hornsrn

teamtuba 2017.08.21
This game is really wonderful and creative

LuciusM 2017.08.18
I am getting addicted to those games, can`t wait to be alone and play them. This is an interesting story!!

Spino1412 2017.08.16
Great game with good graphics but pretty short one, frankly.

dogg3000 2017.08.14
this game is awesome. I played through with each girlrn

seedeer2 2017.08.14
. There`s no way to play through and I think it needs to go back to the drawing board before it`s released for general play.

BallIdiot 2017.08.14
Good game and the walk through in the comments were use to get all the sex scenes.

XDOG14 2017.08.10
Great game defintley a favorite

XDOG14 2017.08.10
This is a great game hope for more like in the future

nyetmare 2017.08.08
Awesome game with 3 awesome ladies to choose from to fulfill your fantasies, you have you best friends mom, the blond farm girl, and the girl into BDSM

glde8er 2017.08.06
Good Game, liked the graphics

marcus747 2017.08.06
A nice and not overly complicated game with multiple endings, that`s a win in my book!

pyrosurfer 2017.08.04
I love this game very fun I have played many times just to see the different ending need more games like this one. rn

Servus 2017.08.04
I feel that this game lacks something but great nonetheless!

dancheg 2017.08.04
3D graphic in flash game it is so good, but in this game minimum of animation.

caves 2017.08.01
This game is quite enjoyable but lacks a certain kick to the game. other than that, it is still a fun game!

samsmith1169 2017.08.01
I loved the story in this game! It was adventurous and sexy! Very life like.

TWM42 2017.07.31
Good game play,cute story,good graphics.

sktorry 2017.07.29
Very funny game. But still, I have to learn more.

Roach595 2017.07.27
Good Quality and nice Graphic and Story

girlsshowme 2017.07.25
This game was a lot of fun. Good start line & Graphics . Love the different endings & gameplay.

Tommyb 2017.07.24
Really great game i actually played it like 10 times just because it is sooo great game :D

hien 2017.07.22
this is nice game I ever playrn

vineet14 2017.07.19
Superb game...rnwas fun to fuck the 3 beautiful ladies..

poulsimun12 2017.07.17
i love this game, love the featuers

tonyanytime 2017.07.14
I like this game, I have tried it several times, but not had a great ending yet. I will persist as it is good fun trying to work it out. Graphics are good and well writen

darkdrunk 2017.07.11
very nice story, the main is a very nasty guy

raycis 2017.07.02
Definitely Sharon is number one

tmramorniy 2017.06.27
Try to look around for clickable actions items, like rope in the barn on farm. Or some body part of girls, usually they give you additional actions.

shyam2612 2017.06.24
I`m stuck in the game in the farm.How can I continue

memeforce 2017.06.21
Very nice game, but how do you fuck the mother?

sexking23 2017.06.20
the graphics for this game are awesome

Erzengelm69 2017.06.20
Really good game with good graphics.

moeeeeee 2017.06.19
sexy girls, simple to play, it was fun

Eragon 2017.06.18
Really good game with some great graphicsrn

fastmax11 2017.06.15
One of the Best! I love the choices you make in this one.

Jackouille 2017.06.09
With Lake Party, this is one of the most sexy game I`ve played. I really enjoyed itrn

KawaiiMango 2017.06.08
Love the Game and Graphicsrn

specialed10 2017.06.07
i love the animation in these games. keep it up

tmramorniy 2017.06.07
This game one of best games there. Several incredible hours to find out all the possibilities. But the worth it :) Looking on this babe, roped and submissive... Excellent!

jamie418 2017.06.07
i enjoyed the game its self and quality was very good.

MemeBot 2017.06.06
This game is really good!

jjnoodle 2017.06.06
girls very hot, good game over all.

watss72 2017.05.31
its aver sexy and amazing game, hot very hot

Tiodor 2017.05.23
Very good game, nice graphik. I have 3 endings

RADOST89 2017.05.17
Very good gameplay, graphics and script

danny182661 2017.05.16
Its an amazing game. High quality graphics and an amazing storyline

Tiodor 2017.05.09
All ending is great in this good game!

B0b12345 2017.05.04
Really hard game but extremely satisfying.

Sheamus 2017.04.23
I like this game, I like the feel of the game and scenarios.

martyloco 2017.04.23
Nice game, I look forward to getting through all the endings.

Kharuma 2017.04.21
This is much fun. Didn`t expect to alternatice Hotspots. Otherwise a pretty standart LoP Game

Allnightfun81 2017.04.19
Great game took a little bit to find all the achievements.

greenpepper 2017.04.15
Farm girls are amazing in this game.I love it :D The ending with Shannon (the milf) is one of my favorite endings

MissSelea 2017.04.15
Not too bad... a bit more interaction would be nice.

Poisoned 2017.04.12
This game was one of the best ones so far. I just wish I could find a way to go further with Terrence`s mom Sharon. Hopefully there is a way to keep your best friend while exploiting his mom on the side? I`ll keep trying.

Diego77 2017.04.04
Perfect game, good graphics

MetroTEX12 2017.03.31
Farm girls are amazing in this game.I love it :D

Dino72 2017.03.30
Really good game, simple to play but so fun, girls are really sexy, scenarios with each of them are cool !! One of the best games of this site !

Kylerade87 2017.03.29
Good game but wish it had more characters

Ross6 2017.03.24
very good game I have 2endings

Vera2001 2017.03.23
I love Farm Stories! The ending with Shannon (the milf) is one of my favorite endings to any of you guys` games. You have outdone yourselves with this title.

DGCBadger 2017.03.22
Good game but would be better if there were more options

SharnieBae18 2017.03.20
really simple game to pay but would like some more opitions to play with

SithiusVarick 2017.03.18
Great game with a couple interesting twists ! Who ever did this GREAT JOB !

marcos20 2017.03.13
good graphics and animation

ianjames 2017.03.12
cant d please helpfind the wee

master2000 2017.03.11
Really simple game with decent scenes and great graphics! Was hoping that you could catch the guy and Wendy fucking when he told him that Wendy`s waiting!

easygo 2017.03.10
Actually I try to avoid games where you mainly have to focus on a very special sequence in order to be on course for success. However, I liked it once I saw its graphics. And there are different endings to find out (yeah) with or without a walkthrough (thanks anyway). Just don`t expect too much relationship guys. It`s not a romance.

ghosty1928 2017.03.10
Very good game, the farm girl is smoking hot

kemode 2017.03.08
Love this game...farm girl is smokin` HOT!

StarRook 2017.03.06
Very beautiful girls especially Trixie. Great story and wasnt too difficult.

BigDaddyDave 2017.03.05
This game was ok but could use more interaction...girls were sexy

hidarkness 2017.03.03
great ending and all in all great game!

1ergerg 2017.03.03
good game i think the way that you get all the item such as the ice cream and weed is really good.

youssef7 2017.03.02
good game, trixie was bit more hard to get

blackcat84 2017.02.28
i love the mom. she is hot!

treyald 2017.02.25
great game
This is one of my favorite games on this site

Sexy_Jackie 2017.02.25
Well built game, a little short, but overall fantastic

mrandall12345 2017.02.23
amazing endings brilliant game it was amazing one of the best by far loved it

1bigjake 2017.02.21
it reminded me of a little farm town i used to live in. the girls kinda looked like the girls there also

bgdpeep 2017.02.20
Game runs pretty quick and straightforward. Good idea and the graphics are so so. Tho, so far found just the way to go full with the girl at the pump ha-ha. Will surely try the way how to reach full that mom...

benjaminsp 2017.02.20
i really like this game but i don`t undestand what i will do whit the rope

marco12349876 2017.02.18
this game great but need more adventure i think

sporecap 2017.02.17
really loved it but graphics were not that great

sexman5000 2017.02.12
I love this game so I`m hard

sexman5000 2017.02.12
I love this game but it needs more sex

wdqdwq 2017.02.12
I like fucking in farms so this is actually a very good game I mastubate every day with this game

elijahclark279 2017.02.10
i love the girls especially mrs. Sharon she is fucking sexy as hell i came like four times playing this game which tells me it is a fantastic game

lycan64 2017.02.09
I thought the graphics in this game were great.

harry456 2017.02.07
i love this game good graphics to

ryan33 2017.02.06
nice game as usual keep it up

ROS620280 2017.02.04

skinns47 2017.02.01
great game...got 2 endings now

_Juliette 2017.02.01
Great game with really good graphics and detailed scenes. Particularly enjoyed sending Terrence to see Wendy after she`d been tied up.

ludo40 2017.01.29
I like this this games its easy too play

zenshigo 2017.01.26
such an amazing game. I loved it. I could play it again.

BradJizzle 2017.01.25
I find that maybe there could be an option as to breaking away from Sharon before goetting too involved and having terrence walk in on you

CartoonFan 2017.01.25
Great game, managed to get Terrance`s mum on first go. One of my favourites

Ken123 2017.01.23
i love this game good graphics too

Alucardthefirst 2017.01.21
i like the way this game uses a texis setting with out sterieotyping

YTheLastMan 2017.01.20
Lots to do in this game, helped along by the inclusion of achievements.

turner16 2017.01.20
Short and sweet plus not to complicated great job

mykel4445 2017.01.18
enjoyed the hell out of this game l like every thing about it

porngamerplayer 2017.01.16
this is a game that you need to play for sure

porngamerplayer 2017.01.16
this is a game that scores very high for a reason. its so damn sexy and fun and addictive

tlcspook 2017.01.13
Awesome game but kinda hard. Did it eventually though

Instagram 2017.01.13
Great game. I would have appreciated some endings

zett92 2017.01.05
thanks for the help from other people. scroll through comments to get differnent ends

purelover7180 2017.01.04
nice and sexy game loved it

dbe77 2017.01.04
Can you actually have sex with the mom or will you always get caught?

klundi22 2017.01.04
Just came at this game...it is so nice and so horny :)

panga 2017.01.03
such an amazing game. I loved it. I could pla it again.

poe51 2016.12.29
the gameplay is really good, i like this game

bigman56 2016.12.28
this is a really good game and a good site been looking for a site like this and now ive found it

Jerem8P 2016.12.27
nice graphics and a nice story

achakra 2016.12.27
Fantastic game, I really like it, the different storylines are especially interesting, but the main character is the hottest.

RiseUp 2016.12.23
Great Game, I would like to see more games with moms

ken2016 2016.12.20
this is the best game ever love it

flush828 2016.12.19
Thats 1 Great game~~~ I LOVE the BLONDE GREAT FUCK

black123wolf 2016.12.18
hard game but i like it

Mihai982 2016.12.17
nice gameplay i really like it

cakesxo 2016.12.16
I prefer games like these, over the games where you have to go day by day doing certain tasks, and buying things and stuff.

Devtaco 2016.12.15
How do you get the achievement Serving the Princess?

shogom 2016.12.14
good game. nice to play. good graphic.

bobdawson 2016.12.10
great lop game, farm is the best!

DottisxJayzun 2016.12.10
I love this game. Would recommend to anyone!

buster27 2016.12.10
Always love LOP`s graphics. Nice game, short and simple.

Pederespen 2016.12.10
Short and sweet plus not too complicated.

strider2038 2016.12.09
Quick, simple and sexy. Doesn`t take much to find the 3 sex scenes and they`re well done

Dan the Man 2016.12.09
Took me a few tries to get things in the right order but a good game all the same. Specifically liked the barn set up. Nice touch.

KitchenPlays 2016.12.06
super fun 80/100 could be better

wellhung93 2016.12.04
Very Good game Love the graphics

illkeepontrying 2016.12.04
This game was very nicely done with some good graphics, I recommend to w hover would like to try it

Topdawg 2016.11.28
Start with Wendy at Gas Station (This is crucial to every other woman and i will say when you can change to go for the other girls)
Wendy: Ask about New Job, ask about Terence, help with the pump, go to Terence house, get weed for wendy, go back to wendy and click bag of weed for wendy, kiss from behind (neck), ask if she can take a break, ask what she does after work, go to trixie`s farm, go into the barn and grab the rope on the floor, tie her up with rope, can you keep it a secret, take a photo of her, (CHANGE POINT: If you want to f*** Wendy, click on Try to tease her, if you want to f*** the others, click untie her)
Wendy continued: try to put your hand under her pants, raise skirt a little, grab her boobs, take another picture, remove rope and untie her, take wendy from behind, ride her faster, spread wendys legs, take her in the cowgirl position, cum over her face.

Trixie: Say she looks great, ask when parents are coming back, really hot today, get ice cream from gas station, ask wendy for ice cream, give ice cream to trixie, gently massage her calf, ask if she wants to get naughty, (need photo of humiliated wendy) click phone with humiliated wendy, tell her to take her bra off, massage her belly, lower her pants, turn her around, touch her ass, remove her pants, ride her faster, ask her to ride you, fuck her on the wall once more, ride her like a madman,

Sharon: (Have to get photo of humiliated wendy, then click terence and then click that wendy has a surprise for him), ask if you`re not interrupting, say she looks amazing as always, give her bottle of wine, try to flirt with her, kiss her, keep her in your arms more passionately, compliment her beautiful smile, ask her to play with her boobs for you, play with her pussy, remove her bra, caress her calves, ask her to turn around, touch her ass, release thong from her sexy ass, ask her to finger herself, ask her to suck her finger, pleasure you faster, spread her hips, fuck her as fast and as deep as you can, switch position and fuck her senseless

cpyro 2016.11.27
Satisfying endings to good story lines. Might play again even after getting all endings.

jaazten 2016.11.24
achieved all three endings with help from the comments. Very satisfying ending for terrence`s mom

r3v.12 2016.11.22
thus is a really great game i love it i jerked off a lot of times.

DarkIce22 2016.11.17
Fun game. It is great to get progress with each girl. Don`t forget to go down on the mom to "Service the Princess"

jeffreytw98 2016.11.13
good quality, but very short game

eroticlover12 2016.11.12
graphics are excellent and the 3 endings are amazing

Funsex 2016.11.10
very simple game with good graphics

lvr 2016.11.08
Graphics are fantastic, but I think it should have been longer.

kisuke41 2016.11.08
graphics and gameplay was awesome, story was good and its so simple. i love that

tolious 2016.11.06
so fucking sexy the animations make me super horny

PeaceGreen 2016.11.05
Really amazing game worth to play. Great graphics and storyline

hp1919 2016.11.05
On the map of the game, you have 3 and only 3 choices:

Trixie`s farm.
Terence`s house.
Gas station.

I start with the gas station, because it`s the most important part to fuck one of the 3 women of the game.

Gas station:

With Wendy at the Gas station:

You start the game with one star/point with Wendy.

- Ask her about her new job: Wendy + 1
- Ask her about her relationship with Terence: wendy + 1
- Tell her that she looks amazing in black: wendy - 1; Achievement: "Like a dumbass trucker"
- Help with the pump: wendy + 1; Weed quest = ok (You need to find her weed) (drug is bad, hmmkay ?)
- Ask her if she could take a break:
* If you kissed her, you go to the barn with her.

lamer666 2016.11.04
Simple story but good game

Jarzki 2016.11.04
Great Game. Straightforward a bit but still good, nice graphics too...

dyawolf84 2016.11.03
great game love the story but still cant get into mom without terence catching lol

snehith 2016.10.30
rea;;y amazing i love the game

seeker1966 2016.10.29
Nice game one babe down two to go lol.

Solo228322 2016.10.27
hard game but i win this

jspencer506 2016.10.21
i didnt mind the game lil short wouldlikemore story

vule123 2016.10.19
Good quality on the storyline

Hornet472 2016.10.18
good game i liked the creativity i was stuck for
awhile because i couldnt get past terrence .

Roedebard 2016.10.13
well there may be some sort of story hidden behind running around and grabbing and distributing things.

TheWitcher211 2016.10.09
good animation and nice gameplay

Need smoother graphics. Girls too fake.

jayjentorlaw 2016.10.03
the mother is really hard , good game

xXxVeNoMxXx 2016.10.03
Hot game really like where you`re going.

Scipio42 2016.10.01
Also, the game cuts off after fucking one chick. I like Ryan Blender because I can fuck all three.

Scipio42 2016.10.01
Oh my god! My only complaint is that i cant find a way to have a threesome.

fantasyabuse 2016.10.01
More difficult than usual, but that just makes it more rewarding.

Dr.muffmuncher 2016.10.01
How do you go all the way with Trixie?

Dr.muffmuncher 2016.10.01
enjoyed that you have to think what is required to make each one have sex with yiou

jupa1985 2016.09.29
you are not going to fin a game more simple than this..

manthan 2016.09.26
great gameplay just loved the sonds.graphics as usual at the best and soo was the animation

nohartz 2016.09.25
sharon is the best if u ask me, good choice for ending. but i kinda wish can there is an ending where i can get all 3 woman.

ladyhunter 2016.09.25
The girls are good looking the sex is very good all adds up to a game I like a lot

pisu 2016.09.24
I like this game but i dont know how to fuck sharon

pisu 2016.09.24
the graphic is great and i fucked trixie
i just love this game

jaehaerys 2016.09.24
I love the game, and it has nice graphics, and I got aaron to fuck trixie, which had never happened before for me.

whiskey 2016.09.22
this game is nice , if you make the right choices you will get all the pleasure you need

nougat 2016.09.22
can someone help me with sharon please

celeHree666 2016.09.22
this is what we call a geme!

HarleyQuinnOfHearts 2016.09.21
reallygood game, i am just writing this for points Kappa

sasuke220 2016.09.14
how do you get the achievement for "Like a dumb trucker" and "It isn`t my thing"

Timeistheenemy 2016.09.13
For me, definitely too short. But it`s really good, but could be better.

raiden123 2016.09.12
Nice graphics, enjoyable gameplay. Like the fact that you can have sex with both char.

sasuke220 2016.09.11
Duh this game would be a lot better with sounds and more video

LostTemplar 2016.09.10
I like this game alot keep up the good work

Rush3raj 2016.09.10
Complicated game and fun game

Rush3raj 2016.09.09
very good game but could be much better with more characters

gwess 2016.09.08
Very decent game, im liking it so far-

Armstrong 2016.09.02
good game good graphics, just wish the story was longer

bigfella223 2016.09.01
the graphics are sublime buts it runs kinda slow on the loading screen other wise great game

Tschabi 2016.08.31
very good game
but it could have a longer story

cdogg1999 2016.08.28
I loved having sex with the mom and the farmer girl, it was so hot

connor123q 2016.08.27
Brilliant game, amazing graphics and i`m loving the excitment of find all the endings.

Stofje 2016.08.27
love the the graphics are good
im not stuck in the game

xilor 2016.08.25
Good game just wish there was longer with more potentials like even a threesome between the mom and your friend or the two friends

skycraftian 2016.08.24
good game, im stuck at some endings tho, still fun to play

HOTSAUCE20 2016.08.23
How do you embarass Wendy?

jaehaerys 2016.08.22
Love the game, it has great graphics and is simple enough to play

Recall_1337 2016.08.19
Nice Game with a good graphic and a nice Gameplay.
The sex scenes were a little bit boring becaus I just had to klick somewhere. For this Point I wish a bit more interactions.

cabuloso1997 2016.08.19
i finally got it i make trixie have sex with aaron i never have make it happen

boingboing321 2016.08.18
the gameplay is incredible

Tazzman37 2016.08.13
Nice gameplay, well done.

mali1007 2016.08.12
great game to play great graphics

huskyscrotusky 2016.08.12
Very sexy. Sex scene with Wendy was very hot.

AkhilGupta 2016.08.10
hey...sxxy game..sxxy grls...i just wish wendy was my gf in real..

RicV 2016.08.05
Cool story and a nice graphics to support it. the endings were awesome, I loved `em so much.

SexyColonel 2016.08.01
I love Mrs.Sharon the most, game is great.

daredevil999111 2016.07.31
This game has nice animation

daredevil999111 2016.07.31
nice graphics this game got

daredevil999111 2016.07.31
This game is nice.. nice gameplay

gopi7891 2016.07.25
great gameplay,animation and graphics..love to play it

Naitoxx 2016.07.25
Best game so far here i loved the models

Arismetal 2016.07.23
The girls are hot as hell, and gameplay is fun

edu151 2016.07.22
wow this was a great game. i enjoyed the history and graphics

Loako 2016.07.22
Trixie is hot, I love this game!

Ubber1 2016.07.20
good game. I found the mother to be the best choice.

gokudera143 2016.07.17
Good Game Trixie is one fine woman

Mbarakaja 2016.07.17
Neet mor info in the game

crouton13 2016.07.15
Very sexy. Trixie`s super hot.

fraiser_ 2016.07.11
the game is, as always with LoP, very great and the graphics top !

masdogg11 2016.07.09
There was a game about being a photographer by this developer that I thought was better than this

masdogg11 2016.07.09
This game had pretty good graphics, and it was very entertaining. They didn`t do as good of a job on this as they have with others though.

shiffos 2016.07.08
nice sexy girls wish we could have all the 3 together

mattjr 2016.07.07
great game with a cool story and awesome sexy models

SavageBoy2002 2016.07.07
Love it nice graphics and gameplay

jeter12321 2016.07.06
Trixie is amazing! what a great game

meitsmeagain 2016.07.05
pretty game ! but u cant understand her ! little bit short too

KELPZ 2016.07.01
Really good game, nice graphics and excelent scenes. The best scene is Sharon´s.

hunter11798 2016.06.30
best game ever love the graphics and the different choices in women

TFranklin 2016.06.29
Great graphics good ending overall fun and hot game

Whitwam 2016.06.28
Great game, Sharon could do to look a tad older IMO

wifaasalta 2016.06.26
good game. the best final with sharon

NIGGAROCK 2016.06.25

cookiecat171 2016.06.23
i really like this game and the graphics are really good.

Hand97 2016.06.21
Really simple game with great graphics

tomkno 2016.06.20
really good game... want to find more ways..

soldier76 2016.06.19
I need help getting all 3 endings

soldier76 2016.06.19
The Graphics and animations are by far the best ive seen so far

tiqris00 2016.06.19
I enjoyed that, but would be nice if we can fuck all of the girls in one run.


bebacc 2016.06.18
Game is short but is good ,maybe part 2 ?

coolbrz 2016.06.14
great game really enjoyed graphics

smike8720 2016.06.11
i enjoyed the game. Trixie was hot.

KEV_in 2016.06.10
Graphics are really good and also is the storyline. All the ladies are looking so beautiful and sexy that it is such a pleasure fuck them all.

cookiemonster323 2016.06.10
this game is pretty fun its really simple game with decent sceness and great graphics

inhindsight97 2016.06.03
LOP Games with another home run. It seems like they`re always making the best content!

suli560 2016.06.01
the game has nice graphics and looks amzing great job

MrGermany 2016.05.31
Nice graphics and very hot girls, every plot is well written. Like the game, got one after many not so great free games in the past.

Sucks911 2016.05.30
Good Graphic,gameplay and good story

jasonmccallahan 2016.05.30
Easy to figure out and fun. The sex could be a little more interactive though, but then again, it`s free so who can complain right?

cstorm19 2016.05.30
Ths Game is so challenging

jr1982 2016.05.28
One of the better games.. and not so hard to figure each endings!

dkmm 2016.05.27
Trixie & Sharon are so fucking hot !

JimKill 2016.05.27
The game is worth it all
Simple yet challenging
P.S. that blonde is so damn hot
I really hope there are more like this one

JBangLang94 2016.05.25
one of my favorite games I really enjoy the possibilites in this game

MootjeNL 2016.05.25
It`s a good game, did all endings. Is there gonna be a part two actaully?

sportzboy 2016.05.25
great game and awesome graphics

HarlanPED 2016.05.25
Nice one, love the girls!

Marathon42 2016.05.25
Very nice story line.... I like this particular game a lot.

bozo1512 2016.05.25
Awesome Gameplay, astounding graphics, speechless!

iamthebunny 2016.05.24
Enjoying the game. Loving the quality.
Lots of fun.

Toko1 2016.05.23
Nice to play nice to watch nice to pass some time

zorrie 2016.05.23
loved the game...sexy love scenes...great girls

bowkerratedr 2016.05.22
having trouble leaving wendy tied up to have sex with sharon

icefirex11 2016.05.22
Nice graphics, but I would like to see some animation instead of just still images.

crypticedge 2016.05.21
Great game, worth doing all the endings

dkmm 2016.05.21
10/10. All chicks in here are so hot !

wldsxwizzard69 2016.05.21
I just love these games from L O P how do you get the mom

tstephen 2016.05.21
Good game. Nice challenge.

LeyRey81 2016.05.19
great graphic, nice story...gonna masturbate now lol

Marek3107 2016.05.19
Great game! Super graphics and many different surprising endings :)

MikeyH74 2016.05.19
Great game. I gat all the endings too!

Shimmin 2016.05.18
This is one of the easier games on this website I think. Really enjoyed it.

lifetimehacker 2016.05.16
Not bad...nice storyline...they shud add more endings

DerKlopfer 2016.05.15
I like games where you have to find more endings!

erock31 2016.05.15
great characters but couldnt figure out the other ending

Draco1975 2016.05.12
great game it was so exciting to play

hiolust 2016.05.12
it was good altho i cant semm to find out how to not get introblue while fucking the mom

trailsman 2016.05.12
this is a very fun game, i like the idea of picking which one to pursue, the women are hot its got great graphics and story line, very nice sex scenes great game for replay.

dark knight83 2016.05.09
amazing game one of my all time favorites

ben850000 2016.05.09
execelent graphics as always

richman3 2016.05.08
Very cool game I like the cheating element with your best friends girl. Thanks guys keep up the good work on these games.

james.rai 2016.05.07
I don`t know what to do with the rope.

yeas 2016.05.07
sexy game amazing story waiting for another game ;like this

allen8888 2016.05.03
the controlling is sooooo bad

bleaubyou 2016.05.02
The scene in the abandonded building with your best friends girl....Yes please!

truedeath 2016.05.01
Im having trouble get to terences mom

lazybones222 2016.04.30
quick and easy. good graphics

esteban69 2016.04.29
I really enjoy the part with Sharon. Milf all the time
?when comes the second part? In Lopblog says this is 1 part of many others, i would like to see much more speacely of Sharon or anothers Milf.

jellealmere 2016.04.27
Had a lot of fun. But too linear at times though

leo76 2016.04.27
asume game but want Control over sex scens otherwise nice

warpdavis 2016.04.25
very good for a free game! I love the map and the girls are pretty hot. Would love more control over the actual sex, though.

l222222222 2016.04.24
Good sexy game loved it yeah

abhishek342eee 2016.04.24
nice graphics nice game sexy game best game ,one of my favorite game i use to play everyday this game.

beardedone 2016.04.24
wow i really liked the different scenarios on that one i will be nailing that emo chick from behind almost as often as his mom not sure which my favorite one is but im leaning toward the mom and the taboo nature of it...

eteetto 2016.04.23
fine good attempt loved it

arndx 2016.04.22
Trixie`s part was the best her boobs were awesome but too bad could not see her pussy.

waffl3 2016.04.21
It was a great game The girls were very sexy made me get a hard one when i saw the emo looking girl But it was kinda short IMO

vulcanofcapriano 2016.04.17
What a fantastic game! I like all the three ladies of the game, it also has a great story and graphics!

Smifffy 2016.04.16
What a fantastic game, Absolutely love it. All story lines/paths with the girls are great.
Played this the most so far and is now my favorite, though i am sure it will be 1 of many favorites as i get to play the other games here.

Impressssive 2016.04.16
always enjoying this game

xdiorixd 2016.04.14
This is LOP team free game of the year, I have to day...
especially about Shannon`s story line...hope this will be more fun part..

jackshaw7 2016.04.13
I love Farm Stories! The ending with Shannon (the milf) is one of my favorite endings to any of you guys` games. You have outdone yourselves with this title.

leerin 2016.04.13
had to play a couple of times before i figured it out but it was a good game. really liked the graphics.

billybobjoeman 2016.04.12
it has great graphics but is kind of hard. Other than that its a great game!

cj122200 2016.04.12
Very good game did not dissapoint

dgb71 2016.04.11
love this game, any chance to fuck two or more girls toghether?

raman 2016.04.10
i loved the games play and music

preacher_nz 2016.04.09
A great game with a variety of different endings. Love it

Rubiee 2016.04.08
Bit short but still enjoyable. Liked the endings

99rtan 2016.04.08
It was alright, I prefer if there was more characters.

AshleighBound 2016.04.05
Loved the story - always great to see some bondage in these games. Could always use a little more, too!

Chairman1966 2016.04.05
good quality game with multiple endings,
would be great to get more than one in one game though.
loved it.

soleroth 2016.04.05
really enjoyed this love the bondage element to it

CobraCom 2016.04.03
Simple but fun... fortunately not much redundancy when going for other endings.

pretzel 2016.04.03
Couldn`t get to all the ending but it was enjoyable

alexlev19 2016.04.02
good graphics but the story line is quit doll

idrunkwine 2016.04.01
Great graphics and sexy women....pretty easy play

pussyslayer69 2016.04.01
The mother in this game is so hot, I used my fleshlight and pretended it was her juicy wet pussy

alroyd 2016.03.31
Really love the graphics

d3vilstrike 2016.03.29
very addictive trying to find all the right stuff

mankomuncher 2016.03.27
oh boy had me going and the knockout was unexpected

mankomuncher 2016.03.27
Stuck on this one, good challenge to get anywhere

salim0201 2016.03.27
nice game, nice grqphics enjoyed pretty much

ShepMM 2016.03.25
Good Graphics fun to play

Sskout 2016.03.25
girls are hot but the playthrough is rather short and average

genec57 2016.03.24
i love all the games on here hope we get lots and lots more

kinou21 2016.03.23
I always get caught by Terence when trying to have sex with Sharon. Anyone know how to avoid that?

adim 2016.03.22
Really a hot game, not a great storyline, lots of choices in short time and interesting enough for me. wont take too long to play so is good if you are short of time

secretb15 2016.03.21
I love the quality of the cowgirl

Mikom5ota 2016.03.21
The Ladys are Hot. i like Wendy, even if shes a Little strange. Overall good game

ridman64 2016.03.20
great graphics & quality game!

frimpx 2016.03.18
Love this story and loved all the beautiful women.

Digity97 2016.03.16
Loving the game. Always nice.

sickson 2016.03.15
great game easy to comprhend graphics good and endings too

notsleeping 2016.03.13
Really sexy women in this one.

Took me ages to get the farm girl herself. Very easy to slip up!

etsh 2016.03.12
Wooooow very great game , story and graphics are awesome
trexie and sharon were very hot scenes

tatertot101 2016.03.09
the game is really simple and the girls look like sexy farm sluts

Olek97 2016.03.07
Great gameplay! Very good graphics and awesome animations

dankporn6 2016.03.06
All three of them are amazing

bangbangman 2016.03.03
Great game. Got all the endings pretty easily. Good graphics and great girls!

CDKelly 2016.03.02
Awesome graphics, and very sexy chicks. Good game.

niniglo363 2016.02.29
Very nice game, I really liked the mother! Kudos.

Ripperd 2016.02.27
Cool game and very good graphics, kudos to the team.

bigguy686 2016.02.26
really like the game, the graphics and game play is fun.

AjaxVenom 2016.02.26
Amazing gameplay,I love all the girls.

bull cock 2016.02.23
it was a quite big game but It was very interesting i am playing it many times . it has a unbelievable graphics too

Pedrodelacrosa 2016.02.23
This game is not good, so small and crap endings.

williamrussell 2016.02.18
Hi all -- I am enjoying the games. The story lines are good and engaging. It`s astounding how much work that you must do in order to keep these sites going. Nice work.

alef21 2016.02.18
Nice and simple gameplay! the game has good grafics and it is really entertaining. You should try it!

piromanek 2016.02.18
Nice gameplay, good graphics and story line but too short.

lsnowboxer 2016.02.17
Great graphics. I liked all three sex scenes. it had a fair amount of replay-ability.

Jokke1 2016.02.16
As always LOP`s games have great graphics and hot girls! This game allso had a good story.
I enjoyed it a lot!

metalazesz 2016.02.16
It is a great game but its hard to find new hints.

bigcxlvv 2016.02.14
the bdsm scene is great! love her being tied up

tacocat409 2016.02.14
how do u get with everyone

Hence 2016.02.13
Little bit too short and easy, but Trixie and Sharon were pretty hot so liked it.

Cronos93 2016.02.13
good storyline, the game was a little bit easy, it doesn`t takes that much to figure out the endings.

Dwarren927 2016.02.13
LOP never fail making a great game

lilika2000 2016.02.13
mamacita!! i love the graphics but it should be as a whole story

Yaqub 2016.02.12
I`ve found a way to fuck Sharon and Wendy but not Trixie

Nme 2016.02.12
Reallyb good graphics, got (i hope) all the endings

ak123 2016.02.10
nice game nice graphics had great sex scenes

Rocco Siffredi 2016.02.10
interesting story, nice music, rly a nice game!

hrvoje 2016.02.10
very nice game,good graphics

Insomniac_161 2016.02.09
cool game.Good graphics and stuff.

AnnaMarths 2016.02.09
Love the different endings and the addition of achievements.

XxLordJayzunxX 2016.02.07
Beautiful game. I love it

RodHardStaff 2016.02.06
My hard a hard time moving to the lower right hand corner. Other than that the game was really fun.

Overkill1234 2016.02.06
cool game.Good graphics and stuff.

crazyeyes 2016.02.06
lots of fun to play and the graphics are really good

ozorne_6 2016.02.03
nice game though why Terence would mind who fucks his mother .........hahah his best friend becoming his step dad....and no threesome ? fucking Tracy while Wendy is tied up......nice graphics

DoubleN88 2016.02.03
It`s kinda nice, but has potencial to be a lot more!

blumpybimp 2016.02.02
LOP games are always the best, this one is quite good

Wopp 2016.02.02
I liked the game, its story was well put together, but I wished for a little more buildup;

hajar 2016.02.02
best game ever
the gameplay is the best
and trixie is the best model i`ve ever seen

KOtheMAN 2016.02.01
Nice game story with good definition graphics and hot lookin girls

akku 2016.02.01
the gameplay is amazing , the graphic is average
but the total gaming experience is good

no wonder it got picked by editor

pepexd 2016.02.01
i love the ending with the friend mom

aka78 2016.01.31
one od the sexiest releases ever suppper hot models

mogitech 2016.01.30
fairly easy but a really great game

cookieman 2016.01.30
Nice game with a good story. Would like to be able to do all the stories in the same playthoruh.

truslashr 2016.01.30
nice game, good graphics wish it was longer though.

charliejimbobking21 2016.01.29
this game is the best game on this website

afgh001 2016.01.29
Good small story... Cheating women are always the best, and Sharon is one of my favourite. Keep the good work.

elishacuthbert 2016.01.28

Actions in italics only matter for your score with the girl, so you don`t have to do them if you don`t need to.

Follow Wendy`s section, it branches off to the other girls.


Go to Trixie`s farm
Scare her horses (click near barn)
Say she looks great
Ask when parents are coming back
Gently massage her calf (click on her left leg, to your right)
Say it`s super hot today - receive a quest to bring her ice cream
Trixie`s barn
Click on black rope that`s near the middle of the screen
Back to map
Go to gas station
Ask about her new job
Ask her about her relationship with Terence
BAD: Tell her that she looks amazing in black - Achievement "Like a dumbass trucker", lose points with her
Help with the pump - receive quest to bring her weed
If you want to get with Trixie, buy ice cream.
Go to map
Terence`s house
Ask him about week for Wendy
Back to map
Gas station
Pass her a joint
Kiss her from behind (click around her head)
Ask her if she could take a break
Ask if she is available or not
Ask what she does after work - Achievement "BDSM fantasies"
Ask her about Trixie - Achievement "Secret romance"
Tie Wendy to the bar on the ceiling (click on rope)
Take a photo of her
If you want to get with Trixie, untie her and move to Trixie`s section
Try to tease her
Try to put your hand under her panties (click around crotch area)
Raise her skirt a little (click on skirt)
Grab her boobs
Take another picture of her (click near face)
Remove her top and untie her (click near boobs)
If you want to get with Sharon, refuse and move to Sharon`s section (Achievement: It isn`t my thing).
You can continue from here. Achievement "Extra Thrills"


Trixie`s farm
Click on ice cream
Ask her if she wants to get naughty
Touch her boobs
Talk about Wendy
Click on the photo of a topless Wendy (when did you take her shirt off?)
Tell her to take her bra off (click boobs area)
Massage her belly (click near navel)
Lower her pants (you can guess where you need to click)
Turn her around (click near shoulder)
Touch her ass (left butt-cheek)
Remove her pants
You can continue from here. Achievement: Friends with Benefits


You must have a naked and horny Wendy before beginning; see Wendy`s section.

Go to Terence`s house
Tell him that Wendy got a surprise for him
Ask her if you`re not interrupting
Say that she looks amazing
Gently caress her arm
Give her a bottle of wine (click on wine)
Try to flirt with her
Kiss her (click on head)
Keep her in your arms and kiss her more passionately
Compliment her beautiful smile
Ask her to play with her boobs for you (click on boobs)
Play with her pussy
Move closer and start to lick her. Achievement: Servicing the princess
Caress her calves (click on her right leg, the higher one)
Ask her to turn around (click around her left shoulder, to your right)
Touch her ass
Release thong from her sexy ass
Ask her to finger herself
Ask her to suck her finger
You can continue from here. Achievement: Behind my buddy`s back.

And that`s all.

kinou21 2016.01.27
fine good attempt loved it very much

gunzen 2016.01.27
Liked Trixie. The game`s too short though. It`s also too linear. Nasty that you have to chockablock yourself if you wanna get another girl.

washes221 2016.01.27
this is a great game, but need more story

bbob13755 2016.01.26
For what it is, it`s a fantastic game with great graphics.

ehnova 2016.01.26
great game the graphics are amazing and the difficulty is not as great as other titles so its great for first timers in the site

saltyboi 2016.01.26
good game overall, just cant get to the good stuff with the farm chic

poopmonster 2016.01.24
really good game, had to play through multiple times to try and get all the endings

Charles342 2016.01.24
This is an amazing gay the girl are so hot

imwildcat54 2016.01.23
I enjoyed this game. It`s rather short (that`s what she said) but the graphics are great and the sex scenes are awesome.

bobkuda 2016.01.23
this is a good game but would be even better with threesome scenes

lsy 2016.01.23
Great game with excellent girls involved. However, is it really impossible to fuck more than one of them per game?

Rampf1234 2016.01.22
love the game nice story

ninini 2016.01.21
I would like to lick and clean Sharon after coming inside of her, take would be so sexy.

PacificOreo 2016.01.20
Good game and great graphics.

akii 2016.01.18
awesome game with good graphics

gavin316 2016.01.18
great gameplay and good graphics as always

T1phoenix 2016.01.18
Fun game, great graphics, all the girls were really hot!

mrcave 2016.01.17
fun as hell, still have to figure out where the rope is for

silverush11 2016.01.17
this game was really best...its graphic was great...nice game

tightpantz 2016.01.17
enjoyed the game just a little short for my taste

GemLord 2016.01.16
Nice game , Just needs more freedom to roam and better outcomes , to strict on answer choices.But over all a really good game.

hilbilly1967 2016.01.16
really don`t how to play the game right now tring to learn

evalyosheh 2016.01.15
This is a very pretty game. Visuals are quite nice.

hentaimaster69 2016.01.15
plot is really good and i really like the girls

dickandpussy51 2016.01.15
could dome one help me with how to get the rope

dickandpussy51 2016.01.15
the three girls are amazing I like the mom

reipin 2016.01.13
im not completing the ending yet but will be

Hunter202 2016.01.13
One of the best games on the site

pielandia 2016.01.13
Overall good game, I like how theres achievements

olwen29 2016.01.13
Beautiful graphics I completed every ending.

hwx 2016.01.10
Not bad. A bit simple and the scenes are a little short, but otherwise fun.

koyoo20 2016.01.09
actually this game is pretty good. but i think it would be good to add more sex scene.

joshuagilmore98 2016.01.09
terrific graphics, love the women

jacksmith1 2016.01.08
the fucking best game ever

jacksmith1 2016.01.08
this game is the best game on this site

ghost12345 2016.01.07
the dudes mom is the real MVP of the game

brian110 2016.01.07
It`s very good game, for me that is the best games in along time but it`s my opinion.

Misterdqm 2016.01.06
Super game, super graphics

dekobb09 2016.01.06
i found four ending is there anymore endings?
It a good game enjoyed it very much :-D

sinsy 2016.01.05
not enough movement, but not too bad. A little bit simple

Knoppo 2016.01.05
Not so easy. It`s quite long and you have to use your brain. Also for this, it`s very funny.

LordOrion61 2016.01.05
The game is nice and intriguing. Just at the beginning it lacks of hints frome where to start, but then options weren`t too much to not figure it up.
If there`s an ending where Aaaron could score with all the ladies at the same time, I`ve not been able to find it out.

fundip 2016.01.05
Simple but great looking game. Well done!

fishysituation 2016.01.05
THese games are super awesome

JosephS 2016.01.05
this game is very fun makes you use your brain.

pingtaylor 2016.01.04
Excellent game, especially the hot mom!

thebigdick64 2016.01.03
Good game just wish there was longer with more potentials like even a threesome between the mom and your friend or the two friends

kallas 2016.01.03
great game the only downside is that glitch that makes you refresh the page asides from that great work

leena03 2016.01.03
feels like palying again and again

leena03 2016.01.03
farm ladies always hot.....

leena03 2016.01.03
kinda different game but nice ....

Hellrider69 2016.01.03
Good game, still can`t manage to finish with the mom though. lol

FazeReagan 2016.01.03
This game was great. I can`t decide which girl was the best

TechnoSAGE 2016.01.03
loved the game and amazing graphics and game-play.

Horunda 2016.01.02
Very hot characters and great graphics. It is possible to achieve a threesome?

Broadan23 2016.01.02
Challenging game that took me a number of playthroughs to figure out. Mom definitely hardest to get with.

Stud84 2016.01.02
Really liked the country theme for this one. Trixie is sexy as hell! My only complaint is that it`s somewhat easy to mess up and get stuck with no way to progress, but oh well.


werty500 2016.01.01
i get so hard thinking about trixie

sexyboiii12 2016.01.01
This game is so sexy Trixie is so fuckin hot

droopy1988 2016.01.01
great gamemake more like this

Cometi 2016.01.01
Good game although short. Graphics are great and the scenes are all great.

Peanut2653 2016.01.01
Great game, especially when you get the mom

tf_talon 2015.12.31
Good game and graphics, but too short. Would love to see this expanded upon

tdogthecummer 2015.12.31
I dont know which girl is the hottest
Wendy is kinky, Sharon is a total milf, and Trixie is a hot farmer chick... so many choices

viper23 2015.12.31
cant work out how to get with the mom

viper23 2015.12.30
this game is rather addictive cant stop playing

critical21 2015.12.30
this game was actually good

cheldee 2015.12.30
Loved the game, but wish it was a little longer. It was pretty short.

Ladiesman127 2015.12.30
This game was short, but really fun. Love the graphic.

jlrudge 2015.12.30
This was a really fun game to play with great storyline

ranran 2015.12.28
it`s pretty easy but still fun. even though it`s so easy to figure out it reminds me on point and click adventures. I like it very much. Would love to see an update or a follow up game!

yoloshashank 2015.12.27
love the graphics! better than most other games! Good job.

vishal555 2015.12.27
best till date please make more games like this

Tchallion 2015.12.27
great game, loved the story for it

justcause3 2015.12.27
Really fun but short game. The graphics are really good and the animation is top notch! Overall great work :)

landru 2015.12.26
Cool game. Various choices to make and you must interact at all three locations for success with any of the women.

varrauser 2015.12.26
Good Game, but a little bit easy

kashio 2015.12.26
like the gamplay and nice girls

nifowolf 2015.12.26
Good game,good graphics.All and all a short fun time,left me wanting more!

toiletj 2015.12.26
Great game and all, trying everything helps

eagleata 2015.12.25
I like it. Smart, sexy, good graphics and story...

heller 2015.12.25
Nice graphics and story line but game is short.

Rapist Geoff 2015.12.24
Really liked this game, very entertaining and sexy

Synful1 2015.12.23
very well made game,i like all the ending`s available.

Gn0me96 2015.12.23
Pretty cool game and the girls are pretty. It`s fun to go through and find the different endings.

DerSkipper0711 2015.12.21
A fine game, not to long to play, great graphics ans I appreciate the walkthrough in the comments section very much (that is for every game

tj74 2015.12.20
Great game. Too bad you can only choose only one. It would be great if we can have sex with all of them.

rvuif4nhu4r9mn 2015.12.20
I can only get Sharon stripped and then end it

goddlike 2015.12.20
I`m stuck :/

I told Terrence there`s a surprise waiting for him, then went back to Trixie got her to strip and stuff.
Now it says he wants to chill for a couple of days...
It doesn`t take me back to the farm or gas station or inside the house.


ezram99 2015.12.20
the girls in this game are nice really think they did a good job fun to play

Avatar4400 2015.12.20
Awesome game with great graphics too

jovialdock77 2015.12.19
great game love to see more

LPmK 2015.12.19
I´´m stuck in this game: Where is the rope in the quest "Prepare a bondage suprise for her"? Thanks for anwser.

marco_mat 2015.12.19
it is a very good game with perfect graphi c and animation bu t too short

Blitzkriegbob 2015.12.19
nice to see how those games developed in the last few years.

PlayForceOne0597 2015.12.18
Great Game with nice graphics

pepexd 2015.12.18
short an easy game, but still I enjoy to play it, cool graphics

sexmachine2000 2015.12.18
This is a great game I finished it with every ending. However if someone asks me why I like this game I would say that the reason is because the game isn`t too hard to complete but it still gives you a good challenge mostly because the five different endings. I

fwm1213 2015.12.17
great game, all around amazing graphics, music and outcomes
would recommend

trenth 2015.12.17
someone can say how to make sex with trixie´s?

pr0n 2015.12.16
Nice game, good graphics, hot girls. Getting to have sex with sharon is tricky though.

wossi 2015.12.16
Great game - would love to have a 4 some as an option

opy1130 2015.12.15
Good game with good sense, a little short and I wish there was a way to get two guys or two girls at the same time. more options would have made this a great game!

zeddicus75 2015.12.15
Wendy is my favorite, but I do like that there was an option to have sex with Terence`s mother.

Choco_Renza 2015.12.14
i really love this game, not so hard

naughtysam00 2015.12.14
The music is good. While the choice in music doesn??t make or break a game, I feel that it is important.
The graphics and designs are good. All 3 available girls are intriguing. I really like the Emo Slut. Thats One My Favorite

naughtysam00 2015.12.14
Great game.
Have managed to get all endings and rewards.
Animated great and the three girls are all sexy in their own way.

naughtysam00 2015.12.14
LoP team sure knows how to deliver . Trixie and Sharon are way hot, Pretty good game though it feels short and kinda straightforward.

Siuz2 2015.12.14
too hard but i enjoyed :3

MAQBBW114 2015.12.14
Ths Game is Amazing Love the Story line and some nice BDSM action

luv2drinku 2015.12.14
nice but more options would be great

famat123 2015.12.14
how do you get uninterrupted sex with the mom?

vncntleroy 2015.12.14
Love this one and Lake party

markus7759 2015.12.13
I like it not to hard not easy

ron4u1350 2015.12.13
Good game with good storyline. Enjoyable.

pieffepi 2015.12.13
Very nice game, interesting characters and quite simple story line. I hope there will be more like this

Shakma 2015.12.13
What a great game, storyline very good and great graphics, the girls are so hot, great work guys, loved it very much.

grevantime 2015.12.12
IMO, the best game that they`ve done since the original. Great music to match the story line backdrop. I`ve only finished one ending, so far, and I`m already cracking up.

wezel87 2015.12.12
This is a great game!
Good story and good graphics.

I liked it a lot!

geezotto 2015.12.12
That was really one of the funniest games, but simply tho, it took like 8 tries to get all endings :D

bigdaddymac96 2015.12.11
This game is funny at. Like hell naw, I am so laughable when it s down to play games like this. Keep up the goof work. Your effort is needed when new games are expected which I hope will be soon chou

az89 2015.12.11
anybody knows how to get service princess and dumbtruckers?

BonnieRaptor12 2015.12.11

killer21 2015.12.10
A really nice game! I`ve played it 3 times!

victimsim 2015.12.10
very beatiful game,but too easy and short
lop great as always

Eight 2015.12.10
really good game, super hot girls

mike.ceara 2015.12.10
I had trouble getting the mother but all you have to do is nearly finish trixie`s route and let your friend carry on from there.

Mike82 2015.12.10
It takes a few times to learn how to get all of the stories, & it`s quite funny at times. The girls are really well done & sexy - especially Trixie & Sharon.

ademar89 2015.12.09
Awesome graphics, and very sexy chicks

kanishkkaddy 2015.12.09
Awesome graphics, and very sexy chicks. Bravo guys.

xxxneo 2015.12.09
i wish it had more endings and longer
nice graphics but its too easy

werlwend 2015.12.09
I really liked this game the i got stuck on how to get with trixie for the longest time but it felt rewarding to finally figure it out

Nuke1927 2015.12.09
Awesome game, Love the girls and content

Gordon80s 2015.12.08
Fantastic game. Good story, cool graph.

Kingoflimbs 2015.12.08
This is really a nice game. I really enjoyed it.

Crustyfur 2015.12.08
Excellent Gameplay, takes a short while to figure out but you`ll get it

lughbelenos 2015.12.08
another very good one from LOP.

nissehult 2015.12.08
Love this game girl are hot and so beautiful

TheVermithrax 2015.12.07
Great game, good graphics and nice questline.

Petey01 2015.12.07
great game! everything from LOP is always great

sahz12 2015.12.07
challenging and short but interesting

DoubleG04 2015.12.07
This is a good game and I like the different girls one for everybody.

delltheman 2015.12.07
Graphics, game high quality love the mother

bbwkatie92 2015.12.06
i liked the story line, but a bit hard ti find the 4th and 5th ending i find... but amazing drawn ladies

melvyn773 2015.12.06
great game and it has good graphics

rimad 2015.12.06
another great game,very nice

VeNNoM 2015.12.06
Another great game, good job guys, keep it up.

racerC4 2015.12.06
I think there should have more games with a female protagonist.

robraven 2015.12.06
really great game great game play sexy girls amazing graphics

CapnMorgan 2015.12.06
this is a fun game, but I do wish you could nail more than one girl at a time. Still, the way around the game is pretty good.

xFaZeworKx 2015.12.06
one of me favorite games great job lop.

atom1100 2015.12.06
awesome game! animations were pretty good and the mom was so hot!

ScottS69 2015.12.05
Good game with great graphics.

davinakitt 2015.12.05
It has engaging storyline and good graphics. I thought it could be better if the endings were part of a complete sequence in a whole story line, rather than separate individual endings. But overall I liked the game a lot and hope there will be a sequel with the characters.

merlin14 2015.12.05
good game, sharon was bit more hard to get :p

lempod 2015.12.05
really loved it but graphics were not that great

SilentWind12 2015.12.05
still was hoping for a threesome somehow. still nice game in all!

xxxPeanutxxx 2015.12.05
great graphics, hot girls, just 1 right path for each girl, either perfect or fail, other than that, wd

PornWiz 2015.12.05
Nice game, just hoped that we are able to have triple sex

ccraft28 2015.12.05
this is one of the best games in along time

adragon707 2015.12.05
Really fun game, I was able to get all achievements/ endings. I rate it 9/10

AmazonianArcher 2015.12.05
Pretty good game, wish there was the possibility of sex with two (or more :D) of the girls, but even so, still a good game.

farkas 2015.12.05
Very good game width stunning girls and interesting alternatives storyline. Good song too.

zqdanger169 2015.12.05
This game was just complicated enough to make it worth playing. The sex scenes are really hot. It is worth playing for all of the endings.

GemLord 2015.12.05
Over all good game, but missing to much,could be so much better. Still loved it though.

dimis1 2015.12.04
Team great game, keep up the great work with more sexy girls.

Chesterjames1911 2015.12.04
I was hoping for more, not a good as the other games. Having multiple endings nice but the sex scenes seemed too short.

C.C. 2015.12.04
Love all the ladies. Love all the endings.

Raio10 2015.12.04
another great game from the LOP Team keep up the great work

h3658434 2015.12.04
it`s just good game and so sex of his mother XD

Jaaru 2015.12.04
Nice looking new game, liked it.

twist80 2015.12.04
the game is really hot and the graphik very cool

traffic_x1 2015.12.04
Enjoyed it & found all the endings.. Great game !

ionutionut 2015.12.04
It`s a good game,good job lesson o passion,i love all 3 endings,good quiality and good sex scenes

Seerch 2015.12.04
Really excelent graphics!! Feels like real girls

helmatides 2015.12.04
GOOD GAME...I had followed the blog and played the insiders version...it would be better if there is a threesome with both wendy & trixie

SexyJoe3 2015.12.04
Here is a loose walk through for the game

Choose a place any place but here is the order I went in

A. Trixie??s Farm
scare her horses
Doesn??t matter order of this
Say she looks great
Ask when parents are coming back
Say it??s super-hot today
Gently massage her calf
Back to map [quest? bring her an ice cream]
Go to gas station

B. Gas station
Doesn??t matter order of this
Ask her about her new job
Ask her about her relationship with Terence [quest: bring Wendy weed from Terence]
Help with the pump
Buy ice cream
Back to map

Trixie??s farm
Ice cream cone
Ask her if she want to get naughty
Doesn??t matter order of this
Talk about Wendy [quest: Find a way to embarrass Wendy]
Touch her boobs
Back toy map

C. Terence??s house
Don??t need to ask him about of Wendy, Trixie, or his mom
Ask him about a weed for Wendy

Gas Station
Pass her a joint
Kiss her from behind
Ask her if she could take a break
Doesn??t matter order of this
Ask if she is available or not
Ask what does she does after work
Ask her about Trixie (doesn??t give any points but an achievement)
Take a photo of her
Try to tease her
Try to put your hand under her panties
Raise her skirt a little
Grab her boobs
Take another picture of her
Remove her top and untie her
Take Wendy from behind [{ONE ENDING}] or Apologize and leave
If you took Wendy from behind
Ride her faster
Spread Wendy??s legs
Take her in the cowgirl position

If you took Apologize and leave continue with this
Terence??s house
Tell him that Wendy got a surprise for him
Something about Asking if interrupting
Say that she looks amazing. As always.
Gently caress her arm
Wine bottle
Try to flirt with her
Kiss her
Keep her in your arms and kiss her more passionately
Compliment her beautiful smile
Ask her to play with her boobs for you
Play with her pussy
Move closer and start to lick her
Caress her calves
Ask her to turn around
Touch her ass
Release thong from her sexy ass
Ask her to finger herself
Ask her to suck her finger [he will only if Terence is gone to see Wendy or {ANOTHER ENDING}]
Promise her that you will try
Either one I chose Sit on the sofa and ask her to ride you
Speed up a little
Change position
Cum inside her mouth [{ANOTHER ENDING}]

Trixie??s farm
Tell her to take her bra off
Massage her belly
Lower her pants
Turn her around
Touch her ass
Remove her pants
Either one I chose Ride her faster
Push your dick as deep as possible
Take her on the wall once again
Ride her like a mad man[{LAST SEX ENDING}]

To get all but one ending you can restart the game and follow the same direction or do them in a different order following same direction for each female but for the last one it is all different.

Shortest game for the last ending

A. Trixie??s farm
Ask about her and Terence
Admire her boobs
Kiss her
Say it??s super hot today.
Back to Map

B. Terence??s house
Ask about females
Gently caress her arm
Try to flirt with her
Back to Map

C. Gas station
Tell her that she looks amazing in black
Ask her if she could take a break
Ask her about her relationship with Terence
Buy ice cream
Back to Map

Trixie??s farm
Ice cream
Ask her if she wants to get naughty

Muzzas 2015.12.04
I can`t believe it, I`m fricking stuck all the times.
How are you supposed to embarrass Wendy?
How can I have uninterrupted sex with Sharon?

The thing is... that I can`t get to have sex with any of the girls xD

Ironman49 2015.12.04
Fantastic game love it.

CashMorgan 2015.12.03
It`s simply awesome with really nice girls.

Sharky 2015.12.03
First give Wendy the weed. When she comes back you can kiss her from behind. After that she`ll agree having a break.

picemank 2015.12.03
Does anyone know how to get wendy to take a break, please help

4p1ay 2015.12.03
Not too crazy on the sex scenes, but sure good scenarios. Enjoyed it

PZF 2015.12.03
Great game. I would have appreciated some endings with more than 1 girl.

oldcruiser 2015.12.03
Very good game, a nice change of pace. Very challenging to finish with Sharon until you figure out how to distract Terence. Overall, A-Okay.

mike136661 2015.12.03
how do you get wendy to take a break

Alienwarestyle 2015.12.03
i love the ladies in this game... well in all games :D

Stathis 2015.12.03
To go uninterrupted with Sharon you need to have Wendy tied up on the secret place (you get the rope in Trixie`s barn) then go talk to Terence. You should see a dialogue option "Wendy has a surprise for you" or something like that. Click it and you`re good to go ;)

raman 2015.12.03
fine good attempt loved it

tramin1705 2015.12.03
How do I get the uninterrupted Sharon ending?

xXlucienXx 2015.12.03
Ok game, nothing too special though

lugians 2015.12.03
Too bad you cant be a ladies man and have a fling with more then 1 girl

amslasher 2015.12.03
I always get caught by Terence when trying to have sex with Sharon. Anyone know how to avoid that?

boyo111 2015.12.03
Nice game as usual from LoP...nice challenge.

Dersonrn 2015.12.03
Good game, the images may still improve the interaction with all partipantes deferia be better at getting date all Women . To be sexier could acrecentar sixes of caresses and paseio in walking in carvalo .
For being free is exelente , congratulations!

Stathis 2015.12.03
LoP team sure knows how to deliver (no pun intended lolz). Trixie and Sharon are way hot, Wendy is good too but not so much (imho at least) pretty good game though it feels short and kinda straightforward.

Also, I`ll keep saying it until it is done: PLEASE GIVE US MORE KELLY.

Like a dumbass trucker: While Wendy is in the gas station, click the: "Tell her that she looks amazing in black" dialogue
BDSM fantasies: Get Wendy to have a break, when you`re at the secret place with her, click the "What do you do after work?" dialogue
Serving the princess: When at the barn with Sharon, click the "Play with her pussy" hotspot then choose to lick it
It should never happen: Successfully flirt with Sharon then click the "Apologize and let her go"
It isn`t my thing: Get Wendy naked on the floor but refuse having sex with her
Knock out: Get caught by Terence when at the barn with Sharon
Secret romance: Ask Wendy about Trixie when at the secret place with the former
Friends with benefits: Have sex with Trixie
Extra thrills: Have sex with Wendy
Behind my buddy`s back: Have sex with Sharon (uninterrupted)

aston190 2015.12.03
how do you get the achievement for "Like a dumb trucker" and "It isn`t my thing"

lohhik 2015.12.03
Really simple game with decent scenes and great graphics! Was hoping that you could catch the guy and Wendy fucking when he told him that Wendy`s waiting!

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