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billK 2019.09.11
So funny allways like fucking toons...

MasterSquirt69 2019.07.01
good game...i love jessica rabbitrn

JuanPinott 2019.05.19
Fairly good animation, but poor game-play.

chanzz 2019.05.02
Great game! Like the storyrnrnThanks

David29bta 2018.11.06
Fun and sexy game, great graphics and animation!

Ji_Xin 2018.08.28
Needs to be a bit longer, also Max`s face during the boob shaking was unnecessary in my opinion

nozityloves 2018.07.20
it could be better but good for the classics

fargfcexx 2018.05.13
I would love to take the girl doggy style

petermel1234 2018.04.30
funny and hot game i just love itrn

supertrucker 2018.04.24
fun fun fun jessica rabbit is one hot thing


boomboommm 2018.04.11
great game. I definitely would play it againrnrn

BigX 2018.04.07
Nice Animations! really enjoy this style. Could include more features and more inter activeness that just changing speeds. Overall a 6/7 as it is a short game, but was fun to play nonetheless.

bamf789 2018.02.23
It just needs more than what it has.

Sroper328502 2018.02.17
You should be able to fuck the daughter too

smvtgr21 2018.02.02
Jessica Rabbit is smoking hot. But not a great game at all

Maxx_Tyger21 2018.01.29
Eh, fairly simple, and with no real reason or resolve by the end. Sort of a weak game.

Bigbangbanger 2018.01.28
the game was too easy and i wish there ware more options

GEPilot 2018.01.06
funny game but Max looks like hes flying while he fucks

jatark117 2017.12.17
Definitely not one of the best games on here.

Smoovtiger 2017.12.12
Decent game. Easy to play. Nice graphics. Love Jessica Rabbit

Darksoul_5674 2017.12.01
Is always nice to see Jessica getting it but, there are many of these games, so they do get a bit repetitive. Good graphics though.

TEX TIGER 2017.11.18
This is short game but nice graphic.

HOTTOMMY85 2017.11.15
First Jessica Rabbit is very hot, and second this was a shorter game than I had hoped but it was still a decent game.

leprechaun90 2017.10.30
I have always had a thing for Jessica Rabbit. She is so HOT!!!

devil123456789 2017.09.18
This game was amazing! Jessica Rabbit is incredibly hot! hot hot hot

YuRaina 2017.09.11
animatian so cool i like it

D1NGBAT 2017.09.03
Always good with Jessica.

wezel87 2017.09.03
Great game! Like the storyrnrnThanks

danny182661 2017.08.01
I love the animation in this. It is good. Big boobs.rn

Laelith 2017.07.28
very fun but a little slow

xxkrusher999 2017.07.24
This game was amazing! Jessica Rabbit is incredibly hot!

bandit04 2017.07.20
Hie everyone i played in this game and i think this game is very very good !

jamie418 2017.06.12
i enjoyed this game. the graphics surprised me i was very pleased. applied to quite few different male fantasies,i applaud the creators good job. :)

kaleo07 2017.04.23
Really. Great game. Always liked Jessica!!!

fuzzypikkle85 2017.04.14
This has always been one of my fantasies very neat game

rockyraj 2017.03.23
you can play this and like sex of dog neighbor to women

cbarb1788 2017.03.20
fun game could be longer but jessica rabbit is hot

ianjames 2017.03.09
a short and easy game jessica rabbit is so sexy

kemode 2017.03.07
good quick game...great animation!

akhilgupta31 2017.03.06
nice animation...lvely graphics

Arramis 2017.03.06
this game have nice animation

Nimbos 2017.02.09
I love this game, the animation is so good.

Volltro 2017.02.04
a little short, but still a good game

prorok616 2017.01.22
this game have nice gameplay

Calebfuller 2017.01.14
Not that challenging and could be a bit longer

grilloP 2017.01.12
not really my cup of tea, but if you like this then more power to you.

gruk3 2016.12.30
What can I say? I LOVE the Jessica Rabbit character. Once in awhile it`s good to play a simple straightforward sex game without having to figure out what is the best path, etc. This game fulfills that.. It`s well done for what it is.

deadhappy 2016.12.28
good game and Jessica is hot

QueenLove16 2016.12.28
It was a nice game just a really boring ending

CineK 2016.12.26
Good little game. A bit too straight though.

kuperusm 2016.12.07
It was alright could have been a lot more graphic at the end.

Dresden 2016.12.04
Jessica Rabbit was hot but overall the game was boring - I`m sure there are better out there

stupid420 2016.11.27
Jessica Rabbit is so fucking hot and i felt like my fantasy has been complete

Hassan11 2016.11.22
Good graphics.i liked it but it is short

pitbull42069 2016.11.17
I always wanted to have sex with Jessica rabbit

XxepicneroxX 2016.11.10
i loved this game i always thought jessica rabbit was hot

tolious 2016.11.06
great animation on those tits

kim721 2016.11.02
one time i dreamed about this and cumed to this

wickedwill42035 2016.10.23
its is a fun game but could be longer then it is if i had to rate the gameplay it be a 8

jspencer506 2016.10.21
mmm i love jess rabbit so hot

dementedjedi 2016.10.16
very fun but a little slow

panarobo 2016.10.16
Only thing going for it is Jessica Rabbit otherwise boring click and move

Sola_KMT 2016.10.15
Not much to this game, graphics are good but its just a poi nt and click game .

ladiesguy 2016.09.27
i love jessica rabbit and i love to play

firerob127 2016.09.20
wow, it`s Jessica rabbit, but not much to do but click and read

mrjay09 2016.09.19
i absolutely love jessica rabbit games this was great

fuckerfree 2016.09.19
i dont like it, to slow and so easy

lycan53 2016.09.16
A Little too easy to play, but enjoyable

philydunna 2016.09.11
it is a bit slow. Still ya got to love Mrs Rabbit!!!

punkaroo 2016.09.07
More animation than a game, and very repetetive and boring.

Dargon1128 2016.08.26
jessica rabbit is so hot.i love it

huskyscrotusky 2016.08.19
mrs. rabbit is hot but otherwise these games kinda bore me

samuel1154 2016.07.26
the game was really nice tbh i wish it were a little longer though

Proder 2016.07.18
this game is great, had me wet the whole time.

Hassan96 2016.07.14
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee game , super hot

mcmannanan 2016.06.30
She was hot, but the overall game play was lackluster. Not as much fun as I`d expect from gamesofdesire.

asinble 2016.06.25
she is always hot and sexy i love Jessica rabbit

pheonix29 2016.06.25
game was fun could be more sexy

squeakythesqueak 2016.06.24
Get s a bit boring at times

Duggu30 2016.06.11
love this game..was dying to play it

KEV_in 2016.06.10
Mrs Jessica Rabbit is actually quite a hot. Plot of the game almost excite me, but nothing more cause this is so fast and short game.

-WannaFuck- 2016.06.05
very sexy and hot great game

Theking2506 2016.06.03
i loved the graphic design for Jessica rabbit

mspjamesme 2016.05.31
Not much of a story. but its only pretty hot do to Jessica Rabbit. very easy wish they put more into it.

thegrim 2016.05.25
would be better if the game lasts longer

Huntsman25 2016.05.07
sexy girl. hot fuck. right to the point. my type of game

bats1010 2016.05.07
good game play but on the fence with the art

Y19991 2016.04.29
fun but could be more sexy

Canica11 2016.04.27
wow! my beloved Jessica Rabbit

beardedone 2016.04.24
great graphics and always love Jessica Rabbit more pleaase!!!!

raven.warrior.eternal 2016.04.22
its a ok game one of those games you play its enjoyable but forgettable

preacher_nz 2016.04.09
Haha hope shes on birth control else Suzy`s getting a lil sis or bro. Cute game

possum62 2016.04.09
Graphics were nice. Loved Jessica Rabbits huge tits !

wezel87 2016.04.06
Nice game! Good story. Sexy girl it`s perfect!


verylongjohn 2016.04.06
mom looks way better then the daughter, otherwise boring

rex90 2016.04.05
Game is good nice graphics

YZDMSI 2016.04.05
This game its very good ans he was a good graphic

Waterbhoy67 2016.03.30
love my cartoon games and this one was really good mrs rabbit is just such a sexy cartoon character really loved playing this game keep them coming

ata2201 2016.03.29
The graphics of this game are amazing, this is one of the best sex games I have played so far. Jessica rabbit is so hot

Natcl25 2016.03.29
its not my favorite because there no real sens in this game so its change a lot

adim 2016.03.23
boring, the `move the mouse to fill the bar` kind of game

ToX13 2016.03.20
this game was ok but needed anal

sethh88 2016.03.18
true there`s no story to and not enough interactive parts to it I`ve always wanted to see Jessica rabbit naked but yes they need to make a better version of this!

jonnhy 2016.03.14
Jessica rabbit is so hot wish the game was longer

sexboy12 2016.03.12
good game and I wish it was longer.

Land_Of_Pickles 2016.02.28
Really enjoyed the game but would like a better story. Finally with jessica rabbit!!!!

Crazer22 2016.02.20
It`s not bad and not great either there should be more story to it.

Peronator 2016.02.10
I could finally fuck Jessica Rabbit :D

ssinisterx 2016.02.09
why does it have so many stars its so cool

starry4599 2016.02.08
Jessica rabbit is hot, thought it could have been longer.

latinagr 2016.02.04
Sorry but it`s not funny at all to see the sexy cartoon of your dreams been taken by this freak

akku 2016.02.02
the character in the game reminds me of the Sexy jessica rabbit

delltheman 2016.02.01
Nothing to recommend this game

blueshadow116 2016.01.26
Omg this game is so much fun ill play it all day every day

sexy_slut_i_m_just_14 2016.01.23
olright its very short but grphics are great

obeylegend69 2016.01.22
the game wasnt fun at all all you do is push a button and ever so often you do it manuley

mrcave 2016.01.17
great graphincs, a bit repetative but overal a very enjoyable game

Rico Swae 2016.01.10
three words... JESSICA FUCKIN RABBIT ;) lol

edgar1942 2016.01.09
Cute play on the Roger Rabbit bit. The cartoon animation is pretty good.

bloodlad 2016.01.05
The quality is pretty good. Love the scenes

bloodlad 2016.01.04
great game
love the girl
relevant comment

ShadowWo;f 2016.01.02
Really liked the sex and graphics, good games

amcVortux 2015.12.30
Adding moaning to Jessica Rabbit would make this game more sexy than it already is. REally good game love it!

kuraudostrife1 2015.12.28
okay graphics its like any other mnf but still sexy

matikson 2015.12.28
was too short but an okay game.

muhammad bin zahid 2015.12.27
graphic of game are very good

The4K 2015.12.23
I like the game any thing with Jessica rabbit is good.

SebasIsa 2015.12.18
Goofy is a bit goof. Good graphings tho

derthethun 2015.12.18
the gameplay is short, too bad

markus7759 2015.12.14
just love that Jessica rabbit

dj69u 2015.12.09
fantastic art beauty, nice ,funny,sexy, story, game

bigthickwood 2015.12.02
Love Jessica Rabbit. It was too short but an okay game.

jinx404 2015.11.26
it was great......... but not enough sex

rocky2099 2015.11.21
i loved when i fucked here

katsan 2015.11.20
No real "game" to it. Just animated sex. Its good for what it is though.

manlyman13 2015.11.16
its ok. Jessica rabbit is hot but other than that...

miller70 2015.11.16
alright game pretty shot

ski9072 2015.11.14
Well its Jessica Rabbit, so it can`t be all bad, but a bit weak in the game play area.

bfxr8v8 2015.11.06
Awesome game play and graphics

blazenero 2015.11.03
A fun arcade game and really good entertainment.

alexroom 2015.11.01
nice game but not a lot of sex

mdsaccoccia 2015.10.27
graphics weren`t to great but always had a thing for mrs. rabbit.

saviolocao 2015.10.23
Jessica Rabbit doesn`t look like the hot MILF she is in this game

masteravalon 2015.10.13
nice game but not enough sex

ktphoto 2015.10.05
This game is a lot of fun!

legend7 2015.10.04
it is an awesome game i like it

badboy0815 2015.10.03
Could be better if you could have sex with jessica rabbit in different positions.

cidso 2015.10.03
the quality is good... but the game is boring...

soltero43 2015.10.02
Not bad. Another fun game featuring Jessica Rabbit.

pk2283 2015.09.30
Mrs Rabit have nice figure

Emii364 2015.09.25
bored but... good quality

Diddo 2015.09.19
Game is ok and nice women

Heretic1139 2015.09.15
very basic, but still sexy none the less

akku 2015.09.15
there is nothing to do....jsut click and watch,,,

mikeskin227 2015.09.15
good basic arcade game, sexy character

1mplus 2015.09.14
Was an okay game, seen better.

igandlore55 2015.09.12
at least this one worked...pretty basic

jessica4223 2015.09.11
Eh, far from great. Not broken at least.

denny33 2015.09.08
game was ok hope they get better

fran34 2015.09.07
so hard to do u only do boring things

leme001 2015.09.06
entertaining game, jessica is hot

matkiller64 2015.09.02
very good game with good graphics

4rch1 2015.09.02
jess rabbit, well shit. dem titties why do they look so fake yet strangely hot?

megold1 2015.09.01
perspective for the titty fuck was a bit goofy. decent game though

smurfchicken 2015.09.01
the animation was pretty decent and jessica looked fine great game over all

sexmen99 2015.09.01
I love Mrs Rabbit and my question is ? is max the daugther of goofy?

mister rite now 2015.08.28
Gotta love big swinging titties... more action or positions would be nice.

Nxlm 2015.08.23
Wow..Just..Wow.. This was Unique.

marco_mat 2015.08.22
those big tits i wanna just be hide behind them

dragonracer1 2015.08.17
didnt like it to much sex

yolsuzr 2015.08.17
nice game and who doesn`t like jessica rabbit ;)

CoolDude473 2015.08.17
Sexy game with adequate sex. Need more sex pal.....

TheBeastishere 2015.08.17
It is too simple, would rather prefer to be large

Equilibruim 2015.08.16
Not to much my kind of game but well made and good if you like it.

M.Lo4DinG 2015.08.15
those big tits i wanna just be hide behind them

steven922315 2015.08.13
goota love Jessica rabbit

Pates41 2015.08.13
Jessica Rabbit :D D: D: D: Excellent work

Nightingale90 2015.08.12
kinda eh, but good for a fap

wizzywil 2015.08.09
wish it would last longer but good game

Simple Man 2015.08.04
Jessica Rabbit was like my childhood crush! :D

Mike82 2015.08.04
Nice if you want to see Jessica`s breast and nipples, but there isn`t a real story in this short game.

glukos37 2015.08.02
nice graph jessica is hot but very short and boring

BobbyHill2257 2015.08.02
Nice Game hate that it is the demo

holdslucy 2015.07.31
boobs. but too simple and short 4/10

majorefiction 2015.07.29
i love jessica rabbit and the game is ok though

ballistic 2015.07.28
its an ok game i suppose

HentaiKing 2015.07.27
I really like the characters used in the this game...seeing those character caught my attention and made the game somewhat enjoyably even though the gamy play was extremely basic.

Ki11erMonkey23 2015.07.27
Could be better, though, its hot

T.M.D.U 2015.07.27
at least it passed the time

WinnerLoserKirk 2015.07.26
Not that good game, need more girls in it. But Jessica Rabbit is great and hot!

dizzle89 2015.07.26
I`ve played games like this before. If possible you should try to get more games like it. They are well done games.

ISexual 2015.07.26
love this game.could be longer

possum62 2015.07.25
Awesome grafics. Love them hang tits.

russkull18 2015.07.22
it was ok. i believe it could have been better.

SebastianJS 2015.07.22
It was an ok game wish it was a little longer with more gaming options. It has good quality character design was done very well. It could have been better but still fun to try.

tjdj65 2015.07.20
game was good fun to play

Jeremiah3141 2015.07.20
game is cool and very fun

Azzalin 2015.07.18
Easy game, decent graphics but fun

acata94 2015.07.18
Aaaa I always had a crush on her and wanted to see stuff. Dream came true @

kamilrules08 2015.07.18
this game is really awesome i love how it was based on a childs movie and turned to be more sexual

adragon707 2015.07.18
Fun little game but to short & to easy.

feardalet 2015.07.18
The first part, where she`s shaking, extends way past silly and into awkward.
I guess the animation is on par for all M&F games...

SomS 2015.07.18
Very nice game, but too easy.

Koenjo40 2015.07.16
I love jessica rabbit! great game.

apache59 2015.07.15
Basic game, she`s hot but doesn`t ever show snatch. Too short

Mooseotaur 2015.07.14
Too easy, short, and boring.

starstar150 2015.07.13
This was a good game, however, it could`ve been longer and used better audio.

crazybr 2015.07.11
the graphics are not so good but the gameplay its ok for it

wezel87 2015.07.10
Nice game but nothing special!

amslasher 2015.07.09
not the best. graphics were basic and storyline simple. i prefer the vdates

oranjeboven 2015.07.08
The usual clicking game. Nothing new.

welltodo07 2015.07.07
J Rabbit is hot. Fulfills long standing fantasy to see her naked!

Ihavethehugest1 2015.07.06
kinda enjoyable but boring non the less

Venusz 2015.07.06
Game was a little short and their was no challenge. The girl was hot though.

Jelyes 2015.07.06
Like the game could be longer but still good.

Titus27 2015.07.05
Boring game with no challenge.

lexisuarez 2015.07.04
I love this game, and Jessica Rabbit!

startedover 2015.07.03
just a bit boring......really was no challenge

loailee16 2015.07.02
I really love this kind of games, is a shame that the full site is expensive

nicinick 2015.06.29
fucking nice game..i love it

Ocean_K 2015.06.29
I feel like this game is pretty low quality, especially since this site has mostly quality games.

Blitzkriegbob 2015.06.28
just one-klick gameplay is nothing to amaze people, but its nice for the eye

Amardu54 2015.06.28
I love jessica rabbit but this game is not so good...

hornybugger 2015.06.28
No challenge, if you like click and sex games I suppose its ok but there are better games really

Sir Knrighf 2015.06.27
Rather boring if you ask me. Waste of time

Bigmonster21 2015.06.26
decent game could be longer

loailee16 2015.06.26

ma$t3r of pupp3ts 2015.06.25
Great graphic I loved it so much ... but too short

Jo nathan121 2015.06.25
this game was a disappointment and a waste of my time

shyman44425 2015.06.24
Nice job with the character. Too simple.

daddiestickem 2015.06.23
nice for what it is but can be alot more thrill

Kevin316 2015.06.22
very nice graphics its very beautiful reallyy.

kdr198 2015.06.22
For a point and click game it is short and weak.

FairEnough 2015.06.22
bit of a let down but still pretty hot

adawg037 2015.06.22
Not a fan of the one-click gameplay, I like to have challenging games...,

qwqw1 2015.06.22
not really a game more just a click the only olption on the screen

Kravax13 2015.06.22
Love the simplicity of the gameplay but the graphics are pretty generic.

GentryFamily 2015.06.21
This game is click/play simple and short, but with nice animations and the classic characters were awesome!

white shadow 2015.06.20
I like the game but i think its a little bit too short.

shar_hx 2015.06.19
cool to watch, but kinda short and only pressing button not fair :/

paulojor19 2015.06.19
This game is to short but the girl is hot but the game could be better.
We just click when is the time i really don`t like this kind games.

HarrietGarmin 2015.06.19
That wasn`t a game, i just pressed buttons when they said for a boring experience

feelthebasse 2015.06.18
nice graph jessica is hot but very short and boring

ullebulle99 2015.06.18
allaround bad game just a simple click and play

ashish0808 2015.06.18
stupid game....didn`t like it

kenadams15 2015.06.16
better graphics than what i thought

pjp 2015.06.16
Click and play a bit average

phins55 2015.06.15
It doesn`t really have an ending and is very short.

pusshound 2015.06.14
Very average. Not really a game. Jessica is hot, however, so it`s worth a run-through.

primus21 2015.06.14
The Game wasn`t the type of game I like to play on hear, but the fact that it had Jessica Rabbit in it was hot. She is one of the reasons I love red heads

kamran_bored 2015.06.14
Average game but Jessica is hott!!!

Stathis 2015.06.13
Jessica Rabbit is sure hot, good quality but these games are always the same: ridiculously oversized boobs girl, no plot/story/sense whatsoever.


VeNNoM 2015.06.13
Nice, a bit short, but hey you cant go wrong with Jessica Rabbit.

farkas 2015.06.12
very boring and too simple game.

nillax2k 2015.06.12
this came out years ago and its pretty simplistic. i thought this site had good games until now. seems like they are just dragging stuff from long ago and just sticking it in the new section.

ScottS69 2015.06.12
Easy game with great graphics. Jessica Rabbit is one hot cartoon slut.

Ubber1 2015.06.12
I love when they put together Max and Jessica this is a good game.

0mnb1 2015.06.12
Nope. Bad game here. Don`t play

Kruima 2015.06.12
her face was what did it for me

luckyguy1 2015.06.12
jessica rabbit is fucking hot, great job

lov2eatu 2015.06.12
This is a real let down from the games this site normally has. thought play force one had standards the games had to meet before they could be on this site.

brink7000 2015.06.11
There`s not really anything to this game, fine for what it is, but it`s not really much of anything.

Shoey 2015.06.11
i honestly think this game is stupid.

xxxPeanutxxx 2015.06.11
Not really the kind of game for me, but the animation and artwork is fantastically done.

ikke87 2015.06.11
very nice game with great graphics

Jaaru 2015.06.11
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Tyr75 2015.06.11
Basic game and older than me! :p

xXMadMikeXx 2015.06.11
eeek This game is not the level of quality I was looking for. But thanks for uploading something to do.

eric8070 2015.06.11
omg game was amazing had lots of fun the views were fun and i liked the lenght of game

absporty2013 2015.06.10
The quality is pretty good.

Postal Dude 2015.06.10
The quality is pretty good. Love the scenes

treeks87 2015.06.10
id say a little to boring

Arhangel_Trener 2015.06.10
Too easy, too short and boring. PLease stop add games like this. It`s not your level.

MasterPlg 2015.06.10
nope... boring not recomended to anyone

Dersonrn 2015.06.10
will is good, has many better games here.

kaxikayima 2015.06.10
play force one is known as a home of good quality games. Please, stop destroying your reputation with games like this!

jcc1985 2015.06.10
fun game could be longer but jessica rabbit is hot

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