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Fall Asleep Tsunade


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KK7077 2018.12.15
this is a dream come true tsunade in a sex game its the best thing ever happpenedrn

playforce101 2018.09.01
mini games were fun but the graphics arent that great

gozilla4711 2018.05.22
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Himhim321 2018.04.02
Not too bad although boobs too big

duke51 2018.03.17
Short, easy game. Nothing especially, rather bored

TEX TIGER 2018.03.05
The game is to short for play, nothing especially.

supertrucker 2018.03.02
fun little game short but sweet

Moonstar9210 2017.09.10
it`s a good game but you need to wait in actions to long

Laelith 2017.07.28
An interesting little game with a few surprises

MrDrDanny 2017.07.24
a little short but the game play was good


Trokkar 2017.07.22
Good graphics, nice pace to this game. Really lets you get a nice feel in your hand and you reach the end.

bandit04 2017.07.20
fantasic cartoon new cartoon for adult

pedrogynn 2017.04.15
The animation and the Graphics are not really good. :/

angell06 2017.03.13
this game a good with good quality

Bimbo850 2017.02.25
nice and easy the game but funny

soul1995678 2017.02.21
ok game, I don´t like the graphics,my honest opinion....

BentleyBro5 2017.01.08
I`m not a huge fan of Naruto, but this game was fucking awesome! At first, it`s pretty good gameplay, you make breakfast while Naruto was jerking off (was hard to look away from Naruto`s cock during that for the record XD), and then the really hot stuff happened! Loved this game! :D

monkeyman123456 2017.01.05
It was funny and enjoyable

Angelo DZ 2016.12.21
Not a bad game .. kinda like it

rabidrabbit 2016.11.18
It`s far too simple. Make some twists.

Agyron 2016.11.09
The game isnt bad the mini games are good graphics are solid i love me some tsunade

PlayerWon 2016.10.13
not a bad game, and it has nice graphics too.

HotSex15 2016.10.12
minigames are to long and the graphics are medium they didn`t add the realistic look in it

jb998 2016.09.21
Graphics are mediocre, and the minigames are really slow.

sasuke220 2016.09.11
Duh this game would be a lot better with sounds and more video

KEV_in 2016.06.11
Its okay, but not like it much more. Think that wouldn´t play it again.

Zatiro 2016.06.07
it is a good game but to simple . in the part the lite ball i to easy do it .

legendiwi 2016.04.25
is too simple and short, rest is ok

bigbroom 2016.04.07
ok game, I don´t like the graphics, but that is just my opinion.. :)

pretzel 2016.04.03
kind of ruined the show for me but still good

sethh88 2016.03.18
story ok but poor graphics not enough interaction with elements storyline to short but I give from 1-5? I give it 1

vampypanda 2016.02.28
this game was really disappointing

masepur 2016.02.20
duno wut happen here... :3

inkedout84 2016.02.19
great game, this series keeps getting better

Bodysuit 2016.02.11

delltheman 2016.02.01
Good but could be better or have a story

Arkhanis8 2016.01.01
Nice easy game, nice graphics, fairly fun.

Kelemvor 2015.12.04
Simple game of average quality. Good ending but needs a bit more. Good for a mini game.

bigthickwood 2015.12.02
This game was overall fun, sort of hard when those things were moving super fast. Great graphics through and through.

bbwkatie92 2015.10.25
not very hard, but for mini games its kinda fun. and the crazy curves of tsunade is sexy

wezel87 2015.10.18
Nice big tits! Great graphics..
Really good arcade game not to easy so i loved it!

badboy0815 2015.10.03
The Game is pretty Simple. But her Boobs are Amazing.

conkushin 2015.09.01
very tricky when things get moving fast

JuggleMyBalls 2015.08.15
amaazing game, need to play this more often for definite

Punkid11 2015.08.07
I would love have her as my slave so i can do things to her all day long

T.M.D.U 2015.07.27
at least it passed the time

Drakath32 2015.07.19
I really didn`t like this game. Vadimgod was doing better games back then. He just doesn`t care about the quality anymore.

JurgenWurgen 2015.07.15
Minigames are too long, it isn`t really worth the work

wannacthispack 2015.07.09
It`s all right, but takes too long in minigames.

nothing322 2015.07.02
that was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be

nicinick 2015.06.29
im in love with that game

Caly 2015.06.24
this game has ok graphics

ikke87 2015.06.11
realy nice gameplay and very good graphics

PlayboyBD 2015.05.28
Good gameplay and animation.

wezel87 2015.05.15
Nice game. fun to play
Good graphics i liked it!

soegaard81 2015.05.14
the game is not new but ok i guess

Aq1234d 2015.05.03
the minigame was a bit annoying but great

daniso0822 2015.05.03
i find that its funny how tsunade never woke up when sh got fucked what a slow reaction

bawsaq329 2015.04.21
the minigames added to the experience, and I would like more games like this

Malcadon 2015.04.10
Nice game bit short but still nice

Ernest20 2015.04.10
An interesting little game with a few surprises

yabi432 2015.04.08
very nice graphics story and gameplay

Blitzkriegbob 2015.04.06
kinda boring and not very pleasant to the eye. Just not rfancy enough.

HaloMagic 2015.03.22
It was an average game and while the girl was nice, it was too boring

LelaMarkov 2015.03.21
Not bad, some parts were a bit `meh`

Jellywebs329 2015.03.20
i think the mini games were tedious, and I would`ve enjoyed Tsunade joining in, but other than that I liked the game

j3hj3h 2015.03.20
It`s a time waster at best. No real plot and very linear, although the mini-game with clicking on the orbs was kind of unique.

Gorgolock 2015.03.17
I played this before, not on here, and didn`t quite find it that fun.

joeadam1998 2015.03.17
this game is not funny and need more action

de_master 2015.03.14
The animation and the Graphics are not really good. :/

Xxkylej0104xX 2015.03.12
very great game, i loved playing it

Xyzzy 2015.03.12
Well, that was just awful.

17JSSS77 2015.03.11
It was a good game for fun

january34 2015.03.10
I liked the game but i do think the mini games were a bit long and it would be nice to see tsunade getting into it too

NightStalker73au 2015.03.04
very quick and easy gameplay
nice graphics.

Demonic_Wolf 2015.03.03
this one needs more action

mochabear415 2015.02.28
I`m a huge Naruto fan and I was excited to see this but I didn`t really enjoy it maybe because Tsunade didn`t participate.

RamanS21 2015.02.26
this is a very nice game i love the girl and her big boobs i loved them

sexlesbianbitch 2015.02.18
this game was amazing the girl haves very big boobies I love that

dzman19 2015.02.17
this was a good game, kept me entertained

Clouffie 2015.02.17
Tsunade is one of my dream women so this is the perfect game for me. Even if she didn`t really participate lol.

umager 2015.02.10
sorry..but not so interesting game as woul it expect

Big Dick 78 2015.02.10
Much better game than I anticipated. Easily the best in the series.

AnIowaGuy 2015.02.10
Not a huge fan of large breasts

Froodoo 2015.02.08
I dont really like ths game. The minigames are way too long

DJLo 2015.02.05
Really funny seeing Naruto and Tsunade in this situation, even more enjoyable to watch Tsunade cooking while Naruto is cocking

Italian Medallion 2015.02.03
i don`t watch Naruto...are they really related?

groupie1 2015.02.01
i think that tsundae was having a pretty good dream :)

barney34 2015.01.31
a bit of titty fuck would have been nice

barney34 2015.01.31
this game made me want to watch naturo

barney34 2015.01.31
only problem with these games is they take way too long to play

barney34 2015.01.31
this game was really sexy good game

jujuzimm 2015.01.30
Ok game, but after some while it gets a bit boring...

Kitkate 2015.01.29
good graphics good job great game tho i like it

se7enx 2015.01.28
so sexy,but ...can it be real...i mean fuck a girl when she is asleep and she never recognize... it would be awesome..

TheRealMachine 2015.01.27
Not so bad but need improvements

jake83 2015.01.26
This is an ok game nothing special.

jtk666 2015.01.26
i love it tsunade looks so hot in this game

jan_cuk 2015.01.23
Too much hentai on this. I do prefer the 3D version

xxmenxx 2015.01.21
Nice game, the graphics are not really great and her boobs are juste too big

asdfasdf1 2015.01.21
I`m not a huge fan of the graphics or the gameplay. Also, her breasts are insanely huge. Personally, I`m not a fan

vllad 2015.01.19
not much of a story and you don`t get to chose if you can cum inside any of her holes, i give it a 75 for good game play and i love the naruto theme but it needs more work to be honest

ftw44052 2015.01.18
did not like the mini games

thalionmel 2015.01.16
poor games grafic 2/10 story ? mini games bad

ShadowFlash 2015.01.15
Horrible game I hate big breast animations and the minigames are annoying. 1/10

daddiestickem 2015.01.15
super naruto fan tsunade makes me happy great play great graphics

gooman23 2015.01.12
need to learn how play game better

asdfvcxz 2015.01.12
poor graphics and little game play...

Adam_35_lat 2015.01.11
I rate this game slightly above average. Here are some points:

- Decent selection of position and minigames
- Good graphics (if not my style)
- Mini games feel irrelevant to the "story"
- No story (and what is there is in no way connected to Naruto)
- I hate "big breast" anime style graphics

Varlt 2015.01.09
super simple playstyle, average graphics

xai 2015.01.09
Anything xxx related with Tsunade has me. The minigame is bleh but the image is well worth it

Hobgoblin67 2015.01.06
I`ve played similar games that are much better than this. The graphics are ok but nothing special. 4/10

RunningDog 2015.01.05
these games are to straight forward for mee

Squid909 2015.01.05
Enjoyable i liked the mini games for each section

ziopaul 2015.01.05
didn`t enjoy it. too short and poor graphic...

alanlall 2015.01.04
it`s a nice game. I`d like to play it several times.

olyg7 2015.01.03
Not a great game at all, however the mini games are acceptable to keep your attention for a little bit

HornyLatino4U 2015.01.02
its okay this game its easy and i want more action noise

dishman2 2014.12.31
That is a "new" game?? OMG!!!

possum62 2014.12.30
Have played better games.

acecards14 2014.12.29
maybe it`s because i played too many GoD games but i didn`t like it all, same formula with nothing new for the last 5 years

ScottS69 2014.12.29
Awesome animation. Makes you work a little but it`s worth it in the end.

MSKZVL 2014.12.29
it`s a good game, i think it`s funny to play, but after some time it gets boring

uergel 2014.12.28
Was worth playing. Did like it.

HentaiKing 2014.12.27
this game was ok, it was a decent change in pace and i also liked the button that allowed you to turn the characters around.

SKknight 2014.12.27
This is all about naruto fucking tsunade.

BlackoutJuan 2014.12.26
i dont really like this game so much

mavgunnery21 2014.12.24
should have more gangbang

Draken5 2014.12.24
it`s ok not really the best though

oranjeboven 2014.12.24
ok game, but i hate thse giant tits.

landru 2014.12.23
Not very interesting. Just a bunch of mouse moving. No thought used to play.

aasic 2014.12.22
A bit slow, but really good for a free game

Bradders_95 2014.12.22
graphics are okay but game is generally annoying to play

xoxox55 2014.12.21
don`t like very much, tha graphic is not good, S O R R Y

HammerDickGod 2014.12.21
i love this game a lot and the graphics are marvelous

pusshound 2014.12.20
These short games don`t have very good graphics and they are not even all that fun to play. It`s worth one play and maybe then not even good enough to waste your time to get through to the end.

omaga 2014.12.19
Not bad but way too short and the grapich are just normal

Thrawn4 2014.12.19
Didn`t like this game:graphics sucked, gameplay was very weak and the sex wasn`t satysfying at all.Skip it, don`t waste time on this.

MONIFEST 2014.12.19
poor graphics and little game play...

HarrietGarmin 2014.12.19
Not a great game at all, however the mini games are acceptable to keep your attention for a little bit

knoll 2014.12.19
not bad, but more could of been done.

santy2434 2014.12.19
game is good but graphics is quite low

VeNNoM 2014.12.19
HAHA! Well like all of G.O .D.`s games it was entertaining and corny as hell... another good one.

63ted 2014.12.18
Does not compare to LOP games. Just makes us appreciate those games so much more.

stefano71 2014.12.18
ma!! i don`t like very much, tha graphic is not good

boomboomffs 2014.12.18
pretty poor in my opinion. poor graphics and little game play.

AULMYTY 2014.12.18
Didnt care to much for it, not a Naruto fan

stnick 2014.12.18
This is so poor dont waste your time, graphics horrific, story ? what story, gameplay shocking. 1/10

mmiikkii 2014.12.18
it`s a goog game, i like it

xxfucker2710xx 2014.12.18
way too short, didn`t really enjoy it

smilenow 2014.12.18
Wuhuu.. Nice short Game. Could be a little bit harder to play.

icrazyur2 2014.12.18
wow really what a waste of time glad i didnt have to pay to play that

jamesdl654321 2014.12.18
Very nice game just need more games like this one

ColdCry 2014.12.18
Played long time ago. This game is good but we need more new games.

Aeldreth 2014.12.18
The game isn`t bad, but also not very interesting.

jcc1985 2014.12.18
ok game a little boring should be longer

Raio10 2014.12.17
not a bad game but not that great either hopefully next one will be better.

cblade117 2014.12.17
As i was playing it i was actually waiting for her to wake up at the end and actually fuck him back.

Belgram 2014.12.17
It is a realy boring game

Skelaturi 2014.12.17
rather simple clicking game, atleast the minigames at the start made it a bit more interesting. The 90 degrees button late game made things a bit interesting but still in my opinion it could have been skipped entirely

C.C. 2014.12.17
Hot lady. Good game for passing the time but others are better.

Mbrun 2014.12.17
the game is too easy, but the grapich are okay. not long enough

wldsxwizz 2014.12.17
good game better than most versions keep going

Magic Knight 2014.12.17
This mini game is ok. There is not much challenge. The graphic ist good.

dandraft 2014.12.17
its a rather old game and you get all dizzy from moving back and forth,but tsunade is so freakin HOT,that you dont mind the extra climb,,4 for the game and 1 for tsunade ,so 5 -10.

tcco 2014.12.17
this game is fun but short

shyman44425 2014.12.17
Mini games ok. Not much of a challenge. Progress through sex scenes tedious.

Iva_bigun_12 2014.12.17
Not a bad game, graphics could be better though

SynisterX 2014.12.17
oh god it was a cool game it doesnt derve 47 stars

Jaaru 2014.12.17
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Tyr75 2014.12.17
That is a "new" game?? OMG!!!

carfan2000 2014.12.17
ok game, I don´t like the graphics, but that is just my opinion.. :)

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