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FT: Sex Therapy


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D1NGBAT 2017.11.06
Simple and no work at all, shame about the translation.

tino4574 2017.03.13
a nice easy game great fun to play

dgkesquire 2017.01.28
Good FT game. Questions were a little off-putting, but the graphics and animation were still satisfying..

cambridge4453 2017.01.25
Screen went strange and questions became illegible so I started again; after that it was acharmingly silly FT game with a film quiz and a compliments competition in poor English with some unusual spelling. Fun and undemanding.

gamerchick01 2016.12.02
Great graphics and great game

jmaddy1 2016.10.16
Good game nice animation, I enjoyed playing this

HotSex15 2016.10.12
nice graphics the story is a bit to linear but for the rest i like it

DerKlopfer 2016.05.15
Cool game with cool content!

pberke 2016.03.14
Cool little game, nice animation and graphics. 10 fun minutes

rexzad1230 2016.03.13
its a great game and it s awesome


REXXO 2016.01.23

brats 2015.11.30
Pretty much like the quest, graphic is nice, need some more please.

BetaTester 2015.11.30
I like this game...Even though I fail the questions..i can still have sex with her..the graphic was good..and the nurse girl are cute

thatdss1 2015.10.13
so kawaii. this game is so funny, i love it

smeagol89 2015.08.23
game was fun graphics were good easy to play

Wolfy40 2015.05.19
Good quality game that is easy to play and enjoy.

dgkesquire 2015.05.02
I love the storyline, the graphics and animation were gorgeous, one of the best FT games in the series.

Ulf45 2015.04.14
really nice Game with cute sexy nurse

DeTox 2015.02.18
Damn, that girl was sexy. This is the type of game I like.

kontoltete 2015.01.30
its fantastic, the girl just look like my girlfriend

smaximus 2015.01.21
game is easy. graphic is good. animation could be better

nirt10101 2015.01.13
besides the random quiz its an awesome game

jettrojettro 2014.11.17
this game is fun. its easy to play and kind of fast

SAN ANTONIO 2014.11.08
It was cool.The movie question was a bit hard on the first time

AstroMachine 2014.10.04
Great game, could use some more interactions, girls, storyline. Graphics are amazing but needs better animation.

MikeyH74 2014.08.19
Fun game! Will play again.

Jbryan 2014.08.03
Wish nurses was like this in a hospital.

macca757 2014.04.28
why cant real nurses be like that

DerFinne 2014.03.15
I think the game is to easy - quit boring . The Story is nice but thats it :-(

DD73 2014.02.28
Not a bad game but typical of the hentei type games.

Nohakhelha 2014.02.26
I love the game Fucking awsome

Ovidiva 2014.02.12
this was an amazing game.

Flerpa 2014.02.06
Great game, love hentai and love nurses ;)

perrucci 2014.01.25
wow never thought a nurse could be so hot untill i just played this game

dgkesquire 2014.01.25
Graphics were okay (pretty much what I`ve come to expect from FT games), gameplay was tricky to master.

mta19 2014.01.21
Like the game pretty easy, perfect with movie trivia.

Ultra123 2014.01.17
Recommended game and Great graphics and animatiosn

decemberlove24 2014.01.08
this game has been one of the best games i have played

SKELTONIO74 2014.01.02
if only nurses were like this brilliant gameplay

djjohnson1973876 2013.12.01
i love this game and i love this site

persnik2 2013.11.23
The first few games are good, but after a few it is the same game over and over They need to be refreshed please

Rivey 2013.11.05
It`s OK but not the best game.

guerro 2013.10.24
the game is ok guess i like it

damianlion07 2013.10.02
great a game a lot of sex im very glad and horny im gonna fuck mi girl

noogad 2013.09.24
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

cereduul 2013.09.15
It was okay. not the hottest, but not the worst either..

michael1266 2013.09.08
i`ve played this a lot before its fun and "entertaining" if you know what i mean :P

warace 2013.09.04
short game but it`s fun

mmmJassy1 2013.09.03
Short but simple and fun. Loved it.

Gameonline66 2013.09.01
Nice game and cool graphics, I enjoyed it

madmax68 2013.08.31
This game was awesome, graphics could have been better but gameplay was amazing.

zelda81 2013.08.27
wow hot sexy amazeing but a litle short though

facawat 2013.08.26
The game was good but a little bit short.

wessmith 2013.08.25
decent game just to short, but good graphics

skullkruncher125 2013.08.24
the story and graphics were good, but what really got me was the hot nurse. xD

GrimBurke 2013.08.22
The nurse looks great. The story is usual and graphics was good. I give 7/10 points.

zizu98 2013.08.16
Short game, at least graphics are good!

camathew 2013.08.13
superb and awesome game ever
but short

camathew 2013.08.13
superb and awesome game ever

Dramen01 2013.08.11
I found this one interesting. Like others have said, a bit short, but most FT games seem to be. There were some new controls to be figured out vs other FT games I`ve played so far. Some of the clicking needs to be very precise adding a bit of difficulty.

killfac13 2013.08.05
The game was good but a little bit short.

sexaythang 2013.08.04
the graphics were pretty good, but the game was short !

CrazyNwild 2013.08.01
its a god game to play at night when your in bed

rames44a 2013.07.25
All the FT games play pretty much the same. That being said, the anime-style graphics are pretty decent.

noogad 2013.07.24
Shame its not animated but great story and photos. I`ll enjoy playing this more.

lbz 2013.07.22
these ft games always have great graphics I really enjoy them

fendydliedbulk 2013.07.19
awesome game..
kinda like it..

marck4 2013.07.14
nice game beutifol girl too

grazr28 2013.07.09
it is ok but every sex Scene is like the same

evilmjtrist2 2013.07.05
I really enjoy this game series so I love how many are posted on this site.

stiff_wood 2013.07.01
i could always go for some sex therapy ;)

sexxxmachine 2013.06.28
i love this game really hot and i especially like the graphics

phoenix7329967306 2013.06.27
Very fun game I loved it

monsterhigh 2013.06.22
Its a good game i think it could have been a little bit longer

zentrix100 2013.06.13
nothing special. The simplicity of the trivia questions reflects the overall simplicity of this game.Pretty straightforward,

zentrix100 2013.06.13
amazing quality, hot girl,Love Fucktown, always make simple and enjoyable games.

bigfred1 2013.06.10
nice film quiz, i liked it

mastermind62 2013.06.09
amazing quality, hot girl, be sure to know your film trivia

Stringbean952444 2013.06.06
This is a nice game with great girls but is very short.

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

skykul3 2013.06.03
good graphics but may not add it to fav.

champion1980 2013.05.31
great game but need more deferent sound of women

fuc1234 2013.05.29
very good game i love it and its too long also

yapahitaza 2013.05.25
This game makes me soo horny!!

Tages01 2013.05.23
I missed the kisses - it jumped straight to shagging.

Felt the quiz should have restarted rather than give you more than one chance - too easy.

Fun though......

mazuzuri 2013.05.19
A good game with some nice looking anime graphics, just what ive come to like of FT games. I also like the small minigames that they put into their games to give more diversity than simple progressive storyline gameplay were you simply click continue.

SaiKuru 2013.05.15
nice game with a nice girl...makes fun

99rd 2013.05.09
nic game..........sexy girls

gwazz 2013.05.03
a nice easy game great fun to play

manguy 2013.05.03
Nice game, and also the girl

3afterthird 2013.05.02

hlh111 2013.05.02
Better then the other FT games I`ve played

Mr Loz 2013.04.27
Standard game play for this type of game, good fun

arturo.m1497 2013.04.26
i like these kind of games keep em coming

hyugaryuji 2013.04.24
awsome game n great grapichs

gwazz 2013.04.21
much the same as many other games

assfucker22 2013.04.20
Great game with great graphics

TeenageDirtbagBaby 2013.04.20
I love these games. The game play is AWESOME

pezzo1 2013.04.20
nice game beautifull girl too ^^

pmt114 2013.04.19
nice graphics,maybe could have been a little longer

madmax68 2013.04.18
Great game, love a nurse like that!!!@

hotty girl099 2013.04.16
babe love those boobs babe

say911 2013.04.14
Those graphics were really nice but i wonder if it could have been better

iccurumba 2013.04.14
Really nice looks. Nice simple play through, though the bar might take too long to fill up

bidphil 2013.04.13
great game awewsome nurse

NoMySql 2013.04.11
Very good looking graphics,
Story could have been a little better

cro4life 2013.04.09
the game is ok first time you play it even though the story itself is kind of short

Folemeister 2013.04.08
the best FT game iv played

hotzack 2013.04.06
what a perfect game i think i`ll add it to my favorite list

strouddaniel 2013.04.06
love the nurse wish i could have one

Sir_Loins 2013.04.04
Yes well versed in trivia especially Movie stuff.

Dottomesso 2013.04.03
Very nice graphic and very interesting adventure... i love this game!

poe_raven 2013.03.31
slightly more challenging than typical FT game. Enjoyed

sexytom80 2013.03.30
totally sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SexxCova 2013.03.26
nice game but a bit too easy... lovely babes

shyrosie 2013.03.23
I didnt really like this game i am more in to sim games in which i thought this was one

Sradsix 2013.03.18
good game and sexy nurse :)

tranklin007 2013.03.17
ww this game rules the girl is hot the movie trivia was easy and the storyline is great

julius7791 2013.03.08
the graphics were good, the videoscenes were nice

AdlianNurbhakti 2013.03.07
ah yes! I love that nurses, she`s very hot!

gikumcgiq 2013.03.06
Some of the graphics look a bit weird. In rest the game is ok.

lovebunny 2013.03.05
I loved it it got me so horny

Someone_92 2013.02.27
It`s a good game, i love it much

jerkyman 2013.02.26
pretty good. i could get off to it.

busu99 2013.02.24
Good game , nice graphic.

shinriku 2013.02.23
The was no real problem with the game if you ask me.

shivers1 2013.02.21
s always good games, good graphic`s and nice game play. And thanks for the walk through

ta1inst3a1th88 2013.02.20
this game was outstanding

rommor123 2013.02.19
awesome girls,awesome graphics sexy

Stijn25 2013.02.18
good story line and animation

coolsex 2013.02.15
The graphics was great animation

ahmedboy123 2013.02.11
pretty awesome game including graphics and animation

Zrdry 2013.02.11
found this one more sexy nurse i like it

minikingy43 2013.02.10
very good game, long story, i loved it.

rockhard567 2013.02.10
Not a bad game. It is very fun

mamiz 2013.02.10
i absoulutley love this game

Xoxo44 2013.02.09
another great story and yes sexy chicks and great sex scenes but needs ore action and fuck everywhere on girl

imavirgin27 2013.02.09
never played this game before.. sounds good? everyone agrree?

Joker7175 2013.02.07
Not bad, not great. Girl looks good, but needs more interaction

milany 2013.02.06
its ok... good looking girl but its a bit boring

Ickmal 2013.02.06
this game is a bit boring, pretty girls but it misses some interactions. Too bad !

kpjr278 2013.02.06
FT are pretty linear, and the gameplay is repetitive. Girls are very hot, though!

sutty 2013.02.06
wow great game try it claire is soooo hot.

sutty 2013.02.06
great game love it claire is so hot

KinkyK 2013.02.05
this one was ok not so fun

jim101 2013.02.05
not a bad game, still fun to play

patellove 2013.02.04
Wonderful Game!!! Claire is sexy nurse.. I also want to fuck her..!!

sweetheart23 2013.02.01
good game a really enjoyed it .

shadow8 2013.01.30
good game and grsaphics story is linear though

RatedR12586 2013.01.30
I honestly find these games to be a major downfall the music sounds like a meet & fuck game, the graphics arn`t to hot, the girls could be better and being able to do you`re own name, how you look and all would be a big inprovement.

zacrules23 2013.01.26
fantastic nice and strait forward

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Nice graphics, but the game is too simple.

bansheeghost12345 2013.01.24
this was a very good game

MasterBear 2013.01.24
Pretty straightforward, but be sure to be "well-versed" in your trivia

Belugacccc 2013.01.21
i like it, i like it a lot

ResidentZipfl 2013.01.19
nice gameplay, really good graphics and animations, mega hot nurse = best FT game ever

1d rocks 2013.01.19
i like this game but its hard

ardhie00 2013.01.17
Nice Game !!! I hope the story continued xD

Dylantheworldclassfucker 2013.01.16
Thought the girl was hot and the story was good but the graphics left something to be desired

craig83 2013.01.15
love this series cant wait for more

Quineon 2013.01.15
Erotic game with a romantic twist

oranjeboven 2013.01.13
Very good looking graphics,
Story could have been a little better

Jajerjack 2013.01.13
Not a bad game. The art could definitely be better though. Could also use a mute button...

Dogpie 2013.01.13
All the FT games are basiaclly the same, still pretty good though

slevinj 2013.01.11
I love these kind of games!

DantesInferno666 2013.01.09
the trivia was pretty easy

simon34 2013.01.07
i do like the game its good

markfred 2013.01.06
awesome graphics and role models...pretty straight forward

whatupg 2013.01.06
Great game, only one girl and linear story but. Great ga,me

jessica88312 2013.01.05
very good graphics I enjoyed it very much

Faizanbhatti18 2013.01.04
Perfect game for perfect site with perfect graphics

superslayer 2013.01.03
superb game, great grahics and audio

hot5433 2013.01.02
Awesome gameplay graphics everything.... really gud animation...

Roedebard 2013.01.02
standard game level.but the game area ist vignetted by playforce one`s display area . Therefore parts of the texts and buttons are cut off.

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.01
great game. i loved much...

00northrup 2013.01.01
this is a great game. love the graphics

bakuryu14 2012.12.31
this is one of ft masterpiece, magnifico!

monkey12 2012.12.31
That is the best hospital ever. Great game

Biffyz4 2012.12.31
Great game, the nurse was smokin hot

imlonely 2012.12.31
the graphics are very good

AtzeGeil1977 2012.12.30
she makes me feel that i real touch her skin

lolidunno123 2012.12.30
My favorite game! So good looking, very hot

salsaaaa 2012.12.28
This game is so simple
but, I like its graphics and animation,,
and,, well, this is a good game

DarkAngelInside 2012.12.28
very nice game!!!!! i like the nurse`s outfit!!! pink forever!!!!

ahmedboy123 2012.12.27
i like the gameplay and animation especially the graphics

dnavyman 2012.12.27
Very good looking graphics,
Story could have been a little better

Varlash 2012.12.26
Great game and graphics simple and short but nice

Hansy81 2012.12.26
Nice game, goddamned lucky patient)

ballsac 2012.12.25
If life were as easy as this game, I`d go to the hospital more often. Nice game.

BulleT208 2012.12.24
nice girl and great game, simple tho

silky 2012.12.23
fine game and nice animation :P

bigdick68 2012.12.23
he broke his leg so he gets sex

marco25 2012.12.22
very easy I love this games.

Buick 2012.12.20
A lot of trivia questions, was enjoyable overall

thecocker 2012.12.19
i want to have a sex therapy to

3xtdomolovers 2012.12.17
love the nurse god dammit much ! gonna play this game again !

Dennis400 2012.12.17
Very HOTT I love this games.

samarth19 2012.12.17
oh maaaan. this one is awesome. i love it

BlackPlague 2012.12.16
really good. hate the trivia though

gartal 2012.12.15
very good game and easy loaded

Ally 2012.12.14
Poor story, great girl tho ;(

pawacoteng 2012.12.14
Not bad for a Fuck Town. Took me awhile to realize her eyebrows needed complimenting.

rikufang 2012.12.13
very good game, liked the story and gameplay

cobra1347 2012.12.12
Nice game really makes impact on my dick.

jay09 2012.12.12
Great Game! I Want To Fuck!

4 2012.12.12
really great game, good graphics too

4 2012.12.12
great graphics and good gameplay

CalebIronside 2012.12.11
The game played very well and the graphics and animation is very good. The story line was well thought out.

Mr. Magic 2012.12.11
Not the greatest, but who doesn`t love a naughty nurse?

ScottMcMiller 2012.12.11
Storyline is not original, just going through the usual moves.
Graphics/Girl look great though.

drewski0 2012.12.11
Not a bad game. Decent graphics.

sanfoora 2012.12.11
good game ,, Graphics and quality

hummer82 2012.12.09
Good easy game if you can remember names.

Ari12345 2012.12.08
Need more creative in the gameplay I think...

REYNALDO 2012.12.08
nice game beutifol girl tooo

MV2150 2012.12.07
Not to shabby. It`d be nice if the images lines were cleaner to give a sharper and a slightly more well-defined image, but otherwise, it`s a pretty good game.

ilikeappes 2012.12.05
lol getting her in bed after talking about kissing

Antares123 2012.12.05
well, this game is great and the girl is very beauty :). especially the graphic

Winterfox213 2012.12.05
Hot game, pretty girls, good graphics

Tusher 2012.12.04
pretty nurse hot game and well quality

farabi 2012.12.04
very nice game i love it !

Long Dick 2012.12.03
Nice game,enjoyed it a lot.

cobra1347 2012.12.03
Nothing much in deep but one time game.

fallen253 2012.12.03
the game was pretty good i do have to agree that the compliment part of the game was a bit odd.

damarhasi 2012.12.03
YES: nice pic, good story

darknez 2012.12.02
Pretty nurse , simple game . The compliments section in between was kinda weird.

jhonbryan 2012.12.01
I enjoyed it, Though the story is only linear, i love it

markovnikov 2012.11.30
man, is this series tedious

adrian44 2012.11.29
Lovely nurse good game all the same

BossDuck111999 2012.11.28
An odd but very fun games. Keep up the good work!

Shadow1345 2012.11.28
well the nurse was pretty and the trivia did require you to be a bit knowledgeable

idunnoman 2012.11.27
Love Fucktown, always make simple and enjoyable games, this is no exception

xes9960 2012.11.27
good game, i enjoyed it

brock4691 2012.11.26
Good tits on the Nurse, also good movie questions too.

StefanW 2012.11.25
the graphics of this game are great

slitplayer 2012.11.24
Nice Nurse I love the way she rewards for all correct answers.

ohhanalittlepussy 2012.11.24
Love it ;) This is the best game ever.

Sevensyn007 2012.11.24
like it looking foward for more

paul72002 2012.11.24
good game . little bit linear but still good

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
I enjoyed it, although I would have liked to see from better angles.

chief007 2012.11.22
very good game.....nice graphics.....love it!!!!!!

h-life7 2012.11.21
i wish we had such hospitals here:D,it was a good game.loved it!

chairman066 2012.11.20
a little too easy to get there...

SexyWomanFucker 2012.11.19
lovely sex game just one bad thing is about the graphics if u dont mind improve them

BulletBait 2012.11.19
Not bad. I wish there were more options though. It`s a simple walk through.

yzenginoglu 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


cartubb 2012.11.19
Nice nurse story. Like it!

Act132 2012.11.19
Great game and a very hot girl

blade123 2012.11.18
great game - great gameplay ;) And the beautiful ...

titygobler 2012.11.17
good game the girl is really hot

sorakingk 2012.11.17
i like the way the gamplayis. It got me hooked.

piyush111 2012.11.16
great straight forward game

jackjones 2012.11.15
straightforward and decent

ragna216 2012.11.14
very good graphics,nice girl,and great video scenes ,keep up the good work!

elishacuthbert 2012.11.14
Great game, but if you want to please her, you have to do exacly what she wants.

leezl 2012.11.14
good game sexy nurse game was a bit short hope it will be longer

Monopoly8787 2012.11.14
Good game and good graphics

mastermiro 2012.11.13
Easy but rly nice to play

andy_regresa 2012.11.12
very great game, i wanna play it more

cherokeejames87 2012.11.12
decent game, but the graphics were disapointing.

jetlim26 2012.11.11
Good game, hot nurse. What`s not to like?

biggsreddy 2012.11.10
Nice game although there could be more endings

woody86 2012.11.07
i loved this game.....if only all nurses were so attentive!

benjaminpead 2012.11.07
ThIS games is exillent for playing in your free time

NK240 2012.11.07
Great game, hot nurse like it!

ganjahtreu 2012.11.07
eally nice and horny game!!!!
hot bitches and good hard sex!!!!

Thumper_1 2012.11.07
Good game, hot nurse. What`s not to like?

domebitch12 2012.11.07
Good game but you really got to know your stuff hint its Avatar

Excadragon 2012.11.07
Nice game and beautifull girl

woody86 2012.11.07
awesome game i loved it that nurse is FIT

therealme 2012.11.07
nice game, but little bit to easy. But good to get to know this type of games

mitzzuki 2012.11.06
Great graphics, great game.

f1rstt1mer 2012.11.06
a little tamer than some of the games

kukki 2012.11.06
Nice graphics, but the storyline is, unfortunately a bit to basic and linear.

hellboy47 2012.11.06
easy game..there was no complications in it only when you answer questions

cool0609 2012.11.05
its so good i like it very much and i want to play more and more games

jepoy0823 2012.11.05
this game is so fucking great because the nurses breast is fucking big

jepoy0823 2012.11.05
this game is so cool
and this game is very hot

Asher226 2012.11.05
most amazing game. i play it often.

jepoy0823 2012.11.05
this game is great and i like when they anal sex

247chevy 2012.11.05
it definitely wasn`t the best game i have ever played before

shevec21 2012.11.04
it`s a very good game with great graphics but it should be longer!

HeartcoreRemo 2012.11.03
the animation is good, the girl are very nice, but its very short! but great game

i_sexmaniac 2012.11.03
great game really good

HenryMaster 2012.11.03
unlike other boring hentai games, very cool animations too :)

Rawlitz 2012.11.02
great game all in all, but the grammar could still use some work

Cloans 2012.11.02
Nice sex scenes with decent graphics. Quiz is fun, though all around easy.

PlayFOne 2012.11.01
Love the games, but the girls could use an update.

ankush65 2012.11.01
pretty average game, i liked the quiz but not that impressive

cjthedevil 2012.11.01
Avery good game with good graphics and nice animation

dik12312 2012.11.01
pretty good game very sexy.

zman1394 2012.11.01
hot busty fucking nurse. i wish every hospital had nurse like her

zman1394 2012.11.01
hot busty and beautiful. mice graphics

marik0502 2012.11.01
Game is awesome and the graphics are impressive

MISSpASSion 2012.10.31
good graphics & loved the story line, there should be a follow-up.

kierka 2012.10.31
I had a number of reactions to this game... On x-ray? An x-ray... Also by the time you got to the scene where he is well and trying to make out with her... she is naked... and is it really necessary to have all of the stuff... seemed a little out of place... finally... the hard option seems more FAST than HARD... just look at the rhythm of the pump action... So-so game....

Reyson 2012.10.31
wow, i liked the part when she said "let`s kiss" then they started fucking

tumamasota 2012.10.30
the pictures are good and exitant!!

tumamasota 2012.10.30
que bacan este juego muy sexy

geblek 2012.10.30
the animation is good, the girl are very nice, but its very short! but great game

andy001 2012.10.30
nice game but pretty easy also nice game plan and graphics

blackhawk_86 2012.10.30
nice story with loads of sex

Raiko 2012.10.29
I like how they say "let`s kiss" but start fucking instead

bastid2006 2012.10.28
I have played this game for quite a lot, and it`s AWESOME!!!!

Sacklbicka 2012.10.27
way to subtile but at least nice graphics

busu99 2012.10.27
i like this nurser very much

SScorpionn31 2012.10.27
Really good game. It could be longer and more challenging though.

londo 2012.10.27
137 Points and nothing went bad :)
nice game! need some attemps to find the right path

rikyrat 2012.10.27
Too easy. didn`t matter if I answered the questions right or not.

dbeast 2012.10.26
This game was easier than the rest of them, as you only had to compliment her, and answering the movie questions correctly wasn`t required

lordviperion 2012.10.26
The gameplay was interresting despise the short story .. nice touch with the questions

kallango 2012.10.25
Great game. The graphics are so well, the animation is good, the girl are very nice, but its very short!

DanWestcoast 2012.10.25
Straightforward and easy. And really appeals to the movie nerd

arnoild168 2012.10.24
have a long time dont come here,first game dont know how grateful.

mann234 2012.10.23
nice game and i love it and The girl looks great

bluedevilcindy 2012.10.23
This is a great game, girl is hot.

hanibal194 2012.10.22
nice game but very too short one could be better if longer

Gr3cx 2012.10.22
Pretty good animation i think!

DjoleKG 2012.10.22
very very good game, i love her

dgkesquire 2012.10.22
I like it well enough. Basic animation, not the most original storyline (nurse heals patient with sex). Good, but not your best.

jagear69 2012.10.21
the gameplay was good so were the graphicss

khushbu 2012.10.21
it was good but not so much sex appealing

16291god 2012.10.21
preety easy game but i will give it 5 out of 5

wateshito 2012.10.20
Pretty good game...like every other FT game its pretty straight and very hot}

Xyzzy 2012.10.20
Game was just okay. No challenge, even the movie trivia quiz was easy. Graphics only so-so. Definitely not up to PF1 or LOP standards.

Amayari 2012.10.20
Passed the Trivia on first try, but most were guesses. Was a bit hard though. Besides that, I loved the animation and the Nurse was hot.

bendu45 2012.10.20
Game quite good if you have a bit of knowledge in cinema...

Mr Tickles 2012.10.19
This is a simple, but fun game to play.

maml1996 2012.10.19
The girl looks great. The story is usual, graphics was good

J i i z 2012.10.19
I love this game! The way it`s done.. I Like it.

lilbabygurl 2012.10.19
nice game wish the sounds where better thou

scarface2473 2012.10.19
fun game and liked how easy it was to play

tai97190 2012.10.18
very good game i like it nice pictures

nimraAsif 2012.10.18
the game is good but too short

Black Widow 2012.10.17
It`s is an awesome game, I like the story and graphics.

El Diablo 2012.10.17
great graphic and awesome animation

Mr.Odd 2012.10.16
A typical ft game nice graphics and scene but a bit too easy 7/10

conbron 2012.10.16
nice game with nice quiz, but no so good sex-scenes

Xuz007 2012.10.15
The graphics was awesome....

chris o 1 2012.10.15
this game is the best game ever you sould play is so good

cloretscool 2012.10.15
the gameplay is good and the graphic is very 3D

biggsreddy 2012.10.15
Nice game although got 9/10 on movies

zylasty13 2012.10.14
pretty straight forward. too easy and only one girl

kao123456 2012.10.14
Questions are easy and girls are very attrative

anaspen 2012.10.14
gameplay is great nice styles very interesting nice music nice story

kiabia 2012.10.14
really nice graphics unlike some games

sweetkeene 2012.10.13
this game made me so horney

sidsarang 2012.10.12
game starts slowly and is too small too.......

roni@cox 2012.10.11
Pretty easy, I thought the graphics were beautiful. I do love a good nurse fantasy.

MasterSeth 2012.10.11
Always a fan of nurses so that`s a plus, enjoyed the art too~

michaeldennis 2012.10.11
i really love this game... ireaalllly do

Vladek 2012.10.10
Good game with nice graphics and easy to play.

FawnFighter 2012.10.10
It`s a good game and has good visuals.

TBear9877 2012.10.10
Deicent game with good visuales

Jack Cracker 2012.10.10
An average game but not unlikeable.:):):)

wamfab 2012.10.09
Looks good but seen better games.

lolcake2 2012.10.09
nice graphics but story is simple

zalasta1231 2012.10.08
Very nice. Hot nurse, beautiful

rung83 2012.10.08
vvery nice game, pretty straightforward

charliekills 2012.10.07
very nice game nice quiz great scenes

pavrisha 2012.10.07
The game was great, but I don`t understand the story very well

zomalagasy 2012.10.06
really nice game! like it

yasharz 2012.10.06
This is a great game... and i like it very much...

iamashisno 2012.10.06
Good game, starts a little slow but once you get going its very well done.

topos1999 2012.10.05
Game is ok, nothing special....

needinsex 2012.10.05
Nothing too innovative. Oh well.

playerhg 2012.10.05
in some scenes the anatomy is a little bit off (in the last part she seems to have only one tit)

valbrock 2012.10.05
i find it fun that her mouth dosnt move during the first to sex seens

yamt 2012.10.03
so sexy, and awesome i would like to play another game like this one

faulguy 2012.10.03
Animation for the nurse was great. Wasn`t too long, wasn`t too short. Liked it better than most MnF games.

midgriff 2012.10.02
Pretty much the same as all the games in the series.

sexpower 2012.10.02
nice game and i want to be that guy who sex with nurse

wezel1987 2012.10.01
Nice game.. And the girl is a beauty!

vampiresvswolf 2012.09.30
it is a really nice game
i really like it

golferflog 2012.09.30
makes me want to find my own nurse, gret game

Blitzkriegbob 2012.09.30
sadly these games dont variant much, so its boring by now, but the arts are greate.

anti_aliasing 2012.09.29
it`s a good game even though it is an anime-styled game

manyk85 2012.09.29
Pretty easy, I thought the graphics were beautiful. I do love a good nurse fantasy.

icrazyur2 2012.09.29
to easy and graffics not tht hot

SexCrave 2012.09.29
well i love the graaphics XD

funcrazycreator 2012.09.29
normal...not special, anything is new

jackman2011 2012.09.29
quite nice but nothing special

cloudark 2012.09.28
good game,intresting trivia questions.movie heads will get them right instantly,fun and sexy.

Asda101 2012.09.27
Amazing game, great quality

juicypussy 2012.09.27
i love this game it makes me horny

pranav king 2012.09.27
nice game and sexy girl

aaaaax 2012.09.27
I really wish they`d hire a writer for their games because every single story they made by now

NightStalker73au 2012.09.27
awesome game play and graphics

Polli-brr 2012.09.27
The game was great, but I don`t understand the story very well

derda 2012.09.26
Interesting story line, one of the better ones for just looking for something to do

firemedic0013 2012.09.26
Nice game. A little plain with the graphics but the girl was hot.

McCluff 2012.09.26
Wow! Short but great game

ImrtlWolf 2012.09.26
it was short but there were only a couple of scenes that showed everything

mikefrost94 2012.09.26
I like the graphics a lot but it seems too short and straightfoward

raven123321 2012.09.26
this game is sick i wish it were real its so awsome

oranjeboven 2012.09.25
Nice effort.
Nothing new or spectacular, but ok.

sexyguyxx 2012.09.25
very very fun i loved it all games here are best

ProbeGT 2012.09.25
Not Bad, but i have seen better games from them!

deontrix 2012.09.25
not to bad i liked the anime style graphics

odierenoldy 2012.09.24
the quality`s good, but too bad the sound isnt very arousing :p

maceodou 2012.09.24
Quizz is quaint for this kind of games. Graphics "Hentai"` are cool too. But no story...

diary 2012.09.24
nice game,easy to play,good scenes

Tackleberry111 2012.09.24
Like the quiz part, simple game and fun too.

warwer2000 2012.09.24
Same as many of the other games from publisher. The trivia is a bit on the tough side if you aren`t that passionate about trivia.

vadonka 2012.09.23
i like sexy nurses, im getting hard while watch

larryanthony 2012.09.23
what a beauty there, too bad it was too short

kevin4550 2012.09.23
nice game butt it needs more depth

talavar 2012.09.23
Nice game, nicely long and very hot, but i love lesbian games so please more lesbian games!

macky14 2012.09.23
game is good...trivia at the beginning kinda easy... wish there were more clickable options

DaFool 2012.09.23
these FT games are really good the animation in them is good and the graphics arent bad

Toddy123 2012.09.22
This game rocks my cock hard!

jahe 2012.09.22
short story,but nice
good graphic

tidekeeper 2012.09.22
an intresting game very enjoyable

IamBri 2012.09.22
Guess she`ll have to redo the bedding oncenre.e Charlie leaves.

Game is pretty much like all the others in this g

rattylogin 2012.09.22
was ok, although these games are getting a bit dull now

Whitney 2012.09.22
ok game, not very interesting story though

sanfran 2012.09.22
loved it really! its openly new and the graphics are amazing

s@nt!no 2012.09.22
I really wish they`d hire a writer for their games because every single story they made by now were beyond moronic.

Jokke1 2012.09.22
OK ! But far from the best game from "FT" Ok graphics and ok girls, but pretty straight forward !!!

derda 2012.09.22
the story is really good and the graphics are really nice

sl92131 2012.09.21
i like this nurser very much

steven123023 2012.09.21
this game was ok i have play better games berfore

nibroc17 2012.09.21
Could of had better graphics.

Yrthgrathe 2012.09.21
nice game, i like the question parts

gavial 2012.09.21
Love these games. Bring on more fuck town!

karmaXkiller 2012.09.20
gentle-hard-gentle-hard-gentle-hard...I think she had some kind of mental disorder

Lolotte 65 2012.09.20
good and i love this nurse

firefreak 2012.09.20
nice game but misses some additional options for the sexscenes like anal or tit rub during pounding.

branknock 2012.09.20
as with all these games i fine quite easy, but not bad graphic`s

harmann 2012.09.19
its a pleassure to play this game

TolR 2012.09.19
It`s very intresting and good game! thank you)

danilipe 2012.09.19
nice game, the girl is a beatuy

kjdehn 2012.09.19
i need sex theropy where is my nurse kelly

Arbaal 2012.09.19
Nice scenes. But way too short and linear for my liking. "trivia" is what it is.

mannyhattan 2012.09.19
very linear, but good for a FT game

happy5hour 2012.09.19
this game was decent but could of made it longer

Soul Assassin 2012.09.19
The girl looks great. The story is usual, graphics was good!

ECRIDER 2012.09.19
Interesting story line, one of the better ones for just looking for something to do

Peloquin73 2012.09.18
Average game but was expecting more

spirek 2012.09.18
The game is preety good I think.

electro*** 2012.09.18
okay that was pretty good game but i ` was expecting more of this...

mitch65 2012.09.18
It`s always the same type of games .... Boring

surfer78 2012.09.18
It`s always the same story. Those games are too similar each other!

recongrunt2211 2012.09.18
fun game graphics are good but the choice selection was on the light side

badboy_4578 2012.09.18
not a bad game..but more choices would be fun

fuckingmermaid 2012.09.18
too easy -w- but excellent graphics except for the guy`s dick & balls..
AWESOME POSITIONS ?? makes me wanna try it to somebody, lol...
Love the boobs. m/

ezraver 2012.09.18
this game is awesome, i love everything about it. more must be made

m3992010 2012.09.18
The girl is cute, however the sex is a bit mundane.

amrilim 2012.09.17
The nurse looks great. The story is usual and graphics was good

Bothead 2012.09.17
It was a good game. I liked it.

Tiger21 2012.09.17
Nothing special. When I want a film trivia game I`ll play one, thanks.

dreadwolf 2012.09.17
gameplay, graphic, animation are good some what short but good

looking foreword to more kelly

jeanmimel 2012.09.17
and ?? what`s new in the game ? not really interresting when we have playing the other ...

fall3n 2012.09.17
I didnt enjoy it that much, we need either more kelly or LOP games

coeur161 2012.09.17
Sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i wanna get fucked harddd

jmeoff 2012.09.17
More facial expressions than an eye blink, please.

Gewoontje 2012.09.17
Old and boring game nothing new..

Blad 2012.09.17
Nice Kisses this Nurse give!!

Stevenion 2012.09.17
in my opinion, it`s too repetetive.

picture_fool 2012.09.17
Typical FT game, but the girl is hot and that`s all that really matters.

derda 2012.09.17
Super easy but great looking girl

akb481 2012.09.17
game is a little bit short , but the graphic are great

mikicostanza 2012.09.17
good game with hot girl it`s very cool and funny

randy06 2012.09.16
another great story and yes sexy chicks and great sex scenes but needs ore action and fuck everywhere on girl

bricefrost 2012.09.16
the story is really good and the graphics are really nice

chook2109 2012.09.16
its not the best game going but still ok

kyuhyun0707 2012.09.16
not really interesting, i think it`s always same ending

mick149 2012.09.16
this was quite a good game but also got a bit boring!!!

gregscallywag 2012.09.16
I don`t get the whole hat comment for compliments. For the most part this was a typical FT game, but it lacks the pizazz some of the others have. Try something else.

thedoob 2012.09.16
Pretty good game...like every other FT game its pretty straight forward..and hot

BallIdiot 2012.09.16
Mediocre game and graphics... The movie trivia is interesting.

shadowplayer 2012.09.16
Didnt really like the game. The movies quiz was interesting though.

billu.shah4 2012.09.16
wow fantastic game i like it

Jokke 2012.09.16
Ok game, but not the best in the series

Vallheruh 2012.09.16
Average game, good for someone with nurse fetish but nothing new at all.

smexxiangel123 2012.09.15
best game ever, it was so sexy that i began to cum in my pants.

urbanita 2012.09.15
I start feeling those games quite repetitive, with minor changes in the history and different girls. Could it maybe evolve into something different in the future?

ozorne_6 2012.09.15
Nice Game. enjoyed playing it

Soulafein 2012.09.15
Good girl and good trivia

dyo20 2012.09.15
Super easy but great looking girl

robd_7 2012.09.15
Poor story, great girl tho!

Andalon 2012.09.15
nothing overly special, nice graphics tho

chap74 2012.09.15
The girl looks great. The story is usual, graphics was good nice yo play

biochm98 2012.09.15
fun game...like the movie question section

notes1 2012.09.15
The girl looks great. The story is usual, graphics was good

derda 2012.09.15
nice game good graphics pretty straightforward

j1an51 2012.09.15
wow she is a beauty good graphics

chairman066 2012.09.15
nice game, simple enough, but good, girl is cute...

Miller1992 2012.09.15
This game keeps you intrigued, but hard to completely compliment her thoroughly. Great game

yapok56171 2012.09.15
One and done. Nothing special. The simplicity of the trivia questions reflects the overall simplicity of this game.

farkas 2012.09.15
The nurse looks great. The story is usual and graphics was good. I give 7/10 points.

1flaguy 2012.09.15
Easy to play graphics are good great pics

eagleata 2012.09.15
only one girl. nothing special. and sex scenes are too short. thnx pf1 :I

stefano71 2012.09.15
quite nice but nothing special

Arbaal 2012.09.15
Average game: Nice graphix aso. But bit too easy and short, tbh

jimbob1234 2012.09.15
awesome game and very hot

cowboyup 2012.09.14
good story, and girl is so hot

Bigg31 2012.09.14
good quality graphics pretty straight forward

dandydon 2012.09.14
slightly more challenging than typical FT game. Enjoyed

Zalbar 2012.09.14
Good game, great graphics, but story needs to have something added, Its a little short,

worldkiller99 2012.09.14
Great Game Love Girl Good Graphics .

bestia99rom 2012.09.14
The girl looks great. The story is usual, graphics was good

viper34th 2012.09.14
poor story, the girl is hot

bjk2012 2012.09.14
i liked the game it was fun. the trivia part was different

talarahirn 2012.09.14
animation was good. story was a little linear. girl was hot.

jcc1985 2012.09.14
nice game good graphics pretty straightforward

C.C. 2012.09.14
These games are great to kill a little time. More challenging (but not impossible) are what I look for.

Souls at Zero 2012.09.14
Trivia was pretty simple, but a nice game none the less ...

Huhwell 2012.09.14
Game is fun, the trivia is off, the answers are not all correct.

eltoro2006 2012.09.14
is a prety good game good graphics

brit_man33 2012.09.14
Not bad. I wish there were more options though. It`s a simple walk through.

Jaaru 2012.09.14
Nice looking new game, liked it.

haiclem 2012.09.14
poor story but the girl is hot.
Are there any others in the other rooms?

rumxes 2012.09.14
The girl looks great. The story is usual, graphics was good

pasat 2012.09.14
nice game beutifol girl too

oranjeboven 2012.09.14
She´s a Beauty!
Nice videoscenes.
Though the story is only linear

Lelouche 2012.09.14
Pretty straightforward, but be sure to be "well-versed" in your trivia

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