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FT: College Tournaments


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Tiodor 2017.06.27
Hot girl and many position. Quite nice for a short game

ianjames 2017.03.17
its a pitty i am rubbish at checkers it looks an interesting game

XXXASHXXX 2016.10.29
it is an alright game but it could be better quality game play

jmaddy1 2016.10.16
FT games are hot. Love the big tittes

Sinfuldesire722 2016.01.05
sexy, but too short for me :(

jetguard 2015.12.22
The game is a bit short for my liking, but the girl... wow...

sclong 2015.12.16
quick and easy, good art work

Natsu55 2015.12.14
Hoping that FT games are gonna work on iOS stuff soon

idontcare1234567 2015.11.15
I remember playing this a few times, and i never finished it because i was stuck. Now, I can see the whole game. Not really worth it though.

AngelForYou 2015.02.19
good game, but graphics are not great


Kitkate 2015.01.29
Easy game of checkers in this game easy win

pokpokpok 2014.10.13
nice graphics, but pretty short

Futuros 2014.10.07
Good graphic not a lot of story.

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
Awesome sex in this one! No challenge except for the checkers.

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
This game has a really hotly rendered girl. I think the checkers opponent is a little easy since I kicked butt the first time and I haven`t played in years.

AltergoX 2014.07.25
Amazing game with lot of fun!

MalditoRasta 2014.07.18
Very boring!! not interesting that all!

Drakefyre3 2014.06.27
the problem here is i suck at chess since i never play it

Yipdog 2014.06.26
Very easy to play but i would like if it took a little bit more of a challenge

nightman23 2014.06.06
I really enjoyed this one

GP69 2014.05.16
Simple, fun and this girls takes on hell of a shagging!

airwaves182 2014.04.25
what is this, lack of story, so boring, it`s not challenging at all

joskenel 2014.04.24
Nice game. But way too short and easy.

cloverbeauty 2014.03.02
I find this game fun to play

cloverbeauty 2014.03.02
its cool and fun to play

cloverbeauty 2014.03.02
this game is a really cool game is amazingly fun

Fucker26 2014.02.07
Nice game and Graphics :)

cloudleonheart 2014.01.27
ft has always been good but some times it depends which one is best

hanagiri 2014.01.25
superb graphics!! nice game

Ultra123 2014.01.17
Nice game but the story line is short and only 1 player to compete with.

TheNaturatt 2014.01.04
The game was enjoyable. I won the checkers tournament with the first try. I guess my girl was very horny, because she went for "hard" 4 times in a row! :D

waqs202 2013.11.27
nothing but hard gentle,slow fast.hard .this game sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

ilmilio 2013.11.18
oh please!!! remove it. it`s boring and not at the site level

drobbo19 2013.10.20
very good game, love it!!!

Ruben1231 2013.10.18
sweet game 5 stars loved it

SilverSerpentZ 2013.10.11
This game was outrageous. Truly, truly, outrageous.

noogad 2013.09.24
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

HornyMan123456 2013.09.01
I like this games, one of my favorite kind of it

madmax68 2013.08.30
excellent game, love the graphics - lucky I can play checkers

zelda81 2013.08.27
hot sexy and a little short by so amazing

skullkruncher125 2013.08.24
i overall loved this game. the graphics, animations were great.

Badvoc 2013.08.08
basic and simplistic, the checkers was very easy also, like some of the other comments the 4 sex scenes were a little overlong especially when the randomizer keeps choosing gentle

noogad 2013.07.26
amazing! very interactive and pleasing.

NightingGale 2013.07.26
Looked nice enough but I hate not being able to pick my speed.

Briscoe_1001 2013.07.26
Very interesting game, i liked it alot!

marck4 2013.07.14
Nice game. But way too short and easy.

aldiele 2013.07.11
there`s a little lack of movement in the game ... but its okay ! i like checkers

sfwatas 2013.07.08
i almoust never lost at the checers maybe once but cool game nice boobs

shishkabob 2013.07.07
This is about the first FT game that i liked. It has been ages since I played checkers. I like her instructions changed and were not the basic 1,2,3,4 in ascending order.

MrBlue 2013.07.04
LoL nice game easy and positions where cool. Could use more girls and more challenges and a bigger reward at the end ;)

stiff_wood 2013.07.01
hot girl and hot positions! fun game!

wessmith 2013.06.19
love the multiple positions and the checkers game was fun

DarKzWhite 2013.06.16
I like it because it showing several positions.

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

Arok_BE 2013.05.31
Really cute little game, kudo for that one

shyman44425 2013.05.25
easy game but this guy lasted a lot longer than i could have

sexybitch09xx 2013.05.24
the game was good even thought im bad at checkers made me concertrate real hard

derda 2013.05.23
Interesting story, easy to follow, pretty nice :-)

tempora.neo 2013.05.22
a lot of click is boring. graphics good but animations?... the story is good by the way.

mazuzuri 2013.05.20
I like FT games, however this one became rather monotonus after the game of checkers and the first 2 sex scenes. It lacked the diversity i`ve come to expect from FT games

gwazz 2013.05.10
why checkers im rubbish at this

3afterthird 2013.05.02

NoMySql 2013.04.11
Games play is alright, dont story sucks, need more interaction than sex

heat_alucard666 2013.04.07
nice animation FT always good with this

jasmin011 2013.04.02
I love the FT games but they are short

sexytom80 2013.03.30
i love all the games by FT

glock1 2013.03.26
Nice animations. Good game

bbbrich9 2013.03.11
short, a bit repetitive, but enjoyable.

julius7791 2013.03.09
This game is a little short but animations were nice

HotRod6114 2013.02.26
good game i play it more for the checkers game more than anything

PuddingMill 2013.02.16
If only I had learnt how to play checkers, life would be complete right now

Xoxo44 2013.02.09
Good Game.Increases your knowledge

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.09
Checkers is interesting, but it`s a bit long and gets boring fast.

kpjr278 2013.02.07
FT games need to have better gameplay. The lack of choices brings them down.

pieman3151 2013.01.30
pretty good, could be more challenging

lonesttarr 2013.01.29
checkers? are you kidding me? fucking checkers? that alone kills the game for me

wooddesk94 2013.01.29
its not bad,sex could be better

davy3158 2013.01.27
i love this game its cute

ua tom 2013.01.27
i stuck in check game.game stop and do not want continue

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Awesome gameplay and graphics , but way too short and easy.

zcoleman20 2013.01.21
I wish the game was more difficult

chesty 2013.01.18
Checkers was a differnt twist, the rest was a little predictible.

Acidburn 2013.01.18
finally learnd how to play checkers! Cool game, needs a little bit more action

Rau2220000 2013.01.13
Good Game.Increases your knowledge

markfred 2013.01.07
Ok game could lengthen up the story

tradeononline 2013.01.06
can make it some more good.any way its interesting,....

whatupg 2013.01.06
easy game but nice quality graphics, recommend playing on high

nugget61 2013.01.03
games ok...haven`t played checkers in years !!

Maurice92 2013.01.03
Challenging game...I loved the variety of positions!

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.01
great game. i loved much...

DiabolicDemon 2012.12.31
Nice Game. The hardest part for me is the checkers match. I`ve never been good in playing it

133713371337 2012.12.26
Too easy.. A checker game to get laid?

gto269699 2012.12.18
I liked the game fun and exciting a bit to easy but sexy

gartal 2012.12.15
would you help my with Checkers please?

Mr. Magic 2012.12.15
Man these FT chicks are demanding. Makes me wish I had something else to stick in their mouths so they will stop telling me what to do!

ralfbear 2012.12.11
nice graphics with a long sex scene

dalebob111 2012.12.08
this game has great graphics and the girl in it has amazing tits. ye

mohmoh 2012.12.07
i have so much fun whit this game..... interesting ... lovely

Tusher 2012.12.05
i enjoy it over all very sexul game

jhonbryan 2012.12.02
I liked. only I didnt go quite as far as this guy did. Overall, very good game.

thking 2012.11.29
way to short and definatly way to easy as well

anj0s 2012.11.29
i like ,game easy fast ,win checkers ...

idunnoman 2012.11.27
way too easy, but still an enjoyable game with decent graphics

xes9960 2012.11.27
good game, enjoyed it, many different positions

sam786 2012.11.27
nice and simple with good audio

Sevensyn007 2012.11.24
nice one with a longer then usual sex scene

casillasvvbb 2012.11.22
great game nice graphics i like play force one

120489 2012.11.19
This is not there best but it good enough

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


Act132 2012.11.19
an ok game but could bee more difficult with a longer story

titygobler 2012.11.18
good game girl is really sexy

Bossian 2012.11.16
bst game ever!!!!!! short but good

KillamanKaos 2012.11.13
Great game with good graphic and the girls were sexy

Fmwarloc 2012.11.11
short but good game. perfect for a before work quicky

Bezirksbeleger 2012.11.11
nice game, really easy but good for a quicky :)

vezmous 2012.11.09
Great game! But way too simple...

kalle813 2012.11.09
way to simpel but i had fun with it.

andy_regresa 2012.11.09
great game, play it and you will enjoy it

wbailey 2012.11.07
Ok graphics, very little options during play, a little repetitive

domebitch12 2012.11.07
Game is super easy and simple! wasn`t a big fan

therealme 2012.11.07
good game, not very challenging though

Thumper_1 2012.11.06
Good graphics, easy game play. Need more like these.

rafaelcosta 2012.11.06
game very easy, nice graghtis

247chevy 2012.11.05
i find that these kinds of games are fairly interesting and this game doesn`t fail to live up to my expectations

kennerfreak72 2012.11.03
i enjoyed thei game alot, i want this to happen to me

jakster 2012.11.01
great graphics for a 2d game

marik0502 2012.11.01
great game and graphics are very impressive

caseyb1990 2012.10.31
awesome game hit it hard!

kierka 2012.10.31
I liked the girl... a little different than many... voluptuous body without being too skinny.. seemed more natural... perhaps it would be better if you lost passion levels for not doing the right action in a certain amount of time it would be better... Checkers was nice...

Rockaholic3505 2012.10.29
this need to happen in real life!!!!

gustloco 2012.10.28
i love i love i love i love i love this game

Dexterous 2012.10.28
Nothing like revisiting games like this - absolutely perfect.

pankusy 2012.10.27
I really like this game but it`s easy and short

busu99 2012.10.27
The game was easy but It`s for fap afrer all

gustloco 2012.10.27
i wanna fuck wath when wanna fuck fuck with fuck

hanibal194 2012.10.22
nice ft some gome game before reward!!

khushbu 2012.10.22
it was a good game but not best

derrabe77 2012.10.21
really nice and hot girls!!!

manfuck98 2012.10.21
little hard , but its fantastic

wateshito 2012.10.20
This one have nice graphics, keep making games like this

franckcastle 2012.10.19
a good game, as good as the previous kind. Love the end.

manon89 2012.10.19
though the graphics are bit shaky good one!!! can give 7 out of 10

El Diablo 2012.10.17
chellenging game awesome

thansen 2012.10.15
This game follow a common patern and offers nothing new.

love7612 2012.10.15
I really liked this game . It gave you the opportunity to show off your skills aswell as do what what you love .

a3452 2012.10.14
really good game>i liked it

branman59x 2012.10.14
good game but too sohrt :(

ll22 2012.10.13
good sex scenes long enough to enjoy

jimjr0069 2012.10.12
Good game but needs a faster pace

banzai95 2012.10.11
Very nice game, could be more challenging

TBear9877 2012.10.10
Good game i enjoyed the multiple scenes

JakeTheGamer 2012.10.09
Kinda hot, but it was lacking.

charliekills 2012.10.08
an alright game very easy nice incorporation of the checkers game

gamer88 2012.10.07
sooooo short, expected more.

topos1999 2012.10.07
is ok game, nice graphics.....

manyk85 2012.10.06
Short simple and sweet. Graphics were great!

yasharz 2012.10.06
This is a great game... and i like it very much...

barl32 2012.10.06
hot game and such lovely ladies

KatyX 2012.10.04
Nice. Checkers was way too easy tho.

Jack Cracker 2012.10.04
This is one game I will never be good at. Graphics is very good, however.:):):)

metupilago 2012.10.02
liked the game unluckily is to easy

sexpower 2012.10.02
this is good and need more challenging

wezel1987 2012.10.01
This is a good game to kill some time..

JoJoe 2012.09.30
Great game, checkers was easy.

ShadowDCW 2012.09.30
Nice game to play and nice graphic, but I did loss the game like 3 times. lol

TolR 2012.09.29
good game)))very oode graphtic but very short))

mudkip81 2012.09.27
good gameplay but could use more storyline

pritesh_khalashi 2012.09.26
this is such a great game.

larryanthony 2012.09.23
why it always like this lol. need some improvement

vadonka 2012.09.23
nice graphics, i like this girl, his boob size is my type.

xfldan 2012.09.23
Pretty standard game. Checkers was the only unique part.

macjdt 2012.09.23
nice game. a bit too easy

boob13 2012.09.21
hot game and such lovely ladies

erpoly 2012.09.21
i love this game... graphic also not bad...sound nice for this game...love it

Cyraxel 2012.09.21
Short story line; like checkers though long sex scene as well

IamOwn 2012.09.18
sex scene was too long other than that good game

rexy2009 2012.09.17
this game makes my penis wet!!!!!!!!

dirtymind2112 2012.09.16
nice game only her boobs are too big and the sex scene took to long

kyuhyun0707 2012.09.16
it`s boring, the sex scene is too long, but the story line was very short

Jokke1 2012.09.16
I enjoyed the game and the girl was cute.

dyo20 2012.09.15
good graphics the sex scenes kinda get boring

ascottcoffman 2012.09.15
the game needs a better cum shot

billu.shah4 2012.09.14
wow what great game i like it.

bjk2012 2012.09.14
great game I`m positive i will play this game over and over again

Huhwell 2012.09.14
Pretty hot! What`s up with "Fuck me gentle" all the time though?

s524545 2012.09.14
I really like this game!!!!!!!!

biochm98 2012.09.12
checkers? chess would have been more interesting

gregscallywag 2012.09.11
I wish the game didn`t limit me on my checker choices. It made winning harder than it should have been.

Vampyre666 2012.09.11
It would have been better if a little longer and more challenging.

unknown2018 2012.09.11
it was an old, great game

UnShoCkaBle 2012.09.09
A very simple game, but simplicity sometimes means quality, as for this game

Snowbill 2012.09.08
wish could have been a little longer, enjoyed the same to the fullest

Messer13 2012.09.07
Very good game quality................love the checker game.

saxomanu 2012.09.07
Very goog game, i like it too much

ElitePanda 2012.09.07
OK game, could use a little better sex scenes; it`s basically the same thing over and over again.

jellyman1103 2012.09.07
The game is a bit on the easy side. Could use more challenge and better graphics.

dehada 2012.09.07
this series have a nice taste for people who enjoys old school figures with good graphics also the game is not too difficult to enjoy the view

silverdude179 2012.09.06
good game and nice graphics

tsizzle14 2012.09.04
good game and graphics for a hentai game

wbailey 2012.09.04
Great game, good quality, nice graphics Thanxs:-)

potato0000 2012.09.04
great game with great graphics

Esiu 2012.09.04
Funny game with nice graphics

jyaire 2012.09.03
i loved the challenge of playing checkers and it had more sex scenes than many games ive played

zomalagasy 2012.09.01
really shortly funny game!

TanmoyDas 2012.08.31
A little with story but Funny game.

sam1cool1shah 2012.08.31
sexy game will be pleasurable to play

Reaper117 2012.08.30
Very easy, but still fun.

kent12 2012.08.29
it is very nice i like it

SAMIR8017 2012.08.27

sweetkeene 2012.08.27
this game has such great graphics

gamerator 2012.08.27
Pretty good for a hentia game. This was the first one I played using checkers, which I thought was creative, but the game was set on easy mode.

Froizmann 2012.08.27
Funny game, but so easy))

Xhaka 2012.08.26
anoying mini game not sure its worth it

naigbabes 2012.08.25
Love this game and the challenge of playing checkers

SoumikNarjinary 2012.08.24
nice gameplay...cheekers was a good trick

duende 2012.08.24
I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesnt even matter
that backgammon i cant play better than the other girl

helloguysilick 2012.08.23
very nice game and cool

Trisslyn 2012.08.23
Preety girl. Many position to fuck the girl:D But also a little bit boring

tdaynis 2012.08.23
nice game.... good gameplay......but nothing different....the chekers part :( too boaring!!!

yoda 2012.08.22
playing checkers was a neat twist to a straightforward game

mathew2 2012.08.22
sexy game....!!! ppl must try it out

Thermorium 2012.08.21
Great game, good quality, nice graphics

mattyice02 2012.08.21
that was a hell of a game enjoyed it.

ahchai 2012.08.20
this game so sexy,,but easy

ahchai 2012.08.20
nice game but so easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

ahchai 2012.08.20
ok game could do more challenging

ahchai 2012.08.20
this animation so sexy but not so easy

ahchai 2012.08.20
this game nice but so easy

ahchai 2012.08.20
im 18 i search for a girl for sex because my account will be banned

babugee 2012.08.20
graphics need improvement

ninjakill10 2012.08.19
the game was one of the best i ever play

rlt3744 2012.08.18
Its a cool game need to be more of a challenge.

Distortia1994 2012.08.18
I liked the game. I actually had something kinda like this happen to me once, only I didn`t go quite as far as this guy did. Overall, very good game. Brought back some good memories.

Alex101 2012.08.18
the game is ok alright graphicsbut a simple and fast game its a good flash game

zebre 2012.08.17
Just amazing boobs, but too easy

alexvilla 2012.08.16
Although I didn`t expect to actually play checkers, it was really fun.

Grizzybur 2012.08.16
I thought the checkers was the actual fun part.

lovemasternn 2012.08.16
terrible girl, checkers here too excessive ..

ghostmj23 2012.08.16
great game really liked the graphics

smurphy 2012.08.15
ok game, but too simple and easy.

mungbean 2012.08.15
Ok game, could do with being more challenging.

SlickWilly 2012.08.14
The graphics was good, as were the animation.

Big2823 2012.08.12
Games play is alright, dont story sucks, need more interaction than sex

donysabox 2012.08.11
the good thing about this game is a lot of sex..

bob123123 2012.08.11
ok game, but too simple and easy.

vaca123 2012.08.11
the game is great but it is too simple

luckyjarhead 2012.08.10
checkers was fun, graphics was great

zr77z 2012.08.09
Good the game. Great Graphics. nice...

zr77z 2012.08.09
Great game... like the different ending stories

Coyote251 2012.08.08
Good game wish it was longer!

liahkim 2012.08.08
this was a decent game. liked the checkers part

sailorjae82 2012.08.07
Pingpong really? j/k. Pretty fun game. First time to play ping pong on games like this.

Raziel83 2012.08.06

Cios 2012.08.05
Decent game, though it got a bit repetitive

Aether1098 2012.08.03
Adding checkers to it is fun

link0505 2012.08.02
Creative thing with the checkers game, but I`m guessing that the actual plot and sex could have been a bit longer... and something more than the generic "do this for me, I`ll please you" scenario. The checkers honestly took up more time than the sex.

xoxox55 2012.08.02
Loved the game. Great Graphics. nice...

407LG 2012.07.31
sexy lady and nice graphics

cobra1347 2012.07.31
it may be more funny if it`s along.

ffatamorgana 2012.07.31
Its an okay game but it could be more challenging

abu15 2012.07.31
alright game , could be a bit more challenging

lesbolover4567 2012.07.30
great visiuals and loved the checkers

darkwatcher 2012.07.30
game was good but needs to be longer

chase91698 2012.07.30
it was ok but to short

badb0ys009 2012.07.30
fun game . i like this game but.... but is toooooooooo easy...

ratonius 2012.07.29
Not bad game but only one girl and .....very short

Ravenmadd 2012.07.29
Another fun Fucktown excursion.

elopezjr2012 2012.07.28
Loved the game. Great Graphics.

mmthedestroyer 2012.07.28
really good game, enjoyed the graphics

sumplkrum 2012.07.27
checkers mini-game was OK, but the story could have been expanded on.

thalionmel 2012.07.26
nichts neues minispiel zuwenig kein sex ohne kondome mit fremden :))

1234321 2012.07.26
The checkers game was a nice twist and rather fun, but otherwise nothing too interesting here - clicking gentle, fast, hard over and over and running a few frames too long to stay "sexy". The art was good, as usual.

Jumpingforce 2012.07.26
Fun, but over too quickly and no challenge.

bladium 2012.07.26
wow, this is basically the same thing as every other game

GoodVibs69 2012.07.26
I hate checkers. Bad game

Snedde 2012.07.25
Nice long sex act with good graphics.
But again, so short and only 1 girl...

LoverBoy203 2012.07.25
yeah could have more live meaning got too be more hard and longer

GayslutBG 2012.07.24
The game was easy but It`s for fap afrer all

MasamuneZeroX 2012.07.24
great game, i wish my mouse wasn`t working shoddily at best

juliolugo 2012.07.24
These games are becoming tooo uncreative and predictable. And the boobs on these girls are way too big

kingb11 2012.07.24
you have to beat the checers game to get a sex scene

kingb11 2012.07.24
the grapics are good and exciting

sumplkrum 2012.07.24
checkers was cool, but needs more interaction.

kingb11 2012.07.24
a college sex game awsome

arathor 2012.07.23
interesting game and girl

bobcat245 2012.07.23
I like the graphics could be hoter though

mannertt 2012.07.23
I don`t like, that you can`t progress when you loose the match. :(

michael136 2012.07.22
the checkers game is not that difficult but the sex scenes are just alright.

kalaunni 2012.07.22
game is ok and i like it yar

bRon 2012.07.22
Interesting gameplay. I like it.

mankind224 2012.07.22
could of used another game of checkers or something before you win the girl.

derda 2012.07.22
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

dragonstar 2012.07.22
the objective of the game is too easy i mean come on one win and you get a free ticket into the girls pants where is the excitement of the quest you find in the other ft games

aaaaeeeeiiiioooouu 2012.07.21
i need to play checkers now

starblade123 2012.07.21
first tine i play checkers

Nigiri 2012.07.21
nice graphics, but too easy and too short

ghutux 2012.07.21
good graphics but it was too short

mendragor 2012.07.20
nice game with old idea :-)

torrent 2012.07.20
i really like the game great graphics

gauravei 2012.07.19
nice game & with interesting games that rewuire mind n long n lots of fucking styles

lttqs 2012.07.19
like this kind of game, japen anime rocks

jenso 2012.07.18
again a nice game but way too short and easy.

pietje119 2012.07.18
again a nice game liked it for sure

xLegionx 2012.07.18
Really easy. A bit slow, but decent graphics

chiller 2012.07.17
an okay game but could be more challenging

Flasher1 2012.07.17
Nice game, gameplay was good and checkers was ok. The sex scene was extremely long.would have been fun to undress girl. Graphics were great but the sex animation wasn`t exciting enough.

bugdragon4 2012.07.17
Cool game nice grafics, Beautiful girls! nice sex!

bugdragon4 2012.07.17
really good games. good graphics.

lngbrdr22 2012.07.17
Good game with nice looking graphics and hot girls

SteveStryker 2012.07.17
Cool game nice grafics, Beautiful girls! nice sex!

cadensense 2012.07.16
Nice game, gameplay was good and checkers was fun. The sex scene was extremely long. Graphics were great but the sex animation wasn`t exciting enough. Why couldn`t the kings jump cross board in checkers?

Chelsea 2012.07.16
could do with being more challenging. too short and easy

HeartcoreRemo 2012.07.15
short but good game..love to play

TB191 2012.07.14
Why did this never happen with my checkers team?

ozorne_6 2012.07.14
think it`s a little short but good game

JolieJoker712 2012.07.14
nice graphics, bad scenario

arvils26 2012.07.14
The game was very seductive

kuydster 2012.07.14
The game was very seductive . . . The graphics were awesome

junglemidgett 2012.07.13
Kind of repetitive. Like the girl but got bored.

Skarn62 2012.07.12
Ok graphics, very little options during play, a little repetitive

Khingo 2012.07.12
Short and a little boring

Bigman163 2012.07.12
the game is ok alright graphicsbut a simple and fast game its a good flash game

Echnaton 2012.07.11
i don´t like this game to short and easy

Just1SF 2012.07.11
I think it`s a little short but good game

busu99 2012.07.11
too short and a bit poor storyline

angie1 2012.07.11
good graphics but game a bit slow

hotwvdude23 2012.07.11
Decent Graphics short length old concept rehashed

Joe23TX 2012.07.11
good graphics but game a bit slow...needs more involvement

lionarslan 2012.07.11
Strange checkers and long but boring sex scene. looks like someone made his first step in gamemaking, mothing more.

Argento69 2012.07.11
i suck aty checkers so i was surprised i won...like the game

BallIdiot 2012.07.11
The checkers game is something different. Lots of sex scenes, but the animations could be better.

hash19 2012.07.10
Very pretty girl and nice graphics, the action is a little slow

drowndinfish 2012.07.10
Actions took to long to activate, pleasure gauge took too long to fill, graphics were nice, woman was nice, overall a decent game, could have been a lot better though, doesn`t make it pleasurable

snowdoan 2012.07.10
it`s so bad! realy bad!

ahills 2012.07.10
Adding a game of checkers in between is fun. Many sex positions. Could have built the story with more girls.

hendryanto 2012.07.10
not so good game, good graphics

shyman44425 2012.07.10
Very pretty girl and nice graphics. Action is a little slow.

Valos 2012.07.10
nice game with old idea :-)

DarkRanta 2012.07.10
ok game but nothing more.

Pruts3r 2012.07.09
graphics are OK, but the game is not very challenging

kalypzo35 2012.07.09
ok game, could be more challenging

derda 2012.07.08
The game is very limited but the graphics are well done like always for meet and fuck games

Sawyer909 2012.07.08
Same old game, really suprised with the amount of sex scenes, but in the last one she seemed bored with her arms under her breasts, like she didn`t want to be there anymore.

Montesquieu 2012.07.08
The checkers games is a nice twist, and Helen looks great (even with her clothes on)

conbron 2012.07.08
nice game with old idea :-)

mendragor 2012.07.08
Nice graphics and more sex scenes that I thought so it was a nice touch

speedy1981 2012.07.08
pretty boring gameplay, graphics arn`t to bad

Fisher 2012.07.08
Looks like they don`t have any more fun game.
I wish we get a Kelly`s new game soon.

jt9962 2012.07.07
repetitive and boring. checkers is fun though

Houngan 2012.07.07
This was kind of simple and repetitive. Boring, overall. They need to do something different, their games are all very similar.

acpreston13 2012.07.07
I have to agree with a couple of the other comments above, not the a great game, graphics OK gameplay pretty boring and few options.

dodag 2012.07.07
I`m ashamed to admit that I wasted time on this game.

gastaue 2012.07.07
game is good ,sounds could be greater

commandervimes 2012.07.07
It`s a sad thing when the most fun part of a game was playing an extremely easy game of checkers which actualy took longer to complete than the rest of it.

thomloch 2012.07.07
game could of been better

duke51 2012.07.06
So boring and simply game. Maybe I shall stop to visit this site. 2D games are from old past.

Xyzzy 2012.07.06
Decent 2D artwork. No story to speak of, no choices, so game was way too easy and short. Translation to English needs improvement. Checkers game was a nice distraction, but not enough to make this a good game.

AnnaRainbow 2012.07.06
The checkers game was a nice twist and rather fun, but otherwise nothing too interesting here - clicking gentle, fast, hard over and over and running a few frames too long to stay "sexy". The art was good, as usual.

Lizard300 2012.07.06
Nice game, but too easy. Even the checker match was very easy. Too shalow. I didn`t like it, despite the fact that the graphics are good.

musesx 2012.07.06
too short and a bit poor storyline

cherubim 2012.07.06
Graphics as usual was very nice, but story line was ridiculous sort. The addition of playing checkers was brilliant idea.

mrcoolerz 2012.07.06
the graphics is not bad, but the storyline is too short and can be better.

kari69 2012.07.06
come on dudes! you can do a lot better than this...

AngelStorm747 2012.07.06
Average game, bit disapoitning they dont show the cumshot in the end...

stefano71 2012.07.06
nice game but a little bit boring

Mmaster 2012.07.05
it is so bad, i think i will stop to visit this website for checking games soon :/

LoJo 2012.07.05
the graphics and gameplay are well done like always for meet and fuck games- but ??hm..... verry short

stevie 2012.07.05
another great game and more like it and more action doing it all to her and freinds

victorjaimes 2012.07.05
come on dudes! you can do a lot better than this...

electro*** 2012.07.05

mikicostanza 2012.07.05
cool game but it`s too short so bad

mattmc68 2012.07.05
The game is very limited but the graphics are well done like always for meet and fuck games

1NT0X 2012.07.05
ok graphics, no variety in actions, high level of repetition, ok for a single game, won`t be playing it again.

letsseego 2012.07.05
ok game pretty boring and easy lol repetitive

eagleata 2012.07.05
it`s easy game and boring. meet and fuck games try harder....

legendkiller060 2012.07.05
Good game, interseting story but too short story.

pariomaolo 2012.07.05
very nice the checkers match , a lot of action but bad final

randy06 2012.07.05
another great game and more like it and more action doing it all to her and freinds

dreadwolf 2012.07.05
gameplay, graphic, animation are ok

fardreamer01 2012.07.05
crap storyline and totally overdone scenes.

ski9072 2012.07.05
That has got to be one of the worst of these types of game I`ve played

shackles 2012.07.05
Ho Hum....just a repeat of all the ones they`ve put out before.

Ricoh124 2012.07.04
You don`t even have to be good at checkers

gorex 2012.07.04
not so good game, good graphics but everything has been already seen

themoda 2012.07.04
basic, not god, grafics, girl, and history boring

houndspear 2012.07.04
could do with some more challenge good story

Calvin07 2012.07.04
Booorrrring and fuck me slow.

chook2109 2012.07.04
could be better but the idea is right

Ryxros346 2012.07.04
is all meet n fuck games so straightforward? i was hopin an adventure

stnick 2012.07.04
Graphics 3/10
Sex 3/10
Involvment 2/10
Enjoyment 2/10

meet and fuck games can be better try harder next time something like the Thai holiday one.

Reggie77 2012.07.04
really good games. good graphics.

voodooacidboy 2012.07.04
ok graphics, no variety in actions, high level of repetition, ok for a single game, won`t be playing it again.

rsmedic 2012.07.04
Could do with out the checkers part but asides from that decent game.

jerryonly83 2012.07.04
kinda good game.. i like the checkers game though graphics are not that good

Vallheruh 2012.07.04
Sorry, but its boring - always the same and the Checkers dont make it better

mannyhattan 2012.07.04
good for one time visit, nothing more

ECRIDER 2012.07.04
Enjoyable specially the game of checkers

deepthaut2 2012.07.04
Another of their formulaic "cookie-cutter" games. It felt like a chore to finish this game. When will they produce something unique and exciting?

ron57 2012.07.04
was an ok game ... not much fun

banes 2012.07.04
Good game. Nice graphics. Too short.

SmilesGB 2012.07.04
Not my kind of game, better FT games ive seen before..

farkas 2012.07.04
Easy checkers game and the graphics is very simple.

bestia99rom 2012.07.03
i lke the game... but is toooooooooo easy...

garonbrown 2012.07.03
Played on another site. nice that the scenes are longer, wish there were more variables, as well as better translation.

fill ur hole 2012.07.03
as usual good graphics, but man they need a better translator and more variety in the sex scenes typical FT sex scenes

jaxed2012 2012.07.03
Too long of the same sex scene

dandydon 2012.07.03
The checkers game gives an interesting twist to an otherwise typical FT game

MindstormXL 2012.07.03
Nice graphics and more sex scenes that I thought so it was a nice touch.

skullmar 2012.07.03
a little bit repetive but not a bad game

jeanmimel 2012.07.03
boring, always same things.... i need more stoy

DreamTim 2012.07.03
there`s a lot of better games. not fan.

branknock 2012.07.03
not a bad game, but a dit to easy for me.

jesk 2012.07.03
nice game, simple, but, yeah, way to simple..

C.C. 2012.07.03
Helen is one good looking girl. Too easy though.

jcc1985 2012.07.03
nice graphics needs to be longer

roni@cox 2012.07.03
to easy, to short. all you have to do is win the checkers

Jaaru 2012.07.03
Nice looking new game, liked it.

MARCIN 2012.07.03

Hunter99004 2012.07.03
Pretty good graphics, sound needs work

Billy_77 2012.07.03
Ok graphics, very little options during play, a little repetitive

georgefilipe 2012.07.03
nice story and graghtis, good game

WARDOG77 2012.07.03
to easy, to short. all you have to do is win the checkers game......

cav_leoes 2012.07.03
i lke the game... but is toooooooooo easy...

Arbaal 2012.07.03
Nice game. But way too short and easy.

jmeoff 2012.07.03
If only I had known in college: win a game of checkers, get laid!

Stewby 2012.07.03
Ok game, could do with being more challenging.

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