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FT: Christmas Adventures


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TEX TIGER 2017.11.19
This is beautiful game, nice graphic , nice sound, nice music.

Chibron 2017.10.11
I love her voice she is perfect

KitCarsen 2017.09.27
Typical Fuck Town game, easy and short but very enjoyable.

HOTTOMMY85 2017.09.22
I liked this one, could have been more to it, but good graphics, good sex. I am really enjoying the fuck town games alot.

Bruno46 2017.07.10
Good little game and short game!

Tiodor 2017.07.01
Short game but it has great graphics and hot girl

VIPSoldier 2017.06.28
i love the animations of the game

ToasterCoaster 2017.05.03
Pretty girl and a decent puzzle. Not too bad.

Dano27 2017.03.23
awesome animations and graphics

ianjames 2017.03.16
to short but with good graphics and sexy girl


ringman46 2017.03.10
well not much story. but still enjoyed it

cambridge4453 2016.12.29
Not a lot to it; a puzzle in the middle; just undemanding fun

Christophsexo 2016.12.23
No Story - especially no adventure.
Graphics arn`t so good, but the sex scene isn`t either.

fiftypez 2016.11.16
what a christmas gift. fun game

Sola_KMT 2016.10.20
Decent game. graphics great game is too short tho.At least the puzzle part was fun!

Rush3raj 2016.09.09
Puzzle took time and graphics could improve

elmer 2016.09.07
great graphics but the story was too short

Bossfiend 2016.08.20
Gameplay was simple which made enjoying other aspects of the game easier and more enjoyable.

dgb71 2016.04.21
girl is absolutely hot, gameplay not so hard
Liked it.

singsing852 2016.04.09
very enjoyable game play, graphics and animation.

rexzad1230 2016.03.13
its a great game and its awesome

markus7759 2016.02.20
cool game wonderful puzzle hard graphics

Sinfuldesire722 2016.01.05
too short but a decent game

rickyllkoeg 2015.12.29
it gets right to the point! Love it

DoubleG04 2015.12.07
Nice fun game, it could be a little longer.

Jordan4567 2015.11.27
this game is great but it was too short

johnnyrotten 2015.10.28
That is a nice present. I`d gladly deliver a package for a present like that.

TBear9877 2015.09.02
nice graphics easy to play.

smeagol89 2015.08.23
good graphics but very easy to play

robsamhar 2015.08.16
Best Christmas in August I have ever had !!!

jaxed44 2015.08.16
That game was nice and easy...

ragy84 2015.08.06
great relaxing game with nice anime artwork

gordogass 2015.05.06
Good graphics but the game is too simple.

collegeguy002 2015.03.23
nice game very easy but at the same time pretty fun

MountainMan 2015.03.09
great animation bit short good gameplay

everlast1996 2015.02.08
im stuck in the game, where can i find the apple for that box? please help

erik950 2015.01.30
very goog game i like the model of emily its hard

smaximus 2015.01.21
game too easy. graphic is good. story too short

raven.warrior.eternal 2014.12.26
nice images and seasonal theme ok game

domee37 2014.12.05
Great graphics and animation.

Raijingirl 2014.10.13
I liked it, I`d play it again if it was longer

xxRyanxx 2014.08.11
Just good, it`s very funny :v

Matthew.Mellison 2014.08.04
One question. Where is the apple?

sarzo 2014.06.29
funny erotic game i like it

alucard2014 2014.06.28
Great Game...I enjoyed it. Outstanding graphics..

porkasaur 2014.06.28
love the dark skin in the game

Mega222 2014.06.13
Great game,it was hard but worth it.

ZacharyWaller 2014.06.11
just a very nice and simple game to play

Natureboy73 2014.06.04
its a fun, sexy game. gameplay is good if a little unchallenging and the girl is a hot blonde. it doesnt get better than that. also music is awesome.

djpimpin 2014.06.04
mmm im so wet and dont know why

grasshoppapron 2014.06.03
Beautifully drawn graphics, but far too short - not enough gameplay

Hichigo 2014.05.24
Great game, it is a pity that it was too short

sexypage23 2014.04.30
such a very great game and good storyline

zachcake 2014.04.26
0best game in the world

sunny598 2014.04.11
nice game want to play again and again and again

conner129 2014.03.29
really cool game but I think it needs a better story line to it

skool 2014.03.26
the game very difficult but good animation

mark24cm 2014.03.20
exciting and wonderful game !!

steamroller 2014.03.15
not sure what is goin here

divad 2014.03.13
Nice graphics good looking girl.
good game

motorbebek2010 2014.03.11
this game is amazing! i love it! everything is awesome!

prouders11 2014.02.15
game is good, graphics and artwork are very good but pretty short game

GauvainIII 2014.02.01
could be alot better, very short and brainless indeed.

kamouloxx7669 2014.01.30
Nice to look at, but very short game

cloudleonheart 2014.01.27
a little short but great graphics and sexy chicks

Sniffer83 2014.01.11
The art was the absolute best part of this game
Nice graphics but not enough interaction.

sexybitch5268 2014.01.07
very difficult to pass gift level, but otherwise good game

NoNameItem 2014.01.06
Nice game, but too short. It`s really difficult to pass scene with present delivery.

X.man 2013.12.17
what a nice game . i liked it so much

johncena123 2013.12.07
great game good graphics

Viciousvicar 2013.12.05
mmmmmmmm this is hot games..................?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

rakd365 2013.11.21
Lovely short christmas game :-)

TakeshiKawa 2013.11.18
Character is beautyful, i like the story, pretty hard to assemble the part to get the mailbox key the first time playing. I like this game.

Datbody1 2013.11.13
A bit short but very sexy

Razgri88 2013.11.05
a fun but short little game, would have liked it to be a little longer but still a good job

pierre619 2013.10.31
it s a game that its good to play and a game that we can every enjoy

Lesbonina13 2013.10.28
this game is amazing! i love it! everything is awesome!

DaneAxe 2013.10.19
Simplistic sex+??uzzle+sex game, but ok made --- so even though simple, well made, I gave it 75%

Ruben1231 2013.10.18
awsome game il play it again and again

deathproof 2013.10.14
nice game and decent graphics, but too short and the dialogue needs a lot of work

the-stud 2013.10.12
We Want a game Have a levels , that kind of game that U can play it for a days and even U can Create Ur own Avatar by U self .......... That kind of games this web missed !!!!

SilverSerpentZ 2013.10.11
Absolutely outrageous. Truly, truly outrageous indeed.

Ethereal46 2013.10.07
Game has great quality and animation. but lacks the challenge of a true sex game.

tomalak2 2013.09.26
the graphics are good and the gameplay is pretty easy

thornemann 2013.09.14
marry fucking xmas this is a hot game

sfsfsfsf 2013.09.11
very enjoyable game play, graphics and animation.

supers 2013.09.08
nice game, could be better though

F0SM 2013.09.04
meh didnt like it too much. fuck the girl, do some stuff to do the same minigame with the same girl?

waiting for you 2013.08.27
mmmmmmmm this is hot games..................?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

zelda81 2013.08.27
mmmmm sexy hot and amazeing graphics sexy love i love it

james7823 2013.08.20
Good graphic but too simple to play!

money907 2013.08.20
this game is pretty awesome

boom360 2013.08.19
i couldent find the apple

Lizzie 2013.08.18
Cant find the apple! Frustrating

ImrtlWolf 2013.08.17
A simple yet enjoyable game could have a little more detail and interaction.

sodapopcorn4 2013.08.16
this game was very enjoyable

Astuki17 2013.08.15
This game is pretty average. Nothing new about it

meg911 2013.08.15
nice sexy graphics i like it

GrimBurke 2013.08.14
did not like this game sorry not for me

sexybeat 2013.08.14
that hard sex was the best thing ive seen

airgear123 2013.08.13
nice games and good graphic/animation

Dramen01 2013.08.09
Quick, simple, fun little puzzle game. Does take a bit of clicking around to figure everything out. Short but still fun.

BusterKill 2013.08.09
Finally, a Meet and Fuck game that isn`t just a demo !

DaveRoberrt 2013.08.03
Love the graphics and thought it was fun playing

DeadlyAlias 2013.08.01
Decent game, it bugged out the first time through and I had to reload to beat it but it was a solid MnF game.

Brevyman 2013.07.28
Im no critic, but I think it`s a good game.

lbz 2013.07.22
this was a great game to me I enjoyed it thoroughly the grafics were amazing too

VectorSlip 2013.07.22
The art was the absolute best part of this game. Ill think about playing it again but I might not, there are better games on this site. Overall a great game!

edwichu 2013.07.19
tr?s bon jeu graphismes et animations excellents belle histoire

mcgeekyle39 2013.07.19
the music adds to the game without it it would be awful

JINJINJIN 2013.07.18
great graphics awesome game

marck4 2013.07.14
great graphics, nice game

Andrea81 2013.07.14
I like he the art, but the animation, storyline, and length could be improved.

smallville7 2013.07.12
All this was was random clicks to finish but all in all it was still fun and rewarding.

lok14 2013.07.10
It was a great short game.

dazza201 2013.07.07
one off my favourite games on this site almost

Leon602 2013.07.05
Short game, and i stuck infront of the house.

stiff_wood 2013.07.01
Way to easy, can just click around and beat the game easily

slut_slave 2013.07.01
it could have been better

dx2222 2013.06.30
very good graphics and game quality

littleyerf 2013.06.28
short game but it has great graphics

keancage 2013.06.27
is really easy, and lovely, a sex game to do immmmm

Yonutz92 2013.06.27
awesome games and nice graphic too i love this game ;)

krieg 2013.06.26
really good game. love the girl she`s really hot
like how theres sex before and after the puzzle, cool idea

Shadow_Twisted 2013.06.25
Not the longest game, but it actually works nicely in pretty much giving you sex before and after the sexless part.

aseem_pradeep 2013.06.23
good game but it can be better

Ig 2013.06.22
Short and sexy, great graphics

asinble 2013.06.22
the game positios are very sexy and hot

mrcacadz 2013.06.19
good graphics but the girls so boring. btw is too short to complete this game but nice for 1st game

nikolait 2013.06.16
Kinda good game. It`s a little short, though, with only 2 scenes

andyj 2013.06.16
Nice that it gets right to a sex scene before the whole dialogue piece - good tease

effinbig 2013.06.16
pretty good game, nice sex scenes

starz dx 2013.06.13
awesome games and nice graphic too =)

Ashesh 2013.06.13
great game love it totally

IrishDude85 2013.06.09
Awesome game with awesome graphics, and animation to.

Nunnzii14 2013.06.09
I like it. It`s very easy and the sex scenes are hot.

Bigblackstick 2013.06.08
It seems like a good game but I got stuck deliervering the gift cant figure out where to itput t

Pauley909 2013.06.06
awesome game hot girls keep it up man

nalayakmohit 2013.06.06
good game for who who want quick sex

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

SaltedPork_02 2013.06.02
very enjoyable game play, graphics and animation

eul_viper 2013.05.31
Nice design, it would have been really nice to have more endings. Or are there? I could get only the one with the girl at my apartment. (Of course beside the one with no action)

Arok_BE 2013.05.31
Really cute little Game, kudo for that one :)

jake99 2013.05.31
wicked game amazeing graphic sexy ladies loved it

hot_n_wet28 2013.05.29
Graphics were EXCELENT!! Gameplay kinda stunk but it got me wet, LOL

honkytonk 2013.05.29
Its very beautiful too se and play a short game you must have seeennn

manilla 2013.05.28
I do absolutely love these games, easy to play but beautifully animated.

pokefan 2013.05.26
great puzzle, love animation and hentai.

yapahitaza 2013.05.25
I like that game!! and it made me soo horny!

denster1991 2013.05.21
good style with interesting gameplay just too easy and short

Crazyhightec 2013.05.20
Great game, love it and it got me so horny! :D

mazuzuri 2013.05.19
Fine game with some nice anime style graphics. I also like the small puzzle added, as well as the minigame like sex scenes were you have to change pace based on her wantings.
Too bad the game is so short.

drocker 2013.05.17
i gotta say it, i like a good hentai

brit_man33 2013.05.14
nice game. The girl was quite pretty, would like more interaction though.

gopil 2013.05.11
This game is pretty bad.

skits 2013.05.11
This game is fun, but I agree there is no challenge.

63ted 2013.05.10
Simple but not the challenge of the better games offered.

rizzo 2013.05.07
cute graphics but game is far to short

garetx 2013.05.07
this game in very very hot! try it!

ghostterds 2013.05.06
I could not have put it better than Auldgit

x7xShadowWolfx7x 2013.05.06
nice little pass time with good images. For the length of the game the quality is appropriate.

Patrick62 2013.05.05
good game i like the story

stevefox 2013.05.04
good game to pass time but overall it is not a great game

gwazz 2013.05.01
pretty boring game bt i liked the girl

babugee 2013.04.30
nice game animations can be improved

Guybrush_4 2013.04.30
Nice graphics, but not really challenging game. I like the anime style drawings though!

vannav2 2013.04.30
cool game the quality could be better though

ashish411 2013.04.28
very challenging and additive game

jari333 2013.04.27
this is the best game ever

Draakos 2013.04.27
Nice but short. Especially liked the anime style.

deternal 2013.04.27
Nice short game. Love the anime style graphics.

Moozey88 2013.04.26
it was an alright game play experience, but enjoyed it

joekidd 2013.04.25
Decent game. Good graphics

LQMWJ 2013.04.25
The game is kind of short, but the image quality is good

Dammit777 2013.04.25
Cool game. The graphic is good

Oblivion_Blade_0 2013.04.25
Not all that good, but there are worse out there I suppose...

big99999 2013.04.23
This game is pretty bad.

stfunigga 2013.04.23
This game is amazing, and has nice graphics.

blkyungdick4pussy 2013.04.22
reat grapghic pretty good game

Bimon 2013.04.21
I LOVE THIS GAME, although it aint as good as nite with Kelly, it still good

blademaster1 2013.04.20
i think animation was bad

redenmity23 2013.04.18
Not all that solid a game, but I`ve seen worse.

Jonny91Z 2013.04.18
I always enjoy manga-style artwork. I like the flow of the game, too.

Chili 2013.04.17
It`s a great game but, It`s short.

jamesbond23 2013.04.15
great game with amazing graphics

bababooy 2013.04.15
Not a bad game, but too short.

Tman683 2013.04.15
love it, but like everyone else says, its too short

addaxe115 2013.04.14
very nice game play, graphics and animation.

happyholly 2013.04.14
hi how are you these games are fucking amazing lol bye

say911 2013.04.14
Some very great grahpics

NoMySql 2013.04.11
a too short game but excellent graphics

robotranger 2013.04.10
i am stuck at da house how the hell do you leave??

dedrat0 2013.04.07
good game much better ones from fuck town

dogmean5 2013.03.31
Good game. Repetative. But good

zr77z 2013.03.31
the game is one of the best and also the graphic

sexygirl12345@@ 2013.03.30
very nice game just wish it was longer

MrHandcock 2013.03.30
Another great addition to the FT series, alwahs a great game

kyuubi-9 2013.03.30
First game I chose. Nice graphics.

MagnusTide 2013.03.30
realy funny those anime games :D

tadasas 2013.03.29
First game I played. Good actions with nice images

doe boi 2013.03.26
i have to agree with everyone good game but way too short

RExLOADxED 2013.03.26
Its an alright game, same functions over and over again.

silver wing 2013.03.26
only one girl !? but it is good after all

SexxCova 2013.03.26
not bad... easy enough, cute babe!

srajiv142 2013.03.25
very nice game play, graphics and animation.

lordnarwhal 2013.03.24
A little bit of a complicated puzzle but everything else is just fine.

oranjeboven 2013.03.23
Thanks for the tips.
Game is ok.

ghislain08 2013.03.23
very enjoyable game play, graphics and animation.

liujie 2013.03.23
this is a great game one of my favtine the graphic are great but i like to more place to visit i was stuck at the beginning with the bag the meal and the car key but got them thank to commment in al great game

liujie 2013.03.23
good grafic very nice game. i love this game.

Tonchik 2013.03.22
The game is cool. Very nice girl

supershadow2021 2013.03.21
the sex part was awesome!

qwer_iii 2013.03.21
Cool game, but very easy and short $ )

Loner8488 2013.03.21
One of the best FT games!!!

arathor 2013.03.21
Pretty girl, but its a lazy and short story

Lizzie 2013.03.21
Great graphics. Story was a little boring though.

PantherRose 2013.03.20
The animation is nothing too great, but the artwork is really nice!

dante22varga 2013.03.20
the graphics are relly awesome

triskel92 2013.03.17
great game, good graphics

imiko 2013.03.16
Good game, way too short though

Zaldin2490 2013.03.14
i couldnt figure out the questions at first. great game but too short

SomnolentHail69 2013.03.13
not a bad game but far to simple

ChrisRedXIII 2013.03.13
Nice graphics and very hot girl !!!! but the game is too simple

sexbeastwithdrive 2013.03.12
took time to complete bur good graphics

Firo1000 2013.03.11
it was kinda boring but it was fun

mahealani12345 2013.03.10
this game was fucking awsome

JRiddley 2013.03.09
OK games but the gameplay is too simple and graphics not so good.

Kallamatay 2013.03.08
Good game like the FT series

nniffar 2013.03.08
nice game, but a bit standard gameplay

Messy 2013.03.06
Great Graphics and cool animation

aznrice00 2013.03.03
Ok game and graphics, it was alright.

wateshito 2013.03.03
another ft game, everey game i fill like its shorter and shorter, they have to puy more trama maked i litlle more difficult

Maverick14 2013.03.02
Not bad at all, just a bit too fast. ^^

49fp 2013.03.02
Good animation but slow on clicking the boxes.

qqsasrr 2013.03.02
very good game it was awesome

crazycuda 2013.03.02
Wanted to add to the walk through that the keys used in the box are for the mail box , then place gift in box

Jumpingforce 2013.02.27
Abit too short and lacking for my taste. Coulda been a lot better!

Damdimvi 2013.02.27
This was a good one. I wish there had been more choices to make, though.

gartal 2013.02.26
There is not any thing new same as old story i did not like it and i prefer that play Getting to know Christine or Jordan 500 or Lake party or other games instead of this NEW game .

I say you should try new stories with creative games

HotRod6114 2013.02.26
good game simple not to many choices till the end but all around fun

Petuharius 2013.02.26
Very simple and "med" game...

glukos37 2013.02.24
very enjoyable game play, graphics and animation.

busu99 2013.02.24
Good game , nice graphic.

shinriku 2013.02.23
It`s a great game but, It`s kind of short.

madmax68 2013.02.23
very simple but I enjoyed it

Desgarron 2013.02.23
Same as the other games, not that enjoyable, short and poor english but hey you expect this from these games

loki73 2013.02.22
it was alright for the most part. story could have been a lil better but good

jtgjrock 2013.02.22
this is a really good game nice graphics good overall

kenleslie619 2013.02.21
didn`t like the constant on screen commands. should have more freedom

kenleslie619 2013.02.21
the game is interesting. fun at points, but needs more fucking. and maybe some other girls

vegarith 2013.02.21
Animation and graphics not bad for flash game. The text translation could use some work. Overall not a bad little game to give a spin.

rumxes 2013.02.19
Its an average game with minimal graphics

Sogen 2013.02.19
What I could get of the game to work was good, but the puzzle didn`t seem to want to solve so I got stuck at the door, ah well

sexytime123 2013.02.19
its good but could have been better

Stijn25 2013.02.18
had better games but still it amused me

wjrjbnjd 2013.02.17
the best game and good stuff

BigJoe_1987 2013.02.17
This game is alright. Not the best one, but I do love the tits! ;)

timothy55 2013.02.15
hi i m 21 and i thing this site is raelly cool

derda 2013.02.15
ttle bit too short but nice game with good graphics

coolsex 2013.02.15
It`s was asome flash game

jenso 2013.02.15
Nice graphics, but the game is too simple.

antib 2013.02.14
decent but rather boring that challenging

zankro 2013.02.14
like the way Ideas get put into practise.
For what it is , it`s good.

monty69 2013.02.13
Grab the ornament off tree on right
move trash can thingy pick up key
use key on door pick up shovel
close door go close up on it and grab star thing at top of wreath
left side of house pick up stick
use stick on icicles to right of door
pick up apple
use shovel on snowbank left of door below window
close up on box
fit items in correct slots

Eduard1995 2013.02.13
its anoying that i cant find that apple...
but i thing its a nice game litle bit too big tits :)

evermony 2013.02.12
very sexy game play, graphics and animation

nightwalker7069 2013.02.11
Apple=take the stick and knock off the icicles to the right of the front door.

hitsushi 2013.02.11
Weird game.. Don`t understand what to do.. Can`t find apple though...

peter3366 2013.02.11
decent but rather boring that challenging

haiclem 2013.02.11
why don`t thhese girls suck dicks?

Zrdry 2013.02.11
wierd game hard at some parts for me at least

Zdravkov 2013.02.10
enormous big actually... i dont like it + the game is too easy and not sext at all

Zdravkov 2013.02.10
boobs of the girl are too big... this sucks

hummer82 2013.02.10
Simple quick japanese art if thats what you like.

winner2345 2013.02.10

The 2 things that let it down the most though are:

winner2345 2013.02.10
Only worth one play, then consign it to the "could have been more fun" file !!!

winner2345 2013.02.10
The artwork is of a very high standard, the gameplay however is not difficult enough to challenge a 5 year old !!

schoone96 2013.02.09
worst porn game ever! cant find crap

kpjr278 2013.02.09
Apple=take the stick and knock off the icicles to the right of the front door.

akrenes 2013.02.08
lawl this games, good job

busu99 2013.02.08
this game was great i loved it

oranjeboven 2013.02.08
If its so easy, why doesnt anybody tells what stuff there is to find?
Did everybody stop after the first scenes?
I cant find the stuff to deliver the parcel???

castilho 2013.02.07
Game is nice hot girl but it`s fast over......

a715jjr5 2013.02.07
cant seem to find the apple to open the box -- sex scenes were okay

kpjr278 2013.02.07
FT games generally are well animated, but too straightforward. The costumes are the best part of the games.

Arbaal 2013.02.06
Another short and easy game for this series.

strummer 2013.02.06
attractive but too easy - and you don`t get anything extra for completing the tasks

glaive 2013.02.06
it was fun just a little to easy

acemp 2013.02.05
don`t like games with no story or different endings

dandydon 2013.02.05
simple but cute. Worth playing, ONCE

pietje119 2013.02.05
i don`t like this one.. it`s too simple..

Messer13 2013.02.04
Good graphics,but not good gameplay.

mick149 2013.02.03
i think these games are getting the same and even more boring :(

ski9072 2013.02.03
I do believe this was the worst of the FT`s. Its gotta be bad when one of the best things about it was the puzzle

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.02
Kinda cheesy really. If you took out the two sex scenes, it would be a childs game. Not my favorite.

mann234 2013.02.01
really nice game but too short.....

LesbianPuppy 2013.02.01
I find this kind of game to be somewhat lacking in the thrill/pleasure

liquidogg 2013.02.01
Unfortunately, I didn`t enjoy this game. Boring, and there`s no build up at all.

mikicostanza 2013.02.01
average game but its very short and story is not good.......

gamiasthsdoras 2013.02.01
great game way beautiful grapchics and good fucking

thalionmel 2013.02.01
nothing new in game and too short and girl is not sexy

farkas 2013.02.01
Very poor story game. The graphics is simple.

pusshound 2013.02.01
Boring. No story and low quality graphics.

randy06 2013.01.31
another great game and the atrwork is great and sexy ladys and great game again

chesty 2013.01.31
Hey, I finished the game.....yawn

wpolo 2013.01.31
dont like games without storyline

Whitney 2013.01.31
hot game, sexy graphics...i`m horny now

brink7000 2013.01.30
It was ok for what it was, but it really needed to have more content. Couldn`t I have banged some chick at the house or something? Also, I wish more of these MnF games had lesbians.

T M 2013.01.30
Nothing special. Good pictures as always but a week story and bad english translation.

rumxes 2013.01.30
An average game, did not like much.

s@nt!no 2013.01.30
I can`t believe they`re still making these. Utter trash. 1/10.

ionutionut 2013.01.30
i lime the graphic but the game is to poor

shadow8 2013.01.30
good graphics but very short

sano2545 2013.01.30
There is absolutly no story and the quality of the animations are poor

NeilKaBob 2013.01.30
Is there a point to this? I imagine fucking a receptionist then I`m looking at a house. Click on a few things then you can`t do anything else

xxrpricexx 2013.01.30
good game, decent graphics, fun

Duke63 2013.01.30
Enjoyed the puzzle part of the game and liked the girl. The dialog was a little lacking.

runawayfive 2013.01.29
its really short but she is sexy however i would like more positions

katykras 2013.01.29
Good graphics but the game is too simple.

joetrippy 2013.01.29
its not that challenging also needs better graphics but over all it was an ok game

lonesttarr 2013.01.29
this is one of those games where the idea didnt live up to the execution. its not a bad game per say, its just not a good game...and there is no replay factor at all

PoGoGo 2013.01.28
It`s a little hard to find the apple and this game is too short... What about others characters? =) Thanks, the girl is great.

ironicprod 2013.01.28
its kind of booring poor interaction

BlackShadow 2013.01.28
Game is nice hot girl but it`s fast over

chook2109 2013.01.28
the english is horrible but the graphics are reasonable

sky8117 2013.01.28
need help

can i get the walkthrough

sky8117 2013.01.28
very enjoyable game play, graphics and animation

dreadwolf 2013.01.28
ok ????????? well graphics and animations are good

cocomicrob 2013.01.28
nice graphics but it lacks a story line... it`s too simplistic.

BallIdiot 2013.01.28
Kind of a pointless game...

thedoob 2013.01.28
Seemed to me to be the same ol MNF game...not a bad play once through but probably not a repeat game for me

jcm0824 2013.01.28
No challenge at all. 3 clicks and you are having your way with her. Graphics are high quality, but I don`t think I will return to play this game.

egane 2013.01.27
not wery new and special but ok
medium seksy

koras 2013.01.27
Played it in my opinion the only good point of this game is the graphic , besides the game is short and way to easy.

derda 2013.01.27
very enjoyable game play, graphics and animation

xes9960 2013.01.27
average game but its very short and story is not good.......

lonesttarr 2013.01.27
kinda fun, was a little annoying trying to find taht damn apple! at laest the artwork was good

1NT0X 2013.01.27
overall prety blah. nothing exciting, same pattern. Needs new animations.

banes 2013.01.27
not that great - one time play only.

DreamTim 2013.01.27
average game. Nice graphics but not enough interaction.

Tiger21 2013.01.27
The FT games are all the same. Very average.

peko 2013.01.27
Not the best there is around. Please explain LOP what use is my EXP for at all?!

chap74 2013.01.27
average game with good graphics

stefano71 2013.01.27
wonderfull game very nice girl

Yousuf 2013.01.26
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

marmadukexx 2013.01.26
good graphic but would be better if there are storyline

szmalec 2013.01.26
average game with good graphics

kieron968 2013.01.26
great animation and graphics

brodiebruce 2013.01.26
The english could be written better and the challenge of the game shouldnt be some odd puzzle but related to the chic in the game. I`d rather play some more of the Lake Party style games.

hanibal194 2013.01.26
nice game but too simple and short!!

knoll 2013.01.26
good graphics as always but gameplay is same old same old, need to get more inventive with it plus lengthen the story line as well.

ludwig 2013.01.26
nice try but i`m used to find much better games here! it`s fun for 5 minutes then it becomes boring

vitali 2013.01.26
repeating same sample. and becomes boring. too simple too. I vote 50%

fkf,fq 2013.01.26
Great game with nice graphic.

TYSONCOOL 2013.01.26
good game with nice garphics ilike it

JulianVoss 2013.01.26
FT games usually aren`t the best, but this one is one of their poorer offerings.

katakana132 2013.01.26
overall prety blah. nothing exciting, same pattern. Needs new animations.

randy06 2013.01.26
another very good game and all is good and great to play all your games u have on here

gorex 2013.01.25
average game with good graphics

Jimijams 2013.01.25
Not bad for being animated.

kmaxx 2013.01.25
graphics and animation great

WARDOG77 2013.01.25
i have come to expect better games than this. the english was horrible and the story was next to nothing totally blah in my book

notes1 2013.01.25
very enjoyable game play, graphics and animation

CapnMorgan 2013.01.25
Terrible compared to the usual. The story goes from setting a "party," (potentially a 3some with my nephew) to a dinner date. Not up to the usual quality.

Also, please change the fuck me hard settings - fast is fine, hard just looks like a skipping record.

franckcastle 2013.01.25
a too short game but excellent graphics

bestia99rom 2013.01.25
Very boring, poor dialogue, and not much of a story.

jcc1985 2013.01.25
Its an ok game with decent graphics story is not that great but girl is hot

Jaaru 2013.01.25
New nice looking game, liked it.

themoda 2013.01.25
Another poor and boring game of "fuck me hard-fuck me slow!, bad graphics, bad dialog, bad scenes.

bad game

C.C. 2013.01.25
i think I`m missing something. These games usually aren`t that hard but I can`t seem to find everything I need to finish it. It`s my challenge.

zantha 2013.01.25
I`m sorry, but I couldn`t even get through the entire game. Very boring, poor dialogue, and not much of a story.

gartal 2013.01.25
There is not any thing new same as old story i did not like it and i prefer that play Getting to know Christine or Jordan 500 or Lake party or other games instead of this NEW game .

I say you should try new stories with creative games

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Nice graphics, but the game is too simple.

Vallheruh 2013.01.25
Not my kind of games, to easy, grofic is always the same and its just a boring "clicky" Sorry.

RowdyRod 2013.01.25
No so great, too similar to others of this type. What ever happened to foreplay!!! I almost did not bother finishing it. I prefer the others with a bit more depth to the story and build up to the sex.

NightStalker73au 2013.01.25
very enjoyable game play, graphics and animation.

auldgit 2013.01.25
The artwork is of a very high standard, the gameplay however is not difficult enough to challenge a 5 year old !!

The 2 things that let it down the most though are:

The English is written as if by a direct translation program or a young child learning it as a second language.

The sex scenes are reminiscent of those pop-up books that you find in kindergarten where you pull the tab to make the carrot pop out of the ground !!!

Overall very poor standard of interaction and animation !!

Only worth one play, then consign it to the "could have been more fun" file !!!

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