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Erotic date: Gina


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nick2345 2019.04.19
love the sex in this game

fblackfox 2019.04.09
need to play more like that one

maethor90 2019.03.18
Good Game! Gina is a hot Girl.

Troy9000 2019.03.12
Treat Gina like a ladyrnCompliment her , but don`t overdo itrnDon`t be a horndogrnThe hotel room should be the final stop.

tinytigger2000 2019.03.03
Great first game on my account; loved the direction of the "story-line" and the animations!

hornyh 2019.01.27
great game. Really enjoyed playing it

Badman.SP 2019.01.16
Good story and fairly good graphics. A little difficult at first but achievable. Unfortunately, there is very little deviation in order to get most of the achievements. There is really only one main path to follow unless you fail the relationship.

brownbag 2019.01.06
Good game , kept my inerest

turntr706 2018.10.27
grjinifenvi ninrifnfoinvini niok just earning points

pirateon420 2018.10.26
Story is easy but fun. Super hot babe and good sex.rn


sexynhigirl 2018.10.16
this game is very good to play

bluvirage 2018.09.28
This one take some time to figure out but boy Gina super hot worth the time.

punjabi 2018.09.19
really sexy game, makes a lot of fun for many times, hot animations

BallIdiot 2018.09.15
The game flow was smooth. rnrnTook a while to know which are the positive actions. After that it`s exploration time. ^_^

jeffalive 2018.09.12
really nice game i love the animations and the storylinerngreat.

XiGod 2018.09.06
got all the achievements blackmail took way to long to find

namalengkap 2018.09.05
I love this game.. the graphic was so good

jobsonuol 2018.08.16
The girl looked beautiful. Awesome animations.rn

Peila 2018.08.04
great graphic, its a cool game

lukerage121 2018.07.15
achievements fun and the game is really fun thank u for this

Schmitzi456 2018.07.13
Anyone know how to get the nasty blackmail achievement?

hell123456 2018.07.09
Love it. Realy nice game I like the animationsrnrn

Schmitzi987 2018.06.28
Great hard game like the others. Love it

mulber 2018.06.18
These erotic date games are always awesome. No exception here

tyker23123 2018.04.30
i like the games dialog but the graphics are phenomenal rn

supertrucker 2018.04.26
great graphic`s good story line fun to play.

edy777 2018.04.24
Nice looking new game, liked it.

flypilot 2018.04.22
this is the best lop game in my opinion. there are so many different endings and i never get bored while playing it. the sex scenes are a little short compared to the story but overall it`s a good game and keeps me coming back every time

Tomy722 2018.04.03
Great game. Good scenary. Create more games like this

Krille228 2018.03.17
Great game, good graphics as well, nice music

Emp3r0rr 2018.03.14
as always the graphics are hot... the game could have been a little more complex though

jumpr009 2018.03.11
Good story and fairly good graphics. A little difficult at first but achievable. Very good game.

JordiPlayz484 2018.02.28
The game was very good and the graphcs were on point

EWRTY 2018.02.21
Sex scene not impressed me, but still good game

thefumu 2018.02.18
what a lovely game very eye catching

crimsonfrog 2018.02.17
nice game with good graphics

gintaras231 2018.02.15
Nice asian to fuck, 10/10 love this game

marcodarco 2018.01.29
Good graphics, great animations rn

fuchsi 2018.01.25
very nice game and good grafik

crimsonfrog 2018.01.19
really like this game Gina is fine

cumslutlover 2018.01.09
great game, and Gina is sooo hot. Not too easy but not too hard, great graphics toorn

Wolfster56 2018.01.06
This is a very challenging game. I like the graphics too.

eziodgr8 2018.01.04
One of the best game with great grapics and animation,rnalways enjoying while playing this game.rn

jwd024 2017.12.19
excellent game. difficulty is perfectrn

jatark117 2017.12.16
Pretty hard game but great ending.

jatark117 2017.12.16
Nice animations. Takes some careful thought to get through.

ya.h58 2017.12.13
Great game, good graphics as well

crimsonfrog 2017.12.12
like this game gina is hott

Midna 2017.12.05
pretty good game with nice progression, good graphics, needs a save option tho to save having to restart every time you want to see a new ending, done most of the achievements, but cant be bothered to get the last 2.

Coolkid23 2017.11.30
Cool game nice graphics hard to get achievements though

BullseyeCSZ 2017.11.14
great game, however hard to get all achevementsrn

jikeroma 2017.11.11
Great games and best graphics

JD079 2017.11.11
wow... I cannot get enough of this gamern

lolkidmaster55 2017.11.11
The graphic and animation looks good

arcticc 2017.11.10
Cool game. But Gina not cool.

Badger 2017.11.08
nice animation good game playrn

lolkidmaster55 2017.11.04
The graphic looks great and animation is goodrn

bearbear 2017.11.04
good graphics great work. Pls include it in the future

hhhhhhhh123q 2017.11.03
Ireally love the graphics and content behind this game and especially like the concept

Kyogre91 2017.10.31
This game so far looks promising. I really wish it was longer. The games seemed kind of short, however i still enjoyed playing.

BBandika 2017.10.14
Nice game with quality graphic:))

A_Hammonds3 2017.10.14
great game 10/10 would play againrn

HOTTOMMY85 2017.10.13
This is a decent game, Gina is very hot so overall a nice game.

Dagui 2017.09.27
I love this game it is the best gina makes me wanna beat my meat so hard until I cumrn

BengerBang 2017.09.19
Again, another good short date game from LoP (or S&G but they might be the same Idk). Simple but fun scenario where you get to woo a lady whose face model looked a whole lot like Lucy Liu which is always a big + in my book. Interactive scenes straight forward and easy which always helps a mobile user. Art and animation looked great and was smooth as silk! Another thumbs up for LoP!

May1ynn 2017.09.12
The story line was almost how a real date goes! Very hot! I have to replay to see what happens when she`s tied!

bango 2017.09.11
i loved this game and the graphics very goodrn

Tales45 2017.09.09
good game, very good story,and beutiful girl. rnrnEnding 3rnrnStartrnrnCompliment her necklacernSay that you´re happy that she agreed to this daternGently kiss her cheekrnCaress her thighsrnBoldly step between her thighsrnInvite her somwhere elsernrnDrink BarrnrnAsk about her hobbiesrnTell her that she is such beautiful woman and you´re ready to marry herrnSay that you Love her leg between your thighsrnSensusally her legsrnrnDance Clubrnrnoffer her a drinkrnAsk her to dance for yournBy a bottle of champagnernSensually dance with herrnRaise her dress a littlernInvite her somwhere elsernrnPrivate PoolrnrnLower her strapa littlernRaise her dress a littlernUnzip and remove her dressrnHelp her remove her heelrnComplyment her boobsrnTouch her thighsrnSensually massage her bellyrnMassage her pussyrnSay that you don´t have to do thisrnAsk her if she wants to go to a hotel with yournrnHotelrnrnSay that she Looks ravishingrnMassage her thighrnAsk her to suck her fingerrnMassage her inner thighsrnAsk her to touch herselfrnCaress her boobsrnDive between her legsrnAsk her to suck your dickrnSay she is doing very wellrnPush her harderrnSlow down a littlernrnBedrnrnMassage her thighrnSpread her legsrnFinger herrnSay that you love to watch herrnPut your fingers deeper Inside herrnFinger her as fast as you canrnrnTake her from behindrnAsk her to ride you on toprnTake her from behindrnRide her from a side positionrnAsk her to ride you on toprnRide her from a side positionrnrnCum over her boobs rnorrnCum over her face

Tiodor 2017.09.04
Realy nice game I like the graphics and animation

moncef 2017.09.03
nice graphics and great game i like it so much

Leo1996 2017.08.31
Ending 3 is the best one. Try this game out for a good gameplay

Leo1996 2017.08.31
Really good game with graphics, story, and animation

jellypie 2017.08.12
great game hot chick great animation

ribaahug 2017.08.10
i love the different endingsrn

Servus 2017.08.04
Great game but I felt that it lacked something vital!

whovian 2017.08.02
the gameplay was great, loved the graphics

Sakibuday 2017.08.01
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

Bomber93 2017.08.01
the quality is a 10, the storyline is almost real

Jimbo44 2017.07.27
enjoyed her, hot babe, love it

3981 2017.07.26
really good gamernit was nice to play,

dragonmech 2017.07.26
Good game, nice graphics , a bonus for achievements will be awesome

keplear 2017.07.23
good graphics with good animations

Daniela38 2017.07.14
nice game, cool graphic and a real hot girl i like it

Logan64 2017.07.11
Great graphics, with an interesting story line

Ademix100 2017.07.02
It is very pleasant to play at ate gina!

ho-bella13 2017.06.28
I love this games and is very interesting playing itrn

Sonosuke 2017.06.18
Nice game. The third ending really got me good, took a considerable time playing, but it`s worth.

littleGamer 2017.06.15
nice game, cool graphic and a real hot girl

Nicalos 2017.06.10
very nice animated, but a bit hard to get into, once you got the flow you get some nice endings so worth to try alot :D

koop55555 2017.06.07
Good game, loved the quality

alenner 2017.06.06
i really like the choices in this game but it feels very similar to some of the other games herern

Tiodor 2017.05.23
The game is fun and the graphic is very good.

RADOST89 2017.05.17
Very good gameplay, graphics and script

ap992616 2017.05.04
awesome game loved it . PLAY FORCE ONE GAMES ARE ALWAYS GOOD

Bw86bw86 2017.04.29
Very nice quick game. Nice to have some quick narratives and limited decision to get to action.

rocksimo 2017.04.28
Really good graphics. Gina is hot!

whitevil111 2017.04.25
I love this girl quality game, graphic and animation great as always

skpng 2017.04.22
its a great game i like the graphics

irstoned 2017.04.22
Inetereting and challeging game great time passe wile stoned

Poisoned 2017.04.20
This game was fun but difficult. Thank goodness for the walk through that someone posted earlier..

damnfuck 2017.04.20
very very god addictive game

lobo64 2017.04.20
Interesting storyline, and the graphics were tremendous.

asmartynas 2017.04.14
antoher great game for me

Dino72 2017.03.28
Really good game, I failed my score and put a 44 but the girl is hot and the scenario is cool !!

kilx 2017.03.20
it was a great game with great graphics.loved it

kevan944 2017.03.15
Great Game, love the difficulty and graphics!

ANonom 2017.03.14
how do i get her to join the private pool?

Ezio75 2017.03.10
Nice game, Gina is very hot

fabsilium 2017.03.10
Realy nice game I like the animations

ianjames 2017.03.09
10 out of 10 for graphics sexy girl

adyee 2017.03.07
Gina is very hot girl, you can try different way to propose her see different achievements, good graphics very hot games.. also see reaction while touching her body..

Ajax81 2017.03.03
Love these dating games.Great graphics and sexy looking women. Well done

kuangjinqi 2017.02.25
The game is fun and the graphic is stunning.
But I am feeling like the game is a bit too hard when first time playing.
I spent 2 hours in front of my screen just trying to get all three endings and most achievement before I grab a walk-through online elsewhere. Anyway, recommend this game to anybody who want to spent some time with this lovely girl.

psyrox 2017.02.24
Awesome. Best final ever.

lisalandchut 2017.02.23
Yes The game is too hot and the graphics , the gameplay, the somewhat difficult and most important the game itself are all too nice great work LOP artists

Angrod 2017.02.18
niiice. ill be back to play more

xever013 2017.02.11
this games pretty cool, i like these dating simulation types

anus36 2017.02.08
The girl is one of the sexiest of this website.

adyee 2017.01.31
very hot game very difficult to distracted from the hot girl....

TightAssFucker 2017.01.29
The game was alright but Gina was so hot

LadyKiller16 2017.01.29
Great game but can use more playing time and endings

furer8989 2017.01.25
not bad game, but it can be better

nelsondc 2017.01.23
its really good this animations are really good

turner16 2017.01.20
great graphics and history!

turner16 2017.01.20
short and sweet plus not to complicated good job

bilovegr 2017.01.19
Excellent graphics as always! A very hot girl as always!
Not their best story, but still a good story.
I recommend it too everybody who likes L.O.P. games!!!

burhan5152 2017.01.13
The game is very good.... maybe some sort of bonus content would increase the gameplay.....!!!

klundi22 2017.01.04
wow that game is realy hot stuff :)

KingEdwardTheBrave 2017.01.01
This game is fun. kinda hard, but fun.

DaMIIX 2017.01.01
Those graphics! I really enjoyed playing this masterpiece, and found all endings! I love it

mrjosh7403 2016.12.30
best game ive seen so far in love with her boobs

Jerem8P 2016.12.28
Its a good game with good graphics

cristoph99 2016.12.26
really nice game i love the animation

cristoph99 2016.12.26
the graphics for this game is great

lav2 2016.12.23
Good game, would have liked anal scene!

NawtyDawg 2016.12.23
Well Well Nicely done I`d have done better in real life I think but I like it Want to try agian , Ver7u=y Good concept.....It pitts you against you withy then "Can ya do better" Format

panga 2016.12.20
It is an amazing game. I will play it again

ken2016 2016.12.20
the best game of all time

fakkuthrowaway 2016.12.14
I love this game, the graphics are great and really intruiging too lol.

DantheBaked 2016.12.13
good gameplay and good graphics, its a real simulator. I loved it and will play again in the future

Dfer1012 2016.12.11
Great game really good graphics and a bit more difficult than usual

mwu 2016.12.10
How do you win? Is there a walkthru?

blackflesh 2016.12.09
I really liked this one. Very sexy :)

Trex1990 2016.12.04
Great Game, any advice on how to get all the achievements?

Wrangler1 2016.11.30
Pretty interesting game loved the graphics all in all 7/10

stupid420 2016.11.27
This game was one of the best i played

pollol4 2016.11.25
wow this game was amazing I loved it

parzival 2016.11.21
Good game I enjoy how the characters look

adyee 2016.11.19
she is very beautiful.....

Prometheus33 2016.11.17
that was strange............

zack1299 2016.11.17
creo que este juego es realmente bueno

smashmouth2014 2016.11.15
Why does it take forever to load the game? Been waiting 20 mins and not even 25% loaded??

DrPezh 2016.11.11
awesome game hope to see Gina in other episodes and thanks

daniel Amini 2016.11.11
great game with great beautiful women

vasquitog 2016.11.09
Very good game but i think that it needs more endings and some bonus if you get all the achievements

Jarzki 2016.11.05
Great game. Real good looking woman there...

Synbridge 2016.11.04
Rating for the game.
Characters: 9/10
Music: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10
Abilities: 8/10
Replay: 6/10

lycan53 2016.10.25
love the graphics and the story line

StormTrooper12345 2016.10.20
It is really hard to figure out how to get her to the swimming pool! Help!

skidevil 2016.10.17
very fun game but needs more options

Crusader_1 2016.10.16
Great game. I appreciate the graphics. I dislike that buying her a drink at the bar automatically advances the game. Isn`t it normal to have a drink while talking?

Bruno83 2016.09.27
good game, sad that`s short plus the girl looks like Lucy Liu a little bit...sexy!

SpaceAlien 2016.09.26
It was a fun game to play. Looking forward in seeing her again.

Arbiter909 2016.09.25
Great story and graphics

nougat 2016.09.22
anyone know how to get ending 3

Maurisfloresc 2016.09.16
This has been one of the better games. I would like to see Gina in more games. The sex scene was very good.

lycan53 2016.09.16
I loce the game, and the graphics are great!!!

mwodatch 2016.09.16
storyline was pretty good liked the ending

wolffeman19 2016.09.14
This game is good and the Graphics too...
but I`m struggling with it its a bit hard to play

chinamac1123 2016.09.11
this game is really fun! but I am stuck help!

pussylover1001 2016.09.06
this game is really interesting, but I can`t win. Can anybody help me

summone4645 2016.09.05
Love this game, great graphics and gameplay

BadBoy17 2016.08.29
good gameplay and good graphics, its a real simulator

mrtoms 2016.08.29
Very good, but a bit hard. Nice graphics

mrtoms 2016.08.29
Fantastic! Really sexy game

francium 2016.08.27
I never know which one will be and add or a game

broski 2016.08.26
Pretty hard to figure out!

yus alice 2016.08.25
speechless with this game

MegaJMGuzman 2016.08.23
The game was very short, but i love the animation....

SwaggyP123 2016.08.21
A little short but nice animations and gameplay. Well done

playingvikki 2016.08.20
The girl looked beautiful. Awesome animations.

tacotrain 2016.08.15
The game-play is terrific.

AegisFrost 2016.08.12
Great game! These types of games are always the best!

Harley39 2016.08.08
my favorite one is sex date with paula

adubarex 2016.08.07
Love this game, great graphics and gameplay

daredevil999111 2016.08.01
This game got nice graphics

AlinkaF 2016.07.29
Interesting enough. Unfortunately, not so many endings.

Luchs473 2016.07.29
Very nice and Hot Game with 3 different Endings. I prefer Ending 3,very Hot. Graphics and Animatons very Hot. Such a very Good and Hot Game.

martinmatin 2016.07.26
Graphics are good as always but it`s too difficult to seduce Gina

redridinghood69 2016.07.24
nice game got to all the endinga

ozzy934201 2016.07.16
Nice game & I loved the happy ending :)

azrael15 2016.07.15
a little bit short, but still a nice game

hdsmjq 2016.07.15
Flawless Victory:
Kiss Cheek,Compliment Necklace, Happy she agreed, Carress Thigh, Step between then invite
DANCE CLUB : Drink, Dance for you, Champagne, Invite
BAR: Hobby, Tell her shes beautiful, Love her leg between yours, Kiss calves, release leg
POOL: Lower strap, Raise dress, Unzip dress, Remove heel, compliment boobs, touch thighs, massage belly, massage pussy, you dont have to.
ASK HOTEL: looks ravishing, massage thigh,ask her to suck finger, massage inner thigh, touch herself, caress boobs, dive between thighs, massage thigh, spread legs, finger her, fuck and cum on boobs!

HopeEater 2016.07.15
at any game that i play around here i get more surprised with the quality of this site

sim_sim 2016.07.14
great game and exciting plot! Thanks you!

stach56 2016.07.09
good game, awesome the sotry and achivment.....cool graphic ;))

gugibg 2016.07.06
good game,but need more attention to push it in bed

BrorsanW 2016.07.06
Not the best but I enjoyed it and it served it`s purpose.

LiBro2K 2016.07.06
i really like this game it has a nice flow and it just fells great

razeworld 2016.07.03
Yeeees, Finally I fucked her! That was hard...

razeworld 2016.07.03
Yes, I fucked her in the kitchen =)

Swiftrebel 2016.07.03
Nice game, i like the girl

lonelysailor12345 2016.06.30
I remember playing this game forever ago and it was great It`s still as good as I remember.

zoomzoom 2016.06.30
playing cards is always fun its always the luck of the draw:-) with a spicy view to go along with it ..fair to good ....

wifaasalta 2016.06.26
beautifull girl and good history,

Jwilson 2016.06.26
Man, I am really bad at this lol.

mclovin3209 2016.06.22
Very nice flow and quality as great as always. Well done game

LeoDrake 2016.06.21
It`s not my prefer, but I really nice.

FUckmeNow1231231 2016.06.20
Good but, is there a bonus for getting all the achievements?

SLIIIIIME 2016.06.17
amazing game, came in for 5 clicks

ProtoVegeta76 2016.06.13
Only a few clicks in, and already, I`m into it. What has this site done to me? xD Pretty great game so far.

kusaj227 2016.06.09
it is really nice and all these optins!

zub553 2016.06.09
good game, good to play and nice endings :) updates and more endings would also be very interesting to see

amko228 2016.06.05
Realy nice game I like the animations

GLTN 2016.06.05
These games keep asking for a plugin. What is that all about?

Martellus 2016.06.01
Great game! Especially like the cut scene for Ending #3. Keep developing more of those for the "good" endings.

PolishGuy 2016.05.27
Good gameplay, and nice girl

blackleaf69 2016.05.26
wow it was soooo good that i need that

rudedog037 2016.05.26
Story ws a little hard but still worth it

zorrie 2016.05.25
Good game and hot girl with perfect body

BriBriMonette11 2016.05.21
I hope there are more games like this

wldsxwizzard69 2016.05.21
L O P youare great love getting all endings oh and by the way INeedShrooms walk throghs are about half to three Quarters down page

korbagor 2016.05.21
Game has excellent graphics and Gina`s one of the most beautiful girls so far. I want to see her new adventures.

Pl9yer 2016.05.20
definitely one of the better games I`ve tried

forceiser7 2016.05.18
Nice game. Good animations. Very tricky and tough.

INeedShroomz 2016.05.14
The game is good. Quality the same worked even on an old laptop.
Gina is a hard girl. I was stuck if someone can give me a tutotrial to read. Where i am stuck? Well at the entire game. I am inviting her to a drink bar and makes that`s possible.
Only half then we will go to dance club same those is possible only 3 quarters and 1 non filled. Then we will go somewhere where else? Pribate Pool She doesn`t like cause it`s illegal then to a hotel room she said that she is not a slut. all my game ended whorst.

Runner97 2016.05.11
Love this game, Gina i so fucking hot

TypGuy 2016.05.07
A really great and almost to erotic game!

yeas 2016.05.07
nice game and animations were awesome and was fun

CrazyPilot86 2016.05.06
Very nice and very tricky. Without reading the comments and hints at first, I catched an very great ending, but only one achievement (Perfect Warmup). So - unfortunately - I have to repeat the date with Gina for several times to find more achievements ;-)

baddboy172 2016.05.05
good game play and great graphics

Dragonslayr 2016.05.02
Gina is one of the hottest girls in games on this whole site.

Scandium 2016.04.30
My game froze when I got to the hotel and I was like nooooo. It was a great game though xD

taxman77 2016.04.27
Difficult but fun game

raulxtreme130 2016.04.23
the animation and graphics are well but the game not estimulate
me so much

iaguar89 2016.04.23
The game delivered great graphics and animations!

BlackoutLV 2016.04.23
very good graphics, great game

stephenhawk 2016.04.21
Great graphics and amazing gameplay

Impressssive 2016.04.16
great graphice nice story, one of my favorites

nonamer 2016.04.12
gina very amazing girl. so nice game

YG 2016.04.07
great game,nice graphics and good story

pussyslayer69 2016.04.01
Fuck she is so sophisticated but so sexy, love a slut like that

kevsev 2016.03.29
this game literally rocks..took me a few try`s to find out where to put the mouse and click before answering i might add, however it was a blast to play when i did :-) thanks for the game

ShyBiGirl 2016.03.28
I really liked it ;) thank you for the walkthrough

grumpie 2016.03.22
Very nice and funny game.

sauros 2016.03.19
verey good grafics...the model is stunning...too easy...but funny

Dan20 2016.03.17
great game and the graphix are epic

mentholman 2016.03.14
Good graphics and options, would have like it to be a bit longer

GunHoser 2016.03.11
Decent game... wish there was more control during the sex scenes... but overall, a decent game. :)

raman 2016.03.09
Update the Playforceone Page pls

AlliGoFly 2016.03.03
Great game, fun story, nice graphics. 7/10

fluffybutt579 2016.03.01
good game nice gameplay and great graphics

tiqris00 2016.03.01
Gina is perfect and the game is really tasteful. Nice job.


bhposphate 2016.02.26
Loved it. The Animations were spot on! One of the best.

OmahaSettler 2016.02.26
Enjoy the game, nice animation. Multiple ending always a plus.

bdsmpassionate 2016.02.25
Such a great game! Graphics are cool but I hope it`s can show the characters moving not just pictures and a little movement. BUt great story!

otherguy786 2016.02.24
It a great set up to make it so you can play it over and over to get all the awards.

xxxSantixxx 2016.02.23
This is really exciting and it takes me so wet

lookin_4 2016.02.22
This was a little tricky but once you get into it it is awesome

redskullbr 2016.02.22
i really like the game took a while to do de things but i managed :p

PleasureIs Mine 2016.02.19
could hv been better bt stil nice game for time spenders

Tinhorse 2016.02.17
cool game....cool grafs.......very nice looking girl.........made me cum.....

Cronos93 2016.02.13
such an incredible game, loved the graphics and gina is uff

doctom 2016.02.10
This is by far the best IAF I have seen. The tits don`t look like all the rest--different sizes and nipples make this more exciting. The link to Rolling Stones was very cool, probably the future of AIF games. You could link to dialogue, sex sounds, mood music, the sky is the limit. Very clever and by far the leader in dating apps. Congrats, this is fantastic! I hope the story continues, think of all the possibilities!

JAMIEXD23 2016.02.06
Great game but need help on how to have sex

Na9a80y 2016.02.03
Amazing game well done!!

qball 2016.01.28
Good Quality Game..... Love it

poopmonster 2016.01.24
very good game the car was nice and so was the girl

utakbakal 2016.01.24
loved the game, so easy not like others where I can`t get the girl. played it 20 times already and still want to do it again, wish they make more like this, graphics and gameplay is great!

ninini 2016.01.23
A good game but it could be nastier. She is very classy but there should be some more options to push her limits

daedalus123 2016.01.22
loved it, got all achievements, urged for it

152223 2016.01.19
good game and nice graphics, pretty easy

brian110 2016.01.14
Great game with awesome graphics, I want more of these games.

reipin 2016.01.13
nice animations n story really good gameplay

cptvalor 2016.01.10
lots of choices and options and the girl is very hot!

Joesy18 2016.01.09
the graphics are very good

someguy469 2016.01.08
Nice short play through. Not nearly as in depth as other titles.

alonsoalejan00 2016.01.07
I cant stop of play game is very nice and have good graphics

shiv sage 2016.01.06
excellent graphics as always one of the better games I`ve played and the animations were awesome too.

user11223 2016.01.04
Good game. I liked the graphics and the story was good.

hellrazor 2016.01.03
nice game but there are other than i like more

FazeReagan 2016.01.03
Took me a while but I got it

tdogthecummer 2015.12.31
This game lacks intrest to me

Ladiesman127 2015.12.30
Nice game. Love the graphic. Did all the ending.

DonnieBGood 2015.12.29
Great game keeps the interest up

jordy21 2015.12.27
very good graphics, great game

carlvanan 2015.12.24
Really nice game,Avesome graphic. I love this game

Sarkazem 2015.12.22
Very nice graphics on this game, very enjoyable

Mr. Dick 2015.12.20
the best game so far good graphics

ajihad 2015.12.19
good but not too many endings

PepeLaPew0527 2015.12.17
best game by far would definately try agian

bellek 2015.12.16
great game with great graphics, although a little short

jonkieofstick 2015.12.15
iam stuck at the part from the club to the pool can some one help me?

naughtysam00 2015.12.14
Very nice game... this is what all of we are looking for.... hot Gina!!!
I like these date games!!
Wating for more

naughtysam00 2015.12.14
The graphics and designs are good.
Great job on this game
I loved the synopsis and character

eLLa1990 2015.12.13
very good, i love dating games.. enjoy it very much

ardor 2015.12.12
Its an amazing game with great animations and soung. i think people should play this.

melvyn773 2015.12.06
its a good game but a little short

tusker 2015.11.30
I want to marry Gina and have her babies

Moartl96 2015.11.25
good game and story but a little short

Splashbrother30 2015.11.21
Classy girl and you got to work for it.

Asterixxx 2015.11.16
At the beginning a tricky one for me. If you don`t find the hotspots you get stuck. But once found the various possible combinations are fun to explore with different endings.

Scissors 2015.11.15
flawless victory is sooo sexy and hot

srigopi 2015.11.04
nice game, great graphics

porman 2015.11.01
thiss gameeeeeeeee were boringggggggggg

kingsavo 2015.10.30
Easily my favourite game on the site

carlos319 2015.10.29
i love those tits gina is fantastic!!!!!!!

carlos319 2015.10.29
wow just a big fan of gina

Trajan00 2015.10.27
very good game worth the effort!

MikeyH74 2015.10.21
Great game, very sexy. I got all the achievements too!

droopy1988 2015.10.13
gina is hot would love to marry her so I could have her all to myself.

play40 2015.10.08
Erotic Date with Gina . Gina is very hot , very nice game

Nishit 2015.10.05
Well.. It`s really good.. But i wanted itto be a little more adventurous! all over it`s a good one..

asddsaasddsa 2015.10.04
love it. great graphics and scneario

soltero43 2015.09.28
This game is so much fun. It was a little hard to figure out at first, but now I can`t stop playing.

noobrox 2015.09.27
game is good but i got stuck in the middle

Lustvampir 2015.09.26
it s a pleasure to play this wonderful game

elegant 2015.09.19
very nervous and not a funny game

Carlyle 2015.09.17
Really liked this one,
Good graphics as in all Lesson of Passion games, but with a very sexy girl

Heretic1139 2015.09.15
actually a bit dull.... a lot of moving about and not alot of options, was a bit bored on this one

andyharrypotterfan 2015.09.15
wow a stunner of a game some difficulty there

igandlore55 2015.09.12
alright game wish there was more to do tho

Melimelo 2015.09.10
One of the best game I`ve played here so far !

kool0621 2015.09.09
best game ever...of all time

manchh1 2015.09.05
Great game. I wish to see Gina in other games. She is so hot!!!

DESOUSA 2015.09.04
very good story,and beutiful girl. Good level of challenging

ImArchangel 2015.09.04
I REALLY liked this game, good animation and story

megold1 2015.09.01
Great game, graphics are top notch.

xfactor3240 2015.08.31
This is a fun game, I love the different scenarios that can happen based on the individual decisions you make.

147258369 2015.08.30
Nice graphics and history! I love this game

theslurpel 2015.08.30
Realy nice game I like the graphics and animation

simonking23 2015.08.30
great storyline for a date

36feet 2015.08.28
I like the animation. I just wish that this game was a little longer

dennyjc 2015.08.25
Ha Ha Ha, what a blast getting all the endings and achievements. beautiful lady.

2b4ever 2015.08.25
erotic date : gina was a great. make me horny.

Haloelite 2015.08.20
This game has Good graphics

sexse22 2015.08.19
the company seems to be doing very
  While this type of games

sexse22 2015.08.19
very good graphics and girl dresses

sexse22 2015.08.19
the girl I like is that there mejos the various locationa

sexse22 2015.08.19
company really professional

sexse22 2015.08.19
Graphics is really amazing

sexse22 2015.08.19
Realy nice game I like the animations

sakul81 2015.08.18
I have reached two of endings ... end 1 and end 2 ... was not so hard

mrscf22 2015.08.16
I enjoyed the challenge but wanted more with the end result!

drakengeist 2015.08.16
Great game, difficult got ending 2. But very awesome!

ArthasMenethil88 2015.08.16
can anyone help me to do Ending 2 ? cause I`ve already reached 1 and 3 not 2

Equilibruim 2015.08.16
Great game
amazing animations
10/10 would recommend

JuggleMyBalls 2015.08.15
this game`s amazing, i showed friends too

xkcd12 2015.08.12
Good game. The animation is great,

kanther 2015.08.07
this game is a lot of fun. Nice graphics, but a gallery after completing or a zoom would be nice

jax2894 2015.08.05
the animation is really good

jax2894 2015.08.05
really fun game with good graphics

Simple Man 2015.08.04
The animations were really good with this one. Nice Job!

glukos37 2015.08.01
Awesome game, I enjoyed the sex scenes

Honolulu69 2015.07.28
Wonderful game with lots of posibilities!

ninjax2x2 2015.07.27
Gina is hot and the graphics are excellent! Tricky date though..

Phil Anselmo 2015.07.27
Goog game, but too little options to go with Gina.

SexMachineUnleashed 2015.07.27
Good game, nice looking girl.

Tal3WakkR 2015.07.25
This is one of the tougher games I`ve played on here. I like when they are difficult.

Sis_ 2015.07.24
beautiful girl, graphic e animation awesome!!!

micahamyers 2015.07.23
THANK YOU FOR THE TUTORIALS ! hard to figure out lol but really worth it, graphics are so clear.

tedybear1973 2015.07.23
was a bit tricky but the rewards were well worth it

tyu7 2015.07.23
this game is really good great graphics

Captain_Savaho 2015.07.22
Good Game wth exelentent graphics, would like more story options

givemeaname11 2015.07.21
Great graphics and animation, a little short however

Archangel99 2015.07.21
great game! good story! I like choose who fuck

mrblobby 2015.07.19
love it. really great game and very interesting as well

mmonir 2015.07.17
THANK YOU FOR THE TUTORIALS ! hard to figure out lol but really worth it, graphics are so clear, good work.

johnnyrotten 2015.07.15
I was beginning to think GIna wouldn`t ever show any interest. I finally cracked that shell. Fun game.

rocky1905 2015.07.15
i wish to get a date like this in real. Awesome game

forneyuntd 2015.07.13
This game gave me the chills

icegodocty 2015.07.11
I really love the graphics and the story

thatdss 2015.07.11
Well, like this game a lot, so hot

coldviking 2015.07.11
Very beautiful womens here, and very nice game.

destiny033 2015.07.11
I love the graphics on the game

valerazm228 2015.07.11
Good game with good animation, i like it

Tom_master 2015.07.10
good game but similar to others

kuruma 2015.07.08
the graphics are great a little difficult to get th right order

Jelyes 2015.07.06
Really like these Dating games wish they were longer

assassina 2015.07.05
Love this game. Could there be more?

Semc 2015.07.05
The gameplay is challenging yet entertaining, and the graphics are fantasic.

beetle61904 2015.07.04
It`s a little difficult at first trying to figure the right responses . When i get them wrong of course I am disappointed but when . Good game!`m right I get laid in my mini fantasy and my ego rises a few points

tybolt 2015.07.04
great drawings.. liked the girl..

dingoan 2015.07.03
veryveryvery good game i like it

Raydiant 2015.07.02
Very nice game, the graphics are what i would expect to see from LoP, glad to see that they made anoher one up to snuff. The pool ending was also very funny.

sexychelly 2015.07.02
this is my favorite game so far

aaroxq 2015.07.01
I really want those achievements! I like that this game keeps me coming back for more each time.

umairshehzad 2015.06.29
great game with great graphics

BigBoyAdam 2015.06.27
I was starting to struggle but thank you AxelHH for explaining how to get each achievement.

NePovem 2015.06.26
Gret game. Tricky but nice reward after end :D

luvpussy 2015.06.24
Its hard to win, but it was definitely fun and worth the effort

dukefan123 2015.06.24
great game but I cant get all the endings

Attica 2015.06.23
Love this game good animation and gameplay

LPmK 2015.06.21
This is a great Game with a super graphic.

fezesarecool 2015.06.21
Really good quality game, not too hard to get to sexual scenes. Love it

Owen66 2015.06.20
wow! just love the game. aw some graphic, story line and the details

G12IMl 2015.06.18
Wow this game has everything. Im so glad it exist! I hope they make a few more like this this chick was hot.

AWilliam 2015.06.17
good game worth playing more than once

kenadams15 2015.06.16
loved this game. great graphics and wonderful storeyline

Balintka47 2015.06.16
It`s hard to seduce her, but damn! That body tottally worth it!

rastafarians 2015.06.16
great game,good graphics,easy and enjoyable

qwqw1 2015.06.15
Challenging with great endings another excellent game from LOP

dale69 2015.06.14
She is difficult to please at first, but damn she`s worth it

Vrba 2015.06.13
great game. awesome graphics

xxxPeanutxxx 2015.06.11
got all the endings and achievements, great game

DerFinne 2015.06.11
It is a good game but the woma is not my type of girls I like :-)

vedanta_mendiratta 2015.06.11
great game..i wish i had gf like gina

vedanta_mendiratta 2015.06.11
Great time pass game...nice graphics

vedanta_mendiratta 2015.06.11
great game with great graphics...the girls are Soooooo Hot

jaypers204 2015.06.10
great games. wish gina was real

tymag 2015.06.09
amazing graphics love yalls games

jake1066 2015.06.08
Great gamne, great graphics

bants 2015.06.08
need help. stuck on private pool.

jack654123 2015.06.07
Blackmail achievement is awesome

germ 2015.06.07
batata batata :D
the game has amazing graphics

Sparky01 2015.06.07
A very challenging game . Had fun playing it out.

eagleata 2015.06.07
yeah, i like it... thanks for walkthroughs

The Butcher 2015.06.06
Fantastic game. Good level of challenging

yopyo3812 2015.06.05
realy good game, nice sex scenes, and what a hot woman !!!! miss the sex on toilet at the club...

bearbastard 2015.06.05
good graphics, i like this one

saturnales 2015.06.04
IO love when LOP team make dating simulations...i miss that kind of stuff

ErickAditya 2015.06.02
Really nice game and i like the animation so exited

belgarionx 2015.06.02
Really nice game, great characters

bobovindo 2015.06.02
its cool game, would like it even more if I was able to fuck her in the toilet :)

ehow0109 2015.06.02
Great game and good graphic but I wonder if it could extend or link to others game story? coz it`s too short!

bhaskardutta87 2015.06.01
i really love the style & looks of the girl & its a bit easy too

pakrat1967 2015.05.31
Great quality all the way!

sb12 2015.05.30
it is awesome an nice
very intriqiue

juansusurro 2015.05.29
excellent game. this one is pretty easy and she is so hot

muth 2015.05.28
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

BTForeman33 2015.05.28
Luv the game it has hardachivements and a great storyline

Jim97 2015.05.27
She has a clever and complex personality, makes the game more realistic

judaz13 2015.05.26
i love the game,.! good animation and great grphics,. ``it`s so addictive``

SaNPZ 2015.05.26
Good job nice story and everything

69devils69 2015.05.25
Great short game and Gina is hot.

sthlmhustle 2015.05.25
Good game, quite challenging

komodo123 2015.05.24
the game has amazing graphics

CashMorgan 2015.05.24
A really nice game that needed some work for getting all endings

Sethanos 2015.05.24
I can`t believe how many times I had to restart this game! This girl definitely plays hard to get.

dal00 2015.05.24
I kept effing up but really fun and visually appealing game. Big fan.

ArashiAsura 2015.05.24
Is there any eay ro get all archivements in one play? I always have this target in playing through any game. Anyway, the game is great, I wish my date could be like this :D

smaximus 2015.05.23
great graphic. need more sex scene though

frankline 2015.05.23
it is the best graphic game ever i like it and i liked the warm up

Davidlow 2015.05.23
Good animations and nice game

drsexy07 2015.05.22
interesting game, graphics are great. Only think is, i wish there was a little more physicality

nnr557 2015.05.21
brilliant graphics and game

guten tag 2015.05.17
cool, story is good, graphics are awesome, animation is ok

bleh1993 2015.05.17
Definitely my favorite game so far! Amazing graphics, good story, and extremely attractive girl! Can we please have another game with Gina?

chalupa14 2015.05.17
Took me a few tries but it was fun. Good game and graphics.

dash947 2015.05.16
wooow nice game! Got all endings!! hahahah One of the best so far, loved the graphics, tho these games should be a little longer...

hardy1018 2015.05.16
great game. nice graphics. loved gina

gamer100 2015.05.16
gina is a nice girl
nice graphics
great game

luisito93123 2015.05.16
its dificult to get the ending

hmmmmj 2015.05.15
Good graphics and very good to play

uiui6969 2015.05.15
i like this game i want more

TopGun1980 2015.05.14
I think they could have done the game more ineresting

saturnales 2015.05.14
Good game until the release of the real lopgold projects.

wizard2k2 2015.05.14
I`ve always liked the LOP games...and this one has just enough difficulty to keep me trying to get the `extras`...keep up the good work...oh yeah, looking forward to the next best thing on LOPGold too...not sure what it will be, but knowing the games on there now, it`s sure to be a good one

king6192 2015.05.14
this is a great game with great graphics

dudeman931 2015.05.13
Achievements really add a lot to these games: let you kno when you`re done with everything and gives you hints on how to do things if youre stuck

stallion007 2015.05.13
Cool game with nice animations i think people should play this.

Ryan065 2015.05.13
It was fun having all those achievements in the game, it made it worth while to go back to and replay until you get all of them. A great game all round, you would have more fun with this

ionutionut 2015.05.12
That a good game,the beginning its a lil bit weird but finally gets great game

Devilsangel 2015.05.11
Great game. Enjoyed the game play.

Furnivis 2015.05.11
Wish it was longer but overall a really good game

gene55 2015.05.11
great game the girl is really hot great graphics and all

AdhiShetty 2015.05.10
nc game it was beautiful love the garphis

des14 2015.05.10
Great game! I really enjoyed the story, very logical and graphics are great too! I`d like too see more of Gina in the future.

abaza2013 2015.05.09
great game but if we go anywhere more than once, it will be greater

pfo11 2015.05.08
Gina is one of the sexiest babe so far but the game`s too short. She`s an amazing body and must have better game.

rex007king 2015.05.08
too easy.
the pool will gain you mare points easily

acpreston13 2015.05.07
Good graphics, but the game is a bit short. Keep the good games coming!

anonyme01 2015.05.06
great game! It is hard though!

shyman44425 2015.05.06
Loved the game. Plan to play it again and again.

Vincent711 2015.05.06
good graphics, i like it

spidder100 2015.05.06
very good game high quality

Rumba 2015.05.06
I want to see more games with Gina.

nina20122020 2015.05.05
goog graphics, story is quite simple, would like if the bar and pool scen had more sex options....

drunkenmonkey435 2015.05.05
I love the graphics and the girls are sexy

Iceflyer75 2015.05.05
Great Game. Hot Women. Perfekt Grafik and a easy going. But please let us User do somethink more Actions on this game.

JonnyQuidlic 2015.05.05
this game was fun but I feel like it could be longer.

kdr198 2015.05.05
This has been one of the better games. I would like to see Gina in more games. The sex scene was very good.

blumpybimp 2015.05.05
Good for a sim date, I tend to like longer games though

Butsch28 2015.05.04
Nice but difficult. I like it !

arathor 2015.05.04
nice game, the graphics are good, and also the story

shark101 2015.05.04
Awesome game, great imaging

anon_yme 2015.05.04
Nice game, I really enjoyed the story, very logical and graphics are great too

linla 2015.05.03
Really great design, good story.

ilikeindiana 2015.05.03
Good images and sound effects

hopet100 2015.05.03
the graphics in this game are awesome

hopet100 2015.05.03
a really good game, you should play it

pieffepi 2015.05.03
Very charming story and Gina looks truly ravishing. Could do with some more interactive sex. Else, this is just perfect

xabito 2015.05.03
prefer other imges for the sex time but good game anywat

johnyrocker 2015.05.02
Hi everyone i noticed a few people can`t get flawless victory or nasty blackmail / in front of everybody achievements
This is how you get them
flawless victory
have a perfect run which means perfect answers and not failing one answer
complete the sex scene after the blowjob (don`t cum inside)

in front of everybody/nasty blackmail you must go to the dance club first before going to the bar in order to get enough points at the dance club buy champagne, buy drink, ask her to dance for you.
At the bar,
ask about hobbies
tell her she is such...
say that you love her leg between your thighs
sensually kiss her calves
put your hand underneath her dress
finger her faster (you should get nasty blackmail stop here and you can go to hotel and pool if you want)
make her cum on the table

sexyman0111 2015.05.02
Awesome game, I enjoyed the sex scenes

Petro28 2015.05.02
I think this game is overrated, there is no story or good characters and the visuals can be done better.

Blitzkriegbob 2015.05.02
nice gameplay, good graphics, but nothing realy new in this one.

sexlust 2015.05.01
good quality game..love the way it goes

sonymonkey 2015.05.01
I like this style but it would be cool to have a bit more freedom while choosing

ostate69 2015.05.01
Nice it wasn`t linear for a change

shuvobd 2015.04.30
Outstanding, good animation indeed

tongue81 2015.04.29
Quite nice game with a real hottie. But I think there are a Little less Options and endings, But a great fun.

dodgas 2015.04.28
classiest game ever...love the way it goes,

etsh 2015.04.28
three achivements i didn`t get
infront of every body , mr romantic and nasty blackmail
how can i acheive it
very good game and story

samson976 2015.04.28

TXRaistlin 2015.04.28
Not bad, sound editing could have been better

ASRollins 2015.04.28
Good, quality game. Lovely model. I`d like to see Gina in a longer game.

Jokke 2015.04.27
Excellent graphics as always! A very hot girl as always!
Not their best story, but still a good story.
I recommend it too everybody who likes L.O.P. games!!!

Ilnerd90 2015.04.27
great game, very hot girl but it`s very short with less interactive and poor sex scenes...

commensense 2015.04.27
nice game to tide us over to the bigger releases. looking forward to more works from stoper

AKR123 2015.04.27
great graphics and the was also interesting

bangbangman 2015.04.26
Easy and fun game. Very easy to get all 3 endings.

tommys93 2015.04.26
the girl is so interesting like it

voodooacidboy 2015.04.26
another great game. i really enjoy this series.

Pierel 2015.04.26
I did not like that during sex, I almost did not see her boobs!

Pierel 2015.04.26
good game with nice graphic and a lil bit hard.

CapnMorgan 2015.04.25
This is the best of the LOP games in quite a while. It may be a little short, but that means that you can easily go back an explore all of the options, both good and bad. the artwork is good, although perhaps a little more interaction would be good. I give it a strong 90.

bent55 2015.04.25
i felt the game a bit harder for me

ryman0096 2015.04.25
love achievements lol, cool game but a little short

CoolBlue87 2015.04.25
Great Game. I had much fun playing it but i hoped for more action in the pool and there are achievments i dont know how to get sorry for my bad english.

pusshound 2015.04.25
Good game. Hot girl and good story line. The graphics are good. The story is a little short and gameplay a little simple. The sex scenes are not as explicit as some better games. No anal. Worth playing for achievements.

wormhunter 2015.04.25
great game and really sexy girl

richie223 2015.04.25
This is a great game but it really made me realise how great it would be if PF1 let members make their own avatars and play with them in the games. This game would have been even better if we could have our own customised character in it.

nyn 2015.04.25
good game, awesome the sotry and achivment ;)

tyriba2000 2015.04.25
one of the best games ever

Jace69 2015.04.25
Great graphics I love playing this game

xslayermkdx 2015.04.25
could be a little longer but nice game i have only 1 complaint why not sex in the bathroom definetely deserves extension

Xxkylej0104xX 2015.04.24
Avesome graphic. I love this game!!

jessy031 2015.04.24
i love this game, the girl is perfect and the achievement is find good

elvinaervina 2015.04.24
A very good game.. but should have come with more endings

ScottS69 2015.04.24
Really nice game and awesome graphics.

stefw 2015.04.24
very nice game graphicly and I like the achievements

fergal 2015.04.24
good game. like the achievements options!

hunted 2015.04.24
Realy nice game I like the graphics and animation

AxelHH 2015.04.24
all achievments

not the best idea:
touch her boobs at start (i think)

perfect warmup:
happy she agreed on the date
like her necklace
kiss her cheek
caress her thighs
boldly step between her legs

in front of everybody/nasty blackmail (you must go to the dance club first before the bar in order to get enough points) (at the dance club buy champagne, buy drink, ask her to dance for you)
At the bar,
ask about hobbies
tell her she is such...
say that you love her leg between your thighs
sensually kiss her calves
put your hand underneath her dress
finger her faster (you should get nasty blackmail stop here and you can go to hotel and pool if you want)
make her cum on the table

let them watch
when at the dance club (go to bar first do all the good things hobbies, beautiful, leg position, kiss her thigh, release her leg. At the club buy champagne, drink, dance for you, sensual dance)
raise her dress

girl you`re nuts (do everything like let them watch)
go to pool area
lower her strap
raise her dress
unzip and remove
help her remove her heel
compliment boobs
touch her thighs
massage belly
massage pussy
get naked in front of her

mr romantic (same as girl you`re nuts instead of getting naked tell her she doesn`t have to do this)
help her get dressed and end the night

i love your lips (same as mr romantic but invite her to hotel)
tell her she is beautiful
massage her thighs
ask her to suck her finger
ask her to touch herself
caress her boobs (finally haha)
dive between her legs
ask her to suck you dick

flawless victory
complete the sex scene after the blowjob (don`t cum inside)

creamy pie
pretty self explanatory ;)

have fun guys
you should get all endings doing this as well.

vaisugu 2015.04.24
How to archive "cream pie"

Aeldreth 2015.04.24
Fun game with a great model. Unfortunately, there is very little deviation in order to get most of the achievements. There is really only one main path to follow unless you fail the relationship.

germanico2 2015.04.24
what about the achievements?

germanico2 2015.04.24
What is the walkthrough to flawless victory.

studiuse71 2015.04.24
Love the game! The model is very hot. I`ve found that to get some of the achievements, like Blackmail, you have to go dancing before going to the bar.

cwoodb11 2015.04.24
in reply to bariwizard: Nasty blackmail involves fingering her in the bar.

Anyone know anything about the "Girl, You`re Nuts!" achievement? when you get to the pool and get her naked don`t say she dose not have to do this get naked yourself then play though and you will get the "Girl, You`re Nuts!" achievementyour

luchador2008 2015.04.23
help her
compliment her boobs
touch her
massage her belly
massage her pussy
get naked infront of her
say you dont have to do this [ if you get naked you will get a blowjob n a bad ending]
ask her to go to the hotel with you


GirlFan 2015.04.23
good game, very good story,and beutiful girl.

Ending 3


Compliment her necklace
Say that you´re happy that she agreed to this date
Gently kiss her cheek
Caress her thighs
Boldly step between her thighs
Invite her somwhere else

Drink Bar

Ask about her hobbies
Tell her that she is such beautiful woman and you´re ready to marry her
Say that you Love her leg between your thighs
Sensusally her legs

Dance Club

offer her a drink
Ask her to dance for you
By a bottle of champagne
Sensually dance with her
Raise her dress a little
Invite her somwhere else

Private Pool

Lower her strapa little
Raise her dress a little
Unzip and remove her dress
Help her remove her heel
Complyment her boobs
Touch her thighs
Sensually massage her belly
Massage her pussy
Say that you don´t have to do this
Ask her if she wants to go to a hotel with you


Say that she Looks ravishing
Massage her thigh
Ask her to suck her finger
Massage her inner thighs
Ask her to touch herself
Caress her boobs
Dive between her legs
Ask her to suck your dick
Say she is doing very well
Push her harder
Slow down a little


Massage her thigh
Spread her legs
Finger her
Say that you love to watch her
Put your fingers deeper Inside her
Finger her as fast as you can

Take her from behind
Ask her to ride you on top
Take her from behind
Ride her from a side position
Ask her to ride you on top
Ride her from a side position

Cum over her boobs
Cum over her face

luchador2008 2015.04.23
good game but too short and easy

Kissed her cheek
1st line
2nd line
step between
carres her thigs


ask her about her hobbies
tell her shes beautifull..n u want her to be ur wife
offer drink drink


offer drink
dance for you
dance with her
raise her dress

lower her strap a little
raise her dress a little
unzip and remove her dress

HarrietGarmin 2015.04.23
its ok not the best way to complex to actually get anything

mikelito22 2015.04.23
it`s a bit difficult, I can`t take her to the hotel

adis002 2015.04.23
Graphics is really amazing and the game is quiet easy to finish :)

decconan 2015.04.23
I had kiss her leg in the bar, but there is no "Nasty Blackmail". @bariwizard, how to get it, thanks. And how about "in front of everyone".

br4d3k 2015.04.23
Guys I need help ,I dont know if its bug but I can get her anywhere......

Kissed her cheek
1st line
2nd line
step between
carres her thigs




dance 4 you
dance with her

and then nothin.....thx 4 help

jcc1985 2015.04.23
good game very short but girl is hot

nonamefaceless 2015.04.23
For the `Girl you are nuts` achievement go to pool and select strip option instead of `you dont have to do this` option, you will eventually get it

Rapist Geoff 2015.04.23
Great storyline very hot and erotic

bariwizard 2015.04.23
Nasty blackmail involves fingering her in the bar.

Anyone know anything about the "Girl, You`re Nuts!" achievement?

ivanmen 2015.04.23
very good story,and beutiful girl

grontbil 2015.04.23
Well that ones got my heart

Jaaru 2015.04.23
Nice looking new game, liked it.

fox10 2015.04.23
Avesome graphic. I love this game!!!

Maciste 2015.04.23
Great game!
The model, Gina is hot and very well designed, her body looks very realistic, I love it.
Definitely it`s worth playing it!!!

Zagge 2015.04.23
Great short game and Gina is hot.
Got all achievements, there is no bonus.

Jberg7694 2015.04.23
excellent graphics as always one of the better games I`ve played and the animations were awesome too.

Tyr75 2015.04.23
Nice game but i really like the Fiat 500 :p

Raio10 2015.04.23
Cool game with nice animations i think people should play this.

Firekiss 2015.04.23
Realy nice game I like the animations

morrel 2015.04.23
Anyone know how to get the nasty blackmail achievement?

CTHunter 2015.04.23
is there a bonus for getting all the achievements?

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