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Elven Fantasy


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flitchen 2017.10.18
nude elfs are the best elfsrn

nrasmus3 2017.10.08
This is by far my favorite game

SongLing 2017.09.25
The game itself was masterfully done. And the story was great, but I didn`t like how you have to be so interactive during the sex scenes. rn

KitCarsen 2017.07.05
Great story, great gameplay. Loved the endings.

godley 2017.06.21
follow the prompt dont choose the easy way

godley 2017.05.04
fun game sexy elf girl i need more practices for the red head though

Poisoned 2017.04.25
Game wasn`t long enough. Needed more things to fight. Maybe level up for better rewards + better sex scenes?

ianjames 2017.03.15
who knew elves were so sexy good graphics

iotr89 2016.12.26
Great game specialy thanks to its grafics

gfunk69 2016.12.25
very good game and graphics are awesome


misterj 2016.11.02
Gameplay is amazing and the story is good and interesting. Nice one!!!

sonicsex 2016.09.06
really like those elve games.
Conclusion: We need more

Freestyler9310 2016.08.25
Great graphic, not too long, nice story.....in one word amazing game

Arismetal 2016.07.23
The battle part is really boring, sex scenes are ok

vandon 2016.05.18
decent game killing the elf guy is near impossible though

adim 2016.03.23
Poor, the start was very promising, but it is too short and poor. all ends develop after the first encounter with corin... didnt find a way to defeat him, dunno if something better through that chance. someone did?

Arezz 2016.01.24
love the elves, elves are the best, the grafic is perfect

Bshep 2015.12.11
Enjoyable game not to easy!!! A few smoking hot elves make it that little bit more fun too

merlin14 2015.12.05
good game, but id like to see some monster sex from time to time

Scissors 2015.11.16
hmm.. not so interesting i guest

yxija422 2015.10.30
It"s a good game. First time I ever played it through. I like it.

Bigdicks311 2015.09.27
I found out that Elven women are a lot hotter than dwarven

Sumguy 2015.09.10
good game, luv me some elves

Insanep15 2015.08.06
Its cool story was good and graphics 2

Rookey80 2015.07.02
Loved it, good graphics, good story lines!!!

Dersonrn 2015.06.15
a very great game, i wanna play it more

vojtasuper 2015.05.19
i really liked the redhead also - she was smoking hot
and the graphics of these games are awesome

Krystal2323 2015.05.10
Sexy sexy sexy. All I can say about this. I love these fantasy adventure sex RPGs would like it if there were more of them. Allready played all avaiable ones

Krystal2323 2015.05.10
Nice Game. Love it and the girls (as always in LOP games) very wonderful and nice to look at

john milton 2015.04.19
i always hope in sex with redheads... this elve is not so sexy, could have done it better
thank you anyway

1970southwind 2015.04.19
great game and fun to play

SlionZ 2015.04.12
The game was awesome it would be better if it were longer though

pie_man123 2015.04.07
I like this girl and i like this game. Nice Job

spacedout 2015.02.20
honestly the storyline is terrible and so is the gameplay for some reason the char cant land a melee atk ever and i tried this game 5 times and some of the endings come too quickly, visually its good but i like the game play as much as the sex scenes

Multiman 2015.02.18
The only thing i hate is you have to move the mouse to fuck her.

Manlee 2015.02.07
Short and not very interactive, just a few choices.

smaximus 2015.01.21
too much text causes distraction. gameplay is too hard. graphic and animation is good though

zakor 2015.01.11
Pretty good game not so long though

Remi_Ingrao 2014.12.29
chicks are gorgeous fun game

codeda1 2014.12.26
beutiful just beautiful the scenes and the graphics just brilliant

pussy4me123 2014.11.07
great game, ended up liking Corin more than Rhy. LoP is great as usual but could still use better dialogue

Futuros 2014.09.29
Interesting but not spectacular. Not sure that these are the best options in this type of game. Expected more.

hammond2000 2014.09.20
great game with amazing graphics

loobalou 2014.09.16
looks good but far to hard

ambrose88 2014.09.14
game is fun with pretty cool story so far will replay for alternate endings

Shadowpurity 2014.08.25
Nice graphics, gameplay is alright however a bit too hard, animations are smooth and flawless, very well done i would say.

lemlem 2014.08.05
first end came quickly, but it looks promising

agetoki19 2014.07.29
alright game, short scenes though

stoad69 2014.07.21
Good graphics but story was to short.

bitz94 2014.07.11
Superb Graphics & the story as well. Good job guys.

parkerb93 2014.07.07
i love how its short and sweet. and also elves are fucking sexy

mystery666 2014.06.19
pretty elf.. nice game and good graphics

mallutubexxx 2014.06.18
amazing!! always dreamed of it

CMRG 2014.06.10
Good game, and good graphics

grasshoppapron 2014.06.03
Some of the animations are a bit awkward, but good graphics (hot ass elf chick ftw) and decent gameplay.

trollfaisu 2014.05.28
decent gameplay for a game like this. I like the RPG aspect of it.

Harvenia 2014.05.26
I hope I could find a girl THIS hot!

Sexy007 2014.05.22
straight forward and easy game....makes me want to find an elf!!

ToastGuy 2014.05.07
great game, the girls are wonderfull

Aglae 2014.05.02
Amazing graphics; the elf is so pretty!

loobalou 2014.04.26
totally amazing graphics and the female elf is hot as well

ShdwVortex 2014.04.25
I love this game but it could be longer

xenoformer2 2014.04.21
Bit short but fun and nice looking

zahratustra 2014.04.21
One of the "could have been" games. As in "what a great game it could have been if only more time and imagination was invested by the author"...

funguy61 2014.04.03
I am really starting to get angry. I can`t stand rape and if they can`t put some type of label or warning for it I won`t come back. I come here to see things to relax or get turn on by Rape infuriates me I hate it I don`t care if its a game the thought of forcefully taking someone is wrong and angers and hurts me inside. So PLEASE START PUTING UP SOME TYPE OF LABELS rape gender benders of any sort interracial give someone a idea. Before they see something they don`t want to see. Cause you can`t forget it that easily or delete it like a computer like I wish I could. But it would be easy to put a label or warning. I have built webpages putting a label is not a big job Please I am disabled in a wheel chair and come here to have fun and take my mind off bad stuff I don`t want to start a game see something I can`t stand and ruin my day. please do something thank you

pitexs 2014.03.23
like the game hard at first but keep your mouse moving over everything looking in the comments i see a couple new things and so hoot play this game

kingjohn55 2014.03.18
the gamplay is awesome and thegirl is hot

littlecletus 2014.02.19
its ok but really hard to kill the guy at the end almost just have to get lucky

Matthew1 2014.02.13
this game kinda sucked it didnt wow me

w1drng22 2014.01.24
Whoa, my ending was short and sweet, no sex. Guess I`ll be doing this one again. I`m not sure what the forest fighting is about.

gnosh95 2014.01.18
game froze a couple of times, however the quality was fine, and the elf was fantastic

Tionfrey 2014.01.12
Bit short but good graphics

Daltonwoo95 2014.01.04
interesting ame great graphics

kool4dudes 2014.01.02
too short a game to be entertaining. can do better. nice story though

fattihh 2013.12.27
whats can i do sometimes.thats the game,is the game

ryan96 2013.12.12
I thought the game was very good I love elven girls and well the ending wasn`t all that the game was great

sexyhelendiamonds 2013.12.08
Good game, great graphics but only it`s short

yoyo350796669 2013.11.18
This game`s graphic is pretty good, I think the only thing that needs improving is the choice of sentence, because you have no idea where does it lead to. Also you don`t ge to see Rhy and the redhead having sex, which is a bit...unsatisfying.

Datbody1 2013.11.12
The games a tiny bit hard
But great graphics

MaxxV2150 2013.11.09
I always loved this one. Great story options, and wonderful graphics. The music is kinda` nice, too.

bobem2534 2013.10.31
Trying to get the third ending really drags down the rest of the game. You can only get it through very, very good roles. You have to make every shot with you bow and then 5 shots with you sword. He also has to miss you at least two times.

Lesbonina13 2013.10.28
AWESOME GRAPHICS, but imma play again to see what my other choices r 5/10

DaneAxe 2013.10.18
Like many others said, short but sweet; I`m gonna explore the other endings... 7/10

vjspring 2013.10.13
great graphics interesting but short

vrijbuiter 2013.10.06
it`s a short but nice game that`s looks very good

nikred 2013.10.06
Good game. One of the best i played on here but too short...

Danijel78 2013.09.27
Very nice game,but to short!

noogad 2013.09.24
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

ydkmb007 2013.09.22
I didn`t like how some of the plot lines ended so quickly. Also what was the point of going through the woods? Was there anything to gain from killing the monster?

lcarb 2013.09.20
overall very nice quality, love elves :3 it did freeze on me at the bj part

Zwick93 2013.09.16
this game was truely an elven fantasy

TylerMurdock 2013.09.15
This was an amazing game, loved it!

bugem832 2013.09.07
game good takes fover to load only like the rest of the game

mauls 2013.09.03
hmmm found it too difficult to not get raped

zelda81 2013.08.27
lovely hot and sexy may a little touch up on the graphics

akku 2013.08.24
dont know the graphics is upto mark

henry93 2013.08.19
love the gameplay and females look sexy hmm love the fighting would be better if the characters had a voice would make the game better

Alex Mercer67 2013.08.17
great games but way too short

madiksuq 2013.08.11
Nice graphics but the lack of sex scenes annoys me

Badvoc 2013.08.08
like the fantasy setting but way too short the rpf pre cursor was a fun element though but the giant spiders are easy to kill

scaletta 2013.08.03
a different story nicely done

star 2013.07.27
too short, but it is interesting game.

noogad 2013.07.26
amazing! very interactive and pleasing.

SummoningDark 2013.07.22
No. Combat was awful, game too linear. Fail. Could`ve been so much better.

sleeper47 2013.07.21
They should make some of these games longer, but still a hot game... good

sleeper47 2013.07.21
it was a hot game, got ending 2

sleeper47 2013.07.21
for an LOP game it was a bit different but still good graphics ,hot game

matricule14 2013.07.20
Another good game with good graphics

spunky237 2013.07.18
Love the portrayal of elves....LOTR & Peter Jackson, take notes!!!!! LOL!!!!

DCKing 2013.07.18
awesome graphics, cool storyline

passion100 2013.07.17
great game

hHurb 2013.07.16
these games real explore imagination

Jack123123 2013.07.12
wow Great Game it really have a good graphic

backDOORman 2013.07.11
GREAT graphics...loved it, very stylish

faranar 2013.07.09
Way too much text and the multiple endings aren`t worth it

yolo12 2013.07.05
Wow, this game has awesome graphics. Had fun with it

spongebobisawsom 2013.06.30
good game, sweet graphics and enjoyed it

virgill4 2013.06.30
i liked the graphics of the game it wasnt as good as i thought

Zero_21xx 2013.06.25
despite the "combat" in the game it`s a good game to enjoy they could`ve added a lesbian scene or a threesome scene or an orgy scene but it`s on a linear path so that`s the only major disappointment with the game

nicename 2013.06.24
nice game really nice adventure

assliker890 2013.06.21
i love this game all the endings are sexy

CRNight 2013.06.16
really good story, and graphics. overall good game

Steven1072 2013.06.15
This is a really good game, you fuck an elf!

Landon469 2013.06.11
Original, but unless im missing something the one sex scene is a waste... there could be more

bigfred1 2013.06.10
I like this game, because i´m a fantasy fan, and the graphic is nice

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

Deafprevet 2013.06.01
I like this game, good graphic

dyi 2013.06.01
nice game with beutiful girl.....

Arok_BE 2013.05.31
Original background, the fights are unexpected, but this lacks animations. Not bad all in all, room for improvement

jake99 2013.05.31
such a good game the grapic wowed me really enjoyed it wish i could warp in there and the woman just smokeing yummy

maddog1 2013.05.30
This is a fun but slow loading game

pokefan 2013.05.26
Great game and graphics. I dint really like y ending tho...

DeadlyAlias 2013.05.25
So, that was weird. The devoted ending is super hardcore though, but not very sexy. I kept accidentally clicking a decision so, yeah, watch for that.

Squid out of Banana is my final rating.

manchild91 2013.05.24
Awesome game. Though, at first, I died fighting werewolf... got passed it on the second.

Tages01 2013.05.23
Wasn`t as complex as I had hoped - incredibly simplistic to be honest.

Simple choices, simple ways of activating the next step, only one mouse choice/decision on a screen, only two text choices.

How easy does it need to get?

derda 2013.05.23
cool game. the many choices are nice. the endings are cool too.

thesabel001 2013.05.22
very hot game... the perfect match for a boring evening...

aadeel 2013.05.21
graphic of the game are awsome

Kristal2222 2013.05.16
Good game played it multiple times

kret 2013.05.16
i don`t know why but this game borring;/ i started 3 times and still think the same

Daviduzumaki 2013.05.15
i hope this games make happy

laytonp97 2013.05.14
great graphics and hot girls

Alwan 2013.05.13
enjoyed these type of games. really enjoyed playing the game multiply times to get the right ending

reerwer 2013.05.09
this is the game that i have been finding for

ghostterds 2013.05.06
I liked this game and the multiple endings.

Buddler 2013.05.06
A great game and beautiful animated! I`ll cum to the forest again *lol*

nathantoko 2013.05.05
a very short game why havent there not more endings

jedi4242 2013.05.02
this is a great game but to short

dhurp 2013.04.28
It wasn`t that great of a gameplay.

Banditt1968 2013.04.27
i like the game Easy game play.

deternal 2013.04.27
Hmm seems to short, nice graphics though,would want animated endings.

gwazz 2013.04.26
great game sexy elf good graphics will replay many times

Azzalin 2013.04.24
Fun game. Good plotlines. enjoyed the combat aspect--nice surprise.

Larce 2013.04.23
Great game really like the interaction, love these kind.

alexfuera 2013.04.23
A little short but the graphics are good

madmax68 2013.04.22
Great graphics, the elf is HOT!!

Thunderwrath 2013.04.22
Great game and the girls are wonderful.

shishkabob 2013.04.20
It took a while to get a good ending, but once I found it, the ending was great.

Devil21Rare 2013.04.16
a bit difficult,but i enjoyed it

iccurumba 2013.04.14
Its wuite hard for me. Im stuck killing the were wolf. Anyone have any tips?

NoMySql 2013.04.12
Great game, love the multiple endings

heat_alucard666 2013.04.07
nice game really nice adventure

Nothetis 2013.04.02
I definitely like the fantasy part of this game.

freak1920 2013.04.01
i like the game the story is good

melchior 2013.03.27
how to play? and also the medusa?

raiders1150 2013.03.24
Best website ever, have been looking for something like this for a while. Great graphics storys and fun.

Ellis Thomas 2013.03.22
this game has great graphics

Dylanthemightyfucker 2013.03.20
IGUE ss it was a good game but too much words and not enough sex

Loner8488 2013.03.20
One of the best fantasy games ever played

bigchull 2013.03.18
great game i dont know which ending i got,i wich it had been longer

chrisa 2013.03.17
Really nice. Just wish for a sex scene . otherwise thumbs up

pickmac 2013.03.17
It coulda used a bit more

Howler81 2013.03.13
Nice LOTR vibe . Fantasy is cool every now and then

tkp 2013.03.12
nice gaphics, easy to handle

JohnW123 2013.03.10
great game need to find out how to get her arousal up though !

imiko 2013.03.09
good graphics nice interaction

nice graphic and animation,really good game and i like endings

warren1820-01 2013.03.07
a bit difficult,......................... but with a lot of patient youll find it fun

madmax68 2013.03.03
I enjoyed the game - I really enjoyed the `elf` look!

chafer1 2013.03.01
interesting game nice endings. :)

49fp 2013.02.26
Who does want to make it with an elf?

DaoraX 2013.02.25
Great Game but the gamelay is a little tough! But still fun to play :)

ed71c 2013.02.25
nice graphics and a great game

dondotta 2013.02.25
graphics are great can be more animated with
better interactions

ron00095 2013.02.20
Hi, Oh yes. It is my first time (today) that I found this website.
I think it is just a game but in fact, It make me feel more motion.
More harder than real life.
Sry for my bad English

xerxes13 2013.02.19
I finally got ending 3! It is when you beat Corin in that fight.

"Noble death, ignoble massacre"

I shot at him the entire time he was moving towards me and then attacked with my sword when he got close. He missed me twice otherwise I would have died so I imagine some luck is involved. Not exactly the greatest ending but you might as well try it out to see it.

Eveylulu 2013.02.17
I just love this game! Great setup.

total121 2013.02.15
nice he forced her to have u no with her

total121 2013.02.15
good amount of action and elves you see monsters

total121 2013.02.15
really good game you fuck an elf

PlayForce00 2013.02.09
The battles are very hard to get through, hard to believe there`s an ending in them.

Bolt98 2013.02.09
Interesting game.... didnt get the "1 of 6 endings" though

rustynuts33 2013.02.08
sex violence fit girls, gotta love it

Kizmit 2013.02.08
Nice game could be better

kpjr278 2013.02.07
Game could be expanded, more RPG rather than quick endings. Graphics are good, and ladies are hot!

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.06
Where`s the sex? All I see is battle. On the other road, there is no action, just a story.

genesimmons 2013.02.04
great graphics but too short story

HarveyWallBanger 2013.02.03
found this one to be a bit boring.

rocky22 2013.02.02
petty good didnt last long though

LesbianPuppy 2013.02.01
Just wondering if there are lezzie options... Will have to play a few times to find out I guess :p

pieman3151 2013.01.29
good graphics, ok animation, ok game play

runawayfive 2013.01.29
is there a way to beat corbin or to fuck the redhead?

joey25986 2013.01.28
the sexy warrior theme is really appealing...!!!

Bedbug 2013.01.28
okay game, better games to play

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic but way too short.

HotWedge 2013.01.27
Sex needs to be longer but kinky elf shit regardless

kintorey 2013.01.25
this game is awesome and make me horny

Turbulence 2013.01.24
This was fun, on top of the sex the combat was something unexpected.

vgvet 2013.01.22
wow. died on my first playthrough.

ZoeBug 2013.01.21
I did not enjoy it. I died lol

king5 2013.01.20
Good game, but a bit short

peterpanski 2013.01.20
long enough to waste a little time, great.

rougefox1 2013.01.16
good graphics and story

rick1929 2013.01.15
Great game, nice graphics

godot_1256 2013.01.15
eh, this one didn`t really do it for me, i don`t know why

Jajerjack 2013.01.13
The Young Werewolf is a massive pain in the ass, since it does more damage and once it gets close enough, you can never get away to use ranged.

sosos 2013.01.12
game pretty nice took me a while to get a good ending

call1114 2013.01.08
Really good game, the graphics were top class but i think it could of been slightly longer

markfred 2013.01.07
Ok with the game play and story....good graphics

ytu.yaya 2013.01.05
Decent game, could be better.

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.01
great game. i loved much...

Hieblan 2013.01.01
good graphics good story, but some parts are eternal...I didn`t liked

veleno72 2012.12.31
Very nice story.
I`ve loved it so much...
Nice the RPG cameo part...
Many branches of the story are IMHO too short.... but the main course is great!

itsme68w 2012.12.30
i love the game. Great story. Girls are very sexy

02sunspot9ny 2012.12.30
game pretty nice took me a while to get a good ending

slappy2897 2012.12.28
great game had a good time with it

reflexian77 2012.12.27
such a lovely little elf :)

addicted8910 2012.12.26
Good game. I like the different setting, it adds variety compared to the other games. Which is always nice.

Trojan Strecher 2012.12.22
Love the graphics and the story line great game

Prince Heart 2012.12.22
loved that elf !! ill fuck her even if m dreaming :p

Buick 2012.12.20
Fun game with good strategy elements, nice prelude for watching the Hobbit!

emosiana 2012.12.19
Remember Elf.... remember Hobbit....
but here we find super hot elf.....

kyaine 2012.12.19
I`m still currious with the end...

m1c69 2012.12.18
Fun story. Just finished 1st play through and looking forward to seeing the other endings.

HIMI 2012.12.18
nice asnimated game, lots of actions.

theonlysunwolf 2012.12.18
Not really a good rpg. The battle system is crap. needs work.

MDona 2012.12.17
this game has great graphics
One final is very hard

AKB 2012.12.17
Eil is pretty HOTT for an ELF
And it seems like she knew how she wanted it wehn you got the right answers

dominator137 2012.12.15
too much time spent on graphics and not enough spent on gameplay, just back away and shoot/ repeat and your unbeatable

Mr. Magic 2012.12.15
Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer my ladies to be human.

Decardo 2012.12.13
This one is slightly creepy

CalebIronside 2012.12.12
A well planned out game with great graphics and animation.

rizer01 2012.12.11
this game has great graphics

Long Dick 2012.12.08
like the game,several endings depend on you and your choices.

mohmoh 2012.12.07
great game great graphic but too short !!

sexslave53825645 2012.12.07
I`m not very good at this game but it is alright!

amazingchili 2012.12.07
I really like the music in this game.

1db1 2012.12.06
Only one thing wrong, And that was it was to short.

aandresgog 2012.12.06
i think that it is a good game, the graphics are awesome

Thor58 2012.12.05
That elf girl is extremely sexy, thia game made my day! (and greatly increased my gym grade in one-armed pushups)

hitmanj711 2012.12.04
This game was ok. After the first fight, I thought it would be a little more interactive, but it wasnt so I was a bit let down. However, the main character is pretty hot (like I have to tell anyone). lol

Xoxol 2012.12.04
Fantasy elves is so hot...

wowlol99 2012.12.01
Great game, really enjoyed it and loved the graphics!

Act132 2012.11.29
A nice fun game that has a hot elf girl

BossDuck111999 2012.11.28
This game was fun but I wish it was longer.

Akrasjel 2012.11.28
It was nice, yet another good game need to see how many endings this one has

thking 2012.11.28
yet another good game need to see how many endings this one has

idunnoman 2012.11.27
this game was absoluley amazing, even if it was a bit short lasting

xes9960 2012.11.27
great game , loved to play.

VeNNoM 2012.11.27
FANFUCKINGTASTIC GAME,even if a little bit short.

alexireaper 2012.11.26
lol i cant win with the ogre thingy lool nice graphics anyway

bobhoenig 2012.11.25
Holy crap this game was awsome!!!!!!! I gizzzed sooooo many times

portchmonkey87 2012.11.24
this game was kinda borring but nice graphics

slitplayer 2012.11.24
A Sexy elve got ending 5.

tommybeuk 2012.11.24
nice game, but the combat is a little hard :s

SexyWomanFucker 2012.11.19
game is sexy but just too short and plus there should be a threesome as well for an ending

yzenginoglu 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


Act132 2012.11.19
Great and game and good graphics

bullman87 2012.11.18
Good graphics.. Nice game to try

luckygun 2012.11.16
good game but a lot of info to read. i don`t like this

mastermiro 2012.11.13
Really good game! but rly easy

noti 2012.11.13
Really good game! I like the story.

Blesshand 2012.11.12
Well, a nice fighting game for a change, and that`s not so bad. But I think the girls could be a lot more `beautiful`.

Shefali16 2012.11.12
I hope it is not too short.

Shefali16 2012.11.12
The game looks nice. Lets see how it actually is. :)

andy_regresa 2012.11.12
very great game, i wanna play it more

hitsushi 2012.11.11
Good graphics.. Nice game to try

hitsushi 2012.11.11
This is really a great game.. :D

darkzerolp 2012.11.10
nice game the grafiks are really good

spencerth5 2012.11.10
Awesome game, good mood options

nr47 2012.11.09
Game is kinda funny and graphics are good, but it`s too short!

BloodyRomeo 2012.11.09
very exotic game & the best is the variety of options & endings that you choose

kalle813 2012.11.09
well great game but think it would be greater if corin was beaten and a threesome....

shevec21 2012.11.09
It`s not one of the best games but it still having some good graphics

smiley19 2012.11.08
Im stuck in this game please help me

bloodyhell 2012.11.08
Really good game! I like the story.

jrolfeman 2012.11.07
it has a good story to it and the animation is good

Sennin713 2012.11.07
A interesting game it is fun to play

f1rstt1mer 2012.11.06
interesting game - I like the simple combat

shevec21 2012.11.05
great game! good graphics

lordstriker01 2012.11.05
This game was ok, the girls were very well drawn, but it could have been a bit more involved.

247chevy 2012.11.05
the game has amazing graphics that keep you close to the screen and the story line is great.

zilver63 2012.11.03
As said before, not one of their best games.

erick1234 2012.11.03
its ok good storey good graphic. but not much to the game it needs to be a little mor longer and mor loust.

Ryoxxx 2012.11.02
Good game with good graphic

Empiq 2012.11.02
Not very good game at all. Way too short and needs more choices in way.

BlightHope 2012.11.01
Not lessons of passions greatest game but its decent.

alfred riedl 2012.11.01
a very great game, i wanna play it more

Flobing 2012.11.01
Some of the endings were fairly dry and easy to get to, the game needs to be much longer with a few more challenges perhaps?

Flobing 2012.11.01
It seems nearly impossible to slay Corin, I can`t get him anyway I have tried thus far.

Flobing 2012.11.01
The game was alright, the dialog was a bit too long.

catmouse 2012.10.30
this game is ok but not much action

scrubby 2012.10.30
Nice game. Way too short and needs more choices in way. Good music. beautifull pictures. Nice battle system, but it`s better if we can win some experience points to developpe the character. The sex animation is to simple.

carlo4285 2012.10.30
good game but it is short

Rockaholic3505 2012.10.29
this game was awsome graphics

Madelene 2012.10.29
I wonder when we will see an MMO like this, full blown adventure style. :D This is a fun game, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

sczjdeath 2012.10.29
to bad you can`t level the elf.

sczjdeath 2012.10.29
if this is an rpg who`s rolling the die?

sczjdeath 2012.10.29
is the pc a dark elf of a wood elf?

sczjdeath 2012.10.29
does ryn kind of remind anyone else of alister form DA?

sczjdeath 2012.10.29
an rpg sex game, whats not to love?

Chaosite 2012.10.28
I like the fantasy setting aspect of this game.

DarthForceRising 2012.10.28
Decent gameplay, but it did seem a bit uninspired. The differing choices added some flair, however, and made the game a bit hotter; animation of the sex could have used some refinement.

bicho 2012.10.27
Awesome GAME! Really good graphics with the marc of a lesson of passion

busu99 2012.10.27
Great game, love the multiple endings

londo 2012.10.27
137 Points and nothing went bad :)
nice game! need some attemps to find the right path

rikyrat 2012.10.27
I found the battle scenes very challenging. Really like the graphics.

bobdafische 2012.10.26
wow great game they should make more fantasy games like this

dbeast 2012.10.26
I think it is too hard to advance in the story, as the comabt parts always get me killed.
The opponets always have a lot of health, and I keep missing with the melee attack

lordviperion 2012.10.26
nice pictures and interesting plotlines.. athough bit short tho

Djule 2012.10.25
Great game, nice graphics

pabloescobar 2012.10.25
nice game a bit to short thougt

Thumper_1 2012.10.25
Wasn`t bad but I`ve played better. Graphics were ok but the choice of so few endings lets me down.

jahe 2012.10.25
good game
love the story
the graphic is good too

TheLastLord22 2012.10.25
I think the ngame is fairly good, but could use better graphics.

MB78 2012.10.24
Yes....I loved it....very nice graphics....the story is very nice too....it was a joy to play this game

zimzan 2012.10.23
good graphic but dont have many option but this is a good game.

blarzog 2012.10.21
Great game, a little short though

wateshito 2012.10.20
very inconsistent. i like a little

kyle2960 2012.10.20
fun but alittle short. the grapihcs are very good though

Mr Tickles 2012.10.20
Not a bad game. Doesn`t need too much thought to play. Would benefit from offering a few more choices within the storyline.

tai97190 2012.10.18
very nice game i like it soo much

Stupido 2012.10.18
Not the best game of LoP.
Graphics are ok, but characters and story could be a bit deeper like in other games.
Wish there were more dialogue options and better animations.
Fitting music, but boring after awhile.

Dariankillz 2012.10.18
Nice Game.But the movements could be better 9/10

El Diablo 2012.10.18
animation is awesome i liked it

Schanell 2012.10.17
this game is very hard for me.

Lizardo 2012.10.16
ame endings:
What you`ll say LaFirynda is not important.
Fighting with beast in forest has no benefits.

Die when figting creatures in forest.
At begining of dialog with Corin said that you miss Corin. (Don`t fuck with him)
3.) ?maybe if you defeat Corin somehow?
Lose when fighting with Corin.
After Corin licks her pussy tell that you have fiance. (You can do same after fuck, if you tell him to keep that secret or not) When Corin told you a truth about Rhy say him that you want to go away with him.
After Corin licks her pussy tell that you have fiance. (You can do same after fuck, if you tell him to keep that secret) When Corin told you a truth about Rhy say him that you don`t belive him.

lessons of passion rulez!
But there are better games...

chris o 1 2012.10.15
this game so good so good you sould play it everbody sould play all the time ever day

zylasty13 2012.10.14
good game. excellent graphics

ch4mpagne 2012.10.14
This is a great game I loved it really tho the fighting was kinda lame

abigdude 2012.10.14
game could`ve used more work but all in all it was great

warwer2000 2012.10.14
Game is kinda plagued by the random encounter nature... very inconsistent.

dickerotto 2012.10.13
i thinkt his game isn`t very good

johndoelittlebrother 2012.10.11
love it. great game, great graphics. a bit too short

mmodaff 2012.10.11
graphics are great good game

FawnFighter 2012.10.10
I think this was a great game but she should really learn how to fight better...

Vladek 2012.10.10
Great game with easy graphics and really easy to play through.

raymond totolupi 2012.10.10
Nice game! I like it so much

C.C. 2012.10.09
The battle can get frustrating. Not sure the sex makes up for it.

sumit054 2012.10.09
very sexy hotted game nice

ampdsmith 2012.10.09
Didn`t really understand this game. I am not really into the fighting stuff.The graphics were great.

sephiroth2099 2012.10.09
LOP games are always worth playing.

gamer88 2012.10.07
aaa, cant play. But good idea tough

Snoman 2012.10.07
Game was great because of all the different endings.

anonymous9 2012.10.07
Great twist of building a storyline beyond just sex. Ever thought about a voice over to give the games an even more interactive feel,

shantanu 2012.10.07
wow i`m in love with that girl. could have done with out the fighting or at least make the creep easier to beat i want to play it more amd more

icebox363 2012.10.06
Nice games but i cant get ending 3

playerhg 2012.10.05
Killing things in the forest has some porpouse?

brosda 2012.10.05
best quality but not a best game

valbrock 2012.10.05
well its a little difficult but i kinda liked it

Duke63 2012.10.04
Enjoyed the story and the graphics, but never could get to ending #3.

wetbeavereater 2012.10.04
i love elfs and the story line is good and need to play it more to see more twists to the story

coremetal 2012.10.03
Nice game. graphics good as usual

Twister19 2012.10.02
wow i`m in love with that girl. could have done with out the fighting or at least make the creep easier to beat

midgriff 2012.10.02
Pretty much the same as all the games from this group, ok if you have time to kill, but not really all that great

stas1ssteve 2012.09.30
this one is wonderful, there need to be more like this one. only problem was it was way too short

omega908 2012.09.30
this game was okay good sex but did not wow me

boilermaker99 2012.09.29
very exotic........love it

Iandude 2012.09.29
Great game, but really too short for what it`s worth.

yasharz 2012.09.28
This is an excellent game...


ertywe 2012.09.28
it is is a good game, but a little short

daddynemz 2012.09.28
a lil different but still hot

Hornyman122 2012.09.28
I liked it didnt wow me but it was good

omega809 2012.09.27
this game was okay it didnt wow me though

firemedic0013 2012.09.26
Nice game. A little short but well worth the time.

mikefrost94 2012.09.26
Really good game, I could only find 3 endings but the graphics were really nice

poisonwound 2012.09.25
great quality but not the kind of game you`d expect

deontrix 2012.09.25
kindaof short but good graphics over all

Bodine 2012.09.24
This game is a little short, but great graphics! The redhead is hot!

maceodou 2012.09.24
Graphics are so cool, world of elves also but story is so...boring!!!!

jrocks 2012.09.24
a little too short but great graphics and im sure the other endings are great... only found 2 so far

codissius 2012.09.23
too bad you cant bang the huntress.

melthor 2012.09.22
i would just like to say, that i am loving this game. it is awesome, and i`ve always had a thing for elves.

akitta 2012.09.22
i like this kind a games alot!

Jokke1 2012.09.22
"Passion" does it again, but not the best of "Passion", they have done better before. God graphics as always and hot girls !!!

sl92131 2012.09.21
i need help in this game plz

nibroc17 2012.09.21
Interesting and difficult game.

kmaxx 2012.09.20
super story, great graphic

loldu 2012.09.19
good game, but i can`t find all the endings...

j.alas 2012.09.18
I dont like the history but graphics are good, can be better

raziq 2012.09.18
great game and .... the girl has a very sexy body ~

kaizerblood 2012.09.17
Nice Game. Love it and the girls : )
nice graphic also

jayrjay101 2012.09.17
great game and very sexy indeed..

neodantedemon 2012.09.17
Good little game to pass the time when your bored.

bricefrost 2012.09.16
i am stuck do i fight the guy or fuck him

kyuhyun0707 2012.09.16
it`s a good game, and i`ve got the good ending

zrsvn 2012.09.16
nah,, i can`t done it well..
killed by beast.. ooh

aidenko 2012.09.16
fantastic game! hot girls

mr dick 2012.09.15
i had ok ending in this game i will have to play some more to get a beter ending tha graphic was great animation was good now it`s time to play again

putter 2012.09.14
this game is very very good i love it

diontor 2012.09.13
love the hot girls, love the hot story

etuinho 2012.09.12
Great artwork, great idea... shame about the storyline, very limiting.

oranjeboven 2012.09.11
a little more diverity would do the job

kyl3 2012.09.11
graphics ok, but story didnt really make much sense.

VLord 2012.09.10
nice grafics has alwalys..

but the game is really poor in adult content .

but still playable but a little bit boring

pothole 2012.09.10
not bad but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too simple

derda 2012.09.09
game is way too stiff. needs more flexibility and animation to it.

howydowy 2012.09.08
really nice graphics, love the story, i dont know where they get the inspirations

howydowy 2012.09.08
i really love the graphics of these kind of games.

ACERT 2012.09.08

geurede 2012.09.08
please give more excited scene @ story

ricardo1422 2012.09.08
very hot and epic game should have more action places

RelXand 2012.09.08
Decent enough game. Bit dissapointed with the length though.

castilho 2012.09.07
is anyone able to defeat corin?

I am guessing that beating the are monster Werewolf may yield results since

I also find no benefit in killing the monsters but also noticed that the Werewolf has same combat stats mostly as Corin ... ? coincidence

Messer13 2012.09.07
Elf huh...........Nice touch.

wbailey 2012.09.06
Fun and sexy, but a little bit too short. Thanks

badman23 2012.09.05
This game has the potential to go somewhere, and then never does. Building out the story would be more enjoyable, also adding in some additional elements and options to the story would help-- sequels?

mocamanman 2012.09.02
its too short imo, only one fuck scene, would like to fuck the red head

portalhome 2012.09.01
It`s nice, but the combat`s pretty boring.

haades91 2012.09.01
I liked this one but was bit disappointed that there wasn`t lesbian content in it.

shivam94 2012.09.01
The graphics are great So is the storyline. Awesome game

TanmoyDas 2012.08.31
This one is one of the best games i played here.

cashman1 2012.08.30
i love this game its so much fun

seanmj9 2012.08.30
i would like some lesbo action in there, but nonetheless it`s pretty good

belic 2012.08.29
this game has good graphichs, nice and easy to play

raveblade1 2012.08.28
I love these elven games! The graphics are really nice!

navisyah 2012.08.28
The graphics is great, and so is the story. good games

Stanifica 2012.08.28
This Game is the real deal

ratty14 2012.08.27
graphics ok, but story didnt really make much sense. not as good as previous games by this guy

nicsaki 2012.08.26
super duper nic awesome game

Sexy_Bunny 2012.08.26
i liked the game and the many different options

Vincent187 2012.08.26
having sex with an elf what could be better

passionate87 2012.08.25
i loved this game especially when her ex boyfriend was fucking her

mesymichie 2012.08.25
this game has nice graphic

andre7391 2012.08.25
I aways dies for the wrewolf

MephilesAuditore 2012.08.25
Fun and sexy, but a little bit too short

Cardil 2012.08.24
the game was realy great and and do this becis

anthonywow 2012.08.24
this game is so hard... I must try again

luvfinder 2012.08.24
Not bad at all, graphics are good, but a little bit bored on storyboard.

tdaynis 2012.08.23
nice game......good to play...graphics are as usual good....

WARDOG77 2012.08.23
not very long not very hard. i would like to see a game with these graphics and more involved story line like "life with keeley".

FriendlyFriendForce1 2012.08.22
I think I would have liked it better if fighting the monsters in the forest granted some small reward which made fighting Corin easier.

The combat was there... but didn`t really serve much purpose. Also would have liked it to be longer.

Otherwise, the elf chick was hot.

Evolut10n 2012.08.22
great game , but can`t kill any single enemy

Rengar 2012.08.22
That game is good! But if it would be longer it would be great game! Graphic and the 2 girls are definetly hot!

Thermorium 2012.08.21
Great game, good quality, nice graphics

TheBlackReaper7 2012.08.21
Very interesting and fun game. Totally worth the time.

Shammy 2012.08.21
The girls are sexy and good story line..

rocking1991 2012.08.21
Quite a good game. The heroine was sexy, the game looked good, the music was a nice touch, and it was pretty fun

mattyice02 2012.08.20
very good game enjoyed it a lot.

surip 2012.08.20
this game kinda sucked it didnt wow me

Messer13 2012.08.20
Elf ?? Hmmmmm nice touch.

Vladracul 2012.08.20
The game is nice but short. Maybe next part will be better.

djerard 2012.08.20
Very hard to beat... But the game has great animations and sexy ladies though

Freakin304 2012.08.19
Good game and graphic but sometime it seem like impossible to beat it.

kkkk9903 2012.08.19
good game but kinda hard but overall its one of the best

kkkk9903 2012.08.19
really good game like it a lot

rlt3744 2012.08.19
the graphics where good so where the girls.

ninjakill10 2012.08.19
this game is animation is so kool

ninjakill10 2012.08.19
this game it has nice graphic

jimbo090 2012.08.18
Short, easy with good graphics and sexy girls

bremco 2012.08.18
good game, good grafics

sedrickduncan48 2012.08.18
Very hot! Fight scenes are awesome!!!!

flameroran77 2012.08.18
elven girls, it`s just impossible NOT to fuck em`.

HUngrypunkr 2012.08.18
I like the multiple endings but after a while my hand starts hurting

lockhart31 2012.08.17
good game and great graphics

qzfanat 2012.08.17
Good game, but not the best in PF1. And still cant find ending 3.

Evolution101 2012.08.17
I like the graphics and all. but it needs to be longer and a shorter download time

alexvilla 2012.08.16
Too short and takes a lot to load.

Kilopio 2012.08.16
Short, easy with a good graphic

Grizzybur 2012.08.16
Not very action filled, wonderul graphics. Nothing extraordinary.

monelz 2012.08.16
great graphics... but its easy game....

Jaiyah 2012.08.15
this game was okay. could have been better tho.

zoomba 2012.08.15
Ok some of the endings are way too short. I miss the different varieties in sex scenes of other LOP games. The fighting was really not a good part of the game.

Besides from that it was quite nice. But not Awesome.

Stevenion 2012.08.15
Alright game. Not completely terrible, but it`s not very good.

zafara 2012.08.14
I expected more from this game because it was an "editors choice", but it didn`t really give much compared to the other games. I like the graphic style but it seems too linear and short overall.

bleen 2012.08.14
It is a very good game! I like it!

huhwhatfer 2012.08.14
I liked it ok, though it seemed like the fighting was a bit to random, and not enough strategy.

Vallheruh 2012.08.14
Another nice LoP but the Fantasy setting is not my thingy.
Something more "spacy" probably or future tech.

pasat 2012.08.14
Not very good game at all. Way too short and needs more choices in way.

scarface2473 2012.08.14
the graphics looked good. also im glad i was able to turn the music off since i thought it was annoying

ablenitro711 2012.08.13
this game is super , play it man, most recommended

Zurich32 2012.08.13
found the game interestiing it was the first game i played and im interested in playing more

user1234567890 2012.08.12
good game combat is ok apart from moving back has no point as thay never stop moving

luve244 2012.08.12
very hard game but needs easier fights

coolguy4life 2012.08.11
i like it i wish it more games like this its like the sims

CTSharp13 2012.08.11
creative story, makes for a fresh experience

kilxgore 2012.08.11
Good game, could have been longer in my opinion though.

fel123 2012.08.11
I love elves, theire soo sexy

Cowgirlup223 2012.08.11
The game was okay. Alittle to short for my liking. But still okay.

nicknick 2012.08.10
I think this game is too boring. But storyline`s alright.

davduckie 2012.08.10
great game, nice graphics good story.

nbmrsl 2012.08.10
Not excellent game but not bad also

jhs233 2012.08.10
like every lop game, lots of clicking, and the combat... well kinds sucks. other than that its okay.

sharkinz 2012.08.10
Does she look like olga to anyone else?

Superdawg18 2012.08.09
good game, lots of dialogue though, not so sure about the fighting

kalbs 2012.08.09
it`s very horny game........

dreamhhs 2012.08.09
ehh.. not a huge fan of the combat but the vusuals are right there as always

macky14 2012.08.09
not terrible....endings wont load and no matter what you do you still end up with the same guy...needs a little more variation....

JadedDalanari 2012.08.09
Nice game but the combat isn`t really as fluid as Id like. In addition to giving a very short play through. Other then that I can`t really complain too much though.

Slave_3ville 2012.08.09
quite nice game, although i don`t like the ingame fighting...

andy12 2012.08.09
the multiple endings good , could have had more sex in it

scalemdls 2012.08.08
not bad, i like the multiple endings, could have had more sex in it though.

C.C. 2012.08.08
Still trying. OK, but not great so far.

spirek 2012.08.08
The game is very nice but short.

liahkim 2012.08.08
i don`t know about this game. wasn`t too good

franko123 2012.08.08
Didn`t fulfill my fantasy at all

Chrischy 2012.08.08
nice game bit too much dialogue though

sexxatron5 2012.08.07
it`s not a real game... too sort and pretty obligate in the decision... good graphyc but low story

lennert 2012.08.07
best game ever need to play this.

Seyenne 2012.08.07
Ok some of the endings are way too short. I miss the different varieties in sex scenes of other LOP games. The fighting was really not a good part of the game.

Besides from that it was quite nice. But not Awesome.

iktome 2012.08.07
game is way too stiff. needs more flexibility and animation to it.

sailorjae82 2012.08.07
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 8

badgirl21 2012.08.06
i need help on the part she gets captured

porn9876 2012.08.06
Game needs work. The animation is still a bit choppy, like the people are just manequins on invisible strings.

titsandwich 2012.08.06
ok the sex scene was great though it needed more of them or at least some veriaty to the one that u get also needs more useable endings

fckrlvr 2012.08.06
fun game though i nvr got to see my ending stupid laptop

mannertt 2012.08.06
Good graphics, nice story. I will try to get the different endings, because it is worth playing again

disturbedkid 2012.08.05
Wow, great game, loved the setting, It can be really hard to find games like this!

steve00234 2012.08.05
it was interesting and hott i enjoyed it.

sammwisee 2012.08.05
good game, nice graphic, yet too simple gameplay and really too short of a game to be called an adventure. But overall it`s a great game.

OSIRISNYDER 2012.08.05
good graphic loved the game my favorite ending was when u kill the cheater

aresa 2012.08.05
very exiting RPG nice story ! play it

abby1689 2012.08.04
very very hot looking characters,got to get my pants off.

msbunny1221 2012.08.04
its alright....a bit excessive with all the dialogue, but still alright.

Aether1098 2012.08.03
How do you beat Corin? Game is too short

sdnath 2012.08.03
it`s very horny game........

sdnath 2012.08.03
this game is nice.........

Rejin 2012.08.03
its a ok game not much to fix in it

decconan 2012.08.03
Are there 6 endings? How about 3rd & 4th ending?

pornster 2012.08.03
fun game a little short though

crazymc90 2012.08.02
I am not a complete fan of elves, but this game was great. Wished it went longer though. Kind of cut short with some of the endings.

saintnsinner 2012.08.02
mh i dont know... kinda good, but i never liked elves... i`m more of a dwarf kinda guy : P

BallIdiot 2012.08.02
Interesting RPG fighting in game. Scenes could`ve been better though.

indra2012 2012.08.02
grafik nice not for the game

gets a 8/10 for sticking to the basics of lop

dwell76 2012.08.02
Nice game as always, i like the graphics very much

harrywibowo 2012.08.02
Yeah, how to get ending no. 3 ?

Hobgoblin67 2012.08.01
Not a bad game,graphics are ok. And like many others I`m struggling to get ending 3. The fighting was ok but seemed tacked on to fill out the game. Eil has a nice body,would liked to have had better sex scenes though.

prettyboishah 2012.08.01
love the gameplay and females look sexy hmm love the fighting would be better if the characters had a voice would make the game better

lenni61 2012.08.01
wow this is a nice game with good graphik

negativeimpact 2012.08.01
This was a fun game, albeit short, but what I`m really wondering is when the next kelly game is coming out, I know that the time between them is usually long, but it has been MONTHS.

shadowforce 2012.07.31
good game but too many words

407LG 2012.07.31
nice graphics, sexy lady, liked the fighting thing

C.C. 2012.07.31
Still looking for satisfaction. When will we see Kelly again?

flder 2012.07.31
yeah that was good but its not kinda much fun you know that

abu15 2012.07.31
nice game bit too much dialogue though

jackeyen 2012.07.30
1 more exp and i have finnished my writing, bye.

jackeyen 2012.07.30
I love writing shit to get exp, that is more funny than this game.

jackeyen 2012.07.30
I love to get some more exp from koments, so dont take this badly.

jackeyen 2012.07.30
Do some one els want rape scenes, join me in the work to make some.

jackeyen 2012.07.30
The elf had a nicebody, but i miss some rape scenes. XP

jackeyen 2012.07.30
The game has a good history, but it would be bether whit more to do.

jackeyen 2012.07.30
This was a nice game! Love it!

Cyberspark 2012.07.30
Decent, but too short, needs more everything.

jlocdagunna 2012.07.30
i didnt think it was all that good

ovshitgat 2012.07.30
yes it`s hot but not enought

lovebro 2012.07.29
it was ok, i will try to get other endings and give it another review

K_Pchaos101 2012.07.29
I thought it was a pretty good game overall, the graphics were good and the storyline was alright i thought the battle between the troll wasn`t necessary but overall decent game

Ravenmadd 2012.07.29
Not the best LOP game, but hot ass elves. More please.

rawrimjohn 2012.07.28
the combat... was unnescesary

mono2210 2012.07.28
great story line and well plotted, also the grafics are great

Tataigor 2012.07.28
Interesting game,loved the opciones but too much talking

grimfandago 2012.07.27
Pretty good game although a lot of talking

riplead 2012.07.27
Sexy girl. Lots of dialogue, almost too much, but played it completely through and got all the endings. Overall pretty good but a bit too talky.

badb0ys009 2012.07.27
Great game, love the music and the beautiful girls.Excellent graphics as allways. But i have to agree with a lot of the others. What`s the point? Where`s the action?

slowpudda 2012.07.27
Nice game! One of the best. only bad think is this isnt a rpg :/

Crushonius 2012.07.27
to be honest i was kind of disappointed with this game it doesnt live up to LOP standards . dont get me wrong graphics are nice and game handles well BUT it feels totally unfinished . at first i was totally thrilled that its a real rpg but it isnt . its a really great concept and i think the real game will follow but for now you should renam it to teaser or something until you have the game finished . when its finished it could very well be one of your best games keep up the good work

bibouli 2012.07.27
i love this game , i don`t all delocked

babesnaffle 2012.07.26
Just thought it was kinda short :(

iloveboobs92 2012.07.26
Great graphics, but the story was a bit too linear.

Jumpingforce 2012.07.26
Interesting game and some nice variety of choices!

bladium 2012.07.26
now theyre doing elves? lol wow

Evildrjekyll 2012.07.26
Excellent graphics as allways, the battle was a nice change, but the sex scenes were to simple compared to others games, and it was too short.
I will keep playing to get all the endings

dandydon 2012.07.26
I have to agree with a lot of the others. What`s the point? Where`s the action?

webby56 2012.07.26
Great game, love the multiple endings

sexyboy 2012.07.26
good game but story is to short

kartercock242 2012.07.26
great game fun an 2 the poiint

jimmyjammy 2012.07.25
good graphics and a great story line

C.C. 2012.07.25
Another ending reached. Better than the first but still not real satisfying. I`ll keep trying others but, so far, not one of my favorites. Does have possibilities though. Maybe other endings.

exidon 2012.07.25
Interesting, but a little too linear and one dimensional. Liked the elf concept, but needs more challenge, and reward variety

oliver155 2012.07.25
good game nice graphics pretty cool

xepholes 2012.07.25
The game was hard to understand at first but i get it now.

Ninja7 2012.07.24
The fighting was a nice change of pace hope that gets added in more games

C.C. 2012.07.24
Interesting game. Several different ways to go with it.

juliolugo 2012.07.24
Once again animation is great. But the fighting seemed superfluos, there wasn`t enough depth to it

kingb11 2012.07.24
this game is cool i love elves

Helican 2012.07.24
Nice graphics as always. Froze up a couple times though

kingb11 2012.07.24
this game is awsome and fun

ski9072 2012.07.24
This one definitely has the wierdness factor going for it.

thedeadjester 2012.07.23
is a good game loved the story the girls and of course the sex.

MidgetNL 2012.07.23
i loved to game its amazing keep it going

shersh 2012.07.23
i thik the creators got into WoW in making this but overall nice game

lgl 2012.07.23
Nice. Bit different from the standard

lovesexPL 2012.07.23
good game good graphic nice fight hard 10/10

chief007 2012.07.23
thrilling graphics.....although game is very short.....but girls are smokin..

kitopshisubnida 2012.07.23
love the game, great girl, solid animation. 4.5/5

Houngan 2012.07.23
Generally like these games, but this didn`t do much for me.

sumplkrum 2012.07.23
Like the story a lot, but wished the fighting was implemented further. Definitely a good piece to continue developing.

bbcslut669 2012.07.23
heheh got to love thses gamee

Willie77 2012.07.23
fairly good tame. I would have liked some other options like: she gets to hunt down her cheating boy like she does with the creatures in the woods; she has an option to give him a potion to Really make him impotent; get in a three way and forgive him . . .

DarkRanta 2012.07.23
good game but way too short

BigMike81 2012.07.22
The elf is hot. Very sexy.

bRon 2012.07.22
I like the game. Good quality of graphics.

garonbrown 2012.07.22
pretty linear in concept...would like to see more diversions (redhead anyone?)

derda 2012.07.22
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

trendo 2012.07.22
Nice game, wish there weer more endings witha animation though

Rissenn22 2012.07.22
good game, gotta try more endings

TheCin 2012.07.22
its a game with a nice setting but for me its too simple
The game need more actions and options i think
but the grafik is good as always
The animations, especially the sex scenes are to
simple , but the gilrs are hot ^^

sam5 2012.07.21
good game nice game play and good graphic`s

xxxoxxx 2012.07.21
nice game, nice graphics, but still need to try for more ending.

starblade123 2012.07.21
I little confused about this game --"

josten 2012.07.21
This game really needs more endings

acpreston13 2012.07.21
Sex scenes are average, some of the gameplay is OK, good job on the graphics, but all in all a fairly average game - still keep up the good work.

ghutux 2012.07.20
really good, loved the battles

gr0mek 2012.07.20
good graphics, but not so great animation. definitely too short.

mendragor 2012.07.20
another geat game play it again and get all endings

C.C. 2012.07.20
Didn`t get much for my first try. Maybe another will be better.

frulpo 2012.07.20
the game has good graphics and is fun to play

razor131 2012.07.20
Interesting game, but too short, is not the better game of this series

torrent 2012.07.20
good game i play it with pleasure

razor131 2012.07.20
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

DAGEE 2012.07.20

Bacon 2012.07.20
It`s nice, but the combat`s pretty boring.

glukos37 2012.07.20
another geat game play it again and get all endings

lilrapist 2012.07.19
really perfect awesome one

MizzStephanie 2012.07.19
this is quite an entertaining naughty story , without being too gross.

hornyteen15 2012.07.19
nice graphics and endings

kaner 2012.07.19
Good game, gets a bit boring at some points tough.
But still a very good game.

Sayer 2012.07.19
it was a good game to play and good graphics

Rydude 2012.07.18
the game has good graphics and is fun to play

grim1997 2012.07.18
the game had some good graphics

Raven68 2012.07.18
Great Graphs as usual but the Fight system is boring somehow understand that in a hurry is no time to make it more sofisticated
Good endings nice story plot Sex Scenes between The fiance of the elf and the Viagra Witch would be nice

1179g 2012.07.18
Enjoyed all the different endings good graphics thanks for a good game

pietje119 2012.07.18
like the grapgics good game

johnnylush 2012.07.18
Nice to have multiple endings. The graphics were good.

pepeillo 2012.07.18
can you loose a fight??? i can`t... :-)

stigmata222 2012.07.17
girls are hot,story is good

stigmata222 2012.07.17
nice game and god graphic

8gxm 2012.07.17
Great graphics, just a bit too short.

chiller 2012.07.17
an okay game good graphics, but not enough sex scenes

electro*** 2012.07.17
Man I `know it dum keep up the good work P.F.O...

thefishman 2012.07.17
story of the gaME sucked but the elves were hot and all in all an ok game

Duragon31 2012.07.17
short but fun, great graphics

pantera234 2012.07.17
really a great game love it

thelumpage 2012.07.17
Great Grpahics, short story though, all in all was fun

raznag2001 2012.07.17
There are interesting new mechanics, and I like that they are optional and can be skipped. Graphics continue to be great and audio fits really well.

Killer1308 2012.07.17
Graphics are good, elves are hot but story sucks, so does the sex scene where we dont have enough choice on the positions. This game was in my opinion done too fast. I however love your work and thank you for making so much games available to us for free!

philimanjaro 2012.07.17
Kind of dumb that you have to reload every time.

Nastycookie 2012.07.16
really great graphics, some cools ending

themoda 2012.07.16
Interesting game, but too short, is not the better game of this series

kpyrinikos 2012.07.16
A new way to play i see... pretty interesting.

Chelsea 2012.07.16
Amazing game!!,Love it and the girls, i wanna play it more

paadab 2012.07.16
Fun game. Playing through it again for more endings.

Marinejedi 2012.07.15
great game some pretty cool endings as well.

toni_84 2012.07.15
Good graphics as always, but the story is boring. In my opinion, one of the worst games.

mikicostanza 2012.07.15
cool game but not very long its nice and funny

DoubleShadow 2012.07.15
One of the best Games ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow thats great, THANKS =)

ledondon 2012.07.15
Nice Game, another one with good graphics.

schbob 2012.07.15
I agree with most of the commentators that it is not helpfull to reload again and again and there are not so much sexscenes in it and if you play that ones it is a littlebit simple. Storyline i liked however and grafics are very good

kaitokid1990 2012.07.15
ah, new way to play i see... pretty interesting

misterzim 2012.07.15
Gotta say here guys. Playforce is LEARNING. I have recommended before the inclusion of combat...and they DID IT! And it is an original combat system as well! Great job!

HeartcoreRemo 2012.07.15
very nice graphics...i love that game

tdogg1267 2012.07.15
short game but good graphics makes me wanna go find a female elf...

chap74 2012.07.15
nice graphics but not my type of game

Raven King 2012.07.15
Hmm...the game is good, but the battles don`t seem to have much point, and two of them don`t seem winnable(Corin, young werewolf). You don`t get anything for the fights, and it`s very linear. That being said, the art`s fantastic, and the music ain`t bad. 75/100

kidon 2012.07.14
IL love elfs, i love sex, i loce this game.

hogans 2012.07.14
the game needs to be longer

aragorn90 2012.07.14
The game has a good idea, but seems a bit like a "beta" where not all paths have been finalized. It would be fun to get more possibilities.
For instance killing the spider and getting some venom from her using it in the fight against Colin. But so far I have not get anything out of the fights ...

trainman 2012.07.14
don`t know what i`m doing wrong but cant win fight scenes

TB191 2012.07.14
Fun game. A little dialogue-y but it got the job done.

clivesinger1986 2012.07.14
Not very long, and I don`t think the fight scenes added much to it. But graphics were good as always.

IamBri 2012.07.14
Fight scenes were interesting and added a different touch to the game. Nice artwork as always. After you get past the standard text screens though, it seemed short as the more times one plays, you tend to just click though those. Nice effort though.

dennis 20 2012.07.14
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

kooka 2012.07.14
a very great game, i wanna play it more

aseluim 2012.07.14
i hate trying to find the right spot when you have to shake the mouse around

chewie002 2012.07.14
very nice game with elements of FRP

arvils26 2012.07.14
Good game, the graphics brought me to it

xyphoide 2012.07.14
i hate it if i must reload to play again

menotyou 2012.07.14
Good game, the graphics brought me to it, but the story needs work. It was hard to keep interested.

ECRIDER 2012.07.14
Great twist of building a storyline beyond just sex. Ever thought about a voice over to give the games an even more interactive feel,

joepie 2012.07.14
Good graphics but story and gameplay could be better.

stefano71 2012.07.14
beautifull graphic, but the game is not so good

dance406 2012.07.13
Not a very good story line in my opionion but okay

rumxes 2012.07.13
Another great game with good graphics and a average story line. I enjoyed playing.

booster78 2012.07.13
looks nice but me personaly i dont like the fighting it tooks too many time and its booring

surfkungen 2012.07.13
Good graphics but not very good story and gameplay.

mrcoolerz 2012.07.13
the game have came up with a new and nice storyline, however the sex scenes could have been more and that the story could added some more spice at the ending.
but managed to get all the endings.

elDona 2012.07.13
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

whatinthe 2012.07.13
Bit too "out there" for my liking.

Mslooj 2012.07.13
Rubbish story, mediocre graphics and tedious sex scenes. It seems very little effort went into this game. Leonizer usually produces better than this.

T M 2012.07.13
I have to agree with a lot of the other comments. Although the pictures are great, there is really not many choices, and it is way to short.

farkas 2012.07.13
Great graphics but the story is not easy to play.

white woolf 2012.07.12
So I ran the Flash file through a decompiler and confirmed it - ending 3 is definitely attained by beating Corin. Doesn`t end well for you, though...

derda 2012.07.12
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

jmeoff 2012.07.12
An interesting experiment, but leave the Swords&Sorcery to those who specialize in it and focus on eroticism, please.

s@nt!no 2012.07.12
This is the first time I`ve been disappointed with every single aspect of a leonizer`s game. The story is idiotic, the sex scenes are lame and repetitive and the characters are about as interesting as used socks. The graphics have improved, but the sex scenes still look like some puppeteer is pulling random strings.


emohawk 2012.07.12
So I ran the Flash file through a decompiler and confirmed it - ending 3 is definitely attained by beating Corin. Doesn`t end well for you, though...


darthktempus 2012.07.12
Pretty good graphics as always the game is to short not enough options and I don`t like the fact that we can`t beat Corrin Apparently which is sad

hendryanto 2012.07.12
nice graphics as always but isn`t it a little too cheap at sex scene?

randy06 2012.07.12
another geat game play it again and get all endings

rot 2012.07.12
To beat the werewolves, keep shooting. Back up when they get close. Sometimes they roar and then shoot them. Any chance of getting a 3-way with the redhead? All the endings seemed the same to me (except where I get killed or go back to the fiance). Any thoughts?

Sexxxyboy 2012.07.11
Another good game with good graphics.

Angefrance 2012.07.11
I can`t find the 3rd and 4th ending...
Anyone know how can we do the red head girl ?

Just1SF 2012.07.11
I loooooooooooved this game. I`ve found every ending it`s hot

stevie 2012.07.11
Another good game with good graphics.

Xyzzy 2012.07.11
I`ve never really liked the "expanding and contracting" characters in these games. But, of course, the artwork is outstanding as usual. Despite the multiple endings, the game is still quite linear, and the number of sex scenes is quite limited. There was some discussion on Shark`s forum about story vs. gratuitous sex in games, and perhaps this is one result of that discussion. Here`s what I think: You can`t have a great game without a good story, but you also can`t have a great sex game without great sex. Like others have said, the music was a step forward. I often ignore or mute the sound during these games, but I liked the music in this one.

And like others have said, I can`t seem to find ending 3, and I can`t beat Corin.

busu99 2012.07.11
great game love the graphics has to be my favorite

busu99 2012.07.11
great game love the graphics has to be my favorite

CapnMorgan 2012.07.11
I got every ending but 3. If there`s a secret to killing Corin, I haven`t found it. And yes, the werewolf is easily slayable if you`re patient - unfortunately there seems to be no such secret to Corin.

I don`t mind the battles with the creatures in the forest, but I wish there were some benefit to it - no stats change, so if you`re supposed to be dusting off your battle skills, it doesn`t seem to make much difference.

The redhead is a distraction. It`s like you started mapping out the adventure and then just went with the most linear line you could. I like the graphics, but I hate the movements. I think it`s the ass-fucking that just looks like a couple of spastic monkeys writhing with each other.

I give it a B+ because hell I can`t make anything like this, but it`d be great if you took a little more time to go through these things and add that last little bit of polish. and FFS somebody please figure out how to get ending 3!

multiplex_1 2012.07.11
ending one is where you die by one of the monsters, but i have no idea about ending three. can someone help? good quality. great graphics.

ihutch 2012.07.11
is anyone able to defeat corin?

I am guessing that beating the are monster Werewolf may yield results since

I also find no benefit in killing the monsters but also noticed that the Werewolf has same combat stats mostly as Corin ... ? coincidence

REIVAJ311 2012.07.11
good enough to throw a quickie with this beautiful elf

jenso 2012.07.11
good game, great graphics to!

bordeira 2012.07.11
nice grafics has alwalys..

but the game is really poor in adult content .

but still playable..

Sparx419 2012.07.11
Great Game, like the concept, could be improved more though

sniff3005 2012.07.11
is there a way to defeat corin?

Bibbob 2012.07.11
Protip for RPG battles: They kinda need to be winnable. Young Werewolves? Corin? Not winnable.

SuperPopo 2012.07.11
This game is pretty good. the fights are a little difficult but that just makes them better.

raj78 2012.07.11
Is there any way to get a sex scene with the redhead?

Zalbar 2012.07.11
good game, a little short on the story and the love sceen, could have been a bit longer,

dreadwolf 2012.07.11
gameplay, graphic, animation are great

Thom999 2012.07.11
interesting game sex scenes lacking

kjdehn 2012.07.11
great game to f by but need to f kelly where is she

pusshound 2012.07.11
This game underwhelmed me. The graphics are just OK. The story line is good. It could use a lot better sex scenes. It also wasn`t very challenging.

m3992010 2012.07.11
I rather enjoyed this one - fun little battle sub game and a hot girl. Nice.

drake44 2012.07.11
how do i get ending 1 and 3?
i think i tried everything (well, clearly not), i can`t think of anything else.
of course there is killink corin, which is impossible i think. maybe if you are lucky, and he misses you 5 times of 7 hits and you never miss.

kari69 2012.07.11
great graphics, very great game

crugh2112 2012.07.11
Going for the D&D on-line sex market. Just OK, not great.

DanishD 2012.07.10
Sorry to say that, but this is one of the worst games u ever made! I mean, what is the aim of this game? what`s the point? And what`s up with the monsters u can slay? Do they sometimes drop anything? I really really enjoyed ur older games, but the last three have been to simple storywise...no twist in the plot, too few choices to change the end of the game and too often it is simply the last choice that decides about the ending u get...
Also in this game, there are too few sex scenes...

Hope I was not too harsh! I LOVE ur work and am happy that so many games are accessible for free but I just find the older ones had more spice and inspiration in them

Keep it up and thx for the work u are putting into the games!!!

DreamTim 2012.07.10
Another good game with good graphics.

arathor 2012.07.10
its really good game with a nice variant

Satans Angel 2012.07.10
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

plato27 2012.07.10
is it possible to kill corin?

bestia99rom 2012.07.10
Nice looking new game, liked it.

az89 2012.07.10
i like the story. so far got ending 1, 5 and 6. still some more to go. still waiting for the previous game that still hasn`t continued yet

Million 2012.07.10
God game with great endings
nice grapich and story

jesk 2012.07.10
It`s been a while since the last good game now, remember quality before quantity..
The story is important, the plot, the graphic has improved a lot, but is that really so important?
Hope this will be a interesting and intricate story.

Taavi Kosonen 2012.07.10
great game love the graphics has to be my favorite

McCluff 2012.07.10
Good game, poor graphics, a bit bored game.

jeanmimel 2012.07.10
very nice graphics, but my english is not so good to undertstand the whole story..

chairman066 2012.07.10
ending 2 was a bit boring, so lets try again...

jcc1985 2012.07.10
great game love the graphics has to be my favorite

chook2109 2012.07.10
the quality of these games gets better and better

georgefilipe 2012.07.10
can`t get enouth of this game.... it hits 5 stars game the best i played in a long time.

gorky 2012.07.10
i like these type of games

tommie85 2012.07.10
Wow i really love the music Leonizer!!

it,s beautyful

androsjy 2012.07.10
Able to get all ending, except ending 3. Anyone please show the way.. Thanks

henkiepoep 2012.07.10
good game, great graphics to!

knig 2012.07.10
Nice game. After one playthrough, I wanted to find all the other endings.
But I couldn`t find ending 3 - maybe if you beat Corin? I tried it more than 10 times, but I never got near killing him.
And I couldn`t find a benefit in killing the monsters.

conbron 2012.07.10
very great story & graphics!!! mayby more details by sex pls :-)

mannyhattan 2012.07.10
good game, not as in depth as some previous ones, but good images

veselqku 2012.07.10
good Game. I Love it and the girls (as always in LOP games) wiew wonderful

lichkitten 2012.07.10
the girls were hot and the story line was very amusing.

titsandwich 2012.07.10
ok good game but corin is way to hard to kill just not fair

Jaaru 2012.07.10
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Vallheruh 2012.07.10
Not as good as the rest of the Games :/

branknock 2012.07.10
good game nice game play and good graphic`s. dose any one know how many endings there are?

Fly_ForOne 2012.07.10
Recommend adding an option to run away....tis better to run away and live to do battle another day than to go ahead and fight a superior foe and die and have to re-start.

shyman44425 2012.07.10
Very sesy pointed ears. Easy game play.

boomboomboom 2012.07.10
1. How the fuck do I kill Corin
2. It`s so fucking annoying how you need to reload the page just to play again.

Valos 2012.07.10
Nice Game. Love it and the girls (as always in LOP games) werw onderful

jerryonly83 2012.07.10
great game! nice battle system a bit too short imho

peta 2012.07.10
do you know hot to eliminate spider?

banes 2012.07.10
Great game, love the music and the beautiful girls. Too short though.

xkenkyakux 2012.07.10
Fun game. Playing through it again for more endings.

FraterBusujima 2012.07.09
Nice plot, fair battles, good characters.

BonesMD 2012.07.09
Better dialogue & editing than most LOP games, though plot development and game mechanics were weak, typical of similar offerings from this source. On the other hand, the theme music is a little more tolerable than usual.

Ryxros346 2012.07.09
a very great game, i wanna play it more

Arbaal 2012.07.09
Not very good game at all. Way too short and needs more choices in way.

canaso 2012.07.09
Nice Game. Love it and the girls (as always in LOP games) werw onderful

1NT0X 2012.07.09
i thought the game was great, unlike others i always like LoP games, i played it several times just to get more endings and i think ill play some more now to see if i missed any ^^ the graphics look very good and the story is nice enough

mightymike420 2012.07.09
this game kinda sucked it didnt wow me

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