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Elana - Champion of Lust 2


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StanMarsh3301 2018.04.23
It`s a good game, but there is too much text, so it was boring sometimes, grade C...

denaros86 2018.04.23
Loved the first one and I love this one too, rare to find something in dev. of this quality

Rammbock123 2018.04.22
This is a really good game. I have played it many times, recommended!!

marcus747 2018.04.21
Not bad, surprisingly long although quite directionless. Still fun!

DavorBuric22 2018.04.21
Game is exciting and fun :D

pancakeman29 2018.04.21
game is still under development, takes some patience

tbtd4 2018.04.17
i like the story and and she sexyrn

matteous 2018.04.17
really good game ! recommad play it !

banditmain 2018.04.16
graphics are amazing. cant wate for more from him rn

polo73 2018.04.15
what the hell for a boring game .....


TheRealJoker 2018.04.15
been weeks and this is the only game to be uploaded..what a shame :( other then my small rant this game is confusing af.

Civilincubus 2018.04.15
Play the first one to get a basis for the plot and mechanics. It is incomplete, but hardly a bad game. Voting less than 50% seems peevishly intolerant for a game-in-development. If you think it`s really that bad, go to Newgrounds.com and play the vast majority of adult games., you`ll develop a far more discerning palette.

samsmith1169 2018.04.15
Not a fan of this game at all. Quite boring and weird

geunie 2018.04.14
I am not a fan of this game! What is the goal? Where do you need to go? What`s the purpose? And above all... I do not like the graphics! They suck!

kalaznikov 2018.04.14
Nice game with interesting story but you should really only post it when it is slightly more developed because right now it`s still very much incomplete. Really looking forward to seeing the full version though!

hardcok 2018.04.14
very weird game stupid infact

2347 2018.04.13
It is a story far more than a game. I would prefer to see what the complete part one is like as in this messy incomplete form with a ton of dialogue and poor illustrations is not very good. I am afraid this has probably not helped to popularise this game but will put people off.

lugians 2018.04.13
I am confused about the game entirelyrn

DrShiza 2018.04.13
Did not understand the essence of the game

Gangstabill1984 2018.04.13
I think so far that this game is crap, i can get the girls and men to level 5 then nothing

icrazyur2 2018.04.13
complete and total crap load time and shit content once again play force your posting shit rn

FUX69 2018.04.12
Such a good game and story

crusherius 2018.04.12
Great game so far. The present art is fantastic and the game is still under development.

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