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Elana - Champion of Lust 2


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supertrucker 2018.09.20
game will not load. whats up with that

MrTurner 2018.09.20
Fun game, but it would be great if the developers would stop making it more and more complicated, it`s not really as fun now as it was in the beginning.rn

CumLikeAHose 2018.09.17
Game was way too complicated

bianca29 2018.09.17
Nice game, but not so easy to finish

Wolf31 2018.09.06
I find this game really hard to play without any instructions.

sumione 2018.09.03
Great fun so many sexy choices

droopdog39 2018.08.24
play force one does a great job in gamingrnrnrnrnrn

Avr 2018.08.11
Is there some kind of first part or some tutorial? I have no idea what I`m doing right now.rn

GP69 2018.08.05
Not very good. Took too long to achieve anything

AlexSex259 2018.08.03
This game isnt bad, but i think it could get better when finished


AlexSex25 2018.07.29
Nice type of game and history. So sexy

melmelvirus 2018.07.24
Pretty good game but the loading could go a bit faster

andromeda1101 2018.06.19
nice game with multiple sotrylines

miker3594 2018.06.13
Takes forever to load and seems too complicated.

Cruiser Stream 2018.05.28
The game isn`t opening. There is no game at it`s place. Most of the games aren`t opening, there`s just a line at it`s place.

Rammbock123 2018.05.05
Love the game, great story and animations

Pornloverr69 2018.05.03
I dont get the game, but that`s probably just my dumbness

supertrucker 2018.05.03
well it seems this game needs the bugs worked out of it. I hit the ? mark to learn about the game and the screen locked up. bummer...

homes7 2018.04.27
This is a fantastic game that`s being horribly underrated by people just looking for a quick jerk-off. Great art and great humor. It`s not as good as Tlaero`s but nothing else is anyway.

StanMarsh3301 2018.04.23
It`s a good game, but there is too much text, so it was boring sometimes, grade C...

denaros86 2018.04.23
Loved the first one and I love this one too, rare to find something in dev. of this quality

Rammbock123 2018.04.22
This is a really good game. I have played it many times, recommended!!

marcus747 2018.04.21
Not bad, surprisingly long although quite directionless. Still fun!

DavorBuric22 2018.04.21
Game is exciting and fun :D

pancakeman29 2018.04.21
game is still under development, takes some patience

tbtd4 2018.04.17
i like the story and and she sexyrn

matteous 2018.04.17
really good game ! recommad play it !

banditmain 2018.04.16
graphics are amazing. cant wate for more from him rn

polo73 2018.04.15
what the hell for a boring game .....

TheRealJoker 2018.04.15
been weeks and this is the only game to be uploaded..what a shame :( other then my small rant this game is confusing af.

Civilincubus 2018.04.15
Play the first one to get a basis for the plot and mechanics. It is incomplete, but hardly a bad game. Voting less than 50% seems peevishly intolerant for a game-in-development. If you think it`s really that bad, go to Newgrounds.com and play the vast majority of adult games., you`ll develop a far more discerning palette.

samsmith1169 2018.04.15
Not a fan of this game at all. Quite boring and weird

geunie 2018.04.14
I am not a fan of this game! What is the goal? Where do you need to go? What`s the purpose? And above all... I do not like the graphics! They suck!

kalaznikov 2018.04.14
Nice game with interesting story but you should really only post it when it is slightly more developed because right now it`s still very much incomplete. Really looking forward to seeing the full version though!

hardcok 2018.04.14
very weird game stupid infact

2347 2018.04.13
It is a story far more than a game. I would prefer to see what the complete part one is like as in this messy incomplete form with a ton of dialogue and poor illustrations is not very good. I am afraid this has probably not helped to popularise this game but will put people off.

lugians 2018.04.13
I am confused about the game entirelyrn

DrShiza 2018.04.13
Did not understand the essence of the game

Gangstabill1984 2018.04.13
I think so far that this game is crap, i can get the girls and men to level 5 then nothing

icrazyur2 2018.04.13
complete and total crap load time and shit content once again play force your posting shit rn

FUX69 2018.04.12
Such a good game and story

crusherius 2018.04.12
Great game so far. The present art is fantastic and the game is still under development.

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