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Ebony Hotness


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arnorich11 2017.09.04
Ilike it, a little before concluded. Funny.rn

Tiodor 2017.06.23
Cute little quick game. Good graphics and sweet hot girl.

ToasterCoaster 2017.05.03
Ebony girls are the best and the game being straightforward enough is great as well.

Lucifer1815 2017.02.16
Ok graphics, Simple story line and limited sexual options.

Sola_KMT 2016.11.07
Not much of a game. Chessy dialogue and the music is terrible. The puzzle part was the best thing in the game

cambridge4453 2016.06.11
I`ve looked at some of the comments; the puzzle was hard until I knew what they were looking for and then it was okay. The sex is silly; no journey and then hse miraculously changes clothes part way through. Even her voice is wrong. A reasonable idea wasted.

Kingzladjan 2016.01.27
really awesome game. I love the graphic and the gameplay is godlike!

hentaimaster69 2016.01.15
animation could be improved but all in all it was good .a bit short thow

spamguy1 2016.01.06
well i liked the graphics, but no more than that..

mathadore 2015.08.19
NOt so interesting! I have play to best ones!


kamran_bored 2015.06.15
Such a hot girl, loves it when u cum in her

Saan_123 2015.06.03
Repairing Tv is very easy. I like it. Thanks pfo...

Ernest20 2015.04.03
A nice and pleasant game that suited my knowledge of elelctronics!

joepje738 2015.02.19
Wow hot game! And very funny story line

pieffepi 2014.11.25
Very simple but the girl is very cute... sex scenes could be much better

core88 2014.11.15
Once you understand the TV repair only wants you to put everything in the main controller instead of overcomplicating things, the game is quick and easy. Pretty standard sex scene, even with the paradoxical putting on clothes in the middle scene

hump8047 2014.11.14
Cute little quick game. Good graphics

Kat117 2014.10.27
Girl looked nice very sexy
Repair puzzle is a nice addition
A bit too short.

sausageb88 2014.10.23
ok game...not a bad girl.....ok graphics

sinjin007 2014.09.28
I really liked this game. It`s good to have mixed race sex games.

Socdny 2014.07.12
Not one of there best games, but still it was fun

bilbily 2014.05.27
games I have ever played. Great storyline

Sexy007 2014.05.23
I`m in the wrong line of work....I need to repair TVs :)

GP69 2014.05.17
A little disappointed with the length of the game, could have gone spying on her in the shower, but over all not that bad!!

motorbebek2010 2014.03.24
Game was pretty easy but had some great graphics

zikas 2014.03.03
good story and good details but it was short

dgkesquire 2014.02.23
Good, simple game. Graphics are so-so, but animation is good.

Malondorf 2014.01.29
This game was good, I like how they added the fix the remote thing to it.

bluedevilcindy 2014.01.02
This is a great game. Jennifer is hot and fun to be with.

PoloPolo112 2013.12.07
Fun game, nice they added the repair of the remote control.

J0K3RSM0K3R 2013.10.23
this game is one of the best ebony games I have ever played. Great storyline

Ezioo 2013.09.29
It is very good game, nice character, but short story.

hiddenkiller09 2013.09.24
good game but took me a while to to figure out tv but lol

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

sweatymanpons 2013.08.20
game could be a bit longer.

lonewolf22 2013.08.16
the gameplay overall was pretty cool

noogad 2013.08.09
good game i love this game so much

w1drng22 2013.07.23
Hey, wait, I just figured it out. Spoiler Alert: You have to click on each area of her body in the proper order, moving the meter up, until she says stop. Then you move to the next part of her body. She tells you if you got the wrong part too early. Well I guess it is only a spoiler alert for us "inexperienced" players, not everyone else.

w1drng22 2013.07.23
OK I feel like a nerd. I got the tv problem solved in a minute. But I can`t seem to understand what to do with the girl at the end.

Magic Knight 2013.07.21
Good game, a really highlight.

Hotguy29126 2013.07.06
sweet ass game!!! LOVED IT!!

LM_Foto 2013.06.08
Short game, loved it all the way though. the girl is beautiful, really sexy.

redhawk 2013.04.27
very beautiful animation and i like it very much

gwazz 2013.04.22
good fun once you repair the tv

elijahbell 2013.04.03
this game is fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aloula 2013.03.15
good game i love this game so much

stoner_88 2013.02.11
it was okay but to short and the women on here was hot

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Nice game , but way too short and simple.

bansheeghost12345 2013.01.24
this game has great graphics

pericka 2013.01.21
the girl is pretty and so is the house its a nice game kinda!!!

godot_1256 2013.01.15
well, that was enjoyable, it took me a little bit to figure out just what i had to do with the tv, but after i got it, i wasn`t disappointed

gartal 2013.01.09
Decent game, just a little too short and easy.

tradeononline 2013.01.06
like the animation ,but i think the duration is short

natalyasvensson 2013.01.05
good game , graphics are pretty good , and animatation is good

chosenone86 2012.12.29
i like this game i masturbated a few times

abbyg01 2012.11.24
this game is awesome and fun!!!!

abbyg01 2012.11.24
Stuck on fixing the tv please helpppppppp!!!!!!!!!

warpedwiseman 2012.11.22
Not bad for a quick and easy game. Just enough to it to give little lead up before getting to the fun.

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


cjisback 2012.11.18
very good game but it was a little TOO easy

hunterbonx 2012.11.05
great game but should be more hard

ampdsmith 2012.10.29
Hard trying to fix tv.Not enough sex.But it was a good game

rung83 2012.10.08
great game everything is good the puzzle was great too

voicemajor2000 2012.09.25
Any comments on how to do the TV game? For some reason I just can`t figure it out. It could just be one of those nights.

chikamaru 2012.09.10
fix the tv so cool..nice game

mr perv 2012.08.27
im stuck in this game when they repair the tv,please help me

iFuckedYourHoe 2012.08.15
never seen a black girl with blue eyes....til i played this game

HelloKitty4001 2012.08.10
the girl is pretty and so is the house its a nice game kinda

najam 2012.08.08
awsome game
and i loved brayn adams music theme

kongbeer 2012.08.07
Nice game, graphics better then some others

ImrtlWolf 2012.07.29
I do so like these types of games but i think the ones wher y0u actually have to switch the speeds instead of in order are a little better.

sigler758 2012.07.29
it has awesome graphics and on of my favorite games

iselin900 2012.07.25
great game everything is good the puzzle was great too

MidgetNL 2012.07.23
great graphics keep it going will play them all

kimostad 2012.07.16
great animation and plot. Sexy girl too.

kimostad 2012.07.16
I love the Sexhotgames like this. They`re always so simple. You get ass regardless of what happens

PeterK 2012.07.07
Fixing tv was interesting,the rest was ok

elishacuthbert 2012.06.10
Nice game. Story is good but it so easy should be little difficult.

dennis8137259 2012.06.06
get stuck in repair tv at first but able to finish finally............

dennis8137259 2012.06.06
beautiful girl with blue eye but how the boy look like??????????

hornyphil79 2012.06.04
what a great game love it

Soul Assassin 2012.06.03
for me, that game is too short. but i like this sort of gameplay..

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Nice game, little short but good quality :)

sexyladies 2012.05.10
I fell in love in this game

Benson1982 2012.05.08
This game has a very cute girl, and nice graphics of her body. But only 2 positions, that`s not good!

CR7DENNY 2012.05.05
i like dis gme but it should b longer

skadi 2012.04.17
very nice animations and but not great

sora123212 2012.04.13
hey all im stuck where you find the parts for the tv where are they all?

wolfyboy 2012.04.11
they always do there games right must say they know what the people want

_bombb 2012.04.10
omg this game is freakin hot !

jcc1985 2012.03.26
good game nice graphics ok story

sammyshambles 2012.03.22
nice little fun game, with a cute girl. nothing more, nothing less. good graphics though!

Drakonor 2012.03.22
the game is rly cool and the tv repair is not hard ^^

wilson78084 2012.03.17
how to fix the tvset?
can some one please tel me how?

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

Gnomon 2012.03.13
That`s "ebony"?!? Looks more like walnut or birch to me.

choco7 2012.03.10
I love this game. Can`t wait for the new one

stevemaan2 2012.03.09
story should be longer though

stevemaan2 2012.03.09
good game. one question, how do u get XP? (sorry i`m a newb)

talibum 2012.03.06
hot girl kinda boring game.

rod6114 2012.02.29
loved the tv repair portion was different another hot chick

slitplayer 2012.02.28
Game with TV repair, I wonder what they came up with next

Reckoning 2012.02.25
this was a good game and i want to play more like it.

bluedevilcindy 2012.02.23
fun sexy game...girl is hot

dylan42 2012.02.21
good game in general, good story, graphics can be better, more moves would be great!

ProbeGT 2012.02.20
I like this kind of games, nice girl.

Zezkhril 2012.02.09
Very hot girl, loved the game ..but could have been a little longer.

SamSudin 2012.02.09
good game bit too short though but hot girl makes it better

DevilDST 2012.02.06
could have used a few more scenes but overall not abad little game

mari31 2012.02.06
good game but just a little sort

kharterbwouy 2012.02.05
the girl is so hot but the game is too short

john_law 2012.02.01
very good game... easy to get the hang 0f

Ryoxxx 2012.01.31
Simple game with good graphic

ben_500 2012.01.19
a simple MnF game with technical puzzle and a hot tanned girl

Master MonoRochi 2012.01.18
this is a simple, yet realy sext game. Love her looks!!

sansantenna 2012.01.14
Nice game. Extra points for the technical puzzle and nice feedback on the touching sequence. One of the better games of this type that I`ve seen.

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
a cool little game not bad

Guillaume 2012.01.09
Even though the girl is really nice but the game is so short!

JoshR13 2012.01.08
very hot game but it could be longer

aagii 2011.12.31
I like this game nice graphic good game

xenomorph 2011.12.29
not a bad game, but way to short.

WakiN_SmurF 2011.12.27
wasn`t too bad......ive played better.

elpaty 2011.12.26
it was a great game but a bit short...a very beautiful girl too

wally98 2011.12.25
A fun game but it could be improved by having multiple endings.

iluzky 2011.12.22
The game was preety short, but the girl was amazing

PAL1 2011.12.22

MrHollow 2011.12.21
Great game! The best so far. Excelent grafics and many endings.

shadowreptile 2011.12.20
nice game, it has good graphics and a good story

SPIKKELTRIL 2011.12.19
Great graphics and Jennifer was downright sexy

sander01 2011.12.17
nice game with a great story

camellofeliz 2011.12.16
i like the game wish it could be longer and more girls

polp 2011.12.16
im stuck i cant fix the tv

fizz143 2011.12.14
i like this game,.. but its too short.... better another game... XD

drew330 2011.12.10
not my favorite game but the graphics were good at least

tomb213 2011.12.09
great game but wayyy to easy

tedibear1 2011.12.04
great games an great animation

bsalover47 2011.12.03
good game luv to see more

Anonymous619 2011.12.03
Great graphics and Jennifer was downright sexy

lovesandyyy 2011.12.02
what a great and sexy game love it

jbarcarr 2011.12.02
I may try again and see if there are different outcomes, but the game was overly simple and the finale (sex) was boring.

d0ra123 2011.11.27
I...uh...Like this game.gameplay good animation little and...Graphic fine!!!

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

higados 2011.11.21
nice game as usual. Very short but nice anyway

hcb36 2011.11.20
Not bad. A bit predictable. Cartoon graphics are OK

nicole506 2011.11.17
ok game. too short though.

Gurnen 2011.11.15
Pretty average game. Worth one try anyway.

TheIversonBeast 2011.11.11
To easy but a little bit hard finding the pices but it was really fun

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

drakerock 2011.11.10
short and fun but very easy. Decent graphics

richy22 2011.11.08
really good game, sweet graphics and a good story

Purger 2011.11.06
short fun game, nothing special

throbnhood 2011.10.26
This one was pretty good. Easy to figure,

Morning 2011.10.22
Really great graphics and good gameplay :) x

rrobert 2011.10.22
pretty easy game, not very long

zeus33 2011.10.17
+: Cute Girl, Graphics

-: to short, to easy

G Dragon 2011.10.17
good game but too short... i like it

das77 2011.10.13
i liked this game but was too short to play.

kypill21 2011.10.11
Definitely needs more options

ron57 2011.10.10
ok game but standard stuff could be more of a challenge

Mr.pain 2011.10.09
not the best game, however still good

MUES2 2011.10.03
This game was good in a way but the graphics are type low and it`s short

mcdoomsday 2011.10.01
Good gameplay and the girl was hot.

Miladiou 2011.09.30
a little funny game, just have reflection to repair tv

Chelsea 2011.09.24
Hmmm after the television we can repair the owner ` its really great

ravenk036 2011.09.23
Awesome game... totally enjoyed it

DreamTim 2011.09.20
nice hentai game. not bad

god_like89 2011.09.16
crappy game..no story, no graphics

amilama 2011.09.12
Gameplay was awesome. Graphics and all were enjoyed as well.

Melimelo 2011.09.08
Well, a MnF like many others just a little bit more elaborate in the storyline.
Once in the bedroom ... same as usaual cute little chick and so on ^^

mjcds21 2011.09.06
nice awesome and great game

wonderous 2011.09.05
Very Nice graphic and the gameplay is great

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice little game and hot babe.

timcrwc 2011.08.28
Love the story. Neet fantasy to see come true. But game way too short. Need more drama leading up to sex. Make him work for it.

wcNoOb 2011.08.21
damnit y is it always so short?

krzkidd 2011.08.21
awesome graphics,but wayyyyy to short

baleine 2011.08.21
Too short, too easy. The girl is cute, but that`s all.

onewytboy 2011.08.20
fantastic body, gameplay was a little boring though

horny929 2011.08.16
great graphics by this ame

Maniac018 2011.08.12
To easy and to short,but not bad game .

ericj22000 2011.08.12
The game was way too short

DimS 2011.08.12
That`s an average game but with cute graphics...

kaylalovesyou12 2011.08.09
Nice game. But too bad it`s alittle short in my opinion.

elmo021 2011.08.09
not bad, but short. and still i like it

spokxx 2011.08.09
nice grafic..but nothing special. Funny

bceltsau 2011.08.05
It was a good game, wish it was longer 3/5

nessiecookie 2011.08.02
Very simple game, but it was nice. I liked it.

erzerz 2011.08.02
Game was pretty easy but had some great graphics

bandelpol 2011.08.01
Simple, very easy but nice.

psp208 2011.07.30
this is an awesome game but the graphics are a little cheepy

wonderous 2011.07.28
nice graphic.. but a little bit too short

anshavjain 2011.07.27
i love this game very much

elo77 2011.07.21
very easy and short game
the animation is good, nice girl

NeRo826 2011.07.21
didnt like the game its a bit boring

zelda813204 2011.07.19
very hot but its a little short

jackpot 2011.07.15
completely lost repairing the tv. help please

erevis 2011.07.14
i like good ending and this one is one of them

max1230 2011.07.12
very hot good graphics but very short

jayjaybrns 2011.07.08
I am sure it is in there with the comments somewhere, but I need help with the repair diagram!

coolgirl 2011.07.07
it`s a really good but a bit short

Montana99 2011.07.07

fra1110 2011.07.01
that was amazing!! the graphic can be better :)

Lite27 2011.07.01
Good animation. I like these types of games

poisonflash 2011.06.28
Too short and too easy :(

SoloDrifter 2011.06.25
lost me at the tv repair...

jmmorris1 2011.06.24
realy good game not bad at all

tedi 2011.06.23
great game, great animation

Jorden-500 2011.06.23
kinda dissapointing to be honest. Same stuff and seriously? I really dbout the chick would sound like that when getting fucked. The stuff getting old...

jokapi777 2011.06.20
scene & interaction was good

lemonfreak 2011.06.19
When the best part is repairing a tv you know it`s a boring game

chrischaos 2011.06.18
This game was nothing special. Fixing the tv was a welcome change.

tedibear 2011.06.16
the game was great an fun.

tedward64 2011.06.14
a great game one that has you thinking and the sex in it is good as well

Headandshoulders 2011.06.11
men i cumed 7 times playing this game

m4t0n 2011.06.09
hots girls makes this game superb

vinci1243 2011.06.07
an average game.. and easy to play... liked it :))

BallIdiot 2011.06.06
Sex scene & interaction was good. Everything else were mediocre.

chris2564 2011.06.06
i had a hard time fixing the tv

TotalD13 2011.06.02
ok game liked how you had to fix tv but the scenes could of been better

mannylopez1 2011.05.31
Nice game I liked the the fix the t.v part something different.

Smyxter 2011.05.31
The only challenge in this game is fixing the TV. Sex scene at the end is boring. All in all a very average game.

bdubrous 2011.05.29
Good action. I made progress in electronics !

Gonadius 2011.05.29
Fairly average game - Except for the circuit diagram. That was a nice touch.

Montanapanda9 2011.05.29

kodab1994 2011.05.28
the graphics are awsome, well for a non-3D game

chryou 2011.05.25
i really liked the graphics on the game plus its pretty simple to play

gergdegf 2011.05.25
Tv repair was fun. Look at the pins and line up the pins on the controller

ctstc29 2011.05.23
Pretty good game, just need to explain TV part

rabbiddragon 2011.05.22
liked this game a lot but it was way to short

Dickmanboy 2011.05.21
This type of games are very interesting for me, but this one are so short without blowjob and more sexy scenes, but well, it´s great game.

kieranl 2011.05.21
she could have been hoter

StaBlazed 2011.05.18
good game but cant figure out how to fix tv

coleay 2011.05.16
how do you fix the tv?? im stuck

Kujikums 2011.05.14
could be a bit better, but hentai is always a favorite

goalie321 2011.05.13
Ok but could have had more sex

Gray Warden 2011.05.13
Good game tv a bit easy to fix good grapics and animation was ok

shakezulla17 2011.05.12
Good game. A little short and it took me a while to figure out the TV but otherwise quality

4nd178 2011.05.09
I want to be a TV Repairmen

manikmodder 2011.05.07
good game good quality scenes not too hard

niko041 2011.05.07
real touchy, good anime grafics and funny endining make this game good

banes 2011.05.05
Liked the idea of fixing the tv. The girl has an awesome body. Story too short. Why not have a part 2 where she recommends him to her girlfriends for tv repair? One of them could be an Asian the other could be African American with a darker complexion.

AvengedZero 2011.05.04
Not a bad game, Easy to figure out

Skarn62 2011.05.04
nice grafic..but nothing special. Funny

sexyjames90 2011.05.03
very good game, great quality 10/10

skoolastic91 2011.04.30
quite a good game but boring story

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

nsfr23 2011.04.24
Fun Game!! A little short tho

wtcjrusa 2011.04.23
Just another click through "game"Not the kind of game I care for...

fuckbuddy 2011.04.23
firstly, what to do with the tv

Opp123 2011.04.21
not a meet`n`fuck game, but still good to play and watch

cookieharre 2011.04.20
Its a nice game with nice graphics but it too short

marle123456789 2011.04.16
a good game but it needs more options and its only fun at the beginning

PCSexGamer 2011.04.14
great game, it works well and I love ebony girls!

h1r0 2011.04.13
this one is good its better than others

nax14 2011.04.12
this game was really fun. i truly enjoyed it

Kavassa 2011.04.11
very easy game well most games like this are easy.

dannyboy1234 2011.04.11
Amazing graphics great game

killa_bsting 2011.04.10
Very nice game and fantastic graphics, got me a bit warm shall we say ?

long55 2011.04.09
good graphics....and good fun!

rcastle23 2011.04.09
very good, but could ne longer

C. C. 2011.04.08
Fixing the TV was a nice touch. Girl was very good.

Toddagen 2011.04.08
simple and easy and short

marcgenesis 2011.04.07
i liked the strategy part where you fix the tv

Innocent 2011.04.07
high quality game:) but the fixing part is tricky:P

jasher 2011.04.04
short game but fixing tv was tricky!

tamirali 2011.04.03
it is so good that i played it 7 times !!!

frabago71 2011.04.02
nice game and graphics, easy to play

efcadsfceszs 2011.04.02
nice game, and nice looking girls

LoJo 2011.04.02
I like this kind of games, not too easy,and nice babe

jimdragon 2011.03.30
good game 5 star we need more of this tip of game graphic r kick ass

anmol20 2011.03.29
the graphics r nt dat good bt still its okk

fuckyea123 2011.03.28
yer was preety good tv bit was hard but

hous2011 2011.03.27
nice game too short and easy although had trouble assembling the tv

footie55 2011.03.27
good graphics....and good fun!

kendricka 2011.03.26
Very nice concept and great animation good games:)

Zeus69 2011.03.26
Simple, very easy but nice.

ajay2011 2011.03.25
nice game with g8 grahics

angelor 2011.03.24
nice game. Assembling TV parts was not easy.

drake3969 2011.03.23
Fixing the TV was challenging a little, then the sex was good. Wish girls like her existed.

hard88 2011.03.21
good game , graphics are pretty good , and animatation is good

BlooVD 2011.03.21
great game, it was realy nice to fuck this girl!!!

wardem3 2011.03.20
grate game i loved it

lalucifer 2011.03.20
amazing girl nice work there wanna paly more of ur games

themadgear 2011.03.19
Love the girl, could do with a bit more actual difference in speeds with sex

gfellha 2011.03.19
it was a good games once i figured out wat to do with the tv it was easy

Nick22 2011.03.19
Very hot, but simple and amazing game!!!

ssjlogan 2011.03.18
i couldnt figure out the tv part

bobbyDigi 2011.03.18
Fun game, challenging, a little short though would have been better if there was more to it.

robk 2011.03.18
This game was fun but short.

Thanatos0042 2011.03.18
Pretty straightforward and average graphics. The tv repair was a bit confusing at first, but it`s not overly hard to solve.

waduwannow 2011.03.16
short and sweet. was stunned by the repairing part for a moment but after taking a closer look, its actually quite easy. overall, not too bad.

DeaconFrost 2011.03.15
Pretty straight forward, slightly more elaborated than others of the same kind since you have a to fix a tv at some point, not that it is hard if you pay attention to connect the pins and parts (logical).
Funny we can hear an instrumental of lenny kravitz at some point, in the apartment.
At least, there is a musical background too.
Not bad, worth the fun the few minutes it is lasting but I wont go back to it.

1uke11 2011.03.11
that was awesome, i`m horny

Matis221 2011.03.11
I like this game, very good graphics.

nax14 2011.03.10
this game was so sexy. i loved every moment

lionhunter 2011.03.10
Nice game but it´s hard to repair the tv-spot

wulf 2011.03.10
i think the game is to short and a littel to easy to.

kot1468 2011.03.09
Good Game. A little to easy, but, enjoyable all the same.

dragonj 2011.03.09
nice game with great quality and graphics

garan 2011.03.07
pretty good quality, it`s fun and easy. Thanks for it

Robee05 2011.03.07
this is a fantastic game i loved it, great graphics cool sounds

TheWhiteDuchess 2011.03.06
I have my reservations about this. I dislike the lackluster thrusting in these meet n fuck games as a whole. They just don`t do it for me :/ Esp when the art is Bitmap Traced in Flash from much BETTER japanese hentai games... you can see the diff in art styles between the cock`s rendering and the body... It throws me off

wndl07 2011.03.06
cool game.. i had trouble fixing the tv though..

Lyly 2011.03.06
I love the images and the gameplay

wolfinn2 2011.03.05
great graphic love the electronics part to

SAMahler17 2011.03.05
good but tv spot is kinda hard

jedj6 2011.03.05
i enjoyed this one, love ebony girls

riverman 2011.03.01
very typical and very short

maztertimmy 2011.03.01
nice game, but allitle bit on the easy side but it`s oke ;)

dawid22 2011.02.28
Good game, nice graphic and animation but too short

adock2112 2011.02.28
I like the artwork but the game is very uninvolved

vvlvitor 2011.02.28
Like most of the other MNF`s out there, not too good, but not too bad either, a bit short though.

rooter 2011.02.27
It was an amusing game but needs to be longer and a little more challenging. to beat this game great quality though thumbs up

eyddi88 2011.02.27
Felt like an idiot working on that TV XD

mavuro 2011.02.27
easy short and boring but some very nice mnf graphicks

Burnzy 2011.02.26
It was an amusing game but it really did need to be longer and a little more challenging it took me 8 min. to beat this game great quality but not a whole lot of quantity

ski9072 2011.02.26
Like most of the other MNF`s out there, not too good, but not too bad either, a bit short though.

Sculpture80 2011.02.26
Not too bad. The electronics part was a little annoying until you notice that looking at the parts can tell you where they go.

Ottomania 2011.02.25
So, it is short easy game
But very thanks for it )

BlackVeilBrided 2011.02.25
in my personal opinion. its too short. good game though.

thefifth 2011.02.24
the game is a little too short the interaction was great fixing the tv was fun and the parts are just things laying there in parts of the room

J1995s 2011.02.24
This game isnt as good as most of them on this website. The sex scene is too short and it needs way more interaction with the player.

lomiydo 2011.02.23
This game would be better with more interaction.

thetbman 2011.02.23
Everything`s typical... not really challenging... Quite boring...

thehedgehogman 2011.02.22
the graphics ar pretty good and the girl looks goood

kanf 2011.02.22
A reasonable game, good in its genre. The phone dialog is a bit weird though, some sentences are repeated and don`t make much sense.

aukai87 2011.02.21
game was good. wish it was a bit longer.

crowboy1983 2011.02.21
loved this game good graphics and soundtrack

vaxter87 2011.02.18
the game was frustrating . but overall it was a good game.

sassynaughty 2011.02.16
very nice but i want hand actions on the boobs too

AleGer 2011.02.15
Easy game to play with good graphics and sound.

freshM 2011.02.15
overall a good game...but the graphics could be better

StateofInsanity 2011.02.15
For anyone who`s wondering, to fix the TV, you need to put all the parts in place so that they connect the lines in the blue box at the top. Also, although the girl is cute, I don`t know if I`d classify her as "ebony."

popcorn2002 2011.02.13
cute anime girl. Short and sweet.

daxamgrave 2011.02.13
Don`t think the title fits, though great game, good graphics, but slightly too easy.

r_o1_s 2011.02.12
nice game, good graphic and i like it

shadow616 2011.02.11
i`m stuck in this game can`t fix the tv please help me

boxer200 2011.02.11
what a great gama it is cooll

flymolo 2011.02.10
cute anime girl. Short and sweet.

Vanhellson 2011.02.10
I find this game a lil to short and without interesting interaction, the only plus point was the T.V reparature

tintin1989 2011.02.09
to easy, should be more difficult n more control to the sex not just a button

andress 2011.02.08
nice game but short, i like it

khalidakhtar 2011.02.08
nice game, but need to work on graphic quality

novski 2011.02.08
a quickie one, but nice.

Salander 2011.02.08
very short game but quite good

Leavingschool 2011.02.08
The game is short but I like it

PaanuBlue 2011.02.07
Sexhotgames really need to work on their sex animations

Death6God 2011.02.07
Great game and all but the sex was not that great.

tahoma23 2011.02.07
good game over all but the sexual animations were lacking in the respect of how hard you "worked" the girl over

marcelino21 2011.02.07
i like tihs kind of games. good graphics

redcobra 2011.02.07
Not too bad. The electronics part was a little annoying until you notice that looking at the parts can tell you where they go.

trickyboy 2011.02.07
TV thing took a while to work out, shame the graphics went downhill

albert_over 2011.02.07
I like the game...the girl is hot and beautiful...the sex scene is great

zafri 2011.02.06
averages game-play... need more erotics scenes...

WTFMikey 2011.02.06
Placement of the parts to fix the tv threw me off for a bit until I read some of the comments - a bit confusing! And the sexscenes are kinda on the lame side. Could be a good - if not great game if some of these things were improved upon

coley 2011.02.05
nothing too much for it. Too short for my taste

tbpoodle7 2011.02.05
this game has some sexy scenes

Nick2 2011.02.05
It is amazing game. It is so good!!

nirt2020 2011.02.04
this game hase low graphics,but its a realy good game

cburchett98 2011.02.03
not good,boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

justme4386 2011.02.03
Nice artwork, promising start, but once it comes to doing her, I would have liked more interaction other than clicking one button after the next...

Shadow085 2011.02.02
nice game with great quality and graphics

Sharath 2011.02.02
very good game but it needed to be longer and they needed to have a little faster sex.

lithium39 2011.02.02
nice story
i like the whole game

henryhall4 2011.02.02
Was a good game but music a bit annoying

Cube 2011.02.02
Nah, not really that special. The TV puzzle was a bit challenging, but the actual animations were a disappointment.

Also, minus points for not making the music muteable.

pip_023 2011.02.01
Good game but a little short

Ray_man 2011.01.31
The pictures and animations were a little bit static but well drawn, it`s not realy a game.

Deathwhispes 2011.01.30
Good games but it need more of animation

rayloren1948 2011.01.30
The pictures and animations were kinda static but well drawn. The sound was awesome.

Ccjj11 2011.01.29
Pretty good. Needs a bit more action. Graphics are sorta good too.

e21li 2011.01.29
good game but too short medium graphic i did like storyline setup

MACHOTEASER212 2011.01.28
this game was ok but a bit to short

nobody2011 2011.01.28
nice game, but it could be longer

Castle426th 2011.01.28
Pretty good game, too short and needs more action though.

ilbjt681 2011.01.27
Decent enough for a giggle, but could use a bit more

shrutipandey 2011.01.26
very sexy game but sex scene is not good

kaizon 2011.01.26
Fun game but too short imo

magic2hr 2011.01.25
realy nice game play graphics are real good and all round its a realy good game

tystorey 2011.01.25
straightforward game girl is cute

farmer7 2011.01.25
cool game but short and not very intertaining

Elementeca 2011.01.24
I thought it was a very fun game, but it`s a bit short

looneytune 2011.01.24
its looks to be a good game takes a long time toi load

chris101 2011.01.24
The gameplay is solid and i love the graphics.

sunschayn 2011.01.23
it`s a good game with a beautyfull graphic and a pretty girl

ybsy 2011.01.23
The game is ok , but the graphic could be made better to improve it

bootypirate72 2011.01.22
Overall good game and has some decent graphics

pali4life8 2011.01.22
the animation is awesome wow and i love the girl man

anubis009 2011.01.22
Very nice graphics, liked it a lot!

Foxhound 2011.01.22
I simple, but pretty hot game. The graphics are simple but good enough for me. I really enjoyed playing this game!

paddywhack 2011.01.21
i love this game muy bien

paddywhack 2011.01.21
awesome game i enjoed it from start to finish

burdus 2011.01.21
really easy and fun game and the girl is hot to

Raichiu 2011.01.21
I really like the art style in theses games but its feels repetitive sadly

loppu 2011.01.20
game was nice and fun to play, but it was little too short.

iso344 2011.01.20
Nice, but quite short ! Graphics could be improved though...

pietje119 2011.01.20
i do like this gam i play it a few times and it`s good

ungjente 2011.01.20
Nice game loved det grafics keep up the good work PFO :)

ecock 2011.01.20
this was a great game good graphics and very easy to play.would be better if more realistic.

sexygamer91 2011.01.19
The graphics and animation are good but it was too easy.

dirtsurfer 2011.01.19
simple game without a great finish

hemanator 2011.01.19
not a bad game.. could be longer with more something special at the end

skeeter0992 2011.01.18
It was ok. A little short, but still an ok game

thehotboy 2011.01.17
Who can say me, how i can Visit Kelly to get a QUEST (on my account)????

pls answer

drock03 2011.01.17
I liked it. It was fun with a little puzzle

Volvo-245- 2011.01.17
Boring game. didden like the story. to cheep

chaptheapple 2011.01.17
damn tha tebony girl is too cute, needs a sequal

fordsd 2011.01.17
great game makes you think a little

Besta 2011.01.17
nice animation, fairly easy . Good overall game.

linkinpark965455 2011.01.17
hey pretty sexy game with good story

edwin4483 2011.01.17
really easy and fun game and the girl is hot to

shane007 2011.01.17
i don`t know how to say...baddddd

shane007 2011.01.17
this is the best from hentai

osugobucks91 2011.01.16
good game, but it was too short

MDLS 2011.01.16
good graphics but i thing it lacks on the animation, and its too short. The puzzle is a little complex too

iamleejeff 2011.01.16
Good game, but the story is too short.

supersexmachine13 2011.01.16
The tv part was hard to figure out, the sex part is too short, graphics are not good, summary: this game sucks...BIG TIME

fuggax 2011.01.15
tv repair was tough but easy game and fun

rbjr 2011.01.15
All in all a decent game,nice graphics

kasun1987 2011.01.15
It was a very good game... love playing games like this

salasaro 2011.01.15
Even though the girl is really nice but the game is so short!

luk81 2011.01.15
funny the technical part, lol, but a bit fast the sex session

gamemaster676 2011.01.14
Easy, but I really love it.
If you can`t fint the tv stuff you should press tab till the yellow square is around an tv item and then press spacebar

alanyiu 2011.01.14
i like the game wish it could be longer and more girls

JenniJenks 2011.01.14
The game was ok. It was to short though.

TheNoob 2011.01.13
Not worth the long wait to get to the scene, but it was fine.

xiao_boii 2011.01.13
a sexy game but i hope more interactions to make the game better i agree with lenmann :)

lukithy 2011.01.13
its ok but need more to it

peter_92 2011.01.13
it`s a good game. But the story wasn`t that good.

superhentaiman 2011.01.13
i am sorry, i don`t like it. the girl is too easy, i don`t know what happen, she suddenly strip

hobbe69 2011.01.13
Sorry, didn´t like this one. Good graphics though but way to easy to play. Sorry... :)

shatcake 2011.01.12
was fun but needs more to do

snozzo 2011.01.12
the puzzel was a different twist then most of these, but i don`t really care for the rub this rub that interfaces.

shane007 2011.01.12
not bad the grafik is so ggoo

TheBigCheese 2011.01.11
I love how these games make being an electrician look easy, and rewarding at that...

BDC 2011.01.11
Decent graphics, Decent storyline, Decent music, decent game play and decent level of difficulty.

All in all a decent game....noting spectaculer but nothng bad eithr.....

Just decent

deethewurst 2011.01.11
Decent game, just a little too short and easy.

lusoper 2011.01.11
not a bad game.....normal one but sometimes feel like playing games like this.....

cobra98 2011.01.11
what a good game enjoyed it alot great gameplay

chynaboi 2011.01.11
the graphics were pretty bad. i like the part with the tv but the sex was terrible. the sound couldve been better

kanf 2011.01.10
Not a bad one, but nothing new regarding other mnF games.

mrcrow 2011.01.10
but quite nice......
need a lil bit more improvement....

tky3k 2011.01.10
enjoyable, but not super.Nodt a bad game, but room for improvement present

jordan2345 2011.01.10
not that great but it was a good gameplay if u like the repair man sex stuff

windscar54 2011.01.09
it was fun, but it could have been longer

humptypkt 2011.01.09
fun game but it was short

Kuppz90 2011.01.09
It was ok but very very short :/

juanjo_007 2011.01.09
excelent graphics but the girl was a little easy

tester2 2011.01.09
Was alright, could have been longer

wongacock 2011.01.09
alright game, could have been better

dannym943 2011.01.09
It was an alright game could have been harder

silver12 2011.01.09
This was a pretty decent game with similar MNF game graphics

tamer 2011.01.09
very of the 4 endings a very good, played the game several days before

slimshady 2011.01.08
is a really great game with great breasts

buffpls 2011.01.08
the game is all about repairing the television and has so mute and monoton sex scenes!not so so bad at all...

luke699 2011.01.08
great game but abit to short.

edwin4483 2011.01.08
im confused on how to repair the t.v

booo 2011.01.08
i got stuck on the repair the tv part

booo 2011.01.08
that game was awesome i loved the graphics

arkaniss 2011.01.07
nive game but too short and the quest a little hard

srocky 2011.01.07
Repairing Tv is very easy. Cute game

stex08ify 2011.01.07
This isn`t ebony , it`s asian chick !

Moody Tom 2011.01.07
Too short. The ebony chick wasn`t realle ebony... but puzzle with tv was fun. Middle game for me.

pilou 2011.01.07
At least you can now repair tv ^^

abroar 2011.01.07
its agood game but too little action

Hagbard_Celine 2011.01.07
Nice pictures, good idea for a game but it ends too quickly and the final graphics of sex could be better.

hardcoreharry 2011.01.06
a very good game, tv repairing was simple and easy..

WolfLordCArd 2011.01.06
fairly simple and strait forward until the fixing remote scene. this could of used some instructions. however once solved, pretty easy. a decent game, but needed more sex scenes w/ girl

macancheeese 2011.01.06
pretty good game with a hot girl, alright sex scene, and the remote thing was kind of annoying

lvcvcb 2011.01.06
Another meet & fuck type game.

SIUL 2011.01.06
Even though the girl is really nice but the game is so short!

Chill 2011.01.06
couldnt figure out the repair

keithdw77 2011.01.06
very easy game, good graphics

sauljr 2011.01.05
the sex scene wasn`t the best

itohen5 2011.01.05
nice game, had a lot of fun, could be more sex scene

bertiebassett 2011.01.05
i enjoyed this but wish there was a bit more to do....

Tafari24 2011.01.05
the animation is hot needs more sex and better positions, also there wasn`t any oral or anal thats always a plus for a great sex game enjoyed the story; well done on making it interactive.

madchad360 2011.01.04
totally awesome mehn full stars

randy06 2011.01.03
great game needs a bit more things to do and more sex

Benson1982 2011.01.03
This is a very very hot chick, absolutely cute!!! :-) But there must be much more action and fucking possibilities!! Please create more of those girls, with more opportunities to fuck them! ;-)

pabloescobar 2011.01.03
can someone please help me with the tv remote?

sauce 2011.01.03
great graphics, but the music loop as too short. got a little bit annoying at the end listening to the same 30 second tune

krabster92 2011.01.02
very little interaction. quick easy game. girl went from ebony to a very white color in one scene which i found quite funny

dirtyrich 2011.01.02
Very nice graphics. Easy to play

lenman 2011.01.02
The game play is basic. Just a normal game. Less interaction. More graphic sex and involvement would be have made the game better.

Dude1999 2011.01.02
Nice pictures, good idea for a game but it ends too quickly and the final graphics of sex could be better.

tender 2011.01.01
not bad, just not much of a challenge, graphics are good but nowadays their is better. a little lame. is it that easy? lol

bluelighter 2011.01.01
Nice game a little to easy though

muban 2011.01.01
Great game and awesome graphic

jasonator 2011.01.01
Easy going entertainment :) Nice game

pororo 2010.12.31
Good game, the storyline is simple but nice, hoping for a sequel

maresiac 2010.12.31
the girl was cute...the graphics couldve been a little better though...

chewie 2010.12.31
nice graphics very easy tho

heatround2011 2010.12.31
The graphics were okay. I liked the puzzle part of it

s.s101 2010.12.31
The beginning is kinky. It gets kinkier at the end

Niemy 2010.12.31
Beatiful girl but the game is too short, and the sounds doesn´t fit the girl.

gensai34 2010.12.30
It was alittle too straight forward for me with only one real task however I think it worked out well.

daddygator68 2010.12.30
i am stuck in this game cannot figure out how to get tv parts in right place

billybobsingh 2010.12.30
Not a bad game. I admit I wa stsuck on the tv part for a bit but it was easy once you figure it out. A bit short though but i guess thats alright

chocolatnave 2010.12.30
Beautiful and exciting game

sexbomb 2010.12.29
cant fix the tele, which parts go where?

jdjg101 2010.12.29
really good game, so erotic

desmond22 2010.12.29
Good game, the storyline is simple but nice, hoping for a sequel: 9.5/10

marko7 2010.12.29
Please hellp ? i am stuced at the tv i need hellp
but , the game is wery good and graphics also .

arathor 2010.12.29
beatiful girl but the game is too short, and the sounds doesn´t go well with the girl.

ninjamasta00 2010.12.29
The graphics are nice but the game is a little bit slow moving

danny1351 2010.12.29
great game love the graphics

Liuck55 2010.12.29
Very sexy game. Good quality graphics

zerosan 2010.12.28
great game, liked the graphics, shame about the length though

masteroffail 2010.12.28
great game could be a bit longer good graphics though

thegreathadji 2010.12.28
nice game, good graphics but could be longer.

saif6585 2010.12.28
nice game very good graphic

Wilczeq 2010.12.28
Very sexy game. Good quality graphics

vagbangr69 2010.12.28
Love the girl, could be longer and more animated during sex.

da_spinner 2010.12.27
Nice game but wish it was longer.

HiddenOps 2010.12.27
i love this game but it can be better

vvega2 2010.12.27
the game is ok, but a little borning

mrdodo 2010.12.27
nice games but nothing special

Longay 2010.12.27
Nice animation and graphics... maybe a little too short

zucess 2010.12.27
Not a bad game. Good story, puzzle and graphics. Sex scenes fairly uncreative though.

ifqvp 2010.12.27
really too short, good graphics

irnub 2010.12.27
Good game nice graphics but definetly was way too short

flying 2010.12.27
great game good graphics but should have been a longer one..

DexAppeal 2010.12.27
sorry, i was not overly impressed by this game ...too simple ...and once you reach the actual sex it follows too linearly without any creativity

retros1 2010.12.27
I don`t like games with this graphic. 20%

TerribleT 2010.12.27
Game was pretty easy but had some great graphics

10incher 2010.12.26
this game is hot and horny

Taranaith 2010.12.26
Very easy and doesn`t really hold my attention. Very predictable. The cicuit building was a nice touch but not really a great game.

okkie38 2010.12.26
i really like the game played it for several times

rob 2010.12.26
Not a bad game, nice graphics

navnuc 2010.12.26
I kinda liked that at first you didn`t know how you were going to get her

awesomatron 2010.12.26
ok game, could be better.

PCchan 2010.12.26
Good graphics and straightforward game. However, During the caressing scene she was naked but next scene she was dressed. Need to fix that i think

SexThorn 2010.12.26
Super game I like the girl

ardei22 2010.12.26
this game is very complex

Datsun 2010.12.26
Great Game To Play, Great Fun Hunting For The Components To Repair The Tv....Enjoy

Frontdackel 2010.12.26
Bit short, but nice artwork.
I really like hentai style.

gallger21 2010.12.26
Good game overall. Good graphics, good storyline, and very fun

FireyPhoenix 2010.12.25
good game but too easy and short

kati1 2010.12.25
I love this game. its so hot.

furill 2010.12.25
nice gameplay good storyline too

papetzki 2010.12.25
how was the tv set-up? but its nice

lookout111 2010.12.25
nice game but could be better and longer

dunckjosh 2010.12.24
short game, but at least there was a little something you had to do

st0mp3r135 2010.12.24
what a great game love it

xxxPeanutxxx 2010.12.24
Sadly I enjoyed fixing the TV more than the action. With much better games around like the VDG and LoP games, I guess I just expect a lot more from games now.

bencuts 2010.12.24
graphic & games is great... but still too short..

navnuc 2010.12.24
nice graphics liked the ending

sissyboy 2010.12.23
lol i liked this game just didnt like trying to find all the t.v parts gerr

4nik8 2010.12.23
Game was ok but no challenge

panlax77 2010.12.23
defnitly easy but still fun

Xavier47 2010.12.23
it was alright. ive seen alot better on PF1...it wastoo easy

SuperRichie 2010.12.23
good graphics as always. but wayyyy to short

DarkRanta 2010.12.23
girl could be hotter and the quest with the tv is too difficult

KILLER07705 2010.12.23
Very good game.I hope that PF1 will get more of these great games!!!!!!
PF1 You are the best!!!!

Klus 2010.12.23
this game was good. the girl was burning hot, but it was too short.

darrenwee92 2010.12.23
nice... but i`ve seen better...

gregoryfriar 2010.12.23
Nice game. Good animation, but the girl could look better

jackalshit 2010.12.22
Cool...firsttime,i dunno what to do with the Television

JetSkiNick 2010.12.22
good story, short though, could have been a few more challenges

kuma15 2010.12.22
one of the best game i seen y turns me really horny

shadowkiller591 2010.12.22
great game with a super hot girl in it! wish you could do more to her though

grunt2 2010.12.22
Pretty standard for this type of game... Nothing extraordinary, just a few minutes and you`re done... guess it is, as someone said above, like sex with ex girlfriend.....

zeretet 2010.12.22
Game is cool and easy to play. It can be a little be sexier.

horny gamer123 2010.12.22
good game but needs a longer storyline

ricdra 2010.12.22
i liked the game nice girl but it was to easy and to short

jcole 2010.12.22
The only challenging part was fixing the tv. After that just boring. Bad graphic and story line.

ksaper 2010.12.22
I like that H-Game, nice and interesting :)

scar211 2010.12.22
Pretty easy, the only hard part was the tv. good quality though.

sturmo 2010.12.22
nice game, pretty pictures but seems too easy to me

jaspertjerje 2010.12.21
Funny and easy! Nice pictures

gotpwned 2010.12.21
good game and graphics are also fine

yayyan 2010.12.21
En la l?nea de sexhotgames. Entretenido

Nero182 2010.12.21
I liked it but it was too east. Also, when I first played it I had no idea how to fix the tv but just put the things so that the dots on the main component are connected.

SargeantW 2010.12.21
Mommy always told me "If you can`t say something nice, don`t say anything at all", so ....

satya 2010.12.21
like fuck my ex girl friend.....

eviler01 2010.12.21
Nice game, nice graphics, too short, but needs more variety

Baril04 2010.12.21
This one is like every games on sexhotgames.com
I don`t like this kind of game the story are to short and the graphics are not so hot

dickie2010 2010.12.21
far too easy just a click and watch game

markovnikov 2010.12.21
assembling the tv components is the most fun part...hmmm

s@nt!no 2010.12.21
Too short & unimaginative.

silvrio1 2010.12.21
i wish the sound effects/music was better

andiyan 2010.12.20
this games is to short..!!!

jackman2011 2010.12.20
Game is cool and easy to play. It can be a little be sexier.

cainine3000 2010.12.20
The game was too quick and needs to be longer!

auldgit 2010.12.20
Poor game !! poor graphics, not worthy of this site !!

gotpwned 2010.12.20
Good game, hot girl, good graphic

sunnyweekend 2010.12.19
This is not a good game,boring

peter42 2010.12.19
good game as usual to other games

punyu 2010.12.19
this game is so cool..
i like...

Szwarcus_PL 2010.12.19
To easy and to shory. Graphisc not bad

RESSAT 2010.12.19
Goog and easy game. I like it.

Xennon 2010.12.19
nice game, but could use some better graphics and some extended actions

netman 2010.12.19
Good game but could use better graphics.

spdrman808 2010.12.19
Fix tv, have some tea, 30 minutes later sex...I wish it was that easy for me in real life hehe.
Decent game not bad at all

leowragon 2010.12.18
Nice Game, But Girl is not so sexy. . .

Jecael 2010.12.18
Good game, was kinda odd though that she goes from her just her underwear in the touch scene to being clothed in the next.

branknock 2010.12.18
not a bad game, but a bit easy for me

bigman221 2010.12.18
great game. story good but short.

chennaite 2010.12.18
Very simple, satisfactory. The TV puzzle was great. Girl and graphics not so great

ankit_abc12 2010.12.18
hot game makes me go mad over play force one

Andi202 2010.12.18
I´m not an electric. So I can´t finish.

vitali 2010.12.18
not more then 60%, really not well made

georgifx 2010.12.18
it get me for a minute but 3/5

max29 2010.12.18
Fun game, short and to the point. Wouldnt mind doing a few more things to the chick though

fmeyen 2010.12.18
Cool game, short story but it was very easy to repair the TV set.

rickygerrard3 2010.12.18
nice game
graphics were ok

colts 2010.12.17
all the parts go in the main controller area they will fit in if you move them around

Sawyer909 2010.12.17
Great graphics, short game play, not much involvement on players part.

FRASIER 2010.12.17

chesika 2010.12.17
i can`t seem to repair the tv

csandhmech 2010.12.17
Fun game, short and to the point. Wouldnt mind doing a few more things to the chick though!

ws2499 2010.12.17
too schort games with simple grafic but funny

aguz 2010.12.17
love this game and fantastic the advanture

cashmoney2010 2010.12.17
Passable. A little too linear, and the animation needs some work.

Stevie B 2010.12.17
its good but still do not like only have one girls in this game should be more

scrip 2010.12.17
very boring game, too simple

fkingnoob 2010.12.17
good game but too short and boring

davidg08 2010.12.16
yes having trouble fixing the tv

weromont 2010.12.16
The game at a time.Interest in it is not

swordfish08 2010.12.16
... The picture in the beginning is Philadelphia, not Kansas City

zaxtus56 2010.12.16
okay game it was kinda short they shouldve made it longer

ICE Dude 2010.12.16
they should of made it longer

lickmypussy007 2010.12.16
love this game could be a bit longer

Douglas 2 2010.12.16
Was really too easy. Would have like more interaction before final scenes.

Phantom69 2010.12.16
Its naff & boring.. Too easy..

Marten09 2010.12.16
like the graphics, gameplay, and the animations.

ahclem 2010.12.16
VERY disappointing. Reason 1: Standard manga fem (idealized Caucasian) with a tan IS NOT "Ebony Hotness". Reason 2: TV repair showing BOTH schematic and circuit diagram was confusing. Fixed TV right away, but placed components on schematic instead of diagram. Reject function regarding placement on schematic needed. Reason 3: Since this SEEMS to be a NEW game, the options available once repair is effected (ESPECIALLY since there is ONLY 1 fem involved) are FAR TOO FEW compared to past M&F games

matt1234 2010.12.16
The game was quite easy. Took a while to work out the TV bit though

blove329 2010.12.16
I enjoyed the game but wish that it was little longer and more to do.

frerdi 2010.12.16
Good game, not best in the ite but good anyway.

jeanmimel 2010.12.16
bla bla bla--- ho ha ho yes

biggsreddy 2010.12.16
nice game most fo the stuff is very much the same although the tv part was something new

deathcount 2010.12.15
takes a long time to figure out the tv but not a bad game after that

RATC 2010.12.15
I have no clue how to fix the dammed tv =P

sakurali 2010.12.15
the game too short, but i like it

T M 2010.12.15
Pretty nice but just more of the same. hardest thing was figuring out how to use the TV parts not how to get the girl.

anoobis0209 2010.12.15
short but sweet not the best quality but good none the less

Slout 2010.12.15
Nice game, a bit simple, but still nice.

nellmell 2010.12.15
game was too short.....but liked it

Groud 2010.12.15
I liked it but it was pretty short

oranges2368 2010.12.15
fun game! i like that u actually have to fix the tv. Pretty Cool

chrisperry245 2010.12.15
Not so much a fan of these games...this one was ok though

Patmatticus 2010.12.15
Short game. Fixing the TV was different but overall the game was boring and unoriginal.

spirek 2010.12.15
The game is fun and preety easy.

krb42 2010.12.15
nice easy game. the tricky part was to find the parts and to reassemble.

arthas 2010.12.15
soert of okay i guess .... but the game wasnt bad ... just typical boring stuff

ken23 2010.12.15
Fix the tv looking the pin. All the components have a number o point that matched with the draw. good luck

456thy 2010.12.15
how to fix the tv?? i can`t fix it

2Twin2 2010.12.15
babe cannot be bent over and looking so sexy and then say "don`t touch me" when I rub her butt. I`d go crazy with desire if it was real.

pebose 2010.12.15
tv fixing was not fun at all

maxxxy 2010.12.14
Pretty straightforward, but the graphics are good. Worthwhile.

stush124 2010.12.14
nice game need a few more twists

OTP 2010.12.14
game ok, story also good but would be better with extra girls in company or shower scene

swigman 2010.12.14
i thought the game was too short

anton1616 2010.12.14
The TV fix is tricky, but doable.

long55 2010.12.14
cool game, nice addition with the repairing, love it

IamBri 2010.12.14
Best part of the game was the twist in fixing the tv. The sex was meh and the dialogue so-so- as well.

mjwm54 2010.12.14
It was good until the sex scenes. All of a sudden her skin tone changed and she was wearing a different outfit. WTF?

sir_tilt 2010.12.14
Even though the girl is really nice but the game is so short!

tez3173 2010.12.14
hi can anybody help with fixing the tv.

gp78 2010.12.14
cool game, nice addition with the repairing

mick149 2010.12.14
quite tricky fixing the tv it was an ok game a bit like mnf

ramyar 2010.12.14
i like the game, its good...

Eaglesfanatic 2010.12.14
Pretty cool game fixing the tv was a neat touch

Pharohsgaurd 2010.12.14
Nice game, a bit simple, but still nice. Especially like how she goes from fully clothed to bra and panties, and back again.

waltzdragon 2010.12.14
well a very simple game with simple ending...
but its nice tho..

Magnanimus 2010.12.14
It`s nice, but like every "Sexhotgames" game, is too easy and too short

Towy 2010.12.14
not bad but the sex shots could have been better

HenryWarrick 2010.12.14
The girl is really nice but the game is so short!

Emper0r 2010.12.14
an average game very short one once you have figured where to put the things you have collected and it is relatively simple just see where you can match the things in the box

dewamps 2010.12.14
very good game, a little short though

Ranma 2010.12.14
Not a bad game for a quick run though. The TV repair was something different, and that is a good thing. I`d give this little game a thumb`s up for being good intro to such games.

darkphen 2010.12.13
Not as good as many M&F like games, but graphics were nice.
Pretty short btw.

Stevie B 2010.12.13
not to bad at all its good if i do say so love play this game

thundergod 2010.12.13
Pretty simplistic. The play up to the sex is fine, but the sex itself is really uninventive.

lughbelenos1 2010.12.13
Typical MNF knockoff... not that great.

StrangeLun 2010.12.13
Will be better if the game is not so .. small or short - just to repair a TV? That was easy =(

golfbot 2010.12.13
Game is okay but too short and easy. Not much to it.

jenso 2010.12.13
The game has good graphic but it is always the same MnF Games

hash19 2010.12.13
I like the game wish it could be longer and more girls also needs more options

haiclem 2010.12.13
The game is good and the girl is so sexy. An option to deactivate the sound is definitely missing.

HotSpot 2010.12.13
i really love this game its very cool and good graphiks

Nimrod 2010.12.13
It was okay, need something different though seems too simular to other games only the story is different.

Chris2001uk 2010.12.13
wish it was a bit longer but it`s a good game and was fun to play

hole 2010.12.13
neat game but i dont understand y the girl goes from nearly undressed in massage to dressed for the first fuck scene. kinda funny nice outfits

ebraroz 2010.12.13
Not bad but not very creative

fox123 2010.12.13
a very nice game!! my favorite

ligmartos 2010.12.13
Nice puzzle.... a bit short.

dx61005 2010.12.13
the formula of this kind of games has been bored.

JeanMarc 2010.12.13
Short and sweet, nice quick easy game, nice picture

gimmino77 2010.12.13
nice grafic..but nothing special. Funny

andy_regresa 2010.12.13
Amazing game to play but a little bit short.

sunnyweekend 2010.12.13
Sorry ,but this was a bad game...it sucks

Kinkyboy43 2010.12.13
Best kind of game, theres a bit of a story but its mostly sex!

az89 2010.12.13
finally finish. got to take lot of time to finish the tv

planter 2010.12.13
i like the game wish it could be longer and more girls also needs more options

rhubarb 2010.12.13
shorty and very easy not my fave

Erik_romance 2010.12.13
very easy to play, nice pics

DirtyDave56 2010.12.13
i like they just need to be longer

roberdevil 2010.12.13
Buena idea de juego, bonita fantasia

wyskas 2010.12.13
too easy but nice picture

roundroom 2010.12.13
great game i love these type of games

leontis 2010.12.13
the game was nice and short, however a little more plot to the game will add its value

conbron 2010.12.13
not bad graphics, but very short story & very easy

artemis666 2010.12.13
Not bad but not very creative

Xyzzy 2010.12.13
Fixing the TV was a nice twist in this series. SexHotGames always seems to come up with something to add a little variety to this otherwise fairly mundane series.

kirov 2010.12.13
it is ok game, but very easy

mrcoolerz 2010.12.13
the game was nice and short, however a little more plot to the game will add its value

omid_mhp 2010.12.12
Was never crazy about MNF

mitroi 2010.12.12
Nice game, nice graphics, too short, but needs more variety

sentaiblue 2010.12.12
i like the game wish it could be longer and more girls

bigboi2128 2010.12.12
not to bad could be better but the female was pretty good

amanj 2010.12.12
the girl is a beauty but some more could have been done here in the game

bustlover38 2010.12.12
Short and sweet, nice quick easy game

wingrob14 2010.12.12
A bit boring! The best part was putting the circuit board together

Balinor001 2010.12.12
nothing too much for it. Too short for my taste

shooter32 2010.12.12
good gameplay, graphics, too short

jangrey 2010.12.12
always liked to repair TVs

eralph67 2010.12.12
strtaight forward and simple. quick and somewhat rewarding.

Reggie77 2010.12.12
Amazing game to play but a little bit short.

Ricoh124 2010.12.12
usual sort of game, this time it is a puzzle to solve - all good.

star 2010.12.12
interesting game, but can anyone help me with repairing tv part.

godenfisher 2010.12.12
amazing.i can play a new game at last.

Fisher 2010.12.12
Nice game. Story is good but it so easy should be little difficult.

hersh2450 2010.12.12
The graphic were right in line with other MnF games. The T.V. repair was a nice little addition. To break the game play up a little bit. But overall I think that the game was right on par with others like it.

teteine 2010.12.12
this game is ok ! a bit too easy for my taste to fix the tv and sex scene could be longer with more option ...

thenny 2010.12.12
what a great game love it

bshdaddy1 2010.12.12
not a bad game the graphics were ok the repair of the tv was fun could use better action scenes in the bedroom

nillax2k 2010.12.12
about the only thing interesting was the tv repair part the rest is the same old thing slightly different drawing

cheese101 2010.12.12
good game,nice graphics,but too short

DBlake17 2010.12.12
its an ok game, very easy story

Lost King 2010.12.12
This game was ok, animation was good as normal but needs more variety.

lughbelenos 2010.12.12
Was never crazy about MNF and its getting to repetitive.

paranoid 2010.12.12
typical MnF clone. But the TV repairing was a little different and fun part! :P

Luzi 2010.12.12
for me, that game is too short. but i like this sort of gameplay

themoda 2010.12.12
Boring, very typical game, one more of many

boinky 2010.12.12
an okay game. Nothing bad, but nothing special aswell

eagleata 2010.12.12
Repairing Tv is very easy. I like it. Thanks pfo...

dxkt 2010.12.12
what a great game love it

Madelene 2010.12.12
I like these kind of games. Even tho it is mostly the same way things are handled and done from one to the other game. They are fun and easy enough for even me to reach the end in. I will play it again soon, for sure. Thank you so much for letting us play these fun games.

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