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Drunk Tsunade sex


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leprechaun90 2017.11.19
Good Game. the graphics were good and the game play was easy.

asasjo33 2017.04.13
who is the best waifu in the whole naruto universe, Ithink its Temarirn

ninetailsjinchuricki 2017.04.05
Love the idea, but again like some other games too hard.

xestril 2017.03.29
The game was amazing! I could not believe the wonderful graphics they could put into making naruto charactors nude! Wow. One word----A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Dano27 2017.03.23
great graphics and animation

raven.warrior.eternal 2017.02.05
good game for a time killer the first play but afterwards kind of boring

shogom 2017.01.14
so, this one fuxked his aunt :))...what a small world we are living in..

cambridge4453 2017.01.05
Truly awful; the first half was a game of sorts which was pretty much all the entertainment. Absurd, unsexy and boring. How she can be so wakeful; and then sleep through the sex is as strange as why this game was ever thought of.

farkas 2016.11.29
Very simple game, but funny.

wolfshard72601 2016.03.20
Good game wish is was longer


sethh88 2016.03.18
good game storyline graphics are ok but yeah its ok

REXXO 2016.01.23

jetguard 2015.12.22
A great game, it could do to be a little longer though. no issues playing.

brats 2015.11.24
need a little bit longer,,maybe transformation or something could make this game more interesting.

mista0317 2015.09.19
absolutely loved this game. they need longer games like this one. great animation.

DcMixKing 2015.08.25
great game graphics was great animation was awesome

Dan the Man 2015.07.30
These Tsunade games are easy, and fun to play.

nicinick 2015.06.29
the best game i love it

kamran_bored 2015.06.14
Not a alot to do in this one, average

Lolaredd 2015.06.03
Wow another part of this game! I love it!

tito_tits 2015.04.24
funny game but still enjoyable to play

albert1990 2015.04.15
too repeative but still enjoyable

nightray 2015.04.11
nice game but a bit to short for my liking

Demonic_Wolf 2015.03.03
i think this game could have use some cooperation from tsunade

Razorsedge 2015.02.21
Good game, but it was pretty repetitive.

trispere 2015.02.20
good game, but to quick.

jr5000 2015.02.13
Fun game. good programing. short but like I said fun. ;-) enjoy

haseo2412 2015.02.12
i like this game, good game

jtk666 2015.01.26
i absolutely love this game this is the hottest naruto porn game ive seen yet

gwazz 2015.01.22
humorous game huge boobs make it fun to play

stanleeleon 2015.01.20
i like this game because it is a hentai

CeX 2014.12.21
too repeative but still enjoyable

VeNNoM 2014.12.19
HAHA! Friggin hysterical! Good one.

Tr4nquilize 2014.12.05
Not as good as a lot of other stuff on here.

Cutalion 2014.12.04
didn`t like it very much. animations are so so

jay50 2014.11.28
not bad for these kind of games

Brian2015 2014.11.25
game was fun and some what challenging. I love the women`s huge tits nice visuals.

t1996 2014.11.21
i love the animation and the graphics

jack bin marcovick 2014.11.14
im stuck in this game help me please

devils69 2014.11.14
funny one if you now the anime series ,)

Valkyrie Cain 2014.11.11
Nice Graphics for it`s style.

EnTaker101 2014.11.08
This caught me by surprise but i really enjoyed it

SAN ANTONIO 2014.11.08
I hope it was Sasuke and Naruto in this

limited 2014.11.07
the content is a bit dissapointing

ilikebri1231 2014.10.13
I like the graphics very nice

MR. PEDOBEAR 2014.10.12
good game, simple and passes time.

adihorny 2014.10.09
Its a great start for the young ninja, love the graphics.

zhix 2014.10.04
its really good but its still needs working on

domee37 2014.10.04
very fucking and sexy game. The graphics were also nice.

Zman101 2014.10.03
challanging but i really enjoyed the heck out of this game

Digiman 2014.09.30
The spanking part was pretty difficult to get the timing in, other than that graphics not bad, but an ok game

DragonKing65 2014.09.26
First time I was able to play all the way through and it was nice

NoBody420 2014.09.23
good game a little challenging ok artwork

Fork 2014.09.12
Not bad especially since i love tsunade i kinda wish she woke up though.

ThaneOfAss 2014.09.10
Better than the actual anime

pwnageseb 2014.09.09
Be good at anticipating things.
Or else...
Tsunade will wake up and kick you from Konoha.

wishacker 2014.09.04
I m fan of naruto.... Excepting sexy games from this anime series....

Jacko611 2014.09.03
Instructions was a bit hazy at the start, Ok once you get into it

xxRyanxx 2014.08.20
Gameplay is not bad, a little hard to figure out at first

jenggotapi 2014.08.18
naruto the pervert hokage, fun story

xxRyanxx 2014.08.11
funny erotic game i like it¬?¬?

oldseargent 2014.08.09
good game you need to be quick with the mouse

kevinmalk 2014.08.09
simple game good art and easy to understand controls

chief007 2014.08.07
Gameplay is too easy, story line is not good enough but kinda giggly at the same time and the graphics can take improvements. OK game.

deathla 2014.08.05
realy nice game design acualy

becalala 2014.08.03
Good and so funny game , but it`s too short.

TheCasanova 2014.08.01
the game is kind of funny and wrong but hot at the same time

machinafinimundi 2014.08.01
It takes too long to move from one scene to another.

aimsixers 2014.07.27
great gamelay. fine grphic

Kvasir 2014.07.25
boring and to much mousemoving.

AltergoX 2014.07.24
Good and so funny game , but too bad is it so short.

enha16 2014.07.21
help me cannot start game

brothers 2014.07.21
Maybe u must add more people in this game..Like sakura/Hinata

traffic_x1 2014.07.19
How come we don`t have a really good Naruto games... these really suck..

yolomomo 2014.07.18
this game was hilarious and sexy at the same time

Schattenlaeufer1 2014.07.18
Somehow funny...but a little bit boring with all that mousemoving an slapping...

ronnocwagner 2014.07.17
good game but needs more people

ArchangelNova 2014.07.15
good game, but it`s gonna be better with sakura or hinata :0_

xerd 2014.07.15
Could have used more characters from the show maybe at the party

Shadowman23 2014.07.13
Okay game, good for fans of the show, if they are into this sorta thing

Gatessex87 2014.07.13
it would have been nice if at the end she wakes up and discovered that it was naruto who fucked her and then proceed to beat the tar out of him or if another ninja had caught him and joined in on the action lol

Sexyace20 2014.07.11
i all was find it funny that a new show comes out there porn for it lol

leo131 2014.07.11
Damn, i loved to rape and abuse that slut like she deserved

Lizzie 2014.07.11
FFS how do i not wake the cow up!!! She wont let me touch her without waking up!!!!

niedrich 2014.07.07
In the begining i got stuck in this game (couldnt figure out how to fill pleasure bar) please help me

IN-Duke 2014.07.05
Great Game, loved how her huge boobs were jiggling. Still would have loved to fuck her in the ass

snapdo 2014.07.05
Good graphics, is a good game, could be a little longer.

ohantom2850 2014.07.04
Boring old graphics style. Average

bodli 2014.06.29

AlexH 2014.06.28
Good animation! the game is to simple, but a good game for naruto fans! I love tsunade :o_

sensei 2014.06.28
Slap mode is meanless how can a woman not woke up when someone slpaing her

Lizzie 2014.06.24
How do you get her clothes off without wake her up?

psychdoc76 2014.06.24
Love the big tits. The progression to fucking was fun.

gamer21 2014.06.22
mmmm she made me hard in the books now i get to fuck her ;)

CHorton 2014.06.22
nice game with good graphics but a little too short

Falramir 2014.06.19
nice game and good graphics, i like it

Ryubi 2014.06.19
Hah now i understand why Naruto like`s Tsunade meh meh

mallutubexxx 2014.06.19
great, but graphics cud have been better, animation was good. loved the game play

nasin 2014.06.19
the game is simple but good graphics

doubleG 2014.06.17
This is a good game but I think it would be better if they had more interaction from Tsunade.

lusty221 2014.06.16
this game is awesome i love it i could play it all day
super cool

fernandz2103 2014.06.16
good game, i love the spanking part

UltimateHairyGuy 2014.06.16
The game was amazing! I could not believe the wonderful graphics they could put into making naruto charactors nude! Wow. One word----A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

adragon707 2014.06.15
fun game but not much to it...

LKF33 2014.06.14
nice game but a bit boring‚??and repetitive

belac 2014.06.13
i love the mix of anime and horny stuff

Lizzie 2014.06.13
She keeps waking up before i can expose those melons

MissMmh 2014.06.10
Well played graphics but what we need is more cutscenes .. love the design again !

cavemanowns 2014.06.08
The game could use a bit more story

onoki7 2014.06.08
good game it should hav been longer the good grapjics

shkyttles 2014.06.08
The game was kinda repetitive

chairman066 2014.06.05
it`s ok, not much more, just ok

bb12b 2014.06.04
good game,easy yet entertaining loved playing it.Good graphics

thking69 2014.06.03
way to easy and very predictable

XxANGELSLAYORxX 2014.06.02
It was good and fun, but not very long.

Reyson 2014.06.02
Entertaining, but short, sadly

lusty22 2014.06.01
naruto is weird as fuck having sex with his grandma

farkas 2014.05.31
Simple game, good music but too short storyline and the graphics is too simple.

thefenderman 2014.05.29
as a naruto fan,i enjoyed it but its too short and needs some graphic improvisation

ladiesman420 2014.05.29
ok graphics...!!!
need to improve storyline...!!!!
good gameplay....

eatyobrekfis 2014.05.28
Pretty fun but I`m pretty sure even a drunk person would wake up if a penis went inside them

redrunner 2014.05.27
Annoying as fuck to avoid her looking at you at first, but I got into the rhythm of it after time.

DoctorWho 2014.05.27
Nice graphic but too easy to play....

mann234 2014.05.26
nice game but need improvement ......

CrisR7C 2014.05.25
It`s for sure not the best

Noggle 2014.05.25
Pretty good graphics, try it out.

Floortile 2014.05.25
The visuals for boob play are hilarious in a positive way. Definitely more funny than sexy; still entertaining.

GreenDeamon343 2014.05.25
ahh another great Naruto game.

xTonyDude 2014.05.25
I personally love Naruto and for them to make a game like this is awesome.

Nemesis2020 2014.05.23
Naruto with Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu would be nice :P

bdaman 2014.05.22
ok game nices graphics must play it

Hichigo 2014.05.22
Naruto needed to go sage mode and bring the game to Tsunade

jay_long 2014.05.21
this game is confusing for me. how do you undress her without waking her up?

ceanthony 2014.05.21
it is a great game but ter needs to be more to the game

sexplz 2014.05.20
this game is awesome.enjoyed it

luminix 2014.05.19
good level progession, however the animation was off for the two of hem compared to the usual look

bubbles9995 2014.05.19
animation is eh and this game is redundant, it gets boring after the first 3 positions

Firekane 2014.05.19
good game - i really like the drawing style

sir56 2014.05.18
Good game kinda short though.

ab181275 2014.05.17
What a game! It could be better in graphics but not bad.

r0ckst4r 2014.05.17
You`d get a lot more out of this if you have a big tit fetish or you`re a Naruto fan, but it was still decent otherwise.

gatesj09 2014.05.17
very lovely game. was hard as heck with this touchpad but it doable. would have like it to have it where as he was freaking her he would got caught and punch through the wall.

dadykid 2014.05.16
this is not a game for pf1. to easy and a little boring. and that huge boobs ...

55c 2014.05.16
Nice game, but a little strange.

eli konki 2014.05.15
i loved it made me very horny to my sexy aunti

hermes2177 2014.05.14
Its kinda weird but hey was still fun

Json81 2014.05.14
not too bad of a game, decent looks n game play.

lovegamesss 2014.05.13
really nice game ...i love the graphics...

Seiryu 2014.05.13
It`s a decent game, I especially enjoyed the ending.

ilovegames 2014.05.12
really nice game........I enjoyed a lot......

keiranmraine 2014.05.11
Quite poor, some of these are good, but this is almost impossible with a touchpad.

kanishkvyas 2014.05.11
Terrible game, one of the worst i have played on this site

Teseo1321 2014.05.11
Good game, this game is amezing

kalle2002 2014.05.10
i dont like this kind of games.
I want it to be a little better made to enjoy it

Crafting Potato 2014.05.10
The breasts is a little too big and quite impossible, and quite funny thing is that, a breast milkiing turned into a total fuck.

Crafting Potato 2014.05.10
The speech of Naruto was quite interesting and funny, just like what a normal kid would say.

crazyfire 2014.05.09
the naruto is very same like a hot

mohd zul 2014.05.09
i like this game because it is a hentai

Inuyasha2005 2014.05.09
This game is....so so to say the least. There are hardly any good new games coming out these days.

WolfWarrior 2014.05.08
While it is simple, I still found it enjoyable.

CollyChamp12 2014.05.06
Not bad graphics, but it was a little too rapey for my tastes.

elkaiir 2014.05.06
far from being the best game ever...

MytyKoste 2014.05.06
boring game with bad graphics and story.

zanoc 2014.05.06
this is a very hot game and i rlly love it

shyman44425 2014.05.05
Not an overly exciting game. A little simple for PF1.

Anatik 2014.05.05
the graphics is OK but the game is too short and boring :S

cesaw70 2014.05.05
Total waste of time and effort.

sirohigarv 2014.05.04
Too simple, Bad Story, Bad graphics, Worst Game

hithart 2014.05.04
nice graphics but short story

Cute chick 2014.05.03
Hey :p no need of a walkthrough :p I found out this is pretty simple :D sexy

Cute chick 2014.05.03
Somebody please post a walkthrough.

josharcz 2014.05.03
i love this game! really a fan of tsunade

glukos37 2014.05.03
ok game nices graphics wish there was alittle more

dantrap123 2014.05.02
easily one of my favorite games, I love Tsunade

cizar54 2014.05.02
I love this game, Good quality and game play !

Infernalistgamer 2014.05.01
Gameplay is not bad, a little hard to figure out at first, Tsunade is well-modeled...little rapey though, for my tastes.

Malia635 2014.04.30
Great graphics aunt had nice boob and butt...booty was jiggly...

Djshuks 2014.04.23
A good game for Naruto fans, and pretty nice graphics

HarrietGarmin 2014.04.23
Terrible game, one of the worst i have played on this site

Borsuk15 2014.04.22
too typical and predictable hovewer there are some funny moments

stanleeleon 2014.04.22
nice game loved playing it

sigler768 2014.04.22
best game i have ever played the graphics were awesome

pusshound 2014.04.21
Very typical of this type of game; Gets boring fast.

Stathis 2014.04.21
The creators of these games need to get more..ehm, creative and move beyond the "busty chick with huge oversized boobs" theme in every game.

Lizzie 2014.04.21
Cant help but wake her up while playing with her tits.

Tomski3211 2014.04.20
The tits are huge. I love this game.

lusty23 2014.04.20
i love this naruto game

dude55 2014.04.20
the boobs are a bit too big

InsertUsernameHere 2014.04.19
It is a good game, but freezes midgame sometimes.

hant 2014.04.18
funny to see naruto at this game..nice game

dennyjc 2014.04.18
not bad for these kind of games

oranjeboven 2014.04.18
Very simple game.
Silly graphics.
Who Needs such games?

Nazgul62 2014.04.17
Not the best game but he`s funny

zikas 2014.04.17
usual game and very simple

hunted 2014.04.17
So boring. This is probably the worst game I have played here.

xxxserioussamxxx 2014.04.17
So wait, he just fucked his aunt? And she caught him doin it too lol

azure202 2014.04.17
it was a good game but it was reltivly easy and the grafics could use some work

LexArturo 2014.04.16
*pushes up glasses* Not to be a total nerd, but Naruto is missing his jinchuriki seal on his belly. Where the heck is Kurama, then, guys?

Jaaru 2014.04.16
Nice looking new game, liked it.

JayT44 2014.04.16
gets boring quickly but good game all the same

dadalive 2014.04.16
hot girls but the gameplay quite boring...i like it though...thumbs up

Magic Knight 2014.04.16
I think this game is simple but good

dwell76 2014.04.16
for naruto fans , quickly boring after a nice start

Dovic 2014.04.16
This game isn`t the best, but it`s good enough for a flash game

geunie 2014.04.15
I think this game is to simple!

stefano71 2014.04.15
quite good but nothing special

Smaragd1973 2014.04.15
Worst game i ever played on this site

aakash1997 2014.04.15
this is i guess this is the worst game i played till now...!!

DreamTim 2014.04.15
not the best game i`ve played

Ubber1 2014.04.15
Its a great start for the young ninja, love the graphics.

redbossmann 2014.04.15
This game seems to be glitching on my computer. Fro some reason it doesn`t load at all.

jcc1985 2014.04.15
ok game nices graphics wish there was alittle more

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