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Driving with London


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crazybitch123 2017.12.13
Nice game great graphics but short story

Outcast69 2017.12.12
really good game but was easy to play through and a bit short

arcticc 2017.11.16
Cool game)))) Nice girl`s) But easy game

HOTTOMMY85 2017.10.05
Good game, but too short with the story, and not enough sex in it.

DarkSkiff1961 2017.09.29
Very sad game. Sorry for my english.

TEX TIGER 2017.09.25
Interesting scenario for play, not bad idea.

BengerBang 2017.09.21
Not LoP`s best by far, but not bad. Fun to get the achievements but was disappointing byes in the interaction CR scenes as a whole and though the female models looked great and hot as usual, they didn`t show them off well enough in the various as well as they usually do. Not bad but not great either.

jellypie 2017.08.12
the game was cool both the girls were sexy as hell good job on the game

littleGamer 2017.06.26
good graphicsrnonly the game story made me crazy ... no step forward

RADOST89 2017.05.28
Super hot game, good graphics, thanks.


ianjames 2017.03.11
great graphics could be longer

masterofdesires 2017.01.07
good story if you like playing with fire lol

sexking15 2016.12.25
The graphics for this game is awesome. I love the animation

shogom 2016.12.18
young girl come tot town, finds protection. movie script.

Pederespen 2016.12.10
I liked the graphics, but feel that it was too story based for such a short gameplay. I think it should have been a bit longer/more scenes.

Tommy007 2016.11.04
very nice graphic and gameplay

Lille5185 2016.10.19
Great game, awsome graphic, good gameplay :)

xXxVeNoMxXx 2016.10.03
Great game and that girl, London, looks really familiar.

sasuke220 2016.09.15
Mr. Polite achivement - take the 500 euros ask the boss man then option 2 whare you dont press the mater futher

stach56 2016.09.02
hi dont know the end is because ever time i hit it a advert comes up

yus alice 2016.08.24
the best ever game i play

stubell69 2016.08.23
Not a super interesting game, I thought. It was mostly story, rather than erotic content, but was way too short to be mostly story-based. Feels like a preview version of a full game

TheHermes12 2016.07.19
a lazy game very short with light content

HaroldGamgi 2016.07.05
Little bit too dull... Game was little bit too simple...

Whitwam 2016.06.28
Great looking game, simple short story

gurki2000 2016.06.15
This game made my day!! I got up sad but after i played, cant be happier!!

blackleaf69 2016.05.26
i liked the game as much as like the graphics

WINER4EVERMF 2016.05.17
animations are good but can be more endings ?

pac82 2016.05.14
another short game but execellent graphics

Scandium 2016.05.01
I got ending 4. It was a great game, but way too short!

masodesmati 2016.04.08
very nice.. would KILL for London again

vulcanofcapriano 2016.04.03
Love the graphics and the characters but I think it`s too short.

Chloe32198 2016.03.04
Decent Game. Maybe more sexy

Bernd_Bumsebiene 2016.02.27
Good graphics, but very short I think.

ViperOrtonRKO 2016.02.13
I really despise how the woman still cheats on him either way. Like really? lol.

hrvoje 2016.02.10
I really like the graphics and characters

leomessi111 2016.02.06
it was fantastic i get the end 1

aka78 2016.01.31
one of the best games ever every! should try once at least

bbob13755 2016.01.26
Great game, extremely satisfying to play

Charles342 2016.01.24
One of the best game by far

tightpantz 2016.01.18
i think killing someone should be a option in more games

ranran 2015.12.28
good graphics and the ending dia shows are good but the story is so short in every case... the plot/idea is great but the game didn*t use it

Khryss 2015.12.28
Not the best in the serie...

pussy1234 2015.12.28
Great graphics, wish the story line was longer though

SebasIsa 2015.12.18
Graphics looks great but im stuck at the beginning

xxxneo 2015.12.09
they have better games
the girl is nice anyway

helmatides 2015.12.04
short game
previous games were better though
story could be more developed

kshetty235 2015.12.03
short game entertaining but again improvement in graphics is great

blackninja999 2015.11.17
this game was sure .. but the graphics was perfect
just i wonder why did it end so fast

cactus069 2015.11.16
good story line but short. great graphics, sometimes a short story is desirable. Well done

Scissors 2015.11.15
ihave to play so many times

ryuki64 2015.11.06
Good graphic and animation. But too short and too simple.

jtatec69 2015.11.04
Pretty short, got one of the ending in 3 minutes.

brainstorm 2015.11.03
interesting art work as usual. the game is a little bit longer but i liked it

RonGentle 2015.11.02
gameplay is to fast, but the animations are great and the graphics are the best.

OldCuteBoy 2015.10.31
LOP and LOP-Gold are having a lot of phantastic games!
This one is noneof them!!!

joules_1 2015.10.31
Good game as always with Lesson of Passion but definitely too short for me

Frimel12 2015.10.30
A little too limited on the story paths. Played 4 times and got different endings. Like a bit more of a challenge. Great graphics and beautiful women.

godsebose 2015.10.28
game was good and i liked it

TheMikeymac13 2015.10.28
Very good game, sort of short however.

smurftheken 2015.10.24
this is won cool game check it out you going problem like it if you give it a chase

Lolnanahaua 2015.10.18
Good game with nice graphics. So hot

JSam 2015.10.18
Nice short game with great graphics

Venom2323 2015.10.17
Really Good Graphics,Good Story Line,Good Endings And Amazing Everything!

KomorHulla1 2015.10.12
I like these types of games

siddhesh911 2015.10.06
good graphics and good game

skolma7 2015.10.04
I like Lesson of Passion games

TheSeventyTwo 2015.10.03
Lesson of passion have the best games, maybe because of graphics

xslayermkdx 2015.09.26
very small number of options no need to say short really small number of characters also but ok story good graphics places are cool also but looks like they been in a hurry with this game or something

derp1234 2015.09.24
fun story with great characters

deboy 2015.09.24
Good graphics and a nice story, like to see a few other of this games

edwardsmith70 2015.09.17
the game is kinda good .i want more kelly ,
its getting boring.

Heretic1139 2015.09.15
not bad, good graphics and sexy girls

andyharrypotterfan 2015.09.15
a bit long but i definitely wanna meet someone like london one day

firesworth1 2015.09.14
this game has really nice graphics

hangoverphil 2015.09.12
it could be a little more longer than this but animations are blast so it worth giving a shot to this game

Magic Knight 2015.09.09
It is a very good game with an very interesting story.

TMCB 2015.09.07
Love the graphis here, excellent screenplay, and overall just a great game

adyee 2015.09.06
game graphics are good, two girls are hot.....

dragon lover 2015.08.31
this game`s graphics aren`t too bad

BlackDeath56 2015.08.31
The game was great in my opinion, screenplay was great, and the graphics were amazing

ArthasMenethil88 2015.08.30
Nice game and it need more option for more fun :)

simonking23 2015.08.30
best game on the website so far

bigcal 2015.08.30
fucking sexy game and the graphics are fucking great

jarme 2015.08.28
great game really sexy girl good looking graphi

jayhawk4134 2015.08.25
pretty good game its really sweet to.

randyply 2015.08.22
Liked all the different endings

Xlaxx 2015.08.22
Good story beautiful graphics

RAja123 2015.08.21
it has an good story
but need to improve

comin4you 2015.08.19
really nice graphics and not too hard:)

IronMan12 2015.08.19
Great story, Short but sweet . Other than smells good acheivement .. i got it all

BonesMD98 2015.08.17
Not bad, though a little short, not many opportunities to change outcome of story. Would have liked a possibility to work things out with Kayla...

dragonracer1 2015.08.17
its not good but its not bad either better graphics needed

mrscf22 2015.08.16
This game was an ADVENTURE, didn`t know where it would lead me but I was extremely satisfied with the results.

nospamzpls 2015.08.15
Couldn`t get an ending with the fiance? Interesting dialog.

jboy517 2015.08.13
I loved this game it was awesome

Pates41 2015.08.13
Awesome Game :D I Like it :D

xkcd12 2015.08.12
This game is great. Interesting story but it doesn`t have enough detail.

BigDave699 2015.08.10
Its a great game but just wish it was longer. personally i thinks its extremely short

wezel87 2015.08.10
Nice graphics. But they are the best!
Lesson of Passion games are always great!

CashMorgan 2015.08.09
A good game, but a little short

hajduz 2015.08.09
i like this game but too short.

oranjeboven 2015.08.07
Good game. Nice aspects with the different achievements. Graphics could be better.

MSK 2015.08.02
Short but sweet. Not bad.

nenek007 2015.08.01
Nice but not so good like other games .

Mike82 2015.07.31
The lesson of this game : betray before being betrayed. Play and you`ll understand.

Nazgul62 2015.07.29
Nice but short game with good graphics

Gangstabill1984 2015.07.29
I cant get the achievement Mr Polite, can someone help me??

Fangorn 2015.07.28
Yeah! All achievements! Nice game!

pedro-r 2015.07.28
girls are nice graphic and good story

Ithaqua 2015.07.28
Nice graphics, but the story is to short. The conflict with Jerry could have been more intense, a plea for mercy for example.

Stud_Gerbil 2015.07.28
Someone asked about how to get Love Birds. Here`s how I got it. I`m sure that some of these can be other choices than I picked.

Gently caress her thighs.
Try to wake her up.
Smell the Flowers
*(Don`t take the money.)
Talk with Jerry
Ask about your assignment for today.
Keep your mouth shut.
*Answer the Phone and ignore London.
*Ask London if you can leave her for a minute.
Kiss her.
Pretend to untie her shirt.
Ask about her plans for this evening.

The steps noted with an asterisk (*) are the steps I KNOW must be completed to get it.

new123 2015.07.28
nice game and great graphics. It is a little short though and it would have been nice to play it for a little bit longer.

az89 2015.07.26
anyone knows how to get the love birds?

5H3M4LE 2015.07.26
A totally deception... this game feels empty. I usually like LOP games, so this is really a bad game. The story line is quick and empty, the possibilities feel, I mean there is so little to be done here. Looks like this game was made in a hurry, no attention given.

thelightfang 2015.07.26
The achievement "Messy Cumshot":
Take $500
Don`t answer the phone call
Tell her you`re not as nice as she thinks you are
Any of the three options
Tell her no - it must be a test.
Only do oral, and press the cum button.
Achievement unlocked.

dizzle89 2015.07.26
To be honest the story wasn`t too bad but it just feels too short imo.

shyman44425 2015.07.24
Short and sweet. Very much liked the story lines.

cory76x 2015.07.24
Mr. Polite achivement - take the 500 euros ask the boss man then option 2 whare you dont press the mater futher

Sis_ 2015.07.24
graphic and animation the rock!!!!

giannispaokara 2015.07.23
any hint guys for the Mr. Polite achivement please...thanks in advance

righto 2015.07.23
if anyone gets "messy cumshot" achievement, I`d love a hint or two...

Gewoontje 2015.07.23
Not mine type of storyline.

SebastianJS 2015.07.22
Game was too quick just not long enough great quality though story could have been better. So much potential to run with. Just felt like the game was missing something.

ArthasMenethil88 2015.07.22
Nice and it is my fave and I think my most fave was Ending Number 4

thevoiceofreason112 2015.07.22
This has to be one of my least favorite LOP games, you guys are absolute right quality over quantity, I like the screwing system in this game as there is no pointing and clicking like the last gold game living with serena but I don`t know .. give the players two options for the premium games in that case like I love the living with temptation fuck system the most and wish it was in every game, maybe the deeper could be too , or different angles for the same scene.

but with this game my biggest concern is how many ways to "lose" in this game if you`re not careful (or speak crappy English) you`re going to hate it. It sounds childish but that and again , even though it`s a free game hardly any options WHEN fucking. But the dark haired model looks great, the scenery and all has a nice atmosphere.

micahamyers 2015.07.22
You know what this site needs, more games where you play as the girl with lesbian scenes and endings.

johnnyrotten 2015.07.21
Short but sweet.... I do still have a few achievements to unlock.

Loppster 2015.07.21
There were something familiar with London. Now I know what : imdb.com/media/rm2980625152/tt0098206?ref_=ttmd_md_nxt

C.C. 2015.07.21
Got another ending . Too short and straightforward. London is so hot.

givemeaname11 2015.07.21
The graphics are great. the game is awfully short however. Some paths were difficult to find

Stud84 2015.07.21
Not a bad game, but I`m going to have to echo others saying it`s a bit short. I think the storyline was good. I didn`t see the club til about the third playthrough, which was good in the replayability factor.

I honestly thought Kayla was hotter than London (although I liked London`s story better). I just wish there was a happy ending with Kayla, but it makes sense that there isn`t due to how she is and all.

London`s story made me not regret putting one between the eyes of Jerry, and that definitely took me by surprise, Wasn`t expecting that plot twist, ha!

All in all, not a bad game. A bit short, yes, but I think the storyline was decent and I still enjoyed it. Still will be looking for more games from you guys!


racerC4 2015.07.21
You know what this site needs, more games where you play as the girl with lesbian scenes and endings thrown in.

Erand 2015.07.21
A totally deception... this game feels empty. I usually like LOP games, so this is really a bad game. The storyline is quick and empty, the possibilities feel, I mean there is so little to be done here. Looks like this game was made in a hurry, no attention given.

Vessyl 2015.07.21
Sadly, a short game but overall this game is beautiful!

sexyfrank 2015.07.21
One of the waekest from LoP. The art is good, but the game is too short and there is almost no sex scenes.

Dersonrn 2015.07.20
is not very good, have better , more interactivity

ccraft28 2015.07.20
amazing game and awesome graphicvs

Danos1975 2015.07.20
How do you get Mr. Polite?

hornsfan35 2015.07.20
A little too limited on the story paths. Played 4 times and got different endings. Like a bit more of a challenge. Great graphics and beautiful women.

ScottS69 2015.07.20
Nice short game with great graphics

C.C. 2015.07.20
Great looking women. Agree that it`s too short and would like to see more action with both women. Maybe I`m just missing something. I`ll keep trying.

cj112 2015.07.20
ok game but not the best

mick149 2015.07.20
this is a good game but cAN only find 2 endings

welsh 2015.07.20
Looks fantastic, but just a bit too short, shame because the girls look great

aaron1981 2015.07.20
stuck on some goals first and last, mr polite, messy cumshot and ugly truth

v997 2015.07.20
Agree that it`s a bit short :/

jedi77 2015.07.20
a little short but still a good game fun all around

standupandshout 2015.07.19
Could have done much more with the game. Needs more options and on screen selections. If you want a pretty good quick game, this is a good option. Not too hard to get all of the achievements.

Loppster 2015.07.19
I have to report a bug. When driving, two scenes, from left to right the car looks like a Range Rover Sport but when standing next to the car after coming back from the mall it looks like a full size Range Rover.
Nice game though. A little short but still nice.

pusshound 2015.07.19
Girls are hot. Short game and fairly simple to get all achievements. More graphic sex would be better. Worth playing, but not the best offering from LOP.

alanwake 2015.07.19
more action, than seduction...

alfonsoAE 2015.07.19
That is a great game. It`s not to short...

dimis1 2015.07.19
To Short but is good...

colindoughty 2015.07.19
hi dont know the end is because ever time i hit it a advert comes up

yannos34 2015.07.18
could have been longer but still good

tyriba2000 2015.07.18
not a bad game could be much longer

pieffepi 2015.07.18
A bit short, and nothing memorable, I should say. The idea is good but the plot has to be a bit better

Totto2706 2015.07.18
really nice game with hot girls... i like it

multiplex_1 2015.07.18
what is the mr polite goal and how do you get to it? please help

shyman44425 2015.07.18
Got 4 different endings. Short and simple tracts. Animation overly simple.

Vibe314 2015.07.18
forgot to mention about graphics, i would give 7 out of 10, its not bad but somehow i think there should be more work done on faces. gameplay is good, animation..well there is not much use of it.. and to say the truth i think you need to make better sex positions to make it more usefull.. and yeah, about the control buttons for animation.. i think you should better make them hidden, i mean, to make faster or change view or zoom some places, player should find hotspots on the picture like a some kind of bonus, thoes who are lazy just can pushe the next button till the last choice to make. But thats just mine apinion..

Vibe314 2015.07.18
Game is nice, but very short.., i expected to see more from cheating and more from investigation with some more kinky things where you can make choices to see more of wife cheating and growing as a whore, not knowing that you know what she does, or to prevent it in some way and reveal yourself in the end..

Thorgoden 2015.07.17
A short game but with good graphics.
I wish it was a bit longer and not soo easy, otherwise
an fun game.

DreamTim 2015.07.17
Nice game. good graphics and story like always with lop but a little too short

zigau 2015.07.17
great graphics, interesting story, but simply too short

ash ketchum 2015.07.17
great game with good story and excellent graphics

Jaaru 2015.07.17
Nice looking new game, liked it.

MacPau 2015.07.17
What can I say..? Interesting artwork as usual. Screenplay too but, in my opinion too short and too simple.
In summary, the game might be a bit longer but still I like it :D

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