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Dreams of Desire EP1


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bubi3375 2018.04.23
Wow manrni love mind ControlrnPlease more of it :)rn(Played Episode 1 - 5)

dudley99 2018.04.21
Good overall, just wish it wasn`t limited.

1timtimtim 2018.04.21
hi kelly, hope this is enough rn

banditmain 2018.04.17
soooo hot cant wait for more

gavinbui01 2018.04.15
So amazing. my cock harder than i thing. i live the way at 2nd cum

samsmith1169 2018.04.15
Very sexy! Need to develop more

NozityOne 2018.04.14
i need more games like this

jobsonuol 2018.04.14
My first 100. I really liked this gamernrn

crimsonfrog 2018.04.13
alright game boobs tooo big and ended tooo soon

drk1998 2018.04.13
Great Game and a Nice Story. id like to see more


azula96 2018.04.11
great game, don`t recommend to jerk off on the first bathroom seen.rn

oneonetheone 2018.04.09
amazing game great graphics good story and pretty longrnrn

shady1690 2018.04.07
I`m surprised this game has shown up on here considering it was originally an incest game before the patreon rule changes.

hornpyg 2018.04.07
OK Don`t like that you have to download the sequels rn

Himhim321 2018.04.05
It too bad a games have played worse

iivailoo85 2018.04.05
I like this game the graphic is very good bud i not like waiting other parts of the game!

greeneyedmnst 2018.04.05
Great graphics, story just interesting enough to want to play the next episodes, cant wait for them to show up here. Great job

joyrider 2018.04.05
Good graphics, Nice story. really sexy

Captain Firefly 2018.04.05
Good graphics, Nice story.

JImmyXXX 2018.04.04
My first 100. I really liked this game

Bomber93 2018.04.03
Great graphic and story, hope to see more soon

Marcus Crassus 2018.04.02
Playing as a patron: The best game I ever played (11 episodes) and still not finished :)

Himhim321 2018.04.02
Very good quality images makes it a good game to play

mi.do 2018.03.31
When will the remaining episodes be available herernrn

LordCorinth 2018.03.30
Sorry, but it`s pretty sophomoric -- no depth to the characters and the dialog`s out of a bad porn movie.

STNeish 2018.03.30
Ok... this is apparently 10 chapters long. We have chapter 1 here, and only the first 5 are freely available.rnThe art is nice enough, though a bit too exaggerated for my taste.rnThe story is... well, better done elsewhere. It`s ok, I suppose.rnThe real problems are:rn1. There are very few choices to make, and most are more or less irrelevant.rn2. There`s NO SEX. Oh, there`s lots of wanking, a bit of nudity... but no actual sex.rnrnNow, the lack of sex is fine in the first chapter. You want to use it to tease future chapters. But this thing is 10 chapters long, and as of chapter 5, there`s STILL no sex. In fact, it looks like that doesn`t happen until chapter 10. That`s a LONG time to wait.rnI get it, you want to build to the climax (pun intended) with the main characters, but there needs to be SOMETHING more going on than lots of wanking and a couple of blowjobs.rnrnAs such, while it wasn`t a BAD game, it leaves much to be desired... ironically enough.

dbob7419 2018.03.30
This is a great game, only down point for me is the lack of a name for the landlady but other than that it`s superb.rn

2347 2018.03.29
It`s quite good; the landlady has ridiculous boobs which is a shame and it introduces characters and choices that are meaningless as we are just playing chapter one but it`s a great start.rnProblem: you can find ten chapters of this story for free - which is awesome - but it takes maybe wo hours to download on my computer which is a pretty good one and I haven`t found how to play individual chapters online , which I`d love to be able to do as this game definitely has potential.

nastyb88 2018.03.29
Nice game.. not enough story though

spanner 2018.03.28
Good game nice graphics roll on next onern

analytic7 2018.03.28
What a game, what a game! Amazing graphics, and a hot landlady. Great gameplay

homes7 2018.03.28
WTF is it with the rape fetishists?!? You play a total rapey douchebag who can only get laid using a magical spell to hypnotize people.rnrnThe graphics are relatively hot but good grief the story is terrible.

Plezier227 2018.03.27
If you look, you can find a free download for episode 1-10, including bonus scenes. Story is great and getting better with each episode. Can`t wait voor ep11 and further!!rn

dixiewildboy 2018.03.26
game is to short, but not all that bad

hardcok 2018.03.25
great game love mommys asshole

jcdd1 2018.03.25
Wow that girl is so hot 10/10

frankmat0 2018.03.25
Among the greatest adult games ever made! The story flow is fantastic so far. Characters and graphics are phenomenal.

dixiewildboy 2018.03.25
looks like it might be fun

Krille228 2018.03.25
perfect game, i love it :)

Incest Dad 2018.03.24
Love this game, Great story

shooter7999 2018.03.24
Among the greatest adult games ever made! rnEpisode 11 is anticipated for a while now, the story flow is fantastic so far.rnCharacters and graphics are phenomenal.

khahan 2018.03.24
Good game. good graphics, good scenes. You can get episodes 1-5 as a free game and its worth it.

hornych 2018.03.24
Very straight forward but enjoyable game, looking forward to the next episodes

eze122 2018.03.24
is there any other episodes on here

Chairman1966 2018.03.24
The game is ok, a nice starter for the larger game.rnI`m not a fan of the oversize boobs though

DrunkNescafe 2018.03.24
Story, if we can call it a story, is basic and messy but it may appeal to horny virgin kids. Graphics are awful, a 30 year old mom with super huge pathetic breasts and she had 3 kids with that perfect belly, maybe they were adopted! LOL!rnThis site should filter out garbage games like this one.

randy1 2018.03.24
I think this game could use more animation , the non sex scenes rnwere not up to snuff

cambridge4453 2018.03.23
I hate these non-games that are teasers for a game you have to pay for. That said, there are some really good elements to this. The artwork and sex acts work well and it`s easy to load and play. You have no idea what you are seeking to achieve, however, as this is only part of a much bigger game., and in any case the choices are limited. It does look interesting, though. Haven`t worked out whwther it is possible to get the landlady - which I actually think works ok as a name - to try on something revealing. I also dislike over-large boobs and older women so the fact that I find this is a really promising start tells me it must be a good game.

KaiOti 2018.03.23
I will be seeking out more of this game. Superb.

Froizmann 2018.03.23
So large tits))) And where is the end?rn

Plezier227 2018.03.23
so far there are 10 episodes, played 5 now. Brilliant game. One of the best ever!rn

nechapacka84 2018.03.23
rnit would be better if you finished urban voeyer. rnthis is too short on how much it`s a percentage

juha1975 2018.03.23
Im sorry, but this is a boring story with bad graphics. The girl is not beautiful and she has too big boobs and ass.

supertrucker 2018.03.23
kept my interest for awhile but kept getting the same 3 endings. couldent get the lust level up.

Zeroic 2018.03.23
Amazing new game with a nice layout and a fun, exiting story. one point for improvement tho, pls give the landlady a name instead of the player constantly saying landlady.rnrnLooking forward to future episodesrn

super1400 2018.03.23
great Game, I play it as an Patron since some Weeks. Nice work

wagemal1 2018.03.22
Grate Game and a Nice Story.

marcus747 2018.03.22
Pretty good for a first episode! The model`s breasts are huge, but they hang almost naturally, which makes it okay. Graphics are very adequate!

FakaMaka 2018.03.22
Its so cool !! the graphic is fenomenal so many games use shitty characters but this so right !! And a gameplay also pretty good i like this game :D thx for creators rn

Gangstabill1984 2018.03.22
I dont liked the game, way too big boobs and i dont like games who stops when something good is going to happend

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