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Divided Heart


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remy12345 2019.04.21
This is a good game with great graphics. Keep up the good work.rnrn

zangyuki 2019.04.13
3 games a day so judge our games wisely.

stacey7269 2019.03.27
very hot storyline good game all round

MountieMan234 2019.03.22
really awesome and wonderful game loved it

maethor90 2019.03.18
Very good Game! The two Girls are so hot.

jkoaq 2019.03.12
great game with nice graphics

tinytigger2000 2019.03.03
Great game; nice animations but would like if longer.

Yeager 2019.02.10
Liked the game, wish it had been longer...

Bbialy 2019.02.09
This Game is so hot. I love this graphics too

lianny 2019.02.04
i like the game its so hotrn


strangerinme 2019.01.04
One for the best in playforceone

strangerinme 2019.01.04
Great! unfortunately short like everyone ;(

Badman.SP 2018.12.17
One Good games!rnI like the way of playing it and its easy to replay and try other choices.rnVery beautiful girls and sexy , and a great history.rnMore involvement in the sex would be good, but the storyline is king in this game.rnEasy controls, too, which is less common than it should be.rnI`m replaying it from time to time.

dkr 2018.11.29
Very good game. I like very much the multiple endings!

RosaFromUnova 2018.11.03
I have to ask, is there a use for working? I didn`t encounter anything that used the money as I played.

Tron70 2018.11.01
nice game,girls are hot, but graphics aren`t that goodrn

Tron70 2018.10.28
Game and graphics are great, but the story is no so nice.rnnot "real" enough..rnbut a nice game!rn

namalengkap 2018.10.10
I love this game.. this game is so hot.. supported by very nice graphics

maghool 2018.10.08
loved it its a time killer game

leechung838 2018.10.07
really good game enjoyed it rn

bluvirage 2018.09.28
2 very sexy girls and great sex scenes what more can you ask for

jackhandy 2018.09.26
Of all the free games on pf1, this def ranks up there - beautiful women, both. Agree that a 3some would be nice, tho.

chesthenut 2018.09.23
Just the game i needed to jerk off to. Its awesoem

CumLikeAHose 2018.09.17
This was a beautiful game.

BallIdiot 2018.09.16
Great graphics and straight forward game play.rnAnother quality LOP game.

Luis Otavio 2018.08.21
Man, this game is super hot!

HuyHoangZero 2018.08.17
The game is very hot and goodrni love this game

Kakashi551 2018.08.10
the story is good as well as the graphics.

Robert81 2018.08.03
Great game I really enjoyed it

eduardoenriqueabril 2018.07.31
Nice game, good story, enjoyable gameplay, good graphics and animation

m4gogo 2018.07.24
The graphics are very attractive and the game plot is very good and funrn

lukerage121 2018.07.15
nice cute game needed more to it but did have fun

Sidi78 2018.07.12
Graphics are nice, great game!

Gokcazz 2018.07.12
Found 4 endings, nice game.

Demianbav 2018.07.12
Graphics are nice, but i expected more of a gameplay.

bianca29 2018.06.21
Good game, you can reach all endings, but it is not so easy

jxnnmariex 2018.06.20
Wow just wow great story and everything

jxnnmariex 2018.06.20
amzing game and for free love this website

andromeda1101 2018.06.20
graphics are nice, game is ok.

greg1234234 2018.06.09
this game is very fun and was nice and long

hammertime44 2018.06.07
You can make the outcome different with your responses. Try for the different endings, especially enjoy the quick one in the hospital. Enjoy

edy777 2018.05.24
Nice little game, maybe needed a bit more sex in there, but good.

maniek7770 2018.05.15
very good game, nice graphics, hot girls

supertrucker 2018.05.10
great graphics good story kinda of slow play but still good.

fargfcexx 2018.05.07
Hot girl and great graphic good gamern

Arjen 2018.04.24
very good game nice storyline and nice options to explore

edy777 2018.04.20
Nice looking new game, liked it.

gavinbui01 2018.04.18
excelent situation.why he did join with them.it`s his bed room

matteous 2018.04.17
i think it`s good game ! simply and good graphic

chefcj 2018.04.04
i think that this is a great game

Schmitti 2018.03.11
very good game, nice graphics, hot girls and good endings (I got all) would have loved to see a threesome

jumpr009 2018.03.10
Great story lines and additional choices! Very great game and it`s keeps one thinking.

MaximusDom 2018.03.09
Endings a bit all or nothing but otherwise very good

blade2344 2018.03.06
good game very sexy woman rn

Ghost156 2018.03.06
that`s a nice game to playrn

187Allstars 2018.03.05
leonizer said: Camille not always is cheating on you - if you perform one desired by her action, she will stay faithful to you.rnDid someone were able to unlock the BDSM scene with Lexi? rn

sexylover90 2018.03.02
Nice game. The graphic was very good.

hunter68 2018.03.02
nice game....good looking girls......hot !rn

mithusan 2018.02.23
good game but can be improved

super1400 2018.02.21
good game, nice graphics, best sex, i like it

EWRTY 2018.02.20
I really enjoyed this game, but it`s not enough sex scene

ben.dover01 2018.02.19
Amazing game! Just wish the story was longerrn

gintaras231 2018.02.15
Love both girls great game

4Horsemen 2018.02.12
Really enjoyed it, good game

Scorp10n 2018.02.12
Its so much easier to just work on the wife, but doing both is achievable. Sadly, no threesome (to my knowledge) and I`m hoping for a sequel.

super1400 2018.02.06
yes ist fine, good graphic, not enouh sex

Jenn 2018.02.03
I really enjoyed this game, Bit short but very nice

Roblade 2018.01.29
This game is amazing, it was so emotional and felt so real, like it was based on a true story. Bravo for who made this, this is my all time favorite game

Jack417 2018.01.28
Very good short game, it could use some more scenes but overall a solid quick game that is repeatable.

fuchsi 2018.01.25
ver good game good graphics much fun

joestillboy 2018.01.23
It`s a good game. But the wife cheats on you no matter what you do.

cacotrepa 2018.01.19
Nice game, beautiful models. Need more sex scenes.

Denver888 2018.01.14
It`s incredible, I liked to love a drunk wife) rnVery nice game!

RedHotChiliPepper 2018.01.10
Great game! It was interesting to found dif-endings.rnPlayed many times, and also returned in some months for play it again.rnOne of the best erotic games ever seen.

ThriftShop 2018.01.04
Great graphic with some great gameplay too, enjoy the game

David132 2017.12.31
Great game, I loved it! Keep up the good work (would like to see more stuff like this)

cacotrepa 2017.12.27
awesome games. get 2 endings by now.

Jango1717 2017.12.25
It was very interesting adventure, nice red outfit.

xrawex 2017.12.24
Would like to see more of these games!rn

GaGoBoKo 2017.12.24
Great game,nice graphic i love it!

warfighter.man 2017.12.23
Very good game! with good graphics!

WeeLadMad 2017.12.20
Both girls are super sexy!

jatark117 2017.12.16
Great game. Don`t cheat on your wife!

SexyGodess 2017.12.08
I love this game. want more sex

Badger 2017.12.01
nice game could be a little more interactive though

Oconner 2017.12.01
My goddess , getting the group therapy was off the hook

dante15 2017.11.29
is a really good game nice graphicsrn

Raskal 2017.11.25
The story is insanely good. Very hot girls. Thanks for the game. Added to favorites!

FuckBitchesGetMoney 2017.11.19
Super fun game, great story!

leprechaun90 2017.11.19
Great game and great graphics. The scenes in the game were hot and wild

EsmeraldaEva 2017.11.14
good game,good story and good graphicsrn

Twinblast 2017.11.14
I feel like I`ve been on this more than I should

ThatLonelyDude 2017.11.13
Worth a look. Awesome graphics with amazing sex scenes.

Herpderphurr 2017.11.11
One of my favourite games!

crimsonfrog 2017.11.10
nice game I especially liked the graphics

mitchc187 2017.11.09
Great little game, good graphics, worth a playrn

Grahamb 2017.11.08
Love this game a lot, very fun to play

threelob 2017.11.05
The girls are hot especially the tennis chick. wow wow wow

rzrazza 2017.11.04
remember the time. do you knoiw that

Sirshagalot26 2017.11.03
love this game its so simple yet elegant and love the multiple ending system

tmramorniy 2017.11.02
Love that white socks. Nice!

crimsonfrog 2017.11.01
nice gamr especially when you get both

drvwghia 2017.10.30
absolutely loved this game! Fun story line and super sexy

Mia Susan 2017.10.29
wow... marvelous game to be played ..... it is rreally awesome ..... and i want more games like thesern

marcool47 2017.10.26
fun short game! the different endings make you want to try to have camille not cheat on you!

antharesia 2017.10.22
"if you get Camille pregnant she will not cheat on you, after ask for a quickie at hospital after she will say come home for a evening you wont forget in red lingerie dont cum in mouth ask here to stop have sex cum inside she will get pregnant and not cheat on you"rnrnwell it depends on what you define cheating as. what you will prevent by getting her pregnant is that you wont come home early one day and find her in bed with Eric. but getting her pregnant does not prevent her from lying about "girls night out" she still does not tell you that she is also going to party with Eric and that she dressed up sexy for him.

Biofreak 2017.10.22
Cool story. Liked the artwork as well.

ZerKhanZen 2017.10.21
defiantly fun. I find it rail roads pretty quick. Plus the timing of the actions is quite tricky and you can stuck fairly fast which kinda takes away from the story. But the girls hot and gameplay is smooth which is nice

06awmahmood 2017.10.16
great game wish you coul interact with brown haired girl more

BBandika 2017.10.14
Great game,nice graphic:))

87grzes 2017.10.07
This is a good game with great graphics.

johnlang321 2017.10.06
This is a good game. Wish there was a Lex ending thought.

Tom3l 2017.09.29
I like this game a lot, gameplay and graphic are awsome, it could be longer, more games with Lexa could be great too.rn

bango 2017.09.27
i like the story of this game and the graphics is very good

Dagui 2017.09.27
This game is amazing like for real I have never played anything better the graphics are insane

caves 2017.09.27
gameplay is quite nice to play

TEX TIGER 2017.09.19
Excellent graphic but very complicated for play.

Tiodor 2017.09.13
Hot girl and nice graphic. I love this game its awesome

moncef 2017.09.03
nice game with good graphics and the animation too awsome

Trokkar 2017.08.28
Such a very sexy game. It`s easy as long as you keep your wife in perspective, unless you are going for lexi then enjoy.

Tales45 2017.08.27
I love games like this but we only have like 3 or 4 of them on this whole website :/

happy1262 2017.08.24
great game, would`ve loved to see a interactive threesome scene tho...

wedgean 2017.08.21
This is a very good game with great graphics. maybe needed just a bit more sex.

Trokkar 2017.08.15
I enjoyed the game and it`s flow. there seems to be plenty of options to effect the outcome as you play through

Lucca 2017.08.15
really hot girls but i wish it was longer so hotrnrn

yelkers 2017.08.14
Love this game! Lexi is sexy and the sex scenes are fun and interactive!

arnorich11 2017.08.14
Good games ia little hard but l lioke it.rn

LarrySA_01 2017.08.12
Great game and graphics,, one of my favorites.

jellypie 2017.08.12
great game so far, sexy girls, good graphics and animation

fergal 2017.08.12
good fun game, like it. not a bad story!

marcus747 2017.08.10
Pretty good game, but I thought it a bit finnicky in what actions brought on different results. Nice game overall!

Rainhard52 2017.08.08
Nice game, even though a little to predictable

caves 2017.08.01
The storytelling of this one got me hooked and became really enjoyable

sexyjack 2017.07.26
This is a very nice game, I love it!rn

Anothern1gga 2017.07.25
Great game with great scenes, 2 hot girls as well which is always good

bandit04 2017.07.21
This story is very hot good for mern

tonyanytime 2017.07.17
A fun game, got to make out with the tennis coach, but blew it with my wife

slutbolbi 2017.07.14
I love the animation and the story, very exciting

numenorian 2017.07.13
one of the most beautiful games in pf1,rngreat graphics, great scenario.

artfor 2017.07.08
I`ve liked th graphic and animation, for more likely games!

hazephoenixz 2017.07.06
nice game, but it`s pretty short. anyone knows how to make the wife like me back?

Ademix100 2017.07.03
Good game good graphics fuck fuck fuck

sexking23 2017.06.29
the graphics for this game is awesome

Blaise 2017.06.27
Love the story and that it ist possible to chose between the girlsrn

littleGamer 2017.06.24
graphics are goodrngame/ story could be a bit betterrn

w1drng22 2017.06.23
The story movement is a bit weird. Hot characters though.

Nicalos 2017.06.10
Nice Storyline and kinda hard to get all endings done :)

LX0809 2017.06.08
This game is curious and interesting. But I was tormented by the question - is it possible to avoid the betrayal of Camilla?

JeoOT9 2017.06.03
very good will def play again

watss72 2017.05.31
Graphics were great, and the storyline was hot ans sexy.

RADOST89 2017.05.24
Great gameplay and a good scenario

watss72 2017.05.17
nice hot and very sexy game

theone675 2017.05.07
it is good u should play it

intandint 2017.04.29
That`s a good game, but I don`t like the end.Mabye there an otherway.more sex or something.Keep work.

whitevil111 2017.04.25
One of the best game gameplay 7/10 graphic and animation 10/10

jenz262 2017.04.23
i love the game, seriously well done. though i`m having issues unlocking more than 2 endings, and can`t seem to find routes to allow me to.

lobo64 2017.04.22
Graphics were great, and the storyline was interesting.

Kharuma 2017.04.21
Fun game with nice graphics. Similiar to most LoP games a bit too predictable

Poisoned 2017.04.12
I enjoyed that once I got to the point that I had sex with my tennis instructor, she was ready for round 2. Not just on that one occasion, but on multiple. That is innovation on the developers part. Congrats on a job well done.

cire987654321 2017.04.09
Great game, love the animations!

Hassan1010 2017.04.01
Really liking the game, good graphics

RADOST89 2017.03.31
It is very good game, maybe needed a bit more sex in there.I hope there are 2 part

lola264 2017.03.23
This is a very interesting game.

SithiusVarick 2017.03.23
great games with multiple endings ! A+ graphics!

SexGod21 2017.03.17
Took me a while but i finally completed it

SexGod21 2017.03.17
Great game, the girls are hot

SexGod21 2017.03.17
I finally managed to get all the endings

SexGod21 2017.03.17
The gameplay and graphics were really good

hidarkness 2017.03.15
Nice game, grafic looks good and it`s not too hard either

Ezio75 2017.03.10
I love this game and the 2 girls are so spicy

Hamisjani 2017.03.10
stunning graphics, as always.

Sexy_Jackie 2017.02.24
The game was greatly composed, maybe instead of Divided Heart 2 it could be Full Heart?

mrandall12345 2017.02.23
really good game, amazing graphics, brilliant just brilliant

drtroy 2017.02.23
Excellent game, love going through trying to juggle both sexy girls! hot! the tennis coach really does it for though every time.

rezaihsan26 2017.02.21
this game is one tof the great i`ve played here

kinou21 2017.02.20
very great games it is a pleasure

adyee 2017.02.20
It is very good game & storyline it is very difficult to cheat on wife because you love her dedicated your whole life to her... but the other girl is also very hot you cannot even resist yourself...it is like magnet, graphics are good..

buu2003 2017.02.14
the game is great overall. but it can get boring.

sexman5000 2017.02.12
I can only reach the first ending I don`t know who to have sex with Camile or Lexi.

xever013 2017.02.12
i like this but i can only unlock 2 endings

timmy2248 2017.02.11
pretty good! give Dev the prop they needed

Lucifer1815 2017.02.10
Great game, Good animation and story lines as well.

dumbass04 2017.02.09
how do you move on with lexi?

raudi43 2017.02.07
nice game, sexy girl verey nice

reddevil34 2017.02.01
Nice little game, maybe needed a bit more sex in there, but good.

adyee 2017.01.31
This is very hard to cheat on wife because she is very hot & sexy.....

sinfonia 2017.01.29
interesting plot line worth the play

TightAssFucker 2017.01.29
The game was really good! Good work!

gwazz 2017.01.26
a bit slow to start will try lexi next time

revon 2017.01.25
Wish there was more content but overall great game.

sexyboy102112 2017.01.20
Great game but need to find the threesome if there is

Calebfuller 2017.01.14
Can U have sex with Camille

CartoonFan 2017.01.07
I love this game. It doesn`t go on for too long and is fairly straightforward. For a relatively short game there are loads of diffenent scenarios to go through to have sex with the two girls. One of my favourite LOP games. More of the same please!

peteanders82 2017.01.06
Excellent games with alternate endings for good replay value.

Devlin80 2017.01.04
this is a very fun game i am new to this type of game

XenoWarrior 2017.01.04
Great game with an awesome story. Kept me captivated the whole time.

praneshvijay 2017.01.03
awesome game with awesome grapics

RFU_master007 2017.01.02
good game and great graphics

BondGwick 2017.01.02
i managed to get all 4 endings

1. have baby with camille, over 100 score.
2. lost BOTH camille and lexi. found out camille was cheating on you in your own bed & refuse to forgive her
3. have 3 some with camille and lexi
4. move on with lexi

DaMIIX 2017.01.01
Great job, but honestly I hate cheating in games like this. Just not my type of enjoyment. Anyway, great for someone who likes that kind of stuff.

mrjosh7403 2016.12.30
this game got me had just by looking at it fucken sexy game

deadhappy 2016.12.28
great scenes and wonderful animations

lav2 2016.12.25
One of the best games good scenes

BEAST101 2016.12.20
While graphically the game is way behind the newer games, storywise the game is one of the best out there, also content wise it is one of the longest games out there.

Zaycan101 2016.12.20
Great game wish it was longer

hendrix21 2016.12.17
Excellent game, your story is very good

bobdawson 2016.12.17
I like this game but it is a little short, sure wish we could have a premium game for free!

farah_zahra 2016.12.15
Decent game, but a little short.

Dalton2021 2016.12.13
Pretty great game. Definitely fun.

Ace A 2016.12.10
Best game ive played yet, Lexi is my favorite shes good at flirting and she make your hair stand up. Lexi body is amazing NOW I PLAY TENNIS and have a relationship with my tennis partner.

Pederespen 2016.12.10
Loved the graphics, expecially on the wife.

gamerchick01 2016.12.01
amazing game and graphics super addictive

fuckoff1010 2016.11.26
perfect game. If anything add third girl

parzival 2016.11.24
great story and hot girls good game

jaazten 2016.11.23
Great animations and wonderful scenes

Dannky12 2016.11.21
Great game doesnt disappoint props to the creator

fiftypez 2016.11.21
couldnt get enough of either girl.both pretty hot

adyee 2016.11.20
both the girls are hot seductive... sexy

Strawswef 2016.11.20
The gameplay is great. You need to play at this game, animation are good

69cjh69 2016.11.19
love a sporty slut - fantastic!

fiftypez 2016.11.16
not bad. needs more sex...and 3sum option

mikey416hr 2016.11.14
very hot game, wish there was more

kappa123 2016.11.14
very nice game great looking girls and great graphics not a bad story overall 8/10

Sovanis 2016.11.13
I do it, i have Sex with the Girls

Sovanis 2016.11.13
I have to practise ani more, i donĀ“t have Sex now

Sovanis 2016.11.13
I Love more Sex in a Game

Luluk 2016.11.08
Nice graphic and atmosphere!

Funsex 2016.11.07
good game, realy exieted and good graphics

jemicofe 2016.11.07
great gameĀ? is very excitingĀ?

KillerKeemstar 2016.11.04
good game, not perfect but it is good, i would recommend it to my friends

LOLAWSOME2332 2016.10.21
Good hot and sexy game, however it is short and easy.

SltAnkita69 2016.10.11
The graphics are fine by what i see. Certainly better than a lot of the other games on the internet. though i would have loved some better use to them.

Sola_KMT 2016.10.11
Not the best LOP game but it was decent...artwork great as always had a good story but the sex scenes were not the best

The blonde was the best. Would like a thressome.

jayjentorlaw 2016.10.03
the story is really hot and the wife is the best ending

PLATEROVM 2016.09.27

Hemabody 2016.09.23
Cheat on the wife who is cheating you, lol

nougat 2016.09.22
anyone know how to get ending 3

kingex15 2016.09.21
Lovely story ...... awesome to go on with .

gttt 2016.09.17
This is a very good game, I like the story

mwodatch 2016.09.16
i liked the endings but wish there was more sex

ilovethem 2016.09.12
fun game I like the endings

funky96 2016.09.12
Probably needed better animations and more sex in there.

MAXPLAYS 2016.09.11
very good only problem is daily options limited

mollycavallo 2016.09.11
Its a really nice game of guessing and getting into a better relationship

ladiesman420 2016.09.10
Superb Game...Tantalizing graphics and perfect storyline.
I almost came during play!

davedave416 2016.09.08
Good but frustrating that the wife cheats on you no matter what

RudolfoV 2016.09.02
The story line is pretty much taken from real life.
Very interesting story, beautiful women and.....
sorry, need to stop - the Lady is waiting for me ;)

duckray69 2016.08.31
Good Graphics, a+++, I love this game

mrtoms 2016.08.29
Really nice game, a bit hard but good graphics

adliyaboyz 2016.08.25
great graphics. game is a little difficult, but you get thru after enough tries, and its worth it! story line should be longer.

jopstar93 2016.08.24
how can i get a good ending with lexi?

Steveywonder 2016.08.21
Nice looking new game, liked it a lot. Could only find 3 of the endings.

billybob163 2016.08.15
the graphics were great and the game play was realistic

GothikChild 2016.08.12
we want more games like this posted with more choices

GERMA 2016.08.11
just great! graphics, story, everything!

HowlingCurve 2016.08.09
great game, decent graphics... all in all not too bad

kiko2000 2016.08.09
good game the best i played in my life

pfo.com 2016.08.08
Looks great, good storyboard.

Harley39 2016.08.08
I like the games there nice

shamtastix 2016.08.04
kinda hard to get all the endings

playforcettwo 2016.08.02
Cannot reach the other two endings, can someone help? ending 2 & 3

river1032 2016.07.30
Good graphics and awesome history

Luchs473 2016.07.29
Nice and very Hot Ending with super Graphics. Gameplay is ok, its not to easy finish all Endings and thats ok.

playforcettwo 2016.07.26
can not get to the other 2 endings

playforcettwo 2016.07.26
Awesome graphics and story, keep you guessing

gopi7891 2016.07.25
great gameplay,good animation and very nice graphics

pe22sin 2016.07.23
hot girls!!! nice game!!!

Loako 2016.07.21
Nice game, with good graphics.
I liked it!

pieffepi 2016.07.18
Like the animations, and the girls are gorgeous

Spockles 2016.07.18
Good game, although a bit repetative in building up the scores. Great pictures.

Phoenix9812 2016.07.16
great graphics good sound overall really good recommend it to everyone

tylersmith98 2016.07.14
the animation and the story are amazing, all in all great game.

backbackback 2016.07.14
Same game differant look

Hassan96 2016.07.14
Nice game , and i hope if there more things

blckhammer14 2016.07.14
i got the therapy ending with the love triangle

stach56 2016.07.12
this is a good story very sexy and a lot to fun to play

TheHermes12 2016.07.07
the game play was a bit limited since your daily options are pretty few and a little repititive

PeterDickz 2016.07.06
I want all endings but the graphics are great as always!

MidKnight76 2016.07.03
another good game from LOP still looking for other endings though

cobras81 2016.07.01
Great game! getting to the bdsm scene with the tennis trainer is tough but worth it. you have to take your wife on a date to the restaurant, where you see her with someone, then the next day go to tennis training and ask her about it

Pussylicker68 2016.06.29
the gameplay was good the sex was nice
Really liked the story

titslim 2016.06.28
It`s great to see different stories for different fetishes like cuckold for this one, but objectively the gameplay is limited and there are not many scenes so not any replay value, too.

guypenny67 2016.06.28
great game nice graphics easy to play

silver5908 2016.06.25
i like the game but its too repetitive for me

bigdog1124 2016.06.23
quality is awesome i was stuck for a bit but i got it not too bad.

Hendrix200000 2016.06.20
every time I like more this page for quality games

tomkno 2016.06.20
really nice game... go for the next ending

taitaxx 2016.06.15
i love this type of action

japjerry 2016.06.15
Good graphics nice gameplay

omnomalu 2016.06.10
was great game loved the coach needed to do more with her

KEV_in 2016.06.10
One of my favorites certainly. Have played several times and not getting bored so far. These two womens are looking absolutely hot! More games like this one should be nice.

Thespacer 2016.06.09
Had one good ending. going for more!

zub553 2016.06.09
good game, more endings would also be good but cant complain

bishop005 2016.06.09
great game the animation is also awesome in this game. The only bad part about the game is that it is so short... we need longer (free) games!

peloso 2016.06.06
The graphic is fantasctic.I love it!

ssaxonator 2016.06.05
The game is awesome!! They should probably have little more sex in the story though

inhindsight97 2016.06.03
I love the games with multiple endings. Means i can play it a bunch and still find new things!

zorrie 2016.05.26
Great stories..nice sex scenes

aksi63 2016.05.24
This game has some great scenes but it takes too long to get to the good parts

PolishGuy 2016.05.24
Great gameplay and nice girls

korbagor 2016.05.21
Very beautiful girls, must be played.

Dalego1990 2016.05.16
The games alright but hell I can`t keep both sluts happy :D

gary1998 2016.05.15
i almost got all the endings except the triangle relationship one otherwise that was may me a lot hard.

jotacharro8 2016.05.15
it`s so hard to decide which girl to go for, both are so hot
very good small game and very sexy

INeedShroomz 2016.05.15
Good Quality. Nice Game i tried to cheat on my `wife` with Lexi but at the end we got a threesome in the free nights.

KenBlue 2016.05.15
The game is OK, but it takes a lot of build-up to get to anything good

sethh88 2016.05.14
good game,good grafics but a lil of a pain in the but

Stormday 2016.05.12
This is one of the best porn games i have seen, good graphics and story

laxiscool27 2016.05.11
game is great, the graphics are really good

ADITYA1 2016.05.08
whoooa nice gaaaammmmeee i likeeee ittttt

Ohdear 2016.05.08
Awesome game, good graphics well done.

TypGuy 2016.05.07
This is a pretty erotic and awesome game!

james.rai 2016.05.07
It was boring. It needs more action.

matt46 2016.05.06
Hot game. Not for the faint at heart

Babii 2016.05.06
There should be more games like this such great graphics and details.

flavasava90 2016.05.06
its a real good game, wish there would be more like this!

baddboy172 2016.05.05
very good game and graphics

BosPred 2016.05.02
Good game nice graphics

lulea 2016.04.30
Really hot game. Had a lot of fun playing

Aaron2345 2016.04.27
This game is HOT!! I just wish there were more options for sex with the wife and tennis coach.

w.brad81 2016.04.27
Ehh. The game is alright, Could be a lot longer in my opinion

allen8888 2016.04.26
i don`t know how to play this i always end with the 1st ending

BlackoutLV 2016.04.23
love the game, nice ending

minion6970 2016.04.21
I play this game at least once to see the different endings. Definatley a good game though

Smifffy 2016.04.18
Love this game. Only played once but looking forward to getting all the endings.

FeRoX518 2016.04.15
Love the game its hard to figure out how to come through it but kinda managed it :D

fuckerfenil 2016.04.13
Loved this game!! But I hoped to see the live sex scenes rather than just images

Rubiee 2016.04.09
Well I`ve been having some trouble but this game is great!

preacher_nz 2016.04.09
Nice game, I ended up getting Camille pregnant and slept with Lexi too.

mastegun 2016.04.06
That tennis girl is really hot!

Masseur323 2016.04.01
Is a fun game, nice to be able to have a quickie at her work, then go have sex with the tennis instructor afterwards for a few days...

Alterego 2016.03.29
good graphics, easy game to with multiple endings

Quele 2016.03.26
great game, girls look awsome and graphics are beautiful

Sskout 2016.03.25
pretty sweet little game needed more sex and ideas

digbig69 2016.03.24
Good game great graphics

kunikhan 2016.03.24
i love this game the makers did a good job

igniteexia 2016.03.24
i always liked this game because the gameplay that make me never bored

Cody321 2016.03.22
graphics awesome as always

drtyguy82 2016.03.20
great and sexy game with amazing graphics. one of my faves

PAPI321 2016.03.19
very nice game,Graphics are so good

hendrix100 2016.03.18
Very nice maybe its not to late for play this story-

Digity97 2016.03.14
Looks very nice and smooth

i like the whole game sex scene and the girls are amazing

notsleeping 2016.03.13
I enjoyed this. Took some strategy to work out how to get anywhere. Confused me at first as didn`t realise Lexi was the tennis girl as well. Just me being dumb.

Ram098 2016.03.12
Sexy hott game..... waannna fuck herrrrrr

johnnyrotten 2016.03.11
Good gravy... how long does it take to get with the tennis chick???

skylerbronze 2016.03.09
This ranged from sweet to incredible. I think the graphics were good- and I hope a new version is in the works

hentaimaster69 2016.03.05
really good lovely girls and good endings

Ralphie12 2016.03.01
Great game, maybe a little more time each day though

Josh.Donaldson 2016.03.01
Love this game. Great scenes

traxtor69 2016.02.29
nice game, he needed a little more sex, but is nice!

Ryu982 2016.02.26
pretty much my absolute favorite

c9cp4 2016.02.25
great graphic, keep it up...

mhgd0 2016.02.24
Great game, wish it were a bit longer

thewhiterider27 2016.02.24
Wow, that ending number 1....better go have a drink

Asherlizzle1 2016.02.22
Enjoyed the game after I got my head around what I had to do

all4me 2016.02.21
Very good game good pics hot chicks

tacocat409 2016.02.14
my favorite game by far

Cronos93 2016.02.13
the gameplay and the graphics are really cool, itĀ“s a little bit hard to get all the endings, but that`s ok

ianpussydestroyer 2016.02.12
I liked the part when you can cum on her tits

ianpussydestroyer 2016.02.12
I really like the graphics and the part at her work

frappr 2016.02.11
wow this game was great. I like those conversation between the two girls :D

yort 2016.02.11
i really like this game!!!! ^_^

ares329 2016.02.09
wow that gameplay is so good and any help with game i kinda need help

palomanunes_ 2016.02.04
I love this game, great graphics, loved the endings

wantrow 2016.02.03
It`s very hot ! and very nice !

latinagr 2016.02.01
Amazing Game . Hot Girls. Very good story line

qball 2016.02.01
Amazing Game, good graphics, will play to see all endings.

mogitech 2016.01.30
Nice but it is a buggy game

Nagato798 2016.01.29
Interesting gameplay and nice animation would like more endings

leyley042 2016.01.29
love the game, the quality was on point and the graphics were the best.

ethanshit 2016.01.29
great graphics loved the story great game

Eddyzero 2016.01.23
I really like this game excellent

LoverBae69 2016.01.23
Great Game, I love the graphics, All of the games you guys make have amazing graphics

LoverBae69 2016.01.23
Great Game, Amazing Graphics, Love all of the games created by you guys!

sexy_slut_i_m_just_14 2016.01.23
awesome gameplay
although it took a long time to load

sexy_slut_i_m_just_14 2016.01.23
i"m stuck!
the game isn"t working properly :(

nestor0353 2016.01.22
an interesting play games, has great themes. the model is very beautiful. I became very hot.

Jerigonza 2016.01.22
This game is awesome, have great graphics, i think maybe the interaction in the game could be more interesting. However great game.

stefan653325 2016.01.22
that was a great game
loved it

terryquiqui 2016.01.21
lexy is fucking sexy, good game. i like it

moneymike23 2016.01.18
This game was amazing!!

Barryyy 2016.01.17
very hard game but i like it

mrcave 2016.01.17
Enjoyed playing this game, really need to focus on one girl if you want anything like success

noobrox 2016.01.17
nice game great story i had fun playing this

blaster190 2016.01.17
great gameplay and nice story

badbody02 2016.01.16
Jeu tres cool et tres sexy ! Jadore!

vietkink 2016.01.10
I get the Group Rapy. Get threesome with 2 babes turn me on.

someguy469 2016.01.08
A great addition to the games on this site. Really well done.

alonsoalejan00 2016.01.07
I cant stop of play game is very nice and have good graphics

shiv sage 2016.01.06
excellent graphics as always one of the better games I`ve played and the animations were awesome too.

rockstarro 2016.01.05
I`m liking this game so far.

MickeyMcFuck 2016.01.04
Those sex scenes...so nice. so nice

biguknowhat 2015.12.30
this game has really great grahpics

muhammad bin zahid 2015.12.29
i played lots of game but never had fun like this
this game rockss

Khryss 2015.12.28
Nice graphisms ! It`s a shame there is not more interactions with the girls.

pussy1234 2015.12.28
One of my favourite games on here, the graphics are amazing! I wish it was longer though

kuraudostrife1 2015.12.28
good game story is good sex is how it should be

cipanbusuk 2015.12.27
good game and good graphic. i love it

justcause3 2015.12.27
One of my fav games on here. The animation is brilliant and so are the graphics. Wish it could be a little bit longer though.

Gn0me96 2015.12.24
Nice game and nice episodes of sex. The women look great too.

AnimusVox565 2015.12.23
I always liked games where I can cheat on my girlfriend or something like that. Good graphics and a nice storyline to go with it and we have a great game.

bellek 2015.12.17
loved the storyline although would have enjoyed a chance for a threesome

wossi 2015.12.16
Great game- would love to have a threesome as part of it

eLLa1990 2015.12.14
i love the game intresting one

di14 2015.12.10
fun game lol one of the endings were funny lol this one was cool

obito uchiha 2015.12.08
Great game girls were really beautiful just wish could get a threesome tho

sahz12 2015.12.08
the game can be difficult

JessicaBabe 2015.12.05
This game is the best!!

LzKido_o 2015.12.05
Is it possible to have a threesome?

LzKido_o 2015.12.05
Awesome game with an awesome story and good graphics.

picemank 2015.12.04
I have played this game many times and still enjoy playing it.

h3658434 2015.12.04
camille look so great I only find 2 endings

Xhexhu 2015.11.29
Great game, i do agree it was a little difficult. But after messing around you figure it out. Could use more sex, but it was great overall.

Mother Chucker 2015.11.27
awesome game! great graphics and thrilling.

Kingoflimbs 2015.11.25
Nice game but I could only get 3 endings out of 4...

GollDll 2015.11.20
good graphics and it`s ver hard but great to play

artooshian 2015.11.18
you should play
easy to enjoy

artooshian 2015.11.18
good enough too play
good scenes
briallent choices

Kookiemony 2015.11.16
The game is fairly short, which isn`t a bad thing, but it`s also a bit difficult. There`s a lot of trial and error required, and all it takes is one wrong choice to fail completely. Overall though, the game is fun, but be prepared to fail multiple times.

Chesterjames1911 2015.11.15
The graphics are amazing and the girls are hot! Definitely a game worth playing.

cccnola12 2015.11.15
i really like the graphics

SUPERTARP 2015.11.13
some lag but quit nice needs more things

madman123456789 2015.11.09
v nice games i liked it . good graphics

nomnom789 2015.11.07
Good graphics, decent storyline, fantastic animation and sound.

lenard27 2015.11.03
Fun game, I like the length, you can play multiple times in a short time period, but not too short.

Fallenwolf948 2015.11.02
good game but it seems no matter what i do i always get the second ending. how do i get the others

CaptPrice01 2015.11.02
great graphics and animation for such a game like this.

bob_the_dealer 2015.10.30
enjoyable game with two different wonem

SelectLOL 2015.10.28
nice game with good graphics

rich250680 2015.10.26
great game. sexy girls, love LOP games.

Rocco86 2015.10.25
This is a good game with great graphics.

ben_aughty 2015.10.23
80+ points and you can have a quickie at your wife`s work. I like the scene where he cums on her tits. I came to that - lots of cum too. It was an amazing, intense, orgasm.

ashk3562 2015.10.21
enjoyed cheating and keeping my wife

DickDeity 2015.10.21
Personally, I love games with multiple endings. Gives a bit of replayability.

Montelino2905 2015.10.18
its a real good game, wish there would be more like this!

arbiter 2015.10.17
this game has a great story

kalisto123 2015.10.16
the game is good , graphic excellent

raodhouse321 2015.10.16
crazy, i got both endings

InnatePlane 2015.10.11
a good game, however i wish the wife didn`t cheat on me so easily.

soltarus 2015.10.09
sexy game, very hot endings with both the tennis instructor and with the wife

cl03141989 2015.10.08
this game was amazing i love this site

ebayjay85 2015.10.05
This was the very first erotic game I have ever played, and I`m glad I stumbled on a great one. I love the gameplay, the pace, the alternate endings. It`s not perfect - I feel like she shouldn`t cheat so quickly after she`s 100+, but there is great replayability here. Great graphics, too.

Nishit 2015.10.03
Well, This game is pretty good. Explains something and pretty enjoyable. Again Animations are cool and graphics are commendable. Really a good one..

noobrox 2015.09.27
nice game. im stuck and i dont know how to have sex with camile.but otherwise story is epic

plokij 2015.09.25
overall pretty good with some nice graphics

plokij 2015.09.25
still missing one ending but nice game

Volleyballbabe19x 2015.09.25
had to play a couple times! Loved it.

Erickcastillo1977 2015.09.20
Excellent game, very good very good I recomend by graphyc

elegant 2015.09.19
super graphic., great pleasure, funny time with my best wishes

haiman23 2015.09.18
Really fun games but scenes were too short

WinnerLoserKirk 2015.09.18
Very short fun game, could have been better!

MatthewHullingsburg 2015.09.18
Very great game it took so long to complete

casiopatroclo 2015.09.15
Hey, dont be finish when i caught her!!! Its so funny,

lucky123456789 2015.09.14
this game is very sexy and it made me cum

johndowe12345 2015.09.13
This is a fun game not too hard

Pervy-Sennin 2015.09.11
really hot. replay value is strong with this one

shark101 2015.09.09
great game thanks for the great imagery

igandlore55 2015.09.09
did the walk through it was good

DESOUSA 2015.09.02
twists and turns but lots of fun

azerty1323 2015.09.01
great game nice graphics and animations

relorg 2015.09.01
Great game, usually I have trouble with these games but this one was very enjoyable.

slaymeifyoucan 2015.08.29
I love this game great graphics and story

georgiajd33 2015.08.29
this is a great game!!!

opeiron 2015.08.29
cool gameplay and nice graphics

DcMixKing 2015.08.25
great graphics awesome gameplay great animation

Wakami54 2015.08.24
two very nice endings ;)

dennyjc 2015.08.24
two hot girls to have sex with. very fun

AG.Sovrano 2015.08.23
Wonderfull graphics and girl

Haloelite 2015.08.20
This game has good graphics

Haloelite 2015.08.20
Im stuck im only getting one ending can some give me a guide for the other three?

kikujir0 2015.08.18
great stuff i love the cheating part

WilliamHBonnie2 2015.08.17
It is amazing how sexy these girls are

Jolate 2015.08.17
This game ist just awesome

SBRDSN 2015.08.17
Kind of boring, should add more sex

mrscf22 2015.08.16
Enjoyed this game, both women were equally attractive. Could play it over and over again, oh wait I have.

sammy357 2015.08.16
The second ending is my favorite.

nospamzpls 2015.08.15
Wife endings are the hottest. Fun to play a few times.

Marko_bgd 2015.08.15
This game is great and have a great endings...

harry26548 2015.08.10
Very Nice Game, GREAT Graphice

wizzywil 2015.08.09
love the game, nice ending

donger74 2015.08.07
This game was fun to try to get both girls to high points. Graphics was great.

kanther 2015.08.06
It has good graphics but the choices are a bit limited. I still don`t know if the jog in the park is good for anything other than keeping the morale up

alienx 2015.08.05
good game and good graphics

vishnu007 2015.08.03
found four endings good game

ArthasMenethil88 2015.07.30
can anyone tell me how to get the job done? cause I have some problem with Camille cheating I need some suggestion

Broken13 2015.07.29
I luv play tennis xD XD. With more time mopre interesting

Honolulu69 2015.07.28
Nice game, but can I score on both girls?

JMHenriques 2015.07.28
medium graphics but killer story

ariez 2015.07.26
Great story and graphics.

Phil Anselmo 2015.07.26
LExi has the best body here!

briandroyal 2015.07.25
yeah i agree tiger 21 it needed a little more sex but still a amazing game

lordmark17 2015.07.24
great game loved it and amazing story line

feetpassion1 2015.07.22
Really great. Love the cheating in it. I also got all the endings! Definitely worth it.

Archangel99 2015.07.21
great game! good animations

tjdj65 2015.07.21
that was a quality game with lots of twists and turns but lots of fun

mrblobby 2015.07.19
im stuck at the start how do you open the game

Drakath32 2015.07.18
I love these kind of games. Very good quailty and graphics are awesome. Keep the good work :)

johnnyrotten 2015.07.17
Pregnant!? WHAT!? Nice.... lets see how this plays out again........

jerrycom1234 2015.07.16
this game is very sexy you must make this type of games i like it very much the game you have made are best

am1979 2015.07.15
good game and have many ending.i love it

rocky1905 2015.07.15
It was a great game. would love to play again and again

danielgomes1980 2015.07.15
wonderful stroy, loved the way it went ahead

Erand 2015.07.14
Nice game! played it a couple of times now. The girls are sexy but Camille starts cheating real easily... She`s the one ruinning this relantionship.

coldfireknight 2015.07.13
A couple more endings would have been nice, but a really good game. However, how does she cheat when I have her at almost 200 one time???

bgbgbgbgbg 2015.07.13
vary good game graet graphics

ashleydiidii 2015.07.09
its a good game. but its too short TT

Teleporter47 2015.07.05
This game has good graphics, as do all the others, however this ones story is better than most. Its nice.

smashthatass 2015.07.04
very easy gameplay but well worth the results at the end.

satantemplar 2015.07.02
the game is a bit strange but fun

Playa213 2015.07.02
Wow, the game had quite a number of interesting turns. It could have been longer though...

aaroxq 2015.07.01
Strange game, not the best but certainly well made!

complice72 2015.06.30
great graphics and endings but a little easy

miamimarlins0543 2015.06.28
great game love the gameplay the graphics were also very well to

ben10harry270 2015.06.27
Awesome graphics and dialogue.

BigBoyAdam 2015.06.27
Best game I`ve played by far couldn`t get any better.

tricksterr 2015.06.26
good story and good graphics

ma$t3r of pupp3ts 2015.06.25
magnificant story...fantastic graphic ...so nice

Hungry4Pussy 2015.06.25
great graphics, i love it

EvilMonkey478 2015.06.24
I`ve played this game multiple times and still find new ways to end it. Great graphics and overall a good game.

SenpaiHD 2015.06.21
Nice Quality and such good game story and gameplay it was fun to play :)

xXRTXx 2015.06.21
i loved the game great graphics too

Dersonrn 2015.06.20
great game love the girls they look great

shar_hx 2015.06.19
found 4 out of 4 endings this game is fucking awesome, love the graphics btw

AWilliam 2015.06.17
basically a fun game to play and simple gameplay and graphics add to the experience

hian 2015.06.16
Pretty nice graphic and simple game play.

Balintka47 2015.06.16
Awesome game, I love the threesome ending especially. Also, great graphics, both chicks looks extremely hot

juice23 2015.06.14
love the graphics and the gameplay is smooth

dale69 2015.06.14
Some of the animations could use work, but still a great game

DrLecter 2015.06.13
I love this game so much,endings are awsome gameplay and girls so good.Ono of the best games around.

bluedevilcindy 2015.06.12
I really like this game. There are lots of fun ways to go. The girls are very hot and the graphics are very good.

pppowers3 2015.06.12
great game love the girls they look great

ikke87 2015.06.11
awsome gameplay and graphics

registresvaris 2015.06.11
was good, i like the second end

absporty2013 2015.06.08
The game is smal but nice

stiffmeister234 2015.06.08
sweet game, however, lexi was damn sexy than camille !!

Dersonrn 2015.06.08
This is the best , the most complete pictures , history , and movements , and very sexy.

dimis1 2015.06.06
the girls are great! The game magnificent

hal222 2015.06.04
this is a good story very sexy and a lot to fun to play

bhaskardutta87 2015.06.04
nice one, but a little more wud be better

jellydogejello 2015.06.03
Good gameplay and nice animations. The tennis trainer is a traitor

12543580 2015.06.03

rakatakemon 2015.06.03
me gusta el juego pero es dificil y poco sexo

Mcgyver 2015.06.02
I think this game is a little too easy, tbh! but as always great graphics!

anglsweet 2015.05.31
i keep getting ending number one, but love the game

anglsweet 2015.05.31
the game rocks, but i wish it were a bit more longer

juansusurro 2015.05.29
Great game! getting to the bdsm scene with the tennis trainer is tough but worth it. you have to take your wife on a date to the restaurant, where you see her with someone, then the next day go to tennis training and ask her about it.

FattyRoman 2015.05.28
Very nice with so many choices, great success!!
Keep it up!

rpsham 2015.05.28
how do you delete an account on here please help

blood89 2015.05.26
Nice looking girls, pretty well done all in all.

SaNPZ 2015.05.26
Good looking game good job

lukpol88 2015.05.25
awsom game :) only wish there was more mornings scene

Ryan065 2015.05.25
I`m surprised by how simple the game mechanic is, making it quite a fun game to play, and I like how they hid the secret ending.

meeeeeee 2015.05.24
good game but should be longer

Dude8919 2015.05.22
Great game would like the scenes to be more animated

jake1515 2015.05.21
the gameplay is really good

PlayboyBD 2015.05.21
Damn!!!!!!! Found only one ending and I absolutely love it!!! Can`t wait for the rest to be found!!!

digital_dave 2015.05.21
Good game. Great graphics

dysr 2015.05.20
very awesome,excellent graphics and story line

nelrhey195 2015.05.19
its cool man ilove the graphics

chalupa14 2015.05.17
one of my favorites. got to bang both :)

darkshadowslord 2015.05.16
Great game. Too bad you can`t get Lexi pregnant.

gamer100 2015.05.16
very interesting
good graphic

buuhuuhu 2015.05.15
great game like pretty much all of lop

wezel87 2015.05.15
Great graphics.. Very nice looking!
I like it

soegaard81 2015.05.14
exxelent game much like all lop games keep them comming

Beybe 2015.05.14
Great graphics keep it coming !

king6192 2015.05.14
great graphics its really fun

Cybernuke5564 2015.05.08
Good I really liked graphics and story

Sickle 2015.05.06
Nice game, the graphics is good. Awesome.

bliskid223 2015.05.04
great game awesome graphics

shark101 2015.05.04
Never dissapointed with girl rendering on this site, true artists.

ilikeindiana 2015.05.03
The tension between the two girls makes it more exciting

Jacobi 2015.05.02
Nice game, like the possibility of different endings

abce 2015.05.02
Really great game. One of the best on this site

cxlifornix 2015.05.02
Love this game, amazing design and both girls are sexy

sexyman0111 2015.05.02
The graphics were incredible! Thanks!

sexlust 2015.05.01
nice game the graphics and the story

mkat 2015.05.01
great game love the girls

manoffire 2015.04.27
love the game but I cant find all the endings

Damnsexxer 2015.04.26
A fantastic games.Great images

pieter998 2015.04.25
great game graphics were really awesome!

glukos37 2015.04.25
Nice little game, maybe needed a bit more sex in there, but good.

camox777 2015.04.24
awesome game loved the girls

johnnny84 2015.04.23
Great game hot and god graphics

shuvobd 2015.04.23
Very intererseting and enjoable.

willow12345 2015.04.19
i loved everything especially the gameplay and animtion

john milton 2015.04.19
not such a great game, i quite enjoyed the graphics but it didn`t fullfill me at all..

Zackattack 2015.04.18
Great Gameplay and storyline.

stevie 2015.04.18
Nice graphics, as always from LOP
Quality games

Mckendog69 2015.04.13
I feel that this is an amazing game

sirhakel 2015.04.10
Good story. I like it. This is a good game with great graphics

Iceflyer75 2015.04.10
Cool Story whit hot Girls. The second Girl i love more than Bond Girl. But the Game ist realy Good!

rutteger 2015.04.10
One of my favourite games here. Keep coming back to enjoy it.

Sirskafti 2015.04.10
good graphics sexy ladies no complaints here.

repaaaa 2015.04.09
nice quality and liked the gameplay

britt6546 2015.04.08
Can be a bit repetitive but otherwise a good game.

britt6546 2015.04.08
graphic was good, good overall gameplay def worth the time playing

champ909 2015.04.07
Good game overall but a bit more sex would have been nice.

AK47908 2015.04.06
II love this game! Graphics are pretty good, but I always seem to end up single every damn time! Is that the purpose of the game? If not someone help!

RickyBalboa004 2015.04.05
Good game. A nice story of love triangle and good gameplay.

cake19 2015.04.05
I feel like this is a awsome game play

Blitzkriegbob 2015.04.03
quality standard as usual, but a bit uneventfull for my taste

JamieXd24 2015.04.02
Great graphics and good gameplay the tennis player is hot

Astalost 2015.04.02
interessting, you have much endings and it`s pretty cool, girls are hot

tky3k 2015.04.01
attacking the game now, looks great!

brandthose1994 2015.04.01
i cant seem to get the blond into bed

Loopus76 2015.03.30
Nice Game with excellent graphics, nice girls

matt78428 2015.03.29
This is a very fun game with lots of options!

deffy duck 2015.03.28
pretty cool game with nice graphics

hammy1234 2015.03.26
Will there be a sequel? Or another game wiht these characters? :)

hammy1234 2015.03.26
Another hot red head would be AWESOME in a game like this. Just a tip!

hammy1234 2015.03.26
The grls in this one are really hot, keep doing good animations like these!

moebus 2015.03.23
hot girls in nice game, very good

sexycaramel 2015.03.20
I love my ending a happy wife equals a happy husband

vex.tesk 2015.03.20
Great game a few times through. Like said before, does get a bit repetitive, but overall very enjoyable.

MikeyH74 2015.03.19
Can be a bit repetitive but otherwise a good game.

valera_valera_valera 2015.03.17
I really like the sex parts.

vipmonkey2 2015.03.17
Awesome graphics & I enjoyed playing this game!

RalphiusMaximus 2015.03.17
Once again the graphics in these games gets better and better. The threesome ending is awesome.

Mr.Bombastic 2015.03.17
It was a good game. Unfortanly i got ending 4 but after i tried again i got all the endings and i liked them.

fortysix 2015.03.15
One of the better games. - but would have been better if there were more endings

pandeyaryan 2015.03.15
nice game i loved it girl is so hot great game great graphics an great everything

Drowmer 2015.03.14
this game is very funny and interesting, It`s great

lussy.jeba 2015.03.14
nice game really liked it beauitiful graphics

mallepapa 2015.03.14
I devided all their hearts :p

gordogass 2015.03.13
good game nice graphics like the grapics

Jacklither1990 2015.03.12
so awesome its turn me on

Jacklither1990 2015.03.12
I love this game its awesome , but yaah need more sex

long385 2015.03.11
the girl in the red is so sexy i got endig 3

Stud84 2015.03.10
I`m afraid I must echo what a few people say about Camille cheating on you. Even if you are completely faithful to her, she still meets up with Eric and goes out drinking. Just left a bad taste in my mouth. I feel like if she was faithful to Pierce, she wouldn`t bother going out at all. Their baby might be his, but she still had the intention to cheat... even if Pierce did nothing wrong.

Not a bad game, just didn`t like that aspect.

ozorne_6 2015.03.10
Love this game graphics are great girls beautiful and the story line is erotic. ending up with both girls would have been my dream ending.

guitarsurfer 2015.03.09
Good game, hard to reach all the endings though

hugenda 2015.03.09
good game, love the endings, but it was hard to reach lexi

zachcake1 2015.03.08
the best game i played since i love laura

zachcake1 2015.03.08
The best game for play force one

Shoey 2015.03.07
i like the game graphics and gameplay

kadse 2015.03.06
Very good game.

Had lots of fun

mnopqrs123 2015.03.06
Lexi is definitely my favorite. But I agree with a few, more sex would`ve been nice.

littlejohnny 2015.03.04
Would it not be great if you could get them all togehter?

Rapist Geoff 2015.03.04
Love this game great story

Danlovesfeet 2015.03.04
Lexi is the best path. But others are good as well.

swaggerjagger 2015.03.02
i absolutely love this game

Mohastar 2015.03.02
Found 4 endings, nice game. Keep up the good work.

shawn123 2015.03.01
amazing game, only the time to build up a bond is so short, overall an amazing game

chicken5 2015.03.01
Nice looking game.Sexy overall

jmichaelc98 2015.02.28
Very Good. Not too hard and the ending sequence and sex scenes are fantastic

flyboy1990 2015.02.28
Favorite game so far, would love a sequel to it

AP69ER 2015.02.27
I like fucking both of them but is it possible to have a threesome?

idirol 2015.02.27
Nice graphics, nice story, nice game

Cauchpotato 2015.02.27
One of my favorite games.

bigbenn76 2015.02.26
very nice game, good quality graphics

lazypokemon3 2015.02.26
Game looks great! Would play a sequel, if one was made.

asmasb 2015.02.25
nice one but Camille scene might be more then good...........

Patolino 2015.02.25
One of the best games!
I like the way of playing it and its easy to replay and try other choices.
Very sexy, beautiful and a great history.
I`m replaying it from time to time.

brit_man33 2015.02.24
Damn...Maybe I should have tried the tennis chick!!

AirForce69 2015.02.24
Deffinately a good game

mehomeho38 2015.02.23
IT`s very interesting game...a lot of action and excitement

AndyGE110 2015.02.23
Good game but difficult. I keep getting cheated on by the girl.

sasman 2015.02.22
good game continues as more of it

shixblix 2015.02.22
was ok overall, just sucked that unless you get her pregnant, which ends the story, you catch her cheating every time...which also ends the story

shcdowling 2015.02.22
great graphics and a good choices

peterr 2015.02.22
love the game just need more practice tp get all the endings

lionfool1957 2015.02.22
good game but i need more practice.

Shalk 2015.02.22
Nice game, great graphics, the girls are hot!!!

nobo3000 2015.02.21
not bad
she really turned me on
congrats on the animatin

xslayermkdx 2015.02.20
nice game but can be more actions

INJCK70 2015.02.20
that game has great graphic, love it

INJCK70 2015.02.20
I like the game very much

INJCK70 2015.02.20
I like the graphic, it`s good game

inanc 2015.02.18
Awesome game, choices story graphics all good

Assassins1243 2015.02.18
Superb Game
Want To Play Again
Publish More Games Like This
Nice And Fantastic Game

cameronw 2015.02.17
Wonderful game. Well worth the effort

polishtango 2015.02.16
found this game really sexy yet difficult 7/10

abdullah1234 2015.02.16
the game has really good graphics and story

gfg111 2015.02.15
amazing game.really fun to play it.

bigace232 2015.02.15
the game was good all the way around

gofoso780 2015.02.15
This game was pretty hard for me honestly

hardyhar 2015.02.14
Gameplay: 5
Graphics: 9
Story: 5
Overall: 6.5

Fun, but a little lackluster compared to many other PFO games. The sex scenes aren`t interactive enough, but of course the graphics are phenomenal.

Cagny 2015.02.14
Awesome graphics and dialogue.

angelofsex1500 2015.02.13
I like when Lexi shows her pussy

angelofsex1500 2015.02.13
I really like the sex parts.

jr5000 2015.02.13
This is some good programing, Fun trying to get both of them. Good game.

devildave 2015.02.13
graphic was good, good overall gameplay def worth the time playing

Brad-Pitz 2015.02.12
great game and graphics! wished it lasted longer.

asdbeast 2015.02.11
good game good pics nice endings

LUKE23 2015.02.11
This is a great game i love it so much

10cc 2015.02.11
fun game with cool characters

Ryota 2015.02.10
A Great game with multiple endings.

cambridge4453 2015.02.10
Its a good game and a positive one with a good range of endings and very enjoyable to play. More involvement in the sex would be good, but the storyline is king in this game. Easy controls, too, which is less common than it should be

AnIowaGuy 2015.02.10
Loved this game; Although, it is a bit to confusing in regards to how one losses.

mochacat 2015.02.10
good game, i like the graphic style

Big Dick 78 2015.02.10
Awesome game, cant wait to find all the endings

Flash250 2015.02.09
Really awesome, detailed game. Graphics are great and it is a challenge.

hanamichisakuragi 2015.02.09
Lexi is one of the best girls in the games. It lacks some more scenes maybe, but still it is quite good.

Wondra 2015.02.08
This game is in my top 3 games at this site, very intriguing

emilx132 2015.02.07
love the challenge in this game

bian22 2015.02.06
Truly amazing. Well done.I think

Nizodk14 2015.02.05
Greate game but can only get around 1000 points

Dravish79 2015.02.04
the girls are hot but the gameplay is repetetive and boring

Alkaid 2015.02.04
Not bad at all. The models are well made and the animated bodies aren`t too obviously stuck together.

Italian Medallion 2015.02.03
First game i played and not only did i get cheated on but i also ended up in a threesome relationship..Not a bad start

JFruit 2015.02.03
I wish i could be in a pickle like that guy was lol

bbc69sex 2015.02.03
this game amazing gameplay

pornbear 2015.02.03
Very nice ghrapics and nice gameplay too

frednight84 2015.02.03
Really well made game, I really enjoyed it and hope to see more like it.

bobo57600 2015.02.02
the game is very very top

schoap 2015.02.02
best graphics in a long time (y)

TerastiosNL 2015.02.02
Nice graphics, as always from LOP
Quality games

karljaeger 2015.01.31
This game was okay. Very nice graphics.

xslayermkdx 2015.01.29
definitely deserves extension we looking forward

Tenn1998 2015.01.28
very fun and interesting one

jonnescion 2015.01.27
That`s a great game...well done!

Ubber1 2015.01.27
good game love the girl she is hot.

jake83 2015.01.26
Great game. perfect graphics.

Flotion07 2015.01.25
this quality game is nice!

testing2 2015.01.24
I wish the storyline would be much longer

testing2 2015.01.24
All 4 endings got, good game =)

anggelina81 2015.01.23
This game is short. Has a nice girl in it, though. Good graphics

Livero 2015.01.23
it is so easy. i like it :)

imran91 2015.01.22
Acheived all the endings. Incredible gameplay.

schmi17 2015.01.22
Great Animation, nice Story, pretty womens

adjaga 2015.01.22
great game. I am trying to get the tennis coach to have sex with me

xslayermkdx 2015.01.22
nice girls good graphic but short game make next one little longer and more characters

gwazz 2015.01.21
great graphics is there a threesome available

otto08151 2015.01.20
Would anybody be so kind to post a walkthrough dedicated to the threesome ending?

Maybe I`m just too st*p*d to get it from the hints given so far...

Thanks in advance! :-)

biogeek 2015.01.20
One of the hottest girls i have ever seen. LOP did a great job once again!

.............. 2015.01.20
I am stuck...Keep getting a bad ending..hope it is easier..

corellus 2015.01.20
pretty good game agree on a few things with others needs more sex and more options for the sex but still good

vllad 2015.01.19
couldnt even find lexi, this game isnt that great

bagemann 2015.01.19
the game was great i enjoyed it very much will there be a sequel

axyonoff 2015.01.19
good game nice graphics like the story

Drizz69 2015.01.19
totally awsome game loved it

addisonlee 2015.01.18
I really liked this game the graphics are amazing

jjlm 2015.01.17
i love this game because it was very submersive.
very good

frank37 2015.01.17
one of the best love this game

indraNonci 2015.01.16
good game..but i`m not satisfied..

Ivan42 2015.01.14
Great and funny game. Love it!!

yoloman 2015.01.14
Really hot game. Love all the ladies. Maybe too much talk and not enough action. Looking forward to more.

Dacoa 2015.01.13
good game and good graphics love the multiple endings

asdfvcxz 2015.01.12
good game love the quality

James451 2015.01.12
How do you not find your wife cheating on you

bullray43 2015.01.11
good game love the quality sure was a pain to figure out endings

mannertt 2015.01.11
A nice game and thanks to Polux I finally got to Ending 1.

nonamesleft1977 2015.01.10
Good game!! Awesome graphics as well

bubba97 2015.01.10
It is very well produced. But needs a bit more sex.

yoke 2015.01.10
nice game, good graphics very good

reaper158 2015.01.09
great game. awesome graphics and good story line.

davesmith51423 2015.01.09
great game as always cant wait for the next

whyro 2015.01.06
one of the best game ive played!

eddie force one 2015.01.05
nice game and good graphics....hot!

RunningDog 2015.01.05
love the game, more features would be great ;) like the plot of the game

sex-ayback 2015.01.05
okay canny figure this out-I have tried EVERYTHING!!!

sex-ayback 2015.01.05
How can I stop me from finding out that my wife is having sex in my bedroom?

whyro 2015.01.05
one of the best game ive played so far! never get sick of it...

rorobobo 2015.01.05
best game ever! incredible graphics!

Madcatz 2015.01.04
Very good game, seen all endings easy to achive them

mhetts11 2015.01.03
Great game, usually I have trouble with these games but this one was very enjoyable, a good challenge, yet not too difficult, 8.5/10

irishlad9292 2015.01.03
Very hard to get different endings do. Must keep trying :D

irishlad9292 2015.01.03
One of my new favourite games. Love the endings

cambridge4453 2015.01.02
I really like this game; its maybe a little too easy to end up in a threesome but its a great story and both the girls look great. It was the first game I got the hang of and I found it really addictive and has encouraged me to try to find something else that good. There is nothing bland about it and the transition to sex is not facile or illogical; its just too easy to succeed with the tennis coach but I`ve said that already

gtg94 2015.01.01
good game cud do with more interaction

adyee 2014.12.31
Good game difficulty level is normal & two girls are hot....

asxi 2014.12.30
Found 4 endings, nice game.

pierrekahozi 2014.12.30
It`s a nice game with great graphics but needs more sex.

asxi 2014.12.30
YES: i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

asxi 2014.12.30
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

bitz94 2014.12.30
Amazing. Just what I expect from team LOP & a new game can`t wait for it any longer. Story,Graphics,Gameplay everything is just perfect. Team LOP really stood up to my expectation & for me they are known for developing some amazing games before oh & this game is also going to be one of my favorite games of Lesson of Passion.

acecards14 2014.12.29
one of the best free games of leonizer, loved it

andre991 2014.12.29
awsome. needs to be little more better. love it.

jamesdl665544332211 2014.12.29
This is a good game with great graphics. Keep up the good work.

candycock73 2014.12.29
great game, could use a bit more options for places to go but all said I would play again

sjbiersack 2014.12.29
This is a nice game. it was really hot.

damnkjeff 2014.12.26
Nice little game, good graphice but maybe needed a bit more sex in there.

oranjeboven 2014.12.24
I loved it. Great Story.
Not just click click.

TheMole 2014.12.23
Very good game and great graphics, pretty good story to it.

auldgit 2014.12.22
Apart from great graphics (as always) I now feel that LoP games are becoming far too one dimensional and have lost the excitement factor !!!!!
Sorry, but it was a very disappointing game !!

tricky.caudensiya 2014.12.22
This is the fourth game I played here and It`s awesome.

jedipierce 2014.12.22
this game is good with both story and sex scenes. I would love to see more days added and more options for both girls

Bradders_95 2014.12.22
good game, graphics and replayability,

NordicLord 2014.12.21
heavyd76 2014.12.14
"if you get Camille pregnant she will not cheat on you, after ask for a quickie at hospital after she will say come home for a evening you wont forget in red lingerie dont cum in mouth ask here to stop have sex cum inside she will get pregnant and not cheat on you"

well it depends on what you define cheating as. what you will prevent by getting her pregnant is that you wont come home early one day and find her in bed with Eric. but getting her pregnant does not prevent her from lying about "girls night out" she still does not tell you that she is also going to party with Eric and that she dressed up sexy for him.

vovan77 2014.12.21
Very good game,good animation

HammerDickGod 2014.12.21
great game and also amazing graphics

maple237 2014.12.20
Great game, good graphic and plot like always from LoP

only.cash 2014.12.20
really good game with nice graphics. Bravo !

tcco 2014.12.20
it`s a good game and not to long

Daniel01 2014.12.20
Is there a threesome scene here?

liampalmeer 2014.12.20
the games are super exciting, but it could have translator option for other languages

omaga 2014.12.19
this game is amazing but still too short .... i wish that this game will get an expansion

mrcoolerz 2014.12.19
Hot game! but there could be more elaboration on the 3some play. if not, a sequel would be nice as well!

FootFetishFan 2014.12.19
Hopefully this game`ll have a sequel. It`s good, but it needs some adjustments here and there.

boomboomffs 2014.12.18
could be improved but a good starting point or a free game

AULMYTY 2014.12.18
pretty good game, took a sec to get going

CroixDuSud 2014.12.18
It seems like I cannot have enough of this game !
Truly amazing. Well done.

Aeldreth 2014.12.18
Good game with interesting outcomes. Took a few tries to get the different endings.

Yoshi43434343 2014.12.18
I think it was really good

Skelaturi 2014.12.17
A bit on the short side. But that doesn`t even matter its still a great game. Graphics well to be expected of lop, fantastic. The girls they look wonderfull, the sound can`t comment i play with sound off, story well written. the cheating part, was a surpise for me when Camille was actually the one cheating on me.

showboy 2014.12.17
it is a cool game, but imagine how cool it would be if the main character were a girl insted of a man!
that would be awesome...
but yes, i liked the game

az89 2014.12.17
finally, manage to score ending 1. back then just get 2 and 4 only

tcco 2014.12.16
a verry fun game to play

rkimmelerre 2014.12.16
I liked this one, but feel like I didn`t have enough time. I still managed to finish, though, so what do I know.

I`ve only played the once so far, and got the happy ending with Camille. Now I`m not sure I can play again to get Lexi. I don`t want to cheat on my fake, virtual wife. I have issues.

Livero 2014.12.15
so hard.... but i m clear :)

mick149 2014.12.14
really good game, good to try to get to different endings... :)

heavyd76 2014.12.14
if you get Camille pregnant she will not cheat on you, after ask for a quickie at hospital after she will say come home for a evening you wont forget in red lingerie dont cum in mouth ask here to stop have sex cum inside she will get pregnant and not cheat on you

Mxdan 2014.12.14
Great game maybe need more funs.

aragorn90 2014.12.14
Great Game and I got all 4 endings and the BDSM Scene. Actually it`s funny that a lot of paths lead toward the same endings. So it is not quite easy to get everything.

I liked it a lot. One of the better games from LoP.

sexydude45 2014.12.14
good game play and nice graphics

pacostevens 2014.12.14
I liked this it had a good story.

vietium 2014.12.14
It was a pretty good game, for it`s style at least.

trickybrown997 2014.12.14
Nice little game, maybe needed a bit more sex in there, but good.

Xombalds 2014.12.13
Very greatly done. Keep up the good work!

network22 2014.12.13
Appreciate the help with the walkthroughs. Do wish there was more sex scenes but overall great game.

wezel87 2014.12.13
Nice game!
Great graphics and very nice girls!

oranjeboven 2014.12.13
I loved it. Great Story.
Is there a threesome Scene? If there is, how do i get there?

polux 2014.12.12
Carry her to bed and let her sleep
Camille: Say that you love her
Leave office earlier: Tennis court: Train tennis with her
Your apartment: Camille: Spend evening with candles
Camille: Say that you love her
Leave office earlier: Tennis court: Train tennis with her
Your apartment: Camille: Spend evening with candles
Leave earlier to work: "Put Lexi`s leaflets on a desk", then "Work"
Leave office earlier: Camille`s Hospital: "Interrupt them", "Ask Camila about Lexi`s leaflets", "Kiss her".
Your apartment: Camille: Spend evening with candles
Camille: Prepare a breakfast for her
Leave office earlier: Tennis court: Say that you got it right here.
Your apartment: Camille: Spend evening with candles
Camille: "Offer her morning massage", "massage her thighs", "massage her belly", "massage her boobs".
Leave office earlier: Tennis court: "Flirt with her"
Your apartment: Camille: "Massage her with oil"
Leave earlier to work: "Work"
Your apartment: Camille: "Eat sushi from her body"
Leave earlier to work: "Work"
Leave office earlier: Tennis court: "Invite her on a date", "Date in the restaurant"
Your apartment: Camille: "Invite her on a date", "Date in the park"
Leave earlier to work: "Work", "Tell her it`s very pleasant", "Dive between her thighs", "Ask Lexi to dress quickly"
Your apartment: Camille: "Invite her on a date", "Date in the restaurant"
Leave earlier to work: "Play some games"
Leave office earlier: Tennis court: "Ask her about the other guy"
Lexi`s apartment: "Pretend to be pissed and punish her", "Yes. Ask her to describe the night.", "Ask her if you could stay here tonight".
Leave earlier to work: "Play some games"
Leave office earlier: Camille`s Hospital: "Lick her nipple"
Lexi`s apartment: "Ask for a blowjob".
Camille: "Invite her on a date", "Date in the park"
Leave earlier to work: "Work"
Leave office earlier: Camille`s Hospital: "Ask for a quickie"
Lexi`s apartment: "Tease her": "Touch her hair", "massage her thighs", "massage her boobs".
Sex scene with Camille: to get ending #2 or #4, select "cum inside her mouth", i`ll select here "Ask her to stop".
Leave earlier to work: "Work"
Leave office earlier: Tennis court: "Invite her on a date", "Date on the beach".
Lexi`s apartment: "Ask about sex", "cum inside her"
With Camille: "Follow her and see what she`s doing".
--> if you select "Show yourself and accuse her of cheating on you" then "Leave Camille and talk with Lexi", you`ll get ending #3.
Here i`ll select: "Go back home", then "try to use the situation", then "Do as she asks", then "Take a photo of her"
Leave earlier to work: "Work"
Leave office earlier: Tennis court: "Invite her on a date", "Date in the park".
Lexi`s apartment: "Kiss her"
With Camille: "Invite her on a date", "Date in the park".
Leave earlier to work: "Work"
Leave office earlier: Camille`s Hospital: "Talk her about her work"
Lexi`s apartment: "Ask about sex", "cum inside her mouth".
With these options, you`ll get ending #1.
Without the internal cumshot:
"Try to talk about it" --> Ending #2
"Say it`s over. You can`t live with a woman like her anymore" --> Ending #4
*** End of the walkthrough ***

polux 2014.12.12
Here are the minimal amount of points needed for each physical advancement for each girl

25 for kiss at hospital
40 for a morning massage, massage her with oil, invite her on a date, or a lick her nipple at hospital
50 for eat sushi from her body
80 for a quickie at hospital

10 for flirt with her
20 for invite her on a date
50 for ask for a blowjob
60 for ask about sex

To get Lexi kiss on afternoon.
Visit twice Lexi on tennis court.
Next day: go to your office without talking to Camille
Put Lexi`s leaflets on a desk
work or play games
Leave office earlier
Go to Camille hospital
Interupt them (get points)
ask Camille about Lexi leaflets
Next afternoon go to tennis court
Say that you got her towel right here

I saw you can buy flowers when you are in the office at 9AM, but i cannot get it again. could you help me?

To get BDSM scene with lexi:
Get lexi`s points for about 60
Date Camille to the restaurant. You sould see Lexi with another man
Go next afternoon to the tennis club and ask Lexi who is the guy
Go to lexi`s home in the evening.

ok ending 1 or 4 idk but one of those endings is when the husband leave Camille nd try to talk to lexi but needs enough points so that dont work, or if he sees her caught fucking another guy in his room nd leaves her he starts to go the a bar or restaurant nd starts to drink by himself all alone and sad. ending 2 is when the husband and Camille talk it out when he finds her fucking eric in the house and ending 2 will call group therpy which Lexie and Camile will have a 3some with the husband. Ending 3 is when you leave Camile for Lexi which i showed how to get it. that is all. also i need a walk-through for ending 4.

lxpl9c 2014.12.12
Good game but very short, great graphics but would be much better if you could play for longer.

PoniSeirn 2014.12.12
Great Game and story line! Why does she have to get pregnant tho?

SDGPModz 2014.12.12
Great Game and story line! Would like to see more games like this you can really push the boundaries.

D_ 2014.12.11
really enjoyed this game and getting all the endings can`t wait to see what u bring out next

stnick 2014.12.11
Lexi ending you have to go through the spanking sub story to get her.

anonymousperv 2014.12.11
great game with different ending 10/10

Spiritkai 2014.12.11
LoP Delivers yet again, love it!

godtehgodliest 2014.12.11
How do you end up with Lexi instead of Camille? I always end up getting dumped or with a baby.

fkf,fq 2014.12.11
not a bad game but i wish the objectives were clearer

gallows88 2014.12.11
It is a good game, nice interactions and animations .

ajbuggs73 2014.12.10
Like this got 3 of the 4 ends done and I quite often wont try after first one.

marolvr10 2014.12.10
good game. i like the different options

wldsxwizz 2014.12.10
another great game from L O P this on a bit short but still good

masterleo 2014.12.10
I have fucked them both over and over and over again in just one game :DDD With a Ending 2 that too without working and just one date with Lexi ;) Awesome game!!!

ihyar 2014.12.10
Great game, keep up the good work.

possum62 2014.12.10
Sorry but i found it boring

aceoflove 2014.12.10
its very very hard to choose wich of them we want...

triggah 2014.12.09
Managed to get two endings but can`t seem to get the others (if any). Great game so far though. Anyone help?

ricsmond 2014.12.09
Its too short, but nice game

kalbs 2014.12.09
it s have a very good story sexy girl and nice graphics

Scarredchef 2014.12.09
Very nice game! I love the cheating aspect for both of the married characters.

stefano71 2014.12.08
Wonderfull game one of the best for me

XzuLeTz 2014.12.08
Nice looking new game, liked it.

nettox 2014.12.08
This is a good game with great story. Keep up!

NordicLord 2014.12.07
dont get me wrong, its still a well made game. i just dont personally like the cheating partner genre but for people who do like it or dont mind then this is a good game.

is there a way to not have camille leave out the info that she is also going out to see Eric?

NordicLord 2014.12.07
"Camille not always is cheating on you - if you perform one desired by her action, she will stay faithful to you." - leonizer

on every playthrough i have done, Camille tells you that she is going out with her girlfriends and allways leaves out the fact that she is also seeing Eric from work who apparantly calls her kitty and she allways says that she made sure that her husband would not suspect a thing wich means she intentionally left that info out. maybe she is not fucking eric but her behavior is still that of a cheater imo. also every ending that does not end with you still being with camille, ends with her dating eric so clearly there is something going on there. so i will state again: its a shame that no matter what you do, camille will cheat on her husband.

yoost 2014.12.07
It is not the best game, But it is very nice to play.

red&blackfire 2014.12.07
In the second ending Camille is cheating you, but the scene of the trio with Lexi and Camille is good

pieffepi 2014.12.07
The game per se is not exceptional, bit short and with limited options. However the girls are just stunning, both of them. I hope there will be more about them :)

Cheese 2014.12.06
Great game. It was not as easy as you think to get all the different endings, but they were all worth it.

ScottS69 2014.12.06
Easy little game with some hot women to have sex with. There`s different ways it can go so you get different endings every time you play.

vyne 2014.12.06
Super Nice Graphic...

I am stuck in this game actually... anyone can advise on how to get the "Threesome" Ending?

zantha 2014.12.06
I`m so addicted to this game! I think there should definitely be a prequel to see how they fell in love and got married.

sclong 2014.12.05
this game could have used some buying options for the wife or the "girlfriend"

Staatsfeind126 2014.12.05
It was a Little bit sure but the Story was ok.

beralt 2014.12.05
Very nice game, a few more endings would of been nice

owenthejamesbond 2014.12.05
NO: I`m 18 - I search for a girl for sex

Tiger21 2014.12.05
The best thing about this game - apart from the hot chicks, of course - is the multiple pathways, gives great replay value.

zephniven 2014.12.05
To get the best ending with Camille is of course increase your relationship with her and also Lexi`s has to be at 30 so that she visits your work. When Camille visits you ask Lexi to hide and accept Camille`s offer then go back to apartment for good times with her but don`t cum in her mouth. After that keep playing, I followed her when she went to the party and accused her of cheating then went home a little later she give you good news and there you go. (ENDING 1:- JUST REWARDS)

ltworf1 2014.12.05
One of the best game...... My only issue is it is a little short... but a very good day

Tr4nquilize 2014.12.05
Good game. Could be a bit more , still good.

jaril 2014.12.05
thats great game cool graph

bicountrygirl 2014.12.04
nice game could be a lot better

pusshound 2014.12.04
Good game worth playing. The girls are hot and the story lines are OK. It is a little short and the sex scenes are not as explicit or animated as optimal. The BDSM scene is the best. I`d like to see more options added to lengthen the game and add more endings.

nakata 2014.12.04
excellent game with 2 hot chicks but couldn`t manage bdsm with Lexi damn

hunted 2014.12.04
Awesome game....Is there any threesome ?

harrywibowo 2014.12.04
Get all 4 endings, very addicted to the graphic. 10 Stars, just for request sometimes give the free games with long story.

zantha 2014.12.04
A bit dark for my tastes, but good all the same.

KingHeartlez 2014.12.04
Funny little game, wish there were more sex scenes though.

raven.warrior.eternal 2014.12.03
love this game sexy graphics and just simple fun

zikas 2014.12.03
great game with high quality and i love the story

stoad_69 2014.12.03
Awesome game. The women are really sexy and if you play your cards right you can have sex with both of them on the same day.

olyvia 2014.12.03
very nice game! i really like the grafics

VeNNoM 2014.12.03
Great game, beautiful models, definately HOT!

C.C. 2014.12.03
Found one ending. Not very good ending. I`ll keep trying.

britraver 2014.12.03
Nice looking new game, liked it

traffic_x1 2014.12.03
Great game..
Would have loved more options.. Some shops.. Going to wok seemed almost pointless

nemeris 2014.12.02
Really hot game, but i`d be cool, if there was more hotwife and cheating scenes

Dhorian 2014.12.02
Great graphics, good game

J174 2014.12.02
wow what a sexy game with great graphics

inhindsight7 2014.12.02
This game is awesome, i LOVED the bdsm scene

gimmino77 2014.12.01
Cool Stories. Great graphic and novel

delargante 2014.12.01
To get threesome ending(which is not threesome ending, more like swing ending?) you should try to reunite with Camille when you catch her with another man at the last day.

BonesMD98 2014.12.01
Nice threesome action. Would be better if there was animation, though.

Pendergast 2014.12.01
Very good story and two amazing girls

Heracles1321 2014.12.01
I think thath is a good game but I want more

angarf1 2014.12.01
Is a good game, nice interactions and animations, but I think is too short, maybe create one with 100 days like Tori500 or jordan500, thank you, merry christmas!

rot 2014.12.01
I can`t get a threesome ending. Any hints? Otherwise, a nice game. Great graphics, two hot girls to have sex with. Not too hard for most endings. Definitely worth several play-throughs.

Creator1619 2014.11.30
It`s just me or this game has a bug?
After the second week, everyday is Sunday so everyday I caught Camille with the other guy :/

stoad69 2014.11.30
Really hot graphics and images and the women are so hot makes you want to switch back and forth.

Sauron1532 2014.11.30
To get Lexi kiss on afternoon.
Visit twice Lexi on tennis court.
Next day: go to your office without talking to Camille
Put Lexi`s leaflets on a desk
work or play games
Leave office earlier
Go to Camille hospital
Interupt them (get points)
ask Camille about Lexi leaflets
Next afternoon go to tennis court
Say that you got her towel right here

I saw you can buy flowers when you are in the office at 9AM, but i cannot get it again. could you help me?

Sauron1532 2014.11.30
To get BDSM scene with lexi:
Get lexi`s points for about 60
Date Camille to the restaurant. You sould see Lexi with another man
Go next afternoon to the tennis club and ask Lexi who is the guy
Go to lexi`s home in the evening.

juliaa2 2014.11.30
its a nice game, got me really wet

Barrus 2014.11.30
get all endings
Great game

sinclair41411 2014.11.30
This is a good game i love it!!!!!

intel2450 2014.11.30
I make Camiille pregnant in the end

turner52 2014.11.30
Have found that there are multiple paths to all endings and a person can do both gals multiple in a game1 Heads up for all thinking game short! EXPLORE MORE and get those #`s up asap!

im000123 2014.11.30
I really enjoyed this one, thank you, Leonizer!
I got all the 4 endings but not BDSM with Lexi. Any suggestion?
I would be really happy to find out how to do it.
I love how both the girls look like and the story, Maybe a little bit too short, but definitely good.

imgonnadoyou 2014.11.30
great game. awesome graphics and good story line.

Plus, the girls are really really hot!

multiplex_1 2014.11.30
Here are the minimal amount of points needed for each physical advancement for each girl

25 for kiss at hospital
40 for a morning massage, massage her with oil, invite her on a date, or a lick her nipple at hospital
50 for eat sushi from her body
80 for a quickie at hospital

10 for flirt with her
20 for invite her on a date
50 for ask for a blowjob
60 for ask about sex

Mmaster 2014.11.30
not a bad game, but it can be better

paulywally 2014.11.29
nice game with some interesting endings...

vincentkm2 2014.11.29
the game is really awesome i have all the ending i can`t wait more games to come out i know it takes months for the producer to make more games like this. still the games they make are really great and the storyline always awesome like the rest of the games.

az89 2014.11.29
keep getting ending 2 and 4 darn it

icrazyur2 2014.11.29
good graphics souds could be better and was to short

hleland 2014.11.29
I have all endings but the 3 some. Can anyone walk me through?

Takeji 2014.11.29
@tech not always, u just need one action to fulfill to avoid her cheating on you and getting ending 1 eventually...

tornican2000 2014.11.29
to get bdsm ending with lexi, you must be in a relationship with her and at the same time pay enough attention to your wife to be able to go on a restaurant date. after that confront lexi.

techman007 2014.11.29
Good game. It`s interesting that no matter how high the score is with camille she still cheats on you.

vitali 2014.11.29
Grat graphics as all LOP games. Fair size ad easy to play. I would appreciate some more complex game - as Jordan 500 used to be .

Minakill 2014.11.29
Yes. I am have end 1 by second try.

Rangor 2014.11.29
Great storyline end endings are fantastic!)

delargante 2014.11.29
@vincentkm2 4 is a bad end.

picadores 2014.11.29
For ending 4 you need to concentrate on Camille and when you find her on your bed with Frank , Say you can`t stay anymore...

HarrietGarmin 2014.11.29
Not a bad game at all well done LOP its a little short though

multiplex_1 2014.11.29
good game. you can stretch out the time that it takes to complete it, but it gets monotonous after a while.

ARTAlive 2014.11.29
Just little boaring make need some real action

vincentkm2 2014.11.29
ok ending 1 or 4 idk but one of those endings is when the husband leave Camille nd try to talk to lexi but needs enough points so that dont work, or if he sees her caught fucking another guy in his room nd leaves her he starts to go the a bar or restaurant nd starts to drink by himself all alone and sad. ending 2 is when the husband and Camille talk it out when he finds her fucking eric in the house and ending 2 will call group therpy which Lexie and Camile will have a 3some with the husband. Ending 3 is when you leave Camile for Lexi which i showed how to get it. that is all. also i need a walk-through for ending 4.

vincentkm2 2014.11.29
i need help on getting ending 4 can someone help me, also for people that are having trouble with getting ending 3 you need between 60 or 80 points for Lexi idk for sure. When Camille going someone where, follow her and accuse her for cheating and talk to lexi that should help you get ending 3. your welcome, also the game is great so far i got ending 1,2 and 3 all i need is ending 4.

playerhater23 2014.11.29
game was very good but very very very short should be longer like 21 days with a more date and sex variety keep it up lop team

wonderboy001 2014.11.29
Was a short game but good overall way to easy.

hornsfan35 2014.11.29
Storyline is good, but there really were not enough different paths to take throughout the game. Also felt like it got repetitive. One or two plays and I was out.

deathsniper 2014.11.29
here here... i like cheating mostly

phoenix2014 2014.11.28
I wish my Tennis instructor acted like this :)

Cutalion 2014.11.28
Good and quality pics but too damn short. and really not alot to do...
too short for my taste

delargante 2014.11.28
It`s great to see different stories for different fetishes like cuckold for this one, but objectively the gameplay is limited and there are not many scenes so not any replay value, too.

kinou21 2014.11.28
Great game with nice graphics

whisper 2014.11.28
nice game and scen , but so easy

Stathis 2014.11.28
LoP keeps the bar high as always. Managed to get all 4 endings-weird, I got ending 2 first without having done many stuff with BOTH girls. Heh heh;) I also like how one game links to another and so on.

Leonizer, PLS bring Kelly back. And make a sequel to Secrets of Heaven and a 3rd Verona game.

midwestspecialist 2014.11.28
meh kinda strait forword and repetitive. Minage e trois ending was nice however.

drakki 2014.11.28
leonizer said: Camille not always is cheating on you - if you perform one desired by her action, she will stay faithful to you.
Did someone were able to unlock the BDSM scene with Lexi? :)

Yeah, easy ;)

shyman44425 2014.11.28
OK game for LOP. Minimal action linear game.

63ted 2014.11.28
Good graphics and game play but extremely short game.

mendezfactor 2014.11.28
As others mention, its a fairly straight forward game, needs more options for actions and using money to make it better

kloberg 2014.11.28
Nice game, enjoyed it the whole time it lasted.

drakki 2014.11.28
This game is to easy, great graphics but so easy, 1 h maxi for all endings

Shady1 2014.11.28
Great new game. Yet another fully interactive story that is fun and sexy!

ARTAlive 2014.11.28
HOw to get fuck his wife ???

leonizer 2014.11.28
Camille not always is cheating on you - if you perform one desired by her action, she will stay faithful to you.

Did someone were able to unlock the BDSM scene with Lexi? :)

elDona 2014.11.28
Great game. Love the graphics.

TOOLMAN1 2014.11.28
This is a pretty good game . you get her preg; and she does not stray from her husband easy.

network22 2014.11.28
nice graphics and good game - need a walkthrough for all endeings

androsjy 2014.11.28
Definitely agree with NordicLord & GBZRA. No matter what you do, Camille is gonna betray or showing some signal end up she`s not loyal to the husband. After try all the endings, Lexi is the best options.

Petro28 2014.11.28
This is a grate game, girls are hot and story is short but not to short. Easy to play and good to watch.

GBZRA 2014.11.28
Took me a while to get all endings, but I finally did it. Camille`s a bitch, Lexi all the way

NordicLord 2014.11.28
its a shame that no matter what you do, it seems like she cheats on you and its stupid that you talk about how you need to be faithfull yourself even if you allready are and have been the best husband this game allows you to be. makes you wonder if the kid in the end is even yours. meh guess it good game if you are into cuckolding

RichBCGuy 2014.11.28
I enjoyed that one, a bit repetitive at times, but pretty good!

MacPau 2014.11.27
Correct, I see that bug with visit was fixed.

MacPau 2014.11.27
Excellent girls and nice graphic. :)
I noticed a little bug while you visit Lexi`s house. After doing some action you can leave your house and visit Lexi again and again.
And I have a question: how can I get 3th ending?

SilenceGlaive 2014.11.27
Fun game but I think it is too easy if you focus one of of the girls and a bit too hard to get both.

arathor 2014.11.27
very nice game, the gaphics are great and the engine its efficient

strider08 2014.11.27
For ending 3 >>> when camille go for date> follow her > accuse her cheating > leave and talk to lexi

Raio10 2014.11.27
Looks Good yet another awesome game by the LOP team.

jcc1985 2014.11.27
good game nice graphics like the story

Lizardo 2014.11.27
Great game but short. Also looking for ending 3. Someone help?

Theseus 2014.11.27
* to previous comment: from the beginning of that day

Theseus 2014.11.27
I`ve found a bug... If you cum inside Camille`s mouth when she wears the red lingerie, menu screen will appear and you can only load the game from the beginning or start a new game.

androsjy 2014.11.27
How to get ending 3? Ending I,2&4 no problem as pretty straight forward...

Messer13 2014.11.27
This is a good game with great graphics. Keep up the good work.

Jaaru 2014.11.27
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Valgurd 2014.11.27
Found 4 endings, nice game.

Tiger21 2014.11.27
Nice little game, maybe needed a bit more sex in there, but good.

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