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Diva Mizuki Hawaiian


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YuRaina 2017.09.11
i love diva mizuki som much i feel great

KitCarsen 2017.07.11
This is one weird "game"....

Tiodor 2017.05.08
Short funny game with big booby girl

Zoldek 2017.03.27
Nice story .and i want more games for diva she is too hot

Tankero21 2017.03.22
good graphics but for a cartoon too much clicking

ianjames 2017.03.11
good graphics huge boobs but to short

gwazz 2017.03.07
good grap]ics but story is weird

jacob2141 2017.02.21
Big tits are good and story plot is to.

jaipalsinghchauhan2002 2017.01.28
very very interesting game. just love it

Agyron 2016.11.10
good animation graphics are ok tease is great and mizuki is too damn hot


christiaand 2016.07.21
conisdering tht its anime it is quiet intresting too watch as always im a mizuki favorite

kristmas27 2016.07.08
Very sexy but the storyline is odd

peloso 2016.06.06
I love the graphic.It`s fantasctic

JimKill 2016.05.31
Everything was great except the length of the game

latinagr 2016.02.01
That was a funny story and hot amazing big boobs

singlevirgin 2016.01.24
Diva Mizuki Has Nice Breasts

Fadekiller 2016.01.23
Wasn`t really a game at all. Was just like reading a comic. All you do is click next. Not bad if you like big boobs and reading comics

Pajk 2016.01.08
Really a lot of details and nice pics...again I miss sound :(

AnimusVox565 2015.12.23
It`s a great game if you like big breast with lot`s of milk inside.

rudolf.cousin 2015.12.06
Very funny and quite a good story.
For huge boobs lovers...

pinoccio85 2015.11.15
another amazing diva mizuki episode. funny story, nice girls and BIG BOOBS!

SelectLOL 2015.10.27
Great game and its funny too

jedimastercopes 2015.10.04
loved it, but way too short

mista0317 2015.09.19
that was a short well animated game.

RuMiT 2015.09.03
great game bit short though

appletown 2015.05.22
There is such a thing as too big

bladesmanlou 2015.05.16
bit strange don`t really know what else to say about it

.L1L$QU4RE:: 2015.03.23
I really dont see how you consider this cartoon a game. i mean its like a cartoon seris show more than anything

holystoner 2015.02.28
I just don`t get the appeal of oversized boobs

trispere 2015.02.20
great game bit short though.

gwazz 2015.01.10
man those boobs are huge a good fun game

xai 2015.01.10
Hit Next... but milk mmmm

Bo79 2014.12.23
It´s okay but not the best one here

nakata 2014.12.02
one of the gratest series, love diva mizuki !

Multiman 2014.10.31
Need sound and lots of it!

LethalN124 2014.10.05
Good game but has a very vague story line

Deti 2014.09.19
I can`t say I dislike the big tits, to be honest.

Adams133 2014.08.11
great game, was very interessting and funny

chief007 2014.08.07
Story n` all is good but gameplay is kinda disappointing, only have to click away towards the end. All in all, it`s good.

Jarhead469 2014.07.31
Decent game overall. The graphics could have been better. The story line was above average but there were no options at all, just click and play.

aimsixers 2014.07.27
Boring game.... click click click nice grafic btw

triggazzbaby 2014.07.24
It wouldve been better if there were game interactions

altelier 2014.06.17
hahaha so funny.... not bad... its still good

vendiyz 2014.06.08
sences were great love the surprise..........I also have to say loved it

Ryo987 2014.06.06
game was great....scenes were awesome....but no sound effects..

Hammy1000 2014.05.29
Very sexy and nice... but i think there should be more sounds like moaning

sexplz 2014.05.26
awesome game loved playing it

jm69 2014.05.25
one of the best game have play so far the animation is good so far and fun to watch

ehuber 2014.05.23
one of the best "games" more like a comic though

BverComander 2014.05.21
nice game.. no real game play though.. more like a comic

Mashin 2014.05.07
Really sexy, more like an hentai anime than a game though. Just press next and enjoy.

dada395 2014.05.01
it is an interesting game to play

jean-marit 2014.04.08
Best game I played so far. I loved the story

mochabear415 2014.03.29
great animations but the translation was a bit off

Darksky8201 2014.03.15
always a fun game & I love the characters.

r.kumar 2014.03.09
not any gameplay, but nice movie

Lukeanatar 2014.03.04
Nice video clip super sexy girls, and an octopus

jeff_leppard 2014.02.25
No gameplay, but nice little flash movie with massive boobs. and a little sex implied but none shown.

caonimei 2014.02.14
its cool I love this game

Khairil 2014.01.03
there is no gameplay..... all you do is press next

conando98 2013.12.23
Decent game however its kinda bored because all you need is to click the next button

Krag1733 2013.12.15
WoW i wish i was that Octopus =D great flash movie wish there was some sound though.

slaker4life 2013.12.13
its one of my favorites now just how fun i had

aaaaahh 2013.12.10
has very good story and gameplay

csasso 2013.11.13
Not a bad , not really a game but ok anyway. In the end I thought milk being yellow was kind of weird .

leoyong98 2013.10.24
should have sound effects

lopjak 2013.10.23
Diva Mizuki is definitely an awesome interactive flash movie (not game) for all the big tit anime lovers like myself and this episode is just as good as Diva Mizuki Dual, if not edging past just a bit. This has been translated into English and favors some tentacle rape over the futa of the other episode. This is a little shorter and has fewer animated bits. Both could stand to have some music and sound and this one has one "page" during the main fight in which you actually interact more than just clicking the next button. You get to click a button to smack Mai`s big luscious ass! Both of these Diva titles would do well to have a lot of that action added. So, listen to your fans (mob rules) and bring us more delicious Diva!

mizuchi 2013.10.13
Nice Big Boobs Cartoon interactive. ;)

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

mikie477 2013.09.10
fun game, wish it was longer.

facawat 2013.09.08
great game, loved the comic style, need more like this

HELIOS666 2013.09.07
Love The Fact That Boobs Can Produce Milk Whenever....I wanna try this on someone as a proof to the theory...

jahe 2013.09.01
too short..but i like the story tough, it`s very funny..nice graphic too..
i like the graphic when the milk came out, its realy teasing..

Lizzie 2013.08.18
Nice graphics, loved the huge boobs. Great game.

grazr28 2013.07.10
to short there should be more sex scenes

jessicool 2013.07.08
A pretty good game, a little weird. Good graphics.

shadal 2013.06.16
in fact I love foerced sex

wayward00 2013.06.16
this game is nnice love the tits

wessmith 2013.06.15
great game, loved the comic style, need more like this

horneyforlust 2013.06.10
such a great game i loved the graphic

dennyjc 2013.06.05
lovely big tits. fun movie no game really

zaz87 2013.06.02
Beautifull the subtitles make everythink more interessant, i like so much that video, and the story be funny, the octopus idea was the better :D

Davos 2013.05.31
its very funny but not much more

Chriswins 2013.05.30
Nice graphics, liked the game.

gwazz 2013.05.15
still a good fun game worth a second play

jgagnon14 2013.04.20
great interactive movie wouldn`t exactly call it a game though

gwazz 2013.04.16
most enjoyable ut needs to be longer

Vanghelsing 2013.04.11
not like when girls have dick but here he no now |}

ibreezer 2013.03.30
a very intressting game funny too

dmaan 2013.03.29
one of the coolest games i have ever played - btw , Mizuka is awesome. C(.)(.)L

geunie 2013.03.25
This is not a game! You just have to click "next" and that `s it! This was boring!!

cobra62 2013.03.12
love the big tits really gave her a good fucking nice graphics

gikumcgiq 2013.03.06
Diva Mizuki games are awesome.

Elerias 2013.02.17
decent game. kinda funny as well

ashleymassey59 2013.02.15
wow havent seen this in awhile the graphics are still great

4pollo 2013.02.13
Great "game" with amazing boobs! Loved it!

JBourneFTW 2013.02.07
Was OK, bit of a silly story and not much interaction, but was alright.

playforcetoo 2013.02.07
I wish I was the man in the game

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game i didnt even finish the game.

marmadukexx 2013.01.24
Great tits... Woowww!!!
enjoy the stories as well

ganjaholik 2013.01.23
lovely interaction great story love the bouncy tits love it

vikrai 2013.01.22
its somehow movie and not game

oscar500 2013.01.21
wow the ass is hot make want have sexb y look at her ass sexyyyyyy

Messer13 2013.01.20
The best busty game ever.

gartal 2013.01.18
good game but a bit weird with the octopus, but its kinda fresh with a comic this way,thumbs up for this

Asphyxia 2013.01.12
That waiter is lucky, Haha. Another great mingame.

veleno72 2013.01.05
A bit silly... but funny hentai :)

dwj197662 2013.01.05
Beautiful Woman In A Very Sexy Game

Prince Heart 2012.12.24
i didnt enjoy at all, i just had to see n do nothing except for clicking NEXT !!!

kingzues 2012.12.18
this game is nnice love the tits

thejedi 2012.12.12
I give this one 100!!! that was awesome!

shantanu 2012.12.09
i thought that was pretty lame, nothing to do but hit the next button and slap one chicks ass

damarhasi 2012.12.03
nice game, good grafic and i like diva.

LJ92 2012.12.01
I love the art and graphics

Act132 2012.11.19
hot girl but could have more interactions

Nick_cannon 2012.11.15
I want to make love with Diva hahaha! Great game. Thumbs up!

Fmwarloc 2012.11.11
i want to fuck diva mizuki. great game

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Very nice game. I like the story. There aren`t a whole many things to do for more quiet super humongous assets loving people it`s a must.

Blesshand 2012.11.07
Such a nice graphic and story line. Can use a little action though.

freak3425 2012.10.25
Not a bad game, could have been longer and more of a story though

JohnMcKrusty 2012.10.08
Not bad....nice look but i miss the Action...sorry ;)

Shadoe 2012.10.06
It was funny. I thought it could have been a bit longer

brosda 2012.10.05
one of good cartoon nice work

omega908 2012.09.30
great game love the boobs

Bodine 2012.09.25
uuuuh, dumb game, just dumb!

DrigenDragonBane 2012.09.25
if only this beach existed

danielselwyn89 2012.09.22
This game is very cool!!!! I like this game!!!

fuckingmermaid 2012.09.20

ir0nfang 2012.09.17
now that was pretty interesting, a shame it`s a bit difficult to understand what they say though. animations pretty good and the story`s not half bad either.

s524545 2012.09.14
I really like this game!!!!!!!!

Groxxx 2012.09.14
I like this! it has story line.. kakaka..

thatsasecret 2012.09.09
totally love this game i want to play it more

Lena4 2012.09.09
Its not a game just klicking and boring

chikamaru 2012.09.08
hahaha..nice some games..just click2 we end this

shadbow 2012.08.27
just one way to play it but nice

rlt3744 2012.08.19
I love this game. Mizuki rocks.

pasat 2012.08.14
Is a good and funny story

blahblohbleh 2012.08.10
more of a story than an actual game, but decent nonetheless

apentagon 2012.08.10
not a game as such but entertaining.

htowngul 2012.08.08
Nice plot and story had everything in this game

wolfman 2012.08.08
good game but a bit weird with the octopus, but its kinda fresh with a comic this way,thumbs up for this

drmuhrasheed 2012.08.07
good game realy an anime more than a game

pagfran 2012.07.24
Is a good and funny story

Elseftino83 2012.07.22
Didn`t really get the point behind this `game`, more an animated story than anything else, not really interactive.

Fuckmehard2012 2012.07.21
Love thiis game iits tha best

Jeanmarit 2012.07.20
Amazing game great graphics made me hot and horny

XBiggyX 2012.07.15
i was hoping for more of a game and not a story

santwan12 2012.07.06
i wish i could live a dream like that for sure

abnsmith 2012.07.06
i thought that was pretty lame, nothing to do but hit the next button and slap one chicks ass

cool_ed 2012.07.02
nice graphics and good game

gary666 2012.06.19
good game, nice graphics and good story

Flasher1 2012.06.19
the animation is great good story it was just kind of short.

javegar453 2012.06.12
This game was awesome, those boobs where awesome as well

Nic-Nac32 2012.05.25
I love the Diva M Series I mean come one what`s not to love here!

skullmar 2012.05.19
wow loved it would like more interaction with character instead of just clicking but was still a great game

bahamut86 2012.05.17
Boring game.... click click click nice grafic

Skysnake 2012.05.15
nice interactiv movie, but always clicking next is kinda boring

Alucardabyss 2012.05.03
Love the boob action, need more like this imo

justin19862 2012.04.25
it was a good show but there should be a little more interaction besides pushing the NEXT button

stephen905 2012.04.21
that was awsome but i wis h they put more mutants

Arabeske 2012.04.19
dont like so huge tits but animatiosn were great

pu74m4dr3 2012.04.17
OK story. Didn`t care for octopus. Nice action and graphics.

MrSPARTAN117 2012.03.31
Mai and Mizuki one of the hotest chicks in manga world i like it!! ^^

icearrow 2012.03.29
quick easy and great graphics play at least once

anggimp 2012.03.23
huge tits,,,,i love it,,,,

alchemist 2012.03.19
it`s very funny but i waiting more interaction

uber50 2012.03.13
wow very quick and love the drawings

locs 2012.03.13
pretty funny like the bouncing asses but i think it should have more interaction

greg317 2012.03.11
The game is very weak game all you do is the press the next button thought out the whole game.

thaguy123 2012.03.09
a realy good game but there should have been more mutant to it

jellybean 2012.03.03
THe game was alright, the plot was jumbled ;p

ice108 2012.02.27
OK story. Didn`t care for octopus. Nice action and graphics.

kergeller 2012.02.22
good game and luckily not japanese :-)

j3ssie 2012.02.20
really good
sometimes a little dificult too figure out what to do

sexysexy101 2012.02.20
great game, i love the babes with such big boobs.

eapoe6669 2012.02.15
Simple, straightforward, animation could be better

surip ketip 2012.02.10
a nice game, good animation

anotherlooker 2012.02.10
Funny stuff - would like to drown in a different way...

bones369 2012.02.08
not really a game but who cares

marcel1970 2012.02.08
hmm...well this was funny...no more no less ^.^

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Well... Its more like an interactive slide-show but it was ok

badmofo06 2012.01.30
not really a game but great graphics until the end.story was great

DevilDST 2012.01.29
wow very quick and love the drawings

percyb 2012.01.29
it was funny and i liked the tits

DreamTim 2012.01.28
not very interactive but good graphics and funny

ben_500 2012.01.26
diva mizuki rule!!! this is not really a game but...damn...i really love the art and animation...more please!

Ed1967 2012.01.25
Not very interactive, but it was a good laugh!

imthebest69 2012.01.24
although the game play itself is rather minimum, but the graphic, the art, the story is great, enjoyed it a great deal ( could extend the sex scene some more)

ben robinson 2012.01.22
i love it i wish my girlfriend had big tits like them

garonbrown 2012.01.22
not bad at all. liking the huge juggs

ViewtifulMichael 2012.01.17
One of the more complete flashes. Well animated, fluent, and far from short,

guitargod10 2012.01.16
Pretty good. The animations were a nice touch. but interaction was crap

kjcallday51 2012.01.11
wow i love those big tits, they were so hot!

brunz 2012.01.10
great animation, great boobs,really teasing

mamas 2012.01.07
i gave this game 99 votes

mamas 2012.01.07
wonderful game to play
good boobs

mamas 2012.01.07
super game with good grapics and good story to play

mamas 2012.01.07
good game more than story great story

Marinois13 2012.01.06
I am fan Of huge tits. I would like it with more action

Guillaume 2012.01.02
Not so interesting. More a story than a game

unusual 2011.12.31
more a story than a game, but hot babes, so who can complain

mikicostanza 2011.12.26
the girls are so awesome with big boobs

snow01 2011.12.21
Great game! The best so far. Excelent grafics and many endings.

darthnewt 2011.12.14
such a great game. i wish it were more interactive though

rahul007 2011.12.11
octopos was good lol enjoyed the game

Arbaal 2011.12.09
Nice but odd part thisone. English subs so going better. More interaction would be do much improvement to this series.

xxxSEXYxxx 2011.11.24
i love this one...perfect

cowboyway64 2011.11.21
it was a little to easy to play

lazy boy 2011.11.18
mizuki s very hot n beautifull.. lol .. thnx

Krueger 2011.11.14
Hot game... But it was a little boring...

dri 2011.11.11
the animation is great good story it was just kind of short.

devillover 2011.11.02
it was a little bit too easy to play

armyofme 2011.10.30
the game was great, graphics were a little bit over the top, and it was kinda repetitive.

ladypassion 2011.10.22
too many big tits haha lucky for that boy ;P

Blknite 2011.10.17
Not reallyagamebutvery comic like graphics and fun

nniffar 2011.10.15
a bit fynny, but comic book style graphics and not so interesting

pfouse 2011.10.13
Can`t really call it a game but it is very well done.

dgkesquire 2011.10.11
Graphics a bit over the top, game controls a bit repetitive. On the other hand, animation is amazing, and storyline funny as hell. Overall, an enjoyable game.

WRB1957 2011.10.10
I would not call it a game , but the graphics are great

qwertyabcde 2011.10.09
hahaha this game was nice!

zabrina73 2011.10.08
This is a hot game, play it

Gulli 2011.10.06
Pretty good game, although I expected more of it. I think it needed to go further in the Mutant section. Now they only talked about it but nothing really happened with it. (except for the squid...)

Miladiou 2011.09.29
not really a game but nice story and breast

CamoNinja26 2011.09.26
Great game, Great scenes, no interactions though

playboy1982 2011.09.26
the animation is great good story it was just kind of short.

Percy Jackson 2011.09.19
Great graphics but was kind of lame by only having to click the next button. Needs more interaction.

Jason Grace 2011.09.19
Why doesn`t the story continue?

Jason Grace 2011.09.19
Didn`t really seem like much of a game; more like an interactive flash movie :/

agone33 2011.09.17
great!! i love big boobs :p

denny1234 2011.09.15
games wi great big jugs are great 5 stars

malditoko 2011.09.05
its not really a game but its pretty interesting.

dv_knight121001 2011.09.04
Great storyline and nice choses of charecters

PlayNiceNow 2011.09.03
This game is hot, glad its in english although some of the english is a little broken still a good game though.

fuckdemon 2011.09.02
this game is amazing. diva mizuki is so hot

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Very simple and kinda boring.

richieyoung93 2011.09.02
I want a game with plenty of feet in it!

Dave76 2011.08.30
A fun game, even though it`s just a click through adventure. Still some hot hentai :)

moungoung 2011.08.30
OK but it`s like acartoon.

kokumoon 2011.08.25
not technically a game but fun and amazing anyway

ujang 2011.08.20
One of the goods games, great game, very nice and easy played

les21 2011.08.17
great game, nice interactive flash, great art work

3t 2011.08.15
SLAP HER ASS! YEEAAAAH! DAMN I KEEP CLICKING THAT BUTTON! I did hope the octopus win thou, it`s just awesome having a tentacle 3some

skunkboy 2011.08.13
great game with a nice story line, always appreciated :)

icemanrian 2011.08.06
sexy gal but game could hav been better

quietone1978 2011.08.05
the animation is great the game sequence is more a story style then an actual game

Renaud1 2011.08.02
Very silly, but not really a game at all

spokxx 2011.08.01
pretty chick with good bobs but where is the game ?

koobly 2011.07.29
JUST YES! Great graphics!

assassinDP423 2011.07.27
great graphics, great plot i want more

mohab 2011.07.25
Must see for BOOB LOVERS. Busty heroine is back ????? and this time, she moans in English!

shadownanto 2011.07.22
more involvment wouldve been nice but still fun none the less

noOne19 2011.07.20
great game but would like more involvement

widmmo 2011.07.14
Cool but I do not know if you can call it a game...

mountblade 2011.07.11
not really a game but worth a look fantastic tits lol

gnomo951 2011.07.08
Not really a game, but big boobs are just awesome. The octopus part was a bit WTF though.

bulass 2011.07.07
great game you should add a second part and more interactive parts

matos91 2011.07.03
more like a story not a game

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

tukangpoto 2011.06.30
good graphics, octopus is very funny

Anubis80 2011.06.29
good game, pity cant choose and just keep clicking to continue

alex1971 2011.06.29
nice animation but the clicking gets boring and no choice or skill used

briareos 2011.06.28
great story and graphics, althoug its not really a game, still liked it

busu99 2011.06.26
This is great game and i like it...

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
I love this one! The other one is not as good.

ety501 2011.06.24
the gameplay well there is no gameplay but the graphics are awesome

el.8.a 2011.06.21
this is not a game ... i think it`s a episode of hentai

NoOneX 2011.06.17
great game bout I would have liked more action

kroni33 2011.06.14
nice story i just like this and guys its hawaiian

zie_knight 2011.06.14
Wow good storyline and graphic...

zucriy 2011.06.12
The art was amazingly spectacular. Well done.

dragonman1961 2011.06.08
Great game..the hand job even though it is cartoony, the handjob looked more realistic with her hand stroking his hardon than any other game I have seen so far...keep it up...

demanderx 2011.06.07
good story great body despite the oversized boobs

Raphiel 2011.06.07
Funny, good graphics, octopus is very funny, and poor waiter.

MrMister71007 2011.06.01
i call this more a story than a game.. which is a shame.. but great graphics..

derda 2011.05.30
good graphics and story, but only clicking "next"...a good game overall

olivia069 2011.05.29
the animation was really good and im not much of a boob lover i wanted to see more action

speedballz21 2011.05.27
u got to be a boob lover to love this game lol

theamazingfred 2011.05.26
i wouldnt really call this a game but fun, animation is quite gd

Revyn 2011.05.24
Diva Mizuki! Just the hottest Hentai-baba ever

Nights 2011.05.22
it was more like a cartoon than a game, but its ok

toogrumpy 2011.05.22
A bit too large for my liking.

Schwalbe 2011.05.21
It`s not really a game but a animated cartoon. But it`s funny indeed!

mik3y 2011.05.20
Great Game! 2 thumbs up! hehe

jmeoff 2011.05.18
Summed up simply in two words: Atomic Boobs.

arragillium88 2011.05.16
Diva Mizuki series! Better in English. :p

As always: Big Boobs + beautiful artwork + Simple Game Play = Good Rating. :D

dwaters 2011.05.16
octopus.....really. this was a weird game. nice big tits.

mathias1981 2011.05.15
the graphic is good and the game is interesting

bubkal 2011.05.14
amusing click story...not a fan of the atomic titties. but still a fun lil read.

JohnnyCartoon 2011.05.11
More of a click to continue cartoon than a game.

sky13 2011.05.11
Nice grafic but it is boring

pressent 2011.05.11
good job in graphics and game play nice

ryuzakin 2011.05.09
nice game but poor animation

Heythane 2011.05.01
Animation and Graphic Goood ^^ Gameplay too

tk5 2011.05.01
nice cartoon graphics, but a little bit boring story and zero interaction

Morton1 2011.04.28
Zero for interactivity but it was great anyway!

Awesome animation!

stanky 2011.04.25
Not enough interaction but very fun anyway.

Armour 2011.04.23
Great game. Very fun to play

weaiv 2011.04.23
Very nice. This one is good. Nice story and it flows smoothly.

XAXA 2011.04.18
Wow, this cartoon is crazy! More funny than sexy. Good to watch once.

gauravei 2011.04.17
i like big tits n fuckung nice scenes n sexy game

GhostHunters 2011.04.13
this game was horrible the breasts were to unrealistic in my opinion

AD8 2011.04.12
now i wanna find the whole animated version this was awesome

dannyboy1234 2011.04.11
great game. one of my fav.

ramraj54321 2011.04.09
It is very funny cartoonlike piece of work

alston 2011.04.01
1 of my favorite Mizuki. too bad the ending isnt animated.

hentai1337 2011.03.31
good game, big tits and mutants!

Aragon222 2011.03.31
very hot girl i love it very much!!

gbear3 2011.03.25
really hot but the octopus was a bit weird, great overall

wilsky 2011.03.23
cool game i like to boobs alot

T M 2011.03.22
Wow, this cartoon is crazy! More funny than sexy. Good to watch once.

Smyxter 2011.03.22
Not really a game but a slide show. The boobs were freakishly big. Good story and the poor translation made it funny.

Nixsen 2011.03.17
to linear
and to big titties...
but otherwise I kinda like it

RESSAT 2011.03.16
Not a game, but watching a comic with bad graphics

DeaconFrost 2011.03.14
Bit too easy but very pleasant game to go through, graphically excellent, if you are a monster tits amateur I guess this one is a must. Still funny storyline no matter what.

butlerab81 2011.03.14
Great graphics, easy to play, but very hot.

pieter 2011.03.11
great game, nice graphics. Enjoyed playing it

M0RGAN 2011.03.09
Nice Boobs Great Game!! :)

pinned 2011.03.08
very hot boo... oh, sorry very hot girl

redwolf2106 2011.03.03
needs more interaction. but awesome none the less. love the super huge boobs.

eroncal 2011.03.02
The graphics on this a game are great, especially the monster sized boobs.

hasil 2011.02.28
I really like this game. I was so engrossed in playing it and enjoying it

ski9072 2011.02.25
pretty much just a story line to follow, but hey, can`t complain about the boobs

Shantres 2011.02.25
Really, this story was good!!

pinned 2011.02.23
well... really hot boobs, ops... sorry, really hot girl

Nick2 2011.02.20
Good and nice game. I like such games.

r_o1_s 2011.02.18
nice and juicy boobs !i like it very much!so sexy girls!(:

jcanay 2011.02.16
it is more of a story than a game

BlackBlast66 2011.02.15
i think that this game could be a little bit better wenn there is more sound in there. the grphics are great but it is still to silince. the girls can make more noises i thick.

silver12 2011.02.13
These girls are too busty for my taste, weird plot too

m4lv1n 2011.02.10
still no sound other than a beep

fvckezt 2011.02.09

torti91 2011.02.08
Octopus rapist XD good idea ^^

suli 2011.02.08
it`s awesome ~!! but so many clicks :(

ratonius 2011.02.07
Good graphics, but no real game play,hentai lovers will like it.

hunted 2011.02.07
great game.. love to play more like these

Houngan 2011.02.07
Decent enough story. Super-sized boobs aren`t really my thing, but the graphics were good. The milk thing was stupid though.

HardExp 2011.02.07
i didnt care for the story but suddenly i want some big tit girl

youcanwinnar 2011.02.03
There wasn`t really any interaction at all, so it was hardly a game. however the graphics were pretty good

karmilia 2011.02.02
how i play this is quite strange.........................needs manuals

albinos 2011.02.02
without interaction it`s hardly any fun

AGuy 2011.02.01
Very hot, although it was more of an animation rather than a game.

ocandela 2011.01.30
Not so much a game as a fun story. Good graphics, but no real game play. Just click next and that`s it. I liked it, though.

old_ironside78 2011.01.30
Don´t know what kind of game this should be!? It´s more a Toon film! And clicking "Next" button is kinda boring

qqwerty 2011.01.29
Great graphic and animation, but it was a little boring clicking the next button.

gabitoxxx 2011.01.24
i always dreamed about fuck a girl in a car

jonpt 2011.01.23
loved the story, and the boobs

ironman5090 2011.01.23
good solid animation and good artwork

callmebast 2011.01.23
It`s a rather odd game, but it was good.

kyv6 2011.01.23
Hilarious story, and very sexy. Too bad it isn`t more interactive.

JamesonJJameson 2011.01.22
Oooooh! two two two girls for one! Diva and Mai from KOF! hot hot hot!

greatgrizzard 2011.01.21
fun game, good story, but i wish there was more interaction

jaguarty 2011.01.19
funny story good animations

jpsacrey 2011.01.17
Great story and animations. Too bad the only thing you have to do is click next.

DarkRanta 2011.01.16
good graphics and story, but only clicking "next"...a good game overall

guisir46 2011.01.15
greta game if you like very very big boobs

HihelloHi 2011.01.13
HAHAHAHAHA hilarious what the awesomeness?

shatcake 2011.01.12
very good game heaps of fun except for the octapus

Orexis 2011.01.12
Great story and animations. Too bad the only thing you have to do is click next.

speed buggy 2011.01.11
good game love the tits but you didn`t get to do anything

Kiljaedan 2011.01.10
this game is really amazing it really turns people on

abroar 2011.01.08
i like this game but its only clicks and clicks

titsmcgee 2011.01.05
i think this is the best game ive seen on here gameplays perfect graphics are perfect and animation is perfect only thing that needs work is the length of it but other then that perfect

madchad360 2011.01.04
omg such a fuking great animation game thing

Longay 2011.01.04
A funny game, but there is a little to do other than watch

pkjgoo 2011.01.04
sound aside, the bleeps are more piercing than a pc speaker, it`s worth a look through

pabloescobar 2011.01.03
it was good but a bit boring that you could only watche

hersh2450 2011.01.02
Great graphics but was kind of lame by only having to click the next button. Needs more interaction.

doomedman 2011.01.01
really, really bad grammar

sn109w 2010.12.30
good game love the tits but you didn`t get to do anything

nightgamer 2010.12.29
it had good graffix but it needs to be more interactive all i did was sit the and hit next

Wilczeq 2010.12.28
I love Diva Mizuki series. These BBs are very great and most erotic

griever 2010.12.26
great graphics, but lacks of interaction

brookshickman123 2010.12.24
sweet game. love the tits

Gemman67 2010.12.23
Good game easy to play great breast, love it keep em cuming...

netherto 2010.12.18
this was a sweet game. hot girls hotter breasts!

ilovethesegames 2010.12.18
I`ve loved this game since the first time I played. I love all Diva Mizuki games.

Greywolf38 2010.12.17
Great game but there needs to be more interaction instead of a lot of clicking.

digantor 2010.12.16
oh man this game isawesome i love u mizuki

k8aro 2010.12.10
Love this one!!!! Anime rocks!

aboodas 2010.12.07
Wicked game I want those boobs

klarkiscool1 2010.12.07
Good story plot, needs more interaction

jdguy1986 2010.12.05
Pretty straightforward. Not a lot of interaction though. At least it`s funny.

donysabox 2010.12.03
OMG more boobies XD!!
this os one of my fav, i hv lots of this kind of game but not in english.
ahh this is the best =D

payhehpay 2010.12.02
needs more interaction i liked the ass slap

ElKnapitu 2010.12.01
not a great game but great girls

Elfe 2010.11.27
This is not a game... While the girls are very sexy with their huge booms and tits, I don`t like.

MR.DEEDS 2010.11.25
a very silly game with nothing to do but watch. it needs som interaction.

kirov 2010.11.25
a nice game but I think it is easy prices!

scrip 2010.11.24
ok for reading and playing not for

TMAN81 2010.11.21
Where can i meet girls like them ..........

smoerf 2010.11.19
damn the tits on those gurls are huuuuuuuuge and i like

bhupesh89 2010.11.18
This was pretty addictive, and it had some good one liners, I just wish there was more content to it.

timbo123 2010.11.14
not much point to it was jus watchin with no interaction

paddywhack 2010.11.11
what was the point didnt get it

Reach 2010.11.10
great game i loved it. watched it so many times. cant wait for the next one in english

hugo57 2010.11.10
great cartoon flash movie ..again , there should be a sequel..maybe a longer lesbian scene..

Chibijosh 2010.11.09
XD great animation but more of a video then a game.

hold168 2010.11.08
got bored pushing next all the time

DexAppeal 2010.11.08
love the graphics .... well designed plot

DexAppeal 2010.11.08
i would enjoy this more with extra interaction

gambit13 2010.11.05
not really a game more like a interactive film but was still worthe the watch and click loved the busty chix they are awesome

Viper302 2010.11.04
pushing next does not make a game

Toboshi 2010.11.02
Well now. Wasn`t that fun?

write2varun 2010.10.30
really Huge boobs. i wanted the octopus to milk her

DoubleShadow 2010.10.26
what shall i say?

its a real mizuki :D
great ^^

Raul777 2010.10.24
Too huge boobs for my taste, yet sexy and funny.

kabuto 2010.10.23
very hot!
it`s a pity that there`s only two games here

Jangoman26 2010.10.21
always enjoyed this one, i wonder if they ever made a sequel.

Droxanj 2010.10.18
You just press a button. How lame.

wonderingsoul 2010.10.14
That was great!, really entertaining and HUGE boobs!

mike cook 2010.10.14
As i`m a lover of big boobs i thought this was great

romeo1985 2010.10.12
must see more si love the story line and the breast are unbelivebly huge love it want to see more

dadofmatthew 2010.10.10
verry strange but sierdly addictive ,couldnt take eyes off huge boobs..:)

InsidiousWeasel 2010.10.08
I have never quite caught on to some societies love/need/obsession with perversely oversized breast and breast milk squirting, etc. Then throw in mutants, insane paparazzi and such and all this needs is cartoon music and sound effects ( bust goes *SPROING* when bra releases, that honking noise when they get mashed or bumped ) .... fun stuff but about as sexy as a dental visit.

Shinonin 2010.10.03
Game isn`t good.. Kinda like an online comic.

spike29 2010.10.01
Not really a game, but still outstanding! Artwork was great.

atomj 2010.09.30
I don`t get it. Mutants? Breast milk? Plus Diamond Head is backwards. In Waikiki Diamond Head is to your left. Weird. Not really a game. Just an animation you have to keep clicking to keep it going.

Draxnoir 2010.09.28
That was cute. not muchof a game.

boyzsexx 2010.09.26
This is a great game i like the graphics and animation!

accajou 2010.09.26
it not a game more a cartoom bur realy great one

rovanerns 2010.09.24
All great pictures, beautiful and large breasts. Very good game.

minu 2010.09.22
I Love This Game. Its The Best that I`ve Seen Till Now

tekuteku18 2010.09.14
the gameplay was really good and hot

tophe35 2010.09.13
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

pornstar1 2010.09.07
More of story then a game.But still i like the tits.

stallionare 2010.09.07
nice i give this game a 100

beatpoet 2010.09.06
Kind of boring with just mouseclicks. Need more interaction. Funny story tho.

pius 2010.09.06
i think is not a game but anime

larry.237 2010.09.04
wish it was more interactive

hunk99 2010.09.02
I Love This Game. Its The Best that I`ve Seen Till Now

mellowyellow 2010.09.02
i got so bored of clicking next all the time maybe a movie or make it interactive

you01 2010.09.01
good graphics and story line the octopus was surprising

NickC 2010.08.31
to tell the truth i got bored, the image was ok

yrobot 2010.08.31
Incredible artwork and animation! Surprisingly hot and funny at the same time, and well written

randomd 2010.08.30
Incredible artwork and animation! Surprisingly hot and funny at the same time, and well written (given the crazy story). :)

newshoes4youtx 2010.08.30
not a game but watching a comic, graphics so so

o0ochillouto0o 2010.08.30
this one is better than "dual"

james86 2010.08.28
good comic book graphics

fedexguy 2010.08.25
nice pics, but not really a game more like a comic

Doctorwright 2010.08.24
The better of the two mizuki, gotta love those tits.

yeah_9xxx 2010.08.22
Oh my, these games make me feel so exciting, nice graphics!

evilsven 2010.08.21
its like a comic but its still a very good game and have a nice graphic as well

yomama60 2010.08.21
i loove it so much its awesome

bosjorne 2010.08.21
thought the game was ok got a bit bored just watching the animations i would love to interact

Raiden17 2010.08.20
Really it is more just a story then a game but it is great. Sexy charecter.

gomnek 2010.08.20
it`s not a game but i love big boobs

Sgtsheppy 2010.08.20
great animation and graphics

AragornI 2010.08.16
Really great cartoon, I love big breasr characters!

bubba89 2010.08.11
Nice animation makes up for the lack of interaction.

urza3688 2010.08.10
Well, not much to it really, but nice animations and images. Glad it was in english too.

chocolate657 2010.08.09
good game overall but needs more to play with

lapine 2010.08.08
graphics and animation awesome ! really good work :)

jenso 2010.08.07
Nice grafic but it is boring

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.05
not bad but it`s more like a graphic novel then a game. mostly just clicking next all the time

ghhgjgjhgjhjhgj 2010.08.05
wow the ass is hot make want have sexb y look at her ass sexyyyyyy

johntucker 2010.08.05
nice animation and fun to see...
n funny when da octopus also came....

Ricochet 2010.08.05
Decent enough game, bit too much clicking though could have just made it a movie clip.

lahereyou1 2010.08.04
An ok game, being better than some other diva games being at least in english. But her getting raped by an octopus?... Weird

andy557 2010.08.02
Funny game actually, seeing an Octopus get it on with her. Seemed less like a game and more like an interactive click flash type animated movie. Great design for originality and artwork, however the downside is the overall interaction is reduced to a minimum. Amazing that it was not in Japanese or what have you like most of those types of so called games.

CJW 2010.08.02
Love the huge tits but no sounds and not really interactive, would have made an okay movie if you didnt have to keep clicking next

grieve04u 2010.07.29
now that was fun, any more

crocker 2010.07.28
you must find more adventures of diva mizuki

canadian 2010.07.26
kind of hoping for an actual game, not just clicking next

babyface 2010.07.26
wow another one of diva mizuki series, i really love those games have nice boobs

Azalin 2010.07.26
Good game. But dont like the drawings, to amateurish for me. And no sounds. :(

videoboy95 2010.07.25
the octopuss part was strange and it talked

riibo 2010.07.25
I know i`d love to suck that milk

jadenberry 2010.07.25
amazing game such huge tits

CrazedJedi 2010.07.25
Very hot and longer than I expected

slytdavis 2010.07.23
very good graphics and gameplay

bdu5 2010.07.22
Not the best offering on PF1, but certainly some hot boob shots.

lenman 2010.07.22
Nice graphics but the prblem is that the interaction is too less. It`s like a short movie. Might as well just play the whole movie instead of having people clicking next because frankly, that`s all you will be doing in this game.

Hanak 2010.07.20
great game but need some sounds

Gemman67 2010.07.19
could be realy good game with lot more options , but over all nice lil toon.

davj5 2010.07.16
Awesome game, animated like it, hugh boobs and hot girls too.

UnoFpsJoe 2010.07.11
haha its like naruto porn

Baddibu 2010.07.11
this is a must have for all hentai fans!!

jeep44 2010.07.06
sound would greatly improve this game, but its good none the less

shellshock 2010.07.05
pretty funny, needs sound though

shallow 2010.06.30
the guy at the start is hilarious!

jolan 2010.06.27
more like a short story but it was good and kinda funny story...

diabloIII 2010.06.27
great game never get fed up playing them

scannatore 2010.06.27
A good cartoon-game, but I love the poor octopus, i`m sorry he have lost the opportunity...

mr90 2010.06.26
OMG , i love this immense boooobs!!!!!!!

cabeza 2010.06.21
this game was good it was a story but i still enjoyed it

capfriend 2010.06.20
really weak game not worth the time

jawedmallick 2010.06.19
hmmmm.this game is so good.

biatch 2010.06.17
more a story than a game, but hot babes, so who can complain

zamuy 2010.06.16
the guy at the start is hilarious!

arefin3d 2010.06.16
wow very great games big boobs i love it!!!!!

italianoe1 2010.06.11
Quite interesting, and easy to play.

ColonelXamder 2010.06.09
Awesome !!! I love the grapichs !

Baree 2010.06.07
little game about it, its a story without options, boring , the only plus is the plus sized tits in it

kronos87 2010.06.05
im still not 100% on theese games, a few kinks need to be worked out,

massive tits tho!!!!!!!!!

Turner9 2010.06.04
Wish it was interactive, but well done.

staniel29 2010.06.01
I wish I could play this game

pavan803 2010.05.30
very nice diva mizukis tits are awesome

Ricoh124 2010.05.22
Loads of fun and worth returning to again & again.

Zack10 2010.05.16
nice game it make me enjoy

pmondriaan 2010.05.14
It is very funny cartoonlike piece of work. The graphics are in the good Hentai sphere and the story has some bizarre twists which make it entertaining.

ATFred 2010.05.10
Not much of a game, but a great interactive story with excellent graphics even if the plot is very very thin

romeo01 2010.05.08
I like tahat kind of game, the graphics are cool

dark_devil168 2010.05.06
boring game.but a god graphics

joshuabean12 2010.05.04
more humor then game but worth it good chuchle factor

big8797 2010.05.03
not really a game but funny tho

Kalaam 2010.05.02
This is not really a game...but funny

mohaaboy 2010.05.02
that was funny when the octopus showed up, lol

magic2hr 2010.05.01
OMG this game just made me so hard. it`s awesome! i love it! a pure hundred!

xeracodai 2010.04.30
nice, very fun to play

octopus part made lol

boinky 2010.04.29
I like this one, a huge improvement over the other one. wish I could interact more with the story.

lovely g 2010.04.28
thats was so amazing so nice

wlwlvr 2010.04.27
The mutant was weird, but Mizuki vids are always hot.

WolfWarrior 2010.04.23
A good story, very fun, very sexy.

toriyazaki 2010.04.20
what a breast!!! the story is so funny and cool

shigami 2010.04.19
good game, the whole octopus thing was kinda out there but i laughed my ass off

wpowder 2010.04.18
Great game, huge boobs, a bit strange with the octopus...

bunnyboo648 2010.04.14
love big boobs. didnt exactly care 4 the octopus.

kike716 2010.04.13
big boobed girls are the best!
great game never get fed up playing them

Baskovc 2010.04.08
OMG this game just made me so hard. it`s awesome! i love it! a pure hundred!

obidos 2010.04.07
it is alright but im more of a hentie guy myself !!!!!

1911 2010.04.06
Hot...Hott...Hottt game. Easy but fun to play

Marty2911 2010.04.03
Octopus was strange, but the artist has talent.

biggsreddy 2010.04.03
Great tits could have been longer sex scenes not so good

jizzman101 2010.04.01
good game with good graphics

moneybby 2010.04.01
:D one of the coolest games i have ever played - btw , Mizuka is awesome

salam 2010.03.30
Not a game. Need more than a click through.

Johnny811 2010.03.29
the game was easy to go through and the graphics could get better.

Trobs88 2010.03.28
easy to play and really nice animation

amped85 2010.03.27
big boobed girls are the best!

bobsaggot 2010.03.26
got to love big boobs...i mean, whats there to hate

eralph67 2010.03.26
Lots of boobs for boob lovers but I prefer the perfectly shaped and ample but not huge boobs. Have heard it said "anything over a mouthful is a waste"

cbrim 2010.03.22
itit was great but not a game at at all.. more interacting would be nice.

Kedar 2010.03.21
Sorry. Is it game? Just click "Next" and "Next".

Kedar 2010.03.17
This is not game. This is just pictures story. I wait for a good game.

Menfu 2010.03.17
I like these games big boobs

PLF01 2010.03.14
Why doesn`t the story continue

lucky84 2010.03.05
wow very great games big boobs i love it!!!!!

axeltusen 2010.03.05
greatly well done fun to play and hot people BAD no sound

ajhalo 2010.03.04
definitely one for the big boob lover some great scenes let have some more of this please

fredodido 2010.03.03
It`s quite funny. But nothing to do else than clicking next!

lippi 2010.03.01
great story and great animation

a_dude 2010.03.01
god game but we didnt saw all the sex..

Old_gray 2010.02.22
I love the end were she like what`s your name, it makes me laugh so hard

johnyboy49 2010.02.21
why did there have to be an stupid octopus? that was retarded

jillis1 2010.02.18
haha!!!! freaky octopuss

bocaj 2010.02.18
thats it? whats the rest of the story?

jimmyod1 2010.02.14
great movie yoke needs some bloody sound

kldxxx 2010.02.13
i liked this game.. boy would i love to be that waiter
beautiful bisty babes.. although im afraid the english translations were not very good.. also, why is there no sound.. at the very least they cud hav put in moans and stuff..

Big Stew 2010.02.13
still no sound other than a beep

MrPalatClown 2010.02.07
nice game u got there..

asdqwe 2010.02.05
Awesome game, but could use some sound. Graphics are perfect tho.

JazzzyJo 2010.02.04
Very nice graphics and nice pace but gets a bit weird. And no sound

nikyu2001 2010.02.03
a good one for the huge tit and/ or tentacle fans, but kinda tiresome with all of the prompting.

ratts 2010.02.02
nicce game but didnt get the monster bit...

agone 2010.02.02
i love mizuki...or perhaps her boobs...or the twice :)

psycho 2010.01.28
i liked this game.. boy would i love to be that waiter,,, :P ... beautiful bisty babes.. although im afraid the english translations were not very good.. also, why is there no sound.. at the very least they cud hav put in moans and stuff..

sentaiblue 2010.01.27
very nice game its like a movie plesed with it

SevereArc 2010.01.26
Great movie got to love huge boobs, animation is done well too.

ntargonski 2010.01.26
great game, absolutly amazing!!!!
wish there were a whole movie of scenes though

mike21 2010.01.26
great game and great girls... . nice

knightnight 2010.01.25
Really grate game, good animation and style.

Ricoh124 2010.01.25
Not much of a game, not my bag but will appeal.

jepuz4 2010.01.25
Great game made me hard :)

usherxz5 2010.01.25
i love this game! is quite perfect! the only "problem" is the low interaction. Mark:9

mr90 2010.01.24
i love the titties in this game omg its so amazing

darkkiel 2010.01.23
really awesome game/movie
is there any more of this series?

kevinmansilla 2010.01.21
realy nice i like it two thumps up

yidshark 2010.01.17
great game would love a new game!

jj26 2010.01.15
was ok but way too much clicking of the mouse

Al 2010.01.13
this is not a game but it`s funny

omanko 2010.01.12
his game is so fucking good!!!i have alredy play it 5 times

cypruslt 2010.01.10
I JUST LOVE IT! :D 100 points ^^

bigbluem 2010.01.08
good story but not a game. graphic is nice

Geilt 2010.01.05
not bad, decent story and graphics...

fastcar55 2010.01.03
man wat a great story and great animation

dew501 2010.01.01
good imagination of huge boobs and tits.......................didnt know that girls with big boobs can produce milk thanks

Bowler Midnight 2009.12.29
not really a game rather a moving comic book. horny comic book though!

boyo111 2009.12.26
It`s hard to argue with big boob girl games

Micataur 2009.12.20
Decent game more interaction would be nice

Primo 2009.12.12
I have played this game before and i like it. The girl is hot and sexy with huge boobs. Please who every made this game and the others were it features her please make more.

sierra 2009.12.09
yeah! the octopus knows the good things of life. its a great game. great actors, great story. just close to perfect. needs a sequel.

Joker 1Up 2009.12.05
it was lovely and very good story about tits

Osteve 2009.12.05
WOW great game easy to play and good shit too

nintendofilo 2009.12.04
only thing wrong here is the censorship, otherwise its very fun and incredibly animated

repuindy 2009.11.20
good but i like more dating game

johan 2009.11.20
nice game more a animation movie but oke

heerokazuma 2009.11.19
i liked it i loved the tits

Mandrab 2009.11.18
Kinda wierd story, liked the graphics, too bad the boobs where way too big

Xyzzy 2009.11.16
Odd story, not very good graphics, not very interactive.

frozen nova 2009.11.15
pretty good but it could be better

Howie1 2009.11.14
ok sounds could be better

SmexyBenny 2009.11.13
Its a great game if you are a Hentai lover.

nolabel 2009.11.12
story was bizarre.
MAI is teh sex
octopus lol
boobs great

DarkDragonight 2009.11.06
boobs were too big.... next time make them more believeable. still hot tho

KoMaToS 2009.11.05
Perfect....But with sound it could be better

dennis 2009.11.02
nice it cud do with sound

jojoonline87 2009.11.01
Nice game. Beautiful girl. Excelent graphic.

thomc 2009.10.29
very hot girl i love it very much!!

Texluky 2009.10.29
she is so hot i could fuck her all day

jack57 2009.10.27
great gfx good all round game

imiko 2009.10.21
it was alright, nothing too special.. really nice boobs tho

nottswg 2009.10.17
more a story than a game, but hot babes, so who can complain

MADhorseKD 2009.10.16
the grafics were good and all , but the story line and the dialogue were a total mess

adam0935 2009.10.13
didnt really like the octopus and the huge amount of clicking, but none-the-less, it is a great game.

micle 2009.10.13
More an interactive cartoon than a game. Very well done. more interaction would not waste

hawkinson12 2009.10.12
that guy is one lucky SOB!!!

uncle2175 2009.10.12
too many clicks for me but not a bad game

ronnyponny 2009.10.12
Mizuki is a goddess for Boobs lovers. Some japanese games of her. This english adaptation is very good

hitman69 2009.10.12
it was a good story line but needs more interaction with the veiwers.

bolleauxp 2009.10.10
Good graphics but no game play. Good for 1 or 2 plays

shabam28 2009.10.10
Really fun I enjoyed it and recommend it

Perucho300 2009.10.10
Wow i love her big tits

This is a great game =)

SkizoFrantic 2009.10.09
Im not a fan of huge, unrealistic boobs. But that was quite hot :P

Wolf30 2009.10.08
Must see for fans of big boobs or the angel blade series style of animation

paulo 2009.10.07
Nice story but short game, i don`t like this type of graphics, not the best game on this site

Chicco 87 2009.10.07
great game is so short for god all game

Ticon 2009.10.06
yay for an english anime. makes the game much better when it is understandable.

bndover 2009.10.05
nothing special, only a walktrue..

rin 2009.10.05
not good. nothing to do but click.

Balthazar 2009.10.04
Not much to do except click to advance the story line. Great pictures.

turbodude983 2009.09.30
More an interactive cartoon than a game, but very well done.
Where`s this moaning I heard about? Despite that, there`s some great boobs.. and an octopus who knows his way around them..

tom1 2009.09.29
Greate game and real cool

cheese101 2009.09.27
great for boob lovers,lots of pics,i like it:D

fioo 2009.09.24
Mizuki is a goddess for Boobs lovers. Some japanese games of her. This english adaptation is very good

IXL 2009.09.23
Very funny... buy no or not enough sounds.

firebolt126 2009.09.22
decent game, quite funny, hoping for the next part

Tasy01 2009.09.22
Funny game, not too complicated. The octopus is really good.

lojo2 2009.09.22
great game with a nice story line, always appreciated :)

logo 2009.09.21
very hot girl i love it very much!!

darvik 2009.09.21
i love this game the graphics are cool

Acksor 2009.09.21
Too big of boobs. Tone it down and it would be great

misko26 2009.09.20
i dont like this kind of girls... and the story i dont like too

kafarip 2009.09.20
i like taht kind of game. I like a fabular game.

stokes23 2009.09.20
good graphics but only clicking

nepolemo 2009.09.20
the graphics a fine with me, but there not much of a game in there.

Son123 2009.09.20
good game, but it´s only clicking

mrorange 2009.09.20
It`s very straight forward, but it works for its purpose...good old fashioned hentai. The scenes are animated quite well. Lucky waiter :P

boyo111 2009.09.20
you can`t go wrong with Diva Mizuki, its always amusing

kez1980 2009.09.20
Great graphics and decent storyline but a bit too linear

solrac 2009.09.19
Nice interactive flash great art work

pepe 2009.09.19
Don`t think this is a "game".

Hentai lovers will like it tho.

raelee 2009.09.18
Not really a game but fun to play. Great art work but I`m afraid my back would be broke carrying around boobs like that ... hi hi

classypolice 2009.09.18
very silly and boring game

woody 2009.09.18
great game never get fed up playing them

santa 2009.09.18
OK story. Didn`t care for octopus. Nice action and graphics.

jaszczurek 2009.09.17
Must see for BOOB LOVERS. Busty heroine is back ?? and this time, she moans in English!

Not really a game, but interactive flash movie with absolutely amazing art quality and IMMENSE BOOBS. PROS:
+GFX quality
+character design
+finally in English!

-interaction reduced to minimum

Guest star: Octopus (yup, he himself :)

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