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Diva Mizuki Dual


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YuRaina 2017.09.11
vida mizuki always great wihth bigboobs

Turin1 2017.07.28
Interesting, for when you`re in the mood for disproportionate.

bosse1 2017.07.25
i dont even understand japanese :(rn

KitCarsen 2017.07.11
Impossibly big tits but interestingly weird.

Zoldek 2017.03.27
I love the graphic for diva`s games

ianjames 2017.03.12
not realy my tipe of game graphics ok

gwazz 2017.03.07
good game pitty could not read the text

jjkitchen245 2016.12.20
good animation better then most games, also very fun

Brollo 2016.11.29
I really enjoayed it. Great design

elrik13 2016.11.13
need translation to english


PansexualPixie 2016.10.20
This was good but I wish it had sound to it, and english subtitles at least

erikous 2016.09.05
this is movi but what ever it s a good movie

stach56 2016.08.18
Boobs = great game. Wish I could understand what they were saying though.

Smooth17 2016.07.25
Not in English, no sound, no interaction, and slightly confusing plot...

christiaand 2016.07.21
i like the movie specialy mizuki but luckily i cant understanding squad

backbackback 2016.07.14
not my type of game but still very good

R333S3S 2016.07.04
There is no interactive in the game and the language is foreign. 3/10

sethh88 2016.03.24
good but could be better no interaction without that its stupid

latinagr 2016.01.27
It will be better if you can understand what they said

bbwkatie92 2016.01.05
you just got to love those breasts. and all the games or stories with Diva is so hot. just wish they had english writing, but still enjoy the games alot!

pinoccio85 2015.11.15
ahhh, a little bit du i understand but someone translate it please :(

SelectLOL 2015.10.27
Good game but a translate would be better

Burnttamale 2015.10.13
I love the game but it freezes a lot.

Pljusha 2015.09.03
no translation what a pitty

Blaze74 2015.08.03
I really like these Diva Mizuki games

loailee16 2015.06.26
Is really a weird game but fun to watch!

nirajh 2015.06.10
nice game if it was in english it would hva e=been better...have to mive fram by frame nice concept though...

Pigfortune 2015.01.13
All you can do is watch the show frame by frame because it has not been translated into English. Anyway it`s still incredible anime with seriously voluptuous ladies.

gwazz 2015.01.10
a pretty pointless game all you do is press next

xai 2015.01.10
Almost 7/10 then the special package arrived... my favorite we need more on here 10/10

davechize 2014.10.11
ahhh this game make me want to fuck

dandraft 2014.09.27
mitsuki and her two gigantic attachmets is really hot at first,but quicklly becomes vulgar,it feels like
your caugth in some terrible japanese drem 3

Deti 2014.09.19
Who doesn`t like a big titty hoe, eh.

philyaw 2014.09.13
stupid game no action for the player you just click on next and it needs to be translated to English

goldenmanz 2014.09.11
no ideas who who but it was very funny even thoough it was all not english maybe if they translated it it`d be better

kfc12138 2014.08.29
didn`t understand anything :)

DaddySpaz82 2014.08.12
I agree with everyone else great game but really need some sound

aimsixers 2014.07.27
not a game. but good enough for a boob lover ike me.

aimsixers 2014.07.27
the gameplay is just too short

dapieet 2014.07.17
More of an interactive adventure than a game. difficult to understand

will100 2014.07.03
It was a very exciting game. really was thrilling needed sound and sub in English

IN-Duke 2014.07.02
Sad that it doesnt have sound, otherwise it would be an OK game, but for now its kinda bad

wyldogg 2014.06.29
the game/story is okay but will need more interaction in it otherwise a great idea

frostmourne 2014.06.25
this game only needs sound

psychdoc76 2014.06.24
Great twist, really needs some sound.

vendiyz 2014.06.08
sences were great love the surprise could use some sound though

Ryo987 2014.06.06
sences were great love the surprise.....sad part no sound.....could not understand language

bb12b 2014.06.04
animation great loved playing it worth every sec

ehuber 2014.05.23
i like the girl other than the main one in part b

Kill@0815 2014.05.22
the animations and scenes are great.
would be perfect in english :D

sir56 2014.05.18
Good game sadly not in english

eli konki 2014.05.15
i wish dive mizuki was real and she will be my wife

Shadow101 2014.05.11
been loving the diza mizuki series it would be nice to have subtitles and sound and that would be great!

elgard123 2014.05.08
not translated, and thats not my kind of games

Mashin 2014.05.07
Too bad, not even translated. Mizuki is SO hot though.

dantrap123 2014.05.02
I enjoy the scenes but the fact that nothing is in English makes it really annoying

mochabear415 2014.03.29
Great animations to bad its not translated...

trose 2014.03.27
that was a realy cool game or a movie didnt realy understand a thing

goen555 2014.03.25
Japan is good but I want a voice. Want to hear are voices of Mizuki.

jaymad12 2014.03.21
sexy girls but no sound bummer

mark24cm 2014.03.20
diva mizuki is numner one !!

r.kumar 2014.03.09
it was good, but couldn`t understand anything

lilblkbirdie 2014.03.07
I`d love if it was in English, but as far as an erotic game movie goes it was nice. I loved the futa part!

King_Kenzor 2014.03.05
wish i knew Japanese. because i cant read this game.

jeff_leppard 2014.02.25
In japanese and a flash movie rather than a game, but great graphics and sexy girls if you`ve got the patience

chillwave 2014.01.19
good game, wish it could be translated though

zhiyong9654867 2013.12.16
Great game, though maybe a translation would aid the non-jap speaking crowd

Krag1733 2013.12.15
I actually enjoyed it more than i though it would. But it really needs some sounds.

thisguyisbored 2013.11.29
never really been a fan of the exaggerated breast size, so not a fan of this flash movie

andrewdejean 2013.11.27
needs to be in English and have better graphics but still fun to watch

csasso 2013.11.13
It was nice that I got to see all the lovely pictures and all but who can read the language without translation.

lopjak 2013.10.23
Hey now, this is different, but fricken awesome! It`s not a game per se, but rather a sort of interactive flash movie. And by interactive, I mean that you click through the "pages" (scenes.) The quality of art is high and othing is blurred or pixellated (uncensored). It is a must for lovers of massive mammories and even a minute or so dedicated to those futa lovers out there. The gist can be followed a bit by non Japanese speakers, but absolutely is not necessary with all the action of vividly colored jiggling tits, flicking wet tongues, even wetter dripping cunts and jizzing pricks. Translations and music and sounds would be appreciated, but it does its job well without. Serve us up plenty more of this.

fangking 2013.10.18
its awesome,,i like this game,,the girl is so hot

sharmajack79 2013.10.02
its like a movie not game

chris242 2013.09.28
not a bad game good graphics

Jarrett 2013.09.26
Too sexy for words, I love how even though it`s Japanese, it`s not censored as much as usual.

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

mikie477 2013.09.10
nice game but it needs to be translated.

Lizzie 2013.08.18
awesome graphic but dont understand the language.

spencem 2013.07.28
This is a good game but its in japenese

hornin 2013.07.18
awesome game really fun and cool

hell_sinng 2013.07.09
Seen better ones to be honest.

kevin345 2013.06.29
though i couldnt understand wat they wer sayin it was gud

drats666 2013.06.19
it was, interesting to say the least. sadly it wasn`t in english so i didn`t understand a single word of it but it looked interesting, definitely one for people who like large breasts.

wayward00 2013.06.16
hots girls makes this game superb

torm81 2013.06.12
good graphics and great game

zaz87 2013.06.02
i think i lost some part of the story line, but ok, i don`t understand some part but ok, it`s more a bbw video than a game.

kret 2013.05.16
impossible big tits:) and thats it for this game... nice pictures:)

gwazz 2013.05.15
not really a game more a series of nice graphics

girthy 2013.05.13
good graphixs, s/b english

Rajubbb 2013.04.30
very nice but not there in english so

madmax68 2013.04.22
Ok, good graphics But in English

gwazz 2013.04.16
sorry this game is pretty lame especially if you dont speak japaneese

koltrain95 2013.04.15
I love the mizuki games. too bad it isnt in English

auldgit 2013.04.14
The Mizuki games are awful !!!!

The graphics are no better than the doodling of a teenager on his school books !!!

Just like the pictures we used to do in art class at 13 years old !!!!

Even worse is the portal girls game !!!!

The clock runs down while you´re waiting for the next portal girl to appear !!!!

These games are not worthy of this excellent website !!!!

Get rid of this rubbish !!!!

gwazz 2013.04.09
did not know what was going on i cant speak japanese

AlucardXXX 2013.04.06
I`m kinda of a fan of miss mizuki

dmaan 2013.03.29
woooooooow! animations are hot in this and the others like it. AWSOME

dmaan 2013.03.29
This is an excellent animation. the drawing time put into this must have been huge. COOL

gikumcgiq 2013.03.08
Diva Mizuki always the best. Would`ve given it 200% score if it was possible.

Elerias 2013.02.17
Looked like it could have been good. Know idea what was going on. Would maybe have enjoyed if it was in English.

ashleymassey59 2013.02.15
this is still goog even now

AJ HelMan 2013.02.09
i loved the big boobz and good graphics

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game , lost interest quick.

Messer13 2013.01.20
The game is very good. Would have been best if it was in English.

cloud262 2013.01.17
It needs to be more interactive in the game but still was a nice mini game

gartal 2013.01.17
hate this game, only click and bad grafic

leodrigger 2013.01.14
i don`t think i`ve ever saw such extraordinary graphics before. :)

feanor25 2013.01.12
....reallly needs translation..

tslutz 2012.12.29
It needs a translation, good graphics though.

wolfpredator855 2012.12.28
This is one of the best. Purely interactive with hotter sex options! Great graphics.

drake246 2012.12.25
this game reminds me of so many busty women because of the graphics, in a way

kingzues 2012.12.18
this game is really good love the huge tits

thejedi 2012.12.12
i shouldnt have commented so soon...whats with that crazy ending lol

thejedi 2012.12.12
those boobs are rediculously huge!!!! need more of that

jayden98 2012.12.10
i love this game and the shound make a secound version with hugh boobs

blade123 2012.11.24
looks pretty good - sadly i dont speack japanese/chinese ;)

vllad 2012.11.23
this was not even a game so much as a story board

Act132 2012.11.19
great game just wish the language was in english

Anez 2012.11.17
Hot visuals! Would love an english version

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Very nice heh. Only minus is the language which I did not understand but the rest is explosive :)

erick1234 2012.11.03
good graphic but no sound but its ok

the fuckest 2012.10.22
hahahaahaha so fun but is in japanese!

Fugubob1 2012.10.16
really want a translation

shyman44425 2012.09.25
Probably very interesting dialogue if I spoke Japanese

Jokke1 2012.09.24
The graphics was good, but the text is in japanese so i didn`t understand anything !!! Needs a translation into English.

Paige_Elodie84 2012.09.21
I really loved it! But it definitely needs a translation into English.

drobbo18 2012.09.19
amzing animation only problem is its in japanese

ir0nfang 2012.09.17
wow, this games pretty good. the animation looks like it could have been done better but it`s still good.

thatsasecret 2012.09.09
played another diva mizuki game it was great

Lena4 2012.09.09
It`s not a game. Just klicking. It`s boring

RelXand 2012.09.08
Animation is pretty good, but its not really a game as such. Also, it would help if we understood the story.

danielselwyn89 2012.09.06
good graphics, but sounds would have made much better.

dhruba6969 2012.09.03
that a really nice game. and like th graphics and the girls

Duraworld 2012.08.30
really nice
i want to play again

Ahawk03 2012.08.26
Amazing graphics. Liked the boobs and futanari action

xtreme1012 2012.08.23
Some pretty good graphics

rlt3744 2012.08.19
anything with mizuki in it is good

nbmrsl 2012.08.10
İts japanese ? couldn`t understand game

apentagon 2012.08.10
just a movie not a game and even then it makes no sense unless you happen to read Japanese.

JadedDalanari 2012.08.09
No idea what its saying as usual but I love the entire series.

drmuhrasheed 2012.08.07
good game huge boobs boobalicious style

jhase433 2012.07.22
it is a very sexy girl and very biggy tits awesome

benc333 2012.07.10
Right up my alley! loved it!

santwan12 2012.07.06
they where monsters for it the cum was yellow

surfkungen 2012.06.25
A little to extreme for my taste

Shadow109 2012.06.15
the graphics are okay but should be more interactive

mauskis 2012.06.09
its wery interesting and realy funy story and art kinda gud too

tate202 2012.06.07
i thoght it was goin to be a game but it was a mini movie instead they were very busty and it was good

netherto 2012.06.01
Really awesome game. Make more games like this.

Soul Assassin 2012.05.27
its a shame its not in english so we can follow the story but still not the best of games in were.

Nic-Nac32 2012.05.23
I love Diva Mizuki, not only for the simple fantasy she roles in but the art,detailing,colour features and every exaggerated movement from whatever is being touched is simple beautiful. I don`t think I`ll ever dislike Diva M on any series.

dda.300 2012.05.21
lol This tits is much bigger...

skullmar 2012.05.19
very nice game would like a english version tho :(

Skysnake 2012.05.15
great tits, but not really a game

solid123 2012.05.12
a teaser
girl is very sexy
with her big pumkin like boobs

bahamut86 2012.05.12
hate this game, only click and bad grafic

Bella1234 2012.05.11
Not good only to click... really poor...not impressed

ushxxxpm 2012.04.16
my japanese is not so good
attention monster boobs, too big for my taste

mike cook 2012.04.09
No game play just a click to move the movie along. Very poor.

uber50 2012.03.13
nice animation but it would be better if it was in english

120489 2012.03.13
I didnt get any sound did anybody else get this promblem

wassup481 2012.03.11
An amazing game great action and women but i wish it was in English.

Givain 2012.03.08
Sexy story. Wish it was more interactive.

DarkChapel 2012.03.04
good graphics and highly enjoyable but needs translation

jellybean 2012.03.03

kergeller 2012.02.21
weird game even especiallz cuz i con`t speak japanese

j3ssie 2012.02.20
really good
sometimes a little dificult too figure out what to do

surip ketip 2012.02.10
a nice game, good animation

stordan 2012.02.10
thats not a game!!! and its on japanese!!! worst thing i have seen here...

DyaDya 2012.02.09
not a game? i cant read this stuff....translations?

RedDragon6969 2012.02.08
Very nice anime video and I like that you can choose which part to revisit. I don`t like the fact that there is no sound adn that it`s in Japaneese (because I can`t friggin read Japaneese). Come on people, we are in friggin America where everyone speaks, reads and writes English (or should), I mean it would be different if we were in Japan but we are NOT!! Please provide interpretations or at least the software to interpret different languages please, and thank you. But good movie.

heello 2012.02.04
nice but i got really confused

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Its a relly good animated movie, having it in english would be great

johnnylush 2012.02.01
Not a game......no sound? Boobs were nice lol

badmofo06 2012.01.30
wasnt a game.but the movie was excelant too bad cant read japanese.graphics was great.anamation was cool

percyb 2012.01.29
wow that one was different but still cool

DreamTim 2012.01.28
It`s not a game but good graphics and nice animation.

ben_500 2012.01.26
awesome game..er wait, this is not really a game, but i really loved the art and animation, i want more like this and hopefully translated...diva mizuki is the best!

garonbrown 2012.01.22
wish there were more controls or options

aragonking 2012.01.21
good game needs english subtitles

saccocc1a 2012.01.19
it should be in english and more interactive

eggfooyoung 2012.01.15
The only thing missing is sound.

Ghem67 2012.01.13
I smiled a lot, when I saw that boobs.

ponal 2012.01.11
my japanese is not so good
attention monster boobs, too big for my taste

BallIdiot 2012.01.09
Not really a game. More like a comic strip and it`s in Japanese...

cade_paul 2012.01.08
this game had no sound and it wasn`t in english.... can you fix it please

blackninja 2012.01.06
i like story but bad graphics

jadak09 2012.01.05
the boobs are so gigantic hahahaha XD the animation was awesome but i really hope for a translation hehe

stela 2012.01.05

owh, i`m going so hot

fallgirl 2012.01.01
I love the animation on this one very cool!

Guillaume 2012.01.01
Not a game. A strange affair. Could have been fun buy it`s not.

johnnylush 2011.12.29
subtext....oh man needed subtext.

mikicostanza 2011.12.26
this game is very funny 2 hot hentai girls with awesome boobs

kremey 2011.12.25
Not really a game, since I was just clicking on the "Next" button... And it was all in Japanese, so didn`t understand much of it...

emaznboy 2011.12.24
ridiculous graphics. and its in japanese. that was a complete waste of time.

hunterVHS 2011.12.22
nice girl but there`s no english and there is a futanari

MrHollow 2011.12.21
Great game! The best so far. Excelent grafics and many endings.

Danyolivier 2011.12.18
???? Is this realy a game ??? There no interactivity just clic on `next` to see what append........

rahul007 2011.12.11
not a game but good missing english

lexxxluck 2011.12.11
by the far the easiest game as of yet!!

peter65 2011.12.09
missing english subs...nice girl

Arbaal 2011.12.09
These r nice series. Graphix r great. Onlything wich is missing is english subtitles.

TFHOA 2011.12.06
Really nice with that big milky boobs ^^

Tymon 2011.12.02
nice work on the toons hugh boobs nice

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

darklonewolf12 2011.11.22
Its too hard to understand cause its not in english, hope someone can translate it

blah00 2011.11.20

good quality amazing art and cool movie style but no sound and non-understandable language is a downer though but hey big boobs

lazy boy 2011.11.18
mizuki s cute .. nice game .. thnx.

republic 2011.11.18
nice game and awsome girls but could not understand story

C.C. 2011.11.18
One time with this game is plenty.

wateshito 2011.11.17
bad game don`t liked, the boobs are extremaly big, nasty..

Rorkal 2011.11.10
graphics is good,but boring as we cant understand the story-

kwal 2011.11.05
Liked it but don`t undarstand the thalking

luo0008 2011.11.05
good but comon! atleast some translation^

hobbit 2011.10.31
would be better in English!! not much interaction, but nice animation

borisbrown77 2011.10.30
graphics is good but could you`ve translated this game?

redeye26 2011.10.21
great looking game some english subs would help

Tygafifty 2011.10.21
the futa bothered me but the huge breasts were funny and kind of a turn on.

zeuz 2011.10.20
Wasn`t good. Language problem

Nodrit 2011.10.19
nice animation, but can be better if was write in english

pyroman1127 2011.10.17
too bad its not in english

dgkesquire 2011.10.11
Another Diva Mizuki interactive flash movie. Good graphics, great animation. A bit short on action.

zabrina73 2011.10.08
Please translate this, this is a great game

lita2extremeladder 2011.10.07
would have been a lot better in English.

sasso 2011.10.06
not really my kind of game, don`t understand and nothing to do

spiritwrath 2011.09.25
great high quality animation and great scenes with a good deal of variety. a simple interactive movie but a good one. if it were in english it would have scored better for me.

dd@filzmail 2011.09.17
good but would`ve been better in english

D3nh1s 2011.09.15
Funny but that girls is horrible

koji208 2011.09.10
Wish I understand what was going on in the game

PlayNiceNow 2011.09.03
This is a sweet game, its to bad its not translated to english though.

fuckdemon 2011.09.02
this game is amazing. why isn`t she real?

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Wouldnt even call a game, boring.

lucier9494 2011.08.29
Dont see where the game part is, could use some kind of music and sounds too

alleya510331 2011.08.27

nonchip 2011.08.26
nice animations, but could have been translated (the buttons are, so y not the text?)

busu99 2011.08.24
wow huge boobs i like that movie

farkas 2011.08.24
Very poor game and bad graphics. Definitly not good

elo77 2011.08.23
great graphism..
but not a game, good video

bekaluw 2011.08.17
the graphics are boobylicius

sirdoesnt 2011.08.16
It`s more like a movie than a game.. Should`ve had options ;D

NeoZeon 2011.08.16
dat is some huge breasts.love it

3t 2011.08.15
OMG these girls are HUGE! i wonder how they got it!

lam_chops 2011.08.12
so many good scenes that you can watch!

Hong Gil Dong 2011.08.05
I like the animation, I wish it had some more options.

kelly3 2011.08.05
Not really a game but is an awesome movie

spokxx 2011.08.01
wow huge boobs i like that movie but its not a game

koobly 2011.07.29
Well, i have no idea what they said, but great graphics and animation!

jafetgx 2011.07.27
It`s seems like a great animation, a shame it`s in japanese...

mohab 2011.07.25
Must see for BOOB LOVERS. Busty heroine is back ????? and this time, she moans in English!

shadownanto 2011.07.22
lots of next, no skill at all, good graphics and super boobs though

Dom72x 2011.07.11
not much of a game but definitely fun to watch

Hohenheim 2011.07.10
This is a good game, however, I can`t seem to find the first one anywhere.

DancerOfMusic 2011.07.07
So nice ass so nice boobs

Montana99 2011.07.07

bulass 2011.07.07
you should translate the game and why is she so busty a bit less busty and she is perfect for me

Batthory 2011.07.03
Well that was different, loved the oversized boobs :0

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

Anubis80 2011.06.29
is just bad i cant understand a word....

briareos 2011.06.28
great artwork, a shame that its not translated

danidave 2011.06.26
I am crazy about big boobed shemale

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
If they take out the futanari, this would be awesome.

Stiller 2011.06.24
Really for pro boobers... And maybe BBW, not my kind though

xxxxxxxx 2011.06.20
perfect for boobs lovers. but i don`t understand it at all D:

zucriy 2011.06.12
I love this art style, to bad there`s no sound though.

demanderx 2011.06.07
yeah would be better in englsih excelent for boobs lovers

bookie_boo 2011.05.31
Did not like it because it was in Spanish!

olivia069 2011.05.29
i didnt enjoy this game at all couldnt understand what was being said

armagedon 2011.05.28
More of the same, the only difference is the subject of the questions. I would like to see more origanallity.

thedudel1r5 2011.05.26
Quite good graphic but needs sound and translation

Revyn 2011.05.24
Two gearls with perfekt breasts and a futa-dick! awesome

Nights 2011.05.22
it would`ve been better in english D:

arragillium88 2011.05.16
Great animation, big tits, big fun with the simple game play! ^^

dj2011 2011.05.13
Something about this type of animation...really turns me on. and of course you have to love a pornographic storyline.

sky13 2011.05.11
good game but i cannot understand any words...

jagmonkey 2011.05.08
i like it! would have been better if i could understand what they were saying.

Heythane 2011.05.01
It`s a Very Good Animation. I like

stanky 2011.04.25
i wish i had the slightest clue what was happening

weaiv 2011.04.23
Very sexy. I really like the chapter feature at the end.

pezzmo 2011.04.15
did not understand anything just click next and that was no game concept and no English just Japanese very boring

H_n_H 2011.04.12
great game it just needed sound effects then it would be super

Kavassa 2011.04.11
would be somthing to watch if it was in english i have a hard time liking anything thats not in english

dannyboy1234 2011.04.11
Huge Boobs amazing. Would be great in english

lampu7ahmad 2011.04.11
good game but i cannot understand any words...

ltworf1 2011.04.11
good game , interesting graphics. would be better if it had english.

izzar 2011.04.08
great animation and ending

zie_knight 2011.04.06
Really good game, but no sound and need English translate after all

wilsky 2011.04.02
wow huge boobs i like that movie

alston 2011.04.01
my favorite MIzuki! AWESOME animation, but need sound & english please.

hentai1337 2011.03.31
good animation, big tits! fun!

Aragon222 2011.03.31
Nice game but need to be more creative

jimdragon 2011.03.30
cool to bad it in jap but it stil cool

loco loc 2011.03.17
game was str8 jus need to be in english

Skylink 2011.03.15
not bad but it needs to be translated

butlerab81 2011.03.14
Great animation and wonderful story, but not much of a game. Still very good!

DeaconFrost 2011.03.14
Great animation, pretty long, and very good quality but it is not a game in any case since I doubt clicking next is actually playing... And not translated... Not that it is a sine qua none to understand but usually there is a funny part, very visual in any case. Worth the watch.
Futanari and threesome for amateurs of the kind.

wikidwayne 2011.03.13
woooooooow! animations are hot in this and the others like it

trey9wli 2011.03.12
it isn`t so much a game as a short animation with no emglish so you get a good grasp of what`s happening.

6768 2011.03.05
great animations but game - sucks =)

NoOneImportant 2011.03.03
I love the seris plz dont stop but could u translate them

toddtodd3 2011.02.22
great series the diva mizuki has always been a favorite of mine

torque 2011.02.21
game was perfect loved playin it vwey smooth

xxxlonelyxxx 2011.02.18
this needs to be in english and it might be attractive....overall it was pretty lame

Houngan 2011.02.10
Not very interesting or attractive, really.

fvckezt 2011.02.09
Nice henatai games but it japanese

frits1977 2011.02.08
love the animation on this game

ratonius 2011.02.06
Need more interactive control. Nothing but clicking,and japanese ???

karmilia 2011.02.02
dot like games in jap ,,,,,,,,,,needs sub englidh

lostsoul 2011.01.30
God I love these, just wish there was sound~

wannadoit 2011.01.29
great game love the diva series

koendie1234 2011.01.28
i love it. only it`s to bad it`s in chinees

gabitoxxx 2011.01.24
more than hot that was funny he was a lcky guy XD

jonpt 2011.01.23
love the animation on this game

Dante_alucard 2011.01.22
if you like big boobs then this is the kinda game you wanna play the animation is top notch for a flash gam...gotta love the diva series

smokerdude420 2011.01.22
Really good game, but it would`ve been better in english with sound.

wunsum 2011.01.21
I like the animation, it was more of a comic but was still entertaining.

1NT0X 2011.01.17
too passive, it feels like the only thing you do is press next and wish you could speak japanese

ccrouch 2011.01.16
kinda cool - just wish the text was in english

shatcake 2011.01.12
Would help it was in english lol

sauljr 2011.01.08
game wasn`t the best, wish i knew what they were saying

titsmcgee 2011.01.05
graphics where great even though it was in japenese still easy to use other then the chick with a dick this was great

Dailn 2011.01.04
Great animation, and just the right ammount of sillyness. Diva Mizuki is a must see even when you don`t know japanese.

pkjgoo 2011.01.04
very endowed futanari action, it pans out like a motion comic, quick to go through. good series imo

pabloescobar 2011.01.03
god click thrue video but why not in english?

Butcher70 2011.01.02
one thing I hate: its not english: its japan!

JamesonJJameson 2011.01.02
I saw a translated version of this on another site, still fun not in english...it is more of a animated comic then a game though.

goodjob 2010.12.31
hopeful, this will be translated. it is funny even without the english translation.

FORA11 2010.12.29
The game is a litter short.

nightgamer 2010.12.29
isnt really a game more of a movie

Wilczeq 2010.12.28
Another one from Diva Mizuki Adventures :). I really, really love it :)

secblaze 2010.12.27
Nice graphics, a pity that it is in japanese

brookshickman123 2010.12.24
loved the game. wulda been better in english tho

punyu 2010.12.20
pretty amazing story..
i like..

Tanvir619 2010.12.19
100/10 for boobs woulda been betta in engglish

netherto 2010.12.18
weird game but the girls still smokin hot. could not read any dialog though but whatever

Xavier47 2010.12.16
pretty good game. It wouldve been better in english tho or at least with some sound...

Slout 2010.12.15
A nice click game but in english it would be better

HotSpot 2010.12.15
this game is really fucking great

birdman1987 2010.12.12
Nice Hot Diva Mizuki!! Woohoo!

Maffe88 2010.12.11
It doesn`t need a translation, but would make it complete. for everyone who doesn`t speak japanese...

k8aro 2010.12.10
Awesome....Nothing more to say than Awesome.

klarkiscool1 2010.12.07
The graphics were good needs translation

flameablex 2010.12.06
love this game soooo much!!!! sexy big tits!! nice manga!!!

Fredyx 2010.12.05
I like these game good play

donysabox 2010.12.03
aye another boobies XD. .
i dont understand the story its not even in english ohh its made me soo sad T_T. .

Liny 2010.11.29
It`s very hardcore,but there`s no english translation.

erikef 2010.11.28
Good but unfortunatly not translated. And dickgirls is kind of an overrated Japanese fantasy...

upelikan 2010.11.27
This wasn`t a game. Need more interactive control. Nothing but clicking.

TMAN81 2010.11.21
Hot game, but in English please

raymond123 2010.11.21
luckily it is all click next... would be in trouble otherwise. good enough to play all the way through

smoerf 2010.11.19
i whish my gf had such incredible tits

klave 2010.11.18
theses people need to make their games easier

makeitcumagain 2010.11.16
not the best game, but still pretty hot

Apac20 2010.11.11
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

Reach 2010.11.10
i love this game but i wish it was in english.

Chibijosh 2010.11.09
=3 Great animation although i wish i could read it.

edss1569 2010.11.09
good game, but needs to be in english!!

jenso 2010.11.09
A nice click game but in english it would be better

kenpachitr 2010.11.05
Awesome diva mizuki game again!

costel 2010.11.03
just click and click and click, needs time to click and click..and without transaltion...could be interesting for anyone who wants to learn japanese

Toboshi 2010.11.02
Wow. I really enjoyed that. Sound would be nice, and I had no idea in hell what they were saying, but still. Loved it.

paul72002 2010.10.30
weird, needs translated might make more sense

write2varun 2010.10.30
didn`t understand a thing they were talking about

Hardheart 2010.10.29
Great animation. too bad there is not an English version

DoubleShadow 2010.10.26
great like all mizuki games ;)
but couldn`t you play some musics to it -.-

TsukikoMumai 2010.10.24
wow i didnt expect this lol
i wish i took more japanese classes so i could understand that more XD

kabuto 2010.10.22
It`s not just hot, its HOT!!
Very nice graphics, I hope I`ll find more games about the main heroine

Bloodfenris 2010.10.21
Good game wish it was in english though

awesome-o 2010.10.21
this is a pretty cool game no english though

deus 2010.10.18
very nice game but it`d be nice to be english

RoninX76 2010.10.18
Meh...seen better...no sound, plus no english subtitles.

sexxatron5 2010.10.16
funny and sexy game, nice ^^

dartshooter180 2010.10.14
diva is beautiful great graphics and gameplay

karthik 2010.10.13
wow its a nice video... loooks so hot....

Dade_zero 2010.10.11
love the animations in these games - plus her boobs are AMAZING!

kevbar91 2010.10.09
Boobs = great game. Wish I could understand what they were saying though.

bubba74 2010.10.08
to bad its not in english

Super69natural 2010.10.06
sorry but that gami is just some good pictures and no game at all

stinky4219 2010.10.04
Not at all impressed. The way oversized boobs do nothing for me,nor the thunder thighs. The biggest let down is, no sound and it`s in Japanese therefore I don`t even know what`s going on besidedes clicking "next".

shasha84 2010.09.30
graphic was nice....fun to play....the boobs is the best...

rovanerns 2010.09.24
The drawings are very good, good girls, but the interactivity is nil.

johnny6000 2010.09.20
the games is ok to play but no sound

Kitty69 2010.09.19
Great animation art and overall good but shoul have subs.

puredemon 2010.09.15
didn`t understand a word, but enttertaining either way. :)

pius 2010.09.14
no english subtitles? not a game more like a hentay

tekuteku18 2010.09.13
that was a good toon but not the best

krakky 2010.09.12
the game contains tranny scenes!

pornstar1 2010.09.07
It`s in japanese.But who cares see the boobs is a pleasurement for guys.

Nimrod 2010.09.02
Don`t mind the story book but wish I knew Japanese so I knew what was being said. Need an english version please.

Blad 2010.09.02
Great game! But translation and sound needed!!

Da Beard 2010.09.01
There was too much going on and it was all in a different language.

o0ochillouto0o 2010.08.30
a translation would be nice

T M 2010.08.28
interesting, but with no translation, kind of useless.

Ministerio 2010.08.28
Jajajaja such a huge boobs but my demand its the language and the short of the plot

guerman2008 2010.08.27
well, good for people who like ginourmous unaturally large breasts

CURIOUSMPH 2010.08.26
Not much of a game, but the video wasn`t bad, just had no clue what was being said

fersure 2010.08.24
if you like this game you`ll like Diva mizuki hawaiian, in my opinion its better

fersure 2010.08.24
hot game, awesome graphics, but just clicking.

Doctorwright 2010.08.24
All I can say: oh sheesh yall, twas a dream. A wet one.

gomnek 2010.08.20
it`s not a game but i love big boobs

mrfkker 2010.08.20
i wish i could actually understand it... but pretty hot

noid196 2010.08.16
love this type of game good graphics

Leingod 2010.08.16
Jesus, their tits are at least 3 times bigger than their heads... and I really wish I hadn`t slacked off so much when I took Japanese, I can`t read much of it...

Morbat 2010.08.12
Love this type of games and the graphics are amazing.

bubba89 2010.08.11
I wish I knew what it was saying but great animation.

RivKrey 2010.08.10
Japanese...why? Aside from that, pretty entertaining.

LvLuPTrAsHeR 2010.08.10
I liked it but its on Japanese or something but still a good game

bambamjimmyjam 2010.08.08
really good animations, and you got to love those massive boobs haha

Ricochet 2010.08.06
No sound?... not cool. Got bored though, more like a movie with a new button no?

andy557 2010.08.02
Downside to this is that there is no real game decision, more of another animated flash. Would be nice to have sound, and have text in English instead of Japanese. Great artwork and quality. I guess you cant have everything...

kreissack 2010.08.02
Lord, what I would give to have some sound on this, hehe.

Caine1379 2010.07.31
thats not a game its a comic with a next button

crocker 2010.07.28
diva mizuke rules!!find more adventures please!!

bruteoger 2010.07.27
Not much of a game, but the video wasn`t bad, just had no clue what was being said.

canadian 2010.07.26
good game, but kind of boring and long, takes a while to get to anything good

Cody0330 2010.07.26
very good anamation but its really to bad that the you cant tell what they are saying cause of the laun.

mammothcock 2010.07.26
AWESOME GAME! if there had been sound it would`ve been a masterpiece!

videoboy95 2010.07.25
this has a lot of action in it

UneducatedGenius 2010.07.25
It`s a great game, but english subs and sound would make it fantastic.

CrazedJedi 2010.07.25
Definitely wish for sound.

slytdavis 2010.07.23
the game is ruines by the japanese

linko 2010.07.16
ok game but too big of boobs

davj5 2010.07.16
Very hot girl the only problem is the script its in chinese.

drfucker 2010.07.14
mitzuki is so hot and the game is so easy

moscow10 2010.07.14
it would have been better had I been able to read it, but he action was amazing.

RustyDoober 2010.07.13
no sound and no translation make this hard to enjoy love the big boobs though

Dopamine 2010.07.12
Good one. Still it could be better with sound.

Baddibu 2010.07.11
damn this is a good hentai but japanese -.-

boobooA 2010.07.08
i´m a boob lover :x i love diva mizuki games

jeep44 2010.07.06
audio would greatly improve the game, some differnt scenes though

Law 2010.07.04
breasts, sex, the big breasts, girl with dick, what the hell is that?

omgitskz 2010.06.28
NO SOUND everything else is good would be better with sound

Zippo 2010.06.28
Its a good cartoon its only unfortunate that it in Japanese and has no sond :(

scannatore 2010.06.27
It`s a sort of cartoon, a shame there isn`t the audio...

mr90 2010.06.26
this game is funny and i like it cause you can see henta sex and have nothing to do!

Dacredo 2010.06.23
it was a good game...unusual and unrealistic...but i loved it. Wish it was in English though

cabeza 2010.06.22
i wish this was a game but its movie secound best thing right...

alacore 2010.06.22
It is a movie not a game thjats messed

PPSHA3 2010.06.17
I guess games with Diva cannot be bad,at least i didn`t see them.Excellent.

Necron 2010.06.17
it is not a game this is a movie

taco123 2010.06.10
Bad game. Its out of proportion

Knightmare92 2010.06.09
This ius an excellent animation. the drawing time put into this must have been huge

Jb101093 2010.06.06
Hot wish I could understand it though also what size are those things?

gr8egul 2010.06.05
when is the english translation due?

sex92 2010.06.02
wow nice game .. get me a hard on ...

wahooman48 2010.05.31
A little freakish there heads are so small

loba86 2010.05.29
ohhh god is hot and horny

ArchAngel227 2010.05.29
Really hott, wish it was in english

gliph13 2010.05.22
this game would gave even the most gayest man a hard on

mantis84 2010.05.21
it`s not much of a game, its a flash story

Apac20 2010.05.13
i love this game so much..!
more oft hem would be like heaven :D
lesson of passion are simply the Great, hell yeah!!

zachsoccer18 2010.05.10
with tits that big, no one needs it to be in english

rockador 2010.05.10
not really much of a game, but who doesn`t love huge boobs?

romeo01 2010.05.08
good video,nice graphics but I don"t undestend Japanese

joshuabean12 2010.05.04
dont waste your time not worth it

uknowuwantit 2010.05.03
wow idek what to say about this its just crazy

jarret 2010.05.03
The animations are superb and though I didn`t understand half of it, the graphics urged me on. All in all, a great simulation. Someone should make a translation of these things!

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Good quality, but no sound...For bigs boobs lover.

wpowder 2010.05.01
Good graphics, would be better with translations.

boinky 2010.04.29
No sound, no translation and the girls are not that pretty (although they have huge breasts). Missed opportunity

wierdninja 2010.04.28
i really wish there were translations

dlcoyne 2010.04.28
bit odd, no translation, and nothing to do on it

lovely g 2010.04.28
it saxy
it will be nice if we have translation

Hevygunner 2010.04.27
Diva mizuki is so hot. I love these game

wlwlvr 2010.04.27
Diva Mizuki is so hot! No sound and all in Japanese are downsides, but still worth it.

skill50 2010.04.20
The sound doesn`t work, art is good if you like big boob

nicnac2088 2010.04.19
Diva games are always good

Haggis 2010.04.12
quite a hot game, shame its in Japanese, and why no sound?

1911 2010.04.06
just hot N Nasty...quick easy ply, fair grafix

cockpit1 2010.04.03
too bad I`m not into the japanese language at all. maybe then it would have made sense...

Hotfly 2010.04.02
Is there anything to do but clicking next. And watch tits that could be the ones of a brontosaurus-pussy?

Johnny811 2010.03.31
didn`t like it because it was not in English and those tits are just way to big.

darkdutchman 2010.03.31
great animation, shame there was no sound though...

Balmoth 2010.03.29
wow diva mizuki... I just love this animations. and this one has a big boobed futa. best only if it was in english

Eclissi24 2010.03.26
good game, wish there was some sound, too bad it wasn`t interactive

eralph67 2010.03.26
The game is no game as there is no personal participation ofther than turning the pages. should be billed as a storyu.

yiplash 2010.03.24
I would have liked to take more part in this game

monfan1 2010.03.23
really nice but maybe could do with a little sound and interactivity and maybe translateing but otherwise its really good

mikel777 2010.03.23
es buenisimo , no se que tiene este juego pero me encanta

seducer 2010.03.22
short movie but nice graphics

mavrie 2010.03.21
its a short game never really been into the whole massive boob thing tho

marruecos 2010.03.20
me gusto la animacion es grasiosa bajaria otra

Fuckgamer 2010.03.18
I wish I could have that much fun

Menfu 2010.03.18
A really fucking hot game

zack5500 2010.03.15
its kind of fun watching the game and its quiet short

gunyou9 2010.03.12
man, this is really fucking hot

toby33 2010.03.06
Very cartoonish... more cartoon than game. And some shemale feutures, which i kinda disliked.

lucky84 2010.03.05
omg those girl got very very big tits :)

axeltusen 2010.03.05
i hoped it would be in english but its still fun and sexy

ajhalo 2010.03.04
great game some great scenes mega boobs galore lets have some more of this please

Old_gray 2010.02.22
can you imagine if all these huge racked girls formed a group who just went around screwing random guys in different situations

Old_gray 2010.02.22
her racck is soooooooooooooo massive, it`s must be like you`ve died and gone to heaven!!

BeatScale 2010.02.14
The only way this could get any better would be with english translations. Much as I love breasts, ass, and pussy, I like to follow the storyline as well (as useless as it is).

thomc 2010.02.14
Fuck no stop this, I didn`t even want to play to the end. And the japanese text didn`t make it much better

jimmyod1 2010.02.14
fucking top notch arooooo

Big Stew 2010.02.12
ok but sound would make it better

nahlej2000 2010.02.08
hahaha, did that chick grow a dick because of the full moon? I don`t understand the japanese...

stan631 2010.02.06
didn`t understand anything :)
animations were still great

liverpool 2010.02.05
nice comics with beautiful girls.
it was a better game if there was sound

Wandere001 2010.02.04
Nice animation, English subtitles would be nice.

omuh 2010.02.03
Nice animation (not a game as you just click "next" to see the story). Too bad there`s no sound and no translation for the japanese texts.

alikashif06 2010.02.03
hmm interesting game. though 2d graphics were intriguing, perfer the more 3d type

gabu 2010.02.02
breasts, sex, the big breasts, girl with dick, what the hell is that?

hellsvail 2010.01.30
Awesome movie, could use some sound and an english translation

angermanagement 2010.01.29
If only I could understand Japanese, besides their enjoyment of oversized breasts: That I understand

SevereArc 2010.01.26
Awesome movie, could use some sound and an english translation. Maybe it could have been an interactive movie with some alternate endings would`ve been cool.

knightnight 2010.01.25
Good animation, but unfortunately the game is in japanese.

ogueta 2010.01.25
i do not understand japanese, but it semms a great game

usherxz5 2010.01.25
omg! big boobs+mizuki ( love her ^^)+dickgirl = great game! that`s what i really love! meanwhile, the interaction is quite zero and the language is chinese (or japanese?). that`s a big problem. Mark: 8

Al 2010.01.13
can`t understand japanese but the story seems interesting

cypruslt 2010.01.11
Its painted very beautifully and overall game is pretty fun, but I don`t like over sized boobs and dickgirls :/ c(; ^^

yamomlikeme 2010.01.01
I WISH I WAS THIS KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

Cochise 2010.01.01
Futa caught me by surprise... these games look good, hope they make more in english.

nintendofilo 2009.12.21
Amazing graaphics and design, and im sure if i could understand japanese id love th eplot, wish i could see it in english, otherwise, amazing game

Nexys 2009.12.21
sorry it`s a bit too much fore me and i don`t understand any of it "japanese"

Primo 2009.12.12
Like i said before i like this games, but the only thing i hated is were that other hot girl gets a mans log i didn`t like that part, but the rest is great.

sierra 2009.12.09
Diva Mizuki Hawaiian is the much better game. Diva mizuki looks hot, but the grafix seems to be old und its definetly the wrong language.

alocmey 2009.12.04
Weird animation...big tits, girl with a cock...damn

johan 2009.11.20
not a game just a sex animation

Xyzzy 2009.11.20
Not really a game....no interaction.....just a pretty bad flash show in a language I don`t understand.

heerokazuma 2009.11.19
lol love it all love it expecially wen the girl is a trans in the end lol shockin

hozer 2009.11.18
Great Tits sounds would be nice wish there was an english version

eveready077 2009.11.16
not too bad i liked the pussy shots and it was a suprize to find out that one girl has a dick

SmexyBenny 2009.11.13
This game have some very nice sex animations, i like the character design and graphics in this one.

coldice 2009.11.13
nice tits and pussy shots

joker 2009.11.12
her tits are too big but the story is pretty good

NOOBSAUR 2009.11.07
Better if translated, I wish I was that guy, except screwing the girl with the dick.... that was gross, and weird

Noppamise 2009.11.07
Should have been in english :/

crazyboner99 2009.11.07
woahh that was great, would b better if there was sound tho

powpow 2009.11.07
nice game beautiful girls and wow massive tits

zap316 2009.11.07
Way to big haha those things would kill someone haha

yk zuvr 2009.11.06
nice animation but it would be better if it was in english

bondagebob 2009.11.03
wish it was in english, but overall it was ok

justin fancher 22 2009.11.03
this game is 9010 greatest game

b3d0w 2009.11.03
this is not a game, just a sequence of animations

Eliot Ness 2009.11.01
It seems nice, but japanese is too hard to understand...:S

mandrake 2009.10.31
good game can some one translate it please

demaisha 2009.10.29
cool game but y not in english

jaspion 2009.10.26
Hahaha, I love the big boobs, but i don`t understand japan... It`s lame...

weromont 2009.10.23
This not even play. On amateur.)

baggy_2 2009.10.17
needs an english translated version

kampfer 2009.10.15
Will be better if there is english subs for it.

slipknotbio 2009.10.15
i don`t understand japan leaguage :P

sigdelequa 2009.10.15
Woulda been better if the guy hadnt joined lol.

makchika 2009.10.13
i wish there was an actual translation

scarface 2009.10.12
it was a great game and did not lag at all

hawkinson12 2009.10.12
the lagrest boobs ever!
I wish i could fuck them!

dx61005 2009.10.12
it`s far extreme in style.

mnhc 2009.10.11
absolutely nuts...
it doesn`t make any sennse at all

marzb 2009.10.08
nice animation but it would be better if it was in english

bordeira 2009.10.07
nice game but i cant understand a thing and boobs are way too big

paoloz 2009.10.06
it`s more a video flash than a game ,but the graphics are boobylicius :)
bad that it`s in japanese

Ticon 2009.10.06
Nice babes and great action and a good story even tho it is foreign.

Balthazar 2009.10.04
Can`t understand Japanese, so it was very disappointing. Not worth it to just look at the action without knowing what is being said.

gothehellaway70 2009.10.03
Japanese text makes it unplayable in my opinion.

serryu 2009.09.30
wow her tits are too massive haha

cheese101 2009.09.27
cant read a word,only boobs(nice ones tho:P)
50/100(for the boobs)

zathos 2009.09.20
kinda lame be better if you could read the story

boyo111 2009.09.20
It`s ok for animation buut a click thru movie is not really the most challenging

halo 2009.09.18
fun 4 boobies

not really a game but click thr sequence

kdog 2009.09.17
love the animation of this game... but subtitle would be good

Trebuchet 2009.09.16
Not my cup of tea unfortunately.

Richman 2009.09.16
Nice Game, good graphics, runns smoth

keno85 2009.09.16
its a good game i belive it could be better translated, its funny, i ike the grapichs and the girls

drakpowers 2009.09.15
Maybe some categorizing would help, dickgirl, hardcore, uncensored, etc. Good little flash vid, I liked that it was uncensored.

cogi69 2009.09.15
not english, biiig boobs :D and actually no game, just NEXT...

bobsmith024 2009.09.15
Not really a game more interative story

nachtvlinder 2009.09.15
the breasts in those games are just too big

santa 2009.09.15
Needs an English translation! Liked the graphics.

BoinLover 2009.09.15
I like the Diva animations, but I do wish they would add english translations

zilver63 2009.09.15
I don`t know japanese, so I don`t understand the story of this, but the babes are hot, and the action is great.

Gawhana 2009.09.15
A good anime game if you like bakunyu and fuanari.

DMarshal17 2009.09.15
Not really much of a game but the gigantic boobs make up for it.

billy341 2009.09.15
translations are always good, this game needs it, still good visually tho, more huge breats please.

steen 2009.09.15
More of an interactive adventure than a game. Might be better if translated.

kurgos 2009.09.15
the game is not that good i have tryed others that are better

alxoom 2009.09.15
bad game i cant understand a thing and boobs are way too big

Cool Dave 2009.09.15
great video...but i need to read japanese the next time

goldenlight 2009.09.15
great animation . Love futa!!

arelav 2009.09.15
would be intersting to see that one translated some day lol, not my thing really for BOOB LOVERS

baddog 2009.09.15
Lack of english makes just a pretty graphic.

rick07 2009.09.15
more of a movie than a game but nice grafix

phinn242 2009.09.15
would be intersting to see that one translated some day lol, not my thing really

Huzzah 2009.09.15
Lot`s of smooching aha, I like the inhuman boobs, they look fun to motorboat

boontina 2009.09.15
big tits but no game

cheese101 2009.09.15
needs translation,good graphics tho:D

DSDN 2009.09.15
great tits, but it`s in japanese

jogi 2009.09.14
great tits, but not really a game

rfx104 2009.09.14
the art and animation were nice but it would be nice to have a translation.

Frayne 2009.09.14
Story may be funny, but without a translation....

colinjfrancis 2009.09.14
Maybe some translation would make this more enjoyable. Nice artwork though.

halped 2009.09.14
IMO this is not a game, just a sequence of animations.

rcnred 2009.09.14
I`m a breast man, myself, but ridiculously huge tits are not attractive, just gross. Plus, I don`t understand Japanese either, so I was just lost.

almeida67 2009.09.14
I am not a real boob lover, but animation is good

Jul 2009.09.14
Not bad,but I don`t understand Japanese!!

lasticot 2009.09.14
nice graphics but not much of interactivities.

Axel 2009.09.14
Interesting, even if slightly weird flash cartoon!

tomson 2009.09.14
too bad that you can`t do more than watch

ali 2009.09.14
Enormus boobs. A bit too much to handle.

jt101 2009.09.14
not really my kind of game, don`t understand and nothing to do

swi80 2009.09.14
Overall, a good video, okay animation, and great boobs!

Dude 2009.09.14
Haha... the boobs are just way too big for me.

Ikeristo 2009.09.14
looks nice. I`d love to have this translated

jaszczurek 2009.09.14
Must see for BOOB LOVERS. Not really a game, but interactive flash movie with absolutely amazing art quality and IMMENSE BOOBS. If you don??t know Japanese (I don??t) then just click and enjoy sexy animations.
+GFX quality
+character design

-it??s in Japanese

WARNING: some futanari (dickgirl) action!

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