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Dirty pictures


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Everton83 2017.09.30
This is a game very hard bit i like this

KaiserGrey 2017.08.19
nice..game... but too short !rn

1fucker 2017.08.10
awesome game as all of this type

mani-king 2017.07.11
it was not very good to enjoy

Tiodor 2017.06.30
Great graphics and very hot game. Girls is hot sexsy beautis. I love it

buckybadger 2017.03.31
I`m stuck on the part where you lick your fiancees pussy

BigDaddyDave 2017.03.05
Was an ok game....except having to focus on the clicking to interact during sex took away from the visual and the sex wasnt that greatly animated

kemode 2017.02.03
good game and fairly simple. Hot girls

D3VCHA0S 2017.01.03
The game is nice. Good graphics, easy control. I like it.

flush828 2016.12.19
The 1st game I encounter Alice~


kiran1984 2016.12.10
nice..game... but too short !

secretive 2016.12.04
unique plot,hot girl and very nice story

stach56 2016.08.02
Great storyline , not just casual sex ;)!
Awesome use of graphics and the alternative endings make these games great and add some replay value

zorrie 2016.06.26
Short and sweet...lovely ladies ..great sex

stach56 2016.06.08
Cool story and interesting scenes. Graphics me please no

cjlive11 2016.05.15
great game it was easy hot and fun

ewill 2016.01.16
Good game! Wish you could involve more characters but overall i liked it!

geezotto 2015.12.12
Well, it wasnt bad, but still those text lines are so similar for me, its hard to find which should be used :/

Scissors 2015.11.18
it`s actually kinda bored i guess

davecrow 2015.11.13
I liked the different controls, there could be more places in the story to get animated. Good story and great graphics to match.

112112321 2015.10.29
overall a nice game keep it up with the good work

mjarbejde 2015.10.27
One of my personal favorites ā?? might be time to become a photographer

androsjy 2015.09.23
Throughout so many years, this game still one of the very best...

DESOUSA 2015.09.04
super gameplay, sexy girls.Another great game

alanwake 2015.08.31
alice is irresistably beautiful, finished #5....

twotouch 2015.08.16
these games are always are great, good graphic`s nice game play.

Shepherd1945 2015.08.12
Great game. Only if the fiance part more brief will be better to me.

69devils69 2015.05.29
good graphics and gameplay ok, could be hotter, it was nice

Zeblast 2015.03.16
sexy girls, great storyline

lionfool1957 2015.02.27
super gameplay, sexy girls.

xslayermkdx 2015.01.23
nice game nice girls but gameplay little complicated pressing all the time

Felipe56 2015.01.08
Anyone knows another game that have the blonde girl?

nahid123 2015.01.06
nice girls and a short story !

pierrekahozi 2014.12.30
very nice games good graphics

Dzeko19 2014.12.28
good graphic and gameplay, it was nice

kunderground 2014.12.03
Good game, really hot, but also kinda easy

Petri33 2014.11.15
This is old and fantastic game!!

demhairynipples 2014.11.10
Not the best graphic on this site, still very good art!

pieffepi 2014.11.09
95% for Alicia and the story - 75% for the sex animations

blackpenman 2014.10.25
Really liked this one, Alice is so hot. But the fast clicking part was a little confusing at first, and I do not advise for it to be used in other games.

bitch slut200 2014.10.11
loved it thank you playforceone!

Iva_bigun_12 2014.09.20
Great graphics very hot game loved it

xanderke123 2014.09.20
nice graphics but not my favorite

PG99 2014.08.30
nice game good graphics

pseeker1234 2014.08.11
awesome game with great graphics. Alice is the HOTTEST. anyone know where i can find her?

Kvasir 2014.07.25
Alice is beautiful very enjoyable to play.

FastE 2014.07.22
Amazing Graphics. The fast clicking was a bit confusing at first.

morpeus 2014.07.16
Great game good story line.

bitz94 2014.07.12
A Well developed game. Nice graphics as well as the story. Good job.

yannos34 2014.07.07
ending 2 not so bad wish I been more careful

4lbert 2014.06.03
so amazing game.i like it

dxd_xl_snh 2014.05.28
good game, good graphics, good story but a little short

BverComander 2014.05.13
great game.... good graphics

fred222233 2014.04.24
I enjoyed the story line, but I don`t like having to click a bunch to do stuff.

fred222233 2014.04.24
I really enjoyed the graphics. I like the mechanic where you move your back and forth to stimulate the charactrers

TroyLancea 2014.04.23
wow hot girls great game

GUAHRI 2014.04.17
very much enjoyable game in my life, funny

GUAHRI 2014.04.17
No other game can compete this game, i like it

GUAHRI 2014.04.17
It is very much enjoyable game i have played

GUAHRI 2014.04.17
The most enjoying game i have ever played. every girl is beatiful

GUAHRI 2014.04.17
very funny and amazing game it is

GUAHRI 2014.04.17
Extremely enjoyable game.

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
very good plot and game - could do with better animation in the sex scenes though

elishacuthbert 2014.03.27
got endings 2,3 & 4

Still trying to figure out how to get 1 & 5

rand181 2014.03.25
This game is really cool. I like the graphics a lot.

adhex1 2014.03.15
any one knows how to pass the game

adhex1 2014.03.15
love the image and the sexy girls but any one would

probolle 2014.03.14
Love the interactions :) you need to smartly pick the right answer to meet your destination ;-)

snowblinder09 2014.03.02
the graphic`s are great in this game

jmcdonnell992 2014.02.28
oh- man this game rocked

littlecletus 2014.02.19
sweet game lots of fun to play

duke51 2014.01.24
Really very interesting story about typical Latin lover in photostudio, hahaha.
Good graphics, music NOT. Alice quite normal girl with some problems.
Now trying to reach scene on the roof. Thx for the game

asinble 2014.01.06
i hope that i have one like this hottie in my live

ReFLeXGoD 2013.12.27
Its hard to get to have fun with the first girl but in the end i got there and it was worth it :D

tintin2013 2013.11.18
ALICE makes me sooo horny, I wish there were more sex scenes with her, she`s just tooo hottt!!

TakeshiKawa 2013.11.17
it was hard to click the way through the desire point, but i handled it...

wdelement1 2013.11.10
the girls look great and game is fun.

serge74 2013.11.07
i liked it, nice work done. Thanks

JoeJoe2031 2013.11.05
Kind of hard but in the end it is worth it.

asdewq85 2013.11.03
the girls look great and game play is fun.

thewiz101 2013.10.25
Verry hot game! Nice graphics!

rajsith 2013.09.30
very hot game like a sexy girl

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

raytang 2013.09.15
great game, alice is so hot, i got almost all the endings.

daka007 2013.09.15
one of the best game! i think this is great idea with a photo

tattoosunny 2013.09.07
this game is a top 5 game, alice the cute girl

boom123 2013.09.07
supper fun and sexy great graphics

blackshaddow 2013.08.30
Nice game love the graphics, a little short, Would be nice to see Alice in another game.

Jokke 2013.08.28
One of the best games in PF One,with very good graphics and a couple very hot girls ! Highly recomended !!!

mahebass89 2013.08.25
sexy hot game................................

hornyboy501 2013.08.24
AMAZIN`! I love this game. It is SO clear what to do!

noogad 2013.08.09
becomes very repetitive quick

Sam2013 2013.08.07
not sure. graphics ok. but story a bit lacking

Magic Knight 2013.07.21
Good game with very nice graphics.

mark0929 2013.07.20
woah... why i cant play the full version??

63ted 2013.07.02
Good graphics and options in photo shoot. Enjoyed different endings.

boobs917 2013.06.26
this game rocks and it is fun to play

jopstar3382 2013.06.15
this game is one the best i ever played !

Thorgoden 2013.05.31
A nice game with good graphics.
A bit short, but nice options.

peoudarxis 2013.05.27
Good old games ... The first I player here !!!

timeline 2013.05.25
Awesome game, Nice graphics.

Xenno1 2013.05.23
Awesome graphics, I love it!

Boerovic 2013.05.17
Good length of the game and hot girls

deathdealer3 2013.05.15
I wanna fuck her so bad

Faouzi25 2013.05.13
very nice game, and very sexy ladies

marssalove 2013.05.08
alicilisa is so hot and she pretty

SExy guy555 2013.05.07

ghostterds 2013.05.06
nice game, i like how it ties into another game.

lucanvalerius 2013.05.06
Amazing game. great graphics on my favourites.

harryima 2013.05.05
aahh.. this game make me cum many times xx

gwazz 2013.05.02
good graphics didn think much of the sex scenes

sammyd89 2013.04.27
i am stuck at after the shoot pl help

mcjesus 2013.04.26
Not bad. The clicking in timing was a bit of a pain in the ass.

Thunderwrath 2013.04.22
Excellent graphics and gameplay.

madmax68 2013.04.21
Love Alice, she is sooooooooooooooo hot!!!

kovacsc 2013.04.14
one of the best games on here

mglover 2013.04.04
one of the best games on here though

mglover 2013.04.04
again a great game but way too short

brickfacebcbc 2013.04.01
this is a really nice grafic game

omeyko 2013.03.19
This is good :) I want more interesting one :D Suggest please

popcut 2013.03.11
i am stuck with lisa touching her body

JB0000010 2013.03.02
Great game, the clicking pace is an interesting feature, not quite sure if I like it or not. good story though

trist1 2013.02.27
good game, very enjoyable, nice graphics

JohnW123 2013.02.18
Awesome sex, awesome girls, awesome game

DarKnight2698 2013.02.07
Its a geat game and i loved when alice where posinfg nude cause dhe got some nice giggles

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.06
This game rocks. Hope they add on to it.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

ryanthlam 2013.01.26
its a good game the rhythm of the scenes are awesome and Alice is sure hot

vgvet 2013.01.23
good story. anybody know how i get to fuck alice though?

picture_fool 2013.01.22
As usual these guys know how to make a good erotic game, didn`t really care for the clicking pace thing though. Story wise I think it would of been nice if you could of had a bit more control over some of the conversations.

CB54 2013.01.10
Awesome sex, awesome girls, awesome game.

tito_me 2013.01.07
it is a so good game, i liked it`s idea so much

kotokkotok 2013.01.06
really really like love this game, the white one really hot and sexy i play it for more than 7 times and i`m not bored yet

DarKnight2698 2013.01.03
nice game and i loves the latina one

marek015 2012.12.28
Great game, nice graphics, really nice to unlock the endings

OW91 2012.12.27

wolfpredator855 2012.12.27
great game had good graphic and animation

Lynn11 2012.12.22
I would not kick Mark off my balcony...nice hands

jessie25 2012.12.16
i like this game so much. Nice action and great graphics

LoP123 2012.12.14
Amazing game, incredible graphic :)

irishmob 2012.12.06
the graphics are second t none, great game play too,

Act132 2012.11.29
A really fun game one of my favorites

sam786 2012.11.27
great game higly recomended

GORU 2012.11.23
good game, one of the best MnF games

NK240 2012.11.21
Cool game good graph. like it!

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


lancelotalbion 2012.11.16
alice is damn hot!! great game!!

James_1 2012.11.11
very nice, good story line

scrubby 2012.11.05
Nice game and good story line. Nice graphics and animations. Beautiful girls. i need more games like it .

f1rstt1mer 2012.11.01
kind of slow but not bad story

Seralinda 2012.10.29

hanibal194 2012.10.25
good game hot girls and good story too!!

Theosopher 2012.10.23
good. could be better if there are sound effects.

woody300 2012.10.22
Nice Game. A lot of interesting varieties. The photo sessions could be a little bit more delicate and includ more photo interactions. But very nice though.

chrischau12 2012.10.12
the graphics in this game is pretty nice

Dragoneyes 2012.10.09
Another one of my favorites. Great game play love the new slide control makes it so much easier.

wakoo 2012.10.02
nice game alice is too sexy and sensual

RowdyRod 2012.10.01
Great game, I loved the photo shoot.

yasharz 2012.09.29
This is an excellent game...


Luranor 2012.09.29
it`s a good game , nice sex story.

Boomrang 2012.09.25
Awesome game, Nice graphics. Animation could be better, but cool to.

erpoly 2012.09.22
game so great... graphic and music background so nice...love it

Jokke1 2012.09.16
A really hot game with very hot girls and very good graphics as usual _.)

p3dr03151 2012.09.14
great game, graphics are great.

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.09
Be a Photograph and shoot hot Photos with one of hottest Girls on this Site....I know, thats hard ;)))
Im in Love....

ricardo1422 2012.09.07
great game,very interesting :)

deadchick9182 2012.09.06
I enjoyed this game. It was nice to watch and play.

sexyfrank 2012.08.31
Great game, the game mechanics was one of the best so far.

pussyfucking 2012.08.31
best ,i really like this

pussyfucking 2012.08.31
best game,i will like it

hazephoenix 2012.08.30
Nice game, alot of interesting stuff, but lisa is quite random to barge in and ask for sex

LazarLazarevic 2012.08.30
one breathtaking game.... BEst there is

eliotk42 2012.08.30
Great game! I love the girls and the gameplay!

ryan94 2012.08.20
great game, was fun, got ending 4

sedrickduncan48 2012.08.18
Fun game. Hot graphics!!!

aidenko 2012.08.18
super game! greate characters

shadowabir 2012.08.13
great sex it made me want Alice

dhruboPassion 2012.08.12
Alice is soooo beautiful....In that bride`s dress...she was killing me...I wish i were diego

danman5372 2012.08.09
i really enjoyed this game, but they could have made it better with diego cheating lisa with alice, and lise walks in and it becomes a threesome

vince45 2012.08.05
alice is soo sexy wish i was in that game

teramorch 2012.08.05
best game I ever played man!!

ImrtlWolf 2012.07.29
I thouroughly enjoyed this game I wish I ha dmore time to get all the endings.

Deeek 2012.07.09
Very nice game. Lots of nice endings.

MorbidDark 2012.07.05
A good game overall. the graphics are really nice and the sex animations are pretty good as well, though the clicking gets a little repetitive.

stealthyotter 2012.07.01
pretty good game. short though

horyn1959 2012.06.29
he should have used a belt on lisa

Duragon31 2012.06.28
good game but kind of short

stefan88 2012.06.27
good game, beautiful girl

kyai 2012.06.25
Quite a nice story, but think it too short.
The image so far is good, but the control like playing games :)
Thx & G`Day

joseph1 2012.06.16
this game is pretty awesome

locosdeltodo 2012.06.15
nice graphics and gameplay i love it to

hemi 2012.06.15
nice game and want to play more n more

EROS_013 2012.06.09
... great game! I`m actually a retired photographer, & this is like reliving some of the good ol` days ...

chris_avril 2012.06.08
Nice game. It was a good expierence.

rainneil 2012.06.02
the interaction isn`t so great. it seems so numb

kurtrussell 2012.05.30
great fun. alot of sexiness

Roko95 2012.05.27
Really, really liked this one, great interaction

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.26
this is a really nice grafic game

frostbladez 2012.05.26
great game awesome graphics

ifuckyourmom7 2012.05.25
Very hot game. Graphics on point.

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Nice game and hot scenes, good grafic

ReinoGol 2012.05.20
Alice is super hot i like her....

missmarr 2012.05.16
The game seems a little short, but I love playing to get the different endings.

Gray Warden 2012.05.15
hot game like animation and graphics

solid123 2012.05.13
sexy girls
with big balls
i wish i could have fucked them

slyde2012 2012.05.10
Very good game, high quality and perfect girls... ! Not too easy, it`s one of my best game !

MummyLove 2012.05.09
Nice game, good story line, good game play

uzoma 2012.05.05
the graphics were awesome loved the pics more than the sex

DF12 2012.04.30
Nice Endings And Perfect Girls, Espiecially Alice. She`s Beautiful.

akuankka 2012.04.27
This is great!! More of these games

Dragon1337 2012.04.25
The girl you take the pictures of is very hot.

1179g 2012.04.24
The girls were good looking still playing for all the endings great game so far

sarkyr 2012.04.24
Sooo dirty, I love lisa`s breast :)

acdffdca 2012.04.23
good game. Alice very beautiful girl, thanks for LOP team for creating girl like like this style!

MrE81 2012.04.23
Nice game, Alice is HOT! But the sex scenes let it down a bit, end up concentrating on clicking insted of watching!

andreas_86 2012.04.22
very...very...very... sexy n hot game. i loved alice. she is perfect. pretty and sexy body. makes me horny... i`m waited for ANOTHER GAMES of ALICE. LOVE ALICE...

nmnmnm 2012.04.19
Good Answers:

1- Beach party
2- Costume
3- Vegan buffet
4- Juice
6- Arrange Sasha songs
7- Photo
8- Mother day
9- Bike
10- Paparazzi

CodeGlass 2012.04.18
Nice Game And Nice Graphic

fennersfenners 2012.04.18
Good game, came on a little strong in the end so got the alley ending.

xXzombiexeffectXx 2012.04.18
this game is amazing! i love the graphics

MONK117 2012.04.17
good game, hot models, nice gameplay

John G 2012.04.14
Great game-play but I still get stuck on some endings.

penmancubs2 2012.04.14
It`s great graphically and with story. love it`

Loric 2012.04.13
While the story was a bit predictable, the gameplay was decent and the endings were great.

ashy14 2012.04.10
Very good graphics all very realistic. The storyline is a bit predictable but it was a good game.

bigguyami 2012.04.05
I enjoyed the game...seems strange that you have to go through so much of it to get to various endings. The beginning is too repetitive. Hot girls, great animation, but not too big a fan of the gameplay to get to the end.

Carameltje 2012.04.04
this was a hot game really enjoyed it kinda difficult for me to get all endings

vtenshi 2012.04.03
I really like this game, and the latina is really beatiful, but i dont now how i can see the 5 final

ozzie123 2012.04.02
kinky game, circling and blowjob sometimes difficult to control but overall good

packerfan23 2012.03.27
I love being the one in control, this was it!

branex 2012.03.21
this games is really gud everyone must play

jjman44 2012.03.21
Excellent graphics, Im going to play again and get with alice ;)

chrono206 2012.03.20
cool game i like that it has so many different endings

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

glukos37 2012.03.17
nice game good graphic and it`s a story2

cvsharmaa 2012.03.16
love the girl in this game

cumshot 2012.03.11
this is a really nice grafic game

jimplayboy 2012.03.11
nice game good graphic and it`s a story2

Gnomon 2012.03.10
I loved the spanking scene! But why was the guy red? And many of the scenes were framed badly, cutting off the tops of their heads.

Synful 2012.03.09
great game,look forward to seeing the remaining ending`s

Bthrasher63 2012.03.07
I really Like this game and I feel the Character Alice is quite cute. Would love to see her in something else or maybe even a part 2 to this game.

luga141 2012.03.07
Nice game, very good graphics and most important it has a story.2

talibum 2012.03.06
Girl was super hot. need more black women in these games. clicking at the end was lame though

ohnib 2012.03.05
good game and good story

nick4jhon 2012.03.05
Graphics are good but story line is small. But overall its good.

John G 2012.03.05
Still having trouble getting ALL the endings.

unlimited 2012.03.04
great sex game but what a tragady by ending 3

kaig 2012.03.04
the model was just too perfect

batonage 2012.03.03
great game, except the timing bar means you can`t watch the action

batonage 2012.03.02
great game, trying again straight away!

nanogame 2012.03.01
Honestly 10/10 very good graphics good storyline it flowed

Kapacb 2012.02.29
great game!
And Alice..
Gust WOW!

MEL84 2012.02.24
A good game with an enjoyable storyline.

markusin 2012.02.23
got 2 endings... think that lisa is hotter then alice :D

John G 2012.02.23
Still quite challenging to get all of the endings.

feetboyghi2092 2012.02.22
for the circle part you have to go around the circle at first i thout you had to either circle the mouse inside or out side the circle but it has to be on the line and don`t click

babysexy 2012.02.21
nice game with a nice ending. i like to play for 5 times

shutyourtrap 2012.02.19
Many are stuck in the circle the answer is follow the mouse around the circle.

xScarl3tSpid3rx 2012.02.15
nice game and very fun and great graphics

Sventrax 2012.02.13
Nice game, but how you work with the circle?

rot 2012.02.10
I`m stuck in the scene where he`s eating her and there`s a white circle around his head. How do I get past this. I can`t seem to get her passion up.

dragonj 2012.02.08
Nice game, very sexy girl. liked it

njake874 2012.02.08
good game once again but maybe the scroll bars in the game can be wider for easy navigation

surip ketip 2012.02.06
Very nice. I like this kind of games.

sansantenna 2012.02.05
as good as could expect from lop...which is, always, pretty @$&% good :)

downonu99 2012.02.03
While challenging makes you come back and try over and over

Ralf1991 2012.02.02
nice graphics again, and the pace bar is a nice idea.

Hardinuk 2012.02.02
really enjoyed this game. love the graphics

bibitch 2012.02.01
Does anyone need any help? chat!

bibitch 2012.02.01
I love this game so much its really detailed :D

Medicine017 2012.01.30
Nice story, canĀ“t get to the 5th ending yet.

pyronidas 2012.01.30
If the tech for hologram is up i would use it for this holy-cow game!

oldnewguy 2012.01.28
Very good game and graphics. I especially like the story line of this one Leonizer.

coooool 2012.01.28
This game is the best and far better than the new ALICE. It makes me hard everytime I play. Hopefully there will be more of Alice with new affair stories . may be with the plumber or the auto mechanic to give some ideas. Please make a new one leonizer

John G 2012.01.28
Finally got the ending that I was missing. . .worth the effort.

zabionicsis 2012.01.27
very nice game great pics as well.

John G 2012.01.25
Really like this game but am still having trouble getting all of the endings.

Andrew989 2012.01.21
This is an awesome and sexy game! I love it!

John G 2012.01.21
Love the game nut STILL haven`t gotten all endings yet.

Semnick 2012.01.21
Normal game, I don`t appreciate the history, but the graphics are good as usually.

fizzy67890 2012.01.18
These games are really hot...they make me cum buckets

xSnipingGloryx 2012.01.16
i love this game and all, but i cant figure out how to get to the roof. can sum1 help me?

genuineforce 2012.01.15
i love this game its sooooo sexy

lol7 2012.01.15
very nice gameplay love it

nobnob118 2012.01.14
Love the game but how do you finish it/

potterbhoy 2012.01.14
excellent game loved alice very hot

mikicostanza 2012.01.13
really hot game with hot girls

repoort 2012.01.10
Awesome game! realy like this foto taking idea... should have more games with that. would have liked a threesome ending. Lisa is smokin` ... but why can`t i fuck her ass after spanking her? The girl needs to be punished a bit more ;-)

Guillaume 2012.01.09
nice story, maybe a little short

heretoplay 2012.01.08
i did enjoy the pictures more than the sex

lenni61 2012.01.03
alice is a good girl i have good vibrations when i play the game

woensdag 2012.01.03
i think it is too long game

XezioX 2011.12.29
I really like this game, especially Alice...
but i dont like the second girl (Lisa)

faqana 2011.12.29
i think lisa`s better than alice

tonytiger 2011.12.28
Good game better than moonlust. The clicking for desire speed is a bit annoying though

adow_sha 2011.12.23
not a bad game but i don`t like the second girl

baxxy 2011.12.18
where you find this game?

duke#3 2011.12.15
great game first sex scene looks bad she dosent even ride you

grenadeboy05 2011.12.14
Alice, is amazing. All I can say, I wish it was a bit longer, and I wish that there was more interaction with her. Overall really good game, you should add a part 2

bsalover47 2011.12.13
awesome game luv to see the 2 girls get it on

sexrex77 2011.12.11
great game the images are incredible

John G 2011.12.10
STILL trying to get all of the endings.

baard2re 2011.12.10
Not a good game. dont like the way to click during sex.

John G 2011.12.08
I`m still having trouble getting all of the endings. I`m sure they`re worth the effort.

philipebody 2011.12.08
This is an awesome game i love the graphics

Chon11 2011.12.05
Very original concept - Flash is done to a high standard.

There was thought behind the `plot` as well - always appreciated.


vist 2011.12.01
quite game, but a bit strange story line.

mike97 2011.11.29
This game not so difficult,It could be better

JoaoSparky 2011.11.29
Good game, nice story, maybe a little short, excelent graphics

lizzie278 2011.11.26
the graphic for the games are good but need a little work.

Kalan 2011.11.26
Sex games are way too difficult

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

joe4444 2011.11.24
Cool game but kind of hard.

black id 2011.11.24
nice graphic and easy to play

thinlwin 2011.11.23
loading problem .but i think this game is good.

wycowby 2011.11.21
was just ok graphics good and girls good looking but same old story line

Draftee 2011.11.19
Sexy Pics! Love those titties!

Aryavan275 2011.11.17
This is great game... I like it very much...

HarSlan 2011.11.16
this is real fantastic game..!! Black girl very nice!

hickstorm 2011.11.16
really like the game, it has good grafical content

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.15
nice to play and easy ending good

justin_rhodes 2011.11.13
Cool concept. I liked it, dont` know if I`m up for playing through for all the endings.

masshi 2011.11.12
good game but more longer and more girl

S0rcy 2011.11.12
Nice game, very good graphics and most important it has a story.

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

marialynn 2011.11.10
good idea, but the sex scenes required so much work I couldnt enjoy it...

Dave Yelich 2011.11.10
Great game, I enjoyed her so much! D.

poppa 2011.11.08
Enjoy the photo shoot but that is just the beginning

tommo2085 2011.11.08
Ok that made me horny. Very sexy game.

Clugg 2011.11.06
I couldn`t really enjoy the sex scene while I was trying to keep the mouse on the bar or circle.

preto_nharro 2011.11.05
nice idea, but slopy sex scenes, we dont get to see much, instead we get ourselves paying attention to a bar and the clicking timing... about sex scenes, sharks lagoon is the most exciting way, lots of positions, exciting search for hotspots and we get to enjoy the sex scenes because we dont need to focus on something else...

luo0008 2011.11.05
great story with two excellent looking babes

T-Dawg 2011.11.04
Great graphics.. I still haven`t found the 1st ending..

iza 2011.11.04
It took me a while to get all the endings, but it is worth it :)

T-Dawg 2011.11.04
Great graphics and a great story line. I love the whole suduction theme.

bluedevilcindy 2011.11.02
this is a great game...I know Alice is a fictional person, but she is sexy hot...wish she was real...make more games with her.

Gustave 2011.10.31

Endings as follows (borrowed from prior comments with my additions):

1-caught by fiance in bar (once you get to the bar scene, pick all comments that "offend" Alice);
2-sex in the alley with stranger girl (when you give Alice the pictures on the street, say you like her, but then pick all the comments that "offend" Alice);
3-romance and Alice husband`s death - walkthrough from prior comments will get you this one:
The 1st session:
1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1

The 2nd session:
2, 2, 1, 1 or 2, 1

The next day, after you say that you like her:
1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2;

4-wedding and group sex (when you meet Alice on the street to give her the pictures, just walk away - don`t tell her you like her).
5-Happy ending with Alice (follow the walkthrough as shown for ending 3, except you do the 3rd session on the roof).

One of my favorite games on this site. Well done.

Everesto 2011.10.30
Amazing game! Love the girl inside the game !

jonygame 2011.10.28
this game eĀ?is crazy and exitant

jonygame 2011.10.28
it s a beautiful game and is much interesing

sionx7 2011.10.27
Other hot game it is cannot stop playing it

JOEMAGUIRE15 2011.10.27
really good game really sexy really hot

maverick1416 2011.10.26
how do you get the first ending

T-Dawg 2011.10.25
Does anyone know how to get to the 1st ending?

T-Dawg 2011.10.25
Okay found ending 5.. Not so great, but now its done.

T-Dawg 2011.10.25
Different approach, same ending... Trying again.

17mkauff 2011.10.22
This game is the greatest She should be a model.

Spiritogre 2011.10.21
loved this game. fantastic graphics an good story

fill ur hole 2011.10.19
very sexy girls good interactions overall not bad

drubie4 2011.10.18
nice game good plots sexy !

REIVAJ311 2011.10.18
Wow, Alice is amazing, love the photograph, and what better reward your beautiful body!

AngelStorm747 2011.10.18
Wow, very nice graphics! Congrats to the Art n Graphics, especially Alice looks so damn cute and smoking hot just wearing her casual outfit! Would like to see more of these kind op type!

kissingtigers 2011.10.16
i love lesson of passion games! they great me so horny! ;)

rb1610 2011.10.14
good game, so who would not work for photographer: D I like the blonde

timmyguns 2011.10.12
Great game! Makes me want to be a photographer.

Aragog64 2011.10.11
Good graphics. Nice game.

zerokilla666 2011.10.10
good game great graphics
really enjoyed secretary outfit

anton9100 2011.10.09
very good game love the graphics hot girls Took awhile to get it
Not too easy or too difficult. 9/10

labbe38 2011.10.09
allice is very sexy...nice game

nude23 2011.10.08
very very good game and graphics!!

TheCaptain 2011.10.08
Great game, graphics and storyline... Alice is very hot.

naughty pilot 2011.10.06
this game is the best ever, the girls are hot, and when they fuck it makes me jizz in my pants every time! Add some more interactions with the girls and this game would be complete!

lila9102 2011.10.02
This was a sexy game, It made me excited

bluejedi41 2011.10.02
Great looking girls and graphics.

Maikelvr 2011.10.02
Great angles on the photo shoot. Took awhile to get to bar scene.
Not too easy or too difficult. 9/10

Sexy Lesbians 2011.10.01
This stroy line and sex scenes weren`t great. As for sex with his gf, I wish there was an option to skip it.

akakabooto 2011.09.30
Alice is so freaking hot, i absolutely love this story. :)

slim_fighter 2011.09.29
Alice is hot, cool game though

herhorniness 2011.09.26
damn, this game is sexier than i thought

Seyenne 2011.09.24
Hot looking girl, beautiful enviroments an deep story. A really GREAT game.

DreamTim 2011.09.21
Pretty nice game. one more like this please

joejoe666 2011.09.19
good game. alice is hot stuff

UnstoppableBoy92 2011.09.14
Those girls are sure real hot!

Danos1975 2011.09.13
Fun little choose your own adventure came. The clicking during sex and hand rubbing are boring though.

Lots of endings and Alice is hot.

Pedrodelacrosa 2011.09.12
Alice is my girl :) so beauty, but not beast.

fritzbruiser 2011.09.12
Alice is the hottest girl on this whole website! More of her!

B_random87 2011.09.11
great story and high quality was happy with minimum glitches or bugs

lrdraptor 2011.09.11
Nice game. Alice is such a babe. I agree with the people who feel they have to labor through the sex scene with Lisa. You should have the option of ditching her and going right to see Alice.

maverick23 2011.09.11
it is a very beautifull game

ankit0710 2011.09.10
amazing absolutely amazing storyline....

ankit0710 2011.09.10
dirty dirty dirty....... truly amazing..... beautiful and sexy characters

Acmeth 2011.09.10
graphic are good but the motion seques need a bit qorking does not explain good and well some people get confussed beside the whole motion thing does not help the free hand motion XD

Richard123456 2011.09.07
Outstanding game and Nice graphics.

juan_887 2011.09.07
Good game, although my ending was a bit tragic.

medar 2011.09.06
good graphics n gameply , realyy enjoyable

hanger 2011.09.05
great game....................excelent ending

elishacuthbert 2011.09.04
Pros : Another good game, Like Alice
Cons : I just hate to go through fucking Lisa. For some reason I hate her.
In the first sex scene b/w Alice & Diego @ her apartment. I don`t see the diego`s cock moving into her. Now, That`s unrealistic. Whoever made this game; Maybe they could add more variables to the storyline. Coz i spend fucking hours playing this game.
Thx againg for this good game.

lagom 2011.09.04
hm the ending is something..weird. but nice game again!

appleninja24 2011.09.03
Alice IS sensual. Hope to see more of her. I didn`t like how the guy looks like a peeling tomato, but great game

tammino999 2011.09.02
Great game; wish Alice to appear again in other games; She`s hot!!

barney_61 2011.09.01
i think the best game ever after jordan500

Zus 2011.08.28
this game is definitly in my top 5, hottest girl on site

Derrien 2011.08.27
very good graphics just wish i had sound. oh and maybe show the intercourse more

House 2011.08.26
great game, nice story ( interesting ), awesome graphics and very hot ladies...

hotcharm 2011.08.25
Nice Game with good quality, and an awesome babe!

Musterknabe 2011.08.25
Really good animation, liked the photo-thing. But it kinda disturbed me that only ONE answer in the end fucked up the while situation... I would have loved to be with Alice ^^

FlorianX 2011.08.22
great game with sexy girls

baleine 2011.08.21
Nice story, cute girl, lovely graphics, but quite difficult to control !

bongobongo 2011.08.21
nice story and girls, awesome graphics but the controls are sometimes anoying

kapo 2011.08.20
this game is great!!! well done to a creator!!!

benmccallion1234 2011.08.19
best game ever , good graphic and very good animation

Exectutioner 2011.08.19
I dont get ending 3 i would appreciate if you would atleast say how he commits suicide

kraziezie 2011.08.18
very nice game. good story and gameplay style.

adamj32293 2011.08.18
alice is so sexy. It`s challenging to unlock all the endings

PussyLickingBitch 2011.08.17
Awesome game, kinda short, but good graphics and story line
There should be a threesome option

kkuubb 2011.08.16
Good graphix. really short though

cocopops268 2011.08.15
this game was excellent, hope you publish more games like these.

pasat 2011.08.15
great graphics and scenes, keep up the work

John G 2011.08.14
Challenging game to discover all 5 endings. Worth the play-time.

Maniac018 2011.08.12
Alice look so hot - great game .

Hong Gil Dong 2011.08.08
It is one of my favorite games. The woman`s so beautiful and the story`s wonderful!

hardcorepov 2011.08.07
The game is good except I do not like the endings.

Leifwar 2011.08.06
Alice is hot but other girl didn`t look right.

John G 2011.08.04
Still trying to get all of the endings.

liggumz 2011.08.02
Good graphix. really short though

asmodi 2011.08.01
great graphics and scenes, keep up the work

mc3991 2011.08.01
I`d love to see more of Alice. Rivalling Cloe from Passion One as the hottest girl out of all the games on this site

MrChance 2011.08.01
Not sure what to do to get the meter to top out when screwing the girlfriend. Alice is hotter anyway.

Jimithepest 2011.07.31
i Like how you can control and influence the endind. only played once though. still want to find more ending =)

shiv07 2011.07.30
nice story and a good gameplay...alice is hot as well..however, it quite short...nonetheless, a game worth playing..

Mr.Go 2011.07.29
I wish there was some more vaariety; Nontheless it was a great game

coooool 2011.07.28
the best game of the site by far and without any doubt.i jerked off thousands of times just to see ALICE getting naked slowly on the photoshoot. PLEASE make more games with ALICE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. she is the hottest of all the girls in LOP.

Maniac018 2011.07.28
great graphics and great story, i like me :)

NeRo826 2011.07.26
really cool game great sex
but i need to see more flesh

piratul22 2011.07.26
i love this game....good graphics

josh11 2011.07.25
Love the graphics and the innocent girl with the dirty pictures!

madquest 2011.07.25
Hot girlfriend and very titilating opportunities with the `innocent` model!

charles2 2011.07.25
I Like The Way You Have To Guess the right answer

veselqku 2011.07.23
Too short, but good game !

elo77 2011.07.21
belles et exitantes images

korkor22334 2011.07.21

photu 2011.07.20

avantissimo 2011.07.19
Not bad, a little too short

donlamor 2011.07.16
I liked the different controls, there could be more places in the story to get animated

genocidefire 2011.07.15
Good game with an interesting meter system.

ecchi888 2011.07.15
The photo session was fun

79_Frank 2011.07.15
i love that game so much .... i canĀ“t get enough

jackpot 2011.07.15
liked it a lot . great story

saumus 2011.07.14
nice game, want more games like this one

benz609 2011.07.14
Nice game, great graphics, getting 5 endings not that easy ;)

ak_is_pro 2011.07.13
Goof graphics and alrite story line but is a bit short but still a solid game

glopglop 2011.07.12
very short game but original

C.C. 2011.07.12
A threesome would be great.

pelbeaton 2011.07.10
Hello someone can help me? I am stuck when he is fucking Lisa. How do you mantain the pace, because I cant get the bar to get to the top. Any help will be appreciated.



thorin4 2011.07.07
Good game, looking forward for more Alice :)

jojofish 2011.07.06
I really get amused in this game , the graphic was so nice ,even though it was a bit hard , but it`s great ! Hope new more games like this will be posted :D

TooN0ble 2011.07.06
Needs more outfits and more story.

africame15 2011.07.06
prefer alice to lisa also who knows how to get second ending

africame15 2011.07.06
would be better with a threesome

benlou52 2011.07.05
it verrt short but great graphic

PF1Fan 2011.07.04
Alice is very sweet. I`d like a threesome ending, too

horst666 2011.07.04
Nice game, good story, we need more of alice. she should take part an another game.

yes2skin 2011.07.01
no treesome, no scandall with the photos, no more suits.
just sugestions. but its very nice

indierockers 2011.06.30
Awesome Game and Storyline... Graphics are good, very Erotic

indierockers 2011.06.30
Awesome Game and Simple Gameplay

PhilG92 2011.06.30
the crazy latino bitch is the best

sisange88 2011.06.30
very sexy game, not boring for this

Duilow 2011.06.29
Sad how the story was short :p animations still good tho :]

John G 2011.06.28
Trying once again to get the rest of the endings. Always entertaining!

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
I love Kelly`s ending, so hot.

cypisek1233 2011.06.25
It`s the best adventure game on this site for me. I`ve played it dosens of times just for one moment: when Alice pull down her panties on the photosession. I love, when shy girls go wild on photosessions or on stripping contest in clubs. Maybe you can make more games with such stories?

John G 2011.06.24
Why is it that Diego only spanks Lisa`s right butt cheek?

John G 2011.06.24
It would be thrilling to see all three of them get together.

aniceguy22 2011.06.23
game was erotic and i enjoyed it

Zenturio 2011.06.23
Loved the Picuturemaking Part :) Nice game.

John G 2011.06.22
Still haven`t got Diego to get with Alice. Drat!

dirkyboy 2011.06.21
Making the pictures was awesome! I really liked it

auldgit 2011.06.18
Starts good then goes downhill very fast !!! The interaction with moving the mouse looks like it was designed by a 6 month old chimpanzee !!!!

Only the photo session makes this game even worth trying !!!

LordAsgarath 2011.06.18
Both girls were fun to watch the sex with. A great game to play.

alsen_99 2011.06.18
this game is great good graphic

dsvallance 2011.06.18
Amazing game, I can`t get enough of it

just-1 2011.06.16
the chicks are very hot !

bubi 2011.06.16
nice story and good graphics :D
I like this game

zidd89 2011.06.16
Nice game, very good graphics and most important it has a story.

eburne 2011.06.16
Great graphics, very sexy throughout the entire time.
The `Spicy Latino Chick` stereotype was hilarious.

Fabz7 2011.06.15
nice graphics and cool story

sonu$777 2011.06.15
sexy game loved playing it nice graphics

Dakeshi 2011.06.14
Really good game, a bit short though.

quinn201215 2011.06.14
To short but great graphics.

shinjisan 2011.06.14
good game but kind of short

Sixxico 2011.06.14
loved the game, as amy is so hot

sincubus 2011.06.13
Another great game from LOP. Not very easy not very difficult, with greath graphics, cool story and fun sex.

zucriy 2011.06.12
There really needs to be a quality control feature in these games.

Blackjack53 2011.06.12
nice game. great graphics

legongg 2011.06.11
best game everrr! i like it.

oakmax 2011.06.11
every photographers dream ;)

m4t0n 2011.06.10
hots girls makes this game superb

Ronalien 2011.06.08
The photo session with Alice is great if you do it right! Good graphics as usual!

Archiemendez 2011.06.07
This game has the hottest girl, do more with her

sexy monkey 2011.06.07
Alice is so hot i love her

Yve 2011.06.07
Hi guys... I`m new on this type of games... I already play 3 games, but in this one I can`t do something...
When diego performs oral sex on Lisa. What I have to do to increase lisa`s passion when diego does oral sex on her?
On me just appears his head, a white circle and his hands on his butt...
Please help I want to finished this game!!

Sorry my english, I`m not englis native

bensun 2011.06.07
taking photos is fun , and she is really hot

BallIdiot 2011.06.07
A near perfect game. Alice is gorgeous and the interactions are very engaging with the `desired pace`, circular motions and the touching of various body parts.

The biggest flaw was the animations in the sex scenes. They looked disconnected after such erotic photo shoots.

kaz12345 2011.06.06
loved the game, as amy is so hot

Lovee 2011.06.06
Love this game great graphics hopefully more to come

neeke91 2011.06.04
Great graphics and fun play through.

monokini 2011.06.04
this game is very good and detailed. i love it

11mmkv 2011.06.02
one of the best games so far

tia432 2011.06.02
this sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooool

EgyptianOsiris 2011.06.02
Need to reach some other endings before making a decision `bout this one...

jhiarey 2011.06.02
nice graphics and animation..great storyline and the story itself is good

Dracohorn 2011.06.02
nice game and love the seducing parts, i LOVE ALICE SHES SO HOT AND I JUST SIMPLY LOVE HER, SHE LOOKS LIKE KELLY! XD

grazman1980 2011.06.01
Good story and graphics! I was glad you could turn the music off

ravijme96 2011.05.31
Nice game ! I love it ! :D

bunnyrules2 2011.05.30
i really enjoyed this game.it has fantastic graphics.

olba 2011.05.30
Walkthrough - for those who can`t find the right answers

The 1st session:
1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1

The 2nd session:
2, 2, 1, 1 or 2, 1

The next day, after you say that you like her:
1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2

The answers in the bar are trivial.

pryce 2011.05.29
good interactions and very good ending

I loved the story line in this . I cant wait to see the other endings.

jackx23 2011.05.28
loved it super sexy alice was my fav

jackx23 2011.05.28
nice graphics and story line but short

jack08180 2011.05.27
Alice is sexy, the dialog was alittle cheasy though. It was hard to know what to say to her, but I like that if you got her super turned on your could get her to do more things. Wish the sex was hotter, she should do anal if she was super turned on by the latin guy

3 some would have been better!

redninja88 2011.05.26
This game is super hot. Great story and hot girl.

misse 2011.05.26
Exiting, if you like press your mouse button till it gets red, and if you are a bad "boy" you even get two ladies!
Nice game graphics and story ...

nonypa123 2011.05.25
it was fun but i wish it was longer and more erotic.

moromete2169 2011.05.24
Not bad game. nice story. but need more sex scene with Alice :)
Alice is very hot!

Pedro delacrosa 2011.05.24
Almost perfect game, but need more sex :)

C.C. 2011.05.23
Not bad. I`ll try for other endings before making a decision.

white 2011.05.22
wow..very good storyline

Sciakal 2011.05.22
End 5: Dating with Alice
End 4: Bride Lisa
End 3: Cheating relationship with Alice
End 2: ?
End 1: Lisa break relationship and Diego stay alone

emaznboy 2011.05.21
Fun game. Love the alternate endings. And some of those pictures were HOTTTT! :D

bakabon 2011.05.19
great looking girls, I`ll have to try for alternate endings

sprhr1 2011.05.19
The only reason I did 95 and not 100 was animation could have been a little better, though everything was smooth and really well done. look forward to finding the other 3 endings!

madeinyuc 2011.05.19
Excellent and sexy game. I liked it.

Shadowford 2011.05.18
I could play this game all day. B/c the game play and graphic are sweet.

XxMSxX 2011.05.17
I really liked the game and the ending

ustayrys 2011.05.17
As always with leonizer, awesome graphics (except for the male character`s skin, weird colour, like sunburn). And I really like the endings, more realistic than most games.

SchubiC 2011.05.16
very good game, good story line

jeff31 2011.05.16
nice story line, I enjoyed taking photos, Alice rules

thistlrj09 2011.05.15
nice game could be longer though

sexboy05 2011.05.15
it was fun but i wish it was longer

marcus800 2011.05.14
very good game, nice characters, feels natural,thumbs up!

joe299 2011.05.14
very impressive game, got all 5 endings i am the fucking shizz

Ara 2011.05.13
A really exciting and hot game!

johnthe 2011.05.13
nice game good ending good graphics, very welll done overall good work

Abhishek02 2011.05.13
wow nice game with nice ending......superb

lov2eatu 2011.05.11
Nice game a little short, but vary good graphics.

photofan 2011.05.10
a good for a photographer like me :)

Damien747 2011.05.10
Took three tries, but hey, I finally got the ending I wanted. Only to realize that it was the ending I shouldn`t have strived for, ha ha .

anep777 2011.05.09
great sexy model and nice ending

johnj 2011.05.09
GAme is kinda to short but still nice graphics as ussua

cbor 2011.05.08
awesome game!! great graphics

pietje119 2011.05.07
i still like this game it is very good

AlexxxDARK 2011.05.05
this is a good & sexy game

kingen 2011.05.05
Sweet game! To short endings!

lightcapsule 2011.05.04
great graphic and sex, if only they can make it longer

Skarn62 2011.05.03
models are too hot..really nice graphics!!

h0rn3t 2011.05.01
great game and better graphics

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

dwolve 2011.04.29
Great game. Great endings.

playboy1 2011.04.28
i like the photoshoot part!

swatxing 2011.04.25
It was good, i liked the ending

RingTime 2011.04.25
Pretty good game overall - nice endings.

giannispaokara 2011.04.25
this is a very good game, very good endings

josueo 2011.04.22
Good story on the game, but hard on controls.

Jaydog0120 2011.04.21
really good game. havnt been able to score with the first girl yet. thats if you even can

kyo6 2011.04.21
I wish the third photoshot ever happened :(

zarapastro 2011.04.20
great game the girls are really hot

duckduck 2011.04.19
so good. the beginning was so sexy

Romulus 2011.04.19
Game is short.nice story and interactions, really good game

thesphinx 2011.04.19
great looking girls, I`ll have to try for alternate endings

Slifer91 2011.04.19
Game is short but its ok.

goshu 2011.04.17
thinking that i like taking photos... i`ll call the girl for a brainstorm...

Horny24.7 2011.04.17
Holy shit by the end i was freakin wet and wonton and i still am

luffyhv 2011.04.16
Nice game with hot girls but to short

h1r0 2011.04.16
very good game nice graphics and hot scenes

rhemkiki 2011.04.16
A great, exciting game. Wish it could be a little longer though...

pfdoej 2011.04.15
Good story with many decisions causing different endings.

BUFFY 2011.04.14
liked th graphics and the girls `one of my favorites

ricky martin 2011.04.13
nice graphics and every one will lovethis game

fillypig 2011.04.12
I love these games. The graphics are always brilliant and they are extremely sexy

healerdr 2011.04.12
game was a short one.... got stuck inbetween

robjor34 2011.04.12
love the graphics, that`s a lot of good work there

Gottebass 2011.04.10
good game ! got ending 4.

herry0012 2011.04.09
great games and very funny

mendragor 2011.04.09
great game, one of my favorites, nice story

Toddagen 2011.04.08
very nice and good length

saraslaa 2011.04.06
Great game, cool story and hot girls! I liked it very much

koomar 2011.04.06
models are too hot..really nice graphics!!

wallarut 2011.04.04
Very nice game, as always. But - as always - too short=)

Gamer94 2011.04.04
It is one of the best games in this site....The blonde looks super hot....Amazing graphics

sean mcD 2011.04.04
models are too hot..really nice graphics!!

Battlecry 2011.04.03
Good game , beautiful girls and interesting alternative endings.

allanime1000 2011.04.03
i dont understand this game

amalica 2011.04.02
Great game but it could of been longer

SYGORS 2011.04.02
thats my absolutly favourite game

dlc456 2011.04.01
this i9s a great game i love it

wolf1 2011.03.30
good graphics but way to short a game. wish it was longer game.

jayphab 2011.03.30
I love taking pictures of sexy birds. come visit my studio

Zeus69 2011.03.30
Very nice game. I really, really, really enjoy it.

Energyx 2011.03.30
Very nice game! It`s pity that it is too short! :(

smooth69 2011.03.30
Awsome game. Please continue with more.

behindert 2011.03.30
for all these lazy guys out here
when you have a choice between 1. and 2. answer, click the following:


i hope it works ;)

Neurotic 2011.03.29
Alice is so hot. This game was amazingly sexy.

jaepussi32 2011.03.29
i love this game it has a really cool storyline the graphics are really awesome

Lippi1983 2011.03.29
good story, great game, and gorgeous chicks - awesome game!!!

borjaracing 2011.03.28
Nice story line and hot chicks, as usual, keep it up!

113walter 2011.03.28
How do i get ending one??Im positive i tried every combination possible :/

borjaracing 2011.03.28
Interesting game, both girls looked great, and the story rocks!!

vineswinga 2011.03.28
very nice good story line

chinaman217 2011.03.26
pretty good game, could use less dialogue though

anonymus01 2011.03.26
Good game, very nice story

deiderata 2011.03.26
Really nice game, the graphic are cool and the storie is amazing :)

antonio1805 2011.03.26
i love this games is very fun en great!you just have to try it

darklust 2011.03.25
Was expecting him to do the blond instead, y cant he do both?

pervertdog 2011.03.24
Alice is damn hot i really like this game and i want to see more from alice :)

knarf 2011.03.22
good story, great game, and gorgeous chicks

kullii 2011.03.22
I love Alice, I just have to convince her to take that third photo session...

Candyaids 2011.03.22
I keep getting stuck on the part where the guy lick`s his fiancee. :(

hasil 2011.03.22
A good game is accompanied by images and animations are nice too

joebkc 2011.03.21
wow,nice n pretty good game!!like it very much!!!

loshmee 2011.03.21
i love alice..really beautiful and the part where you take pictures..great!

horny22 2011.03.20
great game...don`t really like the endings though

quinton19 2011.03.19
tan girl is really hot!! wish it had better sex scenes

mataku 2011.03.19
wow,i really like this game

Bumbac 2011.03.19
Awesome tanned girl! mmm... )

chickenabc 2011.03.18
The animation is really nice & Alice Wow.

bobbyDigi 2011.03.18
very fun game!!! great job alice was awesome

grt.sozinho 2011.03.18
The pictures are hot! Nice game!

lordsilver 2011.03.17
The animation is really nice & Alice Wow.

Truly beautiful. Man!

ineedtofuckyou 2011.03.15
I`m stuck at the part where the guy is licking the wife`s pussy. Please Help!!!

Shooterboi 2011.03.15
Absolutely loved the game. one of my favouites. shame i keep messing it up but i`ll get it right at one point. :)

chiko550 2011.03.13
Does anyone know if there is a threesome ending?

ws1000oryx 2011.03.12
great game - is there a chance to get her naked in the photoshooting ?

guy1982 2011.03.12
this is a very good game, very good endings

silver12 2011.03.11
This girl is so hot, she makes this game, I wish there were sound with the sex animation though

ws1000oryx 2011.03.11
great game - but how do i reach all endings ?

marcelino21 2011.03.11
very nice good story line

M0RGAN 2011.03.11
both girls was so hot :P i love this game!

danielseid 2011.03.10
i loved the story, girls sexy

angel_of_chaotix 2011.03.09
The only one I couldn`t figure out was ending 1.

fastjonny411 2011.03.09
Enjoyed this game for its story and its graphics and sex scenes. Very well done, and I`m wanting to play more, the sign of a strong game!

TyMan3176 2011.03.08
One of the best games i`ve ever played. The graphics are awesome.

garan 2011.03.08
loved this game, girl so hot and good graphism

HotGuy19 2011.03.08
great game, needs a better ending though

Baril04 2011.03.07
The story is cool
the girl are sexy
And i`m in love with the blonde one she`s too much

timsec 2011.03.07
One of the best games I played.

weedsmoker1st 2011.03.07
super this is one of the best games Ive played...make more like these...:)

jblarney9 2011.03.06
nice graphics, more option needed though

raz440 2011.03.06
the ending chemistry between diego and alice is awesome..

raz440 2011.03.06
amazing animation, and amazing storyline, i am enjoy playing this game.

H.K 2011.03.05
this is one of the best games ive played...make more of these...:)

brink7000 2011.03.04
Pretty hot game, but a scene between the two girls would be pretty easy to do in this one.

rabkalufias 2011.03.04
its really fuck game, i feel horn soon and want to fuck some girls,. oh yeah...

Zombiejon 2011.03.02
This is definitely one of better games I have played. Loved the graphics and story line.

threesneveracrowd 2011.03.02
I like the game - nice endings too!

klevs 2011.03.02
good game. I want more of the wife.

apoorv 2011.02.28
Had a little trouble banging the girlfriend !! but amazing game

dragonj 2011.02.28
great game. like the story

Pitbull501 2011.02.28
Its the best game i ever played

gorky 2011.02.27
great graphics nice storyline but end is not good for me

_aLfa_ 2011.02.27
Quite a good adventure, but it would be better with some sound effects and better animations. (;

zadon 2011.02.27
Nice graphics would have liked to manage a threesome

evo6997 2011.02.25

gamecon99 2011.02.24
Decent game could be longer though

The_Who 2011.02.24
Eminently playable. Good stuff.

jd994 2011.02.23
fun game, both girls looked great, and good story.

kalbs 2011.02.23
Wow! This game is really sexy! I Look forward your next game... till then, I will find every ending...

toddtodd3 2011.02.22
amazing game so in depth great graphics too

bhavgakhar 2011.02.21
love dis game very nice graphics and sound

helldeath999 2011.02.20
love this game! alice is seriously hot.

NaughtyBUTnice 2011.02.19
Nice game I Wish I could have got to the right ending though lol

scorpionback 2011.02.19
best game and awesome graphics...

bigmarcus 2011.02.19
Nice.. got to see 4 endings can`t get the 5 one.. ohh well this is really one of the best on here!

J1995s 2011.02.19
There is a problem with ending no.3. Did you notice that some of the text is missing?? Could you please finish the story. Thanks

day21696 2011.02.19
great game amazing graphics

vaxter87 2011.02.18
great game wish there were more scenes

Nick2 2011.02.18
Very good< hot and amazing game with beautiful girls.
I like such games.

seet1 2011.02.18
I like the game, especially the photo taking but it is too short

fox_says_ken 2011.02.17
Really good game with nice graphics, but I do not care for the parts where you have to click your mouse at a gradually increasing speed while the the characters are having sex. It is distracting focusing on how fast your mouse clicks are and makes it obvious you are doing something "non-work related" if you are in an office.

paulywally 2011.02.17
very interesting game...didn`t care for it in the beginning, but turns out to be good!

Marmot 2011.02.17
i love this game, good story, nice graphic

woody76 2011.02.17
Short but excellent graphics and fun gameplay.

jcanay 2011.02.16
I agree. It is short, but the graphics are amazing

voltz 2011.02.15
Gorgeous graphics for a flash game and great storyline,but,all the time the same ending. Can someone please post some diff ending? :)

scandal44 2011.02.15
A very cool game! Nice graphics!

freshM 2011.02.15
great graphics...3 endings so far...

darrytan 2011.02.14
Alice was drive me crazy, i want to play again for more ending

damiancho 2011.02.13
exeletnte jeugo me diverti mucho muchismo tube muchosa ereccions y rela el semen al final

agemneebor 2011.02.13
nice.... playin again 2 see more ending

prtorresv 2011.02.12
good history, exelent graphic, i am love de the multiples ends

canlee1983 2011.02.11
the quality of the CG is really nice

karrek 2011.02.11
Good game, though I wish it had been clearer what to do while going down on the fiancee.

Also feel like I had more trouble than I should have at the bar.

Tiger21 2011.02.11
This is an excellent game. Good graphics, storyline and different endings.

zzj123 2011.02.11
GREAT this is wad i call a real game XD

cash10101 2011.02.10
really good game with great graphics

Ubber1 2011.02.10
Good story line got two endings and can`t seem to get other, best thing is to keeep trying :)

dramafree 2011.02.09
this game was fun and interesting

CapnMorgan 2011.02.09
As an amateur photographer, this is the kind of fantasy I can only imagine happening to me... I`ve only found a few endings, but can`t wait to follow through with more.

ken3ma 2011.02.09
This game is very cool i like the graphics

Messer13 2011.02.09
This game is great!Loved it!

m_kading 2011.02.08
i played this game at least three times rally hot

Salander 2011.02.08
there are 5 endings I reached 1 already

gemini_kid 2011.02.07
very realistic i love it
how endings are there in this one?

atldc9 2011.02.07
I really like this game so far I have seen ending 2 and 3 and want to find more!!!!

DarkDansta 2011.02.06
My favourtie lesson of passion game yet!

lordsilver 2011.02.05
Awesome game

Alice is really sexy.

Is there an ending with sex in the studio

pfiffie 2011.02.05
I like this game its easy, exciting and fun and the graphic is great :)

1337on 2011.02.05
it was fun but it should be longer and a little bit more difficlt.

nayah 2011.02.04
Nice game, very good graphics and most important it has a story.
et j`aime bien l`id??e de la jeune fille qui veut reconqu??rir son mari.

Albertinho 2011.02.03
I got all the endings..This game is a veeery cool game..And it should be in the first page in order to recognize it more often!!

dante29 2011.02.03
interesting story and great grafics

coolash 2011.02.03
I will try it later again, to find other endings.

PatrickKane 2011.02.02
Good balance of gameplay and story.

iyeSCREAM 2011.02.02
Awesome graphics and awesome scenes.

haa 2011.02.01
nice game i like my kind of type

ranirodrique 2011.02.01
how meny endings does this have?

Thepi 2011.02.01
I will try it later again, to find other endings.

Tiger23 2011.02.01
great game more like this one two thumbs up

kilowun 2011.01.31
good graphics except the guys skin seems a bit red at times

Ray_man 2011.01.31
I like this kind of games, great game.

lovethelesbian 2011.01.30
it was fun but it should be longer

fanch56 2011.01.30
A little bit short, but good game

barney_61 2011.01.29
it must be best game in the site

izizi 2011.01.29
Good game, good story and hot girls

bael 2011.01.28
i cant figure out how to fuck the first girl or if you even can. HELP!

hatman 2011.01.28
great game, cant wait to get the rest of the endings!

PatrickKane 2011.01.28
Good game, animation was a bit flawed but the story was well thought.

Christine 2011.01.27
I really like the sex scenes in this game.
It makes me horny.

liuyun 2011.01.24
I want to know how to get NO.5 ending,can someone tell me?

rrs2624 2011.01.24
i love this game ...i really enjoyed playing it

etch 2011.01.24
awesome game. good options with several endings

nickthedck 2011.01.23
@playforceone hats of to you guys, the blonde in this game is one of your best looking girls if not the best out of all your games.

nightbliss 2011.01.23
Probably my fav of the type. Main girl looks awesome, but really....Diego`s colour needs to be adjusted.

alucard12 2011.01.22
it is a great game loved it sexy too

hornyrunner 2011.01.22
Game seems to have promise, but unfortunately I`m at a loss to advance past the scene where the tan man is going down on his girlfriend (just after the initial photoshoot). ...help?

LordAngelWolf 2011.01.21
Awesome. Needs some tweaks on gamplay. Othere than that top notch well done, great ame good sex scenes

ayeyee 2011.01.20
Awesome. Needs some tweaks on gamplay. Othere than that top notch well done

Torbenmaster 2011.01.20
my favorit game good story and nice graphics

8gxm 2011.01.20
Great interaction, excellent graphics.

abilifyzole 2011.01.19
Very technical game, but i like the psychological interactions

nyolen 2011.01.19
graphucs good like the story is fantastic

heileen 2011.01.19
amazing graphic!! amazing story! well done

ptalgh 2011.01.19
wow, i really like this game a lot...NICE...

MrBiggzXX69XX 2011.01.19
sexy game the girls are very bueatiful but i got stuck on some parts

hotmale7777 2011.01.18
Alice is so hot.. man.. uffff

vikvik 2011.01.18
great game but it gets a little boring when repeating for deifferent endings to to ad skip option

jakob_m 2011.01.17
great game really liked the girls

Mervault 2011.01.16
the shooting scene is nice, but the sex scene with the second woman is not very clear concerning what to do, specially during the licking..

tonito 2011.01.16
the only place where I manage to have sex with alice is at her apartment is there any other place?

tonito 2011.01.16
Why did not make the threesome option? that would be nice I think

arhangel222 2011.01.16
Very beautiful game and plot interesting

tonito 2011.01.16
nice game but I still have to find some other endings though

tdenny59 2011.01.16
Needed to be a bit longer, but the girls are great. Nice graphics, and hot scenes.

Kasper 2011.01.16
Great grafix ...the story is to short

george.cantrell9 2011.01.15
great game. would like to make one myself

avesmazzic 2011.01.14
I enjoyed the game and both women are gorgeous, but a chance at a double photoshoot would be amazing!

niraj_93 2011.01.14
The graphics r great and i loved to play this

Patmatticus 2011.01.13
As always LOP has great graphics. Would like longer endings

iQQso0 2011.01.13
very nice, good story line

snozzo 2011.01.12
a tad wordy, but at least they care about a storyline. the click meter was a bit odd but works for what it is better then just slow normal fast hard routines.

chillrock2011 2011.01.12
One of the most enjoyable games I`ve played. I wish it were longer.

torgalek 2011.01.11
Nice game with very good graphic. Awesome

m4t0n 2011.01.11
good graphics, and gameplay , amazing endings.

play force one 2011.01.10
nice game nice graphic.love it

prats 2011.01.10
love this game.........one of my favourites ...........

OM10101 2011.01.10

Jocker26 2011.01.10
LOve the galz n fantastic sex scene....

Y they r all so preety n in the real life ther`s a lot of galz that is fucking arogance n not so beauty but in the game it`s really easy to fuck them,.,.,.,

Pagetohs 2011.01.09
Very good game. Nice women and fun gameplay. 8/10

Kuppz90 2011.01.09
Really Sexy game , loved both the girls :D cant wait for another ending

rbjr 2011.01.09
could not get past desired pace, to much clicking

methylether 2011.01.09
Awesome. Really like this one!!

silver12 2011.01.09
I really like having sex with her at the end

denton71 2011.01.08
great ame good sex scenes

edwin4483 2011.01.08
fun and easy game nice story to

Stepman 2011.01.08
Great storyline , not just casual sex ;)! Awesome use of graphics and the alternative endings make these games great and add some replay value

silver12 2011.01.08
Alice is definitely the hotter of the two girls in this game

mbe32405 2011.01.08
The game is short but I enjoyed playing it!

bunbunyeah 2011.01.08
really great game... great story

sissa08 2011.01.08
nice game. clicking was a little annoying at times however.

bsco26 2011.01.07
love the story line it was great

MLionheart 2011.01.07
It`s a good game. Hard to tell what choices are right though.

qwertyb 2011.01.07
Great graphics and good story

bobothecubanmidget 2011.01.07
I really liked this game. The endings were wonderful!

kalbs 2011.01.06
great graphics, good gameplay and hot girls

rosie 2011.01.06
love it i want to be a model hehee

yy2 2011.01.05
I`d love to see a whole series of photographer themed games. Give the player a chance to choose different women, outfits, sex proposals, etc... like an updated LOP game.

RemyCool 2011.01.05
Good game. Well designed characters and story.

yeahyoudingbat 2011.01.05
Really good game still trying to find all the endings.

bucknu2011 2011.01.04
Game is short but nice none the less.

kaceroo8 2011.01.03
i will say this is dirty, more dirty than anything...well...

66Ryan 2011.01.03
another good one :p lots of replay

pabloescobar 2011.01.03
kinda short but nice animations

jaska 2011.01.03
Great graphics and good story

Fanx 2011.01.02
very nice and really good graphics!!

sakul81 2011.01.02
this is a ono of my favorit games. I like this game

jcole 2011.01.01
How many endings u can get with this game ?

heatround2011 2010.12.31
Nice game *S* I just wish I could have had a three-way with two girls

dajasand 2010.12.31
i like this type of interacting game. the graphics are great and the story line is good. game play is easy but the multiple endings make up for that.

edward99 2010.12.30
Oh, also, I think the play mechanics for the sex scenes are great, especially the "desired pace" one.

JamesonJJameson 2010.12.30
What can I say but...hot hot hot! graphics are awesome, game play was excellent, and the different endings well deserving of replay!

edward99 2010.12.30
The graphics in these games by leonizer are so good, except for the cumshot. I came on the fiance`s face, and it didn`t look as hot as the rest of the game. I think the cumshots/facials need work, but otherwise, these games are awesome.

bluelighter 2010.12.30
Awesome game got all the endings

Riddickxxx69 2010.12.30
Great game clicking almost killed it though

gensai34 2010.12.30
This game was really hot! My only complaint was that it seemed alittle short however that can easily be overlooked.

subby 2010.12.30
Damn this is very hot game, clicking gets a bit annoying though.

gibbon7 2010.12.30
goog game with nice girls.

gareth 2010.12.30
Great game. hard to find one of the last end

pinric 2010.12.29
very nice, good story line

marko7 2010.12.29
This is my favourite game frome play force one . girls are the best !!! graphics also.

SolStar 2010.12.29
Nice game sexy girls and sexier poses on the photos shoots gonna play again see what ending I get this time ;-)

normi92 2010.12.29
beautiful and exciting game

VDiesel88 2010.12.29
Seems like a good game. Sort of slow paced though.

shiro8 2010.12.28
hey can someone put up all the endings plz Im missing 2

shiro8 2010.12.28
nice game but yeah the sex scene gets too much in the way

nairo 2010.12.28
very nice game, nice story

bfmvfreak409 2010.12.28
i liked this game wish i couldve gotten the other ending though

xxxPeanutxxx 2010.12.28
Another good game, but very linear. The girls were hot, the sex scene with lisa got in the way a lot, should be an option to turn her down. the photos were a nice gameplay mechanic but pointless in the end, either show us sexy snaps, or give us options of photos we can take and get rated on them

xcage 2010.12.28
nothing more i can`t say, good game

Achyll 2010.12.28
Amazing game, Alice is incredible, the bitchy fiance really isn`t bad either! Lol!

da_spinner 2010.12.27
Great game, like the differnet endings

HiddenOps 2010.12.27
i love this game but it can be better

Fandomar 2010.12.27
very character! great girls and history

zzzokkk 2010.12.27
love it, my favorite, ok story and beautifull girls

Ace Lambert 2010.12.27
Not Bad... I love it... since it is 3d game.. and the graphic of course is best.. 5 start baby!

TerribleT 2010.12.27
Liked the game it kept it interesting throughout the story

griever 2010.12.26
good story, great game, and gorgeous chicks

pixxel79 2010.12.26
nice game, and interesting story.

tildas 2010.12.26
great game loved the endings

P69 2010.12.25
Another great game, loved the action scenes.

Madswede 2010.12.25
this game are a pretty god game

Wafflexx 2010.12.24
i rather enjoyed the game. made well

ujuu7 2010.12.23
great graphics, good gameplay and hot girls

theodore 2010.12.23
really good game... easy to play and worth playing again!

admiral1 2010.12.22
nice game i like the graphics and the endings

stefano71 2010.12.22
this is a very great game!!! i love it

maxchi 2010.12.21
really enjoyed the game and the different endings

dee dee 2010.12.21
playing this caused me some memories of mine and i love this so much

castilho 2010.12.21
Nice game but, how can i fuck both girls?

Nice job with the girls!!!!

BDC 2010.12.21
Very well made game, great scenes and engaging storyline.

jingstir 2010.12.20
this game is awesum cant get enough of it

Ricksickle 2010.12.20
The game was really good. Quite hard to figure out how to get the other endings though.

punyu 2010.12.20
this game is rock..
i like it.

LilJur 2010.12.18
Pretty great.
Great gameplay

JC1851 2010.12.18
This game is so much fun, and is so hot and sexy.

gibhram 2010.12.18
lesson of pasion came up with another great game

eamonlamza 2010.12.18
again lesson of passion has made another sexy game. we can all count on lesson of passion for our *wink needs ^^

zeglas 2010.12.17
Great game, loved it overall. I`d recommend this one.

weromont 2010.12.16
Great game more of these would

gokujml 2010.12.16
Liked it, confused me at first but got the hang of it

popupjohn 2010.12.16
good game hope they bring more titles out with alice

homeboikirei 2010.12.16
I love Alice, she is soo beautiful

countryboy91 2010.12.16
this game is alright could be better

Douglas 2 2010.12.16
Really enjoyed this game. The girls and outfits were fantastic.

Kastanir 2010.12.15
not so bad, a little hard to gain her trust a bad comment at first and ruins all the game for one of the girls

ptalgh 2010.12.15
i really love all kind of this game

HotSpot 2010.12.15
i really love all kind of this game its cool

ken23 2010.12.15
Great game!
I love the model but de desire pace are a little slow at the first time...
Enjoy it!

biggpapa420 2010.12.15
very nice, good story line

ptalgh 2010.12.15
this was a great game. good graphics, nice story and girl is so hot

Michael32 2010.12.14
Another great game. The endings could be a bit longer and sexy though.

madbearuk 2010.12.13
Good game, alot of fun and good graphics

kyropyro420 2010.12.13
in ending #2 what is suposed to happen i couldn`t find anything to click and nothing showed up so i just stood there

dgkesquire 2010.12.13
Great graphics, fun interaction. Not just a `meet and screw`, this one has a story to work with. Great job.

fox123 2010.12.12
tihs is a very great game!!! i love it

zeretet 2010.12.12
this was a great game. good graphics, nice stroy and the girl is so hot.

sexygal10 2010.12.12
i didn`t get to finish.. i`m stuck in the game..

bbowsin 2010.12.11
Great game, too bad its kinda hard to get all the endings.

boky 2010.12.11
game is extra and graphics is very good

boky 2010.12.11
game is short but graphis is great :DD

Slayers 2010.12.11
great game, OMGGG aliceisso is realllllllllllly hot

hawknico 2010.12.11
great game, and aliceisso hot

Gimmie_g 2010.12.10
I wish there was more action in this game. Body parts just getting larger and smaller aren`t enough

HornyPorny 2010.12.10
same as previous ones, good story, great graphs, too little details

wheezymcgee 2010.12.10
Ive played this game several times before but i cant figure out how to get past the part were she comes to pick up her pictures.

planter 2010.12.10
good story good graphics good story. A well done game

bob1986 2010.12.10
this is a really hot game

neeraj 2010.12.09
This game was really nice hope some this type of game will come in future.

Hogast 2010.12.09
Loved the story on this one, can`t wait to get more like it.

mary marya 2010.12.09
yeah...i like this game..alice are beautiful girl..hot and sexy!!

bribri7998 2010.12.09
Loved this game is there any more like it?

long55 2010.12.09
Hi hckf, you should turn off your pop-up killer add-on.
Game still awesome :)nce one

falcon802619 2010.12.09
graphics great missed the white/pink purse in the beginning and the girlfreind was a bit drawn out in the oral scene some instructions would help also the move to different games was distracting from its size when the game slowed you were drawn to leave to other games

matthew601 2010.12.09
the girls are the hottest in this one

pimppi69 2010.12.08
Great game! GREAT graphics and endings!!

ylmzz 2010.12.08
I loved this game. Awesome game - loved the endings!

Logan5 2010.12.08
Good story, awesome girls, good animation

lemonadez 2010.12.08
It has a rather nice storyline, and great graphics as usual. All around, it`s a cool game.

Allie1404 2010.12.08
Great gameplay, love the grafics

ddarko 2010.12.07
great game, very good graphics

dirtsurfer 2010.12.07
Fun game, great graphics, pity you have to go back to start to get differnt endings

Brave Heart 2010.12.07
Excellent game! Interactive parts are easy to follow and girls are sexy and horny!

mogul_kc 2010.12.07
decent game. I liked the multiple endings

unyou123 2010.12.07
intresting game...need to find out more endings

zoki3 2010.12.07
good graphics and good gameplay

Rated-R5r 2010.12.07
Mee toooooo ? i can`t get through the thighs part o.O but great about this games is that there are loads of twists :)) and endings to the story :D

kirov 2010.12.06
sweet game, not too hard to play and nice story

Bill46 2010.12.06
Nice options and twists to this game.

vemom10 2010.12.06
im stuck on the part where ur between the black girls thighs wat do i do

matthi 2010.12.06
i like it but not my favorite

jonsp 2010.12.06
great game ! alice is hot

nastyjizz 2010.12.06
its a good game just way too short

saul878 2010.12.06
good graphics and gameplay though a lil short

lilzyck 2010.12.06
i like this game so much and it has great gameplay

flameablex 2010.12.05
nice games. as expected, the graphic was nice. those girls were hot. makes me fantasize of being a photograph like that lucky bastard Diego. good job!

wmrbest007 2010.12.05
great games and nice graphics pic. awesome

elfriede dittmann 2010.12.05
nice girls and a short story !

Andy78 2010.12.05
Great game, so hot. I like the story and the graphic. One of the best games

steven69 2010.12.05
great game, awsome graphics, and has a unique game play that makes it stand out from the other games

padaxes 2010.12.05
good game, usual good graphics.

rumpelstekin 2010.12.05
Great games and sexy graphics

smygerin 2010.12.05
Best game so far. I really like it. Sexy too! Smiles

wmrbest007 2010.12.05
fantastic and great games... i like it the latina girl..

zoki3 2010.12.04
good graphics and storyline

zeretet 2010.12.04
Good graphics and a bit boring

paolo121 2010.12.04
more games like this its brilliant

busu99 2010.12.03
interesting game with hot babes and a great set of endings

donysabox 2010.12.03
this story is good and i love the girl especialy latina . . great graphic, the ending was good .

kaissho 2010.12.03
I like the game but just dislike the passion system

MARCIN 2010.12.02
wonderfull game i love it,and just want more like that

BokyS 2010.12.02
1st girls is nice but his gf is just annoying to fuck

bingo 2010.12.02
Wonderful stuff, I love the latina character

bingo 2010.12.02
Nice work - I prefer the Latina :)

peer265 2010.12.02
great game love all the endings

rollercoaster 2010.12.02
graphics and gameplay r awesome

fapable 2010.12.01
its really hard to find a game like this with a storline like this. really good game that i will play again

Dmoney20 2010.12.01
it is a good game,found like only 3 endings so far.

121 2010.12.01
Veeeery nice. It`s a short game, but sexy. As a photographer, I love this game so much.

raklooster 2010.12.01
very sweet game not too hard to play

hash19 2010.12.01
Nice game, very good graphics and most important it has a story.

grangeman731959 2010.12.01
Good game, but confusing how to get to different end

Rapid85 2010.12.01
Very hot game one of my favourites

koolzda 2010.11.30
Love the gameplay... probably one of the best games on PF1

Light 2010.11.30
interesting game with hot babes and a great set of endings. really fun to play through.

Mikko 2010.11.30
great graphics and story is great as well. it could be little longer game.

meowmex 2010.11.30
Good game with the good graphics and animations come to be expected of these now :)

viggy 2010.11.30
Great game, shame about the scenes in the middle with the girlfriend though...

kirov 2010.11.30
Awesome game. The girls are beautiful and really hot!

bigboi2128 2010.11.29
great game beautiful woman sexy

blindwrite 2010.11.29
Nice game, very sexy girl. liked it

anujkumarverma 2010.11.29
I loved this game. Awesome game - loved the endings!

bubulino 2010.11.29
the game like this are the best please make more like this

bimbip199108 2010.11.28
awesome game, i love it, everything is perfect

Hrco 2010.11.28
Awesome game. Both girls are really hot

splutch 2010.11.28
I love these games you guys have to keep making them. They are awsome

guikfra 2010.11.28
one of the bests games in the site.
the blonde girl is very nice. but i had to play it twice to get to the ending with her

Hadrian 2010.11.28
Good story, artwork and girls.

7900 2010.11.28
very great game nice graphics but could use better animations

slayer18 2010.11.28
is it possible to fuck a model girl in a bride dress?

schrottie 2010.11.28
very good game with nice graphics

mendohighlander 2010.11.28
found the mouse clicking annoying but the rest was great. gonna keep playing till I find all the ends and outs.

prb123 2010.11.28
This game needs a way to get both girls together.

Rawlitz 2010.11.28
as usual the graphics are great and the story is interesting

mjwm54 2010.11.27
This was a fun game, but I had a hard time getting different endings.

DirtyDave56 2010.11.27
i think all these games are very good

Graeme Green 2010.11.27
this one has me hooked..will have to play a few times to get all viewings..great game

teijgertje 2010.11.27
good game, great graphics, especially alice looks hot. some endings are not that great.

mallo999 2010.11.27
awesome game and awesome more awesome

ania_F 2010.11.27
great game, but too short as for me

zeretet 2010.11.27
the game is very interesting and very hot

daman25 2010.11.27
finally i get all 5 endings

ebraroz 2010.11.26
Good game very nice story. Beatuful girls

emm69 2010.11.26
The photoshoots are very hot!!!

misuki167 2010.11.26
i got stuck where there was a circle around diego`s head.help please!

misuki167 2010.11.26
this game is great.it has great quality and the graphics are very good.

kjeld805 2010.11.26
nice game, endings are a little hurried though, "rob the unfaithful" has better endings than this ....

fradellasera 2010.11.26
i like the woman in this game!The story must be developed

wc47 2010.11.26
veri nice............amazin/.....alice is really hot.

brosurt 2010.11.25
This is one of my favorites on the site even though this style of game is getting a little overdone.

killerbeezz4 2010.11.25
the gameplay is exiting, the graphics are amaxing and the animation are sexy! I like tis kind of game

varkis 2010.11.25
very nice graphics. good game

skyrocket23 2010.11.25
Nice game, very good graphics and most important it has a story.very nice, good story line

kirov 2010.11.25
Great game, the graphics are good, and the girl are hot

sirbobinious 2010.11.25
good story and great graphics to match

dsvjr19 2010.11.24
It was pretty fun but the main girl was a lot more fun

godenfisher 2010.11.24
more i play it,more i love it.

Skeletor 2010.11.24
Buen juego. Pero no me convence del todo...

dewamps 2010.11.24
very nice graphics, good storyline, beautiful girls

Password123 2010.11.24
Great Game, Good Graphics if only it were longer then this game would rock my world

gastud 2010.11.24
was pretty good great graphics

capfriend 2010.11.24
Okay game, nothing great, tired of this style

jas2765 2010.11.24
moderatly easy, very sexy

webstocker 2010.11.24
that was great. i liked the way they did the sex sceane at the end!

stringfellow 2010.11.23
excellent game, sexy women and nice action

Brandon2611 2010.11.23
nice story, great graphic

yogou 2010.11.23
yeah graphics are great! i miss something or you didn`t put scene with two girls???

Zezose 2010.11.23
lots of endings, worth the time to play - great sex scenes

thxtcan 2010.11.23
Very good game. I am looking forward to new scenes.

venom89 2010.11.23
The game is nice. Good graphics, easy control. I like it.

Bonnierider 2010.11.23
very nice game....maybe short but amazing

moonmoon 2010.11.23
it is good the game but i wish more games like jordan 500...

badboy2196 2010.11.22
this is a hot game, these games always have amazing graphics. love the blonde.

ladiesman3321 2010.11.22
The game was great and all endings were real thought out

Szwarcus_PL 2010.11.22
Hot and sexy, great pictures

mart1n1 2010.11.22
Hot and sexy, i liked the humour in some endings. Keep it up.

bazbadasss 2010.11.22
enjoyed this game but the phots ned to be more reavealing

philippe 69 2010.11.22
dommage pas posible prendre photo plus sexy

Rion 2010.11.21
this game has a glitch where your touching lisa where the bar isnt filled but you cant do anything else

kings1668 2010.11.21
great graphics! and interesting storyline. I love it!

hemi86 2010.11.21
liked the game very good story line

hackerhami 2010.11.21
a great game im definately going to play it again loved it

chuie84 2010.11.21
Excellent game, ALICE is the HOTTEST one out of all the game characters.

mychalpickle 2010.11.21
great game, nice premice. very high quality we are used to.

Gamezie 2010.11.21
This game is Awesome, the girls are Incredibly good looking and is well worth playing :) Graphics are also pretty amazing

kukrhcp 2010.11.21
First model girl is the best. nice game

Bahmed 2010.11.21
Well, at first I didnt believe that here can be some "third" photoshooting, but after picking the right answers a new costume apperd. Wow.

Alianthias 2010.11.21
One thing I like about this game was the clicking part which followed the flame. That made it a bit easier for me as I use a laptop. Also both the girls are sexy in different ways, a definite plus. Great game.

caliche1985 2010.11.21
Astonishing game. Congratulations to the development team.

rob12 2010.11.21
one of the best games and great graphics

butterfinger 2010.11.20
I love the style and game play ... more of this kind please!

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