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Dirty Girl


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Domenik 2017.10.07
Good Game. Easy gameplay not so great graphics

Dr.Faust 2017.08.09
By the mouse-over effect it is easy enough to play. The girl is very pretty. With color it would be great.

Tiodor 2017.07.28
Good graphics and images. Would be better in color but game is fun.

Laelith 2017.07.28
A bit too tedious for me, good graphic, gameplay average

KitCarsen 2017.07.09
A bit too tedious for me to even go on to the finish.

Marreck 2017.06.14
Can take some time but nothing to tedious

Graindesable 2017.05.25
Nice graphic but gameplay is not really great

mchias 2017.03.21
interesting gameplay but no sex scene

kemode 2017.03.07
Easy game...pretty HOT girl!

Raziel94 2017.02.06
this game was kind of disappointing


Erectus 2017.01.10
Nice game, but pretty old, and can be found in many other sites, too. Not something in the level of the original games featured in this site.

jspencer506 2016.10.21
cannot find anything to drag to her imlost7

bcgcpro 2016.09.11
Nice art style, but picture could have been bigger.

punkaroo 2016.09.07
simple, tedious little game. Nice girl, though.

maxxman980 2016.08.05
bit simplistic but all in all enjoyable

stach56 2016.06.09
A lot of effort and few of effector. Graphics very good

RoosterPV25 2016.06.09
good concept, a little difficult to figure out though

vinayak123bro 2016.06.06
well cool game . i liked this . it so much fun for me and i liked this game ...

vinayak123bro 2016.06.06
graphics is great i love this game its so sexy and really intresting

james.rai 2016.05.06
I don`t know what to do after you take all of her clothes off

Ripperd 2016.03.10
Nice graphics, not one of the best games on here, needed a lot more to it .

Salid 2016.03.08
The girl is nice but there is no action at all.
It`s also very hard to find the things you need.

Fadekiller 2016.01.23
Ok game. Just a basic item search game. Actually wished it was longer with more options

Eomas 2016.01.08
when you use any of the items on her body, you have to click and drag them

carlvanan 2015.12.21
Good game but could not very satisfy

Expendable00 2015.12.03
graphic look really good, i love this girl much more on the beginning when shes dirty

Asterixxx 2015.11.16
Short nice gain. Not sure if the "Bonus" really gets you to the right page.

kellykopoi 2015.10.04
idont know if its only mine, but, when i clicked on BONUS, it goes to newpage which says 404 page not found. Any IDEA? >.

Mouws 2015.09.13
I do not understand it at all?
Got her undressed and opened the bag, now what

casiopatroclo 2015.09.12
Nice, but the instruccions not say so much. Maybe can change that

Dan the Man 2015.08.17
I found everything else, I just can`t find the towel?

MSK 2015.08.02
Not too bad of a game.

mrnobody 2015.08.02
pretty funny and nice looking girl

adragon707 2015.07.28
Fun little game, to bad both the links don`t work.

Kira1970 2015.07.22
cool game nice graphics sexy looking girl

glovv 2015.04.22
Not a bad game, but could of had more elements to have made it longer and more interesting.

Clouffie 2015.04.02
Other than the bonus link being a 404 error, it was a neat little game.

MountainMan 2015.03.09
Good one gives something to think girl is cute grafic is decent no animation though

gaewen 2015.02.06
Cool graphics, but the gameplay it is way too short

TheRealMachine 2015.01.27
An old game I... I finished it once and now it just not working...

Shuller 2015.01.10
Disappointing as the bonus site does not work.
1) Remove her backpack, shirt and shorts, bra threads, and panties
2) Click the hose in the left half and connect it to the water source by her feet
3) Fill the water bottle on the left
4) Use water bottle on her body
5) Pick up sponge in backpack then add soap by moving to bottle in backpack
6) Apply the Soap, don`t forget the arms
7)Rinse off body using water bottle
8) Use towel under the foot on the right half of the screen, the left, to dry her off.
Water, Sponge and towel automatically return when completed.
Hope this helps : )

xxfucker2710xx 2014.12.20
very complicated game, but you feel rewarded

Dustoori 2014.11.28
Not a great way to spend 10 mins. I wish I`d listened to the comments saying not to bother.

Hailos 2014.11.20
Could use some color and more interaction (not just one scene)

hansfurd 2014.10.09
Alright, I guess. Nothing special.

Bobbe 2014.10.08
Overly complicated for very little reward, animation itself is not too bad.

Digiman 2014.09.29
Don`t play. You will waste minutes of your life for no reward

Shakespeare77 2014.09.20
Fun game. But get stuck after can 1.

Damascus503 2014.08.24
I was only able to beat this game with a walkthrough. Could use some color. That may help out. Bonus image goes to a dead link as well.

Valkyrie360 2014.08.19
this lacked depth just way too short

HipHop 2014.08.09
Very poor game, needs some work.

robbyhots5000 2014.08.05
To difficult, couldn`t find things so I gave up

stoad69 2014.08.04
Good graphics and images. Would be better in color but all in all and fun game.

izick 2014.08.01
i think you`ve to fixed the game

Drachos 2014.07.29
The graphics of this game are really good, but the linearity makes the game annoying (you have to find and do things in EXACTLY the right order) and those same graphic make things hard to spot.

Lastly the Bonus clip is gone.

A good effort, but not worth the payoff for getting her clean.

mrwiggles 2014.06.18
Don`t waste your time trying to play this game. There`s a bunch of terrible searching for no reward whatsoever. One of the worst games I`ve come across on this site.

NabilSamad 2014.06.06
The game is very nice and challenging . It takes a lot of brains for accomplishment.

william098765678 2014.05.31
im stuck what do i do after the water bottle

Stuger70 2014.05.26
Quite a frustrating game, nice graphics though

xadavia 2014.05.24
its good but a little difficult

worsley 2014.05.04
i really liked this game and it was hard also thank you to the people who posted hints

TankCmdr 2014.05.03
Boring game. Graphics poor.

LongZao 2014.05.01
Don`t know what the "bonus" is but it needs fixed

mackput 2014.04.07
very funny game should have done better way

Mr_Untouchable 2014.03.14
Nice game it`s a shame it`s not in colour plus the bonus wont load

somers69 2014.03.04
great and challenging game but the bonus at the end wont display for me

Gipzor 2014.03.03
Epic drawing but kinda lame

BigFishcake666 2014.02.25
Not overly fond of this game

king_kush 2014.01.26
dnt like this game very difficult to find stuff once you do its boirng

lilguy31 2014.01.17
a bit hard but interesting

mxcmxc03 2014.01.12
Fun Game Hard To Figure Out. Cool Bonus at the end

ritomin 2014.01.11
The eyes kinda creep me, but overall a good game. Also, I like the bonus picture.

conhard 2013.12.22
good game wish it was in colour

lucky313131 2013.11.26
Possibly the best drawn girl I`ve ever seen, but the `bonus` is a more-games site? probably as the game is so old...

Badvoc 2013.11.12
random game, finished it, hose pipe to water can, find all fill bottle, soak her, sponge and soap from bag, soap her up all over, rinse with water bottle again then dry with towel. anywhere the bottle etc moves of its own accord, just click and give the mouse a shake to get the desired result

Master Bill 2013.11.08
Ok striped, found hose, then what? Nice up to that point lmao

MaxxV2150 2013.11.07
Not a bad game! Wish the end link worked properly, though.

quick232 2013.10.11
I dont recomend this game it is just weird

Dwiin 2013.09.30
Great one, but too short.... wish woulda fucked her

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

johlut91 2013.09.18
such a dirty and beautiful girl. i love it!

Andyjm2uk 2013.09.01
You need a lot of patience to play this...... create pic though enjoyed stripping her!!

rajryl 2013.08.21
really dont know how to play this

The_Retard 2013.08.15
It`s simple and still a bit of fun, not one of the best games though, but it`ll do.

Kirmix 2013.08.15
but after the bonus there is nothing? if nothing then it is not very nice

BSKINNZ 2013.08.05
Chick is hot, good for a puzzle game... but music gets quite annoying..

wheelman182 2013.07.28
um... ok, i`m lost. after snipping her shirt and pants off, nothing else happens

Clash66 2013.07.28
Sexy and funny, but things are very hard to find

w1drng22 2013.07.23
The water never seems to stop pouring.

irk2 2013.07.22
Funny and interesting game...

Drake7733 2013.07.17
interesting game,its i bit hard to find all the things that are needed but its a fun too

highend 2013.07.06
A hidden object game with an erotic twist! Wish there was more to it, like multiple scenes. But overall better than I thought it would be.

longron78 2013.06.12
if only this girl was real

arss 2013.06.11
Fantastic game, just love it. Dirty girl, I can smell her pussy from here, it`s point and click and sex combined, artistic, challenging, creative, and with pussy stink of fish. Sweet. 10/10

Luke3 2013.06.02
Really challenging, not very interactive though

addaxe115 2013.04.15
This game is really hard .. and nice :)

diodaddy 2013.04.15
i`m confusing when i played this game..

draak 2013.04.14
how do you play this game?

gwazz 2013.04.13
graphics are nice bu game a bit borring

kevinzb 2013.04.09
very interesting game but u need to use a magnify glass to find all the thing plus there`s no sex

Yatin 2013.03.31
could only undress her to see naked...couldn`t proceed further

doe boi 2013.03.26
way too complicated and once u figure it out the shit takes too damn long

rkay 2013.03.24
the graphics nice but too hard for sub par reward

Sradsix 2013.03.20
Game is hard to play partially sue to lack of instruction and part down to being in black and white, well drawn though

pazi_fisch 2013.03.01
very nice quality, a bit difficult though

anubys 2013.02.21
good and interesting game if you read the help full comments

Elerias 2013.02.17
Now that was a well drawn toon babe. Would like to see her in some games where you do her.

Yoho 2013.02.03
I like it but hard to find hot spot

soulkiss 2013.02.01
nice picture, not a bad concept but the small pic and the black and white pic makes trying to play a much larger challenge then neccary

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game i didnt even finish the game.

Asphyxia 2013.01.13
Beautiful woman! It was rather challenging, but still upset the wallpaper bonus link didn`t work.

oranjeboven 2013.01.12
Liked this one. But sometimes, hard to find the hotspots.

IamBri 2013.01.06
game play is very challenging...not much to end it up though

Orikan 2013.01.04
Graphics are beautiful, but the end is rather disappointing...

veleno72 2012.12.31
Nice game. Cute girl.
But IMHO unplayable without hints! :P

legion145 2012.12.31
an ok game just hard to understand ho to play

gaul 2012.12.29
yes: i`m stuck and boring with this game

BritishJoe 2012.12.28
Quite fun, needed the tips in the comments to do it though :)

oduncu 2012.12.18
Liked this one. But sometimes, hard to find the hotspots.

pika999 2012.12.11
ha ha! too easy another game in the tank booyah!

ArcType 2012.12.10
This is a good game but it seems to just end. It is almost like it was not finished

chap74 2012.12.08
too frustrating gave up on finishing

MV2150 2012.12.06
Thanks for the tips, smitty. I was having an issue until you helped me out. Once again, issues with the page sizing. I`m having difficulty seeing everything. Not too bad a game, but not super exciting. Still, she is very nice to look at.

wowlol99 2012.12.01
kinda difficult for me, plus her eyes creep me out

Long Dick 2012.11.24
looks like the game was never finished. plays o.k but it needs work

h-life7 2012.11.21
she is a really innocent girl:D good graph

xpepicekx 2012.11.19
gg would be better with more things to do

ganjahtreu 2012.11.07
Little slow, but sexually arousing at peak times. Fuck Scenes little far from screen, and low quality (id no titty bouncing etc). Good story line, opportunity for sequal.

Horgretor 2012.11.07
Interesting game out of the ordinary. It is indeed a little hard to find the items. Generally intriguing it kinda needs a reward at the end.

alex16ss 2012.11.07
Okai found some of the items. But a help system would sure come in handy.

ghosteye 2012.11.06
great game, great graphics but how the hell do you play this game. its confusing and i thing it should be redone.

DanWestcoast 2012.10.25
Interesting, but needs more sex

razvan 2012.10.22
great game nice grafic cool

pruts 2012.10.12
No reward when you finish : bonus doesn`t work

Steveaux 2012.10.12
It`s fairly difficult. Finally beat it but the image is hard to see items.

Shadoe 2012.10.07
Sorry, but I found it to be quite boring.

martinz 2012.10.03
Fairly simple... bonus content doesn`t work

strokinghard 2012.10.03
not to good of game could do better

kevink 2012.10.02
Good game but link is no good too bad.

oranjeboven 2012.09.26
Not the best
gets boring and no reward

ManxMan 2012.09.07
good quality but way to hard to get the hang of

quin 2012.07.30
not the best game fairly boring

lsdj 2012.07.10
good game had to find objects

glangaria 2012.07.08
not a bad game, just a tad hard in places

shyman44425 2012.07.06
Couldn`t even beging to play without hint. No fun at all.

stevie 2012.07.05
please help me i can`t find anything after the bottle.

nobodyspecial1027 2012.07.04
I, honestly, grew bored with this game fairly quickly. Maybe something more to guide, or just more to do.

cav_leoes 2012.07.03
very strange game... can someone tell me what do I need to do?

houndspear 2012.06.28
i dont understand this really weird it isn`t good

surfkungen 2012.06.25
I dont understand this game

Destracto 2012.06.20
this game is ok could do with more points to help

Bruza 2012.06.19
tedious game play only saved by quality line drawing

RJ1992 2012.06.04
Love the game, made me cum a few times ;) very well made people

glukos37 2012.06.02
This game is really hard! A bit too difficult but the girl is cute

bahamut86 2012.05.18
Good grafic and nice girl, little difficult game :)

tithead 2012.05.06
very sexy game not bad loved it wanna see more

freddie74 2012.05.05
I gave up, find bottle and nothing more

mdreamwell 2012.05.04
ha ha! too easy another game in the tank booyah!

rommelsarmiento 2012.05.01
very hard..i can`t find a clue..!

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.29
This is great game... I like it very much...

dark juggalo 2012.04.16
nice game and good graphics

moneydrake 2012.04.15
dirty girl has th ebest animation, terffic graphic and gameplay makes my pussy drip

kalith 2012.04.15
This was a fairly difficult game. Had a disappointing bonus.

NastyCat 2012.03.23
weird game, but it was still fantastic, good gameplay

stub24 2012.03.19
This was very difficult to get started, but once you get going it was good. very nice puzzle game

Lippi1983 2012.03.17
pretty nice game and it wasnt so hard to find the items
with colours it would be better but black/white is also interesting.Like other playes said colors would be sweet and you can never have to much interaction and animation.

tacobell123 2012.03.16
strange game, but very good drawing

uber50 2012.03.14
This is great game... I like it very much...

locs 2012.03.13
dont like this one but it does seem ok. I just cant find anything after the bottle i`ve scrolled over everything

arioeb2 2012.03.05
please help me i can`t find anything after the bottle.

airforcewun 2012.02.26
interesting game .......but really short one.there should be more rounds

KDRULES 2012.02.24
Dissapointing ending. But ok Game

KDRULES 2012.02.24
STUCK, what do i do after soap ?

j3ssie 2012.02.19
pretty nice game and it wasnt so hard to find the items
with colours it would be better but black/white is also interesting

griffithsr 2012.02.18
Dissapointing bonus, considering the pixel hunting nature of the game

shiryu 2012.02.14
i don`t like that is all in greyscale... plus the bonus is sad D:

goldener 2012.02.13
this game is hard and short but good.

MirrorImage 2012.02.13
Didnt give any clues as what to do

impruneta 2012.02.13
This game is really hard and annoying! A bit too difficult but the girl is cute

Spinnaker 2012.02.08
simple but the most ennoying game eveer played so far.....

m3992010 2012.02.08
Looks cool, but not my sort of thing :(

DyaDya 2012.02.08
love the name!! not hot on the game

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice game, its different from others games, but a sex scene at the would would be better

brit_man33 2012.02.01
Girl was cute, found hose, water, bottle, sponge....Then what!?

John G 2012.01.28
A rather dull game for this site.

mychange 2012.01.27
boring game and bad graphic

farkas 2012.01.27
Too boring games and poor graphics. Not color

themadscotty 2012.01.26
Didn`t like this game, i found it to hard to find the things with it being black and white

nufctom 2012.01.24
too complicated for my taste and the fact that it is in black and white does not help

dennn 2012.01.22
nice, but not an easy game

Risialp 2012.01.13
Good graphism but very difficult to find the objects

Curlly55 2012.01.12
interesting game, but got stuck

elishacuthbert 2012.01.07
interesting concept poorly executed plus the bonus page is dead very unsatisfying nice artwork is the only plus

rooterman007 2012.01.06
game is a bit boring , not my cup of tea

jflip 2012.01.04
boring and then got stuck so just gave up

Stathis 2012.01.03
Can`t figure out this game.

Guillaume 2012.01.02
Not much interaction and animation.

John G 2011.12.28
Not bad but a rather strange game.

jaja toure 0 2011.12.28
very difficult,but a good game

mikicostanza 2011.12.27
not bad its funny to clean this girl

kremey 2011.12.25
Sweet graphics... I like the black and white touch... And of course, getting the girl all soapy and then cleaning her off is just grand...

snow01 2011.12.22
Awesome game as most LOP games. Girls looks good and story is fine.

pornguy85 2011.12.17
Very difficult game but very good graphics.

sewerman 2011.12.14
too frustrating gave up on finishing

ntomber 2011.12.05
not my favorite game but ok

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

Zokah 2011.11.23
It`s a great game. One of my favorites.

REIVAJ311 2011.11.21
- The undressed
- The wet,
- The lather,
- The rinse
- The dry ...
but I could not fuck!

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

BallIdiot 2011.11.14
Good graphics, but not very erotic in nature.

eethar 2011.11.14
If it wasn`t so hard to find stuff this would be a decent GAME

Gnomon 2011.11.09
Doesn`t do it for me. It`s mot much of a game. I`d rather either

a) play a real video game with no sexy hentai girls in it, or
b) just watch some hentai porn or look at hentai pictures.

This game is less than satisfying as either a game or as sexual stimulation.

oODexyOo 2011.11.09
Its a nice girl. Good game

stumbles 2011.11.07
too hard to pick thiungs up

jessy2500 2011.11.07

draxx 2011.11.06
I dislike this game. Don`t know how to play ant what`s goal?

kwal 2011.11.05
Nice graphics and a cut face but a boring game

gunstarred 2011.11.02
isn`t this a MUTANKY creations game? anyway... it`s really difficult until you use tab to finda l lthe stuff... after that though, the game just becomes trial and error. easy enough.. but still weird at the same time.

testi1 2011.10.30
for everyone who cant find the stuff... press tab to see where it is

jonygame 2011.10.28
is some confused but is a good game

xdavidpx 2011.10.27
Thanks to all who have gave help and tips. Unfortunately, I didn`t think this was one of the better games on here. Very difficult to work out location of equipment, due to the b&w graphics.

lshone501 2011.10.27
the black and white is terrible

mrblahblah 2011.10.26
The colors make it kiinda hard, but still a good game

Aaric 2011.10.25
Would`ve been easier if it wasn`t in black and white (Therefore, you could actually see the items)

But I`m curious, how is this a logic game? Just click on every milimetre of the game and you`ll complete it...

Hobgoblin67 2011.10.25
Strange game,difficult until you know what to do

blessedvio666 2011.10.22
the colors make it hard to find anything but good game

Lednacek 2011.10.22
the black and white is nice but the game has no real point.

innezh 2011.10.22
This was hard at first, but is a enjoyable game.

zipzop23 2011.10.22
game is sooo fun and sexy. i really enjoyed it

redeye26 2011.10.21
dont like this game, to hard to find anything

minddrive 2011.10.21
short game but theres not really much to do.... found it difficult to locate objects with lack of color

cocomicrob 2011.10.21
original concept of the game. nice and not too easy.

cowabunga 2011.10.20
well, this game is about washing her clean...... then what? i`m really dissapointed. is there aren`t anymore interesting games?

jacarver 2011.10.16
what is the point of this game? wash her? just that? i am a little disapointed.also the grafics aren`t very good

Grendel33 2011.10.16
Extremely hard but satisfing once it is complete. reminds me of fallout.

jidan 2011.10.14
impossible. where the hell is the sponge

Bruce_D 2011.10.09
awesome gameplay and graphics

doddi 2011.10.03
Decent game, a little difficult to figure out.

islander06 2011.10.03
Phew this game was hard, and thats what I like. Artwork was fine too

jonespita 2011.10.02
Decent game, a little difficult to figure out. The Bonus link is garbage, points to some other crap site.

dsmason22 2011.09.30
It`s All worth it because of the girl, Good Game!

tighill01 2011.09.27
Great graffics. A short game. Enjoyed it! xx

vim 2011.09.27
Pretty simplistic, but good artwork.

Unicragon 2011.09.27
it`s a shame the bonus link doesn`t work :( the girl is hot and the game is fairly simple once you know what to look for

flesh28 2011.09.26
nice game, to bad for the bad link of the bonus

PiratesComes 2011.09.25
Nice game but very hard to find objects... where i could find the third object.. any one help?

Pepsiboy 2011.09.24
This game is quick easy and nice. I would like to play more such games,

RESSAT 2011.09.24
This game is really hard with good graphics

NightStalker73au 2011.09.23
awesome animations, would love to see a sequel

tapu 2011.09.22
crappy game, to hard for my taste, how do i get read of the sponge?

NightStalker73au 2011.09.22
a sequel would be awesome.

NightStalker73au 2011.09.22
great animations, definitely a favorite of mine.

Raverskittles 2011.09.20
kinda hard really i didint like it so much

NightStalker73au 2011.09.18
awesome gameplay and graphics

biess_cze 2011.09.16
nice picture, but gameplay not so good

ObWolf 2011.09.08
too complicated for my taste and the fact that it is in black and white does not help. The girl`s face then appears as an alien

AYREON24 2011.09.06
takes way too long to load

05 2011.09.06
Good graphics, the eyes creep me out though.

cmoi24 2011.09.03
Black & White gives a nice artistic look to the game.
Short and sweet, not too difficult.

matmin 2011.09.03
hot pics and great game to play

HCOCAL19 2011.09.03
nice diffrent graphics and hot pic!

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice game liked this quite a lot.

vtwner236 2011.09.02
The game is confusing even after reading the "how to play". The artwork is nice. The game in general is frustrating and takes the fun out of playing it.

boltedcock 2011.08.31
interesting graphics...but i`m stuck as all hell....no music mute button either

kober98 2011.08.31
how do you find the sponge and let the bottle go?

smokindog 2011.08.30
bonus still doesnt work

zenkiae86 2011.08.30
Games to short, but goo never the less

DarkRanta 2011.08.29
too short but awesome graphics

Sagres 2011.08.25
Good game, great quality artwork

Nashnashization 2011.08.24
nice graphics and stuff, but its very short :(

rikscu 2011.08.21
Too hard,didn`t get this game. Nice art though

Razhja 2011.08.20
Lol how did this girl get so dirty xD

derda 2011.08.19
How to take a bottle? I can`t do that -.-

thedoob 2011.08.18
Not a huge fan of this game...to hard to do things.....

_me_ 2011.08.14
I like this one. No real activity, just make her clean...

synallday 2011.08.14
It`s a good game but glitches a little the girl looks amazing and black and white makes it so much better

rammzet 2011.08.13
An ok ghame. But I think the black and white artwork is awesome! And the girl is very cute too.

elo77 2011.08.12
complicated game for nothing
no bonus

spacewolf 2011.08.12
gameplay is ok but to short and in black with so edium paintless

Patsy 2011.08.09
Good thing I could press Tab. =x

Hijo_del_escorpion 2011.08.09
Hard to figure out, there are better games on the site. It was an interesting attempt though. Good if you are patient.

spokxx 2011.08.02
nice game but image is too dark

The_Who 2011.07.31
Generall fun. Worth playing at least once.

The_Who 2011.07.31
Worth playing. Give it a try

XxoticChicX 2011.07.29
Nice games. i liked the concept

blumouf17 2011.07.28
looks good but gliches sometimes once shes naked

Shaco 2011.07.25
very good idea,nice graphic an very sexy girl

DeezO 2011.07.22
I agree with the posts beforehand way to hard. But the looks are not too bad.

RoyalJester 2011.07.22
Could use some work but still good.

mai73 2011.07.20
beautifull game but the bonus is not working

GoldenGamer 2011.07.19
Enjoyed that game. May have been somewhat short, but it`s very different from a lot of other games about, which made it fun to play.

Gamerguy619 2011.07.18
Its really too bad about the bonus at the end... i`d have liked a wall paper of her, shes cute.

isaiahdee 2011.07.16
kool game but didint get in 2 it

arie226 2011.07.16
a great concept for a game but it just wasnt there that spark

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

JesterJoker 2011.07.04
why wont anything work in this game? i clicked everything.

PlayForce00 2011.07.02
Not really a game in my opinion

Lite27 2011.07.01
I wish the bonus worked. it was still a pretty good game

yunklertgreat 2011.06.30
This game had a good start but i could not finish it

tedibear 2011.06.26
great game , great animation

danny12321 2011.06.24
game was hard gameplay but worth playing

Tinuswouters 2011.06.18
a bit hard but when you are cleaning the girl and you click all around her body at some point you can go on to the next bit and do it all over again. was a bit frustrating at some points, cuz when you missed a tiny spot you couldn`t continue, but all in all a decent game with a pretty girl in center

killbane 2011.06.18
i cant seem to be able to get rid of the sponge

kirakage 2011.06.17
not much of a game, but the girl was hot and.. clean. kinda gets a bit less sexy and more cleptomania trying to find where she isnt clean yet

DevlinDog 2011.06.13
I couldnt get into it. Lack of colour, probably. Still, it had a good concept, just wish the designer took a different direction with it

stefano71 2011.06.12
beautifull game but the bonus is not working

sincubus 2011.06.11
Funny game with nice graphics. Needed a little time to figure out what to do. But now the girl is nice and clean. lol.

rrobert 2011.06.05
the bonus is not working

chell 2011.06.02
I love that game. But is a pitty, the broken link

C.C. 2011.05.31
It would be nice to get the bonus. I like the girl but would have liked to do more with her. Good start.

cantu57 2011.05.27
Nice little game, very hard till I figured out how to use items then it went fairly quick. Really liked the B/W graphics.

nunovale 2011.05.26
Super hard!
Thanks to the tips I finished the game.
Looks great in Black and white

possum62 2011.05.26
This game was impossible to play, way too hard for me.

shakezulla17 2011.05.24
I like the concept of this game. Not like all the others even if it is short and simple

LAMSD 2011.05.23
Its concept is simple but still fun

Carbidestal 2011.05.21
Fun and simple, nice art. I wish there was more from this creator

pelican 2011.05.17
strange game, kinda fiddly and not reayl worth the time

tacotacotaco 2011.05.15
game was pretty fun, the black and white graphic was nice but the animation sub par

HaRdNdHRnY 2011.05.14
NIce gameplayy and you need brains to get that beauty

bubkal 2011.05.14
ok concept...a little hard to see anything, it`s too small. makes doing it without a walkthrough near impossible.

Skarn62 2011.05.11
I like Black & White graphics. Good game & nice girl.
Dead link in the end : no interaction sex.

leobruto 2011.05.08
este game e mito legal recomendo a todos

McT750 2011.05.01
Nice but colour would be good

radpchick92 2011.04.22
Not bad quality, shes pretty hot. But when I clicked on what i needed, it wouldnt work. Maybe I`m just doing something wrong

kjvogel 2011.04.20
realy a little bit difficult, but you when you understand how it works it is OK, but the Bonus-site does not work and more games also not (404 Not found on this server)! :((

woggy 2011.04.17
fun but hard to find items

powerbob 2011.04.16
it is a more interesting than some of the other "find the object" games but it has no real ending

tky3k 2011.04.15
interesting game hard to find what you need some times

vtheghost 2011.04.14
good gme pretty difficult ned to fix

AD8 2011.04.12
cute girl but i never was good at these games

shomma 2011.04.11
not bad,it easy to play,but the girl so cute

BiggyRich 2011.04.11
Fun game if you understand what you are doing, but unless you do, you will be stuck at some point in it... like i was, until you read the other comments to find the walkthrough to give you that one step you were forgetting about

in my case, it was the soaping of the sponge...

queenredbear 2011.04.11
game was ok, would have prefered color and more interaction

pyko 2011.04.10
could not even get first thing off too boring

devin008 2011.04.09
fairly boring, needs to have something more on the end then just a clean nude girl.

pavel203 2011.04.08
this is a very simple yet entertaining game
nice graphics

karg 2011.04.06
strange game could not get into it

p4power4 2011.04.02
this is game is not evident but it`s different

JimmyVanGo 2011.04.02
interesting game, kind of difficult without the color

hentai1337 2011.04.01
good graphics and art made up for lack of real animation

drag6585 2011.03.31
Different kind of game. Not that much fun though.

sexACE 2011.03.29
Bonus link does not work, but game is not bad, could use color as she gets clean.

mathintheattic 2011.03.27
I liked the graphics, but had to quit after an hour of trying to find the sponge.

T M 2011.03.24
As far as this type of puzzle game goes, pretty good. It was challenging (almost to challenging) to find the items you need.

dixiedude 2011.03.24
a very strange game, could be better

lah-lah 2011.03.23
this game was kinda of boring needs ah little more excitement to it

packer65 2011.03.22
good gme pretty difficult ned to fix

angel66610 2011.03.22
this is a pretty good a little boring.

r3d3y3 2011.03.21
interesting game hard to find what you need some times

Gracerus 2011.03.19
So fail that the link is broken. Interesting game.

privateer615 2011.03.18
Overly repetitive, but the artwork is great.

edsmith06 2011.03.17
Great game nice and short too bad no sex was involed

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
I liked this one, pretty interesting, far to be easy, and it is funny to wash and dry her.

To get the "bonus round completed" message, you have to dry her, with the piece of cloth/rag you will find next to her left foot, right close to the tank once done with the rest of it all.

You will get that message, and will be able to hit the bonus link.. Unfortunately, it leads to an error 404.

Chia 2011.03.11
Hard to play although but still the game is great.

Brownkr79 2011.03.10
I know there is a `walkthrough" posted, but I still couldn`t figure this one out. guess it is too sophisticated for me

month 2011.03.09
A so so game, in my opinion...

fastjonny411 2011.03.09
Great artwork, challenging due to lack of color, still a fun game. The girl is hot!

TheOnlyOne 2011.03.08
Man it`s nice, confusing strange, but the game is really nice and the girls is so sweet. Oh Yeah !

shackles 2011.03.07
Thank god for the walkthrough or I`d never have figured this one out!

Ottomania 2011.02.26
i dont understand this game

wads21 2011.02.23
confusing game, but good graphics. would be better if it had color

sparks 2011.02.23
great artwork but very difficult game

chainxxx 2011.02.23
Wow that was a confusing one
but it was fun to play
Nice graphics

durex10 2011.02.21
A little bit confusing game but graphics are great

maxy35 2011.02.21
liked the game she looks hot dirty or clean

samsunghp 2011.02.21
That was a long game. Huge tease though, a shame you can`t do anything with a hot girl like that

katakumba 2011.02.20
This game is confusing... nice graphics though!

bronzecin69 2011.02.19
She`s sweet with good graphics, reminds me of a GF who worked in her dad`s garage

four44 2011.02.14
Good game but really confusing

thekraken 2011.02.14
Finished the game, wish the bonus link would work.

mustermanmax 2011.02.12
nice game, good idea

too bad, you cant fuck her :(

coolash 2011.02.12
great game its nice to see

Tourer 2011.02.11
Good game. Took me a while to figure things out, with a little help from the walkthru. Pity we didnt get to "play" with her too.

ratonius 2011.02.08
A bit too difficult but the girl is cute,thanks for walk...

Freddie13 2011.02.06
1) Remove both straps of backpack (Left mouse button). It reappears near her right leg.
2) Remove top. It reappears near left foot.
3) Cut 3 strings of bra, between breasts, top to bottom. Then remove it.
4) Undo belt of shorts, then remove them and the panties underneath..
5) Open backpack.
6) Find tube near her right foot, under what looks to be a truck.
7) Carry tube to the water tank under her left foot, and click it. It should attach.
8) Under wear you found the tube, you will find a water bottle.
9) Carry the water bottle to the water tank. Hold it over the tank to fill the bottle up.
10) Grab filled bottle from top corner. Hold it over parts of her body. When the bottle tips as if itâ??s pouring on her, click the left mouse button and move it over the area. (both legs, torso, above breasts, and face)
11) Click backpack to find a sponge. Take from top corner and hold it over backpack and water tank to soap it up.
12) Take soapy sponge and hold it over parts of her body. When it moves and leaks, scrub her body with left mouse button like before. (both shins, both thighs, stomach, pussy, both breasts. both arms, and face)
13) Use filled bottle over the same areas to wash off soap.
14) Pick up top and use it to dry her off, same areas.
15) Sheâ??s now clean. Too bad we donâ??t get to fuck her. And no, the bonus link still doesnâ??t work.

bob31415926535 2011.02.05
I cant figure out how to play the game

ratonius 2011.02.05
This was hard at first, but is a enyoyable game.

paoseland 2011.02.04
not bad, challenging for a hidden-objects game!

xanadax 2011.02.01
its a good game like it in black and white ...

mrastounding 2011.01.31
what do you do after you get her cleaned?!?!

conbron 2011.01.31
pretty girl, but bonus-link is wrong

dirtygamer83 2011.01.29
decent game, color would have made it more appealing.

Justfux420 2011.01.26
Beautiful girl...great artwork...nice giving her a sponge bath.

thedeadjester 2011.01.23
hmm strangely enough i really liked this game.

krystal4ever 2011.01.23
It was fun but wish bonus content link wasn`t broken.

sexyrose 2011.01.22
It`s pretty hard to find the stuff since it`s in black and white.

nanjikun 2011.01.22
great game a little hard at first but once you figure it out real easy to do. love the gray scale artwork

JamesonJJameson 2011.01.13
I enjoy the picture detective kind of game but this one was a big tough due to the cramped nature of the photo.

snozzo 2011.01.12
difficult to figure what to do and to cramped a photo to see where what is and where to do what. knowing when your finished with one item and to go on to next is not easy to determine. Just gets frustrating to keep going, so no ideea what the payoff is.

mbe32405 2011.01.12
Makings of a cool game, but a little to difficult for my attention span.

Cyrus83 2011.01.11
I love the game in black & withe. so funny

Cyrus8311 2011.01.10
I dont know wath to do after i open the box....ididn`t find nothing else :(

R_bOnEz 2011.01.10
it took me almost a month 2 figure it out,finally finnished i liked it ,but others have said not getting the bonus was a big disappointment ,like buying a box of cracker jacks an gettin no prize

curtis357 2011.01.05
took a second to figure out the mechanics, but after that, it was mostly flawless.

leonidasdcr 2011.01.04
it was hard at first, but is a enyoyable game

Pornoholic 2011.01.02
Awesome! I love this game! :D The artwork is fantastic and the girl all dirty is pretty hot watching her get clean too!

badgerbuddy 2011.01.02
i love the style of this game

pieter 2010.12.30
Cool game, nice graphics. Like the style of this game

nemetos 2010.12.29
great game but to bad about the link!!!

zzzokkk 2010.12.27
dead link at the end for the bonus. beside that, nice game

Elnuno323 2010.12.27
great game its nice to see

horny gamer123 2010.12.22
nice girl but hard 2 play

igigig 2010.12.19
nice game the art is just superb

Zangetsu117 2010.12.14
I like the game, just not the dead link at the end for the bonus.

StrangeLun 2010.12.14
I like the game.. it`s little hard for me, but .. xD

MrAlan 2010.12.07
i didn`t like the game at first but know i think its nice

wish the link worked tho

Enix 2010.12.07
going to read faq about game I like the b&w contrast

des14 2010.12.04
Ok game. Great pic`s and sexy girl also. Wish is were animated!

sutty 2010.11.30
not to sure wiyh this one items not found seemed to freeze,nice pic though.

zeretet 2010.11.30
Nice game I really enjoyed it

badass 2010.11.28
not sure how to finish this game

bshaw133 2010.11.28
good, easy game. bonus link broken

ania_F 2010.11.27
I;ve cleaned her up
Nice game

carmalone 2010.11.25
delete it :( it`s not a good game

dewamps 2010.11.23
At first its hard, till you learn what to do, and where everything is

dragonguardian13 2010.11.23
i agree with everyone else bonus link doesn`t work and it would have been better in color. But as far as black and white drawing go very nice.

badboy2196 2010.11.22
thats it? didnt really get it. the being in black and white made it a little unappealing.

anton1616 2010.11.22
The link for more games is broken.

raymond123 2010.11.21
hard game, finally worked out what to do

gwmill 2010.11.20
Would have liked to see this in color, it might have made it a little easier to find the items. Also would have liked to be able to do something with the woman after she was cleaned up. Bonus link didn`t work for me either.

Luzi 2010.11.15
nice babe, but the gameplay is a lil bit too tricky.. and the bonus link doesnt work^^

hayden1 2010.11.13
this game was stupid when i first played it and is no different today

Ojad01 2010.11.12
I liked the game. Made fun for a short while.

Apac20 2010.11.11
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

rahooldoshi 2010.11.10
to lengthy.....became boring....

xtotalchaosx187 2010.11.05
hard to find certain items

SilverCheshire 2010.11.05
Graphics leave too much to be desired, didn`t even feel compelled to play all the way through

spida 2010.11.04
this game was stupid when i first played it and is no different today

maxxxy 2010.11.01
Kinda boring; doesn`t really go anywhere -- and the bonus wallpaper link is still dead. Very disappointing.

Charles1981 2010.11.01
Short and exceptionally well drawn! Made made me want to rub down the real dirty girl!

waynedemis1 2010.10.29
I dont know what Im doing wrong, but I cant let go of the sponge. HELP!!!

lednav 2010.10.28
Nice game, although the link didn`t work; pity.

abColdBlood 2010.10.28
The style of the game is exellent.But i wish the game dosn´t stop so short.

sexxatron5 2010.10.26
no color and the final bonus don`t exist... but nice game

saxxxy93 2010.10.23
game was alright didnt like that it had no color

doe467 2010.10.23
not a bad little game here

doe467 2010.10.23
this is a fun game - get attacked to get your xp up

Scappy220 2010.10.21
The bonus link at the end is broken

paddywhack 2010.10.21
cant figure this game out

overseasman83 2010.10.20
cool game the bouns didnt work but it was a good game

navnuc 2010.10.20
going to read faq about game I like the b&w contrast

frostee 2010.10.20
bonus does not work
game difficult and little sexual entertainment value

Masterious 2010.10.17
As stated the link does not work, however the game is not difficult by any means. Black and white scheme
is well done but color is far the tastier treat. Expound upon the game, it is a great beginning.

johnnyk 2010.10.14
a nice game...pretty hard until u get the idea.....the bonus haven t for me either...

hyparkantos 2010.10.13
nice but bonus page doesn`t seem to work?

mike cook 2010.10.13
A great looking girl but i got stuck trying to find anything to use to clean her. Very hard game.

chumak 2010.10.12
very nice and originality is great... but as someone said, "why so hard???"

Bertyboi 2010.10.10
Strange but good! finished fairly quickly mind.

charles09 2010.10.10
Definitely boring. It needs to have more action in it.

orgout 2010.10.10
pleasent art could stand a little action

bigboss18 2010.10.09
good, but a bit difficult.

SumOne 2010.10.09
nice clean up but the bonus link doesnt work

dakara 2010.10.07
Not the typical kind, but nice quality.

alexeiradagah 2010.10.06
Good game... Luckily it`s not that hard...

joynesy 2010.10.04
nice black and white graphics bonus page doesn`t seem to work?

jeanmimel 2010.10.03
nice game, just click right place to clean the girl

Chairman 2010.09.30
interesting but not much to it

snake246 2010.09.28
good game but a bit confusing

sodibadru 2010.09.28
Instructions didn`t help and getting everything together is just a pain in the ass to begin with.

Aladin 2010.09.28
Nice and hot game. I like it.

sebastian5000 2010.09.26
nice game but a bit short

mwwl 2010.09.26
Didnt really like this game, seemed pointless

Yorch 2010.09.24
MMMM i liked the black and white screen, but i don`t understand too much.

tashadream 2010.09.24
High quality graphics, love the black and white angle. Points to click way too small and slow.

Madelene 2010.09.22
I love hidden objects games and this has some part of that. Add to it a really hot way to use the items found. However, the bonus wallpaper link is not working. Oh well, not a big thing as I will have fun playing this game again at a later date. :-)

mbbm 2010.09.14
Some great drawings here! Love this kind of art ;)

Nijoul 2010.09.10
Nice little game with nice graphics

angel6666 2010.09.09
i like this game the black and white is a good touch

ralle 2010.09.04
Very weird game. There are way better games on this site

Tarish 2010.09.03
I love that game. But is a pitty, the broken link

interesting 2010.09.03
Great game.
Too bad about the broken link, though.

kanzi67 2010.08.29
this game is very weird......hard to understand.....

kinshar 2010.08.27
The games needs to be more intuitive. The spots to wash, rinse etc are too small to easily find.

DigBick 2010.08.25
I can never seem to get anywhere in this game, just doesn`t make any sense to me D:

shyguy06 2010.08.23
Classic game with some nice animations from "dirty" to "clean", too bad the bonus link is broken.

dziuba 2010.08.23
very hard game. girl is nice

larrybobby 2010.08.22
The girl is pretty nice looking. The things you have to click are not obvious from the beginning but you eventually figure it out. Wish the girl moved around a bit.

lycanfreakshow 2010.08.21
Truely a great puzzler, although in general only one picture a 9 out of 10 for a challenge.

Fimirel 2010.08.20
I found this game long ago and liked it then, still like it now. If only the girl was more interactive.

baav 2010.08.17
in the beginning its good fun tub it gets to hard

Magermilch 2010.08.15
Nice Graphics. But difficult to find

MagicYang 2010.08.15
er~~~a very different game

AntonyJ 2010.08.12
quite the puzzler of a game

thetk 2010.08.12
to difficult to get the exact right click. i swear i clicked on the water bottle 20+ times with no effect!

lensmen 2010.08.07
not a bad game the only thing is the bounse thing does not work

pascal_l_1987 2010.08.06
bah... not the best game there is nothing really to do you just wash the girl

CDPII 2010.08.06
Well, interesting. But the bonus link no longer works.

regneir24 2010.08.05
Got stuck after i found the brush thing can`t fin d the other thing . kinda hard. if anyone knows where the last thing is tell me

MikeRob 2010.08.05
I could not find the stuff. What are we looking for?

leuciuc 2010.08.04
Kinda complicated ... but once you get the hang of it you won`t regret the time spent on this one .

silver12 2010.08.04
This game was hard to really get into, the girl is hot though

Lucien 2010.08.01
I like the concept of the game but highlighting when you cross something might be nice. Also maybe use a color picture.

dtmscan 2010.07.30
not that hard as they say, pretty nice game, cute girl

Caine1379 2010.07.29
way too hard to jack off too

Synne 2010.07.28
Great artwork for the game and it is challenging , though the broken bonus link is a shame.

saoricate 2010.07.26
the game was ok... but bonus isn`t working

m4dness 2010.07.26
ok game great pic`s and sexy girl

Ammo 2010.07.26
quie hard game, beautifull girl and drawings ... I unfortunately stuck after pouring water on the girl, i might spend somtime later and try to get through it !

mahdi 2010.07.26
i realy dident like the game

True Vigilance 2010.07.26
Anyone know what`s up with the broken links?
Anything I click on says it can`t inderstand the site link

squintz 2010.07.25
This game was alright. the girl was hot, but the bonus link didnt work.

Viper426 2010.07.23
Not a great game, but at least it`s different than the usual.

NightStalker73au 2010.07.15
end link does not work, only downside to this game.

NightStalker73au 2010.07.15
very enjoyable game with great graphics.

blackcat402 2010.07.14
good game but don`t expect much

last7 2010.07.12
Game can be hard just like an old point and click adventure you have to click same object and different parts multiple times so for me a great game pity the bonus does not work any more

Fixman 2010.07.11
How to take a bottle? I can`t do that -.-

Baddibu 2010.07.11
press tab and you see everything you can click. its a hint for a lot of games!

RotemY 2010.07.10
link for the bonus content is broken

AlexLpt 2010.07.09
Ok that game is so hard but final can`t pe opened

arty30 2010.07.06
don`t get the point to this game...

dreadwolf 2010.07.01
game play, graphic, animation suck

milanodog 2010.06.30
Finaly finished. I like the girl but I hate that sponge :D

lucic17 2010.06.28
very confusing game, for me anyways, everything is way too dark

hkhk 2010.06.28
Bonus didn`t work for me either. Took a while to figure out that you need to hold the button pressed and move the mouse around to get her wet/soaped up/dried...

blupje 2010.06.25
The bonus didn`t work for me, not so good game

horts123 2010.06.23
Nice Graphics. But difficult to find

isomasa0001 2010.06.23
Not bad, and the chick is really hot.

borris 2010.06.22
dead link - would not load for me :(

joebro 2010.06.22
very classic beatuy she is

Baldr 2010.06.22
wouldnt let me open the bonus link

alacore 2010.06.22
Fauil broken linmk fuck this game

Delmlin 2010.06.19
great game only problem I had at times was having to randomly click on the background to find out what item to use since they didn`t really stand out other then that was a good game.

verras 2010.06.17
i hope i ll do it with a real girl it would be fucking nice ^^

bitch98 2010.06.17
i cant get it shes naked and i found a black rope thing but i dont noe wat 2 do with it

LuigiLuca 2010.06.13
at the begining it was dificult but it was good graphics

JRjab 2010.06.10
great unique game. I like something different every once in a while

bigdwayne 2010.06.09
beautiful picture, shame about the broken link

dohnjohn 2010.06.08
fun game, took a lil while to get the hang of it and such, after initial confusion it was pretty easy though

rickfuentes 2010.06.08
Took awhile to figure it out, but just have to keep working over the girl until all the areas are clean. Have played this somewhere else a long time ago, but the rest of the gallery links worked. It was enjoyable to play this again.

emetiel 2010.06.05
Funny little game and nice graphic but bonus Link dosn`t work :(

KillerKittensKlub 2010.06.02
I like this game but it would be nice to get a gallery or something for completing it.

Nob1n 2010.05.30
It could be a fun puzzle game but it was too short and the broken link at the end made me laugh.

Cherrylover 2010.05.26
Except of the fact that there`s a broken link. There should have been more scenes.

Noogums 2010.05.24
Nice art, but the bonus is a broken link.

rodeoboy 2010.05.13
its ok couldnt get thar far

mentos 2010.05.12
i played this game before.now ,i played again,well,i like it

Silver_Wolf5636 2010.05.12
interesting concept poorly executed plus the bonus page is dead very unsatisfying nice artwork is the only plus

sexxx 2010.05.07
hard but interesting game!

gettingwarmone 2010.05.06
I find this game a little offbeat.

toxinette 2010.05.06
jeu trop cool il faut la laver!

Kelmek 2010.05.05
This game is a little bit strange but good :)

shishkabob 2010.05.04
This is a tricky game, but it can go quickly once you get the hang of it. I really liked this one, you have to think it through and tinker to figure it out.

begbyelgringo 2010.05.03
too hard, make the shades more distinct

ROB83073 2010.05.03
This was an easy point and click game. make more just like it

Kalaam 2010.05.02
the artwork is nice but the game still hard.

pilotfish1 2010.05.01
i couldn`t understand the game

noyb 2010.05.01
The artwork on this game is incredible.

nisha 2010.04.29
this is the wackest game ever how do u play ughh

lenksh 2010.04.29
weird game with erotic elements. What`s next?

mulligan 2010.04.28
Clever game but requires a lot of patience and small mouse movements

schmolin91 2010.04.28
Damn that girl is really hot. I`d totally hit it.

hart114 2010.04.28
the graphics are really good

Angus 2010.04.23
great game, but bonus link doesn`t work

luke1911 2010.04.18
hard to pass with out pressing the TAB key

SatinJackson 2010.04.14
This was a nice, straightforward game. I liked it.

loverof 2010.04.12
the gameplay is just perfect. I only encountered a few problems.

Baskovc 2010.04.11
the bonus link doesn`t work! :(

fatboy86 2010.04.10
Too hard got her undressed but then what?

haiclem 2010.04.09
really hard game, making it one of the most interesting

redspeeder 2010.04.07
goot game but i dont understand what i must do

joemaine 2010.04.06
I love this game I don`t know why but it is very good

Hesteng 2010.04.06
fun search game..nice that her eyes follows

zurgboy2 2010.04.06
the artwork is nice but it is a little hard

dominusnox 2010.04.02
this game would be good if there was a hint bar

buneylan 2010.04.01
What does it matter to clean her if we dont fuck her?

Matthew MacKrelle 2010.03.31
Needs to have a little color and a hint menu.

mikelarsenn 2010.03.27
bored...cant find what u need to undress her

yourshadow 2010.03.27
nice game shame its not in colour

Nick Greene 2010.03.27
not a bad game. the artwork is amazing, only wish it was in color

BigBear69 2010.03.26
Definately challenging to find everything and the order to use it. Nice job.

biggsreddy 2010.03.26
boring ojects har to find allI got was the bottle which kept on pouring

punu 2010.03.26
Looks good but really hard to play, got her naked and wet though

zonc 2010.03.25
a good game i like finding this in rubble but can be a little bit tricky

gambitfool 2010.03.25
Game completion link is broken.

Kedar 2010.03.24
I`m boring. Is it a game? Boredom!!!

donos 2010.03.21
I`m inclined to agree with ivebeenalittlenaughty

podge3000 2010.03.20
not a bad game, not one of the best but can still play for hours.

ivebeenalittlenaughty 2010.03.18
game difficult and little sexual entertainment value, bonus does not work, not worth the play time

Walshe 2010.03.18
It`s a bit boring & much too difficult at the start

ut1stgear 2010.03.16
I actually found this game quite awhile ago. I find it very innovative. I almost forgot how to play it. Makes you think and pay attention to detail. It is still a great game that is quick. Loved it then and still do.

lcredneck 2010.03.16
beautiful art work but the gameplay needs work

momosquiton 2010.03.11
This game is hard.... but i finished

typhoon44 2010.03.09
watergames, funny but not long enought

kmrounds 2010.03.09
get her clean then... can`t find the ending

wickeddeuce 2010.03.07
got bored and dont like the black and white

poop35 2010.03.06
Frustrating. Gave up trying to get past soap stage. Perhaps some kind of built in hint after enough time is waste would be great.

fabrikoo 2010.03.02
reali nice girl
but where is the bonus side

cloudy68 2010.03.01
black and white .... bit bland this

jules1903 2010.02.27
Looks good but really hard to play, got her naked and wet though.What more could you want.

bobbi 2010.02.26
Nice graphics but poor story. A bit of problems finding the right objects.

tootiki 2010.02.26
Nice artwork, but poor gameplay!

jimmyiroc 2010.02.25
not very good in my opinion, like the black and white though

mcgophish 2010.02.25
Good game, yes it is difficult - but who said that`s bad? I would like a little more action with her, though.

TapOut 2010.02.24
lackluster game play followed by a terrible ending. I was pretty disappointed.

Ratty 2010.02.21
I am agreeing with everyone else on this board. Much too difficult, but I guess the graphics are good.

????? 2010.02.20
whats the point of
the game

zachmorris 2010.02.19
This game is really hard! A bit too difficult but the girl is cute

indymedic 2010.02.18
Kinda cool the chick is hot but the game is anti climactic

drok 2010.02.17
same as others its a shame its not colour

alierdem 2010.02.17
pretty girl but so difficult game,need logical

LMarcy8 2010.02.15
little bit to challengeing but fun ether way

hasu91 2010.02.14
nice gabe but little hard

Chobitz 2010.02.14
good game once you figure out what to do... thanks

Big Stew 2010.02.13
Nice gameplay but no reward

barney200212 2010.02.10
pretty girl but difficult

Chibi 2010.02.09
sll cleared*_* but so difficult game,need logical

kkkkkk 2010.02.09
the girl is pretty nice but the game is difficult

randy06 2010.02.09
its a good game needs colour and after u wash her u need to gently give her and nice massage all over her body then have sex with her that would be great as well

Top Cat 2010.02.09
good game once you figure out what to do... thanks arcantis for your post...

falcon 2010.02.07
game`s OK, but bonus link did not work for me ..

JDraven 2010.02.07
Love the game, hard though, thanks for the guide

stan631 2010.02.06
it was quite hard, and i thought there would be somthing fun at the end :(
at least the graphics are great

tfoth 2010.02.05
im a little stuck with this one

harry72023 2010.02.05
I think this ones just to dificlt

rommie 2010.02.04
nice but not easy i little help needed

cricket 2010.02.03
I like the game. It took me a while to get to the end, and then the bonus link didn`t work.

gman 2010.02.03
this would be very much fun if not the same cleaning technique always

fsmmaniac 2010.02.03
VERY sexy but too difficult

kh2xxgamer 2010.02.02
Things hard hard to find when I play this game, but I like the girl

justag469 2010.02.02
i did not really like this one, but it was ok.

Minuteman 2010.02.02
Good Game Played it many times

andcor 2010.02.02
Sad that the bonus is offline. Other than that a good game

Lil keeper 2010.01.31
I`m stuck, I got her naked, but I don`t know what else to do?

necrosis78 2010.01.31
not that easy and the bonus looks like to be offline

studlypinoy 2010.01.30
trying everything... something seems to not be working for me

hdrider 2010.01.29
Game was nopt easy but I figured it out by clicking all over the screen. Did not like the fact that it was like shooting in the dark.

odieusg 2010.01.29
The bonus game looks to be offline or something....a good pixel hunt it all this was

bobtheface 2010.01.28
I can`t get past filling up the bottle. What comes next?

Darwin 2010.01.28
this game was not that much fun. to hard after you fill the water bottle

Wonsky 2010.01.28
Yeeaaah, I like to wash this girl :D

mtwatts 2010.01.27
good game, keep up the good work

cpt_hook 2010.01.26
Stuck. Got off her clothes except headband & shoes, got the hose, bottle & filled the bottle. Can`t find the next step.

donzor 2010.01.26
it`s quite difficult to find out if you`re not a puzzling fan
but the grafics are good, the girl is hot, and the black/white tones make it different from other games
I like it

Sehviss 2010.01.26
Not bad. More something to kill time with than anything else. This concept would likely work better in a larger game, say as part of a quest, or to further a storyline.

anipit 2010.01.25
What a nice and clean girl at the end!!

quelani 2010.01.23
good game but no sense of achievement at finish

Al 2010.01.21
nice black and game, good graphics, the girl is so damn hot !

Flundran 2010.01.20
nice game but black/white is a little bit boring.

andy_regresa 2010.01.17
dirty and pretty girl......nice game

helgon 2010.01.09
not good as i hoped needs more

dddd 2010.01.06
excellent graphics - anymore like this one

hotsex567 2010.01.06
eh it was an okay game could have been better

lordwinter 2010.01.02
very nice, but sometimes it is not obviously what next to do... but good game

Beowulf88 2010.01.02
It´s fucking awesome!! The Graphic is good the gameplay is interesting but a little complicated. It´s just a nice game.

dew501 2010.01.02
sorry..........could not collect how to play the game

dadelu 2009.12.11
hombre, cuesta un poco, pero el juego es diferente

sierra 2009.12.10
fine artwork but missing the color. good that there is a help how to clean her.

Joker 1Up 2009.12.06
it`s my girl and i must cleanse her body

Osteve 2009.12.04
the artwork is fantastic and so is the girl....the game goes from simple to WTF in no time - why so hard?

Cerasel 2009.12.03
This game was okay, a little tough to figure out where thing are ,
Different scenes or positions would be nice.

king69 2009.12.02
i love the game but the things are hard to find

p00nk1ng 2009.12.01
lol........ hmm...... interesting game

sadthecardslost2 2009.12.01
Just didn`t like the puzzle play.

Good artwork though

dada 2009.11.25
Different to the usual stuff, interesting idea

nissehult 2009.11.24
not so difficult, and not so fun

fun68 2009.11.21
I like the superb graphics and the nice Idea.Would like to see more from the Artist

(...And yes, the Girl is boutifull ,-)

BesiGo 2009.11.20
With this help i enjoy the game. Is more a less. the girl is fine but the game is too short.........

Arcantis 2009.11.19
The game is rather simple once you finish banging your head against a wall trying to figure it out, the artwork is nice, and the girl is gorgeous once you clean her up. The music gets rather annoying after awhile but other than that it`s not a bad game, would be nicer in color and perhaps making the items stand out a little more.

For those of you having a real hard time figuring this game out heres a quick run over.

1) Undress her, starting at her suspenders,then remove her shirt and bikini top by clicking each string between her breasts. then her belt, remove her pants and binki bottom. Once she`s undressed a bag will show up under her.

2) On her right side you`ll see a bottle with a hose just above it, grab the hose and connect it to the water can her left foot is proped up on, then go back for the bottle. You will see it fill, click as it`s filling to fill the bottle.

3) Click the bottle in your inventory at the top, then click her body till most of the dirt is removed, (the bottle will stop the pouring animation when theres nothing left to remove) once you can no longer use the bottle it will return to your inventory. Click the sponge inside the bag at her feet (it`s a little small but you should see the hand show up) grab the sponge from your inventory and then bring it to the bottle of soap inside the bag. (spong will turn whit..ish) then click the sponge over various parts of her body to soap her up, once finished click the bottle of water again.

4) repete the same motions again with the bottle of water untill the pouring animation stops again, once finished click next to her left foot to pick up the rag and dry her off.

hope i didn`t ruin half the fun of the game by giving this help :(

Sleepy89 2009.11.19
I really love the girl, but some items are too hard to find

Xyzzy 2009.11.17
Too short, and yet, too difficult at the same time. In b&w, it`s way too hard to distinguish even what the items are, let alone what you`re supposed to do with them.

Dave001 2009.11.17
Dirty girl redirects you to sites that have attach software when you are done...

koerk 2009.11.17
pretty nice game and it wasnt so hard to find the items
with colours it would be better but black/white is also interesting

Dreamwillow 2009.11.14
Spent ages trying to figure out how to stop the bottle. Needs colour and a bit more interaction

irishguy45 2009.11.11
really hard got water into bottle didnt know what to do after

fer1973 2009.11.11
no lo entiendo.. explicar.por favor

anthony41 2009.11.10
game is average, but kind of fun. i still enjoyed playing it.

calle84 2009.11.10
Naja, ich muss sagen dass ich schon bessere games gespielt habe

cbfryguy 2009.11.09
Not bad. More action would have been better. Different scenes or positions would be nice.

angrycookieman 2009.11.08
This game was okay, a little tough to figure out where thing are but after that progess was easy

chiefherron 2009.11.07
did not like the game at all it was a little hard at first

jose123 2009.11.07
games is to hard am stuck after getting water bottle

swizzard 2009.11.06
game is way to hard not fun at all

jcspider99 2009.11.06
Its alright, its a little to hard

rikyrat 2009.11.04
Awesome girl! It would be great to be able to fuck her.

yuriy61 2009.10.31
Not sure whats the point of this game but it sucks.

thomc 2009.10.29
stupidly hard game not fun at all

jerryonly83 2009.10.28
well it could be a great start for a game... it requires some logic hough it`s a bit poor in sex department...

ophelia 2009.10.25
If we can do more things with the girl???it may be more interesting??

weromont 2009.10.23
Simple play. For that who has not understood.The Sense on wash devushku.1. Razdevaem.2:take hose with lion and insert in kanistru.3: take bottle in that place where have taken hose, take water from kanistry.4:we water devushku.5: take sponge and soap on bottle in rucksack he around nogi.6: we soap devushku.7: once again we water vodoi.8: take rag with right and three girls

MiszteRNickZz 2009.10.23
what to do with the bottle?

Luxxor 2009.10.22
Interesting game, quick and not to hard. I like not having to spend to much time in this kind of games

atsu 2009.10.21
oh my god this game is too cool and this girl is so cute

charlie38 2009.10.18
much better with color, a little bit hard to play

motorcycle_6066 2009.10.17
it was a good game it was short an needs to be in color

XxLairxX 2009.10.15
can remove clotes and oppen bag then nothing any help?

good frafic better if is with color


mrme 2009.10.14
Different to the usual stuff, interesting idea

cloudly 2009.10.13
this game is hard...
i don`t know what to do after is used the sponge... i can`t put it away?

XTesteX 2009.10.13
nice game, but like other said, dificult to find the items

dx61005 2009.10.12
nice artwork. take time and a bit difficult to look for the items.

TheBIGman 2009.10.12
this game is pretty difficult without color. the animation is good, but there is little or no interaction

mudnut72 2009.10.11
too hard. Both to play and fingure out

sheridan94 2009.10.08
this game has quite a low standard. There should be more interactions and actions

frozeninside 2009.10.07
not bad but really expected more interactions

zabothe 2009.10.07
Very beautiful picture, but items are too hard to find...

flash964 2009.10.07
a great clean game love it

kcity2009 2009.10.06
would prefer to be able to screw the girl at the end...time consuming but decent graphics

walrus13 2009.10.05
Eh, too hard to find stuff and black and white makes seeing the game harder, but nice girl

rin 2009.10.05
nice game, could do with some colour.

wodahSShadow 2009.10.04
Like other playes said colors would be sweet and you can never have to much interaction and animation.

cid 2009.10.04
I agree with the statement about color. but good game

gothehellaway70 2009.10.03
I agree with the statement about color.

santa 2009.09.30
Liked the graphics. Would rather it were in color. Couldn`t get sponge . Finally quit.

rubberduck 2009.09.28
Well, game is ok but when its time to collect the bonus u r directed to a site known to try to mess with your computer. Not ok!

r4mirez 2009.09.28
quite easy, nice graphics but it could be in color

lojo2 2009.09.27
i like the artwork alot, i wish there was more movement and interaction with the girl.

GARGOYLE2011 2009.09.27
good game but th easy and hi wish more color inthe picture

cheese101 2009.09.26
way too easy and pointless...colour may have made it better though...

gigi 2009.09.26
hard game with nice girl,

woody 2009.09.26
ok done it all the way through not much there guys

mathou28 2009.09.26
This game is really hard! A bit too difficult but the girl is cute

zilver63 2009.09.25
This could have been a good game, but I think it is too difficult. I have attached the hose to the tank, and filled up the bottle. Then what? I can only give this about 30 points.

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