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Digital Adventure


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TEX TIGER 2017.11.17
The game is very bad for play.

tnt2 2017.08.15
not bad game a bit easy graphucs ok not a bad game

jellypie 2017.08.13
I found not problems with this game it was great

hornyhellion 2017.06.29
Decent illustration and animation, and fluid enough mechanics. 5/10

blackcat84 2017.06.01
This game is real HOT! I love it!

Tigermaster 2017.04.25
Interesting concepts, even if the art isn`t perfect.

Mineraft 2017.04.18
I found no problems and it was really fun.

Ducati 2017.03.20
Quick Game. Didn`t the like the story. but graphic is satisfying and work more in animation

paisleyred 2017.03.16
I got stuck at the disc bit

ianjames 2017.03.09
a bit short and igot stuck on the ladder


G3MER 2017.02.26
Its a a good game, i like the graphics, and the girl, and also the style of it a lot, its kinda like in a wonderland like other people wrote, but however, comma, the game is kind of short.

scaler95 2017.02.24
I liked this game. I enjoyed playing it and want to play other games like this!

abjbreal 2017.02.11
good good game. just needs a bit more work

Raziel1911 2017.02.10
this was a cool alice in wonderland style game

Tomo7 2017.01.15
Not to bad for an animated game.

Everneth 2017.01.12
It was kind of short but I really loved the girl.

mania3212 2017.01.08
Its a bit boring but that`s ok

cambridge4453 2017.01.04
Okay for the game part; the sex was mundane and not exciting; there is no ending and no storyline with the girl. Some interesting ideas but then it got lost and the music was a total PAIN!

darlook 2016.12.12
is a very good game and have very good graphics

Hassan11 2016.11.22
Good game and good graphics

Crincon870 2016.11.18
That was the very first game that I successfully played all the way thur.

FaceOfBo 2016.11.09
It`s one of the better game of desire games. Especially the point-and-click part at the beginning is quite enjoyable even though it`s rather short....

piertje 2016.11.08
like the way its drawn but the story could be b etter

tolious 2016.11.06
soo horny
they bounce soo good

kaftos 2016.10.31
Kinda short and boring game

XXXASHXXX 2016.10.29
it was a great game in all but there could be more scenes and t was a bit too easy

FilipiSiQ 2016.10.18
Well, a click game, long but boring.

PlayerWon 2016.10.13
i think this ia a good game, nice graphics too.

MikeyH74 2016.10.13
Not the best game I`ve played on here. A nice, short distraction but nothing special.

abulhabul5 2016.10.12
averrage graphics,poor story

manthan 2016.09.26
great gameplay and graphics just another awesome game by you guys.animation was quite okay and i wish that you make more games

Gt-Rapture 2016.09.21
there was literally no story

cicciopugnetta 2016.09.20
Nothing really special but I like the interface


firedemon69 2016.08.24
this is a great game and very erotic, good cartoon graphics sexy

bimp 2016.08.23
Well, its have short duration, but i like the stories

spidermonkey7 2016.08.23
The game was ok. It was a little boring.

HornySlut69 2016.08.11
the art style of this game is really good but sorry to say i didnt really like the game play really slow and kinda boring

sauley 2016.08.09
The animations were not very good, the story was impossible to understand. not my favorite game

Yurichan 2016.07.28
quick and easy, but really... don`t buy strange discs from strange people on the street

elturrero 2016.07.25
Nice animations, but it`s too short and boring.

BrorsanW 2016.07.05
Good animation but boring, one of the better point and click games on the website though!

singlevirgin 2016.07.03
Good Game With A Sexy Girl

lil_eddie99 2016.06.17
boring game played it once hated it

coolbrz 2016.06.14
really liked the graphics

excable69 2016.06.09
That was way to short but all right

stach56 2016.06.07
Playing for the little smart but cool animation
please tell me how do I add the game to your favorites

thegrim 2016.05.25
is that all? boring game. story so short

spinal23 2016.05.19
great but weird game girl reminds me of alice in wonderland

hiolust 2016.05.12
the games storyline wasnt the best but it was ok

ddnut 2016.05.06
good game, took me a minute to work it out but quite enjoyable once i had got the hang of it

Sy1vanas 2016.05.02
buen juego algo corto pero entretiene para pasar el rato le doy un 7.5

truedeath 2016.05.01
Im stuck on the part where the guy needs whiskey. I cqnt go into the bar

lord_dragon 2016.04.24
this game is fun but some times trickey

arndx 2016.04.23
Average okay for time pass animation was cute. For easy click based gamers.

Eternalphoenix 2016.04.22
Mh i liked the game as it was really easy to finish and it was tons of fun to play as the pictures were okay.

dgb71 2016.04.13
Not so nice, easy, too much easy...

jatin729 2016.04.10
game is good but storyline is not as expected

preacher_nz 2016.04.09
Ahhh if only there were an option to both cum inside her AND knock her up. Otherwise a great little game to pass the time.

CHKND 2016.04.08
i Really loved this game
i hope i can find a game like that once a day

possum62 2016.04.07
Awesome graphics. Girl is really hot. Nice tits

Sohara2.0 2016.04.06
I like the girl and the game is great and fun

AshleighBound 2016.04.05
Neat idea...but so much more could have been done with it. Imagination is the limit here!

CobraCom 2016.04.03
Short, liked cartoon style, though.

bigbroom 2016.04.03
this game was very easy and boring but I guess cool for a click based game

Waterbhoy67 2016.03.30
character was really hot but the game was far too short needed to be longer

mankomuncher 2016.03.27
good graphic but too short

sexboy1911 2016.03.24
its a boring game, poor graphic

adim 2016.03.22
totally boring, with some glitches that wont let you play... missing stuff if you dont use them the right time

rexdfas 2016.03.20
It`s a very short but nice game, sadly I got bored of it quickly

wolfshard72601 2016.03.20
This game was a bit boring..not bad for a simple click game

pberke 2016.03.17
Puzzle based game, quite cool graphics. The story is somewhat strange but I guess it is the charm of it.

Aj8960 2016.03.15
graphic and gameplay and sound were awesome

greenman 2016.03.10
can not go any further no disc

dankporn6 2016.03.06
It was a pretty boring game..

DEADPOOL11914 2016.03.03
it was a gud game but a bit shrt

ExtremeAidan 2016.03.02
3.5/5. its a good game but too short

vampypanda 2016.02.29
i didnt like it i wasnt able to load the whole scree

Pedrodelacrosa 2016.02.25
very hot and nice game i like it, but maybe little longer game should be like people say here.

devood 2016.02.23
i give this game a 4/5. it would be 5/5 but it is to short

cahama_007 2016.02.23
that was a short but fun game. The graphic could be better but I enjoyed it

Crazer22 2016.02.20
The game is alright the story is really short and not well written but I still like it a little bit.

quintonhoss 2016.02.20
The game had a fairly good story line but wasnt very long

lsy 2016.02.15
This game is not bad in the idea, however the overall product and storyline is really disappointing, nothing to credit on except the girl.

Peronator 2016.02.10
lol, good game, I love the interaction.

artik 2016.02.09
simple but nice game, nice girl btw

starry4599 2016.02.08
Simple game but the graphics is really cool.

RodHardStaff 2016.02.06
Only thing I like about it was the whole Alice in Wonderland feel it had.

blumpybimp 2016.02.02
Boring and slow. no game is fun when there are no decisions/ skill involved

akku 2016.02.02
games of desires` another wonderful game, but the story is very short,,,But the game play is little better than the previous games

graphics is below average

Dr_Joe 2016.02.01
That`s a good game but so direct and lack of reaction

cookieman 2016.01.30
Game is kinda short. Otherwise a good game.

oranjeboven 2016.01.30
Dont like the Story nor the game.

meccano 2016.01.29
Was that a demo version?
If not, ridiculously short.

QJtheDragonKing 2016.01.26
not bad, not the greatest, but not a bad effort

XceeeD 2016.01.18
good graphic but the game is too short and easy that makes it so boring

silverush11 2016.01.17
this game is not bad...i like it even though it graphic was not my taste but i really like it...anyway this game is worth to play

LeslieBond007 2016.01.14
First game of desire game that dissapointed me really. I can` beleieve they made such a misstake...what?
I received the game, went home, i used the disc on conole and after found the controller and tv remote...The only problem i didn`t followed the script, and because i first used the disc and after found the tv remote the game was stuck with turn on the console, but when i interacted with it, it said first i put the disc in...The disc i already USED on the console!!?? Because the disc wasn`t in the inventory i wasn`t able to continue game....Thanks for the nothing...And no, after i was only interested what game is this i wont start agan after 3 times same problem i can find much better games without script errors...:-/

brian110 2016.01.14
Good game with nice graphics but little too short.

olwen29 2016.01.13
Graphics and gameplay could use work, a little overrated imo.

LordOrion61 2016.01.10
Games of desire often offers easy fast games which aren`t that bad at all: you don`t Always need a brain challenge to enjoy.....

cptvalor 2016.01.10
eh... not a bad concept here but the game was kinda weak and the art on everything except the girl was bad! the art for the girl was decent and much better than the rest of the game!

dd34417 2016.01.09
interseting graphic style. I like it

user11223 2016.01.04
Didn`t really like this game. Too simplistic and not challenging to get to the rewards

Broadan23 2016.01.02
Quick game, not bad and the girl is cute.

Jackli1990 2016.01.02
not so good its long but sucks

Peanut2653 2016.01.01
It`s ok, could be way better

viper23 2015.12.31
needs a bit more work but it aint to bad

Harutex 2015.12.30
This was terrible and short also there is a glitch had to play twice turn the TV on before anything else.

rickyllkoeg 2015.12.29
I didn`t like the girl too much in this one but these games are always fun

werty500 2015.12.29
it was good not bad but good

nbcman 2015.12.29
Had to play 3 times to get thru. first time bug - put game in but it asked for game in again. second time bug turned on tv with remote and then tv was off again and no remote. Basic and boring click game

wabbithunta 2015.12.28
dull and boring... point and click. Nothing to write home about!

biguknowhat 2015.12.28
this game is awsome i hope they make more and more

DHzero1999 2015.12.28
needs more gameplay otherwise its good

zilver63 2015.12.27
Way too short, but great gameplay.

nifowolf 2015.12.26
Cute little quick game,easy to figure out but the graphics where good.

ebonystud 2015.12.25
needs more action. more women. too short

Synful1 2015.12.23
not a very interesting game,boring to be honest.

ezram99 2015.12.21
the game was boring and needed to be longer

megabee 2015.12.20
nice big boobed girl but kinda a boring game

lovemachine101 2015.12.19
It`s not a bad game but it could be longer that and as I was playing it I got a bit bored.

SebasIsa 2015.12.18
Boring. Dont really like it

aroyal52 2015.12.16
Not a bad game. Could be longer but I enjoyed it.

opy1130 2015.12.15
not a good game at all. I have enjoyed MAF games in the past, they are always a little short and very easy......but this game is just not very good at all.

mimmata 2015.12.15
Little short and boring, but...

eLLa1990 2015.12.14
funny game :D made me laugh

obeylegend69 2015.12.12
it needs more gameplay not just buttions the graphics are ok it also needs a better storie

di14 2015.12.10
Very easy to play, graphics are beautiful, the girl is hot and has wonderful tits! The motions are smooth and soft.

rummiebum2 2015.12.09
way to easy, needs more story

Nishit 2015.12.08
Fine animation but only simple push button game..

Petey01 2015.12.07
interesting little game, pretty easy

DoubleG04 2015.12.07
This is a simple but ok game. The sounds could be better.

delltheman 2015.12.07
To Easy, graphics so so`

MasterPlg 2015.12.06
this could be really nice game if was more developed, with some hot spots, a litte more cerative quests

sclong 2015.12.06
would be better if the girl moaned a little, but strait to the point, Like it

canavas01 2015.12.05
good game...maybe short but is a good game

SK4J0 2015.12.05
like .. very easy but like it blonde is hot

xxxPeanutxxx 2015.12.05
very old school, not in a good way, I`ve come to expect a lot better these days, pun intended!

icrazyur2 2015.12.05
it sucked even fr a game of desiregame

PornWiz 2015.12.05
Not to bad for an animated game.

Kelemvor 2015.12.04
Kind of boring push button game. It is finely animated but dull.

oranjeboven 2015.12.03
Nice innovative beginning.
Then i was disapointed it turned into a clicking game.

xXlucienXx 2015.12.03
Pretty boring. Not too bad in the graphics department though

Stathis 2015.12.02
So I take it the guy remained forever in that game just like the shady guy who sold it to him told him so lolz

JustMeHere 2015.12.02
Not as good as I expected. It is too mechanic, you just have to press a button and that`s it. I like the storyline though, different and interesting.

HentaiShad 2015.12.01
Boring but i liked the graphics for some reason

butyouarentbucky 2015.11.30
An easy click game but somewhat odd because it reminds me of Alice In Wonderland

boyo111 2015.11.30
Girl is nice but they have done better in the past.

LizziAvery 2015.11.27
The gameplay was good, short and sweet.

bearclaw01234 2015.11.26
Very poor. click this, click that with no real imagination.. not to mention that it must have a bug with me because as soon as I use the remote to turn on the tv, then the remote disappears & then it tells me to use the remote again which is gone. ye have made some good & some great games before but this one is not even close to being worthy of being on this site. stay far away from this garbage.

chriss94 2015.11.26
this game is kinda boring

jinx404 2015.11.26
good animation but quite short

Blitzkriegbob 2015.11.25
looks like a beta and plays like one too. With a little more efford it could turn out quite good

5678wasd 2015.11.25
the graphics can definitely be improved, other than that it was okay

artieruther 2015.11.25
the plot is fairly simple. hint: you can`t advance from the beginning until you examine the cd.

mooper2366 2015.11.25
Overall poorly animated, short and uninteresting. It advances slow. Maybe with some more practice they could make higher quality games.

happygolucky 2015.11.23
Too short not enough to it to be interesting

farkas 2015.11.23
Very simple graphics, good music buth too fast and easy game.

nutz104 2015.11.23
quite simple, good animation but over a bit too quick.

shyman44425 2015.11.22
Too simple a game. Nothing to it.

eagleata 2015.11.22
very simple game but thanks...

DerFixi 2015.11.21
Didn`t like it that much...

pieffepi 2015.11.21
Not the greatest of this kind of games, scenes are poor and so is the storyline

garonbrown 2015.11.21
not bad, not the greatest, but not a bad effort

dragon1912 2015.11.21
Very simple game, not much on replay but decent animations

VeNNoM 2015.11.21
Good game, short and sweet.

GemLord 2015.11.21
Not bad game , ok and quick overall , easy too always a plus . :)

brink7000 2015.11.21
Decent quick game, I`d like more of these really quick games with lesbian content.

Lukewarm12 2015.11.20
Very simple game, kinda slow and not much pay off. Decent animation however.

.L1L$QU4RE:: 2015.11.20

C.C. 2015.11.20
Like the girl but not much of a challenge.

Jaaru 2015.11.20
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Heretic1139 2015.11.20
good, but short and no real challenges, good cartoon graphics sexy rather than horny

Tyr75 2015.11.20
A bit boring but ok... try best in the next one.

OldCuteBoy 2015.11.20
Sry, a boring click-game - played it once, didn`t like it ...

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