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Detective Dick


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HiddeObs 2017.08.15
Nice, but could have some more sex scenes.

1fucker 2017.08.10
awesome game as all of this type

koop55555 2017.06.08
Good short game for a small blash

jorgiittoooo 2017.04.03
great game, fun to play! would like a few more sex scenes, it was a bit short...

htdck 2017.03.22
such a pity you can`t have sex with both

ianjames 2017.03.12
very nice graphics but didnt find sex scenes will try again

DarkLordDiablos 2017.01.08
I had alot of fun with this one and played it through afew times, definitely one I`ll play again.

Sovanis 2016.11.13
Nice Game and suspect Girls

StormTrooper12345 2016.10.20
how do u get past the part where he searches kim`s house?

viko25 2016.09.01
Great game great graffic i think


GunHoser 2016.03.11
Too easy of game... kinda anti-climatic to be honest...

Raynor225 2015.11.05
nice gameplay sexy ladies pretty easy story

Pervy-Sennin 2015.09.11
Ended up with Kim. So long as you notice the obvious clues and don`t shoot her, you win!

alanwake 2015.08.15
i avoided killing an innocent woman, happily lived after with her, nice ending...

Gosat 2015.07.31
Goog story, good graphics, good game in general : nothing surprising from lesson of passion

ronit5 2015.07.11
decent game, ok sex scenes, ok dialogue, good story. Found all 5 endings!

Pervy-hermit 2015.06.20
nice story and graphics, but way too short.

Toriko69 2015.06.02
1: BAD : Find necklace at Kim`s, accuse Kim of theft, say you`ll tell Susan, have rough sex with Kim
2: BAD : Kill Kim during her trance
3: GOOD : DON`T find the necklace, go back to your office, meet Susan at restaurant, flatter her (options: 2,2,1), go back to Susans and do her, then Kill Kim during her trance
4: GOOD : DON`T kill Kim, accuse Susan
5: BAD : DON`T kill Kim, accuse Kim

MrToothman 2015.05.13
Good game, girls sexy, no real sex scenes though but still fun

pieffepi 2015.04.10
Just an ok game. Sex scenes could definitely be better, and there is no audio (at least for me)

madz7401 2015.04.09
maybe the endings could be a bit more diverse?

madz7401 2015.04.09
i really love the graphics!!

MarvinO 2015.03.18
Great game graphics are pretty good too!

James19 2015.02.18
awesome game. nice gameplay

cameronw 2015.02.11
Interesting story and great women!!

gwazz 2015.01.21
good game i presume some of the other endings have more sex scenes

ShadowFlash 2015.01.15
Very good game,kept suprising me in different ways(For example Kim freaked the hell outta me with the meditation stuff and eventually shot her)In the beginning finding ur way is kinda hard but later its much more easier 9/10

MSKZVL 2014.12.29
such a good game,the graphics are great, and the history is very interesting

jadealmighty 2014.11.26
Really awesome game. Hard but good.

Liverbird1892 2014.10.26
Great graphics and good plot, keep up the good work!

bitch slut200 2014.10.11
loved every part of the game

kellykopoi 2014.10.06
this ending was great.. but how do u get susan.. damn.. i wanted that ending..

kellykopoi 2014.10.06
trying different options.. lets see what happens now :P

kellykopoi 2014.10.02
great to be a detective dick, loved the story

Iva_bigun_12 2014.10.01
Great game. I like games like this that give you multiple endings

miracle2004 2014.09.10
Nice story and good graphic. Nice the end stories

wishacker 2014.09.04
I love this game... uncountedly played many times to find out all 5 endings.... Fucking susan is my main target... Oops.. she is tough man... ;-)

samon 2014.08.16
i`m looking for more hot games like it

jenggotapi 2014.08.14
good game, graphic and story...

pdog473 2014.08.13
The story behind this one is stupendous

MonkeyRojo 2014.07.17
Good game, great graphics

bitz94 2014.07.14
The Graphics is good but the gameplay is very poor.

smallbilly123 2014.07.04
fantastic game with lots of detail but needs more explicitness

andyosgarcia 2014.07.04
This is realy a good game to play.
had everything

eatham95 2014.06.07
good game, just wish it would be a bit longer

tareq7 2014.06.07
very nice animated game,
good story

jake9595 2014.05.26
nice and fun game great graphics very exciting

gapesix 2014.05.08
i had real pleasure playing this game the graphics are great music is good
and sex scene are fine
I realy appriciates

TroyLancea 2014.04.23
woww what a great game hot!!

ramramram 2014.04.22
really liked the story and gameplay of this game. Sex scenes were great!

savber6 2014.04.20
Very simple but a great game. I recommend it

Drko 2014.04.16
awesome game as all of this type

kmjkyt 2014.04.08
this game is really nice. love it

GratefulGoddess333 2014.04.04
Awesome game with really great graphics. Surprise endings are my fave!

nonsidewiper 2014.03.15
Busted by the cops, damn!

rqwe 2014.03.01
Nice game and good graphics. Needs to more explicit. Love the gameplay and the gals are great too.

hrshksh 2014.02.27
nice game...realy interesting

XXX-Agent 2014.02.11
i dont know how to end this games

Sniffer83 2014.01.15
A little linear and not much to it,

raylee12345 2014.01.12
really good game.. hard to think

america234 2013.12.26
OK Game. The heart ripping was a pretty big turn off, though.

HeyyBitch 2013.12.23
This game is boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So therefore, I`m not playing this no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

skr369 2013.11.17
excellent detective game.... sexy girls

gunsofthunder 2013.10.03
I really liked the game. Good graphics. Good Story line.

LordBaldur 2013.09.30
looks like a CSI... but the XXX version... OMG.. Good

prakharvkolhatkar 2013.09.24
this game is fabulous and the graphics is gorgeous

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

jboy757 2013.08.24
Thus is one of the reasons that i love playforce one for the quality of the games

IrishDude85 2013.07.31
Awesome game, very awesome graphics, and storyline.
Women are awesome to , and I look for to more games like these because they show a lot of what we people like to play, and enjoy doing.

himat 2013.07.28
good game how much ending in the story .

himat 2013.07.27
awsome game good grapic story is .............

eddick_kross 2013.07.18
Other nice game. You rock!

Nickiy2 2013.07.17
great game with good graphics

jaceflame 2013.07.09
this game is good and i enjoy playing a detective

Xan0815 2013.07.09
Nice Game, but not the best sex scenes

little18 2013.07.02
A little linear and not much to it, but the graphics were nice, too bad they weren`t more explicit.

kookykookie 2013.06.19
and the graphics and storyline were awesome

kookykookie 2013.06.19
the gameplay is one of the best i have ever played

believer 2013.06.18
real story with great endings -

starlea 2013.06.03
it was an amazing game but more sex could og been involved

johndoole 2013.06.03
great story,beautiful scenes,and i don`t get the ending

llarts 2013.06.01
Awesome game, more sex needed.

deniscyril 2013.05.27
Really good game, thank you!!!

los-allen 2013.05.20
This game has a great title screen

gwazz 2013.05.16
nice graphics but a bit short on sex

peedie 2013.05.13
good game. girls look hot, was fun to fuck them.

49fp 2013.05.11
Enjoyed game and endings found so far.

63ted 2013.05.11
Would like to see Dick continue his work in another game.

4ever2good 2013.05.06
To me, the game is not that interesting

Oblivion_Blade_0 2013.04.25
It was an interesting game, I think I may have missed some evidence each time tho.

LordxAzazel 2013.04.09
Great game really love the gameplay

cjrocks22 2013.04.08
great game turns ,me on every time

SecretDdi 2013.04.07
More sex would be better!

Pililus 2013.03.09
Great game with nice graphics. Sex scenes weren`t too bad either

js1993 2013.03.09
Pretty good game, confused me the first time, but after the second play, i liked it better.

doming 2013.03.07
i feel this the good game. :)

novyarroz 2013.03.04
fun options and endings
OK Game. I expected more sex in it.

MI6killer 2013.02.24
it was a great game and the girls are hot and overall animation was amazing

cde93 2013.02.22
what a good game the women are sexy as hell too

stoner_88 2013.02.11
it was okay the women in this game was that hot

n00bporno45 2013.02.03

baylock 2013.01.31
during game I had no idea what I was doing xD

taker3345 2013.01.30
great game challenging storyline just simply awesome

omerrefik 2013.01.30
It was great but diffucult still graph and gameplay are amazing

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

frulpo 2013.01.27
The graphics are great, the girls look very do able.

sargasm21 2013.01.19
Haha, never mind. Found it all!

sargasm21 2013.01.19
Gorram this is killing me. Can someone post the location of all the clues in Kim`s place?

ShexiiShuttergal 2013.01.13
Ohmai shit this is the sexiest game EVER, and "Detective Dick" is just so funny.

IRV 2013.01.12
I like this game, good graphic to

gengenx 2013.01.09
good story and a good story behide it

neogogeta 2013.01.09
nice graphic and sexy kelly

bigbellend7 2013.01.08
A really good game with a challenging story line. I like the multiple endings so you can play a number of time and not get bored.

jurben 2013.01.03
nice game with good graphics

saix63 2013.01.03
Great game with nice graphics. Sex scenes weren`t too bad either

V1ct0r 2012.12.30
great story line, i recommend it

Bryant 2012.12.27
i think it was susan becuase she was the most suspicious woman . but kim was hot

the boner 2012.12.24
i loved the game but it needed some more sexy scenes

the boner 2012.12.24
very nice game but more sex would be more exciting

mozarela 2012.12.17
its really a nice game, but still im having a hard time on this

brahmabullfan 2012.12.16
not a bad game at all one of the better ones, liitle more sexual contact wouldve been nice but all in all not too bad!

EmerikQ 2012.12.14
A little bit slow game, but graphic is OK, even I can`t hear the sound.
For now, Kelly is still better game... I mean... Night with Kelly.... all night long ;)

Mr. Magic 2012.12.10
I`ve gotten three of the possible endings. Pretty amusing game. Graphics are inferior to other games. KELLY is still much hotter.

Diablos 2012.12.07
I really love this game as it plays like a Murder Mystery Porn movie.

The graphics are great, the girls look very do able.

I`ve had two of the 5 endings with one of them being a good one so I`ll keep playing.

MV2150 2012.12.07
Not to bad. I love a good mystery. Noty as much sexual contect as I was expecting. Still, a good game, all in all.

Jethro Gibbs 2012.12.07
the graphic could have been better but good story line i will play it again

big_216 2012.12.01
the graphic could have been better

lululu174 2012.11.29
its a amazing sexual game

sxgmes 2012.11.24
They were all guilty of being to hot.

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


piyush111 2012.11.22
could use beetter graphics

nana123nana 2012.11.19

kk13 2012.11.17
good game. not the best ,but good.

crashj 2012.11.15
not my favorite, but still enjoyable

therealme 2012.11.14
i like the game, good story

jrolfeman 2012.11.07
good story and a good story behide it

domebitch12 2012.11.07
BOOO! a lot of work with two hotties and no action

Seralinda 2012.10.29
This game is quite good you know :)

ex1led 2012.10.06
Pretty good game. Got one ending so far and will have to find the other endings.

cypher0298 2012.09.28
fun game, but animations were a bit boring

bigboyjoe 2012.08.31
i love this game the gameplay the graphic the animation all of it its an awsome game

fokci 2012.08.22
It was a good game. i wish the endings were in-game.

chain 2012.08.15
it was an interesting case but was easy to figure out. would have liked to seen dick have sex with both before the end!

dhruboPassion 2012.08.13
More of a detective game....Nice ending though...Cool Graphics

badest 2012.07.31
beautiful animations great story line

ImrtlWolf 2012.07.29
I think the clues you are supposed ot find shold be a little bit bigger but other thn that the sex scenes need a little more interaction. Great graphics

bobbyluvs2 2012.06.23
kool game awesome grafics and animation I liked it

hansgun 2012.06.22
good, but less good with the others.

smuggler 2012.06.21
i cant stop playinnng . wonderful games

Ailanda 2012.06.19
average games despite possible for 5. Can mix two solutions for two women :

- GOOD : DON`T find the necklace, go back to your office, meet Susan at restaurant, flatter her (options: 2,2,1), go back to Susans and do her, then DON`T kill Kim, accuse Susan

Thank you has those involving solutions :)

chris_avril 2012.06.08
It was a good game. i wish the endings were in-game.

timaeus0 2012.05.31
loved this game it had great quality graphics great story with a unexpected ending

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.23
story was cool but the scenes were lacking

slitplayer 2012.05.21
Ok game ending 5 is real bad you get your heart rip out.

Gray Warden 2012.05.07
like it great graphics and anamation

TanmoyDas 2012.04.19
This was a fucking great game. I loved everything on this game and looking for more games like this.

rokey_triikz 2012.04.08
Very different ending for me

jinzo3199 2012.04.06
what do u do in this game

manwithcawk 2012.03.25
I love it, it`s so realistic and I like the endings

BiAmanda 2012.03.24
cool game could use more

glukos37 2012.03.16
love the game one of the best to play

talibum 2012.03.06
really like this game. fun options and endings

c0updegrace 2012.02.26
awesome graphics, hot concept and nice scenes

mustanggaz 2012.02.20
nice game great graphics and good animation

targavisionary 2012.02.18
love the game one of the best to play

Bigdreamer 2012.02.06
A fun game with good twists and interesting people to meet!

Blauzi 2012.02.04
Nice Story, good Backgrounds like it !!

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice game with a good storylines and an unexpected ending.

stoick 2012.01.31
I guess the story is ok.. but i din like d game so much... its not interactive enuph..

PlayforceoneMN 2012.01.20
Good job with the story, didn`t expect the ending

jbcarlos 2012.01.13
great game as always, a little bit short, and great animations

mikicostanza 2012.01.06
a very cool game with good story

raven42 2012.01.05
I liked the story, although ther should be more sex scenes, and the gameplay is not the best either...

LaPointe 2012.01.03
Hmm.. There should be more sex scene, but this game is still good.

bad075 2011.12.21
good gameplay and graphics

bad075 2011.12.21
great game that requires analyzing information and details

Xix1234567 2011.12.09
A mix of dectetive and sex! Best game ever!! good go

dellstone 2011.11.29
Graphic are really good and scenes too but few

mon5ter 2011.11.27
i wish they moved better

corndoglolly 2011.11.25
this game took too long to load :(

hcb36 2011.11.25
Good story, but too one-dimensional and too static.

chachecho 2011.11.20
nice graphic awesome games love it:P

gambithaery 2011.11.20
really enjoyed this game. the graphic is great

justin_rhodes 2011.11.13
Fun, interesting. Kind of short. Got stuck in Kim`s house for a while looking for more clues.

zenginoglu 2011.11.11
This is great game... I like it very much...

goosemam 2011.11.02
Its a nice game but dont have to much action and is too short..

preto_nharro 2011.11.01
not really that exciting, just an obvious detectives game, only 2 sex scenes in the middle of the game, could be so much more, because its a really good idea, just poorly finished in an easy, boring game

M_A_K_O 2011.10.22
Good game, I have had 2 endings

bodli3 2011.10.09
cool game. and it doesnt take forever to get through it again and again to get the various endings.

sys24318 2011.10.06
Nice drawings, but sex scenes are not good as usual.

playboy1982 2011.09.25
kinda short and not enough action but good graphics.

DreamTim 2011.09.21
good story. very interesting game. too bad there`s not enough sexy scenes

Seyenne 2011.09.19
Quite nice spin to a LOP game. Though the sexscenes didn`t give much control. But I like to solve crimes so I liked it somehow.

stef85 2011.09.18
good game, like the brunette

pipsickle 2011.09.15
Have already played this game once but got interrupted and didnt get to finish. I was enjoying it and am excited to start anew for a second time

kkuubb 2011.09.15
game was a little too short, but otherwise enjoyable...

Dr_Nick 2011.09.07
It would be great if graphics were like the rest of Lessons od passion games.

anonymous_john 2011.09.02
Nice game, but I`m not a fan of the blonde`s hair.

Packz 2011.08.24
The main guy looks like charlie sheen hahahah @winnning

kapo 2011.08.20
real detective game with real hot girls in it!!!

Maniac018 2011.08.13
dont you wanna with me ansfer agai...i write 3x again better to ban me i have tine nerv ,belive me and wont to play yours games,dont wont to see new message i am logging here ,please be a cearfule.

hugss for Crazy.

onewytboy 2011.08.06
good gameplay, interesting storyline, i like the endings

photu 2011.07.21

moneytoblow907 2011.07.16
i liked the graphics on this game

dixienormous94 2011.07.16
story was cool but the scenes were lacking

ecchi888 2011.07.15
A bit disappointing compared to the other games. Blonde chick is hot though.

Eddie 666 2011.06.29
it´s a good story but hard to reach all the endings, i just got ending 4, 5 and 2

jmallu 2011.06.29
It took me a while to get all the endings, but it was worth it. The endings are unique and fun, especially ending 5.

greatneswest 2011.06.27
Very uniqe and entertaining game

dgod555 2011.06.27
Great game. I like games like this that give you multiple endings

jayyy 2011.06.26
i played all the alternative endings....good graphics...nice game

r0kst4rr 2011.06.25
If there is a way to hook up the female officer, pointing a gun at you, please share so. Thanks in Advance.

Good work, PF1!

C.C. 2011.06.24
Not a bad game but I agree with others. More Sex.

Poulpe 2011.06.21
really liked the storyline, but there could have been more sex scenes..

Ubber1 2011.06.16
I agree it could have had more sex scenes but, it did have a great story line.

saywhat 2011.06.16
Oh man I suck, I got framed and I didn`t get laid.

lazy784 2011.06.15
This a wonderful game. But there should be more sex scenes in the game.

az89 2011.06.15
need to use brain and instinct to solve the case. quite puzzling

chrischaos 2011.06.15
Another fun game. Only problem is not enough sex.

nikooktarin 2011.06.14
As good as ever. god graphic and animation

JohnC 2011.06.13
Nice game, with the different endings - it makes things interesting to play

maknyus 2011.06.08
good game, i really enjoy it

j.kara 2011.06.07
Very good game and nice music...!

pyrochris 2011.06.06
Good Game, nice animation!

m4t0n 2011.06.06
hots girls makes this game superb

xodesire 2011.06.04
this game is sooo good its so attratctive

xodesire 2011.06.04
good game it was really fun to play and very sexy

fadi11 2011.06.04
brillina game with high definition

fadi11 2011.06.04
best detectitve game i ehave ever saw

bookie_boo 2011.06.04
This game is really awesome
it has like great graphics and story

dragonman1961 2011.06.04
it was ok but the action needs to be more real like showing details in cocks and fuck scenes..

b3ru4ng 2011.06.03
the graphic is great, the game i like it

radarade 2011.06.02
This game is really awesome
it has like great graphics and story

sroy1986 2011.05.31
This a wonderful game. But there should be more sex scenes in the game.

pryce 2011.05.30
quite good. more sex scenes would be better

cherrybomb1 2011.05.30
It had a good story but it was weird

bigtone 2011.05.29
this i a alright game just kinda wierd

demonjwan 2011.05.27
good like most the other games in this series

MoRkO 2011.05.26
this game is the best in the world

codemanlemke 2011.05.25
quick and gritty, in a good way. the CSI of sex games

D_darko 2011.05.25
great game love the story line

cell 2011.05.24
really good n sexy scenes

Guisir 2011.05.22
not the best of the series of lesson of passion`s games

Test889 2011.05.22
funny game.
i have discovered 2 ends

emaznboy 2011.05.21
Fun game. Interesting mix of sex and mystery. I love the alternate endings and such

chloep 2011.05.20
really nice game!how much ending is it anyway?

chloep 2011.05.20
really good game!the guy is damn hot.love it

Zeut 2011.05.16
It was good, short, need more sex scenes, but overall good

jubbajubba 2011.05.16
Character models were really great, strange ending though. Needs more sex.

YiyiMonroe 2011.05.13
It was good, short, need more sex scenes, but overall good

photofan 2011.05.12
nice game..but i want an ending with susan but i can`t :(

Abhishek02 2011.05.12
What a Game.....cool Graphics and nice storyline....i really enjoyed playing it

mer 2011.05.10
defenitely one of the greatest gmes here. i love it and i could play it over and over again
i aso recomend thorne and venona project hope last part of venona is comming up soon, can`t wait to see what willl happen

Colerenfew 2011.05.10
really good story.. really good graphics.

vegetrunks12 2011.05.06
nice game and nice graphic and the story line perfect.

bjornbossi 2011.05.03
i really liked this game it has very nice graphic and a good story

Skarn62 2011.05.02
Very nice game! Nice ladies! Nice graphics! But the endings need more i think

18nhorny 2011.04.30
good game, developed story

Bob0541 2011.04.29
so far the game is good. Had to stop but plan on redoing it in the future

fuckbuddy 2011.04.23
great graphics and good game

C.C. 2011.04.22
Great game. Not sure which girl I like best. Still looking for other endings.

aceofspades 2011.04.22
great game and good graphics keep up the good work

saturnus 2011.04.21
really good story.. really good graphics..

jmeoff 2011.04.21
Amusing story but boring sex.

kyo6 2011.04.21
great story line with many endings!

joebkc 2011.04.20
nice game n great graphic

sherman94 2011.04.20
graphics are good. as well as a good storyline with good multiple endings

abileabi 2011.04.19
the game was a bit weird... but it`s pretty hot, so i approve

tharealbigjc 2011.04.17
made me hard this game did

MadMan2388 2011.04.16
Little bit boring. Nothing special.

aSEXcionado 2011.04.14
not much sex scene.. i got a little bored. but, ok.....

Danark 2011.04.14
Good argument, but not too much sex scenes...
Whatever, good game

dcamid 2011.04.12
Not a lotof action throughout on first play though and bad end, think there`d be a little something somewhere whatever path you`d take like other games.

CactusZ 2011.04.11
Finally got all the endings...wish there had been an MFF threesome.

VY 2011.04.10
Nice Detective the was perfect

wakensurfaxe 2011.04.10
great game, detective dick was ok

craola213 2011.04.09
Very nice game! Nice ladies! Nice graphics! But the endings need more i think

hifidi 2011.04.08
Game was fun but way to easy

arhidam 2011.04.07
Excellent Game.. Good precision

eXthMODE 2011.04.07
game was a little too short, but otherwise enjoyable

Counter99 2011.04.07
Great game! lots of very hot scenes!

chebas 2011.04.07
I love all the possibilities in the game! so far my favorite ^^
more hot scenes needed though

Zeus69 2011.04.06
Very nice game, with a very good story!

cptblood123 2011.04.04
Quality is amazing as usual - Gameplay could be better

flesh28 2011.04.03
great story, hope were much longer

HARDER 2011.04.03
It`s a great game and first in a while to impress me.

kobosuga 2011.03.31
the game was fun but short

Energyx 2011.03.31
hot and easy! :) like it!

keleyotal 2011.03.30
Great game, but kinda easy xP

MarkG_VA 2011.03.29
Not bad ... interesting story line, but a bit too short ... good graphics, but didn`t like the way the characters pulsed ...

clne50000 2011.03.28
great game with a very good plot

bennyrv 2011.03.27
Very nice game! Nice ladies! Nice graphics! But the endings need more i think

cidermeister 2011.03.23
Good series of games. Tricky but endings are good

Harshit_bhutani 2011.03.22
Nice story , Amazing game
music is good too

RunawayHydra55 2011.03.20
Great, animations could have been better

ajay2011 2011.03.18
nice game with good story but a little sex in the game

CaptainCumm 2011.03.17
Good graphics and storyline, fun game with good endings, just not enough sex.

Astuly 2011.03.16
Very different one, but I liked it.
Nice gameplay and grafics

blank51769 2011.03.15
nice story line! awesome game!

walcolo 2011.03.15
Interesting scenario but it could have been better with more sex ?

Bnp21 2011.03.13
Great grapics..very impressed

Blaban 2011.03.13
Great game.I found three endings,when i kill Kim,when she take my hart,and when i have sex with her.How do i get others endings...

grizzly 2011.03.13
the graphicts are amazing and the story is good to

silver12 2011.03.11
Animation for the lessons of passion games are great, I just wish they would finally have sex sound with the games though

nick123 2011.03.11

Matis221 2011.03.11
Great game, and averything. Graphics, animation, EVERYTHING

M0RGAN 2011.03.09
OKAY this is the 2nd best Lesson of passion game EVER??

ryuendz 2011.03.07
anyone now how to get the good ending??

donrahul 2011.03.06
nice story line! awesome game!

Korgath 2011.03.05
One of the few LOP games I`ve actually enjoyed thoroughly. Great storyline and amazing graphics - well thought out!

ichigo_k95 2011.03.04
nice game and a good game!!

diego722 2011.02.27
exellent game i love it just what i was expecting from playforceone

Jack74 2011.02.26
I liked this game but the ending was a little wierd. i wish i could have a better ending

dragonj 2011.02.25
nice game. liked the different endings.

silver12 2011.02.25
very hot girls, typical lessons of passion game

hoohkent 2011.02.24
Nice plot, great artwork (as always), but should be more complex.

AlphaMale 2011.02.24
graphics were great 5 endings

oscar312 2011.02.23
ot half bad at all, really, alnd the sex scenes were great

flyman21 2011.02.22
I have found four endings:
The shooting
Getting my heart ripped out
accused of rape
the resort with the threesome
how do i go to the next one?

geneweenie 2011.02.21
fun game, but didn`t wow me...

wilk10 2011.02.20
very good game, graphics are good to.

hunted 2011.02.19
Did not enjoyed much ... too dull story

x31r 2011.02.19
Some warning before suddenly expecting fast reactions? :P

scorpionback 2011.02.19
very nice game...love the story

racata21 2011.02.18
Good games!! lots of ending!! lots of posibilities!!

fl83 2011.02.18
2 sexy women, which to choose ?

peter11 2011.02.16
AWESOME! dont know why but i loved it

Shea88 2011.02.15
great game and great story

kalbs 2011.02.15
Great graphics as usual from LOP. Would have liked more sex scenes though good game.

joncjg 2011.02.14
this game is great love it

AleGer 2011.02.14
Not as good as your other games but graphics were great and easy to play.

RicardoLopez 2011.02.13
a great detective sex game

rasputin_ky 2011.02.13
The sex scenes are a little dull, but the story is good with a few twists.

chris8822p 2011.02.12
wow good game the graphics are nice and the music is really good

cash10101 2011.02.10
nice game and really good graphics

Sledgehummer 2011.02.10
This is my favorite game.

novski 2011.02.08
nice non-linear games. Gotta check for more actions

Luis4x 2011.02.06
this game sp fun and easy to play i want to see more games like this.

cooljoe12 2011.02.05
Nice game wish it was a little bit longer and could move the people

Nick2 2011.02.05
Very interesting game with good subject, I like this.

Albertinho 2011.02.03
Very Good DETECTIVE type Game..Very few sex scenes!

MasonROCKS 2011.02.03
I Liked it A LOT but i wish it had some more sex scenes

MasonROCKS 2011.02.03
While i was playing i could feel it all happen

MasonROCKS 2011.02.03

MasonROCKS 2011.02.03
Not as good as your other games but graphics were great and i mean GREAT

MasonROCKS 2011.02.03
I just spent two hours playing this game 5 times and it was AWESOME THE GRAPHICS SEEM TOGET BETTER EVERY TIME

masterblue22 2011.01.30
cool grapics short though but cool

MACHOTEASER212 2011.01.28
really nice game.it had great animations

0904038 2011.01.27
not the greatest game in the world

horde3 2011.01.26
deep story, nice graphic, worth playing!

dazDavid87 2011.01.26
Good game. It would be awesome if the LOP games had the same detail and interactivity in their sex scenes as the MnF.

Really enjoyed it.

kbmcduffie 2011.01.25
Not the ending I would have expected but the game was great.

lalalalaCB 2011.01.23
nice game very interesting

deepu 2011.01.23
very nice game.good graphics

durik 2011.01.21
Great game. Needed more sex.

drock03 2011.01.20
good graphics but no sound. I liked the game

heileen 2011.01.20
Awesome. Really like this one!!

morzan 2011.01.20
good game but nothing too fancy

Richard291 2011.01.19
Quite good game, but i feel like its quite bloody at end

stelth90 2011.01.19
I love how if you choose the wrong person she goes psycho and kills you..hahaha

ilikedogs 2011.01.18
great game, i loved the graphics. they were amazing

thehotboy 2011.01.17
Who can say me, how i can Visit Kelly to get a QUEST (on my account)????

pls answer

looner 2011.01.16
i really love this game, i managed to the all 5 endings, it is quiet amazing.... and the girls are toooo hot :-)

slcricket 2011.01.14
hm.. very short, hot baby 50/50 not good not bad

slcricket 2011.01.14
the story makes this game so much better

Dlakavi 2011.01.13
Good story,so so graphics ,i liked it

jcole 2011.01.11
Is there any sex scenes in this game ? Only detective work and talking until the end.

lusoper 2011.01.11
a nice game...nothing special....good for passing time...

bLLizer23 2011.01.11
lol @ the scene where kim pullls out ur heart

sero 2011.01.10
Awesome. Really like this one!!

OM10101 2011.01.10
this game is awesome.
the girl is so sexy.

NDR 2011.01.09
Nice plot, great artwork (as always), but should be more complex.

silver12 2011.01.09
Another typical lesson of passion game

dalmatian 2011.01.09
good game but could be made more sex scenes

edwin4483 2011.01.09
good game and graphics but a little slow

bsco26 2011.01.07
good story and good graphics

Kuppz90 2011.01.06
Really nice game ;D enjoyed it very much

Joeyy 2011.01.05
Best ending is with taking up on Susan and then killing Kim. Took long to find it !

Fanx 2011.01.03
nice game, liked the story

MALVARG 2011.01.03
I want to be a detective..........

JackStevenson 2011.01.02
Great Game never know if there was a twist or not though

subby 2011.01.01
Good game, i thought the story was pretty cool too. Also not too many annoying bits.

shishkabob 2010.12.31
The story line is just about right. This isn`t a simple game, but it seems sensible so the game makes sense and I can follow it. I really like this one.

edward99 2010.12.30
This is one of my favorites because of all the interactions - it`s less linear than most of leonizer`s games, but I love them all.

jdjg101 2010.12.29
found all endings, really good graphics

Anikkilator 2010.12.29
I like if was possible fuck two girls in one scene.
Good, very good girls.
Good Game.

Futurus 2010.12.29
nice game with a non linear story and different possible endings.

nairo 2010.12.28
Nice game, but i wish sex with both girls

vagoneto 2010.12.28
good but less good at the other

castilho 2010.12.27
is there a way to fuck both girls in the game..................by the way very hot the both of theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

radioguy967 2010.12.27
an extra ending with both girls would have been nice, but great game

hotakon007 2010.12.27
The game is sooooo hottttttt but can we sex with both the girls

mab93 2010.12.25
Great graphics but the ending where she killed you was wierd...

drews12 2010.12.24
great graphics could do with more animation

mashalien3 2010.12.23
the best fucking game I have ever played! :)

KILLER07705 2010.12.23

gameking007 2010.12.22
i like it like i like sex witch my partner

dee dee 2010.12.21
best adventure and much nicer

Ricksickle 2010.12.20
Another great game :). An interesting story with lots of sex :)

hermie56 2010.12.20
well made. interresting story, but too little sex ;-)

kira105 2010.12.19
fucnking crazy game, blonde chick is scary

Gupiz 2010.12.18
Cool Game
Loved being A Detective.....

hiliaiz 2010.12.18
i really love this game and the craphic is awsome

mick149 2010.12.18
i chose susan as the killer not kim i was right - murderer!

jamesbondi 2010.12.17
nice game, fun and with graphics formidables, hot girls *-*

z1575280 2010.12.17
Great Game, I love ones like this.

KisaJrII 2010.12.16
Pick the blnde she`s Hot..! =P

miguel8y8 2010.12.16
great graphics, good storyline.
just wish there was a way to fuck the guilty

percyb 2010.12.11
this game was nice like most of the editor choice ones

Slayers 2010.12.11
good ending where you have to choose

HornyPorny 2010.12.10
good game, needs more sex scenes

Andy_Carter 2010.12.09
Have to say, thought this one was a bit rubbish!

HotHornyBabe 2010.12.08
I love this games. Love this site, so many great games.

pimppi69 2010.12.08
good different endings and ok graphics

blood_wraith 2010.12.08
looking for clues really isn`t that important. hell still use them even if you dont find

MrAlan 2010.12.07
I love this Kinda games (Milte-endings)

flameablex 2010.12.05
nice games, been playing alot of times to get all the ending. hope to have more games like this one. worth the time spending on it.

jackspinner 2010.12.04
loading takes tooooo long wish it were a smaller file

zeretet 2010.12.04
Good graphics and a bit boring

vanswarped 2010.12.03
interesting game :P wanna see more!

kenn7176 2010.12.03
good plot but it would be better if there was more sex in it.

ijustwannabefriends 2010.12.03
ugh... how do u get the threesom scene??

BokyS 2010.12.02
i tihnk game is one of the best realy good

peer265 2010.12.02
great game only more sex in it

saraman 2010.12.02
perfect game but saw all the end just with a walkthru

pantekkau 2010.12.02

anujkumarverma 2010.11.29
Very good game.Loved it the first time and love such games even more!!!!!!

root_locus 2010.11.28
good game, but it was really hard to find 3d ending, and it was not quit interesting:(

guikfra 2010.11.28
love this game. i`ve reached all the possible endings

Hadrian 2010.11.28
Fun story. Great artwork. Enjoyed it very much.

sex freak 2010.11.28
how do you get 3some ending?

sex freak 2010.11.28
one of the best games i have played nice game play, but i agree that there could be more and interactive sex sceans

tacobell 2010.11.27
nice game, a little short but overall very good quality

webstocker 2010.11.27
that was great game and had some good endings

mjwm54 2010.11.27
This was a really great game! I really liked how each girl had completely different ending depending on your choices.

wengkui 2010.11.27
that was pretty interesting. i wonder if there`ll be more of this?

bck194 2010.11.27
i love to be a detective
the game lacks user interaction like kissing the girl or something like that :P
btw, how many endings are there in this game?

hanazawarui07 2010.11.27
i wonder how if i was the detective...oh my god...

Kazual 2010.11.26
hm.. very short, hot baby 50/50 not good not bad

lowback 2010.11.26
nice sex investigation game

holzwurm 2010.11.26
game is nice i hope it gives a part two

brosurt 2010.11.25
Needs more sex scenes and in the ones it does have it needs more animation. An ok time waster though

Rion 2010.11.25
Good game. Kind of short. A little hard to follow. But overall good.

teijgertje 2010.11.24
nice detective game with a twist. Good endings as well.

bigman52588 2010.11.22
very sexy and fun game to play.

king2pm 2010.11.22
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

freederm 2010.11.22
nice sting in the tail of this game

juan123456 2010.11.21
the graphics in this game are awsome overall this is one of my favorite games

ghostrider2011 2010.11.21
Graphics look great, i`ve always wondered how you guys made it so HD

Gamezie 2010.11.21
Game and Graphics were good, had a strange yet cool story line to it :)

androsjy 2010.11.20
Another great work, but the it can be better for the graphics... I like the stories...

Trent 2010.11.19
Inticate game play would have prefered more scenes and more endings

Baril 2010.11.17
In this game the black hair Girl is very sexy just to bad that she is the murderer
The graphics are really amazing and the story intriguing
congratulations and keep going like this

boobear07 2010.11.16
still trying to get to the end

dracoenix 2010.11.15
everything was awesome except couldve had a little more animation in the sex scenes

sutty 2010.11.14
good game more sex scene`s please good theme and game play lets have a sequel.

Pietr Vlaminsky 2010.11.14
:O, Crime And SEX! that`s not a usual game to find. Love It! play it! fantastic story board with the multiples endings. Once again characters e graphics are very good. Waiting for another like this one. Good working indeed.

zaddar 2010.11.14
i would have wished for a threesome ending

saeed_piero 2010.11.14
nice game...difficult to end it and bit weird one...but overall itz good

teboz89 2010.11.13
great game, super cool graphics and story.

tuff_987 2010.11.13
less sexy scenes but great game & graphics

kabayan47 2010.11.12
kim is so hot. .
are there possible 3some scene?

guy2000 2010.11.11
the threesome ending was great. great game

lucasf09 2010.11.10
brilliant game, bit more action would be nice as well

lighstaber77_99 2010.11.09
awesome graphics, hot concept and nice scenes

prats 2010.11.08
both of the girls r hot....but better sex scenes needed.....

Maikeru 2010.11.08
LoP does it again. Great game.

Energee 2010.11.07
It great game , very nice girls and great history!!

Abby 2010.11.07
the story makes this game so much better but needs some work should have some sex scenes befor ending

MrSharkus 2010.11.04
great girls, great man, grate name (Dick), great history, great graphic = great game

SaxyMan20 2010.11.03
good game but needed more interactive sex

hugo57 2010.11.03
good vinteraction between characters ...could have been extended a bit whereas the guilty woman kidnaps the widow ...maybe a forced lesbian scene..otherwise very good...

nightwalker 2010.11.03
love this game, cool graphic n nice story line
thumbs up

wc47 2010.11.01
nice game...difficult to end it and bit weird one...but overall itz good

pontdoggah 2010.11.01
the story makes this game so much better

nalgene 2010.10.31
the theme made the game much more interesting

themoda 2010.10.31
paranoic, the fuck scenes are very fault, I don`t like it

SmokedCarpenter 2010.10.30
cool game, great story, 10/10

cyclops14 2010.10.30
nice game only it is a bit to easy

bluegrassg 2010.10.29
cool game with a good story i give it a 10/10

FuckMeHarder 2010.10.29

daruler 2010.10.29
really good game not to hard and not to easy the ending was good to;)

gabral16 2010.10.29
Great game,one of the bests
Great graphics,but a little complex and slow to load

davduckie 2010.10.28
amazing game great story and animation

elmo270 2010.10.28
its not good as good at the other. i expectet more sexy scenes

idanugida 2010.10.28
good game but take long time to load

cooldt11235 2010.10.27
detective dick definetally a lucky man, virtually that is, great sex scenes

dannie1 2010.10.27
great to see the different endings. Would be interesting to have more detective games

uno123 2010.10.27
it´s a good game but the other adventures are much better

paddywhack 2010.10.27
wonderful game just not enough to give you an impression of whats gouing on

MadmanXXX 2010.10.26
Good story. Could have had more erotica, but still a good game

Mddesj 2010.10.26
Like this game good ending

jsfrts 2010.10.26
nice name for the game...

the_killer 2010.10.26
I like this game, the graphics and sex scenes are awesome.

strongboner96 2010.10.25
There not much sex scenes but still great game.

Kyodi 2010.10.25
I have got all the ending... There were more "detective scene" than sexy scene, it`s sad ^^`

reido1986 2010.10.25
please please please make a sequel to this!

Gagek 2010.10.25
One of the best! Awesome!!

DoubleShadow 2010.10.25
Thats the sort of games i like!

Very great game and a super story!!!

treefarmer140 2010.10.24
This was an original and very interesting game. I was pleasantly suprised with this one, but sad at the lack of lustful goodness compared to the other games. Highly recommended though.

BxBr 2010.10.24
Really good game, should have moree

bolle11 2010.10.24
Nice game. Great gameplay.

DangerMan 2010.10.24
loved it
what a brilliant game

shaiksam93 2010.10.23
i like this game hope u will submit more games like these

Rex Hayashi 2010.10.22
interesting game, i love the different endings

monke9 2010.10.22
very nice game. good story but not many sexy scenes..

jakawho 2010.10.22
This is one of the better PF1 games as you get to deduce based on what you see to make a decision at the end....the women aren`t bad to look at either.

sentaiblue 2010.10.22
A very great game with nice picks and sex

Bjorn13 2010.10.22
Anothewr great game from LoP, the graphics as always are amazing.

Mackishe 2010.10.21
very good games so nice graphics

xxrammherxx 2010.10.21
this game was awsome and i loved the twisted endings it had

sneedusmc99 2010.10.21
This one was creepy scared me at one point at the end lol didnt know what was gonna happen didnt know how much damage a naked chick could do lol. Not my favorite but the storyline was awesome

gagoka 2010.10.21
it`s hard to get all the endings

Fakerdeil 2010.10.21
very good endings in that game ; DDD

Fakerdeil 2010.10.21
very nice game, good graphics : D

erik25 2010.10.20
good game but could be made longer with more scenes

Mikeymac13 2010.10.20
Odd game, but rather fun...

niknak 2010.10.20
one of my fav, takes a lot of thought and a few trys vey cool

navnuc 2010.10.20
didn`t like that you got killed in one ending but the other two I have gotten to are cool

jonnyrocket 2010.10.19
great game, good action and story

beastial 2010.10.19
It crashed at the ending which was annoying

bigdenz666 2010.10.19
i love the non linear stories and the multiple endings but i think it needs more action

bookie 2010.10.18
very nice game, decent scenes

voomh 2010.10.18
This is a great game, but i cannot get all the endings.

torrent2621 2010.10.17
i really like this game and the different ways it can go

hbsavell 2010.10.17
Very good game. It use a few improvements with more variety of sex scenes.

joker370 2010.10.17
Brilliant game, I love the blonde ;)

nullion20 2010.10.17
this is by far the most fun game ever. with twists and turns! N1!

Sakaime 2010.10.16
Surprised t to see how good it actually was, seemed kinda cheesy at first, but it`s totally worth the time

eddyman15 2010.10.16
i like the game but is there any sex scenes i can get coz i cant find any and if there is how do i get to them

elgrancesar 2010.10.16
ok games i have 3 endings so far the animation and graphics are ok

renat 2010.10.16
One of my favorite game

Piercingaze 2010.10.15
I really enjoyed this game, timing and the order you do things made HUGE differences in the way someone would pick the guilty party. Excellent game, look to see more of this in the future.

retros1 2010.10.15
Very good game. I have all endings. Oh yeah

sexy1 2010.10.15
Very hot game, graphics great.

sodibadru 2010.10.14
Pretty good game overall, but I believe the the scenes could use more detail.

williamtoms1 2010.10.14
good plot..and good gameplay actual planning involved into storyline and character development

STOWA 2010.10.13
Okay decent game.. it has "options".. but more in the way if you remember to press stuff or not.. which makes me kinda feel like i miss something when this is a detective scenario.. even though the game has its twists :)

*ponders how many got the bad ending in their first try? ;)

jonmap76 2010.10.13
fun game different routes very fun

Lollo92 2010.10.13
Yeah! This is a great game. Nice sex scene.

grimjow 2010.10.13
this game has great graphics and a great storyline

JosseWolf 2010.10.13
great story line and good graphics

Baril04 2010.10.13
the adventure in this game is so fun
and the girl are sexy like always

Spaz1na 2010.10.12
excellent gameplay and graphics and love the endings

gregdog316 2010.10.12
great story line and good graphics

chumak 2010.10.12
the gameplay is very nice. The sound is not ;)
couldn`t figure out the last ending and couldn`t fully load the fourth (stops at 91% when Kim is accused).
I was actually thinking the game would have wilder twists. The blond was great and naughty ;)

kyledemi23 2010.10.12
Best game ever
the blonde is the best

senator.fox 2010.10.11
Game is really great.I got ending 1,2,3,4, but can`t find ending 3.

octagen 2010.10.11
good game. but it felt short. the story was great- wish it was longer. part 2?

cheillo 2010.10.11
totaly awesome... i wasn`t able to imagine the end.

douglas300 2010.10.10
Awesome game^^ The different endings add a replay value and make the gaming experience different from playthrough to playthrough.

firegurl19723 2010.10.10
Sweet game, though sort of needs something to spice it up

pussymaniac23 2010.10.10
The best detcetive game i ever completed because everything the gameplay, the animations, and the graphics just clicked.

kakag 2010.10.09
great game and good endings

dorainu 2010.10.09
Nice graphics and good storyline. enough to say

kevbar91 2010.10.08
That was one of the better ones i`ve played. Both girls were hot!

yankee 2010.10.08
there are not lots of ends

Sammy_Jay114 2010.10.07
I liked this game but thought there could be more sex scenes

Vincas 2010.10.07
Good game, i kind a like it, but there could be more sex..

nexo 2010.10.07
great game but should have more sex scenes in it

Jermuu 2010.10.07
Great game, but i will liked more if there is some sound.

msjf9 2010.10.07
ok game, good graphics. Could have been more sex....

rudess269 2010.10.06
Well crafted game with a great twist

Akronfalcon 2010.10.06
Very solid graphics and interesting storyline. would like to see a sequel

flaviusa 2010.10.06
how do you get the lobby ending?

flaviusa 2010.10.06
ive played this game like 10 times and its still just as good as the first time

Thetenyd 2010.10.05
I have enjoyed this game but i can`t find all end :/

jewishcowboy 2010.10.05
Confusing as to how to get the different scenes at different times...it seems random.

flatliner17 2010.10.05
Kind of lame compared to other ones, but still not bad.

pimpd 2010.10.04
the graphics on this game go hard but i need more pussy scenes

aalex1319 2010.10.04
Short, didn`t want to get through all of the endings

hutch1407 2010.10.03
Great game. love the different endings

Bojan Jovanovic 2010.10.02
Wow, so much dangerous. At least, it was great.

aznhoboboi 2010.10.02
great job leonizer, it was a fun game

hiuser1 2010.10.01
Amazing graphics and wonderful gameplay

issssoz 2010.09.30
A very good game, good personages , but could be a bit more long and with more sex scenes

retros1 2010.09.30
Very good game. Maybe more long. Looking for other new games.

Vectom 2010.09.30
its a very good game but a bit short

wingrob14 2010.09.30
Great game, I`m having trouble making the right selections to sleep with Susan. I can get to the restaurant, but can`t seem to get any further.

Other than that great game, would be great if there was more scenarios with the two hot chicks ;0)

Funkinstein 2010.09.29
Nice game, good endings. Could have used a bit more sex scenes, but all in all good.

super689man 2010.09.29
Beating this game seems a bit repetitive and dialogue is half of the game.

soulruyu 2010.09.28
awesome game u guys should try the others :)

Giftedsatansgod 2010.09.28
good game but a bit disapointing bit short too

Dupont 2010.09.27
Great graphic, but quite disappointing.

Stevie B 2010.09.27
hi i like the game but we need more thing to happen in the game like more women who try to have sex with u

retiredtroll 2010.09.27
Thanks to the guy who posted the 5 endings and how to get them.

Eldanesh69 2010.09.26
Some of the endings are kinda tricky since so many options are meaningless. Big thank you to apac20 for posting how to get each ending.

freakyjavier 2010.09.26
nice quality and quantity

icer111 2010.09.25
good game, well rendered characters and a very interesting plot.

harveyark 2010.09.25
the graphic are very good

mclovin909 2010.09.25
good story line took me a couple of minutes good game

jimmyclarke1994 2010.09.24
very nice graphics but all these games seem to be quite good

dc11297 2010.09.24
pretty easy to figure out but nice ending

bruno231987 2010.09.23
A very good game, good personages , but could be a bit more long and with more sex scenes

4nik8 2010.09.23
Ok game but I was hoping for more sexy scenes

Felix-23 2010.09.23
good graphic, but the story isn`t so good

yahud 2010.09.23
I recommend better scenes, it will make the game way better

Tharasque 2010.09.22
love this game but how can u get threesome

Silvergate 2010.09.21
maybe video would be better for this game... i dont know

ganzo 2010.09.21
very interesting game, i like it!

kitsuke 2010.09.21
A lot of it seems to be no impact, just a couple of actions impact the story, but hot women nonetheless. Option for a 3some would have been nice ;)

woody166 2010.09.21
reaally good game great graphics i like the mystery in the game to which makes it really good

genz44 2010.09.21
The game has some great potential as a mystery, but it seemed to be lacking in the way of sexual encounters. The graphics were very good.

Sprint 2010.09.21
good but less good at the other

tom90 2010.09.19
good game shame there is not more sex in the game

royro2010 2010.09.18
Love this game... guys you should crate more game like this

jamminajax 2010.09.18
great game expected more sex scene...good graphic and the sex secens that are there are great...favorite endings are the one with kelly in the black and white dress and susan at the hotel

johnjaloie 2010.09.18
the game isnt that good and isnt really erotic but the graphics are good. keep it up lesson of passion

calidjwest 2010.09.18
the graphics on this game are amazing

Ketchi 2010.09.16
all endings are super!!!
quality of game 200%!

hubbabubba41 2010.09.16
this game has reat graphics

bigkyle1986 2010.09.16
great game needs to be longer

angus77 2010.09.16
good game, nice story and graphics

moshiko123 2010.09.15
a very sexy game its make me horny

gravitysabitch 2010.09.15
i got to the end, and shot the blonde chick. what are some other endings?

eagenetix 2010.09.14
Good game, nice graphics. Like the non linear nature

ChrisX1 2010.09.14
enjoyed the game couldn`t get all the endings though

dapm81 2010.09.13
graphics are great
however i can only manage to get 2 out of the possible endings
how to get to other endings ?

ssorcfc 2010.09.13
Very fun. Shot the lady first time I played. Whoops.

paulson79 2010.09.12
Well its a bit twisted but still You have to use head ;)
NIce work!

xxxPeanutxxx 2010.09.11
A nice twist, keep up the good work, the girls are hot

adrianonn 2010.09.11
I love playing detective. I am intrigued by this game.

manspazz 2010.09.10
Very nicely done game. Enjoyed playing thru to see all five of the endings. Was pretty surprised by a couple of them.

deathy 2010.09.10
this was a very good game O.o, i like how you have multiple endings but it`s too bad the sex scenes werent so good

Khorvin 2010.09.10
it seems a little short, if there were more investgations I would enjoy it more

apaluka 2010.09.09
Needed more sex. But good nonetheless.

cheekychik 2010.09.08
the ending was pretty good , the gameplay was good

god1234567 2010.09.08
didn`t like so much of a walking but the game is great, a few more scene splease

SarahWhedon 2010.09.07
very hot game, i love the multiple endings

seewhatimean 2010.09.07
IMO too short and too easy. Nice graphic anyway.

ezio_96 2010.09.07
this games is quite good...nice graphics......someone please tell me how to get different endings?

n0xi0us 2010.09.07
If you visit Susan first and then visit Kim she will say "You again?"
Two of the bedroom hotspots (under the bed and the bathroom) also appear in the office
After confronting Kim and then deciding to keep the information to myself led to a screen with no options available.
Various spelling mistakes (women for woman, evidences for evidence, etc.)

The vast majority of the conversation options are meaningless, which is disappointing.

tgbhw 2010.09.07
Could not get it to load.

uglymogwai 2010.09.07
Game was fun. Enjoyed evil dead reference

Valiac 2010.09.07
didn`t like so much of a walking but the game is great, a few more scene splease

jhawkkw 2010.09.07
5 endings are pretty cool, took a while to get ending 3. Still like to play the game as well.

Fatunicorn 2010.09.06
Decent, enjoyed and got all endings but would not come back to it

bodom1036 2010.09.06
Really fun game but a really creepy ending

dynamitefreshjay 2010.09.06
the gameplay was awsome and its graphics

hcroft90 2010.09.06
That was a good game ending was weird but, it was a nice twist.

adam5 2010.09.06
ok game but not very good graphics are very well & sexy

pablo.barral 2010.09.06
This was the game that brought me to this site.
Great graphics

mcobb450 2010.09.06
Great game I found it very fun to play

jennylover 2010.09.06
its ok, not many sex scnes

Jaytime 2010.09.05
Great game, lots of fun, could have had more options.

goldeni 2010.09.04
fun game good plot

cant find out how to exmine evidence.
wanted to see what the magazines under the couch were

infinitusvox 2010.09.04
didnt see that ending coming and it just makes you want to keep playing

Darkker 2010.09.04
Good, very goood. This is a excellent game ;))

hittitking 2010.09.03
good game, lots of fun with a good story

Alex13 2010.09.03
Great game,lots of action grapics could be better

Artazanasss 2010.09.03
Aweoasme game,great storyline ,good graphic really exited

dark3rbol 2010.09.03
It`s a pretty good game, but it could have been sexier. Didn`t really get me horny.

lakos 2010.09.02
not bad but not good as other

ranmagh01 2010.09.02
It`s okay, but I like the animated ones better.

CIASpy 2010.09.02
It`s okaty, but it could be hotter.

lobaum13 2010.09.02
Great Game! with nice endings.

bado 2010.09.02
very nice game...... and nice story

Schadowraven 2010.09.02
Great Game! NIce graphics!

akarki 2010.09.01
The graphics are good as usual. The Megan Fox face is cute as all hell but it gets old after a while - new faces maybe>?

spongenoob 2010.09.01
Superb graphics, hope there is episode 2 for this

ciec 2010.09.01
very nice, i like it very much! I want more games like this!

beatpoet 2010.09.01
Fun game, but lacking substance. It`s not as involved as other games, good graphics tho.

Eroticon4 2010.09.01
Nice blend of mysticism and the mundane in the story. Good multipath progression.

freestylah 2010.09.01
Not bad. Not great, either. Gameplay was fine, but I found the graphics a bit dark and def not sexy enough. A bit more sex would have been appreciated.

Amer 2010.09.01
Good game ... wery interesting..

ZzGrizzly_BearzZ 2010.09.01
Great game, good graphics and gameplay.

masterofddr 2010.09.01
Not bad worth playing! despite wasting quite a lot of time

1lilnic 2010.08.31
good.. but wheres the sex at?

iluvbigtits 2010.08.31
love the women and the storyline is pretty good too

kiaha 2010.08.31
A bit buggy, like examining evidence even if you have none, but pretty decent.

Driver 2010.08.31
I quite liked this game but am confused about the multiple endings

bjnbenner 2010.08.31
great quality, maybe a little too confusing with the multiple endings

Michael86 2010.08.31
I know it may be Beta but
the front screen shows a hot spot indicating "game support and discussion"
however it simply reloads the 10M file.

crazybo99 2010.08.31
very odd endings wish there were more

Derovin 2010.08.30
The game is complete mystery and sex now thats what any one would ask for

kevinai 2010.08.30
i like it.
the gameplay , graphic and animation is great.

5exy 2010.08.30
It`s got reaaly good graphics, animations and gameplay. i wanted a bit more though

mikaoj 2010.08.30
nice game love it :D more games like this one whould be awsome :D

reddcloud 2010.08.30
this game is really great, I liked it alot

babahoush 2010.08.29
great game, easy to get different ending`s and great graphic`s

joemare 2010.08.29
Not half bad at all, really, although the sex scenes were a little lacking, especially with the second girl.

magic2hr 2010.08.29
good game, but porr sex scene!!

ahnung 2010.08.28
good continuation of the storyline
great characters

Pornoholic 2010.08.28
I likes it. It`s like a porno version of the game Discworld Noir. Also, I found the models to be pretty hot ;D

drdeez 2010.08.28
Good game, nice graphics and interesting storyline.

ragerage84 2010.08.28
Game was pretty good wish you could do more with the 2nd girl tho.

simson123 2010.08.28
i expected more sexy scenes..

monkey45 2010.08.28
Great game but i would like some more interactive sex scenes.

alijeal 2010.08.27
its a good game interesting but i think you should put in checkpoints so that u can find the endings faster and not have to repeat the whole preamble everytime

kipper999 2010.08.27
The game flow is very linear... great graphics as usual, but this would have made a better game if it were longer and less linear.

puma420 2010.08.27
ok game...

played it twice but no sex scene.... awww°! :(

dumi 2010.08.27
awesome game, you`re great guys...thanks for this game. the graphics are great.

brandamhong 2010.08.27
Great games.Great animation.Great story.

chook2109 2010.08.27
such a good game great quality

zellnord 2010.08.26
i didnt really enjoy this game there r better

Hotspik 2010.08.26
Graphs are very nice, but i expected more sexy scene interaction ;)

blinn 2010.08.26
it`s better to have more s-scenes...

12ab 2010.08.25
nicely done game, enjoyed the multiple endings. Although it would of been nice if the game was a little longer. Took at couple of tries to get all four endings, but it was challenging otherwise.

Fir3scar 2010.08.25
in the long run it was an ok game

coolshinra 2010.08.25
As good as ever. Plenty of brain work and twists to the story. Takes some solving.

sammybobam 2010.08.25
The game was good but the sound was off alittle

sammybobam 2010.08.25
could use better graphics for the sex scences

serioussam11 2010.08.25
I`m just lovinn this game and the girls are so fuckin hot!

serioussam11 2010.08.25
awesome game man this is awesome!!

Lord Vol De Morda 2010.08.25
I like this game very much. I played it few times to see my favourite ending :)

timlager 2010.08.25
Nice game, need to see more of this stuff! Like the way the endings are

hooman7272 2010.08.25
Good game
I got about 3 endings and am trying to find the rest
Overall i think it was fun to play

Dracamua 2010.08.25
graphics are better then expected, game is a little short but good, the scenes could be more animated, I`ll give a 3.5 out of 5.

guruofunk 2010.08.24
Good game, but I guess it could be more interactive.

negativeimpact 2010.08.24
yeah about this one... there are not many sex scenes and the ones that are there are not very good so overall not a good game in my opinion.

aegisys 2010.08.24
pretty good. good multiple endings.

Arthie 2010.08.24
I really love this game!!! all scenes are so freaking sweet haha even when he got his heart riped

Beefwood 2010.08.24
I`d rate this one a "C+" - the story`s ok- I played it through to get the different endings, but I was definitely getting tired of it at the end. That, and I didn`t find the girls all that sexy. LoP has definitely made some better games than this one.

t3ac23 2010.08.24
love the game, and the concept has very good replay value

mcevoy301 2010.08.24
definatly not enough sexy scenes in this

lupo 2010.08.24
cool game great!! good graphics . loved everything about it

lexiss 2010.08.24
Few endings, a little bit complicated storyline. Above average game I would say.

hhhhg 2010.08.24
wow interesting story and kim is so sexy

niteghost 2010.08.24
wasn`t too bad but there is better games made by pf1

Kirdran 2010.08.24
Nice game, especially that links to the endings are a good option

alick123123 2010.08.24
Interesting story, rather fun

playoneforce 2010.08.23
have seen only one ending so far, but want to be a P.I. now

SeexBoomb 2010.08.23
i like them, the girls are very hot baby

beastmachine 2010.08.23
that was a pretty awesome game, gotta see the other endings tho!

Giyer 2010.08.23
Nice game and graphics but hard to get your character to get laid on your first play

grim35 2010.08.23
good game it was a new way to play and a fun one hope u make more

simba444 2010.08.23
good but less good at the other

gummyadam 2010.08.23
Got all 5 endings already :)

ace1350 2010.08.23
Like this game, good plot but needs more options, more locations would be nice aswell

mkar1980 2010.08.23
Need a few touches but this game looks ok.

chockero 2010.08.23
Decent game, had some good minutes playing it!

frizen12345 2010.08.23
this game has too less sex...

050gertje0 2010.08.23
An excellent game in graphics and story line. Too bad I can`t seem to unlock the ending where I could fuck the brunette.

Timothyx 2010.08.23
great games, but the end are difficult to reach, but the fuck scenes are super. Maybe a bit rough and ironic, but whoo matters ^^

Dj Lagos 2010.08.23
One interesting game, I like it and it is so much fun!!

Wolfen189 2010.08.23
Most interesting game I`ve played in a long time. I especially like the different endings. Keep up the good work.

shadowhearts 2010.08.22
I`ve played this game over and over.. and found all 5 endings. I hoped that there world be more interactions or sex scenes. I even tried having sex with Kim and Susan both.. but i guess that`s not possible. Great graphics and okay gameplay though.

Chairman 2010.08.22
nice, but i would have liked some interaction with the suspects

hoptirinay 2010.08.22
it`s good but more possible endings would be good

jerfo 2010.08.22
very nice game, like the different ending, to bad you have to play the whole game again to get the other endings

lama 2010.08.22
fun game, graphics were great

bockel79 2010.08.22
Very good game! Liked it a lot. Especially the different endings.

kaitokid1990 2010.08.22
got everything down! all 4 endings

ghost222 2010.08.21
sweet game played it a bunch of times

Kurgan 2010.08.21

I really liked this one. I got the one ending, but it was bad. Trying more now... love the gameplay!!!

T1H2xT43 2010.08.21
The graphics are awesome!

mousa1991 2010.08.21
good gameplay and graphics

hopebeach2002 2010.08.21
quite a good game, waiting for next erotic game~XD

ducoin 2010.08.21
fun game, even though i had probably the worst possible ending of the 5 first it was still fun

charchar40 2010.08.21
too talking not enough playing

sesochan 2010.08.21
very good game, though I do dislike the QTE system a little

Panthus 2010.08.21
very nice game, could do with easier to handle sex scenes

bluestar 2010.08.21
wow thats an intense game , but good be better

raijin 2010.08.21
great game, always like games with multiple endings. graphics are very good as well. I`ve seen several different ending and like it

Muh 2010.08.21
good graphics, intresting story but dificult to handel, especialy if you want sex scenes.

goselink 2010.08.21
great game love it when there are more chicks to play with

t3mmnc 2010.08.20
This Game Is Good, Lots of endings,but more sex scenes would be better

bearman15 2010.08.20
interesting game... not enough sex though

bshdaddy1 2010.08.20
nice game, however i think it needed better animation in the sex scenes otherwise the graphics were excellent.

max29 2010.08.20
Great game with nice graphics. Sex scenes weren`t too bad either

gotpwned 2010.08.20
good gameplay, cool animation and nice graphics

ke114 2010.08.20
Good game but could be better. Does have fairly good replay value with the multi endings

max29 2010.08.20
was a fun game to play, so so endings

anynamo 2010.08.20
i hope there will be a sequal

aa123 2010.08.20
I think its a good game but not good as the other,. i expected too, more sexy scenes.. but i like it :)

livlyf 2010.08.20
Nice Game and good graphics

punn29 2010.08.20
Great game with nice graphics. Sex scenes weren`t too bad either

arb 2010.08.20
was a fun game to play, so so endings

sliderbites 2010.08.20
Great game but how do you get with the brunette

allen666 2010.08.20
It could be better with more sex scenes and a better plot line but not too bad

lood 2010.08.19
I have never liked 3d-graphic games. That one changed my mind.

ForceOne 2010.08.19
Wish there where more sex scenes

gir81397 2010.08.19
It was great. Nice graphics. But if there was more action, I wouldve liked it more.

lloyd1191 2010.08.19
Good game with good graphics, but a little complicated for me. Still, I wish they keep making games like this one.

omahan 2010.08.18
great graphics, i love this style of game!! keep them coming

djsquad 2010.08.18
others are way better but details are fine

jimmymack 2010.08.18
very good game,hope there are more to come.

none 2010.08.18
Wish it was a little longer

zepher16 2010.08.18
there is not enough sexy scenes

Hassan6666 2010.08.18
i actually like the style of the game, but the sex scenes are way to short and not really tempting.

Undersige 2010.08.18
what does it mean, on the top right corner it says scan with ur phone

Undersige 2010.08.18
T.T im stuck plz help me i keep on choosing the wrong choices!

Mister LD 2010.08.18
man i want to be a cop now

Roan6289 2010.08.18
wow those were some cool endings!

Mister LD 2010.08.17
this was a really nice game

Grable 2010.08.17
Nice graphics but a little to plain for me

smeethegreatest 2010.08.17
great game! good conversations and lots of interactivity, made me want to find out all the endings

cibborio 2010.08.17
great game, i want more action ,sex blowjob handjob

bloodbaron 2010.08.17
the blond one is the best one , i really liked the plot

themaster1111 2010.08.17
For this game I had a tough time choosing who the killer was but i accidently clicked on susan! But all in all it wa a great game!

pebose 2010.08.17
finnishedall the endings.

alex1990 2010.08.17
Nice game, not really nice, but nice...

turboaddict 2010.08.16
A bit short but a good game all together.

anantara 2010.08.16
game was great, graphics were good and animation was great. i love it

eiffel 2010.08.16
Great Game. I have difficulty going to bed with Susan, but I`ll get there

qazxswedc 2010.08.16
Great game, although a little short

rasry4 2010.08.15
nice game.. but lack of sex scenes.. jz one last endings sex.. haha.. other wise, nice graphic n story line.. :-)

wpowder 2010.08.15
Good game, not as straight forward as the others but in a good way

kdogg 2010.08.15
gameplay was great, graphics were good and animation was great.

Alekz14 2010.08.14
grat game very good graphis is there going to be second part??

Sacres 2010.08.14
Was alright in my book. Fun, but not that many sex scenes

kidd91 2010.08.14
i love this games...great graphics

BigD4444 2010.08.14
great game. fantastic graphic

mist 2010.08.13
I love this game please keep making new ones!

kingmidas 2010.08.13
this game was good but doesn`t sex scenes

birly 2010.08.13
very funny game and original story

AntonyJ 2010.08.12
very good game, a nice twist would be to be able to interact with the police woman

Joske123 2010.08.12
Not so easy to get all the endings, but it was cool

sasaa 2010.08.12
Good game, i have the endings. Btw is there any possibility open the bathroom door from the bedroom? It is always locked.

sad111 2010.08.12
i liked the game and graphics just wish there were more interaction

ultraplayboy 2010.08.12
wow this game its great one so erotic and pasionate

msoriano 2010.08.11
Really sexy with multiple endings, although most of them are `bad` ones.

agsava 2010.08.11
i love this game!!! it`s amazing! I love playforceone!!!

mikeydu 2010.08.10
It could be better with more sex scenes and a better plot line but not too bad

mac0072 2010.08.10
awsome game like i arrested the brunnete girl

reinyse 2010.08.10
this is a great game and not hard either

jacob1 2010.08.10
Liked the story, but the paths and endings too similar. Not enough diversity in conversation. Still one of my favs.

dx61005 2010.08.10
Some of the figures keep repeating!! SHould render more different posses!!

jazekkrajnc 2010.08.09
this game is very good.play it more and more

gonzotg69 2010.08.09
really enjoyed playing this game

bob321 2010.08.09
game just to play one time

Hound111 2010.08.08
its not good as good at the other. i expectet more sexy scenes..

didado 2010.08.08
fantastic games cant find all endings though

Vol 2010.08.08
A very nice game, well rendered characters and a very interesting plot.

esayre 2010.08.08
The game seemed a little short and a few bugs I noticed were slightly annoying. Once you click on some evidence, or an evidence spot, you shouldn`t be able to click it again.

mace88 2010.08.08
Ok game, but not soo good like others games of passion.

gauravei 2010.08.08
nice games i like it plz add some moaning sounds in sex scenes

wesley09 2010.08.08
great game, like the different endings

Wahoopunch46 2010.08.08
Good Game . Plenty of plot twists and I like the storyline alot. Nice graphics too

smokinone951 2010.08.08
fun and easy game, lots of chances to change the story line

colourcrew 2010.08.08
Good game but not much sex in it

john37 2010.08.08
Great game!! and i really like the HOT GIRLS xD

Ukrainian 2010.08.08
I just love the women in this game, they are so hot!

Ukrainian 2010.08.08
Nice game! But some soundtrack would make it perfect.

bigpapa777 2010.08.07
Good options. Graphics good as well.

aiaiaiai 2010.08.07
good but less good at the other

Allan14st 2010.08.07
the best game ever whit hot girls

lensmen 2010.08.07
this is a sweet game i has logic skills that you need to call on an to me it has mystic stuff in it witch is some thing i have always been into

camelot1985 2010.08.07
I expected a bit more of this game, but it`s quite nice

omgitsivan 2010.08.06
needs more action and less words in my opinion.... otherwise thumbs up again

GtMustang87 2010.08.06
love all of these style games they are the best

andy_regresa 2010.08.06
Very nice graphics. I love the game.
Please keep the good work.

raffie 2010.08.06
waaaaaaaaaaay too much text

elgrandforever 2010.08.05
it´s a good game ,but needs a little more sex in it ))

jameskgy 2010.08.05
good game lots of endings and the creators did a great job

doubledare 2010.08.05
Took to long to get to the scenes not a bad story but wasnt good eitehr

Anawolver 2010.08.05
Awesome game^^ The different endings add a replay value and make the gaming experience different from playthrough to playthrough.

nicloe 2010.08.05
sexy and hot i wonder when the next detective dick will be out

ALMM19 2010.08.05
The story is one of the weaker ones and as for the eroticism... not great.

blueeyedangel57 2010.08.05
Can`t get ending one. good game tho.

calendardoll 2010.08.05
great game. although the sex scenes are dull, the dolls look real

robby49er 2010.08.05
very good game but sex scenes are dull

chief300 2010.08.05
the game is good, but the sex scenes are extremely dull

leuciuc 2010.08.05
The blond girl has a great body ... the sex scenes are kinda dull .

AnarchyRvlt 2010.08.04
great game with great graphic...cute girls...i have reach 4 of the 5 endings....wanna know wat the one i haven`t reached is

guin 2010.08.04
a nice game with good animations

2fast4u1992 2010.08.04
a very nice game I loved it moe of these plz

firefreak 2010.08.04
nice game only wanted more action to see.

Dchance 2010.08.04
good game better if it was longer

jcb2684 2010.08.03
@remaf69 : thanks for this solutions

it was a good game, good detective scene...

flayer 2010.08.03
I don`t know that think about this game

lattepiu 2010.08.03
great game, the graphic is good and the story isn`t stupid!

ingers74 2010.08.03
good game..captivating from the start.

GhostRider 2010.08.03
Very easy. Nice graphics. Liked it a lot.

king85 2010.08.03
very good game, but too easy

andy557 2010.08.02
Great game, different outcomes and scenes.

thomascox23 2010.08.02
This is a great game. Multiple endings lead to more gameplay time and more fun!

pizzadude89 2010.08.02
this game is very amazing and the graphics are purely outstanding in high defenintion :)

Mickey 2010.08.01
Good game.Every ending was great.

Peeroo 2010.08.01
nice game.....found 2 endings yet....one where i killed kim and susan left me to deal with the police.....and the other one where i proved susan guilty
how many endings are there????

gokceeennn 2010.08.01
how much end it has? it is good game

alxxx0011 2010.07.31
struggling to find all the endings but a good game

jake874 2010.07.31
great game that requires analyzing information and details.. love it!

jake874 2010.07.31
damn! this game really tests your analytical skills and reasoning! fantasic!

Anshishi 2010.07.31
??hem, yeah, you could say i`m kind of.. stuck in this game. I`ve heard that you have to check the testament of susan`s husband in the printer of the office of the blond woman. But every time i click on it - nothing happens. Can anybody help?

Ocuro 2010.07.31
It`s good but it needs more sex to enjoy it

shark51 2010.07.30
needs a little more sex in it

lliw 2010.07.30
Very nice graphics as usual and cool scenarios
Keep up the good work

Pnorg 2010.07.30
I like this kind of games, more games like this!

paramecium 2010.07.30
it`s a tempting game for sure. one with a more complicated story would be better anyway...

RockyDog 2010.07.29
Great game. I enjoyed it. Great graphics

manzom 2010.07.29
Good graphics, but not it`s not a game! i`ve broken three finals... and then?

risenshadow900 2010.07.29
this game was very entertaining but the graphics and story were kinda cheesy

chrisattewell 2010.07.29
its good that you fu*# the susbet

Baamster 2010.07.28
Nice one, first time I played it very slow and careful, lateron it`s much easier to make some different choices en get different endings without using the same time as before. I liked it a lot!

bigboy69 2010.07.28
it`s a real detective story not so sexy I think

kaimaster111 2010.07.28
Its a great game, but i still cant figure out how to have sex with the murdering girl...
and there really weren`t any options in the dialogue, the only thing that made a difference was in what order you visited their houses...i wish they had responded differently when i told them something instead of having one default response for everything

vivi-chwan 2010.07.28
Nice graphics but I think they`re too few sexy scenes.

nuro11 2010.07.28
really wonderful game wasnt expecting for it to go that way

BunnyBabe 2010.07.28
very good need some more games like this i like the diffrent ending aswell

cheekohh 2010.07.28
can we get the police woman involved in the next installment?

Allan14st 2010.07.27
a really hot game with lots of fun

firefistace 2010.07.27
Another good game by leonizer. can you have sex with the brunette?

megage 2010.07.27
i really like the game multiple endings and good graphics

mamkati 2010.07.27
Not bad game i expected more but..

saoricate 2010.07.26
pretty fun and i like the many different ending options

siccarith 2010.07.26
It`s really confusing to keep track of everything you need to do to get all the endings, but its completely doable and totally worth it. Great game!

tornican2000 2010.07.26
Are there more detective dick games? Great game btw ;)

SuperRichie 2010.07.26
good game. great endings i had :P
worth loading it!

webby56 2010.07.26
good game and two good models. x

bajo071 2010.07.26
nice graphic, but it need better sound

avenger2007 2010.07.26
great grafiksqgreat gameqgreat girls.

sirmuffington 2010.07.26
liked it, needs to be longer

jwu0625 2010.07.26
Anyone know how to get endgin 2 and 4?

billybob01 2010.07.26
i have only briefly looked at this game but it seems to have a nice graphical interface and the brunette charachter is hot score later.

jagick 2010.07.26
it`s nice game, good strory, but there are no great sex scenes.

Kuschelbaer 2010.07.26
Ending Nr. 1 is pretty funny.

solowmn 2010.07.26
Sound is needed. Good sotry though.

hellaz 2010.07.25
great game as always, a little bit short, and great animations

liuyun 2010.07.25
a little scared,but ending is great

Rena92 2010.07.25
Good animatoin but mot much interaction and characters

ronmt 2010.07.25
very interesting game, unexpected ending with Kim guilty

boinky 2010.07.25
really like the game, but it could use more options and/or more characters. I got 4/5 endings really fast, only ending 3 was harder to find.

vickman11 2010.07.25
pretty fun and i like the many different ending options

Dr_Chico 2010.07.25
nice game according to graphics
but according to erotic & sex. it`s poor
i had sex only with one girl
& not enough choices to be in control in the game

Predator79 2010.07.25
cool Detective. the story is very cool, too...

comin54 2010.07.25
This game`s quite good, I haven`t played it through for all 5 endings yet though :(

Moviemaan 2010.07.24
game is really great, loved it. just gotta look around and pay attention to a bit of detail and you`ll get all 5 endings!

tadasas 2010.07.24
pretty decent graphics,more games like this:)

thewin 2010.07.24
good game and good graphics, but the story was a little too long

12345678900987654321 2010.07.24
adoro los juegos de LOP definitivamente son de los mejores gracias a sus graficas y sus exelentes historias

badr 2010.07.24
Excellent Game as for 3D vs real women 3D models do not need to be paid so games can be free

dreadwolf 2010.07.24
Ok thank for the help remaf69

varunhs 2010.07.24
good game create more games like this but not mystery

remaf69 2010.07.24
1: BAD : Find necklace at Kim`s, accuse Kim of theft, say you`ll tell Susan, have rough sex with Kim
2: BAD : Kill Kim during her trance
3: GOOD : DON`T find the necklace, go back to your office, meet Susan at restaurant, flatter her (options: 2,2,1), go back to Susans and do her, then Kill Kim during her trance
4: GOOD : DON`T kill Kim, accuse Susan
5: BAD : DON`T kill Kim, accuse Kim

hiroshi1 2010.07.24
liked it but the story was a bit long winded

sloth77 2010.07.24
good game, the model is very sexy, could you find some more like this?

dreadwolf 2010.07.24
i got ending (1) (2) (4) and (5) how do i get ending (3)

ironfist137 2010.07.24
I got ending 2 and 5, still trying to figure out the rest...

jckiller32 2010.07.24
the story is really good for this kind of game

Celdin 2010.07.24
Definitely shot the blond the first time

needinsex 2010.07.23
They just get better and better, eh? That witch part actually scared me.

847847 2010.07.23
i got the 1st ending... i wonder what will be the 4 others..

carm22 2010.07.23
Awesome game, the best of this kind that I`ve played. Good sex scenes. And I loved the demon kim ending, hah.

gtrunks 2010.07.23
Great game. I like games like this that give you multiple endings.

bomberchimico 2010.07.23
i can reach just 3 of the 5 endings... there is one ending in which you go with both the girls?

JJJJ 2010.07.23
Man, it took me a while, but i ended up getting the five endings! Good game

Eu 2010.07.23
awesome game but the ending that kim kills you is kind crepy xD

genius67 2010.07.23
Can`t find ending 1

Xelrith 2010.07.23
is there any way to get with the brunette one?

slipstreem 2010.07.23
i get a bonneer in this game

Serpentscrown 2010.07.23
it would be better if there where more places to see/investigate.

swordstalker 2010.07.23
Good game. i think it should have been more envolving and more interactive. Otherwise, good

nicky1 2010.07.23
Well... Lacks some scenes everyone`s been hoping for, but a really good game overall! Multiple endings sauce it up!

qpalzm 2010.07.23
very nice game, gotten all 5 endings.

TziGaNuUu 2010.07.23
i love this game...is one of the best games i have ever playde:X:X

hardcock666 2010.07.23
this game is good the only problem is no sound we need sound in the games

panzerv 2010.07.23
The endings are great, but maybe some music in background of the game would be better:)

panzerv 2010.07.23
OK, this is a very nice game, good job indeed !

jackmackle 2010.07.23
Each ending was great and I like how it could of been played out. What I didn`t like was that there not many options. One for example is, it warn you not to distrub Kim while she was using the bathroom while searching her room. It could of gave the option, should you go in, or don`t with that as a thought `warning`. So you could of made a mistake and have her pissed off, or turn it around and made that sence a instant sex sence with her thinking you wanting to get some.

xzeta 2010.07.22
need more sex scenes in this

kelvinsimenr 2010.07.22
nice graphics cute chics great game

thespaceman 2010.07.22
haha very good, a great story with a lot of options

kurly115 2010.07.22
i think it´s a good game glad u got it on the site

krajnikk 2010.07.22
Decent game, it might be useful to add a save feature so you don`t have to play through the entire game if you want to see the different endings.

AIFUz3r 2010.07.22
Very nice graphics. I love the game.
Please keep the good work.

IamBri 2010.07.22
Fun game! I like it that you incorporate an actually storyline and action into it that just some wham bam thank you ma`am sex thing.

copyrightkiller278 2010.07.22
One of the best games I´ve played so far!

bordeira 2010.07.22
best game ever...
very good work...just make the police babe aveiable please...

val2062 2010.07.22
Great graphics as usual from LOP. Would have liked more sex scenes though good game

HornyUncle 2010.07.21
Excellent Game as for 3D vs real women 3D models do not need to be paid so games can be free

cck151 2010.07.21
the grPHICS WERE great all in all it was a good game

tucire8 2010.07.21
Its a good game and nice graphics.

maxfire007 2010.07.21
Grteat game kepp them coming

michael22 2010.07.21
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animatio

cenas1 2010.07.21
Good game, but needs more sex scenes

dexy122 2010.07.21
I really dont like the game. It has not no erotic things. Well maybe a little at last

mist 2010.07.21
I like the game a lot but maybe during the sex scenes they could add just a little bit more movement

ntranada 2010.07.21
reached all 5 endings...i like the whole detective theme...though i wish you can do both girls during the story mode...

sneglen 2010.07.21
this is a very wierd game it is hard to complete and there anint much sex in it

Robert_69 2010.07.21
i think that game has the best graphics in a sex game,

kfum 2010.07.21
ending 4 getting it on whit kimberly nice when you but the game it self seems lagging a bit.

badboy012 2010.07.21
fucking good game only got 2 of the 5 endings, how do you get the others

ryofo 2010.07.21
Nice game, but it seemed a little short

reaper87 2010.07.21
good game, i kepp playing to get the different endings, addictiveness is good

dreamcatcher232 2010.07.21
I like that game. The different endings are not bad. Ending 1, 4 and 5 i have for the moment.

tenorx 2010.07.21
Awesome game, another good job bye Leonizer :) I`ve found 3 of 5 so far.

storm 2010.07.21
nice game, good graphik
very interesting story with diferfnt ending .....

Koudy1994 2010.07.21
not many sex scenes...... shame

ahmere 2010.07.21
good game, but i can`t have sex with susan! can anyone help please?

ba ghost 2010.07.20
great game
good graphics

Lyz_Eri 2010.07.20
great game, wonderful graphics. I like the multiple endings.

th3c4rd 2010.07.20
Not bad, though it could be much better. 3/5 overall. well done with the multiple endings (there are 5), but for a "choose your own adventure" this has a very railroaded feel.

Stefankallaelt 2010.07.20
How do I get to fuck Susan? Anybody can give me a clue?

Stefankallaelt 2010.07.20
So far I like this game the most; very good graphics, cool plot, many possibilities.

bravox34 2010.07.20
Good work, but the endings are more interesting than the game.
Adding more places, and interactions, is a good idea, for me...

highlands 2010.07.20
i liked the game and graphics just wish there were more interaction

crocker 2010.07.20
maybe you should put more sex scenes in the game, but it´s a nice one

spirek 2010.07.20
The game is amazing, the graphics is fine and the girls are preety hot.

spotdiving 2010.07.20
Great game. Love the multiple endings. Have found 4/5 so far!

scannatore 2010.07.20
Good work, but the endings are more interesting than the game.
Adding more places, and interactions, is a good idea, for me...

sasanka 2010.07.20
Found all 5 endings! Great game, great graphics

Dmoney529 2010.07.20
good game and story but how do i get the other two endings?

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