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Desire and Submission


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crimsonfrog 2017.11.14
love this game Li-Ann is my hero

Domenik 2017.11.02
Hot game. One of the best

Tiodor 2017.10.05
This entire game series is great - difficult games but very good

tluciotti74 2017.09.06
I enjoy all the games from the Shark`s Lagoon. Just enough challenge to make them worth playing

akku 2016.01.30
the game is better story line,...but it when we have to go to some other site to play

katsan 2015.11.29
It just leads to a downloads page.

twotouch 2015.08.15
shark`s game`s are great, this take`s time to find the format, but great once got going

SatoruSora 2014.09.07
its a realy funny game. i like it

bitz94 2014.07.15
Graphics quality is nice but very difficult gameplay.

stefanos13 2014.06.19
i love this game one of my favourite


noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

IHeartTitties 2013.08.24
awesome game great graphics got stuck a few times thought

letsdoit231 2013.08.22
Almost got stuck in there.

63ted 2013.05.27
Enjoy Shark games and graphics.

kiko91 2013.04.02
it is the best game i have ever seen

spikiltril 2013.02.16
if you get stuck at any point just type spank

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Great game , nice story and grafic.

Docklander 2013.01.20
Not too bad, but I like more graphic action

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


bahamut86 2012.05.21
very good game, nice grafic and story

marlin 2012.05.16
a lots of of choices, but if you chose wrong, you receive a nice `end` but have to restart

applebong 2012.05.05
Shark always puts out good games, but this one was a little too difficult for me.

hijack007 2012.03.27
how do you keep playing this game I am stuck at the cosino

winsgw1989 2012.03.19
not a bad game. but a bit short on the adventurous side

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Another great game from shark lagoon, I even loved the scene when you lose.

mikicostanza 2012.01.04
this game is awesome very very hot

yellapp 2011.12.21
this was the excellent game i loved.graphics were good and i loved it the most

TheoIII 2011.12.21
Good game, good graphic

aphrodite_j2003 2011.12.15
dated game, older than many here. That being said, I like the amount of choices, but don`t like that you can`t go back without restarting.

John G 2011.12.15
Really like the series of games featuring Alancy.

thinlwin 2011.12.09
good game.i like animation.

ralphlance 2011.12.08
this game is so good id like to play every time please dont erase or remove this game such a good game this is!!!!!

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

lazy boy 2011.11.25
very amazing story .. i love it so much.

izafazli 2011.11.24
Quite difficult to play...but good in graphic and fun to play

pratik0803 2011.11.22
gr8 game ..........jst play it n u will definately enjoy it.........

username12345 2011.11.20
Really good game with great gameplay and graphic. Good diffiuculty too

zenginoglu 2011.11.17
This is great game... I like it very much...

weezle 2011.11.15
one of the easiest games in the series

BallIdiot 2011.11.10
Good game as always, but I got stuck with Li-Ann on the couch...

TDWPx210 2011.10.31
good game i love the series

CJ 101 2011.10.27
Tonito the girl`s panties are on the floor.... click them rather than the bannana

CJ 101 2011.10.27
sharks games have always been good and I like what he has done with this series I can hardly wait for the next goodie to be published to the public... which should be another lazy afternoon sequel..

abs15 2011.10.23
could of been easier but still good

purrpussy 2011.10.10
i can not do nothing i hope all have play this game i am no long play 3d game no more i hope you have fun play 3d game

tonito 2011.10.07
I can find the right solution I end up spanking each other and that;s it

Iloveu1 2011.10.04
I am stuck at the blowjob at the table. Help?

thinlwin 2011.09.30
animation good.some place ishard for shacking.

John G 2011.09.28
Always enjoy games with Alancy. This one is a little hard to figure out sometimes.

NightStalker73au 2011.09.17
awesome gameplay and graphics

rukiz0r 2011.09.12
Great graphics , but this game is very difficult ...

durmil 2011.09.07
Lovely shark game with yet another twist

specki 2011.09.05
good graphics and challenging game

pa88 2011.09.05
Great game, i like the whole series!

quesoboy88 2011.09.03
I`m not a huge fan of the fact that you must download all his games now, but this is still a great game

takara 2011.08.27
This game is very good and i like it..

johncock 2011.08.21
I just love Shark`s game. Lack of realness but,
sex is good from all of your games. Tricky part was figuring out which part to click
with that small cursor.
Anyway, great job guys. Keep it up.

Hey; PF1 when is Kelly`s new episode coming out???

branknock 2011.08.20
I like this new twist from shark. good game, nice graphic`s. you have really have to look hard for the hot spots

wolman2060 2011.08.15
Very difficult game,but funny

mortadelo76 2011.08.09
Difficult controlling but nice scenes

sombusuraj 2011.08.03
very very nice game good graphics

skynet420 2011.08.03
the game is good, wish the graphics were a little bit better

Herrushingu 2011.08.01
Very difficult game, but interested and funny

awsome4233 2011.07.08
I love the graphics in the game

shorik9 2011.07.08
graphics are done very well.

kinou21 2011.07.07
I am not really into these submission stories, I like the Wendy series better. Still a quality game

boo123boo123 2011.07.07
I don`t know what to do when locked in the toilet.

meganfoxishot09 2011.07.06
Really good game, although I think graphics need a little tweaking. Otherwise, from gameplay to storyline, great.

christi62 2011.06.28
trop bon le petit requin hummm MORE +++ enjoy

abdulk 2011.06.27
I do not know what to do when locked on the toilet

abdulk 2011.06.27
Great game but difficult game

snow01 2011.06.27
graphics are done very well.

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Another Old School Original, Nice!

zybaxos1 2011.06.25
Challenging but worth it.

hentaibitch 2011.06.25
very difficult but great game. i love it :)

gustaveglans 2011.06.24
nice game, but agree to all who say that there is ashortcoming of sex scenes

jormunguard 2011.06.24
Really difficult, would have been better if the actions points were easier to find. Kinda annoying having to click all over the place just to find the action point for the next aciton.

harunaba 2011.06.23
very nice game but ends too quickly

C.C. 2011.06.10
Just finished part 2. Sometimes you have to keep playing around with the scene to find the small difference. I would like to see more of the Polynesian girl without the whipping

C.C. 2011.06.01
I`m stuck on part 2 where the girl is showing off for the friend. The other girl takes off the panties and no matter what I do the second girl goes after her and they end up in the dungeon. How do I get past this.

bookie_boo 2011.05.31
God graphics very nice game

marucho 2011.05.30
I also think it has a poor / difficult interaction. It takes to long to go to next item. I don`t like this series very much.

Lec 2011.05.29
I`m not a fan of games that don`t interact well.

m4t0n 2011.05.27
hots girls makes this game superb

frooper 2011.05.26
Superb game, but unfortunately you can only pick one road at a time, considering the amount of possibilities in this game

mattyowen21 2011.05.20
a good game but wont play again

Timmyboy42 2011.05.19
I like is a lot a very god game. It was fun to play

thewombat06 2011.05.17
I love all sharks games, and this is no exception

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

wankay 2011.05.15
The game is hard, but good.I had some difficulty at first figuring the game out but got it after a while I think it is a very well thought out game and held my interest

Add your own comment

skyskiman 2011.05.14
The game is hard, but good.

xRazex 2011.05.12
HOT GAME, but more graphics and better interaction could help

photofan 2011.05.11
cool game and not easy...i really like it..

pascal66 2011.05.08
sex that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game

Z-MAN 2011.05.05

davey69 2011.05.04
great game though had problems with my cursor...

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.30
This game is very good and i like it...

Skarn62 2011.04.30
Not for me, i d`ont like SM games

ifqvp 2011.04.28
always love sharks game :) little difficult is good

ifqvp 2011.04.27
graphics are not really good but it`s really well to play and difficulty is good

kiani23 2011.04.18
decent game but the graphics werent the best

pavatose 2011.04.17
good game but a little slow and figuring out the controls is a bit confusing though

BookerT 2011.04.14
Gaphics are poor compared with some of the other games

dlman91 2011.04.09
Pretty bad gameplay here, shame

mendragor 2011.04.09
interresting but really hard to pass

kababloom 2011.04.04
really cool graphics, but the gameplay is crap

zbahi 2011.03.21
this game is epic i love the serie!!!!!!!

davj5 2011.03.20
excellent games and awesome hot girls

Bandie24x7 2011.03.19
I had some difficulty at first figuring the game out but got it after a while I think it is a very well thought out game and held my interest

brian1962 2011.03.19

excellent game super girls

Pall Mall 2011.03.19
I don`t know why everyone like this series the graphics are not so excellent

faraonflorin 2011.03.18
a game for uninitiated, to give in too quickly...

phasedave 2011.03.18
good game, but a bit slow loading.

gigitlah 2011.03.17
kinda hard,the graphics are cool but the animations are kinda weird

huangyihua 2011.03.17
good game with great graphic, but i think it could be more erotic

DejaVu500 2011.03.13
This game is realy fun and good graphics

albanian1 2011.03.12
Great Graphics!! Perfect Gaming!!

samdefcon4 2011.03.12
gud game but it`s a bit tough though

r_jay 2011.03.08
great game. tough at times but worth the effort

fameasser 2011.03.05
it was way tough.but i made it..lol

ocandela 2011.03.01
Shark always puts out good games, but this one was a little too difficult for me.

packer65 2011.02.25
great game kind of difficult but good pics

sex01 2011.02.24
this game is great but a bit hard

AleGer 2011.02.14
It is a difficult game with good sound and nice story.

Colvin 2011.02.14
Great game with good graphics.

elei kaulitz 2011.02.10
best games eva played,very good graphics....and animation...

marcelino21 2011.02.07
nice graphics provides a great sensation of playing

Nick2 2011.02.05
So good and hot game with interesting subject.

scrip 2011.02.03
very nice game to play and to enjoy

Albertinho 2011.02.02
Very cool game!I liked it!

barney_61 2011.02.01
for relaxxxx is best game

bdous 2011.01.31
i love this game .... too bad u have to download it

themoda 2011.01.29
very awesome game! its too exiting

65t9 2011.01.26
what a good games and hot too

p-toons 2011.01.24
graphics could be better...

yy2 2011.01.19
obviously a dated game, older than many here. That being said, I like the amount of choices, but don`t like that you can`t go back without restarting.

phatbaboon 2011.01.14
this game is phenomenal, great graphics and story

ratonius 2011.01.11
The graphics are great and the girls as well.-------funny------

Devilz 2011.01.05
God I hope there is a second

mitroi 2011.01.05
Good graphics, good animation, good story.

vranaris06 2011.01.04
sharks rulez. they continue have very good games

arkaniss 2011.01.04
good game but i can`t completr it and idon`t were the proplem

Ares05 2010.12.26
a very good game and the second part is a bit better, i think

mick149 2010.12.18
i cannot be bothered to open a new webpage this should already be done :)

weromont 2010.12.17
i like this game.. very interesting...

godnueng123 2010.12.11
Great game, great graphics, the best ive played

dirtsurfer 2010.12.04
Gotta love these games, they have everything and keep me comming back for more

zeretet 2010.12.03
this game was really awsome

ahclem 2010.11.30
Okay, I followed the instructions and tried clicking on his hand after the 1st time she said no to the spanking. I tried BOTH hands as well as the stick he was using. I tried clicking all up and down the stick. NOWHERE did I see a dildo appear. I cannot move past the 1st punishment scenario. She leaves and I`m stuck. HELP!!!!

jeroen 2010.11.30
Very very great game. And very tricky. It is a good thing you won`t have to start all over when you screw up.

Graeme Green 2010.11.27
great game..tricky inparts..

kjdehn 2010.11.25
great game this is the best bring more of these and I miss kelly

Kotton24 2010.11.25
Love these games they are almost the best games out right now, really good job

twitter 2010.11.24
amazing game with full controler desire, graphics good too.

Kramtitude 2010.11.13
Very nice game. graphics are great and the girls as well.

Apac20 2010.11.12
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

thegrail 2010.11.12
graphics are great, not done yet but will play this again and again

NadAcyl 2010.11.12
This is a good game. It`s funny

superman09 2010.11.10
fun game kind of difficult but othr than that it was good

coolboy18 2010.11.10
cool game great graphics and great animations

hugo57 2010.11.05
great game from sharks lagoon..hopefully second sequel in works ..part two good
hopefully part three is more lesbian...maybe a chase scene..

nobody69 2010.11.02
one of the best games out there

Reggie77 2010.10.30
Shark is the best in teasing games. I always want more

Hardheart 2010.10.29
difficulty in finding the action spots

mccllro9 2010.10.28
how do u get pass the part of desire and submission while she bend over the desk and u hit her on the ass with the stick to complete that mission.

redev999 2010.10.23
quite difficult in places

dongos 2010.10.21
need more like this in a bad way

paddywhack 2010.10.20
i need help i am stuck in bed

frostee 2010.10.15
another good continuation

u guys sure know how to tell a story

BacariBurberry 2010.10.15
the gameplay is too long in these games

ranmagh01 2010.10.15
As always, only the best from Shark`s Lagoon.

mampfred 2010.10.13
best game so far, sharkslagoon roxx

Altair88 2010.10.13
Such a sexy game with creativy history.

bshdaddy1 2010.10.05
i like the games that sharks-lagoon comes up with however i do not like getting switched to another site to play the game

nova01 2010.10.03
good game anf very funny

Jerrez 2010.09.30
interactive options are hard to find at times

pixieslayer 2010.09.29
ok game, graphics are not that great

hold168 2010.09.23
Great game. Loved the quality of the content

Black-Bishop 2010.09.19
Damn, That`s a good game. I loved the story

Elfe 2010.09.16
Sharks games are at top level! They did another great job!

eagenetix 2010.09.14
Wouldn`t mind playing but it didn`t seem to load

jeidi09 2010.09.10
Nice game,intresting & nice graphics.

marciusb 2010.09.08
Another grate game from sharklagoon

austwill 2010.09.07
good game! fun and interesting

komax155 2010.09.02
nice game as shark`s always I wait for next part ...

mefuck 2010.09.02
This game graphics are good !!!I loved the difficult gameplay which was challenging but fun!!!

kimkhun 2010.09.01
Very difficult game, fun enough !!

newshoes4youtx 2010.08.30
this is one of favorites, graphics are excellent, and if you make a mistake in the game, and have to redo, it still fun!

Mizu7 2010.08.30
I know it`s very stupid, but I couldn`t know how to start the game. Please help me.

puma420 2010.08.27
too complicated... i didnt know how to start the game

potapka 2010.08.27
The Sharks games are very hot

hotpotk18 2010.08.25
Very good game!!!
I`m not into submission but the game was great

DS_6 2010.08.25
I like interactive games llike this one. Shark does a great job

humptypkt 2010.08.24
I had some trouble finding what to do, but fun game.

Death217 2010.08.17
Awesome game hope theres a second one!!! Good graphics,,, TRY IT

mr. anderson 2010.08.15
great like all shark games but not really my type

kingmidas 2010.08.14
the game was great but my computer is often lag

Allan14st 2010.08.07
i like this game serie very much

pauls2k 2010.08.04
Game takes some time but very sexy

princecharming 2010.08.01
nice graphics..i loved the game

unup91 2010.07.31
awsome game !!! waiting for new one to come out !

dizzyspoon 2010.07.29
Absolutely a fantastic game. I like that series!

moneymike567 2010.07.24
this game is alrite if u know how to play

mattmc68 2010.07.22
The game was hard to figure out,. But the story kepr it interesting.

tubs 2010.07.21
Very hard game to figure out at first. It just takes a while to get use to it

righto 2010.07.21
sharks games are the greatest!....and this is one of the better games of his...top notch!

revkoolade 2010.07.20
sharks lagoon games are always great, it`s that much better when you work for something

vondue77 2010.07.19
One of the better 3D animated games

Immortalking 2010.07.17
Hard game, meh graphics, sometimes hard to find the interaction, dont personally like the background story at all.

badrobot 2010.07.14
The link from this page doesn`t work!!

Having said that, the game itself is great, although the models are a little crude, the gameplay is fun, with flexible choices at each stage - and it`s not too hard

roora 2010.07.14
why is "file not found"? I have this game...

kazzukii 2010.07.11
please tell me why i cant play this game??

Baddibu 2010.07.10
i dont like the interface of this flash!

Amlici 2010.07.06
I had a hard time figuring out how to play this game.

drillsteel 2010.07.04
This game is mind blowing. Reuires some thought and patients. I had fun with this game.

spinex 2010.06.30
always nice , sexy and good grafics & time is cool. love it

Yumi ;3 2010.06.24
Sharks games arent my favorites, but this is okay.

shark101 2010.06.23
Shark`s games are the greatest. I always can`t wait till the new ones come out.

shark101 2010.06.22
Favorite game thus far. Played it at least 5 times.

camham1 2010.06.22
shark-lagoon still on top !

hermie 2010.06.22
ok game, shame about graphics

Pork Chops 2010.06.20
Brilliant stuff as usual from the Shark!

grenade29 2010.06.20
good 3D models, but sometimes it`s too difficult to found the interaction

gp78 2010.06.20
another great game from shark`s lagoon, I like this one

buickman1969 2010.06.19
Sexy characters, hot graphics - cant play enough

zedmonds89 2010.06.18
this game was a lot harded then most of the ames on this site

ATOZ 2010.06.17
Good game from shark, difficult at some bits but if you know what your doing then its easy

Juniorchef 2010.06.17
i love the sharklagoon games, easy to play and a lot of fun inside

verras 2010.06.17
wow its the best game of sharklagoon ive ever play ^^ i expect the next .. its just soo awesome the name ll be horny afternoon 4

JBalu 2010.06.16
This game is to hard...getting stuck at the part where Li ann is consoling her new friend...cant get Li ann to take the jewel out...help plz

komax155 2010.06.13
Shark game is always nice , sexy and good grafics & time is cool

tommiey999 2010.06.10
very nice game. havent done the second one yet, but im looking forward to it.

habs3297 2010.06.09
Glade they made this game as long as they did. Awesome graphics as always. Very well done.
It would be nice if they added more interaction points and made it more like a RPG . Similiar to virtual dating girls or Arian B etc. It would be awesome if they dared tried to tackle something that complicated while using their flash interaction. I believe if they could pull it off, people might pay for it.

geobush1 2010.06.08
This is a more complicated game than most of the others. However, if you`re not into all the activities in it, it might not appeal to you.

zeretet 2010.06.07
I love this game, is very sexy

startabus 2010.06.06
Not VERY nice. but it still is an average game

mr spanky 2010.06.06
Very good game. Good Concept. Thanks Sharks lagoon.

Hank 2010.06.05
I love these games, art is good, stories are good and puzzles are good.

rated 2010.06.05
I find these games challenging - it`s not always easy to find the right place to click!

CENSOR 2010.06.01
the graphics arent too good!

hoostanaiven 2010.05.31
the graphics arent too good, but the game is interesting

Sammet 2010.05.31
encantador juego, pude descargarlo asi te tengo para jugarlo cuantas veces quiera, me gusto el modo de juego, felicidades

emetiel 2010.05.29
this series is my favorite one i love that games

ICanDoThisToo 2010.05.26
this game was pretty hard but i figured out and it was pretty good

WmMBeck 2010.05.25
This game is well thought out and a real hoot. I recommend it strongly.

jakbwrhr 2010.05.23
fabulous game - have played time and again... well done sharky

jakbwrhr 2010.05.23
Amazing game - hours and hours of fun...

superman24 2010.05.23
graphics are great hope to see more soon

Curtis615 2010.05.23
i play this game before but i don`t finish him

exy14 2010.05.22
great game,a super graphichs

Seba_osw 2010.05.19
difficult, nice gameplay but graphic could be better

Bdoggy 2010.05.17
if you like kinky this will really put you on a leash

jivaka 2010.05.15
Still waiting for part 3. Awsome game, iven if sm is not your stuff

hubi 2010.05.15
very great game from shark

colts 2010.05.14
Best game ever they made.

colts 2010.05.14
This is the most exciting game i played.

colts 2010.05.14
I love it the best game they came out with.

colts 2010.05.14
I will play this everyday it`s so good.

colts 2010.05.14
All these games are the best.

colts 2010.05.14
The graphics on this are good.

colts 2010.05.14
This game is the best one yet.

notcpip 2010.05.13
more games like this please

boinky 2010.05.11
I am not really into these submission stories, I like the Wendy series better. Still a quality game

haan141519 2010.05.10
one of the best games of shark. i liked one of the "bad" endings two with the two girls

buzzman 2010.05.10
I have played this game and found it hard to get through its harder than the other ones and i like how they follow on with this game, gives plenty of game play.

vllad 2010.05.09
the graphics are old but it`s a good game i just wish they would make it easier to tell were the action spots are at.

Martin_B 2010.05.09
Took me a while to get into this game but was very worthwile great graphics and gameplay

TroelsHH 2010.05.09
great game the graphic is good and the length of the is also great

KILL007ER 2010.05.08
this game was pretty hard but i figured out and it was pretty good

role_player 2010.05.07
good graphics, takes too long to get to do anything

Medun 2010.05.07
Great game, can`t wait for another part, interesting story

farmerblank 2010.05.07
As with most all Sharks games this one is well rendered with few flaws. Great game.

sunchips1 2010.05.07
The graphics of this game are alright not the best but good

sexonlegs385 2010.05.05
Took a while to get the hang of this game but it was fun...until I got stuck again

stefmk 2010.05.04
Took a little long at some scenes but BRILLIANT game! soo nice and hordy :)

kjedi 2010.05.03
This type of game is great. You can`t get to lost off the main coarse.

bigboyblue 2010.05.03
sharks-lagoon produce some of the best flash games around

Kalaam 2010.05.03
i like the games from sharks-lagoon

TobiL 2010.04.30
Very nice. No stupid clicking. Some parts where u have to think AND u do not have to start everything from the beginning when u mess up.

lorddismer 2010.04.30
I`m very like games like that sex and submission this is the best

tarot 2010.04.28
i knew nanny have it inside her! xD

dibly3000 2010.04.28
great game just waiting for the 3rd one

spankynuts 2010.04.26
Too tedious, even with the walkthrough.

littlebinlove 2010.04.24
Hot game. Really good. and the graphics were amazing

Mikey_nz 2010.04.22
Another great shark game!

Al 2010.04.22
very imaginative, very exciting, thanks a lot sharks lagoon for this game

paultease 2010.04.22
I have wanted Nanny to lez out since the first Afternoon game came out. Wooo hooo.

Eldestfire 2010.04.22
Wow...i either really suck at these or there just getting harder. Anyway, its a great game that can get interesting.

rler124 2010.04.16
If you want help during the game type spank that will show you what to do.

rajath4 2010.04.15
I could use some help when it come to Li Ann whipping although this has my full attion it still is a very hard game i like it please some one help

rajath4 2010.04.15
Very cool game. Good concept. We stay interested as the difficulty level is just right

p4l4m3d 2010.04.15
Like all the games from sharks-lagoon game: difficult game but fun!

jffitz 2010.04.13
great game with detailed gameplay and interesting storyline

wesmcf 2010.04.12
Hey, this game is amazing!!! a+

depipo 2010.04.12
One of the best games shark did.....!!!

stefman99 2010.04.11
Hey, this game is amazing.
I played it forten times and i`m still not borred,

slm_jng 2010.04.11
seriously sharks lagoon always comes out with the best games ever

joepje 2010.04.10
Yes love these games... Keep up the good work shark lagoon

p22raven 2010.04.10
Very cool game. Good concept. We stay interested as the difficulty level is just right.

xtraeric 2010.04.10
seriously sharks lagoon always comes out with the best games ever

Murphy 2010.04.10
nice game , thanks sharks lagoon

qwsa 2010.04.09
Very difficult game, but funny

snoopyleipzig 2010.04.08
great game if you have found all right actions

f123456789 2010.04.07
Great game but it was a little confusing

afrothunder 2010.04.07
overall this was good but i gto stuck on the second level i keep getting sent to the dungon for punshiment

ynnekynnek 2010.04.07
great game more of the same please...... :o)

Tram13 2010.04.07
A little hard to play cant seem to figure out when to move to next area

Iemo31 2010.04.07
its a good game a little complicated but good

sweetchig 2010.04.06
This game is kinda hard... I cant really click on anything after the first couple clicks...

brason1 2010.04.06
had fun playing this game. graphics a well done

s3rv3dandpwnt 2010.04.05
this games pretty hard to play but its fun

panat 2010.04.05
are those round looking joysticks lock???

m4369 2010.04.05
perhaps the best in the series.

karimoftos 2010.04.05
Great game!! good graphics and gameplay dosnt get much better than this

cristi75 2010.04.04
super game, i cant wait the next episodes

xxxdebbyxxx 2010.04.04
i like this horny game also played the other parts

Marty2911 2010.04.03
Great, challenging game. The graphics are the best.

biggsreddy 2010.04.02
Nice game bit long Trial and error Got stuck a few times Hints would be good

eldiablo11 2010.04.02
Nice animations, but the trial&error part sucks.

Tidillywinks 2010.04.01
Good game. Would be better with checkpoints

geffy 2010.04.01
graphics and animations are cool enough

blonk 2010.04.01
seems a good game, tad long at times but worth it overall, also graphics are not getting old still

moneybby 2010.04.01
nice games but a bit too stiff

Chaegrim 2010.03.31
great series, fun, and rewarding games

nonono 2010.03.31
this entire game series is great - difficult games but very good

JVVOLF1 2010.03.31
its a really good game it would be better with a back button but otherwise great

kick_me 2010.03.31
Awesome game, this is from sharks`s lagoon right?

LoLB 2010.03.31
nice game, good graphics, more of these games

SilverLynx 2010.03.30
Fun game, good content, slight chalenge

jamiej 2010.03.30
really good game with a good story

Satandj 2010.03.30
Great series of games little too challenging sometimes

1lilnic 2010.03.30
ok too harfd for me but it looked like it was good tho

agragr 2010.03.30
I always wait for a new sharks-lagoon game. Rather difficult game but fun

kaze12 2010.03.30
another sharks-lagoon game, just as great as the rest, difficult but worth it in the end

Sinister 2010.03.29
how do i get past the part when alancy is sucking on the strap on... what do i do to start the sex already..

Totte 2010.03.28
A very nice, fun game. A little difficult at times, but overall, great job!

caj 2010.03.28
gr8 n sexy game awesome graphics

harry5 2010.03.28
This game has a cute main character with just a little saggy tits. Adds to the realism :)

sjw05 2010.03.28
this game is very nice to play!

Butio 2010.03.27
harder then the other sharks lagoon games but still a good game.

Muchos 2010.03.27
The game is oke but i don`t really like the graphics. Sorry

Kramitt 2010.03.27
very good game when ya`ll gettin part 2? i`ve played both of them on their original site and those games are great

LoLB 2010.03.27
good game, a bit of a challenge

mikerelyt 2010.03.27
Great game. Awesome graphics. When do we expect more of these.

deloreandude 2010.03.26
Cool game, love the hint system, makes it easier to play.

anibourne 2010.03.26
harder then the other sharks lagoon games but still a good game.

Lockij 2010.03.26
Same as other shark games, but this one seemed a little more annoying than past games. Least they aren`t easy to beat.

mikerelyt 2010.03.26
I have played this game before. I like it.

uncharted4 2010.03.26
ok game. missed the whole code thing at the end so when i went to play the 2nd its like enter code and i was like.... well it was nice of them to say that you would need to look for a code to play the 2nd game..

bestclass08 2010.03.26
Does anyone know the code they give u at the end??? I want to play the second one...

spoor61 2010.03.24
one of the nice games music is pritty lame

excalibur_jo 2010.03.24
One of the best games shark did.....!!!

viku88 2010.03.24
I had some difficulty at first figuring the game out but got it after a while I think it is a very well thought out game and held my interest

Hellraizan 2010.03.23
kinda lame... compared to the virtual-date games this isnt a big sucess

cardinal66 2010.03.23
excellent game.....totally hooked

draginass1968 2010.03.22
I love everything Shark puts out

Baboba 2010.03.22
The damn panties... Don`t want to spoil to much, but they make or break your game. Had to redo it at least 10 times..

ManifestChaos 2010.03.22
A great game, love the graphics and interactivity.

sicnarfj 2010.03.22
This was a great game. The graphics quality is incredible.

mikewashere 2010.03.22
has alot of difficulty figuring out what to do but it was all worth it.

morginen 2010.03.22
Shark has been one of my favorites for a while. It`s confusing to get the commands but the game rocks

Kup 2010.03.21
i like these series, but the pace is very slow

magiusauroch 2010.03.21
I Like these, but the play is a little slow

SlevinHifeng 2010.03.21
i got stucked when you have to whip the girl, what shall i do??

reven 2010.03.21
the Addison to the coolest games ever sweat

maxalive 2010.03.21
quite difficult but fabulous

tylenol04 2010.03.20
very difficult game but funny

rawrkins 2010.03.20
good game, difficult, many endings/possiblities to lose

vanillaflava 2010.03.20
Excellent game! Sharkey has done it again!

beckbuttle 2010.03.20
another great game from sharks lagoon. keep it up!

travis 2010.03.20
a bit hard when it doenst explin it to u

sabre1989 2010.03.20
does anyone know how to get past the whip after the lesbian scene? other than getting stuck at that point it is quite good

Xanitos 2010.03.19
Graphics are great, really enjoyed it.

EvilSoul 2010.03.19
I liked d gam very much wish for more!

ikketisikke 2010.03.19
i like to see more of this, just a good balance between gameplay and hotness

abcdefgh 2010.03.18
Good graphics, gameplay, animation. I thought that dialogs could be better though.

duffyderty 2010.03.18
these games are the best by far wish the sound was better though

essemje 2010.03.18
Great game, but I like the Wendy series better.

alexmahler2000 2010.03.18
hmmm really one of the best games ever, hope that shark will develop a new one soon :-)

shero 2010.03.17
difficult, excellent gameplay, graphic could be better..

shabs 2010.03.17
This Game is too Good with Good graphics

nortilus 2010.03.17
better graphic than the previous. I like it.

ut1stgear 2010.03.17
Had to drop this to 85 due to the length of it. Great game as always from this author.

yourmomma397 2010.03.16
this was a really good game but i forgot the password after the first game.

zetor 2010.03.15
whota great game!!! a realy like them

broncho 2010.03.15
Sharks lagoon make the best games.
I havent finished this one yet, maybe some day

sp death 2010.03.14
beter than horny afternoon

guixyz 2010.03.14
Very tough, she always leaves at the end when I play.

sexykitty 2010.03.13
I don`t like this game as it just don`t work 4 me.

SVRacer 2010.03.13
Shark strikes again. Great job!!

rader 2010.03.13
a greate game a little difficult and the graphies not bad.

ian23 2010.03.12
better than horny afternoon

ragnarok 2010.03.11
this game should have more detailed instructions we are not mindreaders lol

dviper 2010.03.11
ts a great game really good graffic, i would like somo girls with hairy pussys, i dont know if other people think the same

batmanwelds1 2010.03.10
Sharks Lagoon are always good games to look for.

malkybob 2010.03.10
Great game and after understanding the blind ends was really fun to play

Menthor 2010.03.10
I think the horny afternoon series was better

jack14 2010.03.10
That was pretty hard, but did it

Fafhrd 2010.03.10
good graphics and challenging game

8titulos 2010.03.09
Really, really wonderfull game: It`s a real challenge for horny gamers

typhoon44 2010.03.09
sharks lagoon is always one to be played

Stewby 2010.03.09
Absolutely a fantastic game. Just like the others from Shark Lagoon.

tincanman 2010.03.09
Very interesting game. A bit difficult for me. Still trying to end the game.

crapola 2010.03.08
not as good as the classic 1st ones but still great

tom-gae 2010.03.08
really good game even there are some hard parts to pass

hubi 2010.03.08
great serie from sharks game like the ozher ones

magnacarter 2010.03.08
A really good shark lagoon game - slightly darker than any of the others

palmitis 2010.03.07
good game ! the graphics is cool , but game is very slow loading

andix 2010.03.06
really awesome game nice story

evilwawa2010 2010.03.06
I`m having trouble loading the game when I go and play it, does anyone else have that problem?

stranded 2010.03.06
it is a little bit difficult but in the end u like it.

Talha1000 2010.03.05
very difiicult very nice keep it up

sam xxx 2010.03.05
nice game and graphics , keep it up

MARCIN 2010.03.04
great game difficult ,but what a pleasure when you finished

Al 2010.03.03
good game, very exciting and naughty, thanks sharks lagoon

bravox34 2010.03.02
i like this game. horny series good graphics and phantasy

Cappa 2010.03.02
boring game same ol same ol. hot chicks but/

Chiron723 2010.03.02
I`m having trouble loading the game when I go and play it, does anyone else have that problem? Also when I was able to play it I got through the first one but got stuck on the second one, so I shut it off and tried to play it latter. But I forgot the password, and I now have the above problem.

chimx 2010.03.01
sharks lagoon is real good stuff!~

bertolucci 2010.02.28
Anhoter greet game from the serries off sharks-lagoon... Keep the good work...

aldozzz 2010.02.28
another sex games from sharks-lagoon with good graphic as usual,,,,but must careful with your choice

ty651 2010.02.28
I love the animations in this game. Points for the good storyline, too

steve-0 2010.02.27
Good game, defently worth playing.

jules1903 2010.02.27
Very good game , a bit tricky to control but graphics.

hagg 2010.02.27
i like the games from sharks-lagoon

violet15 2010.02.27
I had some difficulty at first figuring the game out but got it after a while I think it is a very well thought out game and held my interest

violet15 2010.02.27
this is a really col game i give it a thumps up :)) :))) :))

bobseger 2010.02.27
great game a little confusing and hard to figure

abgrock1505 2010.02.26
Good game but too slow to download.. guest it happen when u use wireless broadband...

pronsander 2010.02.26
difficult game.. great gameplay.. I`m a shark fan

Sol 2010.02.26
Difficult just like the rest by Shark`s Lagoon, but fun and great!

adibol 2010.02.26
difficult but best game I ever play

jimmyiroc 2010.02.25
this was pretty fun, just like other shark lagoon, but a little more edgy

tito lepanto 2010.02.24
it`s hard to find the spots and then to keep the bar to the top but OK

ever 2010.02.23
very good game.. and the graphics not really bad

Ashrok 2010.02.22
The latest of sharks games. Again a milestone in my eyes, one of the best games

michelmichel 2010.02.22
very good game, good graphics but i don`t success to finish it

keeperTSV 2010.02.22
Another good game from Shark

johnyboy49 2010.02.21
really stupid graphics
I hate the unrealitic 3D part to this game

Pre-ma 2010.02.21
That`s one of my favorite games

Arnulf 2010.02.21
I`m very pleasednby this game, but the plot isn`t quite my thing

sexybond 2010.02.21
best games from sharks lagoon and is awesome

pyrax72 2010.02.20
awsome game from sharks lagoon....always the best!!!!!

dboy 2010.02.20
Excellent game, Shark really knows how to come up with some great games.

usherxz5 2010.02.20
i enjoyed it a lot! great graphic and sound! also, the game is really sexy! love it! Mark: 8

justag469 2010.02.19
well done, i still havent finished, but a challenge, yes!! I like it.

kldxxx 2010.02.19
game is good just hard to get som girls and do what they want and wish ther was more like when u score u go formit and it shows u doing it with girl that would be great as well but keep trying will conuqer soon

notsocrazy 2010.02.19
Great game with good graphics

david6259 2010.02.19
tres bon petit nouveau jeu..! et tres excitant

WallenstM 2010.02.19
perfect! the best adventure in web, difficult and exciting.

jj26 2010.02.19
played this ages ago but still really good

indymedic 2010.02.18
Pretty cheesy if ya ask me NO SOUND

k75strider 2010.02.18
I did not like it at all. The spots were difficult to find and the dudes in it look like chicks. Kinda disturbing, really.

Moriarti 2010.02.18
Awesome game. Can`t believe how long it took to realize to use the panties to stifle her scream at the couch scene.

sqwerty123 2010.02.18
game is good just hard to get som girls and do what they want and wish ther was more like when u score u go formit and it shows u doing it with girl that would be great as well but keep trying will conuqer soon

storm 2010.02.18
very interestin game, a litel dificult but very very good

Raiha24 2010.02.18
its kinda hard to get a hold of the control of this game

harry72023 2010.02.18
Agreed I dont like this game nothing like my style

flayer 2010.02.18
I don´t like this game. For me is something boring

miiiiiiirou 2010.02.18
jeux tr??s dificile j`ai pas pu acced??

fioo 2010.02.17
The Sharks` games are very good. Good stories and animations too.

jethro 2010.02.17
Sharks games are great - I still cant get past the "couch"

pyrax72 2010.02.17
Absolutly Love this game......keep `em comming

drok 2010.02.17
sharks lagoon makes another awesome game, a definite must for anyones list

Xyzzy 2010.02.17
As usual, another excellent entry from Shark`s Lagoon. Excellent graphics, long game, very imaginative, lots of chances to go wrong, and even then, it`s entertaining. Can`t wait for the next chapter.

Jakester 2010.02.17
CBJoe...if its a punishment or a whipping in the dungeon..then you did something wrong in the game... Punishments aren`t apart of the actual game... ( per say) ..punishments always end the game..if your at the part where Liann is consoling her new friend.. it can get tricky... don`t let him catch you fooling around... right after she takes the jewel out he always comes to see whats going on. .. right after you take out the jewel you need to click back on the jewel (actually click on her anus..) to re- insert it and she will also put it back in the correct way... and after you click on jewel to put it back you need to click on her thigh just below her yellow robe and she will move her leg back like in the start of the scene its hard to do you just have to know its going to happen and to click jewel and then thigh quickly...

prev 2010.02.17
Great game, great graphics, the best ive played

pixxel 2010.02.17
Shark forever. Nice game, great animatons.

asdr123r 2010.02.17
njice game i liked evrey minute of it

Voron 2010.02.16
I like shark lagoon very much!!!

bob12345 2010.02.16
the best shark`s lagoon`s game i`ve never played. awesome

mcgophish 2010.02.16
Good game, but sometimes locks up. Could just be my comp.

CBJoe 2010.02.16
I could use some help when it come to Li Ann whipping although this has my full attion it still is a very hard game i like it please some one help

Jakester 2010.02.16
Yes CBJoe.. Luzi is right.. =)

Vollrausch 2010.02.16
not the best game from shark

drok 2010.02.16
stuck on the whipping part, any clues?

Luzi 2010.02.16
CBJoe, dont spank until the end. After she tells you to stop the FIRST time, you can click on his hand.. he will put out a dildo and you can enjoy ;-)

CBJoe 2010.02.16
Jakester i am in need of some help i am stuck on the first part spanking i can not get past it can you help please . Very awesome game but truely hard need some help

Rezman15 2010.02.16
sharks make good games. they`re fun

chwie 2010.02.15
good game, like all sharks games.

Brewman 2010.02.15
really enjoyed this games good quality

lincthesink 2010.02.15
hmm. is florian D cup? :).

soren 2010.02.15
this game is pretty boss, i wish it didnt have to get connected to the other site

Jakester 2010.02.15
I have a new Fav game.. its hard but well worth it.. heck even some of the punishments are worth loosing...any way .. the graphics are great.. lots of scenes... both Part 1 and 2.. are amazing.. For any questions just direct them to me and I will get back to you.. but no read through.. sorry..

cheese101 2010.02.15
love sharks games,but not so gone on these ones...

forest 2010.02.15
Grate game, but more checkpoints should be, if it is so hard.

eagleata 2010.02.15
very difficult but great game. i love it :)

jerryonly83 2010.02.15
great game... very difficult! shark has a great talent for this stuff!

storm 2010.02.15
a very good game ..... nace to play. More of this game, its difficult but very very good

spenracq2 2010.02.15
great game and like all sharks offerings hard enpough to keep your interest

Towy 2010.02.15
Great game as usual for these ones the playing takes ages but graphics cool and challenging

sentaiblue 2010.02.15
a good game its a little hard to play it will take time to play

Revi 2010.02.15
AWESOME Game! Takes A Bit Of Practice, But With A Little Inginuity, It Works out Great!

Wonsky 2010.02.14
Excellent game. If You stucked - look form a skhark`s game forum - there is an answer :)

broken_bleeding_angel 2010.02.14
This game wont load for me.

shanzbabe 2010.02.14
I`m stuck on the spanking part on the first one.. help!

nissehult 2010.02.14
I´ll like this serie, funny to play

hasu91 2010.02.14
pretty nice game....kepp on

varunsri 2010.02.14
the graphics r good..... ilike this game!!

randy06 2010.02.14
slow loading but these all good games hope to play it soo and enjoy like all of theses games

Voron 2010.02.14
I like taht serise! let`s play!!!

Al 2010.02.14
another great game from shark`s lagoon, I like this one too !

fuckyou 2010.02.14
It is a great game with good graphics

dx61005 2010.02.14
the graphics of the game`s not bad.

guts32 2010.02.14
It is a great game with good graphics

Berem 2010.02.14
Wow a very good game, now to seeing if I can complete the second part

Luzi 2010.02.14
Very difficult game, but funny

harm 2010.02.14
I had some difficulty at first figuring the game out but got it after a while I think it is a very well thought out game and held my interest

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