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Daydreaming with Keeley


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BengerBang 2017.10.16
This one was INCREDIBLE! Played through a couple times. Scenes were super hot, animations amazing, and it was just plain fun!

bigeye55 2017.09.25
game play, graphics and animations are greatrnwhis you could cum in both of them

gold7 2017.09.22
great game and i like this game

Tiodor 2017.08.01
Good game with multiple possibility. Hard to find all the ending. Feel better with sounds

blhudspe 2017.07.19
Keisha endingsrnshle1rnFollow the Introduction, but choose `Rub Keisha`s ass`rnFollow shsha1 until you get to ` Sorry, I couldn`t help myself. I`ll stop.`rnHave Keisha move still lowerrnGet behind Keisha and rub her tits.rnNuzzle Keisha`s ear.rnBack away and let the girls continue.rnMove behind Keeley and grab her tits. (see shle1)rnrnSinkrnFollow the Introduction, but choose `Rub Keisha`s ass`rnFollow shsha1 until you get to `Back away before Keeley notices`rnHave Keisha move still lowerrnGet behind Keisha and rub her tits.rnNuzzle Keisha`s ear.rnBack away and let the girls continue.rnHave Keisha lick Keeley`s pussy (see Sink)rnrnWalkthroughrnrnIntroductionrnSkip intro (assuming you`ve already seen it)rn"I did, but if you`re uncomfortable, I can leave." OR "Yeah, did you mean it?"rn[varies]rnWait to see what happens.rnHave Keisha kiss Keeley (Keeley +1)rnHave Keisha kiss Keeley`s neck (Keeley +1)rnHave Keisha move down (Keeley +1)rnHave Keisha lick Keeley`s tits (Keeley +1)rnHave Keisha move to the other one (Keeley +1)rnHave Keisha kiss between Keeley`s tits (Keeley +1)rnHave Keisha go back to licking the right tit. (Keeley +1)rnHave Keisha move lower (Keeley +1; goto Shower1) OR Rub Keisha`s ass (Keisha +1; goto shsha1)rnrnShower1rnHave Keisha move still lower OR Move behind Keeley and grab her tits. (requires Keeley 2/4/6; goto shle1)rnHave Keisha lick Keeley`s pussy (Keeley +1; goto Sink) OR Get behind Keisha and rub her tits. (Keisha +1; goto shsha30) OR Move behind Keeley and grab her tits. (requires Keeley 2/4/6; goto shle1)rnrnSinkrnHave Keisha finger KeeleyrnContinuernContinue (Keeley +1)rnContinue (requires Keeley 3/6/9)rnContinuernFollow themrnStare excitedly at the mirror.rn"You rock, Keisha..."rnGet behind herrnRub your dick along her assrn"You`re sure you want this?"rnSlide it in...rnFuck KeeleyrnHave Keisha join yournGrab Keisha`s ass (Keisha +1)rn"Keisha, your ass feels as good as it looks." (Keisha +1)rnRam your butt into Keisha when drawing out, then pound your dick into Keeley.rnFuck them harder. (requires Hard difficulty)rnTurn her around.rnEnter her.rnFuck herrnKeep fucking her.rnKeep fucking her.rnStop thrusting for a momentrnInterrupt her by ramming it in extra hardrnStay deep inside her and ride the contractions.rnCum with her. (END) OR Look over at Keisha (requires Keisha 2/4/6)rn"Keeley? Are you okay with that?"rnMove over to Keisharn"Are you ready for this?"rnRam it in.rnFuck her.rnPound her extra hard.rnKeep poundingrnPound her as hard and deep as you can.rnYou feel your body start to tense.rnPull outrnCum on their tits.rnFinishrnENDrnrnshle1rnContinue rubbing. (Keeley +1)rnHave Keisha lick Keeley`s pussyrn(whisper in Keeley`s ear) :Keeley, you have amazing tits." OR (whisper in Keeley`s ear) "Do you like it when I press our bodies together like this?" (both Keeley +1)rn[varies]rnHave Keisha keep lickingrnRub her tits harder (Keeley +1)rnContinuernGlance down at what Keisha is doing.rnHave Keisha do double duty.rnContinuernContinue (requires Keeley 3/6/9)rn"You`re the boss, Keisha." (Keisha +1)rn"Please Keeley, do as she says. I need you now." (Keisha +1)rnFuck KeeleyrnPump hardrnHave Keeley suck harder. (Keisha +1)rnKeep fucking KeeleyrnHave Keeley keep sucking.rnContinue (requires Medium or higher difficulty)rnKeep pumping as you bend her over.rnObligernFuck her even harderrnContinuern"Keisha, I don`t think Keeley can take much more of this." (requires Hard difficulty)rnChange positionsrnTake a good look at Keeley`s pussy.rnBend her leg down.rnPump hard.rnWatch KeisharnHave Keisha move fasterrnContinue (requires Keisha 9)rnLie down.rnEnergetically lick Keisha`s pussyrnHave them trade placesrnHave them kissrnContinuernHave Keeley push down on her shoulders.rnHave them keep kissing while you fuck KeisharnFuck Keisha harderrnFuck Keisha even harder.rnCum inside Keisha.rnContinuernENDrnrnshsha1rnRub Keisha`s ass some more OR Back away and let the girls continue. (goto Shower1)rnMove in closer (Keisha +1) OR Back away and let the girls continue. (goto Shower1)rnLick Keisha`s pussy. (Keisha +1) OR Back away and let the girls continue. (goto Shower1)rnKeep licking Keisha`s pussy. (Keisha +1) OR Back away before Keeley notices (goto Shower1)rnKeep licking Keisha`s pussy. (Keisha +1) OR Sorry, I couldn`t help myself. I`ll stop. (Keeley -1; goto Shower1)rnWonder what Keeley will do (requires Keeley 2/4/6)rnContinuernContinuernHave Keisha lick Keeley`s pussyrnContinuernHave Keisha press her face in harder.rnContinue (requires Medium or higher difficulty)rnHave Keeley grab Keisha`s headrnContinuernContinuernContinuernContinue (requires Hard difficulty)rnFinish with Keisha and go see KeeleyrnKneel down next to herrnTouch your dick to her lips.rn"My turn."rnPush inrnSee things from Keisha`s viewpointrnPump hardrnCum on her tits. OR Cum on her face.rnENDrnrnshsha30rnNuzzle Keisha`s ear. (Keisha +1) OR Back away and let the girls continue. (goto Sink)rnRub Keisha`s pussy with your hand (Keisha +1) OR Back away and let the girls continue. (goto Sink)rnContinue (requires Keeley 2/4/6)rnConsider your optionsrnWait Keeley. I won`t do it.rnTry to hide the satisfied look on your face as you look to Keeley.rnFocus on fucking KeisharnFuck Keisha harder. (requires Medium or higher difficulty)rnPause to prepare for a big thrust.rnRam her hard.rnYou want to cum, but you hold on.rnKeep holding backrnLie down. OR "I feel bad about Keeley. We should go see how she`s doing." (goto Locker)rnGuide her in.rn"Yesss..."rn"Yes!"rn"Fuck me, Keisha. I want you to fuck me."rn"Fuck me! FUCK ME!"rn"Yes! Don`t stop!"rnYour body starts to tense.rnCum inside her.rnFinishrnENDrnrnLockerrnGo find Keeleyrn"Wow, Keeley. You sure are rocking that lingerie." (Keeley +1)rn"I`m sorry, Keeley. Let us make it up to you."rnSend Keisha over.rnSee what she has to say. (requires Keeley 3/6/9)rnHave Keeley lean back against Keisharn"I didn`t cum at all. I stopped early to go find you instead."rnHave Keisha fondle her tits OR Have Keisha kiss her neckrnMove in a little closerrnHave Keisha remove her panties.rnSlowly slide her panties over her legs.rnGently spread her legs.rnMove Keisha`s hand away.rnLick Keeley`s pussy.rnKeep licking.rnKeep licking.rnBack up.rnMove into position (requires Medium or higher difficulty)rnRub your cock against her pussyrn"What if I don`t want to?"rnTease her by rubbing your cock against her pussy, but not putting it in.rn"Not until I see those amazing tits of yours."rnTake a good look at her tits.rnPull her legs uprnInterrupt her by pushing your cock deep into her pussy.rnPush it so deep your pelvis rubs against her clitrnContinue (requires Hard difficulty)rnSit down.rn"Ooh, I like the sound of that."rn"With tits as amazing as yours, I`d enjoy any sense you want to utilize."rn"God yes."rn"Fuck me with your tits."rn"Please!"rn"Please, Keeley, I`m begging you, fuck me with your tits!"rn"Yes! Faster!"rnTits! OR Mouth!rn[varies]rnEND

slutbolbi 2017.07.14
very arousing game 10/10. Absolutely loved the game dynamics and mechanics

ianjames 2017.03.23
graphics are great girls very sexy

bullsextra 2017.03.04
It super sexy and horny. The sequence is so nicely maintained.

paul197678 2017.01.28
I`ve played this game many times, and it never gets old.

fiftypez 2016.11.21
use that walkthru or youre gonna miss some good times


kaftos 2016.09.09
This is the 3d game i play with Keeley and Keisha as protagoniist and is the only game i engjoy so far with this girls...Sure is short but have many different endings and hot scenes...

zorrie 2016.06.17
great sex .....but story is a bit short

xxnoxx123 2016.06.04
The graphics are really amazing, love the girls too. Fun game and enjoyable `experience`

trailsman 2016.05.12
sweet game, the graphics are very nice, the women are hot and the sex scene is very nice with several options to choose which means you can replay again for more endings.

erdi-991 2016.02.25
very nice game and the Quality is also very nice

edwardnoel12 2016.01.28
Awesome! Loving the graphics and gameplay

droopy1988 2016.01.02
nice graphics awesome girls

droopy1988 2016.01.02
such a hot game why is the real world not like this

justcause3 2015.12.27
Another one of my fav`s on here. Quick and straight to the point. 9/10 :)

um123 2015.11.17
Good game, I loved the endings.

nomnom789 2015.11.12
Top 3 game for sure. Keely/Keisha make for an amazing duo.

DESOUSA 2015.09.04
Such a hot game, really nice game

hamster2219 2015.08.29
They don`t come any hotter than that. Wow!

alanwake 2015.08.16
this serial may not continue any better, great reunion....

twotouch 2015.08.16
this is a very hot game love it

aaroxq 2015.07.01
Such a hot game, really nice gameplay and it`s actually difficult! It took me a while to get a good ending!

HellNoKitty 2015.06.08
Keely & Keisha are so hot...i really loved this game...how about making a game of just Keely & Keisha?

Furnivis 2015.05.11
Very addictive. has to be one of my favs.

sehler123 2015.05.05
nice game but im having trouble getting the threesome

john milton 2015.04.19
so incredibly sexy... keisha is just..... wow...
phreaky you`re a god, and you create goddes...

Zeblast 2015.04.06
It`s a good game with nice graphics.

wamenw 2015.03.23
Fantastic gameplay with awesome graphics. We want m?re.

parker10 2015.03.14
it was so fun but it too short

j3hj3h 2015.03.10
I`m beginning to like this format. So many turns and one wrong move to "Game Over!" lol

lionfool1957 2015.03.08
great graphics, beautiful girl, good gameplay.

abdullah1234 2015.02.16
great story its very fantastic to play this game this is very great

Froodoo 2015.02.15
What a great game. fancy graphics cool gameplay etc.

Johnny Football 2015.02.08
Really like the scenario here,, might be the hottest game on pf1!

gwazz 2015.01.22
sexy girls good graphics what more could you ask for

smaximus 2015.01.20
keeley and keisha is hot. A bit hard. storyline and sex scene could be better

lurking 2015.01.08
Certainly the best partt ;)

pieffepi 2015.01.04
Very sexy game, I like the intricacy of the scenarios. Well done, enjoyable and can be played many times without getting boring

ARTAlive 2014.11.30
Game with efeective game play n Nige story

Ironman49 2014.11.26
Love these games, please make more.

pieffepi 2014.11.09
Very sexy game - loved the intensity and the hotness of the sequence. Very good job! Could play over and over again

girthy 2014.10.18
excellent graphics and game. hot situations and easy to get to the endings

Jebusthegoat 2014.10.06
Great game, loved the replays

Raio10 2014.09.17
another awesome game from this team anytime i see a new game with Keeley or Keisha in it i immediately play it please keep them coming.

jaimz 2014.09.01
One of my favorites. Challenging to get the best scenes, but worth it

DrDaven96 2014.08.30
nice graphics,good dream and nice sex scenes

SEXY961 2014.08.19
great graphics and a great gameplay

jenggotapi 2014.08.15
it almost one of may favourite

Tai Quan 2014.08.11
I can daydream..nightdream..noon and morning..24hrs and still can`t get enough these two BABES..!! one of my top three games.

bitz94 2014.07.14
Fantastic game I really liked playing it. More like this please.

The Big Bang 2014.07.12
great game with even better graphics...love her titties

yannos34 2014.06.29
wish it was a all day dream lol

Almeho 2014.06.11
Too bad the daydream had to end! Keisha is my favorite girl and Keeley is lucky to have a friend like her. Or...maybe James is the lucky one, haha. This game is definitely one of the more difficult ones but it`s totally worth it if you can lay both of them.

Sexy007 2014.05.22
Wow...I need to find a gym like that one!!!

folly 2014.05.11
One of my favorite game. Both girl are beautiful, but i always drool for keisha. Good sequel, i mean, dream.

dedepik 2014.05.01
Very very good one !
Why didn`t I never had a girlfriend with such a dedicated friend ? I`ld have loved that ;)
Great game with multiple satisfying ending ...
Just try it and play around !

ForgottenIsland 2014.04.27
Nice game, amazing graphics! Will play again sometime soon.

d_ahat 2014.04.10
Short and not many option.

iflinch19 2014.04.05
i love the keeley series

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
excellent game - several very good endings - fantastic!

hardgammer 2014.03.24
Super hot game!Keeley is great!

asinble 2014.03.13
like to fuck keeley in every game i see it

undeadzombie 2014.03.09
nice game but very hard lol

Wondra 2014.03.09
Loved it simply, one of my favourite

anti1990 2014.03.04
awesome game. loved all the choices

MrSerevas 2014.02.22
This is a great quick game, two of my favorite characters.

782453 2014.02.21
nice game and great graphics

glen69 2014.02.06
probably my favourite game here awesome graphics

ringknot 2013.12.18
Is the shower the only scene here? I`m trying to get past Keeley crossing her arms and keeping me from groping her and I`m having no luck :(

apenb 2013.12.11
It wasn`t easy to seduce this proud woman. That admittedly annoyed me, but it DOES add to the reality aspect of the game/girl.

zeldaskyrim 2013.11.13
nice game, makes me want to play the other ones

vjspring 2013.10.13
great game, good story VERY HOT!! love these games

nu01 2013.10.04
There are all possible endings. Very sexy game.

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

kenbaboolal 2013.09.15
I liked the threeway ending

dasturdlydodger 2013.09.08
Cant wait to get the good ending!

deadsnake 2013.09.04
Kelly games are my favourities :-)

jakadg 2013.08.25
Very hard game to complete but worth it in the end

chrisvaj 2013.08.10
Definitely two of my favorite characters and now they are together awesome

ad1021 2013.08.03
this is one of my favourite games in the keeley series
just fabulous
i loved it!

vanity.suicide 2013.07.31
that`s a good alternative ending for the main "campaign" :)

Magic Knight 2013.07.21
Good game with very nice graphics.

fuckmeharder101 2013.07.20
i love this game. it gets me so hot

Sam2013 2013.07.18
Two fantastic looking girls. Who can argue with a shower scene. Straight forward sex. Just need to crack Hard.

shadowfire07 2013.07.18
I like the game. fun and hot

shadow8888 2013.07.18
The game is awesome.
I want more games with Keisha she`s really hot.

itsnotenough 2013.07.16
great game and got to the with both girls

JustJeff722 2013.07.08
Great gane. Keely and Keisha are great!

DiegoJAyala 2013.07.07
Great game. Four endings and full of sex.

rockhard1985 2013.07.01
Wow that was one incredibly sexy game good job looking forward to more games like this.

ryanfick01 2013.06.27
I love the game. The graphics are great and I love the challenge

wessmith 2013.06.23
great game after playing Date with Keeley, rate 8/10

treu 2013.06.23
This is still my favorite game. Difficult at first. The walkthrough helped discover each ending. The one difficulty were the hidden options that could only be located by searching each screen by hovering the mouse. Gameplay froze on certain screens towards the end in the bathroom.

honchoponcho 2013.06.22
awesome graphics and great scenes

shaggy629 2013.06.17
i really liked this game easy to play good graphics

irishpin 2013.06.16
A Great Game, A great dream come true when you played A Date with Keeley. Keeley and Keisha are two of the hottest charaters in the games.

dback1030 2013.06.14
Decent game, more because of its place alongside the other two Keeley games. But not as good as the other two.

bernas56 2013.06.10
great graphics and the hard ending is very dificult

wotism 2013.06.05
another great keeley game

kalindrius 2013.06.05
very hot game girls are wonderfull

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

firion69 2013.06.02
this game is great. is this like a sequel or is it something completely different?

MaxwellCynn 2013.06.01
Great game with nice replay. I keep trying different things and getting different endings, and of course enjoying my favorite endings multiple times.

Grumpy01 2013.05.26
Enjoyed this game, the girls are hot.

casillasvvbb 2013.05.24
i love this game very much and i like keisha ass and kelly tits

Kikigee 2013.05.23
Great game and graphic but a little bit short

randomer128 2013.05.19
Great game! I love how there`s so many ways to go through the game, the walk throughs were very helpful but it`s also pretty good to try complete for yourself

gwazz 2013.05.02
how do you get to the other locations i only get to the shower

vannav2 2013.04.30
short but utterly amazing

madmax68 2013.04.25
great game, I could fuck them both for hours!!

manish.mks22 2013.04.21
game has good quality of texture. the body parts of girls are too seductive and curvy.

rahlfan20 2013.04.13
I love these two together, and how many different scenarios there are...a fantastic game.

Dottomesso 2013.04.03
A real good and nice game! Maybe a little short but very good! :)

Dave719 2013.03.23
Another big favourite of mine, I can come back anytime

f1rstt1mer 2013.03.23
Very hot - love the girls and the variety of endings

Subripper 2013.03.16
Two beautiful, beautiful girls!

Gangstabill1984 2013.03.11
I like that this game is short, but good!!

bbbrich9 2013.03.11
One of my absolute favorites. I love the interface and all of the many great endings.

adamrambo 2013.03.09
A Great Daydream if a little short

Superlars 2013.03.07
I just finished the first game with Keeley (Date with Keeley) and now I see all my wishes from part 1 came true: A threesome with Keeley and Keisha after the aerobics and more interaction during the sex scenes!
This is one of my favourites so far, especially because of the many challenges that lead to very different endings. Hope there will be more sequels with Keisha, she`s extemely hot!

Aravium 2013.03.05
its a little too short. I`d love to play a longer version of it. Nevertheless, I like that there a lot of options during the sex scenes

Koldness 2013.02.27
Nice game, I am in love with keisha and keeley

DEMONKING712 2013.02.27
this game is just wow, just awesome!

ashleymassey59 2013.02.15
great game and a great part 2 the keeley game play

jae 2013.02.13
I loved the sexy body of keleey

jobbe1980 2013.02.06
Extremely nice game... I want more of these. Lets have one with Keisha and some anal options.

jordine 2013.02.06
such a good game ive ever played. i like this game

funnyman1123 2013.02.02
amazing game with great graphics

tintin6 2013.02.02
the gameplay is awesome

nothere123 2013.01.30
hot hot hot. great graphics, hot girls, compelling story. walk through is very helpful

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Nice game , but way too short and simple.

egane 2013.01.24
wery hot game
god ending and nice graphic

CB54 2013.01.20
Keeley is HOT...short game, but really awesome.

sweettea 2013.01.14
this whole series of games was excellent. Really enjoyed playing.

Mr. Magic 2013.01.10
I could dream about Keeley all day long!

balelaz 2013.01.03
worderful game with 2 beautiful girls with multiple endings

133713371337 2012.12.29
such a tight game
more please

Docklander 2012.12.28
Interesting and some nice graphics, fun to try the different endings

cold_blood 2012.12.19
i love it, so good and beautifull

EmerikQ 2012.12.18
I want to fuck Keisha ... she is much hotter than Keeley
I like graphic and story line

gartal 2012.12.15
All the different endings are great! A wonderful way to spend the evening!

yoloswag 2012.12.15
Great game Keeley is hot.

HotGuyxD 2012.12.13
great game good story to the game i will play again for sure

HotAllan 2012.12.12
I Love games with Kely =P

twointheclip 2012.12.12
A great game. Fun to play.

ThePunch 2012.12.07
This game is still a perfect 10!

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


Geistman 2012.11.14
I was waiting for a new Keely-game. very nice. Thanks

ThePunch 2012.11.13
I`m with Errolflynn on this one.

Keisha is the star of the show, and needs her own game fast.

Pecos_Bill 2012.11.13
I love, love, love this game!!! All the different endings are great! A wonderful way to spend the evening!

Horgretor 2012.11.11
What can I say extremely nice scenario, very hot, Needs sound as always.

pabloD12 2012.11.11
yeah threesome. many differnt choices

errolflynn 2012.11.08
Although Keeley is sexy and appealing in the first game, in this one she is an annoying and demanding harpy. She is so selfish that I like to have sex with Keisha alone, and in the scenario where Keeley is having sex while licking and sucking on Keisha`s breasts, I`ve never been able to figure out how to get an orgasm for her also. In the locker room scenario with a threesome, I really wish that Keisha could get much more attention and a significantly more powerful orgasm that than selfish and demanding Keeley. It would be very enjoyable to me to see Keeley become so insufferable that she would be abandoned and Keisha would become the girlfriend.

Walkingcock 2012.11.05
I loved this game. New favorite!

Flobing 2012.11.04
I love all of the Keeley games, this one may very well be my favorite.

Anatik 2012.10.25
short but very nice game. like it :)

MB78 2012.10.24
Very Nice game, i thought i never do it with her....ufff...shes hot...love it

chrisnebeker 2012.10.23
its a very enjoyable game i love that it gave me dificult settings

hanibal194 2012.10.22
nice game really appreciate it

nikkiepancakes 2012.10.22
mmm that was very sexy all the fingering and pussy in the shower wish that would go on longer...

Hot4BarbieBlank 2012.10.21
Awesome game....Keely & Keisha look so hot together in the shower!!!!

cookielord 2012.10.20
This game is amazing I`ve played it so many times

barl321 2012.10.17
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

salope 2012.10.14
very good graphics, the game is very good

arieqhaptra 2012.10.10
Gotta love a game that features Keisha and that amazing ass. When will she get her own game?

Keely is a lovely blonde too!

JohnMcKrusty 2012.10.08
Nice look and play...but i miss the Action.

RowdyRod 2012.10.04
Loved this one, lots of great endings even the bad ones are great !! Too bad you have to wake up at the end of it... oh well, such is life :)

kelly-is-a-slave 2012.10.02
These are the types of broads we daydream about!

Fat ass beauties like Keisha baby!

Joeballs 2012.10.02
dam that`s one hot daydream.

banes 2012.09.30
Let`s see more of these 2 hot babes!!

robd_7 2012.09.26
Wow, what a game! keep up the good work!

Jokke1 2012.09.26
This is a very hot game !!! Exelent graphics and the girls really HOT !!!

Devin Da Dude 2012.09.24
I wanna see Keisha get a huge load dropped on her in the next game she is featured in.

She`s the best girl in the Keeley "Universe". Am I right, or what? Hottest ass in any game...PERIOD!

moonmike01 2012.09.23
Nice game cant wait for more

erpoly 2012.09.22
wow...great game...but need put the sound in this game...if got sound more extreme...nice graphic..best girls...love it

boob13 2012.09.21
ladies in the game have great boobs

pizza101 2012.09.17
i loved playing this game. one of my favorite games!

kiimeeg 2012.09.06
good graphic and animation

badman23 2012.09.05
This game is fantastic, and probably one of the best on the site (alongside Getting to Know Christine)-- great job

Devin Da Dude 2012.09.01
This right here needs a sequel BAD!!!! We need MORE KEISHA!

Vincent187 2012.08.26
was a fun game. lots of options.

WARDOG77 2012.08.24
love these games. the only draw back would be the animation. loved everything else!

CactusZack2 2012.08.22
LOVE this game! Played it so many times!

Tataigor 2012.08.20
Great game,both of the girls are great

Freakin304 2012.08.19
Amazing game but seem like it`s too short.

jpsacrey 2012.08.19
Love this game.Keep them coming

manyk85 2012.08.19
Ahh, that was great. I do love variety.

masshiine 2012.08.18
Pretty nice game. I like it

derda 2012.08.12
I struggled with this game and lets all be truly honest the graphics are not exactly top class. Still it is nice enough I suppose!

sexmaster43 2012.08.10
good game to pass time with decent graphics

macky14 2012.08.09
this is definitely one of the best ones....good variations and endings...great job here

Dane1988 2012.08.05
Good game. Nice images, only problem is the speed.

Lament 2012.08.03
Loved the threesome, only problem was the speed

badest 2012.07.31
great game! but it would be better if d 2 gurlz are fucked

Evildrjekyll 2012.07.31
Keisha is really hot, I cant do it on hard, keep losing, good game 8/10

fodasse 2012.07.28
seems like a good game but i cant figure out how to do it on hard :(

badb0ys009 2012.07.28
Really liked this one, nice endings! Good graphics aswell

Devin Da Dude 2012.07.28
Played it again, and it`s still magic. The absolutely best erotic game here. My homegirl Keisha is still the shit.
Keeley...I`m sorry, but as much as I love you babe, you second place here.

Still waiting on a Keisha game...

riverrock 2012.07.27
the game is too long for these characters. Focusing in on relationship, even when there are a few ways to tackle that relationship just ends up with a slightly boring game.

sunneil 2012.07.25
hot game good game like it

bceltsau 2012.07.25
A remarkaable game, wish it was longer

Elseftino83 2012.07.22
quick little game to pass 10 minutes, decent animation, girls are hot.

banes 2012.07.17
Keisha is AWESOME!! Mor games with her PLEASE!! This was a great game.

AnonG 2012.07.15
Flawless game liked the graphics and story is not bad

ThePunch 2012.07.14

Let me help you with that: IT`S KEISHA!!!! lol

Seriously, she is the best though...

MacPau 2012.07.13
I do not know which girls is better ... Excellent game ;)

ritika 2012.07.11
Awesome Game, Great Story Line, Cool Graphic

ThePunch 2012.07.06
Seriously, there are not enough people talking about Keisha. She`s the best next to Keeley. She needs her own starring role. People need to get with it.

whiteplay 2012.07.04
Fun game, great graphics/animations

Killa00 2012.06.28
An alright game with nice slow game play.

kari69 2012.06.28
Fun game, great graphics/animations.

8gxm 2012.06.27
This game never gets old!

Ryxros346 2012.06.27
great game only the threesome was hard to get. wish there was more

Fly_ForOne 2012.06.26
Goodness gracious....this is enough to keep your bone hard. Got to find the Keisha ending. I think she is so hot...heck both are on fire!

Devin Da Dude 2012.06.25
This game right here had to make me set up an account so I could say how tight this shit is.
Keisha got that big ole ass. Easily the hottest girl! Keeley is goddamn hot too, i love them white blondes; but damn....Keisha is a star in the making. More of that booty!!!

Capt. Price 2012.06.25
Couldn`t agree more, Keeley and Keisha are a perfect combo!

But Keeley has gotten three games with her in it. We need a Keisha joint! she can hold a game all on her own. That body she has is astounding.
KEISHA IS GREAT! We need a Keisha centric game, Who else agrees?

17dvldog75 2012.06.24
Keeley rocks!!! I loved it!!! More Keelely and Keisha, PLEASE!!

Capt. Price 2012.06.23
Seriously, amazing girl, she is hot!!!

Whoever the creator is, get to it!!!

aceofspades 2012.06.20
im waiting for a full game of keisha cause keisha is hot
pls pfo make a game of her :)

cewj1967 2012.06.19
There is not enough room here for me to say all the things I want to say about Keeley. This game is AWESOME!!! This one is going into my favorites place. GREAT graphics, game play and the options are superb. Keep making Keeley games.

TomBombadill 2012.06.15
Really liked this one, nice endings! Good graphics aswell

jafo69 2012.06.13
Definitely one of my all time favourites!

mishal 2012.06.09
nise game lots of choise`s and inteactions

Ronin1105 2012.06.08
awesome is the only word for this game... mabey hot too

ThePunch 2012.06.08
The Best GAME HERE!!!! Love Keeley and Keisha. Love Keisha more though...

She needs her own game!

Soul Assassin 2012.06.01
fucking awsome game!!
one of the best here!!
the endings are so exciting and different!!

Criptomax 2012.05.30
A good game for sure! It`s easy to get to the scenes most of the time, and even if you didn`t get to the parts where you "finish" or anything, you still had some great girl on girl graphics.

pusshound 2012.05.27
Perfect game. Quick play. Hot girls. Great graphics. Hot alternate endings. I wish there were more like this one.

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Very nice! Hot pics and great grafic

2112112 2012.05.20
Nice graphics,awesome game!

banes 2012.05.20
Can`t get enough of this game!!! Lets see more games with these girls!!

haseo94 2012.05.19
very sexy and erotic. considering we could watch 2 girls naked so early in the game is great!

sittingduck58 2012.05.17
Awesome. Just like my daydreams!

roni@cox 2012.05.17
Good game with multiple possibility.
Hard to find all the ending.
Feel better with sounds and small adventure parts.

tokai 2012.05.11
good game and graphic .. i love it and i love keeleey

rubinr 2012.05.08
Keisha needs her own game. She`s amazing.

chrispie86 2012.05.06
Excellent! Couldn`t get her aroused enough on hard to keep going though...

banes 2012.05.06
Great Game. The Girls are HOT!!! More Please!!!!

REMAG 2012.05.05
best game ever love graphics

cairnou 2012.05.04
Ses copines aussi d`ailleur

cairnou 2012.05.04
Toujours aussi Funny. Decidement, kelly est aussi belle que christine

katia90 2012.04.26
i like this game, so bad that its just a dream.... =)

andreas_86 2012.04.22
i wish i can 3some like that with my girlfriend n hotfriend. gud game. makes me on...

viper34th 2012.04.22
great game with many sexy endings, a bit short

bigbellend7 2012.04.21
A nice short game with a good range of sexy endings. Very erotic with good graphics.

winterpilot 2012.04.17
Found all the endings! Awesome! Great animations!! Can`t say enough about Keeley.
The game is kinda short, but very nice! Try the other Keeley games - And Christine too!

DAN24 2012.04.17
I like the multiple options with both of them well done

moneydrake 2012.04.15
the graphic is ou of this world

BonesMD 2012.04.15
Terrific threesome or lesbo-/hetero- sex scene. Built on a favorite scene from the first Keeley date game!

nmnmnm 2012.04.14
great graphics great girls i love this game

Rachelll 2012.04.12
nice graphic , gameplay is good

4garythaler4 2012.04.11
I find this game to be very arousing because most of the time I think of Keeley as a selfish and narcissistic b_ _ _ _, and I enjoy seeing her jealous, angry, and unsatisfied. Keisha is, I think, the most natural, earthy, and sexually wild of any of the female characters for this site. James should have chosen her. I thought that the scenes would have benefited from the opportunity to use cursor movement to modulate arousal for each of the characters. Also, some nice screaming and moaning, as we hear from Megan, for example, would have really improved the game for me.

GeorgeC50 2012.04.09
Quick little diversion very nicely done

DUGUK 2012.04.09
good game and graphic .. i love it

pyanzabraham 2012.04.06
i love keeley so much..awsome game..please add on the voice sound on into the game please..please..

JulietDelta 2012.03.31
great game but it should be a part of Virtual Date with Keeley

crabb 2012.03.30
Liked it but i miss some interactive ways in the sex scenes

juicypussy 2012.03.26
this game was very nice. i quite like it . its sexy

111tigersun 2012.03.26
great graphic,I`m so glad that they continued with this girl

titsrmyfavorite 2012.03.26
this game should be ranked higher than what it is listed at

titsrmyfavorite 2012.03.26
this game make me do my own day dreaming if you know what i mean

jross11177 2012.03.26
good game but could have been a little longer

waffleeater32 2012.03.23
i found this a good game bu alot o room for error a remake would be nice with more interactive scenes

chamong 2012.03.22
best game evere i loved it so much

Raptorgirl 2012.03.21
OMG i love keelye i would fuck her so hard she made me so wet

sexmegirl915 2012.03.20
i loved the game ITS SO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John G 2012.03.19
Great graphics and game-play.

Redemption12 2012.03.19
Greatest Game I`ve ever seen . Its so hot !

mistresselias 2012.03.18
This game was pretty fun. The girls are nice!

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

mhkhim19 2012.03.16
awesome game keep it coming

Banana69man 2012.03.15
Good game, a bit hard to get the end... the end in which you please Keisha but it`s good to have a challenging game. Please makes lots more!

cuddlesbear007 2012.03.15
Short but good quality. Good combination of stills and animation

draiven5 2012.03.14
i ahve to admit i like this game the graphics were decent and loved the girls

Declannl 2012.03.13
great game with a great story line,

Antheon 2012.03.12
Keeley series is awesome, good game. The story is fun, graphic and animation are good for a game, sorry for my english i`m french.

Yoss 2012.03.12
Liked it but i miss some interactive ways in the sex scenes

stella01 2012.03.12
Keeley series is awesome, great game. Could`ve been longer. Can`t wait for more

derda 2012.03.11
another graet game and hope there is more to come and other great games

drddc 2012.03.11
Both girls are awesome!Great game!!

kjdehn 2012.03.10
great game with keely love to do all that with kelly where is she

Killercross 2012.03.10
Great game. I really liked.

BiaGurl 2012.03.10
This Game Makes Me HORNEY!!!!!!!!!!

chrisa 2012.03.09
this is a grate game more please

depe 2012.03.08
Real nice hot game, I`m fond of such pictures!

shark101 2012.03.08
Should take more time to produce better quality instead of quantity

ksmth275 2012.03.07
Not easy to get to the "best" ending but well worth the play throughs

RobthePlaya85 2012.03.07
Daydreaming with Keeley is an awesome game to witness the thinking of what it would be like to see two beautiful gorgeous women in the shower together. The story line is so excellent, and the plot of daydreaming is even better. The graphics, and animations are magnificent, amazing, and breathe-taking. I want to thank everyone for the walkthroughs, and interesting comments. I hope to see more games like this soon.

jymis 2012.03.06
I played this over and over trying to achieve the best ending and couldn`t quite do it.

demonwar 2012.03.05
well i surelly love it its really good the graph the voice its sexy

JamSan 2012.03.05
I would love more Keisha or Keeley games.

jellybean 2012.03.03
WE want more! these games are great!

Andyy95 2012.03.03
Very Sexy Game.. Makes me Hot!

ike121951 2012.03.02
defintely one of the best games out there, spent lots of time playing

rlh19216 2012.02.29
really enjoyed the three endings. a bit too easy, but great game.

Potatopie 2012.02.27
Amazing game, great graphics

jdfun 2012.02.27
Awesome Game, Great Story Line, Cool Graphics... Just can`t say enough about it....

butman 2012.02.26
the games of this title are aways epic!

jinopodin 2012.02.25
Great Game! wish I was Keeley!

airforcewun 2012.02.24
wish dat da dream come true

dwayne101 2012.02.23
i love this game so MUCH MAKE MORE

asihab 2012.02.23
Great game, i wan`t to have sex with brunette too.........maybe would be excelent with more options.................

crystal2000 2012.02.23
i really enjoyed this and i hope there is going to be another game similar or carried on like a daydream with keeley 2

fluffy1490 2012.02.23
Very good game. The graphics were excellent. Had to restart once.

Rauhe 2012.02.22
I like multi culture stories, its good that we all get together

SQUIDDEY 2012.02.21
seems like a good game but i cant figure out how to do it on hard :(

yody11 2012.02.20
really fun game. you should play

masterxmp33 2012.02.20
this game is amazing. the graphics are good and you get to choose the outcome

justinmills 2012.02.19
good game really hard to get the last ending

need more like it

omajack 2012.02.19
I love this game. I like all the different possible endings. I only wish they had more endings. its second only to Life with Keeley. i think Keeley should either take anal or get pregnant or both on her next story

doublelion9 2012.02.18
This moves at a great pace and you can quickly work through multiple endings...fun

hockey star 2012.02.16
awesome game... need more like this game... story is awesome

shiryu 2012.02.14
need to do a remake of this game please... longer and better

Larry666 2012.02.12
Wow this game was so amazing
the girl is so hot

novo1987 2012.02.12
wow! I mean.... wow! It took forever to find Keisha`s special ending, but totally worth it!nice game play but i wish it can be longer and do both of them at the same time

wikkel2 2012.02.09
nice game play but i wish it can be longer and do both of them at the same time

sausageb 2012.02.08
Great gameplay.....very good grapics....

altres 2012.02.07
great game, want to see more

DiogoDB 2012.02.05
Amazing game, love the threesomes!

Rajkumarmalhotra 2012.02.05
its a good add on to the date keeley

xoxowannaplaydirty69 2012.02.04
I also wanna say that i love keeley she is epic wanna see more of her soon hopefully and animation was wicked :)

xoxowannaplaydirty69 2012.02.04
BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean i love lesbian games graphis storyline were all epic man!!!

krazykajun 2012.02.04
this is a great game . great graphics.

Jumpingforce 2012.02.03
Do daydreams get any better? Certainly not much!

krazykajun 2012.02.03
This game is alsome. it has a great ending

krazykajun 2012.02.03
i realy like this daydream.

sammyshambles 2012.01.31
another class game.. these girls are hot and get right dow to it!

cfriasb 2012.01.30
such a tight game
more please

millagonzales53 2012.01.30
The game was great i love how anticipating Keisha was

lickitung 2012.01.30
I hope that a game with Keisha as a main char comes soon ...

adam111 2012.01.30
great game, want to see more

RedDragon6969 2012.01.29
This game has great graphics and lesbian games are some of my favorite ones!

CoMIYC69 2012.01.29
Definitely my favourite game of the series...

SuperNarut0 2012.01.27
short gameplay, but nice graphic

Tubs24 2012.01.26
good game like the game play and the animation

zzatraw 2012.01.24
awesome game, I would like to have more such games

imthebest69 2012.01.24
very well made, great graphics (although the animations could use a little more touch), love the combination of choices, great work

gizmo13 2012.01.24
its quite short..but interesting

sexybi 2012.01.22
I love all the levels, love this game

packer65 2012.01.22
great game i realy liked the ending

sexxyjess 2012.01.20
This was one of the best dating games on this site. I really enjoyed the pics and sex scenes.

McGowne4win 2012.01.20
The game is really good but it does not match the other two games with Keeley. The dialogue is as always really great and the endings are all very good. I hope that more games like this will be released.

krstevski 2012.01.19
awesome game, I would like to have more such games is the best

krstevski 2012.01.19
awesome game, I would like to have more such games

krstevski 2012.01.19
I like girls and many events are real

krstevski 2012.01.19
game has good graphics and good stories

andreklas 2012.01.17
great dating game with keeley bring more with kelly i miss kelly!!!!!

oldtonius 2012.01.17
Great graphics, the loading of animations are a bit slow. I`ll try to go for endings, - have found 2 by now.

romanose 2012.01.14
4 out of 5! Great game! just needs sound,

mikicostanza 2012.01.13
this game is awesome very very hot game

HeartcoRemo 2012.01.13
that is best games i ever played

cgolf9218 2012.01.12
this game is pretty great, i would love to take 2 girls in the locker room, especially if one was white and the other way black

saca 2012.01.12
Always nice to play with Keeley !

layne16 2012.01.11
Really good game, looking forward to more.

athom1100 2012.01.10
Very well done game, love the girls.

Guillaume 2012.01.09
The interactions were great - thanks for the walkthrough.

siddharthchauhan 2012.01.09
nice animation...a great game

siddharthchauhan 2012.01.09
nice graphics and aesome game

jrjr567 2012.01.08
wow another game with keeley! awesome!

lydia 2012.01.08
It;s one of the best games here

agigagoe 2012.01.07
Thank the one who made this sequal. I always was curious what happend in the shower

S0uCe3 2012.01.07
This game its super and easy

raznag2001 2012.01.06
this was simply great, wished it had sound, other than that, great game

wxyz86 2012.01.06
the graphics on this game are really good, i love those girls!!!

Murka 2012.01.06
i like the game. the graphic is very good and the girls are beautiful

MrAnderson 2012.01.05
the endings were nice but is hard better than medium?

stela 2012.01.05
this game is so wild
Keeley is always wonderful !
love to play this game so much

i suggest to make a lot game about daydreaming with more naughty act in public place
maybe it`s about the girl who has daydream if she walk in the city naked ! Wooow..
and a lot of man stare at her wonderful boobs, and ofc they compete to fuck her !

mikkel 2012.01.04
good game, nice animation i can´t see the diffent betwen medium and hard

chris2012 2012.01.04
I liked this game,very good story

jflip 2012.01.04
good fun game somewhat difficult though

booblover121 2012.01.03
the game was really fun to play the girls were great to watch especially when things got "intersesting and id definitely play again

mad_mike15 2012.01.03
Just found the best ending... worth the time I put in!

FraterBusujima 2012.01.02
wow, this were a good surprise

man i love all the choices you have, i feel bad about keeley though....not ;D

shadowclub6 2012.01.01
Pretty good game overall.

waxall 2011.12.30
Short and sweet with enough options to play through a few times.

deedum 2011.12.30
how to get a good ending on hard?

chumak 2011.12.29
It`s a great game with good graphics.

HBK_KING 2011.12.29
good game and good graphic!! but is not so good the animation

Lippi1983 2011.12.28
wow! I mean.... wow! It took forever to find Keisha`s special ending, but totally worth it!nice game play but i wish it can be longer and do both of them at the same time

Melimelo 2011.12.26
I love this one.
Hot chicks and good graphics too.

compo 2011.12.25
good game just a little 2 easy,but still good multiple endings

athossico 2011.12.24
Really good game: don`t forget the other of this series

Tekilla 2011.12.23
nice game, but it could be longer

NEOW 2011.12.21
game was great cant wait for more

AirBautista 2011.12.19
The animations are alright

mannertt 2011.12.18
This is another great game with Keeley and there will be another one called Live with Keeley

samkin 2011.12.18
Awesome game! its such a great dream! Beautiful grafix and great scenes, thanks

jdoberman 2011.12.17
Daydreaming?? Now that is a GREAT dream!! Good graphics and gameplay

pippo87 2011.12.16
Good game and good graphics!

drahcirtimothy 2011.12.16
Awesome!, I love the part where she tested for loyalty

aphrodite_j2003 2011.12.15
i got locked out from the gym. But nice game

messeratti 2011.12.14
the graphics was ok... anyway, i enjoyed it

gracourt1987 2011.12.14
well good graphic could play it all night

sexrex77 2011.12.11
great game very interesting on hard mode, so many possibilities

whatcha 2011.12.09
wow it is quite a game i mean setting aside you only daydream what goes on it really is a fun game

Beyond 2011.12.09
Awesome Game,
Many things to findout
Especially the Locker Room Scene.
More Lingerie!

elishacuthbert 2011.12.09
I don`t know whther the game was indendent to go that way: Any time I clicked in a sensitive area, it jumped to another region. therefore no really action was possible. Therefore a nice exposee and an intersting game once it`ll be finished.

raddcaidic 2011.12.07
nice add on to the dating version good graphics and good sexy scenes

thinlwin 2011.12.07
i can play only easy mood.good animation

Chrischy 2011.12.06
id like to see more keeley games

Nirvameow 2011.12.06
i have to say that this is a very nice game with nice graphics!

Les 2011.12.05
Most of the endings pretty good, thogh some better that others. Nice development and good graphics. Would love to see tis story expanded.

subliminal_assassin 2011.12.04
I just love how the original Keely game had this scene half way through it =D
Great if you dont want to go throught the whole thing, excellent game

abduvanchuk 2011.12.02
good game, good graphics, nice endings.

lovethis 2011.12.02
Nice game and good graphics

xcoolplayz 2011.12.02
Excellent looking, great visuals as always!

Snakejake11 2011.11.30
fun game really easy to find diffrent endings

dicken 2011.11.30
Wow..I like three some and this is one of the game that i like..more please

masiania 2011.11.29
wow ... awesome sex ... i olwais liked KEELEY

Maik-80 2011.11.29
To short and to less options

lovexx 2011.11.28
I liked it, the animation could have been a little better but overall, it was good!

SuperKingMW 2011.11.27
really good game i like it

rafaelbr222 2011.11.26
the best game please make more

magnosmago 2011.11.26
I did n`t like the end!!!!!!
Daydream!! that`s it???

purdyboi 2011.11.25
totally cool game especialy the multiple ending i really liked the game

kt2358 2011.11.25
it was a good game but i still lost gonna try again

fearlessone 2011.11.25
it is a great game just need more to play of it and better graphics as well and it needs better animation as well

andy_regresa 2011.11.24
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, awesome

carson 2011.11.24
game was great cant wait for more

kursat 2011.11.24
a very hot game i really like this kind of games

Aeok 2011.11.23
Really its a hot game, i hope dream whit this situation

temp47588 2011.11.23
if only you could date all these girls in real life ^^

crzyone 2011.11.22
One of my favorites, if not the favorite. ;)

shavfd 2011.11.21
I love Keeley games can`t wait to see if there is more or not

higados 2011.11.21
Awsome game. Many thanks to Mahadio87 and Sir Phoenix for the guide

ladd 2011.11.21
Would reccomend you go and check out virtual date with keeley first to get this.

matty66 2011.11.21
i like it but it does seem stolen from another game on the site

bestia99rom 2011.11.20
Hot girls and sexy women..lots of fun I love it

giancarlo005 2011.11.17
This so cool! I wouldn`t mind not waking up again! :D

cipix 2011.11.16
girls are hot... and the gameplay is hard enough to enjoy it!
one of the best game played

EdFree1 2011.11.16
A game is always good with lesbian action

gfg0083 2011.11.15

what still LOADING~~~~

revaldo 2011.11.15
I really love these games - great graphics, sexy ladies, really good stories and just great to play.

peter65 2011.11.14
HOT!!!...But Hell it`s difficult to win in the hard level

ShadyVXKuriboh5 2011.11.13
This is the best when you get up to the threesome it`s so good!!

sexseeker 2011.11.12
it was a good game but i still lost gonna try again

Darkonxxx 2011.11.11
Its ok i guess... but you could make it better

alexitah 2011.11.11
too bad for the gif animations that were so noticeable but apart from that excelent game

TheIversonBeast 2011.11.10
i THink it was a good game i love kaylee in this one

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

Alcyone 2011.11.10
Thanks for posting the answers, people who did.

petep11 2011.11.09
id like to see more keely games

stephenar 2011.11.08
I hope they do a follow up

Blackstone 2011.11.08
The art is fantastic, the girls are hot, and the interaction with keisha was amazing. The animated parts seem choppy in spite of the great graphics, but otherwise a stellar game. Great job!

Lizzie 2011.11.07
Awesome graphics, very erotic game.

maniu 2011.11.06
those games are pleasant but hard

lal 2011.11.06
best girl ever:DDDDDDDDDDd

Purger 2011.11.06
one of my favorite, good graphics, i like it

maginone 2011.11.05
verry cool game nice to play my faforite

princessjessica 2011.11.05
very nice and fun to play, beautiful babes

rebanha 2011.11.05
Great game! Super hot and sexy like always!

revaldo 2011.11.05
Superb - i love these style of game. Very, very sexy.

T-Dawg 2011.11.04
Really great graphics, still working on finding all the endings.

danielsyd2 2011.11.04
so hot every mans dream good grahf

sexisfun 2011.11.03
I love this game! I really loved keeley though

woles 2011.11.03
the game is good but the coiches sometimes can be a little vague... sometimes u press from mistake something else and can;t go back there and u have to restart... but still a pretty good game

foopighm 2011.11.02
what a nice dream but i couldnt get the ending

SidAsrani 2011.11.02
Nice game.. if there was sound it would have been better.

rellu 2011.11.02
if one thing is sureit is that this is every guys DREAM

hobbit 2011.11.01
fun game, nice graphics enough to keep it entertaining

cliffybaby 2011.10.31
fantastic!!! perfect ending with the threesome

vamp_92 2011.10.31
The game was really good i loved the animation really great graphics. It was a little hard to find out how to finish it.

twystedspyder 2011.10.31
Not bad. Not bad. As always some animation and sound could work, but the detail and choices in this one are well executed.

Kaylababygirl4eva 2011.10.30
I love this game! I really loved keeley though

Enki2011 2011.10.30
great game, pretty difficult on hard mode, but nice story

l hero 2011.10.29
It was easy but a fun game to play

mutrommi 2011.10.29
Nice daydream. Some more interaction and choices would be great. Can hardly wait to see more of these.

sah49 2011.10.28
really feeds the imagination, love to see more of this

cjdee81 2011.10.27
how do you get the threesome ending?

cooljoe 2011.10.27
Im a lucky guy If she will have sex with me

TrayZett 2011.10.27
I wish I had such daydreams :) really nice game :)

MORE please!

Faun 2011.10.26
you can`t do much worng, nice scenes..

gustaveglans 2011.10.26
one of the best games around here (others are Keeley dating and Christine). Amazing and sexy graphics, cool and challenging storyline, even the fact that there is no "undo" function is acceptable as the game stays sexy

pranksman 2011.10.26
Great game! Super hot and sexy like always!

maverick1416 2011.10.26
the graphics were good though it was a little lagged every once and a wile

Ops123 2011.10.25
the game is good but the coiches sometimes can be a little vague... sometimes u press from mistake something else and can;t go back there and u have to restart... but still a pretty good game

Djarash 2011.10.25
Nice game with excellent graphics

lshone501 2011.10.25
good game w lots of possiblities

benoitb11 2011.10.23
very hot game

i like

roxana 2011.10.23
good game...ready for more...

PJC57 2011.10.22
Not a bad game. Good picture, nice story.

cocomicrob 2011.10.21
good game. gave me a little work to find all the endings. nice!

deidra 2011.10.21
This is great, although it wasn`t really that hard on easy.

Opalm 2011.10.21
this game has defenetly his moments

jendouba3 2011.10.20
Not The Greatest Game Ive Ever Played 5/10

Noramil 2011.10.20
I can`t get any of the friggin endings please help!

Tygafifty 2011.10.17
that was fun, wish it had been included in the actual game though.

Emperor_nyk 2011.10.17
I`m so glad that they continued with this girl...awesoime game....nice ending!! m/

molceonly 2011.10.17
yes... this is what i`m talking about!!!

PonysautoBC 2011.10.17
The storyline is kind of simple but the graphics are awesome!

patronaut 2011.10.15
I must have missed it when there was a threesome.

rsalem84 2011.10.15
This game is awesome!!! Keeley is so hot, Date with Keeley is great too, but this is way better. Multiple endings are always a greate feature. Got to keep going to see them all.

TBar39 2011.10.15
Great artwork and positions, with plenty of options for getting different results!

aaaaaa6 2011.10.14
OMG this is an awesome game totally hot

randones 2011.10.13
Great game very hot scenes

mya_2cute 2011.10.13
I like the game i just think it was too short.

zoostorm33 2011.10.12
gameplay, graphic, animation perfect quanity cant wait to play again

smart409 2011.10.12
suc a tight game more plese

juhlar123 2011.10.12
Great game...could use more action sceens though

XxSeonxX 2011.10.11
awesonme gameplay and graphics

rogerpoger 2011.10.10
Superb game. Really sexy postures for both girls

ozzy72 2011.10.10
Help me!!!
I stuck with locker room! Can`t get the ending!

notgood 2011.10.10
Good game with good details. Solid effort.

mikesandello 2011.10.09
it was good but on level hard i dont get know how to do it

ron57 2011.10.09
challenging game sexy women

cobankurt 2011.10.08
i like girls and story but no exciting. animation is weak

grimrocks11 2011.10.07
good game maybe try and make it harder

Hyke 2011.10.07
Great game alternative form the original one

DBK00 2011.10.07
Great lesbian scene, yum.

koba74 2011.10.07
hate these games, no fun too easy

Fly ForOne 2011.10.07
Became my favorite, great game, great endings.

blackfox 2011.10.05
nice game i love it so much

victoroff 2011.10.05
This game wasn t so much difficult, but it s very hard

DreamTim 2011.10.04
It`s an excellent game with great graphics. I love it

abduvanchuk 2011.10.04
multiple endings..that is like me ... great work.

Quaax 2011.10.03
thanks for the walktroughs. very nice girls in this game!

Upallnight 2011.10.02
Just when you think youve found all the endings, there is another hotter than the last

Maikelvr 2011.10.02
The best game ever. Played for hours. Animation and graphics are superb!!!
Will play over and over.

Tubbs2385 2011.10.02
enjoyed the game a lot, will play again.

BrianBB 2011.10.02
Keeley is a rocking game with some nice bimbos. I love their little bodies and wiggly walks.

Rshen 2011.10.01
i love it.....nice game,good

jinger 2011.10.01
great game, wished i could do both of them at the same time

BOBOBOBOBOB 2011.09.29
Such a hot game, although I think it would be better if it had more expanded on it. But then I can`t complain because I can`t make a game like this and it is truely fantastic :)

Seven7Seven 2011.09.29
great game, worth getting to the end of it.

vlanker 2011.09.29
must play for any member on this site.

kergeller 2011.09.28
I was not really impressed by graphics but a good idea to give three difficulties

Sandman22 2011.09.27
great graphics and great stroy

gooberman10 2011.09.27
I really liked this game. Mind you I played it on easy, but I will try it on hard later.

Bruce_D 2011.09.26
terrific game, much more interactive than I first realised, lots of endings. Great job!

burba1 2011.09.26
love these games, good fun

e8msgt 2011.09.26
Excellent, could play more like this no problem.

BrianBB 2011.09.25
Hot girls and sexy women..lots of fun I love it

playboy1982 2011.09.25
this is a lack luster of a dating game!

Liehovar 2011.09.25
a little short, but nice game with excellent graphics

Edschiedam 2011.09.24
Great game , not to difficult but worth playing

VijayC 2011.09.24
Great additional ending to the main game - I found it easier but more fun to watch... And as with the main game, the graphics are superb.

stifreg 2011.09.24
Wow, now thats a dream. Thats something i would hope for...Soooo sexy girls.

Biggie18 2011.09.24
Awesome game, hope we see some more like this in the future.

johhnyy 2011.09.24
Some very good and sexyness in this

herpaderpz 2011.09.23
Wow, these ladies are sexy, and the scenes are great. One of my all-time favorite games.

sam 99 2011.09.22
great games with great graphics,love the options of different endings

farkas 2011.09.21
Nice game, good story width alternatives . I wait the sequel width more stunnig girls (two boys width four girls simultaneous for exemple). Classification: 8,7/10.

Aslam12 2011.09.21
Really nice game, nice graphics

jayd2488 2011.09.21
wooow, what a game, must play

qaz22 2011.09.20
Nice game, more please.
But can someone post a walkthrough?

NiceSarah 2011.09.19
nice game :) and it had good graphics ;)

joejoe666 2011.09.19
love this game! keeley is stunning

DoubleShadow 2011.09.18
daydreaming is really nice, i like those lesbians!
What about a continue of that story?

Pls show us more like this!

raduradu 2011.09.18
it`s the best game i playaed

belcrum 2011.09.17
nice game stil working to get the good ending

chisox 2011.09.17
pretty decent game animation would have been better

peer268 2011.09.17
good game with good graphics i like it

Melimelo 2011.09.17
Very very good one !
Why didn`t I never had a girlfriend with such a dedicated friend ? I`ld have loved that ;)
Great game with multiple satisfying ending ...
Just try it and play around !

Bill12 2011.09.16
superb game and interesting...

piskerg 2011.09.16
the best one ... so much endings and all gooood, fantastic

NightStalker73au 2011.09.15
awesome gameplay and graphics

Ruza 2011.09.15
Really good scenes, lots of endings...
My favorite game at the moment. Too bad it`s a little short

gauti93 2011.09.15
sexy game love it a lot!!!!

sroy1986 2011.09.15
This game is really great. Keeley and Keisha both are beautiful. I could fuck both of them.

willi53 2011.09.14
great game its makes me hot

muffin_m 2011.09.14
wow, this game is short but great. nice graphics too

Kevvinfan1 2011.09.14
wow this is a super amazing game i love it

easylay 2011.09.13
excellent graphics. girls are hot. gave it poor rating accidently but enjoyed it and will play again!!!!

Gustrim 2011.09.13
and thanks to the walkthrough

Gustrim 2011.09.13
nice game, i realy like it

Guggit 2011.09.13
Good character models, very arousing, and the scenarios and positions used in the shower were very mice...I like!

amilama 2011.09.13
I wish more games were like this!! Great graphics, easy to progress , and ultimately have sex!

pajamahammer 2011.09.13
awsome game, i have it on my phone and i play it all the time, i got it from mikandi

Decstarr 2011.09.13
super awesome game, 2 really hot chicks and not too easy to get to the good endings

estong 2011.09.12
super hot game..hope there`s more.

hothunk 2011.09.12
superb game. i like kelly.

Pedrodelacrosa 2011.09.12
Keeley is so amazing girl! this side need more girls like keeley!!

cheesy 2011.09.11
this is my favorite game so far.

drubie4 2011.09.10
not long enough for me but still a nice fuck scene

Smarty 2011.09.10
Great game with good graphics.

deadsnake 2011.09.10
One of my favourities... neverending story!

smoker21 2011.09.10
Very hot, but I found the loading kind of slow

your mom 2011.09.10
i fucking love this game!

milfeater 2011.09.08
Very hot game. Lots of fun.

S_Lav54 2011.09.08
Extremely hot. All Ive got to say about that game.

realmadrid67 2011.09.08
the best game.. i love lesbians games this games are the best adult games

dennyjc 2011.09.08
So hot. great ending. Thanks for adding this to the Keeley series

varanasiteja 2011.09.08
the game is very good and also very easy to play.i loved the two girls

masterchief_Max 2011.09.07
Not bad...easier that the first but still a good one!

durmil 2011.09.07
Fun game with very hot girls that make u play again , explore the different endings

badoway257 2011.09.07
Very good grafhic for this game,

Sew 2011.09.06
A very nice extention to original Keeley game.

05 2011.09.06
I love the girls, hope to find keisha in other games.

tester84 2011.09.05
this game is so good! i love keeley! shes got sooooo fine tits!

Monkey8265 2011.09.05
good game really good story

Kaffe_Rajd 2011.09.05
Normally I don`t like this sort of games, but this one was pretty good.

Zeused 2011.09.04
this game was awsome. the grafics were great too.

dryguy 2011.09.04
i wish i daydreamed this in real life

ttoonnyy54321 2011.09.04
Wonderful game Make a nother plzs

lucky14 2011.09.03
Great game! Graphics are outstanding. Keely is uber hot!

HeLL666 2011.09.03
good game but it could have been a little longer.

lala999 2011.09.03
wow you make another great game

grayaus 2011.09.03
Not to many endings. sort but to the point. fun game 8-10

subseven 2011.09.01
Hottest game around, right down to business ;)

xcuphra 2011.08.31
Fantastic game and one of my favorites on the site

Frodo8 2011.08.31
gameplay is great graphics good aswell like the end

iwantmylandback 2011.08.31
such sexy women, freat graphics, sooo sexy.

MagicoGallo 2011.08.30
I love these games :)
Great game with fantastics scenes

paard 2011.08.30
Very hot, makes the old fantasies come alive... Thanks, great game!

vyprson 2011.08.30
great game, got the ending on hard

gregory511 2011.08.30
good game, but is too short

sora1991 2011.08.30
gamenya keren
i love this game

playforcex 2011.08.30
i like the game is very nice

jeroen-troost 2011.08.29
man these girls are sexy. Love the game. Quite difficult too

Arabim 2011.08.29
Very nice Game with different endings. Many hot Sex Scenes but litte short game.

nashnwo0 2011.08.29
Great graphics love the different endings. This is for sure a favorite game.

jfaust68 2011.08.28
It was a little short but the girls never diappoint

drakkins 2011.08.28
great game loved the graphics and the endings.

graygost 2011.08.27
good graphics few glitches.

CobraKnight 2011.08.26
love this game but it`s too short.

pkripper37 2011.08.26
good fun, try different endings. I had fun.

anotherguy21 2011.08.25
gameplay is great graphics good aswell like the ending

poppa 2011.08.25
Amazing game super graphics...like the medium level but for sure will try the hard one to very soon

swipeout 2011.08.25
Very hard and a difficult game,but it keeps excitment all the way,becauce there are different ways to move forward.

I3igred 2011.08.25
I love the graphics though

I3igred 2011.08.25
they need to come out with more of these it takes too long

Sedric 2011.08.24
awesome grfx good story excellent game play

utes 2011.08.23
Great game! There need to be more just like it.

avanj 2011.08.23
Keeley is fucking hot keisha not so much but great game all around.

5 STartz

asanchez27 2011.08.23
my favorite game on this site the girls are amazing great game

ninjarou 2011.08.22
how we get the extra hard end ?

baleine 2011.08.21
Super sexy game with nice girls, amazing animations and lovely endings !

bongobongo 2011.08.21
awesome game with lots of endings, really nice graphics, great gameplay

johncock 2011.08.21
Woah...sweey Keeley. I enjoyed her very much.
Never thought day dreaming would be this gooooddd!!!
Well done...

MadMan31686 2011.08.21
Great game I enjoyed the girls and I enjoyed the story.

JONIADI 2011.08.20
loved figuring out how to get the different endings! the girls are so hot i keep redoing just to see them

chefsegers 2011.08.19
Excellent game, it sure had me going over and over to get all endings ;) en i dit get dem al

evaplavalaguna 2011.08.18
Best game i`ve played in a long time !! Thank you!!

pfogu3st 2011.08.18
Great game. We need more like this. One of the best games here.

dangrello 2011.08.18
Just Great! Spent some time trying to get to the exact end.

Bi_Love_01 2011.08.17
I Absolutly Loved It! It Was A Lot Of Fun! Great Game For Sure! One Of My Favorites

gotcha212 2011.08.16
loved figuring out how to get the different endings! the girls are so hot i keep redoing just to see them

jugyot 2011.08.16
very, very, very god!!!! awesome game, I`m too excited

cuscus 2011.08.16
not bad, but i prefer other games

mitch65 2011.08.15
So good. Well done girls.

Roflamao 2011.08.14
kind off hard but nice graphic

j0sh 2011.08.14
this games is too short.. but still a winner! more "date" games please..

mytre 2011.08.14
This is just amazing! A bit short but as it was intended to be.

Schwing 2011.08.14
Man, there`s a lot of different ways this can go. Hard mode especially is pretty challenging.

poudy 2011.08.14
good game but maybe to easy

poudy 2011.08.14
oh good this game is so hto im really horny just to play at it

memem 2011.08.13
fun game, get more interesting as levels get harder; now I have never seen that before. If there were more games like this things would definitely get interesting.

DimS 2011.08.12
Excellent game, it sure had me going over and over to get all endings ;)

Alyster901 2011.08.12
Interesting storyline and nonetheless great game.

thalionmel 2011.08.12
more from keeley and virtual date girls is great

brattydude2001 2011.08.11
one of the greats, had a lovely time playing, good graphics awsome story

geurede 2011.08.11
Oh my.. oh my... great, give more ani

rstringer11 2011.08.11
are the endings on medium and hard worth getting to?

hotguy1234 2011.08.10
this game is very hot and the gameplay is amazingly hot

kyle_a 2011.08.10
great game, love the girls

kyle_a 2011.08.09
good game, wish it was longer tho

mrniceguy97 2011.08.09
Great game and good storyline!

MauMau 2011.08.08
i ve loved playing this game, it`s sooo amazing

augustus66 2011.08.08
Super sexy game ! Very hot continue date with Kelly

studiuse71 2011.08.07
Quick, great graphics, and a clear plot.

mage208 2011.08.07
Love this game. I like the games with story, but sometimes it`s fun to just play through sexual scenarios. These were great challenges.

timidou 2011.08.06
Great game, with a different type of animation and the gameplay, though recurring, is still great
More games like these ould be welcome

mariov1978 2011.08.05
the girls look great,wery good game!!!

dreadwolf 2011.08.04
game play, graphics and animations are great
whis you could cum in both of them

k22288 2011.08.04
this is almost better than the date with her!

zeus_pariah 2011.08.04
great game, sexy girls, amazing graphics, had a little trouble with the endings but managed to get them all. short game but satisfying :D

loverboy2011 2011.08.03
great game for anyone love the graphics

mehito 2011.08.03
Well, not bad but not as goog aS THE OTHER GAMES THOUGH.

leon1313 2011.08.03
Fun Game cant make keisha finish but w.e wicked hot game

Herrushingu 2011.08.03
Amazing game play buti wish it be more longer. Very good game with multiple endings.

Herrushingu 2011.08.03
Amazing. really nice graphics but too short

SlayingAlive 2011.08.02
keep going with keeley please!!

Delta7198 2011.08.02
really nice fucking and graphics

Dlightfull 2011.08.02
It would be nice if it were longer

sukonit29 2011.08.01
The girls in this game are HOT! I really like Keeley!

penmancubs 2011.07.31
Good game, but it`s visuals are pretty strange

wtruew 2011.07.31
Also a favourite. Nice daydreaming :D

bdb696 2011.07.31
awesome game. it was awesome and i loved it

Randyfck 2011.07.31
wooww this game is really exciting, i luved it

gabbas 2011.07.31
Good game, but very, very short. Good graphic and animations though

wekatm 2011.07.30
it so hot with cool graphic hehe

fred1371 2011.07.30
I am really terrible at this one!

chickenwire 2011.07.30
nice game great graphics

imbeastin 2011.07.29
beautiful made game with excellent graphics and a lot of possibilities to go after.
Every time I did something else I found a reveiling ending, moer endings with with keeley one with keisha but the one together i still failed on keisha
still a challeneg to go

Maniac018 2011.07.28
multiple endings..that is like me ... great work.

jjdoyle79 2011.07.27
this should have been in the original but a welcomed spin off

EricDey90 2011.07.27
gorgeous girls and great graphics

mullberto 2011.07.26
i liked this game! very very hot scenes! thanks for walkthroughs aswell. great graphs! better sound perhaps

rsca78 2011.07.26
great game very nice graphics

yourdead09 2011.07.26
does anybody have a walkthrough for hard

arathor 2011.07.26
A very good game amd beatiful girls, but its getting the same mechanic of other games

hunter rose 2011.07.26
awsome game..multiple endings..beautiful girls..thumbs up

josh11 2011.07.25
they both look great! could have been a little longer ;)

nokturne 2011.07.25
some more interaction with the other girl will be nice too

Nosferaty 2011.07.25
Finisched it on easy few day ago, might try hard next :D

lyoko 2011.07.24
Verry good game,but on hard it takes awhile to find get to the end :D

kingdongii 2011.07.23
I am really terrible at this one!

They just were ready for poor ol` James

Steve247 2011.07.22
This is an EXTREMELY SEXY game. VERY hot! everyone should play it.

sederfist 2011.07.21
great game with two sexy hot girls

shaytan 2011.07.21
Delicious and hot...is all I can say :-)

toracoxroe 2011.07.20

matt22es 2011.07.19
this is probably the hottest game on this site.
really good threesome action!
i like the graphics, too.
i would really like more of this type of games!

Wowbagger 2011.07.19
Keely is definitely the hottest,although Christine is a close second

jonnywalker258 2011.07.18
great game,a bit short though. the game gets hard at some point, i`m even stuck on hard

mightythor73 2011.07.18
Very visually attractive game. I started on hard and it was tough. Maybe medium might be best.

Kallion 2011.07.18
Hmmm, I get to where you come up behind and grab Keeleys tits, I don`t get an option to say anything just continue and then End! now the ending with Keisha is nice

sic7 2011.07.16
This game very intresting

justforthegame 2011.07.16
amzing games like these always have good storylines graphics and scenes also love the multiple choices

krzyhaze 2011.07.15
awesome wish there were more like this

jackpot 2011.07.15
quite ok / the girls are just beautiful

RachelLynn 2011.07.15
fun game, good enough to go back and play the other difficulties

Narakanec 2011.07.15
This game very intresting :)

sindon 2011.07.14
good game with good looking girls
nice end ^^

Hehehe3467 2011.07.14
Great game. The girls are perfect. dont change a thing.

dhanraj7 2011.07.14
Full marks to this game for the images. They are just whoa! The close ups, the use of words and the oomph factor in the game simply blew my mind away! Excellent work.such a tight game
more please

dhanraj7 2011.07.14
Good game with multiple possibility.
Hard to find all the ending.
Feel better with sounds and small adventure parts.
nice game play but i wish it can be longer and do both of them at the same time

ftccms 2011.07.14
perfect game i love the first game and couldn`t wait to see what happens in the daydream and i have to say it was completely satisfying.

ged169 2011.07.13
Love the threesome action; Keisha is hot and it`s a fun challenge to satisfy her.

NEMONEMO 2011.07.13
Bon jeu mais en anglais. De bons graphiques

sudhsaddicted 2011.07.12
Full marks to this game for the images. They are just whoa! The close ups, the use of words and the oomph factor in the game simply blew my mind away! Excellent work.

naughtynorm 2011.07.12
hey guys just to note i cant get this game to play on firefox it just wont open.... but it seems okay on google

ohiorogue 2011.07.11
very nice, I would love to see a new game with the two of them in it.

kkuubb 2011.07.11
how many ending?found just 2

dowz 2011.07.11
great graphics. fun game. easy to play. will definitly play again

takumii 2011.07.11
this game is very straight to the point ;x i still dont understand how she gets frustrated to bad noone found out how to get this "hard" ending haha

sanjva21 2011.07.10
a verry nice game to play

namas11 2011.07.10
Keeley is back even more amazing. But I could not finish with keisha

zoop77 2011.07.10
Good graphics and good game.

mercuryphoenix 2011.07.10
You guys did an amazing job with this one, keep up the good work!

John G 2011.07.09
Nice game play and graphics. Looking for more games with Keeley.

Amiyah88 2011.07.09
Very good graphics, wish the game was longer though. Always good with 2 women in a day dream!

achubbykid 2011.07.09
im hoping for another game with keeley

rahulraj 2011.07.09
keeley ws superb in action.....but in some places graphics are low.....otherwise the game totlly hot

okonamaroko2 2011.07.09
It`s good game but there is no animation :(

mrgills1993 2011.07.08
This was a great game, loved the story and the girls. Graphics were very good

hanneke 2011.07.08
I actually liked this game, even though I am not the biggest fan of this time of game. :] Keep up the good work.

stormix 2011.07.08
A nice game, so hot, the girls are very beautifull. Not so easy to win but... a little bit too short.

wezcity 2011.07.08
this is my favorite game so far graphics are so hot

ozmanks90 2011.07.08
If only real life was as good as this game.

Fofally 2011.07.08
The sex animations add to the experience... very creative. The girls were beautifully done, they look hot.

fadom 2011.07.06
really nice story but so short

Mr.Cat 2011.07.06
Awesome game - the trick is keeley is not the one your trying to impress

PF1Fan 2011.07.05
Cool, great medium ending (are there more than one?) now stuck in hard one. But will find out for sure.

otori_boy 2011.07.04
Good God, these games are brilliant! Only played Getting to Know Christine and this one but they blow every other game of its type out of the water. The girls are realistic, the dialogue works well and the sex scenes themselves are wonderful, especially the bit where Keisha alternates between sucking you and Keeley.

Are there many other games of this type out there?

noonnoon 2011.07.04
Fun Game, good graphics, nice variety of endings.

Darkotsu 2011.07.04
hahaha it´s a funny and hot game, i like it.

wts2000 2011.07.03
I`m so glad that they continued with this girl

faltu.d 2011.07.03
amazing game..exploring multiple scenarios is definite fun.
pretty soon we will have interactive movies with more than 5 ending (maybe 500 or 500 or 5 million combination...) i`ll keep my fingers crossed for next part of this series.

yes2skin 2011.07.03
like the two endings. more when?

pawan2modi 2011.07.03
awesome game again, please make more lively mith music and shouts, please include My new Ukranian wife free to play

ilatan 2011.07.01
excellent, these scenes are very good BONUS;

photu 2011.06.30
part one was good hope this is the same.... cant wait to see the graphics on this

PhilG92 2011.06.30
well worth the effort forr the threesome ending

arkyasa 2011.06.30
i don`t really getting how to play it..
graphics are good but the gameplay is boring..

yoman37 2011.06.30
how u do this? its hard!!!

SexySlutxx23 2011.06.29
the graaphics are so goood

SexySlutxx23 2011.06.29
OMG they r so peng i would luv 2 have sex like that!

lolek21 2011.06.29
great multiple endings, a good challenge

SexySlutxx 2011.06.28
I have been dreaming bout Keeley alll day best game ever

jackysy 2011.06.26
nice game, nice praphics, not very easy

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Threeways, the best kind of games!

dragonman1961 2011.06.25
nice game, wish it could have been longer..needs better animation..cant see the pussy lips stretching as his cock fucks her..has me so hard and throbbing though..

carbondrake99 2011.06.25
Aweome game. Loved the hard mode with the better endings.

jc1114 2011.06.25
great graphics but a little difficult

N1990 2011.06.24
Excellent. Waiting for the continuation.

diavolo69 2011.06.24
this game is awesome, great graphix, takes 4ever to load

ebstewart 2011.06.24
excellent game many ending

smashhunter 2011.06.23
Nice game and good that it is not to easy.

harunaba 2011.06.23
very nice game. waiting for the second part....

imonster11 2011.06.22
love this game... really deserves the 5 star rating

snakeman5 2011.06.22
good game wanted to fuck both girls though

paco_vuong 2011.06.21
This game is so hard to beat can someone tell me how to beat this?

Poulpe 2011.06.21
loved this first game..was waiting for this!

jackysy 2011.06.20
awesome game. Really well made.

chrischaos 2011.06.20
Pretty enjoyable. Nothing like banging 2 hot women in the shower.

dhanraj7 2011.06.19
One of the most good game their should be more girls in the shower where James would have fun with other girls as well.
I was felling that i had fun with this girls.
Specially i like doggy style.
Waiting for part 2 as well as part 3.

titsrfun44 2011.06.19
this game confused me so much but it got me hard as a rock

jackmcin 2011.06.18
is there more of these kind of games?

goldenboy13 2011.06.17
it was one of the best games i played

chip chipperson 2011.06.17
as always great graphics. good gameplay to, can`t wait to find all the endings

KhuRro 2011.06.16
Thanks for the ideas. Keisha rlz!

5kywalker 2011.06.16
This game is super hot! can`t wait for more!

fording30 2011.06.16
fuull hard ending is great, definitely need more

randomanimal01 2011.06.14
neday keeley is wayy more hotter than the other girl!!!

robert_tm 2011.06.14
this is a really hot game

jeewhizz8 2011.06.14
its an alrite game with some good sex scenes

Dakeshi 2011.06.13
Really good game with a lot of great sex scenes. Well worth playing.

Fortuna 2011.06.13
very hot great endings top keeley

booboo527 2011.06.13
great game easy to play! nice tits

jpsacrey 2011.06.12
Very beautiful girls in this game.

mavor 2011.06.11
i really enjoyed the game. good graphics

funcrazycreator 2011.06.11
the first was good this is a excelent second part

lotscum 2011.06.10
wonderfull games...nice story..

mrpoptea 2011.06.10
really nice and good graphics

cge7 2011.06.09
this game has very good graphics

Sixxico 2011.06.09
Very beautiful girls in this game.

wowattaiwan 2011.06.08
It`s really different but I like it.

bicks260493 2011.06.08
oh my god, keisha is as fit as hell.. Keeley is also good

richardsparkes1 2011.06.08
top game love all the endings and the chicks

hardcore57 2011.06.08
Very beautiful girls in this game.

marijuss 2011.06.07
awesome game,super hot girls,great multiple endings

pick6 2011.06.07
Hot game, not very involved or long though

babyblue944 2011.06.06
HOT! I wish it`ll keep going

cmoney 2011.06.06
this is a grat game and i will rate it 100

calvo12 2011.06.06
Twas the best daydream i never had!

- "Yeah, did you mean it?"
- "Well, I won`t pressure you..."
- kiss Keeley
- kiss her neck
- lick keeley tits
- lick right tit
- lick between (repeat many times this secuence)
- Rub keisha ass
- Rub Keisha ass some more (repeat many times this secuence)
- Move in closer
- lick Keisha`s pussy
- kepp linking
- "Sorry, I couldn`t help myself. I`ll stop."
- move Keisha lower
- rub keisha`s tits
- nuzzle Keisha`s ear
- back away
- grab Keeley tits
- continue rubbing
- Keisha`s lick Keeley pussy
- "Do you like it when I press our bodies together like this?"
- Keisha lick puusy`s Keeley (2 times)
- rub Keeley tits harder
- glance down...
- Keisha, double duty
- "You`re the boss, Keisha".
- "Please Keeley, do as she says. I need you now."
- fuck Keeley
- pump hard
- have Keeley suck harder
- keep fucking Keeley
- have Keeley keep sucking
- click in the nexts images (only one way)
- "Keisha, I don`t think Keeley can take much more of this."
- click in the nexts images (only one way)
- watch Keisha
- have to move faster
- lie down
- enjoy the rest of the secuences.....

viperdja 2011.06.06
I like it!! wish it could be part of the game.

possum62 2011.06.05
really different. i really like this game.

riad02cmc 2011.06.05
thanks Docs for your walkthrough.i was playing this game for 10 days, but could not find more then 3 endings.now i can fin dall 5 .

BallIdiot 2011.06.05
Good game. Similar to `Christine`, but not as erotic. Thanks for all the walk through.

gerrard1234 2011.06.05
THis is one of the harder one to get the good ending with him banging 2 chick!

atapattu 2011.06.05
Short game but nice graphics..

atapattu 2011.06.05
terrific game, much more interactive. Like it

atapattu 2011.06.05
good game, good graphics and good endings..

xodesire 2011.06.04
i cant get to the end a walkthrough would be nice

xodesire 2011.06.04
this game is amazing!
its got great graphics and its very fun to play

ready4playing 2011.06.04
great idea and very nice graphics. a great game

stranger1 2011.06.04
Amazin addon to dating keeley!

joecon13 2011.06.03
How do you get the three girls to cum together its very difficult

deb1234 2011.06.02
i wish this was my daydream!

hardlad 2011.06.02
fucking sexy. keeley has some sexy tits and i wanna fuck keishas tight arse

RockyMac 2011.06.01
awesome game with great graphics. loved it!!

spam_relief 2011.05.31
Even the "bad" endings are good.

awesomkid12 2011.05.30
graphics were excellent, game was cool, and the girls r amazing

sunnyweekend 2011.05.30
Love this game.Keep them coming

Alexlesbo 2011.05.30
This games put me horny, but what i am thinking now is having sex with Kelly

dhanraj7 2011.05.29
how to download this game
i love it
great graphics.
waiting for another part

dhanraj7 2011.05.29
i love this game with two girls having fun it dream come true.

KellyKans 2011.05.28
not bad at all, girls look nice

lemp 2011.05.28
great game!
more of this

marceline3 2011.05.28
I really didn`t find this game interesting...

zebzeppelin 2011.05.27
omg idk who was hotter keely or kiesha

redninja88 2011.05.26
I love this Keeley series. Awesome story and gameplay... you must make more!

Taavi Kosonen 2011.05.26
Really great game with good graphics.

jrochon 2011.05.26
This is my favorite game so far/ the detail of the pictures is extremely good. The best I have seen. I would really like to see some games featuring Keisha.

ILOGIK 2011.05.25
great game the endings were hard t find sometimes and the scenario is lustfull great job

lightning154 2011.05.25
GREAT game, though pretty tough.

detritus 2011.05.24
Tantalising enough to make you p lay until you get to the very end

tia432 2011.05.24

Soha 2011.05.24
Great game with good graphics.

Greyulfr 2011.05.23
These are always fun to play!

smithy128 2011.05.21
good game, good graphivs and good endings.. brilliant!

whoreandmore 2011.05.21
great game, a bit short though

bigwilks 2011.05.20
fav girl keeley... nice hot game improvements have been shown in getting to know christine

Math76 2011.05.19
good game play very hot game !

Timmyboy42 2011.05.19
Very good game, I liked it a lot.

Natsuke1985 2011.05.19
Loved this game. Had to try a lot to get real far in the game, but still couldn`t get the real ending. Guess I`ll have to keep trying

salope666 2011.05.19
realy nice story and girls is so hot

madeinyuc 2011.05.19
Very hot, I liked the story.

Skarn62 2011.05.19
Good game with multiple possibility.
Hard to find all the ending.
Feel better with sounds and small adventure parts.

TFearz 2011.05.18
great game, a little short though.

thetrain41 2011.05.18
i really like this game but it gets really hard at points

shiznit 2011.05.17
harder game than expected but good

thebasser 2011.05.17
Great idea on the interracial sex. Looks really hot.

thewombat06 2011.05.17
Fantastic game, just the followup it needed

georgesssxxx 2011.05.17
Insanely hot! So many great endings, makes you play again and again!

recruit 2011.05.16
Great game. Took some time for me, but its great.

Owen221 2011.05.16
HOT GIRLS! LOTS of great content! Great Graphics!

CrystalxLoveZ 2011.05.16
Cool game! But some of the comments posted here lack some parts...

lykic 2011.05.15
Love it very fun, wish i knew al the correct respones though.

lykic 2011.05.15
The Girls are so damn HOT!!! Great WORK!

G6IV 2011.05.15

jeb123456789123 2011.05.15
loved that game one of the best games on this site definitely
the graphics were very good
the scenes were very good
and it wsa hot

nicbag 2011.05.13
the game was hard, but it was fun

C.C. 2011.05.12
The more you play the better it gets. How many endings are there?

best065221 2011.05.12
wow it so hot
awesome game !!

shakezulla17 2011.05.12
Really good game with hot girls. Hard too but fun

jedifortis 2011.05.11
great sequel for keeley. would be great if theres one just for keisha

gamerman9800 2011.05.10
This game was amazing like how the graphics makes it more interresting.

yunaforever 2011.05.10
It`s a great game,and Keisha is really hot.Wish it was longer!

eoerazi 2011.05.10
ALL of the endings are very sensual and erotic. Got me very horny and rock hard. Excellent graphics.

InfamousHugo 2011.05.10
Nice follow up but a little too easy. Still pretty sexy though.

perceussoz 2011.05.08
this is just awesome! awesome graphics, animations were great, and I bookmarked for more tomorrow :D

turbosg 2011.05.07
More of keeley pls! Wanna spend all my sperm on her!

ScottW 2011.05.07
Nice addition to Keely game.Like to see more of Keisha,

pike11777 2011.05.06
good game with good endings

cheeze693 2011.05.06
made me sooooo hard but can never get the hard ending

caveman911 2011.05.06
good game
with multiple endings

carlson6556 2011.05.05
i liked it, but christine outdoes it by so much

banes 2011.05.05
ALL of the endings are very sensual and erotic. Got me very horny and rock hard. Excellent graphics.

cdlm26 2011.05.05
Pretty good game, a bit of a let down after the Christine game, tho!

wolf0503 2011.05.05
Awesome game i love it Great graphics & multiple endings too just subperb

cyril159 2011.05.05
this game is fantastic and keeley is so cute

*CJ* 2011.05.04
What a nicee game. Cool endings.

tyte1 2011.05.04
game is challenging and super fun. perfect daydream scenario. the ending on hard is definitely worth it.

seroquel 2011.05.04
A Very hot game, needs to be longer though.

C.C. 2011.05.04
Another great game. Can`t wait to find other endings.

Matthewooo7 2011.05.04
Great 2ed part to the date

Deckard29 2011.05.03
Good and hot game, but too short.

0012 2011.05.03
Awesome! But I didn`t like the picture-to-picture concept of the game.

apfaff 2011.05.02
I was a really intersting game

vinci1243 2011.05.02
it is a fun game to play just to pas the time

smallbucket 2011.05.02
I played it a couple of times and got a few endings. I think I`ll be playing it again ;)

tuxboy 2011.05.01
good game...great graphics

tk5 2011.05.01
some nice 3D, but definitelly lacks enegine.

master_funter 2011.05.01
oh yes is best game played good story good graphics goooood sex

cidermeister 2011.04.30
another good game on here with plenty of endings, more of the same please

Deckard29 2011.04.30
That was HOT. Great game.

go5515 2011.04.30
great game but the game only uses pictures

tsntsn 2011.04.30
gameplay is great the graphics wow

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

winsley 2011.04.29
Really good game! nice graphics!

arulegong 2011.04.28
Unbelivable. The great was awesome!

BigRedTongue 2011.04.28
Loved being able to finish the daydream from the first game. Many different endings with several threesome options on hard, but only one where all three are satisfied :)~

axelflamezz 2011.04.27
This is a wonderful game, don`t miss out on it

fcbrugesboy 2011.04.26
wooow! Even the medium choice is pretty hot!

josueo 2011.04.26
good game and not hard to beat. could use something to bring you back to play

Breasts=) 2011.04.26
Love it very fun, wish i knew al the correct respones though.

jabor 2011.04.26
it is a fun game to play just to pas the time if your board

zrm99 2011.04.26
they should make more games like this!

marco_19_80 2011.04.25
i like the game. the graphic is very good and the girls are beautiful

RingTime 2011.04.25
Very good. I like the option of both!

swatxing 2011.04.25
i loved it, it was amazing

gotpwned 2011.04.25
good graphics and good game

jameskan 2011.04.24
Pretty good game, challenging and worth playing through to get the different endings

deadrabbit 2011.04.23
Another great game in this style. Keep them coming!

yohoman 2011.04.23
very nice game , well done and the ending a really somthing

llllll 2011.04.23
it`s not very eay but is very hot and I enjoyed every second

ichigo1990 2011.04.23
nice graphic and gameplay!

aceofspades 2011.04.22
great graphics and good gameplay

kyle0104 2011.04.21
nice add on to the dating version good graphics and good sexy scenes

Breasts=) 2011.04.21
NICE!, wish i d=had dreams like this.

wabbithunta 2011.04.21
Nice.. wish my daydreams were like these on here... good fun

Dovion 2011.04.21
I have played a lot of virtual dates games before and I have to say this is one of the best!

sakuhina 2011.04.20
Wow good games, and keeley is beautiful

vadersghost 2011.04.20
Loved the game. Keeley is f`ing HOT. Graphics were great!

limlim145 2011.04.20
Really good game, the graphic and the video are a nice touch.

kldxxx 2011.04.20
wonderful game and getting those best ending on hard without the walkthrough isnt easy with all the available actions graphics are awesome keep it up

bposse 2011.04.19
great game it was difficult and fun, definately reccomend

kiani23 2011.04.19
great graphics. totally hot game

sexybrandon123 2011.04.19
amazing game.... mad me cum

GR8284 2011.04.19
That is a very good game, difficult to get started but its well worth it

Zulmax 2011.04.19
wonderful game and getting those best ending on hard without the walkthrough isnt easy with all the available actions graphics are awesome keep it up

quack94 2011.04.18
loved the game got me hard great design as well

biatch87 2011.04.17
play with the girls is hott..

secretadmirer 2011.04.17
sexy game but too short for me

jasonpierrepaul 2011.04.17
i find it a little hard to know what to click sometimes but the story was good

MrTonyG 2011.04.16
i liked this game. it is challenging, and requires user imput with multiple choice answers, and answers determin outcome. i havent got through it yet, but i will before long.

roflbear 2011.04.16
good game, gameplay is nice graphics too

blooddoner 2011.04.15
Pretty good game, challenging and worth playing through to get the different endings

ezuandy98 2011.04.15
even games cn make me feel horny

james38 2011.04.15
I like playing this game its fun and relaxing

trouble 2011.04.14
The hard level was not that hard, although it made something quite hard.

sol t balls 2011.04.14
got to be my favourite style of game always so horny after playing

mube 2011.04.14
Probably the hottest game on the site. Great expansion for an excellent game to begin with.

Arbaal 2011.04.14
Great game, Keeley is one of the best girls they have made in these games this far

dyoiram 2011.04.14
nice game and good graphics

ozzieozzie84 2011.04.14
Pretty good game, challenging and worth playing through to get the different endings. A bit buggy from time to time, but on the whole a good game

Raeven 2011.04.13
OMG! That was awesome, did it a couple of times till everyone got off, me included, loved it

phager2 2011.04.13
i can`t wait to play the other games

77jester 2011.04.13
wow! I mean.... wow! It took forever to find Keisha`s special ending, but totally worth it!

Gabriel the white 2011.04.12
Yeah!...another very good game!

Maurik 2011.04.12
interesting gameplay.Challenging story.

damanboy 2011.04.12
I quite enjoyed the game, but it is kinda long. Does anyone have a walkthrough on this?

kurdinator 2011.04.12
it´s a very god game =) more !!

arthurwa 2011.04.11
hard to resist game.....keeley is too sexy

tempo3 2011.04.11
great game, very hot, good story - like to see more adventures with them but next time keeley and/or keisha should get some ass action

JakeSucks 2011.04.11
great great game. really hard to get to the hard ending but well worth it. only thing i have wrong with it is the graphics during the animation. but thats minor. wow. amazing game

hhsmith 2011.04.10
pretty good game but it needs some kind of animation at least

mobius10 2011.04.10
great game sex scenes are done well
the women are very attractive

zemilen 2011.04.10
this is a very nice game with very nice tits

rudiwowor 2011.04.10
the girls are hot. cants top playing it again n again.

mike_007 2011.04.10
keeley`s the best.... hope there`s another game about her

mixmax2 2011.04.10
Great animations, great story, awesome replayablity! Also a good followup for the Keeley game.

Danny199 2011.04.09
I liked the threeway ending

Calm-Air 2011.04.09
pretty good, but going through all the these screens, i`d like more options in what scenes are available.

devin008 2011.04.09
the extreme ending was sweet but i liked the mirror scene better.

bryan9754 2011.04.09
the girls are so sexy... a real dream if im with her

NADOSH 2011.04.08
awesome ..

very very hot games

alexchai78 2011.04.08
nice game and the girls are so hot, i like it.

rightd 2011.04.07
dece game play wish it was longer in duration and could do the pair of them simultaneously yo

marissiram 2011.04.07
classic, not the best, but ok

hole123 2011.04.06
nice and the girls are so hot

taposh 2011.04.06
i`m struck t when keisha licks keeleys pussy and i just gat out ,plzz someone help

iago_ist 2011.04.06
Dating with kelly is really one of the best. It takes some time to convince her to go to bed but. She worth it.

To Developers: This is the third account I`ve got from the web site. Is there a way to retrieve forgotten passwords?

kakak123 2011.04.06
As I see This Game Is Not Good

SpamdocIPA 2011.04.06
Thanks for the great game play. Having to work harder for best ending made it more realistic. Graphics rock. Thanks tlaero and phreaky!

tito78 2011.04.05
wow, this game was just amazing. best so far that ive played

GreyWarden 2011.04.05
brilliant game, too bad it is so short

monkeyballs 2011.04.05
great great great game
love the bit in the mirror
super horny

monkeyballs 2011.04.05
love it love it love it

chipthieugia 2011.04.05
Great ending. continue with keeley, please

j69 2011.04.04
it froze when i was inside!!!

yuge87 2011.04.04
It has good scenes but it needs to have easier actions

Chuck63 2011.04.04
So and so, good game, but there are better.

bobdafische1 2011.04.04
graphics are good and love the story line

nick 71 2011.04.03
Good because its short. Its also with great graphics

redlight 2011.04.03
Luv Keeley I would luv to meet her at the beach!!

Elsaf 2011.04.03
A little bit 2 late but still good

booby56 2011.04.03
its too short, but good quality

ramraj54321 2011.04.02
I like this one though it is a bit short

ramraj54321 2011.04.02
the game was really good i loved the story line

LeoPatan 2011.04.02
good game but too short :S
still OK

amannas 2011.04.02
This one is amazing, it was a little bit hard but in the end super worth it ti try, they get better and better

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