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Daughter for Dessert Ch1


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maxxxb6 2018.12.16
The graphics are great and the, beautifuls.rnLong game are the best

sgt_kidd 2018.12.14
love the story. a lot of fun playing this game music is a bit annying tho

HansePeter 2018.12.02
hey people,rnI have a question,rndo you know more games like Girlvania or something, that I have to pay once and can play everyrntime?

HornySasquatch 2018.11.25
Great game, the progressing story will be interesting.

Wanheda 2018.10.31
the story are very good, graphism also and this girl omg shes so hot

Matty9745 2018.10.09
really good game, interesting storying line and really nice graphics

smaximus 2018.09.21
great graphic. great artwork. great storyline....overall a good game

MrTurner 2018.09.13
Good game, quite difficult! Love the idea that you have to finnish one in order to proceed. rnFun! :)

Luis Otavio 2018.09.12
Ok, this is one hot game. How tink in this idea?

ironstag 2018.08.22
Actually backed them on Pateron. Her freckles get me every time.


phizzbomb 2018.08.16
takes a little while to get going, but dam its a hot fantasy

hunter68 2018.08.10
nice game.....good girls.....sexy

Kakashi551 2018.08.10
I decide to give the game a try and i have to say im glad i did.

Chuck1 2018.08.06
Amazing game with a good story and good graphics.

dreadwolf 2018.08.06
gameplay, graphic, animation good

DarkLySloW 2018.08.05
Good story with good graphic. Love it

Peila 2018.08.04
fantastic game, looks good

looner 2018.07.27
sexy teen, canrnt wait for CH2

Mark80 2018.07.23
looking forward for the final version very sexyrn

ilokivi 2018.07.07
Unfortunately the link provided results in a 404 report (not found) so no play is possible.

Dan the Man 2018.05.30
Played Ch 1 online. Liked it but VERY slow. I put that down to my computer, so I downloaded the game. could not open the game. Click on .exe file and it tells me there is no entry point?

Tiodor 2018.05.24
The game has an amazing story!

Roedebard 2018.05.19
After gamestart the screen stays dark.

LordZ 2018.05.08
This is by far the best series of games I`ve played here

I_Like_Pussycats 2018.05.01
Atm there is now sex (Except for a flashback scene, but thats just a picture). This very much is chapter one for a series of games. So i`m looking forward to the next chapters

droopdog39 2018.04.29
fun game, great graffics and many options, never a bore

supertrucker 2018.04.29
OH WOW great graphics super hot girls. but the long story line put me to sleep....

Kevin170129 2018.04.27
Great graphics and fun interaction

tyker23123 2018.04.25
i love the graphics and the dialog so far great game

Thanny75 2018.04.23
why not publish all the chapters all at once

hawk1019 2018.04.20
Love-Joint is doing a great job with this game. Thoroughly enjoy playing, good options and each choice has an affect on the game. Keep up the good work!

TheRealJoker 2018.04.18
this website..sheeesh. ch6 on gamcore

banditmain 2018.04.17
the best story and good sex

biobirth 2018.04.16
I love this game, graphics are good (albeit stationary) but story is relatively well written rn

alasdair 2018.04.16
it`s a good game, but too short. The graphic is really good, and for find ch 2 , 3 and 4 we need to go on other website. Why here don`t have other chapter ( sorry for my English, i speak french )

loliba1 2018.04.08
Like others have noted, I have been unable to continue to Ch. 2-4 after completing Ch. 1. Is there some trick to getting there?

Krille228 2018.04.01
perfect game, nice girls. i love it

dbob7419 2018.03.30
Great game! Good graphics, and a good storyline.

nastyb88 2018.03.29
Great game I`ve played it before.. Is chapter 6 out?

Faven 2018.03.29
Chapter 1-5 is up for free. Still more to go. I am glad that Chapter 5 had some good stuff in it at last. Don`t give up because the first few chapters lacked sex in them!!!rn

cambridge4453 2018.03.27
Chapters 1-4 are available for free but there`s an awful lot of dialogue and you need to be patient. Every choice opens or closes opportunities but even after 4 long chapters you really don`t know far there is to go.rnThe artwork is good but there are a lot of static screens alongside loads of unchangeable dialogue; the sound quality and content is unusually good and a patron can get full spoken dialogue by the girls, which is only worth having in the sexy scenes but these are few and far between. rnThe biggest weakness of a very good game is the lead character who is rather pathetic at times and just plain grumpy at others which you cannot change, so that he is simply an unattractive role for you to have to play. rnIf you get the whole first four chapters from the main site it is well worth it, though.

2347 2018.03.25
Chapter 1 on its own isn`t worth it; you need to plod through chapter 2 (which I have only managed once) but now when I go to play online it won`t acknowledge that I have played chapter 1 so I can`t get to chapter 2 again let alone chapters 3 and 4. I am fed up with playing chapter 1 and getting no further. rnIt looks great, the sound is good; but otherwise it`s a washout.

Vagabond 2018.03.22
Great set up, frustrating that ch1 has no real action in it. Prev comments suggest that there isn`t a lot of action till ch4. don`t think that`s worth paying for...

super1400 2018.03.20
great story, great Graphics. I will see for it.

balabak933 2018.03.08
Great game good animation good storyline i really like itrn

darkeagle86 2018.03.08
Great game! Nice graphics. Good gameplay.

hellgod 2018.03.08
Great graphics and girls to play with, wainting for next chapters!rn

zalag 2018.03.05
my fav game on the internet, sexy daughter

Roedebard 2018.03.04
right after starting the game, the screnn turns black. Tried on Win10 64bit.

absolute000 2018.03.04
A good start, I`ll have to find the other chapters and play those

JImmyXXX 2018.03.03
Download the game - it is much faster

ZerKhanZen 2018.03.03
A little boring but the next chapters fill in the story. The sexy parts are yet to come. I really like the style of this game where the event branches are more `visible` and the game can be saved at any time.

Samantha23 2018.02.28
Honestly one of the best games ever... chapters 2 and 3 u guys are going to love it

Pizzaolle232 2018.02.26
love the graphics and chaptersrn

bob247 2018.02.24
It`s an interesting game but a total dead end.

KingST 2018.02.23
amazing game, great graphics!

sasha2002 2018.02.21
I very agitated playing this game.Hope for the next charters

BigMan44422 2018.02.20
This game is great. I cant wait to play the future chapters. I recommend this game to anyone who is into some kinky stuff.

evilraze 2018.02.20
i like this game it alittle slow pace but it adds to the build up

thefumu 2018.02.19
what a lovely game very eye catching

Ladies117 2018.02.18
A good game to play if you`re looking for games with interactions. The girls are really pretty.

drk1998 2018.02.16
very good game, took me a while to figure out right dialog to get points

oneonetheone 2018.02.15
cool game awkward but very cool

OdinsGate 2018.02.15
Nicely done. Pushes the envelope a bit with its narrative.

JayDawg291 2018.02.11
Great graphics, nice story. However, there is no sex in chapter 1

ben_aughty 2018.02.10
great game - amazing story line, had my cock hard throughout. rnrnAnnoyingly to get to the good bit you have to pay for their patreon, so in chapter one there is no sex. but fuck it`s still a fun play.

somewhitedude 2018.02.08
Great game, no problems.

C1berTron 2018.02.06
Great game. Can´t wait for the last part of the game

dixiewildboy 2018.02.06
good artwork, thought im not into the daddy/daughter theme of the game

Loppster 2018.02.04
It was painfully slow loading each screen for me. Got bored and shut down before it really started.

vtheghost 2018.02.03
im stuck afer game start what should i do after they talk in pot of cofee

sebeju 2018.02.01
It`s a teaser. Good graphics but no sex.

smvtgr21 2018.02.01
Great graphics. love the story. Just ends before it gets really good.

woolcool 2018.01.31
I Love the this game. Good Graphics. the story is good.

freakybaaz 2018.01.30
What a amazing game. Love it...

Roblade 2018.01.29
Game play is great and graphics and animation is amazing. Is there a chp 2

Corypheus 2018.01.28
It`s a great game and has a nice story. I became a patreon because I wanted to see more. But seriously, 4 chapters in and not a single sex scene. Would be acceptable if the payment wasn`t monthly, but per update. 10 dollars per month for relatively slow progress and no sex scenes. Which, let`s admit, is the reason we keep playing these kind of games. Sure the story is great, and I don`t mind a bit of suspense. But 4 chapters of suspense? Seriously? I bet the 5th one is going to be the same as well. Also, it does not matter what choices you make. It makes no difference whatsoever. I cancelled my pledge.

liovana 2018.01.28
The game is kind of fucked up, i didnt like it. It also doesent works to well

Raider22 2018.01.28
great game has good graphics and the gameplay is smooth also the characters are really good

blyszcz 2018.01.26
Is there any sex in this game? I can`t have sex with any girl :`(

fuchsi 2018.01.25
wow what a game very nicern

Dan the Man 2018.01.24
Obviously it appears to be only me but every time I have tried to play this game it crashes my browser page.

76 2018.01.22
Good story I am looking forward to the next episode

DocHolliday86 2018.01.22
i enjoyed this game so much i went to seek out more info played the other chapters and i must say this is the best graphics engine ive seen on a game I love it an look forward to more

Nobody77 2018.01.20
It`s a nice teaser with a lot of potential.rnHope to see more soon!

DarkSkiff1961 2018.01.19
I means that game have very boring and very slow story. Without any erotic content... It`s a not erotic game.

thatguyn7 2018.01.16
really interesting game i like the art a lot still it takes quite a while in some transitions and also it does not have much sex but hey the story got me keen for ch2

76 2018.01.16
Good game looking forward to the next chapters

Ace Darkheart 2018.01.16
As much as I know, and see, the developer is a hard worker on the subject of storyline. Even with the lack of sex, the game is a great entry to whatever comes next. Good job, dev. Proud of you.

Rodiak 2018.01.16
a verry good introduction in the story arc of this triology

Trokkar 2018.01.14
Good game, Good graphics, but to be honest, slow slow slow, literally what feels like 5-10 mins of dark screens, slow cuts and annoying piano playing, just lacks. Is good but lacks something.

TheLM2312 2018.01.13
looking forward for the final version

vertigob 2018.01.12
games good and so are the creators at making games. should sign up to support them

Incest Dad 2018.01.11
really enjoyed this game it was fun and exciting

fucmelol 2018.01.10
is there an ending with the daughter?

dhanushj 2018.01.10
interesting gameplay i love it very muchrn

kemode 2018.01.07
sexy girls but lack of sex is really a bummer?

Antony21469 2018.01.07
Great graphics and girls.

Rev332211 2018.01.07
Awesome gameplay fantastic grpahics very hot girlsrnrn

LuckyJack 2018.01.06
i just love the gameplay, great pictures and a lot of fun

MoRaMOs4 2018.01.06
this game have very good graphic and very good story

Wolfster56 2018.01.06
This game has a great story and graphics.

lenju 2018.01.06
Oh boy, this game is a masterpiece, looking forward for ch2

rahul101 2018.01.05
this game are very nice..and nice graphicsrn

catadiop 2018.01.05
Beautiful graphics, i can`t wait the next chapters. Interrestings choice

Gangstabill1984 2018.01.04
I really liked this game, i hope part 2 comes very soon

DickyNicky 2018.01.04
Great graphics. The story is a bit too linear (multiple choices often lead to the same result).

jasseplayer 2018.01.04
Really cant wait for the following parts, i love those games with a lot of dialogue in it. not that boring and easy

ukigass 2018.01.03
loved this game and cant wait for future chaptersrn

rayugu21 2018.01.03
The game has an amazing story!

jk3guns 2018.01.03
Good storyline and good interactions and long. Same with Part 2. Can`t wait till part 3 comes out

lolkidmaster55 2018.01.03
the graphic and animation looks good

beneathuk 2018.01.02
Garbage. 5 minutes in and the two characters are talking about a pot of fucking coffee. I get a back story and character development is necessary but, Jesus, this dialogue is sleep inducing.

dparadise0 2018.01.02
Good game, 2nd part is also very good. Now waiting for 3rd.

JotaFPR 2018.01.02
Great story, and grafics, can`t wait until next chapter, and hope next ones are as good as this one

jdwest9817 2018.01.02
I love the storyline of this and chapter 2. Can`t wait for chapter 3

t94exxx 2018.01.02
i enjoyed this one. worth playing. if you have the time.

Serana 2018.01.01
Game experience feels a little too streamlined despite the choices but overall has a good plotline.

snake64700 2018.01.01
Interesting start, wish there had been some more avenues for action in this, but it set the story quite well. I`m looking forward to what can come next.rnrn

w1drng22 2017.12.31
I loved it. A bit long, chapter 1. But still a great story.

Oconner 2017.12.30
Such a great story line and fucking your own daughter was off the hook!.I am requesting pf1 to release the chapter 2 as soon as possible

undeadzombie 2017.12.30
What a game. Nice graphics.

2347 2017.12.29
PLayed chapter one but it insisted I hadn`t and wouldn`t let me play chapter 2. Chapter one is a lot of talk and you have lots of options without having a clue which work and which don`t and you have no way of finding out. BUT the rest of it is really, really, good. It does take along time to load given that it is only one chapter and has mid-game loads as well, I am told that chaoter 2 is equally frustrating for people who want to achieve something or even know where they are going. I think the end product could be really great though

LuckyJack 2017.12.26
love the story. a lot of fun playing this game

akopoeto24 2017.12.25
good story but no sex scene at all

elishacuthbert 2017.12.25
Chapter 2 is available for download on f95zone.com. It`s not yet complete though.

Cakou 2017.12.25
Loved the graphics ! Can`t wait for the chap 3

Polkou 2017.12.25
Good game , and top graphic !

vukalo 2017.12.24
Nice story, great gameplay and sexy girls.

KitCarsen 2017.12.24
Very nice. Can`t wait for next installment

shiffos 2017.12.24
great graphics and nice storyrn

MaroK 2017.12.24
Boring game, no action, no sex.

sailorguy123 2017.12.24
I think the game has beautiful graphics and I wish I could play more now

xrawex 2017.12.24
So its no sex in the first game?

Eddie371 2017.12.23
Great grapich good storyline i loved it

Bieler98 2017.12.22
Great graphics and nice gameplay, the only big thing that bugs me is the lack of sex scenes

Jaaru 2017.12.22
Nice looking new game, liked it.

dhanushj 2017.12.22
Sexy girls and very horny superb game i love it

LuiZzZz_ 2017.12.21
I`m in love with it. Hopefully to play second chapter soon.

jt5151 2017.12.21
im a patron .. i`ve played the 3rd chapter as well.. the game is great visually as well as concept,,, chapter 3 is the first semi real sex scene and it was to me worth the wait,,, I like the fact you have choices but agree it will work better once it is all done and you can see what consequences the choices makern

Im_da_man 2017.12.21
With great graphics, this is one of the best games on this site and episode 2 is highly anticipated

Eomas 2017.12.21
the story-line for this game so far is ASTOUNDING! please keep this masterwork up to date!

Captain Firefly 2017.12.21
Very nice story, very good graphics, I want to see more...

cacotrepa 2017.12.21
such a boring game, no action at all.

t3xug0 2017.12.21
The graphics are pretty, the history has a great potential and the sounds deepen the immersion in the game. But I think the pace is a bit slow.rnrnTo the Play Force One team: chapter 2 is also available for free.

geunie 2017.12.20
It doesn`t matter WHat choices you make they all end up the same way

marcus747 2017.12.20
Very nice graphics, it`s a shame it ends so soon! Just as it`s getting good!

geunie 2017.12.20
The game takes much to long to switch between scenes! And what"s with the endless black scenes???? When it is ment to be an appetiser for what is comming: it wasn`t that good8

GaGoBoKo 2017.12.20
a really nice game, great graphics great story line

cambridge4453 2017.12.20
I played ch 1 which is beautifully done but obviously only a start; I played ch2 which is beautifully done but still tantalisng and I still don`t feel I am fully into the story. Worse still, I have no idea what the consequnce opf the choices is . In short, right now all it is is a demo for what might end up as an awesome game and Palmer wants our m oney until then. rnPalmer is definite;y one of the two best authors I have come across on PF1 who do this sort of game,rnbut if you are playing this to have some fun, well really it isn`t - yet. But the final game could be fantastic, so I for one will be watching the progress with interest.

jahan2 2017.12.20
nice good gaem. very good gerafic

nosound871 2017.12.20
what a great game.Great high quality lines...great graphics...one of the best 3 games on the site :)

7900 2017.12.20
i just love it rnrnchapter 2 is released as well

Badger 2017.12.20
great graphics, good game play.

Zeblast 2017.12.20
Great graphics and girls to play with, wainting for next chapters!

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