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Date with Larissa


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bullsextra 2017.11.11
nice and super sexy scenes

Biofreak 2017.11.05
Not the best animations, but the story was cute.

OzzieGuy 2017.10.24
Good game. Enjoyed the girls

Domenik 2017.10.07
Hot game with a lot of options and nice graphics

umair555 2017.07.31
great graphics as well as story but i am impressed with the girls lols

littleGamer 2017.07.09
simple graphics and just a simple story - got some better games

koksir 2017.07.08
good game but it was too short

ianjames 2017.03.26
my anti virus warns about this game

leolani54 2016.12.27
Great game, a little too short though

cwan222 2016.12.09
the videos dont work for google chrome i think only firefox


bobbobbob3 2016.11.27
i keep trying to get the right ending but i can`t can someone help me

kooldude21 2016.10.22
It was a good game but it was too short

kaftos 2016.09.12
I dont know how much old is this game but the graphics is very bad...The game also has enough glitches ...Many pics dont even load...Bad game

stach56 2016.08.24
Great game with some great girls. More action individually.

JapanSeven 2016.07.19
A good date game, but some pics didn`t opened and the graphics is so old.

godzilla58 2016.04.16
It was alright. nice graphics

latinagr 2016.02.02
It`s a good game with hot movie clips

saltyboi 2016.01.27
great game very sexy and fun

asinble 2016.01.13
nice and sexy game hope you enjoy it as much as me

nomnom789 2015.11.12
Fairly simple game, but nice regardless

standupandshout 2015.07.27
I liked the storyline but feel they could have made it a little bit harder to get the best 3way ending. Overall fun if you can handle the SIMS graphics.

nachete 2015.07.06
very good game, nice animations

clark108 2015.05.18
good game and gameplay but external video for the cutscenes often has distracting adverts and can interrupt the enjoyment

tony4309 2015.04.24
good game but would be nice if can lick their pussy

James80 2015.03.19
This was a GREAT game. Was very fun to discover all the different endings.

j3hj3h 2015.03.16
Nice game. I like the animated videos on certain scenes.

mallepapa 2015.03.14
nive game like to play it again

lerodson 2015.01.24
great game sometimes confusing

nahid123 2015.01.06
the best Sim i`ve aver played

Beedge69 2015.01.05
Annoying popups spoil the game.....
Otherwise fairly simplistic

Lolreth 2014.11.15
Alright graphics for a start.

campavc69 2014.11.11
Fun game, not really challangening

Asxextrede 2014.11.01
The history is like some other game but it still great to play to it

Ironman49 2014.10.30
I like the storyline, and the graphics were good, I only wish it was a bit longer.

Futuros 2014.09.16
Story was very enticing. Graphics could be improved.

pieffepi 2014.09.14
The story is very good, and enjoyable. I am not sure about the graphics

jenggotapi 2014.08.15
really enjoy this game,, epic!

senjay 2014.08.07
If you can live with the sims graphics this is a pretty good game just waiting to be played

jayranisdope 2014.07.22
Pretty fun game overall; they should expand off these types of games instead of the normal, 2 minute read and click game.

morpeus 2014.07.12
excellent game will play again to get another ending

goldy1234 2014.07.03
Excellent game, would definitely recommend!

ladiesman420 2014.06.02
very good graphics..!!!!
nyc storyline..!!!!
though a bit boring at times...bt pretty good...!!!!
various sexy scenarios, threesome was awesome...
Worth a try...recommended...!!!

trollfaisu 2014.05.28
It was alright. Though it was a little strange seeing The Sims 2 being used for the images.

CrisR7C 2014.05.26
I like it. It is a good game. FUN!!!

Peter1212 2014.05.23
Superb graphics and hot girl specially when she has got nothing on her.

Shekan 2014.05.14
I like this game a lot..graphics can be better.video is good.

REEESES 2014.05.13
This game is pretty hot and I really enjoyed the story and the consequences of your decision.

koudog 2014.05.11
The girls are easy ( unlike real life) . The animation is old and not so good

Nazgul62 2014.04.22
Very nice game. I enjoyed it.

Darksky8201 2014.03.15
I have played this game a few times before and always have a good time.

dandraft 2014.01.29
the sexscenes are great and its nice with the videoclips,i just wish there was a way you could fuck her friend aswell,she looks very,very tempting.8/10

fill ur hole 2014.01.27
Fun game, not really challangening wish sex scenes were longer.

johndark 2014.01.12
very,very,very again easy to play and fantastic graphic and animation

doecke83 2013.12.27
Games pretty good except for the sex scenes as they are rather average a just clips to watch

akshit11 2013.12.23
excellent work great graphics

LucianxXx 2013.12.21
love the different endings, the graphics from sims 2 def. help although the sex scenes are short... but a great game nonetheless

wdelement1 2013.11.10
great game and graphics and hot sex

demonwolf83 2013.10.28
great game and graphics and hot scenes

Fe2SO4 2013.10.12
This game is good, easy to play and graphic is good

Jokke 2013.10.01
A very playable game, would have been one of the best with better graphics !!!

Alterpunk94 2013.09.28
Its a grat game, i need to will play with it again, grettings

usgrants68 2013.09.20
Bad Graphics and no real control just scripted

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

jon1991 2013.08.26
gameplay was good but simple, graphics aren`t too bad

psycho83 2013.08.11
excellent game with great graphics and storyline

Sam2013 2013.08.06
Brilliant game, great graphics both the static and video scenes. Is there a bonus scene like with Simone?

aleg 2013.07.29
The cut-scenes are a really nice touch. Graphic just average though

duckray619 2013.07.23
great game awesome graphics and hot women

toughguy0318 2013.07.19
solid game. graphics are not that great. love the idea of using the short videos. seems like an idea that could provide endless options. worth playing a few time

highend 2013.07.08
Nice game and some replayability a plus. Interesting use of quicktime movies.

Dannobio 2013.07.07
This game is hot and the game has a hot videos to the acts.

shivers1 2013.06.14
A very nice game with good storyline.

gwazz 2013.06.05
did not work when I tried it

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

sexymeandme 2013.05.31
It is a good game because its nice.

melka23 2013.05.27
so pretty girl, I like it!

GrimRipper 2013.05.24
Game is fun. Videos and grafic quality could be better, but its worth a shot!

99rd 2013.05.20
grt game
i like the story
nic girl

stestebabe 2013.05.19
The graphics were a bit shady

63ted 2013.05.11
Enjoyed the different ending based upon each decision made.

a715jjr5 2013.04.19
very short and pretty simple buty not too bad

Mr Loz 2013.04.13
Another good game, graphics are good, game play is ok

vikram36 2013.03.06
it is nice but not as good in my opinion

kkfan1234 2013.02.05
This game is good the Video added to it makes it more interactive than the other date games

Robbyro 2013.01.29
Nice game, very hot and long many different scenarios..

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Kind of funny , but way too short and simple.

Hieblan 2013.01.26
great game, graphics fron the game The Sims 2 with some mods fron jockers deck from BAS and Chris Hatch, the body i think they are some mods from warlokk the rio gal....love it

You got them both! A date with Larissa turned into a wild night of sex and debauchery with both her and roommate Dina,
and you scored with both at the same time.

You definitely didn`t lose.

Alcohol and dice led to a kinky
stripping game where they both
had to get naked in front of you.
There wasn`t anything stopping you
from bagging the triple shag.

Your Arbitrary Score: 369
This is (probably) the best ending.

Gordn3 2013.01.24
Not too bad, kinda linear but overa!

oscar500 2013.01.21
I love the Animation in this game looks kinda realistic

craig83 2013.01.15
a fun game but to short great story and graphics

Messer13 2013.01.12
A very nice game with good storyline.

IamBri 2013.01.06
Larissa you naughty girl. Good thing no one from work recognized you at the boutique!

CB54 2013.01.06
Super hot. Graphics are only average, but the action is scorching.

forrest 2013.01.03
fun but short game good graphics

pusshound 2012.12.31
Great game with hot girls and multiple endings. Video is kinda short and graphics could be better, but definitely worth playing.

milesnai 2012.12.31
the story was very linear

jhill1122 2012.12.26
this was a great game that was challenging at times

maxime1406 2012.12.21
very nice game animation is good and the story not so bad

casillasvvbb 2012.12.04
nice game awesome graphics

xenonach 2012.11.29
Great graphics and gameplay, the scenes were a little meh though.

kdogg1 2012.11.28
The gameplay was great and graphics were great

rwood100 2012.11.18
very good game with a lot of ended possible...nice graphic

pabloD12 2012.11.17
that girl on the bottom straight bucking when the other girl going down

Bossian 2012.11.16
good shit you know what i mean?

Sacklbicka 2012.11.12
no competitor to the other date-sims :/ way too easy and the dialogues are bit stupid

Horgretor 2012.11.11
Ha very nice game, sims based sex and all. Lovely girls in this game.

Tataigor 2012.10.15
i wished this was a good game but i was wrong,didn`t like nothing...

Steveaux 2012.10.12
Graphics definitely aren`t the best. The videos leave a lot to be desired.

erpoly 2012.09.24
wow nice game and good instruction comment game....thank for instruction...nice graphic,sound and gameplay...love it

KyliaBlue 2012.09.23
Good quality of a game im ny giing to say im ipressed but it was ok i guess

Pusher 2012.08.25
great game. I really like the various endings

antihero 2012.08.25
I really liked this game. I like games that actually have puzzles to them.

clonecommander 2012.08.21
I Though the game was very fun with Gerry good graphics.

oranjeboven 2012.08.11
I like these games.
Many options and decisions.
-Really interactive

sanni1307 2012.08.07
great game watching girls 69 is always fun

maq114eva 2012.08.02
I love the Animation in this game looks kinda realistic

Nastycookie 2012.07.30
really great game with nice videos and sounds

badb0ys 2012.07.29
ermmmm nice game .... nice graphics. it ok

auroragold21 2012.07.22
i love how this game had animations

Krypt0 2012.07.20
Pretty awesome ending in this one. I definitely enjoyed the video clips.

Duragon31 2012.07.15
a good game, short though

cool_ed 2012.07.02
great game, nice graphic and interesting ending

sexyone1 2012.06.23
i like this game. the girl is sexy

banes 2012.06.21
Good game, like the short videos, nice touch.

jafo69 2012.06.13
great fun to play again and again thx

Soul Assassin 2012.05.29
Awesome game!I got the best ending!

strawberri35 2012.05.26
i wish the girls could have played with each other

bahamut86 2012.05.18
This is a very good game and awesome grafic!

justme99 2012.05.11
Not bad. Lots of different options. Quality has come a long way since this game came out.

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.29
Nice game make another some like this good luck

bigbellend7 2012.04.27
A really hot game with lesbian and threesome action. I keep trying to find different sexy endings

harrywibowo 2012.04.21
The graphic not too good ... but quite fun game ^^

pu74m4dr3 2012.04.17
great game got both but never together

MadAnd 2012.04.16
Nice game make another some like this good luck

Honeybadger 2012.04.14
I love games like this, over all a good game, quality could be a little better, but the game was still fun.

andotrota 2012.04.13
nice game and graphic qualities, but it could be better

daddybadboy 2012.04.12
I Love this dating sim the game is awesome and you can also go back to rectify the situation

ozzie123 2012.04.03
i like the game, choicemaking is not easy

jak01 2012.03.25
good game but the graphics could have been better

Ryo27 2012.03.19
Game graphics are a little dated for today`s tech.

1179g 2012.03.18
Interesting game I enjoyed playing

120489 2012.03.13
This game was a little fun finding the all the way to fuck the girls

Nemo2222 2012.03.12
Interesting game. The video sequences were a surprise, but add much to the game.

nanumus 2012.03.06
Excellent game! Great graphics and very intersting history.

jbuk 2012.03.06
great game - the machinema videos are good

inforcer 2012.02.18
Cool game. I enjoyed the different range of choices to choose from. Not every choice led to an obvious result either. Graphics were cool some nice use of Sims machinema for the video.

dlanor 2012.02.18
wow, very nice game, bit wild aswell tho lol

impruneta 2012.02.13
The story line could use some options. It would also be nice if the videos were a little larger.

Hardinuk 2012.02.09
Good game, loved the video scenes makes it different from the other games

sammyshambles 2012.02.08
not one of your best games...but i liked the idea of the amimated scenes!

CoMIYC69 2012.02.08
Easy once figured out...this is definitely the future of this type of game imho

magnus1379 2012.02.02
fun game different but fun

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Great game with good scenarios, also multiple endings. I really liked it.

Ryoxxx 2012.01.31
A good game with good graphics and animation!!

glennwileman 2012.01.14
the game se good love it

C.C. 2012.01.07
One of my favorite girls. Good game.

zomalagasy 2012.01.03
great game but i can`t reach some endings!!!

Guillaume 2012.01.02
Great game. Good scenario with videos and different endings

FraterBusujima 2012.01.02
Multiple endings means GOOD GAME

mikicostanza 2011.12.27
amazing game very hot girls its awesome

emaznboy 2011.12.25
entertaining use of the sims. i also liked the videos. it was a nice change of pace.

athossico 2011.12.23
A different way of dating sim: i like it
Sometime video won`t work, so try again.

tgfrench 2011.12.21
This is a really fun game with very good endings. video should be larger though.

samkin 2011.12.20
Great game, got to have publix sex with her first time I played, Yay! more like this please...

bsalover47 2011.12.10
wow such a hot game and so many ebndings

cherryman 2011.12.09
not bad game but it was to simple. need more of a challenge

pratik0803 2011.12.05
nice game.........nice graphics.............

Demitrius 2011.12.05
ending left me rather satisfied lol

loverboy2020 2011.12.04
this game was ok,not as good as some of the others i have played here.

-Crank- 2011.12.03
Ohhh damm thats very gooddd

bacflash 2011.12.01
unique game with many possible endings. great looking girls as well.

wbailey 2011.11.27
i like this game
i want more of this ,
it is a very nice game

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

hixzladiie232 2011.11.24
exciting fun game very good

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

preto_nharro 2011.11.19
Awesome game, really hot because is simple so i can focus on the girls and not on the mouse and invisible spots... there are 2 best endings, the threeway and public sex in the park... to get the threeway u have to be lucky, when ur rolling the dice, the results are random, and u have to keep ur boxers on until they`re both naked, then they`ll take u upstairs and rock ur world... XD

KarmaKane 2011.11.14
I like the cut-scenes in this game, much better than the ones in Bitcher, Jordan 500, ect. I thought it was a little lacking in the endings and a little too easy to arrive at those endings but overall I`d give it a 8 out of 10.

rocketman9 2011.11.13
there must be more... interactivity!

lal 2011.11.06
larissa is always hot!!!!!

revaldo 2011.11.04
Yet another great game - very sexy.

revaldo 2011.11.04
Really good game - love date games like this

C.C. 2011.11.01
Larissa is still one of the hottest girls around. How about some more adventures with her.

praztyo 2011.10.30
Girls are both really hot...

Ops123 2011.10.28
amazyng game crazy endings

thinlwin 2011.10.26
i dont know some word.but i not like animation.good story.

Blackhawk85 2011.10.25
Reminds me of all the stuff I used to try and get my sims to do. hehe

Hobgoblin67 2011.10.25
Not a bad game,videos were nice. Game was a little easier than similar games of this type

jbarcarr 2011.10.23
cool story. The public sex was a nice twist. I liked the "video" sex scenes.

magic2hr 2011.10.17
it is fun gmae i injoy it vear murch

kingpastos 2011.10.16
How can i play this game ? =(

REIVAJ311 2011.10.15
lol not my favorite, but have fun

qcwarlord 2011.10.14
Its a good game nice videos but its really short but easy though

REIVAJ311 2011.10.12
lol not the best of Kelly, but fun!

purrpussy 2011.10.10
it is fun gmae i injoy it vear murch

jcoelho67 2011.10.08
Great game and good storyline and characters.

Fly ForOne 2011.10.07
Girls are both really hot. Nice that they lick, I mean like each other.

rlt6547 2011.10.06
good game easy to play. will try for different endings

pepsitwist1 2011.10.06
beautiful graphics also the game just play

Rshen 2011.10.01
i love this.............nice girl

Philip1980 2011.10.01
Seems a hot one, will be trying more times!

elo2man 2011.10.01
The graphics and animations are mostly out of time. The movements are a bit robotic. There are better games to play just now.

Mastermind 2011.09.29
nice and funny game, but graphics are not as good as usual

pipsickle 2011.09.28
Try no. 1 = I get dumped LOL

ramlak 2011.09.26
i am just waiting for a chance to screw up badly them

mrbranton 2011.09.25
Nice game..... Too bad there`s no sound

hammuh 2011.09.22
Super animations and hot action

NightStalker73au 2011.09.22
excellent animations, Larissa is hot.

NightStalker73au 2011.09.22
adding sound would be a great addition to a game that I keep playing.

sam 99 2011.09.21
adding sound will make the game much more fun to play..........

sam 99 2011.09.21
gud game with gud graphics,larisa is beautiful

NightStalker73au 2011.09.21
love the gameplay and definitely a favorite of mine
want new kelly quests please.

Arttee 2011.09.20
Not a bad game, just a bit out of date. ..

NightStalker73au 2011.09.19
awesome gameplay and graphics

jjake132 2011.09.18
Probably one of my favorite games on this site. Has a lot of variety

qba987 2011.09.18
Very good game,got all endings.

maverick23 2011.09.18
the models in this game are very beautifull

chisox 2011.09.17
good game but seemed to short

MadManNL 2011.09.17
Nice game..... Too bad there`s no sound.

sir.valoroso 2011.09.16
fine game but not very much.need more good graphics and dialogue

hothunk 2011.09.12
good graphic and both the babe is amazing.

hothunk 2011.09.12
this is really good game, i like it.

Pedrodelacrosa 2011.09.12
Larissa is sexy girl, but not so sexy like Keeley has.

player663 2011.09.11
Wow larissa is suppper hot

player663 2011.09.11
I loved the animation at the end

player663 2011.09.11
Why is this game soo short?

Boogeyman 2011.09.09
nice animations :) took me 3 or 4 trials to get it

cabbage13 2011.09.02
Wow that was amazing. I got the best ending in my opinion. I liked the short video`s

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice game , fun to try to find all the endings.

Dragonfire91 2011.08.31
good game like the videos in it

Jason2505 2011.08.31
How on earth do you get these girls to do anything but have fun with each other

rrr567 2011.08.30
Great game needs a sequel

flakeydiver 2011.08.29
I always love playing this game. One of my faves.

Arabim 2011.08.28
Very nice game, nice sey scenes pls more dating Games

zeus_pariah 2011.08.28
I liked this game. it was fun, innovative and i like how the sims 2 engine was implented in this too. The only thing i didnt like was the length and challenge of this game. Its too short and way too easy. But all in all it was a very good game, cheers :)

ramraj54321 2011.08.27
Good grapics and I enjoyed the videos for the sex scenes

mouselee 2011.08.27
This game has three endings. Your can have sex with the two ladies separtely and sex with both.

whiteghost 2011.08.26
Easy to go back and change of choice.

NerdyBoy 2011.08.26
hey that was pretty good - i`m loving these games!

xerxxes 2011.08.26
how i can play it :D
i cant see button

cogitom 2011.08.24
You can have each girl but not both of them. You have to choose and be patient. The graphics should be better.

crazyboy1234 2011.08.23
make me confusing but its good game

suckmebeautiful123 2011.08.23
awesome game, love the choices and scenes. keep em coming

ApolloWBC 2011.08.20
decent. but way to many options

Grendel_100 2011.08.19
interesting story but graphics is not perfect

88hess88 2011.08.18
nice game, really enjoyed it

wolman2060 2011.08.17
Easy to go back and change of choice.

kaal 2011.08.15
Its a good game. and i like all the endings.

shyguy2630 2011.08.15
animation was really not very good, but the story was decent. overall I`d say it was worth playing

malado 2011.08.13
make me confusing but its good game

mouselee 2011.08.13
Great! I love to fuck two ladies together.

codyt867 2011.08.12
Another great one! Incredible! I love this site!

mortadelo76 2011.08.09
Easy to go back and change of choice.

asociaal 2011.08.09
graphic quiality a bit low but nice game

icemanrian 2011.08.07
both the chicks were hot.. luved the video scenes

johny_mckay 2011.08.07
Good game, it could use a little more content.

Leifwar 2011.08.06
I didn`t like this one on the first try to many mini game. I tryed it again and found it easyer.

domingo77 2011.08.06
graphics were great and good story line

thedoob 2011.08.04
This game is awesome...so much to do in different ways...Good grapics and I enjoyed the videos for the sex scenes...A must play

wild001 2011.08.04
very good game with a lot of ended possible

lessi73 2011.08.03
I like to play Larissa. She is really a cute girl in a very fine game

mehito 2011.08.03
Good game, nice story but scenario could be better worked out though...

minemovich 2011.07.31
I like the game but I think they could work a bit more on scenario. It was kind of short.

indra_hrys 2011.07.31
Another great game in playforceone, try it and U won`t regret

Lrd x Voldemort 2011.07.31
Is There Any Way To Get Just Dina Instead Of The Pair Of Them?

The_Who 2011.07.31
Not bad at all. Play it, it`s fun.

Herrushingu 2011.07.28
make me more confusing but its good game

SirMarhalt 2011.07.27
Not too bad. Graphics were not the best. However the animation clips of the sex scenes were a great idea.

madquest 2011.07.25
Not too difficult and a good mix of searching and tease!

pro486ca 2011.07.20
awesome game good graphics and the videos

mightythor73 2011.07.19
I played before, and it was an ok game. This time getting the threesome was AMAZING!

roundbus 2011.07.17
make me more confusing but its good game

volt78 2011.07.17
very good game with lots of tracks but too short, good thing are achievements to unlock

guepardo_df 2011.07.15
Exciting game...played with my girlfriend...we had a hard sex after that!

bilko 2011.07.13
must admit liked the game thought that on the whole was well thought out hope there`s some more

Daemonshadows 2011.07.12
Great game, really nice instant gratification style

naughtynorm 2011.07.12
a good game, took me a few goes to get the threesome ending but was worth it!!

pawan2modi 2011.07.11
excellent game, great endings andI agree, should have more good graphics, more games that include videos

sroy1986 2011.07.11
Good game. I got all 3 endings(sex with Larissa, sex with Dina, 3some with Larissa & Dina). But it would be more fun if the graphics would be better.

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

Hacks 2011.07.07
I loved all the good endings

bunmeet26 2011.07.06
wow video in a pictures game thats nice :)

ryanjrothmans 2011.07.06
really good but to easy,great video clips

markie 2011.07.03
Bit of a bore game for me did nt get fdar

nastysack 2011.07.01
videos worked and games played out interesting

PhilG92 2011.06.30
The game drags a bit but the threesomes awesome

edwin4483 2011.06.28
the threesome ending was the best nd enjoyed fucking them both

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
The game kinda drags on for me.

markie 2011.06.24
great game patio sex mmmm

Cactus2 2011.06.24
Love this game. I go back and re-play it all the time.

thorvelt 2011.06.23
the graphics could use some improvment but still a good game

kiki227 2011.06.22
good the grapics are preety good as well

naza999 2011.06.22

Cr33py Gnom3 2011.06.22
This game is great because it has really good graphics

rockcat 2011.06.20
I like that Larissa isn`t too perfect. She is a believable girl - hot but not like an airbrushed model.

Mikael1979 2011.06.19
good game,and the short video is very good.

rockcat 2011.06.19
Videos worked fine for me. They are the best part of this game. I like that you don`t make the player start from square one every time.

Saracus 2011.06.19
I liked it. Great scenes.

snow01 2011.06.17
good game, I like the many endings

ken12 2011.06.16
i liked it so much i want to play it again

danteking 2011.06.15
nice game and medi graph but its good

Nightspiral2k 2011.06.14
it had some movies, overall not bad

s3xfun 2011.06.13
one of the best games ever!!! love it could play it a million times.

elriok 2011.06.12
good game with good graphic, a little short

raaraaa 2011.06.12
another good game like the date with simone one was though i think this one could have been longer

SEZAR-H 2011.06.12

gnac 2011.06.10
great game but not long enough has the author made any other games?

stukovm1g 2011.06.08
I like how there`s multiple endings to this. Great work.

richardsparkes1 2011.06.08
not to sure aboutthis game a bit slow :-)

richardsparkes1 2011.06.08
very good game great story and graphics !!!!

dragonman1961 2011.06.07

newcomer123 2011.06.07
i can`t open the link for playing, i don`t know

EgyptianOsiris 2011.06.06
I`m not sure whether I enjoyed playing this one.

BallIdiot 2011.06.05
Nice and short game. The sex scene graphics are mediocre, but the short video idea is very good.

Thanks for the walk through.

C.C. 2011.05.31
More stories with Larissa and Dina with different adventures and different actions. Love it.

kinou21 2011.05.31
Larissa is a nice girl and her girl friend too
Veru nice game

VaultExile 2011.05.31
very good fucking game u can get to at same time but need more kelly i miss her

fucker101 2011.05.29
very good game with plenty of sex the graphics looked like they were from mod the sims

armagedon 2011.05.29
Do you think we should invite her along?

d3zzi311 2011.05.29
nice graphics but guy was soo lame

rohan2011 2011.05.28
Good game very nice girl

C.C. 2011.05.25
Two outstanding girls. How about more adventures with both.

shakezulla17 2011.05.24
Enjoyed the first part, now going back to see the other endings

Soha 2011.05.24
Great game . One of the best i have played with great graphics.

kjdehn 2011.05.24
very good fucking game u can get to at same time but need more kelly i miss her

bungabunga 2011.05.23
Good game, with manny uportunities!

TFearz 2011.05.22
great game. many endings. very well done

harsh09 2011.05.21
very funny
and two girls is sexy

salope666 2011.05.19
very funny and two girls is sexy

k33p1t0ff 2011.05.17
This was actually quite amusing. Not too hard, with many choices and various endings.

thebasser 2011.05.17
It`s nice how all games have numerous endings. It adds up to the challenge rather than other erotic games, that only have sex in it. These games have a storyline also.

thewombat06 2011.05.17
love that larissa!! all the endings were great too

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

best065221 2011.05.12
it look like the si** 3
but i don`t care the good game!! lol

JohnnyCartoon 2011.05.11
Game is pretty short, but it`s decent.

InfamousHugo 2011.05.10
Not bad, but aint long enough. Still enjoyed it quite a lot.

numbmonster 2011.05.06
Good game with a nice selection of choices

manish123456789 2011.05.03
it has one of the best stories ,gooooooooooooood game

gimmino77 2011.05.02
graphic is good. Good is the interaction too

frasian 2011.05.01
oh sht this got my cock all hard

AragornI 2011.04.27
graphics were great and good story line

tony1977 2011.04.26
The game is OK. Not to good graphics.

vsmsd 2011.04.24

kyle01 2011.04.23
graphics were great and good story line

Benoit07 2011.04.22
The public scene is pretty spectacular. expand it?

wabbithunta 2011.04.21
Graphics are a bit old school. Had to keep scrolling the screen up to view the text. is there anyway this could be played as a popout window so you can see the whole image with text.
Apart from that it was ok.

itstrain 2011.04.21
good game, a litttle longer would be good

C.C. 2011.04.20
Great game with some great girls. More action individually.

duckduck 2011.04.19

jayphab 2011.04.16
Love watching the girls through the window. Could be a little better, refined, graphics, but still great none the less

BookerT 2011.04.14
Good game with a nice selection of choices

Arbaal 2011.04.14
This is SIMS-game wichkind i would like to get

ozzieozzie84 2011.04.14
Pretty good game, challenging and worth playing through to get the different endings

willsee 2011.04.13
What a great game.. great vids

jason91110 2011.04.09

kyaminaj 2011.04.08
larssia is totally a lesbian

C. C. 2011.04.06
Two topnotch girls. Would like more action individually and together.

chipthieugia 2011.04.05
Hot game. Liked it a lot. Always fun when you get to poke around. And the option to see them go at it a couple differnt times was cool

jasher 2011.04.04
more options would be nice for this game!

ramraj54321 2011.04.03
it is more entertaining to have videos as part of the game

ramraj54321 2011.04.03
good game with a neat story line

andy1009 2011.04.02
excellent games well done all

ltworf1 2011.03.31
Good game, lots of choices. It will good on my faves list. the graphics are a little dated, and could use a update for graphics and animation. Overall a good game.

jnsrh 2011.03.30
at first, i didnt get the game.. but then i did.. =)

Tiege 2011.03.29
Got 314, kinda the best ending on the first try. Going back to see if I can nail the roommate

KingRatedR 2011.03.29
Good game easy to beat, I`ve found every ending which is pretty good.

Silveralpha 2011.03.29
Good game, lots of possibilities, and it`s funny at the same time watching sims fucking!

hardtnmale25 2011.03.29
Not bad...fairly simple gameplay...decent sex scenes

darklust 2011.03.25
I dun understand how this game works

Tranquille 2011.03.25
this game make me want to play it over again to try all the different endings, heheh

skier_789 2011.03.22
Seems to have a lot of potentail, however wont fit on my screen and have to scroll after each choice...very annoying

sargun26 2011.03.22
I totally loved the game! SO many endings. I got the Lesbian action ;)

whatever125 2011.03.21
nice game i like it......

rodlav 2011.03.19
Nice game.
Lots of endings and good graphics.
Now.. is there any better ending than the 3some?
"This is (probably) the best ending." :x

adun 2011.03.19
it is a very good game with a lot of ended possible:)

ssjlogan 2011.03.18
pretty good game not that good of graphics though

speedo92 2011.03.18
nice game . the walkthroughs are great

gigitlah 2011.03.17
nice story,is it me or the graphics kinda looks like the graphics from sims 2,but anyway nice game

Gewoontje 2011.03.14
Nice game! I like the diff endings

razor03 2011.03.13
Not a bad game, made it all the way. I enjoyed it.

Ferd Berfel 2011.03.12
Played it over and over to find all the endings. And the embedded videos make it even hotter.

yennie 2011.03.11
good game.oni the video load so slow

yesterday 2011.03.09
good game i like how you could start over if you wanted
,haha ,great

jerryn 2011.03.09
nice graphics and very sexy

speedballz_21 2011.03.09
best game on site ... really good

SamTeFourre 2011.03.08
Good game, lots of possibilities, and it`s funny at the same time watching sims fucking!

dragonj 2011.03.08
very good game with a lot of ended possible...nice graphic...not too hard

Muze 2011.03.07
HE made this game. As in I did. The videos are fine. You copy and pasted the first comment from two years ago just to get your ex points. Anyways, yes, of course, there is a threesome... You have to play dice, man!

huskycheer2015 2011.03.07
hah she made this with Sims 2, kinda wierd

marcelino21 2011.03.07
either videos don`t work, or they just take to damn longo to load

fameasser 2011.03.05
nice game.loved it..cud have been better

6768 2011.03.05
very nice game and great idea but why not threesome? hehe

natsuki 2011.03.05
karrek its not just you i get a 404 error too.

LowlifeADE 2011.03.02
Very , very hot and good game

apoorv 2011.02.28
aweome girl great fun dating and having sex with her

karrek 2011.02.28
I`m getting a 404 error when I try to play it. Is it just me? I`m getting the same error with every game on adultgamereveiws.

ocandela 2011.02.26
This game was great! I love this type of virtual dating games.

packer65 2011.02.25
videos took a while to load other than that not bad

coolstorybro 2011.02.25
Bad graphics but the gameplay is good. overall a good game :D

fredyc 2011.02.23
One awesome game with video integrated

sky13 2011.02.21
Good game and good video sequences

nicky2 2011.02.20
Hey nice game a little short,but all in all nice grafics

kinky69 2011.02.18
Game walkthrough
You stand in front of her house, taking it in. It looks like a nice house. You wonder how she can afford it.
Do you:
Walk up to the front door - right
Walk up to the window

She lets you in and you enter. How do you greet her?

"Hey Larissa, thanks for having me. In fact, it`s really about time we did this." - right
"I love your big breasts Larissa, do you have a nick name or should I call you Larry for short?"

Dina says, "Nice to meet you."

"My pleasure." - right
"My pleasure. You have a nice figure."

She waits for you to leave so she can go back to watching Spanish Dancing with the Stars and their Pets.

You leave. - right
"We should keep talking."

She slurps up and so do you. The drinks are strong and it won`t take long for both of you to start feeling the effects. You say:

"I love your outfit." - right
"What do you think about our boss? He seems kind of eccentric."
"I can totally see your nipples, and that`s a good thing."

"Thank you! I think I made these drinks too strong. Should we get my roommate in here?"
"Yes." - right

Dina comes over and grabs a drink.

"Hey, be careful, your roommate is trying to get us all drunk." - right
"I bet you two would look great kissing each other."

The girls giggle. Dina seems to like you.

Make a move on Dina.
Pay attention to Larissa instead.
"I bet you two won`t kiss each other right now. You won`t do it." - right

Try to get them to do more sexual things to each other.

Pull Larissa aside
Pull Dina aside
Suggest that they have more to drink - right

They fill their cups and get their drink on.

Try to get them to do more sexual things to each other.
"Let`s have a threesome. God I`m just DYING for a threesome. I`ve been asking the creator of this game to add a threesome already. Where`s the threesome?"
"Let`s play a stripping game." - right
"So when did you two start hooking up?"

"What kind of stripping game?"

"One where you both strip for me and I watch."
"You girls are very naughty."
"What kind do you want to play?" - right

"Maybe we should do something else."

"Let`s play a drinking game" - right
"Let`s go out"
"No, come on girls it will be fun. Don`t be shy."

"We don`t have anything more to drink! How are we going to play?"

"I have got an idea. How about we play for our clothes." - right
"Let`s just all hook up. I mean really, how much longer is this going to take?"

Tell them to kiss - right
Tell Dina to lick Larissa`s pussy
Tell them to 69
Get fucked by Larissa while Dina watches

Tell Dina to lick Larissa`s pussy - right
Tell them to 69
Get fucked by Larissa while Dina watches

Join in on the fun
Tell them to 69 - right

Join in on the fun - right
Do something else

Tell them to switch - right
Do something else

Tell them to kiss
Tell Dina to lick Larissa`s pussy
Tell them to 69
Get fucked by Larissa while Dina watches - right
Call it a night

Tell them to kiss
Tell Dina to lick Larissa`s pussy
Tell them to 69
Get fucked by Larissa while Dina watches
Call it a night - right

longsocks 2011.02.17
Loved the video sequences!

sexybond 2011.02.16
the best Sim i`ve aver played. why didn`t they think about it earlier at EA Games ? lol

r_jay 2011.02.16
truly enjoyed the game. good graphics

jupat 2011.02.16
very very good graphic and story line

arkaniss 2011.02.14
good game but could be better

Umran 2011.02.13
the short movies are a good way to compensate the bad graphics. Many "funny" endings...

fpk23 2011.02.12
great game but is there a threesome becuase i couldn`t get it

mik201 2011.02.08
a bit confusing i kept messing up with the roomate saw some lesbians though lmao

John18856 2011.02.07
It`s a nice game, but it can become quite boring, and the "action" scenes aren`t very well done, but not a bad game overall.

Mando66 2011.02.06
A decent game for what it`s worth.

Houngan 2011.02.06
This game rocked. I`m assuming it`s earlier than the date with Simone, but it`s a lot of fun as well. I`m waiting for more!

Nick2 2011.02.05
Very , very hot and good game. I like it.

miafly 2011.02.05
good game i like how you could start over if you wanted

namildog 2011.02.04
Enjoyed the story lines, and the endings

suikz 2011.02.03
the video clips were awesome

torand 2011.02.03
Probably my favourite date outta all of them so far, i think it was abit difficult but still very fun

ratonius 2011.02.01
Like the mix of photos and flash animation.Would have been better,not too hard

smilinjym 2011.01.25
What a blast! Loved it! Many choices, lots of endings. It can be frustrating at times...but how is that different than real life?

rofen1 2011.01.25
I did get the best ending, I think

Ramdon 2011.01.16
Even though the graphics aren`t the best this game is just awesome. The story is good and has some funny parts and a lot of different endings. Just great! (btw there is a threesome ending if you haven`t read the other comments)

Dude1999 2011.01.15
I like the story but it was too easy to get to the ending with both girls.

phatbaboon 2011.01.14
could use better graphics but i enjoyed the story line

apostolis_kt 2011.01.14
Easy game, graphics a bit outdated. I liked the differnet approaches though

ratonius 2011.01.11
Good game with a couple of nice endings.
Thanks for the walkthrough

ozorne_6 2011.01.11
nice game, thanks for the walkthrough, but the guy never climaxed feel sorry for him

jackman2011 2011.01.10
A exciting game, but a not so good graphic

FFFighter 2011.01.10
Hahahha. Damn. That was easier than I thought It`s a good thing that we can go back if we mess up.

tester2 2011.01.09
The cutscenes are a really nice touch. Grphic just average though

lvcvcb 2011.01.07
loved the cut scenes, story was ok, stills were ok

natsuki 2011.01.06
great graphics i like this game.

Pikelivan 2011.01.06
awesome graphics & story.

shadowsnake_x 2011.01.05
Score of 369...Like the mix of photos and flash animation.Would have been better with cumshots at the end,but good game nonetheless.

mitroi 2011.01.05
Good graphics, good animation, good story.

HBrad 2011.01.03
Enjoyed the multiple endings

Micky20 2011.01.03
good game good to indroduce video image found 3 endings

wolf33 2011.01.03
nice game, graphics not bad, game play and idea good, and I found 4 endings, nice.

hungry789 2011.01.02
Very great game, with lots of different endings
but, compared to other games, the characters modelling needs work

xronik 2011.01.01
Very interesting game! The remarkable drawing and a plot!

cool_chap1607 2010.12.31
gr8 game with good graphics

edward99 2010.12.30
I really like that this one incorporates video as well as images.

unknowntender 2010.12.30
Multiple endings, multiple ways to screw (and be screw it up), fun for all :)

mrdodo 2010.12.28
Very interesting game. I like it!

radioguy967 2010.12.27
same problem here, played it before but now says suspended...

The_Cracker 2010.12.25
When I try to play it says "This Account Has Been Suspended" anyone else having this problem or just me?

Danji 2010.12.25
This was a good game with multiple endings. Graphics could be better though.

maxchi 2010.12.21
fun game i enjoyed most of the endings

mick149 2010.12.21
i got this is ( probably ) the best ending :)

encartauk 2010.12.20
larissa is beautiful. any idea if shes based on anyone

Akon 2010.12.19
awesome game dudes..... cool game on adventure and dating...

666fox 2010.12.19
nice game.. but video-sequences doesn`t play and graphics could be better

yakov12322 2010.12.18
something is missing in this game but i can`t say what exactly

mjwm54 2010.12.17
Good one! It looks like The Sims. Very hot!

titlover 2010.12.13
this game was pretty easy, but nice animations

Nick2 2010.12.13
Very interesting game. I like it!

ebraroz 2010.12.13
very good game with a lot of ended possible...nice graphic...not too hard

dgkesquire 2010.12.13
Very nice game...involved gameplay with multiple endings (both good and bad) possible, nice graphics, good looking characters. Definitely replayable.

JenniJenks2010 2010.12.12
Great game. I hope there is a sequel coming up

dunckjosh 2010.12.11
good game, agree it is a bit short, but the videos make up for that.

godnueng123 2010.12.11
exciting game good graphic

az89 2010.12.08
just play a date with simone. nice game with lots of ending like this one just the difference is this game just got 2 character to finish while the other one got 3 character to finish. love it

freylex 2010.12.07
i liked this game, bit short though

hengame 2010.12.07
Easy to complete good graphics videos are slow

GratefulGrey 2010.12.06
I actually played through this game multiple times. I even scored with both girls in most (if not all) the endings. The game has good graphics, great gameplay, and neat interface. I really enjoyed having fun with this game.

sloth77 2010.12.04
for me it has a 403 error message...

lop_user1 2010.12.04
yeah ... another nice one

littlekk123789 2010.12.03
if there is more tips, if would be better=]

leparty1 2010.12.03
This is the must east one here

Brave Heart 2010.12.03
Great game; graphics are OK and the girls are quite sexy.

zeretet 2010.12.02
nice game graphics is good i like it

adridiza 2010.12.02
nice pictures...
but i hate just click and click

Muze 2010.12.01
@hash19 - there is a threesome option.

Also someone said this is a Meet n Fuck game. No, it is not.

I created the game. Thanks for all your comments. I have a new one that is bigger and better and will be released soon. I took into consideration many of the criticisms here. Stay tuned.

capetti 2010.11.30
Cool, cool, cool. The graphics are a bit off, but the animations are great. Kudos!

mjwm54 2010.11.30
Good game. It could have been a bit longer, though.

king2pm 2010.11.30
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

themoda 2010.11.30
very funny game, I liked very much

godenfisher 2010.11.30
i want to become the role of this game to date the pussy girl.

hash19 2010.11.29
fun game to play like the different endings. really needs a threesome

SloAn01 2010.11.28
the link appears to be broken

Soulafein 2010.11.27
Could use more options and longer videos but its a great game altogether

lowback 2010.11.26
love this interactive game

Jason37 2010.11.26
exciting game, I liked very much the game nice

abhi.1111 2010.11.25
it is a great game. good graphics and storyline.

itsup 2010.11.25
excelent game, absolutely loved it

bsnell0 2010.11.24
good game with a great ending!

teijgertje 2010.11.24
Nice game with some surprising endings, fun to play and watch

ashleyx0x2 2010.11.24
real nice game, not what i expected.

ItsMe123 2010.11.24
I came to this game so many times! I love the video idea and the story is pretty good

Rambaldi 2010.11.18
Funny game! Good idea for the videos

Bonnierider 2010.11.18
very good game...video is very cool and sexy

flairhawk86 2010.11.17
good game, but needs some work.

flintstoneflop 2010.11.17
Nice game, the graphics aren`t as good as some of them on here, but it was fun. The little movies were a nice touch too.

stringfellow 2010.11.15
fantastic game, great graphics and sexy women

alecsakura 2010.11.14
cool game. I especially loved the mini movies in it

monkeybutr 2010.11.14
was an extremely enjoyable game. loved the short movies

SEXYONE 2010.11.13
as usual the games that i play have great graphics and this one has a mini movies which is cool.

catilinacatilina 2010.11.13
buon gioco ma non troppo figure ben costruite

ohmyrada 2010.11.11
awesome game :) Loved the different endings.

Toonlover 2010.11.11
Nice game but not my favorite. I like the idea of the movies but I love the interaction in other sims.
More ending options would be nice but thanks anyway.

scheunenfund-customs 2010.11.10
pls more games like this! i like!

Maikeru 2010.11.08
Fun. Enjoyable movies. Needs a sequel.

giantkiller 2010.11.07
it was a great game. great endings too!!!

tss99 2010.11.07
great game! enjoyed the different endings! try them all!

Original99 2010.11.06

Very Good Game Sexually Satisfied with both the Babes.
More & More Games must come of this type.
Thank U Very Much

themoda 2010.11.05
exciting game, I liked very much the game dice! ;)

liperadugui 2010.11.05
i love this game.....one of the best

sanford 2010.11.05
i liked this one. the lil videos were cool .. i actually jacked off while playing this one.

maxxxy 2010.11.04
The girls are a bit awkwardly shaped, and the gameplay isn`t very involved. But the use of animated video is much better than the usual very simple, repetitious animation. Worth a play.

guapo2002003 2010.11.04
This game it`s Fucking awesome!!!!

kjdehn 2010.11.04
greatgame some dates are this easy if you know the right girl some girls will do anything

hugo57 2010.11.03
good graphics , other girl not too pretty ...maybe an alternate story with a plump girlfriend

costume party , dildos ..longer interaction between characters...
in a real world most people don`t just jump in bed together on first meetings

stretch out some games like the sim girl 100 day

all endings are A- .. could have used a 3 date set up before they had sex..

Orvitan 2010.11.02
Graphics are low and videos take too much time to load. But it`s a great game and the girl is hot!

samluv13 2010.11.02
Nice game, graphics and sounds are okay.

NaZi34 2010.11.01
Good graphics and animation. Good job!

boxerspot 2010.10.31
good graphics and interesting endings

noneed999 2010.10.31
good n interactive n hot characters

vipor56 2010.10.30
story line is cool graphics are alright pritty cool game

gp78 2010.10.30
these virtual date games are great

Hardheart 2010.10.30
Great SIM type game with several different endings

wkravick 2010.10.28
Great game, good graphics

thundergod 2010.10.26
Challenging. The most "game-like" of all similar games on PF1, for sure. And hot.

DoubleShadow 2010.10.25
Great game, especially because of the vids between the scenes.

I would like to play some more games like this one.

chete79 2010.10.25
The game is good, but low graphics; instead, the story is great

jsfrts 2010.10.25
nice game, low grafic but nice game

wolfrockerjr 2010.10.24
this game was so cool and the girls are so hot!!!

Sharpie 2010.10.24
I enjoyed finding all of the endings, a good challenge but so worth it

dafgh 2010.10.23
I like this game but my favourite is jordan 500

redev999 2010.10.23
i enjoy play this a=game

doe467 2010.10.23
nice alternative ending in this game

thomasmann37 2010.10.22
good gameplay... but way tooo easy... great film-sequences .... go on

AYORK 2010.10.21
Nice Game like story nicely done

Cypress84 2010.10.21
nice story although a lill bit fast and easy... quality of movies pretty low and no clear close ups... overal good game

olive0812 2010.10.21
great game, espacially with the videos

chiefsfankc 2010.10.20
I really loved this game. It was very fun.

toyalovely202 2010.10.20
this game rock i like the ending

abunai 2010.10.19
its only a little easy to finish

cgra 2010.10.19
nice game & graphics, the videos are a nice touch

elgrancesar 2010.10.18
really this game is one of the best a have ever play here real easy to play and nice animations, keep the good work

devil989 2010.10.17

Very Good Game Sexually Satisfied with both the Babes.
More & More Games must come of this type.
Thank U Very Much

bshdaddy1 2010.10.16
very good game finally got to play and it was great. had some trouble with the graphics and animation but still a very good game

sexxatron5 2010.10.16
nice game, low grafic but nice game ^^

philpot 2010.10.15
It was a great game, great graphics and got to sleep with 2 virtual women after stripping them naked.. result!

ranmagh01 2010.10.15
Pretty nice game. Good animations. A couple of different endings.

frostee 2010.10.13
good graphics and interesting endings

could use a little tweaking for better graphics

loved it

mrsir 2010.10.12
great game. the animated sequences are really hot. not too difficult either, which is good

paolopogi 2010.10.10
good gameplay, especially the multiple endings. hope they improve the graphics, cuz then it would be perfect.

pilotmaster30 2010.10.10
Nice story, but game si still short, animation good be more better

Hipnos1981 2010.10.09
Good game.... but it is too short. The Design is OK but the animation need to be improve.

dazza30 2010.10.09
really good game pays to go back tho...

paddywhack 2010.10.07
good game got to the end but got a low score

Chararaman 2010.10.07
Enjoyed it so much that I cannot spell correctly!

Chararaman 2010.10.07
Really enloyed this game. Still finding different endings.

jjtower2 2010.10.06
great game! Hab bloejob at home and sex ina patio!!!

aalex1319 2010.10.04
Once I saw the guide and got the ending i liked it, Sims 2 style was a unique idea

ilikesexygirlz 2010.10.04
its very nice but i pefer the keely one more

johnny32 2010.10.02
The nipples were a nice touch

L3g3nd4ry 2010.10.02
Not too shabby.Game was easy to finish and lots of different ending. thanks

JustI 2010.10.02
not the best game but surely not the worst,

north262 2010.10.01
Awesome Game, simple to play, not to long on story and straight in with the good stuff

jenks 2010.10.01
Simple but the video makes works well with the game

Trustnorich 2010.10.01
Not as good as keely but still a great game

pixieslayer 2010.09.29
this games is ok, not the best.

dhaun 2010.09.29
Old fashioned graphics and too hard to play through. I do not like those virtual date games.

Draxnoir 2010.09.28
pretty easy. Have to check out the other endings.

redbeard69ffx 2010.09.23
So many different, hot endings!

SpiderWeb 2010.09.22
nice looking game only downside is the scrolling.
Other then that its a fine game.

Cockroach 2010.09.20
I like this take on choose your own adventures. Keep it up.

biro 2010.09.20
superb game with very good graphics. How many endings?

asdffdsa 2010.09.19
Difficult and therefore an interessting game. Good graphics.

dhaun 2010.09.19
i really enjoyed all the different endings, but it could of been longer and a more amount of scenes

Zack123 2010.09.18
Great and i really enjoyed all the different endings

Bad J 2010.09.17
Could be a bit longer, but good stuff over all

andiyan 2010.09.17
one of simple and nice games...

zachery1181 2010.09.13
ok game kinda easy but all in all its fun

dapm81 2010.09.13
the fact that it has multiple endings makes people wanted to play more than once
i m trying over and over to get all possible endings

FlyBoy88 2010.09.13
A little bit to simplistic

Ray_man 2010.09.12
Nice game to play, i liked the different endings, but the game overall is to short.

JezzBug 2010.09.12
fun sims 2 animations. clever story with multiple endings was fun.

grygost 2010.09.10
great game. love the video clips.

RobSutherland 2010.09.09
Not Bad. It would be better if you could have more options with the girls, and could do both. all in all, though, it was a nice game.

Thernielle 2010.09.09
Dating games rule, this one rocks also :)

thisguy 2010.09.08
I enjoyed the multiple endings, great game!

cheekychik 2010.09.08
great game,the graphic was really good

11bjorn11 2010.09.08
great game, too bad u can`t fuck them both

evol 2010.09.07
Love the game. GRaphics are nice

VictorTheGreat 2010.09.06
Cool game. Too bad it takes so long to load.

s98719 2010.09.06
I hate waiting for so long

hyperboy25 2010.09.06
too long to load good game though

phantomfencer629 2010.09.06
excelent game, absolutely loved it

mcobb450 2010.09.06
Great animation and twist on the dating sim

flicory 2010.09.06
sims graphics are alwats poor...tho ithought some of it was funny

SilentForce 2010.09.04
this is really good, i like it

chuck360 2010.09.04
good game but a bit short for me

joesmith8569 2010.09.02
Fun game, great story, just wish the quality was better. The girls look block like at times.

freestylah 2010.09.02
This was good. Not as difficult as ArianeB, but still very interesting.

maklas 2010.09.02
nice game but not too better

poppop 2010.09.01
best interactive game so far for me wonderful work and lots of fail and wins

johnmark 2010.09.01
sims dating sim!! HA ha that`s great :P

R0M30CaSaN0vA 2010.09.01
Great game with multiple endings...LOVE it

Bulweif 2010.09.01
Good game, but a little bit easy.

mrcoolerz 2010.08.31
nice! ending up with a 3some!!

nutrament 2010.08.30
fun lots of good endings and some funny stuff, however it could use better graphics

Dragon123 2010.08.30
Awesome game, but I felt it was too long.

madsea 2010.08.30
fun game with nice graphics. the movie clips are great.

abcedwfe 2010.08.28
if the game were a bit quicker, it would be better

kanzi67 2010.08.26
i m stuck in the game...i cant even play....help me....

Hassan6666 2010.08.25
id ont like it...external videos suck... they should just make ist flash

humptypkt 2010.08.24
Fun game, would like to see more like this

huligin13 2010.08.24
I am having issues with the videos not loading. Any tips?

t3ac23 2010.08.24
love the variety of options, heh nice suprise with larissa and her roomate

Wolfen189 2010.08.23
This was a GREAT game. Was very fun to discover all the different endings. I hope there is more to come for this one.

playoneforce 2010.08.22
fun game with nice graphics. the movie clips are great.

atlas1983 2010.08.22
i love these games. A little more time on the animations would be amazing.

kaotom40 2010.08.22
graphic is ok but i like lot of endings

juujoo 2010.08.21
nice game, i like multible endings

TAK 2010.08.21
Good game with animation, manage to get the blow job and sex scene

gilly133 2010.08.20
i love how u can get both of them at once

max29 2010.08.20
great gamee, love everything bout it

Derperder 2010.08.20
Good game lots of endings and possibilities

riley567 2010.08.20
awesome gameplay and good graphics. the only constructive criticism would be to improve the animation in the videos, they moved a bit quick.

molime 2010.08.18
i don t have a permission

loucooley 2010.08.18
definitely enjoyed the game
saw multiple endings with multiple interactions giving interesting gameplay
thanks for the game!

Undersige 2010.08.18
This is a great game i wish its on editors pick

katie916 2010.08.17
this game had me laughen its a great game

baav 2010.08.17
yeah i liked the different endings in the game and its good fun as well

alfios 2010.08.17
Excellent game.
Graphics are great.
Storyboard is very good.
I reach the threesome ending.

MolemanTux 2010.08.16
Interesting game. The use of the videos to show the action was great. But the quality of the girls is not that good

jaimeflirter 2010.08.16
Quite accomodating game to start with, have a good reward right away.

qazxswedc 2010.08.16
Really good, well thought out

mjb203 2010.08.15
awesome gameplay and good graphics. the only constructive criticism would be to improve the animation in the videos, they moved a bit quick.

rancid08 2010.08.14
good gameplay makes me want to play the sims

Alchimistis 2010.08.14
sims dating sim!! HA ha that`s great

Hungaussie 2010.08.14
Good game. Some of the graphics are hilarious, as are some of your options. Threesome ending the best.

GRIM696 2010.08.14
good way to make the sims better. the gameplay was good

AntonyJ 2010.08.12
the animation in parts is hilarious. I think I will try playing this again for a different ending.

thomas60 2010.08.12
slow but it is a good game

hornykenneth 2010.08.12
Great game! it gave me alot of unexpected choices and of cos the different endings which impress me!

dark1 2010.08.10
this game was good. I think i made it to all the endings. It is definetly worth playing.

chaingang788 2010.08.10
this hot chick gave me boner

Card 2010.08.09
threesome ending is the best :-)

Card 2010.08.09
Impressive animation good story. I like it :-)

Muze 2010.08.08
Just letting you all know that I`m working on a new dating game and will hopefully be finished this month.

roaddog 2010.08.08
very good graphic and good sex scence
like this game

jessica.little 2010.08.07
Great game. Really loved playing it.

wyskas 2010.08.07
nice but too easy
3d scene not detail as expected :s

laurajones 2010.08.07
andy557: there is a 3some ending available

Yumi ;3 2010.08.06
Fun game, and good plot. Maybe too dificult to get into some pants... I cant remember how I done the last time.

doubledare 2010.08.05
Not very good not a lot of scenes

blueeyedangel57 2010.08.05
Good game. Liked both endings.

crespo 2010.08.05
This game is normal for me

zslash505 2010.08.04
hell of game , the best i have played

waterloo 2010.08.03
great game but the graphism could have been better, anyway, still fun

andy557 2010.08.03
Very nice game lots of different actions and outcomes are avaiable. Too bad the threesome action was not available. The graphics were of high quality and the short movies seemed to be like something from the Sims. Pretty great otherwise.

readyforfun6960 2010.08.02
very nice story, long as needed and catchy..
graphics are a bit rough...

koming 2010.08.01
good game, many choice of question and different ending

vanthalamera 2010.08.01
one of the best game i´ll played

Lucien 2010.07.30
I really liked the game but graphics could be a bit better the animations are a nice touch.

IamBri 2010.07.30
The multiple endings are nice as the game takes one on different parts of the date based on one`s decisions. Graphics are ok, but IMO, could have been a little better.

jamsy 2010.07.30
really good game and it might have persuaded me to finally get the sims

Knaster 2010.07.30
Cute and not to hard, really enjoyable

VKlein 2010.07.29
Very good game!
Its easy, but i enjoyed!
I liked try multiple endings!

thegodhorus 2010.07.27
this was a fun game it had good graphics but i thought the animation was a little bad but other than that it was very fun

arnor 2010.07.27
l like this games not to hard and very sexy.

Caine1379 2010.07.27
awesome, multipl endings too

krajnikk 2010.07.26
I like the addition of the clips from the Sims, it is a really nice touch.

bonzi1989 2010.07.26
I just realised its from the sims :) , but very nicly done.

necro_anjelis 2010.07.25
Really nice one! The vids were a nice touch and the number of paths you can take is pretty extensive, more than usual at least. Fave`d! :)

Predator79 2010.07.25
The Videos in the game are very cool. Good idea...

Zalbar 2010.07.23
Almost a perfect game. Just wish there were alot more endings

Eu 2010.07.23
wow! i didnt now sims could do that xD
Awesome game!

panzerv 2010.07.23
Among some other games this one is one of the best. Just if it was a little bit longer... :)

Tommmy 2010.07.23
great game! enjoyed the different endings.
It would also be nice if the videos were a little larger.

kelvinsimenr 2010.07.23
super game if its 3 some means it will more superb

YfBtR 2010.07.22
Good Game. It would also be nice if the videos were a little longer.

tmcanu 2010.07.21
Great game, love the different endings.

tadasas 2010.07.21
great game! enjoyed the different endings,I like

lt.oreo 2010.07.21
where has you been all my life

n33gri10nu 2010.07.20
this game is the sweetest thing in earth

philiplynx 2010.07.20
Using the sims as a base was a pretty great. idea. enjoyed the different endings. great threesome scene.

themilkman 2010.07.19
i love this everything about this game especially the videos best game i have played so far!!

gleekfreak23 2010.07.19
I say this is by far the best game i have ever played. The graphics and animation were great.

laurajones 2010.07.18
This is by far the best game on this website!

The story is great, clever using sims, loads of diffrent endings and good sex scenes too!

Hope to see another game like it very soon

Immortalking 2010.07.17
Interesting use of SIM.
To get the threesome you need to get to the point where your playing the strip game with them and you have to end with them naked and with yourself with at least some part of clothing on (it seems to be random on the outcomes).

shinu123 2010.07.17
turned outtobereallyfun though cold hae been more naughty

aceglh 2010.07.17
cool game but neede 3some

ginetto 2010.07.17
its a pretty game. decisions should be timely n well

shelbylloyd 2010.07.17
such a good game.. so many diffrent things you can do

vacuole 2010.07.17
its a pretty game. decisions should be timely n well accurate

Dendred 2010.07.16
This game is pretty cool. Using the sims as a base was a pretty creative idea.

bsheezy54 2010.07.16
scored a 369...sweet game. liked the videos, but it did kinda remind me of the sims...all around, the play was fun

LilLemon 2010.07.15
Wow what a neat 3D sim game it was funn and intresting.

thenac21 2010.07.15
very good game thresome second go

cptnutra 2010.07.14
lots of fun, though easy to cheat, enjoyed the reset function

HeyImMexican 2010.07.13
Interesting game. Graphics are pretty nice.

shurik26 2010.07.12
good game pretty easy got it the first time

razor959 2010.07.12
loved it :D
I have tryed to do my self some Sims Porn movies , but nothing ...
but at least i can get them here :D

Gerobaka 2010.07.12
Amazing idea to use the sex game for videos. Really adds to the enjoyment of playing the game

bobdude42 2010.07.11
Amazing idea to use the sex game for videos. Really adds to the enjoyment of playing the game. Really sets the bar for new ideas.

par4long 2010.07.10
the lezbo sences will make you cream in your paints.

Baddibu 2010.07.10
a very good game. good job

Scappy220 2010.07.10
Nice little twists with a lot of good quality endings. I like it

vespinosa2000 2010.07.10
This a 3d computer game video, converted to a clic `n go game. Very good indeed.

firttd 2010.07.09
fantastic game and great graphics and gameplay

nameit 2010.07.09
Nice game, like the story especially the beginning and nice graphics. Godd idea to put a video when their `s a nice action

mick138 2010.07.08
the game was really useful but went off for some reason

Jocker26 2010.07.07
i think it`s a funny game 4 me

bobhampton 2010.07.07
really wanting more games with the 3d of love laura. intense.

sakal81 2010.07.06
This is funny game for me. I like this game

vitali 2010.07.05
old-fashioned graphics, but good at the scenarios and options to be chosen

kaimana11 2010.07.05
good game, i like the variety of choices you can make

Todd 2010.07.04
Very fun game, the different endings were a plus.

teenash10 2010.07.04
got some action outside!!! great game!

Simen 2010.07.04
Great game!

Too bad I couldn`t get any action in the park.

Orlam 2010.07.04
THE game of the web site. A fantastic one !

sirphon 2010.07.04
this one is awesome the graphics need a touch up but the varios option more then add up to greatness

fred4959 2010.07.03
good game, nice interaction. would be nice if scenes were larger and had more detail

jeroldtan 2010.07.03
i like this gme. good gameplay and all

Dona 2010.07.02
this is a great game, great graphics

jenso 2010.07.02
Great game it is good that you can go back so easy but this game would better with 3D graphic

rob0413 2010.07.01
a little slow but it became real good. just wish they had more positions

Sootz 2010.06.30
i was stuck in this game but now i`m sure i can finish it

danielgomes.007 2010.06.29
great game just wish there was more interactive positions

Ethan81 2010.06.28
Excellent Game - love the videos!

sam1101 2010.06.26
Very entertaining, however i wasn`t sure how to get past the kiss at the end of the game

badr 2010.06.25
The cheerleader one is a lot of fun. The math isn`t too difficult and the endings are entertaining.

netman 2010.06.24
Good game. Lots of different endings and good graphics.

Yumi ;3 2010.06.24
It was a good idea with the videos, and kinda fun Sims 2 game.
I love it.

electrogirl1988 2010.06.24
excellent game, fun story, hot girls, great videos

nutzbutz 2010.06.23
brilliant game but a bit too short

quietstorm77 2010.06.22
amazing game; the mini-movies are an extremely hot and creative touch.

azunaii 2010.06.21
fantastic gameplay and awesome graphics! i really like it

Fireblade 2010.06.21
Interesting use of the The Sims game.

gaizka 2010.06.21
Good gameplay and graphics... could be longer.

pitfall 2010.06.20
the game was easy but the graphics were great

frost3ever 2010.06.19
In the style of Virtually Date ArianeB, just much easier.
I think I like the other one more, depths does never damage.
Still an ok game.

LeVare153 2010.06.19
this is a great game, great graphics

souftasuk 2010.06.19
Good game with a good variety of options.
3d graphics although not very realistic

westoe99 2010.06.18
good tie-ins with use of videos, tho options on sizings wud help

simson235 2010.06.18
i like sims2 sex. anyone knows where i can change breast size? or has anyone a tool to do it?

cjcj 2010.06.16
this is a great game, great graphics

paulforce 2010.06.16
A short but entertaining game with nice erotic scenes !!!

bradpout 2010.06.16
can`t access... link is broken... :)

Rudyfo 2010.06.15
I though it was quick good game!

hornycock13 2010.06.15
love this game...why cant life be like this :)

ATOZ 2010.06.15
I love these types of games! upload more ASAP!

christoph097 2010.06.13
great game i finally reached all the endings

baka2243 2010.06.13
Great game, threesome scene was awesome.

emfo 2010.06.11
Great game,Needs a threesome scene

egc 2010.06.11
i remember then i have played thirst time in this game) entertainin`

thingssuchas 2010.06.11
so far this is one of my favorite games!!! i love the fact that they use videos in it! love it!!!

JRjab 2010.06.10
Videos are fine, but the game`s a bit easy

Turner9 2010.06.10
Not a bad concept, the graphics could be improved upon but the concept is sound. Almost perfect. Needs to be harder, longer, with more scenarios , could be the foundation of something big.

Whitney 2010.06.09
good game, animations could be better

wolfpire 2010.06.09
I thought it was a good quick game

kitkatpaddywhack 2010.06.09
That was almost too easy.. but then so were the girls ;)

tastes goood 2010.06.09
this is a great game although i liked ariane more

flutterbi69 2010.06.08
this is the perfect game! i love it!

engtav 2010.06.08
This is the best game yet, I liked the use of video

dmcfanatic12 2010.06.07
This is why i love modded sims haha!

MADMAD 2010.06.07
well i prefer arianneb but its okay

Mirri 2010.06.06
In the style of Virtually Date ArianeB, just much easier.
I think I like the other one more, depths does never damage.
Still an ok game.

hickle84 2010.06.04
good graphics and nice lesboes

gtrunks2 2010.06.04
Awesome game. Was alot of fun.

Susan Li 2010.06.04
Any one all figure out the endings?

wjplayford 2010.06.03
great game play and animation

Crowley 2010.06.03
Nice use of the sims graphics and animation but quite short

silver12 2010.06.02
What a great game! Awesome sex animation and really hot chicks

Kaptain Kilt 2010.06.02
This has it all. Well written dialogue, multiple positive endings, good graphics, good animation.

forzaviola 2010.06.02
quite good, but a little bit boring

startabus 2010.06.02
Very nice graphics. and mice game

lanifnori 2010.06.01
i didn`t care for the cut scenes all that much.

sex92 2010.06.01
great game .. love the scenes .. need more actual voice ..

Timmyboy42 2010.06.01
I love this game. It is very hot!

hoostanaiven 2010.05.31
the game was too long to load, and its too easy

themoda 2010.05.31
very funny game and very hot, the final threesome sceme its awesome!

Sir Phoenix 2010.05.31
I thought this game was great. I think the author spent a lot of time setting all this up... but... where are the models from? Sims 2? Sims 3? What kind of hacks and add ons is he using?

lmy1988 2010.05.30
good game but too short, and needs actual voice acting

goseebananafish 2010.05.29
great and original game. Funny, did their breasts look larger when they were dressed?

arathor 2010.05.28
a very very nice game, i love it and the videos are great!!!

tiec 2010.05.28
This game is way to easy, if you make a wrong dicision you can always hit backspace to go back and try again. Did it in like 6 mins, not a lot of fun in that.

gp78 2010.05.28
great how the game uses lil movies for certain scenes..
also the different endings make it great

xxmilenkoxx 2010.05.27
pretty hard controls but overall a decent game

joepie 2010.05.24
nice game like the different endings

sexy101 2010.05.24
This game needs to be longer with more options.
Other than that nice.

adamgob 2010.05.23
This was okay. Mildly enteraining. But lacking any real challange.

dadykid 2010.05.23
the videos take too long to load, maybe it`s my internet connection, i dont know
anyway ... the graphic is good

simon1990 2010.05.22
I like this sort of game... hope there will be more

mantis84 2010.05.21
Very Nice game, love it , hope there will be more of them

pmondriaan 2010.05.20
An amusing erotic adventure. These are the ones I like. The graphics are OK too. So there are more like these coming out.

rava1991 2010.05.19
decent game,making money takes ages though...good sex scenes

jene 2010.05.19
nice & involving.... video`s little bit slow

wahooman48 2010.05.18
too easy need to be more challenging

s@nt!no 2010.05.18
Funny fame. Numerous endings, and you really need to think about the choices you make.

abott_hero 2010.05.17
very best role playing erotic games

nunoito 2010.05.17
Wow...nice game....really enjoyed it

Eguy 2010.05.16
Great game. Awesome scenes. takes long to load.

krustnika80 2010.05.14
Interesting game. I`ve been a little suprised, when the other girl take`s me to the balcony :)

clllaude29 2010.05.14
very good game , i play day, i like it

escmax 2010.05.14
thats a beauty and I enjoy played that game!!

notcpip 2010.05.13
cooooooooool. wanna get more ;-))

Macho 2010.05.13
Nice game ,I love the sex in public scenes

TroelsHH 2010.05.12
the game is okay but the graphic is a bit bad

val2062 2010.05.12
a good game as full of charm and eroticism.

BigC415 2010.05.11
love this game but we need a new one

overlord300 2010.05.11
this game is very enjoying i can play for hours on end

plasticface 2010.05.11
It was so boring! IT`s just looking at pictures and ocassionally videos -_-

boinky 2010.05.11
Great game, have to play it again to get more endings!

Joee 2010.05.11
the game was the funnest game i ever played on this website!

all45 2010.05.10
Great game achieved all endings, movie download is some times slow, would like to see this in a better animated version.

cheezmonky 2010.05.09
Looked a lot like The Sims 2, maybe a mod or a crack. The movies were a nice touch, but maybe it needed more use of the bask button.

cocaptian 2010.05.09
great game with many endings but i´d liked more situations outside the house

eustass0678 2010.05.09
the best dating game i play

Lucky Frank 2010.05.08
this game feels like the sims

supaman247 2010.05.08
Great Game love the possibilities of many endings

terska 2010.05.08
It`s a pretty easy game, but the animation is a little cheesey, but it`s still OK.

1hardon 2010.05.08
One of best of late had both together great night, Ill be back for more drinks later good game.XXX

Strider33 2010.05.08
great game! I enjoyed the possibilty of different endings.

gaabee 2010.05.08
a good game, but a little bit easy...i enjoyed it :)...

bored120 2010.05.07
this was a decent game, maybe it could have been harder, more interactions

DPhoneix 2010.05.07
the game could hav had a lot more interactions..it was too easy...but i guess its alritght...

yeronimo7 2010.05.05
Dont like it, it´s just like reading a comic book

sexonlegs385 2010.05.05
This game is awesome! So funny too

DerSkipper 2010.05.05
Hhhm, I keep getting an yahoo-error "Page not found, while trying to start the game

nbcman 2010.05.04
The videos would not load for me. Otherwise the game was OK.

radarer 2010.05.04
too easy, this would be better if it was harder.

bbn 2010.05.04
Not a very good game. Poor adventure

cypher_0990 2010.05.04
nice game. liked it a lot

arnob 2010.05.04
nice game this kind of game is amazing

ajaxfoley562 2010.05.04
the graphics of this game are wonderful. the gameplay is smooth. i just wish there was sound

cuteausguy 2010.05.04
a little linear but still great fun

bobbob 2010.05.03
it was ok...ive seen better

limbell 2010.05.02
great game! i thought was developed perfectly. what a great idea

scybbe69 2010.05.02
WOW!! That`s all I can say:)

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Excellent ! Different ending, good pics

alandarwin 2010.05.02
tres bon jeu , tres bonne animation

jffitz 2010.05.02
great game with video - more complex storyline would be better

fatalfury8 2010.05.02
i enjoyed playing this game but its kinda short.

noyb 2010.05.01
Can you play the games with the controller icon here or are they only links?

fred4280 2010.05.01
Really good game very interesting

kjedi 2010.04.30
This is a great game, with a lot of good options. I would like to see
more like this .

marty- 2010.04.30
Very nice game, I like the graphics a lot and i love the fact that there`s videos with audio. Very nice idd

snagglepussca 2010.04.30
love them both, like the multiple choices

lss 2010.04.30
Graphic is ok, but it`s Sims 2 Style so the Gameplay is easy - You can return if you fail.

Karolaine scholz 123 2010.04.29
This site make me Horny ` I`ve have sexed with My Uncle ` In his caar`

GamblerPt 2010.04.29
LOVE THE GAME!!! THE GRAPHICS ARE VERY COOL-ESPECIALLY THE VIDEOS.great game! enjoyed the different endings, i liked that you can go back if you mess up or want to try a different route. keep more coming like that one, maybe a little more realistic graphics next time :)

PassionateRose 2010.04.29
This game reminds me of the sims but a little more action nice,real nice.

BUGSY033 2010.04.28

tarot 2010.04.28
awesome game using video and pics. but i wanted a 3way -.-

lostknight5 2010.04.28
That was really hot, great game

iinsaneboii 2010.04.27
Great game...lots of endings both failure and success. Need more games like this

Andrewsag 2010.04.27


LokiPhoenix 2010.04.27
Good plotline & lots of variations. Some of the action scenes didn`t quite look right but overall a good sim.

mjaksik 2010.04.27
This game is a little too short, but it`s a little easier than some of the other virtual dating games that are a little longer.

rparadis 2010.04.26
this is a good game wish it was a little longer

mulligan 2010.04.26
Clever game - I like the multiple endings and the dice game

ftsumtermin 2010.04.26
Good Nice figures and i like the cut scenes

doomsday0001 2010.04.26
nice game indeed great graphics nice gameplay

player98 2010.04.26
Best game ever i love it!

Kronix76 2010.04.25
Good game i enjoyed it alot

joagymli 2010.04.25
good game but mediocre history and good graphics

satyro620 2010.04.24
very good game...really great game

HomeTexas 2010.04.24
Could be better if you didnt have to go to a different window

papaG 2010.04.24
clicking icon brings up error message from yahoo.

lovesmallones 2010.04.24
Great game...lots of endings both failure and success. Need more games like this!

titi57 2010.04.23
great game i found 4 differents ending

WolfWarrior 2010.04.23
This is a really hot games, and it was cool with the different endings.

jackjimmy 2010.04.22
nice animation with alotof opthins.

Raptor Talon 2010.04.21
Wow good game, allot of interaction to get different endings.

greengiant 2010.04.21
I like it the game. Not that bad at showing the graphics

JohnDeo 2010.04.21
sweet game, really fun to play especially the gameplay layout

dave_gibbo24601 2010.04.20
Really loved the game - great you can go back to recent point and lots of variety

az89 2010.04.19
can`t get anywhere with dina except the hot tub and balcony

cjfwbvld 2010.04.17
Sweet game man! How do I get a threesome?

greif 2010.04.17
very hot game with amazing pictures

Peiniger 2010.04.16
Graphic is ok, but it`s Sims 2 Style
Gameplay is easy - You can return if you fail.

babeslover 2010.04.14
good game/nice babes but make more other games..

goldger 2010.04.12
nice girll greatt graphics

taylorlord 2010.04.12
i love the movies they are so hot and larissa she has a sexy body

Lari 2010.04.12
Lots of fun, smooth play, and I liked the "video" sequences.

ben0102 2010.04.12
graphics were ok it seemed a bit like the sims. but the story was great i had no idea where it was going

hentailover 2010.04.12
I liked that they used the sims 2 it was really cool

MrHottie1985 2010.04.11
great game, awesome graphics, and totally fun.

pfiechtner 2010.04.11
dude if only chicks were this open in real life. oh wait...that`s what college is for. Really well written story/game, props and a high rating to you!

Eric II 2010.04.10
Good game, though after geting it wrong a few times, tends to get boring

argonidas 2010.04.10
great game, better with a threesome

Wndrbrwr 2010.04.10
i like the different endings

szivarvany 2010.04.10
I like that Laura feels me so intensly

szivarvany 2010.04.10
Hey it is so fantastic, and funny...

Murphy 2010.04.10
great game, it is fantastic ,love playing it.

johnpotter33 2010.04.10
Interesting game, but time of too long load.

chris787 2010.04.10
This is so much fun - so many possible endings :) is there a threesome scene?

DokGee 2010.04.09
Graphics were okay, and the miltiple endings are nice. good to be able to go to a certain point instead of starting over.

johny172 2010.04.09
yay finally one with a gamepad on it that works i`ll give her a shot looks fun.

freeofsanity 2010.04.08
haha, this game is cool. fun and interactive.

itower 2010.04.08
Date with Larissa nice game good graphics bit off a let down got fed up after 5 goes

chiefton 2010.04.08
One of my favorites and want more options with hopefully a sequel

rchnemesis 2010.04.08
game is ok! developer has used sims 2 for animation

wantsome 2010.04.07
Girls are cute, and the game is interesting.

firewarrior120 2010.04.07
I like the game its simple and has multiple endings to keep you playing

undyingantonio 2010.04.06
Either the videos don`t work, or they just take too damn long to load.

lolada 2010.04.06
great game like this site

vicious 2010.04.06
quite simple, and the videos don`t start.

the_malade 2010.04.06
nice game! animations are nice!

s3rv3dandpwnt 2010.04.05
i like the game`s endings and good art

tanis312 2010.04.05
Great game. lots of fun. Love the `arbitrary ending` score

sexstarved 2010.04.05
Good game like the various endings - not quite sure which one yet and wish vids were longer

jerdyster 2010.04.05
It`s a pretty easy game, but the animation is a little cheesey. In one scene, the guy`s toes are just lines drawn on ovals.

baconbits411 2010.04.04
Super cutie! Fun story line. Loved the multiple endings

Naymenes 2010.04.04
Wow. this game is great. Hot Girl, nice graphics. I enjoyed it alot.

aaturkan 2010.04.04
this game is amazing nd has really good gameplay i loved every minute of it

ondo 2010.04.04
Really cool game with a few different endings to play through.

mugsy 2010.04.04
really creative work...the videos in between is a first timer... good brains....love it

moobs 2010.04.04
good game with different endings

ntranada 2010.04.03
i like the different endings

Youbeloose 2010.04.03
3some. Yea i can dig it =). Pretty good graphics. Takes awile but a good game.

elegods 2010.04.03
A great game takes awhile to get to best ending

mrjamesd 2010.04.03
Funny story with okay graphics, but I liked the game.

gringo77 2010.04.03
ending up with a 3some was fantastic

haplo 2010.04.03
one of the best game i`ve ever played.
Good action and graphics

MarkyM95 2010.04.02
this game is amazing nd has really good gameplay i loved every minute of it

cobra152535 2010.04.02
pretty good game, i cant get the perfect ending though

tgreenez2 2010.04.02
Game was pretty good my score was 369

cliff67 2010.04.02
this game was a lot of fun to play. i like these type of games

ccrun13 2010.04.01
This game was great!
i liked the sims idea
very creative

az89 2010.04.01
i wish there`s more action with dina like larissa who can go the park then shopping and have sex in the toilet or the patio. dina just go to the hot tub and upstairs

biggsreddy 2010.04.01
One of the best games I played Love the multiple endings

HornyPorny 2010.03.31
cool game, i like the multiple outcomes

Donpaul69 2010.03.31
Good try, game lay ok but the pictures aren`t as great as say VDG games

horned 2010.03.30
good game. a little old school, but i loved the bold debauchery

balaca 2010.03.30
she is very sexy. Making me to dream off her again and again.

balaca 2010.03.30
I liked it very much. Trying to find other options.

balaca 2010.03.30
I dod my best to have fun with her! Hopefully she liked it!

balaca 2010.03.30
This girls makes me excited. How hot body she has!

balaca 2010.03.30
Amazing game! The images and the final were great.

Exsidous 2010.03.30
over all the game`s decent. I like the videos :)

aust09 2010.03.29
the game was awesome with the graphics and i loved the gameplay

dustybin 2010.03.29
Good selection of endings... like the use of videos... what were they created in?

spackler 2010.03.29
One of the best I`ve ever played, awesome videos!

sibsib 2010.03.29
to good game really enjoyed it and mssing kelly

Sinister 2010.03.29
i really like the game, nice graphics but i think it was made using the sims

shazza85 2010.03.28
the videos took a long time to load. I usually just gave up and moved on

rileysteele 2010.03.28
Great game. I like the videos. Very well put together

Selrac 2010.03.28
Cool gme but it look like it`s made with Sims!

Player41 2010.03.28
Okey game and okey endings

panteik 2010.03.28
I love the multi endings. And ask how many are they?

Kierkes 2010.03.28
I like it. Of course, animations using the Sims would be a little stiff, but whatever.

Law 2010.03.28
it`s so hard to take her. more endings =)

reaper613 2010.03.27
sweet i got the best ending

ATAIT5 2010.03.27
Nice game, pretty good story and graphics

paperclip007 2010.03.27
A pretty good game, but some of the pictures seemed to be broken for me.

az89 2010.03.27
after dina came and drink make a move on her and when larissa upset go with her to the park and see larissa not wearing her pants sit with her, kiss, then go to the shop
tell her you want to spank her and find someplace, she will take you upstairs and have sex

13loki13 2010.03.27
Its a good game. and i like all the endings.

az89 2010.03.27
is there any more ending?
i got both of them have lesbian sex, sex with larissa on the outside at the shop, sex with dina , and got both of them

dannythemanny 2010.03.26
so many different endings

greatone 2010.03.26
Heh, like this one, "your arbitary score" is win.

alexys100 2010.03.25
great game! enjoyed the different endings, i liked that you can go back and its easy to get laid

weekendpoker 2010.03.25
love this games lots of option and hot ladies

weekendpoker 2010.03.25

sexplayer 2010.03.25
good game . like to play it to see other endings

shadowgo 2010.03.25
wonderful graphic work ......like it

shadowgo 2010.03.25
greate games ,i like some of those views

hydran 2010.03.24
its a very good game and shows alot of movies

Skytzo54 2010.03.24
Need more games like this one!

spoor61 2010.03.24
one nice game graet endings

cardinal66 2010.03.23
Great game, videos could have been a bit longer though

bakki 2010.03.22
this game makes very horny, i love it

seducer 2010.03.22
i love this game it has great graphics

carhosan 2010.03.21
sexy game I found several endings really good

corman34 2010.03.21
I love the multi endings, I think I have gotten them all. Public sex is the best ending so far.

sonicdaydream 2010.03.21
i like the multiple paths that you can take

oddi2k9 2010.03.21
is there a threesome scene in this?? if so, how can you get there??

donos 2010.03.21
Fantatic game. Very well done. Will definitely be playing this one again

karlderkaese 2010.03.21
good quality, makes fun! good game!

xuchihaclanx 2010.03.20
fun to play, easy to understand, and high quality. Loved this game a lot.

remaf69 2010.03.20
wow very nice game with good graphics :)

boomboom89 2010.03.20
This game was pretty awsome. I did not know that the sims could get down like that

blueflames_38 2010.03.19
omg i didnt know a sim could be this good

nick123 2010.03.19
Really funny game, good graphics and based on a great idea

Beast10 2010.03.18
the girl in this one is very hot.

mikmik 2010.03.18
Too static graphics for me, but the storyline is ok.

jobo1968 2010.03.18
nice a few trys and score.great animation

Marczello12 2010.03.18
ould use better pics, too lengthy

oteropablo 2010.03.17
Very good game, a little long but good, very nice graphics.

CLEEP3 2010.03.17
game doesnt worh look very promising

punu 2010.03.17
great game! enjoyed the different endings, i liked that you can go back if you mess up or want to try a different route. keep more coming like that one, maybe a little more realistic graphics

renshi 2010.03.17
a different game. Easy to be laid.

yourmomma397 2010.03.16
great game. It looks like it was made on one of the sims games.

Wolfer 2010.03.16
Would be nice if there would be a threesome

Djole 2010.03.15
Wonderfull game... with many differend features... and so many ways to go. It´s great!!!!

jazkaz111 2010.03.14
Awsome game, I love games like these ...
is there any more of these kind?
who is the Creator of this game ...???
I`d realy like know.. & great him.

wpowder 2010.03.14
Loved the game...like the different endings.

lovethis 2010.03.14
games like this are my favoritei find them easy but still ...
nice graphicas and nice story

kendalinho 2010.03.14
i liked the way they put videos in different places, and the different endings gave it an edge, for me, over other games

urza368 2010.03.13
Awesome game, i like how they fitted in the videos between everything, and how different each ending is.

Estel 2010.03.13
Ohhhh....very good....I like the options!

sharkoutofwater 2010.03.13
cool game, maybe a tad easy, but was still interesting enough for a short play

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